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    The Lord of Nightmares 
The Lord of Nightmares, Goddess of Wild Magic (Dark Golden Lord, Mother of All Things, True Lord of the Demon Race, Sea of Chaos, Source of All Chaos, L-sama, LON, Author's Official Spokeswoman L. True name: Lucifer)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A shovel (preferably one that has been recently broken over Hajime Kanzaka's head, but this is optional)
  • Theme song: This OST
  • Alignment: Chaotic Above Good and Evil
  • Portfolio: Existences Beyond Human Comprehension, Balance Between Good and Evil, Apocalypse How, Eerily Emotionless Deliveries of Aforementioned Apocalyptic Destruction, Wild Magic, Deus ex Machina, Primordial Chaos, Transcending Morality, Comedic Abuse Of The Author, The Omnipotent, Eldritch Abomination, Is The Supreme Being and Lucifer, She Is the King
  • Domains: Balance, Chaos, Creation, Darkness, Destruction, Magic
  • Allies: Lina Inverse, Lucifer, Amara, Discord
  • On good terms with: Azathoth
  • On speaking terms with: Gan, GOLB, The Love That Moves The Stars, The Truth
  • Sought after by: Don Thousand, Dharkon, Father (FMA), Melkor, Barbatos, Apophis, Damien Thorn, Lord Tirek
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Living Tribunal
  • Rivals: Amatsu-Mikaboshi
  • Enemies: YHVH and Hajun. Everything else either hasn't antagonized her or is so beneath her notice she doesn't care
  • Opposed by: Eliphas (Yu-Gi-Oh), those overly dedicated to order like Galeem, Ashera, the Auditors of Reality
  • Concerns: The Author
  • Confuses: Nekron
  • Disrespects: Dis, Lucifer (Supernatural)
  • Wild Magic. A primal, chaotic form of magic with a mind of it's own. In the Slayers reality there is rule magic and theurgic magic. But chaos magic? Something utilized by Lina Inverse, it taps into the power of the primordial creator, the Lord of Nightmares. And her mind is present and follower her magic, making it unpredictable and dependent on her mood. And the Primordial Chaos is a very fickle mistress, so use at your own power.
  • Was present around the start of the pantheon, in its anarchic state. However she fell out relevance. Then the Great Upheaval happened and Order Versus Chaos was becoming more relevant. Then other factions grew in strength and changed things. And suddenly the pantheon got a lot more of her attention, with Lina's return solidifying her interest. Still, she is rarely sought out and isn't that talkative. She acts on her whims.
  • The Lord of Nightmares is the 'Deus' in 'Deus ex machina'. Whenever contrived coincidences and powerful forces outside the central characters' control resolve the situation, she is behind it. In other words, she's the wizard who did it. As the Sea of Chaos, she is the foundation of all existence, and what any world reverts to upon being destroyed.
    • Of course, the "Sea of Chaos" is not to be confused with the Warp, as that is not a sea or any body of water (unless you count clouds, which the Warp is more similar to, as bodies of water).
  • Her true name is Lucifer, yet ironically is The Maker of the Slayers' verse. Some people have mistook the Lucifer in charge of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos for her, before he admitted he was kind of boasting about it in his profile picture. The fact the too seem to get along despite her fickle nature, being respective spirits of chaos, helped with that confusion and boast. However she is still too fickle to ally with the GUAC.
  • Lacks respect for the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous and the Devil that is the son of Chuck. The former is an unremittingly depraved entity who devolved into chaos and nothingness to divorce himself from his maker. And the latter is a brat throwing a tantrum. She seems to get along with Amara, though, recognizing her primal nature as alike herself.
  • Her thoughts on fellow Gods and Makers? In general she doesn't have a serious relationship, however tends to be on speaking terms with those not as obsessed with order. The Love That Moves The Stars exists on as much, if not more of a transcendent level as she does. Though He is clearly benevolent and not aloof, the Love otherwise is fine with her doing her own thing. Both Gan and the Truth recognize her existence as a necessary and overrarching one, with Truth being a bit fond of her own divine retribution. But L-sama is too chaotic and irreverent to be their ally.
  • The creator and essence of the four worlds, among creators she seems to be fond of Azathoth the most. Well, as much as anyone can be so with an Almighty Idiot. This is down to the Lord of Nightmares unconsciously creating reality, not without her consent. It is said that she isn't happy and wants to reclaim them to solve her own loneliness, but this is likely facetiousness. Perhaps this is where she shares an understanding with Amatsu-Mikaboshi, as the Chaos King is offended that existence is present instead of his peaceful isolation. However they disagree heavily on the methods and he regards her as an aloof and apathetic rival. She isn't too concerned with him as is, but Oblivion has such power it might challenge even her.
  • There are two supreme beings who take offense to her existence. And unlike just about all who detest her, they have the power to back up their rage.
    • YHVH, the Mad God of Law, loathes the fact that a being of chaos known as Lucifer being such a mighty creator and entity. He wishes to enforce absolute order and proves ignorant on the subtlties of her primal chaos and importance, due to His Control Freak nature. Worryingly, both entities are comparable in strength.
    • Hajun seeks absolute isolation. It goes beyond a mere dislike that L-sama may or may not have in how she feels about the existence she unconsciously created. Oh no; the deranged Hadou God wishes to destroy her and end all that is, ever shall be and ever was that is not him. Horrifyingly, at least when it comes to the Tumor, he might be stronger. Of course he does suffer a crippling Achilles' Heel in his self-ignorant egotism.
  • Many Straw Nihilists may be tempted to call on her infinitely destructive power. Many of those Straw Nihilists may find themselves destroyed spectacularly. With anyone they were trying to kill miraculously restored to full health, just to spite them. Apophis has chosen to ignore this as he believes being a God of Chaos, he would benefit from the Lord of Nightmares. His arrogance will be his undoing.
  • Among those seeking her out for their own devices is Melkor. An early warning sign of his fall was an interested in the Void, seeking out the Flame Imperishable. Hearing the Lord of Nightmares is the Sea of Chaos and a primal creator, he seeks out that within her domain. Barbatos seeks to pervert that power for his own purposes, and the Father of the Homunculi desires apotheosis by gaining her power. All can expect a terrible fate for doing so.
  • Lord Tirek seeks to take her magic, however she just doesn't work that way and he will die horribly if he so much as tries. But his greed may overwhelm his sense of reasoning. Irritating him further was the fact that Discord is in good graces with her because of his nature as a spirit of discord. Damien Thorn sought her out to find the truth behind his father, suspecting that she was the true form of Lucifer and all others were derived from her. So far he hasn't gotten a single answer, and is lucky not to deal with her wrath.
  • The Lich has warned the Grand United Alliance of Destruction to leave her alone, which is rather telling. Of course he might just have some sort of respect for her as the source of primal chaos. After all, he's come to believe that GOLB is some sort of contemporary of hers, given they share certain natures. Nekron, as head of the group, is trying to come to terms with L-sama. Yes, he believes she may as well be an incarnations of the original darkness he is the champion and guardian of. And yet she seems too chaotic, a force of creation and destruction at the same time. Perhaps she is something else, and he wants to know what exactly that is.
  • Is the Primordial Chaos, the Sea of Chaos and true mother of case you haven't gotten it by now. So those obsessed with order dislike her. Of course besides YHVH, none call really do anything about it. Especially not the Auditors of Reality, who find such disorganization hair-tearingly outrageous. However she also functions as the Guardian of the Multiverse, so she is working with the Living Tribunal. Very tenuously, given her frivolous nature and the Tribunal's focus on order.
  • She shows up as the official spokeswoman for the author, much to his annoyance. A fact she deflects with her shovel. The Author would rather avoid her given her potential for retribution.

Sarda, God of Magical Handwaving (The Wizard Who Did It, An Omnipotent Jackass, The Onion Kid)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Sardapedia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, though he claims to be Jackass Neutral
  • Portfolio: Jerkass Reality Warper, Quickly Explaining Inconsistencies And Doing Things For The Lulz, Time Abyss, Experiences Time Differently, Slow-Burning Vengeance, You Can't Fight Fate, Hypocrite, Becomes So Much More Than A Hermit, God Complexes, Phlebotinum Overload, "My Will Be Done"
  • Domains: Magic, Power, Jackassery, Madness, Rage
  • Allies: Caius Ballad, Mr. Mxyzptlk, Calypso
  • Enemies: The Light Warriors, especially BLACK MAGE, White Mage, The actual Warrior of Light, Chaos and Cosmos, Tirek, Merged Zamasu, Doctor Doom, Lord English
  • Opposed by: Most responsible magic users, Gandalf, Australians
  • In the Circle Cave lies Sarda the Sage. Intelligent and incredibly ancient, he had the Light Warriors help to recover the Light Orbs supposedly to save the world from Chaos. In truth, he detests them, and set it up to screw with them and eventually take them down at their strongest. His power and age making him more than a little mad, Sarda mainly uses his power to screw with people for his amusement. Black Mage rightfully considers him an omnipotent jackass.
