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Intermediate Gods

    Aegon I Targaryen, Visenya Targaryen and Rhaenys Targaryen 
King Aegon Targaryen, The First Of His Name, Queen Visenya Targaryen and Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, Holy Valyrian Triumvirate of Creating Kingdoms And Dynasties (Aegon: Aegon the Conqueror, Aegon the Dragon, Aegon the Dragonlord; Visenya: Queen Visenya,Dowager Queen; Rhaenys: Queen Rhaenys)
From Left: Visenya Targaryen, Aegon Targaryen and Rhaenys Targaryen
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbols: The Sigil Of House Targaryen - a three-headed red dragon on a black field. Alternatively, their three dragons - Balerion the Black Dread, Meraxes, and Vhagar.
  • Theme Song: House Targaryen
  • Alignment: Lawful Good...for the most part
  • Ancestral Weapons: Blackfyre and Dark Sister
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Valyria, Dragons, Sibling Incest
  • Descendants Include: Aemon Targaryen, Rhaegar Targaryen, Aerys II Targaryen, Daenerys Targaryen, Robert I Baratheon, Renly Baratheon, Jon Snow
  • Allies:
  • Opposes: Queen Elsa, any ice-based deity
  • Friendly Rivals: Caim and Angelus, Kain Highwind
  • Enemies: Godzilla, Slaanesh, Orochi, Caligula, Alduin
  • Wary Around: The Dovahkiin
  • In General:
    • The sounds of three dragons roaring overhead made Daenerys Targaryen - who was holding court inside her temple - pause. She knows her children by sound. While they are dragons, they are not her 'children'. Upon exiting her temple, she discovers her dragons playing with three more dragons overhead. The three newcomers break away from Dany's dragons, and land in front of her. Perched on their backs are a single man and two women. In reverence, Dany takes a knee, and for good reason. They are of the Dragon, but in an entirely different league than her. Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives, Visenya and Rhaenys, has come to the Pantheon.
    • The origins of the Targaryens can be traced to the Valyrian Freehold. They were a minor family of dragonriders until one day, Daenys the Dreamer foresaw the destruction of Valyria. Warning her father of the impending Doom, House Targaryen (and their five dragons) fled Valyria and set up shop on Dragonstone. Twelve years later, the Doom came, destroying Valyria.
    • That giant monstrosity of melted swords that everyone is fighting over? That's the Iron Throne. Created by Balerion's dragonfire and hundreds of swords taken from their fallen foes, it is the ultimate sign of power in the Seven Kingdoms. Aegon purposely designed the throne to be uncomfortable as possible, as one can cut themselves on the various nicks and barbs on the throne. "A King should never sit easy," he says.
    • Most people would look down on Aegon taking both his sisters as his wives. While Rhaenys was the more flirtatious of the wives, Visenya was the seductress. While his marriage to Visenya was arranged by their parents, it was Rhaenys that he loved the most. It was said that for every single night Aegon spent with Visenya, he would spend ten nights with Rhaenys. Marrying brother to sister would keep the bloodline pure...and it would also prove to be their descendants' downfall.
    • Even though there is bad blood between Robert Baratheon and the Targaryens, he does treat Aegon and his sister-wives with great reverence, as he is also descended from them. Then he found out that Rhaegar Targaryen is their high priest. Eddard Stark has his hands full in keeping his best friend in line.
    • Like Daenerys, Aegon and his sister-wives gives the Dovahkiin a wide berth. They are also thankful that he wasn't present during his campaign of conquering Westeros, otherwise they would be short three dragons. Thankfully, the Dovahkiin attacks only evil dragons or those who rampage through town. But they still keep their distance. However, they are working with Daenerys to ascend their dragons into the Pantheon.
  • Exclusive To Aegon:
    • If there is one thing that brings a smile to Aegon's face (aside from his sister-wives), it's dragons. And once he found out there was a House of Dragons, that was Aegon's first stop after settling in. If he is not at the temple he shares with Visenya and Rhaenys, he's here.
    • Aegon is wholly impressed with Daenerys and her attempts to reclaim the Iron Throne. He was also very impressed with how she was able to acquire the Unsullied and an armada of ships via her dragons. It actually brings a tear to his eye.
    • He admits that his descendants, while some were decent, some were for lack of a better term, insane (such as Aerys the Mad), fanatical in their beliefs (Baelor the Blessed) and even power-hungry (Rhaenyra Targaryen). "I should have done more," he lamented. "I should have done better."
    • Despite being very critical of many positively-thought of characters, his descendant Stannis Baratheon was quite reverent towards Aegon for uniting most of Westeros. Aegon showed some similar respect for Stannis.
  • Exclusive To Visenya:
    • The House of Family has Visenya under scrutiny due to the actions of her son, Maegor the Cruel, and the rumor that she poisoned her nephew Aenys in order to pave the way for her son to become king. Maegor would be known as one of the more brutal Targaryen kings.
    • It's rumored that Visenya dabbles in sorcery. Both Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg decide to look into the matter. And if the rumors were indeed true, then they will extend an invite to Visenya to join the Pantheon's Lodge of Sorceress.
    • Visenya is said to have a dark and unforgiving side to her. Even her husband and fellow sister-wife said that she was "stern, serious and unforgiving."
    • As she is usually seen with Dark Sister, it's clear that Visenya is the warrior woman of the two sisters. So much so that she spends her time honing her skills at the House of Bladed Weapons. It's through her swordplay, that she became friends with Ciri Riannon. Both are warrior women and both are rulers in their own right...although Visenya had to admit that she, Rhaenys and Aegon got it easy with just conquering Westeros. Ciri is an Empress.
    • Visenya keeps her distance from the more evil matriarchs in the Pantheon (despite the rumor of being one herself). While Sophitia Alexandra is slightly wary around Visenya, she does respect Visenya's skills with a blade.
  • Exclusive to Rhaenys:
    • It was rumored that Rhaenys messed around with other bed-mates. Rhaenys denied the allegations, but the rumors persist, much to her dismay.
    • While Daenerys has no problem with Oberyn Martell, Rhaenys doesn't trust them. Given how she had died whilst fighting the Dornish, that's a given. But when Oberyn tells them the story of Elia and her children, and of their violent deaths (including her namesake), it makes Rhaenys pause.
    • As Rhaenys loves music and poetry, she finds herself drawn to the House of Theater. William Shakespeare finds himself another admirer, as Rhaenys finds herself drawn to his plays and poetry.
    • Rhaenys' descendants from her line include Aerys II Targaryen, his daughter Daenerys, Robert Baratheon, and Jon Snow. Rhaenys is surprised to see that both Robert and Jon don't have the Valyrian looks that made them famous (or infamous).
    • Like Aegon, she spends her time at the House of Dragons, even more so that her brother-husband. If she's not at their temple (or on Aegon's bed), she can be seen on Meraxes's back, flying in and around the temple.
    • The most surprising thing about Rhaenys is that she is friends with Snow White. The wife of the Big Bad Wolf friends with the Blood of the Dragon. Snow's children love to hear Rhaenys's stories about dragons, and Rhaenys can honestly admit that Snow can handle herself in a fight.

