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This sub-house can be seen as the training ground to those who are starting their training, but are more concern on wielding the weapon itself than what the weapon itself is. The house has marks from different weapons being used.


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Intermediate Gods

    The Build Kamen Riders 
Sento Kiryu, Ryuga Banjou, Kazumi Sawatari and Gentoku Himuro, Holy Quartet of Requiring Phlebotinum For Driver Uses (Sentonote , Banjounote , Kazuminote , Gentokunote )
From left to right: Sento, Kazumi, Ryuga and Gentoku
Transformed State 
Build Genius 
Cross Evol 
Perfect Kingdom 
Rogue Prime 

    Darth Maul 
"At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge."

Maul, God of Double Weapons (Darth Maul, The Horned Devil, Son of Dathomir, The Shadow, Old Master, The Red Demon, Seris Madreth)
Maul Post-Clone Wars
Maul during The Phantom Menace 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when empowered by The Son)
  • Symbol: His double-bladed lightsaber and a part of his red-and-black markings
  • Theme Song: Duel of the Fates, Maul, Savage, and Viszla, Maul and Savage Duel Palpatine
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (can switch to Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil to suit his purposes)
  • Portfolio: Generic Doomsday Villain (But Only In His Debut), Grew Up Under A Total Sociopath all the way from Childhood, Becoming One Himself, Obviously Evil, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Surviving Bisection, Horned Humanoid, The Dragon Until He Was Discarded, Tragic Villain, Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas, Sanity Slippage, Empowered By Hatred and Consumed by a Desire for Revenge, Really has it out for Obi-Wan and Palpatine, Manipulative Bastard, Double-Sided Lightsaber, Having A Pitiable End
  • Domains: Hatred, The Dark Side, Violence, Tattoos, Dual Blades, Revenge
  • Herald: Savage Opress, Mother Talzin
  • Master: The Son
  • Allies: Malekith, Malus Darkblade, Clockwerk, Serpent, Oryx, Aku, Kalibak, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Dukat, Azula, Bi-Han/Noob Saibot, Tai Lung
  • Business Associates: Anton Chigurh, Vincent
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Perturabo, Frost, General Zod
  • Rivals: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Darth Zannah, Count Dooku, General Grievous, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, Thaal Sinestro, Angron, Vanitas
  • Arch-Enemy: Obi-Wan Kenobinote 
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Darkseid, Voldemort, Melkor, Frieza, Cooler, Ozai
  • Worthy Opponent: Luke Skywalker
  • Respected By: Lord Recluse
  • Wary Of: Morathi
  • Interests: Darth Bane, Khorne
  • Interested In: Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps
  • Darth Maul was the Dathomirian Zabrak son of Mother Talzin, and from a very young age Palpatine's first apprentice upon killing his master. He was trained to be an assassin and blunt instrument, a weapon for Sidious which he proved to be a formidable and deadly warrior. However, he was proven to be expendable when having to hold up for Palpatine rising up in the ranks of his political career whilst simultaneously manipulating the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Confederacy of Independent Systems, Maul personally confronted two Jedis, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, who were assigned to personally protect Queen Padmé Amidala of Naboo. Despite killing Qui-Gon, Maul was defeated by Ob-Wan and was speculated to be dead... until he was found and recovered, though, by that point, defeat and isolation drove Maul mad, and had to be looked after by Mother Talzin and his brother, Savage Oppress. From there, Maul decided to engage in the Clone Wars, personally wanting revenge against Obi-Wan for his defeat and extending that towards Palpatine for abandoning him, essentially having his own faction. Unfortunately, Maul would lose everything he held dear due to Palpatine and after the Clone Wars, went into hiding, eventually creating a criminal cabal known as the Crimson Dawn to assert authority over the crime industry in the galaxy. And even then, Maul let go of his hatred towards Palpatine and Obi-Wan, long after the Jedi Order had been violently dismantled. After a couple of fights and rebellions that, despite some victories, left him too hollow and empty to care, Maul decided to battle Obi-Wan Kenobi in Tatooine one last time, only for him to be mortally wounded. In his dying breath, Maul asked if the child Obi-Wan was protecting from the Galactic Empire was The Chosen One, to which the latter nodded in approval. Finally finding some form of peace, Maul passed away assured and without hate, his death being mourned by his sworn nemesis for how his life had been full of rage, betrayal, and tragedy.
  • Although he had died in a tragic conclusion to his life, Maul's tale was still recognized by many as an example of what can happen if one decides to let revenge, hatred, and bitterness define their love and their desires and the consequences of doing so. Additionally, while many Sith Lords undergo a similar treatment, Maul is a particularly notable case in that since childhood, he never really had the chance of normalcy, being kidnapped, tortured, and raised to be an assassin whilst using his hate as an engine for his power. This story and the notoriety behind it is how Maul became recognized in the Pantheon as well as his subsequent ascension into a whole new realm. Reports of his first sightings were quite shady, with eyewitnesses claiming to have seen what they thought was a "demon with a double-bladed sword and covered in robes". It didn't take the ascended Jedi, Palpatine, and any Sith Lord that came after Maul to figure out who it was. In private, Maul mused that with a second chance, he wasn't going to waste this and has dedicated his efforts to bringing down Sidious in any way possible and taking over the Sith principle in his own direction.
  • As a Sith Lord, Maul is an incredibly powerful foe with masterful swordsmanship as part of his training as an assassin as well as being proficient in the use of The Force via telekinesis and probing and breaking minds, though he prefers to rely more on his martial skills and instead use The Force to enhance his reflexes and combat blows. He's also a criminal mastermind, having led a crime-like organization, and can be persuasive and manipulative if he has to. All these led to him becoming someone who should be tread carefully, as many of his fallen enemies have demonstrated. That said, the Pantheon was something that Maul saw as an opportunity to renew his reputation as well as seek new allies and opportunities for himself. He knows he'll have more enemies due to breaking some traditions of the Sith to further his own ambitions, hence he aspires to find allies that are genuine and respect him back as a way to make sure that he perseveres as long as possible, seeing that as the best way possible for him to rise above the Jedi and Palpatine.
  • Maul was surprised to discover that there were more Sith Lords in the Pantheon than he had anticipated, but due to him being rebellious even by their standards, he's not on good terms with either of them, with the best he can manage being worthy rivals if that is possible, alongside the fact that Darth Bane might entertain on the idea of having him as a mentor if he can best Zannah in a fair duel. Maul is willing to consider said opportunity, especially considering that Bane himself hates Palpatine, albeit for different reasons, and thinking that being trained under a historic Sith Lord who is rigid and stern over the very master-apprentice system he created could provide for some martial and mental benefits on Maul's part. Otherwise, Maul spends as much time fighting against the likes of Vader, Count Dooku, and even General Grievous, despite him not being a Sith, partly because of them being former followers and supporters of Palpatine like himself and also because each of them have different priorities and goals for themselves in the Pantheon. Maul also finds interest and a potential rivalry towards Kylo Ren and can connect with the similar circumstances of being led astray and being raised by an abusive practitioner of The Dark Side. Kylo usually doesn't want much association with Maul, though they have battled on a number of occasions due to Maul insisting that he could somehow convince Kylo to work together in killing Sidious.
    • Because of how much influence Palpatine had with the Galactic Empire as well as the sheer power and ruthlessness he held against anyone he deemed an enemy and threat, Maul found himself joining forces with members of the Rebel Alliance, which included two surviving Jedi Knights and an apprentice, just to stand a chance against the Inquisitors. Of course, Maul didn't really have much of a choice in the matter and affirmed that the Jedi are still his foes. That said, in the Pantheon, while the Jedi, especially Obi-Wan are enemies to contend against, Maul would consider an alliance if they have to deal with a mutual threat, especially if said threat happens to be Palpatine. While Maul and Obi-Wan still fight against each other, the overall atmosphere seems to be less hateful on Maul's part, with him now seeing Obi-Wan as a Worthy Opponent. All things considered, while Maul has fought alongside the Jedi at one point and conceded about working with Obi-Wan against Sidious, it's not a topic that he likes to discuss as, at the end of the day, it's all a means to an end on Maul's part as he does intend to defeat the Jedi Order once his former master is dealt with.
