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The residence of deities who represent dialogue and speech patterns.

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Greater Gods

    Queen Watevra Wa'nabi 
Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, Goddess of Poor Communication
The Queen's Original form 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: As ever-changing as her form is. If she had to choose one, it would be her true form.
  • Theme Song: Not Evil
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (has an unfortunate bad habit of unintentionally making herself come across as Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Main Villain of the Movie Except Not Really, Singing about How Not Evil She is with Complete Sincerity, Looking Nasty Despite not Being Mean, Changing Form at Will, Good All Along, The Heart, Being a Fair Queen
  • Domains: Villainy, communicating, LEGO
  • Herald: General Mayhem, LEGO Batman (Her husband)
  • Allies: Batman (her husband... kind of), Emmet, Princess Unikitty, Wyldstyle, Sackboy, The Good Princesses of the house of Royalty, Igor, Asami Sato, Snow White, Wander, Team Lightyear
  • Enemies: Rex Dangervest, All of Batman's Villains, The Evil Queen, Queen Sectonia, Queen Chrysalis, Galactus, Catwoman
  • During Emmet's adventure to the Systar System, he ended up trying to rescue his friends from the evil Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, a shape-shifting queen who captured Emmet's friends and is forcing Batman to marry her, even singing about it. However, that was one side of the story. In all sincerity she really is as nice as she advertised herself, just wanting to stop the apocalypse from happening that would destroy not only her homeworld but Emmet's as well. The problem was that it was so malicious sounding that the point just didn't get across. Sure she did trick Batman into marrying her, but the two still did develop a genuine relationship. For this act of poor communication, she was permitted to join the Pantheon.
  • Her ascension was hand given to her by Emmet himself, eager to have her join in after the Court Of The Gods heard her story. She was amazed at the idea of a place way bigger than she could have ever imagined and immediately charted a course towards it, turning into a rocket and taking Emmet to the Pantheon, where she had her throne room in the throne, or rather a door that would teleport anyone who walks into it to there built. There was only one problem...she needed to have one built in the Systar System for it to work, something Emmet was trying to warn her about. She was promptly embarrassed but got everything in order eventually.
  • Why is she a Greater Goddess? Simple really; she can be whatever she wants to be; ANYTHING. It's hypothesized that she can become or ever become bigger than THE VERY PANTHEON ITSELF, although the number of bricks required to do such a monumental task is simply inconceivable. As such, she just sticks for being big enough to be the size of whoever she is talking to at the moment.
  • While she was immediately overjoyed to hear that there was A Batman in the Pantheon, she was also disappointed to find out that he was not only different from the one she married but that he himself was set to be married to Catwoman. Despite this, she still does her best to be friendly with the duo, even helping Batman when fighting crime. Batman isn’t complaining, as anyone who was able to outsmart him (albeit his LEGO counterpart) is worth considering as an ally. Helps that she is able to transform into a cage and just trap Batman’s criminals, even restraining them by using LEGO pieces as handcuffs. In terms of Catwoman, she is supportive of her upcoming marriage and even offered to become a maid of honor if needed, or at the very least help plan the wedding.
  • Due to their nature of being creative, Watevra is interested in both Sackboy for his desire to help creation outpace destruction, and Maxwell for his notebook. The Queen is more than happy to provide the two of them whatever tools they need, be it for daily life in the Pantheon or to protect them from any enemies. Considering that her gifts for her friends that she wanted to give them the first time they met were full-scale planets, there seems to be little doubt in her.
    • She has also asked their help, alongside Emmet’s, to help build and improve her planets for Benny and Metalbeard in order to surprise them once they ascend themselves. Of course, in exchange, Watevra Wa’nabi gave the three their own planets in order for them to experiment with their own creative methods, with her own helpers from the Systar System aiding them.
  • As a benevolent queen, she has shown no patience for any kind of monarchy that misused their power for evil deeds. As such, she has put The Evil Queen and Queen Sectonia under heavy scrutiny. While the Evil Queen is comfortable enough in her table of other Disney Villains to know they have her back if she fought against the LEGO Queen, Queen Sectonia is a bit more cautious, as, given her shape-shifting powers, she won’t be surprised if she grew big enough to literally pluck her wings off.
    • Of course, this does mean she does have good relations to the rest of the benevolent princesses and queens. She goes over to the house of Royalty to converse with the fellow kind-hearted members.
