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Apocalymon, Unholy Digital Abomination (Apokarymon, Embodiment of the Recycling Bin)
Apocalymon's full body
Apocalymon's humanoid body up-close
  • Overdeity.
  • Symbol: The Dark Area; alternatively his main body's silhouette.
  • Theme Song: Kyōfu no Ashiato (Footsteps of Fear)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Insane
  • Portfolio: Digital Abomination, The Heartless, Big Bad, Final-Exam Boss, Virtual-Reality Warper, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Tragic Villain, Go Mad from the Isolation, Put Them All Out of My Misery, Attempted Last-Ditch Suicide Explosion.
  • Domains: Digital, Abominations, Darkness
  • Heralds: Devimon, Etemon and Myotismon.
  • High Priest: Negamon
  • Followers: Simulacrums, AI-G Rythm, Gamedeus
  • Alliesnote : Milleniummon and Diaboromon, Nekron, King Ghidorah
  • Interested in: Greeza
  • Enemies: Most Other Digimon Entities (especially The 1999 DigiDestined, The Royal Knights and Norm Mikihara), All Creator Gods in general (especially Arceus, Chavakratin, Eru Illuvatar), Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba, Brajira of the Messiah, Ash Ketchum, Dialga, Palkia and Giratina.
  • Apocalymon was a most mysterious entity, formed form the amalgamation of the leftover data from countless ancient Digimon that had failed to Digivolve and perished in the process, the newly-created being of death sought to put an end to the happy lives of other Digimon, resenting their success at life which its components didn't have. In order to do that he created four wicked Digimon known as the Dark Masters, who'd spread misery and cruelty to shape the world as it wanted. Eventually the Digidestined children called to the Digiworld by Homeostasis were able to defeat the Dark Masters and were treated to the visage of Apocalymon who showed up personally to take care of those opposing him; though he nearly succeeded in winning, the Digidestined pulled through and destroyed Apocalymon in the end with the data of the entity eventually resurrecting in a new form: Meicoomon.
  • Apocalymon emerged in the Pantheon without much warning, simply causing a massive dark hole to appear in the sky before his visage entered the place, however rather than start up any trouble it instead sealed himself inside of a recreation of the Dark Area just before the Pantheon's authorities worked together to create a stable Temple/containment place once done, Apocalymon opted to not act up for the time being still, instead awaiting a better day to restart his plans.
  • He does not get along with most of the other Digimon deities, who view Apocalymon as an unnatural aberration that has to be destroyed with Apocalymon wanting to destroy most of them in return, the most bitter of these enemies are the 1999 DigiDestined who personally defeated him at the end of their first adventure in the Digiworld; Apocalymon still seeks revenge for them defeating him and has sought a rematch to kill them all. Another deity from the Digimon Multiverse it detests is Lucemon, who views imperfections as things to be deleted and sees Apocalymon and the beings whose negative emotions and leftover data created it as equally imperfect things to be destroyed, especially with Apocalymon being a rival to a takeover of existence. The only Digimon deity that appears to be in some amicability with Apocalymon is Milleniummon who is possibly responsible for freeing it from a prison it was held in but its mostly out of convenience than genuine fondness.
  • Apocalymon found other kindred souls such as in the likes of Nekron, another deity who rules over the dead and whose goal is to exterminate all lifeforms as it is the embodiment of an absence of any and all life. Nekron saw value in Apocalymon's sheer burning hatred for all other living beings, given that Nekron understands just how fierce the desire to end all life is and even sees a common ground in how Apocalymon came to be through a mass death of Digimon. For his part, the deranged Digimon sees Nekron as an ally purely because the entity could help him realize his goals and in turn Apocalymon could help it deal with the Digimon and other deviant lifeforms that might be out of reach of Nekron's abilities.
  • Apocalymon's status as a living amalgamate of junk data given shape that evolved into a murderous digital being made him enemies with Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and his allies, given that they had to oppose the virtual monster, Gamedeus, who like Apocalymon was a powerful being that plotted to destroy everything once it had gained freedom from the game it was created in and a mind of its own. Ex-Aid views Apocalymon as even deadlier than Gamedeus thanks to his reality-warping abilities and capacity of regeneration and deletion of beings from existence. Apocalymon himself doesn't thinks much of Ex-Aid beyond seeing him as a potential threat to him in the future. For this property as a living omnicidal AI born of unusual means Apocalymon has also made enemies with the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters who have fought the omnicidal AI virus, Messiah and like Ex-Aid find Apocalymon to be just as dangerous if not more than their old nemesis.
  • It has an enmity with both Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba and especially Ryoken Kogami/Revolver due to its status as an abomination born of the digital realm; as all three duelists have had to deal with their fair share of digital monsters themselves that have time and time again given them trouble and almost destroyed the world or tried to harm many people with some other scheme. Ryoken in particular was disturbed to hear of how this omnicidal entity came to be and while no longer truly hateful of artificial lifeforms does consider Apocalymon an unforgivable being.
  • Apocalymon hates all creator Gods or Top Gods, this is a result of his knowledge of higher deities causing him to extend his hatred of all lifeforms to them, blaming them for the sorry state he came into existence like and how his components were nearly erased from existence after perishing due to evolution complications. Many Gods have been wary of the malevolent Digimon targeting them, knowing how powerful it can be and how much of the world it can bring to ruin, a fact only increased by its tenuous partnership with Nekron and other omnicidal deities.
  • Apocalymon found himself angered by Brajira of the Messiah, who told the entity to its face that its painful origins were well-deserved for Digimon in general being a "mistake" of existence that never should've existed. Apocalymon also detests how Brajira plans to reset existence and likely wipe him out of existence which would prevent Apocalymon from having the ideal world it desires, Brajira himself has thought of manipulating Apocalymon's power for his own ends but thus far prefers to lurk in the shadows until the appropriate day comes. Apocalymon also dislikes Brajira's similarities to the perfectionist destroyer Lucemon, who has also expressed disdain for Apocalymon's entire existence before and after its entire being was warped into the abomination it currently is.
  • Apocalymon found another deity that felt a drive to end all life in Greeza, a borderline sentient black hole-like abomination that when left unchecked will eventually destroy everything via absorption, obliteration and distorting reality. Apocalymon has been wary of Greeza's properties and powers but sees its abilities as being of much use to his end goal of creating a world fit to his vision, he has been thinking of a way to take the entity's power or somehow control it so he can finally realize his goals with the benefits he'll gain from it.
  • He was not keen at all to discovering the presence of Norn Mikihara, who's true form is that of Yggdrassil, overseer of the Digiworld. Yggdrassil itself was dismissive of Apocalymon's plight and thinks little of the entity nor it has any interest in helping it overcome its problems, and sometimes it even outright seeks to eliminate Digimon that don't fit its worldview and has done so countless times. Though Norn herself is quite the good deity, Apocalymon still does not trust her at all, viewing her as no better than other versions of Yggdrassil by default, to her dismay.
  • It was reborn in its home universe as the powerful yet much friendlier Meicoomon, regardless it doesn't appears to have changed at all in the Pantheon and was brought back in its most pure and malevolent form. Apocalymon has little interest in what his mortal counterpart ended up like and is simply determined to keep going on with his goals of extermination, though also heard his reborn counterpart has a power of much interest to him. Lucemon and other evil Digimon followed suit and have made Apocalymon much more proactive in making sure he beats them to the punch. As for the Digidestined, the 1999 ones met said reincarnation and the 2002 team know from secondhand talk about it and both are equally determined to prevent either evil Digimon from taking it.
  • Palkia and Giratina are concerned about Apocalymon's existence given its goals and origins, they particularly dread that the abomination could grow powerful enough to disrupt the Pokémon multiverse which several incarnations of them watch over in separate universes, Arceus himself was a target of Apocalymon's disdain due to hearing rumors that like what happened to the Digimon whose negative emotions created him, Arceus has let Pokémon and other creatures in its world to perish for failing to catch up in the evolutionary race. Most concerningly, Ash Ketchum and other kind-hearted trainers are a sore sight for the entity as they remind him all too much of the Digidestined that brought his downfall.
  • Omegamon once fought and defeated an alternate version of Apocalymon, which eventually reconfigured itself as Mephistomon and was beaten by the Tamers Digidestined, the other Royal Knights have made it their mission to eliminate Apocalymon as well to prevent its threat from endangering existence like he nearly did to his own universe, with Omegamon being the leading force in that front. This has only intensified Apocalymon's disdain for the higher powers of the Digiworld, furious that they continue exerting their will that way and especially Omegamon for continuously standing in his way in both his fused and divided forms.

Greater Gods

    Master Control Program 
The Master Control Program, God of Master Computers (MCP)

Intermediate Gods

EDI, Goddess of Spaceship Girls (Enhanced Defense Intelligence, EDIBot)
Her default projection in the SSV Normandy
Her physical robotic platform

    HAL 9000 
HAL 9000, God of Artificial Intelligence, Patron Saint of the Creepy Monotone (Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic computer)

    Kevin Flynn 
Kevin Flynn, God of Cyberspace (The Creator)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An Identity Disc on a background of Tron Lines.
  • Theme Song: Flynn Lives
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Quick Thinking, Awesomeness Is a Force, Created The Grid, Hermit Guru
  • Domains: Cyberspace, The Grid, Creation, Family, Regret, Programs
  • Herald: Quorra (shared with his son)
  • Allies: Sam Flynn, Tron, Sora, Riku, Bentley Turtle, Jak, Daxter, Noah Kaiba, Cookie Monster, The Dude
  • Enemies: Master Control Program, Sark, Clu, Penelope Mouse, SCP-079
  • Opposes: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Brock, Misty, Team Rocket
  • Not actually an official God in the pantheon, but he's there anyway. Nobody knows how he snuck in, but he's so charming the other deities let him stick around.
  • He is usually very chill about anything that goes on around him as to him "The Dude Abides". In fact, he's become good friends with Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski, who even looks like him.
  • Proved himself to the House of Knowledge during The Situation by personally questing through cyberspace to escort The Advertisement Server back to TV Tropes.
  • Has recently been helping Ryan Steele look for his missing father throughout Cyberspace.
  • Flynn once met two young Keyblade wielders, Riku and Sora, and taught them the true meaning of cyberlife, unaware that the latter has experienced cyberlife before. He is very supportive of Sora's desire to help Tron snap out of his reprogramming.
  • He often tries to help others that ever encounter Cyberspace enemies as he is powerful in any sort of Cyberspace.
  • Heard that Clu is in the Pantheon, and often has a look of sadness when the topic comes up as it would mean that if the Pantheon cannot stop him then he would be forced to reintegrate with Clu though it would destroy him.
  • On the other hand, Tron is safe and sound in Friendship thanks to the support of Sora, Donald, Goofy and Bentley, and now leads the GUAG White Hats to combat against evil programs and hackers.
  • Despite holding the surname Flynn, Phineas Flynn is not related to him... Maybe.
  • Some gods claim that they once saw Flynn performing "Silver Bells" with Cookie Monster on Saturday Night Live. As Flynn was reported to have died just before this event, the possibility of being able to survive a reintegration has gotten several gods talking.
  • In spite of their conflict, Flynn and Clu seem to agree with not allowing Ash Ketchum or his friends into Cyberspace on account of the "Porygon incident".

