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    The Celestials 
The Celestials, Those Who Are Above the Gods (Space Gods, Titans from Space, Star Giants, Makers, Visitors from the Sky)
  • Overdeities
  • Symbol: Their Metallic Armor
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Beings, Created and are Older than Eternity himself and the Eternity before him and the Eternity before that one and about four more Eternities before that one, Above the Gods, Blue-and-Orange Morality, Precursors, Sufficiently Advanced Alien, Subverting Alien Non-Interference Clause, The Reason why the Marvel Gods left the Earth, Reality Warper, Creators of Powerful Alien Artifacts
  • Domains: Creation, Time, Space, Power, Science
  • Notable Members: One Above All (Not that one), Arishem the Judge, Scathan the Approver, Progenitor, Tiamut The Dreaming Celestial, Jemiah the Analyzer, Gammenon the Gatherer, Eson the Searcher, Exitar the Exterminator, Nezarr the Calculator, Godhead
  • Superiors: The One Above All, The Living Tribunal
  • Allies: Eternity, The Monitor, The Anti-Monitor, Apocalypse (whether he likes it or not), SCP Foundation, Ben Tennyson (sort of)
  • Rivals: Uatu The Watcher, The Flood, Rassilon
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Barbatos, All Four of the Chaos Gods, Fused Zamasu, Kronika
  • Opposed by: GALACTUS, The Silver Surfer, Most of the Marvel multiverse, and the DC Universe, The Doctor
  • Interested in: The House of Genetic Engineering, All Pokémon, Kryptonians, Martians, Saiyans, Namekians, Frieza's race, The Jedi and Sith Order, various SCPs, Team Dai-Gurren
  • In the vast cosmic landscape, there is a race of beings that are older than Eternity, more feared than Galactus, more mysterious than The Watchers, and more powerful than the Gods. They are known by many names. They are the Celestials and they have arrived.
  • When the Celestials ascended, they were quick to act. Seeing a plane of existence that they had nothing to do with creating intrigued them greatly, as did the many races and beings in the Pantheon. Such beings that have caught their interest and approval are the Kryptonians, Martians, Saiyans, Namekians, Frieza's race, the various species of Pokémon, and both the Jedi and Sith Order. With the nature of the Pantheon, only more may be added to this list.
  • The Celestials are potentially the most important race in the Marvel universe. It's actually because of them that there even is a universe, or more specifically Eternity. While the involvement of the Celestial race can (literally) be found across the entire universe, none owe their existence to them more than the Mutant race. It's due to their experiments that the X-Gene exists. It's due to their technology that Apocalypse is who he is today. Something he's very much aware of and unhappy about. Apocalypse could only use it because they let him use it and he owes them for it.
  • To the surprise of others, both the Celestials and the Watchers have had a long-lasting rivalry. As both are incredibly knowledgeable and powerful, the two are some of the only beings that could potentially match one another in intelligence and ability. But due to how both parties operate differently, they don't actually "interact".
    • Another rivalry was developed between the Celestials and the Flood. Both are the precursors of their worlds, existing long before time itself, having been the ones to seed life throughout the universe, with both knowledge and power unmatched by anyone. They even have a habit of eliminating worlds and species that they don’t like. Although they have much in common, they do not however agree with the others' plans and goals.
  • When they had ascended, Kronika was one of the first to greet them. Believing that as both she and they are Above the Gods, she could form a sort of alliance. Unfortunately, due to how she tried to reset their home reality, forcing their creator The One Above All to personally move into action, all she found were a race of incredibly angry Space Gods. When she appeared before them, they didn't even bother to let her open her mouth before letting her know how they felt about her. Instead of just blasting her into oblivion, what they did was arguably much, much worse. As such, she absolutely refuses to EVER be near them again.
    • To those who wonder what they did, they placed her into a form of Lotus-Eater Machine. One where her perfect world was nearly realized. The problem? It was only nearly perfect, therefore Kronika reset the timeline to correct the mistake. Only instead of correcting the problem, it only made it worse. She reset the timeline again and again and again and again, each one becoming worse than the last. Eventually, she completely gave up and didn't even try to fix it. But the timeline reset itself regardless. It was then when Kronika realized exactly what the Celestials had done to her, nearly driving her mad. Kronika only escaped because they wanted her gone from their domain.
  • As anyone familiar with Galactus's history, it should come as no surprise that he was NOT happy with their ascension. As the ones responsible for the destruction of his home universe, and forcibly turning him into the Last of His Kind, the hate is understandable. He's at least content that he can ensure that their race doesn't expand further and overrun the universe. As Celestials lay their eggs inside planets, he devours whatever Celestial egg he finds.
    • Besides Galactus, most Marvel deities were not happy with their arrival. But regardless of how they felt, there was nothing they could do about it. Any time they've tried to battle one, they've either lost horribly or only survived due to outside interference. The only thing they could do was to warn everyone to STAY! FAR! AWAY! Odin, in particular, hates them, stemming from a time he once battled against them for the protection of the Earth. Donning the Destroyer Armor, Wielding the Odin Sword, empowered by the life force of every Asgardian (except Thor's), while also being aided by two other High Fathers. They never stood a chance. Incidentally, there is also another reason why Odin hates them, because in his youth, he battled against the Celestials with a team of Prehistoric Avengers, with him as the only survivor.
    • Many DC deities weren't happy either, seeing as they reminded them of the Omega Titans. This similarity was enough to have Brainiac consider making an alliance with the enemy factions, rightfully believing them to be too much for them to handle alone. Unfortunately, (and predictably), nobody was willing to compromise. The GUAG wasn't willing to trust them, the GUAL and GUAE were too arrogant to believe that they needed help, the GUAC didn't really care and actually wanted to see what they were capable of, and the GUAD... well that one's actually pretty obvious. Even his own team, the GUAM, wasn't certain, since the Celestials don't seem to have any interest in the Forever War in so much as furthering their understanding of the fictional Omniverse.
  • While some have heeded the warnings of Marvel deities to stay away, many have ignored them, Zamasu included. He despises them for their status as Neglectful Precursors, as it reminded him of how his fellow gods acted, as well as believing them to be responsible for the existence of the various evil and despicable beings in the Marvel Multiverse, akin to Krona. Had that not been the case, he would have been fine with them, as they tend to eliminate anything that doesn't live up to their standards. Their title also repulses him, since he refuses to believe that anything can be Above the Gods in any way, shape or form. He would eventually go to confront and challenge them. His screams were heard not long after.
  • Given their habit of eradicating entire alien species for not living up to their standards, the Doctor doesn't really have much of a high opinion on the ancient race. But he does understand that they are not ones that should be trifled with.
    • Speaking of Time Lords, due to their vast level of intelligence and power, Rassilon has viewed them as a sort of rival, not wanting to be outdone by anyone, or anything.
  • One of the few gods that were willing to actually seek them out, were the ascended Jedi and Sith deitiesnote . Believing that they may have been the very same race of Precursors of the same name. When they all went to search, they came at the same time, but before a massacre could break out, the Celestials teleported all of them into their temple. It was at this moment they all immediately understood why the ancient race was so feared. Thankfully they were all given an approval by Scathan, and left with no injury. Unfortunately, while they were uninjured, they were given a haunting vision of a Parallel Universe, were Jedi are Sith and Sith are Jedi. This had left everyone in an uncomfortable state, especially Yoda and Sidious, and they all decided to never speak of it again.
    • The only one who had any desire to learn more was Darth Vader, having seen a vision of him fully healed from his injuries, and as a Jedi once more. He went to the only being that he knew that could answer his questions, Uatu The Watcher. Uatu explained that what he saw was what the a possible future. What Vader saw and learned intrigued him, as he could not only be at full health, but more powerful than ever before. Ever since, Vader has intensified his many visits to the houses of Time and Temporality, Health and Diseases, Science and Machinery and Technology to see how he could become the man in his vision.
  • Like anyone else, The Celestials have a very low opinion on both Barbatos and the four Chaos Gods. Their low opinion escalated to full-blown hatred after dark gods pulled a stunt that nearly destroyed all of Pantheon. Tzeentch had convinced the other Celestials into trying to amass an army of Celestials from the Dark Multiverse. As the Dark Multiverse is made up of worlds where the worst case scenarios are made into reality, this went swimmingly for everyone. They unwittingly summoned an army of Celestials that not only came from a world where they overpopulated the universe, but were also infected by The Horde. The first thing these "Dark Celestials" did was to immediately blast their summoners and run rampant in the Pantheon. It wasn't until the Living Tribunal had personally stepped in to stop the chaos did things finally calm down. This officially made the Celestials enemies to both Barbatos and the four Chaos Gods.
  • It was only a matter of time before their interest would turn towards not only the numerous SCPs. But when they did, the Foundation found an unexpected ally. The Celestials choose to stand back, observe and do nothing. But while they literally do nothing, their presence seemly keeps the more dangerous SCPs in line. Case in point, when SCP-682 made another breach in containment, it immediately took notice of a Celestial observing it from afar. SCP-682 then quietly walked back into its cell, and stayed there the remainder of the day.
  • If there's one thing that the Celestials do not tolerate under any circumstance, it's Cosmic Unbalance. If someone were to use something that would effect the Cosmic Hierarchy, like say the Infinity Gauntlet? Then prepare yourself for war. This the main reason why they don't like Thanos, because of his history with the Infinity Stones. It's also why they don't like Darkseid and his quest for the Anti-Life Equation.
    • Because of their hatred for those who would disrupt the cosmic balance, they've marked the GUAD as personal enemies. Yes, they too have destroyed the universe on a number of occasions, but that was because it was time for the universe to end. It was time for the old world to die, so that the new world could live. The GUAD wish for the destruction of all life and creation to be permanent. Since they were responsible for shaping the Marvel Multiverse, Nekron and his allies have marked them as top priority enemies.
  • One day in Pantheon, a certain Celestial encountered Ben Tennyson. Unlike other gods, Ben and his friends weren't actually very worried about them, having already defeated a number of powerful aliens. The only ones who didn't feel as confident were Azmuth, and Professor Paradox. This was until they actually encountered one, when they did the Omnitrix seemly went haywire until Ben transformed into Alien X. Instead of fighting the Celestial and Celestialsapien just stood and stared at each other, as if they were having a staring contest. When Ben transformed back, the Celestial turned around and left, only stopping to give Ben a thumbs up, to which Ben sheepishly smiled. Ben told the others what he could. One, the Celestial they encountered was the One Above All. Not the same Supreme Marvel God, but the leader of the Celestial race. Two, the One Above All hacked the Omnitrix to both scan all the alien DNA inside, and to use Ben as a form of a bridge to speak to the other Celestialsapiens. And that both the Celestial and Celestialsapien race have formed an alliance. Three, the Celestial race will be watching Ben and his progress for the proceeding future. When Kevin asked if Ben got an alien out of it, he said that Scathan wouldn't let him.
  • To the surprise of many, they were approached by none other than both the Monitor and Anti-Monitor. Having learned of the ancient race, they approached them to ask (demand in the Anti-Monitor's case) if they were somehow related to their mother Perpetua, as the race of their mother was known as the Super Celestials. Their response... was not what they were expecting. The Celestials were in a massive state of panic, only stopping when their leader, the One Above All, demanded them to. The One Above All told them that they have no relation with Perpetua or her kind, but even they know to fear her. They all agreed to form an alliance, the Celestials would stay uninvolved with the whatever conflict happened between the two brothers, but if or when Perpetua ascends, they will be there to help stop her. To further aid in the potential war against Perpetua, the Celestials are also working in bringing the third brother, Alpheus, the World Forger, into Pantheon.

