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Greater Gods

Thane, God of Power-Suppressing Garbs (Healer, Phoenix)
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: A Terrigenesis Bomb
  • Theme Song: Infinite Madness
  • Alignment: Nominally True Neutral, though also blurs the line with that and Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Son of Thanos and an Opposing Force to Him, Was a Healer when his Powers were more Specialized in Destruction, Person of Mass Destruction, Power Incontinence Wears a Suit to Contain his Powers to Direct Contact Use, The Ability to Cause "Living Death", Is Potentially Better than Thanos, "Rewriting the Economics of Existence", Is more Similar to his Father than he Expects, which he Doesn't like to Acknowledge
  • Domains: Power, Lineage, Potential, Offsprings, Harbingers
  • Allies: Maul, Count Dooku, Lotor, Goro Akechi, Daenerys Targaryen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Black Bolt
  • Rivals: Orion, Ultraman Zero, Frieza, Cooler, Zinyak
  • Enemies: Darkseid, Ultraman Belial, Emperor Palpatine, Vilgax, Megatron, Moro, General Zod, Zarkon
  • Opposed By: The Sector 2814 Green Lanterns, Ganthet, The Space Sherriffs, Toppo, Jiren, Statesman
  • Conflicting Opinion: Most Marvel Heroes (particularly Jean Grey/Phoenix and Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel), Clark Kent/Superman, J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter, Son Goku, Zuko, Shoto Todoroki
  • Special Relationship: Thanos (his father)
  • Few can claim and justify themselves as almighty and dreaded in the galaxy and back it up, as shown with the Mad Titan, Thanos. And like all intergalactic tyrants, Thanos himself is no stranger to having a few secrets and facts that not many would have known as reputation overshadows most of the little details. This brings into mind an Inhuman named Thane, who was raised to help and heal his people with adequate restoration powers, yet discovered, to his shock and dismay, that his primary power revolved in mass destruction and deconstruction, which Thane found out in the worst timing when this power ended up activating spontaneous and ended up destroying the town he was in and killing everyone in it. It would all lead Thane Ebony Maw to discover this Inhuman and recruit him as his apprentice whilst grafting him with a special suit of armor to contain his power. And then, a fateful confrontation occurred between Thanos and Thane. And it was here that a shocking revelation was made for the latter; Thane was the biological son of the Mad Titan.
  • Thanos had established his presence in the Pantheon the same way he did in his home universe, though there was a key notice that he had no intention of bringing in any of his relatives, being content that himself and Gamora are enough as it is. The discovery of Thane, however, was something the Mad Titan couldn't shake off. Both of them were two of the most powerful beings in the universe, but what Thanos feared was that Thane was on his way to prove himself better, an aspect which the Mad Titan was mixed on, with the feelings of fear and admiration mingled in together. And his suspicion was proven correct; Thane made his way into the Pantheon by his own, and without either Ebony Maw's or his father's help.
    • Thane's arrival in the Pantheon was mostly driven by one desire; to find Thanos and to prove that he will be a more capable warrior and ruler than his father ever was, in addition to realizing that the Inhumans have arrived there too and that he can make up for extra company. Still, he prioritizes his relationship with his father as his top priority. Upon noticing his entrance, many were not sure what to make of Thane; sure he is morally better than daddy, but Thane isn't exactly immune to having done some bad actions. Thanos is personally biding his time when he meets his son again in the Pantheon. Time will tell...
  • Thane is... polarizing to say the least. He started out as a good figure, just wanting to help others with his ability to heal them, and while he does retain this power, he's also starting to gain more skill in using the destructive aspect of his power as well, much to a lot of people's concern. Thanos, one of the most feared beings in the universe, is cautious of his son, given that Thane imprisoned him in a state of "living death" so he's preparing himself for another encounter if it does come to pass. The heroes of Thane's universe are conflicted in wanting to help him or not. Thane isn't actually evil, but his obsession with wanting to be better than his father isn't exactly a good goal either; it's sometimes translated to killing and/or being more powerful and influential than Thanos, so there is a thin line to be treaded.
  • Darkseid has expressed some interest in Thane, which amuses him as he is the son of his most well-known rival outside of his universe. The Inhuman's extreme potential in his inherent powers is something the Lord of Tyranny cannot ignore and comes to see him as a potential worthy warrior that he can recruit if he can manage it. As expected of him, Thane has no interest in Darkseid, but only rather expresses opposition and distrust as his tyrannical and feared reputation is too similar to Thanos. Not that Darkseid is fazed, if anything, he's more impressed. He's biding his time to strike and break Thane to submission, partly so Darkseid can receive an incredibly powerful asset to himself and partly so he can rub it to Thanos on how he's still his superior.
    • Thane and Darkseid's enmity (and the Lord of Tyranny's interest towards the son of Thanos) would, inevitably, catch the attention of Darkseid's middle son, Orion, who quickly caught attention for many reasons. Thane and Orion came to learn a lot of similarities and differences with one another, mainly that they have a vendetta against tyrant fathers who led an intergalactic empire, plus they had a high-privileged role in their home societies, with Thane being a Healer and Orion being a hero and a benevolent War God. Unfortunately, the stark differing priorities that both had as well as the different circumstances of their goals meant that they couldn't keep in contact for too long. Orion hopes to help Thane, despite his unfettered nature in defeating Thanos, and would even fight him if necessary, whereas Thane would rather avoid Orion, mainly because he doesn't want to be confrontational against someone whom he could relate with closely.
    • Of course, Thane has a big level of disdain for galactic tyrants, be it Megatron, Vilgax, Palpatine, Zarkon, or General Zod. It doesn't matter if they have different goals from Thanos or each other, the fact that they have a similar occupation as Thanos has doesn't make them any favorable for Thane. He's made no pretense that if any of them come in his way, he won't hesitate to kill them and, of course, the fact that he's able to challenge Thanos and even win at one point, makes the other tyrants rather wary of what he's capable of. If there's one consolation in this matter, it's that through his distaste towards Zarkon, Thane found a genuine ally in his son, Lotor, who did possess good intentions and rebelling against his father. Given his own lack of finding allies due to his conflicting alignment, Thane is welcome to work with Lotor and encourage him in his endeavors.
  • As someone with potentially more power than his predecessor, Thane caught some attraction from Ultraman Zero, son of Ultraseven who despite his initially dismissive and aloof nature, came to become a better and more inspirational heroic figure than his father did, with was a big feat in of itself. The fact that the two of them were aliens and with a high-privileged work background also allowed them to better relate to one another. That said, Zero recognized that Thane, unlike himself, had a villain for a father, but learning that he didn't want to be compared to Thanos, he decided to refrain from that mention. They remain rivals though, mainly because both of them have very different priorities and goals and Thane honestly believes in using his own powers to create a better world, though isn't adverse to using destructive and more unscrupulous methods, which Zero refrains from doing. Though they've fought on some occasions, they still maintain a sense of respect toward one another.
  • Not popular with heroes or villains alike, Thane's alliances were very unorthodox at best. He found a working relationship with Maul and Dooku, former Sith Lords to Emperor Palpatine who were cruelly discarded the moment their usefulness came to an end, a fact that left both of them bitter, and it didn't help that Dooku had well-intentioned goals, if quite extreme and twisted, and Maul only had Palpatine as a father-figure, which meant being physically, mentally, and emotionally abused as a means for him to become a living weapon and an engine of hatred against the Jedi. Thane was able to understand their motives fairly, mainly because they were similar to how he saw Thanos and what he decided to set for his goal and decided to support the two former Sith Lords in their endeavors. Though Thane does note that he is not interested in destroying the Jedi and only seeks to dismantle Palpatine's plans as he believes that he is a scourge upon the galaxy, which Maul decided to accept for now while respecting and even working on Dooku's cause, he's not interested in helping his new allies or even the Jedi, even if their partnership with Dooku is strenuous at best.
  • He's sometimes found himself running into figures like Superman and Martian Manhunter if mainly because of his repeated efforts to make himself a better figure than his father, and also because Thane's means to achieve his goals is to scour around the Pantheon and prove his worthiness as a potential savior of the cosmos. While Clark and J'onn recognize that Thane is a dangerous figure to approach and fight against, they also recognize that the best option is to reach out and communicate with him in an effort to make him reconsider his ways. J'onn's telepathic mind made him realize that while Thane wants to overthrow Thanos, he also (not admittedly) is like him in some ways, though in denial of it. Superman's words did ease up Thane, and while the son of Thanos was pleased by the hospitality shown by the other two aliens, he solemnly rejected their offer, claiming that Thanos is mainly his to deal with. This made Clark and J'onn worried about him, but at least Thane has a measure of respect for them. They want to help him and provide him a better opportunity than just one-upping his father, but Clark and J'onn have hesitantly agreed on fighting Thane if they have no choice in reining him in.
  • His potential caught the attraction of Frieza and Cooler, a pair of galactic tyrants and brothers who are leaders of the Planet Trade Organization, dedicated to selling planets to the highest bidder, that is after they or their troops kill off said planet's populace. The two of them found Thane to be a very interesting and useful asset to nab into their services, and they felt that having him under their command would give them an edge in dominating the Pantheonic cosmos, even if it means making enemies with Thanos. Thane personally doesn't care about the two and simply fights against them if need be. Though later on, he's found himself allying with Cooler, seeing as he's found himself butting heads against Thanos himself. The idea of Thane and Cooler working together did shock many, though the son of Thanos affirms that he doesn't have any loyalty to him, only seeing Cooler as a means to his end, not to mention his own alliance with Darkseid doesn't help matters. Cooler knows this, but plays along with Thane, feeling that he'll play "good friend" to Thane until they've accomplished their mutual goals. The question is when would Cooler and Thane turn against one another.
  • While Thane is best known for his relationship with Thanos, something that he's not really proud of, enmities between father and child were a lot more common than he realized, the Pantheon not being an exception. It didn't take long until he found some familiarity with Prince Zuko and Shoto Todoroki, who've had similar vendettas against their fathers. Thane thought about a potential alliance with the two, only to be shot back for various reasons; while Zuko hated his father with every fiber of his being, that doesn't mean he devotes his time in life and the Pantheon to proving his superior, instead prioritizing the Fire Nation and the safety of his family, friends, and home, whereas Shoto is trying to be the best hero he can be and, while not on the best terms, accepts that his father is trying to be a better person, difficult as it might be. Thane still pushed with his idea, but when told that at least Thanos didn't ruin his life entirely as Ozai and Endeavor did with their sons, he was forced to concede. At the very least, Thane does respect Zuko and Shoto for proving their worth, and while they don't approve of Thane's intentions to surpass Thanos, they do wish that he finds a way to make peace with himself at some point.
  • Due to his actions throughout his journey to one-up Thanos, Thane has found opposition in some intergalactic organizations, namely the Green Lantern Corps and the Pride Troopers, namely Toppo and Jiren, partly because of the mess Thane has made whilst fighting against his other enemies meant that he was a threat if left unchecked, and most Space Police groups weren't so eager to let that go on any longer. While the Green Lanterns and the Pride Troopers have found difficulty in fighting Thane due to his naturally great potential, he personally sees his opponents as being in his way and usually tries to brush them aside due to them not being his goal's focus. It doesn't help that Ganthet, one of the Green Lanterns' superiors, expresses much worry, though does aim for a positive outcome, unlike his fellow Guardians of the Universe, and Thane himself credits Jiren as among the toughest beings he's fought in the Pantheon. He mainly tries to avoid fighting them, if mainly because they weren't evil, antagonistic to him as they might be, and he doesn't want to make more enemies.
  • He has a measure of respect for Goro Akechi and Daenerys Targaryen, primarily because he can relate to their circumstances regarding their hereditary predecessors; Goro was disgruntled by his father, Shido, for abandoning and disregarding him and masking his intent to bring Japan to a brighter future, when he wants total leadership for himself and Daenerys wants to remedy the wrongs of his father and ancestors and vindicate the Targaryen family by being a better leader than who came before her. With those outlines, Thane supports their goals and, if possible, would be open to helping them out. Even when Daenerys fell to tyranny, Thane was still supportive of her, though he does try to make sure that she doesn't become too vindictive towards her enemies, fearing that becoming worse would not only make Daenerys more unpopular but also for Thane to lose another ally due to becoming too much like Thanos, n uncaring leader with delusions of good intentions. Goro can be impulsive and violent, but he genuinely reciprocates Thane's compliments towards him and has since been one of his closest confidants.
  • Also has a spot in the Hall of Power Mentalities.

