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Greater Gods

Kenshiro, God of Delayed Deaths and Manly Tears (Ken, Savior of Century's End, Man With Seven Scars, Fist of the North Star, 64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Seven Stars of The Big Dipper.
  • Theme Song: Ai wo Torimodose/YOU WA SHOCK / Sentou!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (with more shades of Chaotic Good than he'd like to admit...)
  • Portfolio: Love For All That Is Good, Hunting And Punishing The Wicked, Mercilessly Destroying Complete Monsters, Invincibility, Righteous Passion, Sentimental Masculinity, Honor Before Reason, Combat Accupuncture, Protector of Women and Children, The Ultimate Martial Arts of Hokuto Shinken, Masculine Kindness, The Embodiment of Manliness, Righteous Fury
  • Domains: Justice, War, Martial Arts, Kindness, Vengeance
  • Allies: Bruce Lee, Ragna the Bloodedge, Rei the Star of Justice, Chuck Norris, Son Goku, Sanger Zonvolt, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Jack Bauer, Kazuma Kiryu, Bryan Mills, Beatrix Kiddo, Gene
  • Enemies: Most of the House of Hatred (especially Yuuki Terumi), Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, M. Bison, Cell, Frieza, Cooler, every Complete Monster in the Pantheon.
  • Opposes: Scott Steiner
  • Respected by: John Cena
  • Worthy Opponent: Hit
  • Ruthless avenger of innocents terrorized by the wicked. Murder children and let him know about it? You Are Already Dead.
  • Kenshiro is without a doubt the bane of many a Complete Monster in the Pantheon (as well as the House of Hatred, except for the likes of Eren Yeager and Emilia Justine). He is unaffected by the usual Breaking Speech, always ready to counter with a righteous Shut Up, Hannibal!, and if he could spare some time snarking, he'd deliver a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech before delivering the most righteous ass-kicking and Ludicrous Gibs to these scums. And even if they come back, with his Godhood, they can be assured that Kenshiro will always be there to be noted of their atrocities and would always come back and kick their ass. And he never gets tired of it. Thus let this be a warning for the wicked. When you think only of your own fortune, making innocents suffer in the way, and especially if it's for nothing but lulz... Kenshiro will find you.note 
    • If they do have a semblance of honor or tragic story, then lucky them, Kenshiro may shed some Manly Tears on their "demise". But if they don't... there's just no mercy.
    • Of late, his most constant target would be Yuuki Terumi, to the point that Kenshiro has adopted the stance of "no matter what he's doing, he must be planning something nefarious. Therefore, strike on sight." However, there were rumors that Kenshiro "held back" and usually let Terumi not completely destroyed, for he's always ready to strike him whenever he returns... and the fact that he recognizes Ragna the Bloodedge as the one deserving to deal him the ultimate finishing blow. While at first misled with how it was Hakumen who delivered the killing blow with Time Killer, Kenshiro's hunch was proven true when Ragna once again rose up and delivered the final blow. And his daily activity of putting him on watch continues... He doesn't give a damn about Terumi's identity as "Susano'o" either. Let's rephrase it again. Even in the face of "Super Deities", Hokuto Shinken is invincible.
  • At one point attempted to take on Lucifer for the Chaos Lord's stance on Survival of the Fittest, the ideology hitting too close to home in regards to the world Kenshiro originally came from. Lucifer simply smiled, telling him "If you don't want a world like that, you need only continue the actions you have done thus far. A world where the innocent do not have to fear being trampled by the ruthless... I have no doubt you can make your dream a reality. You're certainly strong enough." To the astonishment of everyone present, Kenshiro turned and left, deep in thought.
  • He, along with Sanger Zonvolt, are known to be the two Gods of the Pantheon that absolutely do not tolerate evil and are capable of dishing out massive punishment for evil without going to Knight Templar tendencies or running the risk of He Who Fights Monsters. Many would call them the 'Evil-Slaying Duo', and though they don't confirm it, there is a silent respect between them. There's one rule that both adhere to, though: They're not doing it for concepts like "justice", but merely because "Life is a privilege to all. True Villains don't deserve any of it".
  • In deep training to discover the Pressure Point that he could hit in order to dispel the love and feeding of despair and negative emotions. Against hope-crushing scum like Terumi, M. Bison, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, who one way or another get off on despair, Kenshiro wants to make sure that they don't get ecstatic in the despair of death. He expects something he hears on a daily basis against those mohawked thugs he kills for being extremely evil:
    "I don't want to die! Someone help me!"
    • Someone finally asked Kenshiro why he didn't just have Toki teach him how to use Humanist Face-Breaking Fist. Kenshiro responded that... he didn't know. Never crossed his mind, to be honest. Seemed kind of obvious now that he thought about it.
  • Kenshiro's enmity toward those who actively seek to crush hope is also why he has enlisted in "The Pantheonic Rebellion" protecting Madoka from YHVH's latest atrocity. In preparation for the coming war, he has begun training his already-prodigious raw strength still further to make up for the fact that, as they are not human, the angels are for the most part immune to Hokuto Shinken's pressure point techniques. The angels foolish enough to try to capitalize on this usually find their heads punched clean off, or Kenshiro's fist shoved through their ribcages and out their backs.
  • He, Bryan Mills, and Kazuma Kiryu are the most ruthless defenders of children in the pantheon, and will handily team up to destroy any child abusers.
  • There were rumors that Kenshiro was some sort of godly being even before Ascension, as one of the head deities of the Ivgorod, to the point that one of their Monks, Kharazim, modeled some of his skills after some of Ken's signature ones, particularly Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken and Hokuto Zankai Ken. Kenshiro didn't mind those, as he's more impressed about Kharazim and his friends' staunch belief in the protection of mankind. To him, if other so-called "divine beings" threaten them, then they deserve to be kicked in the butt... and probably be already dead.
    • This is actually in line with his perspective to the law; while it's good in and of itself, if there is a law that causes harm to the innocent, he will not hesitate to destroy it.
    • Similarly, rumor exists that he is the one who defeated Angra with arms blessed by God, or perhaps even the "God" in question who blessed the arms. Kenshiro has yet to comment on this. That said, he does acknowledge Gene as a strong fighter.
  • Is aware that he is John Cena's favorite deity from any drawn/animated universe. Given John's Smug Super tendencies and at times questionable sense of righteousness, he's not so quick to form an alliance, but otherwise doesn't see any problems there. Scott Steiner, on the other hand, is a far bigger problem to him. He considers Big Poppa Pump an embarrassment to the Big Dipper.
  • Was at one point encountered by the legendary assassin Hit, who ascended with the title as the Assailant of Pressure Points. The two ended up trading attacks but both had to get increasingly more serious in order for the other to feel the blows. Before they could spar, a small horde of Meta-Coolers invaded the House of Emotion; Ken and Hit proceeded to demonstrate their killing techniques to one another by using all of them as target dummies.
    • While the real Metal Cooler slipped through the crack of battle to reach his true target, upon which Vegeta told them both to stay out of it, Ken and Hit walked out with respect for one another. Hit announced that if anyone were to hire him to kill Kenshiro he would not allow them to interfere in any way or impose a time limit, and in return Kenshiro declared he would have Manly Tears prepared for Hit on that day.
  • He has decided to put any training for new succesors of Hokuto Shinken on hold. The reason for this is because is he growing increasingly worried about the mortal practitioners ending up with glowing red eyes and emitting incredibly loud sounds anytime they try to perform his moves.
  • He also has a spot in the House of Emotion, where he cries Manly Tears.