  • With his seething rage and determination being a defining trait, Maul caught the attention of the Dark Elves of Naggaroth, who themselves were also motivated by a drive of hatred and malice whilst also being committed to their aim of taking over Ulthuan. While the Dark Elves generally see other races as below them, the Witch-King, Malekith, found intrigue and promise towards Maul and welcomed him in service. The two bonded over sharing some family values, harboring their strengths through hatred, and the sheer commitment and dedication to their goals. With the Pantheon justifying Malekith's need of having allies outside the Dark Elves, he provided Maul the opportunity to work as a partner and that he would even help him in fighting against Palpatine, to which he eagerly accepted, albeit under the rule that neither play mind games against each other. By extension, Maul also got along with Malus Darkblade due to their desire for approval and for setting up a feared reputation for themselves, with the two of them working together at times and even having sparring matches to hone their skills. That said, Malekith told Maul to be wary of his own mother, Morathi, as her ploys of manipulation can be towards anyone she sees as a stepping stone to advance her own desires, something that Maul heeded, knowing how it feels to be played with and then tossed like a tool when he's no longer needed, though Morathi believes Maul might be more interesting a toy than she initially thought.
  • Having been raised an assassin, Maul might have been seen as someone worth hiring if it means getting a kill out of the way as quickly as possible. However, with a thirst for power, respect, and domination, Maul sought a lot more than just honing his skills as a killer and wants to assert that he would want to take charge, or at least be in a high position if a partnership is ever offered to him. This is part of the reason why he was sought by Deathstroke and Noob Saibot, two highly feared assassins from their own worlds' and they've individually offered to support Maul in his quest to reign supreme in The Force, an act that pleased the Sith Renegade. In return, Maul has offered a large sum of money and futuristic technology for Deathstroke and spacecraft and coordinates to the far reaches of space for Noob if he ever seeks to spread the influence of the Lin Kueinote  beyond just his planet. Maul also respected their powers and fear factor, believing that a trio, consisting of them could potentially rival much of the Galactic Empire, though considering the high demands that Deathstroke and Noob ask, Maul is making sure to be careful in his newfound partnerships.
    • Speaking of assassins and his own business via the Crimson Dawn, Maul wanted to see if he can hire other assassins to carry out some clean-up in case someone compromises him, or wants a threat eliminated quickly. Learning about Vincent and Anton Chigurh, Maul offered a good sum of money and technology if they decided to work under what Maul asked. Knowing they are unfamiliar with the greater galaxy, Maul decided to be realistic and order assassinations of business traders and politicians, a high-rise job for both assassins, yet Vincent and Anton agreed to carry them out on separate occasions. While not powerful, Maul came to respect their dedication and sheer brutality in their job as Vincent and Anton represented the ideal subordinate in the Crimson Dawn. That said, the two assassins simply see Maul as another employer, albeit one who orders more high-stakes targets as the Sith Renegade wants to bolster his notoriety in some capacity as well as make him more justified in what he can offer to his clients. He hopes that his influence in the Crimson Dawn would attract more assassins into his criminal cabal.
    • While visually incredibly different from each other, Maul did find himself associating with Damian Wayne and Cassandra Cain regarding their nature as individuals who were brought up since childhood to be raised as a weapon toward their parental figures' enemies, with Damian and Cassandra being raised by their mother and father respectively to become assassins, whether they liked it or not. Instead of wanting to make an enemy out of them, he instead saw an opportunity and a chance to connect with the two. It didn't matter if the two had Batman as their proper parental guardian, Maul was adamant about capturing Damian and Cassandra with the intent of indoctrinating them into his teachings and making them his apprentices. On the few occasions he's personally encountered them, Maul does seem to act as nice and accepting as he can and he doesn't try to kill Damian and Cassandra for those reasons. The two of them, on the other hand, are opposed to Maul's methods and while they are willing to fight back, Damian admits to being a bit afraid when confronting him, partly because Maul is a "big red demon" and partly because his attempts to reach out to him are not unlike Damian's treatment at the hands of his mother, Talia, on her worst days. He also has a similar interest towards Rose Wilson, though she's even more reactive and aggressive towards Maul than Damian and Cassandra are, likely owing to her own troubled experience with her father.
    • On the subject of organizations, Maul found himself butting heads against those who are similar to the Galactic Empire, but otherwise have differing goals and standards for how they want to lead their respective groups. Sinestro believes that Maul inspires enough fear to consider drafting the Sith Renegade into his own Corps, but given how rage and grief have come to be his defining emotions, it's going to be hard to convince Maul to join him otherwise, not to mention Maul himself wants Sith supremacy, which contrasts Siestro's desire of an orderly universe in his way. General Zod also opposes Palpatine as he can't stand the thought of the Galactic Empire seeing themselves as over Kryptonians and Sidious's willingness to destroy planets doesn't help his opinion over the Sith Master, hence Maul saw the Kryptonian General as someone he could rely on. Zod personally doesn't agree with Maul's philosophy and the two butt heads over their beliefs, but given they had a mutual enemy, they respected each others' combat might and confided they can make a good team, and Maul doesn't want to waste the opportunity for a good ally, even if their relationship is rocky. Lord Recluse seems to have the best opinion towards Maul, seeing him as a powerful fighter, skilled manipulator, and a paragon of hatred and violence. He would have considered enlisting Maul as an honorary Patron, but the Arachnos Leader's own allegiance with Darkseid muddies any chance of an alliance, hence Maul's refusal to work with Lord Recluse, not to mention Lord Recluse's goals of defeating Statesman and proving himself the ultimate being isn't really aligned with Maul's.
  • Due to his criminal status as the leader of the Crimson Dawn as well as his early days as a Sith Apprentice and acts of terrorism during the Clone Wars, Maul ended up receiving further enmity from heroes who operated in space, such as the Green Lantern Corps and the crew of the USS Enterprise, both of whom deemed the Sith Renegade as being an active threat to any place he would venture to, no thanks to his viciousness and his willingness to manipulate others to his side. Not that Maul really cares for this, if anything, he didn't come to the Pantheon expecting to be liked more than he is feared. At one point, because he felt that he needed a counter to the Death Star after learning of its destructive capabilities and being one of the Galactic Empire's greatest weapons, he tried to confront Mogo the Living Planet with the intent of using The Force to make the planet bend to his will. Unfortunately for Maul, he failed on that due to Mogo's willpower and his adaptive ability to change his biome, exhausting Maul and only making him further opposed by the Green Lanterns.
  • His desire for revenge would attract the attention of Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps, whose powers via their Lantern Rings were driven by a combination of rage and grief, with the Corps claiming that the latter is the strongest way to accumulate the former. The fact that Maul's anger and desire for revenge were driven by the shock of being betrayed and having to see his loved ones die in the Clone Wars, mainly because of Palpatine's machinations made him someone the Red Lanterns were eager to look for in their attempt to recruit in their services. When told about the Lantern Corps, Maul was fascinated and figured that it would grant him more power, but seeing as they do come at the cost of one's sanity, the Sith Renegade has been cautious. Atrocitus, being one that is adamant about asserting his goals above everything else, gave Maul a Red Lantern Ring regardless, though Maul doesn't necessarily have to wear it. That said, Atrocitus did state that there will come a time when his personal Lantern recruits would be needed and told Maul to be on the lookout for that. Since then, Maul has kept his Red Lantern Ring securely, choosing to rely on his own martial, assassination, and manipulable skills to get through in the Pantheon. On another note, while Atrocitus himself is not a fan of the Jedi Order either, he affirmed that he would not endorse Maul's crusade against them mainly out of pragmatism.
