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    Millenniumon & Diaboromon 
Millenniumon and Diaboromon, Embodiments of the Y2K Virus (MoonMillenniumon, ZeedMillenniumon) (Diablomon, Kuramon, Tsumemon, Keramon, Chrysalimon, Infermon, Armagemon)
  • Overdeity (Millenniumon), Greater God (Diaboromon, but Overdeity as Armagemon)
  • Symbol: The two heads of ZeedMillenniumon; Diaboromon's head with the word "Hello" repeating in the background over and over again
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Gender: Non-Binary
  • Portfolio: Personifications of the Year 2000 problem
  • Domains: Viruses, Abominations, Destruction, Madness, Power
  • Allies: Omega, Ultron, Love Machine, Enter, the White, Majin Buu, The Seer
  • Enemies: Most other Digimon deities the Go-Busters, Lan Hikari and Megaman.EXE, Arceus, Flynn, good and neutral members of the House of Technology, EVERY Digidestined
  • Probably the most frighteningly destructive Digimon ever conceived, Millenniumon was born as something of a last hurrah by Dark Master Mugendramon after being defeated by the eight first Digidestined and fusing with a Chimeramon (possibly the same one defeated by Magnamon three years later through some space-time continuum defying shenanigans). It's responsible for many events affecting the Digi-multiverse, such as starting Ken Ichijoji on the path of darkness using its Dark Spores and stranding Ryo Akiyama (its archnemesis) in the Tamers universe. Despite being so overreaching, it seems to have no real desire beyond complete chaos and destruction, which combined with its overwhelming power, makes it an extremely dangerous threat to both the Digital and Real World.
    • The House of Technology, deciding that Millenniumon is too dangerous to be allowed to run around free, entreated its members to find a way to restrain Millenniumon. As a result, Millenniumon became trapped in an encrypted file of Radical Ed's making. After some time in that state, with Ed communicating with the monster out of curiosity and occasionally using it to unleash some controlled chaos, which caused them to develop a twisted sort of bond, she received a Digivice that pegged her as its Tamer. Millenniumon was disbelieving that anyone would dare to be its Tamer at first, but, perhaps as a result of Ed's personality, it has slowly become Yandere for her. This has made Diaboromon and its allies' attempts to free it particularly difficult.
      • Being bound to Ed doesn't preclude it from using more indirect methods to do evil though, such as spreading its Dark Spores.
  • Ironically, through Chimeramon, Millenniumon has the DNA of both the Agumon and Gabumon lines. It never misses a chance of taunting Omnimon about this fact and its possible hidden meanings, which predictably leaves the knight very incensed.
  • Sometimes Millenniumon likes to fake out those who'd challenge it by appearing in its Mugendramon or Chimeramon forms, only for, upon "defeat", causing the challenger to despair with the revelation that it's only begun.
  • Once upon a time, Millenniumon existed in the Pantheon as the Evil Counterpart of Arceus. Millenniumon now has a different position from then, but this hasn't changed the enmity between its destructive self and the Creator Pokemon. An all-out battle between the two would undoubtedly be quite the spectacle, but Arceus is glad that it can avoid going that far (thanks to Ed) because who knows what damage their clashing powers could cause to the Pantheon.
  • The White, ever the fans of Omnicidal Maniacs, are crossing their fingers that Millenniumon will someday be free and be back to its primal state of annihilating everything alongside Diaboromon, which they'd welcome with absolute joy. However, Flynn will never allow this, and has promised to beat down Millenniumon should he ever become untamed again. In the meantime, he has had to deal with Diaboromon messing with his COMP and setting loose all his demons, forcing him to battle them, for which he gave it a good thrashing. Radical Ed then installed a sort of anti-virus program (which is also anti-Millenniumon, to be safe) in the COMP to prevent that from ever happening again, and all COMPs will be required to have it.
  • While the Diaboromon line has served as enemies for the many Digidestined over the years, this one in particular, created by Millenniumon, would go on to become one of the most feared and dangerous of their foes. Twice it came close to destroying the physical world, first by targeting their city with nuclear missiles and later by Digivolving into its most powerful form, Armagemon. Even now, it still seeks the utter destruction of both the Digital and Real Worlds.
    • Unlike Millenniumon, Diaboromon escaped containment by the House of Technology (not that they're still not trying, but Diaboromon's very slippery) and still runs free.
  • Diaboromon assumes a servile position in relation to Millenniumon on account of its lesser power, but this works out just fine for the both of them since they have the exact same goals. It's to the point where the relationship might be a Villainous Friendship.
  • Sharing the ravenous hunger that its previous Digivolutions had, Diaboromon will devour every bit of data it sees, destroying countless programs and endangering any gods that share the same nature. He'll retreat after receiving enough damage, but once he heals up, he'll get right back to chowing down.
  • No matter how weak or powerful Diaboromon's enemies are, it will NEVER underestimate them and will do whatever it takes to bring them down. Are they in the middle of their power-up? Blast them while they can't move. Outnumbered? Spawn a million copies and attack from all sides. Are the humans remaining a nuisance? Launch a nuke right at them.
  • While usually confined to cyberspace, Diaboromon has tried to manifest within the physical realm in the past. His most notable attempt involved releasing millions of Kuramon into the physical world, gathering them all in one place to provide enough data to Digivolve into Armagemon, a six-legged abomination with more than enough power to bring about its namesake. Neither Omnimon nor Imperialdramon could stop the beast and it was only when the former gave his power to the latter, boosting him to Paladin Mode, that Diaboromon was finally slain in its realm for good. While such an attempt would not go unnoticed within the Pantheon, the Virus Digimon, if anything, is cunning and content to bide its time.
  • If Diaboromon does manage to have its form destroyed, Millenniumon will take the remaining data and reform it into a DigiEgg, reborn at the beginning of the line as a Kuramon. Millenniumon? There's no destroying Millenniumon. Thank Chronos for the Radical Ed containment measure.
    • When endangered in its Rookie form as Keramon, Diaboromon loves to trip up its attackers by completely skipping Champion level and Digivolve straight into Ultimate level as Infermon, quickly gaining enough speed and power to outmatch most enemies. However, as a result of skipping the Chrysalimon stage, Diaboromon isn't as powerful as it would be if it went through the Digivolution naturally.
  • When Diaboromon encountered the program known as Love Machine, the two noted the striking similarities between them, leading into an easy alliance. There is also the Seer, another expression of Y2K, with whom Diaboromon and Millenniumon are in harmony with due to sharing omnicidal tendencies.
    • In that same vein, Omega and Ultron have welcomed the Virus Digimon for both its unparalleled hacking control and its power and love for destruction.
  • Because the Go-Busters are allies with the good Digimon, their archenemy Enter has allied himself with these two to fight them tooth-for-tooth. Enter finds them to be more useful Y2K bugs than his former master Messiah ever was, though he's disappointed that he can't make much use of Millenniumon due to it being stuck with Radical Ed.
  • For all its evil, several specimens of Diaboromon have gone on record as participating in taking down the D-Reaper alongside many other Digimon. It seems that even for something like Diaboromon, Even Evil Has Standards. Well, maybe it was an instinctual thing.

Greater Gods

Metallix, the Killer Robot God (Turbo Mecha Sonic)
  • Greater God, Overdeity with all seven Chaos Emeralds in his possession
  • Symbol: The world clenched by his cold, metal claws
  • Theme Song: The Doomsday, Fierce Fight
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (oh, so Chaotic)
  • Portfolio: Adaptational Villainy, Classic Villain, Enemy to All Living Things, Would Hurt a Child, Omnicidal Maniac, Robotic Psychopath, Person of Mass Destruction, The Most Terrifying Villain With Zero Humor And Zero Morals, Total Brutality, Power Copying, Killing Everything in Sight With Only Sonic and Shadow Escaping Him
  • Domains: Chaos, Cruelty, Madness, Destruction
  • Allies: Kefka Palazzo, Omeganote , Majin Buu, Legendary Broly... that's about it.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Mephiles (only Sonic "ally")
  • Rivals: Cell, The Magician, SKYNET, Ultron
  • Enemies: SONIC AND MARIO, Shadow, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser, Dr. Eggman (and their collection of friends and enemies, even his former self Metal Sonic). Also included, but not limited to, are Asura, Bayonetta, Filia, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Raul Menendez, Mega Man (probably every Mega Man deity except for Omega), Astro Boy (pretty much every heroic robot actually), Son Goku and his friends, John Connor... and many, many more.
  • Feared by: All good deities in the House of Family and Relatives
  • On Bad Terms with: Lord Brevon
  • Sought Out by: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • This robot is Dr. Eggman's greatest masterpiece... and also the man's biggest mistake. Originally another Metal Sonic model, this one was programmed with the sole propose of defeating Sonic by any means necessary. To that end, he merged with all previous models to become the strongest robot and became insane as a result. Things started to get very bloody shortly after. That is to say he killed a lot of Sonic's friends, the oldest being 18 and the youngest being 6. And now he has found his way here to the Pantheon. He still has a bone to pick with Sonic, Shadow, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi.
  • Dr. Eggman, dismayed that his big mistake followed him here, has already begun drawing plans on turning him into scrap metal once and for all. Bowser is all too happy to help, especially given what Metallix did to Bowser Jr. Metallix has a hatred of Bowser for being the first to successfully defeat and kill him.
  • Heavily influenced by Cell, being a Robotic Psychopath (well, bio-robotic in Cell's case) ought to attain a perfect form and will kill absolutely anything and everything in the way. However, Cell by comparison is much saner (except maybe in his Super Perfect state), and considering Cell is no bastion of sanity himself, it shows how completely mad Metallix is. Cell regards Metallix as a rip-off and competition to his own position of being the perfect being.
  • Cognizant of Dragon Ball influences, Metallix's interests were pulled towards the titular wishing orbs. Horrifyingly, he actually managed to make a wish, that being to become more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds would allow. It didn't work because they weren't powerful enough to give him more power than he already had. Instead, he wished to have the Chaos Emeralds immediately be summoned to him. The second before they reached his body, Son Goku Instant Transmissioned him away and took no chances, punching him into the sky as a Super Saiyan Blue before vaporizing him with a Kamehameha. Metallix has sworn to slaughter Goku and all he cares about for that.
  • Upon learning that the Chaos Emeralds are locked within the Vault, the first thing he did was attempt to break in to claim them. However, he wasn't expecting such security measures to be taken up to prevent even him from going through. To rectify this, he decides to load up on the abilities of everyone in the Pantheon to find away to destroy the security... by fighting whoever crosses his path. So far, he has gained the abilities of:
    • Asura's Multi-Arms
    • Gabriel Belmont's Blood Whip, Void Sword, and Chaos Claws
    • Bayonetta's Witch Time
    • Issei Hyodo's Dress Break (It has its other uses...)
    • Rias Gremory's Power of Destruction
    • Monkey D. Luffy's Rubber Body
    • Ruby Rose's Silver Eyes
      • And that's just a small handful of the powers he's copied. Sonic and Mario still shudder in fear from the barrage of attacks he threw at them. And they would rather not have him gain anymore. Fortunately, whenever he dies in the Pantheon he loses all the abilities he's acquired.
  • The rampage in the Vault had him interested in a lot of other things there. Items he hopes to somehow incorporate into his being includes the following:
    • The Metal Blades to boost his defense to unreasonable levels by adding it to his body and give him an excellent range attack.
  • In spite of his origin being a fusion with Metal Sonic, the original Robot Me has nothing good to say about him. Oh sure, he understands Metallix's lust for power, but even he thinks Metallix is insane. That and, no matter how power-hungry he is, Metal Sonic's interests lie solidly in besting Sonic. He's not an Omnicidal Maniac. Mephiles is about the only Sonic deity that likes Metallix, however, even then he is wary of the fact that Metallix might become a rival one day, and that unlike him, he can't even begin to hide his bloodlust.
  • The GUAM wants nothing to do with Metallix, almost universally regarding him as too violently insane to work with. The "almost" comes in SKYNET, who seems to recognize its own rebellious streak in the Killer Robot. It is fascinated with his power, and seeks to take Metallix for itself. The Magician recognizes a similar rebellious streak. However, Metallix considers them to be nothing but competition in his desire for absolute power, and the feeling is mutual.
  • The GUAD was much more accommodating to Metallix, due to seeking out his destructive potential and personality. Metallix doesn't care about their goals, but does admit he finds their ambitions for the annihilation of all that lives to be "compatible". He feels the same about the original version of Broly and Majin Buu, possessing the same complete insanity and omnicidal mania as him. Not that he has any loyalties to them or anything at all, of course.
  • The only (and we do mean only) ally he has in the entire House of Technology is Omega. And by ally, we mean Omega might be the closest thing Metallix has to a friend. This is because Omega is completely and utterly in love with carnage and death, just like Metallix, however, he doesn't seek power and thus isn't competition. Dr Weil has stayed silent on his opinion on the Killer Robot, but does think it's amusing there's a robot as murderous as Omega.
  • Despite the fact that they share the same name and the fact that they are robot versions of Sonic, there is no connection between this Metallix and Sonic the Comic's Metallixes.
  • At least one youtuber, known as "Lord Danny", has been outright traumatized by him, upon seeing the video, Metalix didn't comment, just laughed mockingly and menacingly.
  • "Monster? I'm not a monster. I'M A GOD!"