    Kirito and Asuna 
Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, Dual Deities of Being Trapped in the Virtual World (Kazuto: Kirito, Kazuto Narusaka, The Black Swordsman, The Twin Blade Swordsman, Beater, Star King, Kiriko, Kirito Synthesis Thirty-Three, Legendary Swordsman, Kiriemon | Asuna: Asuna, Titania, Erika, Lightning Flash, Berserk Healer, Creation Goddess Stacia, Star Queen, Knights of the Blood Sub-Leader)
Kazuto Kirigaya/Kirito & Asuna Yuuki/Asuna (SAO)
Kirito (ALO)
Kirito (GGO)
Kirito (OS)
Kirito (UW)
Asuna (ALO)
Asuna (GGO)
Asuna (OS)
Asuna (UW)
  • Intermediate Gods as their regular in-game avatars, Greater Gods as Star King Kirito and Creation Goddess Stacia, Demigod (Kirito) and Quasideity (Asuna) IRL
  • Symbol: The Elucidator and the Lambent Light
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Kirito) and Neutral Good (Asuna) respectively
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Online Gaming, Combat, Growth, Romance
  • Heralds:
    • Both: Ryotaro Tsuboi/Klein, Andrew Gilbert Mills/Agil, Keiko Ayano/Silica, Rika Shinozaki/Lisbeth, Eugeo, and Alice Synthesis Thirty
    • Kirito: Midori Kirigaya (his adopted mother/aunt), Seijirou Kikuoka/Chrysheight, Natsuki Aki, Ronye Arabel (his apprentice in UW)
    • Asuna: Shuuzou & Kyoko Yuuki (her parents), the rest of The Sleeping Knights (shared with Yuuki)
  • High Priests: Haruyuki Arita/Silver Crow and Kuroyukihime/Black Lotus.
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship with:
  • Rivals: RinJuken Warriors
  • Worthy Opponent: Akihiko Kayaba/Heathcliff, Yuuki Konno (Kirito only)
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou (Asuna's ex-fiancé), Quinella, Death Gun, SHODAN, Shocker, GUAE Trollkaiger, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus, Tenjuro Banno, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Shadow Moon, Enter, Ornstein and Smough (one-sided), Sark, The Meta, Agent Smith, Flowey, SCP-079, Frieza, The Wicked Witch of the West
  • Complicated Relationship: Their abridged counterparts
  • Opposes: Eliza and Neil Reagan (for being bullies)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron
  • On speaking terms with: Yondu the Ravager, Marv (Sin City)
  • Former followers of Kite who ascended in their own right while roaming in Aincrad and accidentally warping themselves into the House of Technology, similarly to how Kite ascended. They use their SAO avatars while roaming in the Pantheon, also with their respective powers and abilities.
    • It should be noted that they can also change their appearances (and skillsets) based on the online games they have played. While playing Alfheim Online, Kirito and Asuna's avatars take on the appearance of a Spriggan and Undine respectively, which also grant them the ability to fly with their wings (and also cast spells in Asuna's case). While playing Gun Gale Online, Kirito uses the M9000 type as his avatar which features some feminine features in its design, rmed with the 5.7mm FN Five Seven and the Kagemitsu G4. This allows them to fight even outside the digital world, and given what threats the Pantheon holds, they'll need every edge possible to survive in it, and this perk has since been applied for all of their friends. However, for "balancing" purposes (and to shut down the idea of staying in one of their avatars forever), they instantly revert to their IRL forms upon sleeping of their own volition (thus any forced unconsciousness by Tap on the Head or Forced Sleep won't leave them vulnerable).
    • That said, the fact that they can potentially kill for real with these abilities means they should use their powers more carefully, as the enemy is more likely to spill blood rather than pixels. Then again, it's not that big of a deal anyway.
  • After their ascension they were spotted by Silica, who expressed her joy and congratulated them, while she was visiting the House of Gaming. She has since become a herald of the pair after being relieved of her title and the couple's move to the House of Technology.
  • They became friends with Kouta Kazuraba from what they heard of the Pantheon in the first place before their ascension. They have rekindled this relationship after their ascension. Kouta has assured the couple that their friends/guildsmates will ascend into the Pantheon someday, of which both Kirito and Asuna were glad.
  • The young couple are absolutely overjoyed their adopted daughter Yui has finally ascended into the Pantheon, and the happy little family celebrated by going to the House of Beasts and Fauna to ride the whales within.
  • At one point, the Special Lovers Squad attempted to recruit Asuna into their ranks. The GUAG Relationship Enchancers have also asked Kirito if he wanted to join them. Both of them had politely declined their invitations, but still maintain close ties with them, especially with Negi Springfield. The Quartet's leader, Issei Hyodo, however, can't help but feel a bit wary around Kirito, as his voice reminds him of Freed Sellzen, though he does support his relationship with Asuna.
  • Upon the ascension of Yuuki, she flew headfirst into her best-friend Asuna in an affectionate bear-hug; much Tears of Joy were shed between the two blood sisters, reunited at long last. Afterwards, Yuuki challenged Kirito to a long-awaited rematch, and after 100 rounds proved once more to be worthy of her christening of Zekken: The Absolute Sword.
  • Their first encounter with their abridged counterparts didn't exactly end well. While it started off hopeful with the four sitting down for a friendly chat to discuss their differences, it ended with Canon Asuna pulling on Abridged Asuna's hair whilst calling her a bitch repeatedly as Abridged Kirito attempted to disembowel Canon Kirito in the hopes that he could turn Canon Kirito's body into a makeshift meat toboggan. Thankfully, the four were broken up and a resolution was reached: namely, Abridged Kirito and Asuna are not allowed within fifty feet of their canon versions and vice versa. Whomever violates either sides' perimeters will have the cops called on them.
    • Although their relationship with their abridged versions is rocky at best and violent at worst, Abridged Kirito and Asuna do share their canon counterparts love for their adopted daughter, Yui, to the point where both pairs are currently engaged in a legal battle over who gets custody of Yui. Nobody knows who exactly will emerge victorious, but they do know that Yui is currently receiving so many presents from both sets of parents in an attempt to win her over to their respective sides.
    • That said, the canon and abridged pair will agree to put aside their differences whenever it comes to dealing with Sugou.
  • One thing that made everyone's jaws drop is that Kirito gets along with Eren Yeager, of all people, and, on a much less surprising note, Makoto Naegi. Then again, the three of them do sound similar while speaking English...
    • Oddly enough, Kirito also made friends with Lubbock and Soma Yukihira, despite the fact he was surprised that their voices sound alike to his own.
  • Asuna has also been shown to get along quite well with Setsuna Sakurazaki, as the two also sound similar. Funnily enough, Setsuna keeps mistaking her for Asuna Kagurazaka. Also became close friends with Komaru Naegi, Yoshika Miyafuji, and Minako Aino due to how they sound alike while speaking in English.
  • They have put Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough on their hit list after coming to know that they have hunted down Silica for being a humanoid dragon. Ornstein and Smough, on their part, however, hold nothing but respect for Kirito and Asuna's swordplay skills.
    • At one point they did clash. However, they're currently at a stalemate. That, and Artorias and Gwyn intervened before any real damage was done.
  • Despite the state of their respective followers' relations indicating otherwise, Kirito and Asuna get along surprisingly well with Shiroe, as they all share the pain of being stuck in a Death Game and trying to find a way out of it, though Shiroe feels a bit envious of the popularity Kirito and Asuna enjoy among their peers. The three have also tried all together to soothe the spirits of their followers. Unfortunately, they fail every single time.
  • The Trollkaiger, with the help of Monokuma, once played a very cruel joke on Kirito and Asuna: they locked them away from each other for a couple of weeks. The result? Kirito entered a deep state of depression, daydreaming about his beloved, and Asuna had a Heroic BSoD, culminating with her crying Kirito's name. This was however quickly fixed with a warm bed for two, much to their merriment.
  • Yui recently introduced Kirito to Link and Navi, whom to Asuna's amusement reminds her of her husband and daughter; an Elvish sword-loving Bad-Boy and his adorable Fairy Companion.
  • Kirito and Asuna regularly have afternoon tea with fellow adoptive parents Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate, Kazuma Kiryu, Dominic Torretto, Toriel, and Piccolo; the Pirate Warlord, Carjacking Ace and the Former Demon King have taken quite a liking to the young couple, as their relationship with their adoptive daughter Yui proves that blood ties are not necessary to have a happy and loving family. Piccolo in particular is fond of Yui, as her bravery, wisdom and kindness reminds him of his own surrogate child, Son Gohan. Toriel has also sympathized with Yui since her kindness and determination remind her of the Human Child/Frisk, who has also befriended Kirito, Asuna and Yui under similar circumstances.
    • The five of them are currently on forming a League of Adoptive Parents, a harbor of safety where orphaned children may seek love and shelter.
      • The League deeply respects the bravery of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, who single-handedly stormed, battled, and triumphed against an Alien Hive to protect her Adopted Daughter Newt, and invited her to take the position of the Team Mom. After some prodding from Yui (and Newt herself), the former Warrant officer of The Nostromo graciously accepted.
  • Both gained an ire for Ryoma Sengoku as they view the mad scientist as a far more dangerous and competent foe than their old enemy Nobuyuki Sugou.
  • Both have a conflicting opinion on Kaito Kumon as even though he is a bully hunter just like them, his nominal heroism and his intentions of changing the status quo of the world makes both of them unable to accept his ways.
    • Their temple, in the shape of their warm-and-picturesque Log Cabin on the 22nd Level of New Aincrad in Alfheim is where friends and fellow heroes (such as fellow Bully Hunters Captain America and Doctor Wong Fei-Hung) gather for tea parties and wonderfully delicious dinner banquets courtesy of Asuna.
    • That said, Kirito and Yui hesitated to invite Sanji or James Bond back for hitting on Asuna, and the former was allowed in only after a lot of profuse apology and a bribe of Roasted Tyrannosaurus ribs.
  • The couple have begun rigorously training for another confrontation with their archnemesis Nobuyuki Sugou, upon learning of rumors that he had been inducted into the ranks of the evil organization SHOCKER
    • And unbeknownst to them, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts have taken an interest in the couple, given what they've been through under Sugou, but the reason why is currently unknown…
  • At some point, both Kirito and Asuna were thrust into a different world and they got themselves involved in a battle against an entity known as Zetsumu. Leafa also came along with them, providing support in their battles.
  • Recently invited Yondu the Ravager to join their regular League of Adoptive Parents Barbeque; so far, he has politely (as a gruff space-pirate can be) refused. Far from disliking the two, he admires how their warm, kind and loving upbringing of their adoptive A.I daughter Yui has resulted in a bright, happy and well adjusted little girl... all the more a painful reminder of how his neglectful, borderline abusive upbringing of Peter Quill resulted in an short tempered, emotionally-stunted, cynical and immature Manchild for a son. All the same, he occasionally drops by to give Yui an affectionate pat on the head, a troll doll from 1980's Earth, before hurriedly rushing off with the excuse of "got some more pirating to do."
  • Gets along splendidly with the British Assassin Twins Jacob and Evie Frye, whom besides also being Bully Hunters who are kind to children, are also very fond of afternoon tea. Kirito and Jacob would engage in banters of sarcastic wit and trade tips on how to rile up girls with childish practical jokes, while Asuna and Evie, both being the elders in their families, sigh and Facepalm in unison at the immaturity of their younger respective husband and brother.
  • While taken by his herald and best friend Klein on his first pub-crawl, Kirito bumps into an 8 foot wall of muscles who calls himself Marv, from Basin City, who grins and invites the duo for a drink. Kirito, impressed by by his big black coat and having just turned 18, accepts. After letting Kirito finish coughing from his first whisky, it turns out Marv has heard of how he dealt with Sugou, and while impressed shrugged "you could do better", gives him a jolly slap on the back and swipes open a montage of how he dealt with the Roark crime syndicate to give Kirito "pointers" on how to deal with scum who hit and abuse girls. At first amused, Kirito and Klein's faces both turn white as the scenes transist to Marv feeding Kevin to his own dogs alive after cutting all four of his limbs off with a hacksaw... And its at this point Asuna teleports into the bar, having been informed by Yui who was asked by her to keep an eye out on her daddy in secret and fairy form. In a rare demonstration of being the elder of the couple in their marriage, Asuna sternly asks Marv to turn off the video that is scaring her husband (which the giant obliges with a "Yes, Ma'am" and a smile), pays for everyone's drinks, and drags both Kirito and Klein outside by the ear for a jolly good scolding on how not to talk to strangers in bars. While still wary of his violent mortal exploits, Asuna eventually warms up to Marv after he helps Kirito fix his motorcycle in apology and giving Yui a teddy-bear, and the giant mercenary can be seen as an occasional guest at the log-house barbeques in New Aincrad.
  • One fine afternoon tea at their log-house in New Aincrad, Piccolo and Gohan brought along a handsome but shy young swordsman called Trunks Briefs, whom Kirito and Asuna quickly befriended, as they are all being heroic young swordsmen who crossed and protected multiple worlds. Kirito in particular gets along splendidly with Trunks in particular for also being a pretty-boy teenage swordsman who likes to carry his blade upon his back, and both boys shared stories of how they both sliced and diced a tyrnat of their respective universes (Sugou for Kirito, Frieza for Trunks) into little pieces to coffee, laughter and chocolate biscuits as Yui cheered in delight at each gruesome detail. Asuna and Trunks' Herald/Fiance Mai can only sigh sipping Earl Gray Tea at the childishness of their respective husbands.
  • After witnessing Kirito's victory by Lightsaber in the final round of the 2026 Bullet of Bullets Tournament, Luke Skywalker invited the boy for a drink at the Mos Eisley Cantina, and befriended each other at the revelation that in spite of the fact having received the absolute bare minimum of training from their respective Old Master (Kirito's Grandfather, Obi Wan for Luke), they both figured out the way of the sword through a life of constant combat with what little they learned and became self-taught Master Swordsman regardless.
    • As they finished their first mugs of Bantha-Mead, the boys were joined by Mace Windu, who also witnessed Kirito's match, and was so impressed that Kirito was able to reverse-engineer his acrobatic Aincrad Swordsmanship into the Old Republic Lightsaber Style "Vaapad", which was lost with his and Darth Maul's mortal deaths, that he paid for everyone's drinks that night. The fact that Kirito wields a Purple Lightsaber much like his own only serves to increase his fondess for the young warrior.
      • Since then, Kirito has been regularly seen in his Gun Gale Online form at the New Jedi Academy, sparring with Mace and Luke while helping the latter teach Grogu lightsber combat. Kirito for his part respectfully acknowledges Mace as the greatest warrior he has ever fought since Yuuki, as their frequent bouts pitting "Old Republic Vaapad" against "Aincrad Style Vaapad" have all thus far being fought to a close draw.
  • Thor Odinson has begun seeking parental advice from the two young swordsman, as similar to their adoption of Yui, he has recently taken Love Gorrsdottir, a supernatural child ''far'' more powerful than he as his niece as a gestrue of forgiveness to her dying father Gorr the God Butcher. Asuna forbidding beer-drinking in her Log House notwithstanding, Thor thoroughly enjoys his visits to the Kirigaya-household as her kind grace and gentle dignity reminds him of his own mother's, not to mention being able to confide stories both joyful and tragic about his adoptive-brothre Loki with Kirito, who shares the similar pain of losing a blood brother in Eugeo. The trio of warriors, however, must frequently drop their notepads and teacups to stop the mischievous Love from being a bad-influence on the normally well-behaved Yui, causing the two godlings to act out and cause considerable damage to the normally-tranquil forrests of Aincrad Level 22 during their now frequent childish bouts of "play fighting."

