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Media, Adaptations, and References

There is more than one way to tell a story as anyone in the Pantheon can tell others based on how many adventures they’ve gone through and where the House of Narrative is about what happens in a story and the House of Theater and Spectacle is centered on the performance of a story, the House of Media and Connectivity is about the different ways those stories can be told. This House is very closely connected to the aforementioned Narrative and Theater and Spectacle Houses given their respective roles in telling stories and acting them out for an audience.

Not only does it contain its own version of the library present in the House of Narrative (and is also connected to said place) complete with a visually distinct design, it also contains theater screens where visitors can witness the stories play out and discuss differences between numerous versions of the same story. A museum highlighting the history of various storytelling mediums is the centerpiece of this House and the exhibits are highly secure to prevent anyone from trying to steal from them or worse. Copies of the stories featuring different deities across the Pantheon are available to purchase or rent, physically or digitally, so long as the original release of those stories is kept safe. The House provides oversight in making sure the various writing and entertainment contests that occur in the Pantheon go well and once those contests are over, copies of the written manuscripts and recorded footage of those performances from the contests are kept for safekeeping for others to look at.

As crossovers between other media is commonplace in the Pantheon, this House contains several charts chronicling which kinds of media have officially crossed over with other media. Works are sometimes also given a designated “Ryu Number”, which dictates how close their relation is to Street Fighter due to how often Ryu and other World Warriors come across many different characters. Ryu himself has no issue with this “Ryu Number” and has even helped out in keeping track of the numbers whenever he isn’t busy traveling across different universes to hone his fighting skills.

Many of the security measures taken by the House of Narrative (including the banning of certain entities due to their desire for destroying storytelling as a whole) are applied here. This House has also helped Narrative in the preservation of stories, both the original versions told and the variations of such. Lost media is something that this House wants to avoid as much as possible, but if there are reports of such, then they’ll do their part to ensure that it will be found and that any form of existing media is preserved for those to enjoy. Both the Houses of Narrative and Theater and Spectacle have helped this House in finding pieces of lost media that would hopefully lead to a fully complete copy of such, no matter how difficult those searches end up being.

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The Adaptation Adapters

    Adora/She-Ra and Catra 
Adora and Catra, Dual Goddesses of Adaptational Sexuality (Adora: She-Ra, Princess of Power, Princess Adora, (Adam's) Favorite Sister, Blondie, Adora Applesauce Meow Meow, Masters of the Multiverse (shared with Adam), Princess of Swords | Catra: Force Captain Catra, Wildcat, Cash Kitten, Catra Applesauce Meow Meow, Little Sister, (Adam's) Favorite Sister-In-Law, Princess Catra, Therapy!Asuka)
Adora and Catra's reboot designs
She-Ra (first form) 
She-Ra (second and true form)
Adora's and Catra's 80s incarnations
80s She-Ra 
80s Catra in her Cat Beast Form 
  • Lesser Goddesses (Adora and Catra); Intermediate Goddess (Adora in her first She-Ra form); Greater Goddess (Adora as the true She-Ra [potentially stronger with the Sword of Power])
  • Symbol:
    • Adora: The Sword of Protection
    • Catra: Her mask; alternatively, her First Ones Sigil
  • Theme Songs: Promise. They have also accepted After The War as their unofficial theme song.
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Love, Orientation, Rebellion, Freedom
  • Heralds:
    • For Adora: The Best Friends Squad (Bow, Glimmer), the Princesses of Etheria (Perfuma, Mermista, Frosta, Scorpia, Netossa, Spinerella), the Rulers of Bright Moon (Queen Angella and King Micah), the Rebellion's other members (Swift Wind, Castaspella, Sea Hawk), Madame Razz, Light Hope.
    • For Catra: Melog (Her therapy cat/Living Mood Ring)
  • Followers: Etta Candy, Aunt Josephine, Sir Kay
  • Allies: Prince Adam/He-Man (Adora's Twin Brother), Hordak and Entrapta, The Good-Aligned Avatar: The Last Airbender Deities (especially Zuko), The Crystal Gems and their Allies, Wonder Woman, Luke Skywalker, Rey, Killia, Naruto Uzumaki, Lissa and Maribelle, Kamen Rider Bravo, Juzo Sazakura, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, The Powerpuff Girls, Finn, Undertale Deities, Miguel Rivera
  • Enemies: Horde Prime, Skeletor, Any Abusive Parents in the Pantheon (especially The Child Abuse Supporters), Junko Enoshima, Darkseid, Big Brother, IT, Sauron, Emperor Palpatine, Ashera, Galeem, Dharkon, Don Thousand
  • Oppose: YHVH, The Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Pities:
  • Uneasy Opinion: Harley Quinn
  • Adora and Catra were raised by the Horde of Etheria, taken as infants by their soldiers and indoctrinated into their ideology with Shadow Weaver, the second in command of the Horde's leader, Hordak, serving as their adopted mother-of-sorts, the two were there for each other and developed feelings for one another, though their upbringing made them unable to realize these feelings in their youth, despite being reciprocated on both ends. Their paths would be separated when Adora discovered the truth of the Horde's actions. With Adora defecting to the Rebellion after becoming She-Ra, Catra grew bitter as her friend left her, but started climbing up the ranks thanks to her strategies. Meanwhile Adora struggled with learning many truths about her identity as She-Ra, her past and that of her powers, as well her desire to make up for the Horde's actions and save Etheria. Though things got hard, Adora was eventually able to reconcile with Catra, realize her true worth as a person and save Etheria from not just the Horde she grew in but the galactic Horde and Horde Prime; while Catra learned to be less selfish and cruel and grew a heart enough to become a better person and join the good side, which allowed her and Adora to finally confess their feelings and be together in peace.
  • When both were ascended it was made a decision that they became composite versions that switch back between their original designs and personality; and those they have in the reboot series. This means that how they get along depends on how they look. Normally they're a couple, but if they come out in their 80s designs they're instead bitter enemies with one another.
  • Have a great relationship with deities from both Undertale and Steven Universe, as Adora's means of saving the world through love and redemption rather than violence resonated well with the others. Her struggles with her own worth and self also made her great friends with Steven.