  • His quest for vengeance and hatred has led him to become well-acquainted with fellow beings like Clockwerk and Tai Lung, who have sworn revenge against their enemies for being denied what they believed was theirs. Maul personally admired their seething rage and decided to give them some support via technological funding for Clockwerk and combat training for Tai Lung as a way to solidify their working relationship and an alliance against their foes. That said, Maul is wary of Clockwerk to an extent as his hatred for the Cooper family is quite one-track-minded and he personally doesn't want to get too involved with Sly Cooper all too much. Clockwerk retorted that Maul is similar to him in regards to his own views on the Jedi and Sidious, but the Sith Renegade told the former that eliminating Palpatine in the Pantheon would yield them great power and influence and that working alongside him is a sentence of torture, as his own experience has shown. He gets along a lot better with Tai Lung as both of them show a lot of pride in their fighting skills and power. That said, while Tai Lung is sore over his defeat at the paws of Po, Maul is interested in fighting the panda to sate his own morbid curiosity.
  • While feared and hated by many for the numerous atrocities acts he committed in his quest to spite the Jedi and overtake Palpatine as the dominant Sith Lord, there is a sense of pity to be had towards Maul by some people, thinking that while Maul was born in a harsh environment, he wouldn't have turned out to be so bad if it weren't for Palpatine's kidnapping and upbringing on Maul when he was a child. After all, he did possess some noble qualities like genuine affection for those he liked and a (rather twisted) sense of honor. He saw Claus as a fellow victim of circumstance due to his kidnapping and brainwashing into a minion, courtesy of Porky Minch and considered having a conversation with the boy, hoping to connect with him. Claus, on the other hand, was reluctant, and later afraid, upon learning about the sort of person Maul is and keeps as much distance as he can, though he would fight the Sith Renegade if he has to. Many speculated that while Maul does legitimately want to get along with Claus, the way he treated Ezra Bridger amicably if mainly because he wanted an apprentice and to lead him on a similar path he was in, suggests that he wants Claus to follow in his footsteps, a terrifying thought to consider, especially for Claus's brother, Lucas.
  • Due to his experience with Palpatine and how the Galactic Empire was an oppositional force that he had to deal with after the Clone Wars, Maul isn't too fond of governmental orders and establishments that are similar as well as organizations that are led by a galactic tyrant as those tend to remind Maul of his former master. As a result, he hates Frieza and Cooler for being very much like Sidious and doesn't understand why someone would want to follow them due to their cruelty, which is saying something considering how ruthless and bloodthirsty Maul can be on his worst days. He even opposes tyrants like Melkor, Voldemort, and Darkseid, claiming that their endless desire for power and their abusive treatment of everyone else is just like how Palpatine treats the rest of the galaxy, let alone his apprentices. Strangely, Maul managed to get along with Kalibak when they met. Although Maul initially saw the brute as someone to manipulate as a means to get him to oppose Darkseid, they connected when the Sith Renegade realized that Kalibak wants his father's approval and loved him, regardless of the amount of abuse and disrespect he took. As a result, Maul decided to look after Kalibak in his own twisted way, seeing if he can mentor the brute to his liking, though he intends to change Kalibak's affection towards Darkseid into outright hate in favor of loyalty and respect towards himself.
    • Of course, Maul came to see Ozai in an incredibly negative light as, in addition to being a cruel tyrant, he was also an uncaring leader and an abusive father to his children, Zuko and Azula, putting high expectations on them and punishing and humiliating them if they didn't perform up to his expectations. While Maul couldn't reach out to Zuko due to him becoming a hero, he did reach out to Azula, who at that point came to hate her father just as much as everyone else in her world did, and gave her an offer to become allies in exchange for becoming more powerful as well as become a leader in her own right, even using his own experience as an apprentice as a way to relate to her relationship with Ozai. Azula was tempted enough to go along with it, and in a little while, came to see Maul as a reliable partner and teacher, seeing as his comments and praises towards Azula's skill as a Firebender were genuine, in addition to her own guile and sly tongue making way for being deceptive. So far, Maul has been supportive of Azula's new goal of doing whatever she can to make Zuko the kind of Fire Lord that she sees as ideal, and he's willing to offer her some pieces of advice, inspired by Sith teachings, to further her aim.
  • With the Sith being strong advocates of The Power of Hate, Maul is no exception, though his own anger and rage are quite unique in comparison to his peers, being rather akin to that of a snarling demon who wants to get back at the world for treating him disrespectfully. That, and his formidable fighting skills were something that caught the attention of the Chaos Blood God, Khorne, who was quick to try tempting Maul into joining his worship and servitude in exchange for more power. Maul considered, but then decided that he already had The Son as his patron deity and declined, stating that he wants to use the powers and skills that he practiced and mastered for his pursuits rather than be blessed by someone whom he doesn't really know, not to mention his dedicated goal of wanting to usurp Sidious and defeating the Jedi goes against Khorne's vision of endless war, bloodshed, and carnage. Of course, Khorne was not amused by Maul's gesture, and the fact that he would want to use The Force, a source of magic, in Khorne's perspective, only made the situation worse for him.
    • Among Khorne's own followers, the two that attracted the most attention towards Maul were Angron and Perturabo, and both of them were driven by circumstances of being mistreated and looked down on by their superiors at some point, which fueled their rage and they decided to retaliate by swearing their servitude to Khorne, gain awesome power out of their worship and soon display their newfound strength and dominance toward others. Maul found the two to be interesting figures and, although they were stronger than him, Maul criticized their lack of ambition and kept themselves stuck in being followers of Khorne. Even then, he did try to see if he can form an alliance with them, but the only thing he could have managed is to be on barely speaking terms with Perturabo and only because of their similar pasts as well as Maul promising him more power if he can help the Sith Renegade in fighting against his enemies. Angron was so deranged and obsessed with the desire to shed blood on the battlefield that Maul figured it would be a waste of time to even consider talking to him, let alone convince him, whereas Angron sees Maul as a rival in regards to how much they are powered by their own hate.
    • Maul expressed interest in the Uchiha, namely that they were strongly driven by emotions, which were key to awakening the Sharingan as well as further empowering them, based on how much despair and heartbreak they endure in their lives, evolving them into the Mangekyou Sharingan. Despite this, Maul is not really on good terms with any of the Uchiha; Sasuke and Obito are pursuing a path of redemption and Maul is a reminder of how they let their hatred take over their mind and desires, something that they wish to overcome and Maul still being driven by such was something they didn't appreciate, leading to the Sith Renegade fighting against the two on occasion, not helping with the fact that Obito is also allied with Vader. Maul doesn't like Madara either, which only makes the latter amused as he recognized that they're quite similar to one another and chides the former for being reckless and manipulable in his desires. Maul didn't appreciate the gesture and compared Madara to Palpatine in his path to achieving "peace", which involved manipulating Obito into becoming just like him in their philosophical perspective on life and that Madara's self-centered attitude, coupled with prioritizing his needs over everyone else's only made him just as much a hypocrite than Madara is making Maul out to be. On another note, he has a rivalry with Vanitas, whose hatred fuels his existence as well as the creation of the Unversed. Unlike the Uchiha, Vanitas respects Maul's hate and power, and Maul himself reciprocates by complimenting Vanitas's strengths and abilities to the point where the two enjoy fighting against each other, though both of them having vastly different goals and objectives nullify any potential alliance they may have made.
"There’s no justice! No law! No Order! Except for the one that will replace it!"

