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This sub-house can be seen as the training ground to those who are starting their training, but are more concern on wielding the weapon itself than what the weapon itself is. The house has marks from different weapons being used.

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Greater Gods

Valstrax, Dragon God of Shoulder Cannons (Barufaruku, Valphalk, Sky Comet Dragon, The Argent Comet, Despair on Mercurial Wings)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its Hunter Guild Icon
  • Theme Song: Silver Winged Scarlet Star
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Fastest Flying Monster and is Too Fast to Stop, Co-Flagship of Generations Ultimate, Signature Move: Around the World, Shell-Shock Silence, Stance System Long-Range Fighter with Dragon Element Barrages and extending Razor Wings
  • Domains: Dragons, Falcons, Jets, Speed
  • Size: 2,675.47 cm - 2,675.47 cm
  • Allies: None.
  • Rivals: Glavenus
  • Enemies: Nergigante, The House of Air-Based Travel, Liopleurodon, Molag Bal
  • Avoids: The House of Science, The House of Technology
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters
  • Every now and then during the day a passing god may come across a red comet way off in the sky before fading away. Though this wasn't thought of as much a string of monthly incidents involving airborne vehicles and frequent flies colliding with a crimson fireball. By now you can see where we're going with this. But savvy digression aside, the case didn't come onto full force until a sighting was turned in by Ruby Rose and Tenya Iida: After finishing a friendly race they decided to take a break near a lake and while staying there they saw something quickly dive into the waters, grab some giant fish, and took off once more heading to parts way beyond. Later, when a team of Monster Hunters and other gods are sent to go after it the Court of Gods was not too long after visited by the culprit themselves, bits of pieces of what were Shoulder Cannons in tow. Seeing the message it was sending another spot in the Pantheon was soon filled.
  • Valstrax, the Sky Comet Dragon's physiology is just bizarre. Now, most monsters just go ahead and fly by flapping ones wings, nothing too out of the ordinary there. As one can tell Valstrax is not most monsters. Its chest takes in and pressurizes air, not unlike a plane, and moves it to its large Shoulder Cannon-like wings to ignite through Dragon Energy. The wings themselves are less about the membranes are more just shaped like giant claws and can point in different directions for different purposes. Pointing the boosters backwards allows it to not only fly as normal but also use its wings as impale-a-man sized spears while pointing them forwards makes room to blast opponents with the Dragon Element either as a barrage from or to discharge an explosion to anyone too close for their own good. With this mind it makes this Elder Dragon not only fast as hell but also versatile with the Stance System it has going on.
    • True to its name its Signature Move, Around the World, has Vastrax rocket off into the sky and circle its opponent before crashing down like a comet where afterwards is left vulnerable to catch its breath. Its enemies should be quick to differentiate this from the Elder Dragon simply fleeing, lest they be in for a very nasty surprise in the form of a dynamic reentry.
  • In an effort to understand it more, various members in the House of Science have been wanting to get their hands on the Sky Comet Dragon to get a better grasp at how it works. While the Hunter's Guild is also interested in researching the Elder Dragon, they have it a point that such research doesn't dip into any cruel or malevolent purposes and made the point very clear to some of the more loonier members in that House. Even still, Valstrax makes it a point to avoid them whenever it can.
  • This is a monster meant to stand, or rather soar beyond the Fated Four, the Generations' Flagship monsters. It is for this reason it has a very heated relationship with the Cutting Wyvern, Glavenus and by extension its Heralds due to making up the three other members of the quartet of monsters. On the chance these two clash is a sight to behold for it is nothing short of a spectacle of fire and dance between clashing blades.
  • To satiate its hunger for the bountiful bioenergy of Elder Dragons, Nergigante has added Valstrax to its large list of prey. Though it hasn't made any substantial progress on hunting it due to it seeing little reason to stick around when the Extinction Dragon nears and simply just flies off when the going does get tough. This isn't to say Valstrax backs off when it so much as gets a scratch, however. Seeing the Extinction Dragon covered in Dragon Element flames is to be expected in some of their tussles. Funnily enough, the range of measurements between the two monsters have Valstrax the the bigger of the two Elder Dragons.
  • Valstrax weak to the Fire, Thunder, Water, and Ice Elements which is four out of the five elements excluding the ones that come from games outside of mainline Monster Hunter. Typing isn't everything, however. The real weakness lies in its intake chest where damaging it enough while taking in air will blow up in its face, opening up a weakness. That, and Valstrax is too fast for its own good. Anything outside of giant landmark, food, or foe, is something it cannot pick up on with its excellent eyesight while flying and it ultimately leads to accidentally crashing into them. Though not as dangerous as an Elder Dragon who boiled an entire sea by being in it, its still not anything to sneeze at.
    • Though the Pantheon isn't exactly what one would call safe, the House of Air-Based Travel are weary of Valstrax and feel like they have to watch the skies a bit more often now. All too often has the Elder Dragon tussled with the Cids and Meta Knight in order to keep it at bay yet this silver bird of prey remains a persistent and vindictive threat.
  • And speaking of watching the skies this is a lesson that should be well learned, though in this case the lesson may be of little help. Its one thing if you see a bird of prey comes swoops down and picks up its prey, its another if you hear the bone-chilling boom of nature's version of a jetfighter fly by and take whatever it saw back to the skies it calls home. Such is the case with Liopleurodon when its querry was about to land in the jaws of death only to fall into another set of them. The encounter was brief, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it, but it was enough for the prehistoric terror to not like them.
  • Ask around the House of Music for the request of a "Hidden Track" and say it's name and you'll get treated to this cover of its theme. You won't regret it.
  • In the grand scheme of things Valstrax's speed pales to some of the other gods running about, king of them being the two Flashes and Reverse Flash. As a result, there has been talk on "improving" the Elder Dragon through some added adjustments. More powerful thrusters, added armor to survive such increased speeds, eyesight implements to get a better read on everything, stuff like that. Talk of forcefully installing cybernetics people and animals isn't all that uncommon in the community of crazed scientists and other flavors of vagabonds but the topic of doing so on the Argent Comet has started to pop up a lot. A good enough reason to not get tangled with the House of Science and all the more reason to avoid the House of Science, really.
    • On the less technological and more into fantastic side of things The Dreaded Daedric Prince Molag Bal has made his interests with Valstrax clear. Well known in his ranks are the Daedric Titans, hulking dragons corrupted into the service of the Lord of Domination. He sees this Elder Dragon as an opportunity for something a change of pace given how much of a different beast it is (pun not intended). Molag Bal also believes it's also an opportunity to create something especially atrocious.
  • A previous name it went by, Valfalk, is both the combination of the English word valor and the Japanese word of falcon (farukon). The latter half of Valstrax's name may have some reference to the strix owls where they fed on things such and blood and were overall bad omens. Or it just sounded cool. Either way this does not stop people from comparing to something out the the pharmaceutical industry, however. We don't recommend trying to push this in its face, however. Side effects of facing Valstrax may include dizziness, whiplash, internal bleeding, death, external bleeding, lowered weapon affinity, and combustion.