  • Exclusive to Adora:
    • The sole reason she is consistently known as Adam/He-Man's sister is due to her nature as a composite character. That said, the two get along well regardless and he is glad that Adora successfully thwarted the plans of Horde Prime in her home Universe in the "reboot" incarnation. Outside of it, the two are prone to tease each other, but remain caring siblings regardless. This has gained them popularity with other twin deities, such as Mabel and Dipper.
    • She is good friends with all other princesses of the Pantheon, particularly those capable of giving a good fight to her. That said, she gets along just fine with non-combatants too. Usually speaking she's at least taken aback by the actions of some such as Princess Bubblegum, who at times became very controlling and intrusive of her people, which brings her bad memories of Horde Prime's actions.
    • Having been once an Unwitting Pawn for the First Ones has given her allies in the form of Rei, The Barian Emperors and Serge, who've all had dealt with being manipulated for someone else's evil goals. Particularly she found herself empathizing a lot with the struggles of the Barians and Rei as their manipulator's ultimate goal required a moral sacrifice of some sort.
    • She's had a few friendly sparing matches with She-Hulk, Wonder Woman, Garnet, Pearl and Undyne. She's won most of them, but regardless holds her opponents in high steem afterwards. They have rematches from time to time, but always in good spirit, regardless of one time Wonder Woman deprived her of her sword and her head. Particularly she enjoys a lot spending time with She-Hulk, due to her preference for muscular women.
  • Exclusive to Catra:
    • Having formerly been a villain that was ultimately able to redeem herself, she's found lots of common ground with various Deities such as Zuko, Peridot and Discord. All three could understand what her problems with redemption were from different angles each. Particularly Peridot, who also was raised in an abusive system that jaded her to the horrible repercussions of her actions, as well as Zuko who can understand growing up under an abusive parent and nearly repeating the cycle of abuse with others.
    • Has become friends with various other catgirls in the Pantheon, among them Ichigo Momomiya, Ireva Dubrona and Serval. In the same vein, she became enemies with evil-aligned cat deities such as Katz, Barbara Minerva/Cheetah (who is also an enemy of Wonder Woman).
    • Has been trying hard to atone for her crimes and actions, particularly for the action of almost indirectly causing Queen Angella to be trapped between dimensions to shut down a portal that she had pressed Hordak into activating. That action and the fact that she spent a long time refusing to feel bad about it, caused her to become rather unpopular with deities who had lost their mothers or were separated from them, though Catra doesn't holds it against them and ultimately understands why they would feel like not talking or being friendly to her.
    • Really pities Lotor for having not only destroyed his chances at redemption, but also having ruined his chances with Allura due to his actions as well. While she remains wary of him due to his actions, she hopes that one day he can turn around his life like she did and become a better person. Mainly because she sympathizes with his past and the things he's been through. Another Deity that earned her pity was Homura Akemi, as she was saddened to hear how much Homura's obsession with Madoka took her actions to various morally unsavory extremes, while she can at least understand why she'd grow so controlling, though hopes that she can grow out of it eventually. Similarly she feels pity for any Yandere/extremely love obsessed deity, as she herself knows that unhealthy obsessions will only lead to pain for everyone.
    • She's felt a connection with redeemed villains in the Pantheon who nonetheless caused a lot of harm, chief among them being Ben Solo and Anakin Skywalker. Their redemption over their love for someone (Rey (the woman he loves) for Ben and Luke (his son) for Anakin) has made said friendship tighter. Similarly she's gotten some common grounds with Bojack Horseman as the former 90s star had a rough battle against his inner demons and like Catra, lost a lot of friends and acquaintances along the way. Catra is not too afraid to getting to know him, as she can quite understand the harshness of trying to overcome one's hard-pressed flaws and how much their selfishness hurt their loved ones.
  • Both are enemies with Skeletor, not only due to him being enemies with Adam/He-Man, but also because of the many atrocities his various incarnations have committed. Occasionally, when Catra is in her "80s" form she'll reluctantly team up with Skeletor for the goal of taking down the twins, otherwise they are as antagonistic to each other as they usually would be. Their ascension bothered Skeletor as now he has more enemies to worry about, given how Horde Prime refuses to be his ally in any situation.
  • Neither of them like anyone who has mind-control powers or has given a Mind Rape to others, Not only because of what Horde Prime made them go through, but also because of the many traumas that Shadow Weaver's attempted Mind Rape on Adora caused. Likewise, that both fought hard to be free from an oppressive system made them opposed to all Lawful Evil and some Lawful Neutral deities, mostly those who seek to curb free will and establish absolute law. Standing out is the Grand United Alliance of Law and YHVH. Similarly that the Incubators employ despair as means of harvesting energy angers them greatly as do the fact that they lure girls to their doom and make them suffer beforehand.
    • Other enemies they made along the way were Big Brother, Sauron, IT, Palpatine due to their desire for oppression. Particularly standing out was Palpatine, as his inhibitor chips are not too dissimilar to the mind control chips of Horde Prime, not to mention having a similar ambition to the latter.
  • Adora and Catra usually hang out in dates around various Houses when off the clock or not fighting evils in the Pantheon. They hang out with other LGBT deities, such as Juzo Sakakura, Oren Pierre (whose food they enjoy a lot), Lexa and Nico Di Angelo. Though Adora and Catra's romance never really faced roadblocks in their world from society, they feel a lot of sympathy for how some of those deities have been ostracized for their orientations, recalling how Catra and Adora know what it's like to be alone and feeling unloved.
  • Both detest all Abusive Parent Deities in the Pantheon. The most notable out of them are Lady Tremaine, Ozai and Heihachi Mishima, whose detestable actions towards their children from manipulation, abuse, and even attempted/successful murder reminded them both of the things Shadow Weaver put them through in their childhoods and teen years.
  • Can also be found in Romantic Orientation.