Intermediate Gods

    Bang Shishigami 
Bang Shishigami, God of Highly-Visible Ninja (Scruffy Man)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when activating his Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan)
  • Symbol: His Nox Nyctores, Phoenix: Rettenjō, on his emblem
  • Theme Songs: REPPUU (Gale); when Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan is activated, either Beat A Nail With Your Hammer or Bang!Bang!BigBang! -Justice Will Prevail! The Hero has Come!-
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Highly-Visible Ninja, Large Ham, Manly Chests, Loving Justice, Stalking Miss Litchi, Boisterous Bruiser, Big Fragging Nail, Overriding Music, Calling out attack names
  • Domains: Ninja, Justice, War, Love
  • Followers: The Shadow Sun Corporation, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Ninja Master Gara, Ninja Slayer, Ninjette
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Jin Kisaragi
  • Was the former pupil of Elzam in overriding songs, but breaks out on his own. In the same vein of Elzam, now one of his followers, Chipp Zanuff, has arisen and became one of Bang's most trusted sparring partner.
  • Despite his advances on Litchi, he is actually kinda shy in terms of love. He has since visited on the House of Love frequently to read about how to make proper advances on her.
  • At one point, he encountered the elusive Ryu Hayabusa, who worried that Bang was taking his Ninja status a little too lightly. Bang's face became serious, and he revealed a deep understanding of traditional Ninja techniques, tools and tactics and countered by stating Hayabusa was not one to talk about remaining out of sight. Hayabusa was stunned at this revelation, and the bond they've shared since is much more amicable.
  • Is part of the Pantheon's Ninja Trinity along with Hayabusa and Schwarz Bruder. Due to the event below, this gets revamped into 'Ninja Shi-Tennou', with Naruto Uzumaki as the new member... because Bang made a deal with Naruto about it.
    • With Chipp Zanuff's ascension (whom he subsequently joined the group upon Bang's request), the Ninja Shi-Tennou was renamed the "Go Ninja Legion''.
  • Became really good friends with Ieyasu in no time at all, not just due to his efforts to rescue Litchi from the GUAE, but because Bang REALLY likes the Power of Bonds.
  • Visits the Toku Base a lot due to some... similarities with one of the heads there, Takeshi Hongo. However, at one point, he ends up mistaking Segata Sanshiro for him, and thanks to his lack of ownership of a Sega Saturn, was challenged to a battle. He LOST that battle, unable to escape Segata's mighty finishing move, and was then told to pursue further mastery over his skill, to unlock the potential of Phoenix Rettenjou, by training with Segata Sanshiro. Now Bang trains under Segata Sanshiro, both in traditional Judo techniques and in beating out giant Sega Saturn blocks until his fingers and hand break.
    • However, eventually it was revealed that one of the uses of the Rettenjou is akin to a nuke. Bang is getting a grip on what to do on such weapon.
  • Thinks of Alex Louis Armstrong as a 'friendly rival' in terms of 'Manly Chests'...Bang hopes to one day develop chest muscles so proud and impressive they'll make any who behold them swoon, so as to impress Miss Litchi further. Of course, so far, Armstrong has always beaten him in a flexing match, but always encourages Bang to keep striving for his goal.
    • He's also regularly visits a session of Pumping Up held by Sven. Although Bang would still hold up his beliefs of justice and encourages that Sven should decrease his grumpiness if he wanted to 'protect the weak'. In a way, his burning spirit is a way to show that he is constantly Pumped Up.
  • Plays a big part in wrecking Relius' plans by using what Segata Sanshiro taught of him about Phoenix Rettenjou. However, in doing so, he ends up a Heartbroken Badass, his dreams about Litchi's perfection shattered as she and Carl Clover, of all people, beat him up in support of Relius, but because of his efforts, they were able to reverse their misfortunes. After putting Relius in his place, they went on and apologized to Bang. Obviously Bang accepted... but decided that for the moment, he's better off being Just Friends with Litchi
  • Naturally, he's very proud that his two finest students Pantheon-wise, both Chipp and Galford, have ascended on their own. They also invited him for a 'class reunion' or sorts. Due to the thickness of his head, Bang did not realize that the two held that to put off some ease of Bang's mind due to the events.
  • As the Morality Civil War ended, Bang has finally come to grips with the fact that he really took the best path in deciding to stay Just Friends with Litchi. After he stood in support of her during her the final trial (not defense, that's for attorneys), he resumed good relationship with her as friends, something that Litchi appreciated. He also finally realized the true meaning behind the 'class reunion' that Chipp and Galford planned for him before.

Bellona, Goddess of Female Roman Legion Armor (Enyo, Duellona, Goddess of War, Sister of War)

    Erza Scarlet 
Erza Scarlet, Goddess of Hyperspace Wardrobes (Titania, Armor Girl, The Seventh Guild Master, The Battle Mage of the Fairy Tale Guild)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater God when wearing Amadura Fairy or the Nakagami Armor)
  • Symbol: Her Heart Kruez Armor and Scarlet Hair
  • Theme Songs: Her theme here, Wings Of Liberty, and Scarlett
  • Alignment: Tries to be Lawful Good but mostly ends up as Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fashionable Asskicker, Immense strength, Instant Armor, Lightning Bruiser, Multi-Melee Master, Powered Armor, Storm of Blades, Stylish Armor, Summon to Hand, wielding multiple weapons at once, a love for strawberry cake, True Companions
  • Domains: Weapons, Justice, Sweets, Good, Combat
  • Followers: The Pandora
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Every other weapon-wielding god (especially Zoro, whom she fought for the title of Dual Wielding god; so far, the fight has been postponed for another time), Gilgamesh
  • Annoyed by: Space Dandy
  • Enemies: Johan Liebert, The house of Hatred and Rancor except every demigod there except Lysandre and Teyrn, anyone who messes with her strawberry cake, Ornstein and Smough
  • Not related to in any way: Remilia and Flandre Scarlet
  • Made her way into the Pantheon after being invited by Natsu and Lucy, who were surprised that they made it before her. She then came here and decided to challenge Zoro to a fight for the god of Dual Wielding. However, it was postponed once she obtained her position.
    • Years after that, upon hearing that he and she will be the participants for the next DEATH BATTLE!, Erza's looking forward to settling the score once and for all. Zoro proved to be the superior one, but it only spurs her further to get stronger when they next duel.
  • She later befriended Yui and Yotsuba due to their love of strawberry cake. If anyone messes with it (like making it fall on the ground and stepping on it), she will have no hesitancy to beat people to the ground. Marissa Picard Gordon did the unthinkable and stole her strawberry cake; the resulting beatdown that ensued caused the victim to fear strawberries. As a result of this incident, pissing her off is ranked the fifth stupidest thing to do in the Pantheon.
  • Has welcomed a new sparing partner: Pyrrha Nikos. Erza is very respectful of the young Huntress and her skills, and is happy to spar whenever they have the time.
    • They also welcomed Shigure Kosaka and Morgianna to spars. The former was welcomed because of her combat prowess and the latter was taken in as a disciple, as Erza can relate to young Fanalis due to their similar pasts.
    • They have also welcomed Ryuko Matoi, Chifuyu Orimura, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ikaruga and Kaori Kanzaki in an all-around Melee similar to Jetstream Sam's Katana tournament.
      • She has also expressed interest in the former Kamui, hearing that many gods and goddess have donned the infamous outfit.
  • She often visits the House of Food thanks to their awesome strawberry cakes. Upon hearing of Princess Peach's ow cake, she tasted it for her own, before exclaiming "SO GOOD!!!" and launching into the air like a rocket.
  • It's stated that she sounds very similar to Yuko Ichihara. However, the two have never crossed paths.
  • She is secretly a fan of Jiraiya's works and has a collection of books hidden somewhere.
  • She has heard of Ornstein and Smough attacks on her fellow guild members for being dragon slayers and immediately put them on her shitlist.
  • Has been looking into finding some dragonslaying weapons upon learning of Acnologia's ascension. She refuses to allow her friends to fight him alone.
  • After Makarov ascended she was more than happy to him the job as Fairy Tail's Guild Master.
  • Her voice and surname has made her a target of Dandy. This has understandably annoyed her, though Dandy hasn't stopped trying to make a move on her.
  • She's definitely a contender when it comes to Frank West's quest to find "Perfect Erotica". After he find out about her various outfits and shameless about her sexiness.
  • Did battle with Gilgamesh, the wondering dimensional traveler one, when he heard of her many collection of weapons and armors. During their fight, each of the Warriors lost and gain. For Gilgamesh, he lost his Muramasa and his Genji set. But he obtain her Spike Mace from her Purgatory Armor and Spear of Lightning from her Lightning Empress Armor.
  • She once lent her clothes to Kasumi after encountering the ninja. No one particularly knows why. Maybe it's a way to get Dandy off her back.

Mordekaiser, God of Intimidating Metal Armor (The Master Of Metal, The Iron Revenant, Morde, Huehuekaiser, Mordhuekaiser, Numero 1)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A visage of his helmet note 
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Humanoid Abomination, Tin Tyrant, Control Over Metal, Soul Enslavement, Slow Movement, Great Destruction, Feeding On Suffering, No Escapes Or Crowd Control, Mace Fighting, Devilish Metal Musician, The Faceless, Brazil-related Memes "Huehuehuehuehue", Being vile even by Shadow Isle champion standards
  • Domain: Metals, Souls, War, Suffering
  • Allies: Sona Buvelle, Arakune, Exdeath, Golbez, Marlowe Roderick, King Allant, The Overlords
  • Rivals: The Defenders of the Ancients, Reinhardt Wilhelm
  • Opposed by: Alphonse Elric, John Henry Irons/Steel, Max Eisenhardt/Magneto
  • Enemies: Illaoi, Lúcio Correia dos Santos, Dirk Strider of the Homestuck Kids
  • The dark mists known as the Harrowing in Runeterra eventually sipped into the Pantheon. And the first to appear from there is the first resident of Shadow Isles to ever reach the Pantheon, Mordekaiser.
  • He used to be in the Nature House, ruling over metal, until several Tin Tyrant such as Exdeath and even Golbez gave praise on his armor. This humors him and he realized that he needs something more 'evil' and 'bringing more suffering' and thought that metals do not always equate that. So he transferred, and for his successor, he left this message, "Keep my old house well, or you will suffer... Hue hue hue hue..."
  • Surprisingly for all his thing about being an evil soul-enslaving bastard, Mordekaiser has a soft spot with Sona Buvelle and protects her. Rumors has it that in the past, they founded a metal band known as 'Pentakill'. No idea if there are plans to reform them now (they still need the other three).
  • In particular, Mordekaiser has a keen interest on the creature known as Arakune, citing that the creature's suffering is just so tasteful on so many levels even without his interference. He keeps a close watch on him.
  • Is infamous for his tale of enslaving one wizard's soul right after killing him after the wizard said 'he'd die before telling his secrets'. There are suggestions in the House of Justice to let Mordekaiser work in an interrogation team, but the idea got shot down to hell due to his intimidating and overall evil outlook, and killing just to get one small info is just overkill.
    • Is also infamous for his lack of escapes or crowd control, meaning that technically it's easy to run away from him. But if Mordekaiser had you cornered with no escape, or he just happens to pick up a nearby Hextech Gunblade... Just to make sure, he concentrated most of his horrific magic into his giant mace that if sustained enough, he'll smack the enemy's soul so hard the next respawned soul is gonna feel it.
  • While he is rivals with most Defenders of the Ancients, he keeps a good relations with the Wraith King, as he is capable of also bringing back the dead to his services for a short time, although Mordekaiser said that he needed this treasure called 'Aghanim's Scepter' for that and his Children of the Grave lasts longer and is more powerful. Regardless, if the time comes that the Kingdom of the Wraiths would strike an alliance with the Shadow Isles... BE VERY AFRAID.
  • With the revamp of his league of legends lore, Mordekaiser appears to be taking new levels in badass. Particularly since the Noxian capital has been revealed to actually be his old castle, "The Immortal Bastion". Additionally, it was found out that Mordekaiser was an unstoppable juggernaut before he became the Iron Revenant. In turn, however, he became a little more distant with Sona, with fears that one day he will revert to the ruthlessly monstrous self when he was the unstoppable juggernaut.
  • Don't ask Lúcio Correia dos Santos to say "Huehuehuehue" or "GIBE MONI PLEASE" or "Es numero uno". It's not just because Lúcio thinks that it's not a good stereotype for Brazilians, it's also because he had a run-in with Mordekaiser and when he told him that his tendencies to spew that gives bad names to Brazilian, Mordekaiser replied that he does want Lúcio to give him something, practically, his soul to be toyed around by him. He's kind of traumatized afterwards. "And I thought that Reaper dude was creepy about souls!"
  • "Destiny. Domination. Deceit."