  • Known as "The Wizard Who Did It", because inconsistencies and questions can be answered with "Sarda did it". Not that most mind this explanation, since the universe he comes from runs on Rule of Funny anyway. Plus he mainly uses it to alleviate his boredom. Learning that Black Mage had entered the Trope Pantheon, he rewrote reality so that he had A Wizard Did It the whole time, with Doctor Strange getting Magical Gesture. Strange didn't care that much since he wasn't an example of A Wizard Did It anyway and needed the trope change.
  • Many in the House of Magic were wary towards him having so much power, some deciding to mail a complaint to the Court of The Gods. Sarda proceeded to change their complaint from "I really think someone like Sarda shouldn't have so much power" to "I really think someone like Sarda should have so much power", similar to what he's done with Black Mage. Gandalf made that complaint, believing he was an insult to wise, powerful wizards everywhere.
  • Doesn't care about the conflict between the different alliances, merely amusing himself, trolling others and getting back at the Light Warriors-sometimes all three. He occasionally entertains himself by sending members of the Grand United Alliance of Good he doesn't care for on a wild goose chase against the other alliances, which annoys everyone. He's shortened the hours in a day just to make people hurry up and has erased people and timelines through misuse of his powers.
  • Zamasu hates Sarda, believing he's both everything wrong with a mortal having god-like power and everything wrong with god-like power period. He responded to the mad Kai that "you're a delusional monster who's a blight on the multiverse". While Sarda is far from innocent and a potential threat, most conceded he's right and is the lesser of two evils compared to Zamasu.
  • There are some gods who enjoy his dicking around with reality, namely Mr. Mxyzptlk. Like him he's an omnipotent jackass who uses his phenomenal cosmic power to dick around. He likes the ways Calypso screws with people as well.
  • Those from the Final Fantasy multiverse were surprised to see how powerful he was, given they remember him as "Sadda", a simple sage who guides the Light Warriors to the Earth Orb. The actual Light Warrior shares his repulsion for the 8-bit Theater Light Warriors, however, believes him to be a great and terrible villain as well. Cosmos recognizes him as a major threat, however, he is fine working with her to oppose Chaos since the entity hijacked his body. Lord Chaos himself is amused by Sarda and deems him a Worthy Opponent.
  • Earned the enmity of every god originating from Australia, when he dropped the continent on Black Mage. Doesn't pay them any mind, though.
  • Because of his immense power, he has little to fear from most gods. That being said, there are two gods he considers threatening. Victor Von Doom, while usually magnitudes weaker than him, has a tradition of hijacking phenomenal cosmic power. There is a lot more concern about Tirek, however. Due to his ability to absorb magic, including the Reality Warper Discord, Sarda stays as far away from him as possible. Nobody wants to know what Tirek would do with that power.
  • He is none other than the future Onion Kid, a multiple-orphaned Butt-Monkey due to Black Mage's actions. Because of this he rightfully despises BM, and hates Thief and Red Mage for their own evil and not trying to stop him (except Fighter-he's a casualty). While they argue he could've stopped what happened, his counter-argument is that he can't change the Stable Time Loop, which he tried. Working with Caius Ballad to try to change things again.
  • Given much of his existence is derived, and he was ultimately screwed over by one big Stable Time Loop, he hates Lord English for utilizing them to make people miserable. The fact that English is stronger than him makes it worse.
  • Is mad beyond any reason with White Mage's ascension, as she became the creator of his universe once Sarda sent her to the beginning of time (meaning he arrived too late to do so himself).

Greater Gods

    The Demons of Inferno 
The Demons of Infernomembers , Unholy Deities of Evil Magic (As a whole: Infernal Demons, Infernals | Individual titles )
  • Range from Greater to Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Symbol of the Demons of Inferno
  • Theme Song: Summoning of Beastly Demons, Summoning The Infernal Demon (1st Climax Ver.), (2nd Climax Ver.)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil in general, although some are Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Evil Magic, Make deals with the Umbra Witches, And drag them to Inferno when they die, Eldritch Abominations, Demons based in both evil and non-evil Darkness, Commonly eat each other, Social Darwinists, Most were once humans, animals, or even objects, as well as fallen angels
  • Domain(s): Magic, Demons, Darkness
  • "Allies": Queen Sheba, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Dis, Mundus, The Beast, Sargeras, Fortinbras, Satan the Divine Judge, Satan who lost Paradise, Demise, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Satan who haunts the Belmonts, Asmodeus, Diablo, Baal, Mephisto, The other Mephisto, Clown/The Violator, The Princes of Hell, The Devil of Inkwell Isles, The Seven Mortal Sins, Ten Commandments, Cacodemons, Cyberdemon, Tyrants, Vaatu, The Heartless
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Jubileus and the Angels of Paradiso, Loptr, Rodin, Father Balder, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, Archangel Michael, The Seven Heavenly Virtues, Flonne, Artina, Jibril, Tyrael, Auriel, Malthael, Castiel, The Love that Moves the Stars, Eru Ilúvatar, Chakravartin, Chuck Shurley, The Alpha and Omega, God who hangs out with Bob, The One Above All, The Presence, Galeem, Dharkon, Raava, Sparda, Dante, Vergil, Nero, The Doom Slayer, Spawn, Samanosuke Akechi, Yusuke Urameshi, Illidan Stormrage, The Winchesters, War, Death, Dante Alighieri, Jeanne d'Arc, All Angels, Pretty much everyone
  • Opposed by:
  • Respected by:
  • After Queen Sheba was born during the First Armageddon that created the Trinity of Realities, she came to live in the hellish land of Inferno. Afterwards, the Demons of Inferno entered into an endless war with the Angels of Paradiso, who sought to release their ruler, Jubileus, from her endless slumber, which would reunite the Trinity of Realities and result in the complete destruction of the world.
  • In contrast to the rigid hierarchy of the Laguna, the Infernal Demons engage in constant and chaotic battles for supremacy, only willing to work together during their wars with the Angels of Paradiso. However, there are several known types of Demons of varying power: Infernal Gods, demonic deities who control aspects of reality such as time, the sun and death, Demon royalty, who rule over various locations in Inferno, and lesser demons, who typically appear in groups to overpower their enemies.
  • Over the centuries, two clans formed among humanity who worked hard to maintain the balance of the world's light and dark forces in order to ensure the just passage of time after Aesir granted them the Eyes of the World, with the Umbra Witches receiving the Left Eye of Darkness. The Demons would form contracts with the Witches, allowing them to be summoned in battle. However, if a Witch died, their soul would be taken to Inferno, where, according to Rodin, they are forced to "wander around scared shitless for eternity."
  • As a group:
    • The Infernal Demons ascended into the Pantheon as a response to the ascension of the Angels of Paradiso. In order to maintain the balance between light and darkness, as well as bolster the forces of the GUAC, Queen Sheba and Lucifer drew upon their respective powers and successfully managed to ascend the Demons of Inferno.
    • The Demons quickly started launching assaults against Jubileus, the Angels of Paradiso and Loptr, though their lack of organization and cooperation resulted in their first couple assaults being less effective than desired. While the Demons who've made pacts with Bayonetta and Jeanne have remained loyal to them, the rest are content to ignore them as long as they stay out of their way. Surprisingly, the Demons' constant war against the Angels has resulted in them generally being less of a problem around the Pantheon than expected.
    • Many of the Demons strongly dislike and fear the famed weaponsmith and fallen angel Rodin, who was feared as the most dangerous demon in the entire barren wasteland of Inferno until he disappeared and came to reside in the human world. The fact that Rodin regularly travels to Inferno in order to hunt down and kill various Demons with his bare hands and use their souls to craft his weapons has resulted in them occasionally attacking him, though Rodin himself regards these encounters as being amusing at best as well as good opportunities to acquire more souls.
    • Unsurprisingly, they generally dislike Father Balder due to him being a Lumen Sage. While the Demons who've made pacts with Bayonetta and Jeanne are willing to tolerate his presence and leave him alone, all the other Demons have no reluctance with attacking him, though Balder has proven to be perfectly capable of fighting them off with minimal difficulty.
    • Although they're ostensibly ruled over by Queen Sheba, she has a rather hands-off-approach to her title, seemingly content to let them do as they please and fight among themselves for supremacy. As a result, many of them ended up in the service of the other various Demon Lords throughout the Pantheon. While the main bulk of their forces were provided to Lucifer and the GUAC by Queen Sheba, numerous others ended up serving the likes of Dis, Mundus, The Beast, Sargeras, Fortinbras, Satan the Divine Judge, Satan who lost Paradise, Demise, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Satan who haunts the Belmonts, Asmodeus, Diablo, Baal, Dul'Mephistos, Mephisto, Clown/The Violator, the Princes of Hell, the Devil of Inkwell Isles and even the Seven Mortal Sins.
    • Through their alliance with the GUAC, many of the Demons also came to serve the elite demon group known as the Ten Commandments. Hekatoncheir ended up bonding with Drole due to both of them being multi-armed demonic Giants.
    • They also became allies of sorts with the Cacodemons, Cyberdemons and Tyrants. Though they're from a different universe, they hold the same Social Darwinist views as the Infernal Demons, which resulted in them being able to seamlessly join them in their constant infighting as well as their wars against the Angels. However, this also further annoyed the Doom Slayer, who had been one of the first to engage the Infernal Demons after their ascension. Having fought his way through their temple, which looks like Inferno, on several occasions, the Demons quickly developed a habit of avoiding him whenever possible.