Catra: Hey Adora.

    Doraemon and Co. 
Nobita Nobi, Doraemon, Shizuka Minamoto, Takeshi Goda and Suneo Honekawa, Divine Cast of High Stakes Tie-In Movies (Nobita: Noby; Shizuka: Sue; Takeshi: Gian, Big G; Suneo: Sneech)
L-R: Suneo, Nobita, Doraemon, Shizuka and Gian Click here to see their 1979 anime designs 
  • Doraemon is a Greater God, the rest are Demideities
  • Symbol: Doraemon himself
  • Theme Song: "Doraemon no Uta"
  • Alignment: Doraemon and Shizuka are Lawful Good, Nobita is Chaotic Good, Gian is Chaotic Neutral and Suneo is True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Long-Runners, Slice of Life, Big Damn Movie, Kid Hero, True Companions despite not always getting along
  • Domains: Technology, Children, Time Travel, Heroism
  • Allies: Astro Boy, Dr. Light, Shin-chan, Hello Kitty (also a former crush of Doraemon), Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda, Future Trunks, Lucina, Cream the Rabbit
  • Enemies: Grand United Alliance of Machines, Dokuro Mitsukai, Ivo Robotnik
  • Fears: The Hall of Rabbits and Rodents and any other rodents scattered across the Pantheon (Doraemon)
  • Complicated Relations: The Tanuki of Tama Hill, Jimmy Hopkins
  • Doraemon is a robot cat from the 22nd century sent back in time to the 20th century by a boy called Sewashi. Sewashi wants Doraemon to help his great-great-grandfather, Nobita Nobi, grow up into an upstanding man. The reason for this is that Nobita is by nature a weakling and a loser, and if he keeps being so, he will plunge his family into debt for generations. So Doraemon lives with the 10-year-old Nobita and helps him in his daily life through a seemingly endless supply of gadgets contained in his four-dimensional pouch. With that said, Nobita is prone to abusing said gadgets to try to coast through life, against Doraemon's advice, leading to him learning some harsh lessons when things inevitably blow up in his face. Nobita's neighbors tend to also get involved in his misadventures; this includes his circle of on-again off-again friends consisting of Shizuka, a prim and proper girl who may become his future wife if he plays his cards right, a hulking, bad-tempered boy nicknamed Gian who tends to beat up Nobita and anybody else at the slightest provocation, and the cowardly rich boy Suneo who often joins Gian in bullying Nobita.
    • As improbable as it seems, this quartet of suburban 10-year-old kids and their goofy robot cat friend also regularly go on dangerous, action-packed adventures most kids their age can only dream of. They've been to unknown corners of the Earth, have traveled way back in the past or far off into the future, or even to planets located in entirely different galaxies. In many of these adventures, they have discovered entire civilizations on the brink of collapse or some other plot on which hinges the fate of the world, all of which Doraemon, Nobita and the rest of the gang are able to set straight in the end.
  • Doraemon ascended quite some time before his friends owing to his iconic status and for a while was all on his lonesome. Doraemon's devotion to Nobita's edification did not sit well with the GUAM, who thought the robot cat was squandering his considerable potential on a human that was even more lowly than the average. To resolve this, the GUAM kidnapped Doraemon and reprogrammed him to bring him to the side of machine supremacy; the organization believed this was freeing for Doraemon. Back in his world of origin, Nobita and the others hadn't heard of Doraemon in a while and worried about him. They were then visited by a friend of Doraemon's, Astro Boy, who delivered Doraemon's pouch to them (having managed to snatch it off him) and told them he was in big trouble. Hearing this, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo wasted no time in going into the Pantheon to help. Armed with Doraemon's pouch, they managed to build a strategy involving his gadgets to get through the GUAM (having Astro Boy on their side helped too) and get their favorite cat back to them and to his usual self; Astro Boy enlisted Dr. Light to reprogram Doraemon to this end. Once things were back to normal, the Main House summoned the five-strong gang and commended them, offering all of them joint godhood over Big Damn Movie (in celebration, those events were indeed made into an exclusive movie which premiered at the House of Theatre and Spectacle).
  • Even though that's what Doraemon identifies himself as, he doesn't look like much of a cat, nor are his behavior or personality recognizably catlike. He did have pointed ears in the past, but they were chewed away by robot mice, leading to Doraemon having a phobia of them (he also used to be yellow and the grief at losing his ears turned him blue). So when Doraemon realized there were not only a lot of ascended rodents around, but a number of them were either huge or actively malicious, he was quite dismayed. At least with his friends around, he can find some comfort in them and not go completely ballistic on the occasions when he comes face to face with the creatures. He could hardly even shake hands with fellow icon Mickey Mouse without fainting dead away.
    • Since he doesn't obviously look like a cat, Doraemon is often confused for a tanuki, which never fails to make him enraged. A lot of the ascended tanuki are left wondering resentfully what problem does he have with them, as has happened when the gang went on a field trip to meet the displaced Tanuki from Tama Hill. Doraemon had intended to teach the kids about the impact urbanization has on the wildlife, as he is concerned with environmental issues, but couldn't contain his anger when some of the tanuki confused him for one of their own. Relations between the tanuki and the gang have been rather strained since then, despite Shizuka's profuse apologies for the incident. Although the tanuki don't hate that the gang care for the environment and the natural world and have more tolerance for supernatural things than most people from their time.
  • Doraemon was interested to learn about Dokuro Mitsukai, an angel sent back in time to, supposedly, help a loser-y kid grow up into somebody decent. Doraemon thought that was very relatable until he heard that boy, Sakura Kusakabe, would turn the entire world into a pederast utopia without Dokuro's interference, which made Doraemon short-circuit out of shock and look askance at the whole story. Then, he was completely appalled that Dokuro's idea of helping Sakura involved brutally maiming and killing him at every misstep only to ressurect him shortly after, and that caused Doraemon to march down to her temple and give her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech on how that is no way of educating her charge to become a good human being. Dokuro responded by smilingly throwing her spiked bat at Doraemon, causing him to respond with his gadgets; who came out victorious is a mystery. Either way, Doraemon truly hates Dokuro and deeply resents any comparisons between the two, which aren't few. As far as Nobita is concerned, he's tried to use the argument that Sakura is so much worse than him to try to get Doraemon to not be so strict with him, to no avail (on the other hand, he's very thankful he got Doraemon and not Dokuro).
  • Another similar case, but less upsetting than Dokuro's, is Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents. Doraemon had been familiar with them for a while, being friends with the godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, since they have similar tasks in watching over their charges and helping them. And like Doraemon with Nobita, Cosmo and Wanda have to put up with Timmy's whimsical wishing and the bad consequences that often come from it. Out of the two, Doraemon prefers Wanda by far, since she's got more common sense, but he's glad both of them have Timmy's best interests at heart, unlike Dokuro. Nobita and Timmy themselves easily befriended each other due to both being put-upon losers and the same age. As a precaution measure, Doraemon and the godparents have forbidden them from seeking their help on each other's behalf, which doesn't really stop them from doing it in secret.
  • Have been learning to put up with Shin-chan, who tends to annoy them in their Pantheonic daily life; his antics range from trying to dive into Doraemon's pouch to steal a gadget to play with (and sometimes he's successful, leading to all kinds of havoc), to devising schemes to spy on Shizuka in the bath, to just trying to get in on whatever Nobita, Gian and Suneo are doing. If Shin-chan doesn't get his way, he gets his revenge by mooning them or pulling pranks on them, which leads to Gian attempting to beat him up, only to be made a fool of by Shin-chan in some way. Because of that, it's rare that the kids want to play with him, unless it involves peeking at Shizuka in private moments. That said, Shin-chan has also gotten himself involved in their bigger adventures, not always willingly on the gang's part. As it turns out, he also has experience with these things despite his mundane setting of origin and always ends up being genuinely helpful to them in some unexpected way, which causes the gang to respect him more. The rest of the time, though, they still find him more annoying than anything.
  • For some time, Doraemon went to the Hall of Advertising so often that Nobita and co. wondered what was up. Doraemon refused to explain and just said it was provate business. So the quartet decided to sneakily follow him and get to the bottom of this provate business. What they discovered was Doraemon hanging out with Hello Kitty, wearing an awfully pleased expression on his blushing face. Nobita, Gian and Suneo barely held back their laughter as they realized Doraemon was in love, while Shizuka chided them and said they should support him. When Doraemon came back to their temple, he figured out the four had found out what he was up to thanks to Gian and Suneo cracking unsubtle jokes about it and was mortified, but then comforted when all four assured them they had his back. Sadly for Doraemon, before he could work up the courage to ask Hello Kitty out, he found out she already had a boyfriend, Dear Daniel. This sent Doraemon into shock and depression (even a power failure) for a while, until Hello Kitty came knocking, worried that she hadn't seen her friend in some time. Despite his broken heart, Doraemon is happy that Hello Kitty cares for him and is content with hanging out as friends.
  • The Time Police were initially aghast at how lightly time travel is treated in Doraemon's society, though they decided to leave the group in peace since the trips truly hadn't caused any harm and were often used for education. Certain notable time travelers such as Future Trunks and Lucina still showed interest in how Doraemon was technically doing the same thing as them: going back into the past to set right wrongs. Of course, Future Trunks' and Lucina's travels had much more obviously dire circumstances behind them, while Doraemon is largely just fixing the fate of a single family, but they feel the elevation of what would have been a Future Loser can be just as important for the fate of the world.
  • Being a well-educated girl, Shizuka has found a kindred spirit in Cream the Rabbit, who was strictly but lovingly raised to become a true proper lady. The fact that Cream is a rabbit gives her another level of affinity with Shizuka, plus Shizuka thinks she's just adorable. For her part, Cream has taken to inviting her and her friends to her tea parties, where she politely ignores the many faux-pas committed by Nobita, Gian and Suneo. When they heard her story of how an evil scientist named Robotnik took over her planet, they were outraged, although she assured them she was quite well mentally despite everything and was lucky to have many friends who helped her. They were even angrier when he heard of Robotnik's habit of roboticizing animals in a bid to create his own empire, with doraemon saying that was not what technology was for. Since then, the gang has made it their business to try to thwart the evil scientist.
  • Gian's bullying ways don't get him a lot of love in a place like the Pantheon, where a lot of deities are willing to crack down hard on such things even outside of school. Noted Bully Hunter Jimmy Hopkins has had his share of violent encounters with him where Gian was roundly punished for hitting some helpless kid; Jimmy feels a lot less guilty about beating him up than he would other 10-year-old kids since Gian is so large. On the other hand, Gian has also proved to be a great friend to his frequent victim Nobita in their bigger adventures and some smaller ones as well, and their friendship will apparently endure into the future, something Jimmy isn't too sure what to make of. He does feel like Nobita could stand up for himself more and not just when the fate of the world is at stake.