    Chuck Shurley 
Chuck Shurley, the Missing God (God, The Big G, Carver Edlund, the Lord, the Prophet Chuck, Father, the Big Man)

    God (Bruce Almighty
The Alpha and Omega, He Who Knows The Hardships of Being God (God, The Almighty, Al Mighty)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His calling card
  • Theme Song: His theme from Evan Almighty
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Benevolent God, The Omnipotent (Not That It's Easy), Divine Race Lift, Let's See YOU Do Better! (By Handling His Powers), Cool Old Guy
  • Domains: Divinity, Free Will, Lessons, Compassion
  • High Priest: The Galactic Entity
  • Allies: Bruce Nolan, The King of All Cosmos, Shin, Brian Cohen, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Archangel Michael, Manwe, Aslan, most Jewish and Christian deities really
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Homer Simpson, Bender
  • On speaking terms with: Setsuna F Seiei
  • Enemies: YHVH, Merged Zamasu, Hajun, Melkor, Dis and Lucemon
  • Respects: Edward Elric
  • Disrespects: Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta and Hikawa, Mithra, Embryo, Kiara Sesshouin
  • Respected by: Lucifer
  • Disagrees with: Nerose Satanel
  • When Bruce Nolan was down on his luck and prone to Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter, he ended up meeting a curious electrician. It took a bit of convincing, but that electrician turned out to be God in the form of Morgan Freeman, who decided to show him that being God isn't easy. He let Bruce wield His powers for a time, and managed to prove His point.
  • Is one of a number of beings said to be capital-G God in the pantheon. This confuses the Christians in the pantheon, some believing they're all just the same being under multiple guises. For what it's worth, He likes the God known by Bob and Chuck Shurley for being bellow Gods. When asked why He took the form of Morgan Freeman, He simply said that George Burns wasn't available after last time.
  • Has been seen with a number of supreme beings in the pantheon, though this has made it impossible to determine if any being is the true supreme being. Archangel Michael was confused, but went along with there being multiple G-O-D gods. He's decided to provide a rec room where they can discuss philosophies. Sometimes He likes to get a laugh out of the King of All Cosmos and the Flying Spaghetti Monster's actions. Also, while not one for blasphemy He thinks the phrase Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter is kind of funny.
  • Because He doesn't manipulate free will, getting people to like Him and balancing out what he should do is hard. He points to the Reasons as a bad example on how to shape the world, not caring for their hypocrisy. He doesn't much like YHVH for being a stone-faced Maltheist God who hates free will and keeps recreating the world to remove it, simply stating that "don't fix what isn't broken". YHVH doesn't know what He's talking about.
  • Disagrees with Nerose Satanel's way of getting rid of sin. Given how amiable He is, the Alpha and Omega sympathizes with the Morning Star's need to be a perfectionist, but thinks he's gone too far in some places and could use a vacation. The Hadou God likes that He is looking out for him, but disagrees with His results and would rather leave him alone. The fact Nerose used to be human may be one of the reasons why the Almighty was concerned.
  • When it comes to the other Hadou Gods, He seems interested in how they used to be human and how The Throne works. He doesn't like Mithra because of how her good-evil dichotomy turned out poorly. He was surprisingly angry at Hajun for using his divinity to destroy all existence besides himself and not letting anyone in. As for Mercurius, while He doesn't condone most of his actions, He admits that He can sympathize with the stress knowing everything must put on him.
  • Bender once tried to be God in Futurama S3 E20: "Godfellas". It didn't work out. He wonders if the Alpha and Omega is in fact the same being as the Galactic Entity, or what a probe collided with. Whatever the case, the Almighty liked the advice Bender was given. Homer also claims to have met God in a dream, and the Almighty was a laid back enough deity that he believed they were the same as well.
  • Doesn't really care for the numerous devils in the pantheon, except for Dis and Lucemon. The former because he actively goes against all that's good, the latter because he doesn't care about free will and wants everything to be subject to him. Melkor has also raged at Him, just out of his own petty anger to Eru Illuvatar. The Lucifer of Shin Megami Tensei doesn't mind Him since He's a patient, amiable figure that respects free will.
  • No, He doesn't care about if people are atheists or no. He doesn't hold it against people. While Setsuna is a vocal atheist, He simply feels bad for him due to what led him to abandon his faith. Also, while Edward Elric refuses to believe in God, he did prove himself through his journey and the trade he made with the Truth, so the Almighty likes the guy.
  • Doesn't care for Embryo one bit. He is emphatic about not being a god, but based on his pride and arrogance it breaks the spirit of saying A God I Am Not. That, and He's a thoroughly unpleasant individual. Zamasu ticked him off more due to ranting on how He doesn't use his powers like He should. The Almighty had no time for the mad Kai's ramblings and told him to show his twelve fingers. Zamasu thought he was playing him and ended up having an extra finger when he did show his hands, then leaving in flustered embarrassment and panic at what He could do.
  • He was also pretty critical on Kiara Sesshouin, for disgracing the position of nun. She's Buddhist priest believes herself to be a good person, but with a mad love for only herself, and believing humanity can gain salvation is through her orgiastic teachings she betrays anything good. The Alpha and Omega called her out for being a terrible divine figure who doesn't treat faith with the dignity it deserves, and disgraces the position of a nun. This is even more apparent in Fate/Grand Order: she's a cruel cult leader with a religion basically full of evil and became a Beast Servant known as Beast III/R. And at least the other Beasts care for humanity albeit in a twisted way(except Fou), Kiara cares about no one but herself.
  • Has asked Brian Cohen if he ever wants to know what it's like to be the Messiah, instead of people mistaking him for him. Brian emphatically said no, which was the entire point of the question. Sometimes, He will try to help Shin improve his skills as a god.

