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Greater Gods

Scáthach, Goddess of Sensual Spandex (Shadowy, The Witch of Dun Scaith, Lancer, Mentor, Assassin, Beach Queen of the Land of Shadows, Thighs-Sensei, Shishou, Caster, Scáthach-Skadi)
As an Assassin 
As a Caster, possessed by Skadi 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Two Gae Bolg crossed over each other on top of a shield with the image of Dun Scaith castle painted on it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight, Tsundere, Utterly Immortal and Wanting to Die, The Ace, Fiery Redhead, Storm of Gae Bolgs, Superpower Lottery
  • Domain: Magic, Combat, Weapons,
  • Allies: Cu Chulainn, Luke Skywalker, Shigure, Pyrrha Nikos, Rin Tohsaka, C.C., Asgore Dreemurr, Fujiwara no Mokou, Flynn, Thor, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, SCP-1440, Ayra
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine, Zeref, Deathstroke, Ali Al-Saachez, Orochimaru, YHVH, Surtr
  • Pities: Kenny McCormick
  • Rivals: Undyne, Phoenix
  • Opposes: Angels
  • Scáthach's attire — wearing clothing so skintight that many think it's just paint — was one of the things that brought her lots of fans. She does seem to be a bit peeved that she became a goddess over that.
  • When she ascended, she immediately sought out her former pupil, Cú Chulainn. She was disappointed when she heard how he could never truly show how good he was because of outside forces or that he was treated like a Butt-Monkey. To fix that, she decided to fight him with everything she had. The thought actually put fear in the eyes of the Hound of Ulster. Despite his fear, though, he manages to put up a good showing as the two Celtic heroes fought one another, tearing through the Pantheon like crazy.
  • During her training of Cú Chulainn back in the mortal realm, she offered the "friendship of her thighs" to him. In other words, the two had sex. Jokes were made that Scáthach truly knows her way with the spear and that she taught Cú Chulainn more than just combat and magic.
  • Like many Lancers from her world, she too suffers. Her suffering is that she is cursed to live forever until the world ends. For that reason, she seeks someone to battle her and end her existence. For that reason, she once sought after the Holy Grail to grant for death. Though, being part of the Pantheon gives her a good alternative since there are powerful beings in here. Surely one of them could end her life.
    • There's actually debate on what definition of "The World" she means. Some think it's just the deconstruction of the planet. Others believe it's the destruction of reality itself. So far, the latter is the most possible interpretation.
  • Deliberately fought against the Phantom Phoenix who, like herself, was completely immortal. Though, he gets stronger with each destruction. While their battle could've gone either way for them, she was able to kill him twice. However, she was stopped before she did it for a third time as they didn't want Phoenix to get too powerful.
  • More often then not, she has to correct certain people when they pronounce her name wrong. Especially when they call her Scat. Scáthach's name is correctly pronounced as Ska-Hock ("Ska" pronounced like "scan" without the "n", "hock" pronounced like "hockey" without the "-ey").
  • Has gotten along well with a fellow master in Shigure who trained Kenichi in martial arts. Scáthach was impressed by how Shigure was able to use any tools, including a wooden spoon, to slice things. The two masters have even sparred with one another, though they do find it strange how much they sound alike.
  • The Witchblade has responded to Scáthach's presence. That's because she, or an alternate version, was a former wielder of the gauntlet.
  • Became friends with Fujiwara no Mokou who, much like herself, is immortal and wants to die. The two even fought against one another to see if either one of them could kill the other. They both fail.
    • Even though C.C. gave up her Death Seeker ways and instead started to enjoy her immortal life, she befriended Scáthach and understand how she feels of living so long and wanted to die. Scáthach appreciates it and did find it amusing when the Witch cosplayed as her once.
  • Flynn is a close ally of Scáthach as he once helped her retrain a young Cú Chulainn.
  • Takes a very cautious approach to many of the angels in the pantheon. This is because some brainwashed her into helping them free Gaap who devoured her soul. Luckily, she was freed after he was defeated. Thor, who was brainwashed by YHVH, gave his sympathy for what happened to her.
  • Even though Scáthach is a harsh teacher to Cú Chulainn, she does care for him, in her own ways. So she made enemies with some evil mentors like Palpatine and Orochimaru who have corrupted their pupils. She even battled with Deathstroke who once tried to force a young Dick Greyson to be his pupil.
  • Was once described by Cú Chulainn as an angrier Rin Tohsaka, which shows. Even the twintails tsundere was a bit intimidated by her presence. However, the two have struck a friendship.
  • Has shown pity towards Kenny McCormick when she heard about his constant death and rebirth.
  • She was quite surprised that her name was used by Ayra as the name of her son, until she changed it to Ulster. After having a brief chat with her and respecting each others' warrior culture, Scáthach has wondered if one day, she could try utilizing an Astra with her many Gae Bolgs.
  • She's also a recurring visitor of the Velvet Room, though she didn't bring her body-paste paints over there or her many Gae Bolgs, so she suffered several depowering. However, her power was still immense that it required several empowering of the Priestess Arcana for her to grant her strength.
  • In the Lostbelt incident, an alternate Scathach that merged with the Norse deity Skadi was later discovered, as the ruler of the second Lostbelt. As this turned out to be a different version and a bit Younger and Hipper (and once again, no body paints, instead, rocking a dress), it's not the same Scathach that resided within the throne.
  • In front of her temple, there's usually a warning sign of "Do not make mention of the Goddess' age". Messy deaths leaving behind a messy puddle of blood usually follows for those who failed to comply.