    Shadow the Hedgehog 
Shadow the Hedgehog, The Darker and Edgier God (The Black Blur, Fake Hedgehog, Faker, Android, The Ultimate Life Form, Shad, The Evil One, Shadow the Edgehog, Protecter of the ARK, Most Powerful Hedgehog in the World, The Ultimate Hedgehog, "Ow the Edge", Terios the Hedgehog, Original the Characternote , Hot Topic (Wannabe), a Bitch-Ass Motherfucker, New Dead Body, King of Hell, President Shadow, Lesbians the WHOLE TIME!? (good for them, good for them), Jumpscare Vegeta, The Awesome, Sombra)
Super Shadow 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Project Shadow logo
  • Theme Music: Throw it All Away, I Am... All of Me, or All Hail Shadow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Neutral tendencies (formerly Neutral Evil).
  • Portfolio: Evil Twins (formerly), Anything Darker and Edgier, Emos, Cynicism Catalysts, Speedsters, Those With Expansion Pack Pasts, Letting go of the past
  • Domains: Darkness, Chaos, Alacrity, Suffering, Acceptance (as in the fifth stage of grief)
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship with: Zuko, Noriaki Kakyoin
  • Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Vegeta, Cell
  • Enemies:
  • Annoyed by: The ESP Research Society
  • Respected by: Dante Sparda
  • Of the many worlds in the multiverse with anthropomorphic animals living alongside normal humans, perhaps the msot iconic of them all would be the one inhabited by Sonic the Hedgehog. What would happen, however, if Sonic met his evil twin? When the Blue Blur came face to face with a black-furred biped hedgehog with fire engine red stripes and crimson eyes, whose speed and abilities rivaled or perhaps overmatched his own, who introduced himself as the ultimate lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog, it seemed we would be getting the answer to that question. However, it would turn out that Shadow's origin was never intended for any kind of answer to Sonic at all, much less one devised by Dr. Eggman.
    • Shadow was actually created by Gerald Robotnik, Ivo's grandfather, and when first confronted he sought to destroy the Earth in order to carry out Gerald's will of revenge againt humanity for the killing of another grandchild, namely his terminally ill granddaughter Maria, who was Shadow's close friend during his development. However, Amy Rose's pleas with him to give humans another chance, because that's what his friend would've wanted, triggered a memory of Maria's last words in which she in fact did wish for him to give humanity hope. With a tear in his eye, he realized his wrongs and rushed to atone, helping Sonic destroy his own prototype and coming to terms with respect for the blue hedgehog as an equal fighter. Seemingly sacrificing himself in the process, Shadow would be remembered by both Sonic and Rouge that Bat as a truly heroic hedgehog who gave his life to save everyone.
    • However, it seemed either death was not to claim Shadow at the time or there was more of him running around than had died that day, because Shadow would resurface through other adventures, striking up an alliance with Rouge as well as the robot Omega. This trio became known as Team Dark, and Rogue and Omega were there to help Shadow overcome his own uncertainty about whether he was the original article or one of his many android clones. While this troubled him, he still resolved to fight on as himself, helping to thwart Metal Sonic's Eggman-impersonation plot along the way.
    • Later, though, his unease about his origins took a grim turn while separated from Team Dark, as the brooding caused his attitude to become more sour and dismissive towards humans. This led to an alien conqueror called Black Doom approaching him and appealing for his help to take over the world. Shadow mostly tried to ignore Black Doom and go about his business, but kept crossing paths with not only the malevolent entity, but also Sonic and friends. He even defeated Sonic in battle again, an act which forever entrenched his superiority complex towards his sunnier counterpart, while also finally getting many of the answers he'd been looking for about who he really was. Short version: Gerald Robotnik may be his creator, but Black Doom is his genetic "father".  In the end, while multiple possibilities exist as to what he could've done, Shadow concluded his game by destroying Black Doom. This particular saga made enough people cry out in anguish, "ow, the edge," that it set the stage for his ascension as the God of Angst.
  • Certain urban legends came to spread in the Pantheon since Shadow's ascension, some more credible than others. One has it that he often goes to secluded places and unleashes his anger by slowing down time there. He does act in seclusion a lot, as well as slow down time in a certain dimension, but those are two separate matters. Another states that his angst possibly stems from a chronic inability to find that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald. He would like to remind everyone who repeats this that he did in fact find all seven Chaos Emeralds during that time.
  • He once fought Vegeta in a battle, which didn't end that well for the Black Blur. Shadow has respect for the Saiyan Prince, considering him a rival (besides Sonic, of course), but the Saiyan still calls him a ripoff, saying his attitude doesn't have much purpose behind it nowadays. As far as ultimate lifeforms go, he's also got a rivalry with Cell over that particular claim, especially since the "perfect" bio-android's motivation of destroying the Earth would make almost anyone, especially Maria, upset. Shadow prepares for the day they battle.
    • Was later put into a fight against Mewtwo. Those who witnessed Shadow's previous fight hoped he would do a better job against the mon. Once again, he lost. However, both of them seem to be getting a bit along due to having some time to contemplate over things.
  • There was one point in time where Shadow got over himself and didn't angst even when he had a good reason to, but because that didn't happen in the Pantheon's main timeline, he wasn't able to shake off his title. Among other things, this meant the ESP Research Society would continue pestering him and trying to get him to lighten up, refusing to give it up no matter how many times he told them no. And then Mephiles the Dark showed up in the Pantheon and tried to accost Shadow and Team Dark, while Sonic, Silver, and the rest of their friends had to contend with Iblis. This would bring back the Sonicverse deities' memories from the events of the erased timeline containing the flames of Solaris. While the three hedgehogs' Super forms were once again enough to turn back the destruction of the evil sun god and his wicked components, it was not enough to kick them out of the Pantheon.
    • The return of Solaris prompted certain gods in the House of Time and Temporality to go into the documents and gateways of history for research. Many of them found evidence to make the case that Shadow's Character Development took place before the erased encounters with Solaris and his components, meaning that Shadow had been over his angst all along. This in fact is exactly why Kotoura-san and her friends' efforts only furthered his annoyance with them. He was then promptly rechristened as "the Darker and Edgier God" instead. Shadow himself cares less and instead focuses on managing his duties, though he seems willing to take Silver under his wing in his own way, and he and Mephiles have no problem expressing their innate disdain for one another whenever he sees the Ax-Crazy Mad God copying his form.
  • At first, Shadow was extremely uncomfortable and awkward around Sailor Moon, due to her resemblance to Maria. However, the two have since become rather unlikely friends. He also became friendly with Madoka, who's even more similar to Maria than Usagi is on a personal level to the point she's one of the few people that can get through to his inner feelings. He has sworn to protect her whenever he can, which includes never letting Vanitas succeed in his plot.
  • In an alternate reality, Shadow mocked Sonic, saying that his loyalty to his friends was his greatest weakness. Sonic was not amused, thinking that the comparisons to a certain pony were over. Shadow himself doesn't seem to tolerate this since he outright states he wouldn't do specific things unless it was solely for a good reason.
    • Another version of himself has portrayed himself as Sir Lancelot, which has gained the attention of the knight. Most likely favoring that alternate self a lot more than the gratuitously arrogant antagonist who never fully abandoned Gerald's hatred of humans, Shadow himself has been taking lessons from Lancelot on being nicer.
  • Several Gods have christened him, Ryuuko Matoi, and Dante's Nephilim counterpart as the trinity of "edginess". The three aren't impressed, though they get along well enough.his answer to the question of his favorite anime is telling at all, Shadow seems particularly fond of Ryuko:
    • Ryuko, of course, caught wind of this. She is never going to stop teasing him about it. That doesn't mean they won't become combat buddies when the time calls for it, though. One day Shadow came across an invasion of Life Fibers and fought to head them off, delaying their advance just long enough for Ryuko to arrive and intercept it as the two teamed up to turn back the evil sentient clothes. This may have had a hand in Shadow being noticed by a certain Grand Couturier, however...
  • Some people like to gag that Noriaki Kakyouin shared the same voice with Shadow due to the "emerald" theme, and the fact that he could kick Jotaro in the head the same way if he sounded like Silver. However, it's not as valid of a joke anymore ever since Kakyouin got his voice changed.
  • That said, people also like to compare him to Gin Ichimaru for the same voice reason. Shadow didn't take kindly to Gin due to his treacherous actions and thus wasn't a fan. After learning Gin's real reasons though, Shadow can emphasize with him and prays for him to rest in peace, especially since he too has pursued a certain goal for the sake of someone else for as long as he can remember. He also doesn't take too kindly to Hazama and/or Yuuki Terumi for outright mocking his look-alike for being a softy deep down inside.
  • He'd rather not have to associate with the Freedom Planet deities. However, one of them has already made it his business to go after his Chaos power, and he has proven to be much more ruthless than Eggman, and so he has no choice but to defend himself and (reluctantly) request for intel on this enemy from Sash Lilac.
  • His power increases immensely when he takes off those rings, but he considers taking them off a Godzilla Threshold because he becomes a Destructive Savior. And then there are those who believe that if he removed the Inhibitor Rings on his ankles instead of just his wrists like he normally does, he might be able to outspeed Sonic. Shadow has refused to comment on his reasons for never removing his ankle Inhibitor Rings (as "often").
  • Zuko has been seen hanging out with him in various quiet locations, trying to outmatch each other's reason for having angst. This stopped once Zuko got over his daddy issues, much to the relief of the other Gods. They still continued to run into each other here and there, sometimes as allies, other times passing by while out and about. One particularly eye-opening encounter took place when Shadow and Rouge were looking for clues about a villain's plot when they came across an old man with Zuko's same eye scar and clothing style. While this man conversed with Rouge, it took for him to bring up their times hanging in the dark for Shadow to finally recognize that this was Lord Zuko in the next Avatar's era.
    • The Older and Wiser Zuko would remark that Shadow was even quieter than he remembered (though this would be written off as Rouge carrying the conversation), but he also perceived that Shadow is quite contemplative and has turned over something of a new leaf since back then; he's still distant but not as openly rude as before. With Rouge backing this up as how he normally is when not trying to compete with Sonic, Shadow would claim that he was being argumentative with the younger Zuko on purpose, to get him to see that his issues weren't the end of the world. The next time Shadow came across Zuko's younger form this conversation was remembered, and the Firebending Teacher of the Last Airbender has since become one of Shadow's staunchest advocates, owing to both of their growths over time.
  • Oddly at one point, the third Extreme Gear competition somehow had him lusting for prize money. After the contest was over, Shadow wondered why this was even the case at all, since he normally doesn't even care for such things.note  However, he also admitted that he had fun and that he was excited to face off against Sonic and Jet for fun in the future.
  • It was discovered that, to promote his game, Shadow conducted an official interview with a mortal gaming site. While still true to Shadow's character, it did reveal some interesting tidbits about him, such as the fact that he likes Hot Pockets, and that he once owned a Razor cell phone. While he refuses to comment on most of the interview, Shadow was pleased to find that the Terminator was actually in the Pantheon.
  • Of course, him missing Maria is a subject some of the more depraved or heartless gods love to make fun of. Nui Harime once tried to dress up as her to mock Shadow. He responded by stabbing the fake Maria with his chaos spears in her shoulders to knock her arms off, before sneering and walking away.
    Shadow: Nui Harime, was it? Now you've angered me. Welcome to The List. It's a very special list, of very special people. I look forward to crossing your name off it someday.
  • Upon entering his temple one day, he was stunned to find a blonde haired girl in a blue dress. Convinced it was another prank at first, he froze upon hearing her speak, greeting him and remembering her last moments freeing him and telling him to let humanity be happy, and proud of how far he came. Realizing that this girl actually WAS Maria, he teared up at first before hugging her, happy to finally be reunited with her once again.