Intermediate Gods

    The Build Kamen Riders 
Sento Kiryu, Ryuga Banjou, Kazumi Sawatari and Gentoku Himuro, Gods of Requiring Phlebotinum For Driver Uses (Sentonote , Banjounote , Kazuminote , Gentokunote )
From left to right: Sento, Kazumi, Ryuga and Gentoku
Transformed State 

    Fighting Fefnir 
Fighting Fefnir, God of Frequent Aerial Fire (Guardian of the Scorched Earth, Model F, Fighter General Fafnir)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His massive hand cannons, Sodom and Gomorrah
  • Theme Song: Passionate, Scorching Desert
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Benevolent Foes, Loves to Fight, Firing in the Air a Lot, Loves Guns, Playing with Fire, Grappling and Ground Pounding, Facial Markings, Epic Shoulders, Hot-Blooded, Hand Cannon, Armor Phenomenon, Kickass Generals, Praetorian Guard
  • Domains: Combat, Fire, Deserts, Guns
  • Heralds
  • Followers: The Rich Texan
  • Superior: X (robotic father/master)
  • Allies
  • Worthy Opponents: Zero, Cu Chulainn, Ragnaros the Firelord, Undyne, Asura
  • Friendly Enemy: Mistral
  • Enemies: Dr. Weil, Omega, Copy X (his former master), Elpizo, Prometheus and Pandora, Hexxus, Deathwing, The Grox, Sakazuki, Enel, Lurerre the Abysroid, Lagiacrus, Davy Jones, Gohma Vlitra, Fenrir, The Corpus, Sombra, Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker
  • Fighting Fefnir, alongside his brothers Sage Harpuia and Hidden Phantom and his sister Fairy Leviathan, is one of the Four Guardians. Born out of X's own robo-DNA, he would serve and protect Neo Arcadia on the ground as the commander of the Jin'en Army, AKA the Scorched Earth Squadron or Army of Ash Flames. Between Harpuia and Leviathan, Fefnir's always been the Hot-Blooded one roaring for a challenge. And with the Pantheon full of great fighters, he can't wait to test his mettle.
  • Though ultimately a good person, for a while Fefnir served Copy X, making him an accessory to Reploid oppression. He became suspicious of Copy X when he had Dr. Weil as an ally, and has completely rejected his former master after he ordered a missile strike on a human residential area. Long after his death, Fefnir's spirit survives in the form of Model F. Though pleased by use of it, he was infuriated to learn it was being used by social darwinist Atlas, all in part of a scheme organized by Biometal W aka his immortal enemy Dr. Weil.
  • Though most of his siblings enjoy a good fight, it's Fefnir above all of them who lives for the thrill of battle. While Zero will always be his worthiest of opponents, Fefnir has enjoyed a number of fights he's had with the likes of Ragnaros and Cu Chulainn where they tested who's fire is mightier and whether rifles beat spears respectively. He's had particular fondness fighting Undyne, who shares a lot with Fefnir. Once fought Asura, though Asura beat him handily. Fefnir is training for a rematch. Being a combat-oriented robot, he gets along with Android 16. You can usually catch the two sparring with one another, to better improve themselves.
  • As head of the Scorched Earth Squadron, it's his duty to patrol the desert wastelands to take out enemies of the state. He used to have the mummy-like Anubis Necromancess to help him out, but after his death Fefnir's being trying to hire some of the other gods. Traveling to the desert, he found another Anubis, and another mummy in the form of Anakaris. Together, the three protect the desert regions. In general, he feels more at home in the House of Earth and Metal. Gaara has been good help in his visits there, while Dune and Admiral Akainu have given him trouble. In particular, Fefnir loathes Sakazuki for his perversion of justice, which comes off as an even more evil take on Copy X's own aggressive judgements.
  • Like Leviathan and Harpuia, his initial reason for being is to help clean up the Earth after the Elf Wars. As an environmentalist when the world needs it most, you can bet that Captain Planet, the Lorax and Viridi like him and Hexxus hates him.
