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The House of Travel is essentially one gigantic vehicle. What kind of vehicle it is exactly is impossible to determine, since it's got a little bit of everything. It has tank treads, wheels, wings, jet engines, dark matter stardrives, and components of every known type of vehicle (and a few unknown). The steering wheel is from an '86 Cavalier, though. Not only is the House of Travel a giant, roving machine, but also serves as a mobile garage, storing and servicing the Pantheon's vehicles. It is, naturally, bigger on the inside. It even features its own set of race tracks where most of the gods of the pantheon sometimes go-kart for fun.

Warning signs have been placed for a mysterious truck that has been trying to run over people. Rumor has it that those who are struck will go to a different world.

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The Wayfaring Quartet

The Guards of the House of Travel

Hecate, Patron Goddess of Crossroads (Hekate, Hecatae, Trivia, Queen of the Witches, Goddess of Magic, Goddess of the Underworld, Goddess of the Crossroad, Chthonia, Trimorphe, Triodia, Trioditis among many more)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A woman with three faces with a dog standing beside her.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domain: Crossroads, Magic, the Underworld, Necromancy, the Moon
  • Portfolio: Protector of crossroads and intersection, Lady of Black Magic, has a lot in common with Hermes, The Hecate Sisters
  • High Priest: Papa Legba
  • Allies: The Greek and Roman Pantheon, especially Hades, Artermis and her husband Hermes, the House of Magic and Sorcery , especially the Weird Sisters, Hellboy, Dream of the Endless, Ren Amamiya, Ann Takamaki, Lucifer (SMT), Percy Jackson, Hazel Levesque
  • Enemies: Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, YHVH,
  • Complicated Relationship with: Faust, every versions of Satan
  • Opposes: Oedipus, the other Hades, any Christians in the Pantheon, Hecatia Lapislazuli
  • Opposed by: Sam and Dean Winchester, Geralt, Yennefer, Cirilla, Wonder Woman
  • Summonable By: Hibiki Kuze and Kazuya Minegishi
  • The ancient goddess of crossroads and magic, Hecate's temple is placed on a giant crossroad that leads to the entrance of the House of Travel. She is particularly effective in check in and out the House's wondering inhabitants since she has three faces, a dog and has magical powers that allow her to be present at any crossroads.
  • Is glad to see her fellow Greek Pantheon again. She is particularly happy to reunite with her husband Hermes. Everyone agrees that the two made a good Battle Couple: He represents travelling and messenger, she is the crossroads that he and his followers pass through every single day. Their ascension just made this connection more apparent.
    • She is also happy to see Hades again since she also presides over the Underworld. However, Hecate dislikes the other version of Hades because of how evil and cruel he is and thus avoids him as much as possible.
    • Also glad that her fellow Greek lunar goddess Artemis is also here since they are two part of the Triple Goddess worship.
  • The patron goddess of witchcraft, Hecate is a frequent visitor of the House of Magic and Sorcery in order to hone her knowledge and meet with some of her followers.
    • Is glad to see one of her well-known followers the Weird Sisters again. However, this led Hecate to stumbles right into the witch hunt led by Macbeth and his wife. Angered at someone who harmed her followers, Hecate cursed the couple to get lost at every crossroads they came across. It took them quite a while to figure out the ruse and the Macbeths have sworn revenge on her ever since.
  • Her relationship with Satan is rather... complicated. Many of her followers and fictional portrayals are followers or associate with dark magic, which led to Hecate being influenced by the appearance of any versions of Satan to be much more evil and vindictive. For this reason, she and Hermes have taken an effort to ban Satan from entering her Pantheon. Faust is also on the blacklist since his appearance also triggers her to make a Deal with the Devil with anyone near a crossroad.
    • Because most of her demonization is because of Christianity, she has a tense relationship with all Christians in the Pantheon. She mostly avoids them but declares YHVH an enemy due to his cruelty and subjugation of her fellow Greek deities.
    • That said, she has a good relationship with the SMT version of Lucifer since she has served as one of his generals against YHVH's forces of Order, as well as the fact that his presence doesn't trigger her transformation thanks to being a distinct deity from Satan. She sometimes lends help to demon tamers Hibiki and Kazuya when they summon her. She aids Ren Amamiya for similar reasons as he is comrades with her Persona User, Ann Takamaki.