    • Being creatures of darkness with mostly evil members, they swiftly drew the attention of the Heartless, in whom they found kindred spirits. The Heartless are frequently used by the Demons as fodder in their wars against the Angels, often seen fighting side by side with Lesser Demons. However, the Demons generally don't like it when the Heartless start showing up inside their temple and typically destroy any invading Heartless whenever they encounter them.
    • Their conflict with Jubileus and the Angels quickly resulted in them opposing YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, whom they regard as being no different from their mortal enemies. By extension they oppose all other angels in the Pantheon, regardless of their alignment, and thus became enemies with the Archangel Michael, the Seven Heavenly Virtues, Flonne, Artina, Jibril, Tyrael, Auriel, Malthael and Castiel.
    • Their dislike of Jubileus also extends towards other creator gods such as the Love that Moves the Stars, Eru Ilúvatar, Chakravartin, Chuck Shurley, The Alpha and Omega, God who hangs out with Bob, The One Above All and The Presence. However, they don't really pose much of a threat to them, much to their own frustration.
    • Many expected the Demons to side with Dharkon and Vaatu against their light counterparts, Galeem and Raava respectively. However, while many did indeed end up cooperating with Vaatu, they ended up opposing Darkhon due to the fact that they don't agree with his desire to destroy everything. Many also theorize that Dharkon used to be one of the Demons given how much he resembles them, but he apparently has no ties with them. He was also rumored to have once imprisoned Queen Sheba, but no one has thus far been able to confirm it.
    • The Demons were quite alarmed to learn that the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda and the Umbra Witch Eva, who faced the amassed armies of Inferno in the past, were in the Pantheon. Recognizing their strength, they tend to keep their distance from them.
    • Aside from the Doom Slayer, they quickly drew the attention of other demon hunters such as Dante, Vergil, Nero, Spawn, Samanosuke Akechi, Yusuke Urameshi, Illidan Stormrage and the Winchester brothers. While Lesser Demons are generally treated as fodder, with many hunters being able to take them down with relative ease, stronger Demons tend to pose a much greater challenge, with only particularly strong hunters like Dante, Spawn and Illidan Stormrage being known to have taken down some of them on their own.
    • They've occasionally clashed with the Nephilim Horsemen War and Death, as they consider the existence of the hybrids to be a threat. However, since the Nephilim themselves ultimately desire to maintain balance and protect creation, the Demons don't currently regard them as their highest priority.
    • Unsurprisingly, pious humans are generally opposed to them, with Dante Alighieri and Jeanne d'Arc in particular having fought them on several occasions. Having famously traveled through all 9 circles of Inferno, Dante tends to draw a lot of enmity from them.
  • Applies to two or more:
    • Due to their resemblance to past enemies, Malphas, Scolopendra, Phantasmaraneae and Baal have all clashed with Dante and Nero on a number of occasions, though they're generally willing to leave Malphas, Baal and Phantasmaraneae alone, as the former two are still loyal to Bayonetta and the latter is generally benevolent and rarely encountered anyway.
    • Gomorrah and Labolas have both developed a rivalry with Cerberus, who is occasionally charged with guarding the entrance of their temple. Being very aggressive and highly territorial, Gomorrah regularly attacks Cerberus whenever they meet, whereas Labolas tends to be friendlier and even playful towards him instead.
    • The Little Devils are an infamous band of demon youth led by King Zero. By using the Infernal Communicator, one is able to temporarily contract the Little Devils, calling upon their power to attack one's foes. Being relatively benign Demons, they generally get along with other friendly skelletons such as Sans, Papyrus, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Jack Skellington and the Skull Knight.
  • Exclusive to Madama Butterfly:
    • A demon taking the form of a woman who left this world under unfortunate circumstances, only to be reincarnated in hell. Unlike her beautiful, swallowtail butterfly-like appearance, Madama Butterfly is particularly brutal, and her reputation is well known even amongst the denizens of Inferno.
    • Having once clashed with Temperantia, the Cardinal Virtue is very eager to settle the score, as their last battle culminated in one final blow that caused them both to unmanifest. Whenever their respective forces clash, the two can often be seen engaging in hand to hand combat.
  • Exclusive to Madama Styx:
    • Queen of the River Styx, the boundary between humanity and Hades. The moths born from the magical power that flows through her body are charged with luring the souls of sinners into Inferno.
    • She is on amicable terms with Hades and Charon, as the two ultimately require her permission to get souls across the River Styx into the Underworld. She notably doesn't really care much for when Hades becomes villainous, as long as he respects her sovereignty.
  • Exclusive to Malphas:
    • An enigmatic raven-black bird shrouded in the mysteries of the sky. Ever curious, Malphas has filled itself with all the world's knowledge and mysteries. However, this same curiosity has led to a rather brutal demeanor, causing the bird to tear those it encounters to shreds with its sharp beak and razor-like talons.
    • Having been responsible for killing Fortitudo by repeatedly pecking its face until it punched through Fortitudo's head and shattered the rock behind it, the two have continued their mutual enmity in the Pantheon, often fighting each other whenever their respective forces collide.
  • Exclusive to Hekatoncheir:
    • A giant endowed with six fearsome arms capable of pulverizing mountains, those unfortunate enough to fall underfoot of the demon are subject to days-long violent earthquakes. Lacking knowledge, but brimming with brutality, it is said that even the most powerful of conjurers should take heed of the danger this beast presents.
    • Due to having aided Bayonetta against Temperantia by pulling off the Cardinal Virtues' arms and pummeling him until his face was compressed into his body, Temperantia has continued to hold a grudge against him. While Hekatoncheir doesn't particularly care about Temperantia's grudge, the two nonetheless frequently clash with each other whenever their factions battle.
  • Exclusive to Scolopendra:
    • A vile centipede hailing from Frejetonta (Phlegethon), a river of boiling blood in the depths of Inferno, rumors speak of its body exceeding ten kilometers in length. Moving unlike anything its size, its deftness allows it to wrap around and constrict its prey in the blink of an eye.
    • Having previously fought against Iustitia in which it coiled around its body and squeezed it until the Cardinal Virtue was reduced to a bloody ball, the two have regularly been seen fighting one another on the battlefield during the wars between Inferno and Paradiso.
  • Exclusive to Phantasmaraneae:
    • Phantasmaraneae nests upon a sea of magma, deep within the furthest reaches of Inferno. Rarely seen upon the face of the Earth, even sightings of the demon in hell are a seldom event, leading to its name, which means phantom spider. While having the frightening appearance of a spider, it is a curious beast, and should one have the good fortune to encounter Phatasmaraneae, one should treat it with care and respect, in hope of receiving rare treasures and secrets in return.
    • When summoned by Bayonetta against Sapientia, Phantasmaraneae ended up ripping off his horns and part of his face, as well as trapping him on its web and letting its children tear his body to shreds. Although it prefers to stay in the depths of Inferno, Phantasmaraneae has occasionally ventured into battle alongside the other Demons, during which its usually seen fighting against Sapientia.
  • Exclusive to Madama Khepri:
    • A goddess of Inferno who controls time and the sun. It is said that she can determine a person's fate by gazing upon the long shadow that forms between their body and the light extending from the land of the dead. By binding a contract with Khepri and forfeiting their soul, one can gain an almost infinite knowledge of time and the secret technique to control it.
    • Having previously made a contract with the Umbra Witch Rosa, Bayonetta's mother, Madama Khepri was quite happy to reunite with her in the Pantheon and the two have since continued working together. Her pact with Rosa also resulted in her being on amicable terms with Rosa's husband, the Lumen Sage Balder, as well as the Umbra Witch Eva and the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda.
    • As a Demon Goddess of time and the sun, she's on relatively friendly terms with the other time and sun deities in the Pantheon such as Chronoa, Chronormu, Clockwork, Ra, Helios and Amaterasu. They were all initially wary of her due to her Demonic nature, but ultimately warmed up to her when she proved herself to be generally benevolent.
    • As the Protector of Time, she quickly came to oppose Caius Ballad and the Reverse-Flash, as the former destroyed the concept of time in his universe, while the latter is known for changing the timeline for the worse due to his pettiness.
  • Exclusive to Mictlantecuhtli:
    • A gigantic bat that lurks in one of the darkest and deepest of Inferno's endless caves. It is said to leave trails of the plague wherever it goes. The protrusion on its head is not an eye, but a spiritual sensory organ that can allow Mictlantecuhtli to access the world in far deeper ways than beings who must only rely on sight alone.
    • Due to having the same name as the Aztec god of death, Mictlantecuhtli managed to draw the attention of the Aztec gods Quetzalcoatl and Huehuecoyotl. Neither of them particularly like the demonic bat, as they believe that it gives their fellow god a bad name, which he's already prone to unfairly receiving.
  • Exclusive to Hydra:
    • A once beautiful maiden who was banished to hell for the sins of her younger sister and mutilated into a snakelike monster with seven heads. Her human heart has long since been lost, and she viciously attacks anything she deems an enemy. Those trapped by her seven heads must suffer slow, painful deaths. Out of her many heads, only one is real; slicing off any of the others will not amount to much more than a scratch.