Entertainment Medium Masters

    David Attenborough 
Sir David Fredrick Attenborough, God of Nature Documentaries
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A shot of earth seen from space
  • Theme: Planet Earth Prelude
  • Alignment: True Neutral (leans towards Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: One of the most iconic figures in Nature Documentary filmmaking, still narrating documentaries even in his nineties, Limited Wardrobe, Able to interpret animal behaviour, Imperturbable Englishman, Cozy Voice for Catastrophes, Will ocassionally tempt fate, The Determinator, Friend to All Living Things, Always delivers a message of conservation and protecting the planet
  • Domain: Nature, Documentaries, Conservation
  • Allies: The vast majority of deities in the Houses of Nature and Beasts and Fauna, The Spring Sprite, Celebi, N, Mari Jiwe McCabe/Vixen, Swamp Thing, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, John Hammond
  • Conflicting Relations: The House of Religion and Faith (The good deities understand and respect his beliefs, while the more evil deities want to see him burn at the stake.)
  • Wary Around: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Viridi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Monster Hunters
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Pokémon Hunter J Gaston, Cruella de Vil, Hexxus, The Lich, Anton Arcane, The Firebird, Judge Frollo, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Avoids: The Pantheon's rodents
  • Opposes: Napoleon, Lysandre
  • To many people, Sir David Attenborough is consider the face and voice of natural history, and with a career spanning over sixty years, is widely regarded as being one of most iconic figures in British Television, and something of a national treasure. His work as a narrator and producer for the BBC's many nature documentaries helped to showcase the many spectacles and tragedies of the natural world for millions to see, and inspired millions more to help protect it for future generations. Attenborough's work resulted in him being invited to the Pantheon, where he can narrate and document the natural worlds beyond Earth, and the magnificent creatures inhabiting them.
  • With his arrival in the Pantheon, Attenborough made himself right at home, travelling to the House of Beast and documenting several species that had gone extinct in his lifetime, including the thylacine note , Caribbean monk seal note , heath hen note , and, most notably, reuniting with the Pinta island giant tortoise known as Lonesome George. George was the last of his kind, and his death in 2012 served as a reminder of the importance of conservation, which Attenborough, who was among the last people to meet the tortoise, endorses very much.
  • While he has travelled the multiverse and showcasing the marvels of nature on other worlds, Attenborough feels most at home on Earth. The reason for it is because Earth is the only true planet - a planet outside of the fictional spectrum - that has complex life, and it is just as spectacular and unique as anything seen in the cosmos. That said, he occasionally likes to make journeys back into the prehistoric past and encounter the many organisms that came before man, with the non-avian dinosaurs being at the top of the list.
    • In his journeys across the multiverse, Attenborough made himself a number of trustworthy friends, most of whom act as guides while traversing the worlds. Three of his guides, Vixen, Aquaman and N, all share an incredible connection to nature - not to mention all being big fans of his work - and as such have helped to educate the naturalist on other fictional creatures, with Pokémon being of much discussion. It's actually through N that Attenborough came to respect the time-traveling Celebi, who often pops in during filming to bring snacks or to have some fun. However, not everyone shares in the fun times. David and the Monster Hunters find it very difficult to work alongside each other, due to the former wanting to leave the monsters in peace and the latter wanting to make armour and weapons out of them. Doesn't help that more often than not, the Hunters are busy protecting Attenborough from being turned into Rathalos's next meal.
  • David Attenborough is loved and respected by almost every deity in the House of Beast, due to his charismatic nature and friendly demeanour. That said, he sometimes has a hard time entering the Sub-House of birds. It may have something to do with an encounter with an aggressive male capercaillie when first entering the house. That said, as long as it's not capercaillie breeding season, Attenborough will enter and document the majesty of the Pantheon's avian residents... even if they want to interrupt him.
    • He does however, not want to talk about his last encounter with a rather peculiar lyrebird. It's actually the reason why he avoids Jerry Seinfeld and his crew.
    • He does not like rats. At all. When asked why that is all he responded with was simply, "Always check the lavatory."
  • Even if he is a Friend to All Living Things, Attenborough does have standards, and as such, he doesn't see eye to eye with Napoleon, due to his corrupt nature and how his Animal Farm became a dead ringer for Josef Stalin's Soviet Union. Naturally, the tyrannical swine has no time for the complaints of another human and thus keeps his distance. He also has trouble trusting Poison Ivy and Viridi who, despite being fans of his work, want to wipe humanity right off the map to restore The Green. While he may dislike human overpopulation, even David finds the plant-based deities methods to be too much and keeps his distance.
  • Attenborough doesn't consider himself a god, as he is a firm supporter of the theories of evolution and natural selection, and has a very low opinion of those who are fundamentalists that goes back even to the Mortal Realm. The House of Religion and Faith, as well as other religious figures have mixed feelings on the matter; some like Seymour Guado, Leopold Goenitz, and Judge Frollo have declared David a heretic and want to see him dead, while others like Palutena, Erica Fontaine, and even Aslan respect Attenborough's beliefs and have offered to help him no matter what.
  • As an advocate for conservation efforts and preserving the environment, Attenborough is in full opposition of those who would want to destroy nature for their own gain. Mr. Burns and Looten Plunder are high on the list due to their destructive, monetary habits - not to mention fuelling the powers of Hexxus, Anton Arcane, and the Lich at the same time with their pollution - while Pokémon Hunter J, Gaston and Cruella de Vil receive his disgust due to the treatment of the Pantheon's diverse wildlife. He's also not a fan of the senseless destruction unleashed by The Firebird - which gave him an ally in the form of the Spring Sprite - and Lysandre's desire to preserve the world's beauty by destroying it with the Ultimate Weapon. Some of these same deities were quick to point out how Attenborough once ate raw sea turtle eggs and kept a "pet" ape back in the fifties, but David was just as quick to fight back, acknowledging how those acts are frowned upon in The New '10s and his desire to make amends with his past actions.
  • Attenborough's love for the natural world and his desire to preserve it is the main reason he was made an honorary member of the Nature Preservers, as he serves as a voice for those without a voice.
  • From time to time, Attenborough will take time out of his busy schedule and indulge in some good old fashion self-parodies of his narration style. One such example happened when he narrated the intro to Adele's Hello. The entire Pantheon keeled over in laughter and it was even rumoured that Melkor himself even gave a slight smirk upon hearing it.
  • While staying in the Pantheon, David learned of a gentleman named John Hammond, who was responsible for creating Jurassic Park and funding the resurrection of non-avian dinosaurs in his homeworld. He was surprised and somewhat saddened upon meeting Hammond in person, noting the striking resemblance he had to David's late brother Richard Attenborough. Hammond himself was perplexed to learn of his uncanny similarities and after learning more, gave Sir Attenborough his condolences. Now, Sir Attenborough isn't too fond of Hammond's businessman demeanour or how he intended on using dinosaurs as amusement park attractions, but he has taken note of Hammond's regret, especially after Jurassic Park fell apart. Since their first interactions, Hammond has asked Attenborough if he could document the surviving dinosaurs of Isla Nublar, along with their lifestyle, their interactions with nature and their reputation. David thought about it for a while but eventually, he complied, with Hammond sparing no expense in the documentary's development. Since then, the two are on speaking terms with one another, though David wonders if Hammond will try some other crazy scheme with the dinosaurs. Only time will tell...
  • "It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living."

