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Greater Gods

Hera, The Scornful Goddess (Divine Queen, Goddess of Marriage, Queen of the Gods, Juno)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Peacock Feathers
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Lawful Evil when dealing with Zeus' lovers and children)
  • Portfolio: Badass Goddess, Clingy Wife, Punishing Others Because of Zeus, Goddess of War, Virgin Power, High Goddess, Hair-Trigger Temper, Yandere
  • Domain: Marriage, Wrath, Virginity, Revenge, Lightning
  • Divorced From: Zeus
  • Allies: Diana of Themiscyra/Wonder Woman, Hercules (former enemy; still an enemy in his DC Universe form), Athena, Vulcan, Poseidon
  • Enemies: Kratos, Both Hades, Aphrodite, Nemesis, The Colossi, Aru Akise, Ato-ko Shriogane.
  • Admires: All the ascended Happily Married deities. Even the crazier ones.
  • If there ever was a spiteful Goddess, Hera is that Goddess. Known for retaliating against any woman who catches Zeus' fancy. Once, she forced Leto (Apollo's and Artemis' mother) to never give birth on any place connected to land or sea and suffer eternity in labor. Another time, she tricked Semele to have Zeus reveal his true form to her, and when he did, his thunderbolts destroyed her body. She also killed the children of Lamia and turned her into a monster for even catching Zeus' attention. Of course, you could say these actions are "justifiable" since she couldn't directly harm Zeus.
    • Hera's wrath wasn't just reserved for the objects of Zeus' attraction. She also attacked his illegitimate children since most became more famous than any of the children he sired with her. Most famous was her rivalry with Hercules/Heracles. She first tried to prevent his birth by having Lucina, the Goddess of Birth, prolong Alcmene's birth of the demigod. After seven days and nights of agonizing pain and near death, Alcemene finally gave birth to Hercules after her maid tricked Lucina. After Zeus proclaimed that no harm would ever come to Hercules from the Olympian Gods, Hera decided to harm him in the next best way: by killing Hercules' wife and children. This was done by either her striking Herc with madness and having him kill them or taking a direct approach and killing them with a giant fireball. As Herc had to do his famous Twelve Labors for this. However, they have made peace after Herc ascended to official godhood and he saved Hera and Athena from being raped during the Gigantomachy (the war between the Olympians and Giants).
  • After being killed by Kratos, Hera ascended with a surprising new form. Instead of something resembling any deity, she instead looks like some kind of demon from the underworld. Not only that, but her attire is what people think Aphrodite would wear. Hera does mention the form is temporary until something more appropiate comes along.
  • Once thought as nothing more than a vengeful Goddess, Hera is very much a War Goddess. She even has command over her ex-husband's Lightning Bolts. Also, her new form has power over gravity, fire, ice, earth, and light. The last four actually find her changing her appearance to fit those elements.
  • Once made a bet with Zeus that he couldn't mingle with the mortals without womanizing. She was enraged when she ascended and found out he was doing just that. This prompted her to 'divorce' from him. But despite that, she still goes into a fit of jealous rage on anybody Zeus hits on. She is still fearful of the Top God (which is ironic since he is also afraid of Hera), so the High Goddess set her sights on his lovers. But this time, they are able to fight back.
  • Once she learned that Kratos was also part of the Pantheon, Hera went straight to the House of War and actually fought the War God. While the Goddess put up a good fight against Kratos, she was still overcome by Kratos' wrath and had both of her wings ripped off. But before the final blow was struck, Hera was saved by Zeus, who drove off his son. This surprised her but still didn't change her opinion on him. Maybe.
  • Because she is the Goddess of Marriage, Hera hates anyone who takes that holy right lightly. That's why she despises Scott Summers for leaving his first wife for Jean Grey, then going on to cheat on her with Emma Frost, who Hera also hates. Originally, she targeted Peter Parker for erasing his entire marriage just to save his dying, elderly aunt, but she seems to have changed her tune somewhat after finding an alternate world where he not only kept his happy marriage but also has a daughter. She instead finds a new target in the form of Ato-ko Shriogane, who sabotages the relationship of lovers for her own amusement. Ato-ko, for her part, didn't seem to care but finds herself treading lightly around Hera lately.
    • Hera was however surprised that there were certain married deities who were happy with one another. She actually swore that as long as they were faithful to each other, Hera would always be their ally. Some are wondering if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  • After finding out about Aphrodite's own insecurities, Hera has taken every opportunity to mock her. This includes saying how her being made a goddess of adultery just proves that she will never find genuine love, as any true love she would gain would be worthless since she would just cheat on them. These constant attacks usually end with the two fighting. Guess Hera still hasn't forgotten about that contest.
  • While Hera is currently estranged from her former husband, she does share his hatred for The Colossi (being reminded of the two Giants who tried to rape her and Athena) and of course Kratos (who killed her in a previous life).
  • Has been taking 50 aspirins a day after finding out there were two Hades in the pantheon. It seems she can't handle that much ham.
  • Has been seen around the Academy bizarrely clad in a Japanese school uniform. It's at this point many are wondering if Hera's new form is her version of a midlife crisis and is her trying to act as young as possible.