Intermediate Gods

    Emma Frost 
Emma Grace Frost, Goddess of Sexy Uniforms (The White Queen, Black Queen, Black King, Phoenix Avatar, Silver Boobs McGee, Ice Princess.)
Her appearance as "Phoenix" 

    Gray Fullbuster 
Gray Fullbuster, The Always Shirtless God (The Ice Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild)

Kuroka, Goddess of Kimono Fanservice (Kuroka Toujou)

    Miyu Edelfelt 
Miyu Edelfelt, Goddess of the Leotard of Power (Azure Magical Girl, Miyu Emiya, Caster, Miyu Sakatsuki, Child of God)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Kaleidostick Sapphire
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Leotard of Power, Brutally Honest, The Comically Serious, Dark and Troubled Past, Dark Magical Girl, The Lancer, Poor Communication Kills, Meido, New Transfer Student, No Social Skills, Not Quite Flight, Psychosomatic Superpower Outage, The Spock, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Supreme Chef
  • Domains: Magic, Costumes
  • Allies: Illyasviel von Einzbern, Rin Tohsaka, Shirou Emiya, Lynette Bishop, Fate T. Harlaown, Nanoha Takamachi, Sakura Matou, Cammy White, Flonne, Sakura Kasugano
  • Enemies: Queen Chrysalis
  • Conflicted Opinion towards: Gilgamesh
  • The other wielder of the Kaleidosticks alongside Illyasviel von Einzbern, Miyu Edelfelt is very much the Fate to Illya's Nanoha. Whereas Illya has a lot of power but hasn't refined it, Miyu has more experience at being a Magical Girl and managed to get her first Class Card before even meeting Illya.
  • Miyu didn't expect to see Illya already in the pantheon and but she was even more surprised to find that Illya had made friends with Berserker. Miyu was very nervous around Berserker at first but Illya told him not to attack her.
  • Miyu was very surprised to find that the Gilgamesh in the pantheon is a lot more arrogant and antagonistic towards Illya. Gilgamesh became antagonistic toward Miyu as well when he found out Miyu could be used to create a Holy Grail just like Illya.
  • Even though she gets her own temple and doesn't need money for food, Miyu still insists on working as a maid for Illya, much Illya's great pleasure. If you're lucky, you can sometimes see Illya mounting Miyu with a face that can only be described as Illya as a psycho.
    • When questioned about why she does it, Illya was very embarrassed and explained that she has a maid fetish. Some deities find it cute because "Hurr durr they're both kids," and then there are deities like Sakura Matou, who were conditioned to accept rape, who are horrified by this.
  • Miyu was surprised to get to finally meet Nanoha and Fate again after the last time they met. She was glad to see that Nanoha and Fate had become friends since Illya and Miyu saw them last.
  • Miyu can't stand Queen Chrysalis because she hates the fact that she sounds like someone who frequently transforms into herself and Illya For the Evulz. Although, Miyu gets along well with Lynette Bishop because she's super-nice to Miyu and Illya.
  • Miyu gets along well with others who wear the same type of costume as her, such as Cammy White and Flonne. Funnily enough, she first heard of Cammy when Sakura Kasugano mistakenly called Miyu by her name, thinking she was Cammy undergoing a gothic makeover for some reason. That didn't last long, but Sakura is still friendly with her.

Lesser Gods

    Alisa Illinichina Amiella 
Alisa Illinichina Amiella, Goddess of the Underboobs (Alisa Ilyinichna Omela)

    Ashe (League of Legends
Ashe, Goddess of Exposing Skin To Cold (The Frost Archer, Queen of Freljord, Dat Ashe)

    Cammy White 
"Target acquired…beginning mission!"

Cammy White, Goddess of Costumes That Barely Cover One's Backside (Killer Bee, Techniques of Incomparable Precision)