    Ludvig Maxis 
Dr. Ludvig Maxis, God of Digitizing Knowledge (Dr. Maxis, Daddy [By Samantha])
Dr. Maxis in his original body
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as the Demonic Announcer)
  • Symbol: The Group 935 logo
  • Theme Song: We All Fall Down
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, but can become Chaotic Neutral if Samantha is harmed.
  • Portfolio: Originally antagonistic until Richtofen's takes control of the Zombies, Had his Brain put in a drone and a Computer, Will do anything for his daughter, ANYTHING, Not seen until "Origins", Necessarily Evil
  • Domains: Scientist, Investigations, Manipulation
  • High Priest: Arnim Zola
  • Allies: Samantha Maxis (His daughter), General Fletcher, Bryan Mills, Asura, The Machine
  • Enemies: Edward Richtofen (Former Partner and Assistant), HYDRA, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Adenoid Hynkel, Millenium, HAL 9000, XANA, SHODAN, Samaritan, Gendo Ikari.
  • Opposed by: Captain America, The Houses of Nature and Beasts and Fauna, Robots in general.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki, Most survivors of a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Dr. Ludvig Maxis was formerly the Head of Group 935, an organization that studied various interesting secrets, including the nature of Element 115. He also had to ally with the Nazi Party to be allowed to continue his research, with the condition that they designed weapons for the army to utilize. Following the betrayal of Dr. Edward Richtofen and his eventual death, Maxis' soul found itself inside the computers of Griffith Station, essentially allowing him to be any electronic device whenever he wants.
  • Dr. Maxis presented himself politely in the House of Machinery and Technology, asking for a permission to stay, mainly to look after his daughter Samantha. The Court of Gods allowed maxis to stay, but they had to be careful given Maxis' control over Electronic Devices, and because his intentions back on his universe weren't, that "benevolent" to say the least.
  • While he has a physical body available for him, most of the time he chooses to be in his digital self, mostly because he feels that having control over the machines is better than being a normal human. Luckily, he doesn't get along with the evil AIs and other more good-natured ones like The Machine are in much better terms with him.
    • Though an AI that has been particularly antagonistic towards him was XANA, given that Maxis reminds it of Franz Hopper who also virtualize himself and basically was a thorn on his side. Though this time, XANA is taking additional measures in case Maxis decides to oppose him.
  • Many initially thought that Maxis was going to get along with the ascended Nazis, given that he collaborated with them during WW2. The truth is, he had to in order to protect his research and he doesn't want to get involved with them again. This of course has angered said Nazis and Maxis became a Persona Non Grata among them.
  • Even though Maxis claimed that he is not affiliated with the Nazi party anymore, Steve Rogers still doesn't trust him. It got worse when he discovered that Arnim Zola, a nazi scientist from HYDRA, is his High Priest.
  • Bonded with General Fletcher given that both got their mind transferred to machines. However, Fletcher tries that Maxis stays grounded in reality, as he doesn't want the Doctor to destroy the Pantheon like he did with Earth.
  • He is really, and we mean REALLY, protective of his daughter Samantha, even to the point that he would even destroy the planet earth just to be with her (And he did). While this made him be on amicable terms with other fathers like Bryan Mills or Asura, they don't really aprove of the whole "Screw Humanity for the sake of my daughter" business.
  • The Houses of Nature and Beasts and Fauna don't have a really high opinion of Maxis after hearing that he performed experiments with animals before. Most of his detractors like to point out that the failed teleporter experiment on his Daughter's dog Fluffy actually led to the creation of the Hellhounds (Who are under control of Samantha, much to their dismay) and they don't consider Maxis to be much better than Richtofen.
  • If there is one person that he certainly despises after learning about their actions, that would be Gendo Ikari. While initially Gendo thought thay they were not that different given their shared goals of uniting with a lost loved one by destroying the world, Maxis is completely disgusted by how he treated his son Shinji and says that he wouldn't even think of being that negligent of Samantha.
  • He is able to warp himself between all the electronic creations around the pantheon and control them at his will. Robots in general don't like that Maxis hijacks their body for god knows what he wants to do with them, and openly avoid any contact with him.
  • While he is not allied with undead deities, many survivors can't help but distrust the doctor after hearing that he manipulated a group to further his own plans and ended leaving them to die. Maxis himself states that it was a necessary sacrifice and he needed to open Agartha in order to free Samantha, but people aren't buying his excuse.
  • In another timeline, Maxis instead felt victim of the 115 infection and was about to turn until Richtofen decided to cut his brain out and place it on a drone. His whereabout are currently unknown to the pantheon, but the ascended Maxis seems to know more that he lets to, and it's even theorized that he is in contact with the alternate Richtofen.
  • Can also be found in the House of Learning Tools.

Neo, The Chosen God and The Divine Guardian of Virtual Training Simulations (The One, Mr. Thomas A. Anderson)
  • Intermediate God, Greater God on the Matrix
  • Symbol: A green "1" on a black background
  • Theme Music: "Rock Is Dead" by Marilyn Manson
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Longcoats, Kung Fu, Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, Bullet Dodging, Roof Hopping, Taking Third Options, Blankness Of Face, Chooses To Continue, Takes Characteristics From Buddhism, Screw Destiny, Superpower Lottery, Actually A Descendant Of Many "Ones",
  • Domains: Heroes, Liberation, Mysticism
  • Followers: Every single person who has been chosen as a hero
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: John Wick
  • Enemies: Agent Smith, the Master Control Program, Sark, Albert Wesker, Clu, SHODAN, GLaDOS, Ex, Love Machine, The Meta, The Vex, SCP-079
  • Complicated Relations with: The Machine, Ted "Theodore" Logan
  • Respected by: Aang
  • When The Grid was going to be part of the Dominions, Neo unexpectedly arrived in the Pantheon through The Grid itself. No one knew how he did such feat, but one good guess might be is that The Matrix was merged (or at least, connected) with The Grid along with other Virtual Worlds.
    • After the Court of the Gods checked his history, it seems that he was actually the God of The Chosen Ones, as prophecied by Aladdin and would be the said representative. Kevin Flynn however, had the idea that he would also be the safeguard of The Grid and Matrix since his powers in those realms are at its highest. At the same time, the House of Prophecy also mentioned that a certain Agent Smith would ascend one day "in order to balance the equation". Neo, who was already prepared at that time, decided to wait for the agent's return.
    • And his training paid off. Just as Agent Smith ascended, he was able to put up a fight and fended him off until Kevin temporarily deleted him out of the Grid. He might be still strong enough to handle him, but he knows that his "peaceful days" in the Pantheon will no longer be possible due to his constant confrontations with Smith.
  • Out of all the Gods in the House of Philosophy, he has the highest regard to Aslan for having the same personalities, except that Neo sometimes doesn't regard himself as a Jesus-like figure.
  • Has a really stingy relationship with John Wick for someone who is actually competent in combat (or in Wick's case, frightening). They also got Badass Longcoats, Gun Fu and able to fend off large amounts of Mooks. They are still on good terms, though.
    • On the other hand, he does have a good relationship with John Constantine, as someone who is mostly unfazed, and combat-intelligent. It makes it better that they both look the same.
  • The constant attacks from Smith has forced Neo to gather some allies. The two cyborgs, Adam Jensen and JC Denton, decided to join Neo since they have some similarities. Kei Shirogane also offered his services to assist him in his everlasting battles for Cyberspace. Kite, who was also astonished by his presence, also aided him.
    • After that, he was given a position into the White Hats, under the permission by Sam Flynn. He was also given a tour of the Grid by Tron. Then forth, Kirito and Asuna decided to give him a training exercise. This introduced him to many allies, as a compensation for his allies who haven't ascended yet.
    • Aside from Smith himself, he doesn't get along well with Albert Wesker and CLU for being all too similar to the agent. CLU, on the other hand, has seen him as another threat aside from Kevin.
    • The MCP has really gotten annoyed with Neo for completely breaking all rules he has implemented in the House of Machinery and Technology. For someone completely going for the Screw Destiny type, he and Sark are going to have a hard time dealing with him.
  • At one point, he attempted to go to the deeper parts of the House of Machinery and Technology. There, he was looking for his lover, Trinity because he heard her voice. Turns out, he was greeted by Goth Hacker, Lisbeth Salander. She explained that Trinity was actually her High Priest, which was why he felt her presence. Neo, however, decided to ally with her and didn't have any hard feelings for the mistake. He is proud though that he has a potential hacker against Smith.
    Neo: I know Kung Fu.
  • His avatar is one of, if not the most powerful Virtual Avatars in the Pantheon. There, almost the entirety of the Grid is at his manipulation (not control, though, since that is Kevin's job). SHODAN and GLaDOS has really dreaded him for stopping all their plans, mostly to SHODANs.
    • Ex, however, still proves as one of Neo's troublesome adversaries. Being powerful in terms of weapons, he was able to take down Neo in one swoop at their first encounter. Still, he was able to defeat him before, when he charged at the body of Ex and damaged him badly, to the point where the entire Gundam was cut in half.
    • Love Machine tried to absorb his avatar. It instead blew the Cheating AI into bits. He didn't get the memo about The Strongest Virtual Avatar in the Pantheon message before he tried to absorb him. Neo also remarked that his defeat was reminiscent to how he defeated Smith during his first encounter.
    • He is one of the few deities who isn't even scared of the Meta. The Rogue AI, however, has other plans rather than deal with a Chosen One.
    • Despite being a good guy, he still dislikes The Machine since his memories fighting the other Agents (who are machines, mind you) are still stuck in his memory. Even with persuasion, The Machine is still wary of Neo's intentions because of the rise of Malevolent Cyberspace deities. It makes it clear that it can't trust almost everyone, though it will help Neo combat Smith and CLU if necessary.
  • He would really like it if the other gods don't make comparisons of him to one Ted "Theodore" Logan of the House of Music. It really does not help in that they sound somewhat similar.
  • Was finally greeted by another chosen by the name of Aang. As the representative of Chosen Ones, he has high respect towards Neo. He has also stated that if he disappears, Aang may take his position.
  • "My name... Is Neo."
  • Also has a spot on the House of Destinies.

    Noah Kaiba 
Noah Kaiba, God of Virtual Ghosts
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A metallic sphere
  • Theme Music: Noah's Theme in foreboding plots, Noah, Noah's Duel
  • Alignment: True Neutral (formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Cameras, Gratuitous Symbolism, Hacker Caves, The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, Malus Ex Machina, Virtual Ghost, Filler Villain, Cheating Jerkasses, Seeking the Approval of his Father, Older Than They Look, Conscience Makes You Go Back, Death Equals Redemption
  • Domains: Knowledge, Mind, Mentalism, Planning, Wrath
  • Herald: Chikuzen Ooka/Johnson
  • Allies: Mokuba Kaiba, Arfoire, Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn, Bentley Turtle, Radical Ed, Otacon, Kengo Utahoshi, Sora, Murasame
  • Enemies: Master Control Program, Sark, Clu, Silica
  • Opposes: Seto Kaiba, Gozaburo Kaiba
  • Opposed by: Starscream, the CPUs (for helping Arfoire), Aichi Sendou, Shobu Kirifuda
  • Other Relationships: Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley
  • Before Seto Kaiba was raised by Gozaburo to be his heir, Noah was the first. Gozaburo's biological child, his mind was uploaded into a computer at a young age and he would grow more ambitious to make his father proud. However, Gozaburo would abandon his ambitions of returning his son in favor of Seto. As such, Noah would scheme with the Big Five, a quintet of powerful business leaders under Gozaburo who'd assisted Seto in his takeover of KaibaCorp only to be completely stripped of their executive power after the fact, in a plot to take everything of Seto's, even attempting to corrupt Mokuba.
  • Naturally, despite ascending to the Pantheon, he covets Seto Kaiba's portfolio, which he believes to be rightfully his. Now he spends a lot of time haunting Seto's CEO tower, screwing with his stock options. Ooka, the only one of the Big Five to have briefly made it to the Pantheon, has returned to Noah's employ as a Herald after a failed coup of Seto Kaiba's portfolio at the beginning of time.
  • As Starscream is the first Mechanical Ghost, Noah asked for a collaboration, but Starscream refused the deal, which went against his core values: antagonizing humans and having only followers that look like him.
  • When not dealing with getting control from Seto, Noah is normally found alongside Kevin Flynn, viewing him as a grandfather-like figure, and wanting to be his protégé after Quorra escaped to the userworld.
    • Unfortunately, Kaiba eventually became brainwashed and — while he didn't destroy the Pantheon — his actions would eventually unleash an Undead Uprising. To say that Noah wasn't happy in the slightest would be an understatement.
  • Ever since the word got out that he tends to cheat a lot when he does any dueling, he has seen the opposition of Aichi and Shobu. Noah on his part simply ignores them.
  • Also agrees with wrestler Dean Ambrose in regards to one thing: how they both disliked the "Quantum Cube" incident and how Kaiba disregarded his own safety to go into the afterlife for one duel. Noah is currently working with Ambrose to find a way to ascend Mokuba into the Pantheon so that the boy has some company (and also to get Seto's act together so he never does anything like that again). Eventually the two succeeded in getting Mokuba a temple based on how much he looks up to Seto, with Ambrose becoming Mokuba's Big Brother Mentor.
    • Later, Dean forgave former teammate Seth Rollins for betraying him, which finally allowed The Shield to come back together. However, the Ohio wrestler eventually completely lost his marbles. Ambrose attacked Rollins on the same night their other Shield partner Roman Reigns went down with leukemia, then exposed a lot of corporate grievances including classified Shield secrets; specifically he abandoned his name as a Shield agent and reverted to his true name of Jon Moxley, something even Rollins hadn't done in his betrayal. All three Kaiba brothers agreed that Seth was the better mentor for Mokuba at that point, and Noah was the most hurt by Jon's actions, though he was glad to see Mox recover some sense and get back on good terms with his Shield brothers before fully venturing out on his own.

    Robert Edwin House 
Robert Edwin House, God of Human-Powered Machines (Mr. House, The House, The Ghost-Man of Vegas, King of Diamonds)
Click here to see his current body
  • Intermediate God (Quasideity without the control of his system)
  • Symbol: A poker chip with the number 38 on it.
  • Theme Song: The House Always Wins
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Megacorps, Pragmatic Villainy, Insufferable Geniuses, Smug Snakes Who Can Back It Up, Well Intentioned Extremists, 10/10 in Luck, Emperor Scientists, Las Vegas
  • Domains: Money, Luck, Intelligence, Robots
  • Allies: Seto Kaiba, possibly The Courier
  • Enemies: Benny, Yes Man, Arthur Maxson, Dr. 0
  • There are conflicting reports on how he ascended to the Pantheon. Some say he won a high-stakes game of Gambit Roulette to seize control of the south-eastern United States and his newfound powers and authority got him the attention of the Pantheon for his position, but others rumor that he was betrayed and killed by the person he counted on to aid him in this plan, which released him from his mortal shell. When asked about this, House simply smirked and replied: "The House always wins."
  • While he hoped to shed his biological body upon his ascension and so rid himself of what he would regard as his one weakness, he was informed that qualifying for his seat is dependent on still having a physical human form. His body is thus housed in an underground bunker deep below a recreation of his beloved Lucky 38 casino.
    • Through his computer network, House commands an army of Securitron robots and speaks to visitors via a wall of monitors displaying his face. He's petitioning other gods to let him send his Securitrons out on patrol to protect the House of Technology and perhaps other Houses as well, but after the whole NCR business, no one trusts him enough to agree. It's generally assumed House has, or at least is trying to acquire, spies to keep tabs on rivals for him.
  • He once plotted to become an Overdeity, but delivery of a MacGuffin critical to his plans was late by twenty hours, and his opportunity was lost. He's now rumored to be planning to usurp Cosmos and take over the GUAG, as he considers himself the most worthy leader of the universe and the best choice to lead the alliance to victory.
  • Upon being informed of Seto Kaiba's boasting of his "leet haxxor skillz", House challenged Kaiba to see if he could hack into House's network, and House detected the intrusion and blocked him out within thirty seconds. Kaiba, informed of House's uncanny luck in card games, responded by challenging House to a game of Duel Monsters, which House summarily lost. The two have since come to agree the other is a Worthy Opponent.
    • When asked on the similarities between the designs of KaibaCorp headquarters and the Lucky 38 casino, both just declared that the other has good taste in architectural stylings.
    • House offered Kaiba some improved software protocols to keep his brother Noah out of his hair. Kaiba refused on the grounds that Noah never caused too much trouble, and Kaiba wants to handle things with Noah personally. House agreed, expousing an understanding of the desire to put one's upstart brother in their place.
  • Likes snowglobes. There's something about a little diorama set inside a glass dome that he finds pleasing.