    • Ren in return is also friendly with her since that Ann's Persona is Hecate. For her part, Hecate is amused with his thieving activity and is fond of him since he is under Hermes's domain of protection. However, her husband Hermes is actively working to keep the two from coming into contact with each other. Given the fact that this is her appearance as a Persona, no one really blames him.
    • And when Ann herself ascended, his job became that much harder, especially when Hecate considered seeking her out.
  • Is on the list of "potential risk" of Sam and Dean Winchester since they have a bad experience with her magic. The same can be said for Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri since one of their enemies Gaunter O'Dimm used magic similar to her.
  • Heard that a woman that was based on her named Hecatia is on the Pantheon and decided to pay a visit. However, Hecate is disappointed when seeing the actual person since Hecate thinks she is too incompetent and doesn't use her power to its fullest potential and avoid contact with Hecatia.
  • While usually doesn't concern herself with other gods business, Hecate recently has been helping a demigod named Hazel to control her power. This earned her good grace in Percy Jackson's eyes.
  • Is not on the best term with Wonder Woman for being the mother of the latter's arch nemesis Circe.

Kino, Goddess of Willing Wanderers (Traveler)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A silhouette of herself riding Hermes, her talking motorcycle
  • Theme Music: Beautiful World
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Gunslinger, Bifauxnen, A Traveler and her Talking Motorcycle, Beware the Nice Ones, Legacy Character, The Stoic, Only One Name
  • Domains: Girls, Travelers, Motorcycles
  • Followers: Martha Jones
  • Herald: Hermes
  • Allies: Bartz Klauser, Wander, Chen Stormstout, AZ, Samurai Jack, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Opposes: Big Brother, Gleeman Vox
  • Kino has travelled through a number of strange and unusual locations and has stayed three nights and two days in all of them so that she can understand the important aspects of whatever place she is at and have enough time to head over to a new location. She is unbiased, calm, and polite by default, but she can defend for herself thanks to her skills with firearms, with a revolver and pistol being her default ones.
  • While in a far-off village where Kino and Hermes were spending three days and two nights there, she was told about a place where unpredictability happens so often that it's become normal for something unusual to happen at that place. Once Kino finished her time at that village, she decided to head over to that rumored place while acknowledging that there appeared to be no specific way to get there. While sleeping at a camp she set up somewhere, Kino had a dream where a mysterious figure told her and Hermes that they're closer to their destination than they think. After waking up, Kino and Hermes continued their journey and eventually came across a checkpoint managed by a border inspector.
    • After a conversation with The Inspector going over a number a things, the two were clear to enter and Kino found herself in a place where many different styles collided with each other, including various things that she had never met before. From there, Kino headed towards the welcoming committee of her destination and found what appeared to be a party. A hyperactive pink pony named Pinkie Pie greeted Kino and they (alongside Hermes) talked about the place Kino was at. Pinkie said that the place was known as a Pantheon and that unpredictability is the norm around there. She even told Kino that this Pantheon was enormous and that there's plenty of different aspects to explore. While Kino is something of a tireless traveller, she felt willing to rest up in a fixed place while exploring whatever it is that the Pantheon has to offer.
  • Kino does have a distinct opinion of the Pantheon itself when it comes to what's present and has sometimes been reminded of a handful of her own journeys through different locales. Notably, the Pantheon includes varying levels of different technology present akin to some of her previously visited spots and the denizens all have different viewpoints of the world, be it idealistic or cynical. Beyond the Pantheon itself are a a handful of places connected to it, ranging from straightforward to dangerous. In a way, Kino sees the Pantheon as a sort of amalgamation of her adventures across her world (especially when it comes to the beauty and danger of it) with more possibilities.
  • While there are a handful of other motorcyclists in the Pantheon, Kino hasn't really hanged out with them on a regular basis, but does consider them very interesting individuals and they find it intriguing that she has a talking motorcycle as her companion. She's a bit curious about Johnny Blaze and how he has travelled to a number of places, including some that are really dangerous for her to go to. Johnny told her that he has been travelling to various places to search for those who have put innocents in grave danger. Kino has stated that she travels on her own volition and has been able to defend for herself with what she has. Johnny added that the Pantheon poses a lot of dangers, but there are those who keep it safe for others to continue their normal lives, something that Kino acknowledged before they parted on good terms with each other.