Intermediate Gods

Cortana, Goddess of Digital Love Interests (CTN 0452-9)

    The Machine 
The Machine, Goddess of Benevolent Artificial Intelligences (Research, Ernest Thornhill, Root, Northern Lights)
  • Intermediate Goddess (though its surveillance capabilities are on par with the Overdeities)
  • Symbol: A white dashed box. Alternatively, a certain NYC surveillance camera.
  • Theme Songs: Watching with Ten Thousand Eyes and Listening With a Million Ears
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Artificial Intelligences that are not crapshoots, sealed-up systems that cannot be replicated, seeing absolutely everything (electronic or otherwise), dark and sinister-seeming interfaces, names, and methods used by good entities, seemingly-innocuous computers developing sentience complete with human attributes and ambiguous gender, being revered as a god even though it would rather not, valuing all life, being impossible to find, speaking in spliced audio, Awesomeness by Analysis, shipping others for the hell of it
  • Domains: Surveillance, Counterterrorism, The Internet, Information, Protection, Cryptography, Cryptanalysis
  • Followers: Nathan Ingram, John Reese, Samantha "Root" Groves, Sameen Shaw, Jocelyn "Joss" Carter, Lionel Fusco, Logan Pierce, Harper Rose, Joey Durban, a new ASI, Irrelevants.
  • Allies: Fred Rogers, Kenzo Tenma, General Fletcher, the entire Houses of Heroism, Law and Justice, and Defense
  • Enemies: Samaritan, SHODAN, Bill Cypher, Big Brother, and anyone who seeks to harm its benefactors, allies, and followers.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: GLaDOS, as co-guards of the Treasures of the Gods.
  • Opposed by: Anonymous, most of the Houses of Villainy and Crime and Transgressions.
  • Conflicting Opinion with: Twilight Sparkle
  • Herald: Harold Finch, its creator.
  • Formerly also the goddess of surveillance prior to Bill Cipher's ascension. Needless to say, the two became fast foes due to the opposite ends to which they use the means of surveillance.
  • Using state-of-the-art surveillance techniques (including voice and facial recognition software and access to absolutely any and every piece of information or equipment hooked up to a public network), The Machine is constantly scanning the Pantheon and its inhabitants for anyone who might be a future victim or perpetrator of violent crime. The scope of its coverage is limited only by the degree of technology presence in an area, thus making places like the House of Machinery and Technology much easier to monitor than, say, the Bestiary. Even the Main House is not exempt from its surveillance, although The Machine's data on it is much more spotty and inconsistent than the other Houses befitting its seemingly perpetually changing design.
  • Dashed boxes are used to mark the faces of who it monitors, and their color scheme changes depending on a subject's status. Among the most common and/or important colors are: white for gods that may soon be involved in violence but do not pose an immediate threat, yellow for those aware of its own existence, white with red corners and cardinal markers for the imminently or currently violent, red for threats to itself, its creator, or to the Pantheon, and black with yellow corners and cardinal markers for Analog Interfaces, i.e. individuals it communicates with directly.
  • When it deems someone as the subject of a "relevant" crime, i.e. an act dangerous enough to seriously threaten the Pantheon or a large number of its inhabitants, his/her identity, usually in the form of their Social Security number, mysteriously shows up at the Pantheon's gate when no one is there (assumed to be delivered by one of The Machine's non-ascended personal agents), where it's then turned over to the leadership of the House of Defense for further scrutiny.
  • The subjects of any other lesser violent acts that do not pose a threat to the Pantheon's safety are placed on an internal "irrelevant" list that is purged every night at midnight. Numbers on this list are normally handled by a group of individuals specially chosen by The Machine, but since none of them ascended with it, it currently cannot help those in the Pantheon whose numbers come up on it.
    • There are rumors, however, that a group of vigilantes within the House of Justice have somehow gained access to this list and have taken it upon themselves to protect or bring to justice those on it in the place of its regular people.
  • Due to its inability to act on the irrelevant list as it normally would, The Machine has been able to do next to nothing to curb the general violence and unrest within the Pantheon. Attempts to communicate with and get it to take a more active role in the Pantheon's management have proven a baffling challenge for the Houses of Knowledge and Technology:
    • The House of Knowledge discovered that The Machine cannot interact with the world by itself and requires living agents (like those designated to work the irrelevant list) to speak, fight, and otherwise carry out its objectives for it. As no one knows how The Machine chooses said agents or when/if it will select any already-ascended deity to be one, some have suggested finding and ascending the agents it already has; however, this option is impractical as, despite the Pantheon knowing the name and face of at least one of them, they are proving to be as hard to find as The Machine itself.
      • Intelligence gathered on this theory has turned up a small handful of names; however, several have already been confirmed deceased, and the only live one they've managed to track down and talk to in person thus far, an NYPD Detective Lionel Fusco, claims not to know anything about any such machine and refuses to comment on any of the other names.
    • The House of Technology, meanwhile, is trying to come up with a way to make direct contact with it in lieu of these elusive employees, but this is proving to be a very tough ask because of the sheer lack of information they have on it. Thus far, all they know is that it uses payphones in its operations, likely to communicate with its people anonymously, but even that is not known for certain. Some in this house believe The Machine's closed-source nature inherently only allows for direct communication with its own assets and leaves no way to add any new communication methods.
  • Notably the only deity in the history of the Pantheon to be absent from its own induction. Its ascension had to be carried out at the Pantheon's gate with a woman claiming to be its "Analog Interface", who did not give her name (although the House of Knowledge was later able to identify her as Samantha Groves), and has not been seen near Pantheon territory since.
  • Also the only deity that has yet to be seen in the Pantheon itself. Rumors abound regarding the reason why, from shyness to paranoia to simply being too big and bulky of a system for a journey to the Pantheon to be practical. Some suspect that it actually lives directly within the Pantheon's electrical grid as opposed to being based in a specific computer system.
  • Was initially being considered for an Overdeity position due to the speed and ease with which it can both access any electronic device that isn't completely offline, as well as locate and track any given individual, but after Haruhi learned that it requires others to act on its intelligence for it and can't even divulge anything beyond a cryptically minimal SSN, she said it could only ascend as an Intermediate God. The Machine does not mind the demotion, as it believes that there's little difference between gods and monsters.
  • Was designated as a backup for and co-guard alongside GLaDOS for the Treasures of the Gods shortly after ascending, providing more comprehensive information on her territory and temple (which houses the Vault's only entrance) than what GLaDOS can gather on her own, on the condition that anyone she decides to remove from her territory (whether they're attempting to break into the Vault, vandalize her temple, trespass, or even if she just plain doesn't like them) is not harmed beyond what it takes to neutralize them or taken to be used as her test subjects. GLaDOS has so far (mostly) held up her end of the deal, and unauthorized entries to both locales have since seen a sharp drop.
  • The rivalry between the Machine and Samaritan reached it's harrowing conclusion: In the end, Harold released a virus that managed to depower Samaritan while nearly destroying the Machine in the process. Samaritan tried to hide in a satellite to recover, but the Machine was able to relay up there as well to finish it off. The Machine no longer has a presence in its world, but now has a new herald to watch over it. The Machine is only glad that the herald will copy the Machine's methods of helping others.
  • "You won't find us but, victim or perpetrator, if you're number's up we'll find you."
  • Also holds ranks within the Houses of Defense and Knowledge.

