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Lots of live-action TV shows and films produce outtakes, as do audio works, live performances, and all kinds of other media where physical, existing things, are involved.

Of course, the animated world isn't real. Ergo, the only things that exist in it are what was intended to exist, Off-Model notwithstanding: Given the difficulty in well animating lengthy projects, this is normally only what is necessary (and sometimes not even that).

Then you get some people who will do anything if it's fun. They make Animated Outtakes.

Sub-Trope of Animated Actors. See Hilarious Outtakes for the real version.


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  • A series of yoghurt commercials is a "behind-the-scenes" making-of featuring animated yoghurt bottles messing up by being too lively (the yoghurt is supposed to give you energy, of course).
  • The Burger King Whopper Commercial featuring Homer Simpson. Nuff said.
  • The ads for Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart starring Hatsune Miku has these. They include Miku getting distracted by birds and having her voice break while singing the jingle. Two of the bloopers might even be real, which is an actor sneezing as well as a man walking out of the store and interrupting the shot, but Miku is still animated in them to preserve the realism.

    Anime & Manga 
  • The creators of Berserk (1997) released bloopers, but these are actually the voice acting outtakes on top of the correct animation... and then at the end they have the animated characters in a "scene" apologizing.
  • During the credits of the final episode of Chio's School Road, the animators had a little fun and showed some made-up mishaps, such as Chio missing the suitcase jump in episode one or Andou falling over while catching Chio.
  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within has a hilarious fake gag reel on the DVD release, including such gems as Gray stumbling and "accidentally" shooting Aki. As well as the cast performing the "Thriller" dance.
  • On Kill la Kill, the mistakes made by the English voice actors were made into animated versions, and shown at AnimeExpo.
  • Pokémon: The Series gets into the act for a special episode during the XY series in which they make a movie starring numerous Pikachu.
  • The end credits of Stand by Me Doraemon feature a reel that mostly consists of slapstick mishaps, since it silently played over the ending song. One scene involving the title character coming out of his portal drawer apparently took 50 takes.
  • Volumes of Magic Kaito end with extra panels revealing that the entire series is a TV show in-universe, and the first volume also features 4komas depicting a blooper from each chapter. In a amusing example, one of them reveals that the princess from chapter 2 is actually the same actress who plays Aoko wearing a blonde wig and fake eyebrows.

    Films — Animated 
  • For A Bug's Life (pictured above in a brief crossover with Toy Story), Pixar had the voice actors record new dialogue as if the characters were messing up their lines or breaking character (see Animated Actors). They later did the same with Toy Story 2 and Monsters, Inc. — the outtakes for the latter two weren't originally part of the movie, but were then put them in after the film had been out for a month or so, to incite audiences to go see it again. After a while, Pixar decided they were in danger of falling into formula, so they did away with the outtakes, starting with Finding Nemo. Information (and videos) on these outtakes can be viewed here.
    • In the case of Monsters, Inc., it had one during the ending credits, including (amongst other things) Randall being tricked into chameleoning himself into a painting (which he finds Actually Pretty Funny), Roz suddenly appearing in scenes she's not supposed to be in, everyone falling over in the Team Power Walk scene (but still in slow motion, including the monster yelling "Cut!") and a few line flubs that may have been genuine.
    • The Incredibles has a "bloopers" segment as a DVD extra. Some of the segments are this trope (like a bit where Elastigirl swings from the monorail car and smacks into a pylon), while others are legitimate animation errors (like a bit where the physics go wonky and make Violet's hair fly around wildly). None of these bits are fully rendered, and the deliberate jokes are little more than animatics. The whole thing comes across like a compilation the animators made to amuse themselves, which somehow got released to the public afterwards.
  • Many Barbie movies use this, though they're animated in the exact same way as the rest of the movie rather than the rough takes or animatics of other animated bloopers. Barbie in a Mermaid Tale abused the hell out of this for the DVD release: it features outtakes for scenes that don't even appear elsewhere on the DVD.
  • The blooper reel for Brother Bear. Try to watch 1:19 without completely losing it.
  • The Lion King (1994): For the Blu-ray release, the animators made a short blooper reel. Most memorably, the "Rafiki drops infant Simba" gag, already overdone in various parodies, was officially done. Many of the outtakes were designed around voice acting errors. The original character animators even got to reanimate their scenes.
  • Lissi und der Wilde Kaiser was given these, because bloopers are tradition with Bully Herbig films.
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls:
  • Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie has animated bloopers on the DVD bonus content, which makes sense with the series sense of the different characters being actors in the main series. Notable ones include a plane passing above ancient Israel, Larryboy being on the clothesline that snags the van, Junior and Laura laughing when they should have been arguing, and Jonah falling off a cliff but luckily he landed in the safety net. There's also an Easter Egg video exclusively of different lines for the talking Jonah plush toy.
  • The LEGO Movie features one of these, including a funny rant by Morgan Freeman which ended up being used in the main film. Another features Batman chastising himself for using rather outdated terms and Unikitty getting a bit carried away with her lines until her actress Alison Brie breaks character and starts laughing.
  • The end credits of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: The Super Adventure have bloopers playing in them. Example scenes include one of the Black Bull Kingdom bacteria cheating at Rock–Paper–Scissors by quickly changing from rock to scissors to avoid the White Bull Kingdom bacteria's paper, Wolnie and Wilie having a barbecue using the fire from Wolffy's Infernal Background, and Cha Cha going to the bathroom after consuming Wolffy, leaving him in a pile of blue feces.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Traumschiff Surprise has various bloopers at the end of the film, but one of them is the animated alien dancing to the theme song.
  • The Phantom Menace: In a hidden blooper reel, outtakes of Jar-Jar scenes have...well...Jar-Jar. Seems appropriate, considering the Deleted Scenes found elsewhere also have new special effects added in.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Lizzie McGuire: The animated version of Lizzie, who narrates some parts of the show as a Talking Head, gets bloopers at the end of the episode with all the real characters, too. Given that some of the animated segments included in the episode deliberately portray the cartoon Lizzie as clumsy and frequently messing-up, the outtakes are typically messing up words, facing the wrong way, or being "pranked" by the crew.

