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House of Revenge and Retribution Index
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Greater Gods

Hera, Goddess of Women Scorned (Juno, Divine Queen, Goddess of Marriage, Women and Childbirth, Queen of Olympus, Queen of the Gods, Her Most Annoying Majesty, Bovine Majesty, The Loose Canon, Tia Callida)
Hera depicted in clockwise from Top Left: the Marvel Universe, God of War, The DCU, Puzzle & Dragons, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Disney's Hercules, Smite and Blood of Zeus. Center: A Statue of Hera

Horus, God of Avenging the Murder of Loved Ones (Haru, Hor, The Avenger, God of the Sky, War, Falcons and Hunting, Patron of the Pharaohs, King of the Gods, The Rightful Heir)
Horus as he's depicted in Smite
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Wedjat aka eye of Horus
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Hates Set Because He Killed His Father, The Power of the Sun and Lunacy, Blow You Away, Sometimes Shoehorned Into A Jesus Role, Top God after Ra, Beast Man
  • Domains: Pharaohs, Sons, Leadership, Divinity, Heroism, Revenge, The Sky, The Sun and Moon, Falcons, Griffins
  • Allies: Osiris and Isis (his parents), Anubis (his half-brother), Hathor (his consort), Ra, most benevolent Egyptian gods, Zia Rashid, Mufasa, Simba, Ho-oh, Chanticleer, The Phoenix, Tenzin, Oberyn Martell, Inigo Montoya, Amaterasu, Gilda
  • Special relationship with: Cleopatra, Anakaris, Yami Yugi, Ramses II (divine patron)
  • Headbutting Heroes with: The Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: Set (his uncle), Apophis, Scar, Nyarlathotep(Cthulhu Mythos), Sutekh the Destroyer, Griffith, Zorc Necrophades, The Grand Duke of Owls, YHVH, The C'tan
  • Opposes: Those who attempt or commit Patricide
  • Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis, and the god of many things. When Osiris was slain by Set and stuck to rule the Underworld, his son Horus swore vengeance. He and Set would be arch-enemies, Horus losing his eye to the god of desert storms and in some myths Set was castrated by him. He's usually depicted as a falcon or man with a falcon head, though which varies.
  • Became the Top God after Isis' coup, though Ra holds the job in an emeritus sort of way. The pharaohs believed they were the human manifestation of Horus, so many ascended pharaohs have him guarding them. Yes, even Ramses, though he doesn't condone his actions. He is all for fighting YHVH with him, as He seeks to displace all gods, and really doesn't like the Egyptian pantheon.
  • Searching for pharaohs in the pantheon, he ended up meeting Nyarlathotep and Sutekh the Destroyer. Almost immediately he came to oppose them. The Crawling Chaos' interest in Earth and malicious plans made him a disgrace to the position of pharaoh, and Sutekh wanted to destroy everything like Apophis. Set's hatred of Apophis and disgust on how Sutekh shared his name was so great he actually worked with his nephew to fight them off.
  • Not the only one who wishes to avenge a loved one's murder, though he is one of the earliest examples. Inigo Montoya named the You Killed My Father phrase, but was already a Dashing Hispanic and was fine with Horus having it since more heroic father avengers, the better. Oberyn Martell can relate to Horus given the rape and murder of his sister, and Horus likes the warm Dorne summers.
  • The Emperor of Mankind was at ease when learning of a god named Horus, given his history with FUCKING HORUS LUPERCAL. Horus was enraged to learn his name was associated with the traitorous Primarch, and as the Emperor also dealt with his uncle murdering his father they had some common ground. However the Emperor's atheism and not liking being treated as a God-Emperor makes their alliance a fraught one.
  • Noted he had some similarities with Simba. Both of them had their Evil Uncle kill their father, who they would eventually confront and avenge their dad. Also, like Osiris Mufasa exists after death, sort of. Ra also felt himself relating to Tenzin, as they see themselves as the dutiful sons of great men.
  • One of many Egyptian sun gods. He is also considered a god of the moon, and the sky. The sun part is more noticeable, particularly since he hates how the C'Tan poison and devour stars. The Grand Duke of Owls was not happy to learn of yet another solar deity prove problematic to his plan of stopping the rise of the day for no real reason. The sun goddess Amaterasu welcomed Horus to the pantheon.
