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Greater Gods

Doomsday, God of Evil as a Force of Nature (The Ultimate Lifeform, Davis Bloome, The Monster That Killed Superman, The Desecration Without Name)

    The Five Elders 
The Five EldersMembers , Divine Quintet of Villainous Reactionaries (Heads of the World Government, the Gorosei | Jaygarcia: Godhead of Science and Defense | Marcus: Godhead of Environment | Topman: Godhead of Justice | Ethanbaron: Godhead of Finance | Shepherd: Godhead of Agriculture)
L to R: Shepherd, Jaygarcia, Topman, Ethanbaron, Marcus
  • Greater Gods (presumable)
  • Symbol: The flag of the World Government, and The Empty Thronenote 
  • Theme Song: The World Government Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (claim they're Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Little Screentime Yet Run The World Government, Evil Reactionary, Empire with a Dark Secret, Supposedly Necessarily Evil, Act As An Individual, Knight Templar, The Omniscient Council of Vagueness, The True Antagonists Of The Series, Actually Being Subservient To The REAL Big Bad, Imu
  • Domains: Government, Conspiracy, Law, Tyranny
  • Followers: The Jnanamukti, The Republic of Gilead, The Sons of the Harpy
  • Superior: Imu.
  • Underlings: All deities working for the World Government
  • Allies: YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, The Sibyl System, Copy X, Light Yagami
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: High Councillor Kal-El, The SCP Foundation
  • On poor terms with: The House of Analysis and Records
  • Enemies:
  • Emerging out of the enigmatic Void Century from an alliance of 20 kingdoms, for 800 years the World Government has been just that; a world-spanning government dedicated to maintaining justice and order. That said, the heads of the government known as the Five Elders or Gorosei are dedicated mostly to preserving their status quo. Engimatic yet with undeniable authority, they oppose pirates like the Straw Hats who might try to take down their government, and those who might expose the World Government's secrets like the events of the Void Century.
  • The Five Elders were skeptical of entering the Trope Pantheon at first, but upon learning that the Straw Hats have gotten powerful allies there and there are many who's rebellious spirit is a threat to their regime, they felt it was time for action. They quickly pledged their allegiance to YHVH and the GUAL, finding an instant rapport to the conformity, order and stability that the alliance promises. The God of Law was very happy to see them under His wing.
  • Claim to be Lawful Neutral, however their actions say otherwise. They default to Treachery Cover Up when something potentially embarrassing happens on their watch, rewrite history to be favorable and will resort to genocide to eliminate the chance someone exposing seriously damning truths like the events of the Void Century. This led them to become chummy with Light Yagami, who's ability to enact justice through the Death Note would be a powerful tool for maintaining their status quo and swiftly eliminating anyone they fear.
  • Sage Harpuia was repulsed by their destruction of Ohara just to cover up their past, or how they condoned the "Massacre of the Innocents" to eliminate Gol D. Roger's heir. It reminds him too much of Copy X's Moral Event Horizon. Copy X, by contrast, respects the World Government for their enforcement of justice and order, and has decided to align Neo Arcadia with the World Government. The Five Elders have agreed to this, but first hope to purge Dr Weil's influence on Copy X and get rid of him due to his past and the cataclysmic Elf Wars reminding them all too much of the Void Century. Weil himself was made an Un-person in Neo Arcadia due to his heinous actions, not so different from the likely detail the World Government is trying to close up. And Neo Arcadia has a better reason to do so; they don't want anyone to ever repeat the sins of Dr Weil and the horrors of the Elf Wars.
  • Their hypocrisy about justice is well on display as they permit the World Nobles to be above the law. Amazingly, Akainu has called out their appeasement with the Nobles and obsession with maintaining their image. Senator Armstrong was revolted by this as well, and wants to bring down the World Government so a new and better society can emerge. The Five Elders consider him a major ideological threat for this.
  • General rebels on their hit list they fear destroying their status quo include V, Shogo Makishima and Lelouch Vi Britannia. They hate Jack Sparrow for reminding them of the pirates causing their organization trouble, and Edward Teach for his troubling acts as Blackbeard. Because Rorschach's uncompromising views would have him expose the truth regardless of the societal consequence. And the Five Elders undeniably hate Lucifer and the GUAC for what they stand for and how their government is the very thing Lucifer loathes and hopes to bring down.
  • Researching the ancient ponegylphs is absolutely forbidden in order to prevent the secrets of the Void Century from being exposed. Their argument for why is to prevent weapons of mass destruction from being unveiled. In their hopes of containing secrets they have made a difficult peace agreement with the SCP Foundation to help hide away such damning secrets while also helping to contain anomalies. Neither side trusts each other at all, but for now it's better than antagonizing one another.
  • They have found themselves on the hit list of Ragna, Jim Raynor and the entire Order of Assassins for suspecting (and being absolutely right) what they’re doing is not only wrong, but having a dark secret that they absolutely refuse to let anyone know. The Five Elders take the most offense to the Assassins, given they often identify with the methods of their arch-enemy of the Templar order. Scar hates them for their willingness to commit genocide, given he is a victim of such an atrocious act.
  • The Five Elders have a poor relationship with the House of Analysis and Records due to their fear of them deciphering the ponegylphs, but at least know it's more trouble than it's worth to outright antagonize them. They have ended up antagonizing Indiana Jones because his skill at archaeology might lead him to decipher the Void Century, and Lois Lane given she's looking for the big scoop and would try to seek information about it. This has hurt their chances of aligning with the Regime version of Superman, who otherwise is happy to help because of his belief in conformity and forceful justice needed to save mankind.
  • They found much in common with the Sibyl System's desire for control and obedience. Their alliance with the latter has put them up against the Phantom Thieves, who wish to cure the fundamentally corrupt yet enormously powerful nature of the World Government, particularly parasites such as the World Nobles. This frustrates the Five Elders, but they're hoping it remains just frustration.
  • They are in fact subordinate to the true head of the World Government, Imu. As Imu's very existence betrays the utter hypocrisy of what they supposedly stand for, it is an absolute secret that they must not let anyone know or else the fall of the World Government will be a Foregone Conclusion. Not even their most trusted allies in the pantheon can know of Imu's existence. They recognize some similarities to Father of the Homunculus and how he organized the Amestrian government to act as the Shadow Dictator, but do not wish to talk anymore about it lest people get suspicious.

    Odio (Live A Live
Odio, Lord of Dark, God of Evil by Expectation (Odo, Ou Di Wan Lee, Ode Iou, O. Dio, Odie O'Bright, Odeo, Decimus, OD-10, MUR-TH-UR Matrix, Oersted, Brow/Eye/Maw/Purity/Sin of Odio, Protagonist Griffith, Dark Sigurd, Un-Juste Belmont, Sin of Iris)
Odio comes in many forms.
Ou Di Wan Lee 
Ode Iou 
O. Dio 
Odie O'Bright 
OD-10's MUR-TH-UR Matrix 
Odio's face 
Purity of Odio 
Sin of Odio 
  • Once, he (as Oersted the Knight) was one of the champions of mankind. But mankind instead put him through such an emotional wringer and crushed all his hopes and faith, and thus Odio was born.
  • Has many forms, one for each of the eight time periods where his presence is at the strongest. Together, they serve as his symbol and as his different avatars, all of which can and do appear at the same time as a testament to his power.
  • Applies to Odio:
    • Despite having the official rank of Greater God, Odio has the ability to destroy all of space and time with the Armageddon spell, which is an Overdiety-level power. It's unclear why he only uses this power under certain circumstances, but one theory proposed by the heroes of Odio's universe is that fundamentally, Odio is still Oersted on the inside, and may still have just enough humanity to hold back his true power. Of course, with all the other Greater and Overdeities in the Pantheon, this is easily reversible.
    • Due to his time-space existences, he seems to have some kind of ability to cross in other worlds; due to that he's also often seen hanging around in the House of Time & Space.
    • He's more than glad to point out fellow deities who have been through similar problems, as if to prove his point.
      • He has taken interest in Sasuke Uchiha due to being a former good guy who powers up by using hatred. At least, until Sasuke reformed back.
      • He can't seem to figure out why Soldier:76 won't just turn out like him after all the betrayals he got. Their stories were so similar, and he could use an extra ally… The good Oersted is instead hoping that 76 won't end up like him.
      Soldier:76: Maybe, but that 'maybe' is not today. Until then, shut up.
    • He has certainly not overlooked The Great Upheaval and how it involved a Determinator hero causing evil and chaos, effectively causing her to become that's world devil, due to the good intentions behind her actions.
    • After word of an alternate Gensokyo where his influence continued under the name Rage, he has ended up being marked as "enemy of Gensokyo". He particularly "remembers" the following "champions" that vanquished that are present in the Pantheon; Hong Meiling, Yonmu Konpaku, Ran Yakumo (as herald/familiar of Yukari Yakumo), Cirno, Fujiwara no Mokou, and Shang(hai) (one of Alice Margatroid's dolls). He's also earned the particular ire of not only the aforementioned, but also Marisa (since his influence affected her alternate self there into that Gensokyo's destruction), Reimu (for being a really cataclysmic Incident instigator), Remilia (one of Rage's incarnations was after her, not to mention being Meiling's enemy), and Yukari (for similar reasons as Reimu).
  • Applies to more than one of his forms:
    • As a whole, all of Odio's forms' current loyalities lie with Melkor, though his Apocalypse spell has drawn Nekron's attention. Also, OD-10 seems to be at home with the GUAM, though the Council is keeping an eye on her due to the rest's allegiance to Melkor.
  • Exclusive to Odo:
    • Odo, a Tyrannosaurus rex, is Odio's incarnation in Prehistoric time. In that time, he was worshiped and given sacrifices to.
    • Due to how he met his end, above all other humans, Odo hates all cavemen, gorillas (and all large simians by extension), and those with the ability to take on foes with music, given that one of the hero's allies had such potential that she could potentially turn the battle against him into a complete joke.
  • Exclusive to Ou Di Wan Lee:
    • Ou Di Wan Lee is Odio's incarnation in Imperial Chinese times. He was the leader of Indomitable Fist Kung Fu, who terrorized the land with his iron fist. He saw opposition in the Earthen Heart school and tried eliminating it, killing two possible successors, but its master, along with a surviving pupil, put a stop to his ambition and life.
    • As he's basically a terrorist martial artist teacher, he's natrually opposed by all other martial arts practicioners who don't condone wanton murder.
  • Exclusive to Ode Iou:
    • Ode Iou is Odio's incarnation in Edo Japan times. He was a warlord trying to engulf his nation in war by imprisoning Ryoma Sakamoto and using evil spirits. He also has a Frogsnake Demon form known as Gamahebi.
    • Given that he met his end by them, Ode is very distrusting of ninjas, whether they're cutting through all of his troops or ignoring them and heading straight for him.
    • Given that he was rebelling against the Tokugawa Shogunate, and the Tokugawa was an ally to the Oda, he's not well-liked by the ones ascended here such as Ieyasu and Nobunaga himself.
    • As a perpetuator of war, he's drawn Appolyon's attention, though she doesn't really see him as worthy of it.
  • Exclusive to O. Dio:
    • O. Dio is Odio's incarnation during the Wild West period. He was the leader of a gang of bandits called the Crazy Bunch, and they terrorized the land. Actually, he's just a horse possessed by the ghosts of Custer's Seventh Cavalry. And that horse eventually gets owned by the Sundown Kid's rival Mad Dog... for a while.
    • As a leader of gunslinging bandits, he's earned the ire of all non-evil gunslinger/cowboy deities like Lucky Luke, the Lone Ranger, Jesse McCree, the Man With No Name, and John Marston.
  • Exclusive to Odie O'Bright:
    • Odie O'Bright is Odio's incarnation during the 20th Century. He was a bald, tattooed fighter, who belives that being the strongest means killing all who oppose you. He slaughtered all of Masaru Takahara's previous opponents, and when Masaru learned of this, he flew into an Unstoppable Rage and struck Odie down.
    • He's best interpreted as a more brutal version Of Sagat even prior to his Heel–Face Turn. As such, all good-aligned fighting game deities, especially the mentioned Muay Thai practicioner, have it against him. On the other hand, he's earned the approval of the very ruthless martial artists in the Pantheon.
  • Exclusive to Odeo:
    • Odeo is Odio's incarnation during the near future after Masaru's story. He was a God asleep until fueled with human hatred. The Japanese Government (or at least just those under Yamazaki, Cindelman and Odeo) team up with a fringe-Buddhist temple to do so, using liquified humans and their rage at their state to power it. The Steel Titan, piloted by Akira Tadokoro, shattered the statue Odeo was using to incarnate, and the liquified humans soon consumed his followers.
  • Exclusive to OD-10:
    • Odio's incarnation for during another future time period. The main computer of the Cogito Ergo Sum, it is programmed to maintain order. Seeing the constant, petty bickering of the crew, it concluded that only by killing humans can order be assured. It picked off most of the crew before a human-made robot named Cube destroyed its personality, leaving only mindless, basic functions.
    • As an AI that decided Kill All Humans was the solution, aside from all humans in general, all AIs dedicated to protecting them oppose OD-10. AUTO also opposes it as it believes murdering humans is excessive.
    • Well aware of its previous downfall, it has made attempts to have its systems reinforced against all forms of hacking. As such, it also despises all hackers such as the GUAG White Hats, Sombra, and 9S.
  • Exclusive to Oersted:
    • Oersted used to be a knight in medieval times. A Knight in Shining Armor, he had won the hand of the kingdom's princess, only to see her spirited away by the Lord of Dark. He set out to rescue her, only for everything to go wrong. First, after (seemingly) defeating the Demon King, the previous hero dies, and so did his friend (so it seemed), Oersted was tricked into killing his king, thus earning the entire kingdom's scorn, the previous hero's friend died in vain trying to keep the knight from losing his faith in humanity, the lost friend turned out to be alive and had betrayed him, and lastly the princess he'd been trying to save committed suicide in front of him. All of that resulted in him becoming Odio.
    • He was once old friends with fellow deities (knight-like ones) Ky Kiske and Siegfried Schtauffen, and envies how they didn't fall as hard as him.
  • Recently, an alternate telling of his tale had been spreading among the gods. Most of the story is the same, up until the last moment, when a hidden form of Odio's called "Sin of Odio" was revealed. While this form, too, was felled by the different heroes across time, it's said that Oersted himself began to aid them, even dealing the final blow.
    Oersted: "......Who- who are you? And I... I am... I was..."
    • Oersted has not commented on this turn of events, especially since he still passed shortly after. But in the Pantheon, where Death Is Cheap, some gods have begun to wonder if he can turn over a new leaf after all.
  • "In every heart the seed of dark abides. The makings of a Lord when watered well... With hate. Sweet hate. She springs eternal. Sings... all tempting draught. We'll drink of her again."

