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Greater Gods

Kenshiro, God of Delayed Deaths and Manly Tears (Ken, Savior of Century's End, Man With Seven Scars, Fist of the North Star, 64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken, Unknown/Godsent Avenger, Mixed Martial Arts Maxwell)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Seven Stars of The Big Dipper.
  • Theme Song: Ai wo Torimodose/YOU WA SHOCK / Sentou!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (with more shades of Chaotic Good than he'd like to admit...)
  • Portfolio: Love For All That Is Good, Hunting And Punishing The Wicked, Mercilessly Destroying Complete Monsters, Invincibility, Righteous Passion, Sentimental Masculinity, Honor Before Reason, Combat Accupuncture, Protector of Women and Children, The Ultimate Martial Arts of Hokuto Shinken, Masculine Kindness, The Embodiment of Manliness, Righteous Fury
  • Domains: Justice, War, Martial Arts, Kindness, Vengeance
  • Followers: Saiga Riki-Oh
  • Heralds: Yuria (his fiancé), Bat, Rin and Mamiya (his traveling companions)
  • Allies: Bruce Lee, Ragna the Bloodedge, Rei the Star of Justice, Chuck Norris, Son Goku, Sanger Zonvolt, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Jack Bauer, Kazuma Kiryu, Bryan Mills, Beatrix Kiddo, Gene, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Enemies: Most of the House of Hatred and Rancor, Yuuki Terumi, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, M. Bison, Cell, Frieza, Cooler, every Complete Monster in the Pantheon.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork/Head Butting Heroes with: Guts
  • Opposes: Scott Steiner, Jin Kisaragi
  • Respected by: John Cena
  • Worthy Opponent: Hit
  • Ruthless avenger of innocents terrorized by the wicked. Murder children and let him know about it? You Are Already Dead.
  • Kenshiro is without a doubt the bane of many a Complete Monster in the Pantheon (as well as the House of Hatred, except for the likes of Eren Yeager and Emilia Justine). He is unaffected by the usual Breaking Speech, always ready to counter with a righteous Shut Up, Hannibal!, and if he could spare some time snarking, he'd deliver a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech before delivering the most righteous ass-kicking and Ludicrous Gibs to these scums. And even if they come back, with his Godhood, they can be assured that Kenshiro will always be there to be noted of their atrocities and would always come back and kick their ass. And he never gets tired of it. Thus let this be a warning for the wicked. When you think only of your own fortune, making innocents suffer in the way, and especially if it's for nothing but lulz... Kenshiro will find you.note 
    • If they do have a semblance of honor or tragic story, then lucky them, Kenshiro may shed some Manly Tears on their "demise". But if they don't... there's just no mercy.
    • Of late, his most constant target would be Yuuki Terumi, to the point that Kenshiro has adopted the stance of "no matter what he's doing, he must be planning something nefarious. Therefore, strike on sight." However, there were rumors that Kenshiro "held back" and usually let Terumi not completely destroyed, for he's always ready to strike him whenever he returns... and the fact that he recognizes Ragna the Bloodedge as the one deserving to deal him the ultimate finishing blow. While at first misled with how it was Hakumen who delivered the killing blow with Time Killer, Kenshiro's hunch was proven true when Ragna once again rose up and delivered the final blow. And his daily activity of putting him on watch continues... He doesn't give a damn about Terumi's identity as "Susano'o" either. Let's rephrase it again. Even in the face of "Super Deities", Hokuto Shinken is invincible.
  • At one point attempted to take on Lucifer for the Chaos Lord's stance on Survival of the Fittest, the ideology hitting too close to home in regards to the world Kenshiro originally came from. Lucifer simply smiled, telling him "If you don't want a world like that, you need only continue the actions you have done thus far. A world where the innocent do not have to fear being trampled by the ruthless... I have no doubt you can make your dream a reality. You're certainly strong enough." To the astonishment of everyone present, Kenshiro turned and left, deep in thought.
  • He, along with Sanger Zonvolt, are known to be the two Gods of the Pantheon that absolutely do not tolerate evil and are capable of dishing out massive punishment for evil without going to Knight Templar tendencies or running the risk of He Who Fights Monsters. Many would call them the 'Evil-Slaying Duo', and though they don't confirm it, there is a silent respect between them. There's one rule that both adhere to, though: They're not doing it for concepts like "justice", but merely because "Life is a privilege to all. True Villains don't deserve any of it".
  • In deep training to discover the Pressure Point that he could hit in order to dispel the love and feeding of despair and negative emotions. Against hope-crushing scum like Terumi, M. Bison, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, who one way or another get off on despair, Kenshiro wants to make sure that they don't get ecstatic in the despair of death. He expects something he hears on a daily basis against those mohawked thugs he kills for being extremely evil:
    "I don't want to die! Someone help me!"
    • Someone finally asked Kenshiro why he didn't just have Toki teach him how to use Humanist Face-Breaking Fist. Kenshiro responded that... he didn't know. Never crossed his mind, to be honest. Seemed kind of obvious now that he thought about it.
  • Kenshiro's enmity toward those who actively seek to crush hope is also why he has enlisted in "The Pantheonic Rebellion" protecting Madoka from YHVH's latest atrocity. In preparation for the coming war, he has begun training his already-prodigious raw strength still further to make up for the fact that, as they are not human, the angels are for the most part immune to Hokuto Shinken's pressure point techniques. The angels foolish enough to try to capitalize on this usually find their heads punched clean off, or Kenshiro's fist shoved through their ribcages and out their backs.
  • He, Bryan Mills, and Kazuma Kiryu are the most ruthless defenders of children in the pantheon, and will handily team up to destroy any child abusers.
  • There were rumors that Kenshiro was some sort of godly being even before Ascension, as one of the head deities of the Ivgorod, to the point that one of their Monks, Kharazim, modeled some of his skills after some of Ken's signature ones, particularly Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken and Hokuto Zankai Ken. Kenshiro didn't mind those, as he's more impressed about Kharazim and his friends' staunch belief in the protection of mankind. To him, if other so-called "divine beings" threaten them, then they deserve to be kicked in the butt... and probably be already dead.
    • This is actually in line with his perspective to the law; while it's good in and of itself, if there is a law that causes harm to the innocent, he will not hesitate to destroy it.
    • Similarly, rumor exists that he is the one who defeated Angra with arms blessed by God, or perhaps even the "God" in question who blessed the arms. Kenshiro has yet to comment on this. That said, he does acknowledge Gene as a strong fighter.
  • Is aware that he is John Cena's favorite deity from any drawn/animated universe. Given John's Smug Super tendencies and at times questionable sense of righteousness, he's not so quick to form an alliance, but otherwise doesn't see any problems there. Scott Steiner, on the other hand, is a far bigger problem to him. He considers Big Poppa Pump an embarrassment to the Big Dipper.
  • While he's perfectly fine with Ragna the Bloodedge, he simply cannot stand his brother Jin Kisaragi for being such an unrepentant Jerkass and quite regularly abusing Noel Vermillion, seeing him as little more than those mohawked thugs that he slaughters for breakfast. He does have a better opinion on his future self Hakumen though.
  • Is rather uneasy with Guts in spite of the two having a common enemy so vile that he needs to be put down, perhaps because of him being a dark reflection of him. With that said, he recognizes Guts as the one deserving to deal him the ultimate finishing blow on Griffith should they ever cross paths with him.
  • Was at one point encountered by the legendary assassin Hit, who ascended with the title as the Assailant of Pressure Points. The two ended up trading attacks but both had to get increasingly more serious in order for the other to feel the blows. Before they could spar, a small horde of Meta-Coolers invaded the House of Emotion; Ken and Hit proceeded to demonstrate their killing techniques to one another by using all of them as target dummies.
    • While the real Metal Cooler slipped through the crack of battle to reach his true target, upon which Vegeta told them both to stay out of it, Ken and Hit walked out with respect for one another. Hit announced that if anyone were to hire him to kill Kenshiro he would not allow them to interfere in any way or impose a time limit, and in return Kenshiro declared he would have Manly Tears prepared for Hit on that day.
  • He has decided to put any training for new successors of Hokuto Shinken on hold. The reason for this is because is he growing increasingly worried about the mortal practitioners ending up with glowing red eyes and emitting incredibly loud sounds anytime they try to perform his moves.
  • He also has a spot in the House of Emotion, where he cries Manly Tears.

Intermediate Gods

Cain, God of Fratricide (The First Murderer, "My Brother's Keeper", Qābīl, Master Mahan, Caine, Kane, Kapaneus, Father of Murder, First Son, Sire of All Vampires, Marcus Pierce , The Sinnerman)
Cain as portrayed in Supernatural.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Mark of Cain
  • Alignment: Up for interpretation; usually seen as a Neutral Evil or True Neutral if remorseful
  • Portfolio: The Original Cain, Public Domain Character, Sibling Murder Out Of Jealousy, Planted Vegetables For Sacrifices, Rather Than Meat, Green-Eyed Monster, Red Right Hand, Biblical Villains, May Have Regretted His Murder, Walking the Earth
  • Domains: Murder, Anger, Jealousy, Family Betrayal, Vegetation, Curses
  • High Priest: Romulus
  • Special relationship with: SCP-073, Naoya, Kane (Command and Conquer) (alternate selves), Vandal Savage, Vampirella (his daughter), Tubal-Cain (his descendant)
  • Sought out by: Iroque, the Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Evil, others who've committed fratricide like Scar
  • Interested in: Set
  • Complicated relationship with: Lucifer Morningstar
  • Allies: Lilith, Lucifer (SMT), The Cryptkeeper
  • On speaking terms with: Kyoichiro Kuroi
  • Enemies: YHVH, The Spectre, Sam and Dean Winchester (his descendants), Lucifer (Supernatural), Merged Zamasu, Switzerland, Lina and Rylai, Mufasa
  • Opposes: Versions of God (sometimes enemies, sometimes OK with), The Van Helsings
  • Opposed by: The Heroic Protectors of Family, victims of fratricide, the sub-house of Siblings
  • Under watch by: Deities who believe in the Abrahamic faith
  • Brothers are meant to love each other, but often can find themselves in a rivalry. And sometimes this can get deadly. Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve, and thus the first children according to The Bible. Abel's sacrifice of meat was preferred by God to Cain's sacrifice of vegetation. Filled with jealousy, Cain slew his brother Abel with a rock. Thus he was cursed, becoming the first murderer and first to commit fratricide.
  • It's a matter of theological debate on whether there were other motives for his murder, and why God rebuked his sacrifice in the first place. Some belief has envy over a woman they both love as a motive, and that he needed Satan to help him commit the first murder since it had never been done. Naoya states that it was because YHVH made him to create the first martyr. Supernatural states it was to prevent his brother from being corrupted by Lucifer. Perhaps it was over a piece of Eden, and he is the founder of the Templar Order.
  • As a consequence of being a Public Domain Character, there were already multiple versions of Cain in the pantheon. When asked who was the closest to the truth, Cain said that they are all incarnations of the original, representing the different sides of his personality. Vandal Savage represents his ferocious and murderous nature, SCP-073 his guilt and desire to be better, Kane his God-given cunning and Naoya his resentment and hatred towards God for his Mark and curse. Naoya seems to relate to him the most.
  • Upon further inspection(or more accurately, a retcon), Vandal Savage wasn't Cain, but someone who Cain transferred the Mark to. Sort of, it's complicated; he was reborn as/possessed by Cain after cultists of the Religion of Crime plunged the Spear of Destiny into him. He went on a path of revenge to the Spectre for punishing Cain in the past, but ended up getting it branded to him. Vandal's tried to pass it on to the Question.
  • As expected for the iconic fratricider, he's the member nobody likes in his own sub-house. Switzerland took the most offense to his entry. Lina and Rylai did as well, since despite their rivalry for one another they truly love each other and would never try to kill each other. Depending on his mood, Cain expects to be given shit from them and may feel he deserves it.
  • Victims of fratricide oppose Cain. Those who commit fratricide are intrigued by him, particularly Scar. Cain himself is interested in Set, having said to have murdered his brother in Egyptian mythology before The Bible was written. Most of the House of Religion and Faith doesn't care for him, either. Lucifer was intrigued by Cain, who the first murderer finds interesting enough to partner. Mainly because of Lilith's allegiance and his feelings of being an arch-sinner, not any real ideological views or anything.
  • Some extracanonical sources state that Cain is actually the son of a Fallen Angel, perhaps even the scion of Satan himself. More accepted(though not truly canonical) is the belief that The Descendants of Cain were cursed for their progenitor's sins in some way. He is known as the father of Vampirella, and it's said that Lilith, his father's first mate, is his lover. The identity of his wife and Enoch's mother is up for dispute, but generally believed to be his sister.
  • One of the classic Biblical villains, sources vary on whether Cain tried to make up for his actions, regretted things or kept on his evil ways. He did end up founding a city with his son Enoch. The GUAG wishes to bring out his desire for redemption, while the GUAE wants to make him a mascot for fratricide. As the Cain in the pantheon is a Composite Character of the Biblical original and many other versions, his views on this are skewed.
  • Sometimes found talking to Kyoichiro Kuroi on regret and shame for their actions, whenever he's feeling in a remorseful mood. Iroque wants to help Cain come to terms and fully atone for his behavior, knowing what it's like to murder and wanting the best to come from him. Cain likes that someone wants to help him, but wary due to how she has a habit of brainwashing people to good. The Indigo Tribe has tried to dissuade those fears by stating that they only do this to those naturally incapable of compassion, and Cain isn't such a figure.
  • Was cursed by God so he could never farm the land, and if someone harms him he will be avenged seven-fold. The Mark of Cain makes sure people know this. This is likely to avoid a Cycle of Revenge, and is often interpreted as immortality as a punishment. Cain has tried to do something in the House of Plants, but to no avail. The Darkness has it that he was either killed in a collapse he built with his sister-wife, or more likely went on to atone and opposed the Darkness, allying with The Angelus only for her to use her light powers to burn him to ashes. Jackie Estado has his ashes.
  • The House of Vengeance is warned of his curse, which they took as some sort of message against them. The Spectre is enraged that he cannot judge Cain because of his Mark. Cain usually doesn't care for any version of God, but on his better days he does at least appreciate the purpose of his punishment. Zamasu considers him yet another prime example on why Humans Are Bastards, and Cain doesn't think he has any room to talk as he has committed the grievous sins of genocide and deicide.
  • Perhaps his most powerful incarnation lays in the Dreaming, or more accurately he represents murder and Abel the murder victim(or they are the living embodiments of the old Cain and Abel story). He doesn't take kindly to others who would hurt his brother, and on some level truly loves him. He just can't deny his nature to kill his brother. In the 1970s, they were at least civil to serve as horror hosts. As such, Cain seems to behave himself in the presence of the Cryptkeeper.
  • Usually seen as the aggressor in his relationship with Abel. Despite(or maybe because) of this, in the SCP Foundation Abel (well, Able) is the mass-murderer, and in some universes he had a more understandable reason to kill Abel. With SCP-076-2/Able, it's believed he died because of the Attack Reflector power Cain had, or that being murdered filled him with the vengeance and hatred that drives him to be an Omnicidal Maniac. In Marvel, he lives with Abel in the Boarding House of Mystery in Cleveland that he owns. Abel's mentally disabled because of "an unfortunate accident in their adolescence". They let Howard the Duck and Beverly stay when they had no money, but the other Marvel deities would rather keep an eye on him.
  • Some incarnations have this making his the first vampire, such as Vampire: The Masquerade or the DC Universe. In the latter, he fed on Lilith and made her his first bride. Etrigan cursed him that if he fed on an truly innocent soul he'd be cursed to spend his days locked in a vacuum of nothingness, eternally. This happened by accident in the 16th century, which led him to be sealed away within the House of Mystery in the Dreaming in the first place. This was set up by the Order of the Van Helsings, so he doesn't care for Integra or her friends. Superman doesn't care for the fact that his Marcus Pierce incarnation bears a resemblance to him.
  • As Caine, the first vampire, his powers are practically limitless. Attempting to fight him means, quite simply, you lose. He also insists he didn't kill Abel but sacrificed him as Abel was "the first part of all my joy". If he's telling the truth, lying or has come to believe the lie is unknown. Also, despite the world of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines going through simultaneous apocalypses and somehow managing to limp on, this may or may not stop him from having driven a cab in Los Angeles.
  • Some sects of Mormonism believe that Cain became Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Yes, really. It comes from a claim of one of their first apostles, David W. Patten, who said he witnessed a shaggy, hair-covered Cain in 1835. Cain thinks he was drunk, or maybe he mistook him for one of his descendants. Along with vampires, he's also thought to be the ancestor of Grendel and his mother, alongside other monsters.
  • In one universe, Cain and Abel both tried to kill each, Cain was just the better fight. Abel wasn't that good anyway, a Casanova Wannabe who ended up in Hell. They did manage to reconcile and while a Death Seeker, he changed his mind after losing the Mark, ultimately being killed by Lucifer. While he's on bad terms with Lucifer Morningstar there, and it didn't help in the first place that he dated his mother Eve, his original incarnation doesn't have that antagonism.