Perpetua, Goddess of Near-Almighty Divinity (Mother of the Multiverse)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Totality
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: An Extremely Maltheistic Figure Who Is Still Subservient To The Source, Cosmic Entity, Glowing Eyes of Doom, Malicious Ambitions To Secure True Immortality, Horns of Villainy, Lean and Mean, Devilish Demiurge Willing To Destroy Whole Universes, Forehead of Doom, Once Imprisoned Behind The Source Wall, Being The Ultimate Villain Of The DC Multiverse By Encouraging Bringers Of Crisis To Choose Doom
  • Domains: Creators, Ambition, Immortality, Evil, Cosmic Beings, Doom
  • Interests: The Lich, Darth Plagueis
  • Interested in: Lucifer (Supernatural), The Nothing, Gigyas the House of Emotion
  • Special relationship with: Mobius/the Anti-Monitor (her son)
  • Allies
  • Potential Quislings: Ragyo Kiryuin, the Martians (Mars Attacks), Bandos, Unalaq, Lord Drakkon
  • On speaking terms with: The Chaos Gods, Junko, Chuck Shurley
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Ebon Dragon, Angra Mainyu, Fused Zamasu, The Starmen, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Rivals: YHVH, Lucifer, Solaris, The Anti-Spiral, the Hadou Gods, The Old Gods, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: The House of Magic and Sorcery, the Forms of Immortality sub-house
  • In the greater Omniverse live the Super-Celestials, beings meant to start multiverses and give themselves to them in order to forever sustain them. However the most feared of them, Perpetua, sought to sustain herself forever with her creation of the proto-DC Multiverse. Her sons would maintain the positive matter, antimatter and dark matter aspects of her creation, while she sought to turn the multiverse into a weapon. Ultimately her sons ratted her out, resulting in the Source sending a messenger to imprison her in the Source Wall, which'd guard the multiverse from the energies beyond. However the breaking of the Source Wall has released the Mother of the Multiverse, and she plans to weaponize her creation against her brothers and sisters, and escape the judgement of the Source.
  • Her ascension sent waves of fear through the Celestials; they aren't the same Celestials Perpetua is a part of, but they know the reputation she has among them. The Mother of the Multiverse soon took notice of the House of Time and Space, and its role in the expanse of the greater omniverse. Her plans are to twist it into a weapon against the Source and all true supreme beings, to ensure she will forever exist. However Perpetua knows she's a recent player in the field and if she's going to take over the Trope Pantheon, she'll need some help.
    • Zamasu envisions the overthrowing of the status quo and the current order to achieve his own vision of a utopia. Due to the sheer power of Perpetua, he think it's wise siding with her for now to achieve his ends. Of course, despite her promises of making perfect universes for them interactions with Luthor show she cannot be trusted as a true ally to Zamasu. Then again, the same could be said of the mad Kaioshin. And yes, his is quite aware of that
    • Kronika was willing to go along Perpetua wholeheartedly. A Titan in charge of time, yet manipulating it to her own selfish ends along with...questionable parenting skills makes her similar in personality to Perpetua. That said, while Kronika has been promised absolute domain over the MK multiverse in exchange for aiding Perpetua, she dislikes her selfish motives. The Super-Celestial doesn't think she has much room to talk.
    • Chakravartin is a creator god with malicious intentions on reality, though he frames it as otherwise. Come his defeat at the hands of Asura, he has chosen to join Perpetua in hopes of gaining his ultimate ambitions. Zanza is exciting at the idea of working with the Mother of the Multiverse as they share a selfish spirit for their universes, and Perpetua will allow him the means to forever create and reshape his reality as he sees fit.
    • The Ebon Dragon and Angra Mainyu joined as she is associated with "doom" over "justice", but more importantly to finally have the edge over their antitheses. In particular Perpetua has promised to make the Ebon Dragon a cosmic force and true being. That said, camaraderie is non-existent and both sides see the other as a means to an end. The Unconquered Sun and Ahura Mazda chided them for believing it would make any significant distance, and Perpetua asked the latter God of Good why.
    Ahura Mazda: "It is not a lack of power or scale for why you will fail; it is the nature of evil to hinder itself. This is why justice shall prevail over doom, despite all your attempts."
  • Perpetua wields the Seven Hidden Forces of Creation. They are as followed:
    • The Still Force; counter to the Speed Force. Based around inertia and entropy. Despite this power being in line with many of Nekron's desires, Perpetua considers herself far above him and regards herself as more "constructive", thus isn't going to utilize the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. The worst part is that she legitimately is more dangerous and powerful than the Lord of the Unliving.
    • The Invisible Spectrum, which feeds on buried primal emotions. The only one known so far is the Ultraviolet Corps, which represent repressed shame and guilt. She has her sights set on the House of Emotion to further re-unlock this ancient power of hers, believing that the UV embodiment Umbrax can be awakened by exploiting the Hall of Regret and Shame.
    • The Tear of Extinction, which brings death to all living beings and immortals. It is driven toward isolation and solipsism and is tied to the Death Force. Even gods can die to it. And as such, the sub-house for immortals is on edge with her existence in the pantheon, and she believes sufficient amount can override the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon. Partnered with it is the Void Wind, which can snuff out magic and gods. Thus, she is feared by the House of Magic and Sorcery.
    • Other forces include the Black Apple, the Sixth Note and Faithlessness. The Black Apple represents forbidden knowledge, which she is trying to tempt members of the House of Knowledge with. The Sixth Note is an esoteric power beyond imagination itself. Then the Faithlessness, which while little is known it appears to be tied with the concept of Doom. The Nothing may be connected to either the Void Wind, Sixth Note or the Faithlessness. She feels it is a useful tool, though given what the Nothing is it isn't going to side with her.
  • Her arrival immediately got the attention of the Presence; though He takes a different form, He is still the same being as the Source Perpetua betrayed. He immediately called on her three sons to prepare and empower them so they can form the Ultra Monitor again, while making sure the Anti-Monitor is kept on a leash. Mobius is still somewhat loyal to his mother and regrets joining his brothers to rat him out as it made his roles as a Destroyer Deity obsolete, but is forced to be disloyal whenever the Presence says so. By contrast Mar Novu and Alpheus won't hesitate to fight their mother and they don't regret ratting her out.
  • Superheroes and supervillains across the DC Multiverse were on high alert come her ascension to the pantheon. Even if he's not a superhero persay, she was immediately concerned with Doctor Manhattan since it was his powers that the Batman That Laughs recreated for himself to even stand a chance against her. Likewise, she put Wonder Woman high on her hit list as when empowered by the World Forge she was the one who finally put Laughs down for good, and the Mother of the Multiverse doesn't want that kind of power up to happen again. Despite their differences, Diana has absolutely no problems with Kratos wanting to tear Perpetua apart as she is everything he sees wrong with the gods. Aleph was also in total agreement with this, but he knows he and Kratos need to do some serious work before they can take her out.
  • Not all DC characters oppose her, however; Barbatos was convinced to strike down his master with Perpetua's advice. Substituting the Batman Who Laughs, Perpetua wants him to replace the role and join with the Mind Flayer at her side to run her new and improved Dark Multiverse for the darkness they'll bring. And she has not just whispered to Barbatos, but her son Mobius, Parallax, Alexander Luthor Jr and Darkseid, encouraging them to act in various crises to damage the Source Wall so she may one day be free. Like Melkor it is likely a stretch to say she influenced crises beyond the scope of DC, but by most metrics she is her multiverse's Greater-Scope Villain as well. Darkseid has already been promised by Laughs a world where he won the Final Crisis and Perpetua promises to maintain that for him. She has also made a clear promise to Parallax that he may run rampant and feed off the terror of The Dark Multiverse so long as he serves her.
  • Because of her opposition to any true supreme being, she detests The Love That Moves The Stars; a truly transcendent presence that is the source of creation. As the Mother of the Multiverse perverts creation to her own selfish ends, He sees her as being little better than Dis. The Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous has as much of a kinship as possible for an omnimalevolent being such as himself with Perpetua, who seeks to restore him to shape in order to be an important asset against her war of the true divine. To aid in the war against their creators she formed a strained alliance with the GUAD; giving them the firepower to destroy whole universes, but only if it's universes she thinks should go. The Mother of the Multiverse doesn't want to destroy everything forever, just re-shape things the way she sees fit.
  • Perpetua believes the Force is some sort of aspect or connection to the Source. As such, she desires to capture and subjugate/twist the Ones for her own purposes, boasting "I have faced mightier Celestials than you". More generally, the Mother of the Multiverse is hated and feared by the divine. Many have compared her Gnostic Demiurge, being both a malicious god and a betrayer of the cosmic order. Though significantly less powerful than her, the Father of the Homunculi fits a lot of her character traits. Perpetua has some measure of sympathy for his desire of ultimate freedom, and she recognizes that the Truth is much like the Source in many ways. As such, she is aiding Father in taking down the Truth in order to achieve her own ends with existence.
  • Perpetua's perversion of the natural order gained her many enemies even before her re-emergence. A supremely selfish creator, Gowasu regards her as the pinnacle of disorder that a god of creation can reach. Beerus agrees, and when the Mother of the Multiverse claimed he was being hypocritical, he defended this by saying he would never go so far as she did. Both Zeno were so offended by her abuse of power (even if she argued they weren't innocents in such), they tried erasing her on the spot...only for it to not work, though she did emerge with scratches. Everyone was terrified.
  • Arceus despises Perpetua for being a traitor to her job as a creator, however she doesn't think much of the Original One. Ahura Mazda fears she might be what he would become if he breaks from the stress of his job. The Mother of the Multiverse is a serious enemy to the Pantheonic Time Police and the Protectors of the Plot Continuum as well, what with her plans to warp reality to her liking and exploitation of Crisis energy. Despite all of this antipathy towards her, there were a number of divine beings who think she's justified in her feelings. It's just that they get in the way of their desires, making her a rival.
  • Part of her goal in weaponizing the multiverse includes making hybrids of Martians and humans. There are a lot of the former to pick from, and she has decided to offer the Martian from Mars Attacks! a deal; serve as her foot soldiers and she will enhance them, becoming a powerful force in the new order. They accepted this deal. Ragyo Kiryuin has also accepted her deal for power and spreading the Life Fibers. Part of why this worked out was they have similar ideals as mothers.
  • While the various alliances consider the Forever War of the pantheon frustrating, given it seems none of them will ever have a definitive win, Perpetua takes a "glass half full" approach to it. However this is only because the resultant Crisis energy will empower her. As such, she is supportive of those who thrive in war and similar strife-filled events, but only until such a point where she has gained so much power from the pantheon's Crisis energies she can steamroll the other alliances and take over the Trope Pantheon itself. To keep fueling Crisis energies she has been supporting all of the Chaos Gods, even if she doesn't care about their ideologies and neither do they. This only fuels what the Emperor of Mankind has in her mind of the Mother of the Multiverse; The absolute WORST of gods. Her "vision" of violent human-Martian hybrids is an abomination to him and he regards her in the same tier of "EXTERMINATUS AT ALL COSTS" as the Chaos Gods, YHVH, Lucifer and Melkor.
  • She has made sweet talk with Umalaq in that her "doom" fits his vision, and he could reach even greater heights of divinity by being one of her disciples. He's considering it, since for now he's still siding with Vaatu. She has also promised Lord Drakkon and Bandos a fair bit of multiversal power as well. On a more academic level the Lich was interested in her and her place in the greater mythology of existence, as was Darth Plagueis because of her nature as a creator. Their ambitions have precluded becoming her allies, but they are still permitted to study her to an extent.
  • Perpetua wonders if Lucifer, the son of Chuck, could serve her interests. The answer was yes, if it also serves his own. What with him being a powerful and rebellious devil, he's the kind of guy who she thinks stroking his ego would lead to him aiding her. She was most amused to learn his dad was Evil All Along, as a deity who sees creation as His amusement is an attitude she agrees with, and wonders if he can use his "writing" to help her "story" of becoming truly supreme.
  • Gaining more intel onto the Dark Multiverse thanks to the Batman Who Laughs, she plans to create Dark Multiverse nightmare worlds where The Bad Guy Wins stuck in a perpetual loop with the various events in the pantheon. Well plan is more accurate; she is not to be trusted. She lied to Luthor about humanity surviving and ascending, something the Batman Who Laughs figured and eventually convinced to be her Dragon instead because of his knowledge of the Dark Multiverse. And of course he's not to be trusted, as after implanting his brain in a Bruce Wayne with Dr Manhattan's powers the "Darkest Knight" plans to overthrow her. Ultimately the Darkest Knight succeeded at killing her by pummeling her to death with the remains of the Source Wall, and now that she's been revived in the pantheon she's absolutely livid about it.
  • Perpetua became interested in the idea of restoring Gigyas’ sanity as another way to get at the source and achieve her goals, which once again terrified the Pantheon. She began to express this option further by bringing some of Gigyas’ elite, aka the Starmen, into her employ in return for assisting in the “revival” of Gigyas, but they remain wary about this partnership as they had known of her dealings with Lex Luthor. This would also put Perpetua towards the current head of Gigyas’ entire cabal and leader of his sanity-restoring effort, the divine spirit Junko, in which the Mother of the Multiverse would then propose an offer to her for an alliance. Against all odds and much to the dismay of their respective enemies, Junko & Perpetua found themselves to be in cahoots since their first meeting.

Alright, who's ne-

(cue the narrator getting turned into a goat)

Welcome, welcome! Do come in and make yourselves at home. We're having a feast, so dig in! There's plenty to go around here. Venison, sweet rolls, and especially the cheese! ...and some brain pie too, but we're running low. Care to donate?
Oh, you've come to learn about me, then. The Mad God? A bit redundant because in a way, you already have. I am that fault on the surface of your mind, the faint voice dwelling- oh just read the bloody thing already. It's not like you do much else, anyways. Quite sad, really.

Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Apotheosized Mortals (The Mad Star, The Mad Lord, The Mad God, The Mad One, Lord of the Creative, Lord of the Deranged, Gentleman With a Cane, the Skooma Cat, Lord of the Never-There, Void Ghost, the Hero of Kvatch, the Champion of Cyrodiil, Ann Marie, Theodor Gorlash)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbols: His emblem depicting the Wabbajack, his other artifacts, the Shivering Isles, or a cheese wheel.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Though the Second Sheogorath may have developed Chaotic Good leanings)
  • Portfolio: Completely off his rocker and revels in every second of it, Anthropomorphic Personification of Madness, Jovial and friendly, Trickster Archetype, Fond of cheese, Gifted Mortals music, Silver Fox, talks in a funny accent that alternates between Irish and Scottish, Big Good of Shivering Isles, Big Bad of Mages Guild Questline in Online, Once Jyggalag's cursed form, Mantled by the Champion of Cyrodiil
  • Domains: Insanity, Chaos, Creativity, Cheese, Music, Ascended Mortals
  • Followers: Aureals (Golden Saints), Mazken (Dark Seducers), anyone with varying levels of madness
  • Herald: Haskill, his Chamberlain
  • Allies: Weird Al, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Xingo
  • Connected to: The Houses of Madness and Insanity, Craft, Musicality, Mentalism (specifically Trickery), and Food
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Heads of the Asylum (Enemies with Alexander, Good terms with Delirium, and Pities Yuno Gasai)
  • Enemies: Wario, Kenji Setou, Calypso, YHVH, Zelenin, the Grand United Alliance of Law (tyrannical and otherwise), Nekron, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Raava and Vaatu
  • Complicated Relationships: Monterey Jack
  • Opposed by: Hermaeus Mora, Hircine, The House of Childhood and Adolescence
  • Annoys: The Gamers! crew, The Question, Q
  • They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. It, of course, can, in a way, be attributed to the Daedric Prince of Insanity himself. See, in his realm, Shivering Isles there exists a prophecy known as the Greymarch where once every era the Daedric Prince of Order, Jyggalag, and his Forces of Order come and destroy everything before Sheogorath comes in to rebuild it all over again. The kicker here is that Sheogorath is Jyggalag, having been transformed by his fellow Daedric Princes in fear of his growing power. Justifiable, as one example of this included a library that, through deductive reasoning alone, was said to know everythingnote . This, however, is no longer the case as the Greymarch was eventually broken thanks to efforts of a mortal who mantled Sheogorath and defeated Jyggalag. Their identity? None other than the Champion of Cyrodiil. Over time, they grew to the position although those perceptive would realize there are some inklings of their original personality in there beneath that madness. Apparently mantling the Mad God isn't anything new.
    "It's a family title. Gets passed down from me to myself every few thousand years."
  • The Mad God came into the Pantheon one day by following his fellow Daedric Princes Hermaeus Mora and Hircine. Though originally he did so carrying Mephala's Ebony Blade cheerily claiming that she had misplaced it and was going to take it back for "safe keeping"read . But after giving it away to some schmuck in the House of Betrayal and Treachery (and predictably causing some chaos there in the process) he found the Trope Pantheon to be a very nice vacation spot (more than Emperor Pelagius III's mind, especially since he's cured now) and decided to set up permanent residence here should he leave the Shivering Isles. Haskill came in to support his case, or more accurately reign in the insanity and directly inform the Court of Gods of his Lord's demands.
    • In the end, the Court allowed him in. Not because of the contemporary consequences (valid as they are) but they have looked over the mantle of Sheogorath and found an ideal title for the Daedric Prince to take. His fellow Daedric Princes don't seem all that pleased with the news though continued on with their business with Hircine grumbling of a time where he lost his champion to a songbird. Knowing the complicated affairs in Oblivion, there's probably way more to his relationships with his fellow Princes. Although, the Champion of Cyrodiil releasing someone whom they viewed as a threat for all of them to work together against may not have helped things in the slightest.
  • Has a bunch of artifacts associated with him. For example, the Fork of Horripilation is a cursed dinner fork that stunts the magic of the wielder. There's also Folium Discognitum, a book of knowledge not unlike Hermaeus Mora's Oghma Infinium, save for the fact it is written and reads like a madman. But his most famous artifact is the Wabbajack, a Magic Staff that is unpredictable as Sheogorath himself. Helpful or harmful or useless, it's all the same. Wabbajack. Wabbajack. Wabbajack. Not exactly as a reliable artifact as his others, though it's the most well known for a reason. For cats can be bats can be rats can be hats can be gnats can be thats can be thises. And doors can be boars can be snores can be floors can be roars can be spores can be yours can be mine. Nonetheless it is very amusing to use. Wabbajack. Wabbajack. Wabbajack!
    • Wario saw the Wabbajack as another get-rich-quick scheme, thinking he could change whatever he wanted to gold, and attempted to steal it, but when he did all he was able to do with it was briefly turn some furniture into sweet rolls, cats, pumpkins, and even a Spriggan at one point. When Sheogorath caught him he stole back the Wabbajack and turned Wario's head into a clam, but found that Wario seemed to shrug off the magic and acted as if nothing had happened to him despite having a clam for a head for the rest of the afternoon.
      "Well now. This makes things infinitely more interesting."
      • Since then Wario hates Sheogorath now because, because he seems immune to anything that would otherwise be fatal to a normal mortal the Prince encounters, Sheogorath loves to transform him into all sorts of things when he's feeling sad. Or happy. Or bored. Or angry. Anything really, the many different forms Wario takes is just that interesting to the Mad God.
  • Wario isn't the only person he consistently toys around with as the Gamers! crew, the Question, and the Adoring Fan are also targets to his whims. Though the former two have relatively harmless pranks done on them so far, be it getting the crew to overreact and escalate the situation either by telling truths and lies to them or spouting rabbit-hole theories which require an extensive amount of evidence to validate. The Adoring Fan's pranks seem a lot less harmless, often ending in him getting gravely injured in some form or another and he honestly doesn't know what did he do to the Daedric Prince to warrant such wrath.
    • The Daedric Prince appeared to the feminist-hating conspiracy theorist was through his dreams, sympathizing with his plight and promised to help him out under the condition that he gather certain items to take to a shrine of his to not only earn his favor but also help in his fight. Kenji agreed and though the journey was harrowing as the items included things such as blades of grass from the House of Technology or a cloud's tears (which is not rain, apparently). While on his way back from the aforementioned "tears" he sensed a feeling that he was being followed. Instinctively he took to the nearest tree hole which turned out to be considerably deeper than he thought. As the light hit Kenji's eyes he found he was in some sort of room with the same figure who turned out to be... Haskill.
      • Disgruntled that he was forced to chase down Kenji, he explained that came to congratulate him for fulfilling his Lord's tasks and that he was going to take him to a celebration, males only of course. And Kenji soon took off to the next door and found the party and whatever details came after that remains unclear, only that the next time people saw Kenji he was a gibbering, murmuring wreck next to a Shrine of Sheogorath.
  • Some deities noticed in that the previous appearances of Sheograth there is some vocal contrast. In a time when Morrowind was threatened by the Blight he sounded quite like a calm gentleman and there were some reports that he also had a more sinister hiss of a voice during the Oblivion Crisis up until he personally invites the Champion of Cyrodiil to the Shivering Isles. While the former can be chalked up to Haskill mantling Sheogorath, the latter has no such explanation. Knowing Sheogorath, it's likely for amusement.
  • Has a positive connection to the Houses of Music and Craft for bringing music to mortals and his overall association with creativity and makes it a routine to visit the Houses if he can. Creativity and madness can go hand in hand, after all. On their end, while the two Houses are flattered they're still overall cautious of him given that in one legend he managed to give mortals music by tearing apart a random woman to make the instruments when she commented on the beauty of songbirds. In another, he cursed a city so that all children born be born from then on after hearing their pleas that their king banned any and all forms of creativity. This ended with the king's own son committing patricide where he later died as he incidentally made it so that his own quarters was his own tomb out of paranoia... not that the people mind, for they were free to be mad and continued to act as though still had a ruler.
    • The only musician in the Pantheon he bonds really well with would be Weird Al. Sheogorath admires the zaniness of his music but is particularity — and rather unsurprisingly — fond of the song "The Night Santa Went Crazy". Weird Al introduced Sheogorath to the accordion and he's been hooked ever since, playing joyous songs on it at whether he can. Unfortunately for everyone else in his vicinity Sheogorath is terrible at playing it. Though none suffer more than his dear Chamberlain Haskill — who being the Cloudcuckoolander's Minder that is — has to put up with such dreadful cacophonies. Purposefully dreadful cacophonies, if he is to be believed. It wouldn't be out of character for Sheogorath to do things just to be annoying.
    • Sheorgorath is also connected to is the House of Madness and Insanity (no elaboration needed as to why). When it comes to its guardians, the reactions are mixed. Alexander Rovias wants nothing to do with him given her own issues (especially when it comes to Eldritch Abominations), at least on good terms with Delirium even with her sporadic mood, and he surprisingly leaves Ice King alone at least when it comes to Simon Petriokov. And even then, his jokes tend to be on the more tame side of things with Ice King. and the House of Mentalism and can be seen hanging around the Trickery section of the House, mainly for inspiration for how he can drive the next person to blessed instability. He's quite fond of Mr. Mxyzptlk's shtick for that matter and was grateful when he introduced Xingo to him. Sheogorath tried including Q into their schemes but apparently, even he got tired with the Daedric Prince.
      • One would think he'd also be good pals with Calypso. After all, they're both insane beings with near-limitless magic at their disposal, but Sheogorath actually isn't too fond of the guy. Sheogorath told Calypso once that he felt Calypso got his sick kicks way too easily and his way of having "fun" vastly differed from his own. "Too simple, too predictable, not twisting the Monkey's Paw enough. Mostly only giving it a wee little handshake". Calypso, being himself, didn't take too kindly to Sheogorath's criticism, especially when the Daedric Prince offered to run his Twisted Metal competition for a while until Calypso could get a better imagination, apparently offering to send him on a long quest in the Shivering Isles to "get his mojo back", and has since wanted nothing to do with the Mad God.
    • Lastly is House of Food for his association with cheese and... somehow embodiment of it. He would have liked another trope about cheese to go with his existing title, something Monterey Jack stood in the way of. People got weary when news broke out and even Monterey Jack was cautious after hearing one of Sheogorath's monikers as the Skooma Cat, though the Daedric Prince just handwaved it off as something no one should worry about. No one's fooled by this and the Houses of Meals (A to M) and Meals (N to Z) are anxious, paranoid even.
      • On the topic of cheese he heard of fairly known cheese-lovers in the Pantheon: Charlotte the Dessert Witch and Nagisa Momoe. Though, in Charlotte's case, Sheogorath already knew her from Haskill after she came into the Shivering Isles and ate some of its denizens while he was away. Still quite vexed about that, he walked up to the witch, cast some spell on her, and told Charlotte to "enjoy the view". Charlotte then woke up in the House of Life and Death, having told by Nagisa that Sheogorath teleported far above the House to fall to her death with her only cushioning being an X made up of Camembert. The two don't hold the Daedric Prince in high regard since then.
  • Being a Daedric Prince would have already made Sheogorath enemies with the Grand United Alliance of Law. But with his spheres being creativity and madness he quickly shot up as the worst out of all the ascended Princes to them and wish to destroy the Shivering Isles, much like Jyggalag. Predictably Sheogorath returns such special enmity, the similarities to Jyggalag is not lost to him as Sheogorath finds them as about as fulfilling and inspired as stale bread.
    "You lot are all such bores. How can you live with yourselves? Oh, you go on and on about order and structure it's all so, so, so boring! Reminds me of listening to Mora sloooowly drone on, but at least that crab-slug of a bookworm keeps things interesting. You? I reckon you'd make an ice-wraith cry hail from dejection just by being around you."
    • He's also enemies with the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. Setting aside their goals and how it would affect him and the Shivering Isles, his opposition with them also comes from personal experience as having gone through the Oblivion Crisis with Mehrunes Dagon and his cultists as the Champion of Cyrodiil.
  • Once met with the Dovahkiin during his vacation in the mind of the aforementioned long-dead Emperor Pelagius Septim III, though they didn't expect to run into the Prince as they only wanted to help out a man whose master wouldn't leave. To their suprise, he was pretty easy to convince to leave with the only that condition that they use the Wabbajack to help cure Pelagius of his madness. Pretty benevolent in contrast to, say, tricking the Daedric Prince Malacath into killing his own son as revenge for killing another orc and damning him to the Shivering Isles, said son doing so with a sword that Sheogorath gave to him in the first place that predictably drove him mad.
  • If you really haven't gotten it by now messing with Sheogorath is a terrible idea, as Punishment Point can clearly attest to. Matter of fact, messing with any of the Daedric Princes is ill-advised but with his approachable personality, people lacking in good judgement tend to forget that. His victories either stem from trickery, such as with Hircine and Malacath, or in the case with Vaermina and Ravate, simply doing nothing.
  • Once he and Haskill participated in a lore video about himself after having turned the narrator (who was apparently a follower to the Prince of Madness) into cheese.
Well that's just about everything you have to know me that your puny little mind can stuff in. But enough about me. What about you?
Oh, was that it? Did you just come all this way to meet a Daedric Prince... just to ask questions and leave? No requests, no offerings or tribute, not even a plead for some epic merry quest to give you? *yawns* A bit despondent, don't you think? Yet... it's also quite mad. Oh well. I grow tired of this conversation. Go on. Get out already unless you want me to turn you into a rock. Or maybe a book... about my favorite color.