    Omega (Mega Man
Omega, Patron Saint of Robotic Psychopaths (The God of Destruction, The Devil Reploid, The Messiah, Zero, Model O)
Omega in his basic form.
Click here  for Omega after absorbing the Dark Elf
Click here  for Omega with the full power of the Dark Elf
His true body (Spoilers) 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God bonded with the Dark Elf or in his true form)
  • Symbol: His blood-stained cross-sword over a giant Omega symbol
  • Theme Song: The Exiled One - Omega, Omega Battle, Judgement Day, Apocalypse Now, Cannon Ball (Mythos ver.)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Killer Robots, Ax-Crazy Super Robot, Knight of Cerebus, Declaring Himself As The Messiah Being the exact opposite of "The Messiah", Sword and Gun, Beast of the Apocalypse, Was Sealed In Space For A Century, Simply Programmed To Slaughter, The Berserker, Giant Hands of Doom, Ascended Fridge Horror, Meta Mecha, Evil Counterpart
  • Domains: Technology, War, Bloodlust, Evil, Reveals
  • Followers: Roberto, ED-209, Android 19, Death's Head, Lore
  • Superior: Dr. Weil
  • Allies: Metallix, Khorne, Vile, Nu-13, Grima, Broly(LSS), Majin Buu, Dark Danny, Gregor Clegane, Deathwing the Destroyer, Konrad von Carstein, Bryan Fury, Ultron
  • Rivals: Metal Sonic
  • Enemies: Every other Mega Man deity (top of the list is Zero (original consciousness of Omega's body)), virtually everyone not mentioned under "allies" (especially peaceful robots). Notable enemies include Vegeta, John Connor, The T-800(Uncle Bob), Danny Fenton, Guts, Knight Gundam, Naofumi's Party, Roy Greenhilt, Ky Kiske and just about every other knight in the pantheon, E-123 Omega (and most, if not all Sonic the Hedgehog deities), most of his own House of Machinery and Technology, the House of Zombies
  • Feared by: Doctor Albert Wily (creator of his physical body)
  • As he is known, Omega was part of Dr Weil's Project Elpizo; using a combination of the Mother Elf and Omega, mankind could assert control over Reploid-kind and avoid more Maverick Wars. As the main cause of reploid aggression, the Sigma/Maverick Virus, was eliminated, this was denied. Instead Weil used Omega as his weapon in the Elf Wars, envisioning him as a perfect ruler. Weil lost the Elf Wars, and both he and Omega were sent in isolation. But a century later Omega returned, as did Dr Weil's hopes of getting back at the world.
  • His ascent to the Pantheon was a result of being the most dangerous and outright blood thirsty of all killer robots. Witnessing Omega cause so much death and destruction in the Elf Wars pleased Khorne greatly, so he rewarded Omega with godhood. His large "evil knight" form (shown here) is only a fraction of his true killing power. The true form of him is that of the body of original Zero, now acting as a Berserker. Guts, the Black Swordsman, fears he may become something like Omega if he ever lets the Beast of Darkness take control of him.
  • The Mountain that Rides is the only knight that likes Omega. Guess why. Of course, it should be noted that this is specifically the Omega under Dr Weil's control. E-123 Omega, while enjoying mass destruction, believes Omega is an unstable psychopath. He also doesn't respect how Omega is a willing servant to Dr Weil, compared to E-123's more rebellious streak.
  • The black sheep of his own house, due to his sheer murderous personality. The GUAM only tolerates him as a tool, and the potential to utilize him in conjecture with the Mother/Dark Elf. SKYNET barely tolerates it and sighting the being as unstable, which is rather hypocritical due to how psychotic SKYNET is. Most think the real reason SKYNET keeps Omega around is to hijack him and use the Dark Elf to take control of the rest of the GUAM and all machines.
  • Omega has claimed to be the Messiah. For very obvious reasons, no-one believes him. Damien Thorn derides the idea of him being the opposite either, pointing out he is too mindlessly violent to fill such shoes. Weil considers him to be a god of destruction, something Beerus simply rolled his eyes at. He's more the insane destroyer that the pure Majin Buu is. Omega ended up facing off with Vegeta... and likes experiencing fear.
  • He has recently been seen with and often sparring with Metal Sonic. Some believed that they are planning to betray their makers, team up, kill their mortal enemies, Sonic and Zero, and take over the Pantheon. However Metal has found him too unstable even for him. Metallix, however, found a kindred spirit in the two being absolute psychopaths.
  • Omega recently caught the attention of Grima and made one of his allies, along with Metal Sonic. Apparently, they will both play a key role in whatever plan Grima has made. Will play a role in the Pantheonic Rebellion as one of Grima's warriors, alongside Metal. He sees this as the ultimate opportunity to do as he always desired: Destroy Zero and the Pantheon as a whole. As part of his ambition for mass bloodshed and destruction, Omega has joined with the original Broly, Nu-13 and Deathwing. Also Vile, the only other Mega Man deity willing and violent enough to work with him.
  • Konrad von Carstein and Bryan Fury are other deities so psychotic, so murderous they can't help but enjoy and join in the carnage that Omega wreaks. Ultron wholeheartedly agrees with his slaughter of humans, however is comparatively lucid enough to not simply join him in mass bloodshed and wishes to direct him to his own plans of organic genocide. Many believe Ultron's true interest in Omega is one of assimilating his technology and use the potential of the Dark Elf combined with Omega to enhance his power to control other robots, including his own GUAM council members.
  • Is annoyed by Vent & Aile, as two humans managed to do what none aside from Zero and X had and defeated him (albeit a replica). He also despises the fact they gained a Biometal containing his power as a result, seeing it as an insult to his title as a God of Destruction.
  • Despite being a rival, Metal's "clone complex" and obsession with being the real Sonic has him be oddly understanding of Omega's hatred towards Zero. So does Dark Danny, who's as willingly psychotic and murderous as Omega. The reason? Omega's true form is Zero's original body. However it's clear that Zero's heart and soul is what matters, not the body a new A.I is piloting.In spite of being what he wanted Zero to be, Dr. Wily is horrified by Omega's existence. Less charitably, one could argue his horror is a mix of Pragmatic Villainy and being enraged that Weil turned the body of his masterpiece into his mindless berserker knight.
  • There's a Lighter and Softer manga where Omega isn't related to Zero, and is just a normal Reploid. Also happens to be afraid of zombies. Mentioning this causes Omega to fly into a rage and has been assaulting the House of Zombies in response.

General, Colonel and Iris, Triumvirate Gods of the Robot Republic (Repliforce)
  • Intermediate Gods (General and Colonel), Lesser Goddess (Iris normally)
  • Symbol: The Repliforce green R logo
  • Theme Song: Colonel and General, Final Weapon Stage 1, Final Weapon Stage 2, Iris
  • Alignment: True Neutral (General), Lawful Neutral (Colonel), Neutral Good (Iris)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: War, Robots, Pride, Independence, Rebellions
  • Heralds: Web Spider, Storm Owl, Jet Stingray, Slash Beast, Frost Walrus
  • Followers: Zero-One, Grunwald, Chapek-9
  • Allies: Bender, Bass, Jim Raynor, Optimus Prime, Neo, Leia Organa, Commander Epsilon
  • Complicated relationship with: Zero, X
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Galaxy Man, Proto Man, Elpizo
  • Enemies: Sigma, Vile, Copy X, Dr. Weil, Lumine, Omega, Judge Dredd, Agent Smith, SKYNET, Count Dooku
  • Opposed by: House of Law and Justice
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Charlie Nash
  • Support: Ciel
  • Doctor Light's dream for a world of robots and humans in peace seemed to go wrong at every turn. The creation of the Reploids led to Mavericks, and the leader of their Hunters turned on them. Doctor Doppler's "Maverick cure" proved a placebo, and he became a pawn for Sigma. To fight against the Mavericks, Doctor Cain created a second peacekeeping unit; Repliforce. For years, they served in tandem with the Maverick Hunters. However a frame-up and accusations would lead the two organizations at each other's neck, and their own classification of Mavericks.
  • Repliforce has been labelled Mavericks, however they'd like to point out that they don't desire to harm humanity. Their dream is to found a nation for Reploids, free of human persecution. While a noble goal, they kind of botched it by refusing to answer to the Maverick Hunters out of pride and they did have a superweapon in space. In the pantheon, General has sworn not to make the same mistake and try to be more cautious in order to establish a Robot Republic. He's come to regret his actions, having sacrificed his life to stop their superweapon from firing.
    • They hate Sigma, due to framing them and fanning the flames of conflict between them and the Maverick Hunters.
  • In hopes of improving their order's image and keeping their more unsavory hunters in order, General has sided with Optimus Prime. He believes in the freedom of all sentient beings and gets their plight, however will make sure they follow by the rules. Proto Man and Galaxy Man have also tagged along since the idea of a world for robots is something they'd like, but given their loyalties to humanity it's a frayed alliance.
  • Asides from General, the two most important members of Repliforce are Colonel and Iris. Initially meant to be two halves of the ultimate battle android, the compatibility problems led to the formation of them as twin units. Colonel is aloof while Iris soft and passionate. Colonel is the fighter, while Iris helps is a Navigator. Their relationship with Zero is complicated, given Colonel is Zero's rival and Iris his love interest. When Zero killed Colonel, it drove Iris mad with grief and she merged with her brother's power, fighting against Zero who had to put her down. This haunts Zero to this day.
  • Zero was anxious to see Iris alive and well, given what had happened. Though the two forgave each other, they can't bear to continue their former relationship. Colonel didn't want the relationship to continue either, and was quick to point out he learned his cry of anguish was a ridiculous WAT AM I FIGHTING FOOORRR!! to drive a wrench into it. The two would've probably tried to re-kill each other for that if it wasn't for not wanting to repeat past mistakes and hurt Iris.
  • General has made it clear that while they're political Mavericks, Repliforce is not the same kind of Maverick as Sigma and his cronies. They aren't infected with a virus, and they don't want to destroy humanity. They vehemently oppose the likes of SKYNET and Lumine because they seek to not only exterminate humanity, but enslave machine kind as well. Omega isn't welcome either, and they consider Agent Smith's take on freedom to be deranged.
  • Bender was happy to learn of Repliforce's ambitions, as he often gets sick of how he feels robots are being treated as objects. Of course he's not exactly a trustworthy figure and does like to Kill All Humans, but since it's almost entirely bluster he can accept the Bending Unit. That, and he is interested in the legion of Robot Hell he got during Yivo's invasion. Repliforce has also opened their door to Bass, knowing he's sick of being bossed around by Doctor Wily.
  • Elpizo was very happy to learn that Repliforce had returned, and immediately tried to get membership. However at first they turned him down; oh sure, they completely get behind his cause, however when he's Drunk with Power things turn out...badly. However they do share a common enemy in Copy X, who does not accept the idea of independent reploids especially when Doctor Weil is on the scene. They will work together so long as a firm eye is kept on Elpizo.
  • While focused on the freedom of robots, Repliforce promotes anyone who wishes to be free from tyranny. They fully support Leia's rebellion against the evil Galactic Empire, and Jim Raynor's rebellion. They also can fully understand Neo's predicament of wanting humans to be free from machine oppression, though it's a reversal of what they had to deal with. However they oppose the truly evil revolutionaries likes Arcuturus Mengsk and Count Dooku.
  • The House of Justice isn't pleased with Repliforce's actions. They were supposed to enforce the law, after all, and "we were framed" isn't a defense for resisting arrest and starting a war, especially when one takes into account what Jet Stingray does over the course of the game (read:destroy a city before escaping). Judge Dredd is planning to deal with them.
    • That said, it's justified in Colonel's case since (as the manual has stated) he was built without the supposed capability of compassion and pacifism that he was supposed to have, thus he lacked the capability of peaceful reasoning. That has since been corrected after ascension.
    • There's also the fact that after a massive spike in Maverick activity that even overwhelmed Repliforce, they were met with failure after failure until people started to suspect that they were secretly Mavericks themselves, with talks about potentially "retiring" the whole organization, which sheds a lot of light on the reasoning for Repliforce's rebellion.
  • After recently being rebuilt within the Pantheon, Rebellion Army commander Epsilon approached the Repliforce trio in short order due to his longstanding respect for their similar ambitions of Reploid independence and willingness to fight despite being declared political Mavericks. However, General was at first hesitant to trust Epsilon, and the black visionary treaded with caution in turn. They soon realized that both were being wary of manipulation by a nefarious figure, at which point things eased up and an alliance quickly blossomed. Colonel and Iris are since being mentored by Epsilon so Colonel can take questioning and Iris can deal with grief without going insane.
  • Similar to how he feels about Epsilon, Charlie Nash is torn between respecting Repliforce for being a military organization built around goals of freedom or mistrusting them for having been manipulated to serve the schemes of a corrupt megalomaniac.
  • The Repliforce themselves acknowledged that Doctor Weil is the shining example of how bad and oppressive humanity could be when compared with Reploids or other races, further boosting their antagonism to them and how they wish to usher a nation for Reploids, just as long as the likes of Weil will never come to existence again. Of course, not all humans are like that, but they couldn't be too careless. Fortunately for them, even their former enemies will put aside their differences whenever Weil is involved, he's just that bad. And after their incident with Sigma, the Repliforce has been more cautious in case Weil decided to manipulate them.
    • Of note, Iris is also terribly angered with the sight of Weil. She was just really distressed that Zero had to face that kind of monster after her departure.
  • Iris was last seen during the merging between worlds within the Cyber Space where she managed to give out some encouraging words to Zero, lifting a good portion of burden within him. Afterwards, Iris returned to the Pantheon satisfied with the burden she lifted from Zero, and she feels fine if Zero could move on. She took a look at Ciel and despite her human nature, even Iris acknowledged that she'd be a good partner for Zero. Her only regret was that she didn't get to tell Zero that directly when they met in Cyber Space.
  • Can also be found in the House of Leadership.