    Yuna (Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
Yuna, The Goddess of Embarrassing But Empowering Outfits (Bear-chan, Bear-san, Bear Sis, Bear Missy, Bear Girl, Bloody Bear, Cooking Bear, the Apex Predator of Apex Predators)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Black bear glove and a White bear glove
  • Theme Songs: Itsuka no Kioku, Ano ne
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Beware the Silly Ones, Badass Adorable, Always Wearing Her Bear Suit, Being A Caring Caretaker To Young Children, Thinks Kids Should Be Happy, Having The Brains To Go With Her Brawn, Having The Skills To Properly Apply Her Various Powers and Abilities, Having A Bear Box To Hold All Of Her Items, Does Great Things To Get Stuff Easier, One Female Bear Army, Ridiculously Fast Construction, Just Wants To Live In Peace
  • Domains: Video Games, Business, Duality, Sloth, Bears,
  • Heralds: Kumakyuu and Kumayuru (her bear familiars), Fina and Noire Foschurose (her friends)
  • High Priest: Ayumu Aikawa
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou, Junko Enoshima, Sark, CLU 2, Typhus, Master Control Program, Enter, Altair/Military Uniform Princess, Bashmaster, Norma Desmond, Alfred Drevis, Hircine, Bill Cipher, Archibald Snatcher, The Lich, Davy Jones, The Kraken, Arfoire, XANA, GLaDOS, SCP-682, Lord Hater, Mr. Burns, Morris, SCP-1048
  • Opposes: Kuroto Dan
  • One day in the House of Combat, a random house shaped like a bear of all things landed smack dab in the middle of the section of the Pantheon. After five minutes and a good amount of people gathering around this odd object, the door opened to reveal...a confused pre-teen girl wearing what can be best described as black and white bear pajamas. After a series of exchanges that resulted in Poor Communication Kills, leading to the bear girl being attacked by some of the house's inhabitants, thinking she'd be easy to take down. Much to the surprise of everybody, the girl in bear pajamas managed to successfully FIGHT her out of the area despite the various talented and powerful combatants in her way without too much trouble on her end. After making her escape, the bear girl somehow how ended up in front of the Court of the Gods and frantically explains her situation at hand. Befuddled yet impressed that a teenager in sleepwear managed to get out of the House of Combat while looking so ridiculous, with the Court going as far as to offer the girl a formerly held spot in the Pantheon right there and then. And thus began one Yuna's days in the Pantheon...
  • In her homeworld, Yuna was an a lazy, carefree and lonely NEET who was disinterested in making friends. That was until her favorite game, World Fantasy Online, received an update that gifted her with an Embarrassing but Empowering Outfit in the form of a a onesie pajama costume with a bear's head for the hood, bear paws on the feet, and a pair of bear hand-puppets. While first dismissing it due to it looking too ridiculous, Yuna was forced to make use of these clothes when she found herself trapped in WFO and could don nothing else. Soon enough, Yuna met various people and creatures of all shapes and sizes, leading to the legend of the adventurer known as the "Bloody Bear" being spread far and wide.
  • Yuna can be seen riding on her Heralds, Kumakyuu and Kumayuru, when traveling and even allowing her friends and allies to take turns on them. It should be note that there are others back on her world that do meet the requirements for the position, Yuna chose not to bring them to the Pantheon due to the many dangers it presents.
  • Loves spending time in the House of Gaming and Technology with other deities, leading to her meeting her share of new friends and foes with each visit:
    • One of her first friends in the Pantheon is Kaede Honjou/Maple - who is another OP Badass Adorable girl who always seem to luck out on gaining new abilities. Yuna first encountered her fellow gamer snowballing around the house thanks to her Sheep Eater - Wooly ability, but was stopped by Yuna, who just happened to be passing by her vicinity. After doing so, Yuna found herself with one Maple attaching herself to her furry hip from that day forth, with the later going as far to make her new bear best friend an Honorary True Companion to the Maple Tree Guild, with the approval of her guildmates there.
    • Managed to avoid Sark's presence in the House, knowing that his kind of games are something to avoid. Sark however, has heard of the legend of the "Bloody Bear" and thinks she'll make an excellent contestant one day, currently scheming of ways to get her involved.
    • When she encountered SCP-682 for the first time, Yuna confounded the latter due to her being a human wearing bear pajamas all day and immediately tried to kill her. However, Yuna, who already Knows When To Fold'Em, used her bear powers to make a quick but efficient escape. 682 swore from that day forth that he'll kill her when she finds the chance.
    • As an hardcore gamer herself, Yuna can be seen competing with the likes of Hana Song, Emu Hojo, and Chiaki Nanami in the House of Gaming - whenever she can find the time to do so.
    Yuna: Alright, last place in this round owes everyone else a new VR set for the upcoming fantasy weekend!
    Hana: I'm in! Time to show you noobs how the champs do it!
    Emu: I won't need any continues to win this round!
    Chiaki: No luck needed for this girl! Prepare for complete domination!
    Yuna: Can we all agree to ignore those undertones?
  • During one of his accident prone shenanigans, Paddington found himself caught in the arms of Yuna, who was confused at the another walking and talking bear - literal in Paddington's case. She was even more shocked when this led to her discovering the OTHER bear deities within the Pantheon:
    • Yuna frequently invites Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear to her temple based off of her home, more than happy to have their kind of company. Though she is a bit hesitant to go to theirs considering they do live in an actual bear cave.
    • The Bashmaster took offence to her wearing bear pajamas, feeling his speccies is being disrespected with her very presence, and attacked her one day. However, like many others before him, Bashmaster did not foresee Yuna being a case of Stronger Than They Look, easily delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle in her favor and managing to knock her foe all the way back to his temple. She has not seen him since that incident.
    • Yuna can be found the Polar Bear Cafe, hanging out with the more notable bear deities and others who visit the shop. Yuna, strange as it sounds, finds it comforting to be in the presence "other" talking bears, looking less out of place in the process.
    • As of late, Yuna has taken it upon herself to protect SCP-2295 from the advances and schemes of SCP-1048.
    Yuna: Us bears gotta look out for each other - especially when it comes to bears like him.
  • Due to her painful defeat of one of her kind in her world, Yuna has gained the animosity of the Kraken and Davy Jones. While the former she is more then willing to take on due to all the trouble the other caused for people on her world, Yuna told the latter that he probably needs a girlfriend to help work on his issues, maybe. This statement only increased Davy Jones's ire of her.
  • One might be surprised to know that Yuna is quite the accomplished businesswoman despite her age; on her Earth, she was successful enough in the stock market to have earned millions and on the world she was transported in, she invested in and opened up various restaurants. Yuna is currently looking to see if she could safely bring some of them into the Pantheon.
    • Yuna has met Scrooge McDuck in order to do gain help in doing so, studiously taking in the old duck's advice on the best places to put her building at and some other places she can invest in to help smooth over the process. Right now, with Scrooge's help, Yuna is in the process of actually buying land spots in the Pantheon for her places to be opened on.
    • Has been seen in negotiations with Nico Goldstein, Tom Nook, and Colin for their various supplies and in order for her incoming stores to actually get going without needing to spend too much money as, despite being able to create her own equipment, she needs items specifically useful for the Pantheon. So far, her dealings with the three have been successful enough - even giving them coupons passes for food at her establisments when they actually open up for business.
    • Thanks to having Earth magic that allows for the Ridiculously Fast Construction of facilities and multi-story buildings, Yuna has been contracted by the likes of Recette Lemongrass and Eugune Chaud for her abilities that will help greatly expand their respective businesses. Yuna finds the money she's making lucitive enough to buy the equipment and landmarks needed for her faculties, thankful that she found business partners as reasonable and trustworthy as Recette and Eugune.
  • Is known as a Friend to All Children, so easily gets along with many child and youthful deities within the Pantheon, more than happy to play the role of Cool Big Sis to them. One can frequently find her by the side of Hilda, the Kids Next Door, Phineas and Ferb, Dexter, Jimmy Neutron on their adventures to make sure they don't bite off more than they can chew. Yuna also is a well-known playmate of Nanako.
    Yuna: Children should be happy.
  • Doesn't like talking about her first encounter with Kuroto Dan. AT ALL. Rumors have circulated that this is due to the fact that he managed to trick Yuna into trapping herself into one of his game traps and being forced to solve its puzzles in order to escape. What has added validity to these rumors is due to the fact that the day Yuna left the House of Outlooks, Kuroto has been found on the floor unconscious and forced to sport an painfully black eye for the rest of the month.
  • "There are three things that are just unforgiveable for me. One, getting interrupted while eating. Two, getting interrupted while gaming. Three, getting interrupted while sleeping!"

Lesser Gods

    Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad 
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, God of Badass Long Robes (Son of Umar, Mentor)
Click here to see Altaïr in his old age 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Assassin Insignia, specifically the Levantine Brotherhood Insignia
  • Theme Songs: Access the Animus, Altaïr and Darim
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Assassination, Death, Killing, Stealth, Big Good, Bully Hunter, Greater-Scope Paragon, Determinator, Secular Hero, Seeker of Knowledge, Warrior Poet
  • Domain(s): Death, Illusion, Mind, Time, Love, Stealth, Combat, Knowledge, Freedom
  • Herald: Maria Thorpe (his lover, later wife).
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Templar Order, Shay Patrick Cormac, YHVH, anyone who opposes free will.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Night Raid
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Hassan-I-Sabbah
  • Born into the Assassin Brotherhood, Altaïr became Mentor after assassinating the Brotherhood's treacherous leader, Al Mualim. Through knowledge gained from an Apple of Eden, Altaïr made several discoveries and inventions that aided in the Brotherhood's improvement, as well as removing rules and rituals that he considered to be either unnecessary or outright detrimental to the Brotherhood. During his tenure as Mentor, Altaïr took the Assassins in a new, more secretive direction by dispersing them, intending for them to be spread across the world and live among the people. After evacuating Masyaf's castle when it was sieged by Mongols, Altaïr passed away shortly after sealing himself and the Apple away inside his hidden library in order to prevent anyone from finding it and abusing its power.
  • Altaïr originally ascended into the pantheon as the God of Assassins. However, he decided to give the position to Ezio, as he considered him to be a better representative of the title. Altaïr would remain within the pantheon as a source of guidance to his successor.
  • Having a great amount of respect for Altaïr, Ezio sought for a position for him as a deity within the Pantheon. Eventually, Altaïr was granted the title of God of Badass Long Robes, as he had almost never been seen wearing anything other than his distinctive robes during his lifetime (and was seen on only one occasion with his hood down).
  • In tribute of Altaïr, many of his successors have worn his robes on occasion. Even non-Assassin deities like Solid Snake and Noctis have been seen donning his robes, which he finds very flattering.
  • Altaïr is rather conflicted about his opinion regarding Hassan-I-Sabbah, particularly since his world's Hassan had been responsible for reorganizing the Assassin Brotherhood into a public organization in order to give people hope. He disapproves of Hassan's more brutal methods and willingness to go to extremes to achieve his goals, whereas Hassan is not particularly fond of Altaïr's atheism and secular worldview. However, the two ultimately respect each other's respective achievements and are both opposed to YHVH and his tyrannical approach to imposing his Law upon everyone.
  • Having dealt with treacherous Assassins on previous occasions, Altaïr strongly dislikes Shay Cormac, although he is willing to admit that Shay's defection can partially be blamed on the Colonial Brotherhood's poor communication skills. His view on Haytham is a bit more mixed, as he believes that Haytham could very well have been an Assassin if he hadn't been indoctrinated into the Templar Order at a young age. Haytham, in turn, considers Altaïr to be far more sensible compared to the Colonial Assassins of his own era, as Altaïr fights to bring peace in contrast to what Haytham regards as the Colonial Brotherhood's "nonsense talk" of fighting for freedom.
  • Despite being on the chaotic side, Altaïr is wary of Lucifer, as his purely chaotic nature makes him too unpredictable. While Lucifer doesn't seek and would stop humanity's extinction in a world of Chaos, he's still, at his worst, willing to let humans suffer in pretty awful situations, which Altaïr does not approve of. Since he can't ever be sure when Lucifer will reveal his more benign side or his ruthless side to others, Altaïr generally prefers to avoid working with him, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Being incapable of swimming, he tends to avoid the land of water in the House of Nature as much as possible, although his fellow Assassins have offered to teach him how to swim.
  • Altaïr tends to frequently visit the Houses of Knowledge and Craft, wishing to study and learn as much as possible, as well as inventing more tools and weapons for the Brotherhood.
  • Many were surprised to discover that Altaïr was quite talented at playing football, even having a super move called the "Eagle Strike". He's been known to play matches with Rayman and Sam Fisher.
  • He once had a somewhat awkward run-in with Alex Mason, who initially mistook him for Mullah Rahman because their voices sound the same. Similarly, Master Chief once confused him with Robert Dalton for the same reason.
  • Upon learning that there was another Altair in the pantheon, he started making an effort to not get confused with her.

    Athena Asamiya 
Athena Asamiya, Divine Action Fashionista (The Psycho Soldier, The Psychic-Powered Idol, That Third-Rate Idol, Eternal Psychic Idol)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: One of 14 different dresses worn in the King of Fighters tournament
  • Theme Song: Psycho Soldiers Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Girl Warrior, Magic Idol Singer with Psychic Powers and an Unlimited Wardrobe, Barrier Maiden, Badass Adorable, Still Wears her School Uniform, Girly Bruiser, Instant Costume Change
  • Domains: Good, Psychics, War, Music, Community
  • Heralds: Sie Kensou, Chin Gentsai, Bao and Momoko
  • High Priestess: Janet van Dyne/The Wasp
  • Followers: Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell, Vivienne
  • Allies: Athena, Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, 765 Pro, Sailor Moon, Sakura Kinomoto, Pegasus Seiya, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Erza Scarlet, Rose (Street Fighter)
  • Friendly Rivals With: Sakura Kasugano
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Lucifer, Johan Liebert
  • The Magical Girl Warrior was appointed to claim a spot by Sailor Moon, who thought the Sisterhood could use more members. When asked of her attire, Athena insisted that she had no preference; she has a new outfit for every game she has appeared. After some thought, it was decided that her good taste in clothing should put her in the House of Craft.
    • Sakura was also there, who looked rather relieved. She too is an Action Fashionista though not by choice. It was her friends who insist that she wears a different outfit for every card she has collected. The card captor was perfectly fine with her spot and is glad she won't have to worry about having that title as well.
  • Her ascension was met with great fanfare in the King of Fighters community. She originally came from the game, not unlike many other characters at the time. While she was sad that Kensou and Chin couldn't make it, she hopes that will change in the future.
    • Many wondered how she would react now that she will be able to see Kyo more. It was revealed earlier that she has a crush on The Protagonist. Athena has asserted that she is comfortable with it and won't interfere with his relationship with Yuki.
  • Finds it funny that combatant Mai Shiranui landed herself in the Pantheon for her admiration of beauty. Both of their followers see the other as rivals to fight who is the more popular fighter. Mai is just happy to have another friend in the Pantheon.
  • Gained a respectful rivalry with Sakura Kasugano during the Capcom VS. SNK tournaments. Athena is surprised at the schoolgirl's fighting skills. After the self-proclaimed disciple of Ryu has been graduated, she's merely happy for it. She wonders why Kyo never got graduated from the school?
  • Few people in the Pantheon annoy her more than M. Bison. Despite being around for long, more people associate Psycho Power with his nefarious abilities. She may be a lower rank, but Bison knows better than to get on her bad side without preparations.
    • Of course he isn't the only one in the Pantheon that has Psycho Powers. A bit of his energy resides in a fortune teller named Rose. She came to Athena to see a connection between their powers. After bonding their powers, she concluded that there probably are similarities between the two powers. Rose was grateful to find someone other than Bison with such powers.
  • While not that prominent in the King of Fighters storyline, she makes much of her money as an idol singer. The community was excited at the latest prospect that has arrived. The 765 Pro group were among those who were there at her ceremony.
  • Things got awkward when she met face to face with the Greek goddess herself. For one, she was supposed to be a descendant from a reincarnated version of the original Athena. The greek Athena found it odd to see her descendant not dress like a warrior, but after seeing the girl's prowess she didn't mind any longer.
    • Things got even more awkward when Pegasus Seiya brought all the Saints of Pegasus by his side to pay his respects. It took a while for her to explain the mixup. This wasn't exactly something she thought she would have to do when ascending.
  • After her ascension, Rarity wanted to see if the newcomer really did know how to dress herself. After examining her wardrobe, she deemed Athena worthy of the title. Rarity was not jealous; she was yearning for an Action Fashionista to grace the Pantheon. She wanted to make sure that the person with the title was worthy. Afterwards they shared designer tips.
    • Also gets along with Twilight Sparkle. She considered to be a follower over her Telekinesis temple in the House of Magic, but wasn't sure if her powers counted as magical. Nevertheless, she has invited the pony to perform with her in many concerts.
  • This title could have gone to Erza Scarlet. Her ability to change her moveset based on the clothes she wore would make her the ultimate Action Fashionista, but she wanted someone who designed clothes for fashion rather than for combat. To her, Athena made the best sense.
  • Despises Lucifer as with virtually all Magical Girls in the Pantheon for his involvement with the Sisterhood. Still, she agrees that the group will have to pick their battles if they want to get the group back in order.
  • It is also agreed upon that Liebert is someone to be observed. It can be tricky, as even reading the man's mind risks exposing his manipulation on her.