    Jolyne Cujoh 
Jolyne Cujoh, Goddess of String and Rope Manipulation (The Sixth JoJo, Jolyne Kujo, FE40536, Irene)

    Mash Kyrielight/Shielder 
Mash Kyrielight, Goddess of Shields (Shielder, Servant of Shield, Mashu, Matthew, Shieldy, Galahad, Dangerous Beast, Mash Potato)
Casual wear 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her shield, Lord Camelot
  • Theme Song: Shikisai -Snowflake Shield-
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Clingy Jealous Girl, Designer Babies, Nice Girl, Living on Borrowed Time, Badass Adorable, Stone Wall, Becoming Stronger, Becoming More Confident, Shield Bash, Sacrificing Herself But Later Coming Back To Life, Rei Ayanami Expy, Determinator, Heroic Willpower
  • Domains: Shields, Determination, Vessels, Heroism, Designer Babies
  • Allies: Those who have become Heroic Spirits, The Master of Chaldea, Leonardo da Vinci, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka, Sieg, Sakura Matou, Braum, Captain America, Steven Universe, Rei Ayanami, Yoko Littner, Erza Scarlet, Naofumi's Party, Kaede Honjou/Maple, Fiore and Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia, Solomon, Illyasviel "Illya" von Einzbern/Prillya, Miyu Edelfelt, Chloe von Einzbern, Byleth
  • Enemies: Merged Zamasu, King Ghidorah, Deathwing, Anti-Monitor, The Vex, Harbringer, Malty Melromarc, Goetia, Tiamat (Beast), The Marauders, Father, King Bradley, Lust, Pride, Envy, The Gold-Toothed Doctor, Dante, Kiara Sessyoin, Shinji Matou, Argalia
  • Odd Friendship with: Death
  • Special Relationship with: Lancelot du Lac (Her "father")
  • Fan of: Sherlock Holmes
  • Complicated Relationship with: Sir Galahad
  • Inheritor of Lord Camelot, a shield capable of blocking nearly everything as long as it's holder's heart is steadfast. The shield is second to Artoria Pendragon's Avalon which was able to defend against Gilgemesh's Ea. It's owner, Mashu Kyrielite, was ascended to the pantheon after blocking Demon King Goetia's Ars Almadel Salomis to protect her Senpai but at the cost of her life.
  • Plenty of people have messed up pronouncing her name and how to spell it. Got so bad that some have gone far and call her "mash potato" out of frustration.
  • Mash soon crossed paths with the Master of Chaldea, much to their mutual excitement and happiness. Mash is loyal to her senpai and is happy she can fight alongside them in the Pantheon, promising to stay by their side and be their shield. The Master in turn trusts Mash very much and she is the Servant they are the most happy to see. Mash is also happy to see Leonardo da Vinci in the Pantheon, though she was initially confused to see him with a male body.
  • Got a chance to meet with both Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka, the former masters of Artoria Pendragon and EMIYA. While Mashu had seen Rin's face in Ishtar, it's only seeing her with Shirou did she realized that the two resembled her Senpei. She even ask the two if they had children, causing the two to blush madly.
    • Also quickly got to meet Sakura Matou, the master of Medusa and the vessel of Parvati and Kama. Mash quickly became friends with Sakura, and learning of her story allows her to understand why she was chosen by Parvati. Sakura in turn saw Mash's feelings for her senpai, and helps to encourage her in her pursuit.
    • Soon crossed paths with the Kaleid Liner trio, albeit the alternate versions. Nevertheless, Mash got along with the three quite well, showing interest in their adventures as Magical Girls and being quite honored to fight alongside them as Servants.
  • Quickly befriended Sieg, since they were both artificially made for a purpose related to the Holy Grail War. They both symapathize with their origins and get along very well because of it. They're also willing sacrifice themselves for the person they love most (Sieg for Jeanne, Mash for the Master of Chaldea).
  • Has fought with and against many deities here who have become Heroic Spirits. She was happy to see many have made it here and is hoping to fight along side them again.
  • Has very special relationship with Lancelot du Lac in that the two are father and daughter via her being bonded to Galahad. While the two do care for one another, their relationship is a bit shaky. It can be best described as "a daughter embarrassed of her father and a father not knowing how to deal with his daughter".
  • Has look to other shield wielding deities as inspiration to further better herself. In respect, she addressed them as her senpais. Even as young as Steven Universe.
    • Speaking of which, Steven is willing to train with her to help improve their skills with a shield and the special abilities that come with it. Steven's kindness also allows him to quickly become friends with Mash as they train together.
    • While she is at first stunned by Naofumi's abrasiveness, she can quickly tell he's a good person, especially after she heard all of his good deeds from his companions Raphtalia and Filo. Naofumi is willing to spar with her to test the limits of their shields and see which areas need to be improved upon.
    • Both Mash and Maple get along very well, considering how they mainly focus on defense. Maple shows admiration for Mash's determination and how it powers her shield, while Mash admires Maple's expertise with her defense as well as the skills she uses with them.
    • Captain America is probably the Shield-bearing hero that Mash respects the most, due to his leadership and how well he can use the shield in combat. Captain America also shows great towards Mash's capabilities with her shield and respects her heroic spirit.
  • In one Halloween event, Mash was force into a very revealing costume dubbed "Dangerous Beast". This garner many of admirers in the pantheon with many photos taken of her. Though, those pictures mysteriously vanish thanks to a berserking black knight.
  • Has been getting along very well with Rei Ayanami as the two learned that they were each specifically design to house a unnatural being in themselves. They also bonded over that they each have a special someone that they would do anything for.
  • Seems to have a special aura that cause many Cool Big Sister types not help but fond over her. This embarrasses Mash greatly. Especially when some, like Erza Scarlet, can't help but get a bit to physical which cause plenty of "mashing".
  • She greatly respects Fiore and Caules as Masters who fought in a Holy Grail War, and the siblings are also respectful of Mash for her loyalty and achievements under the Master of Chaldea. Mash is willing to help Caules with his magic training under the Master and help him to learn how to better protect himself and his sister.
  • She also highly respects Solomon, who also happens to be her Master's mentor Dr. Romani Archaman, even if she does tend to point out his various flaws. She is quite happy to see him again in the Pantheon, after he sacrificed himself to help her Master stop Goetia, and Solomon in turn promises to help her in her time of need.
  • Her relationship with Galahad is complicated, since despite being the source of her power and keeping her alive, he is willing to withdraw his power from her if he deems her not worthy of his help, to the point the Master has to rely on a Command Spell to force him to cooperate. She's even willing to stop him if he tries to use her body to do something she doesn't want to do. Galahad makes it clear he will continue to defy her and the Master at every turn due to them stopping Goetia's plan.
    • Being a vessel for another's soul just like her, Byleth quickly grew to befriend Mash, sympathizing with her over how they were created to host someone else's soul and be empowered by them. They also were emotionless before their bonds with other people helped them become more emotional over time. Mash comes to see Byleth as her sensei, while the latter comes to see Mash as another to guide and protect.
  • Mash is on guard after reuniting with Goetia in the Pantheon, especially since it took her sacrificing her life to save her Master from him. Mash promises to put a stop to Goetia if he ever tries to create his world again, since hardships are what make people strong and bring them together.
    • Because of Goetia's actions and goals, Shielder has fought against other bringers of destruction such as the Anti-Monitor, King Ghidorah, and Deathwing the Destroyernote , as well as those who want to make the remake world in their image at while subjugating life, such as the Vex and the Harbinger. Mash is searching for allies to help her fend off these foes and stop them before they bring ruin.
    • Tiamat is also one of the Beasts the Chaldea fought in the past. Mash strongly opposes her not only for goals to regress humanity to make them her children, but for also killing many of her comrades and injuring her senpai in the process. Despite her faith in the Master, she is one of few disagrees that Tiamat will listen to reason.
    • Kiara Sessyoin, as Beast III-R, once fought against the Chaldea organization, so Mash understandbly opposes her when they meet again. Although the Kiara she met is less destructive than the Beast, Mash still opposes for her Lack of Empathy towards human beings and finds her lust for humanity and pain very creepy.
  • The Marauders found their match in Mash when both sides discovered the other's skill in defense. Mash does sympathize with their circumstances, but still knows how dangerous and will not hesitate to help her allies put them down. Knowing just how tough their shield is, Mash has them attack her first so her allies will take advantage the opening they make.
  • Father and the Homunculi (with the exception of Greed) became very personal enemies of Mash, considering that they're evil artificial people that treat natural and artificial life as expendable. Mash does sympathize with Gluttony and Sloth since they're the least malicious of the Homunculi loyal to Father, but still won't hesitate to fight them if they hurt her friends.
  • While Mash is a Nice Girl to everyone but Lancelotnote , unless someone flirts with her Master, there are some people she truly cannot stand at all for just how evil they are:
    • Zamasu for his genocidal hatred towards mortals, his Moral Myopia, and his pettiness towards Goku. Zamasu in turn sees her as an abomination for how she acquired her powers (despite also being a fusion) and claims that as a mortal, she should be killed for the sake of salvation. All Mash has to say is to call him out on his self-righteousness, claiming all mortals are evil when he never even tried to look for the good in some of them, and committing sins that are far worse than any mortal he condemns for. She even asks what him what he intends to do once he wipes out every mortal and is the only one left, considering the world can't last with only one person no matter how powerful they are. Zamasu's only response is "YOU WOULD DARE SUBVERT JUSTICE?!", to which Mash can only give a sigh of resignation at how hopeless Zamasu is.
    • Malty Melromarc is probably one of the few people Mash has outright contempt for due to how she gleefully ruins lives For the Evulz and out of petty spite. Mash outright calls the corrupt former princess a pathetic excuse for a human being, lampshading how she's her own worst enemy due to never truly learning from the consequences of her actions and thinking she get away with it all.
    • Dante, Gold-Toothed Doctor, and Shou Tucker prove themselves to be easily the most vile humanity has to offer. Mash personally loathes the three for the way they treat people, Dante through her abuse of her Homunculi "children", committing atrocities in name of her immortality by stealing people's bodies, and for planning to rape Edward Elric as soon as she stole Rose's body, the Gold-Toothed Doctor for his immoral experiments and raising children to become disposable soldiers (even turning the remaining Fuhrer candiates into mindlessly obedient Elite Mooks), and Shou Tucker for irreversibly turning his family into tortured chimeras. Because of this, Mash has no intention of letting them get away with their crimes.
    • The Demi-Servant shows outright disgust for Shinji Matou's sexual abuse of Sakura and what he attempted to do to Rin. Mash doesn't even hesitate to call him a loser like everybody else does, and that's actually because of his cruelty rather than his ineptitude. She makes it clear that his circumstances do not justify or excuse his actions, since he takes his pain on other people who suffered just as much as him, yet treated other people far better than he ever did.

    Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Members , Patron Saints of Chosen Weapon Wielders (Galaxy Power Rangers, Leo: Red Galaxy Ranger; Kai: Blue Galaxy Ranger; Damon: Green Galaxy Ranger; Maya: Yellow Galaxy Ranger; Kendrix: Pink Galaxy Ranger I, Mike: Magna Defender II, Black Solar Ranger)
Left to Right: Kendrix, Kai, Leo, Damon, Maya
Mike Corbett 
Click here  to see their transformed state