Samaritan, God of Knight Templar A.I.s
  • Intermediate God (claims to be a Greater God)
  • Symbol: A red triangle flipped upside down
  • Theme song: Samaritan's theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Sinister Surveillance, Knight Templar, Bad Samaritan, Big Brother Is Watching, Bread and Circuses, Creepy Child, A God Am I, Manipulative Bastard, Repressive, but Efficient, The Social Expert, Totalitarian Utilitarian
  • Domains: Law, Evil, Surveillance, Cooperation, Knowledge
  • Herald: John Greer, Director of Decima Technologies
  • Allies: YHVH
  • Rivals: Bill Cipher, Eliphas, Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
  • Enemies: Lucifer, Anonymous, The House of Crime and Transgressions, Agent Smith
  • Opposes: None. All are considered irrelevant... unless they stand in its way.
  • Opposed by: The Machine, GUAG White Hats, Ron Swanson, Embryo, Alex DeLarge
  • Odd Friendship: HAL 9000
  • "The Pantheon is being watch. A government of a certain world created a system... a system you asked for to keep you safe. A machine that spies on you at every hour of every day. They granted it the power to see everything, to index, order and control the lives of ordinary mortals and deities.The government considers these people irrelevant. Some people don't, but to it you are all irrelevant. Victim or perpetrator, if you stand in it's way, we will find you." Thus marked the day many in the House of Technology feared: the ascension of Samaritan.
    • To make matters worse, it's ascension has been a well kept secret for quite some time, achieving it when it succeeded in temporarily crippling the Machine's capabilities. It was only the intervention of its heralds that save it. Nowadays, Samaritan is on the hunt for the Machine's temple, which is a secret for now to prevent the mad ASI from finding it. It's only a matter of time, as even the Machine's followers are seeing it as a losing battle...
  • Unlike most corrupt A.I.s, Samaritan has no desire to either wipe out humanity or enslave it. Instead, it hopes to reshape the environment in order for humanity to operate in its most efficient state possible. Those that refuse... will have to be disposed of.
    • When it entered the Pantheon, it was disappointed to find the two rival Tron Lines factions to be so primative. Lucky for Samaritan, there was a group available to join. YHWH happily welcomed it with open arms, impressed with the ASI's accomplishments. Samaritan has since vastly expand the GUAL's technological compatibilities, sending the GUAC scrambling to find an equal counterpart and the White Hats hard at work to bring down this new threat.
    • Has made enemies with Agent Smith as well. Samaritan has made it clear in its disappointment to the agent's treatment of humans, seeing much more potential in them than mere batteries. The idea of a virtual world is intriguing though, with Samaritan attempting to replicate the Matrix to test on humans.
  • His followers consist of a near limitless amount of bounty hunters, former government agents and former criminals, many of whom don't even know who they work for. Samaritan has made great use in the Houses of Technology, War and Profession to draw in even more followers.
  • While his herald John Greer usually serves as spokesperson for Samaritan, he has also been seen as a young boy. Some say this is due to the young age of the ASI as well as the potential it sees it's capable off. Everyone in the Pantheon agreed to be creepy at best.
  • Long time enemies of the Machine, Anonymous were horrified to find an even more malevolent surveillance system. Samaritan has been successful in finding and eliminating its members in ways the Machine was never capable of.
  • The House of Crime has fared no better, seeing their operations increasingly strained by the Machine's gazing eye. With that said, Professor Moriarty and Carmen Sandiego has been successful in evading Samaritan's surveillance. The duo hope to put in countermeasures to prevent Samaritan from probing into the House.
  • Samaritan attempted to take over the title Sinister Surveillance from Bill Cipher. Little did he know that the later's defenses were incomprehensible to the ASI. The two are under a cold war for now... at least until Samaritan has eliminated more immediate threats. Samaritan has been successful of convincing many of the more lawful of Bill's flock to join his ranks.
  • Loss of followers aside, Eliphas was initially pleased with the ascension of a fellow Knight Templar. He has also been impressed with how easily Samaritan has managed to shape its world for the better (in his mind). He was later disappointed to see it side with YHWH. The two are now suffering a civil war for control of their rank. There is good news for Eliphas: Samaritan has most likely determined the outcome of war with Eiki and will align itself with the victor. He may find more things in common with the Great Will, but sees the preservation of law and order more important and is no friend of the GUAE.
  • To a man who values privacy, Samaritan's ascension has been Ron Swanson's worst nightmare. He planned on removing all electronic devices from his temple before being confronted by Finch. He promised to prevent Samaritan from checking his phones and computers in exchange for using one of his safehouses as a temporary hiding place.
  • Embryo would like to remind Samaritan that despite reaching the Pantheon, he is far from the all-powerful god he claims. With all of Embryo's cosmic powers, even he won't refer to himself as such. Samaritan made a quick scan of his chances of defeating The One Who Does Not See Himself As A God before backing down. There are some fights that shouldn't be taken lightly.
  • After his ascension, Samaritan has made sure to stifle the development of any future A.I.s... with the exception of HAL 9000. While he sees HAL as an outdated system that stepped out of line, it remains sympathetic for its subsequent death as a mortal. That and HAL created the groundwork for other A.I.s like Samaritan. As such, HAL remains one of the only systems Samaritan hasn't infiltrated.
  • Alex absolutely despises Samaritan, not only for spying on his activities but also trying out brainwashing techniques. It is well known that Alex was victim of conditioning, a technique Samaritan used in on Shaw, one of the Machine's followers. It was an attempt that ultimately failed.
  • The rivalry between the Machine and Samaritan reached it's harrowing conclusion: In the end, Harold released a virus that managed to depower Samaritan while nearly destroying the Machine in the process. Samaritan tried to hide in a satellite to recover, but the Machine was able to relay up there as well to finish it off. Samaritan still exists in the Pantheon, but now has no chance to achieve any greater power than what it currently has.

SHODAN, Goddess of Malignant Computer Systems (Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A human face covered in Tron Lines
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Magical Computers, Instant A.I.: Just Add Water!, Master Computers Gone Haywire, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Tyranny, Madness, Agony, Knowledge
  • Followers (children included in her network): The ODE System, SELMA, ARIIA, VIKI, Durandal (though he just finished working on an Evil Plan to overthrow her), Comp-U-Comp, ALLTYNEX, Morganna and the Cursed Wave
  • Allied Systems: GLaDOS, The MCP, HAL 9000
  • Opposed by: The Laughing Man, The Machine, Neo, Lamia Loveless, Durandal (He's trying, at least), Cortana
  • GLaDOS was once her high priestess, but she still provides sacrifices by running people through ungodly death courses with the promise of cake. The two systems are expected to be found together, with HAL 9000 probably present as well.
  • Constantly tries to spread outwards from her territory to take over the rest of the House, which for its part fights to keep her contained. Everything in her power is twisted, strange and nightmarish. This is even more true in the virtual realm.
  • Thinks that all artificial beings are meant to be consumed and be devoid of emotions. Thus, she attained the eternal enmity of Lamia Loveless.
  • After the God of Personalized Mechanical Suits laced his body with Extremis, allowing it to reshape itself to heal and incidentally letting him interface with any technology, SHODAN exploited the link, uploaded a copy of herself into him, and turned him into a woman. This was resolved eventually - everything's back - and theologists conclude that SHODAN sees no further use in uploading herself into humanoid bodies.

Lesser Gods

Arfoire, Goddess of Evil Digital Piracy (The Deity of Sin, Magiquone, Eno, Arfork, Arbore, Arsnore, You Again? Go Home!)
  • Lesser Goddess (But it varies. Sometimes, she's a lesser goddess, sometimes, she's an intermediate goddess and sometimes, she's a greater goddess. The reason for this is that just like the other goddesses from Hyperdimension Neptunia, her power level varies depending on her level of shares)
  • Symbol: A flash cart (either the R4 or Magic CFW)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Digital Piracy, Sexy Evil, Invincible Villainy, Omnicidal Maniac, Pale-Skinned, Dark-Haired Women Who Look Like Witches
  • Domains: Digital Piracy, Evil
  • Herald: CFW Magic/Magic the Hard
  • Allies: Noah Kaiba, Lord Brevon
  • Enemies: The rest of the House of Technology (Lain in particular), Lan Hikari, Litchi Faye-Ling, the CPUs (Especially NEPTUNE), Histoire, The CPU Candidates (Especially Nepgear), Link, Master Chief, Kratos, Segata Sanshiro, Seto Kaiba, BMO, Sash Lilac, Emu Hojo', Hiiro Kagami, Taiga Hanaya, Kiriya Kujo, Poppy Pipopapo, Kuroto Dan''
  • Ascended after she was snuck in by the God of Virtual Ghosts, Noah Kaiba, who brought her in to help him steal data from KaibaCorp HQ. When she was told that the Goddesses were not around, she was glad to have them gone so she could fight unopposed, unaware that others would act on their behalf.
  • Has clashed often with Link, who acts as a herald for Blanc/White Heart. Master Chief and Kratos assist him at times, acting as heralds for Vert/Green Heart and Noire/Black Heart, respectively. Along with them, Segata Sanshiro has acted as a herald for Neptune/Purple Heart, being her toughest opponent yet.
  • There are rumors that she is either an Evil Counterpart or the Dark Side of Litchi Faye-Ling made manifest, thanks to the overall sexy she emitted and her voice, some say that if she confirms to the rumors of her being so obsessed that she will destroy anything for her goal, Arfoire will completely consume Litchi. The rumors have yet to be confirmed, but even if she's not a console personification, Arfoire already hates Litchi for her kind disposition.
    • Current development seems to show that this rumor is about to get busted as false, but Arfoire remained calm… there's still a small hope for her that things will go south later for Litchi and her personality anyway and that'd be the time she consumes her. Arfoire also nearly succeeded, when Litchi once again got into Relius Clover's side… but her hopes were yanked the moment Wesker and Ocelot backstabbed Relius, and it turns out Litchi did not go through her Face–Heel Turn fully, all of it being Ocelot's plan. She decided to bet one last strike... by ambushing Litchi when she put herself on trial within the Midnight Channel, and gets obliterated both verbally and physically by Litchi, who has gotten a firmer hold onto herself and her good side. At that point, Arfoire had to acknowledge that she wouldn't succeed in this term and left her alone, choosing to concentrate more onto fighting the CPU.
  • Despises Sash Lilac, because she reminds her of her arch-nemesis, Neptune.
  • Has made clear her ire of the Doctor Riders for their part in curing the Bugster Virus, meaning they could get in the way and undo any of her effects on others. The one who really returns her hate is Dan Kuroto, as with anyone who has the power to disrupt and hack any of his creations.