    Video Games 

    Web Animation 

    Western Animation 
  • In The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, two episodes (the one with Sheen learning kung-fu; the other with Jet Fusion, a Brosnan-era James Bond expy, on his wedding) featured these kind of bloopers.
  • The first Daria movie "Is It Fall Yet?" has these comprised of still photos, featuring such hilarious moments as Mr. DeMartino's bulging eye coming completely out of its socket and Daria and Jane posing seductively on Tom's car.
  • Cartoon Network once had a recurring interstitial called "Bloopers of the Cartoon Stars".
  • The first episode of The Emperor's New School has The Stinger be an outtake where Malina is holding the wrong item.
    Kuzco: It's supposed to be a scroll, not squirrel. PROPS!
  • Looney Tunes:
    • In 1938, as part of Warner Bros.' annual in-house gag reel, Bob Clampett lovingly animated Porky Pig hitting his thumb with a hammer:
      Porky Pig: Oh, son of a bi-bi-bit, son of a bi-bi-bit, son of a bi-bi— Gun! Ha, ha, ha! You thought I was gonna say "S-s-son of a bitch", didn't ya?
    • There's also the short cartoon (blooper) Bunny!, which is mostly made up of outtakes from Bugs Bunny's "51 ½th birthday celebration". For example, one has Daffy Duck berating Elmer Fudd for one screwup, only to slam into a loose floorboard himself right after:
      Bugs: Ehhh... NOW can we cut?
      Daffy Duck: You smug son of a... [DIRECTOR CUTS]
  • Animaniacs episode "Cutie and the Beast", Dot keeps blowing her opening line (specifically her Overly Long Name). We see take after take being shot until she gets it right, and they have to skip ahead to later in the script because they took up too much time. At one point she has a Cluster Bleep-Bomb, and at another Yakko says it flawlessly, to which she sarcasically points out that of course he can say it; he's the complicated Patter Song guy.
    Dot: Thank you, Mr. United-States-Canada-Mexico-Panama!
  • An episode of KaBlam! had Henry and June show a outtake reel, though they were all of Henry. June finds it funny, but then trips as she's going to turn the page (due to her clumsiness).
  • Much like Cartoon Network, Kids' WB! also had a series of interstitials called "Crazy Takes" showing things going wrong as the shows are being "filmed", such as Joey's Anime Hair repeatedly falling down in his face, Jackie Chan's uncle stumbling over his words as he tries to recite an incantation, Omi trying unsuccessfully to pole-vault across an alligator pit, and filming for a Yu-Gi-Oh scene being constantly interrupted by James walking on the set looking for Pikachu.
  • This promo for Kim Possible shows an "outtake" where Drakken goes off-script to improvise, gettting into an argument with Shego while Kim tries to encourage them back to work.
  • There was an "outtake" in King of the Hill where Luanne's breasts popped out of her shirt [covered with a black bar] as she was talking to Hank in the alley, which prompted everyone to laugh, and Hank said, "Come on, Luanne; you already got the job."
  • The Proud Family has some at the end of the episode "The Legend of Johnny Lovely".
  • Danger Mouse screws up his line twice in "Duckula Meets Frankenstoat."
    DM: [as he and Penfold burst through a door] Right, Gamenstoat, the Frank's up! [his face turns red with embarrassment] Uh... no... I'll... try it again. [they exit; the door closes and they burst through again] Right, Uptenfrank! The tame goat! Oh, drat it... [they exit again and then re-enter] Right, Frankenstoat, the game's up!
    Penfold: [to camera] 'Cor, thank goodness! My feet are killing me!
  • This very rare Recess interstitial featuring Randall accidentally biting Mrs. Finster's finger as she gives him a cookie.
    Mrs. Finster: OW! MY FINGER! The weasel bit my finger again!
  • Ruby Gloom has one of these at the end of "Doom with a View." The first one has Frank forgetting his line ("Who are you and why are you here?") and when Len tells him the line, he thinks he's actually asking him why he's here. This apparently took 342 takes. The second has Iris fumble her line, causing her and Ruby to burst out laughing.
  • An in-universe version happened in the Littlest Pet Shop (2012) episode "Sweet (Truck) Ride," where the pets try to film a reenactment of when they accidentally crashed Aunt Christie's sweet truck to prove that Blythe wasn't to blame for it. Some outtakes include Zoe ripping the dress she was wearing, Minka's tail getting in the way of the shot, and Zoe and Pepper getting a bad case of the giggles after Pepper says the wrong line.
    Pepper: Up, down, up, dog. Did I just say "dog?" (She and Zoe start laughing).
  • To promote the show, Disney XD ran a series of outtakes based off of Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja. Outtakes appear as The Stinger for the Series Finale, showing the characters flub up various moments from Season 2.
  • Get Ace: The Tag for "Greener Tina" shows the characters mess up various scenes from the episode, such as Tina laughing and forgetting her line and Claudia accidentally ripping one while inside her bubble.


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