  • While Hera is well known to be tyrannical, Diana of Themyscira is one of her few soft spots, being the princess and heroine of the Amazon people Hera was in charge of creating. Diana actually thought her mother was cursed or something, but the Queen of the Gods assured her she wasn't and appreciated her concern.
    • It's unknown how she would feel about Diana if she found out she might be another child of Zeus.
  • While Hera and Hercules have buried the hatchet, she, and many others including Herc were surprised and a bit confused when Hera showed actual motherly affection towards the demigod. And it doesn't end with him, as she has also been doing the same to both Vulcan (who she literally threw out of Olympus) and Athena (one of Zeus' illegitimate children). Some have theorized it's because of the influence of a different Hera.
    • This affection goes out the window, however, when it comes to how Hercules tends to act in the DC Universe. For some reason, when he's there, he's strangely addicted to schemes that either punish and conquer her precious Amazons or manipulate them (especially Diana) in hopes of achieving ultimate power and taking over the world. She's heard rumors that Herc's been seen exploring the House of Knowledge with a young pink-haired girl called Illya after a recent conversation with Diana, but whatever connection it may have to this matter hasn't been made clear to her yet.
  • Has heard comments about another deity that others say remind them of Hera. For her part, Hera doesn't have any real opinion on Yuno and pretty much keeps to herself.
  • After mulling over a new adult form again for quite some time, she finally decided to harken back to her more classical divine image.

Horus, God of Avenging the Murder of Loved Ones (Haru, Hor, The Avenger, God of the Sky, War, Falcons and Hunting, Patron of the Pharaohs, King of the Gods, The Rightful Heir)
Horus as he's depicted in Smite
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Wedjat aka eye of Horus
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Hates Set Because He Killed His Father, The Power of the Sun and Lunacy, Blow You Away, Sometimes Shoehorned Into A Jesus Role, Top God after Ra, Beast Man
  • Domains: Pharaohs, Sons, Leadership, Divinity, Heroism, Revenge, The Sky, The Sun and Moon, Falcons, Griffins
  • Allies: Osiris and Isis (his parents), Anubis (his half-brother), Hathor (his consort), Ra, most benevolent Egyptian gods, Zia Rashid, Mufasa, Simba, Ho-oh, Chanticleer, The Phoenix, Tenzin, Oberyn Martell, Inigo Montoya, Amaterasu
  • Special relationship with: Cleopatra, Anakaris, Yami Yugi, Ramses II (divine patron)
  • Headbutting Heroes with: The Emperor of Mankind, Gilda
  • Enemies: Set (his uncle), Apophis, Scar, Nyarlathotep(Cthulhu Mythos), Sutekh the Destroyer, Griffith, Zorc Necrophades, The Grand Duke of Owls, YHVH, The C'tan
  • Opposes: Those who attempt or commit Patricide
  • Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis, and the god of many things. When Osiris was slain by Set and stuck to rule the Underworld, his son Horus swore vengeance. He and Set would be arch-enemies, Horus losing his eye to the god of desert storms and in some myths Set was castrated by him. He's usually depicted as a falcon or man with a falcon head, though which varies.
  • Became the Top God after Isis' coup, though Ra holds the job in an emeritus sort of way. The pharaohs believed they were the human manifestation of Horus, so many ascended pharaohs have him guarding them. Yes, even Ramses, though he doesn't condone his actions. He is all for fighting YHVH with him, as He seeks to displace all gods, and really doesn't like the Egyptian pantheon.
  • Searching for pharaohs in the pantheon, he ended up meeting Nyarlathotep and Sutekh the Destroyer. Almost immediately he came to oppose them. The Crawling Chaos' interest in Earth and malicious plans made him a disgrace to the position of pharaoh, and Sutekh wanted to destroy everything like Apophis. Set's hatred of Apophis and disgust on how Sutekh shared his name was so great he actually worked with his nephew to fight them off.
  • Not the only one who wishes to avenge a loved one's murder, though he is one of the earliest examples. Inigo Montoya named the You Killed My Father phrase, but was already a Dashing Hispanic and was fine with Horus having it since more heroic father avengers, the better. Oberyn Martell can relate to Horus given the rape and murder of his sister, and Horus likes the warm Dorne summers.
  • The Emperor of Mankind was at ease when learning of a god named Horus, given his history with FUCKING HORUS LUPERCAL. Horus was enraged to learn his name was associated with the traitorous Primarch, and as the Emperor also dealt with his uncle murdering his father they had some common ground. However the Emperor's atheism and not liking being treated as a God-Emperor makes their alliance a fraught one.
  • Noted he had some similarities with Simba. Both of them had their Evil Uncle kill their father, who they would eventually confront and avenge their dad. Also, like Osiris Mufasa exists after death, sort of. Ra also felt himself relating to Tenzin, as they see themselves as the dutiful sons of great men.
  • One of many Egyptian sun gods. He is also considered a god of the moon, and the sky. The sun part is more noticeable, particularly since he hates how the C'Tan poison and devour stars. The Grand Duke of Owls was not happy to learn of yet another solar deity prove problematic to his plan of stopping the rise of the day for no real reason. The sun goddess Amaterasu welcomed Horus to the pantheon.
  • Also involved with falcons, griffins, and other birds of prey. He finds Chanticleer helpful in his duty as a sun god, and seems to be fond of the phoenix-like Ho-oh and the actual Phoneix. He was not happy to learn about Griffith and how he is associated with griffins. More willing to deal with Gilda.