Intermediate Gods

Cain, God of Fratricide (The First Murderer, "My Brother's Keeper", Qābīl, Master Mahan, Caine, Kane, Kapaneus, Father of Murder, First Son, Sire of All Vampires, Marcus Pierce , The Sinnerman)
Cain as portrayed in Supernatural.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Mark of Cain
  • Alignment: Up for interpretation; usually seen as a Neutral Evil or True Neutral if remorseful
  • Portfolio: The Original Cain, Public Domain Character, Sibling Murder Out Of Jealousy, Planted Vegetables For Sacrifices, Rather Than Meat, Green-Eyed Monster, Red Right Hand, Biblical Villains, May Have Regretted His Murder, Walking the Earth
  • Domains: Murder, Anger, Jealousy, Family Betrayal, Vegetation, Curses
  • High Priest: Romulus
  • Special relationship with: SCP-073, Naoya, Kane(Command and Conquer) (alternate selves), Vandal Savage, Vampirella (his daughter)
  • Sought out by: Iroque, the Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Evil, others who've committed fratricide like Scar
  • Interested in: Set
  • Complicated relationship with: Lucifer Morningstar
  • Allies: Lilith, Lucifer(SMT), The Cryptkeeper
  • On speaking terms with: Kyoichiro Kuroi
  • Enemies: YHVH, The Spectre, Sam and Dean Winchester (his descendants), Lucifer(Supernatural), Merged Zamasu, Switzerland, Lina and Rylai, Mufasa
  • Opposes: Versions of God (sometimes enemies, sometimes OK with), The Van Helsings
  • Opposed by: The Heroic Protectors of Family, victims of fratricide, the sub-house of Siblings
  • Under watch by: Deities who believe in the Abrahamic faith
  • Brothers are meant to love each other, but often can find themselves in a rivalry. And sometimes this can get deadly. Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve, and thus the first children according to The Bible. Abel's sacrifice of meat was preferred by God to Cain's sacrifice of vegetation. Filled with jealousy, Cain slew his brother Abel with a rock. Thus he was cursed, becoming the first murderer and first to commit fratricide.
  • It's a matter of theological debate on whether there were other motives for his murder, and why God rebuked his sacrifice in the first place. Some belief has envy over a woman they both love as a motive, and that he needed Satan to help him commit the first murder since it had never been done. Naoya states that it was because YHVH made him to create the first martyr. Supernatural states it was to prevent his brother from being corrupted by Lucifer. Perhaps it was over a piece of Eden, and he is the founder of the Templar Order.
  • As a consequence of being a Public Domain Character, there were already multiple versions of Cain in the pantheon. When asked who was the closest to the truth, Cain said that they are all incarnations of the original, representing the different sides of his personality. Vandal Savage represents his ferocious and murderous nature, SCP-073 his guilt and desire to be better, Kane his God-given cunning and Naoya his resentment and hatred towards God for his Mark and curse. Naoya seems to relate to him the most.
  • Upon further inspection(or more accurately, a retcon), Vandal Savage wasn't Cain, but someone who Cain transferred the Mark to. Sort of, it's complicated; he was reborn as/possessed by Cain after cultists of the Religion of Crime plunged the Spear of Destiny into him. He went on a path of revenge to the Spectre for punishing Cain in the past, but ended up getting it branded to him. Vandal's tried to pass it on to the Question.
  • As expected for the iconic fratricider, he's the member nobody likes in his own sub-house. Switzerland took the most offense to his entry. Lina and Rylai did as well, since despite their rivalry for one another they truly love each other and would never try to kill each other. Depending on his mood, Cain expects to be given shit from them and may feel he deserves it.
  • Victims of fratricide oppose Cain. Those who commit fratricide are intrigued by him, particularly Scar. Cain himself is interested in Set, having said to have murdered his brother in Egyptian mythology before The Bible was written. Most of the House of FAITH doesn't care for him, either. Lucifer was intrigued by Cain, who the first murderer finds interesting enough to partner. Mainly because of Lilith's allegiance and his feelings of being an arch-sinner, not any real ideological views or anything.
  • Some extracanonical sources state that Cain is actually the son of a Fallen Angel, perhaps even the scion of Satan himself. More accepted(though not truly canonical) is the belief that The Descendants of Cain were cursed for their progenitor's sins in some way. He is known as the father of Vampirella, and it's said that Lilith, his father's first mate, is his lover. The identity of his wife and Enoch's mother is up for dispute, but generally believed to be his sister.
  • One of the classic Biblical villains, sources vary on whether Cain tried to make up for his actions, regretted things or kept on his evil ways. He did end up founding a city with his son Enoch. The GUAG wishes to bring out his desire for redemption, while the GUAE wants to make him a mascot for fratricide. As the Cain in the pantheon is a Composite Character of the Biblical original and many other versions, his views on this are skewed.
  • Sometimes found talking to Kyoichiro Kuroi on regret and shame for their actions, whenever he's feeling in a remorseful mood. Iroque wants to help Cain come to terms and fully atone for his behavior, knowing what it's like to murder and wanting the best to come from him. Cain likes that someone wants to help him, but wary due to how she has a habit of brainwashing people to good. The Indigo Tribe has tried to dissuade those fears by stating that they only do this to those naturally incapable of compassion, and Cain isn't such a figure.
  • Was cursed by God so he could never farm the land, and if someone harms him he will be avenged seven-fold. The Mark of Cain makes sure people know this. This is likely to avoid a Cycle of Revenge, and is often interpreted as immortality as a punishment. Cain has tried to do something in the House of Plants, but to no avail. The Darkness has it that he was either killed in a collapse he built with his sister-wife, or more likely went on to atone and opposed the Darkness, allying with The Angelus only for her to use her light powers to burn him to ashes. Jackie Estado has his ashes.
  • The House of Vengeance is warned of his curse, which they took as some sort of message against them. The Spectre is enraged that he cannot judge Cain because of his Mark. Cain usually doesn't care for any version of God, but on his better days he does at least appreciate the purpose of his punishment. Zamasu considers him yet another prime example on why Humans Are Bastards, and Cain doesn't think he has any room to talk as he has committed the grievous sins of genocide and deicide.
  • Perhaps his most powerful incarnation lays in the Dreaming, or more accurately he represents murder and Abel the murder victim(or they are the living embodiments of the old Cain and Abel story). He doesn't take kindly to others who would hurt his brother, and on some level truly loves him. He just can't deny his nature to kill his brother. In the 1970s, they were at least civil to serve as horror hosts. As such, Cain seems to behave himself in the presence of the Cryptkeeper.
  • Usually seen as the aggressor in his relationship with Abel. Despite(or maybe because) of this, in the SCP Foundation Abel (well, Able) is the mass-murderer, and in some universes he had a more understandable reason to kill Abel. With SCP-076-2/Able, it's believed he died because of the Attack Reflector power Cain had, or that being murdered filled him with the vengeance and hatred that drives him to be an Omnicidal Maniac. In Marvel, he lives with Abel in the Boarding House of Mystery in Cleveland that he owns. Abel's mentally disabled because of "an unfortunate accident in their adolescence". They let Howard the Duck and Beverly stay when they had no money, but the other Marvel deities would rather keep an eye on him.
  • Some incarnations have this making his the first vampire, such as Vampire: The Masquerade or the DC Universe. In the latter, he fed on Lilith and made her his first bride. Etrigan cursed him that if he fed on an truly innocent soul he'd be cursed to spend his days locked in a vacuum of nothingness, eternally. This happened by accident in the 16th century, which led him to be sealed away within the House of Mystery in the Dreaming in the first place. This was set up by the Order of the Van Helsings, so he doesn't care for Integra or her friends. Superman doesn't care for the fact that his Marcus Pierce incarnation bears a resemblance to him.
  • As Caine, the first vampire, his powers are practically limitless. Attempting to fight him means, quite simply, you lose. He also insists he didn't kill Abel but sacrificed him as Abel was "the first part of all my joy". If he's telling the truth, lying or has come to believe the lie is unknown. Also, despite the world of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines going through simultaneous apocalypses and somehow managing to limp on, this may or may not stop him from having driven a cab in Los Angeles.
  • Some sects of Mormonism believe that Cain became Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Yes, really. It comes from a claim of one of their first apostles, David W. Patten, who said he witnessed a shaggy, hair-covered Cain in 1835. Cain thinks he was drunk, or maybe he mistook him for one of his descendants. Along with vampires, he's also thought to be the ancestor of Grendel and his mother, alongside other monsters.
  • In one universe, Cain and Abel both tried to kill each, Cain was just the better fight. Abel wasn't that good anyway, a Casanova Wannabe who ended up in Hell. They did manage to reconcile and while a Death Seeker, he changed his mind after losing the Mark, ultimately being killed by Lucifer. While he's on bad terms with Lucifer Morningstar there, and it didn't help in the first place that he dated his mother Eve, his original incarnation doesn't have that antagonism.