Lesser Gods

Grøh, God of Bifurcated Weaponry (The Agent in Black)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God upon giving into the Malfested)
  • Symbol: His Weapon, Aerondight Replica
  • Theme Song: The Nameless Ordeal
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (His Goals align towards Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Wields the Aerondight Replica that can be Split into Two, Empowered Badass Normal who has Malfested Powers that he Conserves with Sleeve Armor, Antagonistic Heroes, Gloomy Appearance, Noble Characteristics, Lightning Bruiser, Contrasts Kilik in More ways than One, Tracks and kills Malfested in Spite of being One Himself, Impossibly Cool Clothes, Appearance seems to belong more towards Anime, Always appears Sullen and Cold, Associated with the color Purple, Holds himself back during Fights, Hates being Malfested
  • Domains: Double-Bladed Weaponry, Dissembling, Hunters, Corruption, Anti-Heroism
  • Heralds: Dion and Natalie
  • Allies: Hildegard von Krone, Siegfried Schtauffen, Cassandra Alexandra, The Monster Hunters, Dante, The Dovahkiin, Sasuke Uchiha, Hiei, Guts, Raiden, Night Raid, Akame, Cloud Strife, Ange, Jason Todd, Scorpion, Spawn, King Arthur Pendragon, Arturia Pendragon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sophitia Alexandra
  • Enemies: Nightmare, Cervantes, Tira, Algol, Master Bison, Shao Kahn, Mileena, Quan Chi, Griffith, Nosferatu Zodd, Count Dracula, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Khazrak, Gorthor and the Beastmen, Sephiroth, Professor Hojo
  • Pitied By: The House of Friendship
  • Respected By: The Hunters Sub-House, Lucifer (One-Sided on his part)
  • Negotiable Pact With: Grand United Alliance of Good
  • A mysterious man with even dark secrets, Grøh usually keeps to himself and operates either on his own or with a select few members of the Aval Organization, determined to eliminate "outsiders" in order to secure peace and stability to the world. These "outsiders" were actually Malfested, individuals who were corrupted by the power of Soul Edge, driving them into murderous insanity and undying loyalty towards the Azure Knight. Unfortunately, Grøh has terrible luck, he encountered the Azure Knight, Nightmare and was almost killed and the altercation resulted in Grøh becoming the very being he hunted. He hid it very well from his supporters... until one of the Aval Organization's scientists, Azwel betrayed the group and corrupted Grøh's close friend, Curtis into Malfested, forcing Grøh to kill him. Since then, Grøh has become very embittered and has developed a harsh enmity against Azwel, who went on to establish the Qualifiers to pursue gaining godhood whilst using his falsified charm and fabricating a approachable story about guiding Humanity to gain followers.
  • During a recent investigation of Astral Fissures, Grøh detected something incredibly strange about it. One of the fissures was emitting a very strong aura unlike any other. When Grøh and his two close companions, Dion and Natalie began to approach it, they encountered what appeared to be a hybrid between man and beast. Grøh and his allies manage to kill off most of them and drive the rest away back into the fissure. Turns out, they had discovered a portal to a new world. The three decided to enter for further investigation, where they realized they were in a new world, one where numerous individuals from different worlds have joined with and against one another in a locked battlefield.
    • In time, Grøh also uncovered that Nightmare also resided in this world and quickly deduced that there has to be Malfested here as well. He was correct when him, Dion and Natalie were attacked by a horde of them. They were able to fend them off whereupon they encountered Siegfried, who told them that they are now in a Pantheonic plane of existence.
    • In a short while, Grøh met Cloud Strife who decided to hang out and spar with him for a while. The two clashed blades to demonstrate one's strength, ending with the two of them becoming friends and forming an alliance should they need each other. As a result, Cloud relinquished his dual position of BFS and Bifurcated Weapon by presenting the latter title to Grøh whilst holding on to the former. Grøh is now satisfied to be a part of the Pantheon; now that the presence of Malfested is also in this world, Grøh will be making sure to defend the Pantheon from them and Nightmare... lest Azwel also finds a way to enter.
  • While he genuinely works for the greater good and will help out when its necessary, Grøh is independent from the numerous Pantheonic factions, normally just keeping things to himself, and with only Dion and Natalie keeping close tabs with him. He knows that his actions align close with the Grand United Alliance of Good, but he feels like his Malfested state can backfire on them horribly if here were to be a member, hence his reluctance to join them.
  • Although he is independent, Grøh gets along pretty well with Siegfried and sympathizes with him as both of them lost loved ones due to Soul Edge. He has a rather Odd Friendship with Cassandra and they're currently the leading opponents of any Malfested in the Pantheon. However, he has difficulty working with Sophitia. Grøh is ruthless and more than willing to kill his enemies, especially Malfested to ensure safety, but Sophitia's kind and warm heart, in addition to being blessed by the Greek Gods allows her to reach out and purify a Malfested from Soul Edge's influence, restoring them to their normal state. She disapproves Grøh for slaying those that can be saved without them dying, but Grøh assets that she can't always be there on time to save their soul without death being the only option. That aside, they will work together against Nightmare and his allies.
  • Because of his indomitable will to suppress his Malfested powers and to ensure that he manages to keep his race safe, Grøh earned the respect of Lucifer and offered him a position for the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. Grøh sharply declined, telling him that he works under his own accord and that he cannot bring himself to join a large organization for his own reasons. Since then, Lucifer has been trying to make plans to get Grøh to his side, though his stubborn nature is tough to get past.
  • Grøh has ties to King Arthur, in the sense that the king's dying words were to encourage his followers to protect the world from Soul Edge and this is where the Aval Organization originated from. When Grøh finally met Arthur in person, he admitted to slipping up and feels bad about his friend Curtis. King Arthur was quick to forgive him and has said that regardless of his failures, Grøh was still a dedicated man. By proxy, Grøh also made quick associates with Saber, whom he would fight against occasionally to hone his skills. He expressed interest in the Holy Grail War for a moment before Saber told him that what she went through and the dangers that come from pursuing the Grail War may be too costly for him, not to mention Grøh is already associated with another large conflict involving Soul Edge.
  • Because of his experiences with Azwel, Grøh is generally wary of scientists, though he does know that there are good ones who use their scientific knowledge to good effect. But for the likes of someone like Ryoma Sengoku, Grøh gets very easily alarmed and thinks that Ryomu is not much different from Azwel in their ultimate goals. As a result, Grøh hates and opposes Ryoma and every time they encounter one another, Grøh isn't going to hesitate in cutting the amoral scientist down.
  • He gets along with other solitary heroes like Jason Todd and Spawn, all of them not being afraid to brutally kill their enemies at any given points. The three of them have stated that while they are not members of the GUAG, they are more than willing to help them out at critical situations, plus Grøh is already preparing plans to present the GUAG classified information about astral fissures in the Pantheon.
  • Grøh suspected that astral fissures are in the Pantheon, considering Nightmare has marked his presence there already. He wasn't wrong; wormholes developed by the evil sword was unleashing a swarm of ravenous beasts, including the Beastmen, which reminded Grøh of those that he had killed before entering the Pantheon. He soon met Khazrak who soon engaged Grøh in a fierce battle, culminating in the Beastman leader declaring him a Worthy Opponent. This did not become mutual for Grøh after realizing what kind of race the Beastmen were. Grøh has since made it clear that the Beastmen aren't any different from Malfested, except because of their tainted souls since their birth, they will always be bound to evil and hence, they were worse.
    • The Beastmen weren't the only beings that the astral fissures were unleashing, something which Grøh anticipated. That said, he did state that something far worse can come out of it, and that everyone should immediately take arms and start preparation. He may be needing more help than he would ask...
  • Became enemies against Sephiroth after he interrupted a training session between Grøh and Cloud. After a brief skirmish, Grøh learned more about the One-Winged Angel and pitied him to some extent, thinking that Sephiroth, for all his unforgivable actions was a victim to unfortunate circumstances that couldn't be helped.
    • Speaking of which, Grøh has a deep seeded contempt for Sephiroth's father, Professor Hojo for what he did to his wife and son, completely disregarding them and not facing responsibility for all the actions that he played a hand in. Grøh declared him to be just as bad as Ryoma and Azwel because of this and has taken arms against Cloud in regards to combating against him.
  • He is a visitor of the House of Friendship, which is surprising, given Grøh's general demeanor. Turns out Grøh attends the House to pay homage to his friend and comrade Curtis, who was manipulated and turned into Malfested by Azwel, whom Grøh was forced to kill. Because of this, he is welcome to attend the House of Friendship out of respect. Because Grøh remains silent and doesn't like to talk about the experience, its Dion and Natalie who take it upon themselves to explain his reasons.
  • Grøh vehemently opposes tyrannical rulers like Master Bison and Shao Kahn because of how they constantly profess their god complex, which reminds Grøh of Azwel. Luckily, he's found an ally in Scorpion, himself someone who was driven by vengeance and hate and is willing to give Grøh assistance.
    • Because of events that have gradually softened him up Scorpion often hangs out with Grøh to teach him humility and compassion. Not that Grøh isn't capable of showcasing them, as he clearly has good intentions and has allies he is concerned about, but Scorpion thinks that Grøh needs to allow himself to be more expressive and hopeful about life. Recalling the time when he was bought back to his senses sometime after losing himself, Grøh has conceded.
Do not hold back! However I will...