  • Has no sympathy for those who commit patricide, given that he is about avenging his father. On a lesser note, he doesn't care for people who think he's Egyptian Jesus. Also, don't bring up the fact that Set raped him and they may or may not have had hate sex later on.

Perturabo, God of Punchingbags who Turn to Evil (Primarch of The Iron Warriors)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A spauldron with alternating yellow and black stripes.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Cyborgs, Who's Laughing Now?, Butt-Monkey (deconstructed), The Unfavorite, Tank Goodness, Psychopathic Manchild, Drop the Hammer, Trap Master, The Engineer, Industrialized Evil
  • Followers: The Iron Warriors
  • High Priests: Warsmiths Honsou and Shon'tu
  • Domains: Technology, Evil, Protection, War, Hatred
  • Allies: Konrad Curze, Angron, Magnus the Red (although he is unaware of his return to the Imperium), Abaddon, the Chaos Gods, most gods in the House of Hatred, Jigsaw
  • Enemies: The Emperor of Man and his servants (especially Rogal Dorn), Axel the Dark Hero, Almaz, Hong Meiling, Amata Sora, all abusive father figures, Satako Houjou, Rachel Alucard
  • Is feared and dreaded as the most bitter and hateful of all the traitor Primarchs, a situation caused by him and his legion being the Butt-Monkey of the Great Crusade.
  • Axel, Almaz, Meiling, Amata, and Satako are scared witless of him because he represents what they could have easily turned into if they succumbed to bitterness over their respective mistreatments. Satako and Rachel in particular are not fond of Perturabo's style of "traps".
  • Whenever he looks upon the House of Craft from afar in his attempts to plan the deaths of more gods, he feels a glimmer of sorrow within. Before his fall to Chaos, all he wanted to do was to build giant cities for the betterment of mankind untill The Emperor found him, forcing him to do nothing but siege warfare and destroy the very things he wished to create.
    Perturabo: You don't know the things I dream. No one does, no one ever cared enough to find out.
    • So Perturabo has continued to tell others and himself. The Primarch had all the chances he ever wanted to build works of wonder and civilization, creations that could have been talked throughout the Imperium but he didn't. Instead Perturabo chose conduct one bloody campaign after another, never stopping to create the works of wonder he claims he desires to create.
  • The Primarch Rogal Dorn is his most hated enemy for the simple reason, they are both very similar. Both Primarchs are siege masters, pragmatic and stubborn, yet they possesses several key differences. Dorn is pragmatic and would never hesitate to make sacrifices but only when needed, whereas Perturabo doesn't give a damn about the lives of those serving under him. The most notable deviation between them is the fact the Dorn created those cities and fortifications that Perturabo claims he wants to create. This has lead to an eternal blood feud between the two Primarchs and their Legions.
    • And as if that wasn't enough, Perturabo threw the mother of all destructive tantrums when he found out that Rogal Dorn is still alive and safe in the Imperial Palace, having taken the disguise of the Emperor's favorite Centurion after having been presumed dead for millenia.
  • His homebase, the demonic planet of Medrengard, has become of great use for the GUAE, where he has created countless abominable cyborgs, monsters and machines of war that mixes both demonic magic, unholy creaters and depraved science into nightmares of Chaos. He is currently trying to find a way to make improvements upon The Cyberdemons.

Intermediate Gods

Maleficent, Goddess of Revenge from Not Being Invited (Mistress of All Evil, The Dark Fairy)
Maleficent's Dragon Form 
Her appearance in her gaiden film 

    Momoka Sagara 
Momoka Sagara, Goddess of Misplaced Retribution ('A3', Francoise)

    Sakura Matou 
Sakura Matou, Goddess of Abuse Retaliations (SakuraFish, Sakura Tohsaka, Parvati, Lancer, Mother Goddess, Kama, Assassin, Beast III/L, Kama/Mara, Beast of Depravity, Dark Sakura, The Incomplete Lesser Grail, Makiri's Black Holy Grail, Erotical Black Hole)
As Dark Sakura 
While possessed by Parvati 
While possessed by Kama 
  • Intermediate Goddess. Greater Goddess when summoned as a Lancer, Assassin or being influenced by Angra Mainyu, Overdeity as Beast III/L
  • Symbol: Her Command Seal and her red ribbon bow.
  • Theme Songs: "Another Heaven", "I Beg You" by Aimer, or "Hana no Uta/Song of Flowers". Tokugawa Kaiten Labyrinth - Grand Battle" as Beast III/L
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Lawful Good with Parvati in control. Chaotic Evil as Dark Sakura and with Kama/Mara/Beast III/L in control.
  • Portfolio: Raised to host and become a fake Grail, having a broken spirit as a consequence, Cherry Blossom Girl, Feminine Women Can Cook, Supposedly having E-Cup breasts, I Just Want to Be Normal, Jealous of anyone going out with Shirou, Beware the Nice Ones, Forced to threaten the world, Resents Rin out of jealousy
  • Domains: Magic, Shadows, Darkness, Sadness, Anger.
  • Heralds: Parvati, Kama and Mara. She only likes the former.