Uraltugo Noi Nueph, Manager of Divine Ranks (Ugo, Magic Otaku, Strongest Magician in the World, The Almighty God)
  • Overdeity (has power over the ranking system)
  • Symbol: Rukh
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Divine Ranks, The Archmage, Beware the Nice Ones, Imagination-Based Superpower, Older Than They Look, Paralyzing Fear of Sexuality, Top God
  • Domains: The Divine Ranks, Magic
  • Allies: Aladdin the Magi, Eru Ilúvatar, The One Above All, Aladdin the Thief, The Genie, Madoka Kaname
  • Enemies: Ren Gyokuen, Melkor, Jafar, Zamasu
  • Respects: The Truth
  • The Main House's (now defunct) Holy Trinity appointed Ugo to the newly-created position of "Manager of Divine Ranks" after learning he was able to exchange the hierarchy of Gods in his own Universe, and decided he was a perfect fit for regulating the ranks of entities in the Pantheon. Ugo very happily agreed with the decision, because now he had a whole range of new people he could make friends with. He is also employed in the Court of the Gods.
    • Extra care has been taken by the Progenitors to ensure that Ugo's knowledge of how to switch places in the divine hierarchy does not spread to other Gods, for fear that evil-aligned Gods may use it to give themselves more power in the Pantheon, as David was able to accomplish in Ugo's world. However, Tzeentch may already know...
  • Ugo has garnered the ire of a number of evil deities, both because Ugo was able to do what so many of them failed to do (usurp their Universes' gods and become Gods themselves), and because of the apparent hypocrisy in Ugo's treatment compared to them. It is believed that Ren Gyokuen/Arba was the one who first started the complaints.
  • Ugo holds great respect for The Truth as a guardian of the Gate of Truth, and the purveyor of justice and karma. The Truth may have had a guiding hand in David and Sinbad usurping the Sacred Palace from Ugo, but the implication is that David is the one The Truth wanted to be punished. The Truth may be the only other being outside of the Holy Trinity with whom Ugo's knowledge was shared.
  • Ugo was also very happy and surprised to meet Aladdin in the Pantheon, and the two frequently talk about the other characters and worlds as Aladdin shows Ugo around the Pantheon. Aladdin is also helping Ugo readjust to being outside of the Sacred Palace, since being in there for 1x10^51 years made him a little insane, and making sure that no evil deities try to trick him into doing something by projecting an illusion of Solomon. Aizen Sousuke, in particular, is high on the list of people to keep Ugo away from.
  • Unlike Aladdin, Ugo is completely frightened of well-developed female physiques, much to the humor of some Goddesses, but also makes many Gods wonder where on earth Aladdin got it from, since Ugo was the one who raised Aladdin.
  • Ugo's expertise in magic is considered to be unparalleled in his home Universe, enough so that it was his mastery of magic that created the Djinn, the Universe in which Aladdin and his friends live in, and the source of his ability to re-order the divine hierarchy.
    • He heard about the plight of Madoka Kaname shortly after arriving in the Pantheon, and he has promised to help Madoka in any way he can.
  • Zamasu was... not happy to hear of Ugo's exploits after the latter ascended to the Pantheon, and immediately went on a rampage against Ugo to destroy the NINGEN!!!. Ugo quickly over-powered Zamasu and put him in a fish-tank, and the latter was only released on the instruction of the Main House after he had calmed down.

Greater Gods

Guthix, the God That Does Not Want to Be Worshipped (The God of Balance, The Green God, Most High Guthix, Most High)
Guthix's pre-god form 
Guthix's human form 

    Sigmar Heldenhammer 
"When the sun rests, and the world is dark, and the great fires are lit, and the ale is poured into flagons, then it is time to sing sagas as the Dwarfs do. And the greatest saga is the saga of Sigmar, mightiest warrior. Harken now, hear these words, and live in hope."