    Carcano M1891 and Carcano M91/38 
Carcano M1891 and Carcano M91/38, Goddesses of Ornate Combat Uniforms (Both: Carcano Sisters | Carcano M1891: Cano, Strawberry-cano, Pink | Carcano M91/38: Ceno, Grape-cano, Purple)
Carcano M1891 aka Cano
Carcano M91/38 aka Ceno
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their namesake firearms with each other's respective accessories
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, Bling of War, Friendly Snipers, Glass Cannon/Mighty Glacier, Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling (Carcano M91/38 and Carcano M1891), Gun Twirling, Going by Cano and Ceno, Buffing fellow Rifle Dolls
  • Domains: Androids, Bolt-Action Rifles, Ornate Uniforms, Sisters
  • Allies: G36, S.A.T.8, Contender and Thunder, AUG, TAC-50, AA-12 and Vector, Tethu, Tethi, and Esna, 2B, 9S, Quote and Curly Brace, ICEY, Lt. Karl Fairburne, The Nephalems, The Guardians
  • Enemies: Zamtrios (Tigerstripe Subspecies only), The Helghan Empire, The Black Ops, The Mechanical Bosses, SKYNET and its Terminators, Null Sector, Belial, The Eliksni
  • Complicated Relationship (mainly mistrust): Isomer Black
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis with: Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, and Athena Cykes (Ceno only, one-sided)
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Kilian Experience
  • Complicated relationship with: John F. Kennedy
  • Buongiorno! You'll find that in the PMC of Griffin and Kryuger there's admittedly not a coherent dress code among the ranks. In the human staff like with the commanders, sure (by default at least), but not in the dolls who are fighting on the frontlines themselves. They vary greatly from uniforms in times of yore to whatever else they feel like wearing the majority of their time. And that's not going over the various costumes for specific themes and/or holidays. It is here we meet Carcano M1891 and Carcano M91/38. A pair of T-Doll sisters, usually going by Cano and Ceno respectively, and are known for donning glamorous versions of uniforms and dresses. Not exactly fit for wearing in the thick of battle, but to each their own. As a wise man once said: "If I die, I will die well-dressed".
  • The two sisters didn't know what to make of the Pantheon at first, having both awoken under the cover of shade under some ruins in the middle of a desert. After some paintaking traveling they finally found some friendly faces in the form of the Seedlings, Tethu and Tethi, who were happy to give the two soldiers some refuge and explain to them where they are and what's going on. After being informed they had "ascended" to a place called the "Pantheon" the Carcano sisters both opted to wait for their comrades who periodically passed by while in the meantime tried pitching in helping the Oasis and its residents. Eventually while on a return trip from gathering for materials Cano and Ceno encountered a Tigerstripe Zamtrios, who was making a quick beeline towards the oasis. They wasted no time in engaging the monster and to their luck some of their comrades just so happened to pass by in their routine visit and help drive the Threatening Shark off. The two seedlings came by the time the desert terror took its leave and relayed Esna's thanks as well as their own.
  • These two sisters are, as their outfits would indicate, quite different in character like night and day. More on that right below:
    • Ceno, the younger sister, is demure, subdued, and a bit shy. A bit jealous of her sister's charisma and ease in ability to gain people's trust she confides in telling lies. A lot. And we're not talking about white lies or whatever, that would be easy and understandable. It's just plain, inherent dishonesty. Put it this way: She's back from logistics? Suffice to say but unfortunately all supplies were destroyed. Misinterpreted the directive and mission. A new T-Doll has been produced? Oh dear, it's 1:10:00 in other words it's IDW yet again. Engaging the enemy? Well, she's starting to get tired of Griffin so they're free to accept her help. Even her acquisition line to the Commander is a straight up immediate lie about her personality. And of course she'll use it to deflect her true feelings, such as the severity of her wounds before being dragged off to the repair tank. According to Ceno herself, willfully withholding her genuine thoughts will win others over and make people happy.
    Ceno: Sis, you can stop now. It doesn't hur—OWWW...
    • By comparison Cano, the older sister, is warm, positive and quite the optimist. A veritable radiant sunshine, if we may. She carries an unwavering aura, a sort of leader's charm even in times of strife, and is definitely someone you'd want to depend on as befitting a more reputable doll like herself and Ceno. And as stated earlier Cano is indeed responsible for making both of their clothing which of course includes the costumes they wear on the daily in G&K. As the more responsible of the two siblings she's quick to cut through her young sis' eccentricities as it does cause some trouble. Still, she recognizes her sister is not a bad person and loves her all the same. She just wants Ceno to be more honest, y'know?
    Cano: My little sister must be causing so much trouble with her bad lies and insincerity.
  • Like their comrades they are none too pleased at the presence of antagonistic military powers scattered throughout the Pantheon with their biggest beef being with the Helghan Empire and the Black Ops unit present during the Black Mesa Incident. It all traces back to KCCO's decision to betray Griffin and Kryuger to further their own ends under the guise of cooperation to help end Sangvis Ferri, striking against their Mastermind. Compared to many of the G&K T-Dolls it is a personal thing for them as they were one of many casualties during their Cavalry Betrayal, even if they don't quite remember it fully themselves. Antagonistic robots such as the Mechanical Bosses of Terraria, SKYNET's Terminators, and Null Sector are not exempt from their enmity either.
  • The two wanted to meet up with YoRHa androids 2B and 9S after having heard they helped out many of their comrades gain some of their footing in addition to having their backs in such an unfamiliar and wild world that is the Pantheon. While the Carcanos are full-time G&K dolls they do still help the two out with Liberion Arcadia business like the rest of their comrades and have kept in touch with other members such Quote and Curly Brace along with ICEY.
  • Combat-wise, as far as gameplay is concerned at least, Ceno sees quite the use. While both of their skills are categorized the same, the way in which Grape works is a lot more practical and reliable. Most notably, she's a good choice for taking down more heavy duty enemies such as KCCO's Hydras in particular those in 10-4e. Consider it an act of posthumous vengeance, in a way, as Chapter 10 Emergency marked was when such a betrayal took place. Nontheless, both Carcano sisters earned the attention of Lt. Karl Fairburne due to having used variants of the Carcano rifles during missions in North Africa and Italy. Being capable of feats which include destroying vehicles through aiming at their fuel tanks and taking down various Nazi Wonder-Weapons he himself is impressed with their tenacity at fighting enemies with what would be considered antiques by their time period. It helps that while their weapons are outdated their other equipment, namely the armor-piercing ammunition they use, are not.
  • While technically conducting Griffin business in the Pantheon (as far as official documents go) neither sister has thrown away the opportunity of just doing some things for themselves on their offtime here.
    • Cano, ever the clothing designer, has gone to the House of Costumes quite a lot even when excluding some meetings with AUG. During one of these travels she managed to get in touch with one of the Costume Managers, Rarity. As the unicorn had already befriended the equally stylish Contender it didn't take long for the Italian doll to follow suit. Befriending her has allowed Cano to get along with other designers in Dressed for Divinity such as Tomoyo Daidouji and Erika Kurumi as well as Shiki Misaki and Kanji Tatsumi even if the two aren't that much of designers. Cano has been talking with Shiki Misaki about getting Ceno to open up more.
    • While traveling on her own Ceno has spending an awful lot and totally inconspicuous amount of time with the Nintendogs and Nintencats. May have to do with the fact that she has some subtle cat motifs, or it might not. S.A.T.8 at one point discovered Ceno spending time with the puppers and cattos by complete accident though was able to reassure the younger Carcano sister she wouldn't tell a soul. In the House of Food she also secretly takes lessons from Kotone Shiomi and Shinjiro Aragaki when it comes to baking sweets, specifically for the Commander as some souvenir and for her sister as a surprise gift. It's implied that Ceno is a better baker than her sister if their lines on Valentines Day are of any indication, one of the few skills she has over her older sis.
  • As a compulsive liar it came natural that Ceno would gravitate towards Pinocchio, usually if he's in his puppet form. One of her costumes is indeed directly named after the puppet who became a real boy, after all. It would also come natural that Jiminy Cricket would set the two in line whenever he is around, which is pretty much all the time. Cano owes Jiminy for doing that and quietly hopes that perhaps Ceno would learn from being around the two. If that fails there’s always Santa Claus to rely on, both the original and Nicholas Saint North. Ceno always did value Father Christmas’ opinion of her, hoping she isn’t a bad person to him.
    • Conversely, neither of the Carcano Sisters are fond of the Lesser Evil Belial after he, through masquerading as a wounded soldier apart of a platoon from the GUAG, tricked them and their G&K comrades into going after a large gang of Eliksni Dregs of Dusk who had actually brute-forced their way into stealing a few treasures (of whom he roped into pulling off the heist in the first place). When they returned the blade to a disguised Belial they not too long after found themselves beset by vengeful Eliksni while the Lord of Lies took the opportunity to end the other GUAG soldiers who were none the wiser of his trickery to empower the sword. It was only until they were bailed out by the Nephalems and some Guardians that they knew what was going on and is was through their they were able to steal back the sword and put it back in the Pantheon's Treasury. Ceno in particular was appalled by his use of lies to fuel his plots while Belial merely sneered at the ignorant child before him. Are not lies inherently meant to trick and deceive?
  • It's time to stop dodging the topic and address the elephant in the room. The sisters, mostly Ceno, have quite the... awkward relationship with John F. Kennedy when the 35th President of the United States heard that the personification of the rifle used to kill him ascended to godhood. While Ceno is a bit of a lying troublemaker she is by all means not a bad person (and honestly among Griffin's problem children she's definitely pretty tame), something her sis will staunchly defend to her last breath. It's something Cano has tried to hammer home to which Kennedy understands, but still, that doesn't make it all any less weird. To add insult to injury Ceno really doesn't like it when the questions and conspiracies shift towards the topic of her. But it doesn't phase her or anything like that. No sirree.
  • In certain times of the year such as Children's Day the two sisters revert to very young bodies much like fellow dolls G36 and Thunder. And much like them they don't seem to be at all hinder by the smaller bodies in spite of the difficulty in carrying their guns. Like, seriously, look at them waddle. In these forms they tend to spend a lot of their time in the House of Childhood and Adolescence for this reason.
  • Ceno holds a rocky relationship with the likes of Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, and Athena Cykes for their ability to dismantle many of the lies thrown their way and her lies are of no exception. Especially so after one encounter with the three Crusading Lawyers left the purple-haired doll leaving in a huff, tail between her legs and all. On their part the three were honestly just baffled by the whole experience. During that time neither of them were conducting any sort of work in the Wright Anything Agency: They were a bit lost in the House of Costumes and were simply asking for directions. And yet, somehow, it all escalated with accusations of them being members a seedy ring of thieves apart of a so-called "Axis of Evil" with Apollo and Athena in particular being secretly a primal demon judge of law and an ancient moon spirit who steals sound and emotions of boys and girls everywhere, respectively. Not helping things was the fact that such an event happened around April Fools as Ceno's lies become more outlandish due to not knowing what to and how to react at times like these. A good part of them hopes Ceno doesn't end up in the courtroom by chance. That... that would be something to add in the ever expanding list of Courtroom Antics.
  • Once the two along with S.A.T.8 looked into the Kilian Experience's take on pizza, specifically pineapple pizza. The three Italian dolls are not at all oblivious to pineapple's infamous reputation as toppings but still pressed on with an open mind. Unfortunately, an open mind could not at all prepare them for what. In addition to using yeast he scrounged from the catacombs, shoving in basil he ripped straight from the earth, and singing Italian opera to pizza dough for three hoursnote  the video game raccoon YouTuber went quite overboard with the addition of pineapples. How overboard you may ask? Well in addition to the pineapple toppings (both fresh and canned) he added a pineapple smoothie to the sauce, dried pineapple in the bread, and substituted pineapple juice for olive oil. They have not looked at Kilian the same since then despite the insistence it's hosted by Michelin Starred Chef, Chef Kilian, by Kilian himself.
  • Cano: "We don't plan on lasting too long. We only need to last as long as we can!"
    Ceno: "Sorella, while there's still time, I just want to say I'm very happy."
    Cano: "You're telling the truth?"
    Ceno: "Duh."
    Cano: "Heheh. I wish there's more time for us to talk. Alright, Griffins, our moment of glory is at hand! Are you ready for it?"