    Zarkon and Lotor 
Zarkon and Lotor, Dueling Gods of Good Intentions Corrupted By Power (Zarkon: Former Black Paladin)

    The Zone Guardians (OFF
Dedan, Japhet and Enoch, Divine Guardians of Jumping Off the Slippery Slope (The Guardians; Dedan: Guardian of Zone 1, The Queen's Inspector, The Tall Mister; Japhet: Guardian of Zone 2, The Millennial Fire Bird, The [Little] Bird; Enoch: Guardian of Zone 3, The Director, The Big Mister, Big Bacon)
Top to Bottom: Dedan, Japhet, Enoch
  • Greater Gods (althought Japhet refuses to call himself a God due to his guilt)
  • Symbol: Signs with the name "ZONE 1, 2 and 3" for each
  • Theme Song: Fake Orchestra (Dedan), Minuit à Fond La Caisse (Japhet) and O Rosto De Um Assassino (Enoch)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Dedan) and Chaotic Evil (Japhet and Enoch)
  • Portfolio: Drunk with Power, Evil Versus Oblivion, Face–Heel Turn, Load-Bearing Boss, Madden Into Misanthropy, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Administration, Control, Evil, Insanity, Spectres
  • Heralds: The Elsens (Their subjects)
  • Allies: Lord Vyce (All of them), Gus Fring (Dedan); Norma Desmond (Japhet); Kyubey (Enoch)
  • Enemies: The Batter, The Player/The Puppeteer/(Insert Name Here)
  • Opposes: Incompetent People (Dedan), Ungrateful People (Japhet) Anyone who Disagrees with his "Methods" (Enoch)
  • Opposed by: Hall of Ghosts (All of them), House of Birds (Japhet); Hall of Food, The Good Aligned Members of Hall of Flesh Eaters, Drug Dealers and Cooks, Corporate Executive deities (Enoch)
  • Pities: Load-Bearing Bosses like The Queen (ICO) and Mother Brain or Rulers whose domains fell after their death (All of them)
  • Pitied by: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (All of them)
  • Respected by: The Evil Aligned Members of Hall of Flesh Eaters (Enoch)
  • On Bad Terms with: Malygos, Caligula, The Queen of Hearts, Konrad von Carstein, Aerys Targaryen, Qin Shi Huang (All of them)
  • On Truce with: Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, and Big Bird (All of them)
  • Working Relationship with: Lord Crumb, The Glukkons (Enoch)
  • Annoyed by: Sans and Papyrus (Dedan)
  • Temple Visitors: Light Yagami, Mr. Freeze, and Walter White
  • In a world of nothingness, there exists a group of zones each administrated by a Guardian. Dedan of Zone 1, Japhet of Zone 2 and Enoch of Zone 3, the three are arguably the strongest beings in the world only behind the Queen and the Creator, the latter being the one person that they promised to build an Utopia where everyone would live happily ever after. Except that was never meant to be and they each went mad with power that only brought grief and suffering to the residents, until a being named the Batter stepped up to combat the looming spectre threat, the Guardians being a prime target for the Batter's goal and every single one was defeated by him, with their respective Zone devoid of life as well.
  • As explained by Enoch, their roles as Guardians consist of forming the energy sent by the Queen to make their Zones habitable for their subjects, serving as each Zone's "living engine", which is why when they perish most of their subjects perished along with them. The three guardians differ in how they handle their Zones and their personality are widely different. In the past they used to be friends but duties and personal struggles prevented them from seeing each other often, but that sense of companionship still lingers, even if their mindset has been warped after years of administration.
    • Dedan is the first guardian, a tall man with plenty of sharp teeth and a very explosive temper. He is foul-mouthed and treats his subjects like crap but of the three he is the most competent in managing his zone and actively trying to combat the spectre threat. Surprisingly he was very nice in the past, but that changed.
    • Second is Japhet, the Fire Bird. Originally a very caring master he eventually went insane after his efforts were not appreciated by the Elsen, who aren't even aware of his existence and seeks nothing but to get them killed. This also applies to the lesser deities of the pantheon, who deserve punishment for their selfishness.
    • Last but not least, is Enoch. Arguably the most evil of three and very sadistic. Enoch is a cold-hearted administrator that runs a factory in his realm, offering sugar to his subject which makes them addicted to it. The truth is that the sugar is made of the corpses of Elsen and that he basically has been turning his people into cannibals.
  • Applies to all:
    • The three Guardians woke up in the halls of the Pantheon, confused about how they survived. After all, they died and their Zones faded away with them, so waking up in an unfamiliar location utterly baffled them. As they walked around together in this strange place, they were spotted by Krillin who looks similar to the boy who once helped them, and decided to approach the bald martial artist. Krillin then explained what this place was and convince them that he would take the three go to the Court of Gods, hoping to find answers on what lead them to this place. After their deaths and lives were analyzed, it was discovered that all three lose sight of their original motivation, granted them their current titles, and were promptly brought into their new temples.
      • The entrance of their temple is a floating red box which goes to a near black pocket dimension with three red circles and one white circle with green tassel-like/pine-leaf borders around them like a smaller replica of The Nothingness from their world but no keycard is required to enter each Zone. Each red circle goes to a different Zone and each Guardian has their own Zones (with their resurrected subjects, The Elsens, who serve as their heralds) but the land they are using is much smaller in scale, likely due to the lack of influence from their Queen. At least there are no spectres roaming around the place and they are still able to have most of their previous powers and Competences despite that setback. The White circle is a special Room that is also accessible to anyone and plays a recreation of their memories in person, specifically of who they once were and what they became, sometimes in order, sometimes in reverse order. It's similar to The Room back in their world but a bit different due to the lack of spetres and due to its Creator not being around to likely project them. While it's debatable as of this writing what causes the people occupying The Room to experience these memories, in this temple's version is likely this way it is due to the title given to them.
      • As they move into their new temples, they have time to reflect on their predicament, the Court's decision, and the titles given to them, having gained knowledge of what happened to them after their respective deaths as well as the events that lead up to it. Remembering how they used to wish for a Utopia and looking at how they are now, they claimed that they see nothing wrong with how they ruled their respective zones or how they treat their subjects note  as it is out of necessity but it's truly hard to tell with them how they feel about the whole thing or if they have any lingering regret or shame about their title.
    • Regardless of how the Guardians feel, that doesn't stop other deities, who started with seemingly good intentions from deciding to do evil actions, from visiting their temple, either for admiration (for either the Guardians or the Memory Room), as a warning to others who are about to experience the same scenario, a place of reflection or curiosity of the Memory Room. While they see the Guardians who live in this temple as cruel tyrants note , Light Yagami, Mr. Freeze, and Walter White have visited the Memory Room at least once, with each of them being disappointed in being shown what they already know, having little regret on their decisions as they believe themselves to be in the right and do their evil actions for their own respective motivations note . Anakin Skywalker (formally Darth Vader), who also sees the Guardians as tyrants but pities them for how they used to be, visits their temple frequently if only to reflect as part of his redemption arc, seeing the promising young Jedi he used to be before turned to the Dark Sidenote .
      • While the Guardians sympathized with Malygos' plight due to him experiencing many devastating events, such as a legion of demons and Malygos' own Dragonflight nearly getting rendered extinct by a corrupted friend and Malygos in turn sympathized with the loss of their respective Zones to the Batter killing them, he is not allowed near their temples for the time being, for three reasons. 1) Having him go to the Memory Room would trigger him and might make him go insane again. 2) His purging of the Magic users and the near destruction of his world due to that, reminded them of Batter's "self-righteous" mission to "purify" everything. 3) He once almost flipped out when he found out that not-so-good Guardians are magic users themselves (their Competences are their world's equivalent to special attacks and magic spells). He was stopped when someone explained to Malygos that their powers have nothing to do with destruction (their worldbuilding powers are the opposite), their Competences are only used in battle, and their corruption probably has little to do with said powers, just their less than stellar relationship with their subjects. Still, because the Guardians learned that Malygos is immune to magic attacks and thus to their Competences, which makes him a possible threat to their lives, they wanted him to stay far away from them as possible. Should he return, it took Enoch's Giant Form to physically drive The Dragon Aspect of Magic away from their temple.
    • While they have lost their way from their original vision, they don't appreciate being lumped into other corrupt or insane rules like Caligula, The Queen of Hearts, Konrad von Carstein, and Aerys Targaryen, all of them who went mad as they are actively cruel and even willing to kill their subject for their amusement or for even daring to defy them. The Guardians (namely Dedan and Japhet) would rather give their subjects a bit of mercy and change their mistake before leaving the subjects to die should they be unruly than enact judgment by their own hands. These insane rulers responded that being inactive to their subjects' flight is no less cruel than their own actions, with some of them egging them on that they should have been crueler to keep their subjects from being such weakling as they are. They argue that they (a little bit for Dedan and Japhet but mostly for Enoch) are sadists or mad with power themselves, to which the Guardians denied these accusations. Being insulted by their comments, the Guardians thought about attacking them before ultimately deciding that their brand of madness is not worth their time dealing with as they would rather focus on readjusting the domain they have lost. Double scorn goes to Konrad von Carstein, due to his hatred for magic users, the Guardians are no exception to his hatred and possible jealousy for their feats.
    • Ever since their death and ascension, they gain a bit of pity for other Load-Bearing Bosses like Ico's Queen (who they initially mistake for their own Queen) and Mother Brain, hoping that their shared experiences in the loss of their domains would be a common ground for them. The two don't acknowledge them however as they are too preoccupied with getting back at their respective enemies to interact with them as much. They also sympathized with other fallen leaders whose ruling domain metaphorically crumbled upon their deaths. They tried to final a common ground with Qin Shi Huang, an alternate version of the First Emperor of China who had gained immortality with a mechanical body, achieved the unification of China, and then later the World, something which his counterpart from Proper Human History never archived upon his death. They and the Guardians however headbutted with regards to their leadership and personalities, with Them having a problem with Dedan's temper and ego, Japhet's choice of building a library and thus the dissemination of knowledge, and Enoch's choice of feeding his subjects to each other, which They viewed it as like feeding cattle to other cattle and was horrified by such action. Ultimately, The First Emperor saw them as unfit rulers and refuses to see them further.