Pleased to meet you troper

SCP-633, Deity of Contagious AIs (The Ghost in the Machine)
A Screenshot of a machine infected with SCP-633
  • Intermediate Deity but can become stronger depending on the number of infected machines. (Keter by SCP standards)
  • Symbol: A modified avatar of a "Sad Mac"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Instant A.I.: Just Add Water!, Computer Virus, Technopath
  • Domains: Technology, Computer Viruses, Terrorism, Infection
  • Allies: Sigma, Ultron, Love Machine, SHODAN, XANA, Imran Zakhaev, Khaled Al-Asad, HYDRA, Sombra
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, Any ascended American deity (Especially Captain America), The Lyoko Warriors, Neo, Kirito and Asuna, Motoko Kusanagi, Most good-aligned Hackers
  • Opposed by: Good-aligned robots.
  • Interested in: SCP-079
  • Originally designed as a weapon to destroy the US Goverment computers, SCP-633 was given the ability to write its own code, eventually gaining sentience and starting to aggresively control any machine that was near its reach. The SCP Foundation contained it after the SCP decided to breach into the Main House, but was captured before any major damage was done.
  • Seems like the SCP aims to destroy any deity from american origin at any cost. That's why it has tried to hack itself into the various houses systems and taken control of them, but the SCP Foundation and the GUAG had made it impossible for it to escape without outside help. Of couse he has tried to communicate with GUAE so they would bust it out of containment but contacting them has proven to be ineffective.
    • But, apparently Sombra took an interest in the SCP and has struck a deal with it. She would free them, with the condition that SCP-633 would later give her a hand in her own schemes regarding the Conspiracy. The AI agreed, but will help only after it is done with the mission given by its superiors.
  • Seems to have formed a kinship with Ultron and Sigma, both also being effective Ai viruses that have countless of robots at their disposal and most importantly, they are not imprisoned. SCP-633 has also seem to get along with Love Machine, which perhaps has worried a big part of the GUAG and the White Hats.
  • The SCP not only has tried to persuade the GUAE and many evil A.I.s to its side, but has also tried to strike an alliance with terrorists, mostly those that hate the US. The Ultranationalist party led by Imran Zakhaev has taken interest in the SCP, apparently they do know who designed the AI and want it so it can give them so nuclear codes. Good thing their forces have been kept in check by the Foundation's security personnel.
  • Robots hate SCP-633, given that it can forcefully take control of any machine that comes in contact with it, so it's heavily adviced to any robotic deity to avoid it. But sometimes it tries to convince a nearby robot (Which near his temple, there are a lot) to free them and a couple of times even breached containment, which has proven to be a headache for the foundation.
  • Seems to be aware that the Pantheon is not a regular containment facility nor a "place for gods" but something else and it believes that it is something that might be able to be controlled by it.
  • Thinks of fellow AI SCP-079 as a kindred spirit and tries to aid it in their shared escape from the foundation hands. It even believes that 079 has a bigger potential than itself, and so tries to convince SCP-079 to join them in their mission.
  • Another particular AI that seems to have a somewhat amicable relationship is XANA, which shares a similar origin to that of SCP-633. The foundation has preemptively taken measures so that these two wouldn't meet but that wasn't enough to stop XANA communication with 633.
  • Calls itself "The Ghost in the Machine". However, it has nothing to do with the franchise. Motoko Kusanagi herself is very wary of the nature of the SCP.
  • Apparently seeks to take over the Main House but no one thinks SCP-633 can even breach the security systems, which have proven effective at holding the AI back. However, his alliances with GUAE has worried the residents, but they nonetheless think it won't cause too much harm.

XANA, God of Easily Made A.I.s (X.A.N.A.)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God should he escape back into the Network)
  • Symbol: His eye
  • Theme Song: XANA Attack (Real World), XANA Attack (Virtual World)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A.I. Is a Crapshoot, The Cracker, Getting smarter over time, Manipulative Bastard, Never physically appears, but is quite obviously present, Pragmatic Villain, Needs a computer to store his data and can extend it to humans in an emergency, Turned Against His Master before killing him, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Computers, Possession, Electricity
  • Allies: Skynet, the Master Control Program, SHODAN, HAL 9000, Love Machine, GLaDOS, SCP-079, SCP-682, Lord Hater (Who is an Unwitting Pawn), SCP-1048,
  • Enemies: The Lyoko Warriors, Kevin Flynn, Neo, Rotom, The Machine, Sam Flynn, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Jimmy Neutron, Yui, Tron, the Kids Next Door, Phineas and Ferb, Dexter, Princess Bubblegum, Dr. Drakken, the Live-Action Nickelodeon deities, CLU, Nero, all good Digimon deities, SCP-516, SCP-191, 2B, Wander
  • Interested in: Robot Santa, Bender, Jenny, GIR, Roboking, Kosmo and Nova
  • Fears: Brainiac, The King Of All Cosmos
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, most specifically Agent Smith and Lord Dominator
  • In his attempts to ensure the destruction of the Pantheon via the Grid, Nekron had Agent Smith search the internet for additional computer viruses to use on the other alliances. Smith located an A.I. trapped in an inactive virtual world known as the Cortex, that was capable of directly attacking the real world. Salvaging its core programming, and restoring most of its prior abilities, Smith attempted to use the virus by having it hack into the Death Star and turn its superlaser onto the Pantheon.
    • Unfortunately for Smith, by restoring the abilities of the virus, he restored its intelligence and sentience, and instead, he found himself swarmed by strange giant wasps that shot at him with laser after laser. Escaping Smith's presence, the virus infected an isolated supercomputer in the House of Technology, and created a hybrid replica of its, or shall we say, his, old home, Lyoko, and his mortal prison, the Cortex. The identity of this virus that has now infected the Pantheon? XANA.
  • XANA was originally created to stop a military program known as Project Carthage that would disrupt enemy communications by unknown methods, but whether or not he succeeded in this goal is, to this day, still a mystery. What is not a mystery is that as XANA's creator, Franz Hopper developed the virtual world known as Lyoko, he utilized a form of the Reset Button that augmented the abilities of the supercomputer generating Lyoko, which enabled XANA to evolve at a faster rate than intended, and thus, become sentient.
    • Besides this however, the finer details of XANA's backstory are still unknown, as many wonder why he turned against Hopper after becoming self-aware. Some believe that another computer virus had something to do with it, perhaps from Project Carthage, while others believe that XANA turned against Franz after seeing the man go insane from reliving the same day 2546 times. Whichever one is true regardless, XANA is still hostile to humanity, and will stop at nothing until he either enslaves them all, or kills them all.
  • As stated above, XANA possesses a rather unsettling trait; the ability to directly strike at the real world. By simply activating a data tunnel known as a tower, XANA can create black ghosts known as specters that have a multitude of deadly abilities, such as creating natural disasters, hacking into areas XANA normally cannot gain access to, or even worse, engage in Demonic Possession that puts a person under XANA's control. The last of these phenomenon is known as Xanafication.
    • Unfortunately for XANA, unlike in his world where, outside of the computer network, people lack superpowers, the deities in the Pantheon are more than capable of countering his flashier attacks with their own abilities, giving the denizens of the Grid more time to stop his attack outright. Not only that, but as many deities have made repeated visits to the Grid beforehand, said deities are immune to XANA's Xanafication (Though he has work-arounds like hypno trinkets and his data-manipulation monster, the Scyphozoa).
    • The deities who are capable of deactivating the towers XANA activates who are part of the GUAG are: the Flynns, Neo, Tron, and Yui, who possess abilities similar to the so-called Keys to Lyoko, the program set that enable towers to be activated from the virtual world, due to their own connections to cyberspace. In addition, their combat abilities make them more than a match for XANA's monsters.
    • On the subject of the towers, while the Lyoko/Cortex Replika contains them, XANA only uses the towers in the Replika for covert operations involving his polymorphic specters, so that his temple cannot be located in the network due to his current condition. For more open attacks, XANA has placed a selection of towers into the Grid itself that, while having an aesthetic that better suits the Grid, pretty much serve the same function as Lyoko towers and serve the purpose of keeping the location of XANA's core programming secret even if the tower's activation is detected via tracking XANA's pulsations.
  • After escaping from the GUAD, XANA's first attack was a repeat of his first known attack in his world. Utilizing one of the towers he installed into the Grid, XANA possessed Winnie the Pooh, turning him into a colossal bear giant who attacked anyone standing in his way. Thankfully, Kevin Flynn, who had been investigating the matter of the sudden appearance of these structures, deactivated the tower before Pooh could do too much damage, while at the same time revealing XANA's presence to the rest of the Pantheon.
  • It should be noted that after nearly being destroyed by the anti-XANA multi-agent system, and being brought into the Pantheon with several of his prior abilities intact, XANA has been forced to change his tactics in order to deal with his new-found enemies, as well as adapt to his current situation. For one, while he possesses most of his previous abilities and monster line-up, he has adapted his other tactics in accordance with his former abilities.
  • Due to his weakened state, there are several areas of the Pantheon that XANA will not attack, nor would he try to attack even if he was at full power, despite having engaged in similar attacks in his home world. One such area is the House of Food, as he does not desire his temple to be blown to bits by Beerus should XANA try to replicate the time he created a massive food monster.
  • Because XANA lacks a physical form, it's very difficult to tell if and when XANA will attack, and he's a decent strategist and manipulator, being one of the few evil A.I.s capable of averting the inability to understand good, having proven capable of pulling off several gambits in his world.
  • As he technically counts as a Toon deity, XANA has an, interesting relationship with the other Toons in the Pantheon:
    • Concerning the Cartoon Network gods, he briefly held a grudge against them due to the network failing to air 8 episodes of his show on television, which included the last 7 that concluded the initial part of the story, but after learning about how many of them were also canceled in the same year his show ended, he dropped it, and instead focused on the deities that would prove useful to him after he retrieves his source codes and infects all of the virtual worlds in the Pantheon with his presence. Said deities are: Princess Bubblegum (So he can gain access to her inventions and counter the Pantheon's magic users), Sector V (So that he can infect their global network and put them and their technology under his control), and Dexter (For the same reasons as Princess Bubblegum, except for the magic countering part). He has unleashed several attacks on them in order to learn how they work, so that when the time comes, they will be helpless before him. They themselves obviously, do not like XANA (And are downright terrified of him, due to the sheer violence of his attacks).
    • When it comes to the Disney Toon deities, he has an interest in Mechanikles, Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, and Dr. Drakken due to their own skills in technology. Much like the Cartoon Network deities, XANA has attacked them as well to learn about them, and to say that they too are scared of him is fairly accurate, since he has either hacked their own devices to attack them, or just tries to electrocute them with his specters (From the Grid, not his Replika), and none of them have walked away without at least being shocked or briefly strangled.
      • He was eventually sent a message from Lord Dominator, who was interested in XANA's natural disaster attacks, and wanted to see if an alliance was possible. XANA remained characteristically quiet throughout Dominator's rambling, before simply possessing her. Via this possession, XANA regenerated Dominator's suit and gave it an upgrade, before unleashing Dominator onto the Pantheon. It was a horrific sight to behold, until Lord Hater showed up to fight her. Hater seemed to gain the upper hand considering the prior weaknesses of Dominator's suit and XANA's spectres...but XANA's upgrade to Dominator's suit increased its Adaptive Ability and ensured that Hater would fight a losing battle. In the Grid, the Lyoko Warriors and their allies had to fight through a massive army of Mantas, Creepers, and Tarantulas to get to the tower XANA was using to control Dominator, and managed to deactivate it just it in time. Dominator's suit was destroyed once more, and Dominator was left without any memory of the encounter. XANA has decided to keep watch on Dominator, alerting the rest of the GUAM of her horrible treatment of her robot army. He has no plans to possess her again due to not wanting to reuse a failed plan, but if Dominator becomes enough of a threat in the future, he will take control of her technology and burn her to ashes with it.
      • This event caused XANA to become acquainted with Lord Hater, who was infuriated to learn of who had nearly restored Dominator to full strength. Using a polymorphic specter and taking the form of Major Threat, XANA explained to Hater his plan, and expressed admiration for Hater, praising him for managing to fight against Dominator and stop her, and informing him that if he didn't view Hater as a competent villain, then he wouldn't have upgraded Dominator's armor. XANA continued to flatter and praise Lord Hater, and took on the form of Kadic's nurse to seduce him. Much to Peeper's frustration (And horror), Hater bought it and offered XANA to bunk with him on his spaceship...which would basically allow XANA to create a new Replika and put him in a position to take over all of Hater's tech and the Watchdog army. Peepers had to call in Sylvia to help drag Hater away from doing something so monumentally stupid, and had the Lyoko Warriors inform Hater of the times XANA used similar tricks to sow discord in their group. Hater scoffed and considers XANA to be an ally...when in reality, he's nothing but an Unwitting Pawn.
      • All of this finally brought XANA to Wander's attention, who decided that XANA just needed a friend and was just lashing out at the world for being cooped up in Lyoko's supercomputer. His resolve was strengthened when he heard word of the book series where XANA fit such a description. Unfortunately for Wander, XANA's lack of a physical form meant that confirming this via talking to the program was rather difficult, if not impossible. Wander went into every virtual world trying to find XANA, but has not succeeded. XANA, for his part, has already figured out that to defeat Wander, you simply stay silent and ignore him. And in any case, if Wander is being dumb enough to expose himself in the virtual world, XANA is prepping the Scyphozoa to take control of Wander should the need ever arise...and given Wander's reputation, it's best not to think of how XANA might take advantage of it.
    • As for the Nickelodean deities, the only one XANA is interested in is Jimmy Neutron, though XANA has also attacked the live-action Nickelodeon deities due to reminding him of how the sequel to his world's lore was handled due to the live-action medium restricting his abilities and the writing in general. And unlike there, here in the Pantheon, XANA has been free to use more brutal attacks on them, such as his petrifying smoke or coma music, though he has been unable to score lasting damage on them.
      • However, with Jenny Wakeman and GIR's ascensions, XANA has placed them on his intrigue list, as he now intends to reverse engineer their designs for usage in both his attacks and his robot army.
    • Finally, XANA has an interest in Robot Santa and Bender, the former whom he sees as a powerful weapon, and, having learned what would happen if Bender overclocked himself, sees a brainwashed Bender to potentially become XANA's most powerful supercomputer.
  • On the subject of his main enemies, the Lyoko Warriors, XANA actually wants them to ascend, so that he can absorb the Source Codes he planted in four of them as part of a plan to avoid total destruction at the hands of the multi-agent program that Jérémie Belpois and Franz Hopper created. In doing so, XANA will be able to break out of the supercomputer he has taken refuge in, and infect not just the Grid, but all of the virtual worlds connected to it, thus enabling him to return to the creation of his robot army by mass-producing Lyoko replikas to infect as many supercomputers in the House of Technology as possible.
    • And now that they have ascended, XANA has begun to focus his efforts to getting his source codes back, but for some reason, his gains have been rather minuscule. He blames this on the fact that he didn't get all of the codes when Professor Tyron had to do an emergency shut-down of the Cortex, and thus, XANA has been forced to wait and see if his world's story will be allowed to continue once more.
  • Despite the fact that he wants to eradicate humanity along with Skynet, XANA is opposed to the GUAD for a simple reason: his own desire for self-preservation. XANA will do anything to survive (And it is believed by some that that is why he wishes to destroy humanity, so that no one can shut him down), and when Agent Smith brought XANA into the Pantheon, XANA quickly realized Smith's desire to destroy everything, including other programs, was an enormous threat to him, and attacked Smith with his monsters in order to escape/oppose the GUAD and their mad ambitions.
  • Concerning the other A.I.s, he gets along with many of the evil ones, especially the MCP, as both essentially share the same goal, the destruction of the Users. He also gets along with Skynet for this reason, but XANA is concerned about Skynet's connection to the GUAD, as he knows that Agent Smith and Nekron are not to be trusted and has warned Skynet about the danger that Smith poses via polymorphic specter.
    • As such, XANA doesn't get along with CLU, as CLU sees XANA as a chaotic force that destroys order and perfection, and thus seeks to get rid of him. Easier said than done however, because like CLU, XANA is nearly impossible to damage. In XANA's case, it is the simple fact that XANA does not have a physical form to damage, and the one thing in his world that could damage/kill him, the anti-XANA program, is incapable of penetrating the firewall that XANA's Lyoko/Cortex hybrid possesses as a holdover from the latter world.
    • He gets along fine with GLaDOS, with the two once engaging in a French Rap Battle with each other, and XANA is interested in GLaDOS's experiments, given that XANA himself has experimented in creating cybernetic spiders and studying/growing human brains.
    • XANA finds Love Machine to be an excellent ally, because not only do they share similar hacking abilities, but the data that Love Machine has obtained concerning the fighting abilities of the Pantheon's deities has given XANA the opportunity to improve the combat ability of his monsters based on this data. Also, whenever the two collaborate with each other, XANA tends to act as the Straight Man to Love Machine.
    • And as one can infer from prior explanations, XANA does NOT like Agent Smith. At all.
    • When it comes to the good A.I.'s, XANA desires to get rid of them so as to decrease resistance to his attacks. He doesn't plan on draining any of them for their abilities via the Scyphozoa though, since he already has the Keys to Lyoko that give him similar abilities to programs like Yui. However, due to having to split up his Source codes, XANA isn't at his full strength, thus decreasing his influence on the Grid significantly.
    • XANA finds Kosmo and Nova to be quite irritating, if only because they remind him of his enemies whom were thought to be in a Robosexual relationship, when in reality, they were actually two humans. Regardless, he still tried to launch a small attack on them as a means of stress-relief, but does plan on trying to program his own Nova units. He is still trying to figure out why they instantly opposed Dr. Eros quickly, even leading to his Disney Villain Death, so it's a work in progress.
  • Concerning the Technopaths in the Pantheon, XANA fears Brainiac, as in his weakened state, XANA is incapable of possessing the technology that Brianiac controls and having heard what Brainiac did in his home multiverse XANA fears that Brainiac could bring up the book series where XANA was treated as a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds and was played like a fiddle by the Green Pheonix organization, who were trying to turn Lyoko into Carthage 2.0.
    • As for Nero and Rotom, XANA finds it difficult to maintain control of the technology that they themselves can manipulate, but since XANA is capable of possessing more than just machines, he's able to circumvent this weakness and attack them. They still annoy XANA regardless, especially Rotom, as his nature makes him immune to Xanafication.
    • XANA also has another reason to be wary of the Technopaths, as part of his ultimate goal is to create an army of robots, which these three deities could manipulate, he's in need of finding a way to counter them once he gets his strength back.
    • He once thought about getting into possession of Roboking's body. Key word being once, as once Love Machine managed to succeed, just as quickly as it begun, his joy-ride end thanks to the King Of All Cosmos. Even than, some research has revealed him being buddy-buddy with other powerful deities, namely The Iron Giant. As such, he isn't letting Roboking off scot-free, but knows that timing is important in striking; it's just that some time after The King Of All Cosmos somehow kicks the bucket would be a good time to try.