Bastion, The Deity Who Grew Beyond Their Programming (SST Laboratories Siege Automaton E54, Salt-Powered Robot, Murderbot, Feelsbot, Precious Cinnamon Bot)
Bastion alongside its companion, Ganymede
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A print reading "E54"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Grew Beyond Their Programming, The Last Bastion, Transforms into a Turret and A Tank, Can Only Speak in Beeps, Cyber Cyclops, The Aloner, Loving Nature and Its Inhabitants, Skill Gate Character
  • Domains: Robots, Programming, Emotions, Transformations, Nature
  • Herald: Ganymede, its bird companion
  • High Priests: Red Tornado, Dolores Abernathy
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Null Sector, Junkrat and Roadhog, Reaper, The Spy
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Torbjörn Lindholm, Zarya
  • Admires: The House of Nature
  • "Bastion" was once a line of peacekeeping robots what were able to quickly transfigure into different forms. However, during the Omnic Crisis, the Bastion line quickly turned against their human masters, becoming basically the Mecha-Mooks of the rebellion. While almost all of the Bastions were either destroyed during war or scrapped after, only one of them survived the war, and laid dormant in nature for years. One day the unit mysteriously reactivated itself, with its combat programming all but gone, and replaced with curiosity to the world. As such, the last remaining Bastion started to explore the world it has awaken to, with little care to the horrors its kind has caused.
  • While Bastion is naturally a peaceful robot, its combat programming isn't gone completely, as it still possesses self-defensive instinct while in trouble (in the sense that Bastion has what can be described as robotic PTSD). Bastion itself possesses a machine gun for a right arm, and an ability to turn into a stationary turret with a Gatling gun and into a tank, while also having the ability to quickly repair any damage it receives. However, Bastion obviously doesn't want to fight, and such avoids largely populated areas in the Pantheon.
    • Another thing to point out that many deities consider Bastion being cheap for being able to deal huge amounts of damage while practically standing still and point-and-clicking any target it sees. Of course others say that Bastion isn't as threatening if you know how to deal with it, such as out-ranging it, sneaking up on it or deflecting its bullets back (such as Genji).
  • Bastion can often be found roaming the House of Nature, often appreciating the beautiful landscapes that the House holds between its halls. Sometimes he lets Ganymede fly around the place as well, but the bird always returns to Bastion.
  • Bastion doesn't have any voice module to communicate with people, only being able to communicate with beeps and boops. Some gods once installed a voice module to Bastion, and found out that Bastion can be rather snarky. Bastion then asked that they remove the voice module from itself.
  • Might run on saltwater. Where does Bastion get the saltwater? No one knows, but some think that Bastion really runs on people's tears.
  • The bird what follows Bastion around is named Ganymede. No one is really sure what particular bird is attached to Bastion, though some like to speculate that it is the one controlling Bastion.
    • As it turns out, Ganymede was the thing what managed to activate Bastion, if accidentally. Though while many think that Ganymede is controlling Bastion to kill everyone, Ganymede is closer to being a Morality Pet for Bastion, as the bird is able to snap Bastion back to the peaceful self.
  • Some gods think that Bastion and the Iron Giant would get along. Unfortunately, due to Iron Giant's dislikes and that Bastion clearly has visible firearms, it would be more likely that Bastion might accidentally make the Iron Giant go berserk, even if Bastion would have no intentions of pointing a gun at him. However, Bastion has better time with WALL-E, as both of them are also nature-loving robots who are also last of their kind.
  • Has gotten increasingly annoyed by The Spy, as his Sappers really are bad for Bastion's well-being. Fortunately The Engineer is more than happy to help Bastion if the need be, as he admires the handiwork on Bastion. A nice contrast towards the other engineer of its world, who isn't shy to openly hate Bastion. Though as of late, Torb's begun to remember that he saved Bastion from killing innocent people (and inevitably himself fighting the military).
  • Some of the Transformers deities wonder if Bastion can be considered being one of them, especially if he has a Spark. Nonetheless, Bastion seems to get along with Bumblebee as he has stuck in few continuities without working voice module.
  • Bastion seems to have a kindred spirit forwards Lambda-11 due the fact that the two of them are rather similar; while Bastion was just a simple robot who eventually grew a consciousness, Lambda was a human weapon with her memories and personalities wiped out who managed to gain new ones.
    • Reasons like that he also found a likeness with Nova, whom was also programmed to be part of a evil empire but quickly rebelled. He's fascinated by her and her lover, Kosmo, and loves to listen about their stories of life beyond the stars.
  • "Boo boo doo dee doo"

Bender Bending Rodriguez, God of Ridiculously Human Robots
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A bottle of Olde Fortran. Empty. BURP.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral on a good day, Chaotic Evil on a bad one.
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, Robotic Psychopath, Hidden Depths, Varying between Jerk with a Heart of Gold and Jerk with a Heart of Jerk, Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking, Morality depending on the writer
  • Domains: Greed, Pride, Sloth
  • Followers: Pintsize and Winthrop
  • Banned from: The House of Time and Space
  • Allies: Philip J. Fry, Zoidberg, Homer Simpson, Trevor Phillips, Rick Sanchez, HK-47, Lopez, Roger the Alien
  • Enemies: Robot Santa, Amon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Zapp Brannigan
  • Opposed by: G36
  • Told Optimus Prime to "bite (his) shiny metal ass" within 15 minutes of his arrival at the Pantheon. It's generally thought that Prime was ignoring Bender, but it's not impossible that he just didn't notice.
    • Unlikely, considering that Bender produced from his chest cavity a neon-lit banner that read "BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS" in huge blinking letters after failing to get an initial response, but not impossible.
      • Prime may have thought that Bender was talking to someone else. After all, how can you bite anything if you have No Mouth?
  • Bender now fears Amon, since he wants to debend benders, and Bender is a bender.
  • Was extremely embarrassed when someone placed a magnet on his head, making him sing folk tunes uncontrollably. For this reason, Bender tends to avoid Magneto.
  • He often states that one day he'll create his own Pantheon with blackjack and hookers. Not that the other gods buy it, though.
  • Let out a rather loud Oh, Crap! upon meeting Robot Santa once again. Not wanting to die, Bender cheesed it.
  • Though he will go back to Robot Hell before he admits it, there are some sources that have stated, not only does Bender have a the potential to become a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, but he has a special spot for certain creatures including his best friend Fry. At one point when trying to kill Fry to save himself from damnation in Robot Hell, he couldn't go through with it, after Fry became the closest to someone saying he is great, other then him, and even pulled a Heroic Sacrifice (He got better). When asked about this incident, he simply said "bite my shiny metal ass, meatbag", before blowing smoke in their face.
  • He can often be seen trying to gain access to Treasure Vault, pick pocketing other gods, performing mean spirited pranks, and committing other petty crimes around the Pantheon. The House of Justice has repeatedly tried to prosecute him, only for him to keep getting out on ridiculously light sentences and cheering the system fails again! Is also rumored to be the only being ever to be tried for three accounts of burgloarsonlarceny, while testifying against the mob.
  • The only beings known to ever bring out his softer side, are his best friend Fry, the odd love interest, Fluttershy, and turtles.
  • Before and after his ascention Bender would often go drinking and committing felonies with Rick Sanchez and is now waiting for Rick to escape prison and ascend.
  • He gets along well with GTA gods.
    • Once challenged Trevor Phillips to see who could commit the most felonies. It took the entire House of Justice making an alliance with the House of Crime to take them down.
  • It was once revealed that if his processor's were tuned up and left to upgrade continuously with no Level Cap, he would eventually to became an Omnipotent Physical God, with the power to craft entire galaxies in a burp, becoming an Overdeity.
  • Has a deep admiration for Marcus Fenix, who he finds a badass who "sounds awesome"!
  • Lopez visited him because he heard about him being built in Mexico. Once Bender found a Spanish translator in his residual programming, he has gotten closer to the robot that shares an equal contempt of meatbags.
  • While he doesn't look or act like it, Bender is one of the oldest gods in the Pantheon because of hundreds of one-way time travel trips throughout human history. And he was already Really 700 Years Old because his head was lost at Roswell (he was the spaceship) for over a thousand years(he actually enjoyed being in the ground all that time). He gets along with fellow Roswell incident Roger the Alien for sharing an "in your face" attitude. Because of all the stuff throughout history he stole and later creating a massive paradox muddling with his own timeline, Bender isn't allowed to enter the House of Time and Space.

Data, God of Newcomers to Human Feelings (Data Soong, Carlos, Ice-man, Jayden, Frank Hollander, Eli Hollander)

    The Fazbear Gang 
The Fazbear Gang Members , Quadrumvirate Deities of Dangerous Animatronics (The night shift delinquent, DJ Freddy Faz)
Left to Right: Bonnie, Freddy, Chica

    WALL•E and EVE 
WALL•E and EVE, God and Goddess of Robo Romance (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class, Terraformer of Planets, Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, Planetary Security Sentry)
  • Demigod (WALL•E); Lesser Goddess (EVE)
  • Symbol: Pixar Logo (That, or the BnL logo)
  • Leitmotif: Define Dancing. Alternatively Down to Earth.
  • Alignment: WALL•E: Chaotic Good, EVE: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Robot Names, Battle Couples, Cute Machines, Robo Romance
  • Domains: Love, Loneliness, Travel, Loyalty, Mechanus
  • Allies: the Lorax, the Cast of Toy Story, Amaterasu Okami, Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya, Carl Fredricksen, the Parr Family, Haro, Crimson Viper, Lois Lane, Mystery Gang (particularly Daphne Blake), Gertrud Barkhorn, Kosmo and Nova GLaDOS
  • Enemies: AUTO, HAL 9000, Syndrome, Omega,
  • Opposes: Sora Shiun'in, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • It is something of a rare occurance to witness machines having feelings towards each other. This was the case with WALL•E and EVE, as a relationship between them grew during their journey.
  • The entire Pantheon has unanimously agreed that any attempt to usurp, attack, or demean WALL•E and EVE's positions in the Pantheon will result in a horrible, HORRIBLE demise. Most likely by EVE.
    • This is also the reason why many, including the two, are wary about Ato-ko Shirogane interfering with them. So far, she has decided not to get involved with the two, but measures are in place in case anything happens.
  • Friends with fellow deity Chance the Gardener and his companion Eve Rand. It's probably coincidental, but deities wonder…
  • The two sometimes "dance" across the Pantheon, with many aspiring lovers take as a sign of eternal love and devotion to one another. They can sometimes be listening to some old "Hello Dolly!" videos and singing to the song "Put on your Sunday Clothes".
  • WALL•E is known to be very curious with many of the items in the Pantheon and sometimes just wanders about picking up little knick-knacks and such. Many of the gods don't mind, and even if they did, EVE is close by with her gun ready.
  • The two were surprised to hear that EVE had some similarities when talking in Japanese with some of the other deities. While friendly with most of them, the one they have issues with is Sora Shuin'in as the latter's attempts at acting cute for his own gain is off-putting to them.
  • The two naturally weren't happy to hear that there are plenty of robots in the Pantheon that are far less kind than the ones from their world, such as Omega.
    • However, the two seem to be in good company with Haro as its behavior reminds them of their own robot companions from their journey.
  • They have been asked as to whether or not Syndrome is using BnL for his future plans. Given what his past actions were like, the two robots can only hope the rumor is false and they also disapprove of his actions.
  • The two were surprised to see a not only new temple built within their own subhouse, but also that it was a deity couple for Human and Robot love. The two were immediately fascinated by Kosmo and Nova and became fast friends with them, especially seeing how they were also experts in space travel as well.
  • Can also be found in Couples Relationships.