    Mylene Hoffman 
Mylene Hoffman, Goddess of Modesty Bedsheets (009-1)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A silhouette of herself
  • Theme Music: Theme of 009-1
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Femme Fatale, Torpedo Tits, Broken Bird
  • Domains: Spies, Cyborgs
  • Herald: Number Zero
  • Allies: Gunvolt, Freya Carlson, James Bond, Mata Hari, Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes
  • Enemies: 50 Blessings, The Dark Brotherhood, Widowmaker, Darryl Revok, The Black Organization
  • On Good Terms with: Austin Powers
  • Strained Relations: Sterling Archer
  • The Western and Eastern blocs are in a seemingly unending cold war with both sides having their own tools at their disposal in this conflict. One of the Western bloc’s groups is an intelligence organization known as Zero Zero and the Nine Number Group, a spy agency consisting of cyborg women, is just one of ten different groups within that larger organization. Mylene Hoffman, codenamed 009-1 and formerly an orphan whose parents were killed while defecting from the Eastern bloc, is one member of the Nine Number Group and takes part in various missions assigned to her, using her looks and combat skills (which include machine guns installed in her breasts among other abilities) to get the job done.
  • Mylene received a mission from her superiors that involved shipments of suspicious items that originated from a location that couldn’t be identified through normal means and was asked to track down the shipments’ location. As she eavesdropped on a conversation between the person who delivered the items and the recipients of such, she learned that the location she was tasked to reach was where several other unusual items were gathered and possibly were produced. She hitched a ride on the ship that the items were transported from and initially passed herself off as a new transport assistant to ensure that the items would reach their destination safely. When the ship arrived to where it would get its next batch of items, Mylene took the time to observe what the items were and found out that the items were originating from several different locations that came together at a shared destination known as the Pantheon. Seeing that the items that were being sent from the Pantheon to her world could cause even more harm than what she was used to, Mylene ended up getting in a fight with the people involved with the shipments that culminated with the factory the items were being stored in getting destroyed. After she told her superiors about her findings and the nature of what the Pantheon was, it became clear that her missions became a lot more dangerous and complicated with the discovery of a larger place connected to her world.
  • As Mylene would find out during subsequent missions involving the Pantheon, that place was very big and that held true to the wars that it was involved in. While she had to contend with a perpetual cold war carried out by separate blocs, the Pantheon had several kinds of conflicts, including a larger one between higher powers that would be too much to handle even for her. That said, considering how much of a morally grey (if not dark) world Mylene was from and the fact that the Pantheon had a more obvious set of morality (but not without its share of grey moments), she has generally taken her missions involving the place in stride, especially if it involves making sure the place doesn’t fall into further strife than it already has.
  • Espionage in general has become a notable field in the Pantheon and Mylene would find out that there were a lot more spies present in addition to the other members of the Nine Number Group that she was acquainted with. As Mylene took part in various missions pertaining to the Pantheon, she would encounter a number of spies that undertook dangerous assignments like her, with some of them being stranger than what she was used to. Among such figures included James Bond, a famed secret agent who was known for being a bit of a ladie’s man, Mata Hari, a spy known for using seduction in her job akin to what Mylene has done, and Freya Carlson, who was able to hold her own in action despite being something of a ditz. Mylene being a cyborg was treated as nothing out of the ordinary for Bond (though Freya and Mata Hari were a little surprised at first), but the three ultimately welcomed Mylene’s company, with Freya getting a bit of training from Mylene on how to improve her physical skills on the field and Mata Hari willing to help Mylene hone her Femme Fatale traits. Mata Hari being accused as a double agent by the people she’s working for was something that dismayed Mylene a bit, though it gave her more of a reason to keep an eye out in case someone tries to double-cross her.
    • While Mylene being a cyborg was a bit of a surprise to those who weren’t aware of it given her initial appearance, she did manage to find some rather unusual characters who happened to be secret agents much like her. Austin Powers, a comedic counterpart to James Bond, was rather taken by her beauty when he was assigned a mission to work with her, though Mylene tried not to be too bothered by it. It was when she used her abilities, including her machine gun breasts, to free the duo from a trap that he thought that she was a modified version of the Fembots that attacked him in the past, but she quickly dispelled that notion. While she is relatively affable towards Austin Powers in spite of his womanizing tendencies, things are much more awkward when it comes to her and Sterling Archer, a spy that’s just as eccentric as Austin, but is much more flawed even during his efforts to improve his work. Archer has a hatred towards cyborgs and robots and the fact that there was a cyborg spy didn’t sit well with him at all. While Mylene has gone through the trouble of telling him that she means well, Archer still has difficulty fully trusting her.
  • She would end up learning about S.H.I.E.L.D. through her fellow spies. To be more accurate, she learned about its central figure Nick Fury and how he is largely a figurehead for the aforementioned spies in the Pantheon in addition to having been accustomed to and working alongside superheroes. Nick Fury arranged a meeting with Mylene after learning about another spy and after learning of her using her skills as a Femme Fatale on the field, decided to have Natasha Romanoff and Bucky Barnes in the meeting given their involvement in the Cold War in some capacity, with Mylene’s having never ended. Mylene and Natasha both underwent training to become skilled fighters, but the main difference here is that Natasha used to work for the Soviet Union before defecting and atoning and while Mylene never was truly evil in the past and present, she’s still ruthless in her line of work. As for Bucky, he was used as a weapon by the Russians when he lost his memories and after regaining them, took a similar path as Natasha and has worked for Nick Fury alongside her, with the two working with other super-powered individuals as well. Nick has come to see Mylene as a cybernetic counterpart to Natasha and 009-1 has taken on some missions assigned by him, with Natasha and Bucky sometimes teaming up with her given their backgrounds.
  • Assassins and professional killers were just one of the handful of different targets that Mylene was assigned to go after and there was no shortage of such in the Pantheon. While some of the assassins in the Pantheon were generally more heroic compared to what she encountered in the past, there were just as many malevolent entities in that profession and Mylene has sometimes been tasked to eliminate them. While The Dark Brotherhood had much more archaic methods of assassination compared to others, that organization was responsible for training its members to be professional killers at a very young age. That The Dark Brotherhood was also responsible for illegal operations and will worship some sort of evil entity was more than enough for it and their members to be considered targets to be eliminated by Mylene. The Black Organization, which employs more modern methods of assassination in comparison to The Dark Brotherhood, was another group that Mylene went after for her missions, with her gathering intel on what their plans are and what its individual members plan on doing given how enigmatic a number of them are.
  • Having gone up against a sniper before, Mylene would find herself in conflict against Widowmaker, one such sniper that is known for her skills and enjoyment of killing others in the battlefield. Widowmaker’s backstory was something Mylene was surprised with as that sniper was once a kind-hearted woman named Amelie Lacroix who was kidnapped by Talon, a terrorist organization with plenty of dangerous adversaries for Mylene to fight against, and turned into the killing machine that she is now. In a way, Mylene was disturbed by this since she went through a dark past of her own and used her combat skills to fight against those that threaten the world at large while Amelie was an innocent who was turned into a fighter against her will. Widowmaker is also more dangerous than the sniper Mylene fought against back then and while Widowmaker simply sees Mylene as another target to kill, Mylene sees something much worse in what Talon is planning and what that organization will do to accomplish said plans.
  • Mylene and her family previously attempted to defect from the Eastern Bloc to the Western Bloc, but in the process, her parents died and she was separated from her brother Paul. After growing up in an orphanage, she agreed to join the Zero Zero Organization, underwent training from them to become a fighter, and went through cybernetization during that. Gunvolt was another ex-orphan with powers who went through training with the help of an organization, but his circumstances were different from that of Mylene’s. Gunvolt was experimented on and got his powers in the process by The Sumeragi Group before being taken in by QUILL and it turned out that the leadership of the latter organization had a dark endgame it sought to accomplish with Gunvolt’s help, prompting him to defect from QUILL. While Mylene had a troubling past and has learned to adjust to a morally grey world, she found what Gunvolt went through to be likely darker than her own adventure, especially since Gunvolt was being used as a pawn by his superiors before his defection in contrast to Mylene having consistently good ties to her own. Mylene and Gunvolt have been on good terms with each other, with the latter helping out Mylene if the mission she’s in puts her in a more dangerous position than normal.
  • Having come from a world where the Cold War was still ongoing and took on missions for the Western Bloc as a means to prevent conflict between it and the Eastern Bloc from getting worse, Mylene had to keep an eye on figures in the Pantheon related to that war, especially if they were part of a similarly perpetual Cold War (or at least had their adventures occur in a backdrop where relations between the United States and Russia have badly deteriorated). An organization known as 50 Blessings ended up being a source of concern for Mylene after she learned that they are an ultranationalist terrorist group dedicated to ensuring America’s superiority via eliminating anyone tied to Russia or figures from Russia itself. While she has done her part to keep America (or the Western Bloc) standing, Mylene believes that an organization like 50 Blessings will only make things worse than before and has taken part in missions related to them, either wiping out members tied to the group or gathering intel related to the group’s next course of action.
  • One of Mylene’s bigger missions involved having to rescue a group of psychic children (or “mutants” as they were referred to) that were experimented on to be used to power-up a weapon. A mission in the Pantheon where she investigated a shipment of a drug known as ephemerol took a dark turn after getting into a fight with some goons responsible for trying to deliver it and discovered where that drug came from and the figurehead responsible for its distribution, Darryl Revok. It was bad enough to try and use psychic children as a means to power a weapon, but trying to create even more young psychics to try and create a society ruled by such super-powered individuals was very likely an even more dangerous possibility than the perpetual Cold War that Mylene was used to. Given the threat that Revok’s ambitions pose to the Pantheon, Mylene has been tasked with making sure that any shipments of his drugs are thwarted to prevent a potential uprising of dangerous psychics under Revok’s command from happening.