  • The Grox find him a pest; they've struck a deal with Dr. Weil and Deathwing to "renovate" the Earth, and they're being fought off by a robot that can withstand locations inhospitable to most life. He dislikes Gohma Vlitra; aside from considering it a mockery of environmental protectors, Gohma hates Reploids for their actions during the Elf Wars contributing to Earth's ruined state.
  • As apparent with his gun, he is a rifle expert. He's particularly fond of Firing in the Air a Lot, bringing down a rain of fiery projectiles. When he's really serious, he'll transform into his Armored Phenomenon Form, a living tank. Because of his fondness for guns and Hot-Blooded personality, Fefnir got along amazingly with Yoko Littner. Fefnir ended up liking her friend Kamina even more.
  • Has been checking out Seras Victoria, showing off his own gun Sodom and Gomorrah. It's unclear whether Fefnir is hitting on her, or is hot for her weapons. Either way, bitches love cannons. He's also gotten Blastoise's help in order to cover each other's elemental weaknesses.
  • Has a love-hate relationship with the House of Fire and Electricity. Yes, he utilizes fire, but there also lies electricity, his weakness. In particular, this puts him at odd with Enel. He did get along with Johnny Blaze though, as neither are lenient towards evil.
  • Naturally, Fefnir doesn't like to get close to the House of Water and Ice. The last time he visited there, his boat ended up being sunk by Davy Jones, and he was stuck having to fight against Lagiacrus.
  • It's a bad idea to confuse Fefnir with the similarly-named Fenrir. That psychotic wolf is a threat to Neo Arcadia and the world at large, and the Reploid will not abide by such a threat. Also, while it won't piss him off, he's sick of the House of Dragons mistaking him for Fafnir. True, X named him after the legendary dragon, but it's only because he likes the name.
  • Along with Phantom, Fefnir's been kept up to date about Harpuia's pro-Reploid alliance with Epsilon, Ciel, and Green Biker Dude, including their turn into a public full-on robot resistance group which had been hastened to keep up with the surge of Maverick activity in the Pantheon. Taking Harpuia's advice, he talked it through with his comrades in Earth and Metal, who gave their blessing, before joining the team and reuniting with his brothers. He later saw non-Reploid members come into the group and be granted failsafes against the Sigma Virus, starting with the anti-Shadow weapon Labrys and the Murakumo cyborg Lambda-11; then, after the group went public as Liberion Arcadia, continuing with the YoRHa 'droid 2B, the battle scout robots Quote and Curly, the metagame cyborg girl ICEY, and 2B's partner 9S.
    • Aside from their mission to stop the GUAM, the team have gotten into skirmishes with the likes of The Corpus, as well as Desperado's Winds of Destruction. His trope-seating habit of Firing in the Air a Lot came in handy as Anti-Air to intercept the bombs Mistral would make of her Dwarf Gekkos. Usually she'll draw him into Trash Talk where she dares him to keep up, with some undertone of hot-and-cold flirtation sneaking in.
    • In another incident, Talon's Wild Card Sombra tried to hack into everyone's systems, which caused 9S to hack her cybernetics, provoking a fight between LA and Talon. At one point GBD's Ride Chaser Cheval was shot in a critical spot, later blowing up when GBD tried to fire out of it. Fefnir discovered the sniper Widowmaker as the culprit and tried to shoot her himself, but she evaded that fireball. He wants to get her back for hurting his partner.
  • After that, 9S helped Leviathan ascend, finally getting her out of Harpuia's temple to join her fellow Guardians on the team. Unfortunate side effect; Atlas was able to use some immortal Reploid DNA to force his way into joining Anubis and Phoenix Magnion as Fefnir's heralds.