    • She's developed a fierce rivalry with the Lernaean Hydra, who is similarly a creature with multiple heads that it's capable of regrowing. However, their fights usually end in a draw as they tend to just keep cutting off each others' heads until someone comes along to separate them.
  • Exclusive to Diomedes:
    • Diomedes was one of the four flesh-eating mares that belonged to Diomedes of Thrace, their unnatural was believed to have been the cause of their madness, and some stories say that the mares also expelled fire when they breathed. As the eighth of his Twelve Labours, Hercules was sent by King Eurystheus to steal the Mares from Diomedes. In all versions of the story, Diomedes was eventually fed to his own horses, which calmed them down and gave Hercules the opportunity to bind their mouths shut and easily take them back to King Eurystheus.
    • Eventually, the horses were murdered and arrived in hell. Of the four, the soul of one inherited the name of their former owner and was reborn as a demon. The large blade extending from its forehead is a soul reaper that leaves a trail of mutilated dead in whatever direction it runs. Though it typically hates being treated like a horse, it tolerates those who have proven themselves worthy.
    • Upon learning of his identity, both Hercules and Alexander the Great showed great respect and awe for his strength and power. Hercules' ability to subdue Diomedes has resulted in him becoming one of the few that the horse allows to ride. Alexander has favorably compared him to his own horse, Bucephalus, who is said to be a descendant of the four mares.
    • After being given to King Eurystheus, he dedicated the horses to Hera and, according to some versions, ordered the horses taken to Olympus to be sacrificed to Zeus. However, Zeus refused them, and sent wolves, lions, and bears to kill them. As a result, Diomedes is loyal to Hera but has a strong dislike of Zeus, which Hera finds very amusing.
  • Exclusive to Carnage:
    • Carnage are a type of savage, poisonous bugs that nest in the cursed arrows of the bows "Kafka" and "Samsa". Pulling a string of force and releasing it vigorously, they jump at high speed and eat their target. Although they die quickly, their bodies are composed of various kinds of poisons and bacteria, allowing them to take away the lives of thousands of people even in a short period of time.
    • Several swarms of Carnage quickly became subservient to Megaguirus and are regularly seen flying alongside the Meganulons doing her her bidding and wreaking havoc around the Pantheon. However, this also resulted in them becoming enemies with Rodan, who has eaten several of them during their encounters and has proven resistant to their poisons.
    • In order to keep them under control, Shino Aburame, Agitha and Sig are often dispatched to deal with Carnage whenever they're causing trouble. The insect-lovers proved capable of controlling them, at least to an extent, and usually just guide them back to their temple in order to avoid harming them or anyone else. Shino in particular has expressed an interest in taming them, though his efforts have, thus far, been unsuccessful.
  • Exclusive to Insidious:
    • A hellish ark that, while seemingly leading sinners to the Garden of Eternal Pleasures at the end of the world, was in actuality abducting them to compete in a massive bloodbath. The souls who boarded Insidious are led nowhere. Surrounded by the stench of death and rotten flesh, they massacred each other, struggling over whatever morsels of food to be come across. With a unique organ in its body that converts death into demonic energy, Insidious always carries a tremendous amount of power. A myriad of hell's creature's live within its gut, making him useful as an assault ship during wars with Paradiso. If swallowed by Insidious, the only way to escape is to stand atop a tower of corpses and wait for him to open his jaw while he engorges with his next feeding. However, those who take pleasure in killing may find their true Garden of Eternal Pleasure within this demon's bowels.
    • When not serving as an assault ship in the wars with Angels, Insidious can occasionally be spotted ominously flying through the Pantheon, looking for its next meal. It eventually formed a rivalry with the similarly omnivorous Monstro, and the two have occasionally engaged in bizarre battles during which they both tried to consume each other.
    • Due to its resemblance to Monstro, it quickly became enemies with those who had previously been eaten by him, such as Sora, Donald, Goofy and Riku.
  • Exclusive to Alraune:
    • A woman who doused herself in mandrake poison and took her own life as a means of getting revenge on the husband who left her. The poison continued through her skin and devoured her soul. Consumed by hallucinations, she was at last reincarnated in Inferno. Myth places her as the young daughter of a noble estate, but none of her past visage can be determined from her current demon form. She searches the bottom of hell for the most exquisite souls, then injects poison into their nerves to make them eternal "lovers" at her palace. Insatiable desire and obsession have painted her heart so thickly that she will never know peace. Not even with the sacrifices of a thousand souls, or a million...
    • After Jeanne died and went to Inferno, Alraune managed to capture Jeanne's soul to leech off of her power. She fought against Bayonetta and Madama Butterfly, whom she possessed a fierce rivalry and hatred for, when they tresspassed into her territory to rescue Jeanne. After being defeated, her soul was sealed inside the whip Alrune by Rodin, who then gave it to Bayonetta.
    • Desiring revenge against Madama Butterfly, Bayonetta and Rodin, Alraune has managed to form an alliance with Poison Ivy, Durathror and Audrey II, who similarly have the power to control plants. However, Alraune regards them merely as means to an end, and plans to take their souls when she no longer considers them useful.

    Kokonoe Mercury 
Kokonoe Mercury, Goddess of Crossing of Magic and Technology (Professor Kokonoe, Grimalkin, Bakeneko)

    Rand al'Thor 
Rand al'Thor, God of Pseudo-Magic
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Callandor
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: It Sucks to Be the Chosen One, The Anti-Nihilist, Cool Crown, Farm Boy (formerly), Good Parents, Honor Before Reason , How Do I Channel?, Destructive Savior, Katana User, Master of All, Master Swordsman, One-Man Army, Refusal of the Call, Took a Level in Badass, Unskilled, but Strong
  • Domains: Law, Good, Honor, Fire, Water
  • Allies: Colette Brunel, Neo, Harry Potter, Gandalf, Luke Skywalker, Harry Dresden
  • Enemies: The Malum Magia, Embryo
  • Rivals: Edward Elric
  • Conflicting Opinion: Maleficent
  • Rand felt that he never had a choice when he became the Dragon Reborn. Still, he made the most of his powers, eventually sealing away his world's Big Bad away, but at the cost of his powers. Turns out he had gained over control of The Pattern instead, earning him a title of the Pantheon.
  • To this day, mages around the pantheon wonder if the One Power is truly from a magical conduit or something else entirely. What truly matters to Rand is the ambiguous nature of these powers, allowing him to take the title of God of Pseudo-Magic. Make no mistake: he is by far one of the most powerful beings in the House of Magic. With his powers, he can even erase a being from existence with no chance of bringing said victim back.
  • Is trying to get the hang of his new-found powers. Even as a mortal he had trouble channeling his incredible abilities to something truly fearsome. Gandalf and Dumbledore have offered assistance to help them out, though they have faced some difficulty due to conflicting powers.
  • Quickly befriended Harry after building his temple. The two heroic protagonists share a bond having to deal with being chosen to defeat their Big Bads. Afterwards, he pledged his loyalty to the GUAG.
  • Could help but notice a few similarities with the Force. Especially sees some inspiration with Luke Skywalker, down to even losing one of their hands. Not that the similarities got in the way of their friendship; Rand sees him as an inspiration.
  • Does have a soft spot for women though. Rand strives to make sure he doesn't kill any woman he's forced to fight, no matter how evil she is. That puts him in trouble with evil sorceresses such as Bellatrix, Pagan and Taria who would want nothing more to use that to their advantage and pick him off.
    • Is intrigued with Maleficent's alternative form and hopes that it will eventually bring out the good in her. Unfortunately, it's a past that the Goddess of Scaly Transformations has been casting aside as far as possible.
  • Appreciates Neo's tribune, but he had never truly embraced being the chosen one. Thus he shares a closer bond with Collette. Both sympathize with being forced into their roles.
  • Completely opposes First Knight Richard Cypher, seeing his grandeur of remaking the Pantheon in his own image as incredibly deluded. He fears this could have been a path he'd take if put in the hands of less competent writers.
  • Got into a bit of trouble with Edward Elric when he commented on his height. Granted, his 6'6" frame would make most gods look short in comparison. Still didn't stop Elric from going ape shit on him; it took the entirety of the House of Magic to contain him. He holds a grudge on Rand to this day.
  • Given his Pseudo-magical powers, the House of Magic has wondered whether he can be a counter to Embryo's powers. Embryo himself wants to test that theory, hoping to gain yet another powerful minion to his ranks.
  • As much as he refuses to admit it, his feats have caught the interest of Harry Dresden. One doesn't kick the ass of 100,000 soldiers single-handedly without being labeled as a badass. Not to mention their mutual love of fire magic. And blowing things up. And blowing things up with fire.
  • Some gods are wary with his future well-being. It is a well known fact that male channelers of the One Power will eventually turn mad. There is no telling whether the same would happen to Rand when he is even more powerful. The various magical gods are keeping tabs on him to prevent this from happening. It is no secret that Melkor is plotting his complete descent into corruption.