Jebus, The Relentless Scourge of God (Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jeb, The Savior, El Jesus, Dr. Jebediah Christoff)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His halo
  • Theme Song: API
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil or Lawful Neutral depending on who he is working with, but sees himself as Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Wears a Halo that gives him all sorts of powers, Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain, Resurrected four times until his death in Inundation, Cool Shades, Carries the Binary Sword, Dark Messiah, the Protagonist of Madness 8: Inundation, Dragon-in-Chief for the Sheriff before replacing him, Empowered Badass Normal, Eye Beams, Reflector Shields, Can raise the dead as Zombies, Wield a large revolver, Destroyed the Improbability Drive even if it ultimately killed him, Looks Like Jesus, One-Man Army, Super-Strength
  • Domains: Madness, Weapons, Justice, Murder, Combat
  • Allies: Frank Castle, Spawn, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski
  • Rivals: Hank J. Wimbleton, Toki
  • Enemies: Tricky the Clown, The Auditor, YHVH, Lucifer and their respective factions, Violator, Nekron, Nagash the Undying
  • Opposes: Altair
  • Opposed by: Meridia
  • Sympathetic towards: Alphys
  • Pitied by: chaos
  • Complicated relationship: Religious deities, particularly Christian ones
  • Interested in: The Saint's Corpse
  • Of the many foes Hank Wimbleton has fought in Nevada, perhaps one of the most powerful was Jesus himself, that's right, Jesus. Or rather, this one goes by "Jebus" occasionally and he was introduced as the right-hand man of The Sheriff before Hank succeeded in killing both him and Jebus. Then both Hank and Jebus would cross again numerous time before Tricky the Clown managed to seemingly kill Jebus for good, until the man successfully returned from the dead once again and killed both Hank and Tricky before deciding to end the madness by destroying the Improbability Drive, dying in the process.
  • Jebus awoke in the Pantheon shortly after his fifth and final death, with his Halo somehow at his side once again even though several claimed it was under the Auditor's possession. Jebus in his quest for destroying the Improbability Drive and his desire to finally stop the madness that consumed Nevada he was awarded with godhood and a temple, though this Jesus isn't actually the real deal much to the disappointment of many and the relief of others.
  • Unsurprisingly him and Hank tend to come to blows often, but unlike Hank's other foes, the spats between him and Jebus are for different reasons, Jesus even letting Hank have a chance against him and the two are pretty even on how many fights each have won. That said, the presence of Tricky certainly didn't amuse Jeb, especially for undisclosed reasons he would rather not talk about.
  • It's safe to say that he is referred to as Jebus because he isn't actually THE Jesus Christ and many religious deities, particularly Christians, have become pretty offended at this pretender giving a bad look towards Jesus. And it was confirmed after a chance encounter with chaos that Jeb wasn't the real Jesus but the former felt pity for this Jesus being stuck in a hellhole of a world that is his Nevada but doesn't blame him from doing what he does in order to stop the constant madness and conflict that plagues Nevada.
  • The actual origin of Jeb is a bit of a complicated one. Originally known as Dr. Jebediah Christoff, he was one of head scientists in charge of Project Nexus until he grew a conscience and decided to end the project himself, killing most of the staff involved. This drove him mad to the point that he developed the powerful halo he wields and decided to become the Jebus we know and that guilt may be one of the driving forces behind what he does. Also worth mentioning, one of his old coworkers and a close friends eventually became Tricky the Clown, but not many are sure how Christoff feels about him or if he even knows he became the clown.
    • This rather unknown part of Jeb's past is why he feels he has a lot in common with Dr. Alphys, given their respective part in something really horrible happening to them and he has visited Alphys to at least assure her to never go down the same path as he is and that she should be thankful her friends have her back.
  • His resemblance to Jesus and other similarities that hailing from a hellish world certainly made the encounter with Toki very intriguing to Jebus. For starters, Toki is a much more benevolent person who would rather avoid violence if necessary but is not a complete pushover because of it. Toki is definitely sympathetic to Jebus' situation, as Nevada isn't exactly better than where he comes from and at least appreciates the moral code Jeb possesses even if it could be much better. The two agree that evil at the least deserves to be punished in some way but their methods and opinions differ greatly.
  • The whole deal about the Grand United Alliance conflict is certainly not to his liking and has attempted to end it permanently whatever the cost. Jeb especially has a beef with both the Grand United Alliances of Law and Chaos given what they represent and it got very heated once their respective leaders started antagonizing him. From YHVH, he definitely considers Jebus unworthy to pretend to be his "son" while Lucifer scoffs at Jebus' action, arguing that him didn't exactly help much with Nevada's situation by aiding the AAHW and working for the Sheriff against Hank. Jeb has made his mission to terminate both and, once again, end the madness for sure.
  • While definitely a polarising figure, Jeb has managed to make himself a couple of friends with the Punisher and Spawn, two men who at the least share the same ideology of the impure needing to be punished. Helps that both Jeb and Spawn don't have the best relationship with clowns and Violator certainly gives Tricky a run for his money.
  • The presence of the Saint's Corpse has certainly peeked his interest as maybe gaining the powers from the so-called "real Jesus" might make him all the more powerful enough to finally defeat the GUAC and GUAL forces. He hasn't tried approaching yet, as he fears it make cause his halo to go haywire and he knows better than try to tangle with forces he doesn't understand.
  • Several deities have been interested in taking his Halo, given the wide-array of powers it grants the user from potential immortality to even eye lasers and flying. Jeb has no shortage of enemies because of it and has warned the general pantheon to now attempt to take it. There are also rumors that the Auditor has taken over the actual halo but given he is nowhere to be found (yet) most people assume it's better to steal the one from Jebus himself.
  • One of his many abilities is to raise the dead as zombies, a power not many are exactly thrilled about given how many deities had been dealing with zombies for a while. Jeb even earned the enmity of a powerful entity known as Meridia, whose hatred of the undead is legendary amongst the denizens of the Pantheon. The two aren't exactly enemies yet as Meridia and Jebus do share common foes but his use of necromantic powers has certainly soured her opinion of him and Jeb isn't exactly above going after the Daedric Princes should them prove problematic in the future.
    • This power also gained the attention of two powerful necromancers, Nekron and Nagash. Each one feel the power of Jebus to pale in comparison to theirs but the Halo could potentially enhance their own powers so they have been attempting to steal for themselves (while also clashing with one another). Jeb just considers them yet another bunch of power-hungry monsters seeking to cause untold chaos just because and will gladly put them in their place if they push him far enough.
  • Surprisingly chummy with South Park kids Stan and Kyle, given that they actually know the Jesus from their universe. Jeb does occasionally help them in taking down potentially dangerous foes in their world but they aren't exactly fans of him raising zombies given their numerous run-ins with the undead.
  • His experience with the Improbability Drive has soured Jebus on anyone that manipulates reality and the fourth wall, so its understandable why he would have a grudge against Altair, especially given that he feels she was let go without proper judgement and that in his own twisted sense of justice, she deserves punishment. He admits that she is a powerful and Worthy Opponent so he isn't really challenging her just to kill her but to test her abilities and so far she can quite put a fight against Jeb.
  • If you are wondering, yes his name is partially inspired by Homer Simpson. The fact that a Jebus actually exists has certainly caught Homer off guard and can't believe the savior actually exist but he feels a bit terrified about this Jebus.
  • "I purge the wicked. The impious madness must end. I shall be the instrument of Armageddon. It has gotten out of hand. The end has begun"

    Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima 
Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima, Unholy Patrons of Killing Family Members (Heihachi: The King of Iron Fist, Mishima Zaibatsu Mastermind, Kung-Fu Wolverine Elon Musk, The Charmeleon to [Jinpachi's] Charizard | Kazuya: The Cold-Blooded Son of a Distinguished Family, Cold-Blooded Leader, Controller of the Devil, Ice-Cold Heir, Cold-Blooded Oppressor, Devil Kazuya, DK, The Iron Fist of Darkness)
Kazuya Mishima's classic design
Kazuya in Tekken 7 
Kazuya in Tekken 8 
Heihachi Mishima's classic design
Heihachi in Tekken 7 
Heihachi in his younger years 
  • Intermediate Gods (Kazuya is a Greater God when in his Devil Form)
  • Symbol:
    • Heihachi: His black gi uniform, with a Tiger head behind
    • Kazuya: Devil Wings
  • Theme Song: Heat Haze Shadow (for both)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Heihachi), Neutral Evil (Kazuya)
  • Portfolio: Perpetrated and have Attempted Familial Murders, Are Terrible Parents Overall, Driving Antagonists of Their Universe, Heavily Dysfunctional Family
  • Domains: Family, Dysfunction, Corruption, Murder, Abuse, Tournaments, Corporations, Greed, Power
  • Heralds:
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Goro Akechi, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa (Kazuya)
  • Rivals: M. Bison, Shao Kahn, Rugal Bernstein, John Kreese
  • Arch-Enemies: Each Other, Jin Kazama (Both), Jinpachi Mishima (Heihachi)
  • Enemies: The Heroic Protectors of Family, Akuma, Ogre, Lars Alexandersson, Asuka Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Alisa Bosconovitch, Emilie "Lili" de Rochefort, Ryu, Rock Howard, Orion, Akira Fudou/Devilman, Cassandra Cain, Sophitia Alexandra, Kitana, Grøh, Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm, Nightmare, Galeem and Dharkon (Both), all Super Smash Bros. fighters (Kazuya)
  • Opposed By: Arnold Shortman, Maisie Farange, Samwell Tarly, Toriel, Elliot Alderson, Philip Price, Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed (Both), Idol Singers (Kazuya)
  • Interests: Trigon, Darkseid, Ultraman Belial (Kazuya)
  • Worthy Opponent: Vergil Sparda
  • Pitied By: Raiden
  • Complicated Relationship: Jun Kazama, Kazumi Mishima
  • A family is something that most would cherish and hold dearly for the rest of their lives. It inspires love, affection, care, and resolve and none of this is greater than the. Relationship between a parent and a child, whose love for one another is one of the strongest and deepest that is known. Heihachi Mishima and his son, Kazuya Mishima, is a very deep and personal one... for all the wrong reasons. Heihachi is the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu organization, which held the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, dedicated to attracting the world's best fighters to duke out against one another in an effort to win a massive grant and being a worldwide phenomenon in the world of fighting championships. So Heihachi wants to toughen up Kazuya... By throwing him off a cliff in the hopes that it would make him stronger. And that, it did, alongside opening up a story that would be filled with hatred, anger, tragedy, and misfortune for father and son. Kazuya managed to survive, thanks to inheriting an innate, malevolent power known as the Devil Gene. As usual, Kazuya entered the Iron Fist Tournament where he defeated his father and took over the Mishima Zaibatsu's leadership... only for Heihachi to resurface and challenge Kazuya for the position again. The father won and to ensure he remained the leader of his organization, he decided to dump Kazuya's body into an active volcano.
    • However, what should have been the end turned out to not be the case. Kazuya sired a son with a woman named Jun Kazama, named Jin, who initially led a normal life with his mother. After an attack by Ogre that apparently claimed his mother's life, Jin went on to be raised and taught by Heihachi in entering the next Iron Fist Tournament, in the hopes that grandfather and grandson could use the attracting fighters to lure out Ogre. However, Heihachi had ulterior motives; he wanted to manipulate Jin into bringing Ogre back so that once the former takes down the latter, grandfather would then kill grandson to ensure that the Devil Gene goes away alongside him, as Jin inherited the gene from his father. Worse yet, Kazuya managed to survive his previous defeat and decided to oppose his grandfather and son just so he could be the only one to lead his family and to possess the Devil Gene. With Heihachi's own father, Jinpachi, getting mixed in, their story became one of whom would claim dominance and influence on not just the Mishima Zaibatsu, but also on the globe. Upon Jin becoming the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Kazuya responded by taking over the G Corporation, who was responsible for finding and reviving him 20 years later and took advantage of Jin's attempt to darken his company and reputation by instigating war by generating a popular public reception.
  • Ultimately, Kazuya would later learn about the deeper circumstances of the Devil Gene and that it was passed down to him by his mother, Kazumi. Furthering this, Heihachi was the one who killed her in an attempt to stop the Devil Gene from spreading into his family, not to mention Kazumi had made arrangements to kill her husband and son priorhand. These revelations prompted Kazuya and Heihachi to have one final battle at an active volcano, where the son finally managed to get the payback he wanted and kill his father. For extra irony and to make it certain, Kazuya dropped Heihachi's corpse into the lava. This marked the very end of Heihachi Mishima, though Kazuya's feud against his own son, Jin, still remains and he's got another enemy in Kazumi's personal hitman, Akuma.
  • Kazuya and Heihachi's dysfunctional and messed-up relationship was outright infamous towards a lot of people, especially those with strong familial ties. During their earlier days in the Pantheon, Heihachi and Kazuya initially had separate representations; the former symbolized familial murder whereas the latter was the Pantheonic icon for those who were initially led by others to believe they were a hero but were actually more in lines with villainy. However, due to their neverending feud, It was decided that it would be more appropriate that the two to be held with the same trademark, the one that Heihachi had, much to Kazuya's befuddlement and anger. Even after his mortal coil had been shed, Heihachi was still going to be a thorn for Kazuya, and the Pantheon may seem like a worse place than their own world.
  • Their dysfunctional situation is so bad it sometimes makes other dysfunctional families and those with problematic family situations look tame in comparison. Maisie Farange recalls having to deal with abusive control, but is clearly frightened by how murderous and callous Heihachi and Kazuya are towards one another and is glad that at least Beale and Susanna actually cared about her well being. Samwell Tarly also expressed his distaste for the two; as someone who had to deal with an abusive father himself who put him with unwanted expectations, Sam is not happy to see how damaged a d disarrayed the two are. He does, however, pity their situation, but it's not helping much and their sympathy points have been dwindling for quite some time. Both see Maisie and Sam as weak and ineffectual, though many have noted this as Hypocrisy on Kazuya's part as one of the reasons he turned evil was because Kazuya felt he wasn't "strong enough".
    • Cassandra Cain underwent a similar situation like Kazuya did, namely that she was bought up by a mercenary who proved to be a poor excuse of a father by solely teaching her how to fight, not teaching her any other life skills, and beating her when she didn't meet his expectations. Cassandra herself did escape and found a better paternal figure in Batman, alongside developing her own creed to never kill someone. Naturally, she detests Heihachi for reminding her of her own father whereas she doesn't pity nor sympathize with Kazuya as, despite his tragic upbringing, it doesn't really matter as he's dedicated his life solely on revenge and killing his family just to assert his own power.
    • Arnold Shortman may not have had a dysfunctional family, but does have the experience of being bought up by grandparents. And learning about Heihachi did not do him any wonders as his actions and demeanor were the opposite of how Arnold's grandparents raised him. He finds it rather dumb and nonsensical that Heihachi would want to use Jin as a tool, not to mention the cruelty behind it all. He also doesn't buy Heihachi's excuse of the Devil Gene being a reason; sure Arnold admits that he can be scared of Kazuya and Jin, but the reason they're like that has to do with how Heihachi bought them up and all this wouldn't have happened if he simply treated them better. Conversely, Heihachi thinks Arnold doesn't really know the circumstances behind his family's bad blood, but Arnold doesn't really care, thinking Heihachi is a terrible father and grandfather at the end of the day.
  • Obviously enough, Heihachi reputation as a parent was... less than stellar. Despite being incredibly unpopular in the House of Family he managed to maintain a notable sense of influence there, so much so that he was a guardian representative and founding member of The Child Abuse Supporters, where Heihachi played out the role of being the financial backup and supporter of the group. However, now that he was tied with Kazuya for his representation, Heihachi was forced to be evicted from membership but is still considered honorary by Lady Tremaine, Ozai, and Scar due to his ruthlessness and tenacity during fights. He still pays visits and meetups to his fellow comrades, though his genuine love for his wife, Kazumi, has been quite the oddity for the Abuse Supporters.
    • In contrast, Kazuya doesn't really want anything to do with The Child Abuse Supporters, as they actually end up reminding him too much of the treatment he used to get from his father when he was a child. And while the Heroic Protectors of Family pity both to some extent, that's as far as they would go, which didn't help that Jin was also a member. Though in an extra sense of irony, Jin left the membership around the same time as Heihachi himself did, to Kazuya's amusement. He declares both groups as enemies, given that while he isn't fond of abuse (despite his own dismissive and homicidal dilemma against Jin), he's nowhere close to being an ideal parent either (again, with Jin). Then again, with a family so messed up, it seemed logical that most members wouldn't really be able to get along with other familial groups due to their own differences and pride.
  • Because of their intense animosity for each other, Heihachi and Kazuya cannot afford to have any allies who would be favorable towards both of them and sometimes try to make an effort to find as many compatible people to work with, so long as they are able to provide the two with support and resources whilst also maintaining a decent public image. There is a stark difference in their preferences where Heihachi is the more pragmatic out of the two and seeks allies who are not just good at presenting themselves positively towards the audience but are careful enough to cover their tracks of crimes and other questionable actions. Kazuya, on the other hand, is more unscrupulous but makes up for it in the sense that he is willing to fight in the front lines and repay his employees if they prove useful enough. It's one more reason for father and son to be more distinguishable and distant from one another.
    • True to his pragmatism, Heihachi decided to strike a partnership with Lex Luthor, believing that with his intellect, excellent PR status, and for having a vast wealth of resources, the LexCorp CEO would be a worthy ally to have in a lot of occasions. Seeing how determined Heihachi is in his goals and being impressed by his fighting persistence and finding some interest in the King of the Iron Fist Tournaments, Lex was open to accepting an invitation, which greatly worked in Heihachi's favor as he now has a massive amount of backup to go back on. On an additional note, Heihachi felt as if his age was wearing him down, so he's asked Lex if he can create a serum that can de-age to his 30s where Heihachi would naturally be at his physical peak. So far, all the serums created have been temporary, though Lex and Heihachi are confident that a permanent one will be made at some point.
    • Kazuya decided to establish a working relationship with less-than-savory figures like Norman Osborn and Mr. Negative. While the fact that both of them are wealthy and resourceful with a notable influence played a part in that, Kazuya also saw that both were determined fighters, which were adequate qualities to have when it comes to partners and henchmen. Incidentally, it also made Kazuya a visitor to The Dark Side Club, where other sorts of morally corrupt businessmen and corporative figures attended for various different matters of interest. In a bid to gain a strong ally, he promised Mileena to help kill Kitana should she take working time with him, plus give her cover-ups regarding any events involving her. Mileena found the idea rewarding and went along, though she does make it dead-serious that Kazuya will help in having Kitana dead. Kazuya personally finds her somewhat annoying, but he believes Mileena would prove a good employee to his services regarding killing off potential targets, though needs to be careful about covering their own tracks.
  • Alongside Jin, Kazuya is a popular figure to discuss regarding the Hall of Demons, with many thinking that his Devil Gene may prove to be a useful asset to collect and harness for themselves and to turn the tide of their battle against the Forces of Good in their favor. However, while Kazuya is far from being good, he's not reciprocating their thoughts; he cares more about asserting dominance and killing off his father and son, the former out of revenge and hate and the latter so he can remain the sole occupant of the Devil Gene. Many of the evil demons were dismayed but still persisted in getting Kazuya's powers at some point, with him bluntly stating that he can come at them all they want, with him having the full intent to slaughter.
  • Having hosted tournaments, Heihachi and Kazuya gained the attention and interest of familiar figures like Shao Kahn, Geese Howard, and Rugal Bernstein, who have also held tourneys in an effort to generate strong fighters for their own amusement and causes. Despite the similarities, Heihachi was only able to form a decent bond with Geese, seeing as, while certainly villainous, they would rather prefer to keep a low profile regarding criminal activities and to simply preserve their reputation and business. While Rugal and Shao were impressive in their own right, it didn't take long for Heihachi to realize that they were outright adamant in their evil and would rather just kill their enemies and make others miserable and submit to their will for their own fun, which went against Heihachi's business and PR approach. Plus Heihachi doesn't want to destroy and enslave worlds as Shao Kahn does, so there's little chance of an alliance. Though Kazuya has thought about having an alliance with Rugal, though he makes it clear that he's only in it for himself.
  • While Heihachi is definitely not a good guy, that is if you get to learn about him, he does express some affection and care for someone; his pet Grizzly Bear, Kuma. In fact, aside from Kazumi, it's one of the only positive relationships Heihachi has, to the point where he bought him along as his herald. There are two Kumas; both are father and son, with the latter taking his former's place in fighting when the father passed away and to their delight, Heihachi decided that both should come along with him to the Pantheon. There are times where Heihachi would berate Kuma, but there's nothing really threatening about it, which is a very stark contrast to how he sees his own biological family. Heihachi's relationship with Kuma is the sole reason he can have a proper entry in the House of Beast as he does feel he has an obligation for looking after his bear's needs and making sure they don't do anything dumb, including trying to fawn for a Panda.
  • The New God, Orion, took an interest in the Devil Gene, mainly because the circumstances behind it were similar to his raging bloodlust that he inherited from his father, Darkseid, which if left unchecked, would render him into a raging berserker without control. This led him to Jin and Kazuya, where Orion felt a twinge of pity towards the two and believes that they could have turned out to be better men had they been raised in a loving and nurturing family. That said, Orion is wary of Kazuya, whose interest in his powers makes him a dire threat, plus there's little chance of reasoning with him. Not to mention how Darkseid is taking an interest in Kazuya, as he's set up ties with the GUAE Dystopia Harbingers.
    • Ryu, the Wandering Warrior, also has a similar internal problem with the Satsui no Hadi, whose corrupting influence would remove all of his moral restraints and turn him into Evil Ryu. Heihachi is rather wary of Ryu precisely because of this, even though he desires to be free from it. Kazuya, on the other hand, sees him as a worthy challenge due to the Satsui no Hado and a rival to his might and prowess. While wanting to help Jin out, despite his own issues and controversial actions, Ryu is vehemently against Kazuya for being far more unrepentant about his actions.
  • While Kazuya is rather upfront about his intentions and his means of operation are more militant than Heihachi, he is tactical and logical enough to know when to generate a good public image. Amusingly, one of the ways he did this was... to have an Idol Singer be a mascot for the G Corporation, which he tried to do once with Lucky Chloe. Kazuya justifies this by stating the genre is popular enough and would benefit in generating revenue as well as looking good towards a different fandom. Unfortunately for him, these results did not help in the Pantheon and Kazuya ended up being opposed for generally being a huge jerk. Not that Kazuya cares much about the fact that he's disliked, though it has motivated him to craft and develop a nice persona to further his social skills and deceit. Heihachi personally finds this amusing to some extent.
  • With Kazumi Mishima being alive and well in the Pantheon, Heihachi and Kazuya honestly don't know how to treat the whole situation. It's also one of the few times where both of them stop acting villainous and instead feel melancholic about it. They do desire to meet Kazumi, but suddenly become rather hesitant and they can't really bring it up to approach her directly. It's clear that they love her, even if Kazumi tried to kill them, which forced Heihachi to make the killing strike first. Kazuya also has this feeling towards Jun Kazama, given that she was the only woman that he had any romantic feelings for. Though with Kazuya's less-than-impressive relationship with Jin, there's a massive wedge between their feelings for one another. In the end, both admit to themselves that they're really not approachable towards the two women and the chances of reconciliation is nil, due to their bad blood and the fact that their evil acts have made their negative characteristics all too known.
    • That said, they do have a score to settle against Akuma, given that Kazumi appointed him as her hitman towards her husband and son. However, while Heihachi and Kazuya see him with utmost animosity for hounding the two and for playing a part in ruining their lives, Akuma simply doesn't care personally, this is just a profession that he's carrying out. That said, Akuma's Satsui no Hado, much like Ryu's, is similar to the Devil Gene, except Akuma has more control and mastery over it. Both, especially Kazuya, sees this as a challenging prospect, with Kazuya himself willing to prove that his Devil Gene is stronger than Akuma's Satsui no Hado. So far, all of their fights have ended in a stalemate, so a conclusive winner is yet to be seen.
  • Heihachi once participated in Polygon Man's tournament, and fought against deities from the era of the Soul Edge. However, when it came time for a representative from his universe to join the tournament of Master Hand, Kazuya took the opportunity to do it himself to the surprise of everyone, with some Miis even dressing up as Heihachi for the occasion. Not just that, he quickly attempted to one-up Heihachi's previous tournament appearances since the start by beating many of the fighters and continue the family tradition throw them to a volcano right at his arrival. Naturally, this made Heihachi angry to no end, as he believed he was more worthy of the honor than his son was.
"How long I have waited for this. I will kill you and claim absolute power for myself."
Kazuya Mishima
"Try again in your next life"
Heihachi Mishima