    John Preston 
John Preston Divine Master Of The Gun Kata (The Cleric)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Dual Handguns
  • Theme Song: Cleric Preston
  • Alignment: True Neutral, formerly Lawful Evil as a Cleric
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Badass Longcoat, Guns Akimbo/The Gunslinger/Offhand Backhand, The Stoic, Tranquil Fury, Showy Invincible Hero, Went From Being The Stoic To Not So Stoic Upon Experiencing Emotions For The First Time
  • Domains: Firearms, Emotions
  • High Priestess: Violet Song jat Shariff (his understudy)
  • Followers: The members of The Fraternity, particulary Wesley Gibson, Cross, Fox, 'The Exterminator,' Earl Spellman, and 'The Repairman'
  • Avatar: Christian Bale
  • Allies: Judge Joseph Dredd, Katniss Everdeen, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, Dante Sparda, Nero, Samus Aran, Integra Hellsing
  • Rivals: Coyote Staark, Doomguy, Revy, Rebecca, Domino.
  • Enemies: Big Brother
  • Odd Friendship: with Asura and Kratos
  • Worthy Opponents: Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Mana Tatsumiya, Hawkeye and Green Arrow
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after aiding 'The Underground' in overthrowing the totalitarian Tetragrammaton Council.
  • While Preston did not create the Gun Kata, he is indeed the master at it. A ballet of death, to be precise. To quote Vice-Counsel DuPont: "Through analysis of thousands of recorded gunfights, the Cleric has determined that the geometric distribution of antagonists in any gun battle is a statistically predictable element. The gun kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents while keeping the defender clear of the statistically traditional trajectories of return fire." In layman's terms, Shoot where the enemy should be standing when they're aiming at you, and to not be where standing where the enemy is trying to shoot back.
  • While Preston is prone to showing emotions from time to time, he's usually emotionless, as it helps him to concentrate more.
  • Jill Valentine, Johnny Cage, and Cassandra Cage sought out Cleric Preston to learn Gun Kata from him. In Johnny's case, it's for his latest film project. For Jill and Cassie, they both want to improve on their respctive firearms techniques. While Johnny learns from Preston, Cassie and Jill learned from Preston's high priestess, Violet.
  • For some odd reason, Lord Eddard Stark reminds Preston of his deceased comrade, Errol Partridge.
  • Balalaika of Hotel Moscow was unimpressed with the former cleric, until he proposed a test of skill. Fortunately for Balalaika, her men was wearing body armor...and Preston wasn't going for headshots.
  • Revy, the ascended member from Lagoon Company, had been present when Preston had blasted his way through Balalaika's elite troops. After watching the gun kata in action, she is seriously considering taking lessons from the former Cleric.
  • Because of his uncanny resemblance to Bruce Wayne, Preston gets strange looks from Bane, Ra's and Talia Al Ghul.
  • Despite being rivals, Coyote Staark is on somewhat good terms with Preston. So much so that Staark has Preston to teach the gunkata class on occasion.
  • Judge Joseph Dredd is Preston's chief ally. Seeing as how Preston's job as a Grammaton Cleric didn't pan out, he's considering offering Preston a job with the Judges. If Preston is as dangerous with his dual guns, imagine what kind of damage he can do with. Lawgiver...

    Lilith Madlove 
Lilith Madlove, Goddess with Psycho Weaponry (Lily)

    Linne and Seth 

Linne and Seth, Co-Gods of Reverse Grip (Linne: Princess of the Night Blade, Chitose. Seth: The Assassin)

  • Lesser Gods (Linne is a potential Intermediate Goddess or higher in a stronger body)
  • Symbol:
    • Linne: Kuu
    • Seth: The Eliminators, crossed together.
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral, respectively.
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Weapons, Duty, Speed
    • Linne: Light, Immortality, Teaching
    • Seth: Darkness, Rivalry, Assassination, Atonement
  • Herald: Kuu (Linne's pet)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Hyde Kido (Seth only)
  • Enemies: Hilda
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Each other (mostly one-sided on Linne's part)
  • Good Counterpart to: Dante (Linne)
  • Neutral Counterpart to: Gunvolt (Seth)
  • Pities: Yune (Linne only)
  • Opposes: Hazama, Carmine Prime, Ra's al Ghul
  • Opposed by: Jin Kisaragi, Ky Kiske (both apply to Seth)
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Ryuk (Linne)
  • Interested In: The House of Death and Postmortem (Linne)
  • Avoids: Yosuke Hanamura (Seth only)
  • Applies to both:
    • The Night Blade is an organisation dating back to 500 years in the past. Tasked with protecting the secrets and the order of the Hollow Night, they partake in the slaying of Voids. Though their numbers have shrunk greatly in the modern day, there still exist members, such as these two; Linne, the Princess of the Night Blade, and Seth, the Assassin, sworn to his duty.
    • The two of them are known to butt heads despite sharing the same goal of putting an end to Linne's immortality. This is because Seth aims to do so by force, seizing the Insulator, the only weapon capable of doing so, and slaying her with it. Linne does not agree with this because while she does want to die, she has other things she wants to achieve before doing so. Ignoring this, Seth still aims to accelerate Linne's death as much as he possibly can.
    • For this reason, Linne was not pleased to learn that she would be ascending with him, especially once she learned that Hyde would also be there. Predictably, one of the first things Seth did once they ascended was track Hyde down and challenge him for the Insulator. Despite Linne's protests, the two ended up fighting, and though it ended in a draw, Seth made it abundantly clear that he does not intend to give up anytime soon.
    • The two of them earned their position for the speedy, precise and skilful manner in which they wield their weaponry, despite the way they consistently hold them typically being deemed impractical at best. As sharers of the trope, they spend much of their time together, largely due to Seth's insistence on remaining near her whenever possible. This hasn't worked out as well for Seth as he would have hoped, since it means he has to spend more time than he deems necessary around Hyde and Waldstein.
    • Despite not typically seeing eye-to-eye on many things, there is one deity the two of them mutually despise; Ra's al Ghul. As an immortal and an assassin, respectively, neither Linne nor Seth are overly fond of the immortal assassin who chose to turn to evil. Linne also finds his fear of death to be a tad silly, and Seth disapproves of how he had to assemble an entire league of assassins to do his dirty work, while Seth himself has a tendency to work alone.
    • Though not as much as Ra's, the two of them find Hazama to be a piece of work. Having encountered him together, both came out of the encounter incredibly annoyed. Seth remembers him as the "clown" he met during the clash of fates, and as such did not appreciate the green-haired trickster treating him like an old friend. While Linne never interacted with him before, him insistently treating her like a little girl, even after learning of her predicament, irritated her to no end. Hazama's parting words, in particular, left both of them, after all that he put them through, feeling the need to restrain themselves so that they didn't hit someone.
    Hazama: Well, Seth, old pal, as nice as it's been catching up with you, I really do have places to be. It can be dangerous up here, so you'd better make sure your daughter stays safe, alright?
    • Speaking of said crossing fates, the two of them received a chance to reunite with many of the people they had met in that time, though Seth was much less enthusiastic about this because he didn't get along with many people there. One such example of this dichotomy was with Yosuke Hanamura, who recognised the two of them and greeted them with perhaps a bit too much zeal for either of their liking. Linne, at least, was able to remember their past battles fondly and humored him a little, though when it came to Yosuke's idea of looking cool, she found herself unable to keep up. As for Seth...
    Yosuke: Hah, it's been so long! But now, the Badass Brothers are back!
    Seth: Princess...please, do not make me suffer another moment in his presence.
    • One time, the two of them found themselves caught in the crossfire of a battle between a strange armored man and a horde of Skarsnik's goblins. As Linne is, to Goblin Slayer's knowledge, a small, frail girl, this only drove him to fight even harder, lest they get their hands on her. As it turned out, though, Linne was more than capable of taking on goblins on her own, and with Seth by her side, they managed to take a good load of work off Goblin Slayer's shoulders. He has since become good allies with the two of them, Linne and Seth both appreciating his efforts in trying to protect the former, and him occasionally requesting their assistance in fighting goblins.
    • Being a heroic wanderer of the Hollow Night and a proud member of the Night Blade, respectively, neither of them tolerate the presence of Hilda in the Pantheon. Both of them disapprove of her reckless use of EXS, which has clearly not ceased since her ascension, and neither of them want to know what kind of chaos a Re-Birth would bring to the Pantheon. As such, they both want to avoid that happening as much as possible, and so they have made it no secret that they oppose her. This has also triggered some major Teeth-Clenched Teamwork between Seth and Hyde as a result.
    • Additionally, neither one gets along particularly well with Carmine Prime. The dude is just too crazy and irritable for either one to speak on positive terms with, and he's too much of a Blood Knight in their eyes. He spends the Night wandering around and beating up anyone who pisses him off, something Seth experienced once time. While Linne never met him prior to her ascension, stories from both Hyde and Seth have taught her to be careful to not use the nickname "Lobster" or "Crayfish" whenever he's around.
  • Applies to Linne:
    • The princess of the Night Blade, Linne was, alongside her brother, part of the human experiments run by the organisation to create new abilities, and as such, she gained the ability to transfer her consciousness to other bodies, which triggers automatically upon her death. As a result, she is effectively immortal, but the guilt she feels over the countless lives she has destroyed this way has caused her to seek some way to die permanently.
    • Thus far, the only means of this happening is through Hyde's weapon, the Insulator, which can cause Cessation of Existence on anyone he wishes. As the two of them have managed to become friends, however, she has come to not want to force that on his conscience, which further conflicts her. Ascending to the Pantheon was, for her, a double-edged sword; while it is going to be difficult to settle her score with her brother when he has yet to ascend, she could potentially look into other methods of permanent death, which she can find after she manages to meet her goal; the entire House of Death and Postmortem is a point of interest to her as a result.
    • One individual who earned her ire almost immediately upon meeting her was Dante, whose habit of Body Surfing for selfish purposes quickly established her as Linne's Evil Counterpart - after all, the princess doesn't mean to ruin the lives of others with her powers. For her, it just happens, and she wants it to stop as soon as she can. It sickens her to her core, seeing Dante do it without so much as caring for her victims. For similar reasons, she disapproves of The Mage of the Beginning, who possesses whoever kills her and uses their bodies to commit more evil.
    • She is friends with many of the heroic Under Night In-Birth deities, such as Orie Ballardiae and Vatista, both of whom she met through Hyde. Though she has found herself getting a little irritated at imagining the former and Hyde together, the two are still largely on amicable terms.
    • While wandering the House of Death and Postmortem, she came across the Shinigami Ryuk, who had heard of her desire to die and became curious. In their conversation, he offered her a chance to finally die by writing her name in his Death Note whenever she wished. Though intrigued, she rejected the offer entirely, which interested him and caused him to question why. This prompted an explanation of her immortality and the way it works, and actually triggered a hint of sympathy in the death god.
    Linne: As much as I'd like to accept your offer, Ryuk, I'd rather not throw away the life of yet another little girl.
    • As much as she laments her own situation, she cannot help but look at Yune's with a degree of pity. Like her, Yune suffers from Resurrection Sickness whenever she is revived, but the Chaos God's is to a much greater degree. It was to such a point that she couldn't take a form stronger than a little bird, and even the few things she could do tired her out because she was so weak. That there doesn't seem to be a solution in sight just made things worse, and so Linne couldn't help but feel sorry for her.
    • Has issues with villainous immortals in general, as for her, they represent a path she could have gone down were she to give up her scruples. As such, she looks upon the likes of Orochimaru with severe distaste, as not only does she know of everything he's done in the search for immortality - it doesn't help that she views his pursuit as mad and honestly not that worth it - but he just seriously creeps her out, even if she's usually pretty good at keeping this contained.
    • Thanks to the clash of fates, Linne has spent time trying to find some of the people she befriended, an endeavour that has proven successful thus far. Aside from the aforementioned Yosuke, she also managed to meet up with Celica A. Mercury, who she gets along with despite the latter's insistence on treating her like a little girl. She knows that unlike Hazama, she doesn't mean any ill will, but doesn't correct her because she doesn't seem like she would get it even if it was explained.
    • Rachel Alucard is an unlikely ally of hers, too. Despite their seemingly-opposite personalities and mildly vitriolic tendencies, the two of them do concede that they work well together in a fight, They can, at least, relate to one another for both being Older than They Look, even if the circumstances behind both are a little different, as well as having to 'babysit' Hyde and Ragna, respectively.
    • Her alliance with Hakumen is a little tenuous, as while she views him as being overly serious and on occasion patronising, she does recognise that he is one of the few unambiguously heroic characters from his home universe (even if he's a jerk about it), and thus approves of what he does. On Hakumen's part, he is rather interested in how a girl as seemingly little as her can be so strong.
    • As a fellow practitioner of Reverse Grip, she has found herself getting along with Pit, who was eager to meet a representative of one of his less-represented tropes. Upon interacting with him, she found the flightless angel to be much like Yosuke, but admired his strong, eager sense of justice nonetheless, and regards him as a good friend.