    Rouge the Bat 
Rouge the Bat, Goddess of Family-Friendly Fanservice (Rogue, bat-face the Rogue)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: An outline of her head
  • Theme Music: Fly in the Freedom; This Machine (shared with Shadow and Omega)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal, Deadpan Snarker, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Humanoid Female Animal, Ms. Vice Girl, Family-Friendly Fanservice, Teen Superspy
  • Domains: Bats, Jewelry, Attractiveness
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Nack, Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, Team Charm
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Dr. Eggman
  • Odd Friendship: Batman
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Knuckles the Echidna
  • Rouge's primary interest is in jewels. She is generally in search of them as a treasure hunter, though she's sometimes a freelance government agent...who expects to be paid in such. She's also rather attractive, though considering the world she's from, it's kept at a relatively tame level (at least to a point).
  • A lot of deities accidentally misspell her name as "Rogue". She simply views said misspelling as a minor inconvenience to her.
  • The House of Love is still trying to see if she is in love with either Shadow or Knuckles. She has stated that she'll always be by Shadow's side regardless of what happens. As for Knuckles, the interactions are a little more complicated to say the least, though they will put aside their differences if the fate of the world is at stake.
  • She tends to hang out with fellow Femme Fatale thieves Catwoman and Fujiko Mine. If she's in a mood to steal something, chances are she'll work alongside the two in such.
  • Being a bat, Rouge tends to hang out with other deities associated with such, including Ren Akiyama and Shiki. The latter calls her Rougie (partially since Rouge told Shiki not to call her "Rogie").
    • On the other hand, Rouge isn't too thrilled about Antasma and has been getting into fights against him whenever their paths cross.
    • Strangely enough, both she and Batman are on amicable terms with each other. The Caped Crusader has stated that Rouge's behavior reminds him of a tamer version of Catwoman.
  • Even though her memories of that encounter were erased from her, Rouge isn't really happy to see that Mephiles is in action again. She, along with the Shadow and E-123 Omega intend to stop whatever it is that Mephiles has planned in spite of the erasure of said memories.
  • Is noted to have a relatively diverse wardrobe (at least compared to the other Sonic characters) and can be seen wearing a different costume every other week. No one is certain if she gets new clothes through the jewels she finds or simply via a lot of rings.
  • She can sometimes be seen having friendly conversations with Aigis and Kallen Kozuki. The friendship seems to stem from the fact that they share a thing in common.
  • During one of her treasure-hunting exploits, she met up with treasure-hunter Nack. She was a little amused to hear that the weasel was doing treasure-hunting in the Sonicverse before she came along. Both certainly enjoy the competition and often take shots at each other thanks to Nack's attempts at flirting with her.
    • It was through Nack that Rouge learned about various other treasure hunters such as Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, and Nathan Drake. She finds them to be rather interesting competition in her treasure-hunting exploits.
      • Rouge later happened to encounter Team Charm by chance during one of her adventures. After a brief dispute over a treasure that they found, she and the group considered each other rivals and are in competition over who can find more valuable treasures.
  • The bat was once asked about the Treasures within the Pantheonic vault. When asked if she would try and steal something from there, she simply said that she would steal something that interests her at the moment. She also knows about Nack's various attempts at breaking in the vault and failing at that.