    Leon Belmont 
Leon Belmont, God Of Killing Your Loved Ones (formerly Baron Leon Belmont)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Vampire Killer (imbued with either fire, electricity or ice)
  • Leitmotif: Lament of Innocence
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Founder Of The Belmont Clan, Badass Long Coat, Once Best Friends Now An, Unwitting Pawn, To Mathias Cronqvist, Bishōnen, Knight in Shining Armor, Wild Hair
  • Domains: 11th Century Europe, The Crusades, Nobility, Vampire Hunters. Lost Loves, Promises
  • Ascended Belmont Descendants: Simon Belmont, Trevor Belmont, and Sypha Belnades (she married into the family), Richter Belmont
  • Fellow Hunters Of The Night: Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin, Adrian Ţepeş, Blade, Shanoa, Maya Fallegeros, Sam and Dean Winchester, John Constantine, Geralt of Rivia, Ciri Fiona Elen Riannon, Dante Sparda, Nero, Trish
  • Allies: Arthur Pendragon, Illyana Rasputin, Doctor Strange, Merlin, Wonder Woman, Raven, Zatanna Zatara, Triss Merigold, Yennefer of Vengerberg, Morrigan (Dragon Age), Luke Skywalker, Ryu Hayabusa, Momiji
  • Prime Targets Include: Dracula Vlad Ţepeş (formerly Mathias Cronqvist), Mira Fallegeros, Demitri Maximoff, The Crimson Court, Jedah Dohma
  • Enemies: Shay Cormac, Arthas Menethil
  • Feared By: The Night's King
  • Conflicting Opinion: Soma Cruz, Gabriel Belmont and Trevor "Alucard" Belmont
  • Admirers: Bayonetta, Isabela of Rivain
  • Not On Speaking Terms With: Alexander Anderson
  • Pities: Anakin Skywalker
  • Among the Belmont clan and those who hunt the terrors of the night, his name is spoken with great reverence. For those who are beloved by the night, his name is spoken with great dread. Leon Belmont, the founder of the supernatural-hunting Belmont family, has ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Arriving at the Belmont Temple, he is greeted by his descendants, Simon and Trevor Belmont, along with the latter's wife, Sypha Belnades. There, over lunch consisting of pork chops and pot roast, Leon filled in the blanks. Simon, Sypha and Trevor were shocked to discover that not only Dracula was once human, but was also friends with Leon - Leon being the brawn to Mathias' brains - before the untimely death of his first wife. That led to the chain of events which led to Leon coming into posession of the Vampire Killer, his promise to his betrothed, whose soul was now bonded to the whip, and of the eternal war against Dracula.
  • As the founder of the Belmont Clan, it is unknown where his origins come from. Trevor Belmont claims that his family's origins are French, as Belmont isn't a Wallachian surname, of which Sypha pointed out. Leon likes to keep people guessing, which is why he neither confirms or denies the claim.
    • However, the one thing that can be confirmed is the Belmont Hold - a multi-storied, underground vault - located underneath the ruins of the Belmont home, which Leon has claimed as his temple. Leon himself had dug the foundations and was pleased to see that the vault containing centuries of knowledge and weapons has expanded beyond his wildest dreams.
    • To anyone who hunts the night, the Belmont Hold is a valuable source of information regarding the supernatural. On occasion, the monster-hunting deities can be seen visiting Leon at his temple, asking permission for access to the Hold. Among the visitors that Leon has struck up a friendship are the Winchester brothers, Team Devil May Cry, Magik, Raven, Doctor Strange and John Constantine, the latter making a mental note to bring Zatanna with him the next time he drops by. "She'd be like a kid at Christmas if she sees this place," Constantine said.
    • Speaking of sorceresses, Triss Merigold and Yennefer of Vengerberg are frequent visitors alongside Ciri and Geralt. The Hold has information not even the Witchers at Kaer Morhen and the Sorceresses' Lodge are privy to. That, and just to be safe, all planet-destroying spells are locked away. Morrigan, also a visitor to the Vault, dislikes that.
    • The Hold had also attracted unwanted attention in the form of Shay Cormac. Believing that the Hold contains long-lost Isu knowledge, weapons, and relics, Cormac tries to gain access to the Vault through subterfuge, as he knows that assassinating Leon would piss the deifies hunters off something serious. So far, he's been unsuccessful.
  • Leon was a nobleman with the title of Baron, but when his fiancee was kidnapped and the Church refused to provide him with aid in rescuing Sara, he renounced his title and honors in order to go after her alone. Cersei Lannister was heard saying that his choice to renounce his title was foolish and stupid, even going as far as to say that he failed in saving Sara. Jaime Lannister, on the other hand, has heard about Leon's battle prowess and wants nothing more than to cross swords with the former knight, if only to piss Cersei off further.
  • Became friends with Maya Fallegeros, the deified head of the Night Guard. Maya has heard Leon's story and in return, told him of her story; of how in her hubris, her twin sister was killed, revived and turned into a vampire herself. Leon has sworn that if Maya needs his help, then he will come, a sentiment shared with both Trevor and Simon.
    • In an attempt to impress Dracula, the aforementioned vampirized twin sister of Maya ambushed Leon. Dracula watched the fight from the shadows, noting that Mira's actions were "brave, but foolish," as Leon easily defeats her and sends her packing.
  • The Crimson Court is plotting a raid on Leon's temple. Anyone who was able to defeat Dracula's predecessor and Death in rapid succession (not to mention The Forgotten One) is a very credible threat. That, and Leon's status as a legendary warrior whose bloodline produced legendary vampire killers from Trevor to Julius Belmont makes him numero uno on the Court's hitlist.
  • Despite being a devout Catholic, Leon finds himself at odds with Iscariot operative Alexander Anderson. Anderson is less than thrilled to discover that Leon had abandoned the Church during his attempt to rescue his fiancee, and despite his legendary status as founder of the Belmont Clan, sees him as a heretic. For Leon, Anderson is no better than the people who condemned Dracula's wife.
  • Leon has heard of two other Belmonts - Gabriel and his son, Trevor. In a strange series of events, its Gabriel, not Mathias that would become Dracula, with his son becoming Alucard respectively. Leon doesn't know how to make heads with that.
  • He does have his admirers in the Pantheon. Bayonetta and Isabela of Rivain top the list. Isabela not only has heard of Leon's battle prowess but also wants to see, ahem... just how good he is with the whip behind closed doors. Kinky, much?
  • If The Night's King hates Jon Snow, then he is outright petrified of Leon and his descendants, mainly Leon. Turns out that the enchanted leather bullwhip which houses a tainted soul is just as effective in killing wights and White Walkers as Valyrian Steel and Dragonfire. Bad news for TNK. If Leon is able to whip Death to...well, himself, just imagine what Leon can do to him...
  • For Leon, Anakin Skywalker's fall eerily reminds him of Mathias' fall, save that Anakin didn't turn into a vampire. However, while he pities Anakin due to his fall from grace, he does respect his son, Luke Skywalker for successfully bringing his father back from the darkness.
  • This whip and my kinsmen will destroy you someday. From this day on, the Belmont Clan will hunt the night!

    Odin (Final Fantasy
Odin, God of Party Annihilation (the Dark Divinity, the Angel of Valhalla, The Butcher)
  • Theme: The Corpse Hall
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The curved blade Zantetsuken
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Instantly fatal attacks, black armor, his steed Sleipnir, the Zantetsuken and Gungnir, riding into conflict, summon contracts.
  • Domains: Victory, Death, Summons
  • Allies: Lady Yuna, Rudia, Lightning, Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Cloud Strife, Koku-Oh, Bela (Specifically Sleipnir's allies)
  • Rivals: Thor Odinson, Freya
  • Enemies: Gilgamesh, Caius Ballad, Garland
  • Secretly Afraid of: Lightning users
  • It is rumored that Odin's first appearance within the hallowed lands was in service to the Pantheon. Gossip and bards would say that the cursed Disgraces had attempted one of their many attempts to usurp the Pantheon proper for themselves with their mightiest unholy forces at the forefront. As the Pantheon's troops were being overrun, and it seemed that the Main House would need to be called upon, a black figure charged the battle field atop a six-legged horse. With one swing of his sword and a flash of blue, the entire opposing side was cut down in his wake, their essence dragged back into the Disgraces. No one can say for sure if this account is indeed factual.
  • One of his first orders of business was to track down the sword thief Gilgamesh and repay him for stealing his Zantetsuken in a previous life. Not only did he (eventually) force Gilgamesh to yield, he had Sleipnir kick Gilgamesh for trying to "give back" a clear imitation of his fabled sword.
    • The Zantetsuken itself was eventually revealed to be a cursed blade. If Odin is ever somehow permanently slain and the victor takes the sword as a trophy, the sword first brainwashes and then completely transforms them into a new Odin, eventually morphing their body into his.
  • When first encountered by the God of Thunder, Thor took up arms against Odin. He had perceived the summon using the Allfather's name as an insult and would punish the black knight. As is often the case, the battle was climatic and worthy of retelling. As they struggled against one another, Mjolnir and Zantetsuken clashed so fiercely it threatened to level a wing in the House of Nature. Exhausted and finding mutual respect, the gods chose to parted ways. Though never calling the other friend, it was clear an unspoken bond was forged.
    • This action was eventually backed up by Freya, as she claims that this Odin was never seen in the Battleground of the Gods and as far as she remembers, her Odin wields the spear Gungnir, not the sword Zantetsuken. Once again, his Zantetsuken clashed with her Brisingamen, and the result was... very much similar. At the very least, Freya would respect this Odin and leave him alone.
  • Understanding the status Yuna carries, Odin has agreed to form a summon contract as others have. However in one case when Odin was summoned, just as he drew his sword Yuna had presented him with a heavy sum of gil before he could act. When questioned why she thought he would require any sort of payment like some sellsword, Yuna quickly apologized for what she thought was an unintentional insult to Odin.
  • It has been noted that in an alternate world, he is a Dirty Old Man with some good doses of badassery thrown in. He holds conflicting opinions on this form: while he does appreciate this form's unbelievable power, he bemoans its perversion.
  • Odin and Lightning had a chance encounter with one another. Lightning idly remarked that it was different to see her former Eidolon as flesh and blood, but a faint smile assured onlookers that she was glad to see him again.
  • Odin is avoided by the Equestrian gods whenever he makes his rounds, simultaneously he is spied upon by them. Though the ponies pay little to no attention to the knight himself, but to his steed. No spoken opinion has been heard in regard to Sleipnir, if the ponies fear the creature or not.
  • As much as he tries to hide it, he actually has a traumatic weakness to lightning due of one incident where he was struck by lightning when preparing for Zantetsuken.
  • "Here I am, a God among men, yet here I remain, a mere man amongst Gods."