  • Allies:
  • Extremely Complicated Relations With: Miyu Edelfelt, Avenger
  • Enemies: Zouken Matou, Shinji Matou, Gilgamesh (Nasuverse), Kirei Kotomine, Noob Saibot, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Monaca Towa, Ragyo Kiryuin, Fire Lord Ozai, Relius Clover, Professor Hojo, Tenjuro Banno, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Skull Face, Allant, Manus, Master Xehanort, Dante (Full Metal Alchemist), Molag Bal, Asdrubael Vect, Dr. James Marcus, Embryo, Griffith, Dharkon, Sheev Palpatine, Junko Enoshima, Akio Ohtori
  • Unknown Connection to: Zeref
  • Pitied by: Boa Hancock, Shiki Ryougi, Queen Medb
  • Gained interest of: The Pyro (TF2), Mara the Magnificent
  • Special Relationships: Rin Tohsaka (her sister), B.B. and Alter Egosnote 
  • Dreads: Kiara Sesshouin
  • Sakura Matou is Shirou Emiya's underclassman in Homurahara Academy, coming across as a Girl Next Door kind of girl who started to befriended him when he got injured once and sticked around him ever since. But underneath her cheery and nice exterior lies a broken shell of a girl abused by a family that wasn't even hers...
    • She was born Sakura Tohsaka, the daughter of both Tokiomi Tohsaka and Aoi Tohsaka, and the younger sister of Rin Tohsaka. Because of the laws of the Magus world stating that families are not allowed to train more than one heir, Tokiomi gave out her to Zouken Matou, who promised to "train" her to prevent her potential to going to waste, regardless if it was for ill intent or for protection due to her potentially gaining a Sealing Designation. However, this resulted in her life mostly being through hell, and even though Kariya Matou attempted to free her from the Matous, he ultimately failed, and Sakura suffered years of abuse under the Matous, resulting in her resentment for Rin Tohsaka due to her having a better life than her, which reached a breaking point during a timeline where Shirou abandoned his ideals to protect Sakura and as a result of killing Shinji Matou via decapitation due to his last attempt to rape her, she gave in to her bond of Aŋra Mainiiu, and becoming Dark Sakura in the process. Eventually, however, Rin managed to clear things up to her during the final days of the Holy Grail War, and this resulted in her breaking her bonds with Aŋra Mainiiu, though after managing to destroy Zouken's soul.
    • Sakura ascended for retaliating against her abusers, which most deities can't help but admit that it's cathartic to see. She decides to keep her title in order to empower and prove to the abused that what they are going through can be decided from within.
  • The two people she was ever truly nice to, Shirou and Rider are among the first to greet her in. Shirou was the one to truly save her from not only herself, but from All The World's Evil that was slowly corrupting her and Rider (her original Servant) also did helped him during that time; together, the two vow to always defend Sakura whenever she needs their help and console her in times of duress.
    • Saber was able to befriend Sakura in the modern age, even enjoying her cooking in her prominent timeline. After Sakura reprimand her for not stopping Shirou, Saber recognizes that she too have a guilty conscience like herself; when Sakura heard she brought up bad memories, she tries to make up to her though Saber insists she's alright. They have a more positive relationship than people thought, squabbles notwithstanding.
    • Saber Alter does not truly blame Sakura for everything (that "honour" goes to Avenger), in fact she also sees how she suffered and how she felt similar to hers given that she was the attempt of Britain's "ideal hero" aspect, albeit much darker. Sakura herself is creeped out by the fact that she has command over a corrupted version of Saber (though she doesn't question her as her dark self) so she tries to play nice to her every time they meet despite Angra Mainyu not bringing them together anymore.
    • She and Rin have been patching up their relationship once they heard each other's awful lives while growing up. Nowadays, their relationship is mostly postive with some arguements here and there and Shirou is a little afraid that Sakura might be becoming just like Rin now that she's more confident now.
    • Sakura and Taiga definitely get along well, though Sakura's only criticisms of her is that she goes overboard with the teasing of her relationship with Shirou and just her general behaviour in general. Illya is okay with Sakura dating Shirou, despite facing her dark self and not having any chance to hang out with Shirou herself and Sakura likewise doesn't mind having Illya around.
    • At first, the younger Illya from another world along with Miyu and Chloe are a little wary of Sakura considering that the Sakura they know was well-adjusted at first then died and later come back unhinged as a doll when she fought them; while Sakura has a dark self that can come up if she's angry or threatened, she's actively trying to keep it and her resentments in check which is better than nothing for them and besides, she is being nice to them.
    • It's obvious that Sakura is at unease when Zouken and Shinji are in the Pantheons, because they are the ones abusing her during her period of growing up and turning her into an artificial Grail in order to gain true immortality. Luckily for her, Sakura doesn't have to face them alone as she have friends old and new ready to defend her and besides, killing them in cold blood is already done since they have bad memories of their deaths at her hands. Gilgamesh wants her to pay for killing him unceremoniously when she became Dark Sakura and she likewise don't like him for his arrogant attitude; this extends to Kotomine, Gil's most trusted associate who played her and Rin like a fiddle by gaslighting her resentments towards her and also had a hand in turning her into Dark Sakura to satiate his desire of seeing the suffering of others.