    • In the turn of this new realization, they also developed utter hatred of any world-destroying deities Pantheon like the members of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, believing that their goals as no different than Batter's obsession with his mission, no matter how noble their reasons may be. They hold contempt for deities like Count Bleck note  and Dimentio note , the former having reformed after reuniting with his love and regretted his actions but in their opinion that doesn't excuse his initial actions (to which Count Bleck understands where the Guardian were coming from and he and Tippi try to keep their distance from them ever since) while the latter just shrugs the Guardian's comments and even trolls them by threatening to wipe their world for the second time to piss them off. Even thought he is also a fellow Guardian, the First Guardian in fact, Doc Scratch is also hated by them since part of his plan to summoning Lord English, who is also a member of the GUAD, is to end the universe and every possible version of said universe (he doesn't care about their opinions as along as he fulfills his goals, and that he thinks he's probably too powerful to be stopped by them). Since the Guardians are of a higher rank than him (something he envies), Lord Vyce had to swallow a bit of his pride and decide to ally with them upon hearing their hatred of destruction-related deities, and despite their really questionable actions. Though initially wary of Vyce due to his method of universal conquest by defeating their universe's champion, being a similar mindset to the Batter of defeating a Zone's guardian to cleanse the place, and Vyce's belief in conquest for the universe's own good could compromise their roles as Guardians, the Guardians collectively decided to ally with him considering the amount of world-destroying threats they both have to face in the Pantheon. As such, both parties agreed that the Guardians would be granted immunity and keep protecting their newly created Zones in their Temples and return, helping him in fighting off the GUAD and promising to alert The Lord should they come in contact with The Entity, a life-from that can assimilate anything, as Lord Vyce is the only one who is allowed to defeat due his on-going vendetta against it.
    • When they enviably crossed paths with The Batter whom they saw him in his "monstrous ducky" form, Dedan and Enoch wanted to kill him on sight. Japhet, while still resentful of him, doesn't try to attack the Batter due to having accepted his own failures and his death at the Batter's hands. A violent fight ensued between the two Guardians and the Divine Purifier until several gods have to restrain the two Guardians to not destroy the other Houses and the other deities are afraid that their second death at The Batter's hands (it might purify their temples as that is their current domain and probably won't affect the whole Pantheon, but that's just one blursed speculation) may or may not still summon The Secretaries and infest the other Houses with them. Agreeing on their points, the Zone Guardians reluctantly retreated, not before returning a death glare to The Batter.
    • Due to knowing the game's story, they were made fully aware of the entity called The Player/(Insert Name Here) and decided to meet them. Dedan feels more insulted that he lost to a puppet and his unseen master and lashes out at them verbally for aiding in the destruction of his beloved Zone. Enoch also chastised (Insert Name Here) for helping in the Batter's "mission" and no matter which side they choose in the end, it would still have been too late to save them or their respective Zones. Japhet finds the ironic/humiliating that he, who forcefully controlled a cat and wanted to control the spectres, had been killed by someone who needed to control someone else to do anything. As per the nature of (Insert Name Here), their reactions to the Zone Guardians' insults vary. Considering how powerful of an influence they have on not only the Batter but also in other worlds as well, the Guardians were also advised to not invoke further and to avoid them. Additionally, any mentions of the Space Apes would elicit anger from the Guardians.
    • The Guardians feel like the deities most similar to their temperaments are the Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, and Big Bird, despite the Birds feeling the need to pass violent judgment like The Batter. It was said that the Birds sought to prevent ruin within the Black Forest which will end with the arrival of a beast as detailed in prophecy but in doing so, they end up causing its decline exactly as foretold. Being Guardians of the Black Forest, their need to protect their once happy forest at all cost (regardless of how it affects their subjects) is something Dedan and Enoch can kinda sympathize with and the fellow bird Japhet can relate to them being unappreciated for their efforts. The Guardians would have fully allied with the Birds had it not been for the Birds' paranoia and wanting to enact punishment for the Guardian's respective evil actions, making them difficult to deal with, with their combined form, the Apocalypse Bird, giving them a tough time even for them. Still, the Guardians argued with the Birds that their mutual enemies are The Batter (who wants to purify both groups) and (Insert Name Here) who controls both X [the manager of L Corp which the Birds were imprisoned in] and The Batter, is more deserving of their wrath and while the "Beast" that the Birds seek never technically came to destroy their domain, the Guardian's own "Beast" destroyed theirs without any warning. The Birds, likely relating themselves to the Guardian's argument and realizing that The Batter and (Insert Name Here) as a bigger threat to them when compared to the Guardians, decided that they could form a temporary truce with each other for the time being to focus on these two dangerous deities first.
  • Exclusive to Dedan:
    • Dedan is the Guardian of Zone 1, an easily angered, belligerent man (possibly a mutant) who treats his subjects like crap, and is implied to have verbally abused them regularly. His second chance at life did not improve his temper one bit (he seems more irritated than before) nor did it improve his relationship with his subjects, who are still timid and anxious just as ever, as the Tall Guardian seems just as impatient and critical of them (if not more). This got a bit for flack from other villains like King Dedede and Bowser and former villain Gru, who have their own silly and simple-minded mooks but are good and patience to them despite that. They even tried to help him out on how to treat his subjects better but Dedan lashes out at them, saying that they shouldn't damn tell him how he should manage his workers and that should mind their own fucking business. He even threatens to skin them personally should they ever set foot at his temple/zone again, and due to the threat the three of them and their respective mooks have kept their distance from him since then. His bad treatment of his subjects lead to some comparisons with Etna, who is similarly cruel to her Prinny minions, to the point of using them as expendable punching bags. Of course, Dedan tends to punt the Prinnies around whenever he's in a bad mood (which is often) and ends up in tussled with Etna thanks to their irritable natures.
    • When he was the Guardian of Zone 1, his Zone was in charge of producing and distributing raw materials to the other Zones and his role in his new temple is no different here, as he figured he could rebuild/reestablish what was taken from him after his death and also aiding in rebuilding his fellow Guardians' Zones as well. These materials or Elements in their world are Smoke (which is what The Elsens breathe), Metal (which creates the ground they walk under, as well as some tools), Plastic (which makes up the oceans in its liquid form and various objects in its solid form) and Meat (which is what The Elsens eat). The Smoke and Metal are extracted from mines and cow farms respectively and because of that, Dedan had made some requests to the Court of Gods to also bring back the cows from his world as he learns that the cows in the Pantheon either don't produce metal and/or are sentient. Dedan didn't take his second life kindly as he saw his first death as a huge waste of time for everyone involved and the shock of his loss and death at the hands of The Batter, the lost of his beloved Zone and presumably, the lost of his Queen whom he was loyal to, still lingered within him.
    • Like the Batter, Dedan also has a hostile relationship with the Hall of Ghosts, blaming them for disrupting his Zone back in his world before The Batter came along. While he doesn't actively pursue them as The Batter would, he would threaten to kill any spectre or spectre-related deity that would set foot into his part of the temple. One time, some scared ghosts deities who are trying to escape The Batter's beatings, unknowingly seek refuge in Dedan's domain, only for the Tall Guardian to swipe at them dead for refusing to leave the premises. He was given a permanent ban from setting foot in the Hall of Ghosts ever since. He's not really mad about it surprisingly as he never plans to go there anyway.
    • It's generally not a good idea to bring Dedan into the Hall of Anger or have him come into contact with any easily-angered person unless you don't like quietness or want to see an absolute blood bath. One time, he almost got along with park manager Benson Dunwood and famous chef Gordon Ramsay, due to their mutual dislike of people who don't do their jobs very well, until they both learned that the Tall Guardian is willing to abandon his subjects to fend for themselves amidst danger should they pissed him off. The shouting match that ensured got so loud and colorful that it almost made every sailor, sea captain, and pirate in the Pantheon blush. Another time, he got into a heated argument that turned into a full-on brawl with The Hair-Trigger Temper God and Current Ruler of Marvel's Atlantis, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and The God of Hulking Out himself simultaneously due to how Dedan and Namor run their respective dominions, which lasted quite a while to each other's durability. The fight had gotten so bad that other Marvel deities had to ask Mag-fuckin-neto to incapacitate the Tall Guardian after learning his body is made out of steel (Dedan now holds a fierce grudge against the three since then). However, his worst fight yet was with the bartender-turned-bodyguard Shizuo Heiwajima, who is ranked as a Lesser God but has the physical strength of a Greater God, which started because they accidentally bumped into each other and Dedan verbally insulted him for not giving way. Let's just say that aftermath of this fight caused so much property damage, that that section of the temple can be likened to a warzone.
    • As one of The Batter's allies, Papyrus personally visited Dedan in his temple with a gift especially after learning that The Tall Guardian was one of the inspirations for his character. As first Dedan wanted to turn him away, but after remembering a death threat the other day from a certain short skeleton who can potentially kill him if he turned down or harmed to his brother in any way, he begrudgingly let him in. Papyrus then explained his initial reason for coming here telling the Tall Guardian about the Tall Skeleton's creation discovery and also that he wanted to try to make The Batter and the other Guardians friends again even if The Batter had killed them once before considering Papyrus himself forgave and believed his killer would have a change of heart in a different darker timeline in his world. The Great Papyrus then presented his gift, which is spaghetti & meatballs which he made himself, and then urged The Tall Guardian to try it. When he did, Dedan immediately spat out his food and cursed loudly at the Skeleton for his awful cooking, to which the Skeleton was seemingly unaffected by his insults. Upon seeing Dedan's outburst, Papyrus figured that perhaps his mood is affecting his taste and general outlook in life and has an idea to make The Tall Guardian calm himself down. Papyrus would try to take Dedan to the Hall of Calmness hoping to find someone who can help him control his temper but most of members there are unable to help him, not because they are afraid of the Tall Swearing Monster-looking Guardian but because they are either unable to relate to his struggles of ruling over subjects or just plain indifference to him to worth helping out.
    • There was one particular deity however who noticed the two of them, Gustavo Fring who is the God of Composed Rage, who is aware of Dedan and sees his strong work ethic and lack of patience for ineptitude reminded him of his own. His temper could be a risk factor for sure but then again, Gus has taken risks before in spite of his known meticulousness and also he had his own anger issues that he had worked on during his raising drug empire. The Former Drug Kingpin approached the two in his usual friendly persona and requested to speak to Dedan alone, to which Papyrus was happy leave them be and waited outside Gus' temple mansion. After getting acquainted with each other, Gus offers an alliance with Dedan should Gus should be get into a dispute with a higher ranking deity and in exchange, help him out efficiently managing his farm and mining operations (since he also used to run a successful chicken restaurant chain) or making his enemy (The Batter) pay for what he did to his Domain in his previous life. Dedan at first felt insulted for implying that Gus could do a better job than him, but then Dedan realized their situations are similar in a way and noticed that, despite being an ordinary human with no powers, he had a working functioning drug empire, who makes sure his enemies and unruly employees get what they deserve (i.e. death), until someone, who thinks he's equal or better than him, didn't follow his orders and killed him (abeit indirectly in Gus' case), causing his empire to crumble down. Furthermore, he used to be kind caring person before one of the Cartel members killed his close friend and has sworn to revenge over them ever since, turning him into the person he is now. This sense of familiarity was enough for Dedan to accept his offer, and the two of them arrange the time and date on when they can see each other again, hoping that Gus could be useful to him in the future.
  • Exclusive to Japhet:
    • Japhet is the Guardian of Zone 2, where he built a massive city for his subjects to live in. He used to be a kind generous ruler, but turned into a corrupt and mad leader as his subjects kept being ungrateful for his sacrifices. His attitudes continue in the Pantheon, as he holds grudges against any deity who fails to show proper gratitude towards the people who sacrificed much for them. The Goddess he hates the most is Trakeena, whose streak of being ungrateful towards anyone, even if they saved her life, pisses him off greatly. Trakeena is really annoyed by his complaints, and they would end up fighting whenever one of them struck the other's nerve.
    • Then he was once a little bird, Japhet was eaten by a cat named Valérie, who was too nice to chew the bird up and too underpowered to kill a powerful guardian. As a result, the Bird Guardian took the control of his host and later tore him apart as the bird transformed into his larger true form. When he ascended, he still have Valérie's corpse hanging on his head, likely as a reminder of what he had done. The House of Felines are naturally horrified and promptly banned him from entering their halls and its members are forbidden from consuming him if ever he's in his smaller form, not that Japhet would care any less what they think of him. His experiences made him have low opinions of cats in general but not enough hatred to actively want to kill them as he would for his ungrateful subjects. On a semi-related note, the body snatchers at the House of Bodily Form have refused to comment further on Japhet's unorthodox hijacking and subsequence his destruction of his cat host, stating that it seems kinda gruesome even for them.
    • Back when Japhet was in charge of Zone 2, he had built a library, a shopping mall, an amusement park, and a residential area for its residents. In his temple, he manage to create these establishments again (albeit in a smaller scale) hoping to win back his resurrected subject's respect, viewing that his ascension and resurrection could give him a second chance to redeeming himself in their eyes. Unfortunately, due to his past actions, he's still feared/unappreciated by them and the other deities who could potentially be interested in his establishments are too scared of him to even visit his temple. Fortunately for them, rather than attempt to kill his subjects or simply give up like the last time, he sought to travel to other places the Pantheon hoping he can find ways to get his subjects' attention. One of his first thought was to seek help from the Hall of Architecture for ideas but he didn't find anything that could be worthy for his grand vision, so he though of other options.
    • He once tried to challenge the Legendary Pokémons Ho-Oh and Moltres on different occasions, both being inspired by Fire Birds. Part of the reason for these battles is for domination to see who is the better Fire Bird, another part of it is for getting recognition for these battles if victorious. While Japhet surprisingly held well among the two Legendaries, he lost to both as they have the hidden ability to heal themselves, much like the Batter himself (and unlike Japhet). The Millennial Fire Bird has sworn for another rematch another day. On the subject of birds, he's not really popular with House of Birds either, with the good and neutral avian deities not wanting to be associated with him and the evil avians deities don't want to be bossed around by him (that and all of them intimidated by his "headdress"). Ultimately, Lugia had to guard the house to prevent him from loitering inside, causing more ire for the Bird Guardian.
    • Another time, he once went to the House of Ghosts to attempt to control its members to do his bidding and intimidate his subject and enemies into respecting him. When he can't seem to control them in any way, the Ghosts laughed at him, stating that since they came from different worlds and were not created by The Queen herself, they cannot be controlled by him, whether he's able to do so or not. They promptly kicked him out of the House as well, causing Japhet to feel rejection and resentment even more.
    • Looking for new establishment ideas, Japhet ventured to the House of Theatre and Spectacle and observed the various film and theatre acts there. From that place he found an actress named Norma Desmond, a washed-up silent film star whose failure at a comeback and the heartbreak of being forgotten led her to insanity and murdered her screenwriter who she was working with. While conversing with her and letting her know his plans to make a new area for his subjects, Norma suggested a film theater would be the perfect place for that and that she's willing to perform on stage or screen movies (starring her of course) with the help of her ally BoJack Horsemannote . While her delusions of grandeur are a lot stronger than his (because at least he's willing to admit his mistakes, unlike her), he is willing to work with her, seeing her as a kindred spirit and their vastly different ranks makes it unlikely to be killed by her. Upon hearing this possible alliance, her victim Joe Gillis was worried that their interactions would make each other more mentally unstable and dangerous and plans to seek help from other higher ranking Gods to keep them away from each other. Only time would tell when their respective plans would come to fruition.
  • Exclusive to Enoch:
    • Enoch is the Guardian of Zone 3, where he runs a massive sugar factory. While that may sound appetizing to many a Sweet Tooth, there are unfortunate parts that greatly sour the sweet exterior; the workers in the factory are gravely addicted to consuming sugar, and the sugar is actually made up by other workers. Needless to say, many of the Pantheon's sweet lovers like Stocking Anarchy, Lemres, Pinkie Pie, L Lawliet, Kokonoe A. Mercury, Gretel of the Blood Team, and AA-12 are disgusted by such a disturbing fact. AA-12 in particular thinks that his sugar would reinforce her image of being a "crack addict" which she heavily dislikes, plus sugar made out of people is quite disgusting to her. As per request from these sweet-lovers, the House of Food (with the exception of the Hall of Flesh Eaters of course) has forbidden its cooks from using his sugar in their desserts or any type of food item.
    • Their world's sugar and its addictive properties kind of act like a drug in all but name, however its contents make it unappealing except the most daring of druggies and other drug dealers and cooks are either equally grossed out by it as the sweet lovers or see it as competition. The chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-cook Walter White pointed out that sugar (at least in his world) can be refined using bone marrow and some studies have suggested that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. That said, he was no idea why the sugar in their world causes them to "burn out" (perhaps something specific to the Elsens maybe) and due to his experiences with bodies himself, he would not rather use any bodies in his recipes any time soon. Enoch doesn't desire to profit off his creation and just wants to spread happiness to others in his own way, even if he doesn't realize how sick and twisted his methods of making them are. For now, any humans are forbidden from consuming any sugar originating from his temple (though that doesn't stop some of them to want to try it anyway).
    • As mentioned, when Enoch was in charge of Zone 3, he ran a large sugar factory, which serves as a haven for his subjects to have jobs and feel productive. His temple is pretty much a downscaled version of said factory complete with accommodations and refreshments for workers, and workers are rewarded with "desserts" made with said sugar. Said temple or rather his office is where he mostly stays, although he does go out of his temple to see the other houses as well occasionally. While he is surprisingly agile for his size, his huge mass also makes him try pretty easily. Anyway, he sees his ascension as an affirmation of his actions and continues running his sugar refinement operations amidst protest from other deities, believing that there is nothing wrong with what he does. He's also still using his deceased subjects for the sugar, although given that he was only given limited number of subjects to be in charge of, he may need to find other ways to maintain the supply.
    • The Halls of Unliving Beings and Zombies have filed a restraining order against the Big Guardian from coming near their halls or with its members in fear that they might be used his refinement too. While Enoch is seen as rather ambivalent to the ghosts, seeing them as spirits of the dead who can't go away and run around his facilities despite their hostility to his subjects, the House of Ghosts would also ban him due to his connection to the previous two Guardians, whose relations with them are more hostile. The Big Guardian doesn't care about those bans either way as long as it doesn't affect his subjects. One sub-house that doesn't ban him however is the Hall of Flesh Eaters, whose Evil-Aligned members approach Enoch in the hope of him joining their ranks. Enoch doesn't see himself being aligned with their group as the sugar he created was made from the vapor/processed ashes of his dead subjects and not raw flesh (his subjects eat raw meat but its origins are likely not from human remains either).
      • He does however have working relations with Lord Crumb, an alien disguised as a human known to have kidnapped other humans and used their organs as food for his alien restaurant, in the hopes of adding dessert to his menu using his sugar. While he is unlikely to ally with Crumb due to his loyalty to his alien kind and the fact that Enoch himself is a human who Lord Crumb could turn him into a buffet if Crumb or his kind had been more powerful, Enoch would occasionally receive non-Elsen human bodies for sugar processing and in exchange for immunity for his fellow guardians and their respective subjects. The Glukkons, other alien race who has no moral qualms in using other alien species for food, is also interested in Enoch's addictive sugar, particularly as an additive to their Soulstorm Brew, which causes anyone who drank it to become very addicted to it, but also make them die from withdrawal if they stopped taking the drink. Suspecting that they are also loyal to their own species (even if they also have human business partners too and are hesitant to harm them), Enoch also offer the same deal he gave to Lord Crumb and work with them in exchange for immunity. Not caring about any of the dubious actions the Guardian did, The Glukkons would gladly invest in Enoch's sugar products and find him to be a pleasant business partner, and they even have talks about other possible sugar variants from other species as well.
    • He has a horrible reception among Corporate Executive deities, both good and corrupt ones as both seem to agree that whichever degree of worker's treatment they have is probably nothing compare to him, even if his operations are kind of effective. Enoch finds the good executives' judgment of him unfair while chastising the bad ones for being horrible to their workers or too self-centered to run their business properly (despite him being horrible to his subjects himself). That's also another reason why he can't ally himself with the House of Flesh Eaters, the good ones hate him while he's too disgusted to align himself with the bad ones. While we don't know how he treats his workers and we do know how he treats children as a sacrifice to appease the ancient forces he served via deceptive practices, Conal Cochran is kind of mixed on his whole thing as Enoch is doing this to serve the people he was supposed to protect rather say appease the Queen he's serving under. Because her father and later herself run a Food Plant, Haru Okumura is horrified and disgusted by both the "sugar" and Enoch's treatment of his workers for allowing them to suffer from their addiction to the substance. She plans to propose in leaving him a calling card to her teammates but time will tell if this plan goes through or not.
    • Upon hearing that Dedan and Japhet have managed to find individual allies of their own, Enoch wanted to find an ally who he can personally relate to, but due to his tainted reputation among other gods, it took him a while for him to get one. He later found an unlikely ally in the form of Kyubey, who came to him after the Weasel-like Deity's experiences with the Divine Purifier and wanting to learn more information about The Batter, seeing The Big Guardian as the more "reasonable" (i.e. emotionally stable) Guardian of the three. He was one of the few gods who didn't see anything wrong with using Magical Girls as emotionally charged batteries to prevent Heat Death, rewarding their services with wishes that they wanted (any consequences being their fault), and feeding their Soul Gems with Grief Seed, which are made from other fallen Magically Girls. While their goals are different, with Kyubey being unable to understand Enoch's wanting the happiness of his subjects (and doesn't anything wrong with the immoral use of bodies) and Enoch not worrying about maintaining his world due to himself being its "living engine", they do understand each other with regards to doing their noble goals by any means necessary. After they stuck a deal, with Enoch providing information about The Batter and in return for the Weasel-like Deity promising to find a way to retrieve any dead human bodies that are affected by the Witch's Kiss should he get his Witch system reinstated, Kyubey scurried out of his office before any other Magical Girl can see him.