  • Also involved with falcons, griffins, and other birds of prey. He finds Chanticleer helpful in his duty as a sun god, and seems to be fond of the phoenix-like Ho-oh and the actual Phoneix. He was not happy to learn about Griffith and how he is associated with griffins. More willing to deal with Gilda, especially now that she's made up with her old friend.
  • Has no sympathy for those who commit patricide, given that he is about avenging his father. On a lesser note, he doesn't care for people who think he's Egyptian Jesus. Also, don't bring up the fact that Set raped him and they may or may not have had hate sex later on.

Perturabo, God of Punchingbags Turning to Evil (Primarch of The Iron Warriors)

Intermediate Gods

    E-123 Omega 
E-123 Omega, God of Beta Test Resentment (The Ultimate E-Series Robot)

    Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist
Scarnote , God of Retribution For Genocide (The Scarred Man, The Alchemist Killer, Ishvalan [by Olivier Armstrong], Percival Ramdeen Gregory Nicolai Chuck Schozer Leonardo Gabriel Socrates Ming Victor Nostradamus Alastair Patisha Vladimir Stiegler Rasputin Boromir Walla Walla Shadigah Alexander Oliver Abelard Ernesto Zippy Zappy Angel Eyes, Jugemu Jugemu Go-Kō-no-Surikire Kaijari-suigyo no Suigyōmatsu Unraimatsu Fūraimatsu Kūneru Tokoro ni Sumu Tokoro Yaburakōji no Burakōji Paipo Paipo Paipo no Shūringan Shūringan no Gūrindai Gūrindai no Ponpokopii no Ponpokonaa no Chōkyūmei no Chōsuke)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The tattoos on his arm, or the scar on his face
  • Theme Song: Scar, Man with Scar
  • Alignment: True Neutral (formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Genocide Backfire, Sympathetic Serial Killers, Hero Killer, He Who Fights Monsters, Targets War Criminals, Wishes To Die By A State Alchemist, Badass Preacher, Badass Transplant, X Marks The Anti-Hero, Scary Ishvalan Man, Right Hand of Doom, Perpetual Frowner, Remorseful Killers, Coming To Peace With His Anger, Character Development, Heel–Face Turn
  • Domains: Revenge, Destruction, Faith, Wrath, Forgiveness
  • Followers: The Scorpion King, Grath Longfletch
  • Allies: The Elric brothers and Van Hohenheim, Roy Mustang, Alex Louis Armstrong (former enemies), Olivier Mira Armstrong, Po, Aang, Night Raid, Arya Stark, Kyoichiro Kuroi, Ood Sigma, Cael Cynder, Shinjiro Aragaki and Ken Amada, Zuko, Katara
  • On Speaking Terms with: Mohammed Avdol
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Alexander Anderson
  • Conflicting Views on: Atrocitus, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Dexter Morgan, Lordgenome
  • Enemies: Father and his Homunculi, especially King Bradley (but not Greed), Solf J. Kimblee, Shou Tucker, Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist), anyone who has committed genocide, particularly Zamasu, any Nazi god and YHVH, Yoshikage Kira, Griffith, Dr. Weil, Lysandre, Gregor Clegane, the other Scar, Juri Han, Bryan Fury
  • Opposes: Corrupt members of the House of Religion and Faith
  • Complicated Relationship with: Winry Rockbell
  • The man known as Scar was an Ishvalan monk and brother to a prodigious alchemist. Unfortunately, Ishvala and Amestris were at war, and the end result was a genocide of his people and the death of his brother. Horrified by this, he became a thorn in their military's side, a Serial Killer of State Alchemists and eventually a key figure in the perpetrators' downfall. And in spite of what they did, an ally to Amestris.
  • A devastating figure, his right arm allows him to deconstruct things, like the people he's killed. It involves alchemy, and he's aware of the potential hypocrisy; as he only destroys things rather than recreate, he doesn't consider it alchemy. However, he's come to terms with this and has abandoned this viewpoint.
  • It isn't known what his name is; after the genocide of his people he only goes by the name of Scar because he doesn't believe he deserves his real name. People have tried to figure it out, and so far these two accounts are the closest anyone has gotten.
  • Initially considered occupying both the House of Hatred and Vengeance, however, has come to terms with his wrath. Plus members of that house either inspire loathing and/or are completely evil, or he feels they have gone too far. Especially it being home to genocidal maniacs like Zamasu and Dr. Weil. Did end up befriending Arya Stark, however, as he can understand how she feels perfectly and is in general fond of kids. He's also keeping in mind she doesn't go too far.