SCP-173, Deity of Neck Snapping (The Sculpture, Billy, Ted(?), Peanut)
  • Rank: Euclid. By Pantheon standards, probably Intermediate God.
  • Symbol: Itself.
  • Alignment: Unknown. Likely to be True Neutral or Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Implacable Man, The Dreaded, Living Statue, Murderous Mannequin, Moves very fast unless you are directly looking at it, Sickening "Crunch!"
  • Domains: Statues, Sight, Mystery, Murder
  • Allies: The Weeping Angels (Somewhat), Spooky, The Slenderman, Ghatanothoa
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, The Protectors of Plot Continuum, The Doctor, Mike Schmidt, Larry Daley, SCP-682, AM
  • SCP-173 can be described as a docile statue and nothing particular stands out about it besides having a creepy appearance. However, should you take your eyes off it for just a moment, the creature will snap your neck. Maintaining eye-sight is the only way to control it and even then, it can move while you blink, and it's incredibly fast to boot.
  • The first time it entered the Pantheon (or to be more precise, when it was first successfully broken out by someone, GUAE being the most likely suspect after the last breakout), it just startled a few deities who were wandering around the main halls of the Pantheon and suddenly a crowd formed around it, wondering why such a strange statue found itself standing in such an unexpected location. It wasn't until people lost sight of the creature and then it suddenly snapped the neck of Kenny McCormick that people realized this creature wasn't harmless. The SCP Foundation quickly contained the creature and—because the Court of the Gods saw it fitting to ascend—delivered it to its new temple, where it's kept at bay with heavy camera surveillance.
  • SCP-173 is one of the few deities that has been capable of travelling almost anywhere in the Pantheon, even to the most unlikely of places. A warning has been displayed that SCP-173 can show up at any moment if it's broken from containment and should it be spotted, maintain eye contact and call for help if you need to.
  • It's relationship with the Weeping Angels is an interesting as they aren't really hostile towards SCP-173 and neither is it towards the angels. Although the only reason this may happen is because they can't move if both SCP-173 and the Angels are staring at each other. Both the Doctor and the SCP Foundation have taken this to their advantage when one of these creatures break free.
  • Spooky has taken an interest into inducting the statue to her collection of Specimens in her mansion but that has proven troublesome since she doesn't have the best relationship with the Foundation but she has broken out the creature from its temple numerous time to relocate it to her mansion. How? Well not having a physical neck might have helped her avoid the creatures most deadly attack, so she just allows it to follow her wherever she goes. She might have accidentally killed a few people when she lost sight of SCP-173 though.
  • The Protectors of Plot Continuum have been trying to fend off the creature since it has proven to be a troublesome annoyance for them thanks to 173's powers.
  • Some deities like to call it Billy, for no particular reason other than because it sounds funny for such an strange creature.
  • Of the few deities that were tasked to keep SCP-173 secure was Mike Schmidt, given his experience with the Animatronics. Mike has gone on record saying that dealing with 173 has been hard, since unlike the animatronics whose movement is erratic but predictable, given that he is not used to be constantly fearing that the sculpture moves every time he blinks. And even worse that it knows how to open doors.
    • Larry Daley is another who often is tasked with guarding it. Unlike Mike, Larry is very used to dealing with living sculptures, although he also has had his share of problems with SCP-173.
  • Said to have a similar MO as Slenderman, with the main difference that looking at Slenderman is actually harmful for the victim. It's not a strange occurrence that these two creature actually have come to an agreement and "hunt" together during very late hours of the pantheon. The pantheon has been unable to successfully capture the Slenderman yet, so the only solution they found was to keep an strict watch of SCP-173 in it's temple at all times.
  • Has an habit of creating a strange substance that may appear to be a combination of blood and feces. The pantheon has tasked a few deities to clean it with supervision so SCP-173 doesn't escape containment. At least the Court of Gods think this is a better idea than the Foundation use of D-Class Personnel.
  • It's one of the few beings to scare SCP-682, delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that's speculated to have killed it if not for their size discrepancy until SCP-682 grew extra eyes. Looking into this as way to pertinently neutralize SCP-682 has yielded an account of SCP-173 multiplying, with 150 of them successfully killing SCP-682. They continued to spread and wipe out humanity, so it's a scenario they are trying to prevent.
  • As all accounts suggest it's suffering And I Must Scream over its state, it's safely assumed to be against AM. This came to light after an account surfaced revealing SCP-173 was made into it's state by AM as one of its innumerable tortures, eventually escaping the dimension so mentally broken its reason for killing is is to force other to kill it. While the credibility of that account is anyone's guess, this has made it interaction with SCP-682, who the report alleges is AM, much more satisfying.

Lesser Gods

Daji, Goddess of Impersonating their Dead Victims (Su Da Ji, The Thousand-Year-Old Vixen, Millennium Fox, The Nine-Tailed Fox, Dakki)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Paolao
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Huli jing, Corrupting Emperor Zhou, Really Likes Torturing People, Killed the Real Daji for Her Guise, The Hedonist, Shapeshifting/Demonic Possession (or both)
  • Domains: Foxes, Torture, Revenge, Evil
  • Allies: SCP-953, Desaad
  • Enemies: Ahri, Dougen, Yomi
  • Heralds: Pipa Jing and Jiutou Zhiji Jing
  • Daji was known as the favourite consort of Emperor Zhou of Shang. Well, the human named that. However, the one more well known by that name is the thousand-year-old huli jing who was tasked by goddess Nuwa to ruin Emepror Zhou's life and bring his rule to end for his lust forwards her. She did it by killing and possessing the real Daji and playing her role as Zhou's concubine to corrupt him while enjoying the privileges to appeal her sadistic desires and curiosity.
  • Daji thrives on torturing people. Partly out of pure sadism and partly because she is interested on figuring things out. She would have people dissected or something similar just because she is intrigued how humans work. She also designed and invented multiple torture methods, such as the Paolao, a bronze cylinder covered in oil, heated and placed over charcoal with the subject made to walk on it until they would slip and fall down, causing them to burn to dead. Other inventions of hers includes a pit full of spiders and snakes, and an elaborate set-up to get couples drunk and fed, after which selected few would be killed and turned into food for Daji to feast upon.
  • Once met up with SCP-953, another evil fox spirit. At first things went well, but then ironically, SCP-953 mistakenly called Daji a kuhimo, which lead Daji to rant about the fact that she is huli jing and the difference between them and other fox spirits, like how they are both good and evil and they mainly need masculine energy to survive (though they also eat human meat). But then she admitted that the whole rant was just a joke even if she was saying the truth, so all's cool.
  • Her temple is less of a temple and more of a large Chinese-styled palace like the ones she used to live. It is notably almost always under construction, mainly the outside areas, as she always has new ideas for torture methods.
  • Her fate in the mortal realm is bit of a mystery. Some say that she was exorcised by Jiang Ziya and eventually died, possibly as a punishment by Nuwa. Some say that she managed to escape her fate during the fall of Shang dynasty. Some say that she was exorcised but survived, leading her to appear around Asia couple of times before her demise under the identity of Tamamo-no-Mae. Some say that she had much grander plan all this time which she managed to fulfill, though fortunately the end result wasn't as bad as many would think.
  • One time Dougen approached her in an attempt to get her her in, in his own words, "reinvigorate" Orochi. Turns out that she has a liking for the giant snake and started helping him. However, she soon discovered that the Orochi he was talking about was completely different from the one she was familiar with, and lashed out at him. He ultimately escaped scot free, but Daji has plans to turn him into cinder inside a giant toaster.
    • On similar note, she doesn't have any plans to affiliate herself with Leopold Goenitz and his associated as she sees him Orochi to be some tree-loving hippie and not nearly as fun as Orochi should be.
  • We would say she is allies with Desaad, but in reality she is trying to stroke his ego to see if he really could try to usurp Darkseid or if he would be gone for good if he did try something truly outlandish. The reason why seems to be unknown, but it might be that she wants to get her hands on the Torture Technician position as well.
  • Once heard the story about Eric Cartman's "chilli", leading to a rather "meh" reaction from her, as she had done something similar ages ago. She has started thinking of writing down some meat pie recipes.