    Gumball Watterson 
Gumball Tristopher Watterson, God of Medium Blending (né Zach "Gumball" Tristopher Watterson, Gummypuss, Trisha, The Blue One, Princess GumballOopsEggWobbleUnderpants from the country of GumbaldNoWigBattleAxeNinja)
  • Demigod (Normally. Rank changes depending on whatever situation Gumball is in)
  • Symbol: His head, or an 8-bit rainbow
  • Theme Songs: "Make The Most Of It" duet with his adoptive brother Darwin, his show's opening song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, with some moments of True Neutral or even Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Snarky blue cats who are otherwise nice, being able to deal with a lot of crap, finding himself in weird situations due to living in Elmore, living in a world made of art styles, Only Sane Man, Attractive Bent-Gender, Brilliant, but Lazy, The Cynic
  • Domains: Weirdness, Art, Family, Friendship
  • Heralds: His family, which including his parents Richard and Nicole, his sister Anais and his pet-turned-adoptive-brother Darwin (yes, really)
  • Allies: Bart Simpson, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Mordecai and Rigby, Roger Rabbit, Madame Foster, Belle and The Beast, Charlotte LaBouff, James Bond
  • Enemies: Ralph Wiggum, Dolores Umbridge
  • Opposes: Homer Simpson, Lt. Mary Sue, Deadpool, Raven Darkholme/Mystique.
  • Annoyed by: Lisa Simpson
  • Conflicting Opinion: Mr. Small, Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Admires: Naruto Uzumaki
  • Ascended because his series not only employs having different artstyle on a constant basis, but was built on the foundation of that concept, even had stories and gags focus on the different art style.
    • Because of his series's original intention of finding a home for abandoned characters, Madame Foster took a liking to him. However, Gumball initially tried to run away from her because he thought she suspected his family was screw up and tried to adopt him. After resolving his misunderstanding through a face-to-face, Gumball can be seen hanging out neat the Foster home as he is surrounded by beings as weird as his friends are.
  • His temple is one of the most peculiar place in the Pantheon: All sort of form of different art styles jumble together, yet oddly never overpower each other. This is also the only place where gods from different medium can get together without having an Art Shift. This caused his temple to be a favorite place for Roger Rabbit to hold his toon supporting group meeting to respect each toon's art style and origin.
  • After the Pantheon found out that reality of Elmore can undo itself if his family is out of money (long story), the House of Commerce has been seen lending loans for his family during hard times for mutual benefit on both side and to keep his important temple always watched and attended.
  • He once visited Lisa Simpson's temple as he heard that she was somewhat similar to his little sister Anais. However, he was annoyed when she lectured him about the time he grossly mistreated his school pet hamster and threaten to report the authority on him. He simply retorted by reminding her of the time she was responsible for her school's pet hamster dying. When she in effect retorted that she had a lot of other pets to take care of than Gumball ever did at the time, Gumball simply responded that she should know better than to overextend herself, and that he has a lot more simply happen to him for even existing. This led him to bond with her brother Bart, as well as their shared love of causing mischief. He does draw several lines he won't cross, which annoys Bart slightly. Because he likes Bart better than Lisa, this caused him to dislike Homer for how frequently he strangles Bart.
  • Absolutely, for the love of god, do NOT call him "Zach". After the Split-Personality Takeover shenanigan of the last time that name was called, his mother Nicole has swore to pursue the person who brings up that name and horribly kills them if it's the last thing she does right after snapping Gumball out of his split personality. And you do NOT want to piss off the woman who once brought a fully grown Tyrannosaurus Rex to his knees.
  • Despises Wiggum for how shockingly incompetent he is, which reminds Gumball of the instances where the police force of Elmore was useless like him.
  • Charlotte La Bouff was very excited when she heard that a princess had ascended the House of Craft and decided to visit it with her friend Tiana. However, while Charlotte kept shrieking in the new princess's ears about how awesome it is to meet her, Tiana thought that the princess's name is too weird and oddly English, which led her to discover that it was actually Gumball wearing his mother's wedding dress with the tiara after his dad had done the laundry and shrunk his clothes (again!) While Charlotte was disappointed that Gumball is not only a boy but also not royalty, she instantly squeed over how cute his family was.
  • Has mixed feelings about his teacher Mr. Small's ascension. While Gumball centainly likes him, he doesn't really trust Mr. Small managing more than two people at the same time, led alone an entire temple, due to how... unstable he can be.
  • He can be seen hanging around with Finn, Jake, Mordecai and Rigby to share stories about the bizarre adventures they went on. Gumball especially likes Mordecai and Rigby as he is also somewhat of a slacker like them.
  • Gains serious points from Belle and the Beast after they discovered that his girlfriend Penny is a shapeshifter. While it's true that Penny can change into any shape she wants, they are still impressed that he managed to look past her appearance and didn't change his affection towards her, even going to extreme lengths to protect Penny and prove his feelings for her after she ran away to the forest because she thought herself a monster.
    • Because he was dating a shapeshifter, he was disgusted with Mystique's gross way of using her power.
  • He and Darwin are in constant watch from the House of Time and Space after they accidentally broke a countdown clock and ends up traveling through timelines by changing the course of history. Needless to say, any and all countdown clocks (even those from the fourth wall) were kept away from those two, some with Deadpool's help. (Yes, they bribed me with chimichangas).
  • Hates, hates, HATES Dolores Umbridge with every fiber of his being due to how she reminds him of his own teacher Ms. Simian on her worst day.
  • Has a very tense relationship with Lt. Mary Sue due to Gumball thinks that she is annoying and how similar she is to one of his least favorite classmates, Alan. The Pantheon tries to keep them away from each other as much as possible after hearing the things he did to Alan (including, among others, selling Alan's parents to circus performers) just because he wants to feel superior.
  • Has a very tense relationship with Haruhi. Haruhi is VERY excited to have such a fascinating deity ascended, with the entire Elmore no less, and spent a lot of her time watching the town. Gumball on his part found this very annoying and a blatant violation of his privacy. This gets more complicated when he learned that Haruhi is the goddess that holds the Reset Button and has power over the Status Quo. While Gumball is certainly graceful for all the time that her power saved him and his family from dealing with the mess they cost, he certainly called Haruhi out the time where her power didn't work that caused everything him and his family did comes back to bite them HARD, as well as the time which her power couldn't handle the fact that his dad Richard merely got a job, thus ended up causing a Reality-Breaking Paradox in Elmore and lamented how ridiculous that is. Amongst non-ascended members of Elmore, she gets along with Sarah the best, and both imagine outrageous scenarios together.
  • Was very excited that when speaking Japanese, his voice sounds like Naruto Uzumaki as the latter was a ninja and, more importantly, he managed to raise above his status as the loner of his town and become Hokage. However, Gumball doesn't plan to become a ninja himself after failing horribly at learning taekwondo.
  • He has some pretty sick rap skills.
  • Has occasionally exploited his Medium Blending powers, turning himself, and the people of his world, Animesque, humanized, or both.