    Asgore Dreemurr 
King Asgore Dreemurr, God of Inactive Figures and Lame Names (The King of the Monsters, Gorey, Lord Fluffybuns, Big Fuzzy Pushover, King Fufflyboy, Mr. Dreamy, Asgore Dreamer, Murderer, Sage or Murderer, Goatdad)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His crown and Crimson Trident
  • Theme Song: Bergentrückung, ASGORE (Asgore's Boss fight), Determination (As the voice of the "Game Over" screen)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (pushed to Lawful Neutral for his people)
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Chubby King, The Strongest Monster in the Underground, Badass Beard, Uses a Giant Trident as a Weapon, Really Deep Voice, Gentle Giant, Good Is Not Soft, Never Flinches, Large Fellow who is the King of his Kinds, Lightning Bruiser, Never Leaves his Palace, Playing with Fire, Likes to Drink Tea, Stout Strength, Anti-Villain With a Tragic Past, The Chains of Commanding, Face Framed in Shadow, The voice of the Game Over screen, Destroys the "Mercy Button" before you fight him, Trying to atone for his actions after leaving the Underground
  • Domains: Monsters, Leadership, Lame Names
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Alice the 16th (on a more friendly note)
  • Enemies: Flowey, The Satans, All Evil-aligned fire users
  • Complicated Relationships: Toriel (his ex-wife, but they have been burying the hatchet as of late)
  • Odd Friendship with: Pearl
  • Opposes: All people who enjoy war.
  • Good Counterpart to: Immortan Joe
  • Commonality Connection: Godzilla (the other King of the Monsters)
  • Formerly the King of the Monsters, Asgore Dreemurr was always an important figure for monsterkind, and after declaring war on all Humans because of the death of his children, everything went downhill for him. Thankfully, after exiting his old home and turning over a new leaf, his friend Undyne suggested the King visit the Pantheon.
    • After being evaluated by the Court of Gods, he was assigned the title of Inactive Kings. However, after Papyrus made an off-hand remark about Asgore's name records, he was also given the title of Lame Names, much to his embarrassment.
  • He was happy to learn that Toriel was already here and tried to have a conversation with her to sort out things. Unfortunately, Toriel doesn't want to be associated with Asgore and she still hasn't forgiven him about what he did back in the Underground.
    • However, there are rumors that they have been slowly rebuilding their relationship from scratch (but only as friends) after seeing that they both are working together on the Toriel's school for monsters.
  • Asgore likes to pass his spare time gardening, which is one of his favorite activities and has been even before he became king. He can occasionally be seen in the House of Nature cutting some bushes and even made one in the form of Papyrus' head.
  • How bad is Asgore with names? Let's say that he founded his Homeland as... Home. And when he moved from there, he called the new one... New Home. The snowy area? Snowdin. The Lethal Lava Land? Hotland. Not even his son was safe from his father's lack of creative namesspoiler . Granted, Asriel isn't a terrible name, but it still lacks creativity.
    • When he learned about the existence of a house of Otherness, he immediately tried to give it a better name, which was New Home II. The members of said House agreed to not let him try to rename another House.
  • Asgore has been constantly compared with Immortan Joe, given that they have a lot of similarities, like their objectives being kind of similar and how their respective followers praised them. To top it all, they are both hilariously bad with names.
    • He has also been compared to Godzilla too, seeing as they are both referred to as "The King of the Monsters" and they are the strongest among their respective peers. Unlike Asgore, Godzilla only fights those who dare stand in his way instead of ruling over them.
  • He occasionally carries his magic trident with him, which caught the attention of Zeus himself since it reminded him of his brother Poseidon. Asgore actually hangs out sometimes with the God of Lightning and occasionally chat about their roles as the maximum authorities within their people.
  • As his fame as the King of Monsters precedes him, Alice the 16th has challenged Asgore to test how worthy he was to bear that title. While he was initially hesitant to fight her and opted instead to offer her some tea, ultimately he decided to take up her challenge. In the end, they found that both were evenly matched and Alice was happy that there was a monster strong enough to stand up against her. They have been on a very good note ever since, but Alice always reminds him that they are still rivals.
  • Many have noted that Asgore has a really interesting motif behind him (He is a goat monster, wields a red trident, and uses Fire magic), which he doesn't quite agree with, as his actions weren't driven by pure malice but instead for the sake of his people.
  • There was one time that Mamizou disguised as his ex-wife and tried to pull a prank on him. Unfortunately, Asgore knew that she wasn't the real Toriel (he remembers her very well), but being the Nice Guy he is, he just invited her to have some tea and they became friends ever since.
  • There's been rumors that Asgore wasn't fighting with all his strength when he was confronted by Frisk and actually had other objectives in mind besides destroying the Barrier. Many theorize that the reason he broke the "Mercy Button" was just because he either thought he didn't deserve mercy or he just wanted to die. He hasn't provided answers about this particular subject.
  • Has been often compared to King Harkinian, but he isn't sure why...
  • Many people, especially those who enjoy war, has called him a coward for declaring war and in the end not going all-out as he promised. Asgore is disgusted with all the warmongers that have said that, and he is offended by all the rude comments about that. Of course, he doesn't condone his actions back in the Underground, but he knows better than to keep the war going after meeting Frisk.
  • He is rumored to be the Underground's Santa, who delivers the presents to all the Monster Children every Christmas. He hasn't made any clarifications about the rumors, but evidence points out that this could be a collaboration between Asgore and Sans, which at the time was done to cheer up the monsters (and more importantly, Sans wanted to keep his brother's innocence intact, so he rolled with it).
  • Likes to spend time drinking tea in the House of Food and ever since he found Uncle Iroh's Tea House he has been a frequent customer. He even befriended other frequent visitors like Mami Tomoe, Kirima Sharo and even Iroh himself.
    • He has also tried to convince Toriel to bake him some Cinnamon-Butterscotch pie for his "Drinking Buddies" because he wants to remember the wonderful taste of her pies. She has slowly started to become a frequent visitor too, thanks to Asgore's insistence.
  • Like Toriel, he's kept in the dark about Flowey's true identity. Also, like Toriel, Sans will destroy anyone who tries to inform him out of a sense of malice.
  • Asgore's temple is relatively peaceful and quiet, not having many guests outside of his subjects and a few friends. This was perfect for one of Asgore's new friends to rest up here... Pearl of the Crystal Gems. She has made an Odd Friendship with Asgore due to empathizing with his suffering and the Chains Of Commanding, so much that she privately admits that he may be right over Toriel. She has been using Asgore's temple as a refuge from the increased hubbub over the reveal that Rose Quartz was, in fact, Pink Diamond, with Pearl having helped in faking Pink Diamond's death. She appreciates the quiet the flowery temple provides.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Naming.