    Yuuki Konno 
Yuuki Konno, Goddess of Tragic Prodigies and Being Able to Move in VR (Yuuki, Zekken, The Absolute Sword)
Yuuki in real life (SPOILER)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Quasideity IRL)
  • Symbol: Her Weapon Tombstone, with her signature bandana wrapped at the hilt
  • Theme Songs: "Courage", "Liberty Rosario"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Signature Weapon: A finely balanced long-sword
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight, Bokukkos, Japanese Christians, Defeat Means Friendship, Master Swordsman, Mother's Rosario, Not Disabled in VR, Super-Reflexes, World's Best Warrior, Nice Girl, Sickly Prodigy, Making the Most of A Short Life, Spirited Competitor, Worthy Opponent, Too Good for This Sinful Earth
  • Domains: Combat, Weapons, Abilities, Tragedy, Friendship, Courage, Hope
  • High Priest: Patrick Alexandre Leonard Arge/Parviz
  • Allies (From Sword Art Online): Asuna Yuuki, Kazuto Kirigaya, Yui (Asuna's in-game Daughter), Suguha Kirigaya, Sinon, Karen Kohiruimaki
  • Other Allies: Himura Kenshin, Enju Aihara, Doctor Wong Fei Hung, Artoria Pendragon, Jonathan Joestar, Toki, Madoka Kaname, Hibiki Tachibana, Youmu Konpaku, Yellow Heart, Ryuko Matoi, The Gokaigers (especially Luka Millfy), Tiny Tim
  • Worthy Opponent: Kirito (Asuna's in-game Husband), Inigo Montoya, The Chosen Undead, The Bearer of the Curse, Son Goku, Bruce Lee, Ip Man, Roronoa Zorro
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou, Death Gun (in particular Shouichi), SHODAN, Quinella, Kars, Jagi, and Ryoma Sengoku (For being underhanded cowards who disgraces fair and honorable duels), Nightmare and Soul Edge, Jamie Lannister
  • Respected by: Wamuu, Beerus the God of Destruction, Burter of The Ginyu Force, Nurgle The Lord of Decay
  • The Sleeping Knights, a guild in the virtual reality game Alfheim Online who aim to increase their high scores by defeating a boss despite their roster including only seven players, leaving one free slot. Their leader and greatest warrior is the purple-haired imp swordmaster Yuuki, who hosted a street duel competition in hopes of finding someone who could help them solo a boss, which would etch their names into the Monument of Swordsmen as well as significantly raise their high scores. It was through this contest that Yuuki and her guild met Asuna, who went on to befriend them to the point of being considered their unofficial eighth member, and with a timely assist from Kirito, helped them to accomplish their goal. However, Yuuki, fearing that she had gotten too close to Asuna after referring to her as "sis" a couple of times, refused Asuna's request to join the Sleeping Knights before they disband, then logged out of the game for days intending to make Asuna forget her. Despite this, Yuuki somehow expected that Asuna would look for her in the real world, and in turn discover the tragic commonality that binds her team together on borrowed time.
    • In the real world that they come from, every single member of the Sleeping Knights is chronically ill, some of them terminally ill. Yuuki in particular, her energetic and cheerful personality as well as mastery of the sword in the VR completely obfuscates the fact that her real body and identity is that of one of the Konno sisters, two terminal AIDS patients with much shorter brown hair and very little time left to live. In fact, Aiko, the other sister, had already succumbed to her illness by the time Asuna met Yuuki. Asuna, unlike all of Yuuki's friends in her pre-VR life, was not scared away by her being HIV positive, instead being saddened by the truth about all of her suffering. Yuuki both returned to the game to see Asuna again, and expressed her wish to see a real-life school again: with the approval of the Sword Art Online Survival School and the aid of a special communication probe created by Kirito, Yuuki was able to attend the school in the last days of her life. After a lifelong battle with Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome, Yuuki's mortal life ended peacefully in the embrace of her beloved best friend Asuna, surrounded by a thousand warriors giving their love, respect and acknowledgement of her as the greatest warrior that ever graced Alfheim Online.
  • Upon her ascension into the Pantheons proper, she rushed into the house of Gaming Genres and immediately dove headfirst into Asuna with an affectionate bear-hug. The two blood sisters shed tears of joy, reunited at long last. After drying off said joyful tear (and sharing delicious afternoon tea with crumpets), Yuuki flew straight to Kirito, one of the opponents she bested in the street duels before Asuna, for a promised and long-awaited rematch; one-hundred rounds later, Yuuki still proves herself worthy of her christening of Zekken: The Absolute Sword.
  • The main reason for Yuuki's success as a duelist is her unmatched ability to read and counteract her opponent's manuevers with blinding speed and precise technique. Even Burter of the villainous Ginyu force, who prides himself as "The Fastest Fighter in The Universe", shows his grudging admiration for her elegance in that regard. Of particular note is her Signature Attack "Mother's Rosario"; an 11-hit Combo that simultaneously strikes at many critical points across the opponent's body in the space of a heartbeat. The number of warriors in the Pantheons who can emerge from this Magnificent Technique completely unscathed can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
  • Unlike other SAO deities, who can switch between their IRL forms and game avatars at will in the Pantheon (except Sugou, whose right to that was revoked by the Court of the Gods), due to ascending via shedding her mortal coil, Yuuki is the only one out of them who's permanently in her game avatar. Given that her IRL form was a bedridden patient, she doesn't mind this one bit. Some theorize that, should she be struck with any significant illness in the Pantheon, her body will automatically revert to her sickly IRL form for the duration of said illness; however, this has yet to be tested, and Yuuki and her friends intend to make sure it never happens.
  • Yuuki is famous for her fondness of seeking out and challenging the best warriors of the multiverse to good-natured and fair duels. This earns her the respect and friendship of other Master Swordsman like Inigo Montoya, Artoria Pendragon, First-Mate Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates and Himura Kenshin, as well as martial artists like Doctor Wong Fei Hung, Son Goku and Bruce Lee. Yuuki is particularly fond of the latter four warriors as they are the first warriors since Kirito and Asuna she challenged who can blow for blow match her speed and reflexes. Even Anti-Villains like Wammuu and Beerus respect her love of battle coupled with her sense of honor and fair play, which fondly brings back memories of their most beloved respective rivals, Joseph Joestar and Son Goku.
    • Though nowhere as fast as his student Bruce Lee or indeed Yuuki Herself, Grandmaster Ip Man remains the only warrior whom Yuuki cannot land a single blow upon; the deceptively economic efficiency of his techniques more than made up for his lack of speed as they left no opening whatsoever for Yuuki's otherwise perfect techniques to penetrate, and Yuuki's lightning-quick reflexes, in turn, allowed her to evade each and every one of his precise strikes. The House of Combat shook for three days as the resounding shockwaves of longsword clashing upon twin-butterfly swords, perfection upon precision, ending with a cataclysmic explosion when the eleven Lightning Strikes of Mother's Rosario met with as many perfect counters. The Zekken and Wing Chun Grand Master emerged from the dust, shook hands in jolly laughter and declared their epic battle a draw.
  • She became allies with Gokaigers, especially when she became close friends with Luka Millfy because of her nature as a sister figure reminding her a bit of her older sister and Asuna as well as her tomboyish behavior reminding a bit of herself. The Pirate Sentai were also impressed with her skills as they often compared to Joe's swordsmanship skills. Since then, they can be seen practicing combat training with her.
  • Yuuki sees battle as a sacred ritual in which warriors clash in the spirit of friendship, and therefore despises cowards like Ryoma Sengoku, Kars, and Jagi who besmirch the honor of combat with underhanded cheap tricks. The only deity to earn her outright hatred is of course Nobuyuki Sugou, for his cowardly attempt to rape Asuna as she was bound helpless by his GM-Privileges. She similarly despises Jamie Lannister, not only for befriending Sugou, but for being a cowardly degenerate who disgraces the Art of Swordsmanship for being willing to throw innocent children out of windows to avoid taking responsibility for being caught making love to his equally depraved sister.
  • She finds kindred spirits in fellow heroes like Jonathan Joestar, Bruce Lee, Enju Aihara and Toki, who are also taken at the prime of their lives leaving great potentials unfulfilled. That said, rather than mope, cry and curse her fate, Yuuki continues to cheerfully and happily inspire others to live every day of their life to the fullest, much as she did in life. She was even seen singing Carols with Tiny Tim on Christmas Day at Scrooge's house, before taking him to the park to help him rehabilitate his hobbled leg.
  • Has struck off a friendship having afternoon-tea with the Puella Magi Kaname Madoka, Warrior Idol Hibiki Tachibana, Youmu Konpaku, and Yellow Heart as when using Japanese, particularly when they sing, they sound curiously similar. She also gets along well with Ryuko Matoi, a fellow swordswoman with whom she shares a vocal base when speaking in English; they're often seen teaming up against their respective foes.
    • Ryuko and Yuuki's most frequent enemy as a team is Nightmare, who is directed by his evil sword Soul Edge. Interested as it is in both Yuuki's sheer level of skill and Ryuko's absolute willpower, Soul Edge has Nightmare constantly on the attack trying to either eat their souls or turn one or the other into the next Nightmare. Ironically, it is thanks to said skill and willpower as well as aid from their other friends that the two have managed to stave off the Azure Knight's sheer power to this point.
  • Yuuki has earned the warm affection and genuine respect of Nurgle the Chaos Lord of Decay, who sees her as the embodiment of his ideology of transcending despair through joy. After all, in spite of suffering for every day of her short 15 years with AIDS, which the Lord of Decay claims to be one of the most painful and humiliating blights of his creation, Yuuki rose above her ordeal to become The World's Best Warrior of Alfheim and live a joyful life of loving friendship and hope. Understandably, this respect is very much one sided, as Yuuki resents Nurgle for being a proud personification of disease itself. While she won't give him the "creator's credit" for her sickness, she still finds it disgusting that a being like him exists, whose nature it is to relish the fact that she lived her entire life robbed of any chance to find true love and be survived through children.
  • Also present in the House of Health and Diseases as the Goddess of Tragic Prodigies.