Sigmar Unberogen, The Divine God-Emperor (Sigmar Heldenhammer, Hammer of the Goblins, Hammer of Orcs, Sigmar Bjornsson, God King, Child of Thunder, The Chosen of Ulric, Incarnate of the Wind of Heaven)
Sigmar in Age of Sigmar 
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: His Warhammer, Ghal Maraz, the Shield of The Empire and the Symbol of the Grand Alliance: Order
  • Alignment: Lawful Good personified
  • Portfolio: God-Emperor of Human Origin, Founder and Establisher of The Empire, Big Good, Wielding the Legendary Hammer Ghal Maraz, God of Thunder, Was Universally Beloved by his People, Hope Bringer, Reasonable Authority Figure, Inhumanly Powerful and Influential, Is Not Hesitant in Defending his Home
  • Domains: Rulers, Godhood, Empires, Humanity, Saviors
  • Allies: Karl Franz, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Tyrion, Gandalf, Aragorn, King Arthur Pendragon, Princess Zelda, Link, Madoka Kaname, Cosmos, Superman, Orion, Statesman, Arturia Pendragon, Ultraman King, Optimus Prime, Thor Odinson, Raiden, Uriel Septim VII, Thrall, Liu Kang, Shulk, Shirou Emiya, Kitana, Artix Von Krieger
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Lord Kroak, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq, Teclis, Orion, Vlad von Carstein, Settra
  • Rival: Zeus
  • Friendly Rivals: The God-Emperor of Mankind, Izaya/Highfather
  • Arch-Enemy: Archaon the Everchosen
  • Enemies: Nagash, Grimgor Ironhide, Khazrak, Gorthor, Mannfred von Carstein, Konrad von Carstein, Ezekyle Abbadon, Warboss Ghazghkull, Asdrubael Vect, Melkor, Darkseid, Nekron, Sauron, Megatron, Thanos, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Zamasu, Bowser, Ganondorf, Maleficent, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Griffith, Chakravartin, Zanza, Arthas Menethil
  • Friendly Enemy: Gilgamesh
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Malekith (Enemies for the most part, though they are willing to work together if need be), Shegorath
  • Respected By: Lucifer (one-sided, and only on the latter's end)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • On Speaking Terms With: Emperor Calus, Dracula (Hotel Transylvania), Guts
  • Opposes: The Four Chaos Gods (and by extension, all of their followers), Molag Bal, The Anti-Monitor, Chaos (Sailor Moon)
  • Sigmar Unberogen was once a man of the Unberogen tribe, one of the mightiest tribes of men in the early days and a devout believer of Ulric, the Warrior God of Winter and Wolves. He was born in a day when a twin-tailed comet passed through the world, a sign that he was destined for greatness. Indeed, Sigmar took to finding a way to unite Humanity, whom had become too indulged in fighting against one another and were under the threat of the increasing might of the Greenskins and Beastmen, Taking the helm of a Warhammer named Ghal Maraz, Sigmar unified the 12 tribes and rallied them against the Greenskins and Beastmen separately, ultimately winning and becoming their leader. He created a civilized, orderly empire and was anointed Emperor by the Ar-Ulrich of the Church of Ulric, whereafter he ruled his empire for 50 years and personally took to defending his home and people from various enemies such as the Morkar the Uniter, the first of the Everchosen, the Norscan Tribes and the return of Nagash, the Great Necromancer. In the last documented moments of his life, Sigmar took one last glance at the people and land that he dearly loved and departed to the direction of the Worlds Edge Mountains. He was never seen again. In his legacy, a religion was created that revered him as a messianic figure and a ruling establishment was formed under the Elector Counts, different rulers of different lands who still swore fealty to their leader, the Emperor.
    • It was believed that Sigmar died while travelling to the Worlds Edge Mountains, though because he was never found, this was debatable. Some speculated that he ascended to Godhood, but chose to not return. However, what actually happened was that the Chaos God, Tzeentch had captured and subjected him to the Winds of Heaven. To Tzeentch's surprise, Sigmar became stronger over time and was freed from his prison due to the machinations of the Elf Wizard, Teclis, during the advent of the End Times. During these events, Sigmar embedded a part of his power to Valten and his soul to the corpse of Karl Franz, effectively resurrecting him.
  • In the final moments of the Warhammer World, Sigmar reclaimed his hammer, restoring his full power and presence and confronted the fifth and final Everchosen, Archaon, to determine the fate of the world. Archaon, embittered by his former god not being there during his crisis of faith back in his early days, challenged the God-Emperor in a brutal and vicious battle as the world around them was crumbling and disintegrating and everyone around them panicking and dying. In their last moments, Sigmar and Archaon gripped onto the handle of Ghal Maraz, wrestling for control after which both tumbled down into a Chaos Warp Rift.
    • Even after everything was destroyed and no one was left around, Sigmar and Archaon continued to brawl in the rift for countless years, a seemingly endless battle where neither seemed to be having a particular advantage. Then, it happened; the God-Emperor and the Everchosen were not in the rift anymore, but rather a brand new world where nothing looked familiar. This didn't deter their focus in any way, with Sigmar and Archaon still fighting, their epic duel witnessed by bypassers from the forces of good, evil and many others. Finally, the battle came to a sudden and abrupt end with an unknown cosmic force blowing both forces away from one another and knocking them unconscious.
    • Upon regaining consciousness, Sigmar looked around to realize that he was in a whole new world. Composing his will to fight and honour his homeland, he travelled around, stumbling across Cosmos. The Goddess of Good expressed curiosity on who he was, to which Sigmar replied that his homeworld was now gone and that he is in the mood of rebuilding it. To his surprise, he was delighted when Cosmos told Sigmar about the Warhammer having surfaced somewhere, albeit in a fractured and incomplete state. He visited the rebuilding Empire and gave his graces to Karl Franz, who reciprocated by thanking him for doing the best possible to try defending their home. From there, Sigmar decided to leave the ruling duties to Karl and returned to Cosmos, telling her what he knew about his world, all of his allies and enemies, especially the Chaos Gods and Archaon and how their influence is still being projected in the Pantheon. He pleaded for an alliance, citing that he will do whatever is necessary to unite and strengthen the morale of her collective forces. Seeing his words as just and humble, Cosmos accepted, appointing Sigmar into the GUAG Command, for Sigmar had every intention of wanting to keep forces of good united and in control. This time, he will not let the Chaos Gods triumph again.
  • Regarding Karl Franz, there was a debate as to whom would take over the possession of Ghal Maraz in the Pantheon. Out of respect, Karl handed it over to its original wielder, whereupon Sigmar decided to bestow Karl with a replica to fight with. While not as strong, the replica is still a formidable weapon, though with Godhood now embedded within him, Sigmar's control over the original Ghal Maraz not only makes the Warhammer stronger, but it also allows him to manipulate electrokinesis whenever he wills it.
  • Sigmar makes it pretty clear that despite his reputation, he still allows himself to listen to Cosmos in regards to her wisdom and influence. That said, Sigmar does assert that in a battlefield, he feels as if he should take top leadership as he believes that his influence towards mankind would allow him to assert control and discipline to the forces of Good. Cosmos understands him but tells the God-Emperor to be wary of succumbing to becoming far more militant than he should be, which he does worry about.
    • Regarding the GUAG's leadership, Sigmar has a mostly positive reception, though his failure to save the Warhammer World has underscored him with some form of criticism, a fact that Sigmar is forced to accept without hesitation. Batman once asked him about ever employing a strategy to his final fight against the Forces of Chaos, which Sigmar replied that by the time he reemerged, the world was already coming to an end and that he was the only remaining force left to fight against Archaon. Being a lone survivor hasn't done him favours either, with Sigmar proclaiming that one of his major goals is to re-establish his influence from scratch, even if it takes a millennia.
  • As a former mortal who ascended to Godhood, Sigmar doesn't know how to think of or communicate with Shegorath. He's not evil, but he's certainly ambiguous, plus Shegorath's main shtick is joking around and having fun, though not in a sense that would entice people. That said, Shegorath does find Sigmar rather interesting and often attends his presence to entertain him, much to the God-Emperor's chagrin.
  • Zamasu hates Sigmar, utterly baffled and disgusted that a human being transcended into godhood and represents a race as corrupted and destructive (in his point of view) as mankind. Having heard of the Kai's tales and the eventual destruction of his timeline's multiverse, Sigmar directed much of his contempt to him, giving Zamasu his own statement about what he really thinks of him;
    Sigmar: You refer to yourself as a saviour, eh? Because if you certainly seem to think so, then you seem to be in denial of the damage you've done, even dragging your own kind to oblivion and for what? You clearly haven't any idea about standing up for what is true and just, only looking at the benefits and view's of oneself. You, Zamasu, are a scourge. A scourge who spreads chaos and misery because you cannot fathom anyone and anything but yourself. But it doesn't matter either way because there's no hope for salvation and your pride all but renders you blind.
  • Having wandered around the Pantheon for a long time, it didn't take long for Sigmar to realize that there were threats just as grand and devious as the Chaos Gods. Among them was the Daedric Prince, Molag Bal, who took delight into how Sigmar was tortured by Tzeentch upon imprisonment, though he was disappointed by how he was able to break free and resume his crusade against the Forces of Chaos. Regardless, Val's creation of Vampirism in his universe didn't sit well with Sigmar, given how the vampires of the Warhammer World were relentless in their aim to plunder the world into darkness.
    • By extension, Sigmar has a rather difficult time regarding the many vampires in the Pantheon. To his credit, many of them are feral, bloodhungry or even morally depraved beasts who may sometimes kill for the hell of it. However, Sigmar realized that there were good-natured vampires around as well and is eager to at least try helping them out, despite his powers being a repelling force to them. It helps in that one particular vampire, Genevieve Dieudonné, happens to be a renowned figure for the Empire.
    • Of course, he was not happy to learn of the presence of the Von Carstein Counts, Mannfred and Konrad in the Pantheon, especially given that the former was responsible for allowing the Warhammer World to be destroyed. Even worse was that both of them were under the allegiance of Nagash and that both of them pitted themselves in a Cold War of sorts, partly to determine who's the better (or in this case, worse) of the brothers and partly to increase the influence of the GUAD. Their father, Vlad is also contemptuous of the situation, prompting him to establish a ceasefire against the God-Emperor in dealing with them.
  • He comes to see Madoka Kaname in very high regard. They can both relate in the sense that they decided to ascend to Godhood in an attempt to stop humankind from suffering and are incredibly dedicated to their causes and to those that they love, especially provided that they represent hope. However, Madoka is a pacifist who prefers to nurture and look after others whereas Sigmar is more proactive in stepping into the battlefield and leading humankind to victory.
    • When Sigmar caught news of the Pantheonic Rebellion that sapped away Madoka's influence and powers, the God-Emperor became furious over the events that transpired and the rising powers of Law and Chaos weren't helping matters either. He backed Madoka's decision to be more proactive in the future and was in support of her getting her powers back, even if it meant going against Homura Akemi.
    • Regarding Homura herself, Sigmar sincerely hopes to bring her back to the side of good, knowing that most of Homura's actions were out of love and affection. At the same time, however, Sigmar disagrees with the way she went through with protecting Madoka and feels that if left unchecked, Homura would be dooming the Pantheon out of an obsessive desire which Madoka wouldn't appreciate either. Sigmar aims to reason with Homura, though given her pact with Lucifer, things don't seem to be too bright on either side.
  • In time, Sigmar realized that there were many threats that were just as big and destructive as the Chaos Gods themselves. Chief among them were Melkor, Darkseid, Thanos, Chakravartin and Chaos, all of whom have threatened to destroy entire galaxies and realms to satiate their desires. Sigmar sees some of them differently in a sense, but always with contempt; Melkor for his petty excuse of not being able to create anything, Darkseid for wanting to prolong suffering and entropy as long as he can, Thanos for his obsession towards Death and destruction, Chakravartin for not taking any responsibility in his destruction and looking down on anyone and anything and Chaos for her malicious manipulation of her servants and towards the Sailor Guardians, and not to mention Chaos reminding Sigmar of the Chaos Gods themselves, especially Tzeentch.
  • While normally considered a God-Emperor, Sigmar is also a God of Thunder in all but name, given that with the help of Ghal Maraz, he is able to manipulate electricity and thunderstorms. He, Thor and Raiden all share their ability of electrokinesis and are sworn defenders of what means a lot to them, so it's not surprising that they quickly became close allies and a Power Trio. By extension, this also meant that Sigmar came to learn a lot more about different realms and cultures and asserts that he will use the powers granted to him by the GUAG to further understand, preserve and respect them.
    • And then there's Zeus. Sigmar has made it very clear that he doesn't see the Greek God of Lightning in high regard, unlike Thor and Raiden, primarily because Zeus was heavily opposed to granting humankind (and by extension, mortals) wisdom and further understanding, which led to him chaining Prometheus when he dared to provide humans with fire and damning him to eternal torment. Zeus sees Sigmar as an imitation and just because he's now a god doesn't brighten his opinions on him either way. While the fact that Sigmar and Zeus aren't on good terms is public knowledge, they are forced to work together as they seem to have a lot of mutual enemies in the Pantheon.
  • His reputation caught the interest of the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh. When the two met, Gilgamesh expressed disappointment towards Sigmar failing to save his world, but at the same time, complimented and respected his resolve and determination to lead his people and help his empire preserve, noting that his commitment is not unlike that of Arturia Pendragon. Sigmar, in response, urged Gilgamesh to work together to no avail, as the King of Heroes stated that he has his own business to attend to, but quipped that he will be looking forward to fighting against the God-Emperor one day and seeing him as a "worthy member of a large pack of mongrels". Despite the disappointment, Sigmar accepted that he's better off working with Arturia for the moment, but is preparing for a time when Gilgamesh will approach him for battle.
  • The story of Liu Kang was a tragedy according to Sigmar and regretted to be an enemy to him, given his fall to darkness. This changed when after Kronika's attempts to alter the timeline to her liking bought forth a younger Liu Kang and was pitted against his evil older self, the God-Emperor was happy to see that he may come back to being a hero after all. His words were proven correct when Raiden infused all of his power and influence into his protege, turning Liu Kang into a Fire God who successfully stopped Kronika and Shang Tsung from distorting time further to their liking. As for Liu Kang himself, he sympathizes with Sigmar in losing his homeworld, given that Raiden went through a similar crisis regarding his chosen warriors. The God-Emperor has asserted that he will not falter this time, extending his protection to the Pantheon as a whole as well and establishing a working partnership with the current Fire God.
    • He also became good friends with Kitana as Sigmar found her experiences and turmoil to be one of character and growth and was impressed to see her uniting the several races of Outworld into her services and loyalty. Sigmar himself took this as a sign that he should begin to work on bettering his relationship between the Dwarfs, Elves and Lizardmen if they truly must win against the Forces of Chaos. And of course, he's got nothing complimentary to say to Shao Kahn, seeing how his leadership made him hated by nearly everyone who worked for him and only working for his own benefits. Shao Kahn, on the other hand, scoffs Sigmar's mindset and considers him weak for trying to unite his services under respect when that should be done by fear.
  • Inevitably, he would learn of a setting where the Forces and Daemons of Chaos had a dominant control over a universe. This, too, had an emperor like Sigmar, except that he was crippled and kept barely functional by a life-support system. Luckily, this God-Emperor of Mankind resided in the Pantheon in a fully healthy condition, and Sigmar decided to visit him. The two of them greeted each other formally and, despite some arguments regarding the treatment towards other races like elves, dwarfs and aliens, they found themselves in an agreement. The Emperor of Mankind, thinking he would make an excellent second-in-command, offered Sigmar a high position in the Imperium of Mankind, but due to being a council leader of the GUAG already, Sigmar politely declined. Still, he did state that he will have a working relationship to aid and compete against each other in civil terms, to which the Emperor of Mankind nodded in approval.
  • The Elves are a difficult topic for him. This stems from the fact that the residential Elves of his world tend to be either prejudiced, aloof and more concerned about themselves. He does get along with Tyrion and sympathizes with his struggles, though Teclis is a lot more difficult, given that reviving Nagash as a way to engineer the End Times was not a welcoming signal, though he'll cut him some slack as Teclis aims to atone himself. Orion is best left to defend Athel Loren and obviously has the least personal relationship with him. Malekith of the Dark Elves normally sees Sigmar as an opponent, which is not helped by the fact that his race has been an enemy to humankind for a long time. However, they do have a common enemy in the Chaos Gods and the GUAE and hence, they will set aside their differences for this occasion. For once, Sigmar does compliment the Witch-King for trying to work with other races, though Malekith makes it clear he's going to have to prepare for himself.
    • He was surprised to learn of Orcs that were willing to pursue a more civilized society and learn to coexist with other races. Chief among them was Thrall, who himself wasn't exactly fond of Grimgor himself. Sigmar was initially wary, but once Thrall spoke out his reasoning, he presented himself his allies, which intrigued Sigmar into consideration for the Orc. Soon, the God-Emperor decided to establish a partnership, which worked on Thrall's favour as well, leading to the two becoming warrior friends and Thrall being a welcomed visitor to the Empire.
  • Despite his reputation of maintaining his celibacy, Sigmar actually fathered twin sons with Queen Freya of the Asoborns. This is information that not many know about, save for a select few, but Sigmar has made it pretty clear that he would have instead preferred if the ruling system of the Empire was more based on votes and the peoples' choices as a way to determine who would be most fit to govern. That said, he does solemnly admit that the Empire did undergo its fair share of corruption and fraud, something that he and Karl would like to remedy. As for Queen Freya and their sons, Sigmar has yet to make a comment about it.
  • As the founder and ruler of The Empire, Sigmar is also associated with the Monarchs Sub-House.
"Aye, the Empire needs heirs. And you are all my heirs. Everyone who lives in this land is my heir. Everyone who fights and bleeds to protect the Empire... They will all be Sigmar’s heirs"