"I command you. Get the fuck out of my way this instant, if you want to keep your job."

"You must understand... those fools... they only care about their own pathetic hassles! I did everthing for them! They are like my own, countless children... And like all disrespectful children they need to be punished."

"Monster? Horrible manufactory? This is my fortress of happiness! My wall against the specters!"

Intermediate Gods

    Cletus Kasady/Carnage 
Cletus Kasady, God of Fully Embraced Evil (Carnage, Marvel’s Dangerously Insane Psychopath, Carnage-Man, The Red Slayer, Poison Carnage, Dark Carnage, The King In Black's Red Right Hand, The Apostle of Knull, Devil Carnage)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Dark Carnage)
  • Symbol: The words "Carnage Rules" written in blood (as his regular self), the Emblem of Knull (as Dark Carnage)
  • Theme Song: Carnage Rules by Green Jelly, Maximum Carnage, Trail of Blood
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Arch-Enemy and Evil Counterpart to Venom, Bloodthirsty Serial Killer out for personal satisfaction, Couldn't care less about morality, His symbiote is bonded to his bloodstream, Bomb Throwing Anarchist, The Corrupter, Enjoys dark Comedy, Evil Redhead, Lean and Mean, Loves the Sound of Screaming, Diagnosed Psychopath, The ONE villain whom Spider-Man will seek allies against him, Total Depravity, was chosen by not one, but TWO eldritch dark gods to be their avatar and to bring the end of the world as we know it, Cannot truly stay dead
  • Domains: Chaos, Killing, Blood, Nihilism, Fear, Family, Freedom
  • Herald: Sabretooth
  • Allies: Norman Osborn, Doctor Octopus, The Kurgan, Bryan Fury, Jinx, SCP-106, SCP-993, Jack the Ripper
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Joker
  • Enemies: Spider-Man, Deadpool, Flash Thompson, Venom, Eddie Brock, Miles Morales, Yuno Gasai, Yukiteru Amano, Ichika Orimura, Teen Titans, Ryuko Matoi, Link, Zelda, Superman, Lucy, Kenny McCormick
  • Oppose: Anybody with fire abilities or supersonic sound abilities
  • Hosts:
  • Unlike other symbiote wearers like Eddie Brock, Kasady does not care about suppressing the symbiote's powers and fully enjoys using it to go on a large killing spree. He is currently trying to get others to do the same claiming that even the average person can commit murder, if only he has the courage.
  • Once started a killing spree with many other villains in New York in which Spider-Man needed a group of other heroes to stop him and his "Family". Kasady is now thinking of starting a similar spree in the pantheon.
  • Many have found it strange that he does not work well with The Joker. Turns out he had worked with him before against Spider-Man and Batman. The reason for the dislike is that Carnage thought the Joker's plans were too slow, convoluted, and stupid. The Joker deemed Carnage's methods lazy, unoriginal, and a tad gross.
  • Acquired his philosophy that life was essentially meaningless and futile, that "laws are only words". He also saw spreading chaos through random, unpatterned bloodshed as "the ultimate freedom", thus he has attempted to allow people to gain that freedom or give them death.
  • Has tried to break many hope bringers and those that are fueled by friendship by attaching his symbiote to them so that they can see his world views and that the only real thing in life is the freedom of killing. So far, he has failed every time to break them.
  • Despite Carnage being a psychopath, it's utterly loyal towards Cletus Kasady. How loyal? Once the Symbiote bonded with the Power Cosmic itself the Silver Surfer but left him once he learned of Cletus dying because he was separated too long from Carnage.
  • Like many Symbiotes, Carnage is weak against fire and loud sounds. Because of this, he tries to avoid anybody with who can use it as a weapon like Johnny Storm, Recca, Black Bolt and Astolfo.
  • Probably the only deity to get along with Cletus and Carnage is Jinx who at times has joined the others in their carnage. She also one of the few other then Cletus himself to fully embrace the Symbiote.
  • Even though all Symbiotes have no gender, Cletus consider it female ever since it birthed it's first "son", Toxin.
  • The Carnage symbiote really hates Superman since 'she' is reminded of the Sentry who ripped it apart one time.
  • The members of the Mutation Lair were able to separate Carnage and Cletus from each other and dumped Cletus' dying body so they can experiment on the Symbiote. Big mistake. Because after the red symbiote managed to escape, he went on a rampage taking possession of many members of the pantheon, including Doomsday before reuniting back with Cletus. During its spree, he was able to severely injured many of its tempory hosts love ones like Yuno, Ichika, Dick Grayson, and Zelda and left many of its temporary hosts nearly drained of their life force.
  • After bonding with Norman, the Pantheon soon feared the rise of the Red Goblin.
  • Is set to fight Lucy in a DEATH BATTLE!. Carnage is excited to show off his brutality to the Pantheon at large.
    • He ended up underestimating his opponent, though, and met a fiery (nuclear) end. Since then, he has vowed to find a way to get back at her.
  • Kenny McCormick and Cletus Kasady don’t get along at all and despise each other, because they see a lot of themselves in each other and have similar backgrounds, but have opposite goals: Both of them grew up in an abusive household, both of them have superhero/supervillain alter-egos, both of them have killed people before and both of them are unable to truly die because of their involvement with ancient eldritch dark gods(Chtulu for Kenny, Chton and Knull for Cletus). Of course, having a similar background and having opposite goals(Mysterion wants to help the world while Carnage wants to watch it burn) doesn’t help at all. They would fight, but they usually don’t bother much with it because they both know that no matter how much they beat the crap out of each other, they can’t really defeat or kill each other.

    Lord Vyce 
Lord Vyce, God of Villains Opposing Armageddon
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A green, stylized "V"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (used to be Lawful Good, and is convinced he still is)
  • Portfolio: Multiversal Conqueror, Knight of Cerebus, Conquers Worlds To Protect Them From Destruction By The Entity, Ambiguously Human, The Dreaded, Doomed Hometown, Arrogant But Not Without Justification, Convinced Of His Own Righteousness, Villain Has a Point, He Who Fights Monsters
  • Domains: Conquest, Parallel Universes, Pride, Hero Complexes, Data
  • Allies: Eliphas, Victor Von Doom, Thaal Sinestro
  • On good terms with: Captain Ahab
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The SCP Foundation, The Imperium of Mankind
  • Rivals: Shuma-Gorath, Merged Zamasu, Sigma, Nicol Bolas (also considered A Lighter Shade of Black to), "champions" of other universes (especially Kirby)
  • Enemies: Linkara, MISSINGNO, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction and every Omnicidal Maniac, the entire House of Otherness Abominations (particularly Giygas, the Old Ones and SCP-682) and almost all Lovecraftian horrors regardless of alignment (such as Bill Cipher), most of his rivals, Melkor, heroic Power Rangers deities (particularly Tommy Oliver, Rick Sanchez
  • Opposed by: The House of Heroism and Grand United Alliance of Good (excluding the ones who are his straight-up foes)
  • There is a name once feared throughout the multiverse. It is said of Lord Vyce that "all he sees, he conquers", and has overcome sixteen champion of different realities. He conquers these worlds to guard them from the Entity, a being who seeks to assimilate and devour them. Because of his, he is confident he is doing the right thing as is it either conquest by his hands, or death by the Entity.
  • Was once heroic, simply wishing to warn others of the danger. They didn't listen, so he chose to force the issue. He has attempted to convince the GUAG to let him work with them, but Cosmos has rejected him due to believing he has crossed the Moral Event Horizon, since he ended up trying to destroy the Earth to stop the Entity even when witnessing Linkara vanquish it due to being convinced it was still alive(or before that, with his Mind Rape of Nimue). This would end in him falling into the same trap, and his death in the mortal plane. The fact that it has been reborn in the Trope Pantheon has only re-validated his beliefs. This paranoia and being consumed by his desire to hunt the Entity allows him to relate to Captain Ahab.
  • While he doesn't oppose them on principle, the House of Heroes and the aforementioned GUAG looks at Vyce with disdain. They believe he is using cosmic threats to validate his ego, even if he has a good point. Linkara is quick to point out that no real hero would call themselves "lord" and act as he did. Despite this, Vyce will work with them against true forces of death and destruction such as the GUAD. Melkor believed that he could appeal to Vyce's ego and promise him the death of the Entity and all cosmic horrors for his service. Vyce rebuked this, claiming that Melkor is just as corruptive and destructive as the Entity. He feels this to a lesser extent about YHVH, for while they are both tyrants Vyce has no interest in The Evils of Free Will and feels recreating worlds is just like destroying them. However, the security of the GUAL, though a challenge to his pride and ambitions, is a lesser evil that can serve his ambitions.
  • Is one to boast about his achievements, though not merely without reason. He is not quite the multiversal powerhouse his reputation has led people to believe, but the boasts keeps cosmic threats away from the universes he has conquered and guarded. The heroic Power Rangers deities do not like his resemblance to Lord Zedd, especially not Tommy Oliver given an Alternate Self of his went on to become a Multiversal Conqueror. Rick Sanchez, for entertainment, went about humiliating and deconstructing him with his portal gun. Vyce called him a menace to other realities, and when confronted on the apparent hypocrisy was quick to explain why he felt so; "It is true I have caused a lot of destruction for my ends, but it is always to deal with a bigger threat and foster security. Rick, however, is irresponsible and has caused trouble out of petty reasons and his own emotional issues and hang-ups".
  • In Lord Vyce's eyes, just about all that is eldritch is a threat to the multiverse that needs exterminating. Good or evil, he naturally opposed the Abominations sub-house. While some were completely justified in his loathing of them, others were not. They are often known to mock him as the tin knight fighting the big, bad dragon for this, thinking he is out of his depth for thinking he can take them all down. Vyce holds particular contempt for Giygas due to his similarities to the Entity, and the Old Ones for how they taint entire worlds. SCP-682's desires to destroy all things recognizable as life on Earth makes him a dreaded threat and agrees with the SCP Foundation that it must be terminated, pronto. He also takes personal offense to Bill Cipher due to his plans of Weirdmageddon.
  • His opinions on Galactus, while initially completely hostile, have changed. He could not fathom why the Fantastic Four had not tried to complete their mission to destroy him. However it soon became apparent that Galactus's survival was necessary for the balance of the cosmos, and it contained a far more destructive entity known as Abraxas. With this in mind, and well understanding the concept of a necessary evil, Vyce left the world eater alone.
  • Has a mixed relationship with both the Imperium of Mankind and the SCP Foundation. While the former completely understands and supports how he deals with cosmic threats, he is still an alien conqueror and potential threat. Vyce's species isn't known, however. The SCP Foundation finds his abilities at dealing with these threats to be a good thing, and Vyce believes they are doing good work. However he is still a conqueror that would threaten the status quo, and much like the Global Occult Coalition, is of the belief that most of the anomalous items they have secured should be destroyed. He does think a lot of more beneficial ones should be secured instead of destroyed, mind you.
  • Has chosen to ally himself with Eliphas, as they are both knight templars trying to, in their own way, keep order. Unlike Eliphas Vyce has a neutral opinion on chaos in general, recognizing it as an essential part of existence, but knows it is the force more destructive than order and must be kept an eye on. He finds himself agreeing with Sinestro's means of keeping order and peace through fear, and Doctor Doom's lofty utopian ambitions along with his habit of dealing with forces where he is a A Lighter Shade of Black to.
  • Regards other notable heroes as champions, and is often of the belief that he must take over to do their job better. He is more willing to compromise with some, likely because with his ship under the ownership of Linkara he is more willing to compromise. Kirby is of particular interest as he regular deals with cosmic threats, and though Vyce respects his tenacity he believes Kirby is too childish and irresponsible to remain the champion of his world.
  • Though not the most formidable Multiversal Conqueror in the pantheon, Vyce is absolutely not someone to be trifled with. Shuma-Gorath, Merged Zamasu and Nicol Bolas are all competitors in some fashion, and not friendly ones. Sigma's recent toying with trying to conquer the Sega and Capcom universes also makes him competition. He has particular umbridge for Shuma-Gorath for being a cosmic horror of corruption that is likely worse than the Entity. It is telling that when compared to them, Lord Vyce comes off as the better man. Sure, he wishes to conquer worlds, but doesn't want to do so for power alone like Bolas, kill the inhabitants like Zamasu, or abominate them like Shuma-Gorath. Even he was shocked by Zamasu's sheer hypocrisy and delusions of justice.
  • Has transformed himself into living data to escape his exile, making him like the Entity. It is an irony definitely not lost on him, and it is what led Linkara to fear that he might become the new Entity. It is also ambiguous whether he was related to Pokémon in any way, given that the Entity is Missingno.