    Cao Cao 
Cao Cao (style name: Mengde), God of Life Long Regency (The Hero Of Chaos, The King Of Wei)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Symbol of The Wei Kingdom
  • Theme Song: Virtue
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral though his enemies seem him as Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Authority Equals Asskicking, Leader of The Cao Family, Has his moments, A Father to His Men, Noble Demon, Magnificent Bastardry, Subject Of Speak of the Devil, Going From Card-Carrying Villain into Anti-Villain.
  • Domains: Conquest, Strength, Unifying, Cunning, Strategy
  • Allies: Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Dian Wei, Oda Nobunaga
  • Rival: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, Sun Ce
  • Enemies: Lu Bu, the other Oda Nobunaga
  • Royal regents are supposed to hold their power for a limited amount of time. This was not the case with Cao Cao. He's Regent for Life, and he's still the one running the house.
  • One of the few who was nonplussed by the ascension of Oda Nobunaga as he has met an Oda Nobunaga before and knows of his less then favorable nature. However, this Nobunaga eventually appalled him with his greater brutality and he came to consider him another beast that he must slay to end the chaos. Thankfully with the rise of the more normal Nobunaga, Cao Cao has calmed down.
  • Despite his disdain for the impracticality of Liu Bei's idealism, Cao Cao does respect his personal charisma and moral fiber. He has tried several times to persuade him to his side.
    • In addition, Sun Ce has ascended, bringing perhaps the greatest of the Wu leaders to the Pantheon as well. Now Cao Cao must plan a two front war once again. Part of him relishes the challenge.
  • Though he knows of the grand might of Lu Bu, he also knows of his treacherous nature. If Lu Bu were to ever fall to him, he would execute him without listening to any offers he had.
  • Despite his title as Hero Of Chaos, he has attempted to plan an end to the Chaos in his homeland and in the Pantheon, as he believes that doing so would create peace no matter the cost.
  • Has a bit of a lustful side. Is visibly embarrassed when others bring up a rumor that he carved a path through most of China just to add the Qiao sisters to his harem.
    • Funny enough, Cao Cao himself feels a lot better in that the whole reason for that was all just a myth, and that he merely just made a simple poem about their beauty with no ill-intent. And even then his concubines have very good opinions of him since Cao Cao cared very well for them historically. Nonetheless, he still prefers to slip away from the two Qiaos whenever possible, perhaps fearing for the worst. However, a common joke among fellow gods tends to be:
      • "Hey! The two Qiaos are coming!" *Cao Cao bails instantly*
  • However, he is proud to admit and will defend his historical love for arts and poetry. A dude named Zhang Song learned the hard way via reciting a popular-and-still-used-to-this-day commentary of the Art of War by Cao Cao himself just to humiliate the warlord. Needless to say, Cao Cao has referenced how many whippings he gave the supposedly-poor sod. That, and he has disliked how people may have mistaken his poem of the Two Qiaos as mere perversion.
  • It is rumored that his rise began with someone wondering out loud why he wasn't in the Pantheon. Well, as the idioms say, "Speak of Cao Cao and he appears at the gates." In about a week after the phrase was uttered, Cao Cao appeared at the gates of the Pantheon.
  • Is one of the brightest and most cunning leaders of the Pantheon, revered in the House of Leadership. Just ask about how he beat down a far grander army with a scarce number of soldiers on the plains of Guandu.
  • Will always raise an annoyed eyebrow whenever someone pronounces his name as "Cow Cow". Used to be an old practice, but he has since fixed that and it's no longer on his alternative transcribed name. For reference, you can spell his name as "Tsao Tsao".
    • For those who don't know, his name is actually pronounced "Tsao Tsao" in Chinese pinyin (but with a bit of an extra "Ch" sound). Same goes for his style name that's rarely spoken out in actual English dialogue, which is "Mung-duh" (again, also in pinyin).
    • And for your own good, don't even try to apply the same pronounciations problems with his son Cao Pi. Read the wrong pronounciation at your own risk of being castrated, and not even saying "Let me goooo, I'm still virgin..." will help.
  • Hidden deep within his divine treasury is... a collection of duck hats. No-one knows why. Also a lot of his followers has referred to him as 'sexy'.
  • Is happy to see his cousin Xiahou Dun ascend and with his ascension has decided to conduct plans to stop the Chaos in The Pantheon, also has another person to play Go with him when off the battlefield.
  • Issei Hyodo is keeping an eye on him, out of having a suspect on him being like the Cao Cao he's used to, who is actually one of his descendants.
  • Is also known for his famed "Beside Heaven Sword", one sword out of a pair he held via folklore. Apparently, Zhao Yun managed to take his "Qinggang" (Azure Band) Sword via the popular novel-version of the Battle of Changban. Some people say that Cao Cao may have replaced that said sword with another one akin to it (due to a different name for that sword in Japanese media), but he still wields the Beside Heaven Sword as his main weapon.
    • Nowadays, after seeing Liu Shan take up the sword for himself, he has appointed him in Xiahou En's memory to be his next sword bearer of the Qinggang Sword. Cao Cao himself is rather surprised that out of the sword-bearers he's had for the blade, Liu Shan was very skilled at wielding it, especially as a rapier no less.
  • Secretly learned about the Midnight Channel and how it was making a show to show how historically, his 'rivals', Liu Bei and the Shu army weren't as virtuous as it was to be. Surprisingly, Cao Cao is not even taking advantage of this, but tried to tell his army to keep on cautions. Some say that he might pull an Enemy Mine with Liu Bei against this mysterious force, as he refused to let such thing intervene with his own usual ambitions and plans, especially the peace he's worked hard for.
    • This stemmed from having visited a realm where he was surprisingly praised as being actually virtuous, but the moment he found out that the realm unjustly shat on Liu Bei while whitewashing his own merits, Cao Cao was disgusted and turned away. He will prefer that he doesn't get overpraised, if Liu Bei wasn't that virtuous in history, so was he, that's the nature of war. He also realized that the virtues of his time would heavily disagree with him and call him a demon, but so be it. He was just trying to survive the era just like everyone else.
      • Cao Cao himself has stated in past records that have been dug up that he also at least had many accounts where he recruited and treated people justly out of practical reason (and aside from being a massive bro to his men) and not being afraid to admit that he himself can be wrong on any possible occasion. Two examples he brings up of his imperfections is him sparing Cai Yan AKA Cai Wenji's husband Dong Xi after she pleaded to him not to execute him, as well as never punishing a rebel when he soon realized the sole reason for his rebellion being he wanted to protect his subordinates.
        "And one more thing....if you DARE show yourself to be unworthy of your job in terms of abusing it and being a no-show out of spite, then I WILL rob your position away to someone who will have more heart and skills for it. If you failed your job, but tried, then by all means try something else and leave it to someone else."
  • When historical buffs ask Cao Cao of how he managed to withstand eating nothing but veggies for the rest of his life (via one of his concubines expressing her belief against meat to him). Cao Cao himself doesn't have much to say other than "I just did. Nothing too complex, yes?"
  • A recent report has stated that his ancient tomb and by proxy his corpse may have been recently discovered somewhere. Cao Cao himself has no comment on this matter.
  • Whenever there's someone named Hua Tuo running around, Cao Cao seems to often wish for forgiveness since "he executed him irrationally". He may or may not have tried to poison the Wei Lord, which once again, may be another rumor at Cao Mengde's expense.
  • Is rather bewildered that between two live-action Three Kingdoms dramas (including the one that focused on Sima Yi), an actor by the name of Yu Hewei has portrayed both Cao Cao himself and Liu Bei.
  • Upon noticing the extended family across the three kingdoms he shares, he realizes that pure chaos will happen when Zhang Fei, Sun Quan AND his middle son Cao Zhi ever drink together; the results will likely not be pleasant......

    Gaius (Tales of Xillia
Gaius, God of Disguised Kings (King of Rieze Maxia, Erston Outway, Big E)
  • Intermediate god
  • Symbol: Gaius' katana over Rieze Maxia
  • Theme song: Supremacy
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: King Incognito, Badass Baritone, The Comically Serious, Authority Equals Asskicking, BFS, Katanas Are Just Better, Royals Who Actually Do Something, Real Name as an Alias, Promoted to Playable, Mighty Glacier, Took a Level in Kindness
  • Domains: Royalty, Strength, Identity
  • Allies: Elize Lutus, Muzét, Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Artoria Pendragon/Saber, Adrian Fahrenheight Tepes/Alucard, Roy Mustang, Zero, Mondo Zappa, Azir, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Androids 16, 17, and 18
  • Enemies: Relius Clover, any evil Kings, Greater Gods and Overdeities
  • A man named Erston Outway started appearing in various houses and other places in the Pantheon, striking up conversations with random deities to learn more about what they were like while they were still mortal, and about their cultures too. Around the same time, Gaius's temple, resembling the throne room of Rieze Maxia, appeared in the House of Royalty. Despite not wanting anyone to know, the moment the knowledge books were updated with the information that Gaius was king of Rieze Maxia while he was mortal and often traveled under the guise of his birth name so he could learn about people from other regions, his true identity became common knowledge in the Pantheon.
    • Shortly after this, Muzét and Elize both promptly came up to his temple and greeted him. He was glad to see both of them, and often visits them as well.
    • Though not much of a secret anymore, he still continues the same charade of going by his birth name at social events. It's taken as a gesture of goodwill more than anything else.
  • Gaius looks upon the evil Overdeities and Greater gods with disdain due to his belief that the strong should protect the weak. Many of these confrontations usually end with Gaius getting into a fight with said Greater god/Overdeity.
  • Gaius gets along well with Alucard, Roy Mustang, Zero, Mondo Zappa and Azir as they share certain qualities with Gaius. Especially Azir, because Gaius believes he's a good ruler for his followers, and Mustang, for sharing the desire to reform a corrupt system and enable understanding between different compatible cultures.
    • However, Gaius absolutely despises Relius Clover despite sounding similar due to the heinous acts he performed on his family.
  • Gaius gets along well with Saber, as she was once a kind ruler to her people in her former life.
  • Whenever he visits the house of food, many deities try and keep Gaius away from alcohol whenever it's near him as Gaius gets…weird, when he drinks.
  • Gaius is allies with Kaito Kumon due to their shared belief that the strong should protect the weak.
  • Has recently taken note of Androids 17 and 18, being glad to see that the two siblings are on the same page again considering his estrangement with his own sister Karla. He's also glad that contrary to their "creator's" purpose for them as destroyers, they each (along with Android 16) have something they treasure and protect with their strength; the families the twins have formed, as well as the animals at the park 17 guards.