    Leon Belmont 
Leon Belmont, God Of Killing Your Loved Ones (formerly Baron Leon Belmont)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Vampire Killer (imbued with either fire, electricity or ice)
  • Leitmotif: Lament of Innocence
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Founder Of The Belmont Clan, Badass Long Coat, Once Best Friends Now An, Unwitting Pawn, To Mathias Cronqvist, Knight in Shining Armor, Wild Hair
  • Domains: 11th Century Europe, The Crusades, Nobility, Vampire Hunters. Lost Loves, Promises
  • Ascended Belmont Descendants: Simon Belmont, Trevor Belmont, and Sypha Belnades (she married into the family), Richter Belmont
  • Fellow Hunters Of The Night: Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin, Adrian Ţepeş, Blade, Shanoa, Maya Fallegeros, Sam and Dean Winchester, John Constantine, Geralt of Rivia, Ciri Fiona Elen Riannon, Dante Sparda, Nero, Trish, the Joestar family
  • Allies: Arthur Pendragon, Illyana Rasputin, Doctor Strange, Merlin, Wonder Woman, Raven, Zatanna Zatara, Triss Merigold, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Morrigan (Dragon Age), Luke Skywalker, Ryu Hayabusa, Momiji
  • Prime Targets Include: Dracula Vlad Ţepeş (formerly Mathias Cronqvist), Mira Fallegeros, Demitri Maximoff, The Crimson Court, Jedah Dohma
  • Enemies: Shay Cormac, Arthas Menethil
  • Feared By: The Night's King
  • Conflicting Opinion: Soma Cruz, Gabriel Belmont and Trevor "Alucard" Belmont
  • Admirers: Bayonetta, Isabela of Rivain
  • Not On Speaking Terms With: Alexander Anderson
  • Pities: Anakin Skywalker
  • Among the Belmont clan and those who hunt the terrors of the night, his name is spoken with great reverence. For those who are beloved by the night, his name is spoken with great dread. Leon Belmont, the founder of the supernatural-hunting Belmont family, has ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Arriving at the Belmont Temple, he is greeted by his descendants, Simon and Trevor Belmont, along with the latter's wife, Sypha Belnades. There, over lunch consisting of pork chops and pot roast, Leon filled in the blanks. Simon, Sypha and Trevor were shocked to discover that not only Dracula was once human, but was also friends with Leon - Leon being the brawn to Mathias' brains - before the untimely death of his first wife. That led to the chain of events which led to Leon coming into possession of the Vampire Killer, his promise to his betrothed, whose soul was now bonded to the whip, and of the eternal war against Dracula.
  • As the founder of the Belmont Clan, it is unknown where his origins come from. Trevor Belmont claims that his family's origins are French, as Belmont isn't a Wallachian surname, of which Sypha pointed out. Leon likes to keep people guessing, which is why he neither confirms or denies the claim.
    • However, the one thing that can be confirmed is the Belmont Hold - a multi-storied, underground vault - located underneath the ruins of the Belmont home, which Leon has claimed as his temple. Leon himself had dug the foundations and was pleased to see that the vault containing centuries of knowledge and weapons has expanded beyond his wildest dreams.
    • To anyone who hunts the night, the Belmont Hold is a valuable source of information regarding the supernatural. On occasion, the monster-hunting deities can be seen visiting Leon at his temple, asking permission for access to the Hold. Among the visitors that Leon has struck up a friendship are the Winchester brothers, Team Devil May Cry, Magik, Raven, Doctor Strange and John Constantine, the latter making a mental note to bring Zatanna with him the next time he drops by. "She'd be like a kid at Christmas if she sees this place," Constantine said.
    • Speaking of sorceresses, Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg are frequent visitors alongside Ciri and Geralt. The Hold has information not even the Witchers at Kaer Morhen and the Sorceresses' Lodge are privy to. That, and just to be safe, all planet-destroying spells are locked away. Morrigan, also a visitor to the Vault, dislikes that.
    • The Hold had also attracted unwanted attention in the form of Shay Cormac. Believing that the Hold contains long-lost Isu knowledge, weapons, and relics, Cormac tries to gain access to the Vault through subterfuge, as he knows that assassinating Leon would piss the deifies hunters off something serious. So far, he's been unsuccessful.
  • Leon was a nobleman with the title of Baron, but when his fiancée was kidnapped and the Church refused to provide him with aid in rescuing Sara, he renounced his title and honors in order to go after her alone. Cersei Lannister was heard saying that his choice to renounce his title was foolish and stupid, even going as far as to say that he failed in saving Sara. Jaime Lannister, on the other hand, has heard about Leon's battle prowess and wants nothing more than to cross swords with the former knight, if only to piss Cersei off further.
  • Became friends with Maya Fallegeros, the deified head of the Night Guard. Maya has heard Leon's story and in return, told him of her story; of how in her hubris, her twin sister was killed, revived and turned into a vampire herself. Leon has sworn that if Maya needs his help, then he will come, a sentiment shared with both Trevor and Simon.
    • In an attempt to impress Dracula, the aforementioned vampirized twin sister of Maya ambushed Leon. Dracula watched the fight from the shadows, noting that Mira's actions were "brave, but foolish," as Leon easily defeats her and sends her packing.
  • The Crimson Court is plotting a raid on Leon's temple. Anyone who was able to defeat Dracula's predecessor and Death in rapid succession (not to mention The Forgotten One) is a very credible threat. That, and Leon's status as a legendary warrior whose bloodline produced legendary vampire killers from Trevor to Julius Belmont makes him numero uno on the Court's hitlist.
  • Despite being a devout Catholic, Leon finds himself at odds with Iscariot operative Alexander Anderson. Anderson is less than thrilled to discover that Leon had abandoned the Church during his attempt to rescue his fiancée, and despite his legendary status as founder of the Belmont Clan, sees him as a heretic. For Leon, Anderson is no better than the people who condemned Dracula's wife.
  • Leon has heard of two other Belmonts - Gabriel and his son, Trevor. In a strange series of events, its Gabriel, not Mathias that would become Dracula, with his son becoming Alucard respectively. Leon doesn't know how to make heads with that.
  • He does have his admirers in the Pantheon. Bayonetta and Isabela of Rivain top the list. Isabela not only has heard of Leon's battle prowess but also wants to see, ahem... just how good he is with the whip behind closed doors. Kinky, much?
  • If The Night's King hates Jon Snow, then he is outright petrified of Leon and his descendants, mainly Leon. Turns out that the enchanted leather bullwhip which houses a tainted soul is just as effective in killing wights and White Walkers as Valyrian Steel and Dragonfire. Bad news for TNK. If Leon is able to whip Death to...well, himself, just imagine what Leon can do to him...
  • For Leon, Anakin Skywalker's fall eerily reminds him of Mathias' fall, save that Anakin didn't turn into a vampire. However, while he pities Anakin due to his fall from grace, he does respect his son, Luke Skywalker for successfully bringing his father back from the darkness.
  • This whip and my kinsmen will destroy you someday. From this day on, the Belmont Clan will hunt the night!

    Odin (Final Fantasy
Odin, God of Party Annihilation (the Dark Divinity, the Angel of Valhalla, The Butcher, Warden of Darkness)
  • Theme: The Corpse Hall
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The curved blade Zantetsuken
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Instantly fatal attacks, black armor, his steed Sleipnir, the Zantetsuken and Gungnir, riding into conflict, summon contracts
  • Domains: Victory, Death, Summons
  • Allies: Lady Yuna, Rudia, Lightning, Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Cloud Strife, Koku-Oh, Bela (Specifically Sleipnir's allies)
  • Rivals: Thor Odinson, Freya
  • Enemies: Gilgamesh, Caius Ballad, Garland
  • Secretly Afraid of: Lightning users
  • It is rumored that Odin's first appearance within the hallowed lands was in service to the Pantheon. Gossip and bards would say that the cursed Disgraces had attempted one of their many attempts to usurp the Pantheon proper for themselves with their mightiest unholy forces at the forefront. As the Pantheon's troops were being overrun, and it seemed that the Main House would need to be called upon, a black figure charged the battle field atop a six-legged horse. With one swing of his sword and a flash of blue, the entire opposing side was cut down in his wake, their essence dragged back into the Disgraces. No one can say for sure if this account is indeed factual.
  • One of his first orders of business was to track down the sword thief Gilgamesh and repay him for stealing his Zantetsuken in a previous life. Not only did he (eventually) force Gilgamesh to yield, he had Sleipnir kick Gilgamesh for trying to "give back" a clear imitation of his fabled sword.
    • The Zantetsuken itself was eventually revealed to be a cursed blade. If Odin is ever somehow permanently slain and the victor takes the sword as a trophy, the sword first brainwashes and then completely transforms them into a new Odin, eventually morphing their body into his.
  • When first encountered by the God of Thunder, Thor took up arms against Odin. He had perceived the summon using the Allfather's name as an insult and would punish the black knight. As is often the case, the battle was climatic and worthy of retelling. As they struggled against one another, Mjolnir and Zantetsuken clashed so fiercely it threatened to level a wing in the House of Nature. Exhausted and finding mutual respect, the gods chose to parted ways. Though never calling the other friend, it was clear an unspoken bond was forged.
    • This action was eventually backed up by Freya, as she claims that this Odin was never seen in the Battleground of the Gods and as far as she remembers, her Odin wields the spear Gungnir, not the sword Zantetsuken. Once again, his Zantetsuken clashed with her Brisingamen, and the result was... very much similar. At the very least, Freya would respect this Odin and leave him alone.
  • Understanding the status Yuna carries, Odin has agreed to form a summon contract as others have. However in one case when Odin was summoned, just as he drew his sword Yuna had presented him with a heavy sum of gil before he could act. When questioned why she thought he would require any sort of payment like some sellsword, Yuna quickly apologized for what she thought was an unintentional insult to Odin.
  • Odin and Lightning had a chance encounter with one another. Lightning idly remarked that it was different to see her former Eidolon as flesh and blood, but a faint smile assured onlookers that she was glad to see him again.
  • Odin is avoided by the Equestrian gods whenever he makes his rounds, simultaneously he is spied upon by them. Though the ponies pay little to no attention to the knight himself, but to his steed. No spoken opinion has been heard in regard to Sleipnir, if the ponies fear the creature or not.
  • As much as he tries to hide it, he actually has a traumatic weakness to lightning due of one incident where he was struck by lightning when preparing for Zantetsuken.
  • "Here I am, a God among men, yet here I remain, a mere man amongst Gods."

Lesser Gods

Daji, Goddess of Impersonating their Dead Victims (Su Da Ji, The Thousand-Year-Old Vixen, Millennium Fox, The Nine-Tailed Fox, Dakki, Beast of Collapse)
  • Lesser Goddess (Overdeity as the Beast of Collapse)
  • Symbol: The Paolao
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Huli jing, Corrupting Emperor Zhou, Really Likes Torturing People, Killed the Real Daji for Her Guise, The Hedonist, Shapeshifting/Demonic Possession (or both)
  • Domains: Foxes, Torture, Revenge, Evil
  • Allies: SCP-953, Desaad
  • Enemies: Ahri, Dougen, Yomi, Tamamo-no-Mae
  • Heralds: Pipa Jing and Jiutou Zhiji Jing
  • Daji was known as the favourite consort of Emperor Zhou of Shang. Well, the human named that. However, the one more well known by that name is the thousand-year-old huli jing who was tasked by goddess Nuwa to ruin Emepror Zhou's life and bring his rule to end for his lust forwards her. She did it by killing and possessing the real Daji and playing her role as Zhou's concubine to corrupt him while enjoying the privileges to appeal her sadistic desires and curiosity.
  • Daji thrives on torturing people. Partly out of pure sadism and partly because she is interested on figuring things out. She would have people dissected or something similar just because she is intrigued how humans work. She also designed and invented multiple torture methods, such as the Paolao, a bronze cylinder covered in oil, heated and placed over charcoal with the subject made to walk on it until they would slip and fall down, causing them to burn to dead. Other inventions of hers includes a pit full of spiders and snakes, and an elaborate set-up to get couples drunk and fed, after which selected few would be killed and turned into food for Daji to feast upon.
  • Once met up with SCP-953, another evil fox spirit. At first things went well, but then ironically, SCP-953 mistakenly called Daji a kuhimo, which lead Daji to rant about the fact that she is huli jing and the difference between them and other fox spirits, like how they are both good and evil and they mainly need masculine energy to survive (though they also eat human meat). But then she admitted that the whole rant was just a joke even if she was saying the truth, so all's cool.
  • Her temple is less of a temple and more of a large Chinese-styled palace like the ones she used to live. It is notably almost always under construction, mainly the outside areas, as she always has new ideas for torture methods.
  • Her fate in the mortal realm is bit of a mystery. Some say that she was exorcised by Jiang Ziya and eventually died, possibly as a punishment by Nuwa. Some say that she managed to escape her fate during the fall of Shang dynasty. Some say that she was exorcised but survived, leading her to appear around Asia multiple times, collectively know as "Golden White Face", before her demise under the identity of Tamamo-no-Mae. Some say that she had much grander plan all this time which she managed to fulfill, though fortunately the end result wasn't as bad as many would think.
    • Speaking of the Golden White Face, Tamamo-no-Mae viciously denies having been Daji in the past, no matter what she has done or might do. Daji really doesn't matter if you believe her or not. She simply doesn't like Tamamo that much as she believes that she has grown soft and is pointlessly trying to save face when she should just submit to her primal desires.
  • One time Dougen approached her in an attempt to get her her in, in his own words, "reinvigorate" Orochi. Turns out that she has a liking for the giant snake and started helping him. However, she soon discovered that the Orochi he was talking about was completely different from the one she was familiar with, and lashed out at him. He ultimately escaped scot free, but Daji has plans to turn him into cinder inside a giant toaster.
    • On similar note, she doesn't have any plans to affiliate herself with Leopold Goenitz and his associated as she sees him Orochi to be some tree-loving hippie and not nearly as fun as Orochi should be.
  • We would say she is allies with Desaad, but in reality she is trying to stroke his ego to see if he really could try to usurp Darkseid or if he would be gone for good if he did try something truly outlandish. The reason why seems to be unknown, but it might be that she wants to get her hands on the Torture Technician position as well.
  • Once heard the story about Eric Cartman's "chili", leading to a rather "meh" reaction from her, as she had done something similar ages ago. She has started thinking of writing down some meat pie recipes.