    E-102 Gamma and E-101 Beta 
E-102 Gamma and E-101 Beta, Gods of Confrontations That End In Mutual Deaths (Gamma: Mr. Robot; Beta: E-101 Mark II, E-101 "Kai")
E-102 Gamma
E-101 Beta
As E-101 Mark II 
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A white "102" on red background (Gamma) A white "101" on black background (Beta)
  • Theme Song: E-102 Gamma, End of E-102 (unbound) (Gamma) Heartless Colleague, Crazy Robo (Beta)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Neutral (Gamma) Lawful Evil (Beta)
  • Portfolios: Mecha-Mooks, Evil By Programming, Converted Into A Machine Against Their Will, Sympathetic Mook Perspectives, Mutual Kill, Permanent Deaths
  • Domains: Machines, Redemption, Awareness, Flickies
  • Heralds: E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon, E-105 Zeta (their "brothers"), Chaos Gamma (Gamma's replacement)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • (Un)surprisingly, the one who petitioned for Gamma and Beta's ascension for Upgrade vs. Prototype Fight was Dr. Eggman, as suggested by one of his allies, who was also trolling him for reasons. As for why he also brought up the traitorous Gamma, turns out he doesn't actually know of it, and nobody else had thought to bring it up. That, and two entities are needed to hold the title. He had also acquired new "animal batteries" for them (not the Flickies that were used the last time, because it's not like he needs those specific animals to power them).
    • As soon as he properly activated them (after someone else added their original memories), to Eggman's confusion, Beta immediately attacked Gamma and outed him as a traitor. Gamma for his part didn't confirm it as he was busy defending himself from Beta.
    • Thankfully for Gamma, having heard that Dr. Eggman was ascending another of his allies, Team Sonic (plus a tag-along Amy) crashed the scene. Amy was surprised to see Gamma (after somehow distinguishing him from the mass models Eggman's since modeled after Gamma), who in turn recognized Amy, who relayed it to Sonic, and the group eventually decided to take him and get away (after trashing Beta and humiliating Eggman on the way out).
    • Shortly after the incident, after getting the full story from Beta, Eggman was furious that not only had he never figured out Gamma's betrayal, no one else in the GUAE had thought to tell him that until now.
    • As for Gamma, Tails managed to create an alternate power source for the robot after freeing the animal powering him. Without a living being required to keep himself running, Gamma no longer has need to self-terminate after defeating Eggman's robots for good.
    • Unfortunately for both sides, the Court of the Gods required that both of them share the same temple. Neither were happy about this, and you'll never find both of them in the temple at any given moment (unless they're fighting each other). And to ensure that temple doesn't stay empty if both have to leave, Eggman was forced to rebuild the E-100 series robots Gamma had destroyed without animal batteries so the rogue robot won't have more reason to do it again and bring in Chaos Gamma to serve as their heralds.
  • Applies to both:
    • Their individual run-ins with Kosmo and Nova were also different (obviously). Beta simply saw them—especially Nova—as a potential threat to Eggman and himself. As for Gamma, he's intrigued by how Nova came to love Cosmo, as it somewhat mirrors how he came to become good thanks to Amy (but minus the romance part; he knows she only has eyes for Sonic and only sees Gamma as a friend).
    • Both were a source of envy for Dr. 0, who had this to say:
    Dr. 0: Pfft. Animal batteries. How impractical. Nothing beats good ol' Nikola Tesla or atomic power... Oh what the hell, what makes his so special?!
  • Exclusive to Gamma:
    • Gamma serves as the Good Counterpart to Metal Sonic. Both were creations of Dr. Eggman whose unexpected free will enabled them to exceed expectations to his detriment. But while Gamma became a wholly heroic character, Metal Sonic turned out a more dangerous villain who's nominally loyal to Eggman at best. This has put Metal at the top of Gamma's list of Eggman's mechs to target. E-123 Omega was considered for the Good Counterpart role, but fell short in the "Good" department.
      • As for how Omega himself regards them? Expectedly, he considers them complete rubbish. Beta vows to take him down for his betrayal of Eggman, though knows he's out of his league. Gamma on the other hand doesn't care about that and is pleased to have him on the side of good, though Omega just scoffs at him.
      • Actually, the situation between Gamma and Omega is a bit more complicated than that. In one alternate timeline, Omega had been activated by Eggman to hunt down Gamma, who in this continuity survived his battle against Beta and spent a year as an independent freedom fighter. Shadow of that continuity was about to recruit Gamma into GUN when Omega showed up. It ended in Gamma's destruction, but not before he uploaded his soul to Omega, thus freeing him from Eggman's shackles and teaching him morality.
      • Given her past was similar to his story, albeit with a lot more destruction and malicious intent, Labrys became fast friends with Gamma and noted that even though Eggman was evil, he at least treated his "failures" with menial tasks instead of destroying them knowing full well that they had souls like her own creators did.
    • Having housed a Flicky (a bird) inside him before, Gamma has a soft spot for birds in general, though he won't hesitate to fight the meaner ones who would harm his friends.
  • Exclusive to Beta:

    Jason Brody 
Jason Brody, Avatar of Eventual Acceptances of Murder (Snow White)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The tattoos on his left arm (alternatively, his machete)
  • Alignment: Started out as Neutral Good, but the frequent violence he partakes in and the drugs he takes have psychologically warped him into being Chaotic Neutral and gradually began leaning toward Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Being at Risk of Losing His Moral Compass and Sanity, Enjoying His Fights, Popcultured Badass, One-Man Army, Sanity Slippage
  • Domains: Bloodlust, Violence, Survival
  • Followers: Alex Rider, Faith
  • Allies: Augus, Seth Rollins, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, pretty much most Blood Knights and Sociopathic Heroes in the Pantheon that are not affiliated with Vaas or Hoyt
  • Enemies: Vaas Montenegro, Hoyt Volker, Bambi "Buck" Hughes
  • Mysterious Protector of: The Cutie Mark Crusaders
  • Opposed by: The majority of the House of Beasts
  • The moment word got out that Jason ascended into the Pantheon, Hoyt had Vaas sent his pirates out to find and kill him; most of the pirates that so much as got within Jason's sights were found later dead with either stab wounds or bullet holes.
  • Because he gradually proves more bloodthirsty and unhinged with every kill he makes, many gods see him as a serious loose cannon in the Pantheon. Because of this, it's considered wise to avoid pushing any of his buttons, because while he's not a bad as Asura in terms of anger issues, he's still very dangerous when provoked.
  • Jason was banned from the House of Beast when he tried to kill some of the animal gods there for their skins, which caused some serious panic throughout that House since Jason actually managed to injure some of them. Bruce, for example, needed medical attention after all the grenade launcher rounds he took. Jason's hunting streak was stopped and he was forced to retreat when Godzilla started coming after him.
  • Despite not being...on the best of terms with the other Equestrian deities, Jason has shown a surprising amount of fondness for the Cutie Mark Crusaders; their goal of finding their special talents remind him of his college days when he was trying to find a job that could sustain his interest. So he's taken up being something of a Mysterious Protector to them; whenever any mooks or certain evil deities try to harm the CMC, they'll likely end up with either a quick bullet to the brain or a machete to the gut before they can get very far. Wreck-It Ralph is fully aware of this and actually keeps the CMC Locked Out of the Loop about Jason, if only to assure they don't get any...unhealthy ideas.
    • However, should the CMC be in any immediate danger, Jason won't shy from partaking in any Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with the other Equestrian Deities and/or Wreck-It Ralph and/or Gangrel and Luna Vachon, if necessary (he's amused that the wrestlers have a soft spot for the Crusaders).
      • Speaking of which, Jason didn't want to be involved in "Project: Alternate Gentaro", since it wasn't any of his business. Then he learned that Alternate!Gentaro's plans involved the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The sight of them lacking their usual cheerfulness, so quiet, so internally dead, pissed him off so much that he was ready to hack Alternate!Gentaro's head off with a machete. Unfortunately, for a while, he was brainwashed into guarding the Asylum. Fortunately, he was revived — after Belial stabbed him in the chest.
  • After learning that the Cutie Mark Crusaders obtained their Cutie Marks, Jason Brody cried in the privacy of his temple after they said their farewells to the House of Ambiguity, and the Crusaders hope to renew his interest in life. When he heard of what happened to them by the Broken Hardys, all he did was grab his machete and stated that they were going to PAY.
  • When Seth Rollins tipped him off that Hoyt, Vaas, and Buck wanted to restart their sick business in the Pantheon, he along with Black Widow and Hawkeye, two others contacted by Rollins, quickly saw to it that their shipment was busted. He, along with the two Avengers, Kamen Rider Ryugen, and Seth Rollins' SHIELD teammates Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, ended up next foiling the three bastards' attempt on Rollins' life. Jason managed to hit it off really well with Ambrose, both being halfway-insane ultra-violent dudes who want to stand for more than just that.