    Roland Deschain of Gilead 
Roland Deschain of Gilead, Fastest Gunslinger in the Pantheon (Roland of Gilead, The Gunslinger, The Last Gunslinger)
Left: book version; Right: film version
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Two revolvers and a rose in front of a sooty black tower
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Supreme Gunslinger of the Pantheon, Determinator, Deadpan Snarker, Dark and Troubled Past, Heartbroken Badass, Good Is Not Nice, Improbable Aiming Skills, Sole Survivor, Perma-Stubble, Badass Creed
  • Domains: Law, Good, Time, Gun
  • Superior: Stephen King
  • Allies: The Man With No Name, Ragna the Bloodedge, Jesse McCree, Philip J. Fry, Jesse McCree
  • Rivals: Lucky Luke, Vash the Stampede
  • Enemies: Randall Flagg, Lord English, Jack Torrance
  • Not to be Confused With: John Luther
  • The most well known gunslinger in the Pantheon is the Man With No Name. And while the scoundrel has little respect to most in the Pantheon, there is one name he has his eternal respect. A legendary gunslinger named Roland Deschain appeared shortly after No Name, settling in the House of Time and Space. His Improbable Aiming Skills are matched by few, and his guilt equally so. And yet he continues to press on, hoping to defeat his Arch-Enemy once and for all.
    • It was feared that he had failed that quest. Ever the cunning strategist, The Man in Black devised a plan to get rid of Roland once and for all. He stuck a deal with the then mortal Lord English, whom he helped create a Stable Time Loop. The duo then convinced the Court of the Gods that Lord English suited the titled far better than Roland. Lord English gleefully disintegrated Roland in quick order, ending his journey. But his spirit gained renewed interest in the form of a flawed live action movie (implied to he a Stealth Sequel to the books). While the movie itself was lackluster, it brought enough attention for his fellow gunslingers to successfully bring him back into the Pantheon, declaring him the Fastest Gunslinger in the Pantheon. Nowadays, he's gunning for revenge against Lord English as well.
  • As stated before, he is stuck in an eternal fight against the Man in Black, later revealed to be Randall Flagg. The Evil Sorceror has successfully picked off all of his friends, making Roland the Sole Survivor his his organization. There was a bit of hope when the film revealed he was ultimately successful. He now hopes to repeat that success in the books.
  • Another Expy managed to ascend shortly afterwards. The Overwatch member Mc-Cree was intrigued with such a man, but has not had much luck in finding Roland. But one can only assume a crossover between the two will happen soon enough.
  • Vash may admit Roland's faster, but still questions whether he's the best. Still, the marksman was glad of the man's return to the Pantheon. He at least has one more rival to test his skills.
  • Of course, he couldn't have gotten the position without the help of Lucky Luke, who willingly conceded his title. Luke instead resides over those who specialize in the Quick Draw. Luke is always up for a rematch if the time comes.
  • Is intrigued with a certain member of Overwatch, known for downing multiple enemies with every bullet in his gun. He took a trip to the world to meet him, and was impressed with the world that was built. Jesse admits it's not as glorious at it seems and the world has a whole lot of work to keep it safe. Roland decided he would help make that a reality.
  • John Luther was surprised to see that the movie version shares the same avatar as him. Even more surprising is that the man is just ruthless. The two have considered pooling their resources, as many detectives use guns.
  • Is not exactly a pleasant person to work with, though it's understandable given what he's been through. Ragna has offered to help the gunslinger to channel that anger into something more productive, namely defeating the Man in Black.
  • Is sometimes accompanied by Jake, a boy from a world almost identical to the real one. Once dead, he asked for help to create a Grandfather Paradox. It would later be used to keep Fry in a Stable Time Loop himself. Jake is now a follower of the ascended Fry. The later hopes Roland could teach him about using a gun. The gunslinger has balked at the suggestion for understandable reasons.
  • While writers usually have close connections to their work, only a select few have them even before they have ascended. Roland claimed to have saved King from a fatal car crash in 1999 which would have prevented the story from having closure. Neither gunslinger or author will confirm this, though Stephen is one of the few authors who have no control over their characters. With that said, Roland has kept an eye on the man to make sure no one else wants to exploit King's vulnerability.
  • Does not care for Jack Torrance other than the fact that he has aligned himself with Randall Flagg. In his eyes, this has marked the writer to death at his hand.
  • I do not aim with my hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye. I do not shoot with my hand. He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun. He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart.

    Shigure Kosaka 
Shigure Kosaka, Goddess of Turning Anything She Wields Into A Blade (The Prodigy of Sword and Mistress of all Weaponry)