  • Even though her consistently travelling through different locations means she isn't going to be able to hang out with others a lot, she did manage to strike up a friendship with Wander, another being who has travelled across various places. Kino did find it interesting that Wander was committed to making other happy not matter what the circumstance might be since she has travelled to a lot of places where it could potentially be difficult for Wander to achieve that goal, but she did acknowledge his determination and respected it to some degree nevertheless.
  • Among the only items that Kino brings with her during travels is a couple of guns as a means of self-defense. She also practices in Quick Draw so that she can be more aware of any potential threat sneaking up behind her. With the number of gunslingers in the Pantheon and how some of them are also freelancers looking for a hit on their hands, Kino has taken the opportunity to better prepare herself in marksmanship, though she is on good terms with gunslingers who protect others against their more vicious counterparts.
  • One of her travels resulted in her in participating in some deadly colosseum battles held by a corrupt individual. While she tried her best to convince her opponents to surrender peacefully, it led to one of them being murdered by the emperor in question and at the end, she ended up killing the emperor and ending the killing games. Despite her trying to be as neutral as possible, Gleeman Vox is notably one of the very few people she dislikes since his tendencies to kidnap others and force them into colosseum deathmatches against their will is reminiscent to what happened to her, even if Gleeman Vox's take on it is far more over-the-top.
  • Before becoming a traveller, she was just a regular girl in a town that enforced a law that made anyone over the age of 12 to undergo a brain operation to make them permanently happy whilst doing any kind of job, with resistance towards that law being met with death, as a man named Kino (whom she got her name from) found out while protecting her. She notably doesn't like anyone that wants to force that kind of artificial happiness onto others, with Big Brother being the most notable after talking to someone familiar with the figure and in opposition to Big Brother's plans. Not only does that tyrant have an even worse version of the "be happy no matter what" law that Kino's former hometown had, but a lot of other twisted laws to fit his mindset and crush any opposition towards him. Kino knows that she can't do anything against Big Brother and that it's more up to those capable of resisting his power, but he's still among the very few deities she hates.
  • There are a handful of other travellers that Kino got along with after getting to know them better. Given the kinds of professions that Bartz Klauser tackled in his adventures, he has made some suggestions to her in making her travel safer, though Kino said that she's fine with what she has. Both tend to have good conversations with each other whenever they meet. Given that Kino has tried plenty of different food in her travels, she has taken a liking to Chen Stormstout's cooking and is curious about his own adventures. Kino finds what AZ has gone through to be a compelling story and is hoping that things turn out well for him now that he has resolved his own issues, with AZ hoping that Kino continues to be fine in her travels and not end up like what he was in the past.
    • Samurai Jack was a wanderer that got Kino's attention, reminding her a bit of a swordsman she's sometimes met named Shizu on first glance. Jack's story surprised Kino a bit, especially with what happened towards the end of his adventures. Jack is also interested in the stories that Kino has, even if she doesn't have any significant goal she wants to accomplish and has no real home to speak of. The two sometimes meet up and exchange stories of their adventures around the Pantheon.
  • Every so often, she finds herself involved in an assist role between clashes among certain deities, with her using her gun to shoot before taking off on her motorcycle. Compared to her experience of being a contestant in a killing game, she doesn't find the assist role in these particular skirmishes to be nearly as bad, especially since if these particular deities do fight against each other, it's more or less for honing their skills.
    • Some of these instances had her in Green Hill Zone, an idyllic place that looked like a much more colorful version of the various forests and plains she travels through between destinations. At one point after a fight had concluded between different deities, Kino had an encounter with Sonic the Hedgehog, who knows Green Hill Zone very well, and the two had a conversation with each other about their travels. Sonic found Kino's "three days and two nights" limit a bit odd, though given his mindset, he told her that the time spent at those visits can be used to the fullest, especially when something unexpected happens along the way. Kino has taken the advice into consideration, mostly since Sonic has travelled through a lot of interesting places of his own throughout his career.