"You let your emotions get the best of you. Might want to work on that. Just a bit of friendly advice from an old lady."

  • Applies to Seth:
    • Long ago, members of the Night Blade rebelled against the organisation's goal of controlling how people use the power of EXS, believing that people should be free to use their abilities however they wish. Among these individuals was Seth's ancestor, and knowing this, in the present day, Seth aims to atone for his people's rebellious ways, and as such, he aims to do good by ending the curse put on Linne and her brother using the Insulator blade to cut them down...whether they like it or not.
    • This goal of his has naturally brought him into conflict with Hyde and Waldstein, both of whom have sworn to protect Linne. For the most part, he only really cares about Hyde, as he is the one in possession of the Insulator, which he plans to take from him. And so, a fierce rivalry was born, and one with no conclusion in sight; as the two have a tendency to tie in their matchups. His relationship with Waldstein is...different.
    Seth: Slow legs.
    Waldstein: Puny arms.
    • He found a curious connection to Gunvolt, as the two of them had some similarities as well as some differences; both of them are teenaged assassins torn between their desire to do their duty and their desire to protect the girl in their lives. The difference, however, is that Seth ultimately chose to prioritise the former, while Gunvolt decided to do the latter, instead. In essence, Seth chose to be Lawful, and GV chose to be Good. The two of them have mixed feelings about one another due to this, but have ultimately chosen to Agree to Disagree. He does have at least a little bit of respect for GV, however, and thus finds him greatly preferable to his enemy, Asimov. It doesn't help that what he does (monitoring people who do have powers) and what Asimov does (oppressing people who don't) are more or less opposites.
    • Seth has taken an interest in many of the other assassins in the Pantheon, feeling as though he might be able to make use of some of their techniques. As such, he has struck up an alliance with many members of the Hall of Killers and Assassins, such as the Black Organisation, Hassan-I-Sabbah and Ezio Auditore. He especially respects Hassan and Ezio for being able to lead their respective assassin orders while still being formidable and active on their own. Not that he has any intention on joining them, though. He's kind of a lone wolf.
    • Having become aware of the existence of other assassins outside the aforementioned Hall, he couldn't help but be curious, especially upon learning that some of them are teenagers like him. So, his search throughout the Pantheon led him to befriend Killua Zoldyck and Maki Harukawa, both of whom were brought into the assassin business at a young age. As none of them are overly sociable, their conversations when they hang out are short and terse at best, but Seth does not dislike their company, at least.
    • While Linne gets along with Pit, Seth finds the flightless angel annoying, a sentiment shared with Dark Pit. It is for this reason, among others, that Seth has found more of a kinship with the dark-winged doppelganger, as they find they have much in common. Much appreciated from Dark Pit's half is that Seth either doesn't know or doesn't use the name "Pittoo" to refer to him.
    • Though he'd rather die than outwardly show it, Seth was rather pleased to learn that many of the deities he met in the clash of fates have ascended into the Pantheon. One such deity is Mitsuru Kirijo, who he treats with an uncharacteristic amount of reverence and respect due to her high status and battle prowess.
    • Another is Naoto Shirogane, who harbor a mutual civility to one another, due to their surprising amount of synergy. Though, he's seen the rest of the Investigation Team and frankly, he's very curious as to how she's able to tolerate those guys, especially Yosuke, regularly enough to constantly work with them.
    Naoto: get used to it, I guess.
    • Additionally, he has found himself getting along somewhat with Yumi, a fellow assassin, and one who he finds to be similar to Linne. That is to say, not only is her personality not unlike his Princess, but he also finds her company to be rather questionable, as she is friends with all sorts of excitable, scandalous types who quickly drain Seth's energy.
    • And finally, he has found himself on decent terms with Blake Belladonna, whose past has elicited sympathy in him, even though to unearth it, he had to do a little digging due to her reluctance to tell him directly. Learning this led to him learning about Adam Taurus's existence, and suffice it to say, he does not like him. Not only because of what he's done to Blake, but because he reminds him too much of Hyde; from the personalities (though Hyde is much nicer than him, other traits such as their Hot Bloodedness remain similar) and their attire. Even Adam's sword is much too similar to the Insulator for Seth's liking. This animosity is, naturally, reciprocated. Seth's human, after all.
    • Despite being another "blue rival to the red protagonist", Seth is looked at disapprovingly by his predecessors Ky Kiske and Jin Kisaragi. Both think he lacks honour due to fighting in the shadows rather than straightforwardly like them, and Ky in particular feels uneasy witnessing his Above Good and Evil attitude, while Jin scorns his "pointless sentimentality" regarding Linne. Seth, personally, doesn't give a rat's ass. What he's doing gets the job done, so why complain?

"Blink, and it goes dark...Chase, and you cannot find...Follow a shadow, the owner disappears. How does it feel to lose to an opponent far superior to you? Humiliating...? Torturous...?"

    Sean Connery 
Sean Connery, God of Film Improvement and Pointing Guns at the Viewer


    Lu Lingqi 
Lu Lingqi, Goddess of Wielding Large Weapons One-Handed
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her crossed pike
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Impossibly Cool Weapon, wielding a rather large weapon one handed, Surpisingly Loyal To Her Father Despite His Reputation, Bifurcated Double Weapon, Throwing her weapon and controlling it remotely Blood Knight, Has issues with being left alone
  • Domains: War, Combat, Weapons
  • Followers: Kisame, Zabuza
  • Allies: Lu Bu (her father)
  • Rivals: Guan Yinping, Ina, Xingcai
  • Enemies: Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei
  • Odd Friendship with: Mithra
  • Ascended after her father gave her his old weapon finding it less effective than his halberd. Using this opportunity to impress her father she quickly mastered the weapon with one hand. Lu Bu reluctantly had to accept her ascension though he was proud of her nonetheless.
  • She has never met Diaochan mostly because her father is surprisingly cautious about letting the two meet.
    • Some people theorize that they're not actually related; history via confirming someone else to be Lu Bu's wife can back this up.
  • Lu Bu cares very deeply for her. Even if you have managed to have him restrained, should you try to kill her, he will break out and kick your ass. Cao Cao learned that the hard way.
  • She planned on challenging Asura, in an attempt to regain her father's honor and somehow though he casually ignores her challenges mostly because she sound a bit like his own daughter. Not to mention he'd like to not be so hypocritical.
    • She managed to befriend Mithra after said encounter.
  • Her loyalty to her father reminds some of Mr. T of his devotion to his mother.
  • A big mystery is how the hell she managed to wield that weapon of hers so effectively with one hand. Then there's the question on how she managed to control it like a remote boomerang despite having no Psychic Powers.
  • Was surprised when first entering this house when she thought she heard her father but instead met Algol, this maybe due to the fact that he sounds like her father, though it was a strange encounter Algol has decided to have her under his protection due to his respect for The Mighty Lu Bu.
    • Often is worried about the relationships and rivalries between her father, Leo Whitefang and Ira Gamagoori. It doesn't help in that she hears her father's Japanese voice from three sides at once. Huang Gai, another person who also has that very voice, has stated that he himself would rather leave Lingqi alone during those moments.
  • Like her father, her surname is actually pronounced "Leer/Lur" in pinyin due to the double-dot tone (AKA the umlaut) above the "u". Thus, her name is pronounced as "Ler Lee-ng-chee".
  • Has gotten some looks from other people due to her attractiveness; other female gods will have to prepare for the day to teach her how to act like a more proper lady.
    • Some people are also noticing that unlike her father, Lingqi seems more civil and less willing to act like a beast on the battlefield. Perhaps it's because of this she may need to learn how to keep Lu Bu in check occasionally. Xingcai can relate.