  • Due to the fact that she is actually a kind-hearted person even if her quirks and song being so on the nose can lead you to believe otherwise, she has gotten along with other deities who have also faced a similar dilemma. Igor is amused by her actions and even began to fantasize about what kind of persona she would have if any. Asami Sato, the god of genuinely nice people, has also expressed her sympathy for her. Queen Watevra for her part is happy to find someone who understood her plight, and finds the fact that she is dating Korra absolutely adorable, even willing to use her shape shifting powers to try and spice up any dating spots for them.
  • As someone who is in charge of an entire system of planets and is willing to help out people, she was excited to meet Wander, a space-faring wanderer who just wants to help people. She would give him a planet of his own, but after hearing about Planet Janet from him, she has begun to try and ascend her in secrecy to surprise him.
    • She was happy to find out that there were people that were willing to protect others in space, mainly Team Lightyear and Star Command. She has expressed plenty of gratitude towards the space heroes and has shown interest in giving each of the ascended members their own home planet, talking with members in Time And Space on how to properly go about that. That is, save for XR, as he was built on Star Command itself, so she is thinking about what planet to build him now.
  • Due to the Planet Eater status of Galactus, she has shown to be hostile towards the being. This reached a peak when he tried to eat one of her own planets... Unfortunately, due to them being entirely made of LEGO, he started to choke on his first bite before deciding to leave them all alone. She has not forgiven him for the incident, but many deities who saw this attempt backfire got a good laugh out of it.
  • Even after all this you don’t trust her, that’s okay. She won’t imprison your family...
    • “Because that’d be evil...and that’s so, not me!”

Yoda, God of Odd Syntax Speech Style (Vanquish Is)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Green Lightsaber. Alternatively, his personal crest.
  • Theme Song: Yoda's Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Strange-Syntax Speaker, Cool Old Guy, Mentor Mascot, Reasonable Authority Figure, Paladins, Living Legend, The Force, Intelligence by Shortness, One-Man Army, Old Master, Master in all 7 Lightsaber Forms, Force Spirits
  • Domains: Wisdom, Mastery, The Force, Legends
  • Superior: George Lucas
  • Allies: All ascended Jedi and Rebel Members (especially Mace Windu, Obi-Wan, and Luke Skywalker), E.T., Ganthet as well as other Lanterns and Heroes of DC, Heroes of Marvel, The Z Fighters, Optimus Prime and the Autobots, The Doctor, Rosalina and the Lumas, Heroes of Soul, Zordon and the Power Rangers, the Star Trek Crew, Commander Shepard and his crew, all good aligned Gundam Pilots, Mickey Mouse
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: General Grievous
  • Enemies: All ascended Sith (especially Sheev Palpatine and his Empire), Melkor, YHVH, Nekron, all Dark Lords and Galactic Conquerors, The Chaos Gods, Nyarlathotep, Persona Nyarlathotep, Barbatos, Megatron and the Decepticons, Nightmare, Soul Calibur, Char Aznable, The Grineer, Khan, all evil members of the House of Extraterrestrials
  • Complicated Relationship: Count Dooku, Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker, Revan, Golbez
  • Of all the Jedi in the galaxy, few are as well-known, powerful and wise as Yoda, Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Yoda has mastered all seven forms of lightsaber combat, specializing in Form IV: Ataru, knowledgeable enough to create a Holocron from scratch, as well as one of the most powerful Force users in history, having once curb stomped a living mountain with little effort. He was the one who trained then Jedi Dooku, who then trained Qui-Gon Jinn, who then trained Obi-Wan Kenobi, who then trained Anakin Skywalker and then trained Ahsoka Tano, who herself mentored Kanan Jarrus and his apprentice Ezra Bridger. Given his age, who knows how many Jedi he's trained. After surviving Order 66 along with Obi-Wan, he would retreat to the swamp planet of Dagobah and receive one last apprentice from Obi-Wan: Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin Skywalker. He would die soon after, his final words to Luke being to kill Vader.
    • Much of Yoda's background is a mystery, kept secret by his creator George Lucas. Aside from knowing he became a Jedi Knight at 50 and Master at 100, a good 800 years of his life are a blank. Even the name, culture and homeworld of his people are a complete mystery. His creator George Lucas once joked that Yoda was the illegitimate lovechild of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. The Council of Cloudcuckooland interprets it as a Sarcastic Confession, and much to Yoda and Kermit's bemusement they've been trying to get the former to pay child support.
    • Apparently, E.T's race inhabits the same galaxy as Yoda. E.T even seems to know of him. It's unclear if this means anything, but the two nonetheless have a good relationship.