Intermediate Gods

    Abe no Seimei 
Abe no Seimei, God of Onmyōdō (The Japanese Equivalent of Merlin)
Abe no Seimei as he appears in Onmyōji
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Crest of Abe no Seimei
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adaptational Badass, Half-Human Hybrid, The Archmage, Ashiya Doman’s longtime rival
  • Domains: Important Figures, Legends, Onmyodo, Half-Humans
  • Allies: Merlin, The Female Merlin, The Master of Chaldea, Naruto Uzumaki, Kurama, Yuugi Hoshigumi, The Ghostbusters, Luigi, Koudelka Iasant, Maya Fey, Erma Williams, Danny Phantom, Casper, Carol Anne Freeling, Flynn, Isabeau, Nanashi, Kazuya, Tadano Hitonari (except for the Chaos and Law Paths), Raidou Kuzunoha, Kazuya Minegishi and Hibiki Kuze
  • Rivals: Naoki Kashima
  • Enemies: Sadako Yamamura, Kayako Saeki, King Boo
  • Conflicting Opinion: Hao Asakura
  • The son of a female kitsune and a human, in his childhood, he was able to see different onis and have complete control over them. He would then discovered that his mother is actually a kitsune and awoken his spiritual powers and his ability to understand beasts. Because of his power and tendencies to act like a fox, his mother wanted him to become a protege of Kato no Tadayuki so that he wouldn’t become evil. He would then later established his long-time rivalry with Ashiya Doman, whose jealousy of his power and humiliation of being defeated by him thwarted him to destroy his arch-rival.
  • The man that arrived in the Pantheon is based on the multiple legends surrounding him. One day, a group of oni managed to wrack havoc in the Pantheon and the residents have a hard time subduing them because they are a lot of them and other people in the Pantheon have other things to do. Everything stopped when Abe no Seimei arrived, who controlled the entire group of oni and take them back to their rightful place. His prowess managed to impressed the residents enough that he was able to ascend.
  • Due to the multiple legends about him, he is considered the Japanese Equivalent of Merlin. This interested the original Merlin enough to demand a meeting with him. The two are impressed with each other’s skill in magic and Merlin became interested with the use of onmyodo. Abe no Seimei even compares how their roles as similar as they serve as guides to their respective rulers. The two have become great friends since then.
    • Of course, he heard about the Female Merlin from the her male counterpart. Female Merlin became interested on hearing him being the Japanese equivalent of her male counterpart. The Female Merlin is impressed with the control of his oni, his spiritual powers, and his shikigami servants. Of course, they became allies like he did with her male counterpart.
  • Because of the Master of Chaldea’s alliance with Tamamo-no-Mae, Minamoto-no-Yorimitsu, Shuten-Douji, Murasaki Shikibu, and Ibaraki-Douji, he wanted to meet them to understand how they are able to befriend multiple Servants. He is not disappointed with their meeting, valuing his kindhearted nature and drive to save his humanity. Despite the fact that the Chaldean Master is a crappy magus, he is able to make up for it by having 100% aptitude of being a Master and befriending multiple Servants at once. This impressed the onmyojin enough that he wanted to become a Servant for Chaldea soon.
  • Being the son of a female kitsune, he heard about the existence of the nine-tailed beast named Kurama. He is happy to see that he is now on the side of humanity and has let go of his hatred. Kurama just scoffed at this saying that it’s Naruto’s doing, but the onmyodo could see that behind his eyes is the hidden desire to protect the humans that he had once hated for the sake of his father and jailer.
    • Indeed, his conversations with Kurama caused him to wanting to meet with Naruto. He felt bad for the jinchuuriki’s horrible childhood and that the chance to become evil just like him before, but is glad that Naruto doesn’t give in to his rage and is now considered as one of the most powerful heroes in his world. Naruto just stated that it’s his nindo to never give up and bring peace to the shinobi world, but this made the man to become much more impressed with Naruto’s philosophy and became interested in his world’s Ying Release, Yang Release, and Yin-Yang Release since onmyodo involves the use of the yin and yang.
  • He has the ability to control oni. Yuugi at first opposes him for it believing he’s an evil onmyodo who seeks to control all oni. After clearing some misunderstanding, the two have help each other keeping the malicious oni in check and while the two have battles with each other now and then (mostly because Yuugi wants to see his worth as an onmyodo), they are good friends with each ohter.
  • Known for having shikigami servants, which are the youkai equivalent of spirits. This managed to impress the Ghostbusters and Luigi, who wonder how he managed to get them as servants. The onmyoji is impressed with their methods of ghosthunting, but he’s aware that his powers made him much more capable of controlling them. He’s also willing to help them capture ghosts if they ever need his help.
  • He is impressed with Maya and Koudelka’s spirit-channeling abilities and sees it as an effective way of communicating with spirits. The two spirit channelors are fascinated by the onmyoji’s spiritual potential and his great control over all kinds of spirits. He also considered mentoring them to help them deal with multiple spirits aside from Koudelka’s magic and Maya’s spirit channeling, but they refused as they are okay with what they have and the onmyoji doesn’t retort them for it.
  • Having battled malicious spirits and demons in his entire lifetime. He had become enemies with Sadako Yamamura after hearing about his shikigami servants and control of onis and refuses to be in service of him. He had also become this with Kayako Saeki thanks to Sadako Yamamura and has take her time to beat him. King Boo is mad at how much more powerful the onmyoji is if Luigi isn’t using his Poltergeist.
  • He’s aware that not all spirits and ghosts are malicious. He has befriended Danny Phantom and Erma Williams for this and the two are willing to aid the onmyoji on battling various spirits. While he couldn’t truly aid the onmyoji in battle like the other two, Casper still wanted to try in some way and Abe no Seimei stated that he could handle all of it by himself.
  • From his new friends, he feels bad for Carol having to suffer a lot from multiple spirits. Knowing that she is too young to have any kind of supernatural power, he decided to teach her on how to deal with spirits to keep her safe. Carol is excited at the prospect of gaining another friend that could help her deal with spirits.
  • The infamous onmyodo is interested of those who hail from the SMT verse, praising their ability to befriend demons through negotiation and fusing them to become stronger demons. He gets along with all of them, being that they’re all good and commit themselves to humanity (except for the Law and Chaos Paths of Hintonari whom he became enemies with and Naoki, whom he became rivals with due to the demon tamer wanting to see his worth as an onmyodo).
  • Abe no Seimei realized that he and Hao (in his first life) shared some similarities being powerful onmyoji. The onmyoji is disappointed in Hao’s growing hatred of humanity and wanting to build a shaman-only world, but his willingness to give humanity a chance to improve despite the fact he still hates him allowed Abe no Seimei to leave him be.
Yin and Yang shall forge a path

    Asuna Kagurazaka 
Asuna Kagurazaka, Goddess of Anti-Magic (Bellatrix Sauciata, The Princess of Dusk, Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia, Baka Red)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The two bells she wears in her hair, or the Einsis Exorcizans artifact.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Magic Canceling (duh), Swords that are too big, unrequited crushes on old men, Metal Fans of Doom, Chekhov's Armoury.
  • Domains: Magic, Combat, Dynamic Entries at absurd times.
  • High Priest: Mikan Sakura
  • Allies: Cloud Strife, Negi Springfield, Yue Ayase, Evangeline A.K. McDowell, Rias Gremory, Nagisa Furukawa, Cherry of the Saber Marionettes, Edward Elric, Ange
  • Enemies: Sauron
  • Is being taught in the ways of BFS wielding by Cloud.
  • Is teamed up with Negi and Yue. The other gods didn't mind, as they are usually good-natured, although after Evangeline has taken over their training, some gods are keeping an eye on them, just in case.
  • One of the biggest advantages of Asuna's Magic-Cancel ability is that it is actually selective; while magic meant to harm, disorient, obstruct, or otherwise be used against her is completely nullified, it has been proven that magic meant to help her, such as healing spells, allies' magic-based barriers & shields, and physical-enhancement magic, still works on her.
  • Has been seen in the presence of Kamijou Touma; there are whispered rumours that his Imagine Breaker is stronger than her Magic Cancel, though no one is certain exactly how a potential showdown would work. No one in the House of Magic wants to ask them about this either, in fear of them testing their limits on them. After all, Anti-Magic is a highly respected (and feared) power to the magically inclined.
    • These rumors may be put to a rest with Kamijou's ascension to God of Punching Mages.
  • After Negi introduced her to Rias, Asuna teamed up with her to create a partnership between the Ala Alba and the Occult Research Club, called the "Ala Arcana". Such partnership might or might have not played a role on the inclusion of the Chick Magnet Quartet into the GUAG.
  • When Edward Elric insisted that his alchemy is science, not magic, because it involves scientific knowledge, only for the house to rebut that the way it functions is basically magic, she was the one who agreed to the compromise between the two views. This was partly so that Ed would accept the seat, but also because she recognized that her Magic Cancel ability would have some trouble adapting to science-powered magic so there is a difference.
    • This was proven correct after she visited Ed and asked to practice using her ability on his alchemy and she could only reduce the effects of his attacks, not completely stop them. Since then she's taken to the House of Knowledge to try to understand alchemy and the elements better. Not much luck so far. She might ask Negi for some help about it soon...
    • in, around the same time as the creation of the House of Science. Due to this, Negi gave her the idea of petitioning to get the Fullmetal Alchemist into said House so she could meet with Ed there and he could teach her more freely. The Court of the Gods heard the request and, with Asuna's test as part of the evidence, ruled in Ed's favor and duplicated his seat in the Fields of Science sub-house.