    Roger Rabbit & Eddie Valiant 
Roger Rabbit & Eddie Valiant, Gods of Live-Action/Animated Interactions
Eddie and Roger
  • Intermediate God (Roger); Demigod (Eddie)
  • Symbol: A Roger-shaped outline made of film reels
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with Roger closer to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Gleeful and Grumpy Pairing
  • Domains: Cartoons, Mysteries
  • Heralds: Baby Herman, Benny the Cab, Dolores
  • Allies: Many Toons in general, Jessica Rabbit, Gumball Watterson, Spider-Ham, Roy & Helen Knable, Nick Sax & Happy, The Muppets, Pinkie Pie, Wander
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, The Toon Patrol, Professor Poopypants
  • Cartoon characters coexist alongside real humans in 1947 Los Angeles, where those Toons work on their theatrical shorts the same way live actors star in movies. Eddie Valiant is a private detective who used to work on cases related to toons until the murder of his brother at the hands of a toon caused him to be distrustful of them who ends up getting involved with toon actor Roger Rabbit when the latter is suspected of murdering Marvin Acme, owner of Acme Corporation and Toontown. Together, they learn about Marvin’s will and the Judge Doom’s dastardly plot not only to build a freeway over Toontown, but also the creation of The Dip, capable of killing toons. The two would also learn during the final battle with Doom that the latter was responsible for the murder of Eddie’s brother and Eddie’s cynical disposition. Doom ends up killed at the hands of The Dip he created, his machine that he tried to overrun Toontown with ends up destroyed, the toons are given ownership of Toontown as stated by Marvin’s will, and Eddie’s sense of humor is returned once everything is over.
  • Some time after Toontown was saved and Roger resumed work on cartoons alongside his co-stars, Eddie received a phone call from someone asking about faraway places much to his confusion and news started to spread of a businessman looking to discuss matters related to Maroon Cartoon and Toontown. The visitor arrived, with Roger hoping that Toontown wouldn’t be at risk of potential destruction again, though the discussion was never related to any visible modifications related to Toontown. Instead, it was about making the place and those close to it part of a larger world known as the Pantheon. The deal not only ensured that Toontown and its neighboring areas would be part of the Pantheon and given stronger protection than before, but that Roger, Eddie, and their friends would be involved in the setting. Roger was eager to take up the offer since it meant that Toons would have a more prominent place in the Pantheon and while Eddie was a bit more subdued in his reaction about being part of a world that’s likely even stranger than Toontown, he had no problem with the deal at the end of the day, even if he is wondering about what the future would hold for both him and Roger.
  • Not only did being part of the Pantheon meant that Roger and Eddie would meet up with their friends from Toontown once more, but that there are many other different types of animated characters present, mainly those who existed well past 1947. Not only do these characters originate from America, but there are some who come from Japan and even a few from European countries, all of whom have their own quirks and ways of dealing with problems. It’s not just traditionally animated characters that Roger and Eddie have encountered in the Pantheon; there are some who are computer-animated and a few that have a stop-motion aesthetic to them. While Roger and his Toontown friends are actors doing their job entertaining people, some of these animated characters are capable of causing real harm to others without the need of acting for others, with some of them posing a real threat to the rest of the Pantheon as a whole. It did worry Roger a bit seeing as how there are Toons who harbor the same destructive mindset as Doom on a larger level without the discrimination towards them, but it quickly subsided following a talk from Eddie who said that some Toons capable of giving others positive emotions beyond laughter. While Roger and Eddie’s respective line of work has expanded greatly due to the scope of the Pantheon, it helped them get acquainted with other Toons they haven’t heard of back then.
  • Gumball Watterson was one particular Toon that Roger wanted to meet up with after hearing about how the former lives in a live-action setting alongside an eccentric cast of other animated characters. Since something strange was happening in Elmore that Gumball and his friends couldn’t solve, Eddie decided to visit the place alongside Roger and investigate. It didn’t take long for the two to notice that Elmore had the potential to be an even weirder place than Toontown due to the variety of styles that its inhabitants appear as on top of the already regularly bizarre events that take place. Roger was enjoying his time in the weird world of Elmore and although Eddie had to get accustomed to the strange stylings of that place, the two did eventually manage to find the source of the problem that Gumball was talking about. The three ended up talking to a gang of underground moles that had a talking earthquake machine that the group was abusing for their own amusement. Gumball had to distract them while Roger and Eddie took the machine out of Elmore and returned it to its rightful place in a secure area of the Pantheon, much to the moles’ annoyance after they were sent to jail. Eddie didn’t deny how strange of a place Elmore was compared to other areas he’s gone to, but he’s willing to help Gumball out whenever more trouble arises and Roger has sometimes visited Elmore by himself for fun.
  • Comic book characters ended up being an intriguing concept for Roger and Eddie, especially since many of them have spent plenty of time as animated characters thanks to their work being adapted for said medium. Of these comic book characters, Spider-Ham was someone who thoroughly embraced his cartoon roots and being a Spider-Person, he was just one of a handful of individuals who was a web-slinging hero and one of his adventures sent him to another dimension where he encountered others like him. Two of them were Peni Parker, a high-school student with an anime aesthetic to her and a mecha to help her out, and a noir version of Peter Parker, who Spider-Ham mentioned to Roger was someone Eddie would like working with. Spider-Ham was aware of Eddie’s pain of losing a partner he cared about, but was glad that the detective was able to work things out and recover from the incident. Spider-Ham has a particular problem with people being dismissive of Toons and knowing of what Judge Doom plans to do with all the other Toons (and being even more annoyed about Doom’s true nature as a Toon himself), Spider-Ham has offered his support for Roger and Eddie in thwarting the Judge’s revenge plots.
  • When Eddie entered Toontown to try and look for Roger, the detective retained his live-action appearance even as he endured many of the Toon Physics that are prevalent in the area. Learning about the possibility of entering a toon-themed world and being transformed into such while in the Pantheon was a surprise for Eddie and upon discovering that concept, Roger wanted to meet up with those who went through such an event, with Eddie tagging along. This resulted in them meeting Roy and Ellen Knable, a husband and wife who ended up in various TV shows to survive against a demonic cable salesman, with a cartoon world being one such setting the couple had to go through. Both parties got along with each other rather well, with the Knables being careful about avoiding Judge Doom at the behest of Roger and Eddie, lest the couple find themselves in a scenario that would require them to become cartoon mice again that would put them at risk of Doom’s plans. While Roger and Eddie have had difficulty finding something that could manually turn live-action characters into cartoon characters, they know that the mere possibility of such an item would anger Doom greatly and would embolden him to make a more potent version of The Dip.
  • Despite being a hyperactive ditz much of the time, Roger is aware of laughter being an effective tool for making others happy, especially since it’s the only thing some Toons are capable of. In the general sense of entertainment bringing happiness to others, Roger was able to find some deities that shared that belief, with The Muppets being one such ensemble. Even if they appear as puppet-like characters and go through many of the same cartoony hijinx as Roger does, it was Kermit’s goal of bringing a smile to people’s faces and his resolve in fulfilling that plan that allowed The Muppets to thrive, something that Roger was more than happy to hear. Since The Muppets have encountered plenty of humans in their adventures, they have sometimes asked for Eddie’s help in solving strange occurrences on their end, with Eddie being more than aware of the visual appearance of the ensemble and their behavior being similar to that of Toons.
    • The concept of laughter in general has brought some varying opinions in the Pantheon as Roger and Eddie would later discover. Pinkie Pie was someone who enjoys making others happy and she’s in agreement with Roger regarding the philosophy of happiness through laughter and has even invited him over for her parties as part of the entertainment. There were some who hated laughter such as Professor Poopypants, who wanted to eliminate such a concept after being mocked over his name. Both Roger and Eddie, the latter of whom is knowledgeable on comedy given that he had a clown for a father, were bewildered (and appalled in Roger’s case) that someone is willing to wipe out laughter over being made fun of. Knowing that it’s too late to change Poopypants’ name to something less humiliating, Eddie knew that the professor would target Roger over the latter’s belief on laughter and that it would require plenty of Toon trickery to fend off what Poopypants will throw at them.
    • Wander and Dr. Screwball Jones were two Toons that believed in making others happy, but both went about it in their own ways. Wander has traveled through many strange settings with his steed Sylvia helping others that are in trouble and he encountered Roger and Eddie one day at a bar and proceeded to have a chat with them. Roger learned of how Wander made others happy and saw it as a more ambitious version of his profession as an actor to make others laugh, but was still in agreement with him regarding happiness. Roger and Eddie learned of how Dr. Screwball Jones had a twisted idea of forcing happiness onto others and how the banana ended up being someone who Wander couldn’t tolerate. Seeing a twisted idea for happiness was something that Roger didn’t expect (and forced laughter was something that unnerved him and Eddie), but he remains committed to helping Wander support his cause for helping others find happiness, whether it’s through laughter or some other altruistic means.
  • Roger and Eddie managed to learn of another live-action/animated duo who stops crime and have a similar dynamic as them in the form of Nick Sax and Happy. Nick is a gruff man who had a difficult past and encountered a lively cartoon figure named Happy who would help him not only solve crime, but to get his life back together. Both duos have confronted nefarious plots, with Nick and Happy dealing with more personal and darker crimes than the singular, yet more destructive plot Judge Doom had prepared that Roger and Eddie had to stop. Happy and Roger enjoy each other's company while Eddie has given Nick advice on how to improve himself, especially given how much harder Nick had it compared to Eddie. The saviors of Toontown have given the New York duo information on Judge Doom, his plans, and advice on how to confront him when that time comes.
  • While Eddie has continued his detective work with Toons, he’s managed to encounter plenty of others that share his profession, both from similar time periods and those from other eras. For someone who wouldn’t look out-of-place in a straightforward noir story, Eddie has been noted by others to have taken on stranger cases, but it hasn’t stopped the majority of these heroic detectives from getting along with him. Many of these detectives also had some quirks of their own, whether they are at a young age or have powers of their own to make themselves effective at combat in addition to mystery-solving. Some of those sleuths even had to contend with the murder of someone they cared about impacting their life much like Eddie. Roger even told Eddie about detectives and sleuths that are Toons by nature and how they tackle subject matter stranger than what the two were used to. If something happens that ends up being too difficult for these animated detectives to handle, then Eddie is willing to offer them help in solving that case.
  • Roger’s main trouble comes from him being framed for Marvin Acme’s murder and Eddie learning who was actually responsible for it. Such cases have happened at times in the Pantheon, both within that setting and by those who have gone through such an ordeal prior to finding that area. As the two would learn, especially Eddie considering how he deals in helping people out of trouble, there were parts of the Pantheon where people turn to whenever they’re in trouble, including handling those who were wrongfully accused. While there are plenty who do their job well, there are others who abuse their authority in order to get what they want, much like Judge Doom before revealing himself as a Toon to Eddie. If these so-called law enforcers are abusing their power to get people in trouble, whether it’s framing them for a crime or something worse, then Eddie has every reason to believe that they’re a problem and if those kinds of people harass Toons for their own amusement, then Eddie will put a stop to their abuse.
  • Eddie ended up turning to alcohol following his brother’s death, though he was able to kick the habit as his personality improved as he helped Roger with the case. At some bars Eddie visits, there are plenty of visitors who drink alcohol, including some Toons. Some of his conversations with those alcoholic Toons led him to helping them out for some strange problems they were dealing with, though he’s never gone back to drinking even in their presence. He’s noticed that some of those Toons’ alcoholic tendencies have at times led to bigger problems, particularly in the case of Drinky Crow, who constantly found himself in surreal trouble. There are a few who noticed that even if Eddie is no longer an alcohol addict, he has a preference for eating jelly beans even if they’re clearly not as fatal as alcohol.