Intermediate Gods

    Alexander Anderson 
Alexander Anderson, God of Fighting Preachers (Father Anderson, Saint Guillotine, the Bayonet Priest, Angel's Dust, God's Assassin, the Regenerator, Judas Priest)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when impaled by Helena's Nail)
  • Symbol: A pair of bayonets in a cross.
  • Theme Song: Monster of God, Anderson, and Written in My Face when he's feeling particularly battle-hungry.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with some dashes of Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Moral Guy Among a Bunch of Scumbags, Church Militant, Badass Preacher, Scary Shiny Glasses, Hamming Up, Slasher Smile, voice of Norio Wakamoto, Vampire Hunting, Worthy Opponent, Gratuitous "AAAAMEEEN!!!", Friend to All Children, Sociopathic Hero
  • Domains: Church, Faith, Vampire Hunts
  • Followers: the nuns of the Order of Our Most Holy Lady of the Righteous Smiting, Pastor Jerome Jeffries
  • Heralds: The Apostles of Iscariot
  • Allies: Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou, Jules Winnfield
  • Fire-Forged Friends With: Garterbelt
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Sanguinius, The Scarred Man
  • Enemies: Alucard, Seras Victoria (though he will Enemy Mine with them if necessary), Millennium, the entire Hall of Vampires, Dracula, Dio Brando, Enrico Pucci, Hsien-Ko, Gabriel Belmont
  • Opposes: The Interspecies Reviewers
  • Opposed by: Brief, Elsa la Conti, The nuns and sisters of St. Katherine's Parish
  • He and Alucard are among the few people that can keep up with fighting the other.
  • As a devout, loyal clergyman dedicated to slaying evil in the name of the Lord, Anderson completely hates the Ultima and the Glabados Church for spreading the blasphemous teaching that the archetype of his Lord is EVIL. For that, if he ever runs into any Glabados Church followers, their lives are forfeit.
  • As he did in life, he does in the Pantheon, and has sworn to slaughter every vampire he comes across. This mentality has kept strong in spite of the presence of good vampire examples in the Pantheon, which finally led to him being officially banned from the House of Otherness. He still tries to make good on his word.
  • As a general rule of thumb, avoid Father Anderson's path if he is holding bayonets and quoting the Bible. At best he'll simply bump into you and keep walking, and at worst he might cut you down along with whatever he's after.
  • He is very gentle around children, trying to teach them proper behavior and avoid fighting. Unless it's against heathens.
  • Used to be in the GUAE Re Education Facility until the Great Upheaval, which he transferred to the GUAL. The news of Homura becoming Homucifer angered him greatly.
  • He has pretty mixed feelings about Sanguinius. On one hand, he is an angel who fights demons and protects mankind from outer threats, which is pretty awesome. On the other hand, he is not an Abrahimian angel, instead worshiping his father and leading an army of vampires. The teamwork that the two share is often a reluctant one.
  • The same is true of the Scarred Man from Ishval. On one hand, he is a religious warrior who fights monsters and seeks to administer the vengeance of God upon those who've committed horrible crimes, which is pretty awesome. On the other hand, he's gone soft about attacking heathens in general and he seems to think "Ishvala" is the true name of God. Scar finds himself holding Anderson back more often than actually working with him.
  • On one of the video nights within the inner circles of the gods, Anderson's turn came up. The movie he offered was The Boondock Saints. Alucard had a field day with this information.
  • Even after becoming a god himself, he insists that he is nothing more than a tool to be used by the God.
  • Has not forgiven Alucard for what he did to the statue of Christ the Redeemer.
  • He especially hates Gabriel Belmont, possibly even more so than Alucard, as he can't understand why a vampire who terrorized humanity for centuries was selected to be God's Champion.
  • Brief is scared to death of Anderson, as he reminds him of Garterbelt. The fact that Garter is Anderson's High Priest doesn't help matters at all.
    • Once Garter himself ascended, Anderson had distaste for him, considering his... interests. He grew out of it when the two realized that their stories were similar, not to mention the whole shtick with the supernatural.
  • Does not like Pucci for various reasons. One is that Pucci sounds an awful lot like Maxwell, and the other is that he works for a vampire. Pucci's recent habit of sounding like Alucard also does not help.
  • "If anyone does not love the Lord, Jesus Christ, let him be accursed, oh Lord come, AAAAMEN."
    • "Who are we?!" "The neccesary evil!" "WHY are we neccesary?!" "To purge the world of evil worse then Man!" "And why are we, God's chosen few, ordained to undertake this unholy task?!" "Because noone else will!" "And because it's FUCKIN' FUN~!"

    Byakuren Hijiri and Toyosatomimi no Miko 
Byakuren Hijiri and Toyosatomimi no Miko, The Dueling Messiahs (Byakuren: The Great Sealed Magician, Saint Byakuren, the Acharya who Surpassed the Primates, Youkai Jesus) (Miko: Shoutoku Taoist, Crown Prince, Prince Shoutoku, the Almighty Taoist who Controls the Cosmos)
Byakuren Hijiri
Toyosatomimi no Miko
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: An ornate lotus flower and a scroll made out rainbow-coloured runes (Byakuren). A shaku and the Seven Star Sword (Miko)
  • Theme Music: "Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind" (Byakuren), "Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator" (Miko)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Byakuren, sometimes seen as Stupid Good), Lawful Good (Miko, sometimes seen as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Dueling Messiahs, Transhumans, Immortality Seekers, Being Sealed Away For A Very Long Time
  • Domains: Messianic Figures, Post-human (both), Buddhism, Monks, Youkai, Magicians (Byakuren), Taoism, Emperors, History, Hermits (Miko)
  • Heralds: Members of the Myouren Temple & Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum (Nazrin, Ichirin & Unzan, Shou, Minamitsu, Mamizou [shared with Nue & Kosuzu Motoori], & Kyouko for Byakuren | Soga, Seiga, Futo, & Yoshika for Miko)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Acnologia, Majora, Kiara Sessyoin (both, but Majora especially for Miko & Kiara especially for Byakuren), most anti-demon gods (Byakuren), YHVH (Miko)
  • Byakuren was a Buddhist Monk who became a Magician to escape death, and after helping the youkai out of selfish needs, she wanted genuinely help the youkai and people to co-exist, making her an idealistic Messiah. Miko was regent from old times, who studied Taoism to obtain immortality so that she can administer humanity if they needed it, making her a pragmatic Messiah. As you can guess, their ideals have clashed with each other.
  • Their temple is actually two separate temples, which are located far away from each other; not because they are on each other's throats constantly or anything like that, but because of their beliefs and such. Especially since they are the only Buddhist and Taoist gods respectively in House of Faith...well, actually, there is one other Buddhist god in this House- the sex-crazed member of the Great Triad, Kiara Sessyoin. Both Miko & Byakuren are rather uncomfortable when it comes to Kiara, but Byakuren in particular has a lot more anger than her Taoist rival as the nun had made some...perverse accusations towards the monk when it came to her relations with humans, an accusation that Byakuren & her disciples had more than enough right to be mad at.
  • Byakuren sometimes goes to House of Otherness to teach Buddhism teachings to the inhabitants of the place. While most of them tend to ignore her, they are usually nice enough to let her stay and do her preaching. She also visits other Houses with those who she thinks she can help. Mainly because the House of Faith dislikes having demons around the House, no matter how welcoming Byakuren might be. Because of this, she gets along with Oyashiro-sama due to the latter being mistaken for a demon in the mortal realm.
  • Byakuren sometimes visits House of Magic to improve her main form of magic and House of Combat to improve her physical skills in combat. Those who watch her train and fight there not only admire her technique and strength, but they edpecially praised her hair- a sentiment shared by many across the Pantheon. Its gradient purple-to-gold effect even has some deities with multicolored in awe.
  • One day, Byakuren found an old-school motorcycle lying around and took it to House of Travel for repairs. Now she uses it to get around when in a hurry, even riding on it on air. She had been fittingly called “Turbo Granny” as a result of this, a nickname that she didn’t mind all that much.
  • Any and all resemblance between Miko and Neku Sakuraba are coincidental. First of all, Miko wears earmuffs to suppress her hearing powers, not headphones. Speaking of semblances, Miko gets along with Arturia due to the fact that she is also a female version of an actual ruler.
  • No one is quite sure if Miko is really one of Amaterasu's descendants. When asked about her opinion on Ammy's current mortal form, she doesn't seem to make much of note on it, besides the fact that she finds it adorable. She sometimes asks Mononobe no Futo to play frisbee with Ammy using her plates.
  • Miko would have joined the GUAL if it wasn't for YHVH. Where both of them think that humans need someone to administrate them, Miko is open for the possibility that they don't need that, and that humans should be the ones ruling over themselves, something which goes right over YHVH's head. This resulted in Miko having a distaste towards YHVH, and a preference towards fellow Touhou deity and member of the GUAL, Eiki Shiki.
  • Miko is known to be able to outright weaponize Popularity Power. She actually intended to ascend as its goddess before she was forced to share a position with Byakuren Of course, she has other ways to power herself up if she cannot gather a large enough audience. However, she is nice enough to let the opponent decide which of her fighting strengths she should enhance.
  • Miko had become friends with Oriko Mikuni of all people, given that Oriko’s light spheres could be used as danmaku. They also happen to share similar ideologies, especially since both are affiliated with the GUAL in some way, shape or form. While they understandably have disagreements over Oriko’s past actions, they still get along, usually learning new techniques from each other regarding the usage of light spheres/danmaku.
  • Miko seems to have a personal beef with Acnologia, probably due to the fact that while they were once both human and intentionally threw it away for greater power, Miko did so to administrate and guide humanity onto a better path, while Acnologia did so to become the mightiest being and destroy everything, humanity included.
    • As a way to possibly piss Miko off, Acnologia tried to visit Byakuren, thinking that she had thrown her humanity away for good and that she was stupid enough to try to "help" him. However, not only did Byakuren think that there is no way he can be redeemed, but she thinks that a beast who wants to kill the humanity is no different from a human wanting to kill all youkai. As such, both Miko and Byakuren are willing to put aside their differences to defeat Acnologia.
  • Speaking of times where they had to come together to fight a greater threat (or in some cases, take care of someone special), look no further than their doting rivalry with each other over the menreiki known as Hata no Kokoro. Ever since an incident where Koishi stole Kokoro’s Mask of Hope, the duo have been butting heads over caring for the performing youkai. Her feelings towards them are fairly positive but generally more neutral, but Byakuren & Miko see themselves as the rightful guardians to Kokoro, with both attempting to allure her to their respective religions through all sorts of means.
    • In due time, however, they would have to work together to protect her from outside threats. Such is the case when Reimu & Marisa sent out an alert to come help them, and they were the first to answer. The alert in question was Kokoro coming into contact with Majora, which was an absolute no-no whatsoever, as Majora’s influence over Kokoro can cause her to go wild with power. Even with 2 incident resolvers & 2 Final Bosses, Majora (especially after it forced itself onto Kokoro) proved to be a tough opponent. Since then, Byakuren would visit Kokoro more frequently to help her calm down, while Miko would do the same, but she also would become truly livid at the evil mask, declaring it a destroy-on-sight for the members of the Mausoleum.