    Edward Elric 
Edward "Ed" Elric, God of Alchemical Magic (Fullmetal Alchemist, Edo, Pipsqueak [call him the latter at your peril], Hagaren)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when fighting in peak condition)
  • Theme: Uso (TV-size instrumental, full version), The Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Symbol: His coat and his mechanical limbs; alternatively, the flamel on the back of his coat.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Child Alchemist Soldiers with really horrid pasts, Teen Genius, Being Short and Irritable (and incredibly sensitive about it), Not Believing in Gods despite having met one and now being one himself
  • Domain: Alchemy, Magic, Science, Strategy, Knowledge
  • Followers: the Einzbern family, Kazuki Mutou, every single Atelier protagonist, the boy from Podunk, USA
  • Heralds: Darius and Heinkel (his chimeric companions)
  • Teachers: Izumi Curtis
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Mayuri Kurosutchi, Dovahkiin, Tatsumaki, Kiritsugu Emiya (by proxy of the Einzbern family being his followers), Alucard
  • Distaff Counterpart: Rosette Christopher
  • Rival: Rand al'Thor
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Wiz and Boomstick
  • Conflicted Opinion on: Charlie Nash
  • When offered this seat, he went on a rant about how alchemy is science, not magic or miracles or anything like that, since he has to actually carefully study and understand the elements involved in order to be able to do anything. It was pointed out to him that clapping your hands and altering the world around you is basically magic. He took the seat on the condition that they would at least acknowledge that there was a science within it. Asuna Kagurazaka agreed to this.
  • Respects Vash, Kenshin, and Kanji. The former two for their views against killing others unless they've crossed the Moral Event Horizon, and the latter for loving his mother. They genuinely love their mamas. Kanji on the other hand, seems quite fond of Ed for some reason.
  • Now that his brother's back in his human form, he'll just serve justice although he isn't very noble.
  • Is utterly disgusted at the depravity of Relius Clover because the latter's actions are similar to Shou Tucker. Wesker's also high on his target list, considering he and Relius are allies, with the purpose of seeking perfection. Ghetsis is no different than the rest of his enemies. He still has no idea about a certain trigger Relius and Wesker implanted in his automail arm, though, mainly because the trigger broke without activating when his arm got busted in a fight shortly thereafter.
    • This causes him to reluctantly strike an alliance of sorts with Mad Scientist Mayuri Kurosutchi, who somewhat respects his philosophy, but still doesn't think very highly of him.
    • Has a huge amount of contempt for Basco ta Jolokia for abusing the concept of Equivalent Exchange, sacrificing and betraying humans for his own benefit.
      • Is deeply disturbed by the fact that Ragyo Kiryuin has the same voice base as him.
  • It's not a good idea to pull Grand Theft Me on him. The last time he was on the receiving end of it, he destroyed them by turning himself into a Philosopher's Stone, making it backfire.
  • For some reason, Guile reminds him of his superior, Roy Mustang, due to having the same voice and also being a soldier. He does learn that Guile has a friend he lost as well, reminding him of another military buddy, Maes Hughes.
  • Now with the return of Homunculus (Father), Ed's alchemy will be more of use than before in case of a Homonculi attack. The one exception would be Greed, who he and Al are friends with (even though hearing his "I am Greed and I want the finer things" speeches has gotten beyond tedious).
    • This only became worse with the ascension of Dante, a sad and pathetic body-stealing lowlife who thinks she's worth much more than she really is and actually intended to seduce her timeline's version of Ed with the body of his friend Rosé.
  • Is rather uneasy with Dovakhiin due to the fact that the God of Dragonslaying keeps using Soul Gems so carelessly, knowing how they are so similar to Philosopher's Stones. He has confronted him about it, but Dovahkiin always defends his actions by claiming that they either contain the souls of bandits, wolves or giant rats. It does little to make Edward feel more comfortable about it.
  • Despite the fact that he claims that he never wore it, rumor has it that he once wore a military uniform one time. There's also rumors that he was called the Tea Alchemist at the time. Lol Ranger, for their own amusement, is attempting to make these rumors a reality.
  • Was offered a position of God of Artificial Limbs, but turned it down for reasons unknown. On another note, NEVER advise that he should be The God of Half Pints. Or The God of Vertically Challenged People.
    • Unfortunately for him, Tatsumaki loves teasing him about this despite being short and childish herself even as a full-blown adult. Rand al'Thor is another one who Ed's had to be restrained from attacking due to insensitive comments about his height.
  • Is a member of the Mighty Majors along with Alex Armstrong. Of the other members, his working relationship with Jin Kisaragi, who he often calls "Ice Jerk" due to his aloof Jerkass Façade, mirrors that between him and Mustang. Also considers Guile's hairstyle odd, referring to it as a "circletop", and has a bit of a mixed opinion on Charlie Nash due to how he got revived by The Illuminati.
  • Due to the many evil gods that betray their family members to achieve some depraved goal, he is willing to be a member of Jin Kazama's anti-parental abuse club. However, since none of his parents abused him in his childhood, he is not a full-time member.
  • Is allies with Gust over their mutual skills at Alchemy however Gust's height for her age bugs Ed frequently.
  • He and his brother Alphonse are baffled at how Rias Gremory has the magical ability to change her breast size without giving up something in exchange. As a result, he, along with many other deities, in this house, is trying to investigate the cause of this in order to not look like a pervert.
  • Has gotten into a feud with Alucard due to the millions of souls he has absorbed, reminding Ed too much of Father. Their relationship has gotten better when Alucard made himself an enemy against the Homunculi.
  • The Joker has incurred Ed's wrath when the clown prince left a few messages pretending to be Ed's mother and Nina Tucker. To say Ed didn't find it funny would be an understatement.
  • Edward was left absolutely mortified after seeing a video that basically told him that the human transmutation recipe he and Al used in an attempt to revive their mother was completely wrong to begin with and had nothing to do with the soul.
  • Lucifer rocketed to the top of his Shit List when he caught wind of The Lab, having heard that some truly abhorrent abuses of science were occurring there. It quickly became apparent that the examples he had heard were merely the tip of the iceberg. To quote a pale and thouroughly shaken Mr. Elric:
    Ed: Not a laboratory... a torture chamber... no “breakthrough” is worth... not even the GUAL deserves this...!
  • Became friends with Avatar Aang, initially getting along well due to the latter's friendly childish nature which reminds him of Alphonse. The bond became further entrenched when Aang and the Elrics came to recognize each other's tremendous value for life, refusing to kill if it's at all unnecessary and coming to the same realization he did about how the connection between one and all. He even accepts Aang's scolding about having attempted human transmutation especially in light of the above video, though he already learned plenty of lessons about that on his path to ascension.
    • That said, their first meeting was actually more hostile than one would expect. He had been in a very foul mood at the time, and he had overheard Aang calling him little. It escalated into a brutal fight, but just as Aang activated the Avatar State, Katara and Alphonse broke the tension and calmed them both down.
    • However, footage of the battle was caught and sent to Wizard and Boomstick, in which they doctored it into one of their later episodes, which concluded in Aang's victory by way of Avatar State. When said "competitors" watched and realized it was an edited version of their first meeting, Aang was horrified that he almost did to Edward what he almost did to Ozai, and knowing he intended to do what he actually did to Ozai and then reverse it after they both calmed down did not help much. Either way, Ed had to admit he would've been screwed were it not for their friends breaking it up. Naturally, everyone involved despises the two hosts after that.
  • Is also somewhat friendly with Aang's successor Korra. Though the two can butt heads when competing or disagreeing on something, they both respect each other and will come to the other's defense when faced with a common threat.
  • At some point Asuna, the one who agreed for the house that his alchemy could be called science-powered magic, approached him and asked to practice using her Anti-Magic ability against his alchemy. The result officially proved both sides' point—she could only somewhat minimize the effects of his alchemic attacks on her person and immediate area, but never fully cancel them out. Because of this, Asuna approached him about getting into the House of Science shortly after its creation, resulting in a meeting with the Court of the Gods which ultimately got his seat duplicated there.
  • He and Al were invited to Asami Sato's party to celebrate Korra gaining a new seat in the Pantheon. They brought along Winry and, at Al's insistence, Hohenheim, and were both scared stiff to see that Major General Armstrong was there and actually friends with Korra's police chief and Greed's new target of desire. He was also the one who deduced from the strange commentary surrounding Illyasviel von Einzbern and her friendship with Hercules that the Greatest Hero of Greece was in fact Illya's infamous scary giant Berserker. A funny moment took place when he tried to introduce his future wife to Korra's girlfriend Asami, only to discover that Winry had already met the Sato heiress, along with MANY other "mechanics" in the Pantheon.
    • Later, the Elric brothers stuck around for the Krew's post-party conversation with Greed. They provided additional context to Greed's re-tellings of the ordeal against Homunculus and his progeny, and whenever Greed almost talked his way into trouble with his "avaricious" persona Ed was there to snark it back down to size. One highlight was when he burst into laughter when he learned the chief's name was Lin, all too similar to Ling Yao. Ed was also the least surprised to hear Greed criticize how Lin handled breaking up with Tenzin, given his insistence on never telling lies, or talk about wanting to mentor Korra's earthbender friend Bolin, knowing how the man's history started with both Ling and Alphonse.