Ambiguous Rank

    Popuko & Pipimi 
Popuko and Pipimi, Goddesses of Japanese 4-Panel Comics
Pipimi on the left, Popuko on the right
  • Ranks vary (usually influenced by whatever would be funniest)
  • Symbol: A very detailed hand Flipping the Bird; alternatively, their deceptively cute faces
  • Theme Song: Pop Team Epic's opening theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with shades of Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Girl, Little Girl; Perpetual Cat Smile; Curtains Match the Window (downplayed); Red Oni, Blue Oni; Vocal Dissonance (sometimes)
  • Domains: Parody, 4koma, Wrath, Video Games, Manga, Anime
  • Allies: Deadpool
  • Enemies: "Subculture bitches"
  • Feared by: Deities that often terrify others (Popuko, mostly)
  • Admires: Godzilla, Jaws (Popuko)
  • Unknown Relationship with: Mike Haggar, Filthy Frank
  • The Court of the Gods were a bit reluctant to ascend Popuko and Pipimi, but as they couldn't find any better representatives for the 4koma format, they decided to ascend the two, for better or worse.
  • To the confusion of many deities, Popuko and Pipimi never have the same voice. One day they'll sound like men, and others they'll sound like girls or even full-grown women. No one's bothered to find out why, and some are even afraid to know.
  • So vicious is Popuko's temper that even many of the most terrifying deities — like Freddy Kreuger and Bruce — are scared of her! Exceptions are few and far between...
  • Popuko has been banned from performing on stage in the Houses of Musicality and Theatre and Spectacle and Spectacle due to her stint as a pop star in one timeline that ended in herself and Pipimi taking over the world. Popuko angrily flipped both houses the bird when she was told this and walked away in a huff.
  • If you buy merchandise for a series, game, etc. that you don't watch or play, stay far away from these two, especially Popuko! That's the behavior of what they call a "subculture bitch".
  • When Popuko is put next to the most evil or vile of demonic entities in the pantheon — like the Chaos Gods, Nyarlathatotep, or Melkor — most (if not all) holy figures view her as the greater evil and seek to exorcise her.
  • In at least one timeline, the girls apparently unknowingly influenced Mike Haggar, giving him the strength to run for mayor. No one knows if the Haggar in the Pantheon is from that timeline; neither Popuko nor Pipimi would know, and if Haggar does know anything, he's tight-lipped about it.
    • Another deity with an unknown relationship with the girls is Filthy Frank. He has some notable similarities to them; the three of them have used humor that Crosses the Line Twice (though Frank relies on it), and they apparently all have roots in Japan. None of them have commented on it, either.
  • Popuko has expressed a fondness for Godzilla, calling him "Daddy". Unlike the Godzilla-like Kaiju the girls once ran into, the King of the Monsters expressed mild confusion. Nonetheless, he doesn't seem bothered by Popuko, and even lets her ride on his tail or his head. Some deities commented that it's...strangely cute. Desco, who is similarly fond of Godzilla, is...more than a little jealous.
    • Similarly, Popuko isn't even slightly scared of Bruce the shark, and even wants to play with him. Bruce, however, is terrified of her (as previously mentioned), and retreats into the deeper water whenever she approaches the shore, to her disappointment and annoyance.
  • In Deadpool, they found a kindred spirit. They hadn't expected to meet someone as insane and aware of the fourth wall as them, well, anywhere, but his antics match their own fairly well. True, there are notable differences between them (including visual style), but at the core of it, he's not so different from them. Don't be surprised to see the three of them hanging out and causing trouble.
  • There are some moments when they are REALLY weirdly drawneven POORLY drawn. These are referred to as "Bob Team Epic" or "Bobunemimimi" moments by those who can see the fourth wall.
  • Considering some of their more affectionate interactions with each other, it's believed by several deities that Popuko and Pipimi are lesbians, if they're not simply friends. The only answer they have given was, "None of your business."

ZONE, Goddess of Lewd Creations (ZONE-sama, ZONE-tan, Tentacle Queen)

Zygarde, Collective Deity of Adaptation Expansion (The Order Pokémon, Squishy, Z1, Z2)
Clockwise from top right: 10%, 50%, 100%, Core, Cell

Alternative Title(s): Adaptations, Adaptations And Continuity