Shanoa, Goddess of Sexy Backless Outfits
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Glyph symbol
  • Theme Songs: An Empty Tome (Intro, Battle, Judgment)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Vampire Hunter, Action Girl, Swiss Army Hero, Power Tattoo, The Stoic
  • Domains: Glyphs, Combat
  • Allies: Simon & Richter Belmont, Soma Cruz, Jonathan Morris & Charlotte Aulin, The Three Heroes of Wallachia, Adrian Tepes, Gunvolt, Weiss Schnee, Geralt of Rivia
  • Enemies: Vlad Tepes, Count Dracula, Carmilla, Count Orlok, Strahd von Zarovich, Mannfred and Konrad von Carstein, The Crimson Court, Adria, Galeem & Dharkon
  • Wary of: The Ancestor
  • Dracula Vlad Tepes is not someone who is going to go down easily, let alone stay dead, no matter who fights him or how many times he’s been confronted. This is where the Order of Ecclesia, an organization that specializes in glyph-based magic, comes in. Shanoa, a serious-minded girl, is a member of that group and following a botched ritual that saw her friend Albus take off with Dominus (a spell that allegedly can destroy Dracula for good) and Shanoa becoming amnesiac, it’s up to her to set things right, which inevitably, leads to plenty of events she didn’t expect. Barlowe, the leader of the Order who raised Shanoa and Albus, was secretly trying to resurrect Dracula, Albus had good intentions all along, and Dominus would absorb the soul of anyone who uses its full power. While Dracula would be defeated once more and Shanoa would regain her memories and emotions, it came at the cost of Albus’ life.
  • No one was sure what happened to Shanoa after she defeated Dracula, though it can be assumed that she continued traveling to places unknown. As she continued her path, she found a sign that was pointing towards a place that no one was certain about and after hearing some screams from a distance, she rushed to where it was coming from. As it turned out, Shanoa’s next destination was under attack by an assortment of undead creatures and malicious supernatural practitioners. Using what she has at her disposal, Shanoa eliminated the enemies that were terrorizing the village, absorbing some glyphs to use against her adversaries in the process. Once the chaos had settled down, the villagers thanked her for eliminating the threats and that in the Pantheon (of which Shanoa is at right now), dangers like what happened prior happen on a regular basis. Following this, Shanoa has made visits to the Pantheon given how large the place is and to confront whatever dangers are present there.
  • As Shanoa had learned about prior, there was a lineage of vampire hunters who wielded a whip that had taken down Dracula numerous times prior to the Order of Ecclesia stepping in. While she has had some idea of those characters who previously fought Dracula, it was in the Pantheon that she was properly able to meet them, disregarding time rifts or some other supernatural circumstance. Not only were the various members of the Belmont clan (the aforementioned wielders of the whip) present, but so were a handful of other vampire hunters, including magic users, that aided the Belmonts at various points in time. Shanoa found the Belmont clan and their allies to be very worthwhile in their quest to destroy Dracula and in turn, they (especially the magic users) found Shanoa’s ability to use glyphs to her advantage to be intriguing.
  • The fact that Dracula Vlad Tepes was still alive in the Pantheon was something that Shanoa expected to some degree, but was no less upset by. What ended up being more frustrating for her was the fact that there were a multitude of different evil vampires in addition to the Dracula she fought prior. Fighting against Dracula Vlad Tepes was no easy task to begin with and with many of the other malicious vampires having their own strengths and weaknesses to differentiate themselves from Dracula (in addition another evil vampire bearing the name Count Dracula), Shanoa certainly has her work cut out for her. At the very least, there were plenty of other vampire hunters in addition to the Belmont clan and their allies that Shanoa has sometimes worked with to ensure that any evil vampires (be it Dracula Vlad Tepes or someone else) can’t take over the Pantheon.
  • She would end up learning about someone known as The Ancestor, an enigmatic individual who various hunters of the supernatural in the Pantheon are aware of thanks to taking part in some assignments he sent out. Upon meeting him, Shanoa had some suspicions that he might be hiding something much darker than he’s letting in on. Given that Barlowe, who she was working for in the past, turned out to have been corrupted and was trying to resurrect the very enemy that Shanoa was tasked to kill, she has reasons to doubt him, especially after hearing rumors from others about who The Ancestor’s true character is. She hasn’t really antagonized him mainly since he commended her skills as a hunter of the supernatural and has accepted some of his requests to hunt down some dangerous supernatural enemy (mostly related to vampires), though she is preparing herself in case The Ancestor really isn’t who he appears to be.
  • On the subject of treacherous figures, Shanoa harbors a more pronounced hatred towards Adria for being similar to, if not more malicious than, Barlowe in a number of ways. Adria sent a group of adventurers to complete a significant task, except that not only was she a servant of Diablo (a demon with power that’s potentially more of a threat than Dracula), but she used her daughter as a vessel to resurrect Diablo. Whereas Barlowe was more than likely corrupted into insanity leading to using Dominus to resurrect Dracula, Adria made herself a willing servant to Diablo, something that Shanoa was sickened by, especially since the circumstances leading to Diablo’s resurrection are not that different to what could have happened if Shanoa ended up being used as a sacrifice for Dracula’s resurrection.
  • Being raised as a pawn by a seemingly-benevolent figure for a morally reprehensible task would lead Shanoa to find something in common with Gunvolt. Similar to her, Gunvolt was taken in by an organization that positioned themselves as being supportive of GV’s ordeal, only to find out much later that Asimov, the man who led the organization that GV is part of, wanted to use GV and Joule as leaders of a world ruled only by Adepts. Both GV and Shanoa got along very well with each other not only because of how they had to fight against their corrupt mentors, but their versatile and differing abilities make them a potent team to go up against.
  • Her primary means of attacking is through the glyphs that she can absorb from various sources, including any enemy that has access to them. These glyphs can range from weapons to magic skills to abilities that can put the user at risk (as was the case with Dominus) and some of these glyphs will end up being more useful against certain adversaries than others. Shanoa would end up learning about other deities in the Pantheon that can use glyphs, with some having a different means of summoning them than what Shanoa would do. They included Weiss Schnee, Geralt of Rivia, as well as Nanoha Takamachi and her friends, and seeing the different ways that they can use glyphs made her interested in them. While there is potential for Shanoa to absorb some of the glyphs they have to further boost her combat potential, she is very much fine with what she has in terms of glyphs and has sometimes worked with Weiss and Geralt in hunting down supernatural threats.
  • Much to her consternation, she (along with several others from her world who fought against Dracula) were among those turned into Spirits as a result of the battle between Galeem and Dharkon. She is understandably upset in regards to the destruction the two are capable of and has strong animosity towards them as a result, though she is much more furious towards Dharkon. It can be attributed to the fact that not only was she one of the Spirits under its control, but Dracula himself was among those willingly working with the dark abomination not as a Spirit, but as a lieutenant of sorts.