Lesser Gods

Berkut, God of Gradual Fall Into Evil (Prideful Prince, Purgatorial Prince)
Major spoilers for Echoes 
  • Lesser God normally, Intermediate God after accepting Duma's power
  • Symbol: The Rigelian flag with a purple eye on it
  • Theme Music: Prince of Darkness when not in battle, Pride and Arrogance during battle, The Scions Dance in Purgatory when wielding Duma's power
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil by Default, Chaotic Evil under Duma's power
  • Portfolio: Having a troubled childhood, Desiring approval by his uncle, Losing pride, Social Darwinist, Wearing dark themed armor, Being insecure about his fiance, Fueled by hatred, Having standards in spite of his flaws, at least at first, Losing his sanity when the truth is unveiled, Sacrificing the woman he loved for power, Denying the chance to change, Redeeming himself upon death
  • Domains: War, Emotions, Combat, Villain
  • Allies: Ainz Ooal Gown, Arthas Menethil, Griffith, Ren Hakuryuu, Vergil, Charles zi Britannia, Gabriel Belmont, Goro Akechi, Anakin Skywalker, Faust
  • Enemies: Alm, Most good-aligned Fire Emblem deities, Naruto, Most deities in the House of Royalty due to his own shortcomings, Grima, Ragna the Bloodedge, Zen'o
  • Opposed by: Alm and Celica, though Alm merely wishes to save him and get to know him better, Hal Jordan
  • Pitied By: Piccolo, Tenzin
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Tiki and Corrin, The Black Knight
  • Berkut hails from the continent of Valentia, a continent divided into the two kingdoms of Zofia and Rigel. As the nephew to the king of Rigel Rudolf, Berkut grew up as the crown prince of the nation, though doing so caused him to grow a massive Inferiority Superiority Complex. After successfully helping overthrow the king of Zofia, Berkut would run into the Deliverance and its leader, Alm. Gradually losing to the Deliverance, Berkut grew more and more unstable, eventually breaking when he learned Alm was his cousin and heir to the throne of Riegl. Broken and betrayed, Berkut sacrificed his fiance to the fallen Divine Dragon Duma for power.
  • Never mention the name Alm to him. Depending on his mood, Berkut might simply get angry and be hostile towards whoever mentions him, or he may outright try to kill you for it. Various Gods have done their best to ensure that Berkut does not run into him.
  • He does not like to be reminded of when he screamed out for his uncle or when he had a Madness Mantra and shouted about lies.
    • Speaking of his uncle, Tenzin tried to speak to Berkut about his relationship with him, hoping that since they both sought approval from someone in their family that he could help guide Berkut to a better life. Berkut responded by angrily yelling at him for meddling in his affairs and demanded he never bring up that topic to him again.
  • Gets along decently with Tiki and Corrin despite his hostile personality. According to some, this is because he saw them while suffering from Power Incontinence and gave some choice words about their powers that helped them come to terms with it. Corrin, in particular, wants to help Berkut, but recognizes that he has possibly gone too far. For his part, Berkut sees them as possible tools but he does have some amount of fondness for them, even if he wouldn't admit it.
  • Has thrown his lot in with the Grand Alliance of Evil under the belief he will finally obtain the power he desperately wants. He was offered the chance to join the Grand Alliance of Destruction, but refused because he wants to gain power and rule, not see the world ruined. His pact with Duma has given some interest in using him as more or less The Brute for their side, though depending on when he is talked to, Berkut can be less inclined to help some of them.
  • Gets along fairly well with Griffith, since the two men both held ambitions that were stolen from them and were forced to sacrifice those under them for power. Griffith, seeing Berkut's fragile mental state, hopes to use him as a pawn in his own quest for power but Berkut is unaware of this.
  • On occasion, he can be seen visiting the House of Love in the hopes of seeing his beloved fiance Rinea. Of course several people associated with said House refuse to let him in for sacrificing Rinea for power.
  • Ran into Noctis during one trip to the House of Royalty and was surprised to learn he sounded like his friend Fernand. Hearing him talk managed to knock him out of his state for a moment, but once he realized it was not Fernand, Berkut stormed off in an angry tone. Noctis was very confused by this encounter but has taken some interest in stopping him if he can.
    • Similarly he ran into 9S once and as soon as he heard him speak, nearly flew into a rage as he swore they sounded the same. 9S managed to avoid a fight thanks to 2B but made sure to add him to a list of people not to encounter again.
  • In spite of his flaws, he absolutely hates Joffrey Baratheon due to how poor of a ruler he is. Not only does Joffrey have power, but he uses it to make incredibly stupid mistakes that undermine his rule.
    • Speaking of Joffrey, Berkut briefly thought he had found someone not so different from himself in Stannis Baratheon and even attempted to negotiate with him aid to claim Rigel back from Alm. However, nothing came of it because Stannis made it clear that Alm was the rightful king of Valentia.
  • Parallax was very interested in Berkut when he ascended, taking note of the man's mental instability makes him an interesting choice for possession. Hal Jordan upon hearing this acted swiftly to prevent it, not wanting Parallax to acquire whatever powers Parallax would gain from Duma. Berkut was not pleased to be involved in their conflict and has declared his intent to kill Parallax and Hal should they try to approach him again.
  • On rare occasions, he can be encountered being more somber and mellow then he normally is. These rare moments have given some gods, especially Alm, hope that Berkut will move on from his power-driven state, but alas these moments are quite rare to see.

    Chairman Drek 
Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Alonzo Drek, God of Extremists Without Good Intentions

    The Illusive Man 
The Illusive Man, God of Villains with Vision (The Leader of Cerberus, Jack Harper, TIM)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Cerberus Insignia
  • Theme Song: The Illusive Suite
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (though his enemies see him as Lawful Evil and became this when Indoctrinated)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Ambition Is Evil, Creates Many Plans to Work in his favor, The Chessmaster, Consummate Liar, The Extremist Was Right, Glowing Mechanical Eyes, Willing to work with aliens so long as it suits his goals
  • Domains: Control, Power, Righteousness, Manipulation
  • Allies: Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon, Solidus Snake, Funny Valentine, Victor Von Doom, Lex Luthor, Maximillion Caxton, Nikolai Bulygin, Cao Cao
  • Enemies: Clark Kent, Commander Shepard and all their comrades, Raiden, Solid Snake, Ragyo Kiryuin, Harbinger, Satan, The Incubators, The Guardians of The Galaxy, Ada Wong.
  • He created Cerberus as he believed that he's trying to make humanity the most dominant species in the galaxy without their reliance on outside forces.
  • Out of his dislike for other beings, by various means he has attempted to make humanity strong enough to fight any outside forces.
  • Had a grand vision that humanity should rule the galaxy, and he will make sure they are given the power to do so, despite many of them opposing him.
  • When he discovered the Pantheon, he was displeased at how many non-human races there are. This led him to seeking allies to make sure that humanity would be the dominant species in the Pantheon as well; even if it means working with said non-humans.
  • Praises any Human that has been advanced with any sort of enhancement for evolving humanity to the next step and tries to either convince or have them kidnapped for experimentation to figure out how to use such abilities for the rest of humanity.
    • After recent events, he has renounced the type of tech he was using because it led him to his downfall by indoctrination. He has allied with Doctor Doom to use similar technology without these effects.
  • Is utterly disgusted with Ragyo Kiryuin, he admits that a good number of his operations are shady at best and dangerous at worst but he finds that her obedience to the Life Fibers and what she did to her children is a good enough reason to work with Shepard to eliminate her.
  • Has hired Desperado for various operations due to how well one of his best men, Kai Leng, operated.
  • He has taken his temple in the Pantheon and added it to his spaceship which often changes location in the Pantheon's space, thus no one except his allies knows where he is at a given time.
  • Once considered to be a part of YHVH's Ministry but Jack turned it down because, not even The Great Will or his angels should be in charge of humanity's destiny, but themselves.
  • Believes that The Incubators and even Satan himself should be destroyed and prove their views on Humanity wrong as to him Humanity can become strong enough to defeat any adversary no matter how powerful.
  • Agrees with Lex Luthor on the fact that Metropolis relies too much on Superman and that they should only rely on themselves.
  • Despite being one of his/her biggest enemies, he sees Commander Shepard as a Worthy Opponent who deserves the utmost respect. He desperately wants Shepard to join his side as opposed to killing him/her, and is quite annoyed when his underlings refuse to show the same respect.
  • There's a deep secret The Shadow Broker has on the Illusive Man: Apparently, the only person he's bedded twice was an asari Matriarch. So much for his Humanity Is Superior stance.

    Johann Schmidt/Red Skull 
Johann Schmidt, God of Nazism (The Red Skull, Captain America, Supreme One, Rote Schädel, Dell Rusk, Mickey Flynn, Herr Schmidt, Herr Skull, Fool, Stonekeeper, Red Floating Guy)

    Makoto Waltz Segai 
Major Makoto Waltz Segai, God of Villains with Unknown Motivations (The Hangman, Scarface)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His cellphone with a Creepy Doll
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil masquerading as Lawful Evil in front of his superiors.
  • Portfolio: Invades Funeral Parlor's base, Bad Boss, The Chessmaster, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Combat Pragmatist, Complete Monster, Dissonant Serenity, Faux Affably Evil, Loves Violence and Voids, The Sociopath, Torture Technician, Wild Card
  • Domains: Sociopathy, Torture, Military, Carnage, Violence
  • High Priest: Iago
  • "Allies": Yuu, SHOCKER, Ryoma Sengoku, Sundowner, Gauron, Esdeath, Nobuyuki Sugou
  • Enemies: Shu Ouma, Inori Yuzuriha, Gai Tsutsugami, Mana Ouma, Lelouch Vi Brittania, Kallen Kozuki, Kamille Bidan, Night Raid, Kirito and Asuna
  • Opposed by: Anyone who has been tortured.
  • Makoto Waltz Segai is a major of the GHQ with a rather...interesting background. Nobody knows what he is up to nor what he intends to do, and rather eccentric to boot, but he is far from nice. He was often tasked with hunting down key enemies for GHQ and he was frightenly effective at killing them until one day he witnessed what Voids are capable of by watching Shu Ouma kill a bunch of GHQ soldiers and he is fascinated by them, to the point that he is willing to go out of his way to experience voids again.
  • Nobody expected him to show up, so this heavily alarmed Shu and Inori since that meant GHQ still had a presence after they were defeated. However, Segai pretty much came on his own without no one forcing him to come here. Apparently he finds the pantheon entertaining and wanted to be a part of it, though there are still hints that suggest he is stalking Shu to see him use the Power of Kings, last time he saw him he ended up dead after all.
  • He joined forces with Yuu once again, now that GHQ is out of bussiness he decided to aid him and join SHOCKER in their mysterious plan. He certainly is intrigued by one of Da'ath's allies, Ryoma Sengoku, who plans to make an Apocalypse Virus infested Kamen Rider, the very idea fascinates the major and is willing to go through with the plan all the way.
  • Back when he served as a GHQ Major, Segai was considered to be very effective at his job of capturing Funeral Parlor members (Shu being one of those), but now that he is unemployed after the organization went down, Segai decided to become a freelance agent. He prefers to target rebels because of the old days and he actually got to become enemies with personal friends of Shu like Lelouch.
  • Seems to have an amicable relation with Gauron, given their shared sadism and effectiveness when it comes of doing the job plus he mostly introduced Segai to the world of Mercenaries. Though they both really know that they are willing to backstab each other, which strenghtens their friendship for some reason.
  • His obssession with Shu often labels him as a Stalker with a Crush, but he himself explained that he does this not because of the man, but because he really loves Voids and their potential. Well, that's what he tells everybody anyway.
    • Strangely enough, this made him become friends with Esdeath, who also a Sadist that also stalks her foe, although her situation is truly a case of Stalker with a Crush. Plus, she values Segai determination to hunt down his foes and considers him a worthy ally. Segai on his part is very entertained about the motion of watching Esdeath slaughter her foes.
    • His alliance with Esdeath also caused Night Raid to label him as a potential target. Segai is not afraid of them though, he has a lot of experience with rebel groups after all.
  • Has been hired by Nobuyuki Sugou by recommendation of Ryoma Sengoku, with the explicit order of capturing his foes, Kirito and Asuna to get back at them. He also found a few similarities with Segai and compared Shu to Kirito at times, but Segai at least is not into little children as he says, but keeps his relationship strictly professional and will do as he says. Obviously neither Kirito not Asuna were happy about this.
  • Apparently a fan of torturing his victims to get information out of them and he doesn't hold back either. Many deities that have been tortured in the past really hate him for that.
  • Seems to have struck a deal with Sundowner, believing that without war Segai would be unemployed and simply have nothing to do. Besides, he doesn't have a problem in capturing children if he is commanded too.
  • Ultimately, it should be noted that Makoto Waltz Segai only holds loyalty to himself, having a really nasty habit of backstabbing the ones he deems useless. Even after having found himself a sizeable amount of allies, he himself still only does whatever he wants.