Lesser Gods

Destroyman, God of Unusual Weapon Mounting (John Harnet, Mr. Cosplay, The Seventh/Eighth Ranked Assassin, New Destroyman, New Destroymen)
Click here  for New Destroyman
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Destroyman costume regularly. The two cybernetic halves for New Destroyman, the left having blue eye while the right has a red one.
  • Theme Song: Stop Hanging DJs, Kill U 2wise Over
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Psycho for Hire, Puts up a facade of being nice and honorable, Smug Snake, Command Activated Weaponry, Large Ham, Dirty Coward, Changing Clothes Is a Free Action, Half the Man He Used to Be
  • Domains: Assassins, Cowardice, Superheroesnote 
  • Allies: Felix, Kano, The Comedian
  • Rivals: Margaret Moonlight, Henry Cooldown, other assassins
  • Enemies: Travis Touchdown, the House of Heroes (mainly superheroes), Link, Izuku Midoriya and All Might, Ochako Uraraka, Shouto Todoroki, Tsuyu Asui, Tenya Iida, Nedzu, The Blood Gulch Crew, Locus, Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs, Takahashi Takeda, Kung Jin, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, pretty much anyone he's payed to kill
  • Annoyed by: Mara, Beavis and Butt-head
  • To some, John Harnet is just a man in his late 20s working as a postman who also happened to fund a series of indie movies titled "Destroyman", of which he stars as the titular character. Although exasperated by the demanding customers from his postman job, he remains to be a cheerful man brimming with politness despite his job as an assassin... which isn't the case. In reality, he's actually very crazy, enjoying murder as much as he likes fighting dirty. An old trick he tries to pull is attempting to shake hands with his opponents where he electrocutes them.
    Destroyman: "We're both fighters, aren't we? Not killers, at least for now. This is a sign of sportsmanship, that we respect each other before and after the fight. Good luck."
    • And if someone does fall for his trick he gets sent into hysterics.
    Destroyman: "Ahahahaha! This is great! Is this guy an idiot or what? Is this a joke? You fell for the oldest trick in the book! Ahaha! Oh man! You are something. This is the best. Man, you really crack me up. I...I think this laughter's going to kill me. Seriously! I think I might really die from laughter! Ahaha...It hurts. Someone help! Oh God! Oh...oh shit. Ehehe, I thought I was gonna die there. For real."
  • His ascension came when several Houses reported charred corpses scattered throughout entrances, cause of death either from lasers or electrocution. It didn't take long for Travis to recognize that it was Destroyman's handiwork, and manage to intrude upon his attempts at tricking another deity with his superhero persona. A rematch soon followed, not quite the same level of respect for each other as Margaret Moonlight, which ended with Destroyman being cut in half. Again. Not even a week later the same grizzly scenes occurred once more (this time the murders take place not too long after one another), and while Travis was out temporarily in his place was his (self-appointed) Herald, Shinobu. While nearby Travis' temple, she fought with what appeared to be two Destroymans. One, a Jerkass hiding his true colors under a much more opaque facade and a Jerkass period. The outcome was still the same, though.
    • This time, Destroyman woke up in the House of Life and Death and was greeted by the Court of Gods. According to some eye witnesses who weren't blasted to hell, they managed to observe him while fighting and all pointed out the really weird places he puts his weapons. Often, the codpiece gets mentioned the most. With that said, they all offered him a chance to ascend for that aspect despite some obvious protests from Travis. Sure, he can't really pull off his tricks that much anymore since many deities here aren't that stupid, but he'll find a way. He came back from be bisected, after all.
      • Destroyman's ascension had the added effect of being able to swap between being normal or New Destroyman. Although he prefers his non-bisected self, he admits his other self is much more dangerous. Infamously so.
  • Other than being called an "annoying prick" by the Crownless King himself, he has met with other assassins from Santa Destroy. And they aren't that positive either. Margaret Moonlight sees him as Travis if he tossed out any sort of standards he had out the window, especially with the more vulgar half of New Destroyman. If you ask Henry, the assassin is pretty much past the standards he has set and wouldn't want to be associated with him.
  • His Faux Affably Evil personality combined with his superhero persona as an assassin got on the bad side of the House of Heroes. Before his ascension, he actually tried to pass off as one during one of his hits. It went well at first, but Link ended up detecting his true nature with the Master Sword and was quickly driven out. It turns out his hit was to Izuku Midoriya, which instantly gaining ire from his allies not even going over his little stunt along with his choice in using a superhero theme as an assassin. Destroyman hopes to end them all one day, especially Link for ruining everything. But even if that was a failure, he did manage to catch the Space Pirate Felix's attention as a result. Both being very much sadistic hired killer had to earn a team up even if sometimes they don't get along that much. Doesn't stop the Blood Gulch Crew and Felix's former partner from being enemies with him, however.
    Felix: "'Destroyman'. Again, whatever happened to normal fucking names?"
    Red Eyed!New Destroyman: "That's a lot of built-up anger from just a name. But, I have to ask. Are you still sore over Lo-"
    Felix: "Don't. Start."
    Blue Eyed!New Destroyman: (laughs) Alright, we'll keep your little history out of this. Won't hear a goddamn thing about that guy."
    • Destroyman has a similar relationship with Kano was made after he first met him while aiding Felix. He proved to be pretty crucial in the moment when he attacked Cassy Cage and Jacqui Briggs while she was dealing with the Black Dragon. Granted, he didn't hit them since they heard his little warning but it gave enough time for Kano to get away. This didn't exactly sit well with all of Kano's enemies from his universe, not that Destroyman cares.
    Destroyman: "Kang, what's-"
    Kano: "'Kano', ya bloody prick."
    Destroyman: "Whatever, my mistake, anyways..."
  • He gets criticized by his fellow deities concerning his weaponry, but for what you'd think. It isn't about the questionable placement of them. No, it's the fact that his weapons are powered by an SFX Converter meaning he has to call them out if he wants to activate them. This also means his attacks aren't that hard to telegraph. Even as New Destroyman, who's capable of better mobility such as actual flight and more abilities like shield projection, it's still a feature in his gear. It could just be chopped up to him being a Large Ham.
  • One day, he heard a bunch of comments about a god with "a dragon dick". A trip to the House of Personal Appearance solved his mystery as it was Zorc Necrophades. Not wanting to be outdone, he got to work on improving the power on the Destroy Buster. Basically, it's a dick measuring contest. Such a thing hasn't gone unnoticed by Mara, Beavis and Butt-head, who waste no time in making many, many dick-jokes which quickly got on his nerves at the rate they went. Not so much as the perversion aspect of it (come on, he knew what he was doing), but more of how old it got really quickly.
  • "You're as good as dead."
    • Destroyman: “Come and get some, punk. Hahahaha!”
    • New Destroyman: "We're going to kill you twice over!"