    Cassandra Alexandra 
Cassandra Alexandra, Goddess of Mini Dress Wearing Combatants
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess upon entering Divine Force)
  • Symbol: The Omega Sword and Owl Shield
  • Theme Songs: Unwavering Resolve, Burning Mansion, Immaculate Pledge (shared with Sophitia)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A Different Character Compared to Her Sister, Ascended Extra, Wears a Mini Dress during Battle, Ms. Fanservice, Gorgeous Greek, Uses Her Butt for Attacks and Combos, Incredibly Strong but Doesn't have Control over It, Uses Her Shield as a Weapon instead of Defense, The Tomboy to Sophitia's Girly Girl, The Power of Love, Divine Force, Was Imprisoned in Astral Chaos and was eventually Corrupted into a Malfested, Walking Spoiler, Unexpectedly More Integral to the Lore As of Now, Is Able to see Visions of Herself in Astral Chaos, Determined to Prevent the Events of the Original Timeline from Happening
  • Domains: Tomboys, Greeks, Sisters, Love, Fanservice, Fighting, Time, Destiny, Awareness
  • Worships: A Majority of the Greek Gods (Barring some Exceptions)
  • Allies: Sophitia Alexandra (her sister), Seigfried, Jin Kazama, Jun Kazama, Androids 17 & 18, Future Trunks, Wonder Woman, Lucas, Link, Zelda, Barry Allen/The Flash, Guts, Farnese, Cassandra, Artoria Pendragon, Lucina, Marth, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Atreus, Anri Sonohara, Cassie Cage
  • Enemies: Nightmare, Tira, Cervantes, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Shinnok, Kollector, Master Bison, Ganondorf, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Griffith, Nosferatu Zodd
  • Conflicted Opinion: Algol, Kratos, Darth Vader
  • Opposes: Soul Calibur, Zeus, Ares
  • Respected By: The House of Family (Especially Siblings)
  • Additional Relationship: Aphrodite
  • Cassandra Alexandra was initially reserved to her home in Greece while her sister Sophitia was sent to confront and destroy Soul Edge, which was wielded by Cervantes de Leon. After succeeding, though barely surviving the ordeal, alongside confronting the physical manifestation of Soul Edge, Nightmare, Sophitia was looked after by her sister and husband Rothion. However, Sophitia became pregnant and soon conceived two children, but to make matters worse, Soul Edge and Nightmare returned to wreak further havoc. Not wanting to her sister be put into further stress and danger, Cassandra took matter into her own hands and left her home with Sophitia's weapons, the Omega Sword and Elk Shield, determined to destroy Soul Edge herself.
    • However, events played out unexpectedly for both sisters and it ended with tragedy. Tira, Nightmare's closest confidant, kidnapped Sophitia's daughter Pyrrha and forced Sophitia to serve Nightmare and Soul Edge. Additionally, Pyrrha was embedded with a shard of Soul Edge, which meant that Sophitia had no control over what to do. After Seigfried, Nightmare's former host, finally managed to defeat and kill the Azure Knight using Soul Calibur, Pyrrha died as her life was tied to Soul Edge's essence. Sophitia sacrificed her life to bring her daughter back to life, but the whole commotion sent Cassandra into Astral Chaos, after which she was never seen again. Her experience there severely damaged her mindset, ultimately corrupting her into a malfested. This is witnessed by a past version of Cassandra, who is made aware of a timeline where Sophitia died and Pyrrha was later corrupted due to the machinations caused by Nightmare and Tira. Now with the knowledge of what is to occur in the future and being one of only two individuals in the new timeline (The other being Zasalamel) to be aware of it, Cassandra seeks out to prevent the events of the original timeline from ever occurring.
  • Alongside gaining the memories of her future self, Cassandra stumbled into the Pantheon one day and realized that Nightmare had already made its presence there. This prompted her to immediately take arms and search for her sister, which she did when Sophitia engaged in a battle against the Azure Knight. The reunion resulted in a tough battle that ended with a stalemate; Nightmare had to be called away for reasons unknown to Casandra and Sophitia. The two are doing their best to maintain contact with one another.
    • Cassandra met Siegfried when the latter was off to a mission to monitor any troops of the Grand United Alliance of Evil. Knowing that Seigfried was a host of Soul Edge and was recovering from the sins he had committed in the past, she has expressed great sympathy for the knight. She felt hesitant to mention his victory over Nightmare as he also indirectly killed Pyrrha alongside the Azure Knight. Siegfried however was already aware of those events and stated that Sophitia would have forgiven him anyway as Pyrrha's situation was something that was never in his or Sophitia's control.
  • While the two of them are undoubtedly fighting for good and are dedicated to their cause, Cassandra does contrast Sophitia in more ways than one. Obviously, the former is a Tomboy whereas the latter is formal and polite. Cassandra however is a lot more aggressive and direct when it comes to fighting, even using her shield as a weapon and it not blessed by the Greek Gods. Sophitia is tactical and defensive and was blessed by Hephaestus for the journey to destroy Soul Edge. All these differences doesn't matter when it comes to how they view towards each other. Cassandra loves Sophitia as much as any sister would, to the point where she would risk her own life to ensure the safety of her sister, niece and nephew.
  • A follower of the Greek Pantheon, Cassandra often takes her time to express prayer towards them, although she is not as devout as her sister. She has a great deal of respect for Wonder Woman given she is driven in regards to defending her world and the Pantheon and for expressing loyalty for the people of Themyscira. Lastly, being a daughter of Zeus adds to further admiration. Wonder Woman in return praises Cassandra for the love and concern she has for her family, though thinks she still needs to learn discipline.
    • Compared to most of the other Ancient Greek residents in the Pantheon, Cassandra is more nuanced about Kratos. Unlike the Greek Gods or even Sophitia, Cassandra does not oppose Kratos, though she does feel as if his carnage towards Olympus out of revenge was rather too much. She does however praise Kratos's efforts in loving and raising his son Atreus, whom Cassandra gets along with rather well. And due to Kratos, Cassandra isn't sure what to make of Zeus either; while she does see the King of Olympus as a savior and someone to rely on world-scale threats, Cassandra isn't going to forget the atrocities and pettiness that Zeus is associated with.
    • She also feels the same way about Darth Vader. While Cassandra is wary of Vader due to his feared reputation and his destructive capabilities, she does pity him due to being a victim of events out of his control which resulted in his villainy.
  • While she doesn't state it outright, or at least isn't open about it as much as Sophitia, Cassandra is empowered by love and it is what made her willing to set off to destroy Soul Edge. It won her an approval of Guts who is also driven by his love for Casca and the two have bonded as they have suffered from personal tragedy. Cassandra also gets along with Guts's companions, especially Farnese due to their feisty nature.
    • She has been compared to Aphrodite by a few individuals. Some have stated she may be the reincarnation of the Goddess of Love, though there isn't much to state this. That said, Cassandra and Aphrodite have met before, with the two acknowledging each others's attractiveness.
    • She had a chance encounter with Anri Sonohara, quickly empathizing with her due to the fact that the demonic sword, Saika resided in her body, similar to how Sophitia and Pyrrha had a shard of Soul Edge embedded into their bodies. Cassandra has been doing her best to be company for Anri. This is proving to work on Anri's favor as accepting herself and expressing love for herself and those whom she cares about overwhelms Saika's desire of humanity.
  • Due to her experiences with the Malfested, Cassandra is very wary of inherently evil races and is more than willing to fight back should any of them begin opposing the innocent. The Apostles remind Cassandra of the Malfested a lot and the fact that they tend to be more aware of moral agency has made them more despicable in her view. Griffith is rather high on Cassandra's shit-list given his actions in becoming a member of the Godhand. And no, Cassandra isn't going to play along with Zodd's honorable nature, although the latter sees Cassandra as a Worthy Opponent anyway. Cassandra is also disgusted by Quan Chi as he "revives" the deceased as revenants who normally forsake their good nature for evil. To Cassandra, this is eerily similar to those who are Malfested. Not helping matters is the alliance of Shang Tsung and Shinnok who are more than willing to use corrupted and undead beings for their own gains.
    • She gained enmity from a being known only as Kollector, considering he tried to make an effort in stealing Cassandra's sword and shield. This ticked her off considering those weapons had a familial meaning to her. Not helping matters is Kollector taunting her name by stating "Dung Heap" which in the Nakandan language translates to "Cassandra". Through this however, Cassandra did meet with another being sharing her name, whom was also mocked by Kollector. The two get along well, given their feisty nature and their dedication towards good. They've currently agreed on taking on each other's perspective enemies for help.
  • Being a devoted sister meant that Cassandra is looked up upon by the House of Family, whom also happen to occupy Sophitia. Princess Leia, Androids 17 and 18 and the rest of the Siblings Sub-House seem to support her most, with the sub-house even offering an honorary position. Lucas isn't far behind either, seeing Cassandra as a kindred spirit in regards to how they feel towards their older sibling, though in Lucas's situation regarding his brother Claus, its a more somber approach. Regardless, Cassandra will spend time with Lucas anyway.
  • Whether its a secret or not, Cassandra in the Pantheon is from a new timeline where the events of Pyrrha's kidnapping and Sophitia's death are yet to occur. The Cassandra from the original timeline has been long-gone and resurfaced as a Malfested, which the younger version had to ward off. Now aware of the original timeline, and one of only two people to be aware of it, Cassandra is seeking a means to find a way to pave a new direction for her world's history.
    • Shortly after her ascension, Cassandra met up with the Pantheonic Time Police who have decided to keep watch of the new timeline. These events have led Cassandra to crossing paths with Barry Allen who, while understanding Cassandra's actions, did warn her of the potential dangers of changing past events, just like he did beforehand. Unfortunately, the Reverse-Flash gained knowledge of the new timeline and decided to try distorting it as means to spite Barry as usual, but also cause further pain and suffering towards Sophitia and Cassandra. The younger Alexandra sibling has since been working with Barry to combat Thawne.
  • A lot of residents have noted of Cassandra's strength, but what she doesn't know is that she has the tendency to overexert it. Sometimes it causes more problems than resolutions. Cassandra has been taking this as a sign to train herself so that she could control her strength better.
    • On the topic of strength, she can undergo an enhancement of sorts known as Divine Force, allowing her trade blows even against those who would normally outmatch her, even Nightmare. This has opened up to many thinking Cassandra has also been empowered by the Greek Gods. She hasn't said much on the matter.
  • Learning of how Soul Calibur perceives morality, how narrow minded it is in its goal of destroying and its manipulation resulting in Pyrrha's second death, Cassandra is vehemently opposed to the Spirit Sword, thinking as as no different from Soul Edge.
    • However, her reactions towards Algol is rather skewed. While Algol was driven to create Soul Calibur due to tragic circumstances, his actions did however play a hand in further discord and suffering, albeit indirectly. Cassandra is rather amicable towards Algol considering he is able to understand Sophitia's love for her children.
I'm going all out!

    Earthworm Jim 
Earthworm Jim, God of Super Suits
  • Lesser God (Quasideity without the suit)
  • Symbol: A small hand ray-gun
  • Theme Songs: New Junk City, Earthworm Jim 2 Title Screen, his cartoon's theme song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with occasional moments of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Became a super-evolved Worm thanks to his super suit, Heroic Comedic Sociopath, Idiot Hero, Large Ham, Psychopathic Manchild
  • Domains: Super Suits, Worms, Space, Weirdness
  • Heralds: Peter Puppy (his sidekick), Snot, Princess What's-Her-Name (his love interest)
  • Allies: Captain Olimar, XCOM, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, Kosmo and Nova, Homer Simpson, Genie, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Samus Aran, Captain Qwark, Captain Gordon
  • Enemies: Psy-Crow, Evil aliens, The Murkrows, The Crow, Queen Sectonia
  • Distrusts: Cows, Cats
  • Earthworm Jim used to be a normal earthworm that lived on Earth (and IN the earth), until one fateful day where a super suit fell on him, transforming into a super-evolved worm capable of sapient thought. Since then, he ventured into space trying to bring his own brand of justice all around the Cosmos.
    • His title used to be held by Crimson Viper, but after learning how Jim came to exist, she gladly left the position to him. Jim is very grateful for that.
  • Jim travels the universe with the only purpose of having the galaxy safe from the bad guys. That's why after he ascended, he has been very dedicated to keeping all the alien invaders in check.
  • Sometimes confused for Homer Simpson but Jim himself has a good relationship with Homer. Helps that both aren't very bright. Genie also likes him, and has brought Jim to spend time in the Aladdin video game.
  • Despises crows, both for being his natural arch-nemesis and because of his own personal foe, Psycrow, being a crow himself. He especially hates the Murkrows since they have a habit of pecking off his head and trying to eat him.
  • Jim is often fighting against the evil Queen Pulsating Bloated Festering Sweaty Pus-Filled Malformed Slug-for-a-Butt (Queen Slug-for-a-Butt for short) who is mad at him for stealing her super suit and so he doesn't really get along with insects. Queen Sectonia especially has some disdain for the worm.
  • Believes that all cats are evil, not surprising since one of his most common foes is Evil the Cat. Jim thinks that Greebo might be related to him and so considers him a dangerous enemy.
  • Was very excited to meet other space travellers in the pantheon. Some had certain reactions to Jim:
    • Captain Olimar originally thought that he was an enemy and commanded his Pikmin to attack him. It took a while, but Jim managed to convince him that he meant good. He has decided to aid him with the construction of his ship and also offered him to use his own pocket rocket, but Olimar politely declined.
    • From Olimar he also found out about Kosmo and Nova and befriended the couple after he personally said he found them cute. Hearing about Nova's creation, Jim asked her if he knew about Professor Monkey-For-A-Head but she didn't happen to know about him. Jim also warned Kosmo about cows that fall from nowhere and crush your girlfriend, given Jim's past experiences.
    • Became an honorary member of XCOM given his contributions in stopping inter-galactic threats. Jim felt really proud of such an achievement.
  • It's not entirely known why but Jim doesn't trust cows. Apparently he launched one once across the galaxy and fell on Princess Whats-Her-Name, essentially negating him from hitting on her. There was also a time where Jim, Psycrow and Princess Whats-Her-Name were cows in disguise and Jim has not explained anything about it.
  • May secretly desire to be a woman, but he denies it if asked. Turns out he had to fight his inner self in order to not become a woman.
  • There was one time where he found a sword called "Sword of Righteousness" said to train heroes but Jim got rid of it because it was too annoying. He later stumbled upon Excalibur, which reminded him a lot about said sword (and also annoyed him a lot).