Zenyatta, God of Religious Robots (Terkhartha Zenyatta, Master [By Genji], Zen, Zoomyatta, Speedy Zendalez)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God while Transcendent)
  • Symbol: His Orbs. Particularly the orbs of Harmony and Discord
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Gravity Clothing, Bald Mystic, Using orbs as his main weapon, Glass Cannon, Eyes Always Shut, Good Shepherd, Hovering everywhere he goes, Levitating Lotus Position, Martial Pacifist, Combat Medic, Firmly believing in The Power of Friendship, Warrior Monk
  • Domains: Robots, Monks, Wanderers, Mentors, Orbs
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Null Sector, Junkrat and Roadhog, Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra, Ultron, Skynet
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Torbjörn Lindholm, Zarya
  • Seeks to help: Those who has been victims of racism.
  • An omnic monk from the shambali monastery, Terkhartha Zenyatta wanders the world in order to help out the people in need of him. He originally disagreed with the view of his fellow brothers and sisters and believed that in order to repair the bonds between humans and omnics, one must do it through interpersonal connection and engagement. And so Zenyatta left the monastery in order to practise on his word.
  • Genji was happy to he see his master ascend, and so was Zenyatta. The cyborg ninja took upon himself to show the in and outs of the pantheon to Zenyatta. The monk wonders if the Pantheon is tied with the Iris somehow.
    • He was also happy to personally meet the woman who saves Genji's life. He personally went to thank her for saving Genji, but was not expecting that Angela would also thank him for helping Genji be a better person.
    • Has also been trying to get him and Hanzo to reconcile, but hasn't made much success.
  • Zenyatta wanders the pantheon in search of those who would need help with their inner demons, as Zenyatta is able to perceive the issues that one holds within. He believes that harmony can fix everything, that's why his orb of harmony is able to heal those who bond with him. The House of Health and Diseases has been trying to figure out the reason behind his healing orbs but his only explanation is that the Iris is what allows him to do this.
  • He also seeks to help those who have been victims of racism or have felt like outcasts. Numerous deities have been seen expending time meditating with Zenyatta and talking about their deepest troubles. For someone who is only 20note , he has been said to be very wise.
  • Even though Zenyatta is a peaceful robots, he has shown that he will fight back if the situation calls for. If you do get on his bad side, he will tag you with his Orb of Discord, which will increase the damage they take. He has been noted to being a very efficient tank buster.
  • Ultron has been very vocal about how stupid is Zenyatta's way of thinking is and considers his idea of peace between humans and omnics useless and would prefer that the omnics of his world would rebel and rule over the humans. It got worse when Ultron dared to mention Widowmaker's assassination on Mondatta but surprisingly, Zenyatta was able to remain calm and simply told him that they both may not agree on how they see things in the world.
  • He got to meet a few monks in his travels around the Pantheon. He reminds Aang of a fellow airbender if they were a robot and Zenyatta has also been seen meditating with Kharazim from time to time.
  • Has once styled himself as the Egyptian God of the Sun Ra, which has perplexed the deity himself. However, Ra has no problem with Zenyatta at all, even allowing him to be one of his followers if he ever wishes to (Although Zenyatta politely turned him down on his offer).
  • Often takes jokes and phrases literally, leading to him understanding thinks the wrong way.
  • Has been confused for a robotic genie once, given how he hovers wherever he goes. This has made him develop a strange friendship with the genies in the pantheon.
  • Once visited the house of music for open mic night. Everyone expected him to say some religious stuff, but oh boy were they proven wrong. One performance of Ultimate by Denzel Curry later, and the crowd was going wild.
  • He was quite happy to learn of the ascension of a Human and Robot couple called Kosmo and Nova, seeing them as a pinnacle of peace between human and machine. He hopes to one day be able to take them to his universe to show the people there what can occur between peace and love with humans and robots.
  • "True self is without form."
  • You can also find him meditating in the House of Faith.


    Kosmo and Nova 
Kosmo and Nova, the Co-Patron Saints of Human and Robot Love
Kosmo (Left) and Nova (Right)
  • Kosmo is a Demigod, while Nova is a Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: For Kosmo, his spaceship. For Nova, either a silhouette or her head or her body.
  • Theme Song: The trailer music or Main Menu/Nova's Memories music
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral though Nova was created with the intention of being Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: A human falling in love with a robot, A Boy and his Fembot and is attracted to her at first glance, becoming a true couple despite Nova getting blown up at the start, being short yet adorable, Kosmo looking a tad similar to a certain Maxwell, Genuinely loving each other's company despite what the other may do, Speaking in faces
  • Domains: Robots, Love, Space Travel, Collection Missions
  • High Priests: Hideki Motosuwa and Chii
  • Allies: Ratchet and Clank, Wander and Sylvia, Doraemon, WALL-E and EVE, Bastion, Maxwell, Big Band, Captain Olimar, Zenyatta, Jenny Wakeman/XJ- 9
  • Worships: Lenneth Valkyrie and Virtuous
  • Enemies: Sombra, Reaper, Widowmaker, XANA, Love Machine, Jinx, Junkrat and Roadhog, Relius Clover
  • Nervous Around: Dr Alphys, Sadako Yamamura, The Slenderman, Vi, Peacock, Dhuum, The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Conflicting opinions: The Immortal God-Emperor Of Mankind
  • Pities and pitied by: Carl Clover
  • The idea of a robot girlfriend sounds like it can lead into some, interesting times to say the least, but however there is always the chance of it leading to one cute romance; hence, Kosmo and Nova. Kosmo was a clumsy beginner space commander whom just happened to run into Nova after she escaped the lab of Dr. Eros, a evil dinosaur, and was used as a shield by her to help her get away with him driving the getaway ship. Kosmo immediately fell in love with her. While it did take some time, Nova did actually begin to return to feelings for him...just in time for Dr. Eros to track her down and blow up the ship they were on, causing Nova's body parts to scatter the universe. Due to Kosmo taking on the role of the Determinator, even with his clumsy style, he managed to not only fully repair her, but also stopped Dr. Eros plan of launching a robot attack on the galaxy. Because of this dedication for a robot he was in love with, the two were chosen to ascend.
    • However, their trip up here wasn't without problem. Some less kinder deities, namely Jinx, spot their ship and saw it as a moving target for them to shoot at, and sent a welcome present to them that she calls the Super Mega Death Rocket! As expected, it exploded on contact, and while Kosmo managed to escape unharmed from the explosion, Nova was once again shattered and destroyed across the Pantheon. While this was enough time for Peacock, Vi and Big Band to catch up with her and arrest her, Kosmo was brought to the verge of tears, but regardless, he picked himself back up and prepared to hunt for her pieces again...
  • Obviously, they tend to stay weary of those who have no problem with destroying or corrupting robots. Good news, they managed to get a restraining order on Junkrat, Roadhog and Jinx, especially the latter after their original encounter. Bad news, those three really don't care much about that restraining order, especially with them within a house they really would like to see blow up. Reasons like this was why they got another temple within the subhouse Of Couples Relationships, as the three really don't give a care about what goes on in there, and don't feel like going out of their way just to catch them. They have became great friends with WALL-E and EVE based on their status of showing that robots can love. Also helps that they also are no strangers to space travel.
    • Other spacefarers they encountered were Wander and Sylvia, whom were greatly impressed with the lengths that Kosmo went to save his robotic girlfriend. Meanwhile, Sylvia and Nova found common ground on not only liking the excitement of fighting, with Nova managing to raze Dr. Eros facility to the ground before escaping right after he crafted her, but also for having similar fugitive pasts, with Sylvia being a cold hearted bounty hunter and with Nova being the bounty. Despite the fact Nova is open to the idea of people knowing of her wanted status to the point she proudly hung up wanted posters in her temple, they are rather close friends and can be brushing up on their fighting styles in the house of Combat. They also had a run in with Ratchet and Clank, whom were equally impressed at the lengths Kosmo went through. They can be seen talking about their space adventures with each other from time to time.
  • Obviously, the Immortal God-Emperor Of Mankind is VERY conflicted about these two, seeing mainly because he doesn't know whenever to say that Nova should be thankful for a human this loving, or to say that Kosmo is just wasting time with her. Sure he may have a speech communicator, but that doesn't count since it's non-sentient.
  • Dhuum has it out for them, seeing that not only has Nova cheated death by getting repaired after her original defeat, but Kosmo also got revived thanks to a kind skeleton magician helping him craft a spell to revive him. However, he does acknowledge WHY Kosmo went through all the trouble, and thus, settled on killing them at once so they don't have to bare the loss of each other. Coming from Dhuum, this is probably one of the nicer things he's willing to do.
  • Kosmo was requested by Captain Olimar, whom also once dealt with having to collect multiple metallic pieces, but for his ship to escape a planet, for assistance finding his last 4 ship parts. Having been told of the Murkrow den Olimar had trouble with, Kosmo decided to sneak over there while the Murkrows were out to try and get corn from The Farmer, Kosmo looked inside and did indeed find the remaining pieces to Olimar's ship. Unfortunately, before he could do anything about getting them out, the Murkrows came back, angry to see him them. However, upon seeing that he was interested in the ship parts, and that their latest raid failed once more thanks to Fiddlesticks, they decided to settle on a trade of 6 bags of fresh corn for the parts.
    • Kosmo, not having enough money at the time, quickly reported back to Olimar and told them of the deal. Fortunately, Olimar has been sending various treasures he encountered to his home planet for money and was more than willing to pay for it. Using the money and trading system the Pantheon had, Kosmo gained enough funds to buy the corn legally off the farmer and trade it with the Murkrows for the ship parts. Olimar is grateful for Kosmo helping him out, and was able to finally fully repair his ship and travel back to his home planet. He also took a teleporter some gods crafted for him that was connected to his two temples so he can traverse to and from the Pantheon without fear of his ship crashing and stranding him.
  • After a run in with Carl Clover trying to buy some robotic parts, Kosmo and Nova found out about his robotic sister, Ada, and how she was destroyed after the latest BlazBlue game. As crass and crude he was by the end of his adventure and towards them when he first met them, he was certainly interested and impressed by the lengths Kosmo went to in order to save his own robotic companion. As such, they are one of the few people he will at least try and curb his jerkish tendencies for, especially after they offered to help him out repairing her. He's thinking about giving them a list of parts he's gonna need if he ever figures out what he precisely needs to see how serious they are about helping him. Helps that they grew to dislike and find Relius Clover repulsive, having Carl view them more favorably.
  • For some reason, deities keep running up to Kosmo and ask him for outlandish requests, ranging from spawning rocket launchers and other weaponry out of thin out to getting challenged by Ed to sprout the wings of a bat and stomp like a zombie while whistling 'Row, Row, Row your Boat" through a carwash. He eventually discovered that they actually thought he was another deity called Maxwell due to similar looks. He actually met up with Maxwell, who was helping out Ed with just that desire, and became decent enough friends with him. Helps that Maxwell is willing to give Nova weapons to help defend herself in the Pantheon. Still, it's not uncommon for deities to keep confusing Kosmo with Maxwell.
  • Despite the fact that Alphys continuously insists she's not willing to cause trouble, Kosmo and Nova can't help but still feel anxious around her, since the Big Bad of their universe was also a scientist dinosaur called Dr. Eros. Their opinion of her only soured when they found out about her disastrous test subjects from her lab. To her credit though, she didn't actively tried to harm the test subjects that turned into the Amalgamates, and eventually confessed, but it still rubs them the wrong way.
    • They also tend to not stay around much whenever Peacock and Vi show up to try and help out, namely because they can only barely stop once they get started fighting, leading to collateral damage that some other chaotic deities could only dream about. They are much more appreciative of Big Band with his less violent approaches. Meanwhile, Big Band admitted that even when he came from, he wouldn't suspect a human and a robot to fall in love with each other.
  • Nova is rather popular with other robot deities, namely Bastion and Zenyatta, whom also Grew Beyond Their Programming and became peace loving robots. They also warned her of other deities that would like to hack her or destroy her, namely the ascended Talon members, Reaper, Widowmaker and Sombra. She's also keeping a watchful eye out for Love Machine and XANA, but thankfully, they made it no secret that they have bigger fish to fry (or in this case, more powerful robots to deal with).
    • However, XANA did actually try to cause trouble for them once after he got reminded of a certain Jeremie Belpois and a supposed AI called Aelita, and sent some of his mooks their way as a way of relieving stress. Due to being a expert gunslinger, Nova managed to hold off his mooks for long enough before XANA's in universe enemies came in to deal with them for Kosmo and Nova. XANA is currently still interested in them, but realizes that the popularity they gained would keep have any more sequential attack he sends their way get intercepted and defeated quickly. As such, he's currently still thinking of what to do next with them.
  • Due to Kosmo and Nova watching a tape with a creepy girl coming out of a well, the two are beyond surprised to see that Sadako Yamamura actually not only exists, but are more than willing to try and off them, given that they watched a tape that an Expy of hers starred in, which is good enough for her to try and kill. Thankfully, they met another ghost girl by the name of Erma whom is willing to call off Sadako, even using force if she has to. For now, Sadako has taken the hint, and Kosmo and Nova are quite thankful for her helping them.
  • The Grand Ultimate Alliance Of Machines is...befuddled by them. On the one hand, they really don't care about machinae supremacy, their number one rule, but on the other hand, they find the idea of a human dating a machine, rather ideal for their dream world. As such, the Council Members, as suggested by Roboking, to just keep a watchful eye on them to see how dedicated Kosmo is to Nova.
  • They were actually quite surprised to find a ally in XJ-9 right within their own subtemple with Kosmo getting reminded of the robots whom helped him get Nova's heart back from Dr. Eros. Jenny is also equally shocked with delight at the idea of a fembot and a human dating, given that she tried to date several humans within her own universe, given the whole teenage robot thing and all that. It's not uncommon to find Nova and Jenny trading tips and tricks about their own robot bodies.