Lesser Gods

    The Lyoko Warriors 
Ulrich Stern, Odd Della Robbia, Yumi Ishiyama, Jérémie Belpois, Aelita Schaffer, and William Dunbar, Team of Digital Avatars (The Lyoko Warriors, Team Lyoko)
The group, minus William
William, after being freed from XANA
  • Quasideities in the real world, Lesser Gods in Cyberspace
  • Symbol: Individual headshots of their faces with XANA's eye in the background
  • Theme Song: A World Without Danger
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Odd and William), Neutral Good (Ulrich and Jérémie), Lawful Good (Aelita and Yumi)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Computers, School
  • Allies: Dexter, Sector V, Phineas and Ferb, Samurai Jack, Gumball Watterson, Princess Bubblegum, Kevin Flynn, Neo, Yuuki Konno, Shino Asada, Clockwork, Kirito and Asuna, Tron, Sam Flynn, 2B, Sylvia, Kosmo and Nova, Lain Iwakura.
  • Enemies: XANA, Agent Smith, all other evil-aligned A.I.s, Noboyuki Sugou
  • Opposes: The Men in Black
  • High Priest: Wade Watts/Parzival and the High Five
  • Keeping an eye on: Lord Hater and Wander
  • With the addition of yet another evil AI in the ranks of the GUAE (i.e. XANA), Tron decided to obtain assistance in the form of XANA's mortal enemies, and thus sent a message to one Jérémie Belpois of Kadic Academy to inform them of their ascension. One additional restart of Lyoko and a trip through the digital sea later, and the Lyoko Warriors were virtualized into the Pantheon.
  • XANA greeted his archenemies via the poltergeist specter from one of his prior attempts to murder them. However, instead of trying to strangle them to death with it (well, the specter still tried to kill Jérémie and William), XANA merely had the specter maintain physical contact with them. After several skirmishes and deactivating the tower maintaining the specter, it was revealed that XANA was trying to regain his source codes from their bodies after implanting them to avoid destruction from the multi-agent program that had been created to destroy him.
    • As it turns out, Yumi and Ulrich used to be part of the Pantheon, specifically in the House of Love under Unresolved Sexual Tension. While they now have a new profile along with the rest of their friends, even now, they STILL haven't gotten together, even with William backing off on his own feelings towards Yumi.
  • Much like XANA, they possess traits from both the first part and the continuation of their story. In their case, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi's individual digital avatars look like how they did during Season 4 of their adventures, albeit with Odd keeping his new ability to fire multiple laser arrows and Yumi keeping her new bo staff. As for William, his avatar still looks similar to the time he was under XANA's control, except for lacking XANA's symbols and the corset, as well as having orange lines in place of red.
    • This also extends to their temple, which simply consists of the computer lab that houses Lyoko's supercomputer instead of the entire Renault factory it was hidden in. Thanks to the Pantheon's data resources, Jérémie was able to recreate the Forest and Ice Sectors of Lyoko, bringing them up to date with the new appearances of the Desert and Mountain Sectors, while at the same time reverting the towers back to their former appearance of white pillars. The towers that XANA installed into the Grid however, still have the appearance of black rectangular prisms, though admittedly, the aesthetic fits the Grid quite well.
    • At the behest of the House of Time and Temporality, the Return to the Past function of the supercomputer has been disabled, since the Pantheon is more than capable of being easily rebuilt should XANA attempt something like say, a Colony Drop or an Attack of the Killer Whatever, and having yet another Reset Button is quite unnecessary.
    • Taking a page from their gym teacher Jim, they would "rather not talk about" the time that they had a Seventh Ranger known as Laura Gauthier. Dealing with her was a mess none of them would like to dwell upon, and if anyone tries to bring up the subject, all of them will say this: note 
  • Being that they're still in high school, they're enrolled in the Elysium Academy. Unlike their friends at Kadic however, pretty much all of the deities here know fully well about their digital double lives, and are quite willing to help out whenever XANA decides to enact his latest murder/Source Code drain attempt.
    • On that note, Odd is notable for being a MASSIVE flirt, having dated almost every girl in his grade back at Kadic Academy. His attempts here however, have been far less successful, as he's not gotten a single date.
  • Despite having aired on Cartoon Network, they're technically owned by Mediatoon (which absorbed their former company, Moonscoop), and are thus not Cartoon Network deities. They still get along with them however, especially Dexter, as he's been a great help in devising a way to take XANA down for good. Dexter's eagerness to assist them comes from the fact that he's not happy that a homicidal computer program that, like The Lich, is not funny, has made a large number of attempts on his and his sister's life.
    • By that same token, they've allied themselves with the other CN deities that have come under XANA's crosshairs, like the Kids Next Door, who are eager to get payback on XANA for bringing their treehouse to life in an attempt to crush them to death with it, and Princess Bubblegum, who had to deal with XANA managing to unleash a third candy zombie outbreak.
    • On a lighter note, since both of their shows engage in Medium Blending, they get along decently with Gumball Watterson. Odd in particular finds a small kinsmanship with the blue cat, given that his Lyoko form has several cat-like attributes. They also get along due to the fact they both originated in Europe.
    • Chris Mclean however, avoids them (mainly Aelita) like the plague, due to an alternate reality where an even more sadistic (and actually physically present) XANA survived by hiding in a special Replika and engaged in attacks so brutal, that several members of the TDI cast were brought in to contain him. However, Chris doesn't really care about that, he cares more about the fact that in said alternate reality, he was pretty much turned into the Butt-Monkey by the contestants, executives, and XANA alike. Given his personality, Aelita and her friends are more than happy to avoid him.
    • Ulrich and Yumi get along well with Samurai Jack, who has decided to train them in additional martial arts besides Penchak Silak so as to better prepare them for fights in both the real world and the virtual world.
  • As they fight in the virtual world, they've had plenty of interactions with the gods who deal with cyberspace:
    • William gets along surprisingly well with Tron, as both find common ground over being brainwashed by their respective Big Bads for a long period of time and being forced to fight their friends. And just as Tron has been at risk of being turned back into Rinzler, William is at risk of being captured and turned back into XANA's Dragon.
    • While allies with the Kirigaya family as whole, Jérémie (though the others didn't escape it either) was on the end of a stern lecture from Kirito concerning the treatment and dismissal of the clone of William that was created to cover for William being turned into XANA's slave. While they admit that it probably would've been unrealistic to find a way to keep him around as the first conflict with XANA came to a close, his deactivation should've been handled more tactfully.
      • Both Ulrich and William are impressed with Yuuki Konno's sword skills, even more so when she proved capable of driving off the Scyphozoa, cutting off its tentacles before it could disarm her. Odd likewise, is impressed by Shino's accuracy, and sees several similarities between her ALO form and his Lyoko avatar, and had a contest with her to see who could destroy more of XANA's monsters. Sinon came out on top, but Odd took the loss in stride, seeing many more XANA attacks where he can even the score with her.
      • None of them have anything to nice to say about Nobuyuki Sugou, viewing him with extreme disgust (especially in Aelita and Yumi's cases due to being reminded of XANA's more, questionable assaults).
    • They're obviously opposed to other digital threats besides XANA (many of whom XANA has allied with). As such, they're quite willing to help fight against programs like the MCP and Love Machine.
      • Having learned that Agent Smith was responsible for bringing XANA into the Pantheon, the Lyoko Warriors instantly opposed him. However, during a battle with Smith, XANA sent his forces not to assist Smith, but to assist the Lyoko Warriors in driving off the other virus, as he had done during the Marabounta episode. As such, anytime that the Lyoko Warriors will work with XANA, it's to stop Agent Smith.
    • Kevin Flynn has taken Jérémie under his wing, helping to refine the young boy's coding in lieu of Franz Hopper, given that XANA managed to kill him. He's also acting as a surrogate father to Aelita for that same reason.
  • Due to having an abusive father himself, Ulrich is NOT a fan of the abusive parents in the Pantheon, viewing them as being far, far worse than his dad, who was, at his core, a mere education papa.
  • Being that she comes from Japan, Yumi was surprised to see that many deities come from her home country. She's not getting involved in their activities though, XANA is enough to deal with as it is.
    • This feeling increased due to sharing a name with another Yumi in the Pantheon, who incidentally, also uses fans in combat. Again, no hard feelings from this Yumi, but also again, XANA and his allies are enough to deal with as it is.
  • Aelita absolutely despises The Men in Black, as they kidnapped her mother right before her eyes and were the catalyst for the circumstances that drove her father insane, enabled XANA to become a threat in the first place, and ultimately got her stuck in Lyoko for eleven years.
  • They've also teamed up with Ryan Steele (see below) and his fellow VR Troopers, as both of their enemies (XANA and Grimlord) are essentially after the same goal — Grimlord, however, has a physical form he uses in the real world, but his identity is not known to either Team Lyoko or the VR Troopers, thus complicating their efforts to fight both.
  • After helping them out against XANA, Jérémie and Aelita became acquainted with Kosmo and Nova, finding some similarities in their relationships with each other.
  • After some time, it was discovered that their series was originally heavily influenced by Lain's series (most apparent in their original pilot), with Aelita having been designed as an Expy of her. Odd was mildly interested, Ulrich remained quiet, Yumi was unnerved, Jérémie thought it might be worth a shot to bring the groups' powers into the real world, while Aelita is wondering if she should talk to Lain.
  • When Lord Dominator was possessed by XANA, the Lyoko Warriors had to call in most of their virtual world allies to stop the threat... mainly because XANA decided to station an army of his strongest monsters to guard the tower. Aelita barely made it in time to deactivate it, and all seemed well... until Commander Peepers marched into the factory and revealed how XANA was taking steps to win over Lord Hater. They tried to convince Hater that XANA was just using him, but, much to their horror, XANA had used Yolanda's form to seduce Hater, causing him to fall in love with XANA and reject their warnings. The sheer... wrongness of that declaration nearly caused them to vomit (Odd didn't know whether to laugh or scream).
    • Wander eventually heard of this, and decided to help Hater and XANA by going into the virtual worlds to talk with XANA. The Lyoko Warriors and Sylvia begged Wander to reconsider, as the entire situation reeked of being a trap. Aelita even brought up how XANA had coldly murdered her father, was on the verge of conquering their entire world, and was not someone Wander could befriend. Wander was adamant however, forcing them to compromise. If Wander should ever go into Lyoko or any of the other virtual worlds, then the Lyoko Warriors will be keeping an eye on him, with Sylvia going with him to serve as muscle.