    Princess Pretty Cures 
Princess Pretty Curesmembers , Quartet Goddesses of Royal Schools (Haruka: Cure Flora, HaruHaru; Minami: Cure Mermaid, Minamin; Kirara: Cure Twinkle, Star Princess; Towa: Princess Hope Delight Towa, Twilight, Cure Scarlet, Towa-chi, Princess of Hope Kingdom)
The Princess Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Flora, Cure Twinkle, Cure Mermaid, and Cure Scarlet.
Twilight (Towa) 
  • Intermediate Goddesses. Greater Goddesses in Grand Princess Mode
  • Symbol: The Princess Pretty Cure Symbol and their four Dress Up Keys
  • Theme Song: Miracle Go. Conditions of Being a Princess
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Towa was previously Neutral Evil as Twilight
  • Portfolio: Magical Girl Warriors, Four-Element Ensemble, Legacy Characters (Haruka, Minami, and Kirara only)
  • Domains: Power, Friendship, Love, Dreams
  • Allies: Every ascended Pretty Cures, all good aligned Toku Heroes, all good aligned Princesses, Utena Tenjou, Sailor Warriors, The Powerpuff Girls, Ange
  • Enemies: Akio Ohtori, Maleficent, Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Monokuma's Mastermind, Tenjuro Banno, Shadow Moon, Katsumi Daido, Mesogog, Enter, Basco ta Jolokia, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Jafar, Lady Tremaine, the Incubators, Princess Morbucks, SHOCKER, The Dazzlings, Sora Takigawa, Sou Fueki, Phoenix, Embryo, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Oppose: Ghosts (Minami)
  • Evil Counterpart: Azula (Towa)
  • To be strong. To be kind. To be beautiful. Haruka Haruno, Minami Kaido, and Kirara Amanogawa, young students of Noble Academy, along with Towa Akagi, an actual princess, strive to meet these important traits as they become Grand Princesses. Sounds... overly girly, doesn't it? Well because they also bear the essences of the Pretty Cure, lots of ass-kicking also ensue, and it was awesome that even men were impressed. Thus, their ascension, to show that princesses doesn't always make things just girly... it also makes things better and awesome.
  • Many in the Pantheon were shock that their journey in their own universe ended bittersweetly. While many expected they go in different direction because of their dreams, nobody saw that Towa would be seperated from her friends with no guaranteed of her returning. That was because the link between Earth and Hope Kingdom was severed. So when the four somehow made it into the Pantheon, Tears of Joy were shed by the girls as they reunited for so long. They weren't the only people to cry.
    • It should be noted that the Princesses appearances tend to fluctuate. Why? It's because they are the rare instance of Pretty Cures who actually grew up to young adults.
  • Were surprise that their Crystal Dress Up Keys replicas some how transformed into their transforming Dress Up Keys. Not only that, they gained access to the other keys, including their Grand Princcess Keys. When question how that was possible, they were told not to worry about it.
  • When they entered the Pantheon, they made quite an impression in the House of Royalty. But, they were also taken by surprise that there were some unfortunate Princesses that got into quite a bad luck because of their royal status... such as Ange. However, this doesn't deter Haruka to tell her that while her situation was severe, she should try to remember her good times being a honest-to-god Princess. Due to how jaded and cynical Ange is, especially towards any facet of her "old life", this is proving difficult (with the aFallen Princess once (when already stressed about something else, to be fair) implicitly threatening to attack Haruka if she didn't shut up and leave her alone), Haruka remains determined to try and help her.
  • A lot seems to at first mistake Haruka's dream to 'being a Princess' to be... superficial. They'll shut up when Haruka explained that it's supposed to be a dream without end, to continue to be a good, inspiring figure to all like a Princess, instead of 'just being cute and wearing frilly dress'.
    • Haruka's love for flowers could rival that of her fellow Pretty Cure, Tsubomi. She makes frequent visits to the sub-house Plants were she has her own flower bed for her own plants. Oh, and if anybody dares to stomp on a flower on purpose, she won't hesitate to kick their butt.
    • Got along very well with idol singers Haruka Amami and Honoka Kosaka. Nobody were surprise since all three are energetic young ladies. The two idols have even taught Haruka some dance moves.
    • One of Haruka's admirable attribute is her determination. While she may not be good at things she interested at first, she continues to practice until she has perfected it. This garnered the respect of both Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga who are also determinators.
    • Goes totally red when others ask her what her feelings are for Prince Kanata. She goes even redder when her friends ask the same question.
  • Minami seems to take after various 'Water-based Rich Girl Precures', with both Karen Minazuki and Reika Aoki as her seniors. Though they are equally impressed with the path she took: Trying to be a sea creature veterinarian, it's so thematically fitting.
    • After her ascension, she made it her point that if she speaks about her parents, she mentioned BOTH her dad and mom. She can't believe she forgot to mention her mom in those times when both of them are equally loving.
    • Since she is studying to be a marine biologist, Minami has venture into subhouse of Aquatic Life. While being careful to avoid the more dangerous sea beasts, she has befriended the other friendlier ones. She is most closes to Ecco the dolphin since she befriended one back in her world. Also, Surprisingly enough, she one of the few to be able to approach and touch the Red Gyarados.
    • And much like some certain Gods, just don't bring up about ghosts in front of her. She avoids the House of Ghosts that way.
    • Minami thought she heard her brother in the pantheon. It turn out to be Jonathan Joestar. When the first JoJo found out Minami wanted/is a marine biologist, he introduce her to his great-great grandson, Jotaro Kujo, who is also a marine biologist.
  • Kirara is seriously one of the more popular Goddesses around, because she's not only quite energetic in a good way, she's also known to be a good model for someone that young. She seems to make plans with Miki Aono to have a dual model show.
    • If she got friends, she'll make sure to make up some good nicknames for them. Though she admits, she has less nicknames when compared to Taokaka's list, though everyone admits hers were more cute-sounding, when compared to Tao's 'innocently dumb sounding' list.
    • As a fashion model, Kirara has draw the attention of her fellow fashionista Pretty Cure member Hime and Erika to model some of their design. Rarity has also use her to model some of her more humanoid style dresses.
    • Like Haruka, some thought Kirara's dream of being a model to be shallow . However, she has proven multiple times she takes her modeling very seriously and work her hardest to be the best which earn respect from the doubters.
    • Really loves her donuts. Especially if they are Marble Donuts. A good way to get her to do thinks she may not want to do is bribe her with them. She also made friends with other donut lovers in the Pantheon.
  • Towa's history and how she became a Cure in the first place is said to be drawn from both Setsuna Higashi and Ellen Kurokawa. In fact, she used to train from them.
    • At first, the mention of 'Twilight' would really distress her, because she used to bear that name and do evil things to hurt people. However, after a meeting with Twilight Sparkle, especially after finding out they sound kind of similar and the latter was a much positive figure and never held it against Towa for that name, she became more relaxed on that name, and even tried considering Twilight Sparkle to become a 'royal pony for Hope Kingdom'.
    • Towa is consider the Good Counterpart to Azula as she is a fire princess with a good relationship with her brother and is love by her people. While she does interact with Zuko since they are both atoners, she does feel sorry Azula's predicament. Even if she a bit crazy.
    • Towa has been seen hanging around with fellow warrior of Justice, Chase. The two bonded over the fact that they were both good people who were brainwashed into evil but were able to break free and fight to atone for their sins.
    • Can be seen in the house of Music playing her violin. There are some who commented that her most played piece sounds a bit sad despite it being associated with her brother's love and being the catalyst for her redemption.
  • As they fought and eventually defeated the one who brought forth despair, Dyspear, they are one of the most prominent Hope Bringer in the Pantheon, hence earning the enmity (both ways) of despair-bringers such as Kefka, Terumi and Monokuma.
  • Klefki was interested in their Princess Keys and stole them. When the girls were able to retrieve them, they gave him a stern lecture on stealing other people possessions.
    • Klefki felt humiliated from this, so it conjured up a plan to try again.
  • Haruka was fooled by Klefki into thinking that Kanata has been ascended into the Pantheon and was being led into the Demonic Legion.
  • Haruka was trapped inside the Legion with all her keys stolen by Klefki as the result, but she showed no fear in the place, neither did she hated Klefki for its deceit.
  • Feeling bad for what it did, Klefki decided to return her keys back. Together, they busted out of the place.
  • Klefki tearfully and repeatedly apologized for what it did, but she thanked Klefki for its help and forgive it with a grin.
  • Haruka offered to form a partnership with Klefki. It happily accepted.
  • Haruka entrusts all her Dress Up Keys to Klefki so that no one else can rob her powers.
    • At first, the rest were distrustful towards Klefki, but Haruka successfully convinces them to do the same.
    • In entrusting Klefki their Princess Keys, Klefki is able to tap into their powers and temporally use moves it would normally wouldn't learn.
  • While all four girls don't like Akio, Haruka and Towa dislike them the most. Might be because he eerily looks like Kanata and they were disturbed at the things he did to his own sister.
  • At first, the girls mistook Maleficent for Dyspear. The girls thought her putting a curse on Aurora just because she wasn't invited to a party to be petty.
    • The girls in general have taken a disliking to many of the Disney villains. The reason why is because most of them have either tried to steal or manipulate the hero(ine)'s dream. And most of them are Princesses.
  • Princess Morbucks once tried to bribe her way into becoming a Princess Pretty Cure. She was refuse by the girls because she doesn't show any strength, beauty, or kindness associated with being a Princess.