    Hol Horse 
Hol Horse, God of Atrocious Aiming
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Stand, Emperor
  • Theme Song: Wind in the Wilderness
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Know When to Fold 'Em, Dirty Coward, Jerkass, The Gunslinger, Improbable Aiming Skills (Improbably Bad, that is), A Stand that's Ultimately Less Useful than it Sounds
  • Domains: Guns, Incompetency
  • Allies: Dio Brando, Yosemite Sam
  • Rivals (mostly one-sided on his end): John Marston, Jesse McCree, The Man with No Name, Erron Black
  • Enemies: Jean-Pierre Polnareff, Muhammad Avdol, Noriaki Kakyoin, Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, Lucky Luke, The Lone Ranger
  • Other Relations: J. Geil
  • Hol Horse is one of Dio's hired guns that tried to stop Jotaro and his crew from completing their journey. His stand, Emperor, is basically a gun that Hol Horse can summon at will. What makes it different from most other guns is that Hol Horse can control the direction of the bullets shot from it, presumably due to the bullets being a part of his Stand. In theory, this would sound like an effective skill, but the truth couldn't be more different. In all the time that Hol Horse was active in pursuing his targets, he was never able to kill any of them (and the one time where it looked like he actually killed Avdol didn't really count due to the latter faking his death). To add insult to injury, his journey to hunt down Jotaro's team ended with Hol Horse getting hit with his own bullets, causing him to get hospitalized.
  • There is a shooting range within the Pantheon that lets visitors test various firearms or see how their aim is. A person dressed up like a cowboy decided to visit that place and made a claim that he had the ability to control the direction of his bullets. The visitors allowed Hol Horse to see if his claims were true and gave him a dummy to shoot at. While his claims of controllable bullets were true, it turned out that he somehow managed to miss the dummy entirely. Hol Horse was rather humiliated with this outcome and has tried to improve his shooting skills since then.
    • What made things a bit more awkward for him during his initial visit was the fact that some Stormtroopers of the 501st were present to witness his shooting abilities and that unit isn't really considered to be the best shooters in general. While those Stormtroopers didn't really mock Hol Horse, they felt that given his abilities he could have been better.
  • Compared to other Stands, Emperor is weak from a strength-based perspective and Hol Horse knows it. It's why he prefers to find someone stronger than he is and work with them. As soon as things go bad for him, he runs away from the battle and then resorts to looking for a better partner so that he can be at an advantage again.
    • It was a bit of surprise for him to see J. Geil alive and well since their initial teamup. Hol Horse ended up having an encounter with J. Geil's mother, Enya, and things went badly for him during that meeting. While J. Geil doesn't have much issue reteaming with him if it means ruining the lives of others, Hol Horse is a bit wary on that prospect, if only to avoid incurring the wrath of Enya again.
  • He is one of the more unorthodox cowboys of the Pantheon due to being a gunslinger with controllable bullets. That said, most other cowboys (or anyone from a Western for that matter) either don't take him seriously because of his poor track record or dislike him for his mean personality. Arguably the only cowboy that's fine with him is Yosemite Sam and the two have found work together every now and then. It hasn't done much to boost their success rates though.
  • If he isn't looking for a new partner to work with, then there is a decent possibility that he is trying to improve his chances of getting a good shot at a target. At the very least, Hol Horse was able to shoot off a random jerk's ear one time, but it wasn't an important person and Hol Horse wants to be able to get a shot at more significant targets whenever the opportunity arises.
  • Aside from being a gunslinger, he fancies himself as a sort of womanizer. For the most part, he also Wouldn't Hit a Girl (though the one exception was a result of some weird circumstances involving Boingo, a kid with a comic book that can predict the future). Hol Horse has gotten himself in a bit of a mild rivalry with some other womanizers due to that.
  • He doesn't want much to do with the House of Prophecy due to how the aforementioned team-up with Boingo ended for him. Even if that House makes accurate predictions, he is rather suspicious that there is going to be a twist in their predictions that would more often than not hinder his progress.
  • Unlike most of Dio's other subordinates, Hol Horse is only loyal enough to follow him out of fear. If possible, the gunslinger is willing to take up offers of hunting down heroes if only to get a decent paycheck. Despite this, some other bounty hunters such as Boba Fett (whose motivation for targeting heroes is also for the money) ridiculed Hol Horse for his subpar shooting skills.
    • When Hol Horse ended up meeting Taskmaster, another being who takes up jobs hunting down people for money, some trouble would ensue. Not only did Hol Horse perform poorly during a battle between the two, but it led to additional conflict since Taskmaster preferred if the targets they're pursuing aren't killed, just merely incapacitated. Then again, Hol Horse was intially working for someone who wanted Jotaro and his team dead.
  • The one time that he ended up on the Stardust Crusaders' side was an Enemy Mine situation due to Enya, but as soon as that battle ended, he left them and ended up working for Dio. While Hol Horse will try to get payback against the Crusaders if possible, there is some irony to the aforementioned scenario in that Hol Horse could have been an actual member of the Crusaders. That forgotten possibility doesn't really concern Hol Horse that much.
  • Sometimes, despite having no clear origin of where he's really from, he takes advantage of his cowboy motif to pass himself off as American. This somehow results in him becoming even more arrogant and idiotic than he already is, such as claiming things like there are only two languages: "American and Non-American".
    "Say hi to Trotsky Hitler Bin Laden for me, commie!"