    Mikasa Ackerman 
Mikasa Ackerman, Goddess of Asskickers with Scarves

    Ruby Rose 
Ruby Rose, Goddess of Red Riding Hood Fighters (Crater Face, Dolt, Dunce, Normal Knees, Little Red, Pipsqueak, Embodiment of Purity, Trash Can, Rubes, Red, Ruby Ikari)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her personal symbol, a red rose
  • Theme Songs: "Red Like Roses" and "Red Like Roses II"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable Badass Adorable Girls who Kick Ass, Red Cape wearers, fighting with a scythe that doubles as a gun, appearing out of nowhere, being symbolized with roses, Wearing Red and Black but not evil all over, Watching as everything falls apart but still moving forward, Having silver eyes, Awakening powers after the death of a friend, The Chains of Commanding, Driven to Suicide (Don't worry, she got better)
  • Domain: Combat, Roses, Heroes, Depression, Suicide, Reincarnation
  • Herald: Zwei, her Pembroke welsh corgi (shared with Yang)
  • Followers: Zara, Scarlet, Red Puckett
  • Allies:
  • Former Mentor: Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build
  • Friendly Rivalries: Maka Albarn and Soul, Margaret Moonlight
  • Enemies: Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus, Neopolitan, B.B. Hood, Felix, the Psycho Rangers (particularly Psycho Red), Gleeman Vox, Xehanort's Incarnations, Yuuki Terumi (Especially as his true self, Susanoo), Madara Uchiha
  • Opposes: Raven Branwen
  • Flew to the Pantheon thanks to her Crescent Rose weapon's recoil, landing in the House of Personal Appearance. Wanted to be in the House of Weapons, but since there was already a god for the scythe, she decided to go to the House of Personal Appearance and prepare for her sister and the rest of her friends' ascension. When Yang appeared, the sisters hugged each other in delight.
    • Prior to all that, one night as she was making her way to a battle in an urban area, she had the unfortunate luck to run into Spider-Man, and a misunderstanding between them led to a fight. He soundly beat her in one minute, but Frank West was on the scene to catch him in the act (he had no idea what Ruby was capable of at the time) for Jonah Jameson's Daily Bugle. He apologized the next day and Ruby let it slide.
  • Likes eating cookies, so she spends time with Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster doesn't mind and shares a few cookies, but is amazed that when she eats one it quickly vanishes without showing how she chews on it.
  • Is disgusted with B.B Hood due to also being a kickass Red Riding Hood, but also because she shows that she is a completely cold, heartless person inside. The Court officially labeled each other as their good/evil counterpart. A battle between the two is inevitable.
  • Nearly fainted at the House of Weapons and all of the gods that were there. Is challenging everyone to an ongoing fight, particularly Maka Albarn.
    • She also had a Squee moment when seeing Margaret's own weapons be similar to her own. For some reason, she is capable of taking her on, all without losing her smile.
  • Ruby does not get why Lea continues to stare at her like he's got déjà vu. It's like he's seen her, or at least someone who physically resembles her, before, but is unable to recall who. This actually helped trigger Xion's return to life.
  • Jumped for joy to find Jaune Arc in the Pantheon, and has now helped him train for when the rest of Team JNPR makes it.
  • She groaned when Torchwick ascended. Though, does have a bit of sympathy for him since he got eaten whole by a griffin Grimm. Nobody should go out like that.
    • On the other hand, she downright screamed (while her eyes briefly shined) when Cinder ascended.
    • She was also frightened when Blake told her the news about the ascension of Adam Taurus, due to his history with their team and how he cut off her sister's arm.
    • Seeing an ascended Neo also made Ruby uneasy, especially as she thought the ice cream colored assassin was gone after Ruby activated her umbrella weapon, making her fly off in a storm.
  • Has gone into a period of mourning, along with the rest of people of her world. When asked, she would only say, with tears in her eyes and a very sad smile, "A great man has gone to a better place, at least that's what Yang says. Would be rude not to, am I right?" Ever since his ascension, Ruby visits his shrine every day.
  • Has discovered that when talking in Japanese, she sounds like Aila Jyrkiainen, Orie Palada, and Hsien-Ko. This allowed her to strike up a friendship with the three.
    • She was briefly mistaken by Nero to be his girlfriend, Kyrie. The two did struck up a friendship because of the mistake. One of the catalyst of their friendship was Ruby marveling at his Red Queen sword which was custom made like her Crescent Rose.
    • Several of the BlazBlue deities have mistaken her for Mai Natsume as well. After the misunderstanding was cleared up, Ruby befriended a majority of the deities. Kagura, however keeps eyeing and openly flirting with her. This usually results in either Yang, Makoto or Ragna giving Kagura a well-deserved punch to the face.
  • Ruby is the only deity aligned with the Grand United Alliance of Good to have red Tron Lines while in Cyberspace, as opposed to cyan like the rest.
  • Has struck up a friendship with Shinnosuke Tomari due to similar preference in colors and powers as well as both having similar dreams of living up to their parents' legacies. She is quite jealous that his Shift Cars and Mr. Belt have the ability to communicate with him, and has asked Krim to see if he could do the same with Crescent Rose. Shinnosuke and Mr. Belt were very surprised when they found out she could communicate with the Shift Cars flawlessly, and a little weirded out when she tried to introduce them to her beloved scythe.
  • Finds an interest in Edward Elric. She doesn't know why, but he sounds very familiar to her.
  • So far Ruby is in no hurry for any romantic endeavors as she is too busy trying to be a great Huntress. Many have joke that's because she considers her weapon, Crescent Rose, to be her partner since she calls it her sweetheart.
    • There are some who do ship Ruby with her teammate, Weiss Schnee. Ruby doesn't mind that much but she does tell people that the two are just best friends, even if Weiss is occasionally rather touchy-feely with her.
    • Others ship her with Jaune Arc, who Ruby denies feeling anything more than friendship for, or Oscar Pine. The latter two have become extremely close over the years, and Oscar has a crush on her. Whether or not it is reciprocated remains to be seen.
  • Nobody was surprised when Ruby became friends with The Hunter. When the two met, Ruby nearly had a fangasm when she saw their trick weapons. She requested an alternate outfit that is modeled after the Hunter's own garb.
  • Don't tell her she needs to grow up. She drinking plenty of milk to help her with that.
    • And with Miltank in the Pantheon, she gets her milk from that Pokémon.
  • Became partners with Scyther. The two first met when they ended up in one of Gleeman Vox's Dreadzone arena. The two made very quick work of his robots.
  • Has become friends with Ragna the Bloodedge. She found his weapon, the Bloodscythe to be one of the coolest weapons she has ever seen (even though it isn't a gun). Ragna sees a bit of Noel in Ruby as well.
    • However, there was that one time where he caught Ruby, and their faces ended up getting really close. Yang and the others keep teasing her about this, and the rumours of Ragna being a pedophile have skyrocketed much to both of their annoyances.
    • Tensions between the two have been mounting as of late, however, likely due to the fact that the two of them will be fighting each other in the near future. However, due to the fact that the fights are in Tag Team style match-ups, they're both hoping to get onto the same team, yet training each other in case they have to fight.
      • When Weiss was announced to be joining them Ruby was overjoyed that her bestie would be by her side. When it was announced that her entire team would be joining the fight, she was absolutely ecstatic.
    • The tag battles have made them staunch friends with both Yu Narukami and Hyde Kido. They have since become a very tight-knit group, one that Ruby can often be seen hanging out with if she's not with Team RWBY. She acts as The Heart of their team, often acting as the source of liveliness and energy that can rally them to do almost anything; probably helps that her adventurous weapon-loving attitude makes her One of the Boys easily. While she is roughly Yu and Hyde's age - all of them being nearly 17 against Ragna likely being in his mid-20s, her mere presence being in danger is enough to trigger a violent reaction within her teammates, likely due to their own prior experiences in dealing with little sister figures before with Noel, Nanako and Linne (although referring to her as such is ill-advised when she's nearby). Some of the deities friendly with them - including Ruby's own older half-sister Yang - often joke about her gaining three of the scariest older brothers imaginable as best friends when not in earshot.
    • It was also through the tag battles that Ruby would befriend a number of new gods. Such as three Robot Girls Vatista, Aigis and her sister Labrys. To the surprise of many, she even sparked a friendship between her and Rachel Alucard, the two even call themselves Team Rose.
  • Ruby's been in a state of sadness lately after her friend, Penny, was torn into pieces by another friend, Pyrrha Nikos (she was tricked by one of the villains), in their match. Some deities have compared Ruby's friendship with Penny to that of Sora's friendship with Tron, right down to both Penny and Tron being killed as their friends couldn't do anything to save them.
    • Tragedy continued to fall on Ruby and her friends, as Beacon was attacked by the White Fang and the Grimm. It was during this that she again watched helplessly as Pyrrha died by Cinder's hand. Upon seeing this, the emotional trauma it induced caused the awakening a power strong enough to freeze the Grimm Dragon attacking the school. It was then that she learned she was the latest in a line of silver-eyed warriors who even the Grimm were afraid of. That didn't matter to her at though, as her team had fallen apart; with Yang falling into depression over her lost limb, Blake running away out of guilt, and Weiss being taken home by her father. Despite all of that, she's still moving forward.
  • Gets along well with the Blood Gulch Crew, made by the same people of her show, even if Ruby looks at Church and Epsilon weirdly whenever one of the two show up. Probably has something to do with the fact that they sound like her dad. Tucker in particular deeply respects her leadership abilities, and said she'd be a great general or president. Sarge adores Ruby for being a red-clad great warrior, but Ruby finds him too extreme and insane.
  • Ruby despises Felix, as he tried to con her finding some familiarity in how she sounded. His manipulative nature with disregard for friendship opposes everything she stands for.
  • Denies having multiple personalities, claiming it's something as stupid as herself having a pet rock. The rest of Team RWBY agrees that one Ruby is more than enough.
  • During a conversation with Lea, the subject of Cinder Fall came up. Lea mentioned he had his suspicions about her. Namely, that she could be one of Xehanort's Seekers of Darkness, albeit most likely not wittingly on her part. The similarities between her and Xehanort have caused Ruby a great deal of concern.
  • Ruby once plowed headfirst into another speedster with engines in his calves while running training around the Pantheon with Weiss. Weiss took the time to scold him on his improper form. Ruby, however, appreciated his heroic drive and sense of justice. He also has come to look up to her optimism and idealism. Apparently, she reminded him of his friend Izuku, while he reminded Weiss of her butler, Klein. The trio formed a friendship that day. Even if Weiss and Iida do argue, Ruby is always there to step in.
  • Upon hearing the news of her uncle’s ascension, she rushed to his new home in the House of Misfortune to give him a giant Hug. Eager and excited, she asked if he missed her during their time apart. Naturally, he smirked and replied with a simple “Nope.”
  • Due to the Fall of Beacon Academy, Team RWBY has been left Incompletely Trained in general, which is not a very good spot be in considering how dangerous their upcoming battles will be. However, a very convenient opportunity for training for this team has been opened up thanks to the arrival of the heroic Kamen Riders of Build, who themselves are a tightly-knitted four-man team and have overcome all adversaries and horrors to create a whole new world. With their success leading to their ascension into the Pantheon, each member of RWBY has been taken under the wing of one of the four Kamen Riders to help each girl evolve and grow as an huntress and, as an whole, a team to be prepared for what's to come. The teacher Ruby is learning from is Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build.
    • Being someone who is about analyzing and quickly adapting to the situation at hand while in direct combat, a trait he has in common with Ruby, Sento is able to work with the red reaper when it comes to overcoming her Crippling Overspecialization on solely using Crescent Rose given that he stands out as a Kamen Rider who is a Master of All in nearly all areas of fighting and weapon usage - something Ruby is currently being taught to emulate in her own ways as encouraged by her mentor. In addition to that, there's also his life experiences, leading Sento to be able to effectively guide Ruby about how to deal with the challenges against her ideals, which match up to his more than not. However, what completely sold Ruby on Sento was the fact that he's just as much a geek as her when it comes to weaponry and creating them, with him being capable of actually making improvements to Ruby's dearest scythe, taking strides to add modes based off of some of the different weapons he's used in battle.
    Ruby: (dropping onto the ground and bowing down) You're my hero! I'm not worthy to be trained by you!
    Sento: Well, this is doing wonders for my ego. Please continue.
    • As of Volume 7, Ruby has graduated as a full Huntress, and thus no longer requires these mentors. However, she still visits them on occasion.
  • Due to her strong optimism and striving for idealism, Ruby would come to blows against Madara Uchiha, who initially disregarded Team RWBY as being weak and inferior to him. That is until Madara realized Ruby's personality traits which irritated Madara to no end. He was further surprised to see how the death of someone close awakened a special power within her, which amused Madara. He quickly gained an interest in Ruby to the point of seeking to corrupt her to his side. And like everyone else, Ruby is annoyed by Madara's pessimism.
  • After succumbing to The Chains of Commanding while in the Ever After, Ruby was Driven to Suicide and ascended in the hope of becoming someone more capable of handling her burdens. However, with the help of the Blacksmith and a memory of her mother, she recovered and returned as her old self. However, she still bears scars from the experience, and has quickly struck up an Odd Friendship with Shinji Ikari over their shared trauma. Ruby thinks he's a decent guy, but quiet and could really do with some self-confidence lessons. Shinji, for his part, is mostly focused on not looking at her corset, but is glad to have a female friend who isn't attracted to him in some way.