    T'Challa/Black Panther 
T'Challa, Patron God of Exiled Governments (Black Panther, King of Wakanda, King of the Dead, Luke Charles, The Most Dangerous Man Alive)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Black Panther Mask
  • Theme Songs: Ancestral Call, Wakanda, Predator Pressure in hard battle; All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar and SZA
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Wields Vibranium Blades, As Well As The Ebony Blade, Absurdly Sharp Claws, Has A Doctorate In Physics, Master Of African Martial Arts, The Chessmaster, Crimefighting with Cash, The Good Counterpart To Doctor Doom, Dark Is Not Evil, Wakanda's Greatest Warrior, King And Diplomat, Heroic Lineage
  • Domains: Wakanda, Nobility, Panthers
  • Heralds: The Nation of Wakanda
  • Additional Relationship: Ororo Munroe/Storm (his ex-wife)
  • Abilities Include: Genius-Level Intellect (considered to be one of the smartest men on the planet), Enhanced Agility, Heightened Senses, Can Run Faster Than An Olympic Athlete, Stronger Than An Olympic Weightlifer
  • Allies:
  • On Neutral Terms With: The Ascended Members of the X-Men.
  • Enemies: Ra's Al Ghul, Lex Luthor, Shao Kahn, Red Skull and HYDRA
  • Worthy Opponents: Doctor Doom (on occasion), Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • On Friendly Terms With: The Good Rulers in the House of Royalty.
  • Opposed By: The Evil Rulers in the House of Royalty.
  • It was not the grand opening of the Pantheon branch of the Wakandan Embassy/Temple that had the Pantheon abuzz, but rather its ambassador. T'Challa, the Black Panther, former King of Wakanda and now, the King of the Dead, has come to the Pantheon.
  • T'Challa is considered to be the good counterpart to Doctor Doom. Speaking of Doom, he was very much pleased to see that the Black Panther has ascended, as Doom sees him as his equal...for the most part.
  • It is a known fact that T'Challa is among the eight smartest men in the Marvel Universe, as he holds a Ph.D in Physics from Oxford University. Out of the eight, he is ranked sixth.
  • Speaking of the aforementioned seven, his relationships with them are...varied. While he respects Victor Von Doom for his intellect, they are on opposing sides. He is on common ground with Reed Richards and sees the potential in Franklin and Valeria. As for Tony's rather complicated. While T'Challa recognizes that Tony is brilliant, he tends to make rash decisions, such as backing the Superhuman Registration Act and the decision to exile the Hulk from the planet, and the Hulk's invasion of New York with the Warbound. And then there was the fiasco surrounding Hope Summers that ultimately led to his anulling his marriage to Ororo Munroe.
  • Turns out that the Wakandan scientists has discovered a cure for cancer. Why T'Challa has not released it yet - or whether he's being a total dick about it - we'll never know. The common notion is that Wakanda's xenophobic policies and outlook on the world means they have no real desire to help the outside world unless it affects them. As such, T'challa can only do so much as The Good King in trying to get his people to change.
    • In regards to Mar-Vell's case though, T'Challa pointed out that Mar-Vell was not human, but a Kree. One that had extensive genetic modifications to make a super-soldier. As such, the cancer (or the tree equivalent, apparently all races have their own version of it) affecting him would requiring a different cure than a human cure for cancer because of differing biological processes. Especially depending on the stages of cancer.
  • Everett Ross' analysis on the Black Panther could be summed up as this: "The thing people keep forgetting about my client is, well, he's a king. He's not just another nutjob in tights. He's a full-bird monarch from one of the most technologically advanced nations on the planet. And, somehow, we keep forgetting that."
  • Ororo Munroe is of mixed views upon hearing of T'Challa's ascension to the Pantheon, seeing as how not only was she was his wife and Queen of Wakanda. But she sided with the X-men over the situation with Hope Summers while T'Challa backed the Avengers. In the fallout, T'Challa had their marriage annulled (as he was also high Priest and had the power to do so).
  • T'Challa is also of conflicting emotions upon hearing that his former wife is also present in the Pantheon. Then again, he does remember how their marriage ended... via Storm's fist to his face and her wedding ring on the floor. This, Storm had done in full view of his subjects.
    • In a couple of other universes though, T'Challa and Storm have remained Happily Married (one timeline even revealed a child.)
  • Johnny Cage can sympathise, as his ex-wife is also in the Pantheon, along with their daughter. "At least you and General Blade are on speaking terms," the Black Panther said, while he is torn on what to do.
  • Has formed a trio in the form of himself, Eugene Gallardo and Franceca Lucchini. Pretty fitting, seeing as how Eugene is an anthropomorphic panther and Franceca's familiar is also a panther. Team Panther, as Logan had dubbed them has made a reputation for honor and fairness.
  • As he is a king, he is on friendly terms with the good deified members in the House of Royalty. The bad ones, however, are looking to plunder his nation's Vibranium reserves, and are in cahoots with the House of Villains in order to perform the task.
  • T'Challa found an interesting alliance with Dudley, his Capcom counterpart. Both of them speak well of their respective exploits, and unlike his treatment with Ororo, he seems to be on good terms with Elena.
  • While T'Challa is no longer King of the Dead, he has been experiencing some problems with his nation; several of his bodyguards and citizens have been rebelling, believing the king is no longer needed, with two figures in particular sowing the seeds.
  • After it all, T'Challa remains king, albeit as a spiritual title with Wakanda no longer being an absolute monarchy. Not that it has stopped problems from arising, especially with a galactic empire somehow rising when he was away... one he did not found.
  • Beneath the crown and power, T'Challa is a man of science and indeed has pronounced that had he not been king, a scientist would be his first career choice.
  • While Wizard and Boomstick couldn't call the man himself anymore due to new regulations set on the hosts regarding Good vs. Good battles, they had a simulation set up where he engages Batman in a Death Battle. According to them, Black Panther would come out on top in a straight-up battle. T'Challa had to agree with the results and is greateful that he and Bruce are allies.
  • Is a bit weary of Andy Serkis because he is the live action portrayer of T'Challa's enemy Ulysses Klawe.
  • Given his enhanced senses, there are those who worry about how many farts he's likely heard, smelled, and even seen (via infrared). Of course, nobody wants to tell that around him.
  • Took Blake Belladonna in as an apprentice of sorts due to their commonalities; chief among them being heroes who represent persecuted minority races in their respective worlds and their feline-themed powers and weapons. T'Challa sees in her a strong young heroine that can greatly benefit Remnant and the other worlds in the Pantheon, and hopes to help her realize her fullest potential; endangering her life has been known to trigger paternal instincts within him he never knew he had. He has since attempted to fuse together Vibranium and Dust technology to create tools for Blake and her teammates to use, although not all have been successful.
  • Has recently held a moment of silence in light of the passing of his live-action avatar, Chadwick Boseman.
  • "Wakanda forever!!"