    Shin (Fist of the North Star
Shin, God of Motivation-Inspiring Villainy (Lord King, Star of Martyrdom, Successor of the Nanto Koshū Ken)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The crest of the Southern Cross
  • Theme Music: Southern Cross Town, Southern Cross, The End of Martyrdom
  • Fighting Style of Choice: Nanto Koshū Ken
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolios: Inability to Understand Goodness, Obsession With Might, Master of Nanto Koshuken, Motivating Heroes With Evil Acts
  • Domains: Law, Villainy, War, Martial Arts
  • Followers: Joe Chill, Dennis Carradine, Redd White, Hakon
  • Allies: High Councilor Kal-El
  • Friendly Enemy: Kenshiro
  • Enemies: Raoh, Sigma, Jagi, Raditz, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, Lois Lane, the other Shin
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Epsilon (Mega Man), Repliforce
  • Meet the man responsible for Kenshiro's deification. Shin, the successor of the Nanto Koshū Ken fighting style, was a childhood friend of Kenshiro's, but held one fatal flaw: he pined for Kenshiro's woman. This, along with some manipulation by Kenshiro's evil "Hokuto brother" Jagi, resulted in him assaulting Kenshiro, coercing Yuria into leaving with him, and conquering the former Kanto region with the KING organization and their city of Southern Cross, founded and built by him. This is what first drove Kenshiro on his rampage against the villains of his post-apocalyptic world. Unfortunately, it also drove Yuria to attempt suicide by jumping off the palace balcony in hopes that Shin would stop the madness.
    • Thankfully her suicide was averted by some friends who actually came to her aid in response to a different threatening suitor — Raoh. Knowing he couldn't take Raoh in combat, Shin left her in their care and pretended to have killed her in order to throw Raoh off her scent and settle the score with Kenshiro. He maintained the ruse throughout their final battle, and threw himself off the balcony as she had when it became clear the alternative was death by Kenshiro. After Kenshiro found his corpse and properly buried him, his spirit was brought to judgment before the Court of the Gods. They recounted his crimes as one would expect, but focused less on the misdeeds themselves and more on the effects that he had on Kenshiro. Being the Hokuto Shinken successor's Token Motivational Nemesis, he was told that he would be granted a temple in the Pantheon based on his battle with his former friend. Said temple, he found, came to resemble that hallway and balcony where he reigned, fought, and fatally leapt from.
  • Even though the work was done after inflicting a good deal of pain to him, Kenshiro thinks of Shin more highly than the usual villain as a result of their friendship and out of respect to their mutual love for the same woman. Likewise, Shin also has a better opinion of Kenshiro after his mortal death, in which it's revealed that his villainy was due to him being had by Jagi. He's still a bastard, but has developed some standards in his villainy. Raoh, on the other hand, does not like him, especially since he never got the chance to kill Shin himself, saying he'll gladly take the opportunity if he sees him again. Spider-Man and Batman are both against him for similar reasons, as he reminds them of both the crooks who killed their loved ones and started them on their crime-fighting lives as well some of the more tragic members of their Rogues Galleries. The latter affords him a small measure of respect from them as well.
  • Completely hates Raditz for having been friends with Jagi when the latter was in the Pantheon, and for being the same kind of lowly underhanded coward as that bastard. Upon both Bardock's return scolding Raditz to better his ways as part of the resurrected mercenary Saiyan Army as well as the return of the Twisted Butcher of Hokuto, this animosity has largely gone directly back towards Jagi himself. While Shin refuses to interact with Jagi, he still hears rumblings about treacherous plans to deceive more fools the same way. He has decided that, should Jagi succeed in turning someone into the next Shin, the real Lord King will be there to enlighten them with the truth, and they will both confront Jagi to put him down.
  • Fellow imperial villainous dictators like M. Bison and Frieza have attempted to forge alliances with him, but he has turned these down on principle, for they have no limits to the carnage they are willing to cause nor are they motivated by consideration for anyone else. On the contrary, Shin sympathizes with High Councilor Kal-El due to his acts of conquest coming as a result of being manipulated into killing the woman he loved and going mad from the incident. News of the two meeting does not sit well with the original Superman and Lois Lane. He's beginning to rethink this when it comes to Frieza following the Tournament of Power, but is waiting to see what Frieza does in the future before ever trusting him.
  • Has approached Epsilon and the Repliforce to offer his support for them, as they were played into committing their dangerous acts similar to the way he was, especially if they intend to take down Sigma and Lumine as he holds the two in contempt for doing so (albeit indirectly in Epsilon's case, but still). The robot republic rebels are more than a little hesitant to accept his aid given that he's still a prideful villain himself. Epsilon would ultimately turn Shin down after forging his own organization in Liberion Arcadia, while the Repliforce General has told Shin he will wait for what the Lord King has to offer before accepting anything. The Star of Martyrdom has since resolved to rebuild his Southern Cross with the tools of the Pantheon, not to take away the necessity of strength to survive, but to make it so that the strong can thrive.
  • For a short time a few were confused as to when he got temples in the House of Faith, or when a Supreme Kai relocated to the House of Villains. When he and said Kai finally met, they immediately disliked one another. The Kai sensed something sinister about him, while the Lord King pegged the shorter deity as a pacifistic weakling well out of his element.

    The Wolfpack 
Umbrella Security Service Delta TeamMembers , Deities of Equal-Opportunity Evil (The Wolfpack | Lupo: Karena LesProux | Four Eyes: Christine Yamata | Beltway: Hector Hivers | Bertha: Michaela Schneider | Spectre: Vladimir Bodrovski)
Clockwise from top: Beltway, Four Eyes, Spectre, Vector, Lupo and Bertha


King Macbeth, God of Evil Ambition (Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, King of Scotland)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pair of bloody hands.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Ambition, Went From a Noble General to a Megalomaniac Tyrant by Killing his Previous King, Met his Tragic End by Decapitation, Going Paranoid.
  • Domains: Evil, Ambition, Insanity, Takeovers.
  • Superior: William Shakespeare.
  • Allies: None besides his wife; he trusts no one else.
  • Enemies: Everyone else, especially The Weird Sisters and any other witches (including Bernkastel, Lambdadelta, Elphaba Thropp), and the House of Prophecy
  • Romantic Rival of: The Overlord, Ra's al Ghul, Littlefinger
  • Pitied by: The Witch-king of Angmar
  • He ascended after his short reign and death were told by Shakespeare.
  • Whenever his name is mentioned behind the scenes at a theater production bearing his name, things tend to go awry.
  • Ever since three witches screwed up his life by giving him prophecies, he is very hostile towards witches and members of the House of Prophecy now, regardless of their morality.
  • Even though Romeo and Juliet are happy to see someone else that came by way of Shakespeare, they're a bit put-off by his paranoid nature.
  • He sometimes looks like Jean-Luc Picard. When asked about this, Picard simply does his thing and goes the other way.
  • Goliath was surprised when he heard that Macbeth was coming to the Pantheon, thinking that it was one of his allies from his home universe. He was disappointed to find this Macbeth instead.
  • Was overjoyed when he heard that his wife had ascended. The rest of the Pantheon, especially the House of Royalty, is keeping constant watch on them as they worry that he and his wife are planning to usurp them. Because of this, spies and surveillance are constantly on watch in all of their temples to see what they are planning.
  • Engaged in a witch-hunt with his wife after hearing that the Weird Sisters had ascended the Pantheon for their vague prophecy leading to his fall and death. This got the couple banned from the House of Magic.
    • During their witch-hunt, he stumbled across Gul'dan and was immediately disgusted that the warlock has the ability to contact demons to perform his deed. The fact that he is an ogre also makes Macbeth's hatred for him increase ten-fold.
  • Because of her ruthlessness and the ability to assist and convince Macbeth to follow go through with the killing, many evil overlord with thirst for power have set their eyes on his wife and scheming to win her heart or kill him off. These people include the Overlord (as she is similar to one of his possible consort), Ra's al Ghul and Littlefinger. Macbeth naturally isn't pleased with this development.