    Sunny (Into the Badlands
Sunny, God of Badasses in Longcoats (Sanzo)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God upon Activating his "gift")
  • Symbol: The Tattoos Adorned on his Back
  • Theme Song: Into the Badlands Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Among the Best and most Feared Regents in the Badlands, Former Regent who Defects after Seeing the Depravity of his Baron, Has No Interest in any Barons' Interests, Normally garbed in a Longcoat, Master Swordsman, Action Dad, Papa Wolf, His Name Contrasts his General Personality (Not that he Couldn't get Emotional at Times), Composes his Rage very Often, Usually Kept to Himself, Rides a Motorcycle for Transport, Often Stops to Help others in Need, The Atoner
  • Domains: Warriors, Longcoats, Service, Swordsmanship, Fatherhood, Atonement
  • Herald: Bajie
  • Allies: Bryan Mills, Sophitia Alexandra, The Council of Three, Jackie Chan, Kenshiro, Night Raid, Akame, Altair, Link, Kenshi Takeda, Batman, Himura Kenshin, Shirou Emiya, Sub-Zero, Genji Shimada
  • Enemies: The Helghan Empire (Scholar Visari, Mael Radec), Shang Tsung, The Child Abuse Supporters, Scott Shelby, Griffith
  • Respected By: The House of Family and Weapons
  • Conflicting Opinion: Hanzo Shimada
  • Opposes: Tyrannical and Dictator-like Figures, Especially from the Tyrannical Figures Sub-House
  • Wary Of: Those who Rely on Guns, especially residents of the Firearms Sub-House (Though he doesn't have any genuine enmity against them)
  • In a near-future, lays a vast landscape known as the Badlands, filled with feudal barons who take control of a portion of the Badlands. Maintaining control and supremacy with a loyal army and associates, a baron is expected to have one to be their greatest and most personal enforcer, known as a Regent. For one Baron Quinn, who was the most powerful of the seven, this Regent was Sunny, a proficient and masterful swordsman who had since led his forces and served Quinn with ruthless and incredible success. That is, until one day he met an escapee from an unknown city known as Azra, called M.K. and soon after, witnessed Quinn kill his territory's doctors after he was told that his brain tumor would increase and there is no chance for a cure. The doctors being the parents of Sunny's love interest, Veil, and the fact that Quinn killed them because he felt this would show weakness, Sunny immediately defected and wanted his former Baron dead, even if it meant he had to work with another Baron to do the deed.
  • After meeting with the Master of the Abbots Monastery about being told about something he should be prepared for, Sunny found himself in a rather mysterious land. Armed with only a sword, Sunny marched around this new land before coming across an abandoned motorcycle whereupon he decided to take it and travel to a nearby town to uncover more about his situation. He stumbled upon the House of Combat, greeted by the Council of Three. Sunny asked them of where he was, to which he was told that he had entered the Pantheon. Perplexed, Sunny asked them whether they know about the Badlands, which he received a blunt no. Sunny then asked if he could take up residence, considering he has nowhere to go, to which the Council decided to grant him a living quarters in the House of Costumes. From here on out, Sunny was now granted the position of representing Badass Longcoat due to his trademark red longcoat he regularly wears, in addition to being an extremely skilled and deadly fighter, especially if he has a sword in hand.
  • Is highly respected by the House of Family, due to his intense dedication towards his son, Henry. SO much so that he is made an honorary member of the Heroic Protectors of Family, given that Sunny is an exceptionally talented and feared fighter in a land that was filled to the brim with them. Sunny appreciates the gesture, but is distant about it, instead spending more time on his own, either living a very quiet life or training and honing his skills to prepare for his next battles. He's well-aware that the Pantheon is occupied by extremely powerful beings that he needs to be wary of.
    • Parents like Bryan Mills and Sophitia Alexandra are very welcome to working with Sunny and have accepted his goal for atonement, especially given that Sophitia has tried to redeem Siegfried in her mortal life.
  • Thanks to his experience regarding Baron Quinn, Sunny deeply opposes tyrants and each time he hears about a tyrant's actions, his memories usually tend to reflect back onto his services with his former baron, a fact that Quinn does not like. He abhors the Tyrannical Figures Sub-House, but he's aware that beings like Sauron, Palpatine, Thanos and Darkseid are way out of his league.
  • Despite his name, Sunny is not exactly emotive and normally stoic. That said, he can get emotionally intense, as seen with the actions of Quinn, getting betrayed and losing his lover, Veil. Most deities have come to expect Sunny as being a quiet warrior who does more act than talk. With that said, it's best not to get him agitated or threaten the ones he cares about, given his reputation as a former Regent.
  • He's got a knack of performing heroic actions on his travels, a feat that's earned the respect of the House of Heroism, but also note that Sunny often puts too much burden onto himself. He's found himself to be relatable to Shirou Emiya in that regard. Shirou is happy to see someone who's willing to help the helpless like he does. Sunny accepts his gratitude, though he's too reclusive to really hang out with him too much.
    • He's garnered similar praise from Kenshiro, who is impressed by the fact that Sunny is willing to make amends and try to live out the remainder of his life as a normal man, free of his past. The two have agreed on working together to defend and aid people every now and then. That said, Sunny finds Kenshiro's way of brutalizing his enemies to be pretty extreme, but given who he delivers them to, he's not in opposition.
  • Because of his rebellion towards Baron Quinn and only siding with the other Barons if it meant safety for his son and his allies, Sunny was quick to become allies with Night Raid. Him and Akame have the occasional spar with one another, with Akame noting Sunny to be a worthy fighter like her. They've sent their condolences towards Sunny regarding his situation and have asserted that they themselves have been in pretty rough situations in the past. Sunny will often participate in assassination jobs with Night Raid if it's for the benefit of the ordinary populace.
  • Because he's never seen someone with guns, Sunny is very wary of those who wield them, given that he may be at a disadvantage. He's taking up practice on how to deal with firearms and wants to make sure that he is able to defend himself to the best of his ability. Other than that, he personally has nothing against the Firearms Sub-House.
    • He has become allies with Genji Shimada, who respects his dedication as a father and for being a formidable swordsman. Sunny appreciates the fact that Genji is willing to fight for the greater good and in turn, Genji has offered to improve Sunny's reflexes so that he could effectively battle against those using guns. Sunny has asserted though that this is only for defense and has no interest in killing others unlike his previous years as a regent.
      • That said, Genji's brother Hanzo is rather careful about his views on Sunny. So far, he hasn't learned much about him, given Sunny's reserved disposition, but so far, he's tolerating him as Genji has told him a few times that Sunny is genuinely of good company once personally known. Sunny himself is rather amicable towards Hanzo, though he'd want him to get back on better terms with Genji, stating that they shouldn't distance each other just because Genji is a cyborg.
  • Given that the Pantheon is not a landscape filled with battle, oppression and general misery, Sunny is surprised by the environment around him as it's one that he's never familiar with. For one, he doesn't have to constantly move from one place to another,something that he frequently did in his mortal life. His residence in the House of Costumes is a pretty normal one, despite his former high-ranking title. He's made it pretty clear he wants nothing to do with royalty in the long-run, though he'll work with good-hearted beings if it's for the greater good.
  • After Sunny died in a successful attempt to stop Pilgrim from conquering the world, his conversation with the Master in the realm of life and death, had the latter state that a threat is coming that is greater than Pilgrim, one that is more powerful and insidious than any human. From what Sunny has seen and heard in the Pantheon, he sometimes interprets that the master must have been referring to Melkor or Nekron. Now's a better time to start mastering his control of the "gift" if his former protege M.K. was able to do so.
    • That said, he isn't ruling out other potential threats like YHVH, Lucifer, Darkseid, Amatsu-Mikaboshi or the Anti-Monitor, given that all of them possess power capable of or nearing universal destruction. Still, even with the "gift" mastered, Sunny is going to need allies for this occasion.
  • Has come to bond with Kenshi and Takeda. Mainly because both of them respect each other's dedication and Kenshi even admits that Sunny has been a better father than he could. Sunny however reprimands that Kenshi did have a decent reason for leaving his son behind and tells him to simply be a good father to him. Takeda has once thought that Sunny would make a good member for the Shirai Ryu, but hasn't approached him about it yet, given Sunny's reclusive nature.
  • He really wishes he could have bought along M.K. as one of his heralds had it not been for the fact that he turned against him to instead work for the Pilgrim. This fact still depresses Sunny, for it is one of those rare occasions where he's becomes emotional about a topic. That said, this did allow him to reach a mutual understanding with Sub-Zero who also had an apprentice who defected him, though while M.K. was driven by emotional frustration concerning his past and initially genuinely respected Sunny, Frost had no true respect for Sub-Zero, has allowed her egotism to fully consume her and she is remorseless about all of the bad deeds she has committed.
Every force has its equal. Fear, peace, dark, light… one can’t exist without the other.


    The PAYDAY Gang 
Alright, who's-

It's Payday, fellas!