Lesser Gods

    Aerys II Targaryen 
King Aerys Targaryen, The Second Of His Name, God of Royal Inbreeding (The Mad King, King Scab)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The sigil of the Targaryen flag (a red, three-headed dragon on a black background), singed by flame
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Posthumous Character, Brother–Sister Incest Both Villainous And Royal, Violently Insane Kings, Pyromaniac, White-Haired Villainy, Evil Overlord Deconstructed, Despised Leaders, Envies Tywin And Lusts For His Wife, The Paranoiac, BURN THEM ALL!
  • Domains: Fire, Madness, Dragons, Incest, Cruelty, Fire
  • High Priest: His second son, Viserys Targaryen
  • Allies: Caligula, Luca Blight, The Queen of Hearts, Draco Malfoy, Ragnaros the Fire Lord, Firefly, Deathwing, The Firebird, Nefarian, Albedo Piazzollo, Mana Ouma, Hansel and Gretel, Kuja, Vile, The Pyro
  • Special relationship with: Daenerys Targaryen (his daughter), Jon Snow (his grandson)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Oberyn Martell
  • Enemies: Anyone who's a member of Houses Stark, Baratheon or Lannister (Jaime Lannister most of all, for for slaying him), Gregor Clegane, Ornstein, Caim, Dovahkiim, Lesale Deathbringer, Typhus, The Plague Knight, Beedrill, Charizard, James Raynor, Barroth, Alexstrasza, Johnny Blaze, Jean Grey, Zuko
  • Opposes: The Houses of Food, Bladed Weapons, Water and Ice (especially Swampert)
  • Opposed by: Almost all of Westeros, the Ice King, The Kasugano twins and every good-aligned member of the House of Royalty
  • Aerys Targaryen, The Second of His Name, was the son and successor of King Jaehaerys IInote  and his sister Shaera. Targaryens typically wed siblings or other relatives, and as such it's often said the gods would flip a coin; either to produce a great king or induce Targaryen madness. Though initially showing promise, Aerys proved to be the latter as an utterly mad monarch who got off on burning people alive and who's cruelty would help lead to Robert's Rebellion. Now, the Mad King returns to reclaim the Iron Throne in the pantheon, as the god of Royal Inbreeding.
  • Though a product and partaker of Royal Inbreeding with his sister-wife Rhaella, Aerys would rather not have the title. He didn't want to marry his sister, but his hand's wife Joanna Lannister. He demanded that he be made on of the Fierce Protectors of Royalty...however was quickly shut up when the Court of Gods both pointed out he is in no way deserving of that title, but if he doesn't want the title he'll be stuck in the seven hells. The Mad King quickly shut himself up.
  • He is thoroughly disliked by almost every inhabitant from Westeros, god or not. However, it's the Starks, Baratheons and Lannisters who hate him the most; Ned Stark for burning his father and being part of Robert's Rebellion, Tywin Lannister for their awful "friendship" and Robert Baratheon for starting the Rebellion in the first place. Their shared hatred of the Mad King is one of the only things to invoke an Enemy Mine situation. Out of personal experience, he detests the rebel leader Jim Raynor.
  • Was horrified to learn that the man who killed him, Jaime Lannister, was in the same house as him. He almost never stays in his own house, not wanting to feel his blade against his back again. From a safe distance, however, he'll take enormous relish at mocking both him, Tywin and Robert on how Joffrey turned out.
  • Some have speculated he might be Tyrion's biological father, and/or Jaime and Cersei. After all, the Mad King did blatanly lust after Tywin's wife Joanna, and is said to have taken "certain liberties" with her; the Lannister family understandably fears he may have gone all the way and used the law of of first night on her. Tyrion would rather not think about this, and Tywin's response spoke volumes:
    Tywin Lannister: "Even I don't hate Tyrion enough to use you to de-legitimize him."
  • Was interested in learning what his surviving progeny was up to in the years after his mortal death. He was upset that his favorite son Viserys ended up being a failure of a re-claimant, but is proud of Daenerys for her work in Essos, not to mention being the first Targaryen in over a century to hatch dragon eggs. Though Dany does care for her father, she'd rather stay her distance from the Mad King.
  • Like Oberyn Martell, he's enraged at Gregor Clegane's crimes against his family. The two are working to get back at the Mountain, however the Red Viper has made it clear he thinks Aerys is despicable; he's only helping him in getting back at Gregor and Tywin, nothing more. It's rather telling that to counter the Mountain he's hired another Psycho for Hire, Vile.
  • Though Cersei desired his son Rhaegar Targaryen and Tywin wished to arrange the marriage, Aerys refused as "A king does not marry his heir to his servant's daughter." This serves to be yet another reason why the two ended up at each other's throats.
  • Being the deranged monarch he is, Aerys is unpopular with most in his House. Caligula and Luca Blight, however, get along (Caligula in particular due to partaking in incest). The three have teamed up along with The Queen of Hearts in hopes of taking over their house, forming "The Quartet of Mad Monarchs" (to be made a Quintet if Joffrey ever manages to join them).
  • Got on the bad side of the Ice King due to his association with fire and being too viciously crazy for his standards.
  • Has a complete obsession with fire, particularly wildfire; his pyrophilia would go so far as to savagely rape his wife after getting aroused at the sight of men being burned alive (most believe Daenerys was conceived in this manner). The Mad King was positively giddy at learning of the House of Fire and Electricity, where he now spends 90% of his time in. You can usually see him fanboying over Ragnaros the Burning, and is fascinated by the potential of the Firebird. The only reason why he doesn't spend the remaining 10% there is that Johnny Blaze doesn't appreciate him, inflicting the Penance Stare on him; an experience he described as "too fiery for my tastes" before curling up in the fetal position from the psychic pain.
  • The Mad King was happy to learn of the existence of the House of Dragons, though has not had any success in allying any of them. He did form a bond with the psychotic, incestuous Deathwing and Nefarian due to being a fiery dragon, while earning Alexstrasza's ire for trying to enslave her. There was also the time where he met Charizard, only to get mad that it wasn't a real dragonnote  and tried to spear Charizard.
  • To the dismay of the good-aligned pantheon members, he has hired The Pyro and Firefly as his head pyromancers. He also seeks to make Jean Grey his new queen due to her Phoenix Force, something that utterly disgusts her.
  • Opposes the House of Water and Ice, by virtue of it putting out flames. He's shown particular contempt for Swampert and Barroth as their earth powers can put out his Greek Fire. Aerys has also put a hit on dragon slayers in the pantheon.
  • Zuko hates the Mad King, as his fire obsession and madness reminds him of his own father Ozai.
  • In his universe, white hair is a sign of Targaryen blood. As such, he believes that the other white-haired gods are members of his family and has tried to make alliances with them. He got along with a bunch of fellow white-haired crazies like Albedo Piazzollo and the incestuous Mana Ouma, Hansel and Gretel. In particular, he approves of Kuja's final act of spite. The Kasugano twins despise him however, as he represents the negative aspects of both incest and white-haired people.
  • Since Lucius Malfoy looks like an older Viserys Targaryen and Draco Malfoy acts a lot like him, he treats the boy as his grandson. Draco doesn't mind, since it gives him a place to hide.
  • Despite his appearance, he was at his forties maximum at death. A lot of this comes from his paranoia; he almost never groomed himself because he feared he'd cut himself(which he's had personal experience from his Iron Throne), and almost never ate because he was worried of poisons. As such, he opposes the House of Bladed Weapons, and is seriously concerned of catching something from Typhus and the Plague Knight. He's against the House of Food because he believes they'll poison any food they'd give him.
  • Once enjoyed some delicious honey from Beedrill. When he learnt of the Poison Bee's typing, Aerys immediately suspected foul play and tried to torch the Pokemon. Beedrill promptly Mega Evolved and jabbed at the Mad King, causing him soil himself and run.
  • Though he hopes never to return to the seven hells again, Aerys admits he'd at least take comfort at his gravest enemies for the civil war they're stuck in. He's very happy that Petyr Baelish exists to flame the fans of discord, all out of a final "fuck you" to Westeros. Littlefinger hasn't commented about if this feels insulting or not, but would certainly try to off such a unpredictable chess piece as soon as possible.
  • Has yet to comment on the popular theory that Jon Snow may be the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, other than hoping if it's true more civil war and chaos will come from it.