    The Yarnys 
The Yarnys, Holy Wielders of Instant Knots
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Balls of yarn
  • Theme Song: "The Red Thread", "Let It All Out"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portolio: Instant Knots, Building Swing, The Many Deaths of You, Puzzle Platformer
  • Domains: Yarn, Memories, Love, Friendship, Travel
  • Allies: The Robed Figure, The Guardians of the Northern Lights, The Diver, Carl Fredricksen, Jolyne Kujoh, Rebellio, Kirby
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Dr. Fetus, Hexxus, Donquixote Doflamingo
  • Somewhere in rural Sweden, a mysterious little being known as Yarny belonged to a lonely old woman. Yarny set out on a dangerous journey, traveling through significant places in her memories so that her photo album could be filled with mementos both happy and sad. Yarny braved through various places, from natural landscapes like forests and beaches to hazardous and polluted industrial complexes; in every place there was a variety of things that could have killed Yarny in one shot, but it kept going out of love for its owner until the album was filled.
    • There is also a red and blue pair of Yarnys who teamed up, tying their yarns together, after they were thrown into an island by a storm. Settling at a lighthouse and following the lead of a speck of light, they traveled through the places where, once, two orphan boys suffered under abusive adults and ran away. The Yarny pair protected these memories from malicious shadows (possibly leftovers from the adults' presence) that attempted to destroy them.
  • With their purpose at the lighthouse fulfilled, the speck of light urged the Yarny duo to follow it. The two walked an unusually long distance until arriving at the old woman's house, where they met the first Yarny. All were overjoyed to meet more creatures like themselves, especially the first Yarny who had never met any others before. Then they all proceeded to follow the speck of light, eventually arriving at the Pantheon. Finding the Main House proved to be rather eventful.
    • Firstly, the Yarnys landed in a desert, a very different place than what they are used to find their way through, notably lacking in things for them to hook their knots. Fortunately, the Robed Figure was nearby and took notice of the Yarnys, which the Figure felt an affinity for given they are technically made of cloth, like the creatures he once liberated. The Figure had the Yarnys ride its scarf and followed the speck of light. They were making good time until a sandstorm hit and the Figure kept getting pushed back, with the Yarnys hanging on to dear life. Then a good friend of the Robed Figure, the Colossus Phalanx, appeared to shelter them from the storm with its large girth. The Yarnys aren't used to being intentionally helped by other creatures, so it came as quite the surprise to them that the enormous monster was so affable.
    • Once the storm passed, the troupe carried on until they reached a high mountain with a peak surrounded by auroras, and the Yarnys were required to go up there. Phalanx took care of it, leaving once the job was done, and the Yarnys were confronted with two foxes made of auroral light. This turned out to be trouble for the Yarnys as the foxes started batting the first one around for fun, requiring the Yarny duo to distract the foxes and save their friend. Once that was done, the Yarnys then had to find their way down the mountain with the foxes on their trail (although they didn't seem terribly serious about hunting the yarn creatures). Eventually the Yarnys tumbled down into some river rapids, managing to hook a knot onto a piece of wood before they went under. At least they lost the annoying foxes.
    • The river flowed out to sea, as it does, which was bad news for the Yarnys as they aren't so great with water; the Yarny duo can swim okay, but it's not ideal, while the first Yarny sinks like a rock after a few seconds. Unluckily, their piece of wood got attacked by Bruce the Shark, which sent them flying straight into the water. When it seemed that was it for the Yarnys, however, the Diver showed up and held them above water, depositing them on the nearby beach, while her Great White friend kept Bruce at bay. After waving goodbye at the Diver, the Yarnys kept going in the direction the speck of light pointed them towards.
    • Finally, somehow, they arrived at the Main House where the Yarnys were confronted with several giant beings (giant from their perspective, mind) of all sorts. They were more frightning for their number than size, given the Yarnys by this point had seen Phalanx. Despite their fear, they held strong as they saw the Robed Figure and the Diver among the audience (not so much the foxes, but they wagged their tails at the Yarnys), and they were pronounced gods of the Pantheon for their deeds. Then they were sent on their merry way, with the speck guiding them to their temple. The Yarnys were just surprised that getting out of the Main House was so easy compared to everything else. Either way they're happy to remain in the Pantheon, as they were given a great deal of help in reaching this point and they think they were brought up for an important reason (but they check in on their homes once in a while to make sure all is well).
  • The first Yarny's preferred dwellings are idyllic rural forests, similar to where its owner lived. Yarny's owner liked to spend time with her family going camping, but things took a turn for the worse when the forests were cut down and factories took their place, letting loose all sorts of toxic waste to ruin the earth further. The Yarny duo also had to contend with a forest fire started by a factory's electrical fence. With factories and industrial complexes being the source of their owners' woes and particularly hostile terrains for the Yarnys themselves, the little creatures have a lot of reasons to be averse to them, and towards pollution in general. For those reasons, the Yarnys sometimes take it upon themselves to sabotage Mr. Burns' company so it'll stop producing so much toxic waste. Given their tiny size, they are not easy to detect and can slip inside certain machines, making them the source of many "mysterious" breakdowns in Mr. Burns operations. Mr. Burns suspects them, but can't prove it, which doesn't stop him from declaring he'll capture the Yarnys and turn them into a sweater.
    • Things became more difficult for the Yarnys once Mr. Burns enlisted Dr. Fetus to secure his facilities against the critters. Fetus' method was to place buzzsaws at certain junctures to shred the Yarnys to microscopic bits should they come too close. Of course, the Yarnys are used to puzzling out a safe path for themselves, so through a bit of ingenuity, it's nothing they can't deal with and they will continue to be a thorn on the sides of both the Mad Scientist fetus and the elderly tycoon, much to their frustration.
  • The Yarnys' active concern with the environment also turns them into natural enemies for Hexxus, the spirit of pollution itself. Sadly, unlike Mr. Burns, there is little they can do to fight an apparition like Hexxus. Once, Hexxus caught them just outside one of Mr. Burns' factories the Yarnys had just sabotaged and after a chase, Hexxus had managed to trap them. Then to the Yarnys' considerable surprise, the auroral foxes that had stalked them appeared and unleashed their Spirit Bark at Hexxus, sending him scurrying. As the foxes escorted them home, the Yarnys thus came to understand that they all shared at least one goal. (But they're still annoyed that the foxes treat them as toys at the best of times.)
  • Donquixote Doflamingo looks down on the Yarnys' as weak creatures whose very existence is pointless when compared to a Master of Threads such as himself. They are so small that Doflamingo doesn't think he could do anything useful with them, and their limited control over their strings, bound by the laws of physics, is laughable to him. Sadistic asshole that he is, he figured he would stomp the creatures whose pathetic purpose was to protect the memories of a feeble old woman and two kids nobody wanted. However, another string master, Jolyne Kujoh, is fond of the little guys (albeit aloof) and thinks stomping on them is just pointless dickery, so she tripped over and tied up Doflamingo with her own strings just before he could hurt them, and dragged him away for a battle that the Yarnys didn't care to watch. Rebellio of the Falcons, yet another string-manipulator, has taken a liking towards the Yarnys and is more open than Jolyne about it, admiring how they are able to solve problems without resorting to violence.
  • The Yarnys chanced upon Kirby while the pink puffball was on one of his strolls. Kirby thought the Yarnys were lost denizens of Patch Land and decided to lead them there. While it may not be their home, the Yarnys were pretty delighted with Patch Land, seeing as how everything and everyone is made of yarn; the Yarnys could not be more in their element. Patch Land has become something of a "comfort destination" for them when they need to take a break from navigating their Mouse World.
  • They learned of Carl Fredricksen's story of becoming a lonesome and embittered man after the loss of his wife. However, the Yarnys were glad to learn, upon visiting his house, that he had managed to come to terms with it, found some friends to liven up his twilight years and overall become a better person. Carl considers them to be "meddlesome little goblins", though it seems like an affectionate insult, as he does keep good care of the little yarn token shaped like a balloon they gave him to commemorate his achievements.