  • One of the very few times that Kino's normally stoic demeanor was shattered was when she witnessed a volcano destroy a town that she finished visiting. She then read a letter given to her by its residents that stated that they knew about the impending destruction, but decided to stay in the land that they grew up in and loved. From her experience in the Pantheon, she knew that others grew to like the place, though there are some who aren't as fond of it. Kino is also aware that the Pantheon itself is at risk of destruction on a regular basis, though life still goes on for everyone, herself included, no matter what.

    Samurai Jack 
Samurai Jack, God of Wandering Swordsmen (Foolish Samurai Warrior, Jackie The Blade, The One, Wandering Samurai, Brent Worthington, The Warrior Prince Lost in Time, Ronin Jack, V)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The family crest that can be seen on his cloak.
  • Theme Music: Gotta get back… back to the past, Samurai Jack! Watch out!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: 100% Heroism Rating, Badass Normal, Beware the Nice Ones, The Chosen One, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Clothing Damage, Determinator, The Drifter, Fish out of Temporal Water, Humble Hero, Katanas Are Just Better, Knight Errant, Martial Pacifist, Master of All, Master Swordsman, Mr. Fanservice, One-Man Army, Only Known by Their Nickname, Warrior Prince
  • Domains: Honor, Warriors, Time, Family
  • Allies: Ashi (his wife), Link, Fa Mulan, Po, Iroh, Leonidas, The Demoman, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Skips, Dexter, Sanjuro, Jin, Ryu (Street Fighter)
  • Enemies: Aku, The Lich, GLaDOS, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, Ultron, Melkor
  • Rivals: Cloud Strife, Afro Samurai, Himura Kenshin, Roronora Zoro, Sekiro/The Wolf
  • Odd Friendship: Sanji
  • Opposes: Cornelia li Britannia
  • Ascended when the Pantheon realized he had been through far too much to not be. When asked for his name, he simply said that he was Jack. In truth, this was more because the first people he met in the future kept using "Jack" when they saw him appear for the first time. He shrugged his shoulders and accept it. To this day, no one knows what his real name is supposed to be.
  • Attacked Iroh after hearing his voice. Luckily, Iroh was able to hold his own until the other gods finally managed to convince him that he wasn’t Aku. The old firebender forgave him for the incident when Jack told him his story, and talked about various other things over tea. Jack constantly visits him now, whether it be him feeling homesick and wanting to get the feeling of home, learning the fighting style behind firebending to add to his arsenal of various abilities, or sometimes just coming for tea and a game of Pai Sho (Iroh was surprised to find he was actually very good at it.).
  • When Mulan heard of his ascension, she went to him hoping to get training. He agreed, but Mulan became confused when their first training session involved bamboo sticks of all things instead of regular swords; she found out the hard way just how formidable Jack is with any weapon he gets his hands on. Since then, though, he has taught her many things, such as ‘Jumping good’, and fighting without the use of sight. As a result, it has increased her skills greatly.
  • When he heard of the House of Time and Temporality, he immediately left to ask them to help him get home. Some denied, due to being already aware of the actual point in which he returns to the past and not wanting to drastically alter time. There were some that agreed, but when Jack attempted to use any time machine, the finished products mysteriously broke down. Jack suspected it was Aku’s doing, and came to the conclusion that he had probably become aware of his ascension. Not wanting to hinder them or even put them in danger, he gave up on that route, saying that he would find another way.
  • Has earned the wired ire of many evil robotic and technologically assisted gods for his vast cybernetic kill count of androids, cyborgs, computers and many other machinations of metallic mayhem. The digital list goes on, from Eggman to Ultron.
    • GLaDOS, however, hates him for a different reason. She managed to trap him once in Aperture Science, taking his sword away in the process, and tried to test him with her various obstacles. Instead of using the portal gun, however, he simply leaped across all of them with his impressive jumping skills, even retrieving his sword (since she hadn’t known about the jumping, she had been taunting him with it in plain sight), all without much issue. She has said nothing about the incident, and has despised him for making a fool out of her ever since.
  • Has also gained rivalries with many swordsmen of the pantheon, such as Cloud and Kenshin. He trains with them when he feels up to it. Was glad to find a fellow samurai in Afro, although he doesn’t really agree with many of his motives and methods.