Lesser Gods

    Rosette Christopher 
Rosette Christopher, Goddess of Religious Militia

    Uesugi Kenshin 
Uesugi Kenshin, God of Warrior Monks (The War-God of Echigo, God of War [sorry, Kratos], Nagao Kagetora, Frost, Lancer of Eight Flowers)


    Damien Thorn 
Damien Thorn, The Antichrist, Prophet of the Grand United Alliance of Evil
Click here to see Damien as an adult 
  • Demigod (Overdeity by Authority)
  • Symbol: The Mark of the Beast
  • Theme: Ave Satani
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with Lawful Evil Traits
  • Portfolio: The Antichrist, Pure Unrestrained Evil, Killing both of his Parents, Enfante Terrible, Raping A Journalist, Ordering Infanticide, Villain Protagonist, His Tattoo Bearing the 666 Marking, Son of Satan and a Jackal, Guarded by Hellhounds, Associated with the 666 Number, His name translates to "The Subduer", U.S Diplomat and Ambassador to the UK, CEO of Thorn Industries, Leader of the Disciples of the Watch, Wants to prevent the Second Coming, Has anyone killed should they get close to revealing his Identity, Gets away with everything until The Final Conflict
  • Domains: Antichrist, Discord, Evil, Eschatology, Satanism
  • Herald: His Hellhounds, Delia and Alexander York (His Children and Successors)
  • Allies: Melkor, Griffith, Johan Liebert, Satan (Paradise Lost), The Beast, Dis, The Four Chaos Gods, The Godhand, Diablo, Mephisto, The Beastmen, The Joker, Azmodan, Kiara Sessyoin, Rhoda Penmark, Junko Enoshima, Yuuki Terumi
  • Enemies: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, YHVH, Lucifer, Archangel Michael, The Love that Moves the Stars, Clark Kent/Superman, Steve Rogers/Captain America, The Magical Girl Sisterhood, Homura Akemi, Neo, Colette Brunel, Rosemary Woodhouse, Pit, Palutena, Ahura Mazda, The Angels Sub-House (At least Most of Them)
  • Opposes: Anyone Good (Especially Demons), Every Anti Anti-Christs, Grand United Alliance of Law, Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Opposed by: The House of Family and Relatives and Law and Justice, The Nippon Ichi Demons, Houses of Siblings, Childhood and Adolescence, Offsprings, Twins and Upbringing, Rape Victims
  • Disregards: Angra Mainyu, Archaon, Mandy
  • The Antichrist; the very being who would herald the Day of Judgement, the Second Coming of Jesus and the eventual end of the world. To everyone's surprise, the exact, perfect antithesis of Jesus Christ... happens to be an ordinary little boy... at first. He would soon accept his role in heralding Satan's rule over the world and orchestrate the deaths of anybody who got close to revealing his identity, even his own parents. His destiny being his greatest priority above all else, the child would grow up to become a strong influence, becoming the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom and fronting an Industry... all whilst creating a secret Satanic cult in his future creation of his worldly vision. Damien Thorn is the bringer of the Eschatology, and he will stop at nothing to prevent the written victory of Jesus and God.
  • Damien met Melkor, who was impressed by his foul deeds and his destiny as The Antichrist. Damien felt confused at first, trying to imagine if Melkor was Satan, before realizing there were different incarnations of the latter in this new world. Melkor already had figures that were similar, but knew there was something unique in Damien, hence he quelled him into his alliance. Damien accepted, sharing Melkor's vision of sowing the world in discord, misery and destruction. He also found himself a great acquaintance in Griffith, who also saw Damien's leadership and charismatic persona as an excellent tool of manipulation and depravity.
  • While most people are familiar with Damien as a child, its not exactly the case for him as an adult. Then again, Damien ascended in his child-like state, which Melkor finds rather amusing in that one of the ultimate evils in the Pantheon is (currently) a little boy. Despite this, the God of Evil has actually met Damien as an adult at some points. Whether Damien has shapeshifting powers that he learned in the Pantheon is a mystery for now, but the Anti-Christ appears either in child or adult forms depending on certain situations (Wanting to traverse publicly, scaring off people or running his business and Satanic organization).
    • His adult form also brings up some controversy given some can mistake Damien for Alan Grant, which is certainly the kind of deceit the Anti-Christ would want to pull. In any case, he prefers not to change his form when dinosaurs might be involved.
  • Surprisingly gets along with Johan Liebert as both of them are cold, calculating and sociopathic in nature. Both of them express some kind of curiosity and interest in the sense that both of them are considered Antichrists, though Johan is metaphorical (or a true one) whereas Damien is literally that. Despite this, Johan has no qualms of backstabbing and eliminating Damien once he runs out of any aid or support, though Damien can only be harmed by holy weapons, which is something most evil-aligned deities, Johan included, couldn't possess.
  • While its little surprise he is the son of Satan what is rather irking is that Damien was conceived from a jackal. Damien has been seen under good company with the Beasts of Chaos, especially Gorthor who would do anything to please and spread Damien's influence. It also helps that Damien is favored by the Chaos Gods, Tzeentch in particular.
  • Don't be fooled by his innocent appearance as a child; the moment anyone gets close to revealing his true nature, its only a matter of time before they are brutally killed off, either by some kind of supernatural force, his followers or by his pack of dogs. These traits made Damien incredibly feared throughout the Pantheon, which to everyone's horror, immediately was warmly received by Melkor, whom the Anti-Christ had now decided to become his personal prophet for.
    • As the offspring of Satan (At least in his world), Damien is in good graces with the several incarnations of Satan residing in the Pantheon. One of his main goals is to free the imprisonment Dis is encapsulated in, which he will stop nothing at to achieve. The Beast and a Satan favoring Hell over Heaven have immediately given their support of Damien and his position to tear the world asunder for their own gains. Its only a matter of time before Damien would face extreme opposition due to his allegiance and actions.
  • Damien is aware of his divinity ranking as a Demigod, but the Pantheon are so fearful of him they treat him like an Overdeity (Normally, he would be a Greater God level threat, but being the Anti-Christ is a different story). Furthering his reputation is Damien's leadership and charisma which manages to win over all but the biggest of pure good hearted. Damien's political and industrial knowledge has also granted him a degree of influence in many fields and the Disciples of the Watch has benefited in spreading further discord.
  • Will often try to amuse himself by causing brutal acts via his followers and using his childlike appearance to lead a lot of residents astray and off-guard. The Joker has taken a liking to this, as does Yuuki Terumi and Junko Enoshima, who think Damien is among the best individuals to lead others into unsuspecting misery and pain. Damien does get along with them, but would rather spend his time with Melkor and the other leading GUAE members, thinking his position is too important to spend too much time with the three. Joker, Terumi and Junko are currently thinking of a way to spend more time with Damien.
  • Damien is HATED by numerous deities, and its a benchmark in its own right. With the exception of those who are evil, every child stays their distance from him, given the fact that he tried to kill any newborn boys when he approached the Day of Judgement, in addition to anyone basically dying if they got too close to him. The Nippon Ichi demons are disgusted by the fact that Damien would rape his victims solely for sadistic pleasure. The House of Family have banned him from even appearing a mile away from the entrance considering he had his adopted parents and siblings killed just to ensure he would carry out his destiny. Damien however takes this in stride, stating that he doesn't really care about his reputation so as long as the Pantheon is bought down to ruin and agony.
    • He does however find company under Rhoda Penmark as she too, is a sociopathic child hellbent on killing and spreading misery. Damien has since made her an honorary member of the Disciples of the Watch, thinking that Rhoda would be an effective example of subverting expectations of children being pure and innocent.
  • Melkor decided to simply send Damien to several houses in an attempt to amuse himself. The amount of people who got close to being killed was staggering, and per usual, Damien was able to get away with it. Melkor laughed so hard at the prospect of Damien causing such a havoc that he immediately named him one of his closest companions. Although he was unable to fill out a position of the Four Horsemen, Melkor settled for making Damien his personal messenger, the Prophet of the Grand United Alliance of Evil.
    • With his newfound position in the GUAE Mastermind, Damien is able to assert control over most of the GUAE, albeit with a lesser extent than Melkor could. Beastmen, Orcs, Apostles, most evil races would pay their respects to Damien given his unholy destiny. The Godhand are pleased of what Damien is capable of, and have even offered him a chance to become an Apostle. Damien declined, though he did respect their gesture.
  • Learning about numerous variations of Satan, Damien has made an effort to try uniting them against Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good. He was able to make contact and become confidants with two versions of Satan. However, he was annoyed with the current situation Dis was in. Damien is since trying to formulate a plan with Melkor and the other two Satans to try freeing Dis from his eternal imprisonment. Problem is, they'd have to be going up against The Love that Moves the Stars for that matter. This isn't going to stop the four of them anytime soon though...
    • Regarding analogies to Satan, Diablo has been a big fan of what Damien is capable of, citing his spread of panic and chaos as incredible, even by other villain standards. A similar sentiment came from Molag Bal who feels that Damien is a prime example of ultimate evil and Mephisto who sees him as a worthy ally for his own uses.
  • Surprisingly, Damien has nothing but utter contempt for Angra Mainyu, thinking he is too frail and pathetic to consider himself a Satanic Archetype and really doesn't sit well with the idea that Angra Mainyu is destined to fail at every opportunity he rebels against Ahura Mazda, whom Damien also hates. He also dislikes Archaon the Everchosen for being a whiny brat regarding the Chaos Gods and finds it hilarious that all his efforts to destroy his world were all for naught as the Chaos Gods still benefited anyway. Archaon simply sees Damien as another enemy, given he is allies with the Chaos Gods at this point, with Archaon now allied to Darkseid out of spite and a chance of rebellion. However, a lot of deities have pointed out that Damien is trying to free someone who has already lost and and is working with someone who is destined to lose. These comments infuriate Damien to no end, given how he actually wants to defy this and ensure Melkor wins. He'll be making sure his hellhounds find and maul whatever idiot has tried to question his motives and logic.
  • He has two children, Delia and Alexander, the former a vessel for the Anti-Christ and the latter being Damien's true successor. Damien felt amused that despite his death, his legacy would carry on, although what happened to Delia and Alexander was never shown further. Now with his children as his heralds, Damien is doing his best to instill as much depravity and lack of morality as possible.
  • Was initially interested in Mandy for managing to get her version of the Grim Reaper under her heel, but found her to be nothing more but an insignifcant imitator of her. Mandy herself, felt Terror greater then anything else in her life when near him, proving his point.
"My followers have been slaughtering your children around the world, and you have not lifted a finger to save them"

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