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Pantheon / Power Rangers

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In the Trope Pantheons, the following were chosen:

First of all, individual heroes and villains not in Pantheon proper can be found in either Toku Base or Demonic Legion.

For those who have arrived to Pantheon proper, here they are:

Saban Entertainment Era

Disney Era

  • Power Rangers: Dino Thunder Members , Divine Deities of Stock Superpowers (Conner: Red Tyranno Ranger, Triassic Ranger, Triassic Battlizer Ethan: Blue Ticera Ranger Kira: Yellow Ptera Ranger Trent: White Drago Ranger, Trent Fernandez, Trent Mercer) as Intermediate Deities in the Hall of Power Archetypes (House of Power and Abilities)
  • Mesogog, God of Villainous Biology (Anton Mercer (Formerly)) as an Intermediate God and member of the Evilutionists of Mad Science in the House of Science
  • Power Rangers Mystic ForceMembers , Battle Deities of Mythical Motifs (Nick: Red Mystic Ranger, The Light, Bowen; Charlie: Chip, Yellow Mystic Ranger; Madison: Maddie, Blue Mystic Ranger; Vida: V, Pink Mystic Ranger; Xander: Green Mystic Ranger, Mr. Personality; Daggeron: Solaris Knight; Udonna: White Mystic Ranger; Leanbow: Koragg the Knight Wolf, Wolf Warrior, Red Koragg.) as Intermediate Deities in the Hall of Complex Symbolism (House of Philosophy)
  • Power Rangers Jungle Furymembers , Battle Deities of the Three Plus Two Teams (Casey: Jungle Fury Red Ranger. Lily: Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger. Theo: Jungle Fury Blue Ranger. Robert: R.J., Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger. Dominic: Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger.) as Intermediate Deities in the Hall of Groups and Teams (House of Communities and Solitude)
  • The Venjix Virus/Evox, God of Computer Viruses (Venjix, Venjix Computer Network, Venjix Eye, Commander, Evox, Master Evox, Mayor Daniels) as a Greater God and part of the Imperium Machina in the House of Machinery and Technology

Boom Studios