    • The Master of Chaldea has met Sakura through Rin and his politeness actually warmed Sakura's heart, reminding her of Shirou's own kindness and gentle care and they become friends from there on. Ritsuka hears her story out, and now fully understands why Parvati and Kama both choose her as a vessel...
    • Sir Lancelot deeply sympathized with Sakura as he too lost his mind while swallowed whole by the darkness in his heart as a Berserker, so much so that he doesn't try to court her romantically out of chivalry. Sakura appreciates the gesture and she returns the same feelings of sympathy for him.
    • Shiki Ryougi can feel some pity for her, if only because of how she met a similar person, Fujino Asagami who also had the same backstory as her though she can tell that Sakura has been through worse than Fujino. Queen Medb also shares her sympathy to Sakura since she too was raped, even offering to end Shinji and Zouken's lives at her request which is usually answered with refusal.
    • B.B., as well as Meltlilith and Passionlip of the Sakura Five visited Sakura to see their "mother"note . Sakura was taken aback at first, since she finds it strange that these girls happened to look like her but later got herself used to their presences; she is also unnerved that B.B. is a lot like her dark self, only more manipulative and dangerously playful and hopes she herself and Rider can fully keep B.B. and the other two in check.
  • Like Rin before, Sakura's body was hijacked by Parvati, the Hindu goddess of fertility, love, and devotion and Kama, the Hindu embodiment of love and one of Parvati's enemies in an alternate reality. Parvati and Kama each possess her good and bad sides respectively with Parvati having Sakura's resentment as a little negative and Kama forgetting what was it's like to be loved; Sakura favours Parvati because of the latter's kindness and helping to preserve her life while trying not to speak to Kama who is just as heartless as her dark self.
    • Mara, Kama's Buddhist counterpart, also hijacked her evil side. Needless to say, there were some... adjustment issues when he and Kama ascended. Because of how her other counterpart (AKA Beast III/R Kiara Sesshouin) cannot stand her, the GUAG has authorized her becoming Beast III/L in the event this happens, much to her and Parvati's horror. And since the ascended Mara now wants to "get inside of her", she is still having flashbacks to the Crest Worms due to Mara resembling what basically is a giant dick.
    • Ganesha, Parvati's son pays a visit to Sakura once he heard she hosted his mother. After hearing of her tragedy, Ganesha assures her she will have his protection even if Sakura has no plans to convert to Hinduism.
  • After her ascension, she is still in the possession of Aŋra Mainyu's power and influence and can turn into Dark Sakura if her buttons are pressed inappropriately. Because of this, she is forbidden to go near the temple of Manus, Father of the Abyss less she be corrupted by the Abyss and ending up into something much WORSE than Dark Sakura.
    • Is often defended by the knight Artorias as he knows what it is like to live in that kind of state. However, she found herself more common in Slave Knight Gael, given that both went through hell in their lives and eventually were corrupted by external forces (Aŋra Mainiiu for Sakura, Consumption of the Dark Soul for Gael), though unlike her, Gael knew he had to consume the Dark Soul to obtain the blood of the Dark Soul for his lady's painting and didn't live to see that day come true. She pities them both because of this.
    • By virtue of allying with Artorias, Sakura became antagonized by King Allant XII who lost his mind when he found out that the "God" of his world is the Old One, who is hellbent on destroying everything. Allant wants Sakura to see his point of view that everything is meaningless and must be destroyed so that she understands but unfortunately for him, she refuses to subscribe to such a bleak worldview.
    • Speak of the devil, Avenger caught up to Sakura who had a contract while she was her dark self and while the contract was severed, he can make it anew if it's possible; he even calls her "mom" in jest in reference to the fact that she was supposed to give birth to him into the world. Sakura sees him as a dark reminder of said dark self, and wisely distances herself from him lest it happens again.
  • Has befriended both Raven and Shinji Ikari because of their shared background of being use by their families and nearly destroying the world, something that Sakura feels hit too close to home; Raven struggled hard to keep her father Trigon the Terrible sealed within her and Shinji ultimately wanting Gendo's approval even though the latter did not care for him. Riku Asakura AKA Ultraman Geed was not used by his father, Ultraman Belial but Belial did want his son dead which is just as worse than Trigon's and Gendo's ambitions.
    • Shiori Kurashiki sees a lot of herself in Sakura too, in being a Girl Next Door-type of love interest and having a secretive dark side that came up later in their respective conflicts and was horrified that Sakura has been through a lot worse than her while Sakura was saddened that Shiori was dead for a long time before any of her friends found out. Yuzu Hiiragi, a friend of Shiori also felt bad for Sakura, seeing her as not unlike Yuya who was planned to become Z-ARC's next reincarnation to destroy the dimensions and Sakura likewise was horrified that a war between dimensions can be just as worse as a Holy Grail War.
  • Was in the archery club in her mortal life and is pretty good with a bow, so much so that Ayako Mitsuzuri gave her the captain of the club position for that. This got the attentions of Yukari Takeba, Hanzo Shimada, Hawkeye and Merida who recognize her prowess with a bow and often invite her to practices; she often politely declines and she accepts when she's free but she's also willing to fill in for Yukari as the captain of Elysium Academy's archery club whenever she's unavailable.