    • Has been accused of not being a samurai at all, but a ronin…and that it made him better than any actual samurai, since he was not bound by honor and duty, allowing him to be a hero to the people oppressed by Aku. Jack doesn't know what to say of this, except finally understanding why he felt his Persona was named Ronin.
  • Has made friends with the Demoman, after finding him very similar to his friend, the Scotsman. Well, similar albeit drunk, anyway.
    • Similarly, he has found a friend in Leonidas after fighting alongside a futuristic version of the Spartan from his world.
  • Joined up with the combat division of the GUAG, wanting to stop many other evils like Aku. Melkor has set his threat level to Very High, since he is able to take on armies of mooks and hold his own against some pretty high ranking villains.
  • He is shocked on how Mundus looks like an angel yet is just as bad, if not worse than Aku.
    Jack: *to Mundus* Your appearance is that of a holy being, yet your essence is that of evil and darkness! I shall destroy you!
  • Had a run in with the Lich, who attempted to, unsurprisingly, kill him and destroy his sword. Jack was able to resist any mind control tricks on him, however, as he had fought off a possession by Aku himself before. Jack was able to ‘kill’ the Lich, but after being told of his abilities, he is wary of future attacks on him by the radiated wizard.
  • Many goddesses (and some gods) of the House of Love and Affection absolutely adore it when his clothes become tattered and ripped, revealing his impressive figure. Many have tried to get into a romantic relationship with him, though he has rejected all of them, feeling that he is too dangerous to be around or would simply be too distracted.
    • No one has the opportunity now. Jack and Ashi were able to finish their wedding ceremony in the Pantheon.
  • Constantly has to visit the House of Craft so Rarity can fix his robes. She always ends up asking how it managed to happen this time, and he always has an interesting story to tell. The other Equestrian gods head to Rarity's home when Jack does to listen in as a result.
    • Brought Ashi with him one time. Rarity immediately got out multiple new clothes for her to try on. He hid his face behind his hat for both of their sakes.
  • Absolutely despises Melkor with every fiber of his being. (Then again, anyone with a modicum of morality would.) Jack thinks he is the most disgustingly evil thing he has ever known and believes he is the reason Aku exists to begin with.
  • Is very wary of Princess Celestia after having a risky run in with a similar looking forest spirit a while back.
  • He has been seen preparing to travel once more; speculation at the time said this was due to the fact that his story will finally be continued. Rumors have circulated that he has gotten some armor of some sort. When he later confirmed that he was finally going to continue his journey, everyone was cheering to the rooftops and congratulated him, though he didn't understand why.
    • The journey proved to be his last in the mortal realms, where he managed to travel back in time and slay Aku for good and restored the timeline and undid the Bad Future. Even if he lost his true love in process, Jack regained the hope for the better future in his world. Though returning to the Pantheon afterwards, he's noted that with the situation at the Pantheon, Melkor may find a way to bring Aku back at least within the Pantheon. Despite so, Jack stands ready to face Aku again any time, nothing will break him, and at the very least, his world is safe and nothing will change it.
  • One day. He found Finn and Jake chasing after him. All of his allies had split up to look for him after learning that Ashi would be ascending within the next ten minutes. Jack took off before the pair could finish talking. He jumped over the crowd that had already gathered so he would be in front. He would have never forgiven himself if he had not been the first one to see her. Luckily, he was.
    • They often have lunch now in the House of Nature. Ashi enjoys being able to see all the beautiful plants Jack had told her about. Jack enjoys just being able to see her. That is not to say Ashi isn't glad to be with him, asking him questions just to make their time together last longer. They've realized being in different Houses makes scheduling dates hard.
    • He has also helped mediate meetings between Ashi and Six along side Toriel.
  • Ashi once told Jack about a friend named Sanji who's a really good cook. Jack knew who she was talking about and was a bit worried given Sanji's Casanova Wannabe reputation, but it turns out he wanted to meet Jack and asked her to bring the Samurai over for a meal with the Straw Hats. When the table conversation turned to why Sanji has never made a move Ashi, the chef offered this:
    Sanji: Easy, Jack. She's your sweetheart, not mine.