  • Is usually found in the House of Ambiguity, due to his anti-hero nature. He can be seen working with the Night Raid. Sometimes he's seen working in the House of Health and Diseases, likely out of guilt due to having killed Winry's doctor parents. Speaking of Winry, she recognizes his atonement but still hasn't fully forgiven him. Whether she simply doesn't want to or she does but is too conflicted to face him with it is anyone's guess.
  • Po and Aang, like Scar, are examples of Genocide Backfire. However, they never went into anti-hero tendencies, which Scar is pretty impressed by. He and Kyoichiro Kuroi can understand each other due to their laundry lists of regrets, and appreciates Ood Sigma for how he fought back the oppression of the Ood and remained pacifistic. He also understands Cael Cynder for how his kind was exploited.
  • Both him and Atrocitus are interesting in one another, due to their similarities. Atrocitus suffered genocide of almost his entire planet and sector, so Scar gets why he does what he did as does the Red Lantern. However, he has repeatedly turned down any offer to join the Red Lantern Corps, despite being promised a high position. He opposes the idea of said corps since he feels Atrocitus has trapped and corrupted them, which he defended by explaining that "they may be full of hate, but I still gave them life. They are better off". The two will still fight with each other against a common threat.
  • Like Atrocitus, he's conflicted with the likes of the Punisher and Dexter Morgan; especially the former, who sees much of his earlier, rage-consumed self in him. He is unclear how to think about Lord Genome either. While he did commit genocide and ruled as a tyrant, it was a necessary evil to keep humanity alive and like him Genome has atoned for his actions.
  • Has been seen working with priest Alexander Anderson due to their habit of fighting monsters, particularly Nazis who are infamous for their genocide. That said, Anderson hasn't been fettered with time, which means his tendency to go after any abnormal being regardless of whether they serve evil results in Scar holding the priest back more often than not. Initially, he thought YHVH might be the God he worships, however, learned how evil He was and his predilection for genocide all out of being a Control Freak who can't accept those who do not worship Him. As far as Scar is concerned, He is just as if not even worse than Father.
  • Was not pleased to learn that Kimblee found new life in the Trope Pantheon. Further distressed upon learning fellow sociopathic explosives expert, Yoshikage Kira. Or Gregor Clegane, who is the exact kind of psycho that made the war in Ishvala so horrific. He opposes the likes of Griffith due to being very similar to Father in making massive sacrifices for greater power, and Lysandre for his immense misanthropy. Weil is completely disgusting for committing the gravest genocide in the history of his world, all because he wanted to punish the Reploids for their crimes and slake his ego.
  • Got some eye rolls from Weil due to sounding like his treacherous enforcer, Craft. Is on speaking terms with the similar-sounding Mohammed Avdol, and got chills hearing Yuuki Terumi as Susano'o share his voice.
  • Ran into a young man in a dark alley one day who picked a fight with him. Scar won the fight, but recognized something in the youngster and told him to get stronger. A short time later, another youth entered the Pantheon and through that second youth he learned who both of them were: the former had accidentally killed the latter's mother and practically sought his own death over it, while the latter had initially sought revenge only to abandon said folly, both very similar to his own experiences. Since then he's been mentoring Ken while covertly looking out for Shinjiro.
  • Noticing the above reminded Scar of another duo of enemies turned friends: two of Aang's group who he learned of through the Avatar, by the names of Zuko and Katara. Like Ken and Shinjiro, Zuko and Katara serve as dual mirrors of himself through their progression from troubled paths filled with anger and vengeance with the potential to drive them towards terrible decisions — Zuko's struggle with his lost honor amongst his people from the incident that got him his scar, Katara's fury after losing most of her people to a war against an imperial regime — to overcoming and finding peace with themselves and each other. He'd met Katara once with Aang, and helped Zuko out when a pitch to Juri Han to join the Grand United Alliance of Good predictably turned awry into a fight against Juri and Bryan Fury.

Van, God of Crusading Widowers (Van the Devil Swallowtail Suit, Van of the Dawn (his favorite), Van That Weird Guy Who Helped Out, Van Za Naisu Gai, Pretty Van From The Garbage Dump... gah, too many to list)
  • Intermediate God
  • Theme Music: GUNXSWORD, A Rising Tide
  • Symbol: The head Dann of Thursday. Alternatively, his sword.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (with heavy Chaotic Good leanings)
  • Portfolio: Lots and lots of names (But forgetting most of them), Walking the Earth, Roaring Rampage of Revenge over the death of his wife, The Power of Love, Mostly apathetic except in bouts of extreme emotion, Attracting many womenbut dedicated to Elena, Badassery While Wearing A Swallowtail Suit, Screaming "CHESTOU!!!"