    John Preston 
John Preston Divine Master Of The Gun Kata (The Cleric)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Dual Handguns
  • Theme Song: Cleric Preston
  • Alignment: True Neutral, formerly Lawful Evil as a Cleric
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Badass Longcoat, Guns Akimbo/The Gunslinger/Offhand Backhand, The Stoic, Tranquil Fury, Showy Invincible Hero, Went From Being The Stoic To Not So Stoic Upon Experiencing Emotions For The First Time
  • Domains: Firearms, Emotions
  • High Priestess: Violet Song jat Shariff (his understudy)
  • Followers: The members of The Fraternity, particulary Wesley Gibson, Cross, Fox, 'The Exterminator,' Earl Spellman, and 'The Repairman'
  • Avatar: Christian Bale
  • Allies: Judge Joseph Dredd, Katniss Everdeen, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, Dante Sparda, Nero, Samus Aran, Integra Hellsing
  • Rivals: Coyote Staark, Doomguy, Revy, Rebecca, Domino.
  • Enemies: Big Brother
  • Odd Friendship: with Asura and Kratos
  • Worthy Opponents: Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Mana Tatsumiya, Hawkeye and Green Arrow
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after aiding 'The Underground' in overthrowing the totalitarian Tetragrammaton Council.
  • While Preston did not create the Gun Kata, he is indeed the master at it. A ballet of death, to be precise. To quote Vice-Counsel DuPont: "Through analysis of thousands of recorded gunfights, the Cleric has determined that the geometric distribution of antagonists in any gun battle is a statistically predictable element. The gun kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents while keeping the defender clear of the statistically traditional trajectories of return fire." In layman's terms, Shoot where the enemy should be standing when they're aiming at you, and to not be where standing where the enemy is trying to shoot back.
  • While Preston is prone to showing emotions from time to time, he's usually emotionless, as it helps him to concentrate more.
  • Jill Valentine, Johnny Cage, and Cassandra Cage sought out Cleric Preston to learn Gun Kata from him. In Johnny's case, it's for his latest film project. For Jill and Cassie, they both want to improve on their respctive firearms techniques. While Johnny learns from Preston, Cassie and Jill learned from Preston's high priestess, Violet.
  • For some odd reason, Lord Eddard Stark reminds Preston of his deceased comrade, Errol Partridge.
  • Balalaika of Hotel Moscow was unimpressed with the former cleric, until he proposed a test of skill. Fortunately for Balalaika, her men was wearing body armor...and Preston wasn't going for headshots.
  • Revy, the ascended member from Lagoon Company, had been present when Preston had blasted his way through Balalaika's elite troops. After watching the gun kata in action, she is seriously considering taking lessons from the former Cleric.
  • Because of his uncanny resemblance to Bruce Wayne, Preston gets strange looks from Bane, Ra's and Talia Al Ghul.
  • Despite being rivals, Coyote Staark is on somewhat good terms with Preston. So much so that Staark has Preston to teach the gunkata class on occasion.
  • Judge Joseph Dredd is Preston's chief ally. Seeing as how Preston's job as a Grammaton Cleric didn't pan out, he's considering offering Preston a job with the Judges. If Preston is as dangerous with his dual guns, imagine what kind of damage he can do with. Lawgiver...

    Lilith Madlove 
Lilith Madlove, Goddess With Psycho Weaponry (Lily)

    Lucky Luke 
John "Lucky" Luke, God of The Quickest Draw (A poor, lonesome cowboy, The Lucky Luke)

    Sean Connery 
Sean Connery, God of Film Improvement and Pointing Guns at the Viewer


    Lu Lingqi 
Lu Lingqi, Goddess of Dual-Ended Spears and Wielding Large Weapons One-Handed
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her crossed pike
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Impossibly Cool Weapon, wielding a rather large weapon one handed, Surpisingly Loyal To Her Father Despite His Reputation, Spinning Her Weapon at lot, Bifurcated Double Weapon, Throwing her weapon and controlling it remotely Blood Knight, Has issues with being left alone
  • Domains: War, Combat, Weapons
  • Followers: Kisame, Zabuza
  • Allies: Lu Bu (her father)
  • Rivals: Guan Yinping, Ina, Xingcai
  • Enemies: Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei
  • Odd Friendship with: Mithra
  • Ascended after her father gave her his old weapon finding it less effective than his halberd. Using this opportunity to impress her father she quickly mastered the weapon with one hand. Lu Bu reluctantly had to accept her ascension though he was proud of her nonetheless.
  • She has never met Diaochan mostly because her father is surprisingly cautious about letting the two meet.
    • Some people theorize that they're not actually related; history via confirming someone else to be Lu Bu's wife can back this up.
  • Lu Bu cares very deeply for her. Even if you have managed to have him restrained, should you try to kill her, he will break out and kick your ass. Cao Cao learned that the hard way.
  • She planned on challenging Asura, in an attempt to regain her father's honor and somehow though he casually ignores her challenges mostly because she sound a bit like his own daughter. Not to mention he'd like to not be so hypocritical.
    • She managed to befriend Mithra after said encounter.
  • Her loyalty to her father reminds some of Mr. T of his devotion to his mother.
  • A big mystery is how the hell she managed to wield that weapon of hers so effectively with one hand. Then there's the question on how she managed to control it like a remote boomerang despite having no Psychic Powers.
  • Was surprised when first entering this house when she thought she heard her father but instead met Algol, this maybe due to the fact that he sounds like her father, though it was a strange encounter Algol has decided to have her under his protection due to his respect for The Mighty Lu Bu.
    • Often is worried about the relationships and rivalries between her father, Leo Whitefang and Ira Gamagoori. It doesn't help in that she hears her father's Japanese voice from three sides at once. Huang Gai, another person who also has that very voice, has stated that he himself would rather leave Lingqi alone during those moments.
  • Like her father, her surname is actually pronounced "Leer/Lur" in pinyin due to the double-dot tone (AKA the umlaut) above the "u". Thus, her name is pronounced as "Ler Lee-ng-chee".
  • Has gotten some looks from other people due to her attractiveness; other female gods will have to prepare for the day to teach her how to act like a more proper lady.
    • Some people are also noticing that unlike her father, Lingqi seems more civil and less willing to act like a beast on the battlefield. Perhaps it's because of this she may need to learn how to keep Lu Bu in check occasionally. Xingcai can relate.