  • Has communicated and collaborated with the likes of Iron Man and Spider-Man in the wake of certain Pantheonic incidents.
  • Often teams up with the Italian Stallion to tell people who've been hurt that they have the ability to keep moving forward.
  • Gained respect for Ajani Goldmane after noting that Ajani was the one who allowed Al to keep shifting between his body and his armor in the Pantheon without using human transmutation or the Philosopher's Stone.
  • Got a visit from the mysterious Red Ribbon Android 21 shortly after she ascended to the Pantheon. She'd heard that he took part in a project to create an Earthling Soul fit for her world; said soul had discovered that 21 had been turned into something with powers and a hunger she was never meant to have. While he maintains he had nothing to do with it, he sympathized with her since the experiments happened for the same reasons as he and Al's attempt to bring their mother back to life. Overall, the two made friends while talking science, and the way she was both innocent and intelligent made it almost like talking with Al as a girl. It was a very easy conversation and he's glad to call her a friend.
  • Was overjoyed to see the return of Maes Hughes in the Pantheon, especially with his family (and his pictures of them) getting to be his heralds. For a few minutes Ed didn't even care how ridiculous Maes' gushing over Elicia and Gracia was. He was completely unsurprised to see that the family themselves were in the man's temple, and happy to receive Hughes' compliment on how tall he's grown. Later, Winry took him and Alphonse to meet up with the Hughes family and let them try out Winry's apple pie. It was slightly different from Gracia's, but everyone agreed that it was delicious.
  • Ed once met a Huntsman from the world of Remnant who sounded a lot like him. Of course, their first meeting wasn’t great since he felt the need to comment on his stature, sending the man into a rage. After the initial hostilities, they calmed down around each other. Though, there was some weirdness lingering, since Edward misunderstood Qrow’s ability to turn into a bird as him being some kind of chimera. Once all the misunderstanding was cleared, the two became steadfast allies.
  • As elaborated above, his seat can also be found in the House of Science.

    Quan Chi 
Quan Chi, God of Profane Magic (Humpty Dumpty (by Cassie Cage))

    Sorin Markov 
Sorin Markov, God of Blood Magic (Lord of Innistrad, Solemn Visitor, Grim Nemesis)
  • Intermediate God (Overdeity Pre-Mending)
  • Symbol: His sword, Parasite Blade
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blood Magic, Friendly Vampire, The Hedonist, Mind Control, Anti-Hero, Noble Demon, Dark Is Not Evil, Magic Knight, Defector from Decadence, uses both Black and White Magic, Big Good of Innistrad
  • Domains: Vampirism, Blood, Angels, Black and White Mana
  • Followers: Vladimir, Blood Mages of Thedas
  • Allies: Rachel Alucard, Alucard (Castlevania), Arcueid Brunestud, Demitri Maximoff, Larten Crepsley, Alucard (Hellsing), Seras Victoria Dracula, Dio Brando, Vlad von Carstein, Valvatorez, Karin Maaka, Remilia Scarlet, Flandre Scarlet, (Hotel Transylvania) Dracula, The Doctor, Ajani Goldmane, Batman
  • Enemies: The Eldrazi, Nicol Bolas , Count Orlok, Yuuki Terumi, The Crimson Court, Millennium, Alexander Anderson, Hoss Delgado
  • Complicated Relationship: The Belmont Clan, Joestar and Zeppeli Family, Blade, Slayers, the House of Angels
  • Many years ago, in the plane of Innistrad, Edgar Markov had made a Deal with the Devil to gain immortality for both him and his grandson. The result was the creation of the vampiric race of Innistrad, with Edgar being the first. When Sorin was made a vampire, the transformation ignited Sorin’s spark turning him into a Planeswalker. Due to both his experience as a Pre-Mending Planeswalker, a nearly omnipotent being capable of traveling between worlds and his specialty in Blood Magic, Sorin was made the the God of Blood Magic. Even in his Post-Mending state he is a powerful mage not to be taken lightly.
  • It didn’t take long for Sorin to become well acquainted with the residents of Pantheon, especially with the many vampires present. His relationship and opinion varies between each Vampire.
    • Sorin was delighted to meet Rachel Alucard, meeting a vampire that wasn't as simple minded or shortsighted as others of their kind, she herself understood what needed to be done for the greater good. Their conversations have lead the two to wonder what would happen if someone were to combine the properties of both a Planeswalkers and Observer. He can occasionally be found having tea with Rachel and her associates. To surmise his opinion of her:
    "Most of my kin can be short sighted savages. I'm delighted that such is not the case with her."
    • From his interaction with Rachel, Sorin soon met the Scarlet Sisters. He was initially put off with their childishness and immaturity, but was also slightly fond of them. Sees their respected abilities and powers to be both interesting and impressive.
    • Sorin has a sort of "kinship" with the son of Dracula, Alucard. Both having to go against their family and race to do what they believe is necessary.
    • It didn't take long for Sorin to meet another vampire by the name of Alucard. This one belonged to the Hellsing Organization. To the surprise of others, the two ancient vampires get along very well. Alucard agreeing with Sorin's reason for creating Archangel Avacyn. Admitting that if their kind were to win, they would only proceed starve themselves to death.
      • Sorin would soon later meet Alucard's fledgling, Seras Victoria. Initially Sorin had difficulty seeing what Alucard thought special about the police girl. But after interacting and later fighting alongside her, he began to understand Alucard saw in her.
    • Larten Crepsley is a vampire that Sorin finds interesting. Larten isn't magical, immortal, rich, or anything life the other vampires he's seen. But he both Strong and Skilled, intelligent, crafty and level headed. And they both have a mutual understanding of feeling the need to protect their homes even after years of separation. Laraten gives his condolences about Innistrad.
    • Has an Odd Friendship with Karin Maaka of the House of Emotion. Karin sees Sorin as she does her big brother Ren: well-meaning, if kind of grumpy. Sorin doesn't talk much about their interactions, but it is implied he feels much the same: Karin is endearing, if kind of annoying and whiny. He once offered to train her in Blood Magic, considering the un-vampire has so much to spare.
      • An early attempt didn't go well. Sorin started with the absolute basic of basics: controlling the blood itself telepathically. Karin, asked to puncture her thumb to give them some to work with, used one of her own fangs to do so. The result was...messy. After leaving for a moment to clean himself off, Sorin put her through her paces, to no avail: Karin's control extended to creating little bubbles on the surface of the blood, while she ended up with a pounding migraine. Sorin is disappointed, but confident she'll get better.
    • Arcueid Brunestud, Valvatorez and the hotel owning Dracula were the most interesting vampire Sorin had met. The three being incredibly friendly and admittedly strange. It's not because they're capable of living without blood (Rachel's like that too), but it's because they just act weird. He is admittedly rather impressed with them. Dracula was able to bring peace between human and monster kind, even though he initially had little to zero faith in humanity. Both Arcueid Valvatorez are probably the most powerful vampires he had ever bore witness to. He found it even more amazing that the two are willfully weak.
    • Because he is allied with a number of "good" vampires, and enemies with Dracula. Many are surprised with how Sorin would associate himself with the likes of Dracula, Dio, Demitri Maximoff, and Vlad von Carstein. He tells others that they aren't allies, but they're also not complete enemies. He doesn't completely agree with them, but he find the four vampires to be of pleasant company, and have done nothing to antagonize them. They've all expressed sympathy to what happened to his home Plane Innistrad. Dracula more so, having learned that Sorin was forced to unmake Avacyn. A number of god had to be reminded that Sorin is a Black aligned vampire, and is of neutral status. That Sorin is fully capable of being amoral and selfish at times.
    • As black and amoral Sorin can be, he does have his limits. Crimson Court and Count Orlok are the not only the exact type of vampires that he can't stand, their even worse. Sorin hates them to such an extent that he doesn't even bother to let any of them say anything and goes straight for the kill.
    • Much like with Orlok and the Crimson Court, Sorin has nothing but contempt with both The Major and his army of Nazis vampires. There have even been reports of Sorin fighting alongside Alucard and Seras Victoria against the Millennium.
  • Sorin was not, repeat NOT, happy to see the Eldrazi ascend into Pantheon. In an effort to stop them from causing any permanent damage, he enlisted the aid of fellow Planeswalker Ajani, Harry Dresden and the Doctor. With the combination of both magic, science, and the aid of the entire Magic Pantheon, they imprisoned the Eldrazi within the Moon. Using the same tactic used against Emrakul by the Gatewatch. But it was a hollow victory as Emrakul visited him in a dream: they simply decided it was not their time. They let themselves be sealed.
    • Knowing full well that this was caused by the actions of Nicol Bolas, his animosity had now became personal.
  • As there are many vampires in Pantheon, there also a number of vampire hunters here as well. His relationship with them is a bit mixed. A number of them as glad to hear how he created Avacyn to defend humanity, but are upset on that his reasons for doing so. The reason being so that his people wound't run out of food and starve themselves. Some hunters like Alexander Anderson and Hoss Delgado don't care what he did, or his reasons for doing so. He's a vampire and he deserves to die.