  • Domains: Weddings, Love, Names, Revenge, Swordsmanship, Mecha Piloting
  • Heralds: Wendy Garrett, Carul Mendoza/Carmen 99, Ray Lundgren, Joshua Lundgren, Priscilla, and The El Dorado Five
  • Allies: Domon Kasshu, Spike Siegel, Kouji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi, Sayaka Yumi and Jun Hono, Princess Cadence, Sanger Zonvolt, Kriemhild, The Punisher
  • Enemies: Queen Chrysalis, Nena Trinity, Glenn Arias, Afro, Artorius Collbrande, Nerose Sataniel, Dr. Screwball Jones, High Councilor Kal-El, The Joker, Dr. Claw
  • Conflicting Opinion on: John Wick, The Bride, Travis Touchdown, Sasuke Uchiha, Roland
  • Oppose: Settra
  • Van began his life as nothing more than a vagrant, one of the many orphans without a home on the Planet of Endless Illusion. One day, he met a woman named Elena, who was researching the Armors that once belonged to the Original Seven, a group dedicated to protecting the planet. She became interested in Van, and invited him to join in her efforts to revive the group as a potential pilot. Eventually, the two fell in love and became fiancee, leading to the best days in his life. But on their wedding day, a madman with a mechanical claw for a hand, who wanted to eliminate unhappiness, arrived and asked them to join him. When they refused, he savagely attacked them, grievously injuring Van and killing Elena. After waking up and realizing that he had lost everything, he decided to dedicate himself to killing the Clawed Man with the Armor Dann of Thursday. And so he began a journey for vengeance, meeting many people as he went on. Until he got to finally enjoy his revenge against the man who ruined his life. But once it was done, he went back to what he was at first: an aimless vagrant, with little idea on what to do next.
  • His ascension came thanks to the words of several members of GUAG Robot War Division, who had accompanied him on his quest for vengeance in some alternate realities, who recounted how dedicated he was to avenge his wife, and how his memory of his love for her empowered him in his relentless fight to do it. The Court of the Gods, impressed by this, decided that he would make a good candidate for representing Crusading Widowers, and so arranged for him to come into the Pantheon as he was wandering his world. While he was at first pretty surprised by it, he decided to stay as he really didn't have anything better to do now.
    • In one version of those events, Domon Kasshu had taken him under his wings to teach him how to control his emotions and master Dann, as he emphasized with the quest to seek revenge as he once did after his parents were thought dead. For his part, Van admires him for the fact that he used the Power of Love to save his love interest Rain after she was absorbed by the Devil Gundam. And so, the two's friendship has naturally continued in the Pantheon.
    • Though Spike Spiegel isn't a mecha pilot, he was also amongst Van's comrades in that particular reality. Upon learning that the Cowboy had also lost the woman he loved, Van went to share his sympathies with him and even offer to help him on his bounties. Spike declined the offer but did appreciate the sentiment.
    • He gets along pretty well with Tetsuya Tsurugi and greatly approves of his happy marriage with Jun, but his relationship with Kouji is slightly rockier, if only because he's annoyed by Kouji's hesitation of committing to Sayaka and marrying her. As such, most of their interactions consist of Van not-so-subtly pushing the original Super Robot pilot towards proposing. The latter understand where he's coming from, but it doesn't make things much easier for him.
  • His main ride is Dann of Thursday, one of the very first Armors made on the Endless Illusion, and whose strength is based on the willpower and emotions of its pilot. Of course, Van can't really carry it around with him, so back in his world, it stayed in the orbit of the planet when he's not summoning it with his sword. In the Pantheon, it now rest in The Great Treasury, teleporting to Van when it's called.
  • Due to being robbed of his happiness right on his wedding day, Van really respects the sanctity of weddings and of love in general. In fact, he has set himself up as "Van the Patron Protector of Weddings", dedicated to protecting couples and an unofficial guardian of the House of Love and Affection. This dedication to love brought the attention of Princess Cadence, who similarly presides over the happiness of couples, and the two rapidly became allies over it. Hearing about how Queen Chrysalis stole the princess's place during her wedding to take over Equestria pissed him off mightily, leading him to put the Changeling ex-queen on his shitlist.