    E-102 Gamma and E-101 Beta 
E-102 Gamma and E-101 Beta, Gods of Confrontations That End In Mutual Deaths (Gamma: Mr. Robot; Beta: E-101 Mark II, E-101 "Kai")
E-102 Gamma
E-101 Beta
As E-101 Mark II 
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A white "102" on red background (Gamma) A white "101" on black background (Beta)
  • Theme Song: E-102 Gamma, End of E-102 (unbound) (Gamma) Heartless Colleague, Crazy Robo (Beta)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Neutral (Gamma) Lawful Evil (Beta)
  • Portfolios: Mecha-Mooks, Evil By Programming, Converted Into A Machine Against Their Will, Sympathetic Mook Perspectives, Mutual Kill, Permanent Deaths
  • Domains: Machines, Redemption, Awareness, Flickies
  • Heralds: E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon, E-105 Zeta (their "brothers"), Chaos Gamma (Gamma's replacement)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • (Un)surprisingly, the one who petitioned for Gamma and Beta's ascension for Upgrade vs. Prototype Fight was Dr. Eggman, as suggested by one of his allies, who was also trolling him for reasons. As for why he also brought up the traitorous Gamma, turns out he doesn't actually know of it, and nobody else had thought to bring it up. That, and two entities are needed to hold the title. He had also acquired new "animal batteries" for them (not the Flickies that were used the last time, because it's not like he needs those specific animals to power them).
    • As soon as he properly activated them (after someone else added their original memories), to Eggman's confusion, Beta immediately attacked Gamma and outed him as a traitor. Gamma for his part didn't confirm it as he was busy defending himself from Beta.
    • Thankfully for Gamma, having heard that Dr. Eggman was ascending another of his allies, Team Sonic (plus a tag-along Amy) crashed the scene. Amy was surprised to see Gamma (after somehow distinguishing him from the mass models Eggman's since modeled after Gamma), who in turn recognized Amy, who relayed it to Sonic, and the group eventually decided to take him and get away (after trashing Beta and humiliating Eggman on the way out).
    • Shortly after the incident, after getting the full story from Beta, Eggman was furious that not only had he never figured out Gamma's betrayal, no one else in the GUAE had thought to tell him that until now.
    • As for Gamma, Tails managed to create an alternate power source for the robot after freeing the animal powering him. Without a living being required to keep himself running, Gamma no longer has need to self-terminate after defeating Eggman's robots for good.
    • Unfortunately for both sides, the Court of the Gods required that both of them share the same temple. Neither were happy about this, and you'll never find both of them in the temple at any given moment (unless they're fighting each other). And to ensure that temple doesn't stay empty if both have to leave, Eggman was forced to rebuild the E-100 series robots Gamma had destroyed without animal batteries so the rogue robot won't have more reason to do it again and bring in Chaos Gamma to serve as their heralds.
  • Applies to both:
    • Their individual run-ins with Kosmo and Nova were also different (obviously). Beta simply saw them—especially Nova—as a potential threat to Eggman and himself. As for Gamma, he's intrigued by how Nova came to love Cosmo, as it somewhat mirrors how he came to become good thanks to Amy (but minus the romance part; he knows she only has eyes for Sonic and only sees Gamma as a friend).
    • Both were a source of envy for Dr. 0, who had this to say:
    Dr. 0: Pfft. Animal batteries. How impractical. Nothing beats good ol' Nikola Tesla or atomic power... Oh what the hell, what makes his so special?!
  • Exclusive to Gamma:
    • Gamma serves as the Good Counterpart to Metal Sonic. Both were creations of Dr. Eggman whose unexpected free will enabled them to exceed expectations to his detriment. But while Gamma became a wholly heroic character, Metal Sonic turned out a more dangerous villain who's nominally loyal to Eggman at best. This has put Metal at the top of Gamma's list of Eggman's mechs to target. E-123 Omega was considered for the Good Counterpart role, but fell short in the "Good" department.
      • As for how Omega himself regards them? Expectedly, he considers them complete rubbish. Beta vows to take him down for his betrayal of Eggman, though knows he's out of his league. Gamma on the other hand doesn't care about that and is pleased to have him on the side of good, though Omega just scoffs at him.
      • Actually, the situation between Gamma and Omega is a bit more complicated than that. In one alternate timeline, Omega had been activated by Eggman to hunt down Gamma, who in this continuity survived his battle against Beta and spent a year as an independent freedom fighter. Shadow of that continuity was about to recruit Gamma into GUN when Omega showed up. It ended in Gamma's destruction, but not before he uploaded his soul to Omega, thus freeing him from Eggman's shackles and teaching him morality.
      • Given her past was similar to his story, albeit with a lot more destruction and malicious intent, Labrys became fast friends with Gamma and noted that even though Eggman was evil, he at least treated his "failures" with menial tasks instead of destroying them knowing full well that they had souls like her own creators did.
    • Having housed a Flicky (a bird) inside him before, Gamma has a soft spot for birds in general, though he won't hesitate to fight the meaner ones who would harm his friends.
  • Exclusive to Beta:

    James Earl Cash 
James Earl Cash, God of Murder Simulators (Cut-Throat)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Any weapon at his disposal as well as his outfit
  • Theme Song: Manhunt
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, potentially Neutral Evil if pissed off
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero in Death Row, Bald of Evil, Has very sadistic methods of killing yet manages to remain calm and composed, Combat Pragmatist, Enraged by his family's death, Noble Demon who cares about some people, Offstage Villainy, One-Man Army, Serial-Killer Killer
  • Domains: Criminals, Films, Murder, Violence
  • Allies: Daniel Lamb, Carl Johnson, Marv, Jack Cayman
  • Enemies: Lionel Starkweather, Piggsy, Richard Trager, Kevin, Ethan Roark Jr., Ethan Roark Sr. Chris Walker, C.R.A.S.H., Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Tsugumi Shirogane
  • Opposed by: The House of Justice
  • Commonality Connection: Hansel and Gretel
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Jigsaw Killer
  • James Earl Cash was a death row inmate due to his execution but somehow he bound up waking up in a strange alleyway with a rather strange man guiding his actions. It seems Cash ended up being the latest big star of Lionel Starkweather's film, forcing Cash to kill anyone of the rival gangs Starkweather he is in until reaching the grand finale and dying at the hands of the White Rabbit. However, given that Starkweather got Cash's family killed by the Innocentz, Cash would end up surviving the ambush meant to kill him and instead go after Starkweather himself, getting himself involved in a huge conspiracy and snuff ring that ultimately ended with a lot, and we mean A LOT, of people dead including Starkweather. Cash's whereabouts after the director was killed was left unknown and he seemingly disappeared never to be seen again....until the Pantheon revealed he was still very much alive.
  • Cash's was given the tentative title of Murder Simulator given his work of origin being rather infamous for it's gratuitous violence and heavy themes, often having a rather controversial reputation in media. He just didn't care about any public backlash and just wanted to lay low, which backfired horribly given that Starkweather was very much alive in the Pantheon and wanting revenge for being killed. It's believed that the director pulled a few strings to lure Cash out of hiding and have him in the Pantheon where he would have a harder time avoiding detection.
  • Nobody knows how he managed to avoid detection for so long but there are some theories that he managed to settle down and open a construction business years later but many have questioned those claims and Cash isn't interested in disproving them either. While the extent of his crimes are are unknown, one has to wonder why he was placed in Death Row in the first place and the House of Justice has issued a warrant to capture him but so far they haven't managed to catch him yet.
  • Given his experience on "working" under Starkweather, Cash would rather stay far away from any of the psychoes that like to force people into a Deadly Game, even if his one was merely a very creative Snuff Film. Cash wasn't the only to belong to such a scene, besides Starkweather's ilk, twins Hansel and Gretel were forced to participate in similar events and that certainly left the pair scarred and became a murderous tag team as a result. Believe it or not, Cash does have some of pity on the children because he feels sorry that they had to such horrible stuff at such a young age but considering they are pretty dangerous themselves, he doesn't try his luck and prefers to leave them alone. Plus, they are on friendly terms with Starkweather, so he fears the kids would rat him out and try to get him killed via an ambush.
    • Speaking of masterminds, he's heard of the Hope's Peak incident and the behavior that Monokuma and his master Junko Enoshima exhibited is pretty similar to what the insane director has made him go through, except they were more subtle about it and targeted innocent people instead of someone like him. Cash knows that if he were to be involved in such an event, he wouldn't last much and his rather stoic nature has intrigued Junko, which made her taunt the man about the loss of his family. She did however, underestimated how resourceful and hard to pin down James Earl Cash was (a man who singlehandedly destroyed an entire snuff ring mind you) and he effortlessly infiltrated her temple and murdered her with no effort. Upon returning to life, Junko just found it amusing how someone like him could outsmart her and in order to get a stronger reaction out of him, she tried to pester him more and provoke him, even having her fellow conspirator and Fan Tsumugi Shirogane help out. She also has contacted Starkweather in order to aid him in capturing Cash just because it amused her.
  • While might be an unsavoury fellow himself, it's not like he has a high opinion on other high profile criminals and his loner reputation does precede him. For example, he once decided to lay low in Sin City given that it too was kind of a shithole similar to Carcer City but then he had some nasty encounters with some of the Roark family's goons and it escalated into a confrontation with both Kevin and Ethan Roark Jr., the yellow bastard wanting Cash's head because he was friends with Starkweather. Naturally he ended up ripping the bastard's head with an axe and had to relent once Kevin showed up. This also ended up causing Cash to gain another powerful enemy in the form of Roark Sr., the Yellow Bastard's father who basically run the whole show and it seemed Cash would finally be caught but surprisingly he got a last minute bail from Marv. The man knows that Cash may be a dirtbag like any other but at the least he has some commendable qualities which considering the kind of people Marv deals with on a daily basis, let him go after avoiding the Roark goons.
  • Cash is not a man to make too many friends, hell other than the aforementioned friendly terms he has with Marv, he doesn't have much in the ally department and his enemy list got bigger by the minute for his sheer ability to piss off anyone wherever he went. He did finally made a trustworthy ally in the form of Danny Lamb, the man has also been involved in a conspiracy with everyone out to kill him and relates to the fact that a crazy man had set them up to fail respectively, with the main difference that Danny had to coexist with his own nemesis not only in the inside but in the Pantheon that man finally became a reality. Cash in a way is a middle ground between Danny and Leon but is only willing to help out Danny since he knows Leo is a loose canon
  • If there is one thing he doesn't like is insane people with murderous intent. He knows well that he isn't much better than those but at least he has some restraint withing himself to not murder 24/7 (though you would think otherwise with the amount of people that he kills just to survive). Particularly the experience with Piggsy has left him sore on anyone wielding a chainsaw and he's seen people in the Pantheon, the inmates from Mount Asylum like Chris Walker and Richard Trager for example, that make the Innocentz or the Smileys look tame by comparison.
  • Having heard of his "adventure", Howard and Kreese believe that Cash would be an excellent participant in DeathWatch but it's obvious he would decline to get involved in such a event considering his rather "unpleasant" time filming that god awful film. He does get along with Jack Cayman a bit, only because the former is impressed someone who looks like a regular goon would devastate an entire criminal group by himself, with mercenaries and all that Jazz. He also has turned down any job related to capturing Cash, while he admits he might be a dangerous fella, the people that are after him besides the fuzz are just as bad or even worse than him so he is ok in his book.
  • Of course Cash would have found himself on the radar of several police officers looking to get him to answer for his crimes but many of those are as crooked as the Carcer City police officers where. Cash has had encounters with folks like Officers Tenpenny and Pulaski who tried to blackmail cash into submission but that didn't work the way they expected and he just stole one of their guns and fired back at them. Chief Brian Irons also tried to get ahold of Cash using his connections but that only got the fat schlob ambushed by Cash and gutted in a similar way he killed Starkweather. Then there was Manny Pardo, who was at least familiar with how criminals and serial killers operated since he is one of them and tried to track down the infamous James Earl Cash but was unsuccessful each time.
  • Turns out that CJ found him extremely familiar and it seems in San Andreas toy figures of him and Piggsy can be found in stores. That fact alone earned Carl a rather rare reaction of confusion from Cash who questioned who would even buy such toys. The two strangely remained in good terms, mostly stemming from the fact that CJ commended him for kicking the asses of the fools at C.R.A.S.H. who have a history of making CJ's life a living hell.
  • Though many people want him dead and he is not a fan of getting caught in elaborate death games, he and the Jigsaw Killer managed to strike a rather peculiar pact. Rather than forcing into one of his signature traps, Jigsaw saw that Cash for a criminal had some small virtues that could maybe allow the killer to catch even more dangerous and depraved individuals and politely asked the man that if he ever caught someone that deserved something worse than death and pissed him off, he instead requested that instead of just killing them that he should simply bring them to him, act like one of his proxies in a way. Cash chose to ignore him but kept the suggestion in mind.
  • Can also be found at Forms of Media.

    Jason Brody 
Jason Brody, Avatar of Eventual Acceptances of Murder (Snow White)

    John "Soap" MacTavish 
Captain John "Soap" MacTavish, The God who was Killed Unexpectedly in the Sequel (F.N.G., Bravo Six, Hotel Six, 2073521)

    Leona Heidern 
Leona Heidern, Goddess of Orphaning Oneself (Hakkeshu of Water, The Silent Soldier; as Wild Leona: Orochi Leona, Yami no naka Orochi no Chi ni Mezameru Reona/Awakened Orochi Blood from the Darkness Leona)

    Marcus Junius Brutus 
Marcus Junius Brutus, God of Tyrannicide (Quintus Servilius Caepio Brutus, Brutus the Younger)
Brutus as depicted in Rome

    Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi 
Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi, Dual Deities of Direct Death (Tohno: Satsujinki, Shiki Nanaya; Ryougi: "", The Void, Void Shiki, Monster, Assassin, Saber)
Tohno (front), Ryougi (back)
Spoiler (Ryougi) 

    Souta Kishibe/La Pucelle 
Souta Kishibe, Bearer of Offscreen Deaths (La Pucelle, the Dragon Knight, Sou-Chan, Mahou Shoujo Girl, nee-san, Trapucelle, Boi Pucelle)
Souta Kishibe, La Pucelle's civilian form 