    John "Soap" MacTavish 
Captain John "Soap" MacTavish, The God who was Killed Unexpectedly in the Sequel (F.N.G., Bravo Six, Hotel Six, 2073521)

    Marcus Junius Brutus 
Marcus Junius Brutus, God of Tyrannicide (Quintus Servilius Caepio Brutus, Brutus the Younger)
Brutus as depicted in Rome
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His personal denarias, with his face on one side and daggers on the other
  • Alignment: Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral to his supporters, Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil to his opponents
  • Portfolio: Killed His Friend to End His Tyranny, Historical Villain Upgrade and Historical Hero Upgrade, Saw Caeser as a Parental Substitute (Might Have Been Caeser's Actual Son), Only Made the Republic Fall Faster by Killing Him, Conflicting Loyalty
  • Domains: Friendship and Betrayal, Ancient Rome, Family, Assassination
  • Allies: Jaime Lannister, William Shakespeare, Akechi Mitsuhide
  • Enemies: Julius Caeser (former friend and father figure), Caligula, Nero, Cleopatra, Dante Aligheri, Asterix, Oda Nobunaga, the House of Tyrannical Figures (particularly Arcturus Mengsk)
  • Opposes: Tartarus, the Satans in the pantheon, Donquixote Doflamingo
  • Opposed by: Most of the House of Friendship, and to an extent the House of Fathers
  • Pitied by: The Love That Moves The Stars
  • Marcus Junius Brutus was from the Brutus family, who were descended from the man who helped deposed the last Roman king. Becoming a protege to Julius Caeser, after a civil war. Valuing the Roman Republic, Brutus was conflicted by Caeser's desire to be dictator for life and the kindness he showed him, sparing his life and making him governor of Gaul. Eventually he made the difficult decision to join the conspirators opposed to Caeser, assassinating him on the 15th of March 44 BC to save the Republic. It was already too late, as in less than 20 years the first Roman Emperor would appear and his would be a divisive legacy.
  • One of the most famous and infamous traitors in history, he is to Italy as Akechi Mitsuhide is to Japan, and Benedict Arnold is to the United States. And like with Akechi, people are pretty divided on whether he should go down as a hero or villain. So it's unsurprising that him and Akechi get along in the pantheon, though Brutus isn't as bipolar. In general, Brutus has an honorary membership within the House of Betrayal. According to Assassin's Creed Origins, he was part of the Assassins precursor, the Hidden Ones, and killed Julius Caeser because he was manipulated by the Templars. It definitely takes the "hero" side with Brutus.
  • His mother Servilia was an old mistress of Julius Caeser. This has led some to debate that Caeser wasn't just like a father but actually Brutus's biological father. If true, it would make him guilty of Patricide, the gravest sin of Rome. It would make Caeser's last words, "you too, my son?" literal as well. It's unlikely though since Caeser would've been only 15 when Brutus was born. Still, he did show disloyalty to his assumed father by allying with Pompey before he allied with Caeser. The House of Fathers doesn't trust him.
  • Would like to remind Popeye that he has no relationship to Bluto, who's sometimes called Brutus. Doesn't like to be compared to that brute for some reason.
  • Despite his attitude towards fathers, he disapproves of Doflamingo's Patricide. There's a big difference between disloyalty to one's father and turning on your father figure for what you see as the greater good, and doing it because you want to join the aristocracy again when daddy wanted to live on the common folk's level. Especially when said aristocracy of the Celestial Dragons is far worse than Caeser's.
  • Few in the House of Friendship trust him either, given he's synonymous with betraying a close friend. Brutus has no hard feelings about their mistrust, since it was his loyalty to Caeser against the loyalty to the Republic. Ultimately, he felt turning on the former was the lesser of two evils. He respects Riza Hawkeye for being Roy Mustang's moral compass, to the point that she will kill him if he crosses the line. He kind of wishes Caeser gave him that role, it would've made his actions more closure.
  • Though it was a hard thing to do, his sense of righteousness did lead him to gloat about it given his own coins reference the act. Not that he wasn't fond of the man he betrayed, but at the end felt absolved of his sins. One of the more shady tactics is he extorted money out from the poor, though it's not like many nobles cared about the poor back then. The House of Commerce is keeping an eye for that more shady side to Brutus.
  • Seen by some as a conniving traitor, most notably in The Divine Comedy where he is in the lowest circle of Hell for treachery against his master. He is being chewed on alongside his brother-in-law Cassius and Judas Iscariot by Satan himself. Brutus is rather livid at this treatment, though it's more Dante's bias due to being stabbed in the back and views on Rome. The works of Asterix portray him pretty poorly, and make it obvious he'll betray Caeser one day.
  • He would rather stay clear of any devil in the pantheon, given the aforementioned treatment he suffered. Or anywhere particularly cold, given both the frozen glacier Satan was stuck in at the center and as a Mediterranean he prefers it to be warm. He's no fan of Tartarus either
  • William Shakespeare has a positive opinion on him, as seen in his take on Julius Caesar: Brutus was a Tragic Hero who did what he felt was right, and was more pressured by co-conspirators. Many in the Enlightenment gave him a Historical Hero Upgrade, in part because of Shakespeare's works. Brutus appreciates him a lot for this.
  • Rome depicts him as a Momma's Boy, one hell of an orator and put more focus on seeking Julius Caeser as a father. Catelyn Stark noticed he resembles her brother Edmure Tully. She really doesn't like this, given how Westeros views betrayal and especially how she was victim to betrayal herself. Jaime is more sympathetic, given he also killed a tyrant. Brutus is grateful, but given what Aerys was like he doesn't think it's a good comparison.
  • Very upset to learn that the kings would return less than 20 years after his death in the form of the emperors, which lasted about five hundred years. And that he only made Caeser a martyr in the eyes of the Roman people. Don't mention the last part to him.
  • John Wilkes Booth, assassin of Abraham Lincoln, allegedly quote-mined him, and shared his mindset about he was committing a Tyrannicide (which just like with Caeser backfired). His father was named after Brutus, and both John and his brother Edwin played a performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caeser. Edwin played Brutus, John played Mark Antony.

Morinth, Goddess of Going Out with a Bang (The Ardat-Yakshi, The Demon of the Night Winds, Mirala)

    Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi 
Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi, Dual Deities of Direct Death (Tohno: Satsujinki, Shiki Nanaya; Ryougi: "", The Void, Void Shiki, Monster, Assassin, Saber)
Tohno (front), Ryougi (back)
Spoiler (Ryougi) 

    Sonya Blade 
Sonya A. Blade, Goddess of Death Kisses (General Blade, Mom [by Cassie], Aunt Sonya [by Jacqui], Mrs. Cage [by Jax])

    Souta Kishibe/La Pucelle 
Souta Kishibe, Bearer of Offscreen Deaths (La Pucelle, the Dragon Knight, Sou-Chan, Mahou Shoujo Girl, nee-san, Trapucelle, Boi Pucelle)
Souta Kishibe, La Pucelle's civilian form 


