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The meme that took ZA WARUDO by storm.
DIO: Oh? You're approaching TV Tropes? Instead of doing something else, you're coming right at it? Even though many tropers here have warned you not to spend too much time on this website, like an exam student scrambling to finish editing this page before the edit lock expires?
Jotaro: I can't meme the shit out of you without getting closer.
DIO: Oh ho! Then trope as much as you like.

Also known, called, and referred to as "Jojokes".

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is without question the most memetic manga to ever run in Shonen Jump. Exploding in popularity overseas when the anime released, the bizarre nature of the series makes it perfect for Memetic Mutation. It's rather telling that as of part 5, there was at least one recorded meme in every single episode.

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  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme.[[/labelnote]] Explanation

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    In General 
  • Don't skip parts. Explanation
  • This song now belongs to the JoJo fandom. Explanation
    • This comment section is property of PASSIONE/gay mafia. Explanation
    • JoJo incoming. Explanation
    • X is now a JoJo reference. Explanation
  • Part [x] [character], Part [x] [character]. Explanation
  • Only JoJo can make [x] epic. Explanation
  • Whenever an argument about who would beat whom in a fight comes up, the answer is always Giorno. Along with The Flash, he's perhaps the person most commonly brought up in power level debates. Explanation
    • At least until Eyes of Heaven, where he met Heaven Ascension DIO.
    • Alternatively, Pocoloco will always win thanks to Hey Ya! Explanation
  • Jokes about Hirohiko Araki being way younger-looking than he really is; the man's in his sixties and still looks 20. Enter quips about him being a Hamon user or a vampire.
  • I Win. Explanation
  • The series' distinctive drawing style has become a meme.
    • Similarly, if someone randomly throws around the Japanese "dramatic tension" Unsound Effects ゴゴゴゴゴ (GO GO GO GO GO) and ドドドドド (DO DO DO DO DO), it's guaranteed to be a JoJo reference. Thanks to the anime, photoshopping said unsound effects into pictures has also taken off. Thanks to subtitles for the anime, which actually bothered translating the Unsound Effects, "MENACING" has become its own meme.
  • "Out of Function/Retire(再起不能/リタイア)"note 
  • Araki's habit of drawing the characters in very weird poses, such as Diavolo's final pose (when he's running from the little girl), Giorno's "gang-star" pose, and Anasui's model-esque pose, has also spawned some memes.
  • Joseph's penchant for provocative clothing and poses even by the manga's usual standards (especially in promos) has led to more than a few stripper jokes. It's since spiraled into prostitution jokes in the same vein as the edits from K-On!.
  • "Giant bara deer": A term for the musclebound men in the first parts of JoJo that arose after this animated .gif of Jonathan appeared on /a/ with the filename "giant_bara_deer_caught_in_headlights.gif".
  • You are a worthless child, Jonathan.Explanation
  • Dio the Futurama Jar HeadExplanation
    • Jonathan the Head/JonaheadExplanation
  • Anything Joseph says with Gratuitous English, the fans shall never forget.
  • This must be the work of an enemy Stand!Explanation
  • Expect 「people」 who talk about Jojo to at least write a 「sentence」 with words closed by 「Japanese quotation marks」 and formatted in bold. Occasionally used to determine if someone has a 「Stand」.
  • Araki hates dogs. Explanation
  • Araki loves donuts. Explanation (spoilers!)
  • The series is well known for being Reference Overdosed, especially when it comes to shout outs to classic rock, so fans sometimes like to add even more classic rock references into their fanwork. For example:
    • Episode 1 of the Abridged version of Phantom Blood accompanies a sad Speedwagon scene with a song by his namesake.
    • Dio is often swapped out with his namesake.
    You thought it was Ozzy Osbourne, but it was I, Ronnie James Dio!
  • Abbacchio+Rohan+F.F=Egg Explanation
  • "Read the manga." Explanation
  • When the 1997 oneshot American comic Diesel, a hilariously blatant ripoff of the N'Doul fight from Stardust Crusaders (complete with powers literally called Stands), was discovered by the Internet, it was naturally subject to immediate memetic status and derision.
  • "Is this a JoJo reference?" Explanation
    • (Thing) (Tenuous link to JJBA) What a (adjective) Jojoke!Explanation
    • Is this a Jay Jay's Crazy Journey reference? Explanation
  • Crossing over different western cartoons (usually Looney Tunes, of all series) with JJBA has been a meme for a while, such as making characters doing weird poses and/or dressed up weirdly into stands and naming them after certain songs. For example, there's been fanart of Daffy Duck and Tom Cat dressed in zoot suits and made to look like Jojo characters on 4chan and it began to explode from that point. Reached its apex when, in the official 40th anniversary Garfield book, a fan art of Garfield dressed as Jotaro and Jon as Star Platinum appeared.
  • "What is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?" "Yes." Explanation
  • Araki forgot. Explanation
  • Due to Dub Name Change while Writing Around Trademarks for Stand names, it's not uncommon to see fans bring up a Stand's original name, and for subsequent fans to jokingly come up with increasingly ridiculous names derived from all forms of synonyms, such as turning "Black Sabbath" into "Dark Saturday", "Sex Pistols" into "Intercourse Ammunition" or "Killer Queen, Bites the Dust" into "Murderous Monarch, Masticates the Minerals".note 
  • Thanks to the excessive amount of Friendly Fandoms, many fans also see the series as a main staple of being a shared universe to all of the Anime existed.
  • The first teaser for The Rise of Skywalker revealed a new cute droid called D-0, pronounced identically to "Dio." The reaction was exactly what you would expect.
  • John Wick is a Jojo Explanation
  • [X] is a JoJo Explanation
    • Jesus was the first JoJo Explanation
  • For some strange reason, King Ghidorah from Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) has somehow become memetically associated with DIO, whether it be because of his gold color scheme, his vampiric, life-draining abilities, or his threatening poses during the battles against Godzilla. It's even become somewhat popular for gijinka fanart of Ghidorah to be based upon DIO.
  • Apple's $999 Pro Stand Explanation
  • Jojo Rabbit's Bizarre Adventure Explanation
  • Jojo's Daddy Issues Adventure Explanation
  • Honda Dio and Honda GiornoExplanation
  • YAKAMASHI!!! You're so damn annoying! Explanation
  • Cloud Atlas is a Jojo reference.Explanation
  • Superfly and Tower of GrayExplanation
    • AC/DC and Red Hot Chili PepperExplanation
  • "The Stand user could be anyone." Explanation
  • Yet another Rohan OVA / Rohan Kishibe goes to Costco Explanation
  • The Joestars Inherited Soul event, which also revealed the Stone Ocean anime, featured some hilariously inaccurate autogenerated subtitles (this image contains some of the best ones). The subs were quickly deemed the successor to Duwang.
    • "John Cena vs. Diablo, King of Crimson"
    • "The Toaster Family"
    • "long nipples"
    • "Jew Stars"
  • JoJo characters after fighting a guy who can [x] Explanation
  • JoJo Brain Rot Explanation
  • Stand users attract other Stand users Explanation
  • Jamón Explanation