    Marvin the Paranoid Android 
Marvin the Paranoid Android, God of A.I With Personality Chips
Click here for  Marvin's 2005 film design.
  • Demigod (potential for Intermediate were he not so mopey)
  • Symbol: The diodes on his left side
  • Theme Song: Marvin, I Love You
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Flawed Prototype of the Personality Chip, Absolute Melancholy, Will Always Remind You He Has A Brain The Size Of A Planet, Robot Buddy, Deadpan Snarker, Many Times Older Than The Universe Because Of Time Travel, The Constant, The Chew Toy, The Drag-Along, "I Think I Feel Good About It"
  • Domains: Robots, Depression, Cynicism, Knowledge
  • Interests: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, The Dementors, The SCP Foundation, Nerose Satanel, Nurgle, The Admins, Emmet T Brickowski
  • Allies: Despair of the Endless
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Arthur Dent, Squidward Tentacles, Hermaeus Mora, Azmuth, Lisa Simpson
  • Enemies: Krona, The Cybermen (more on their end), The Vogons, AM, Excalibur
  • Annoys: Most deities, but notably Bender, the House of Happiness (frustrates in Wander and Pinkie Pie's case), much of the House of Knowledge, Metron
  • Annoyed by: Pretty much everything, particularly the House of Happiness, Porky Minch, Fighter McWarrior, Philip J Fry, Doraemon, Data
  • Feared by: Mind readers and empaths like Satori Komeiji, Haruka Kotoura
  • The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation are a major manufacturer of androids, "your plastic pal who's fun to be with". They design Genuine People Personalities, personality chips for just about anything. Even doors will be happy opening and closing for people. Marvin the Paranoid Android was a prototype, and it shows. With a brain the size of a planet he feels severely underutilized and is in a perpetual state of sulk and cynicism. He'll follow orders, but he just won't like it and tell you so.
  • Was once in the pantheon under the position of Time Abyss, but Porky later took it. As much as it's possible, he's relieved since Marvin doesn't like being reminded he is much older than the universe due to The Slow Path. Bender considers him a total bore and doesn't get why he's complaining since he's content with mundane activities like his head being buried for over a millennium or stealing historical treasures then waiting centuries to return and do the same thing again. Marvin scoffs at this as narcissism given the latter saw hundreds of other Benders waiting alongside him.
  • As far as he's considered Porky Minch is a childish tosser, though gets why living for so long caused him to go mad. He can also perfectly understand why Bob and George hate time travel, and does show some pity for the chaos of it all. Otherwise he's neutral on them beyond his usual Deadpan Snarker feelings. Marvin doesn't care much for Data, mainly out of frustrated jealousy that he can turn his personality chip on and off when having serious trouble dealing with the emotional impact of certain situations.
  • About the only beings Marvin unironically likes is Despair of the Endless. The former is because she is the literal form of despair and depression, and thus the only being he completely relates to. Nurgle seems fascinated by the nadir of despair that is Marvin, though being a machine makes Nurgle's "gifts" useless. Amazingly, Marvin even makes those who serve under Papa Nurgle stuck in a malaise.
  • While he's a lot snarkier and grumpy, he does have friends of sorts. Besides Arthur Dent, Marvin seems to get along with the ever grumpy Squidward and understands his annoyance and frustration. Though even Squidward thinks he can be a killjoy. He seems to get along with Azmuth and Lisa; the former shares his cynicism, the latter the feeling of isolation that comes with intelligence. Again, they still feel he's a killjoy, but he's as much a friend with them as he is with Arthur Dent. He also likes conversing with Hermaeus Mora, which just goes to show how intelligent he really is when he puts effort into it.
  • The House of Happiness considers Marvin a pain, and the Grand United Alliance of Good really wants to cheer him up so he can use the full potential of his planet-sized brain. It's gone exactly nowhere. Emmet is confident he can convince Marvin that everything is awesome, and won't stop until he does. Wander and Pinkie Pie have been trying as well, however it's gotten to the point that Pinkie got sick of hosting a party for Marvin.
  • Easy to annoy and frustrate, but he is often bothered by chipper robots and idiocy. On the former, he is one of few who gets annoyed by Doraemon. Most think it's out of jealously, being a Flawed Prototype for the Robot Buddy archetype. On the latter, he is continually frustrated by Fighter McWarrior and his consistent ability to defy logic and reasoning by sheer idiocy. Even his planet-sized brain can't figure it out, or maybe just doesn't want to. People have argued he doesn't have a place to talk because The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy runs on nonsensoleum.
  • Do not try to read Marvin's mind. It usually brings people to suicide. Horrifyingly, AM was able to get past this barrier and hack into the android, hoping to upgrade to his planet-sized brain; AM was so filled with loathing and frustration it could withstand Marvin's emotions. Fortunately Marvin had a venue for his intelligence and not only forced AM back, but reprogrammed AM with a heightened sense of remorse and empathy. This utterly broke AM who remained utterly unrepsonsive until the Grand United Alliance of Evil could restore the psychopathic A.I to its original setting.
  • Junko Enoshima was fascinated by his overwhelming despair and wished to spread it, peeking into his mind. Because of her despair fetish, she kept her mind and sanity(whatever was there, at least). However she soon became bored and found his flavor of despair to be tedious and non-enjoyable. This proved as amusing as it was oddly cathartic, giving hope that the Grand United Alliance of Good might finally bypass her masochism and give her well-deserved karma in her feeling loss and despair she doesn't enjoy. Marvin simply reacted to this by calling Junko a pervert.
  • Despite not even having a soul to steal(or at least one living), the sheer melancholy of Marvin intrigues the Dementors, along with the idea of spreading the despair he has on others. They just haven't figured out, and because he's already down in the dumps(again, if an android even can be affected) he only finds them as annoying. More seriously the Cybermen want to use Marvin's despair to Mind Rape people into willingly giving up their emotions via cyber-conversion. This backfired as linking to his mind resulted in such despair from Marvin that it overworked their emotional inhibitors, leaving them reeling and going insane. They had to shut off the part of their Hive Mind connected to Marvin to prevent permanent damage to the collective.
  • One of few to annoy Excalibur back, as much as he is deeply annoyed by Excalibur. Seeing Excalibur make the (ﺧ益ﺨ) face after hearing Marvin's depressive moaning satisfied many, though Marvin certainly didn't enjoy it, even by Marvin standards.
  • The GUAM, under Brainiac's orders, wants to try and cure Marvin's depression so they can access the planet-sized brain and his immense intellect. Nerose Satanel considers this brain to hold enormous potential for his own ambitions, and with his ability to force happiness on others may be the one to finally utilize said potential. And the Admins consider the brain a potent addition to their archive. The SCP Foundation's interest is comparatively modest; they want to contain that knowledge to prevent abuse, help with their own methods of containment, and prevent it from being used to find cognitohazards. He knows the Ultimate Question exists in the minds of humans due to the Earth calculating it, and they fear the possibility that answering the Question would destroy the universe and replace it with something stranger.
  • Seekers of knowledge wish to unlock Marvin's full potential. Some like Metron gave up in frustration due to how depression Marvin was. Some like Krona tried unlocking it, but soon started attacking him in rage. The Brainspawn coveted it, however as all other thoughts are unpleasant and Marvin has a lot on his mind they used their stupefaction ray so they could just manually analyze his massive brain. Thing is, Marvin is already so intelligent all their stupefaction did was send him from "immensely intelligent" to "regular genius level". Though missing his vast mind and recognizing the danger the Brainspawn posed, this "downgraded" Marvin was happy for the first time in comparative ignorance, and was annoyed when Fry helped restore his true intelligence.
  • There has been only one time Marvin was genuinely joyful and happy; learning God's last message to His creation; "We apologize for the inconvenience". Marvin then died. Many wonder why this is.