    • Another person he despises is the Gundam Meister known as Nena Trinity for having bombed a wedding reception out of boredom. While she hasn't been doing that much evil in the Pantheon and mostly stay uninvolved in conflict, the Armor pilot still swore that he would cut her down if he ever saw her.
  • Van frequently visits the House of Food whenever he's hungry (and it's often). He always orders his food with all the condiments the House have, and then yelling on the top of the lungs on whatever taste the food is. Naturally, this eating habit disgust most of the House's occupants, and a good number of the most prideful chefs have blacklisted him after seeing how he 'ruined' their meals.
  • Despite having once dedicated his life to vengeance, Van never crossed the line of hurting innocents that weren't involved with the Claw. Much like he despised a man named Ray, who had the same goals but much more repulsive methods, he is strongly against anyone who let their search for justice turn them into monsters. Glenn Arias learned it the hard way after the bioweapon dealer tried to approach, saying that as they both lost their wives on their wedding day, then he should understand his hatred. Van promptly answered that he was full of crap. While what happened to him was awful, blaming the whole world instead of the people who actually did it and then trying to destroy it is just ridiculous in Van's eyes, not to mention that Glenn was an arm-dealer who ruined countless lives for money even before the tragedy. This was followed by Glenn being promptly cut down, beginning a great mutual hatred between the two.
    • Similarly, while he has very little problem with Regime Superman killing the Joker after the latter killed everybody in Metropolis, including the latter's wife, and can understand why he'd want to make sure something like this never happened, he can't condone Kal-El's tyranny and wanton cruelty. And so, he has begun to earnestly defy the Kryptonian's attempt to assert his rule.
    • Though Afro is another swordsman who traveled all over the world in search of vengeance, Van also despises him for becoming no better than the man he had sworn to kill in killing countless people that had only tangential ties to his target. And that's without mentioning that in some versions of Afro's story, Afro's quest is literally pointless as the murderer of his father was long dead. And so, the Armor rider has dedicated himself to stand in the black samurai's way whenever his quest for revenge threatens any innocent.
  • As a fellow warrior who is a Master Swordsman both outside and inside of his mecha and who once went on a quest for vengeance, he became quite a friend with Sanger Zonvolt and occasionally spars, with them roaring "CHESTOOOOOO!!!" most of the time.
  • The man who killed his beloved Elena was a man who remained always serene, never showing any signs of negative emotions despite all of the awful things he did to other people and who earnestly believe in making a world of peace by literally imposing his mind on the subconscious of every person on the planet, ending all suffering and emotions besides happiness. Nerose Satanael, who successfully ended suffering and free will in the world, was horrified to learn that such a noble project was ended by the hands of a selfish man who let hate and anger control his actions. He has declared Van an unsightly wicked being that needs to be removed for the sake of his plan, and the latter is pissed off right back due to how much Nerose's attitude reminds him of The Claw. This animosity has extended to Nerose's ally Dr. Screwball, who similarly wants to promote happiness at the expense of free will.
    • Artorius Collbrande is another such person that desires to end evil by eliminating free will, but he actually does emphasize with Van, as his own wife was also killed. He wishes he could convince the Armor rider to join him in making a better world, but he is very well aware that this won't ever be happening. And so he focuses on trying to kill the very dangerous threat to his plans.
  • While John Wick wasn't quite avenging his wife, Van understands full well that his dog was the symbol of their bond, and so condone his rampaging vengeance against the bastard who killed it. But he's not quite friends with him as he's rather uncomfortable about his job as an assassin. John Wick, for his part, respects Van right back for the lengths he went to avenge his beloved bride.
  • After hearing about the existence of someone named 'Claw' in the Pantheon, Van went ballistic and immediately summoned Dann to himself. Then, he rushed right towards the latter's temple, screaming bloody murder as he burst through the walls... Only to be quickly deflated when it turned out that it was Doctor who, while being an unrepentant villain, was quite different from his old nemesis (hell, he doesn't even have a claw). Though he quickly and sheepishly left, the enraged supervillain since then swore that he would destroy Van the Property Smashing Idiot.
  • One may think of him as Kriemhild's male counterpart, considering their positions that they both earned from dedicating their lives to avenging their respective spouses. Though her own revenge resulted in the ruination of two kingdoms, Van admitted that he probably wouldn't have cared much if killing the Claw did indeed cause a war, and he's happy that she got to be reunited with her husband Siegfried in the Pantheon.