Shiki, Goddess of Unusual, Sexualised Costumes (The Swanky, Stylishly Sassy Socialite, Nightstalker, ShinobiStyling)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her double-ended scythe, carried by a horde of bats
  • Theme Music: For Serious, Cookin' is a Piece of Cake!, Je Suis La Ninja Japonaise
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, used to be Templar Good
  • Portfolio: Stripperific Costume Based on Witch Costume with Mix of Grim Reaper, Nice Hat, Double-Ended Scythe, The Nicknamer, Defying Dumb Blonde stereotype, Valley Girl speech, Smarter Than You Look, The Social Expert, Throwing Bats at People, Shinobi
  • Domains: Shinobi, Outfits, Scythes, Socialization
  • Allies:
  • Former Enemies: Hanzou Academy, Crimson Squad and Hebijo Academy
  • Enemies: Evil-aligned gods who really are evil
  • How do you sexualise witch's outfit? Or how about Grim Reaper? Well, Shiki, one of students of Gessen Academy, somehow did those two things at the same time. No one is sure why she decided to dress up like that, but no one is really complaining. Especially when it turns out she can turn her costume into bats. Apparently she took fashion advice from Morrigan Aensland.
  • Even though she sounds like your typical valley girl and looks like your typical blondie, she is not what she seems on the surface. Well, she was until her parents died and started training under Kurokage. She is a lot smarter than she looks, being rather IT savvy and where she has her first impressions with people, she understands them if given enough time.
  • She spends some time with Byakuren in order to learn more about Buddhist sutras. She seems to appreciate how a girl like her would follow Buddha's teachings.
  • She has been studying French with Charlotte. When she asked why, she isn't sure what to answer. Kurokage just asked her to study languages and travel the world.
  • She loves to make nicknames to other people, especially for her closest friends. Which she has quite a few in the mortal realm. Even people she doesn't know can get them. That's also exactly why she has become friends with Taokaka.
    • Though in situation where she cannot think of any good nicknames to give, she tends to just go with using "-chin" suffix.
  • When in a bind and you have them, just play oppai rock-paper-scissors. That is something she told, at least.
  • She likes to spend quite bit of time in House of Crafts to buy new outfits. She particularly likes to visit Erika's and Tomoyo's places.

    Sona Buvelle 
Sona Buvelle, Goddess of Low-Neckline Outfits and Adorable Muteness (Sona, Maven of the Strings)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her etwahl
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Etwahl, Impossibly-Low Neckline, Being Mute, Massive Twintails, That Etwahl That Always Came Back To Her, Smiling To Hide Pain, Speaking With Telepathy, Magical Idol Instrument Player, Causing Involuntary Dance, Massive Boobs
  • Domains: Music, Personal Appearance, Combat
  • Allies: Many of the House of Music, but especially Hatsune Miku, Hibiki Hojo and Kanade Minamino, Xin Zhao, Satori Komeiji, Mordekaiser, Väinämöinen, Len, Ahri
  • Rivals: The Defenders of the Ancients (Radiants and Dires), Akasha
  • Sona is an exceptional Goddess. Her music is known to soothe everyone, even some of the darker ones (just ask Darius when he accompanied Swain to her concert). Of course, if the hearer is exceptionally evil and unforgivable, Sona would turn the music into a sundering melody.
  • Because of her muteness, Sona used either telepathy or sign language or writings to communicate more directly. But, damn she's adorable with her muteness.
  • Due to her supportive combat style, Sona is usually targetted by her enemies a lot, but not to worry, there's A LOT of Gods that'll gladly protect her.
  • Amongst her fellow Music friends, Sona is most fond with Hatsune Miku, due to their similarity. She was thinking that if she's reviving the Pentakill band in the Pantheon, Miku would probably be a member. Likewise, Miku often used some of her voice to make some 'illusion' that Sona actually sings, but this is rare. Of course, Sona's boobs made Miku jealous.
    • In fact, Sona's boobs was that phenomenal, she's been scouted by Paio, Litchi and Mami as the fourth member to upgrade their group into "Boobie Quartet" (after the proposal was rejected by Sypha). Sona hasn't… written or made telepathic messages about it, but she seems to be considering it.
    • Later on, when Paio was revealed to be flat-chested and had to be booted, it was by chance that Sona gave the telepathic message to Litchi and Mami that she indeed accepted the offer for membership. And thus, the Boobie Trio stayed intact... until Sona, in memories of her old 'Pentakill' group, gave another message: She wants a five-women group and the group be renamed 'Penta Racks'. It was agreed on from get-go.
  • Sona was once in the House of Music, but on the discovery that her instrument was a one-of-a-kind type, with no hopes for a follower, Sona was unable to stay at the House of Music. She managed to find a new house here, thanks to her epic low neckline somehow attracting a lot of... followers.
  • Her Etwahl is... something. Not only that she's capable of doing soothing or deadly music with it, don't ever think of separating her from it. It always comes back to her.
  • Tends to 'speak' in emoticons. :) for happy. :( for sad.
  • She once played a song for Cao Cao and her music was praised to be 'soul-moving' with a sundering silence. For that genuine gesture, Sona let a telepathic gratitude, and it's only then Cao Cao realized why he's moved: Her telepathic message sounded like a certain musician that he cared quite a bit back home.
  • Ariel, having learned what it's like to be mute despite possessing a beautiful musical talent, has been trying to investigate why Sona was mute. She was making a guess that Ursula might have taken away her voice via a sneaky deal.
  • Apparently people are questioning her sanity when it's revealed that she's hanging around with a soul-stealing abomination like Mordekaiser and even has a history of founding a music band known as Pentakill together. Good-aligned Gods tends to stand in for her defense saying that she actually brings out a good, protective side on even Mordekaiser.
  • Sona took an interest in EDM, and 'spoke' with Daft Punk about getting a rig set up.
  • Lately, she didn't have the best of luck. She found out that Mordekaiser has become more and more distant to her and becoming even more unrestrained in evil, doing a lot of sadistic things. Compounding on this, during what could have been a match, her team was sabotaged by Akasha, the Queen of Pain, who kidnapped her whole team and she was wise enough to have Sona tied up and gagged in spite of muteness and wearing ridiculously lewd BDSM gear, with her expressing how she hated Sona the most amongst the 'champions' while torturing her. She was freed eventually and kept up the face that she's all right, but none knows that Sona felt like crying inside her.
  • ............ (Excuse us, there's some difficulties in conveying what she says. Let's try that again)
    • Only you can hear me, Summoner. What masterpiece shall we play today?