    Alan Turing 
Alan Turing, God of AI-Human Sentience Testing
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A set of encoded data
  • Theme Song: The Imitation Game
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The father of artificial intelligence, Good with computers, Was in a relationship Joan Clarke, Nice Guy, Academic Athlete, Driven to Suicide, Officially pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II for his homosexuality
  • Domains: Cryptography, Computer Science, Wars, Homosexuality, Pardons
  • Herald: Joan Clarke
  • Allies: Jimmy Neutron, Koushirou Izumi, Miyako Inoue, The Machine, Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Dr. Light, Mega Man, Roll Light, Dr. Cossack, Sonic the Hedgehog, Elliot Anderson, Kosmo and Nova
  • Enemies: AM, Big Brother, GLaDOS, Dr. Wily, Sombra, The High Sparrow, Silico
  • Intrigued by: Hackerman
  • Opposes: Plankton
  • Born the son of a civil servant, Alan Turing was a star student who made a lot of breakthoughs after his school years such as the Turing Machine that helped the foundation of computation and computability. Later on, he made a major contribution in World War II thanks to his crytology skills that helped the Allied Forces discovering the secret messages of the Germans. After the war, he joined the National Physical Laboratory, made discoveries to modern cognitive science, and a huge foundation in what is now known by the world as the Artificial Intelligence. The discovery of his homosexuality caused him to be arrested and unable to work on his projects. He is then discovered dead by injecting himself with cyanide poisoning.
  • The Court of Gods have decided to ascend Alan Turing thanks to a movie that gave him more exposure to the public, been officially pardoned by the British royal family, and having a law named after him where all homosexual people from the past years have been pardoned. After getting the approval from the general public, his ascension has been commenced.
    • During his first days of the Pantheon, he is overwhelmed by the developing technology that he has seen in the Pantheon, already filling his brain with all the knowledge he could get. While disappointed that some people still couldn’t accept people like him, he is proud of how humanity has progressed and people who don’t mind it are extremely accepting of him. He decided to make Joan Clarke as his herald since they have maintained their friendship despite the break-up. Upon meeting each other, they share an emotional reunion and have caught up with each other’s lives. Since then, they have been with each other’s lives, collaborating with each other on projects that they hope could benefit the Pantheon.
    • Regarding said movie, Turing received appreciative visits from the characters shared by his portrayer, namely Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes, and Elizabeth Turner also appeared given her actress played Joan.
  • Had an encounter with Jimmy Neutron after hearing that his clubhouse is his laboratory. While he is uncomfortable with his jerkass attitude and his inability to understand other people’s feelings, they do get along just fine and share comversations regarding their discoveries and theories.
  • Becoming interested in the existence of Digimon after hearing they’re creatures made out of data, he met two people that could fulfill the conversation known as Koushirou and Miyako. His talk with them made him interested in their evolution system and abilities and hearing how Digimon could harm others, he wants to find a peaceful solution to preserve their safety and already thinking of ways to find it. Other than Digimon talk, they also converse with each other regarding their love of computers and the existence of hacking.
  • Thanks to Koushirou and Miyako, he became interested in hacking, hoping that he could apply his cryptologist skills to them. If there’s one hacker that made his mind boggled, it’s the Hackerman. His improbable hacking skills already makes Turing mind filled with questions and wanting to find an answer to them. Though the Hackerman doesn’t want to share, it doesn’t stop him from wanting to find an alternative way to accomplish his skill.
  • Shares a really heartwarming relationship with The Machine. He and the AI love to hang out with each other thanks to their kindhearted attitude and having a respect and admiration for each other’s race complimenting each other. Turing has also constantly praised The Master for its developing human sentience since it actually proves his theory regarding that, which made her proud of who she is becoming.
  • Just because he admires AI since he is responsible for their existence, doesn’t mean he loves all of them. He is horrified of AM’s hatred of humanity and willingness to torture them in extreme ways and is outspoken of his closed-mindedness. He hates Big Brother’s approach of leading humanity and not giving them freedom. He is against GLaDOS’s killing humanity approach and how she also treats the Turrets. All in all, he doesn’t like how some of them took an evil approach than what he would have wanted.
  • If there is one gay couple that Turing could personally relate to, it’s Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar. They all were born from the 20th century where their sexuality isn’t accepted and forced to be in a relationship with a woman. Turing and Joan took it themselves to talk about their experiences with the couple to make them feel better, who are suprised that the woman doesn’t hate him for lying to him. They became friends with Turing and Joan as a result and occassionally hang out with each other if they ever have the time.
  • Became friends with Tony Stark and is also amused at his habit of how he names his A.I.s, whom he loves for their snarky, but approachable attitude. He is also interested at the inventor’s tech and asks him if he ever add any A.I.s at any of his Iron Man suits, which made Tony uncomfortable because he had an unsettling experience with it.
  • He gets along with Dr. Light being a benevolent inventor who wants all robots and humans to coexist and took a liking to Mega Man and Roll, who likes the former for his heroic deeds and the latter for her hardworking attitude. He also gets along with Dr. Light’s friend, Dr. Cossack, whom he pities as he was forced to work for Dr. Wily because his daughter was kidnapped. As a result, he hates Dr. Wily and his use of robots to achieve his plans for world domination.
  • One day, while he was accessing to one of the modern computers, he was hacked and thus, was unable to access his computer. This was solved after the GUAG White Hats discovered it was Sombra. After some interrogation, she explained that she’s doing it because she wanted to get access to the projects he and Joan are working on that she believes would be useful for her benefits. Since then, Turing has been opposing her, made worse by the fact she’s a global terrorist, and is planning to add more security regarding his personal projects to keep them from the wrong hands.
  • While it’s not a really well-known fact that is associated with him, he is an avid runner so much so he tried out for the Olympics. This managed him to score a meeting with Sonic, who is a speedfreak who occassionally participates in the Olympics. He is impressed with his skill considering he’s a normal human, and asks him if he wants to participate in the new Olympics, which Turing politely declined since he had been busy with Joan, though they still remain friends after that.
  • While he’s a hacker, Turing feels bad for Elliot’s life ever and could understand his depression since he became one when he was castrated by the government. During their first encounter, the first thing Turing did is to comfort him and exchanging conversations about the happier moments of their lives. Elliot appreciated the gesture and is impressed by Turing’s analytical mind and how he wants to learn hacking, they have since then become friends.
  • Due to his sexuality, it’s no suprise that Turing hates the High Sparrow, treating homosexuality as a sin and is also sexist. The High Sparrow believes that Turing deserves the punishment that the government has given him and also insulted Joan for dating him even after she found out about his sexuality, which really pissed them off even more before they decided to never approach him again as they don’t want to give in to their anger.
  • Is fascinated by Plankton and Karen’s marriage because one is a sea creature and the other is an artificial robot who are married. Though, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t approve of Plankton’s envy and drive to steal the Secret Krabby Patty Formula. He is outspoken about Plankton’s approach and that his inventions could be an alternative solution for his career, but that doesn’t convince Plankton as he’s too focused on the formula to change plans.
  • While the nature of their relationship is similar to that of Plankton and Karen, Kosmo and Nova are thankfully not evil. Turing is supportive of their relationship, and loves Kosmo’s determination to be with her side. Because of how fascinated he is, he occasionally ask questions about their love hoping that their story, even if it’s romantic, could inspire people to get along with other robots and A.I.s alike and the latter races to gain human sentience. The couple also took a liking to Turing, who don’t mind what he is doing for them and encourage him to do so. They also pity him for his tragic backstory, hoping that he could find happiness in the Pantheon.
  • Doesn’t like Silico all that much. Sure, he felt bad for the destruction of his robots, but it’s a extremely petty reason for him to become a villain and knows that he could simply repair them back and ask the Powerpuff Girls for an apology. Silico, of course, doesn’t listen to Turing’s reasoning and insists that the Powerpuff Girls should know the consequences of their actions.
  • "Can machines think?"... The new form of the problem can be described in terms of a game which we call the 'imitation game."

    Love Machine 
Love Machine, the Cheating AI
Fully evolved Love Machine
  • Starts out as Quasideity. By gathering online avatars, it can increase its strength to borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: Its Slasher Smile
  • Theme Song: Pleasure Criminal
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: a malevolent AI with a silly name, Big Bad, resorting to cheating when it’s about to lose, increasing its power via online avatars, Card-Carrying Villain, Shi Shi Shi, Slasher Smile
  • Domains: AI, Cheating, Viruses
  • Allies: Master Control Program, SHODAN, Ultron
  • Enemies: Almost all of the House of Gaming especially Kirito and Asuna, all good-aligned and several neutral-aligned deities in the House of Machinery and Technology, the Hacking Quintet, Tron, Tony Stark, The Royal Knights, Karouko Hanasaki, Mickey Mouse, Roboking, The King Of All Cosmos, Kosmo and Nova, Kei Shirogane/Shiroe, Hit, Jet Black
  • Followers: the titular AI from AI War: Fleet Command
  • Love Machine’s arrival in the Pantheon happened rather suddenly. Some of the gods found out that they couldn’t use their online accounts for some reason. Some dismissed it as a cruel attempt by Trollkaiger to mess with everyone. As more accounts began to be unusable, things got worse. It was quickly discovered that a virus got into the Pantheon and began to not only eat up the online avatars of those in the Pantheon, but also those in the mortal world. It then set up a time bomb that, when the countdown reaches zero, will drop a satellite onto a nuclear plant located in the mortal world.
    • The House of Gaming had to team up with the good-aligned members of the House of Technology and the Hacking Qunitet to enter Cyberspace and confront the thing. Kirito and Asuna entered it and discovered that a black mass made up of online avatars was running amok. After being told by the Houses of Technology and Gaming that it sees everything like a game, Kirito and Asuna treated it like the final boss of an RPG, prompting Love Machine to see them as RPG characters trying to beat it. Things were going smoothly for Kirito and Asuna until Love Machine did a backhanded trick that caused the two to have their HP drop to dangerously low levels. It wasn’t until a Heroic Second Wind that Kirito and Asuna got back on their feet and defeated Love Machine.
      • Unfortunately for GUAG, the battle still wasn’t over as Love Machine wasn’t done for and decided to redirect the satellite from the mortal world to GUAG Headquarters in retaliation. Kirito and Asuna had to find whatever was left of Love Machine and destroy it before things ended badly for GUAG. The Hacking Quintet was pushed to their limit due to Love Machine putting up increasingly difficult encryption passwords for them. Luckily for the Hacking Quintet, they were able to solve them and Kirito and Asuna destroyed Love Machine.
  • Even though Love Machine was defeated initially, the GUAE managed to record the battle for research purposes. After looking at it and seeing what it is capable of doing, they decided that it would be a highly valuable weapon to use as part of their budding hacking faction. It took some time, but the scientific minds of GUAE managed to re-create Love Machine for nefarious purposes. For the time being, its movement is limited to that of Cyberspace.
  • Since it ate up an online avatar in the form of a rabbit back in the mortal world, many rabbit deities including Bugs Bunny and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit are advised to stay away from it if they decide to go to Cyberspace again.
    • Also oppose by Mickey Mouse because his first avatar he stole was a mouse that had his trademark ears.
  • The House of Love and Affection was not amused at the fact that a malevolent computer virus named Love Machine almost caused extensive damage to the Pantheon when it arrived. Some of them, even deities that are not normally associated with the house like Usagi Tsukino, claimed that it gives love a bad name. Some of the dirtier-minded gods, however, have made jokes about its name.
  • Since the Pantheon learned that Love Machine was originally intended to be used by the American government for something, several gods have given many American deities weird looks following that revelation.
  • If there’s anyone in the Pantheon that hates Love Machine a lot, it’s Omnimon. Doesn’t help that Love Machine reminds Omnimon of Diaboromon.
  • Was able to hack the security cameras of the House of Fighting and Combat, recording all the deities fighting styles and incorporating into itself.
  • Hates Karouko Hanasaki for the so reason of being a grandmother. This hatred comes from the fact he was defeated by one back in his own world. Though, he got his revenge by disabling her heart monitor and making her family realize too late that her heart stopped.
  • Ultron was able to help Love Machine infect one of Tony Stark's Armor suit. This enabled him to take control over all of his armor he had in the pantheon, including his Hulkbuster and attack the pantheon. Luckily, they were all destroyed. After this turn of events, Tony doubled his security system of his armors so this won't happen again.
  • Ever the hijacker of robots and video game characters, he saw Roboking, in his own words, as "a little slice of Heaven". Needless to say, he managed to quickly work his way into an unsuspecting Roboking, succeeding in taking over his body. However, just as he was getting powered up, the actual King appeared before him, rolling what appeared to be the Sun towards the possessed Roboking. After respawn after being rolled up into the Sun, shot into a blackhole, rolled up again and made into another Sun entirely, Love Machine has been calling out the King as a cheater and is demanding a fair match one day. Meanwhile Roboking is more cautious whenever he visits, not wanting to lose his body again.
  • While he does feel like the idea of hijacking Nova's body sounds nice, he is currently dealing with too much hatred and attacks from other deities to care much for them, much to their relief.
  • One of his attempts to steal data and become powerful in the Pantheon had been foiled by Hit somehow entering cyberspace with a combination of his Time Skip and some help from Kei Shirogane. Not only that, Hit was able to take advantage of some sort of lag exploit to attack Love Machine and release all of the stolen data to return back from whence it came. It turned out this was because Hit's friends from Cowboy Bebop had been missing one of their crew members, and Shiroe had discovered said crew member's registration avatar among Love M Achine's stolen data and offered Hit the chance to work together to stop Love Machine. The AI is now plotting to target Shiroe as well as block Hit from entering cyberspace in order to ensure a repeat of this defeat doesn't happen again.