    • The Bride is another woman who similarly set out on a path of bloody revenge against the people who caused a massacre at her wedding. While Van fully empathizes with her quest and how her chance at happiness was stolen from her, he is rather uneasy with her past gleefulness when working as an assassin and the fact that her marriage was mainly one of convenience. Still, there is a mutual understanding and respect between them.
    • On the other hand, he at first had little respect when he heard the tale of Travis Touchdown, as even though the latter also searched vengeance for a loved one, he was an asshole who didn't give a crap about all the people he killed or those that may care about them. It didn't help that the otaku outright gave up on avenging his parents for a long time due to lacking any leads. But upon finally meeting him, Van was quickly surprised to see that Travis has grown during his travels into a better and more genuinely heroic person who fully agrees with the mecha pilot's assumption of his old self. The two have since become more cordial with each other, though Van still tries to drag him into going back to his wife and kids.
    • He has a similar relationship with Sasuke Uchiha. While he understands that the ninja has far changed from the days when he was ready to throw away anything and anyone for the sake of his vengeance, the widower still can't stand the fact that he's passing so much time away from his family. He personally thinks that if you're lucky enough to have that kind of happiness, then you should cherish it.
  • He has an odd habit of randomly giving himself new nicknames such as 'Van of the Dawn', 'Van the nice guy' whenever the whim pass him, and as such his collection of titles is forever-expanding with more and more ludicrous ones appearing every day, to the point that most record-keeping deities have given up on keeping track of them all. Rather ironically, Van himself can't seem to manage remembering the names of people who aren't his allies. Another deity with a similarly huge number of titles is Karl Franz, who is rather bemused that someone is rivaling him on that front just because they making new titles for themselves.
  • While he has no intention of dedicating his life to righting wrongs and slaying people who did deeds as heinous as the Claw, he can see where the Punisher and his crusade on crime after the murder of his family is coming from. While he won't go on his way to help the latter, he's content to let him do so as long as he doesn't hurt innocent people in his rage. Frank Castle himself does sympathize in return.
  • Naturally for such a marital-oriented man, he can't help but despise King Settra for the latter sacrificing his own sons, not caring at all if the undead king is a good ruler or not. That said, seeing several of the monarch's servants list off his own extensive list of titles for hours did strike a chord with the Armor rider. While he's not the type to have servants, Van has been thinking about getting some kind of device that could list all of his nicknames.


    Kecleon Brothers 
The Kecleon Brothers, Gods of Dungeon Shops and Shopkeeper's Revenge (Kakureon)
  • Quasideities (Normally), Greater Gods (If some one steals from them)
  • Symbol: Two red zigzagging lines
  • Theme Music: "Stop By, Take A Look" ("Thief!" if stolen from)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Protean
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Movesets:
    • Purple Brother: Knock Off, Drain Punch, Sucker Punch, Shadow Sneak
    • Green Brother: Skill Swap, Drain Punch, Rock Slide, Ice Punch
  • Portfolios: Holding up shops in dungeons, Being able to Change Typing, Hollywood Chameleons, Going into Unstoppable Rage if stolen from
  • Domains: Shops, Chameleons, Rage
  • Followers: Any shopkeeper in a Roguelike
  • Allies: Pikachu, Recette Lemongrass
  • Enemies: Every one from the House of Crime and Transgressions (at least the ones related to robbery)
  • These two Kecleon (One green and one purple) which run a small shop, usually located near Recette's Temple. However, the green one usually leaves to sell his goods somewhere else around the Pantheon.
  • Usually, the two of them are really docile... Unless you steal from them, or you destroy their products, in which they get into Unstoppable Rage, summoning more Kecleon to ambush the thief. During which, the otherwise subpar Pokémon becomes one of most dangerous things you can see.
  • One of grand mission of House of Crime currently is to steal from them and be able to escape without a scratch. So far no one hasn't been quite brave (or foolish) enough to try that. Not even Issac and Miria, who are said to be a few crayons short by most of the House of Crime, wouldn't steal from them.
    • Even so, when they did do this, due to Issac and Miria's immortality, everyone watched as a group of Kecleon kept pounding them into oblivion for three days straight. It wasn't until Issac and Miria offered them some of the gold that they had on hand did they stop.
      • Similarly, the House of Friendship has been tasked to find a way to calm down Kecleon if they get angry. So far this has been a really difficult task.