  • Because of the sexual abuse by Shinji Matou and the crest worms, the latter of which she had suffered since she was five, Sakura has developed an inferiority complex and is disgusted with herself whenever she thinks of Shirou in a sexual manner.
    • Abuse victims like Casca, Mitsuko Souma, Painwheel and Boa Hancock have met up with her to relate their stories from various sources of abuse; their severities vary, but that does not stop Sakura from sympathizing with them all.
      Sakura: Oh dear... I'm so sorry...
    • As she went through the same level of abuse but with friends which ended up in death, Misao befriended Sakura out of relating to her pain. Ditto with Tsumiki, though she often let herself be abused just to find anyone that legitimately love her and greatly attach herself to them once she does. Sakura hopes that a support clique for girls like her will be formed soon because they can only rely on each other for so long.
    • Satellizer el Bridget was also a victim of abuse at the hands of her brother like Sakura, only that he's the younger one and they both made up; Satellizer is pissed that Shinji is like Louis' worst parts embodied and encourages Sakura to become stronger just like her and stay away from people like Shinji. Anri Sonohara also relate strongly to Sakura in admiring strong-willed men, having abusive pasts and trying to overcome their darkest sides (Dark Sakura and Anri's weapon Saika); she feels sad for Sakura's state and promises to help her vanquish her abusers, something Sakura is happily grateful for.
    • She also dislikes worms for that very reason, so the only worms in the Pantheon are Earthworm Jim, who happens to be a heroic figure, the Worms who happen to be too busy blowing themselves up in a lighthearted matter and Dr. James Marcus who disgusts her for not only allying with Zouken but also bringing up bad memories of having crest worms inside her and she is horrified of the implications that could happen should he tamper with them.
  • Despises Ragyo for her actions against her daughters, reminding her of her own sexual abuse; the fact that it brought up terrible memories of her biological father abandoning her didn't help that much. This also go out to other Abusive Parents like Fire Lord Ozai, Relius Clover, Tenjuro Banno, Professor Hojo and Dr. Sofia Lamb who all treated their children like dirt in order to achieve their selfish goals. The aforementioned villains all scoff sakura off, believing her to be a pushover, but Hojo and Relius recognizes her potential as a weapon of mass destruction and began to consider fitting her into their nefarious plans...
    • Similar actions are also why she despises Skull Face for what he did to Paz and Chico, and he had only one response to her:
      Skull Face: I know how you feel, I've felt that. So, show me that you can take your revenge against those you hate. Do you see me now?
  • Asdrubael Vect and Molag Bal got on the tippity-top of her shitlist just by advocating endless torture to their victims and Molag Bal especially for advocating rape, something she can't fully condone not after what Shinji had done to her. They both see her as the ultimate playtoy to torture, even after hearing about her despair and Asdrubael sees said despair to be worth for a feast, something that made Sakura very fearful of him.
    Asdrubael: “This child’s screams of yearly pain and agony; this will satiate Slaanesh for years, but for us it will keep us alive, forever!”
    • Abusers and rapists like Embryo, Akio Ohtori and Griffith also get no respect from Sakura as well for the above reasons. They don't mostly care for her, seeing her as a obstructing insect except for Embryo who was fascinated by her strong spirit in spite of her dark past and self.
    • Greater villains like Master Xehanort, Emperor Sheev Palpatine and Dharkon are seeking to utilize her into their respective plans once they heard of her terror as Dark Sakura. Sakura is having none of that and is currently seeking protection from the GUAG so that they can't lay their hands on her ever.
  • Despite her habit of resenting anyone, Sakura is ultimately a Nice Girl and she does not wish any further harm. This gotten her some friction with Masato Kusaka AKA Kamen Rider Kaixa, Monaca Towa and Junko Enoshima who have no problem expressing their jerkassery to everyone; Kusaka thinks she has stopped being a human the moment the crest worms entered her (which is a low blow), Monaca belies her ulterior motives behind a fake nice facade and Enoshima finds her despair something to totally live through for herself. Naturally, Sakura stays away from these toxic people.
    • Speaking of Kamen Riders, she also met Mitsuzane Kureshima AKA Kamen Rider Ryugen who also resents his older sibling out of jealousy and temporarily became a villain when their inner demons consume their mentality. Micchy was a little scared of Sakura at first, but later sympathized with her once he got to know her and Sakura was a sad that Micchy did not let his friends get close to him because he wanted his brother's acknowledgement, which is why Micchy fell into villainy in the first place.
  • Sakura and Rin hates Dante of the Deep Forest for her body-swapping ways which reminds them too much of Zouken. Dante herself even considered pulling this trick on them to take advantage of their levels of mana, but she knows their allies will prove to be tough challenges to face to get there.
  • During a visit to the House of Anger, Sakura was met by Zeref and he approached her for... something. Not many know what was discussed in their conversation, but Sakura seemed startled and confused by the black mage. It seemed Zeref wanted to learn about the female after hearing some details about her suffering. He felt the woman could have been given a Curse like he was and planned to offer some support, but then his thoughts became twisted as he all of a sudden instead he wanted to help her gain revenge against those who hurt her. Sakura was wise enough to politely turn him down and he strangely accepts; to this day, she still doesn't know why he approached her for.