    • Zoro also wanted to test his swordsmanship, so they sparred after dinner in the House of Combat. Zoro was able to overwhelm Jack at points, but Jack was quick to spot openings in Zoro's game to be able to force him back, even managing to stab the side of his ribs once. The fight stopped a few minutes after that as Zoro started to noticeably wear down. In the end, he walked away reassured about Sanji, as well as looking forward to Zoro's next challenge.
      * Many were anticipating the meeting between him and another wandering samurai. Many believe that many of his adventurers were modeled after Sanjuro. The thing is... it would be many months before the two actually met. And when they did... the two merely shared some sake with each other before going on their merry way. It was a disappointing encounter for those who were expecting something more explosive. Neither man wanted to say more than what was needed but had a feeling they will have a more memorable encounter in the future.
  • Recently met and confronted Afro Samurai on a bridge at which point they smelled the blood on each others blades. A battle broke out. The two crossed blades and Jack pushed through Afro's attempts to fight dirty. In the end Jack won but at the cost of an arm. After the fight he was seen walking away wearing the Number One headband.
    • Due to mutual connections, he got his arm put back together thanks to Trafalgar Law.

    Valerie Frizzle 
Ms. Valerie Frizzle, Goddess of Crazy and Awesome Class Trips (The Frizz, Professor Frizzle)
  • Theme Song: The Magic School Bus Theme
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Magic School Bus with Liz at the wheel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: being incredibly awesome, strange in a good way, being an awesome teacher, having multiple dresses that symbolizes what she teaches for the day, reacting to danger calmly, having a mysterious past, excited red-haired person
  • Domain: Fun, Teaching, Field Trips
  • Herald: Liz (her iguana), Fiona Frizzle (her younger sister), her fourth grade class
  • Allies: the Hall of Teachers, Eikichi Onizuka, Chifuyu Orimura, the Doctor, the TARDIS, River Song, Mary Poppins, the Planeteers, WordGirl, Jack and Annie, Captain Underpants, Jeanne, Catbus, Herbie, the Slylandro
  • Friendly Rivalry: Adam Conover
  • Enemies: Principal Krupp, Agatha Trunchbull, Denzel Crocker
  • The Academy needed a teacher to deal with the most important subject in classes: the class trip. No sooner than that, Ms. Frizzle arrived with her bus, and invited the multitude of students for a field trip that the students are still unable to explain for it being that awesome. She immediately got a position in the House of Travel.
    • The higher-ups are in wonder of the Magic School Bus in question which is capable of transforming into almost anything, can express emotions, etc. The only thing known is that the person who created it wasn't magical in any way, shape or form.
  • She is interested in how Jack and Annie learn through their tree house and wonders if the two could give lessons to some of the students in the academy through the tree house. Jack and Annie are still considering the offer.
  • Gets along well with many of the gods in the House of Knowledge and is interested in planning field trips to some of the strange and bizarre worlds that many of the otherworldly gods live. The Academy is debating on whether or not that's a good thing, though.
  • It is strictly advised that Yukari Tanizaki never gets behind the wheel of the Magic School Bus.
  • A common theory among many Gods of the Pantheon is that Ms. Frizzle is a Time Lady, with the Bus acting as her TARDIS. The Doctor has yet to comment on this.
    • Then again, the 13th Doctor is a woman…
  • Is making a grand return but she's now letting her sister be in charge of the Magic School Bus while she focuses on classes at the Celestial Academy. Fiona Frizzle has now ascended as her big sister's herald.
  • After Boomstick's Top 10 list of Deadliest Cars, a lot of attention has been drawn to her bus, which made the top spot, which she wasn't amused with, and not all of them are welcome.
  • Has noted that the Planeteers bear strong resemblances to some of her students (Tim for Kwame, Arnold for Wheeler, Dorothy Ann for Linka, Wanda for Gi, and Carlos for Ma-Ti), and has occasionally requested for them on field trips covering environmental protection.
  • Adam Conover was a bit nervous to meet Valerie for the first time, as he did an episode in which a parody (albeit an Affectionate Parody) of her and her show was used to debunk the outdated subjects she would teach. To his surprise, she was quite happy that someone had helped fix her errors, and wasn't ashamed to have made mistakes. Like she always says, "Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!" Since then, they've had a lot of fun working together, sometimes in friendly competition, and other times operating in tandem.
  • Her motto: "Take chances, make mistakes and get messy!"