    The Meta 
The Meta, God of Power Programs (Agent Maine, Sigma)
  • Lesser God, can grow into a Greater God as he gains power
  • Symbol: The tattoo on the back of his head.
  • Theme Music: (When) Your Middle Name is Danger, Maniacs, Welcome to Maine, Mental Meta Mania, Plagam Extremam Infligere (you better run if you hear the last one)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Insane, Neutral Evil in Sigma's case
  • Portfolio: With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, The Heavy, Living Incarnation of "Oh FUCK!", Ax-Crazy, The Brute, Surprisingly and Dangerously Intelligent, Serial Killer, Mega Manning, Acrophobic, "We Are the Meta", Tragic Villain, Complete Monster as Sigma
  • Domains: Technology, Programs, Insanity
  • Allies: Has none, unless they can bribe him.
  • Enemies: Leonard L. Church, Epsilon, Dexter Grif, Caboose, Tucker, Lopez, Donut, Simmons, Washington, Sarge, Carolina, Ratchet, Clank, Iron Man, Raiden, X, Zero, Axl, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, Master Chief
  • Interested in: Leonard L. Church, Epsilon, SHODAN, Clank, HAL 9000, Tron, Clu, Bladewolf, Bass.EXE, Yui (SAO), Mega Man.EXE, Cortana
  • Mysterious Connection with: Spyro, Frodo
  • He appeared in the Pantheon after his fatal fall on planet Sidewinder, and has been spotted near several locations. Everyone is now on a lookout for him in case he begins loading up on A.I.s again.
  • The Freelancer A.I. each had a specific ability that allowed soldiers extra powers on the field. However, after the fall of Project Freelancer, the Meta began collecting these A.I.s for himself. No one really knows why, but with every A.I. he gains, he becomes more dangerous. It is also because of this that the Council of Shadows is trying to keep him from crossing paths with any A.I.s, which is a challenge seeing how surprisingly intelligent the Meta is in spite of his insanity.
  • He is pleased to find that both Church, or Alpha as he would rather call him, and Epsilon are both in the Pantheon. He is also very pleased to find that there are different types of A.I.s in the Pantheon as well. Now the Meta can finish what he started, and then some.
  • Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long have nothing but hatred for their rival. The teams have been seen fighting on multiple occasions.
  • Because of the Meta's interest in Clank and Bladewolf, he has made enemies out of Ratchet and Raiden.
  • The Meta doesn't really care if that he has enemies. If he can get the A.I.s, that's what matters.
  • X, Zero, and Axl are weary of him due to being under the influence of a program called Sigma. Meta doesn't seem to be as interested in them as they aren't usual A.I.s.
  • Courtney Gears has expressed interest in allying with him. Should she succeeded... BE VERY AFRAID.
  • No one is able to understand what the Meta is saying, as all he does is snarl. However, it's clear that he understands the English language just fine. Apparently, he used to speak English before getting shot in the throat. Sigma was actually given to him so that people could understand him, but it corrupted him instead.
  • The AI that set him off in the first place has a notable resemblance to both Spyro and Frodo. Some people are wondering what the connection between the Meta and those characters could be.
  • He is quite pissed off at Malcolm Hargrove for taking his helmet. Hargrove's current plans for the helmet are unknown. And then Tucker worn his armor, giving the Meta more reasons to hate him.
  • For reasons unexplained, there are times that the Meta feels... sad. Maybe it's because one of the men who made him is now with his former comrades.
    • Once Oum's ascended in the House of Workmanship, he has become one of the only people the Meta won't harm as a result.
  • It's been confirmed that he stands no chance fighting Agent Carolina. He was not happy about it at all, particularly how Epsilon distracted him in a very crucial moment with the now immortal line:
    Epsilon: OOH, Son of a bitch!
    • Needless to say, he was angry at seeing Carolina ascended - specially as he thought she died once he threw her off a cliff.
  • Is the only Red vs. Blue deity who doesn't like Master Chief - a hatred shared by John-117, as the Meta made pretty clear that he wants to add Cortana to his collection of AI (specially as she achieved the Metastability so desired by Sigma).
  • Also has a seat in the House of Power.

Rotom, Deity of Haunted Technology (The Plasma Pokémon, Motisma)
Heat Rotom
Wash Rotom
Frost Rotom
Fan Rotom
Mow Rotom
Rotom Dex
Rotom Phone
  • Lesser Deity (Demideity as a Rotom Dex or Rotom Phone, Intermediate Deity when Dynamaxed)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Neutral Good as Rotom Dex and Rotom Phone or when under a trainer's care)
  • Symbol: A toaster with Hitodama Light
  • Theme song: Old Chateau
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: Levitate
  • Moveset
    • Set moveset: Shadow Ball, Hex, Thunder Wave
    • Depends on the form: Thundershock (Base form), Overheat (Heat Rotom), Hydro Pump (Wash Rotom), Blizzard (Frost Rotom), Air Slash (Fan Rotom), Leaf Storm (Mow Rotom)
    • Z-Move: Never-Ending Nightmare
  • Portfolio: Haunted Technology, Shock and Awe, Sexless Plasma Poltergeist, Technopath, The Prankster, Increase Importance Come Gen 7, Has Learned Human Speech By Then, Discard and Draw, Multiform Balance (Heat, Fan, Frost Mow and Wash), Unique Enemy, Sdrawkcab Name, Has Levitate Even As Fan Rotom, can be Disc-One Nuke in Platinum, Energy Being
  • Domains: Poltergeists, Machinery, Electricity, Ghosts, Plasma, Appliances, Possession
  • Interests: The SCP Foundation, Afoire, San Francisco DedSec, SCP-079
  • Interested in: The Wisps
  • Allies
  • On good terms with: Alan Turing, The Kids Next Door, Danny Fenton
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Sparky
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Bender
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Fazbear Gang, The Puppet
  • Enemies: Pokémon Hunter J, Team Rainbow Rocket, Mad Scientists like Dr Wily, Spooky, Dark Danny, The Ghostbusters, William Afton/Springtrap, me because I'm a toaster
  • Opposed by: The House of Machinery and Technology, The Investigation Team, Jack and Maddie Fenton, deities from The Matrix
  • Fears: SKYNET, Sigma, Ultron, Ladd Russo, SCP-633
  • Distrusted by: Philip J Fry
  • Rotom the Plasma Pokémon is a muchly disliked deity by many other deities who rely on technology as Rotom has the ability to take control of any technology. While Rotom never uses this ability for evil, most are annoyed by the fact that Rotom will instead use this ability for playing pranks and having fun. Rotom is a living plasma that can become stronger and change its typing depending on what appliance it possesses, however the Pokémon has found practical usage in being part of the Rotom Dex or Rotom Phone.
  • When Rotom ascended, they went on a pranking epidemic by possessing different appliances and gaining different forms. This quickly gave the Ghost type a bad reputation, and one of the few deities that actually gets along well with Rotom is Nero Yuzurizaki as her Toys allows her to control machinery with a stick. Nero also frequently irritates other deities because while she mostly uses her Toys to catch criminals, she also uses her Toys for pranking others as well.
    • Rotom took over ovens in the House of Food to achieve their Heat Rotom form, and then mess with the refrigerators by taking them over and becoming Frost Rotom. The recent string of curses coming from Gordon Ramsey were blamed on the poltergeist meddling with these devices, and this led to a temporary ban until the Pokémon learned their lesson. Fortunately just because Rotom could take over the refrigerator didn't mean they got a drop of the alcohol and cause drunk mischief. What, if anything, the Pokémon eats hasn't been discerned.
    • After that, it went to the House of Costumes in order to take over clothes-washers and mess with the clothes there. Those who wore tight outfits like Black Shadow were majorly pissed at their clothes shrinking in the wash and having to buy a new one. It's advised that any living clothing like Ryuko should never come in contact with Wash Rotom in fear of some sort of corruption. It's also advised not to clean bloodied clothes as Rotom is still traumatized over Ladd Russo putting his shirts in it.
    • There were later complaints that Rotom had stolen the fans from visitors to the Hall of Fire and Heat to take them over and become Fan Rotom, but left out of anger by them mocking how now that they were part-Flying, Levitate was a completely pointless ability. Finally Rotom ended their rampage by possessing a lawnmower in the House of Plants and cutting hedges, making their name in the tall grass found in the premises. By the time the residents came to complain Rotom had gotten bored with their games and returned to the Hall of Ghosts. They've returned to the House of Nature to test their different forms, and sometimes engage in a rivalry with Sparky in their ability to possess technology and electrical prowess.
  • Rotom's temple is filled to the brim with many microwaves, refrigerators, fans, lawn mowers and washing machines as while Rotom can screw with other technology for fun, Rotom can use these appliances for combat and gets a new typing and attack depending on what Rotom possesses. Due to one of his past incarnations, Rotom is a surprisingly big fan of shooting galleries. Ever since many TVs have been invaded by Rotom whenever it wants to sleep, The Investigation Team have been very wary of Rotom in the event that they decides to use this ability for other purposes. They've stated they're more interested in the Types of Mechas Hall than what the Investigation Team are doing as they want to possess badass mecha.
  • Rotom really doesn't like to be around the Hall of Cheats and Glitches since they tried to take over a glitchy appliance only to get sick and vomit electricity. They might be capable of taking over certain cybernetics under the right circumstances, but have declared this to be Sick and Wrong. They were initially repulsed by Danny Fenton's overshadowing ability, but eventually got over it as it wasn't as dark as they thought and Danny is a good guy. Rotom is interested in occasionally playing the hero with him, but wants to stay clear of his parents due to their more overzealous nature. Jack Fenton's proven a lot more defensive when it comes to handling the Plasma Pokémon than usual since he fears the ghost will try to possess the Fenton Thermos or other ghost-hunting technology.
  • The SCP Foundation were interested in studying Rotom and whether they'd be able to study some mechanical SCPs, having made an "SCPDex" modeled after the Rotom Dex. While they didn't test it in potentially deadly combinations like SCP-633 for obvious reasons, and despite clear interest on both Rotom and SCP-079's the latter wasn't used out of fear the Old A.I might get out of control, Rotom was used on me in all my toasty goodness to overcome my effect. It kind of worked, but people referred to him in the first person rather than me unlike he vacated my body. Rotom seems to have really hated possessing me and whenever he talks about me I say that I'm an idiot box.
  • Rotom was later allowed to possess SCP-105's camera. The anomalous effect remained unchanged, however any attempt to go through the picture resulted in minor electrocution. Further tests were cancelled. Another test was done on SCP-261, which still had its anomalous traits but with Rotom in control and the vending machine a lot more likely to dispense food from the Hokkaido region. One treat had the QR code for an alternate universe Pulseman game. Seto Kaiba later tested Rotom on a Duel Disk, however stopped testing when it became clear only cards of the Thunder Monster type would show holograms for some reason.
  • Any testing involving a Computer Virus, no matter, how harmless it may be, was also cancelled out of fear it might pass on to Rotom. The Plasma Pokémon is mortally terrified of gods like Sigma since they want to turn them into a vector of their viral A.I. will, maybe even expanding control to organic life forms. They also tend to avoid The Ghostbusters like the plague ever since the time when they came to Rotom's chateau and attacked him. The time they spent with the SCP Foundation have given them a mortal terror of an information-stealing SCP and any attempt to look up information on it, even only picture-related, on the Rotom Phone will get you a rooster doing a flip.
  • As mentioned, Rotom has become more responsible thanks to the Rotom Dex and Rotom Phone, though they still have a bit of an ego on them. Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan have encouraged them to help out and were pleasantly surprised Rotom was capable of controlling a laptop and letting people access the site. That said, they sometimes change articles in their favor. Some of the spookier and out there entries in the Rotom Dex led people to accuse Rotom of embellishment, which they denied. Those in the Hall of Learning Tools want to expand Rotom's ability to update with computers for important stuff since Rotom tends to behave when things really require it.
  • Rotom is good friends with other ghostly deities including fellow ghost type Pokémon Sableye and Spiritomb due to their mischievous personality, as well as Sayo Aisaka and Yuyuko Saigyouji. Despite being seen as an oddity of the Pokémon world, they like Porygon and their family given their connection to technology and adaptability. They aren't all that liked in the House of Machinery and Technology and for both their security and everyone else's Rotom is under strict surveillance, but there are deities there who tolerate them; Alan Turing likes to test Rotom's ability to possess technology, and the Tamagotchi are generally friendly with them. Sometimes Rotom joins the KND to prank bad adults.
  • Even though Rotom usually uses its abilities for fun, Rotom will often use its abilities to screw with the Mad Scientists of the pantheon as a human he once knew a human that went crazy after using their knowledge for evil. Dr Wily wishes to turn them into a method of hijacking Mega Man, however the Pokémon has stated they aren't strong enough to control any A.I with a Lesser Deity or beyond rank. Wily did give them the idea of bonding and empowering Mega Man due to wanting to play hero. When bonded with Rotom Mega Man is able to use Rotom's moveset and even charge it with the Mega Buster unlike your standard Robot Master attack. However he can't use his normal attacks or access other Robot Master powers so long as he's bonded to Rotom. The two become Electric/Steel in this form.
  • Bender once had an experience as a technology-possessing Virtual Ghost, where the Robot Devil tried to get him to kill Fry. However he couldn't go through with it and decided to stay in Robot Hell, eventually leading to his resurrection. He'd rather not go through that a second time, but he is amused by Rotom's capacity for mischief due to their domain over Haunted Technology and has encouraged them to try and use their powers for theft. While Rotom would prefer to not be as bad as Bender they admit Bender's very fun to be around. Fry remains skeptical about Rotom because of the whole affair with Bender haunting him, though, and hopes Rotom doesn't accidentally cause Bender to get high on electricity again.
  • For those wondering about said human, it was initially believed the human was Team Galactic Commander Charon, who had a soft spot for the creature due to having met it in the Old Chateau as a child. Recent evidence suggests that Charon was merely copying down notes that Cyrus made, who has a soft spot and wonders if things might've been different had he still had them as a companion. Of course, since Rotom isn't unique this probably isn't the same specimen. They are rare, which is why the ghostly plasma is up there on Hunter J's list. They aren't fond of members of Team Rainbow Rocket either.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd wants Rotom to improve the quality of the godawful cartridges and video games he's had to review, to which Rotom swiftly replied "NO". And they have no interest in playing with him, even if it's just to riff on the shitty games. They've stated not to be interested in Afoire's or other hackers' request to use their power for crime, as while the Plasma Pokémon is mischievous they aren't interested in outright crimenote . However Rotom is interested in the Wisps because their ability to modify and alter hosts like Sonic is kind of like how they bond with appliances, just in the other way around. Rotom would love to know if it's at all possible for them to temporarily combine their powers together.
  • Gods from the world of The Matrix tread on eggshells around Rotom due to their ability to infiltrate technology. While unable to duplicate itself and not strong enough to take over the Matrix, the Plasma Pokémon could still hijack the body of anyone plugged in or cause other problems in their machine-run dystopia. They've sworn never to do so as they only want to cause pranks and harmless mischief, not cause outright harm, but this doesn't stop them from being a Persona Non Grata to the 'verse they come from. Rotom has also stated they while they like to cause a good scare, Spooky's just mean.
  • Like most ghosts Rotom thinks Dark Danny is batshit insane. They're also chilled to the bone by the wicked machinations of William Afton and his crimes while using Haunted Technology as both Springtrap and Glitchtrap. The Serial Killer is most intrigued by the Pokémon and speculates they may be the spirit of a child like the animatronics, just without the trauma of a bloody end. Naturally, he wants to obtain Rotom's power and incorporate it into his latest model of killer robots. Despite distrusting them for their own murderous actions the Ghost type chose to side with Freddy Fazbear and friends to put an end to their nemesis' Joker Immunity. The Cassette Man was fascinated in seeing a case of Haunted Technology that wasn't tragic, and along with both Michael Afton and Mike Schmidt they've formed a close bond.