  • Like all vampire before and probably after him, Sorin hates and is hated by Yuuki Terumi. The two have fought each other on a number of occasions, growing more and more frustrated with every encounter. He began to understand why Rachel felt the need to force herself in interfering, despite her position of Onlooker.
  • In the House of Angels, Sorin has a very complicated relationship. They don't exactly hate him (except Imperius), but they're very disturbed by him. Not just because of his relationship with Avacyn, but because his grandfather trapped and used the blood of an angel named Marycz to create vampire kind. Meaning that Sorin's grandfather used literal Holy Blood to create an Unholy monster. The irony is not lost to anyone.
  • Sorin's meeting with the Batman was an interesting one. The Dark Knight approached him on the how they should deal with the Eldrazi, should they escape their imprisonment. Batman believes tells him that they'll need to know everything that they can in preparation. Believing, knowing, that the seal is only a temporary salution. Sorin tells him that the only person that genuinely understands them on any level would have to be Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. And unfortunately, he isn't in Pantheon. Batman replies that they'll just have to ascend him in Pantheon.
  • "Death not for survival but for vanity and pleasure? This is the decadence I sought to curb."

Lesser Gods

    Kat (DmC: Devil May Cry) 
Kat, Goddess of Post Modern Magiks (Katherine, Spirit Medium)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Several Stencils and Her Spray Cans
  • Theme Song: Kat's Theme, Better Half
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Had a Demonic Stepdad (until she killed him), Can Wander in Limbo in Spirit Form, Cute/Hot Witch, Determinator, Form-Fitting Wardrobe, Morality Pet to Dante, Psychic Powers, Can Create Portals to Limbo, Rose-Haired Sweetie, Hyper-Competent Sidekick, Youthful Freckles
  • Domains: Witches, Mediums, The Resistance, Grafitti
  • Teachers: Illyana Rasputin/Magik, Zatanna Zatara (her primary mentors), Doctor Stephen Strange
  • Allies:
  • Tagging Rival: Beat
  • Enemy: Mundus, Jubileus and Queen Sheba, King Bradley, Dr. Wallace Breen, the entire Hall of Demons (save for Sparda, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland)
  • Opposed by: Alexander Anderson, B.B. Hood, Kurtis Stryker, most of the evil deities in the House of Magic
  • Odd Friendship: Bigby Wolf and Snow White
  • On speaking terms with: Trish, Nico Goldstein, Asura
  • A tortured soul from a world overrun by a demonic conspiracy, Kat served as an agent of a resistance group called The Order, commanded by the half-angel half-demon Nephilim called Vergil which sought to take down the demons led by a king called Mundus, who was known to humans as the banking philanthropist Kyle Ryder. She eventually found Dante, Vergil's brother, who ended up being their key to stopping Mundus… as well as Vergil himself once he revealed that his true goal was not to destroy Mundus's throne, but to take it for his own.
  • While overcoming the heartache of Vergil's betrayal, Kat had found her way into the Pantheon by accident. Using one of her Stencils and a forbidden spell that given to her inside a special spray paint can courtesy of a friendly demon called Phineas, she teleported into the Pantheon from Limbo City. Fortunately for Kat, her ascension had cleared.
  • There is a reason why Kat has come to the Pantheon; Illyana Rasputin, better known as Magik, and Zatanna Zatara, were both responsible for Kat's ascension. Having seen the potential in Kat, the two came up with a plan to enter Kat's world, reach Phineas, and have him give her that forbidden spell can. However, they were at an impasse over who should mentor Kat, until said woman in question came up with a solution; she would study under both, Magik for half a year, followed by Zatanna for the same amount of time. Both women agreed to the proposal.
  • The fortune-teller Rose encountered Kat one day and sensed her depressed emotional state. After setting her down to help her talk through what was affecting her and then reading into her destiny, Rose was able to tell Kat that she must find Dante and Vergil in the Pantheon to resolve her troubles, though warning her beforehand that these were not the same Dante and Vergil she knew in her time. Grateful for Rose's help, she would seek both brothers out. Dante and Vergil were also told beforehand that she comes from an alternate universe in which she knew their counterparts. And just as in her universe, the brothers found themselves on opposite sides, though with a strange sense of understanding between the two. Ironically enough, it's because of Kat that a de facto truce is in effect between Dante and Vergil when it comes to protecting her.
    • As she is a witch, she finds herself in the crosshairs of both Alexander Anderson and B.B. Hood. Fortunately, Kat's friendship with Dante and Vergil gives both Anderson and B.B. pause.
    • Through her newfound ties with the original Dante and Vergil she's also become familiar with the first Mundus, who is far more imposing in an esoteric and religious way than the political banking overlord she was plagued by. While the flavor is different, the ubiquitous evil is still very much the same, and in some ways, she actually finds this Mundus scarier.
  • As Kat is also a graffiti artist, she has drawn the ire of Kurtis Stryker due to her spraypainting the walls of the Pantheon's numerous temples. What Stryker didn't know was that Kat had been commissioned to paint some of the temples, as she does good work. Some of the bad deities try and trick her into spraypainting some of her stencils onto their walls, but Kat sees through them.
    • Beat sees her as a chief rival when it comes to tagging. Even he can see that Kat is very talented.
  • Frank West's PERFECT EROTICA contest is heating up, as Kat, Magik and Zatanna Zatara have been scheduled for a photo shoot with the zombie-slaying reporter.
  • Aside from Dante and Vergil, Kat is also friends with Bigby Wolf and his wife, Snow White. For Bigby, Kat reminds him of Nerissa, while Snow, who is also descended from a line of witches alongside her sister, is giving Kat some pointers when she is not training under either Magik or Zatanna.
  • Got Vergil away from Führer King Bradley, who she'd been worried would be a threat ever since Vergil accepted joining a team Bradley formed in hopes of learning how to get stronger. When he left that team after attaining the lessons he came for, Bradley tried to kill him, but she stepped in to help him escape. Vergil then allowed her to study from his memory of these lessons, involving a type of scientific magic called alchemy, to strengthen her own magic. She asked why. His response?
    Vergil: You're going to need all the strength you can have for the coming battles.
  • Because of how broken his body had become, Vergil would tell Kat to stay away from him for her own safety while he went back home to try to fix himself. In the process he made some very bad decisions which led to abject disaster in his hometown and saw him and Dante come to blows again, with only Nero's resolve keeping everyone alive. When he finally returned from the Pantheon after all this, she was worried that he'd undergone a downfall just like her former leader. To her surprising relief, he greeted her with a sincere apology for having lost his honor. She forgave him while imploring him never to do that again.
  • Shortly after this, Lady, a comrade of the original Dante, would ascend to the Pantheon. Kat wound up meeting both her and the Umbra Witch Bayonetta as they went out looking for her after first meeting each other. She related to Lady for her issues with demons and both women especially for having to kill their evil fathers, similar to how she had to put down her demonic stepfather. Though she quickly learned that Lady hated Vergil and neither his actions nor the betrayal of her time's Vergil had done him any favors with Bayonetta, she accepted it as something he would just have to deal with on his own.
  • Through Bayonetta she also learned about the true nature of the Angels of Paradiso and the Demons of Inferno. This did not surprise her much; angels were not a thing she saw a lot in her world, yet she knew they existed and most likely weren't wiped out because of the Nephilim brothers, so she figured they were at least more focused on preserving themselves than helping humanity. Jubileus and Queen Sheba's ascension was not something she greeted happily, which Bayonetta understood fully despite the Umbra Witches' connection to the latter.
  • Gets along very well with Yuna and Mithra, both very kind souls who prayed for her to heal from everything she's been through, which did help a little. Asura questions this friendship (especially for Mithra) due to the somewhat grittier aspects to Kat's appearance and powers, but is not opposed to it since Mithra claims to see something in Kat which could've made her a priestess or a saint in another life.
  • While doing some reading on magic in the library at the House of Knowledge, she came across Rinoa Heartilly. Rinoa quickly befriended her and, upon learning that she was a witch, got her to trade knowledge about their magic. The conversation gave her interesting ideas for offensive spells. Rydia met her once through Yuna and thinks Summon Magic might be an interesting idea for her to learn, but Kat doesn't seem too keen on the idea of commanding inhuman creatures. Doctor Strange has also assisted Magik and Zatanna by teaching her some of his spell circles, which she is working on stencils for.
  • Dante and Vergil introduced her and the others to their father once Sparda finally ascended. He took interest in her for her knowledge of alchemy, even on a more rudimentary level, and her ability to see into and access Limbo. He also doesn't complain about the strange concoctions she uses for her Ritual Magic, which impressed her. He was also grateful to her helping keep Vergil from completely disconnecting his humanity.
    • It was also during this meeting that she first got to see Eva's face in person, twice over at that. Both Eva herself, as Sparda's herald, and the clone Mundus created. While not a red-haired angel like the one in Kat's world, Eva seconded Sparda's approval of her and encouraged her to continue supporting Vergil. Trish, meanwhile, picked on Kat a little bit for not being much of a fighter; however, when Kat retorted that she's stared Hell in the face her entire life and risked everything to help defeat it, Trish was impressed enough to back off.