    Miu Furinji 
Miu Furinji, Goddess of Tight Outfits (The Feather That Cuts the Wind, Bulu Indah)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A feather floating through the air; the hair clips her mother left her
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Badass Adorable, Unstoppable Rage, Clothing Damage Up to Eleven, Cuteness Proximity, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Lady of War, Meaningful Name
  • Domains: Martial Arts, Friendship, Cat Lovers, tight outfits, Acrobatic fighting, muscle memory attacks
  • Heralds: Shio Sakaki
  • Allies: Kenichi Shirahama (Her husband), Shigure Kosaka Sakura Kasugano, Kenshin Himura, Barbara Ann Minerva, Asura (Sympathizes with mutual anger issues), Tifa, Flonne, Master Asia, (reminds her of her grandfather)
  • Rivals: Any deity, regardless of gender, that flirts with Kenichi
  • Enemies: Any martial artists that abuse their powers; those that treat cats badly; those that act perversely toward her
  • Opposed by: Noel Vermillion (Miu does not know this)
  • Was acended when Sakura Kasugano went to investigate why the Bureaucracy was making such a fuss. She placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder and found herself thrown almost six feet. After Miu apologized profusely, Sakura challenged the girl to a sparring match, having sensed a strong martial arts spirit in her. During the match, Sakura could swear she saw feathers swirling around each time Miu attacked. Sakura decided to observe this girl a bit more, and found that every piece of clothing that she wore, from her school uniform to winter coats, stuck to her like glue. Sakura took all of this information back to the Pantheon, where it was decided that Miu should be granted Godhood.
  • She can normally be found in the House of Combat honing her skills. Asura has been helping her deal with her inner Dou Ki.
  • She can also be found at the House of Beasts, playing with all the cats.
  • Her relationship with Kenichi has been making steady progress, mostly due to the fact that her grandfather, Hayate, isn’t around to make it tough on Kenichi. The two are enjoying it while they can.
  • Has an unfortunate tendency to receive clothing damage. In fact, it happens every time she partakes in any confrontation more strenuous than Rock-Paper-Scissors. As such, she has asked both the House of Craft and of Science to find some material that won’t shred off her body. No one’s in any real hurry.

Princess Jasmine, Goddess of Baring Midriff and Arabian-Based Beauties
Click here  for her live-action counterpart.
  • Demigoddess (Overdeity in Kingdom Hearts, when in tandem with the other Princesses of Heart)
  • Symbol: Rajah, her pet tiger
  • Leitmotifs: "A Whole New World" (Shared with Aladdin), Speechless (Live-Action Iteration)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Pretty Princess Powerhouses, and rebel against most authority, long braid trailing to her ankles, those who should not be underestimated despite being sweet, Princess of Heart
  • Domains: Royalty, Combat
  • Herald: Rajah, her tiger
  • Allies: All female deities in the House of Royalty, Aladdin (not that one), The Sultan (her father), Genie, Carpet, Iago, Alice, Belle and the Beast, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mulan, Ariel, Stitch
  • Enemies: Jafar, Maleficient, Master Xehanort, Larxene, Carmelita Fox
  • Opposes: Courtney Gears
  • Alice ascended Jasmine as she was one of the few Princesses of Heart that haven't ascended. While Jasmine wanted her own temple in the House of Royalty, Alice stated that she was better in the House of Personal Appearance. Reluctantly, Jasmine agreed.
    • Upon finding Mulan in the Pantheon, Jasmine has started taking sparring lessons with her.
  • Despite her appearance, Jasmine is a capable fighter when the chips are down. In one reality when she had her identity erased and was believed to be the daughter of a thief, she proceeded to beat everyone else before the effects were reversed.
  • Was overjoyed to reunite with Aladdin in the House of Crime, especially since he hasn't been distracted by the Goddesses there. She sometimes joins Aladdin on his Robin Hood-like antics, but has declined to become part of a thieving group with the likes of Carmen Sandiego and Fujiko Mine. On her part, she's glad Aladdin hasn't fallen for their charms.
  • Also was happy to find Genie in the House of Otherness. She eventually welcomed the Carpet and Iago into the fold as well.
  • Jasmine once had an encounter with Inspector Carmelita Fox of Interpol, which did not go so well due to Jasmine's attire bringing back bad memories of Carmelita's brief stunt as a belly dancer back in Ancient Arabia. Jasmine had to flee for her life once Carmelita found out that the princess was engaged to the son of the King of Thieves.
  • Was surprisingly more than pleased to see Stitch in the House of Family, with The Red One parked right outside there. He secretly promised her to take on another ride through the cosmos in it.