    Animated Adaptations (OVA, David Productions Anime) 
  • Dio loves 7Up.Explanation
    • In the Part 4 anime, a billboard shows a logo for Pepsi, and fans tend to associate Yoshikage Kira with Pepsi in the same way Dio is associated with 7Up.
  • "It's an enemy Stand!" Explanation
  • <—To Be Continued— - -/Roundabout Explanation
  • Calling Wamuu's Holy Sandstorm attack the "Holy Wubstorm", after the Pillar Men's dubstep leitmotif.
  • Shadow Jotaro Explanation
  • With the TV anime premiere of Stardust Crusaders, it's become popular to swap out Dio's Hermit Purple-generated photo with just about anything else.
  • "You had one job, woman! ONE JOB!" Explanation
  • Adding an older Caesar to the Stardust Crusaders anime.
  • Nigel Uno has grown up, and now he's even more dangerous. Explanation
  • "Well, call or fold, D'Arby! What's it gonna be, D'Arby?! What's it gonna F*CKING BE?!Explanation
  • Part 5 Never.Explanation
    • Part 6 never.Explanation
    • Part 7 never.Explanation
  • Matthew Mercer vs Patrick Seitz Explanation
  • It's High Noon! Explanation
  • Miyuki OnoExplanation
  • An oil tanker for you! Explanation
  • Fruits Basket: Vento Aureo. Explanation
  • Jolyne.pngExplanation

    Video Games (Heritage For The Future, All Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven) 
  • Thanks to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, plus a certain Flash video, Dio is one of the most infamous manga villains of all time.
    • It's even crossed over into the real world...
    • ZA WARUDO! Explanation
    • TOKI WO TOMARE!note 
    • KURAE! note 
    • Soshite, toki wa ugoki dasu. note 
    • WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Explanation
    • The original flash video has been preserved on Dagobah, but you can also see it here.
  • Dio loves milkExplanation
  • KAKATTE KOI!Explanation
  • NOExplanation
    • CLACKER VOLLEYExplanation
    • lol, his ultimate attack is screaming his friend's nameExplanation
    • Stupid people can believe in anything, so you can believe in yourself!Explanation
  • For the hardcore HFTF community, Khan is a fairly popular character simply because of his Joke Character status akin to Dan from Street Fighter, with his most memorable moves being his godly low light attack that can chain into itself to the point that it becomes an infinite, the Spinny Funny, and his absolutely terrible throw that everyone uses just to watch him shave his opponent's beard with a katana while screaming "SHINEI! Ago goto sotte yaru ze!"
  • Diamond is Not Crazy Explanation
  • How deep can I hit it? Balls deep! Explanation
  • FIVE DIOSExplanation
  • ZA HANDO ZA WARUDO Explanation
  • Yare yare, it's high noon. Explanation (part 3 spoiler)
  • "Next you'll say, OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU!"Explanation

    Fan Works 
  • "Kakyoin! Did you lay this egg?"Explanation
  • Everybody Lives AU.Explanation(spoilers)
  • Ariel Kakyoin/Ocean ManExplanation
  • A common recurring meme among the Jojo fandom is the idea of the villains all living together in the same household, often with comedic, sitcom-styled domestic humor such as this. Recurring tropes found in these works include Diavolo dying repeatedly and Kira being the Only Sane Man (which says a lot).
    • On a similar note, the fandom has greatly played off the concept of La Squadra being much like a family, taking their brotherhood-like relationship to its logical extreme by portraying Risotto and/or Prosciutto as parental figures with their bunch of misbehaving children.
  • "Mudad Dio" Explanation
  • Mr. Blue Sky Explanation
  • Joey's Special Experience Explanation

Dio: You thought your first meme would be JoJo, but it was I, Dio!!