  • Thanks to a certain incident involving her dreams of her being a princess and candy, she has caught the interest of the Pyro, who believe that she has a connection to Pyroland. She is unnerved by this.
  • She is often considered to be the Good Counterpart of Noob Saibot, due to having darkness powers, getting corrupted by dark entities, once was under control of an evil sorcerer and having problems with a sibling. Sakura is horrified at this comparison since Noob embraced his evil unlike her who wanted to be good and live normally in spite of her resentments. Noob treats her abusive past like it's nothing and made it all about himself going to kill Sakura in cold blood, which both offended her and put her and Rider on high alert.
  • Has no idea where those pics of her biting on a fish came from. Well, at until she found out that the Itazura Griefers have been actually posting those pictures every day until she liked it. She was not amused.
  • "If I become a bad person, would you be able to forgive me?"

    Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist
Scarnote , God of Retribution For Genocide (The Scarred Man, The Alchemist Killer, Ishvalan [by Olivier Armstrong], Percival Ramdeen Gregory Nicolai Chuck Schozer Leonardo Gabriel Socrates Ming Victor Nostradamus Alastair Patisha Vladimir Stiegler Rasputin Boromir Walla Walla Shadigah Alexander Oliver Abelard Ernesto Zippy Zappy Angel Eyes, Jugemu Jugemu Go-Kō-no-Surikire Kaijari-suigyo no Suigyōmatsu Unraimatsu Fūraimatsu Kūneru Tokoro ni Sumu Tokoro Yaburakōji no Burakōji Paipo Paipo Paipo no Shūringan Shūringan no Gūrindai Gūrindai no Ponpokopii no Ponpokonaa no Chōkyūmei no Chōsuke)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The tattoos on his arm, or the scar on his face
  • Theme Song: This. Alternately, this.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Genocide Backfire, Sympathetic Serial Killers, Hero Killer, He Who Fights Monsters, Targets War Criminals, Wishes To Die By A State Alchemist, Badass Preacher, Badass Transplant, X Marks The Anti-Hero, Scary Ishvalan Man, Right Hand of Doom, Perpetual Frowner, Remorseful Killers, Coming To Peace With His Anger, Character Development, Heel–Face Turn
  • Domains: Revenge, Destruction, Faith, Wrath, Forgiveness
  • Followers: Thief King Bakura, The Scorpion King, Grath Longfletch
  • Allies: The Elric brothers and Van Hohenheim, Roy Mustang, Alex Louis Armstrong (former enemies), Olivier Mira Armstrong, Po, Aang, Night Raid, Arya Stark, Kyoichiro Kuroi, Ood Sigma, Cael Cynder, Shinjiro Aragaki and Ken Amada, Zuko, Katara
  • On Speaking Terms with: Mohammed Avdol
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Alexander Anderson
  • Conflicting Views on: Atrocitus, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Dexter Morgan, Lordgenome
  • Enemies: Father and his Homunculi, especially King Bradley (but not Greed), Solf J. Kimblee, Shou Tucker, Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist), anyone who has committed genocide, particularly Zamasu, any Nazi god and YHVH, Yoshikage Kira, Griffith, Dr. Weil, Lysandre, Gregor Clegane, the other Scar, Juri Han, Bryan Fury
  • Opposes: Corrupt members of the House of FAITH
  • Complicated Relationship with: Winry Rockbell
  • The man known as Scar was an Ishvalan monk and brother to a prodigious alchemist. Unfortunately, Ishvala and Amestris were at war, and the end result was a genocide of his people and the death of his brother. Horrified by this, he became a thorn in their military's side, a Serial Killer of State Alchemists and eventually a key figure in the perpetrators' downfall. And in spite of what they did, an ally to Amestris.
  • A devastating figure, his right arm allows him to deconstruct things, like the people he's killed. It involves alchemy, and he's aware of the potential hypocrisy; as he only destroys things rather than recreate, he doesn't consider it alchemy. However, he's come to terms with this and has abandoned this viewpoint.
  • It isn't known what his name is; after the genocide of his people he only goes by the name of Scar because he doesn't believe he deserves his real name. People have tried to figure it out, and so far these two accounts are the closest anyone has gotten]].
  • Initially considered occupying both the House of Hatred and Vengeance, however, has come to terms with his wrath. Plus members of that house either inspire loathing and/or are completely evil, or he feels they have gone too far. Especially it being home to genocidal maniacs like Zamasu and Dr. Weil. Did end up befriending Arya Stark, however, as he can understand how she feels perfectly and is in general fond of kids. He's also keeping in mind she doesn't go too far.
  • Is usually found in the House of Ambiguity, due to his anti-hero nature. He can be seen working with the Night Raid. Sometimes he's seen working in the House of Health and Diseases, likely out of guilt due to having killed Winry's doctor parents. Speaking of Winry, she recognizes his atonement but still hasn't fully forgiven him. Whether she simply doesn't want to or she does but is too conflicted to face him with it is anyone's guess.
  • Po and Aang, like Scar, are examples of Genocide Backfire. However, they never went into anti-hero tendencies, which Scar is pretty impressed by. He and Kyoichiro Kuroi can understand each other due to their laundry lists of regrets, and appreciates Ood Sigma for how he fought back the oppression of the Ood and remained pacifistic. He also understands Cael Cynder for how his kind was exploited.