    Amicia and Hugo de Rune 
Amicia and Hugo de Rune, Divine Siblings of Noble Fugitives (Amicia: The One with the Sling || Hugo: The Bearer of the Macula)
Amicia and Hugo
  • Demigoddess for Amicia, Lesser God for Hugo
  • Symbol: The de Rune family crest
  • Theme Music: A Plague Tale
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Noble Fugitives, Brother–Sister Team, Badass Adorable
  • Domains: Siblings, Nobility, Stealth; Alchemy, Slings (Amicia); Childhood Innocence, Illness, Rats (Hugo)
  • Herald: The de Rune household, their parents Robert and Beatrice de Rune, Leon (Amicia's dog), Lucas, Melie, Arthur, and Rodric
  • Allies: Sara Crewe, Ange, All good Fullmetal Alchemist deities, especially Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, All good-aligned Fire Emblem deities, Wally, Merida, Leia Organa, Alucard, Trevor, Sypha, and Grant, All good deities in the House of Beast
  • Enemies: The Black Knight, All Evil Deities in the House of FAITH, All evil Fullmetal Alchemist deities, Twitch, Light Yagami, Nurgle, Peyrite, Ratigan
  • Sympathized by: Pretty much every good deity in the House of FAITH, including The Alpha and Omega, the God who hangs out with Bob, Saint Martha and Saint George, as well as Jeanne d'Arc
  • Complicated Relationships: Remy
  • Amicia and Hugo de Rune are the children of Robert (a knight) and Beatrice (an alchemist) of the noble de Rune family. Hugo was born with an illness and Beatrice had kept him sheltered in the house in the hopes of finding a cure. During the Hundred Years War in 1348 Aquitaine, Amicia loses her dog Leon during a hunting trip and on the same day, her household is invaded by the Inquisition, who slaughter the family servants with Sir Nicholas killing her father and seemingly her mother in cold blood. After barely escaping with their lives, the siblings come across a village that has been encroached by the plague, forcing them to escape from hostile and paranoid villagers as well as the rats responsible for spreading the plague. Throughout their journey to find a cure for Hugo's illness, the siblings are joined by Lucas (an apprentice to Hugo's doctor, Laurentius), Melie, Arthur (both of whom are theives), and Rodric (a blacksmith) as they avoid rat swarms and Inquisition soldiers. Lucas explains to Amicia that Hugo's blood bears the Prima Macula, a supernatural evil that has laid dormant in several noble bloodlines since the Justinian Plague, and that Beatrice and Laurentius have been searching for a cure. The head of the Inquistion, Vitalis Benevent, wants to covet it's power.
    • After recovering a forbidden book that could help them create the elixir that may cure Hugo, the group learn Beatrice is still alive and being kept as a prisoner by the Inquistion, but Amicia insists they keep this from Hugo for his safety, unaware that the latter overheard her. After creating the elixir and using it to relieve Hugo's symptoms, Hugo runs away and turns himself in to the Inquistion so he can reunite with his mother, discovering that the Macula grants him the power to control the rats. A month after Vitalis transfuses Hugo's blood into himself, Nicholas and an embittered Hugo invade the group's safe place, with the former killing Arthur, before Hugo and Amicia reconcile and team up to take out Nicholas via the rats. Now with the rats under their control, Amicia's group take the fight to the Inquistion, with Rodric sacrificing himself to help the group reach Vitalis. While Hugo has his rats fight against the white rats under Vitalis's control, Amicia is able to successfully kill him. Three days later, the group are able to get rid of the rats and the plague, but since they killed a high-ranking member of the church (excommunicated or not), they are forced to leave the region in order to find a new safe haven for themselves and Beatrice, but not before Melie parts ways with them.
  • After the events of their journey, the Court of the Gods took interest in the siblings' struggles against the Inquisition and the Black Death, offering them a place in the Pantheon as the Co-Gods Noble Fugitives. The two accepted, if only to find a safe haven for themselves. Upon making a new home for themselves in the form of their temple, Amicia and Hugo took a tour around the Pantheon, marveling at it's wonders, and finding friends and foes with other gods.
  • Amicia is shown to be impressed by the Elric Brothers' power to transmute raw materials. The brothers have offered to teach her how to perform Alchemy alongside their teacher Izumi (though the latter's teaching methods scare her a bit). Amicia is shown to loathe Father, Dante, and Gold-Toothed Doctor for their misuse of alchemy, as well as how they create Philosopher's Stones, and promises to help the brothers to put a stop to them if they require her assistance.
    • Amicia's view of the homunculi in the Pantheon varies. Pride, Wrath (aka King Bradley), Lust, and Envy elicit both her fear and contempt for their atrocities as well as the fact they are far more dangerous than a knight. Gluttony and Sloth are just as dangerous, not just for their abilities, but also for their demeanor, so while Amicia doesn't dislike them per say, she still fears having to face them. Greed is the only of the Father's seven homunculi she has an amicable relationship with and sees as an ally.
    • Amicia comes to befriend Irisviel, Illyasviel, and Sieg, all of whom she sympathizes with very much for their struggles (Although, she was initially uncomfortable with Illyasviel's actions prior to her Heel–Face Turn).
  • Merida and Leia form a mutual friendship with Amicia, both being Tomboy Princesses and Combat Pragmatists.
  • Alucard, Trevor, Sypha, and Grant sympathize with Amicia's faith being shattered due to the Church considering them all heretics. All good deities in the House of FAITH also sympathize with Amicia, but do hope that one day, her faith can be renewed.
    • Speaking of faith, some of the most evil deities in the House disgust Amicia, including the actions of Chakravartin, a god who deliberately causes suffering to satisfy his own god complex. Amicia also dislikes Light Yagami, seeing how his god complex motivates him to commit murder, even if some of his victims haven't done anything wrong, makes him no different from the Inquisition.
    • Some of the more sympathetic deities in the House of Faith include The Alpha and Omega, the God who hangs out with Bob, St. Martha and St. George. All four make it clear they do not approve of the Inquisition's actions and make sure to tell Amicia that the church excommunicated Vitalis for his actions, though they accept her decision to renounce her faith and won't try to force any belief on her. Jeanne d'Arc on the other hand is able to at least earn Amicia's trust, since she is an inspiring leader, and the former intends to help her whenever she needs it.
  • Hugo, being a Friend to All Living Things, is shown to love all animal deities in the Pantheon, so he makes visits to the House of Beast. However, Twitch does not like Hugo at all, fearing he will fall victim to Hugo's power to control rats. Ratigan, despite claiming he's a big mouse and thus should be immune to the power, still fears being controlled by Hugo (not that he'll ever admit it).
    • Speaking of rats, the siblings were surprised to meet Remy, a rat that capable of cooking. While Amicia is uncomfortable with the idea, Hugo is interested in such a concept. He's pretty much the only rat that Hugo does not control at all.
  • All Fire Emblem deities are shown to like the siblings and welcome them with open arms (even if some are unnerved by Hugo's power), and offer to train them in the art of fighting to better protect themselves. The siblings appreciate the offer.
    • Out of all villains from the Fire Emblem multiverse, Amicia and Hugo do not like the Black Knight the most, since he reminds them of Sir Nicholas.
  • Amicia and Hugo de Rune befriend Sara Crewe, a ragged princess that nevertheless showed kindness to her peers. Amicia also ends up befriending Ange, a former princess whose people turned on her out of prejudice for being a Norma. Ange sympathizes with the noble girl, but admits she's proud that she managed to grow as a person just like she did.
  • The siblings hate Nurgle, since he represents the very thing everybody feared in their time period. Nurgle on the other hand, shows great interest in Hugo's power and hopes he can convert him to his side.
    • Both are also sworn enemies with Peyrite, though unlike Nurgle, he actually respects their decision and won't try to change their mind.
  • Amicia and Hugo met Wally once during their tour, and the latter came to befriend Hugo for having been Ill Boys during their journeys. Both tend to hang out during their spare time, sharing stories of their adventures.

    Jaime Lannister 
Ser Jaime Lannister, God of Kingslaying (The Kingslayer, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, The Best Swordsman In Westeros)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: The White Cloak Of The Kingsguard, And His Golden Hand
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil at first, now Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Considered To Be The Greatest Swordsman In Westeros, But Lacking In Ambition, Father To Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella, Affably Evil In the Beginning, Had His Sword Hand Chopped Off, Which Led To Being Fitted With a Golden Hand, Killed The Mad King, Broken Ace, Conflicting Loyalty, In A Sexual Relationship With Cersei, Cool Big Bro To Tyrion, Joined The Kingsguard At 16, Failure Hero, The Heart, Hero with Bad Publicity, Master Swordsman, Pragmatic Hero, Wicked Cultured, Currently Attempting to Atone, Having a Good Reason for Murder, Committing a Noble Deed that Breaks His Oath at the Cost of His Reputation, Only Feels Alive in Battle
  • Domains: Knights, Swordsmanship, Sibling Incest
  • Heralds: Myrcella Baratheon (his daughter born of incest, shared with Cersei), Brienne of Tarth
  • High Priest: Madmartigan
  • Followers: Queen Artemesia, Marc Anthony
  • Additional Relationships: Tywin Lannister (his father - disowned), Tyrion Lannister (his brother), Cersei Baratheon (his twin sister/lover)
  • Allies: Artoria Pendragon, Jack Rakan, Aragorn, Odysseus, Rhaegar Targaryen
  • Rival Swordsmen: Snow White (the Fables one), Sophitia Alexandra, Geralt of Rivia, Ciri Fiona Elen Riannon, Leonidas, Maximus Decimus Meridius
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, All evil deified rulers in the House of Royalty, especially Aerys II Targaryen, whom he slew
  • On (Somewhat) Speaking Terms: with Eddard Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Oberyn Martell
  • Opposes: Shiro Tagachi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Jaime Lannister's path of redemption begins at the Pantheon, where he accepts the offer to ascend. Rather than to be sent to The Fallen, Cosmos had not only placed him on probation, as a condition of accepting his deified status, Jaime has joined the GUAE. Cosmos has made it clear that should Jaime finds himself in Cersei's bed should she ascend, then he will be sent to the House of the Fallen. When Jaime considers objecting, Cosmos reminds him that, "a Lannister always pays their debts." Jaime accepts the conditions…after mumbling under his breath.
  • Upon ascending to the Pantheon, Jaime discovered that his sword hand has been restored to him, encased in a golden gauntlet.
    Cosmos: Your father was right about you. You have let your skills stagnate whilst in King's Landing. Now comes the time for you to prove your worth.
  • Upon finding out that he has ascended to the Pantheon, Daenerys's first line of thought was to sic her dragons on the Kingslayer. But it was Tyrion who had convinced her not to do so. She instead demanded a meeting with Jaime, demanding why he betrayed his oath to her father. Jaime told her of what he had seen during his tenure under Aerys. He told Dany of Aerys' habits of burning men alive and raping his sister-wife, Queen Rhaella, as the men burned. Then he told her the truth about the Wildfire Plot, in which Aerys wanted to burn King's Landing to the ground with wildfire, and that he killed Aerys in order to save King's Landing, not on his father's orders.
    Jaime: 'Let [Robert] rule over ashes and cooked meat,' he said. 'Burn it all.' He was still chanting that when I ran him through.
  • While understanding the reasons why Jaime back-stabbed Aerys the Mad, the deified members of the House of Royalty watch him with a wary eye.
  • Two of Jaime's allies are Aragorn and Odysseus. While Aragorn helps improve on Jaime's swordplay, Odysseus is training Jaime on how to use his mind more effectively. Jaime is slightly put off by how the wily demigod looks so much like Ned Stark, but he accepts his help nonetheless.
  • Surprisingly, Jaime is on good terms with Artoria Pendragon and Snow White (not the Disney one). "You remind me of Brienne," he quipped when he and Artoria had sparred. Jaime had lost the spar, but Artoria promised him a rematch. In regards to Snow, she reminds him of Elia Martell, graceful, but not as frail. He even admits that she is more than a match for him when it comes to swordplay.
  • Mistaken Arthas Menethil for Rhaegar Targaryen, as they both looked alike. Out of all of the Targaryens, Jaime respected Rhaegar the most.
  • Jaime is also privy to the fact that his father and his insane henchman are here in the Pantheon. After decades of verbal abuse towards himself, Cersei, and Tyrion, Jame steers clear of his father. When Tywin confronted his eldest son, demanding that he return to his side, Jaime rebuffs him.
  • His main rivals when it comes to swordplay is the deified Witcher himself, Geralt of Rivia, and his former pupil/surrogate daughter, Ciri Fiona Elen Riannon. While Geralt was accused of Kingslaying in the past, Jaime is the real deal. Fortunately, both Geralt and Ciri are sympathetic to the reason why Jaime had done what he had did.
  • Another of Cosmos' conditions set is that Jaime spends time at the House of Bladed Weapons in order to experience fighting against different styles of swordplay. Before losing his sword hand, he would have given the deified swordmasters a run for their money. Now, after being humbled, he seeks to try and better himself.
  • Upon having his abilities and hand restored to him, Jaime has been summoned as the servant Saber in the place of Artoria to participate in the 4th Holy Grail War under Kiritsugu Emiya. Although promising at first, once he realized the true nature of the war, well let's just say that the partnership between the two is marginally better than Arturia's . Though Jaime has yet to comment, he plays along due to Irisviel resembling the Targaryens and her innocent nature.
    • Having learned that Jaime actually punched her former master square in the mouth, Arturia Pendragon was left in a giggle fit for an unspecified amount of time, due to her chaffing under the Magus Killer. Since then her respect for the Kingslayer grew and looks forward to meeting with him again.
  • When he learned that Rhaegar Targaryen ascended to the Pantheon, he went to Rhaegar's temple and begged him for forgiveness for his failure to protect Rhaegar's family. However, Rhaegar did not blame him for what happened, since he knew Jaime was not complicit with Tywin's machinations, but he forgave him nonetheless.
  • Jaime was furious after learning that Cersei destroyed most of King's Landing with wildfire. This was the same plot that the Mad King set out to do, which meant she unleashed the disaster Jaime had prevented all those years ago, rendering his efforts to be for nothing. He has now done away with her and left her to her fate. Jaime has now gone on to notice other women in the Pantheon.
    • With this recent turn of events, Cosmos was most pleased by this and has given Jaime her blessings and protection.
    • While his incest with Cersei is cause for disgust and concern, he does (believe it or not) have his own share of admirers due to his growth and hidden depths.