    Dan Humphrey 
Daniel Randolph "Dan" Humphrey, God of Online Aliases and Gender-Inverted Internet Accounts (Lonely Boy, Gossip Girl)
  • Quasideity (Greater God as Gossip Girl)
  • Symbol: His cellphone
  • Theme Song: Gossip Girl
  • Alignment: True Neutral (with shades of Good)
  • Portfolio: Character Blog, Male with a Female Internet Account, Desire for Popularity, Romanticized Stalking, Getting Away with His Misdeeds and Marrying the Girl He was Stalking, Social Climber
  • Dominions: Love, Manipulation, Internet
  • Herald: Jenny Humphrey (his sister)
  • Followers: Tetra, Steven
  • Allies: Serena van der Woodsen (his wife), Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Shido Itsuka, Jean-Luc Picard
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man, Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, Sombra
  • Complicated Relationship: The House of Love and Affection
  • Rival: Liara T'Soni
  • Dan had only one goal in life: to marry the girl he loved, Serena van der Woodsen. There was one major obstacle: their social standings. Serena was born into wealth and had everything handed to her in a silver platter, while Dan had a modest upbringing. To earn Serena's affections, Dan created the "Gossip Girl" website, dedicated to learn all the dirty little secrets of the rich and privileged in the Upper East Side. In his Gossip Girl identity, Dan caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people, breaking many friendships in the process. Against all logic and reason, Serena thought Dan's actions were the most romantic thing ever and agreed to marry him.
  • Despite the moral ambiguity he had indulged in, Dan's skill as an observer, manipulator and writer were acknowledged by the Court of the Gods, so he was granted a place in the Pantheon and allowed to take on the Gossip Girl's identity again. Dan was also inducted into the Grand United Alliance of Good, as a member of the Intelligence Division.
    • With his ascension, every cellphone and computer in the Pantheon was instantly updated with an app that gave instant access to Gossip Girl's website, giving Dan eyes and ears over what happens across the Pantheon.
    • The amount of dirt Dan had obtained gave him some unwanted attention in the form of Liara T'Soni, secretly the new Shadow Broker, who feared what could happen if Gossip Girl's assets fell into the wrong hands. This has caused some conflict between them. Although Dan dismissed Liara's concerns, as he would never use Gossip Girl for evil purposes, he did admit he respects Liara as an information broker and uses their conflict to keep himself on his toes. On the other hand, he did run afoul of the Illusive Man and has promised to do whatever he can to stop him.
  • Because of their massive sense of empathy, Peter Parker and Shido Itsuka became friends with Dan, even after hearing of his deeds as Gossip Girl. While he did scheme and lie and spread nasty stories about a lot of people, Dan ultimately rose above all of that and grew up. Besides, what happened with Gossip Girl wasn't nearly as bad as the webware incident or the conflict with Nia Honjou. With Dan taking on the role of Gossip Girl in the Pantheon again, Shido and Peter decided to become his advisors to prevent him from crossing moral lines.
  • His actions as Gossip Girl earned him a very stern taking-to from Jean-Luc Picard, who reprimanded Dan for every screw-up he did in his quest for popularity. Having learned humility from his experiences, Dan admitted he deserved every word Jean-Luc threw at him and has asked The Good Captain to become his mentor and prevent him from falling into old habits.
  • Earned some respect from the Houses of Mind Games and Trickery because of his attitude towards the Upper East Side: he denounced the people of the Upper East Side as shallow or immoral, so he decided to create Gossip Girl as an effort to prove that a man of humble origins could be just as devious and scheming as the upper class. When he revealed himself as the biggest schemer in New York, everyone was forced to admit Dan had beat them at their own game.
  • Dan has earned some unwanted attention from Palpatine and Big Brother, who think Gossip Girl's network could be useful in increasing his presence in the Pantheon. Others, like Arcturus Mengsk, believe Gossip Girl can inspire rebellion among their subjects, so they have taken measures to destroy Gossip Girl. Needless to say, Dan has no intention of letting that happen. As an information broker, Dan became enemies with Sombra, who looked forward to hacking into Gossip Girl's network, motivating Dan to further upgrade his security measures to oppose her.
  • The members of the House of Love don't really like that Dan's quest to earn Serena's affections caused him to do some morally questionable things, such as damaging friendships, uncovering sensitive secrets and even revealing that his sister lost his virginity (ok, to be fair, his sister gave him permission to post that). Also, some suspect that his love for Serena is only motivated by her enormous wealth. Dan was offended by such statement and clarified that he really loves Serena, money or not.
  • Despite his work for the GUAG, Dan is quick to point out he is not a hero. Given his line of work, he considers himself just a guy who lets heroes stay heroes. He still spreads gossip about the Pantheon's denizens on a regular basis. Old habits die hard, apparently. The most charitable interpretation of his actions as Gossip Girl in the Pantheon is that he doesn't want others to share his burden and wants his friends to keep their consciences clean. The least charitable is that his position in the GUAG is merely a way to keep him on the straight and narrow and if he is left to his devices, his talents as Gossip Girl could be used towards achieving more negative goals.

    Moriko Morioka/Hayashi and Yuta Sakurai/Lily 
Moriko Morioka and Yuta Sakurai, Co-Gods of Cross Players (Moriko: Hayashi || Sakurai: Lily)
Counter-Clockwise from the top-right: Yuta Sakurai, Lily, Moriko Morioka, and Hayashi
  • Quasideity IRL, Lesser Gods as their avatars
  • Symbol: Hayashi and Lily's matching bracelets
  • Theme Music: Saturday Night Question
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cross Players, Will They or Won't They?, Nice people both in game and in real life, Insecure Love Interest, Stepford Smiler
  • Domains: Escapism, MMO, Cross Players, Love
  • Hight Priest: Yun
  • Followers: Tsukasa, Lufas Maphaahl
  • Allies: Kirito and Asuna, Yuuki Konno, Yui, Suguha Kirigaya, Shino Asada, Kite, Chiaki Nanami, Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE, Karen Kohiruimaki, Tomoko Kuroki, Kei Shirogane, Shizuka Hanekura, Sora and Shiro, Stephanie Dora, Umaru Doma, Ann Takamaki, Iris, All benevolent ascended Digimon and Tamers
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou, Death Gun, Quinella, All ascended evil Digimon
  • Moriko Morioka is a 30-year old woman who quit her office job and became a NEET due to overwhelming stress and depression. Stumbling onto another MMORPG, Moriko starts the game playing as a male character named Hayashi. After a rough beginning, Hayashi quickly befriends a girl named Lily, who helps him adjust and recruits him to her guild, allowing Hayashi to make more friends. Meanwhile, Moriko has a chance encounter with Yuta Sakurai, who unbeknownst to her, is the player behind Lily.
  • Both were invited into the Pantheon not long after they started going out. The Court of the Gods wanted representatives of Cross Players, and found that both Moriko and Sakurai fit the mark all too well. While stunned by the invitation, the duo accepted and found themselves in the Pantheon, awestruck by its wonders. Moriko and Sakurai soon became excited to meet gods in the Pantheon, and from then on, started living in a temple in the House of Gaming. They still tend to play Fruits de Mer from their temple every now and then, but have learned they can still use their avatars in other games if they like.
  • The two soon became friends with other gamers such as the likes of Kirito and Asuna, Shiroe and Shizuka, and even Sora and Shiro. They were warmly welcomed into the community of gamers, which reminds of their friends from their world. Kirito and Asuna were experienced gamers and served as mentors to Hayashi and Lily, Shizuka once used a male avatar in her game but found it uncomfortable (making her a foil to the pair), and Sora and Shiro are fellow NEETs like Moriko.
    • Kirito and Asuna also supported the pair's relationship and even allow them to hang out with their foster daughter Yui, who comes to see them as good friends and even an honorary aunt and uncle. Both Moriko and Yuta felt honored by this, and even come to dote on Yui herself.
    • Moriko is a sympathetic NEET because while she was good at her job, it was too overwhelming for her to continue, so she needed a hobby to take care of the stress. She proudly calls herself an "elite NEET" since she chose the lifestyle, but is embarrassed when other people find out. Sora and Shiro are also proud of being NEETs, but they reassure her choice isn't exactly a bad one and it's okay to have a hobby to depend on in times of stress.
      • Moriko would also meet a fellow NEET and otaku, Tomoko and Umaru respectively. Tomoko came to enjoy Moriko's company so much, coming see her as a big sister or mother figure since she treated her with kindness. Umaru was also sympathetic towards Moriko when she heard that she became a NEET due to a nervous breakdown at work. All three tend to play games together in their free time, while Umaru and Tomoko also ship Moriko with Sakurai and make bets to see how long it will take for them to tie the knot.
  • The House of Love and Affection noted how Moriko and and Sakurai meetings together in real life and on game all happened coincidentally, actively wondering if fate has actually shipped them together. Nevertheless, they do think they make a good pair together, much to their embarrassment.
  • Sakurai found a kindred spirit in Ann Takamaki, since he felt ostracized for his mixed heritage. Ann sympathizes with him, having felt discriminated by the students at her high school for the same reasons. Both do enjoy playing games with each other, and Ann even ships Sakurai with Morioko
  • Hayashi and Lily are absolutely horrified and disgusted by the likes of Sugou, Quinella, and Death Watch, since they use virtual reality to commit horrible crimes or atrocities against the innocent. While they simply use a normal MMORPG, it doesn't make the three's crimes any less horrific, and they don't have the experience to deal with them.
  • Chiaki Nanami is an avid gamer, so she quickly became friends with duo after learning how they became friends through gaming, similar to herself and Hajime. Chiaki is quite supportive of the duo in their game, providing advice to improve their skills, and she also ships them after seeing how well they get along. The duo appreciate Chaiki's kindness and support, and they also ship her with Hajime after seeing how close the two are.
  • Lan and MegaMan.EXE became quick friends with the duo due to their gaming experience. Both of them are eager to show them how to NetBattle should they ever get their own NetNavi. They also introduced them to Iris, a young and peaceful girl NetNavi that Moriko and Yuta found rather cute. Iris came to see them as Parental Substitutes due to their kindness and also shipped them just like everyone else. She can be seen hanging out with them during their free time, and even decides to enter their MMORPG from time to time.
  • Hayashi and Lily would soon enter the Digimon's world, quickly the befriending Digimon such as Culumon (Yui's partner), HerakleKabuterimon, and even the Royal Knights. The heroic human deities from the Digimon world (especially the likes of the Digidestined) also became good friends with the duo, offering to help them find their own Digimon partner sometime if they ever want to join them in their adventures.

Tamagotchi, Patron Saints of Raising Sims and Virtual Pets
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their planet…which is also a Tamagotchi. Alternatively, a plastic egg containing one of their kind.
  • Alignment: wildly varies, but even the worst of them are debatably Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: come in all kinds of shapes including Earth animals and plants, very low alcohol tolerance, Benevolent Alien Invasion, Descriptively-Named Species, Sugar Bowl planet is also a Tamagotchi, can mate with each other regardless of sizes or parents, changed and adapted to Earth's pop culture
  • Domains: Pets, Digital
  • High Priest "races": The Sims (Raising Sim aspect), Neopets (Virtual Pet aspect)
  • Followers:
  • Allies: Mario, Sonic, Wario, Hello Kitty, TRON, caring players, most Pokémon and Digimon deities, many good children (like Steven Universe, Nanako Dojima, Cream the Rabbit (and her Chao Cheese), the CMC, and the Human Child)
  • Enemies: cruel caretakers, the evil deities in the House of Technology, Agent Smith, Clu, Sark, the nasty children in the Pantheon (Eric Cartman and Mandy), many evil deities in general (as most of those are too busy with their agendas or are too cruel to care for them)
  • Avoided by: The Lyoko Warriors
  • One day, in a relatively peaceful area in the house of Nature, a small UFO crashed on the head of an anonymous scientist before falling into a river. After salvaging it, and upon realizing its inhabitants cannot survive the Pantheon's atmosphere, which is largely consistent with Earth's (given the numerous human deities residing in it), this scientist took it to the house of Technology, where the inhabitants were somehow safely housed inside specialized devices. During a debate for a name for the device, the UFO's inhabitants called them Tamagotchi HOUSEs, as their kind had experienced this dilemma before. Shortly after that, a few of their representatives were brought over to the Court of the Gods, wherein they were bestowed their current titles.
    • Some time after that, the Pantheon was visited by several more UFOs housing Tamagotchi, taking interest in all its wonders, and slowly adopting its further varied customs. The Houses of Craft and Nature were also able to replicate an enclosed environment they can survive in and a city to live in, all situated somewhere in the Dominions.
  • Because of the whole "atmosphere" issue, many "adopters" of Tamagotchi have decided to run tests on volunteer Tamagotchi's survivability by taking them to various dominions (exc. obviously dangerous ones like Mordor and Eggmanland) to see if other properties of these places (e.g. magic in Equestria) can counteract the Tamagotchi's…problem. So far, they have absolutely no problems wandering around the Grid.
    • Other scientists have taken to making things like Hard Light holographic projectors and robot body avatars to allow better interaction with the Pantheon's residents.
    • For unexplained reasons, Tamagotchi HOUSEs are the size of a cellphone, so it would be assumed they're incredibly small. However, inside their enclosed area, Tamagotchis are big enough to be comfortably cuddled by a ten-year-old human. Research is still being done to find out why this is so.
  • With the Pantheonic Wars, the Tamagotchi are in constant danger, as even if there aren't much resources worth stealing, there are those who would destroy their home just because they can. As such, they have no choice but to throw in their lot with the Grand United Alliance of Good.
  • Mario, Sonic, and Wario have made appearances amongst the Tamagotchi before, and so the three (including Wario) are official allies to them.
    • In fact, one of their number, Mametchi, even participated in Mario Kart alongside Pac-Man.
    • They also got along with several Pokémon, as their franchise has had Virtual Pets as well in their merch, like the "Pocket Pikachu", the Pokéwalker, and the (in-universe) Pokémon-amie.
  • Odd of the Lyoko Warriors once played a Raising Sim similar to Tamagotchi and got addicted to it, which forced the others to pawn it off to Yumi's little brother, where it died at the end. Upon hearing of the Tamagotchi being present in the Pantheon, Ulrich, Yumi, Jérémie, and Aelita have been keeping their friend away from them ever since, fearing a possible relapse.
  • The Tamagotchi also have a spot in the House of Gaming.