    Black Ops 
The Black Ops, the Unholy Legion of Witness Extermination ("Masked Freaks", Black Operations, Male and Female Assassins)
Concept art of the Female and Male Black Ops assassins from the mod Operation Black Mesa. Image taken from here
The female assassins as they appear in Black Mesa 
  • A Unit of Demigods and Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: Their masks and night-vision goggles
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Domains: Elite Soldiers, US Government, Containment
  • Portfolio: Ordered by the US Government to eliminate all witnesses in Black Mesa, alien, civilian, or military, An unambiguously evil military unit of sociopathic elite agents tasked with containing an alien invasion, Badass Army, Dark Is Evil, Using all-black AH-64 Apaches and black M35 Trucks, The female assassins being extremely agile at the cost of durability, The male assassins being extremely agile and able to tank several Assault rifle rounds and Shotgun shells, Nominal Hero, Being completely silent when containing "threats", Torturing and silencing any US Marines left behind during their evacuation, Using a nuclear warhead to end multiple alien invasions
  • Similar Military Units (read: Followers): Shadow Company, Blackwatch
  • Allies: General Shepherd, The Enclave, Col. Miles Quaritch
  • Inter-Service Rivals: The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Men In Black, The Global Occult Coalition, The SCP Foundation, X-COM
  • Opposed by: Team Metal, Pvt. James Ramirez
  • Conflicting Opinion: Capt. Martin Walker
  • Unwitting Pawns of: The G-Man
  • The Black Operations, better known as the Black Ops, are a secretive and shadowy unit of the US military under the direct supervision of the United States Federal Government. They are commandos trained in assassination and covert ops.
  • Like the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, they are tasked with dealing with emergencies at the Black Mesa Research Facility. On paper, they are supposed to work alongside the HECU as well as the Black Mesa Security Force as a clean-up crew. In reality, however, all three groups work independently of one another, and this shows during the events of the Black Mesa Disaster where they treat the other two groups with disdain and apathy, even killing members of the former two to conceal their presence.
    • They are also armed and equipped similarly to their US Marine counterparts, due in no part to being a branch of the US military themselves. The primary difference between them is that the Black Ops' vehicles come in black colors, which includes, among other things, unmarked black military trucks and Apache attack choppers.
    • Their utter contempt of the HECU, and by extension, the US Marine Corps, is made apparent when they torture and later massacre several Marines trying to escape Black Mesa following the former's hasty evacuation. Some sources say that they double-crossed them once the HECU began pulling out, others say that they were already hostile towards them from the moment the Black Ops set foot in Black Mesa. But whatever the case, it is all but confirmed that they turned against their fellow servicemen in the time they needed reinforcements the most.
  • They come in two variants: male and female. Both wear all-black sneaking and combat suits with complementary night-vision goggles, and never speak a single word in combat, much less use loud radio frequencies like their HECU counterparts.
    • The female Black Ops are Stealth Experts, having access to an Invisibility Cloak and silenced Glock 17 pistols.
    • The male Black Ops are trained for firefights, and are armed with M4A1 Carbines and/or MP5 submachine-guns complete with underbarrel grenade launchers. In addition, some are trained snipers, and are armed with the M40a1 sniper rifle.
  • During the Black Mesa incident, following the HECU's increasingly hopeless battle of attrition against the Xen invasion, the US Government decided to send in the Black Ops to eventually replace the now-beleaguered Marines. They do far better than the HECU in repelling not one, but two simultaneous alien invasions. As mentioned above, however, their Fiery Cover Up mission is still in effect, but this time, now includes any HECU members left behind. Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard, who are members of the Black Mesa Science Team and HECU respectively, find this out the hard way when they encounter the female and male black ops firsthand, respectively.
  • However, even with their overall better combat effectiveness as a unit, they become overwhelmed once Race X, one of the alien factions involved following the Resonance Cascade for their own ends, steps up their own invasion. With no other viable options, the US Federal Government orders them to nuke the facility. To achieve this final objective, they utilize a Mark IV Thermonuclear Device commandeered from inside one of Black Mesa's many weapons storage facilities and rig it to detonate. And this was despite the aforementioned Cpl. Shephard's attempts at stopping this by killing the Black Ops agents arming and guarding the device. Ultimately, their mission is successful, at the cost of an unknown number of their unit.
  • Upon their arrival in the Pantheon via their unmarked black military trucks, they immediately decide to resume their two missions: witness "containment" and combating alien threats, hostile or otherwise.
  • To achieve the first mission, they begin taking orders from Gen. Shepherd, acting as replacements for Shadow Company. In exchange for intel relating to survivors of the Black Mesa Incident being in the Pantheon, they act as Shepherd's elite hit squad, launching attacks on deities like Vladimir Makarov and Captain John Price.
    • In addition, they also continue hostilities against many US Marine deities, with Sgt. Hartmann in particular being kidnapped, tortured, and left to die at one point.
  • Eventually, they come across both Adrian Shephard and Gordon Freeman, their two highest priority targets outside of the Nihilanth. Both the Black Mesa scientist and the HECU Marine form an uneasy truce in order to fight their way out. The end result is dozens of dead Male and Female Assassins, and the two witnesses escaping.
  • With the ascension of the Combine and Wallace Breen, the Black Ops make it a point to engage them while also adding Breen to their list of witnesses needed to be "contained". Surprisingly, despite their defeat at the hands of Freeman and Shephard, the Assassins do well against the Overwatch soldiers. It's only when the latter send in their Synths and heavy machinery are the Black Ops forced to retreat, their black AH-64 Apaches covering them. A series of engagements soon follow, with many innocent deities caught in the crossfire of Evil Versus Evil.
  • In addition to Freeman, Shephard, and the Combine, the Black Ops are also hostile to the many Xen aliens currently in the Pantheon, eliminating any at first sight. This includes the Vortigaunts despite their Heel–Race Turn status.
    • With regards to the Nihilanth, one of the aliens behind the mess at Black Mesa, they make it a point to find and kill this being. To this end, they are willing to use another Mark IV Thermonuclear Device to ensure it stays dead. Before this can push through, a few deities opposing the use of nuclear weapons in the Pantheon intervene, confiscating their warhead before it can be placed in the Nihilanth's lair. Nonetheless, the Black Ops still push through with planning on ridding the Pantheon of the giant alien creature for good, nuclear warhead or not.
  • They establish their ruthlessness to the rest of the Pantheon when they attempt to mercilessly attack the house of Extraterrestrials, as well as any other alien presence in the Pantheon. This ruthlessness earns them the interest and respect of Col. Miles Quaritch, who is all but happy to assist them in their operations. In return for helping them deal with the Xen Aliens, he asks them to add Jake Sulley and Neytiri to their kill-list.
  • Other deities considered as threats by the Black Ops include Alex Mercer and Sgt. James Heller. The former consider them enemies due to their nature of being government experiments Gone Horribly Wrong that must be contained, while the latter are mainly hostile towards them due to the latters' experiences against the similarly-themed Blackwatch. Even moreso for Heller, since he's a former US Marine.
  • Despite their nefarious methods, they ultimately still work together with other organizations in the Pantheon tasked and/or specializing with dealing against alien and inhuman threats. These organizations include, among many others, the MIB, the SCP Foundation, and XCOM. The first and last ones appreciate the additional manpower against the traitorous ADVENT, while the second would prefer that the Black Ops not use force all the time.

    Cyclops Killer 
Saito Sejima, God of Murderous Ecstasy (Original/New Cyclops Killer, B-set)

    The Fans 
Tony: Man, this House stinks. I fucking hate these people.

Ash: Who invited all these morons?

Corey: ...

Mark: What do you guys think about tonight? We gonna do it?

Tony: I don't see why not. I'm sick of this shit.

The FansMembers , Divine Quintet of the Killer Role Reversal
Clockwise top left:Tony, Ash Davis, Alex Davis, Corey, Mark
Tony, Mark and Corey unamsked 
Ash Davis and Alex Davis unamsked 
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Their van. Individually they have their respective masks.
  • Theme Song: Light Club - Blizzard
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Attention Whores, Ax-Crazy, Villain Protagonists, Asshole Victims, Animal Motifs
  • Domains: Obsession, Murder Sprees, Masks, Notoriety, Vigilantism
  • Idolize: Jacket
  • Allies: None. Refer to Tony above.
  • Visited by: Richard
  • Enemies: Manny Pardo, The Son, The Slavers, Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, Nicky Cavella
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The House of Crime and Transgressions, Russians
  • These crazed masked individuals are group of veterans from the Russo-American War that begun their activity in the 90s. During the war, they were apart of a military unit that struggled to take a Russian stronghold suffering many casualties. In response, command sent in the Ghost Wolves to capture the base and after successfully doing so the group began to idolize them. Years later during the slew of mask murderers' heyday when the leader of the Russian Mafia at the time was killed news broke out that Jacket, a member of the Ghost Wolves, was a masked killer himself. Surprised in the revelation they declared him a hero and during the 90s they sought to imitate him and his exploits for their own 5 minutes of fame out of boredom. Ultimately the Fans would get themselves killed during their assault on the Russian Mafia's base where all but Tony was killed by the boss, albeit in a drugged up frenzy. Tony himself would soon meet his end by Manny Pardo in order to dispose of anyone threatening his claim for fame as the Miami Mutilator.
  • When coming to the Pantheon they almost immediately made for the House of Crime and Transgressions and found themselves slaughtering a fair number of minor gangs, apparently taking nothing away from their ventures in the mortal plane (something that Richard sneered at). They were stopped when after finishing off the Slavers the House's authorities stepped in and chased them out of the House before they could continue (for reasons relating to Manny Pardo finishing the last of them off), but this ended up just diverting their attention to the Son and his Russian Mafia instead. Neither he nor Pardo are pleased with them coming to the Pantheon.
  • Being the Fans' inspiration to commit senseless slaughter, they almost went ahead to meet Jacket. The only thing that stopped them was the idea that they couldn't meet him just yet and that they had to pull of something big in order to meet the Masked Maniac face to face. Thus, they put off their meeting to plan out what to do while in the meanwhile they took on some "odd-jobs" to prepare. Jacket, on his end, has no idea who they are.
  • There are a total of five members for this group of Loony Fans.
    • Cautious and reserved, Corey wears a zebra mask and uses her agility to her advantage in firefights. She is noticeably the most stable out of her friends, advising against targeting random people rather than criminals and gangsters. At the same time she is still a far cry away from being peaceful, gentle, and herbivorous. As a side note, some have mistaken her for a guy.
    • Wearing a tiger mask and wielding the ability to kill people instantly with his fists, Tony is the most violent and aggressive of the group and lives for the thrill of the violence alone rather than emulating Jacket's supposed heroics. In fact it's explicitly stated that he is jobless. The only time he drops this attitude was when his friends were all killed in action and was willing to surrender.
    • A Brother–Sister Team in numbered swan masks, Alex uses a chainsaw while Ash shoots with whatever firearm he has on hand. Ash seems to be the closest to the group's smart guy, working on their van and the sole reason for their missions when gathering up a bunch of telephones to be called into action turned out to be a dud. Alex, meanwhile, is a junkie who's bright ideas once included reporting to the police about their killings.
    • Mark is a big hairy with a big appetite in a bear mask who dual wields sub machine guns. A Fat Bastard he may be, he's also the nicest and more easygoing one when it comes to their little fan circle. Oddly, he is the only one who has encountered the enigmatic Richard who foreshadowed their own demise regarding the Son's rampage, excluding of course the "Table Sequence". And Richard doesn't so much as talk to Mark but simply quotes what is to come.
  • Much like Manny Pardo, the Fans' hunger for notoriety was quenched as nowadays people acknowledge their gruesome line of work. Perhaps contributing to this is the stand out killing of the Henchman who, however short lived his life was, garnered much sympathy due to wanting out of the mobster lifestyle. This culminated in his girlfriend leaving him and taking his valuables with her. Then the Fans drove by one night and beat him to death.
    The Henchman: "What... Are you hitting me? I... I just wanna go home. Can you call Mary? She'll... She'll come get me. Is that blood... Am I bleeding? Do I need to go to the hospital? Guys...? Look, I just want to go home, OK?"
  • From time to time the Davis siblings have to point out that no, they have no relationship or connection to Dolan Dark despise their choice of masks. Dolan, meanwhile, likes to joke that he is in fact their long lost third sibling.
  • Having fought in the Russo-American War they harbor a great deal of hatred towards Russians and have have continued being vocal on their stance. When taking on missions they seem to favor ones that involves killing them so as to work out their bitterness. As a result they earned the eternal ire of Nikita Dragovich and Vladimir Makarov for consistently intruding on their operations.
  • While watching the daily news the PAYDAY gang recognized the Fans as they have come across masks not unlike theirs when "Jacket" came around to work for them. Though the idea of asking them to join them on the heists sounded tempting, they ultimately didn't go through with it since even they realize how crazy the Fans are which says volumes if they're chummy with the likes of the visibly unstable Wolf. To say nothing of their reputation after their stunt in the House of Crime already.
  • At some point in their continued vigilante career in the Pantheon the whole lot of them killed their way into Nicky Cavella's doorstep. While planning to kill him they instead went with the idea of breaking his legs, chaining him to the front of their van, and drove around the night before he died to apparently unknown causes. Overall it was certainly unforgettable venture for sure. The cruel Capo seemed think so as he plans on getting his revenge though given his reputation rounding up the men necessary to enact the revenge would be challenging.
  • Gods who are on powerful narcotics or are will not envision the Fans as themselves. In their delirium they will instead see the group of lunatics as wild ferocious beasts corresponding to their masks depiction, their "inner animal" so to speak. They originally came from the Son's high, but for reasons unknown this experience can be replicated. Most dangerous out of them all are the Davis siblings, who take the form of a large two-headed swan monster. One head try and come up close while the other stays back and breathes fire. Thankfully these are still hallucinations, though one has to wonder about the real danger if such visions really were to be brought to life.

    Ash: Yeah let's do it!

    Mark: The weapons are in the car, right?

    Corey: So we are actually doing this? ...

    Mark: ...

    Ash: Yeah, let's go do it!