Marle, Goddess of Medical Monarchs (Marledia, Nadia)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her pendant
  • Theme Song: "A Distant Promise"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with some Chaotic leanings
  • Portfolio: Dedicated healer who's also a princess, not really keen on being the latter, Tomboy Princess, met Crono by running into him, Genki Girl, having a family heirloom that activates the time portals, Mage Marksman, wields ice
  • Domains: Time Travel, Royalty, Healing, Good, Rebels
  • Allies: Crono, Lucca, Frog, Robo, Ayla, Serge, Jasmine, Aladdin, Merida, Ariel, Queen Elsa, Marty McFly, Pantheonic Time Police (especially Trunks), Estelle Hourassein, Yuri Lowell
  • Enemies: Lavos, Jafar, Scar, Queen of Hearts
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Magus
  • Marle was a mysterious girl Crono ran into at the Millennial Fair. Although reticent about revealing her identity, she had fun with Crono as he showed her the fair. When they were trying out Lucca's newest invention, Marle's pendant reacted strangely and caused her to disappear. She was transported 400 years into the past, where she was confused for the young Queen Leene. For Marle is actually Nadia, the princess of Guardia, and a descendant of Leene. Marle nearly caused her own disappearance by taking the place of her ancestor, but Crono, Lucca and Frog saved her (and the real Queen Leene). Some time later, she'd travel into the far future with Crono, and saw a destroyed world that she became determined to avert.
  • Ascended shortly after her husband, Crono, after the whole Pantheon had a scare involving Lavos that convinced the Main House to bring in most of the team. Learning that Frog and Magus were around long before them made her worry that their relationship had worsened due to a lack of buffers between them, though Frog assured her that while they saw as little of each other as possible, Magus and he were not about to stop working together in defeating Lavos. Marle was also worried that Ayla might have tried to hit on Crono while she wasn't around, at which Ayla let out a hearty laugh.
  • After nearly making herself disappear by causing her ancestor Queen Leene to be killed by fiends (unintentionally and undone by the end), she found someone who could relate to such a strange doom in Marty McFly, who also nearly wiped himself from existence by causing his mom in the past to fall for him instead of his father.
  • She relates very much to Ariel and Merida's stories, as they were all rebellious princesses who butted heads against their parents regarding what they wanted to do with their lives. In particular, Marle and Ariel both have dead mothers, which caused their fathers to become a bit overprotective, and they dreamed of seeing the world outside their respective confines, but said fathers wouldn't let them. Regarding Merida, Marle thinks it's cool how she's a skilled archer, and they sometimes have friendly archery competitions as Marle wields a crossbow.
  • Also made friends with Jasmine due to her also having problems with being an overly sheltered princess, although her father was less strict. Marle thinks her history with Aladdin is incredibly romantic, and hearing of all the sights he showed her as he was courting her, Marle was reminded of how Crono was with her all the time in the Millennial Fair, showing her the sights. She's also glad that Jasmine managed to get married to Aladdin even though he's not royalty, much like her marriage to Crono (who was much better off than Aladdin but still a commoner).
  • Her family has a bit of bad luck when it comes to chancellors; in both Frog's time and Marle's time, Fiends called Yakra kidnapped the real, honest chancellors and took their places without being noticed, doing all they could to undermine the Kingdom of Guardia in the process, including attempts to kill Marle's family. So the princess really has a problem with advisors who have hidden agendas; she specifically hates Jasmine's sworn enemy Jafar, and also Scar, as she is aghast that someone can be so consumed by ambition that they'd kill members of their own family to achieve it.
    • Though she's a queen rather than an advisor, Marle doesn't like the Queen of Hearts either. Marle hates seeing a woman of her position throwing tantrums and abusing her power for petty ends. On top of that, her farce of a trial for Alice reminds her of what her beloved Crono went through. Marle prays to Cosmos that she'll never become that type of queen; she may be rambunctious herself, but she swears she means well.
  • It's a bit of a sticking point for her that even though she's the ice-wielding mage of her team, she does not have access to an ultimate ice spell equivalent to Crono's Luminaire, Lucca's Flare or Magus' Dark Matter; she sees this as a gap in her magic that she'd like to fix. In the House of Royalty she's often come across Queen Elsa of Arendelle doing amazing things with her innate ice magic that Marle can only dream of doing, and the princess decided to ask Elsa to mentor her so she can be as good at her element as her companions. Elsa doesn't think she's cut out for such a job, but agreed anyway after seeing Marle's earnestness. The Guardia princess is hard at work on it.
  • Is also trying hard to improve her healing, especially as high-level party-healing spells are currently only possible as Dual Techs (that is, they take two people two pull off), and she'd like to remedy that. She became friends with the princess Estelle over them both being rebellious princesses who want to learn more about the outside world, and since Estelle is a Medical Monarch like she is, they often train their healing spells together. Marle doesn't turn her nose up at getting advice from other white mages (she's far from being that kind of royalty), but she definitely feels she has more in common with Estelle. She also likes her friend Yuri for showing Estelle more of the world, which Marle compares to what Crono did for her.
  • Along with the rest of her teammates, she works closely with the Pantheonic Time Police to stop Lavos and other evil entities that threaten to change the future for the worse. She got particularly close to Trunks given how he also attempted to fix the future by going into the past, and some other reasons. Trunks has noted that she resembles his mother Bulma in her younger days, both in appearance and in how they're both on the stubborn, hotheaded side, and Bulma once even wore a similar outfit to Marle's. On the other hand, Bulma's intelligence and handiness with gadgetry is kind of lost on Marle, though she's sure she'll love Lucca.

    Richard (Tales of Graces
Richard, the Royal God who Actually Does Something (King Richard, King of Windor, Tiger Festival, The Mask of Barona, The Masked Barona)

    Roose Bolton 
Roose Bolton, God of The Right Of First Night (The Leech Lord, Lord of the Dreadfort, Warden Of The North)


    Emperor Nero 
Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, God of Royals Who Like Performing (Emperor Nero, the Actor-Emperor)
Nero portrayed by Peter Ustinov in the 1951 version of Quo Vadis.


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