The PAYDAY GangMembers , Divine Badasses Dressed in Style (In General: Clowns | Dallas: Nathan Steele, The Mastermind | Chains: Nicholas, The Enforcer | Hoxton: James Hoxworth, The Fugitive | Wolf: The Technician | Houston: The Ghost)
L - R: Dallas, Chains, Wolf, Houston and Hoxton
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The masks of the original five, alongside flying dollar bills in the background; alternatively, Dallas' mask
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Most of them were Neutral Evil with Chaotic tendencies; after the events of the White House Heist, probably True Neutral with Chaotic and Good tendencies by the end for most of them minus Wolf
  • Portfolio: A group of theives who take heists for pay, hired by various contractors, accomplishes their contracts by any means necessary, includes a large roster of various race, wears masks in the middle of fights, recognized by certain names, willing to aid each other in need most of the time, would kill thousands of officers in their heists
  • Domains: Crime, Heists, Guns, Suits, the Almighty Dollar
  • Heralds: Bain (their Boss), Bile, Alex, George and Twitch (getaway drivers), Vernon Locke, Gage, Vlad, the Elephant, the Butcher (contractors), Clover, Dragan, Bonnie, Sokol, Jiro, Jimmy, Sydney, Rust, Sangres, Duke, Ethan and Hila Klein, Joy (the other heisters), Aldstone the Butler (Hoxton's personal servant)
  • Allies: Neil McCauley, Tony, Jo, Mario and César (on the tolerable side), the Cabot crew (leans towards associates), The Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, Niko Bellic, Carl Johnson, Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton (may lean towards Rivals for the trio), the Goat, Raymond Reddington, Vito and Michael Corleone, the DiMeo and Soprano family
  • Rivals: Leverage Consulting Crew, Raphael
  • Fears: Fuze, Sam Fisher
  • Mixed Reception with: Gustavo Fring
  • Banned from: The Great Treasury
  • Personal Business with: Mr. Orange, Thomas Angelo, Wei Shen (for Hoxton)
  • Enemies: All police especially Vincent Hanna, Dimitri Rascalov, the Joker, Saint Tail, the entire House of Commerce and Law and Justice
  • The beginnings of the mysterious gang of four all started on a First World Bank, where it all began. The bank had all the markings of a classic job and they took it, as the police went head first against a group of men that managed to steal a lot of money with ease. The police would soon fight these guys in the first years of 2011 to 2012 where the robbers went on a heist spree, eventually carving themselves a place in the criminal underworld. However, the capture of one unlucky heister stopped the spree and traces of the remaining men went cold, until two years later when a mysterious contractor, Bain, brought his trusted man Dallas to return with his old comrades, Chains and Wolf and a new member, his brother codenamed "Houston", to bring the gang back. Together, they would continue the life of the heist, eventually breaking a former comrade, "Hoxton", out of prison and restored to their ranks, earning respect from different corners of the world and making their names infamous. They are the PAYDAY Gang.
  • After a few heists and a brutal conflict to rescue their shadowy leader from the White House, the gang decided to end their run following a pardon from the President, don't ask. Behind the scenes, the Pantheon was watching the gang's movements and decided to bring Bain with a proposal. His situation is complicated especially since he was reincarnated as the President of the United States, but after hearing of a realm that can put the gang's infamy in the criminal world back was he excited for this idea and signed the deal. In a few hours, the four (actually five) main heisters of the gang, Dallas, Chains, Hoxton, Wolf and Houston were brought via teleportation to the Pantheon for evaluation and gave them entry to the new plane. They were confused and demanded Bain to inform them of the situation but was eventually confirmed to be the case, the gang now has a spot in the Pantheons and their crime spree has just begun.
  • While crime has been less focused due to the bigger scenes, such as the big fights against good versus evil, this scenario gave the PAYDAY Gang an advantage as their entrance. As soon as the Court of the Gods gave them a temple to reside in, few days in and the reports of five men in clown masks raiding a section of the House of Commerce became the talk of the realm. The House of Law and Justice were less than thrilled to hear that the Pantheon higher ups brought a caper crew capable of going in guns blazing and remain unscathed as well as sneaking in without leaving a trace (sometimes), and upon reading their portfolio, it showed that these men are more than capable of facing an entire legion of police officers, essentially turning the Pantheon Police into a bunch of mooks. Countermeasures have been suggested with little progress made as the gang has evaded capture, making them an elusive threat and hirings have been made to capture these clowns, dead or alive.
  • For a bunch of clowns with guns, they are not to be underestimated, Once given a contract, the gang will do whatever it takes to finish the contract as failure means no payday for the rest of the crew. Finding a traitor that double crossed the group? Barge in through the FBI Headquarters to gain information on the rat. Stealing a valuable historic item? Pass through a maze that some would consider to be impossible. Requiring to lean some votes of a political official? Do some little rigging. Not to mention, they have broken through several law enforcement headquarters like its nothing. To them, they will do whatever it takes to get payed big time and boy did their heists make them absurdly rich.
  • The gang's composition is lead by Bain, the mysterious figurehead of the gang and the one who calls the shots indirectly as well as the one who created the domain known as However, he does less of the dirty work and has the others to do it for them. His motive? Money, lots and lots of money. While he may be the leader, the Pantheon has given him some time off, leaving the gang to take the position. He will just be hidden somewhere where he will instruct them and give them contracts to finish. Due to some technical changes, was re-established to the Pantheon and has made life easier for the criminals of all types, benefiting especially the PAYDAY Gang, who can take up any contract that hires them for the job. The five clowns that operate include:
    • Dallas. Bain's main lieutenant and the leader of the group during the heist itself. He will command his crew and support them as the Crew Chief or Caporegime, giving them aid in the form of medical supplies and ammo in the heat of battle. One could argue both him and Bain are very close and many have tried to get their hands on him but to no avail. His love for money closely matches his mask, a bonefide American flag in the form of a mask, which almost everyone can recognize easily. In addition, he can persuade civilians and even captive police officers to fight on his side, making him the perfect leader of the operation. Some say that he has a secret affinity for medic bags, preferably if he starts yelling for some, and eventually came true following him buying a yacht literally named "Medic Bag".
    • Chains. Dallas' right hand man and the main enforcer of the group. His role is the Muscle, loading himself with armor and lots of bullets, allowing him to soak as many bullets as he can to protect his crew as well as drawing fire. This, combined with his daredevil personality and him "cheating" death many times, often to the point of calling himself invincible and threatening others to kill him makes him a dangerous target. His past has him once becoming a member of the Army but failed due to certain mental reasons, but the moment he started stealing, that is when he knew his call. Said mental reasons may or may not confuse him for a pickle. He also has an irrational hate for broken drills. Following his pardon, he pursued the life of a stuntman and helped revitalizing the usage of practical effects in films.
    • Wolf. Once a law-abiding business man who followed the law, until his business was hit with a recession. Following his company going bankrupt, he would take the persona of many Hollywood action films and used that to fuel his criminal image. He has not looked back from his past, including his family, and has neither regret for his actions, making him a psychopath and a very moody one according to Bain. This landed him as the technician of the group, creating explosives and turrets for support against all sides. He is the Armorer, constantly improving his tech and others, even going so far as to improvise when necessary. Wolf's stay in the Gang was short-lived however and eventually decided to leave the world of crime behind, never looking back once more or in his words "get the fck out".
    • Hoxton. Once a member of the original four that made headlines during 2011, he was ratted out by someone from the inside and was left to rot in prison. A few arrangements here and there gave the gang a window to free him and recruit him back. His mental state got worse and left him constantly bitter at both the hostages and everyone around him, especially his would be replacement Houston. As a result of being freed, he was the fugitive and was given the role of the Crook, surviving at any cost, no matter the situation at hand. One could say that this is a reminder of his past as a kid who would have an early life of crime even before his introduction. Needless to say, the incident has left him to hate rats or any traitors and would kill the moment he knew their identities. Said prison time also left him scarred and upon being given pardon, was forced to leave his past of crime behind, bidding farewell to the gang and even his butler.
    • Houston. Dallas' younger brother and the supposed "replacement" for Hoxton. Despite being given many jobs, he could never keep at least one and resorted to other means of gaining money, especially swindling others, giving him more enemies as a result. Thanks to his brother, he was recruited to the gang and became the Ghost, as well as helping out on mechanic work with vehicles. Being a Rogue, he is useful at stealth and espionage tactics, helped by him remaining anonymous at times. His struggles came to play upon Hoxton's return, dubbing him as "the fucking problem" upon freeing him but retaliates by telling him to don't act dumb (or donacdum). Out of all the members of the gang, he continued his life of crime, becoming a mediator of sorts.
    • Upon making names out of themselves, their gang expanded and allowed recruitment of several other curious heisters. Some of which already have residence within the Pantheon, that being the case with Jacket, who was recruited by Wolf and considered his "best buddy", John Wick, who gave aid to Chains in several occasions and Tony Montana, who had negotiations with Bain to deal with the Sosa gang. Bodhi's ascension, despite having a few setbacks, have given him new ways to do his skydiving stunts which will involve money in some sort. In the case that they are missing, the other heisters can take their place: Clover, Dragan, Bonnie, Sokol, Jiro, Jimmy, Sydney, Rust, Sangres, Duke, Ethan and Hila Klein and Joy. All of which have their own specializations and roles to the Gang and Bain.
  • While the gang are not busy fixating themselves over the Almighty Dollar, they can be found in several places for reference. The House of Theatre and Spectacle is where Chains hangs out to continue his pursuit of practical effects and stunts, while Houston remains in the House of Crime and Transgressions, likely to continue being a mediator for most criminals. The House of Travel has seen Dallas visit them on occasion, thanks to a yacht he bought for himself and for a few specific guests. Hoxton and Wolf have yet to leave their temples though, likely because the two left their life of crime for good, but sightings can be seen that the former visits the House of Law and Justice to dispense some traitors and the latter at the House of Weapons, likely to continuously fuel his Hollywood-esque persona.
    • Their safehouse also got various renovations, stemming from the fact that their safehouse was once an old laundromat that has not seen a revamp for three years, until Hoxton decided to destroy the establishment and use a newer location. The new safehouse is far more customizable and has more spaces for the remaining heisters. Thanks to the Pantheon, other heisters and criminals can hang out with the gang by going to their safehouse, but they will have to follow the rules or expect Hox to blast their heads should any tomfoolery happen. There are also times where the gang may not be in their safehouse, especially in Halloween where several spooky heists take place. Expect them to also wear halloween-themed masks to prepare for the occasion.
  • In the criminal world, heists are the crimes that aim for big scores. Money and fame are big but at the same time, risks are even bigger and may result in either death or prosecution to everyone involved. To keep an idea afloat in a place like the Pantheon, there needs to be a leader to prepare for the plan ahead. One man by the name of Neil McCauley decided to be the frontrunner of such endeavor and has been recruiting various criminals of such scale to accomplish capers of many kinds. In the case of the PAYDAY Gang, they are the go-to men for brute force and violent entrances and exits, meaning Neil can rely on them if the heat gets tough to deal with.
    • Dallas remains the leader of the gang, maintaining as the de-facto representative of the gang. Houston goes as the driver/mechanic (though Bain has specific drivers for certain heists), and the rest retains their roles with Wolf being the technician, Chains being the muscle and Hoxton on survival. While they are in charge of the louder heists, they can also go in silent and avoid detection from security, but should they be caught, they will not go down without a fight. Neil and Dallas has some form of brotherly connection due to several similarities to each other but has told him to watch over some of his members, Wolf and Hoxton in particular as to avoid the spilling of innocent blood.
    • While stealth can be accomplished by them, none are more skilled than the four progenitors of the Caper Genre, Tony, Jo, Mario and César. From their perspective, they can deal with them since the cash is shared to other participating heisters. However, the gang's tendency to go in guns blazing has left a sour taste within the four as they would rather not let innocent blood spill when in the middle of stealing loot. They do see the four with potential but has kept a strong eye on César, who ended the heist of the four on a gruesome note, though his safecracking skills are very much needed.
    • The Cabot Crew recognized them very much especially Mr. Pink, who asked for their assistance after their failed attempt. According to Vernon Locke, Bain left the gang a heist that needed to be accomplished following his disappearance, that being assisting the Cabot Crew from escaping the police. Mr. Blonde also thanked them and has often socialized with Wolf not to mention his rendition of the ear splitting scene. All was fine and dandy until Hoxton broke out a fight against Mr. Orange for some inexplicable reason. The two groups broke the two off and wondered what the hell was going on in the British man's mind towards a specific member of the crew. Mr. White is less than thrilled to see that someone else may have figured out that Orange is the mole in the crew. Ever since he had a fight with him, he considers Orange to be "personal business".
  • The gang's infamy has landed them on several hot spots, particularly with many various criminals. Beloved by many due to their notoriety and feared by their tenacity. There used to be a time where Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton shared a spot with the Gang on a certain position though they were eventually forced to settle their ways. With their arrival, there are bits of camaraderie and rivalry between them as their return allowed them more collaborations for certain heists but at the same time also possess some form of heated competition, thanks to Trevor Philips. Other criminals have taken the Gang's notoriety with care as double crossing them has shown to be a death sentence to the traitor as they have shown. Both Niko and CJ have also considered recruiting the gang on certain occasions, thanks to their experiences in heists. Even the Boss of the 3rd Street Saints considers them to be VIP status, helped with the Boss giving them outfits to the Row no less, a symbol of respect. And then there is their connection with a certain goat, of which the gang had to save as many as fifteen goats from creating chaos in the city, even the goat had "assistance" helping the heisters. They would rather not remind themselves of the torture they had to go through collecting all the goats.
    • Some heists go the other way around though, as one Leverage Consulting has shown. Linked to the police yet also skilled in the art of heists. The PAYDAY Gang sees them as a worthy challenge but the former has not shown the same feeling since they have to create scenarios where there would be less casualties, especially on civilians and fellow police officers. Considering who they are up against, the gang could be one of their biggest obstacles in their time at the Pantheons. Other thieves could also fit in this category, such as the case with Raphael, who has done a great deal of stealing back the artwork they stole from time to time, though he was abhorred at the fact that one of them threw a painting on the toilet. Saint Tail also counts as she tries to steal some of their stolen loot, even if it means the risk of being hailed with bullets, though the gang treats her less seriously and just leaves her be since they can come back and steal back their loot.
    • Their infamy soon reached to specific houses, one being the House of Commerce where most of their heists occur and has been tightening their security, though some of the poorer deities are not shy about helping the gang if it means getting payed as well. The House of Law and Justice has placed them in their "Most Wanted" list due to multiple cases and have been catching them since. There was also a time where the Gang decided to rob the Great Treasury, said details include the heisters getting their hands on Quilgin's Box, the Dominator, and even drove one of the Demolition Vehicles to barge to Level 3, however their spree was halted after GLaDOS sealed the level and used tear gas. The gang's attempt is what prompted the Treasury to add more countermeasures in the case either the PAYDAY Gang or someone else decides to go in through force.
  • Speaking of the police, they absolutely hate the cops, tied with the Cabot Crew, and the sentiments are shared on the other side seeing the body count the gang can create against regular police, guards and SWAT. Not even special forces in the form of bulldozers or even cloakers are enough to stop them. Their ability to utilize civilians as hostages only makes the situations they face worse, as the gang has the ability to convince civilians to fight for them, even their own officers can turn their backs with a few negotiations. It also makes brute force even risky to consider for them, if even one hostage is around. It should be noted that the gang has rules, and that includes the avoidance of killing innocents, as Bain considers civilian killing the barrier between murderers and bank robbers.
    Bain: A professional doesn't need to kill those people, you know!
    • Rats and traitors are personal territory for Hoxton as he is a victim of a rat that resulted to his imprisonment. Some have seen the disgruntled heister bring dynamite underneath certain temples and blow them up from below, as a way to greet them. With him seeing the list of potential rats working with the police, he is not shy about his hatred for such and has made assaults to both Wei Shen and Thomas Angelo when he is not trying to beat up Mr. Orange. The two can comment that his ferocity and willingness to bring as many lead to his targets makes him a dangerous fugitive and a risk to both of them as they have not met a man so determined to kill as many rats as he sees fit.
    • Hostages are the roadblock between the PAYDAY Gang and custody, so what happens when you hire someone who can break through that roadblock? That was their first encounter with Team Rainbow operative Fuze, who's gadget made clearing the field easy. The PAYDAY Gang were horrified at this and bailed out at the first instance, but they were not the only ones with disgust as both Bain and the police were angry at Fuze for killing hostages, a rather terrible point shown in his dossier with his "disregard for civilian lives". If there is one person the gang fears, it is definitely him. Another person feared by the gang is Sam Fisher, mainly because his nightvision goggles reminds them of the dreaded cloakers they face, but unlike cloakers, Fisher is more competent and is very effective on night ops, making him another threat.
    • Prior to their hiring from Neil, Vincent Hanna is not far behind and can also be found organizing anti-heist forces to deal with the gang once their presence is found. Seeing that the gang can strike anywhere with any semblance of loot, Hanna's experience with Neil has made him the expert for cases like this and has been given various assets to deal with them including various special operatives such as the aforementioned cloakers and bulldozers. The Pantheon has given Hanna a hard task but he will not be alone in pursuing both the gang and other heisters.
  • With the help of Neil, Raymond Reddington and a few hoops from, contract hiring is available for various heisters to continue their jobs. Exclusive to the House of Crime and Transgressions, the website serves as a gateway for many criminals to interact and plan heists all around the world and now the Pantheon included in the list. Contracts are signed by various contractors and can vary in rewards. Some like the DiMeo and the Soprano family as well as the Corleone brothers have used the gang for their hired jobs and to varied success. There is a catch if whether or not the contractor in question is loyal as the gang has a history of such, Hector who was responsible for ratting out Hoxton and an unknown figure known as the Dentist. The Pantheon has criminals of such, in this case Dimitri Rascalov and the Joker and both have gained some hatred from the gang as news of Dimitri's betrayal to Niko became known to other criminals, making him a dangerous person to side with. The Joker on the other hand has been avoided for good reason as the Clown Prince of Crime has shown to kill his own men and burn down the money as his form of "sending a message". Even Bain thinks he is too much and could not bear watching dollars burn.
    The Joker: It's not about the money. It's about sending a message. Everything burns.
    • There is one guy that the gang has some mixed feelings about, and it goes to one guy running a fast food chicken establishment. Gustavo Fring's feelings towards the PAYDAY Gang are mutual and bears no harm as the two have dealt with their hatred for double-crossers. They are not sure whether he is just making it an act as they have seen a person very similar to him: the Dentist, who also amassed quite a connection to various syndicates, just like him. Their looks only makes their amicability on each other even lower as the Dentist's near killing of Bain broke the news on the criminal underworld. They will be watching Gus and so will he.

Let's make that money

    Wat Tambor 
Emir Wat Tambor, God of Aliens in Exosuits (Wat Tambor, Rosie the Robot)