    William Tell 
William Tell, God of Shooting Objects on Top of People's Head (Wilhelm Tell, Archer, Big Boss)
A statue of William Tell with his son, Walter
William Tell summoned as an Archer Servant 
  • Rank: Demigod (Lesser God as a Servant)
  • Symbol: An apple crossed with an arrow
  • Theme Song: William Tell Overture
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Archer Archetype, Folk Hero, Papa Wolf, Mountain Man, Prepared a second bow in case he accidentally killed his own son in order to kill Gessler, His crossbow is his most famous attribute
  • Domains: Fathers, Archers, Targets, Assassinations
  • Herald: His son, Walter
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, Katniss Everdeen, Rushuna Tendou, Theodore Roosevelt
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Ghetsis Harmonia, Manfred von Karma, the House of Tyrannical Figures, Henry VIII
  • Additional Character Relationships: Billy the Kid
  • Interested in: The Monsters fron Monster Hunter, Bruce, The Kraken
  • Respects: Artemis, Atalanta, Scarface, The Monster Hunters
  • Conflicting Opinion: Big Boss
  • A famous Swiss Folk Hero, William Tell is well-known for shooting an apple on his son's head just because he didn't bow before the hat of Albrecht Gessler. He eventually assassinated him, which ended up regaining his country's independence.
  • Having been a Servant in Chaldea, he's very glad to see the Master of Chaldea and promises to aid him once more, especially because they remind him of his son. Respects Artemis as she is the Goddess of Hunting and being with her gives him good luck. Glad to see Atalanta again as she is a legendary hunter and wants to travel with her in the mountains to hunt. Despite the difference of their personality, but because of his age, Billy the Kid easily reminds him of his son. Disappointed to see that Robin Hood is not present, because they share similar methods when it comes to hunting their prey and a legendary archer he respected hasn't reascended yet.
  • As someone who loves family, he hates the Child Abuse Supporters for being the opposite of that. Became allies with the Heroic Protectors of Family as their goal is to protect the essence of family. Respects Mufasa for being a good father and a great leader to his peers unlike Gessler, although him being a hunter makes it a different story.
    • As said, he hates Ghetsis Harmonia for emotionally abusing his son, N and using him for his own personal goals. Also Manfred von Karma for lying to his adopted son for years and despite adopting him, doesn't really care about him as shown when he prosecutes him when he was assumed to be a culprit.
  • Being an archer, he is approached by Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and Katniss Everdeen. Became allies with them as they all do heroic things, especially Katniss for volunteering as tribute to save her sister. Sympathizes with Hawkeye when his family got dusted and his decision to become an assassin to cope with his sadness.
  • Thanks to his hatred of tyrants, he became quick enemies with the House of Tyrannical Figures. Especially Thanos because he doesn't treat Nebula pretty well and the killing the rest of Gamora's species and not giving her a proper childhood. Is disappointed at Henry VIII at what he did during his reign and doesn't give any respect to any of his children just to get the son he wanted to be the heir of his throne.
  • Often called Big Boss as they share a similar demeanor and personality, especially with William getting an eyepatch as he ascended. While the archer hates his actions of wanting to summon a nuclear weapon to make his dream a reality, he could see how being forced to kill his mother figure, seeing how his soldiers were treated, and him suffering from a lot of things could drove him to villainy, and even then, he still shows respect and kindness to his fellow soldiers. Glad to see he isn't doing any of that in the pantheon at least, but still keeps an eye on him in case he pulls that off again.
  • Impressed by Rushuna Tendou's ability to disarm her enemies' gun and her pacifistic nature. The pacifist respects him in that his efforts to save his son made him reform the entire country, though she wishes he stops hunting animals.
  • As a hunter, he sees animals as prey, but that doesn't mean he perceives all animals as that, as he's actually a shepherd. Wants to hunt the the Monsters from Monster Hunter, seeing that they are ruthless creatures and wants to see how valuable they are. Because of how dangerous they can be, he already made plans on how to kill them, such as strategy methods, traps, and what weapons to use. Other he consider as prey are Bruce, a shark that he needs to reorganize his strategy as he seems to be immune to almost anything, and The Kraken, a cephalopod that he wanted to take down to stop it's rein of terror. Of course, they opposed him as a result.
    • As a hunter, he respects The Predator because of his strict hunting code, especially the fact he killed corrupted people, even if William himself actually doesn't enjoy killing. The Predator respects his strategies and as such, are seen hunting together. Also the Monster Hunters, and wants to see if he could learn something from them when it comes to making equipment that they gained from their hunting. Befriended Theodore Roosevelt not only because he's a good leader to his country but also because he is an eager hunter. The two often explore to hunt together.


    Vincent Vega 
Vincent Vega, God of Reckless Shooting


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