  • Both him and Atrocitus are interesting in one another, due to their similarities. Atrocitus suffered genocide of almost his entire planet and sector, so Scar gets why he does what he did as does the Red Lantern. However, he has repeatedly turned down any offer to join the Red Lantern Corps, despite being promised a high position. He opposes the idea of said corps since he feels Atrocitus has trapped and corrupted them, which he defended by explaining that "they may be full of hate, but I still gave them life. They are better off". The two will still fight with each other against a common threat.
  • Like Atrocitus, he's conflicted with the likes of the Punisher and Dexter Morgan; especially the former, who sees much of his earlier, rage-consumed self in him. He is unclear how to think about Lord Genome either. While he did commit genocide and ruled as a tyrant, it was a necessary evil to keep humanity alive and like him Genome has atoned for his actions.
  • Has been seen working with priest Alexander Anderson due to their habit of fighting monsters, particularly Nazis who are infamous for their genocide. That said, Anderson hasn't been fettered with time, which means his tendency to go after any abnormal being regardless of whether they serve evil results in Scar holding the priest back more often than not. Initially, he thought YHVH might be the God he worships, however, learned how evil He was and his predilection for genocide all out of being a Control Freak who can't accept those who do not worship Him. As far as Scar is concerned, He is just as if not even worse than Father.
  • Was not pleased to learn that Kimblee found new life in the Trope Pantheon. Further distressed upon learning fellow sociopathic explosives expert, Yoshikage Kira. Or Gregor Clegane, who is the exact kind of psycho that made the war in Ishvala so horrific. He opposes the likes of Griffith due to being very similar to Father in making massive sacrifices for greater power, and Lysandre for his immense misanthropy. Weil is completely disgusting for committing the gravest genocide in the history of his world, all because he wanted to punish the Reploids for their crimes and slake his ego.
  • Got some eye rolls from Weil due to sounding like his treacherous enforcer, Craft. Is on speaking terms with the similar-sounding Mohammed Avdol, and got chills hearing Yuuki Terumi as Susano'o share his voice.
  • Ran into a young man in a dark alley one day who picked a fight with him. Scar won the fight, but recognized something in the youngster and told him to get stronger. A short time later, another youth entered the Pantheon and through that second youth he learned who both of them were: the former had accidentally killed the latter's mother and practically sought his own death over it, while the latter had initially sought revenge only to abandon said folly, both very similar to his own experiences. Since then he's been mentoring Ken while covertly looking out for Shinjiro.
  • Noticing the above reminded Scar of another duo of enemies turned friends: two of Aang's group who he learned of through the Avatar, by the names of Zuko and Katara. Like Ken and Shinjiro, Zuko and Katara serve as dual mirrors of himself through their progression from troubled paths filled with anger and vengeance with the potential to drive them towards terrible decisions — Zuko's struggle with his lost honor amongst his people from the incident that got him his scar, Katara's fury after losing most of her people to a war against an imperial regime — to overcoming and finding peace with themselves and each other. He'd met Katara once with Aang, and helped Zuko out when a pitch to Juri Han to join the Grand United Alliance of Good predictably turned awry into a fight against Juri and Bryan Fury.

Lesser Gods

    E-123 Omega 
E-123 Omega, God of Beta Test Resentment (The Ultimate E-Series Robot)



    Kecleon Brothers 
The Kecleon Brothers, Gods of Dungeon Shops and Shopkeeper's Revenge (Kakureon)
  • Quasideities (Normally), Greater Gods (If some one steals from them)
  • Symbol: Two red zigzagging lines
  • Theme Music: "Stop By, Take A Look" ("Thief!" if stolen from)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Protean
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Movesets:
    • Purple Brother: Knock Off, Drain Punch, Sucker Punch, Shadow Sneak
    • Green Brother: Skill Swap, Drain Punch, Rock Slide, Ice Punch
  • Portfolios: Holding up shops in dungeons, Being able to Change Typing, Hollywood Chameleons, Going into Unstoppable Rage if stolen from
  • Domains: Shops, Chameleons, Rage
  • Followers: Any shopkeeper in a Roguelike
  • Allies: Pikachu, Recette Lemongrass
  • Enemies: Every one from the House of Crime (at least the ones related to robbery)
  • These two Kecleon (One green and one purple) which run a small shop, usually located near Recette's Temple. However, the green one usually leaves to sell his goods somewhere else around the Pantheon.
  • Usually, the two of them are really docile... Unless you steal from them, or you destroy their products, in which they get into Unstoppable Rage, summoning more Kecleon to ambush the thief. During which, the otherwise subpar Pokémon becomes one of most dangerous things you can see.
  • One of grand mission of House of Crime currently is to steal from them and be able to escape without a scratch. So far no one hasn't been quite brave (or foolish) enough to try that. Not even Issac and Miria, who are said to be a few crayons short by most of the House of Crime, wouldn't steal from them.
    • Even so, when they did do this, due to Issac and Miria's immortality, everyone watched as a group of Kecleon kept pounding them into oblivion for three days straight. It wasn't until Issac and Miria offered them some of the gold that they had on hand did they stop.
      • Similarly, the House of Friendship has been tasked to find a way to calm down Kecleon if they get angry. So far this has been a really difficult task.


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