Lt. Karl Fairburne: "Intelligence operatives in North Africa have uncovered a plan to assassinate Winston Churchill. The source in unclear, but they also mentioned a fresh deployment of specialized troops for the task. More Elites? And then my name comes up: "Even your Desert Ghost can't stop them." "

Schutzvollstrecker, Unholy Unit Of Assassination Attempts
Clockwise from bottom left:Clockwise from bottom left:Oberstleutnant Raubvogel, Schutzvollstrecker Officer, Schutzvollstrecker soldiers, one of Raubvogel's elite Snipers
Weapons and vehicles used by the Schutzvollstrecker (Clockwise from bottom left: Panzerschreck Teufelsfeuer launcher, Panzer III Ausf. N Medium Tank, Sd. Kfz. 250 armored half-track) 
  • Unit of Demigods
  • Symbol: Regular Schutzollstrecker soldiers have their dark gray camo uniforms, helmets, and the Teufelsfeuer launcher. Raubvogel's Elite Snipers have their unique camo uniforms. Raubvogel's in his unique plate armor and Cool Mask
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Warfare, Assassinations, Weapons, Sniping
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • The Schutzvollstrecker, or "Executors" in English, were an elite and enigmatic unit of the German Army. They were led by a mysterious and eccentric officer by the name of Oberstleutnant Raubvogel, who was also a very skilled sniper. Sent to the North African Theater of Operations in January 1943, they had two tasks: to test out their new Super Prototype rocket launcher the Teufelsfeuer Panzerschreck RPzb 60, and to assassinate two major thorns on the Allied side: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who would be attending an important meeting in Casablanca, and the "Desert Ghost", Lt. Karl Fairburne, the latter of whom for helping foil numerous Axis operations in North Africa, which at that point included killing a Body Double of Hitler during an important meeting. The unit would set up its main base of operations in the Rif Mountains, in northern Morocco, where they would also set up testing facilities for their new launcher, practice ranges for Raubvogel and his elite snipers, and a Torture Cellar for interrogating Allied prisoners for vital intellgience.
  • In order to lure Fairburne right where they wanted them, Raubvogel set up a trap at the Siwa Oasis, which had since been recaptured by Axis Forces thanks to the Schutzvollstrecker's help. Several Schutzvollstrecker squads alongside regular Afrika Korps soldiers concealed themselves on the southern end of the oasis town, while Raubvogel had left a note for Fairburne in the fake command tent that they had set up in the center of the town. It very nearly worked to perfection, with the Desert Ghost caught completely by suprise. However, he managed to outwit even the Elite Mooks of the Schutzvollstrecker by managing to either sneak past their patrols quietly, or by silently killing them. What's more, thanks to Karl's impromptu interrogation of a German truck driver, he was able to find out the location of their Morocco base, which Karl decided would be his next target.
  • Making his way into the Schutzvollstrecker HQ, Fairburne discovered Raubvogel's Evil Plan, the Schutzvollstrecker's war crimes against Allied POWs, and evidence of their new wonderweapon the Teufelsfeur. Realizing that they were already making their move on the British Prime Minister, Fairburne decided to dismantle the unit's operations by blowing up their shipments of Teufelsfeuer launchers, before escaping their mountain base and pursuing Raubvogel and his men.
  • As it turned out, Raubvogel and the Schutzvollstrecker were Crazy-Prepared with regard to their planning and execution of their Assassination Attempt on Churchill and his convoy, having prepared no less than five coordinated threats against the Prime Minister. These included: mortars, Anti-Vehicle mines, Schutzvollstrecker soldiers armed with Teufelsfeuer launchers, a Panzer III Medium Tank, and finally, an elite team of snipers under Raubvogel's personal command. In addition, Raubvogel had set up a trap for Fairburne inside of a desert oasis full of thick vegetation, where he and the German sniper team would attempt to kill him for real. Despite being heavily outnumbered and outgunned, Fairburne managed to overcome every single one of these obstacles, culminating in him and Raubvogel having their long-awaited Sniper Duel in the Moroccan oasis. Ultimately, Karl would manage to kill the Schutzvollstrecker commander with a well-placed bullet to an unarmored section of his body. Following this duel, the remaining Schutzvollstrecker soldiers were either killed or captured by Allied reinforcements, with the unit being practically destroyed. Churchill's convoy would travel undisturbed and without incident, while Fairburne would go on to claim Raubvogel's Cool Mask as a trophy for himself.
  • Despite their failure to assassinate Churchill, the Schutzvollstrecker's actions, their advanced weapons, and the skill of Raubvogel and the unit's members in combat against regular soldiers was enough for the unit to earn notice from the various Nazi Germans in the Pantheon. General Franz Vahlen in particular, who had served in the North African Campaign alongside the Schutzvollstrecker, vouched for their ascension, seeing the potential that the unit and advanced weaponry could serve under his personal command. Ultimately, the other Nazis and their close allies agreed to Vahlen's proposal, deciding to resurrect and ascend the group as a whole to do the Nazi leadership's bidding.
  • And so, during one seemingly uneventful day in the deserts of the Pantheon, the Schutzvollstrecker, still led by Raubvogel, had appeared. Sure enough, they were greeted by the aforementioned General Vahlen, who welcomed Raubvogel and his men. Accompanying Vahlen were Dr. Rene Belloq and Gestapo member Arnold Ernst Toht, both of whom were close associates of the former. The Nazi General then asked the Lieutenant Colonel and his men to follow him to the General's Temple, the Ratte Factory, where they were to explain to the newly-ascended unit about what had happened to them, and where exactly they were now. Unsurprisingly, all of the Schutzvollstrecker, Raubvogel especially, were shocked and angered upon finding out that they had indeed been killed and wiped out at the hands of Lt. Karl Fairburne, who was himself a deity lurking in the same Pantheon as they were. Vahlen then asked Raubvogel if he would be keen on helping the other Nazis in the Pantheon with their war effort against the ascended Western Allies, Soviets, and several non-aligned threats, to which the Lieutenant Colonel and all of his men present agreed, on the condition that their new allies help them track and kill Karl Fairburne.
  • Having agreed to each others' terms, the Schutzvollstrecker are officially assigned the title of Unholy Unit Of Assassination Attempts. With this, Raubvogel is formally introduced to Vahlen's superior within the Pantheon, Johann Schmidt, who immediately tells the Schutzvollstrecker leader that he is a huge fan of their work, particularly the Teufelsfeuer launcher that the unit had developed and fielded. Schmidt had assured Raubvogel that their revolutionary weapon would be put to good use and be mass produced under his supervision. The only thing that Schmidt asked for in exchange from the unit was that they serve as bodyguards for several high-ranking Nazis, in addition to continuing their jobs as elite assassins of the Nazi regime.
  • Following their official ascension and instatement into the Pantheon, their already-lethal arsenal of vehicles and weaponry are supplanted with more advanced designs, courtest of HYDRA's Dr. Arnim Zola and Nazi General Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse. Like the Valkyrie Jager, Waffen Storm Leaders, and Nazi Storm Elites before them, they receive weapons like the STG 46 and STG 60 assault rifles, upgrades to their uniforms and equipment, and additional training to make them even more competent soldiers.
    • On the topic of the aforementioned soldiers, the Schutzvollstrecker are practically on par with their Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS counterparts in terms of combat experience, skill, and even endurance, in essence being their Heer (Army) counterparts in all but name. Like the aforementioned units, the Schutzvollstrecker prove to be much harder to fight and defeat than your run-of-the-mill Nazi Mooks, as many Allied and Soviet soldiers find out the hard way.
    • In order to make up for their fewer numbers, Raubvogel begins assigning various Regular German Infantry into their ranks to serve as additional manpower and firepower. Much like the Afrika Korps members before them, these Heer Infanterie find both their leader and the soldiers under him to be rather eccentric and cold individuals, while many Schutzvollstrecker soldiers themselves see their regular Army counterparts as nothing more than glorified Cannon Fodder and auxiliaries.
  • While a number of Schutzvollstrecker soldiers in the Pantheon would go on to serve as Praetorian Guard for men like the aforementioned Franz Vahlen, Raubvogel's elite sniper team and a handful of Teufelsfeuer soldiers would remain committed to their original goal: to assassinate high-ranking Allied leaders, which now include a few Soviet officers into the mix. It's also because of this that the unit is now deployed across several new theaters of war outside of the North African one. Among their biggest priority targets now include American President Franklin D. Roosevelt, scientists such as Dr. Abraham Erskine, and Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov. Their most recent target, given to them by Lt. Col. Arnold Berkman, has been to take out the current leader of the Principality of Eylstadt, Archduchess Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt. Raubvogel agrees to the challenge offered by the former Germanian Army officer ,despite the highly likely chance of being pitted against the much more powerful witch Izetta, who guards both her home country and its leader with her Undying Loyalty and life.
    • On the topic of Berkman, the Lieutenant Colonel himself has decided to join the unit as a part-time member and intelligence officer. Berkman himself has since preferred the company of Army soldiers over those of the SS (having been betrayed by his universe's version of the SS by order of Kaiser Otto) as well as seeing the unit's various deployments as a way to satisfy his own curiosity. He himself now has several Schutzvollstrecker soldiers accompanying and serving directly under him most of the time, himself having become a strategic target by several Allied agents. It's also through Berkman that Sophie is introduced to the unit and vice versa. Having realized the potential of more modern weaponry like firearms and rocket launchers following her own ascension, she asks the Schutzvollstrecker for a Teufelsfeuer launcher that she can wield herself, to which Raubvogel agrees, in exchange for her helping them distract Izetta once they enact their Assassination Attempt against Fine.
    • Targeting major Allied leaders also has one other benefit: attracting the attention of elite Allied soldiers and agents onto their trail, Karl Fairburne in particular. In essence, this would kill two birds with one stone for Raubvogel and his men, given that they've already done this to Fairburne in North Africa. Aside from Fairburne, several other major targets under this category soon emerge: Lt. Mike Powell of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, famed Nazi Hunter B.J. Blaskowicz, Captain Steve Rogers and Sgt. James Barnes of the SSR, and various Rangers hailing from Charlie and Dog Companies of the 2nd Ranger Battalion.
  • Among some of the Nazis and their allies that the Schutzvollstrecker become close with include Major Erwin Konig, himself a very skilled sniper like Raubvogel, and the Four Libertines, four Italian Fascist officials with a penchant for Cold-Blooded Torture not unlike the ones the Schutzvollstrecker performed.
    • With regards to Konig, it's Raubvogel and his elite sniper team that approach the Major first, the former asking the latter to help train his men to be even better snipers. The Major agrees, on the condition that Raubvogel and his snipers help him deal with his Arch-Enemy, the famed Soviet sniper Vasily Zaytsev, who had in fact killed Konig in the past prior to the Major's ascension. The Oberstleutnant also sees this as a possible opportunity to lure out other high-ranking or important Soviet targets, such as the aforementioned Marshal Zhukov, as well as Soviet heroes Viktor Reznov and Dimitri Petrenko (who also happen to be Zhukov's closest allies alongside Zaytsev).
    • As for the Libertines, it's the regular Schutzvollstrecker soldiers who become fascinated with their "work". Having tortured Allied prisoners for intel during the North African Campaign, they ask their new Italian allies to teach them their methods, so that they could hopefully get their captives to break and thus divulge vital intelligence at a much faster rate, lest they suffer for it and die a slow and painful death. In exchange for this, several Schutzvollstrecker soldiers also serve as bodyguards for them, not unlike the Valkyrie Jager and Waffen Storm Leaders in this regard.
  • Aside from serving as bodyguards and assassins, the unit is also given one other task: to test out some of the more advanced small weapons and ground vehicles developed and fielded by the Nazi War Machine. In essence, they're also the Heer counterpart to the Nemesis Squadron of the German Luftwaffe. Weapons issued for this unit to test include, among others, further developments of the aforementioned STG 60 line weapons, as well as more unconventional weapons like the Laserkraftwerk and Dieselkraftwerk, which are a Ray Gun and flamethrower, respectively. All originally hail from "Deathshead"'s universe, where they were issued to his universe's Nazi soldiers. With the help of the Schutzvollstrecker, Strasse hopes to continue this rearmament program to the rest of the Nazi Forces stationed in the Pantheon.
  • Despite being very competent and skilled soldiers, even they have enemies whom they are no match for. Most notable amongst them is The Doctor, who was, at one point, a very close friend of Winston Churchill, the very man the Schutzvollstrecker had tried and failed to kill. Rather than be discouraged, however, Raubvogel sees going after this particular deity as a challenge that he would willingly accept. He decides to back off on going after the Time Lord for time being, figuring that there must be a weapon that can be developed to take them out when the time is right.
Lt Karl Fairburne: "Raubvogel plans to assassinate Churchill en route to the Casablanca Convention. I don't know how many men were tortured before he learned the location of the conference. But one man broke. That's all it took. Time is of the essence. I have to make sure Churchill lives. I'll have to clear out any garrisoned troops and eliminate Raubvogel. Allied Forces will hold for a time...But not long if the Germans have spotter crews in the hills for mortars. The Germans will already have an ambush placed for his convoy. Some Teufelsfeuer launchers got through - they'll be defending the central Roman ruins. When I get to Raubvogel, I'll need to watch out for traps and every dirty trick in the book."

Silica, Divine Juvenile Executant of Unnecessary Violence (Sirica)