    Black Ops 
The Black Ops, the Unholy Legion of Witness Extermination ("Masked Freaks", Black Operations, Male and Female Assassins)
Concept art of the Female and Male Black Ops assassins from the mod Operation Black Mesa. Image taken from here
The female assassins as they appear in Black Mesa 
  • A Unit of Demigods and Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: Their masks and night-vision goggles
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Domains: Elite Soldiers, US Government, Containment
  • Portfolio: Ordered by the US Government to eliminate all witnesses in Black Mesa, alien, civilian, or military, An unambiguously evil military unit of sociopathic elite agents tasked with containing an alien invasion, Badass Army, Dark Is Evil, Using all-black AH-64 Apaches and black M35 Trucks, The female assassins being extremely agile at the cost of durability, The male assassins being extremely agile and able to tank several Assault rifle rounds and Shotgun shells, Nominal Hero, Being completely silent when containing "threats", Torturing and silencing any US Marines left behind during their evacuation, Using a nuclear warhead to end multiple alien invasions
  • Allies: General Shepherd, The Enclave, Col. Miles Quaritch
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Men In Black, The Global Occult Coalition, The SCP Foundation, XCOM
  • Opposed by: Team Metal, Pvt. James Ramirez
  • Conflicting Opinion: Capt. Martin Walker
  • Unwitting Pawns of: The G-Man
  • Similar military units: Shadow Company, Blackwatch
  • The Black Operations, better known as the Black Ops, are a secretive and shadowy unit of the US military under the direct supervision of the United States Federal Government. They are commandos trained in assassination and covert ops.
  • Like the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, they are tasked with dealing with emergencies at the Black Mesa Research Facility. On paper, they are supposed to work alongside the HECU as well as the Black Mesa Security Force as a clean-up crew. In reality, however, all three groups work independently of one another, and this shows during the events of the Black Mesa Disaster where they treat the other two groups with disdain and apathy, even killing members of the former two to conceal their presence.
    • They are also armed and equipped similarly to their US Marine counterparts, due in no part to being a branch of the US military themselves. The primary difference between them is that the Black Ops' vehicles come in black colors, which includes, among other things, unmarked black military trucks and Apache attack choppers.
    • Their utter contempt of the HECU, and by extension, the US Marine Corps, is made apparent when they torture and later massacre several Marines trying to escape Black Mesa following the former's hasty evacuation. Some sources say that they double-crossed them once the HECU began pulling out, others say that they were already hostile towards them from the moment the Black Ops set foot in Black Mesa. But whatever the case, it is all but confirmed that they turned against their fellow servicemen in the time they needed reinforcements the most.
  • They come in two variants: male and female. Both wear all-black sneaking and combat suits with complementary night-vision goggles, and never speak a single word in combat, much less use loud radio frequencies like their HECU counterparts.
    • The female Black Ops are Stealth Experts, having access to an Invisibility Cloak and silenced Glock 17 pistols.
    • The male Black Ops are trained for firefights, and are armed with M4A1 Carbines and/or MP5 submachine-guns complete with underbarrel grenade launchers. In addition, some are trained snipers, and are armed with the M40a1 sniper rifle.
  • During the Black Mesa incident, following the HECU's increasingly hopeless battle of attrition against the Xen invasion, the US Government decided to send in the Black Ops to eventually replace the now-beleaguered Marines. They do far better than the HECU in repelling not one, but two simultaneous alien invasions. As mentioned above, however, their Fiery Cover Up mission is still in effect, but this time, now includes any HECU members left behind. Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard, who are members of the Black Mesa Science Team and HECU respectively, find this out the hard way when they encounter the female and male black ops firsthand, respectively.
  • However, even with their overall better combat effectiveness as a unit, they become overwhelmed once Race X, one of the alien factions involved following the Resonance Cascade for their own ends, steps up their own invasion. With no other viable options, the US Federal Government orders them to nuke the facility. To achieve this final objective, they utilize a Mark IV Thermonuclear Device commandeered from inside one of Black Mesa's many weapons storage facilities and rig it to detonate. And this was despite the aforementioned Cpl. Shephard's attempts at stopping this by killing the Black Ops agents arming and guarding the device. Ultimately, their mission is successful, at the cost of an unknown number of their unit.
  • Upon their arrival in the Pantheon via their unmarked black military trucks, they immediately decide to resume their two missions: witness "containment" and combating alien threats, hostile or otherwise.
  • To achieve the first mission, they begin taking orders from Gen. Shepherd, acting as replacements for Shadow Company. In exchange for intel relating to survivors of the Black Mesa Incident being in the Pantheon, they act as Shepherd's elite hit squad, launching attacks on deities like Vladimir Makarov and Captain John Price.
    • In addition, they also continue hostilities against many US Marine deities, with Sgt. Hartmann in particular being kidnapped, tortured, and left to die at one point.
  • Eventually, they come across both Adrian Shephard and Gordon Freeman, their two highest priority targets outside of the Nihilanth. Both the Black Mesa scientist and the HECU Marine form an uneasy truce in order to fight their way out. The end result is dozens of dead Male and Female Assassins, and the two witnesses escaping.
  • With the ascension of the Combine and Wallace Breen, the Black Ops make it a point to engage them while also adding Breen to their list of witnesses needed to be "contained". Surprisingly, despite their defeat at the hands of Freeman and Shephard, the Assassins do well against the Overwatch soldiers. It's only when the latter send in their Synths and heavy machinery are the Black Ops forced to retreat, their black AH-64 Apaches covering them. A series of engagements soon follow, with many innocent deities caught in the crossfire of Evil vs. Evil.
  • In addition to Freeman, Shephard, and the Combine, the Black Ops are also hostile to the many Xen aliens currently in the Pantheon, eliminating any at first sight. This includes the Vortigaunts despite their Heel–Race Turn status.
    • With regards to the Nihilanth, one of the aliens behind the mess at Black Mesa, they make it a point to find and kill this being. To this end, they are willing to use another Mark IV Thermonuclear Device to ensure it stays dead. Before this can push through, a few deities opposing the use of nuclear weapons in the Pantheon intervene, confiscating their warhead before it can be placed in the Nihilanth's lair. Nonetheless, the Black Ops still push through with planning on ridding the Pantheon of the giant alien creature for good, nuclear warhead or not.
  • They establish their ruthlessness to the rest of the Pantheon when they attempt to mercilessly attack the house of Extraterrestrials, as well as any other alien presence in the Pantheon. This ruthlessness earns them the interest and respect of Col. Miles Quaritch, who is all but happy to assist them in their operations. In return for helping them deal with the Xen Aliens, he asks them to add Jake Sulley and Neytiri to their kill-list.
  • Other deities considered as threats by the Black Ops include Alex Mercer and Sgt. James Heller. The former consider them enemies due to their nature of being government experiments Gone Horribly Wrong that must be contained, while the latter are mainly hostile towards them due to the latters' experiences against the similarly-themed Blackwatch. Even moreso for Heller, since he's a former US Marine.
  • Despite their nefarious methods, they ultimately still work together with other organizations in the Pantheon tasked and/or specializing with dealing against alien and inhuman threats. These organizations include, among many others, the MIB, the SCP Foundation, and XCOM. The first and last ones appreciate the additional manpower against the traitorous ADVENT, while the second would prefer that the Black Ops not use force all the time.

    The Fans 
Tony: Man, this House stinks. I fucking hate these people.

Ash: Who invited all these morons?

Corey: ...

Mark: What do you guys think about tonight? We gonna do it?

Tony: I don't see why not. I'm sick of this shit.

The FansMembers , Divine Quintet of the Killer Role Reversal
Clockwise top left:Tony, Ash Davis, Alex Davis, Corey, Mark
Tony, Mark and Corey unamsked 
Ash Davis and Alex Davis unamsked 
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Their van. Individually they have their respective masks.
  • Theme Song: Light Club - Blizzard
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Attention Whores, Ax-Crazy, Villain Protagonists, Asshole Victims, Animal Motifs
  • Domains: Obsession, Murder Sprees, Masks, Notoriety, Vigilantism
  • Idolize: Jacket
  • Allies: None. Refer to Tony above.
  • Visited by: Richard
  • Enemies: Manny Pardo, The Son, The Slavers, Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, Nicky Cavella
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The House of Crime, Russians
  • These crazed masked individuals are group of veterans from the Russo-American War that begun their activity in the 90s. During the war, they were apart of a military unit that struggled to take a Russian stronghold suffering many casualties. In response, command sent in the Ghost Wolves to capture the base and after successfully doing so the group began to idolize them. Years later during the slew of mask murderers' heyday when the leader of the Russian Mafia at the time was killed news broke out that Jacket, a member of the Ghost Wolves, was a masked killer himself. Surprised in the revelation they declared him a hero and during the 90s they sought to imitate him and his exploits for their own 5 minutes of fame out of boredom. Ultimately the Fans would get themselves killed during their assault on the Russian Mafia's base where all but Tony was killed by the boss, albeit in a drugged up frenzy. Tony himself would soon meet his end by Manny Pardo in order to dispose of anyone threatening his claim for fame as the Miami Mutilator.
  • When coming to the Pantheon they almost immediately made for the House of Crime and found themselves slaughtering a fair number of minor gangs, apparently taking nothing away from their ventures in the mortal plane (something that Richard sneered at). They were stopped when after finishing off the Slavers the House's authorities stepped in and chased them out of the House before they could continue (for reasons relating to Manny Pardo finishing the last of them off), but this ended up just diverting their attention to the Son and his Russian Mafia instead. Neither he nor Pardo are pleased with them coming to the Pantheon.
  • Being the Fans' inspiration to commit senseless slaughter they almost went ahead to meet Jacket. The only thing that stopped them was the idea that they couldn't meet him just yet and that they had to pull of something big in order to meet the Masked Maniac face to face. Thus, they put off their meeting to plan out what to do while in the meanwhile they took on some "odd-jobs" to prepare. Jacket, on his end, has no idea who they are.
  • There are a total of five members for this group of Loony Fans.
    • Cautious and reserved, Corey wears a zebra mask and uses her agility to her advantage in firefights. She is noticeably the most stable out of her friends, advising against targeting random people rather than criminals and gangsters. At the same time she is still a far cry away from being peaceful, gentle, and herbivorous. As a side note, some have mistaken her for a guy.
    • Wearing a tiger mask and wielding the ability to kill people instantly with his fists, Tony is the most violent and aggressive of the group and lives for the thrill of the violence alone rather than emulating Jacket's supposed heroics. In fact it's explicitly stated that he is jobless. The only time he drops this attitude was when his friends were all killed in action and was willing to surrender.
    • A Brother–Sister Team in numbered swan masks, Alex uses a chainsaw while Ash shoots with whatever firearm he has on hand. Ash seems to be the closest to the group's smart guy, working on their van and the sole reason for their missions when gathering up a bunch of telephones to be called into action turned out to be a dud. Alex, meanwhile, is a junkie who's bright ideas once included reporting to the police about their killings.
    • Mark is a big hairy with a big appetite in a bear mask who dual wields sub machine guns. A Fat Bastard he may be, he's also the nicest and more easygoing one when it comes to their little fan circle. Oddly, he is the only one who has encountered the enigmatic Richard who foreshadowed their own demise regarding the Son's rampage, excluding of course the "Table Sequence". And Richard doesn't so much as talk to Mark but simply quotes what is to come.
  • Much like Manny Pardo, the Fans' hunger for notoriety was quenched as nowadays people acknowledge their gruesome line of work. Perhaps contributing to this is the stand out killing of the Henchman who, however short lived his life was, garnered much sympathy due to wanting out of the mobster lifestyle. This culminated in his girlfriend leaving him and taking his valuables with her. Then the Fans drove by one night and beat him to death.
    The Henchman: "What... Are you hitting me? I... I just wanna go home. Can you call Mary? She'll... She'll come get me. Is that blood... Am I bleeding? Do I need to go to the hospital? Guys...? Look, I just want to go home, OK?"
  • From time to time the Davis siblings have to point out that no, they have no relationship or connection to Dolan Dark despise their choice of masks. Dolan, meanwhile, likes to joke that he is in fact their long lost third sibling.
  • Having fought in the Russo-American War they harbor a great deal of hatred towards Russians and have have continued being vocal on their stance. When taking on missions they seem to favor ones that involves killing them so as to work out their bitterness. As a result they earned the eternal ire of Nikita Dragovich and Vladimir Makarov for consistently intruding on their operations.
  • While watching the daily news the PAYDAY gang recognized the Fans as they have come across masks not unlike theirs when "Jacket" came around to work for them. Though the idea of asking them to join them on the heists sounded tempting, they ultimately didn't go through with it since even they realize how crazy the Fans are which says volumes if they're chummy with the likes of the visibly unstable Wolf. To say nothing of their reputation after their stunt in the House of Crime already.
  • At some point in their continued vigilante career in the Pantheon the whole lot of them killed their way into Nicky Cavella's doorstep. While planning to kill him they instead went with the idea of breaking his legs, chaining him to the front of their van, and drove around the night before he died to apparently unknown causes. Overall it was certainly unforgettable venture for sure. The cruel Capo seemed think so as he plans on getting his revenge though given his reputation rounding up the men necessary to enact the revenge would be challenging.
  • Gods who are on powerful narcotics or are will not envision the Fans as themselves. In their delirium they will instead see the group of lunatics as wild ferocious beasts corresponding to their masks depiction, their "inner animal" so to speak. They originally came from the Son's high, but for reasons unknown this experience can be replicated. Most dangerous out of them all are the Davis siblings, who take the form of a large two-headed swan monster. One head try and come up close while the other stays back and breathes fire. Thankfully these are still hallucinations, though one has to wonder about the real danger if such visions really were to be brought to life.