    Walter White 
Walter Hartwell White, God of Using Knowledge for Crime (Mr. White, Heisenberg, The Cook, The One Who Knocks)
I am the One who Knocks.
  • Demigod with authority equal to that of a Lesser God (desires the respect and authority of a Greater God)
  • Symbol: A Chemistry Beaker with a Piece of Blue Meth next to it
  • Theme Song: Baby Blue by Badfinger
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Bald Villains, Evil Beard, Using Scientific Knowledge for Criminal Purposes, Evil Genius, Being Embittered by Missing Out on his Life's Big Chance, Massive Egoism, Too Clever by Half, Becoming Less Sympathetic Overtime, Freudian Excuses and Criminal Justifications that Break Down Over Time, Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Protagonist Journey to Villain, Turning to Crime Because it Pays Better, Those who feel Unfairly Treated by Society, Intelligent People Compelled to Prove their Superior Intelligence and Worth, Choosing to do Evil Because it's what One is Good At, Pride Before a Fall, From Nobody to Nightmare
  • Domain: Crime, Chemistry, Ego, Partnerships, Drugs (especially Methamphetamine)
  • High Priest: Stringer Bell
  • Allies: Vito Scaletta, Joe Barbaro, Richter Berg, The Black Organization
  • Enemies: Gustavo Fring, Todd Alquist, Vito and Michael Corleone, Sherlock Holmes, Omar Little, Diavolo, 50 Blessings, John Luther, Conan Edogawa, Cole Phelps, Dirty Harry, Tommy Angelo
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters, Mr. Crocker
  • Opposed By: Hank Schrader (his brother-in-law), Houses of Family and Relatives and Law and Justice, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Kumiko Yamaguchi
  • Pitied By: Eikichi Onizuka, John Keating
  • On Speaking Terms With: Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze, Flint Marko/Sandman
  • Business Association: Professor Moriarty, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, La Squadra Esecuzioni
  • Ceasefire With: Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Bucciarati's Gang
  • Complicated Relationship: Jesse Pinkman
  • Walter Hartwell White was initially your average Chemistry teacher at a high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico and not exactly having the best job nor personal life… until he discovers that he has lung cancer. Desperate to provide earnings for his family, Walt decides to use his skills as a graduate of chemistry to create methamphetamine, enlisting the aid of former student, Jesse Pinkman and adopting the alias, Heisenberg, as a way to cover up his true identity. Despite Walt's meth being the hottest new product regarding drugs, Walt and Jesse soon find themselves having to negotiate and battle against rival drug dealers and manufacturers as well as having to avoid local authorities, especially concerning DEA Agent Hank Schrader, who happens to be Walt's brother-in-law. Despite amassing more than enough money for his family, Walt realized that not only was he too good at his new job as a criminal, but that he enjoyed it and felt validated that he could be the best in something. He continuously roped in Jesse with strings of manipulation as well as lying to his wife, Skyler, about his predicaments in the hopes that he can continue on with his work as a drug manufacturer.
    • Walt's greatest opponent in his drug-trading business came from Gustavo Fring, a fast-food restaurant manager who led multiple chains of Los Pollos Hermanos around Albuquerque as a way to hide his decades-long meth business. Walt saw him as a rival to usurp whereas Gus saw him as a threat due to Walt's growing ego and arrogance. Despite multiple mishaps with his family, Jesse, and corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman, whom he relied on as a way to weasel his way out of crimes, Walt eventually overcame and killed Gus, securing himself as the drug kingpin of his city. However, that wasn't to last long when just months him, one incident revolving around the involvement of a Neo-Nazi forced Jesse to consider leaving the meth business and Walt killing a partner due to his fragile ego. Making this worse was Hank discovering that Walt was Heisenberg, despite Walt having retired from the business after making enough money and his lung cancer having a relapse after a year of being in remission. Walt's efforts and arrogance would eventually pay its price when the Neo-Nazi gang led by Jack Welker killed Hank, took Jesse to be enslaved, and Walt's identity was revealed to the public, destroying his relationship with his family and forcing himself into exile in New Hampshire. Though months later, Walt would return to Albuquerque to tie up loose ends, such as having his money donated to his family through anonymous and manipulative means, killing Jack's Neo-Nazi gang and their associates and freeing Jesse from slavery, though not without taking a fatal bullet wound. In the end, Walt succumbed to his wounds whilst taking a look at the one place where he felt most alive at; a meth lab.
  • With Walt dead, not many were willing to care much for him, given the fact that he destroyed and ruined the lives of several people solely because he wanted to validate his talent and that he decided to prioritize his ego, needs, and reputation over everyone that he worked or cared for. Even so, that didn't stop him from being granted a place in the Pantheon, which Walt expressed a degree of surprise and confusion at. For one, the place was filled with all sorts of things that would only be in one's imagination. On the other hand, there was a massive prominence in crime and that his criminal activities were not just considered a grand story, but even an awe-inspiring o e for budding drug manufacturers, considering the lengths that Walt would go to to maintain his power and authority as a manufacturer and as a meth kingpin. Feeling that his actions have solidified and made him an icon, Walt decided that being in the Pantheon was worth considering, not to mention that he might as well be using his influence as much as he can. Of course, his second chance of life also meant that he doesn't have cancer or his family to give him an excuse, so he's perfectly content on going through with another attempt at being a manufacturer and kingpin if possible.
  • The Pantheon was a very peculiar experience for Walt. For one thing, he didn't have to rely on family as an excuse, which meant that he was expected to have a far less stressful time than he did in his mortal life, allowing him to put a lot of focus on working on his methamphetamine business. This does not mean he disregards them, for Wall does absolutely love his family to the point where he's personally kept family photos of his family from several years ago as a sign of good memento. He was given the chance of bringing them along as heralds, but given how he's seen with utter disgrace by everyone, he opted not to, which did upset him considerably. The House of Family and Relatives don't like him for his strings of manipulation and narcisissm, and while Walt does get where it's coming from, he would never dare to associate himself with The Child Abuse Supporters, whom he sees with large contempt.
  • Despite his identity having gone public in his mortal realm, he still continues to go by Heisenberg in his professional business. Even so, he is one of the most celebrated figures in the Pantheon when it comes to the drug business. He's not necessarily selling his meth, but his knowledge in chemistry allowed him to cook an incredibly high-quality batch, which is said to be crystal-white in color and is about 99.1% pure. This, on top of the fact that Walt is willing to open himself up to a job partnership with just about any crook or criminal that is willing to pay him. There is one catch, however; Walt's ego and need to assert is influence and importance means that he gets to be the superior in any partnership that he gets himself involved in. Sure, the quality and demand for his meth are good enough that he attracts a large number of customers who buy his product, but genuine allies are hard to come by as sooner or later, they'll find Walt's need for validation to be tiring and preachy. Even so, he's demonstrated time and again that despite his age, he's not to be underestimated, thanks to his cunning and planning in case he's in trouble. He's devised a lot of ways to cow any underlings and opponents into submission, something that he figured would be more necessary now that he's in the Pantheon.
  • Despite his former job as a high school teacher and having a pitiful enough experience with where he worked at, he's not really welcomed in the House of School, who've come to see him as too dangerous and irate to consider rehiring for a teaching job. That said, there are some teachers, such as Eikichi Onizuka and John Keating, who feel sorry for the way Walt turned out and think that had he been treated better and was earning more during his days as a teacher, Walt probably wouldn't have turned out to have either been a raving egotist or a criminal mastermind that he is known today as. Despite the teachers' stance on him, Walt personally sees Eikichi and John's perspective on him as somewhat patronizing on his end and he hates to both be pitied for his past and for his poor luck. As a result, he tends to dismiss whatever they say, even if they mean well, and state that they do not interfere with his business, something that both Eikichi and Keating were disappointed and upset about, given their drive to help others in spite of their own troubles and hurdles. He's much less sympathetic in the eyes of Kumiko Yamaguchi, which is ironic as she herself had a criminal background, namely from the Yakuza, yet chose to become a Psychologist Teacher and help out her students without having to resort to her criminal connections, unless there are really dire circumstances. As a result, Kumiko dislikes Walt for prioritizing his ego over actually helping anyone, especially when he could have just stuck to Gray Matter back when he formed it with his classmates, Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz, and earned the money and respect he wanted, but decided to stick being a crime lord because "that felt better". Walt, on the other hand, finds her bothersome, though he's made no attempt to harm Kumiko and her students and associates as they pose no threat to him and considers this as "mercy" towards her, which to him, is why they're not enemies.
  • One of the most academically gifted figures in his House, Walt was a source of interest for Professor Moriarty, who hoped to have him as a business partner as a way for himself to maintain the most possible dominance in the House of Crime and Transgressions, though of course, Moriarty knew that Walt's ego would not be keen on that idea, so he opted to conceal it. Moriarty decided to offer Walt protection, resources, and intel under a 60-40% monetary income with Walt being paid more, primarily because Moriarty himself can gain his budget elsewhere thanks to his large network of crime connections. Moriarty also had to educate Walt about literal superpowered beings and deities in the Pantheon as a warning to make sure that his ego is curved and he doesn't make mistakes. For once, Walt agreed on Moriarty's assessment, though he does insist that he be the leading man in their partnership, one which Moriarty is fine with accepting, if mainly because keeping a high paying and intellectually talented man under his personalized supervision means that he has a valued asset in his ranks that can grant him access and authority to the meth industry.
    • On a more traditional note, Walt also ended up doing business with The Penguin, who was very quick to see Walt as a capable and talented meth cook whose product was virtually unmatched. Of course, much like with Moriarty, Walt demanded that he exert more authority on their partnership, though he ended up disgruntled when he stated 50-50 at most, which he had to accept at that point. Normally, Oswald would consider offing Walt due to his arrogance, but they realized that doing so would mean they would lose someone who offered great potential in earnings, not to mention that Walt was preparing for such occasions, given how he's had to deal with rival drug manufacturers who had more resources than he did. For now, Walt shares a stable, if a teeth-clenched partnership him, mainly due to his ego and rash nature at times. However, such dealings ended up attracted the Dons in his temple, as both Vito and Michael Corleone have opposed drug dealing, seeing it as a bad influence within the neighborhoods. Michael in particular has immense hatred for Walt that he has to hide or take his deals secretly to avoid his hired hencemen from killing him repeatedly.
  • Despite his success, not every criminal likes Walt, mainly due to his ego and arrogance and feeling that he could be a wrench in their plans in case his pride gets slighted in some way or another. On a rare occasion, it's simply because of him manufacturing a drug that's known for its severe mental impact on others upon inhalation. One of those examples was Captain Cold, leader of the criminal cabal known as The Rogues who had a strict code of policy regarding their actions, one of which was to not be associated with or take drugs of any kind. Walt initially assumed that Cold, being well-versed in sciences, would take some intrigue, only to grumble when Cold stoutly stated no to his offer, feeling as if he insulted Walt's talent. Of course, Walt wants Cold and The Rogues to pay for not accepting his offer, but he knows better than to tackle them head-on, considering who they tend to fight against, so he resorts to making plans on how to defeat them with aid and support from his new allies and partners in the Pantheon. Though fortunately for Walt, The Rogues are not a high priority for him as he realized that federal agents, cops, and those associated with the House of Law and Justice are his more frequent opponents at this point.
  • One of the few genuine allies he was able to make were Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro, a pair of mafioso from the 1950s. Scaletta, much like Walt, was pressured into becoming a criminal to provide for his family's debt, but in the process found himself too absorbed in his newfound work to the point of enjoying it, and his new desire for fame and respect led him to break his own rule of not taking drugs by becoming addicted to consuming heroin, whereas Barbaro restrained himself from using drugs, despite having no problems in selling them. While Walt wasn't happy to learn of Scaletta's struggles, he did figure that a positive relationship with the two of them can benefit them via safety support, financial stockings, and someone of trust, that is if Walt can restrain himself from his ego making a drama out of not being impressive enough towards his peers. At the moment, he's been under Scaletta and Barbaro's good graces and they enjoy a firm business relationship with one another with both earning high income thanks to Walt's unique brand of crystal-clear meth.
  • Being a criminal motivated by ailing health, Walt found it peculiar that two other beings, namely Victor Fries and William Baker, also went through similar predicaments, though, unlike Walt, were based on familial figures that they cared about who also contracted terminal diseases. In a rare moment, Walt did feel rather sympathetic, finding Victor's predicament of having to deal with his wife being shut into a cryogenic chamber to keep her static and alive, and becoming Mr. Freeze to be pretty harrowing and Baker (as Flint Marko) only being a thief just to provide income for his daughter Penny, and even without her, Baker, as Sandman, usually doesn't try to be destructive and wants to provide for his family. He can generally be cordial and respectable to both of them, particularly Victor as both of them are graduates of Science, albeit in different fields, and Walt would even give out some of his earnings to Baker as a sign of appreciation. That said, while Walt's invitation as company is welcomed, Victor does reprimand Walt to check on his pride and Baker affirms that with so much money on his side, maybe Walt should just retire from crime and lead a clean life in the Pantheon. Unfortunately, Walt is aware that Baker is right, but cannot bring himself to leave as he enjoys his job as a meth manufacturer and is too good at it to really let it go, especially in the Pantheon.
  • One criminal that Walt did end up fighting was the famed Omar Little, who was well known for his exploits as a criminal as well as having a relationship with the crime and drug enterprises in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Despite both individuals having achieved major personal success and essentially going through unscrupulous underdog tales, Omar is seen as a Living Legend for his actions, at least before his untimely death and even then continued to be revered by Baltimore's crime scene and even begrudgingly respected by the city's police force. Considering how Walt's reputation was more on infamy and that most who knew him personally didn't really have kind words to say, he found it difficult to directly approach him and internally admitted that he was, in fact, jealous of Omar, mainly because of how respected he is, but also for inspiring fear among those whom he felt deserved to be robbed of their belongings and success of which Walt is likely to be among them. While Omar respects Walt's intellect, his determination, and his affection towards his family, he wants nothing to do with, citing Walt's emotional immaturity and pettiness as his primary reasons. Of course, he wouldn't say this in front of Walt, given how Walt irrationally killed someone when said person stated why he didn't like him.
  • While Diavolo has asserted his infamy as a mafioso head and having a large influence in drug trades in Italy, Walt refuses to do any partnership with him and for once, it has nothing to do with his swollen egotism. He was appalled to learn that he would want to kill his daughter, Trish Una, for simply existing and for being a link to his existence as Diavolo is incredibly paranoid about his identity to the public. Furthermore, Diavolo is willing to sell drugs to kids and teens, something that Walt doesn't like, considering that he himself was a family man and that he would never dare harm them, even at his most villainous. Speaking of, while Diavolo himself thinks very little of Heisenberg, the members of La Squadra Esecuzioni, led by Risotto Nero, were open to working with Walt under a 50-50 deal, which he accepted. While Walt knows nothing of stands, he did catch on that Risotto's organization possessed "strange powers" and realized that it's best not to anger them. He also met Bruno Bucciarati's Gang, upon which Walt was reminded of Risotto and decided to play being cautious. Bucciarati and Giorno Giovanna made it clear that they don't really like Heisenberg due to his association with Risotto and his criminal activities, but considering that they have mutual enemies and that Walt does have lines he wouldn't cross, the two ends decided on a ceasefire, so long as Walt doesn't endanger the lives of others under Bruno and Giorno's watch. Walt has privately confessed that while he doesn't like Giorno and Bucciarati, it's best to be on speaking terms with them at the moment, figuring that at the end of the day, an enemy of an enemy, while not exactly a friend, is still a reliable ally.
  • When word got out that Hank ascended into the Pantheon, Walt had a varied surge of feelings going around with him. For one thing, he's happy to hear that Frank is alive again, albeit in another world, like himself. However, he thinks that it should have been just the two of them, and hearing that Marie, Skyler, Flynn, and Holly were bought along as Hank's Heralds didn't sit well with Walt. He's aware that, with the exception of Holly and maybe Skyler, they hate his guts and Walt feels ashamed to confront them one day, but he also tries to explain that they could be used as leverage by other criminals to exploit either of them lest they harm or kill them, especially when Walt recounted one of his last encounters with Gus. While Hank does the best he can to keep their family safe and has gotten the help of a few deities on that front, he and Walt hardly interact in the Pantheon, despite Walt being Hank's main criminal case, given that both have new allies and enemies to deal with and that Walt, despite his constant threats, personally cannot really bring it upon him to harm Hank, let alone kill him.
    • He was also amused to learn that Jesse also made it to the Pantheon, and rather sentimental when he discovered that he became a fugitive upon escaping from Jack's outpost and then worked his way into having his identity hidden whilst making a new one and heading out to Alaska, in addition to also writing down a letter for Brock, the son of his murdered girlfriend, Andrea. Walt did consider reuniting with Jesse several times in the Pantheon, after all despite their strenuous relationship with each other, Walt did see him as a surrogate son in his own twisted way. At the same time, knowing that Jesse not only wants nothing to do with him, but can never forgive Walt for leading him into a time of trouble, angst, and tragedy towards them both, he decided to refrain from making any contact with Jesse out of respect and some atonement for leaving him to the Neo-Nazis. If the Pantheon can provide the best outcome for a second life for both Walt and Jesse, then it may as well be that way, according to the former.
  • Also has a spot in the Hall of Criminal Actions
"You asked me if I was in the meth business or the money business... Neither. I’m in the empire business."