  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her firearm
  • Alignment: Formerly Chaotic Neutral, currently Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Uses a multi-purpose firearm as her means of offense, Action Girl, Little Miss Badass, Attacks everyone in sight out of sheer revenge, Seeks to avenge her mother, Has pointed, cat-like eyes, Once jumped through a window, Has a flamethrower attached to her weapon, Aggressive character who primarily wears green and orange (Though not outright evil), Is a warrior that wears a bandana doubling as a bow, Has a machine gun as one of the modes available on her weapon, Her weapon also has a rocket launcher mode
  • Domains: Revenge, Sword-Pulling, Badass children, Rampages, Resistance movements
  • Herald: Knuckle Joe
  • Allies: Kirby, Meta Knight, The Flash, The Bride, Lucina, Marth, Ike, Roy, The Eight Travelers (Primrose, specifically), Chrom, Byleth, Star Fox, Lucas, Simba, Timon & Pumbaa, Sam Gideon
  • Rivals: Spike, Rouge the Bat, Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Enemies: Nightmare, Andross, The Dark Matter Horde, Cell, Gorilla Grodd, The Anti-Monitor, Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks, Koba, King K. Rool, Lord Fredrik, Bashmaster, Rajang, Porky Minch, Scar, The Hyenas, Zira, Tabuu, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Opposes: King Dedede, Escargon, Galacta Knight, Bowser, all villainous Spyro deities, Rampage Wrecking Crew, Set
  • Conflicting Opinion: Frieza
  • Admires: Horus, Mufasa
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Sun Wukong, King Kong, Aiai, Caesar, Agent 9
  • Fears: Any Saiyan deities whenever they turn into their Great Ape forms
  • Intrigued by: Ash Ketchum
  • A number of years ago, a lavender-skinned Star Warrior named Garlude participated in the war against eNeMeE, a wicked entity who owned a monster-crafting corporation. On her last mission, she and Meta Knight sought to fetch the fabled sword Galaxia, during which she was fatally mauled by Kirisakin, one of eNeMeE's most despicable monsters and the very creature that guarded the sword. Her daughter Sirica believed that Meta Knight ditched Garlude in an effort to keep the sword for himself. Only after an encounter with the same killer beast and a prophetic message from Galaxia did she learn the truth about the mission and give up trying to assassinate the masked swordsman.
  • A while later, during Meta Knight and Kirby's mission to breach eNeMeE's stronghold via the Battleship Halberd, Sirica was able to tap into the airship's communication system and revealed to them that she befriended Knuckle Joe, a fist fighter who also sought to kill Meta Knight once before changing his mind. Together with the surviving Star Warriors Meta Knight knew from long ago, Sirica hijacked a handful of eNeMeE's attack ships in order to clear the way for Kirby and company. Looking back at Nightmare's eventual demise, she now realizes none of this would be possible had it not been for her contribution to whittling away at the fortress defense systems.
  • Waking up one morning to find out she had been promoted to deity rank, she had become aware of how her actions toward Dedede and Escargoon (Whom she is still on poor terms with) almost led to her suffering the same fate as her mother. Legends abound that she was also prone to getting into fights (Not arguing, but legitimate brute force) with her warrior school classmates simply to make them take her more seriously, and was generally unskilled at making lasting friendships until she ran into fellow child warrior Knuckle Joe.
    • In spite of her improving social behavior and very close companionships with Meta Knight and Kirby, she has nonetheless retained her kill-above-all-else attitude (Mostly around strangers), giving the other deities further reason to grant her the title she currently has.
  • Upon her ascension, she elected to have her close friend Joe as her herald, citing his cooperation with her and Sir Arthur (The leader of the remaining Galactic Alliance members) in piloting the Destraya vessels as well as generally having the same history and cause of grudges against Nightmare Enterprises. It also helps that while she's experienced with firearms and bladed weapons, KJ has expertise in mano a mano combat and raw manpower.
  • Not long after becoming a deity, she encountered Zero, the grand high leader of the Dark Matter Horde. They had somehow known about her acquaintance Kirby in another life, and aimed to dispatch her in order to more easily reach the Kirby in her dimension. Predictably, he sent out Dark Matter Blade to track her down, understanding that he would be the one to most fairly mirror her whenever she uses blade mode on her firearm.
  • Because her mother's killer was a gargantuan sloth-like terror, she has generally been leery of simians. In fact, she's developed a burning hatred for Emperor Andross, primarily because he's an ape and a major cosmic threat. She's developed a similar hatred for the also-simian Gorilla Grodd, and as a result has become a close acquaintance to Grodd's enemy, The Flash.
    • When it comes to Andross, Sirica and her circumstances remind him of Fox Mccloud's long-standing grudge against him, having murdered his father way back when. His very first chance meeting with her involved quite a chilling oration, put it that way.
    Andross: Filthy toddler! If I had known your mother, I would have been the one to smite her!
    Sirica: Why would you think of doing that?!
    Andross: None of your business. You see, sympathy is for the feeble. When I took care of that vulpine James, his son kept pursuing me, thinking I was in the wrong. But as Team Star Fox learned the hard way, I gained the trust of the Krazoa. It didn't matter to [the spirits] whether I murdered him or not. Thanks to them, you, child, have encountered a god!
    Sirica: (Prepares to zoom off) So you think I'm just a girl? Next time we meet, you will feel my wrath.
    • She encountered Fox and his crew twelve days after her meeting with the disembodied head. After being told of the tragedy she went through, Fox made her an honorary member of his team (She still prefers affiliating herself with the Star Warriors, though), and he was also super astounded by her weapon's Swiss-army-knife capabilities.
  • Friendlier primates like Donkey Kong and Caesar have become acquaintances with her, but only after they took a lot of time to prove to her that they're not bad guys (And we mean a lot, considering she's not the type to make close friends right away).
  • Given that King Kong is similar in size and level of threat compared to Kirisakin (The monster who killed Sirica's mother all those years ago), you would think they'd be on horrible terms with each other. That was true... for five months. Thankfully, due to several weeks' worth of pep talks from Donkey Kong, Sirica (While still cautious around him and never spending more than an hour near him) has begun to realize that unlike Kirisakin, Kong is a naturally-born animal rather than a creature made by eNeMeE solely for the purpose of killing those who oppose him.
  • Despite the fact that Aiai is a cutesy monkey, Sirica is also wary of (But simultaneously tolerant of) him, who travels around in a giant, translucent hamster ball. Maybe in his case, it's because she worries he could use his ball to flatten her (Purposely or accidentally), but we probably shouldn't go too in-depth with the details.
  • While she understands they don't have complete control over it happening to them, she stays as far away from any deities hailing from Planet Vegeta as possible whenever the full moon rises. After all, Great Ape transformations (Ape-like, colossal, and very much terrifying) remind her of the monster who eviscerated her dear mother.
    • The exception to this rule are Saiyans who don't have tails, since losing them means they can no longer turn into Great Apes.
  • Her enemies aren't just limited to (non-human) primates. Since the time she first met Donkey Kong, she's learned about the likes of the Kremlings (Crocodilians) and the Snowmads (Various glacial fauna), both being factions the Kongs fiercely oppose. So far, things have been looking up since she began fighting on DK's behalf, with Dixie in particular hoping to become best friends with her someday (We'll see how that goes).
  • The aforementioned alliance with Barry Allen made her aware of The Anti-Monitor (Whom he sacrificed himself to stop ages ago), one of the most despicable deities in the whole Pantheon and despised by almost every other member. Sirica has since become an ardent member of the front lines standing against him, reminding her of when she fought against eNeMeE with the Star Warriors.
    • The Flash also gets along with the youngster because like her, he had a mother who died when he was young and immediately took some sort of meaningful action (In his case, forensics) for her benefit once he got around to it.
  • Upon hearing about an assassin codenamed "Black Mamba", she felt even more compelled to continue training and wanted to meet this woman personally. Beatrix Kiddo herself, upon being greeted by the brown-clad child, admired her for being able to badly bruise a few Waddle Dees at a younger age then when Kiddo began training to become the force of chaos she is today.
  • Has developed a special friendship with fellow Bride-admirer Primrose Azelhart, who also went on a quest once to avenge a fallen parent. Given Primrose hasn't felt completely at home even after killing her father's murderers, Sirica has surely proven to help drift her mind away from the angst and focus on her job as a tavern dancer.
  • Was once humiliated by King Bowser Koopa for being a murderous child and ought to stay in detention for a week. She replied by whipping out her flamethrower, and Bowser attempted to fight back by breathing as heavily as he could, causing a Beam-O-War of sorts. From that day on, she has become public enemy number two (Right behind Mario) to the Koopa Troop.
  • Has been observed by the likes of Cell, who views her as unexpectedly destructive for a kid, and has attempted to absorb her genetic code to push his ultimate life-form status even further. In response, she views him as much of an unkempt eyesore as he is a threat, and would behead Dr. Gero (His creator) the first chance she got if she had the means to travel through time and dimensions.
    Sirica: Heh. You're such a disgrace.
    Cell: If you had just stopped making a racket, then your death would have been painless!
    Sirica: (Points her rocket launcher at Cell) I won't stand for that! I'll find a way to destroy your maker and erase you from existence.
    Cell: (Scoffs) Try me.
  • Has trained her whole young life to prepare to face against Galacta Knight, a once-heroic swordsman who had been sealed away when his pride got the best of him and turned him into a killing machine. Keep in mind that even eNeMeE (The main threat standing against the GSA) feared him, since he was the only being who could possibly kill him outside of a dream.
  • If there's one monkey she's less biased against, it's Agent 9, what with his Laser Blaster and tendency to take on giant crowds of enemy soldiers. While still a bit careful around him, she delights in helping him take down the Rhynoc army. She's also gotten along with the likes of badass twins Greta and Handel, close pals of Agent 9 whom he introduced her to sometime after their first encounter.
    • His creator, an elderly mole only referred to as "The Professor", is rather amazed by Sirica's battle prowess. He believes that together, they'd be able tackle such fiends as The Sorceress (The master of the aforementioned Rhynocs) and Malefor (Having once commanded Gaul and his, ahem, ape army to ravage an alternate version of The Dragon Worlds) in case Spyro (Both versions) is unavailable to offer them a beatdown.
  • Has become fiercely opposed to the likes of Tabuu since she teamed up with the Fire Emblem sword-wielders, two of them having sided with Meta Knight when he stole the Battleship Halberd as part of the Subspace invasion. Said alliance has also prompted her to rise up against Galeem and Dharkon, whose insistence of reducing everyone less powerful than them into spirits has become a heavy burden for the Pantheons in general.
    • Finds Lucina's commendation of Meta Knight a bit frivolous, likely because it's the first time she's seen a girl other than herself fighting in the same legion as the Masked Warrior. Since that first laugh, the young ladies have gone on to learn about each other's gentler sides and have developed quite a close-knit companionship off the battlefield.
  • Greatly reveres Horus, being one of the first individuals in the Pantheon to seek vengeance due to the death of their parent/s (Namely, his dad Osiris). While her days of wanting to assassinate Meta Knight are well behind her, part of her still can't get over Garlude's untimely passing and thus doesn't feel so alone internally whenever she thinks about Horus' experiences.
    • The falcon faced warrior, meanwhile, appreciates Sirica's respect for him not only for despising his murderous uncle Set, but because he immediately took to writing eNeMeE's name on his list of big no-nos after finding out he was the one who orchestrated Garlude's death.
  • Even though her immense spite for Mojo Jojo can be traced back to the alliance she made with Agent 9 (One of his Pantheon enemies), his hatred of her (Whose impulsiveness and leap-before-looking outlook on life reminds him somewhat of a green-clad tomboy who serves as one of the members of the PPG) has, in turn, sparked the helmeted monkey to create a stronger alliance with Princess Morbucks to even out the odds.
    • The tech-savvy Morbucks has gone out of her way to bully Sirica for getting angry in someone else's memoriam (In this case, Garlude) rather than to save it for herself and herself only. Sirica, meanwhile, hates Princess' guts for not only relying on her father to buy all of her gadgets, but also for flinching when she dared her to use her gun and the rocket launcher's firepower caused her to recoil several feet backward.
  • Rajang (A monster which Mojo Jojo tried to recruit but to no avail), has earned even more ire from the Swiss-army tyke. Furry and chaotic? Check. Chunky and surprisingly speedy? You got it. Atrocious warrior mauler? Better believe it. These reasons, again, remind her of Kirisakin oh-so-much. Not to mention that this thing has poor chemistry with some of Sirica's primate acquaintances.
  • A spiky-haired boy named... well, Spike (Or Kakeru, depending on who you ask) is known for his beef against Specter and collecting the members of his simian army, so you'd think he'd be friends with Sirica. But there's just one problem: King Kong. Whereas Sirica has a strained but still positive partnership with him, Spike views him as a menace true and true. Due to this factor, they've agreed to be competitors at best when it comes to primate extermination.
  • It's believed that she would make an exceptional burglar, especially when one realizes that her gun was manufactured by (And therefore stolen from) Nightmare Enterprises. While it's unknown who the gun was originally built for (Be it a certain monster or an employee in the firm), the consensus among the deities of weaponry is that she wields it more efficiently than anyone else in her universe.
    • This information makes an insult thrown at her during her first visit to Pop Star more painfully accurate in hindsight.
    Tiff: This is ridiculous! Meta Knight's a great Star Warrior, not a thief like you!
    • Furthermore, she put these skills to use when Sun Wukong stole her gun for the thrill of it. When she managed to take the weapon back from him, the Monkey King acknowledged for being perseverant and daring even without her weapon on hand, and agreed to lend a paw for her and her other ape cohorts whenever he was unoccupied.
  • Bumped into prospective Pokemon Master Ash Ketchum, who appeared nervous when he saw her weapon strapped onto her jumpsuit. Moreover, both parties were amazed at how similar their voices sounded. At least she's taken very kindly to him and Pikachu after clarifying to them that Ash is not on any of her hit lists. Ketchum also kept his end of the deal by agreeing to use Pikachu to aid her if he finds her overwhelmed any day.
  • It's worth noting that she may not exactly be famous for being a glutton like Kirby, but she allegedly has an unrivaled appetite for chicken wings. To put it lightly, don't invite her to your house if you plan on tossing those things in the fryer.
    • And before you ask, no, she doesn't cook them with her flamethrower.
  • While she already really dislikes Shenzi and her pack for being scavengers, her hatred of them escalated further when she found out about their former affiliation with Scar (Infamous for the murder of his older brother Mufasa). Despite the Hyenas informing her that they refuse to affiliate with that schemer anymore, she still holds them with low regard.
    • Meanwhile, his right-hand-lioness Zira has also gained Sirica's ire not only for being allegiant to her dark-maned superior, but for also being the only Outsider lion to hold onto said allegiance to the bitter end.
    • Speaking of Mufasa, Sirica has managed to make good friends with his heir Simba as well as his hedonistic pals Timon and Pumbaa. It cannot be forgotten that while she was initially in shock to see Rafiki (A mandrill) climbing around Pride Rock, she calmed down and became friendlier once Simba explained that he's a close affiliate to his pride.
  • Has become active in the movement against Ralph, Lizzie, and George, three human-turned-monsters whose transformations came about due to contact with radioactive material at SCUM Labs. Realizing that they became completely disoriented both physically and mentally, she does feel bad about them but still loads her weapon full force to prevent herself from becoming their appetizer.
  • Sympathizes with Lucas due to the circumstances surrounding his family, namely for his mother getting massacred by a Mecha-Drago and his brother Claus becoming brainwashed into a high-ranking member of the Pigmask Army. Upon finding out that Porky Minch was the jerk behind both of those tragedies, she's made it clear that she'll do everything to keep his forces at bay (Though she can't promise ridding the world of him forever due to his achieved immortality).
  • She was eventually discovered by DARPA, courtesy of researcher Sam Gideon. Having had experience with the BLADE weapons system (Which can scan any firearm it comes across and assimilate its abilities for Sam to use), he marvels at seeing a grade-school aged child being able to wield a cumbersome apparatus with minimal struggle.
    • Also take into account that BLADE can only scan and incorporate three different firearms tops, while Sirica's weapon has almost twice the functional diversity already packed into it despite not having BLADE's scanning capabilities. This has given reason for Sam to believe that the girl has enough bravado and experience across different fields to help DARPA confront the Order of the Russian Star.
  • She once had the nerve to complain about Rouge the Bat's affiliation with the Guardian Units of Nations (Who was once involved in a war against Nightmare Enterprises, and attempted to target Sirica when they assumed she worked for eNeMeE because she was piloting one of their Destraya vessels after his base was annihilated). When Shadow realized that things were about to get nasty between the two ladies, he decided to test Sirica for himself and take out his pistol.
    • Upon finishing their first show of in-battle competence, both he and Rouge decided it was best for Sirica to remain rivals, both because G.U.N. still views her condescendingly, Rouge sees her as someone who would snatch up the jewels Rouge worked so hard to obtain, and it would also give Sirica and Shadow a chance to improve their marksmanship skills whenever they engage in combat in the future.
  • Wants nothing to do with Frieza despite his shared distaste toward primates. Then again, whereas Sirica is well-intentioned in terms of her life goals and has managed to form a few on-and-off alliances with more than a few simians, Frieza is both genuinely malevolent and treats every ape, monkey, gibbon, lemur, you name it, with undifferentiated rancor.
    • We also can't forget that since Sirica herself is adorable in appearance, Frieza has gone out of his way to plan an extensive assault on her and many of the other residents of the Kirby universe.