    Tomoyo Daidouji 
Tomoyo Daidouji, Goddess of Those who want her Beloved to be Fashionable (Madison Taylor)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A white wing
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Extremely Complicated And Fashionable Costumes, The Confidant, Camera Fiend, Unmentioned Father, Fangirl, Very, Very Rich, The Fashionista, Living Emotional Crutch for Sakura, Meta Gal, I Want My Beloved to Be Happy And Fashionable, Muggle Best Friend And Unfazed By The Strangeness, Hero-Worshipper, Ojou, Proper Lady, The Reliable One, Shipper on Deck Despite Her Own Affections, Spoiled Sweet, Wise Beyond Her Years, Rapunzel Hair
  • Domain: Fashion, Love, Costumes, Cameras
  • Allies: Sakura Kinomoto (her second cousin), Kero, Syaoran Li (sort-of-rival for Sakura's love), Rarity, Yuko Ichihara, Shiki, Lili Rochefort, Charlotte LaBouff, Richie Rich, Yomi, Ceri, Erike Kurumi/Cure Marine
  • Opposes: Any enemy of Sakura and Syaoran, Princess Morbucks, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Kyubey
  • Opposed by: the Dursleys
  • Fears: The Nothing Card
  • Has volunteered to be the official costume designer for the whole Pantheon, but the higher-ranked gods have declined her offer, believing the effort and requests may be too much for her. She was instead invited to be a costume designer for the Magical Girl Sisterhood.
    • And after a review of her profile, it was decided that she transfer over to her new trope, and another house to go with it. She's all right with it, as it befits her.
  • Incredibly devoted to Sakura Kinomoto. When Sakura was chosen to join the Pantheon, Tomoyo was over the moon with joy and produced a dozen or so costumes for her to wear during her ascension ceremony.
  • With the discovery of (and accessibility to) better (and sturdier) clothing materials, Tomoyo now has marginally more practical costumes for Sakura to wear that are actually protective.
  • Thanks to the House of Technology, Tomoyo has picked up on the idea of using drones like quadcopters (which her mother's company made and is operable by smartphone) for her camera recording needs so as to be able to capture Sakura's escapades from better angles (and not have to risk her own life by getting too close to the fray as she had many times). And with a couple more tinkerings thanks to other gods, she made sure that they'll be able to see through all magical spectrums and still be able to function and record if she should ever get incapacitated. That way, she won't have to miss out on recording Sakura's escapades when she's in the area.
  • Previously met her counterpart from another world, the princess of an alternate Tokyo. They spent hours discussing the different incarnations of Sakura they knew.
  • As a designer of dresses, she spends a lot of time with deities of similar careers like Rarity, who in turn occasionally requests assistance in sewing up outfits for clients.
    • Through Tomoyo's connections in the Sisterhood (via Sakura), she had the fortune of meeting Erika Kurumi, another aspiring designer, and the two share their ideas.
  • While she had lost her memory of it, Pantheon ascension returned to her the memories and experiences lost as a result of magic throughout Sakura's adventures, including those of being erased by the Nothing card, and knowing how it felt like the first time, she's terrified of it when in the same room as her without Sakura around.
  • With Sakura gaining more and more allies with powers, Tomoyo has been feeling a little concerned in her "usefulness", even after discovering more protective clothing materials. She has entertained the notion of getting some magical powers herself, but wonders if that's just selfish thinking. Even if her personal issues is just her unrequited love for Sakura (which she claims she's made peace with), maybe it just might work.
    • Oh, and Kyubey did try to tempt her once with a contract so she can join Sakura in her adventures, but Kero arrived in time before the Incubator could tempt her further and destroyed him. She knew about the dangers of becoming a Puella Magi, though, so she wasn't gonna accept the offer anyway.
    • Over time, this pent-up worry came to a head that she decided she would face her issues in the TV World (with the Investigation Team, of course), and Sakura decided to come along despite the risk of running into her own Shadow because friends shouldn't have to shoulder burdens alone. Upon confronting Shadow Tomoyo, the Cardcaptor was finally privy to her best friend's darkest secrets and the things she would never say to her; fears of no longer being needed by Sakura, Tomoyo's love for her, frustration that Sakura is completely blind to it, and that she's jealous of Syaoran for winning Sakura's heart despite not being able to confess it for almost a year until after stopping Eriol. Ashamed of these hateful thoughts she never wanted anyone to know, Tomoyo naturally denied her Shadow, which naturally went berserk, and the Investigation Team and Sakura naturally had to fight it.
      • Once that was taken care of, Tomoyo felt so embarrassed and guilty for harboring those feelings, but as ever the All-Loving Heroine, Sakura easily forgave her and asserted just how valuable Tomoyo is to her, and how she (and Syaoran to some extent) might not have emotionally made it through much of her trials without her. Finally able to get those issues out of her chest, Tomoyo was able to accept her Shadow as part of who she is deep down, and got the Persona Seshat as a result.
      • Upon realizing her Persona turns out to be more of a Sensor-type with its Enemy Scan and mapping abilities (though no distant communication capabilities like hers or Fuuka's) even with some combat skills (which are below-average offense-wise), Rise stayed closer to the situation and decided to help mentor Tomoyo in using her Persona, also inviting Fuuka over (as well as Futaba as soon as she ascended) for assistance.

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