    Ash: Yeah let's do it!

    Mark: The weapons are in the car, right?

    Corey: So we are actually doing this? ...

    Mark: ...

    Ash: Yeah, let's go do it!

    Yoshiyuki Tomino 
Yoshiyuki Tomino, God of Massive Casualties (The Bald Wizard, The Father of Gundam, "Kill 'Em All" Tomino)


    Kenny McCormick 
Kenny McCormick, God Of Revolving-Door Death (Princess Kenny, Mysterion)
  • Quasideity (becomes an Intermediate God under the guise of Mysterion)
  • Theme Music: Kawaii Princess Kenny, alternatively Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride) by Don Felder
  • Symbol: His hood, splattered with blood. Also nearby are two word bubbles: "Oh my God they killed Kenny!" and "You bastards!" Also, a green question mark as Mysterion.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, (Although new evidence suggests he might be of the Good alignments), Self-described "Lawful Fatalism" as Mysterion
  • Portfolio: Coming Back From The Dead, Chew Toys, Death Is a Slap on the Wrist, Getting Killed A Lot, Lover of Big Boobs and Sex, Constant Voice Muffling, Humanoid Abomination
  • Domain: Life, Death, Humor, Children
  • High Priest: Mr. Bill
  • Followers: Hyatt, Phelous, Sakura Kusakabe
  • Allies: Stan, Kyle, Butters, The New Kid, Hong Meiling, Rory Williams, Issei Hyodo, Chuck, Murky, Batman, Princess Zelda, Daenerys Targaryen, SCP-1440, ICEY
  • Enemies: Cthulhu, Eric Cartman, Death (Regular Show), Dhuum, Black Hand, Nekron, Thanos, Hastur, Cletus Kasady/Carnage
  • Pitied by: Scathath
  • Commonality Connection: Cú Chulainn
  • The moment Kenny ascended to the Pantheon, thousands of mortals pointed to one poor sap (that killed him) and yelled in unison "YOU BASTARD!!!"
  • Is in a Pantheon support group with WALL-E and the God/s of Woobies. Naturally, Death is always stalking them.
  • Kenny couldn’t help but want to bone Death of the Endless. Thanos is trying to find a way to get back at him for that. And things get weird when Deadpool gets involved….
  • Fortunately for Kenny, his deaths don’t occur as often as they used to. Stan even laments the tired gag at times.
    • As for how he comes back, it was caused by his immortality and that he just wakes up in his bed after having died.
  • Being fellow Butt Monkeys, Kenny is on good terms with Hong Meiling. This unfortunately gets him caught up in whatever abuse is subjected to China and gets him killed in the process, causing her to take the mantle of yelling, "Oh my God, you killed Kenny!! You bastard!!!". Of course, Kenny comes right back after, but still…
  • Rory Williams can’t help but feel sorry for Kenny, seeing as they've both suffered cruel, normally fatal fates many times in their lives. It’s no surprise that the other gods notice this connection.
  • He managed to find a kindred spirit in Murky due to their similar conditions. Although, Murky wonders where Kenny respawns from. But since Murky does this from an egg, he thinks that Kenny might do something similar. This was confirmed true when Kenny told him that indeed, every time he dies, he is reborn from his mother.
  • Gets along well with Batman due to his Mysterion persona owing a lot to him.
    • Also gets along with Princess Zelda and Daenerys Targaryen because of his Princess Kenny persona. Zelda especially finds “her” get-up to be adorable, saying that she found Kenny's enthusiasm toward being "Princess Kenny" endearing and humorous. Though when "Princess Kenny" betrayed “her” friends and tried to kill The New Kid, Kenny earned a harsh scolding at the hands of Zelda, who expects the orange-hooded princess to start making amends toward “her” friends.
  • Kenny wasn’t pleased when he learned that Cthulhu also resided in the Pantheon. He hates him for cursing him with immortality and has sworn to kill the Great Old One.
  • Dhuum tried to bifurcate Kenny with his scythe, which had many call him a bastard immediately... then Kenny returned from death as usual. Dhuum reaped him over and over again out of annoyance before giving up and deciding to find a different way to make Kenny’s death final, even though Kenny just wants nothing more than to end his cycle of cheating deaths.
    • Then there’s the fact that Black Hand and Nekron exist in the Pantheon. Seeing how his resurrection involves getting a new body, there could probably be hundreds of Kenny corpses who could become foot soldiers of the Black Lantern Corps. Because they can target the resurrected, the living Kenny will be controlled until he dies for real, only for a new Kenny to be born and repeat the process.
  • Many have compared Kenny’s constant deaths with those of Cu Chulainn. Even the jokes regarding this were similar. note 
  • Sometimes hangs out with Scathath, who has shown pity towards his constant deaths and rebirth while she has been cursed to live forever until the world ends.
  • Has met and befriended ICEY. They got along well due to both having gone through multiple deaths and having a bone to pick against one specific Eldritch Abomination each(Cthulhu for Kenny, Hastur for ICEY). They can sometimes be seen hanging out together along with the New Kid to play video games. They’ve already warned each other against their respective enemies and since then, Kenny has been keeping an eye out for his world’s version of Hastur, in case it also decides to cause trouble in his world like Chtulu and Shub-Niggurath already did.
  • Kenny and Cletus Kasady don’t get along at all and despise each other, because they see a lot of themselves in each other and have similar backgrounds, but have opposite goals: Both of them grew up in an abusive household, both of them have superhero/supervillain alter-egos, both of them have killed people before and both of them are unable to truly die because of their involvement with ancient eldritch dark gods(Cthulhu for Kenny, Chton and Knull for Cletus). Of course, having a similar background and having opposite goals(Mysterion wants to help the world while Carnage wants to watch it burn) doesn’t help at all. They would fight, but they usually don’t bother much with it because they both know that no matter how much they beat the crap out of each other, they can’t really defeat or kill each other.

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