    • Others have been asking him about a infant that many have dubbed "Baby Yoda". Yoda himself actually laughed at that but told everyone that he doesn't know about "The Child" any more than human would know about a random baby.
    • He explained that his kind are naturally attuned to the Force, and that because of it he keeps information about them secret, knowing that many would try to exploit this for their own gain. When asked if he could at least tell them the name of his species, he said that it was completely fine. Unfortunately every time he tried, something would cause trouble and get in the way.
  • Yoda was initially the God of Mentors, but others considered his fellow Jedi Obi-Wan a more popular representation since he came first (by creation anyway), so Yoda gave him the title and instead became the God of Odd Syntax Speech Style, a trope which he can more easily call his own due to his unique backwards style of speaking.
  • Yoda was genuinely happy to be able to see other Jedi up close again, having lost so many of his compatriots in the Great Jedi Purge, including some new faces from Canon and Legends alike. When asked about the future of the Jedi Order, Yoda replied that if they are to rebuild, then they will need to reform and change their ways. The old ways of the Republic not only failed them, but allowed the Sith to return and literally hide in plain sight. He admits that the Order's sworn oath as protectors of the Republic had blinded them to their spiritual priorities and rendered them subservient to the government's needs, such as the case with Barriss Offee. Even he is not certain that Rey's future will include the reformation of the Order. Many are in agreement that change was needed in the Jedi Order, and soon.
  • Like with every other Jedinote  Yoda seeks to eliminate Palpatine for good. Obviously this is no easy task, considering that the rest of the Empire and plenty of Sith Lords like Darth Plagueis, as well as Palpatine's allies and supporters exist in the Pantheon. As of Palpatine's election to GUAE Mastermind member and marshal of the GUAE Conquest Force, taking him down is now much more difficult than before. Luckily, now that Yoda has a seat in the GUAG Command division with many Jedi and Rebel Alliance soldiers now ascended, this has improved their situation.
    • The war to take down Palpatine and the GUAE become much easier with the defection of both Darth Vader and Count Dooku. Yoda was glad to see both his former apprentice and the hero of the Jedi Order leave the side of the Sith. That said, there's still a lot of friction between them.
      • Both Vader and Yoda fought each other for the Demonic/Holy Swords, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Thankfully Vader failed to claim both swords, something both of them are glad fornote . Still, the deities they met back then invite Vader and Yoda to battle them once in a while, and Yoda's bouts are well attended to witness his impressive acrobatics.
  • When Yoda had learned about others similar to Darth Vader, he initially feared the worst. Golbez and Char Aznable were the first two who he was informed about, with the latter actually preceding Vader. After getting to know them more, Yoda became far more relieved to know that Golbez wasn't so bad and fairly heroic. He pitied him on how he was Brainwashed and Crazy thanks to Zemus. The same can not be said for Char though. Yoda recognizes him as a Sociopath, and for all his veiled respect for the Red Comet's good intentions is dedicated into stopping his violent methods.
  • As a Jedi, Yoda is sworn by oath to protect and maintain peace in the galaxy. This means that any Dark Lords like Sauron, or Voldemort and Galactic Conquerers like Thanos, or Frieza are his enemies. While they're normally dismissive of other Jedi since they surpass most of them in raw power, even they know better than to underestimate one of the Jedi Order's oldest and strongest members. The only beings that Yoda is further against are Gods Of Evil, Evil Gods and Eldritch Abominations, monsters that continue to exist even after defeat. While Yoda doesn't regularly take action as a GUAG Command member, he is search for ways to stop them permanently.
  • Yoda has a strong partnership with heroes from other galaxies like the Marvel and DC superheroes and the Z Fighters. Yoda formed a bond with a number of individuals from each world and by extension, a bond between the Jedi and Heroes.
    • From DC, Yoda has a strong friendship with Ganthet, the other Lanterns and J'onn J'onzz. Yoda regularly discusses the potential connection between The Force and the Emotional Spectrum with Ganthet. J'onn respects Yoda for doing his best in leading the Jedi Order, and for aiding the survivors of Order 66 when they sought his wisdom. Yoda similarly respects how J'onn acts as The Heart of the Justice League. Both also pity each other, J'onn literally witnessed the death of his people right in front of him, and Yoda felt the deaths of all the Jedi that were wiped out in the Purge.
    • From Marvel, Yoda became friends with Norrin Radd the Silver Surfer, it's from him he met the The Guardians of the Galaxy, guardians sworn to protect the galaxy and maintain peace. He even learned of both Eddie Brock and the Venom Symbiote form Norrin. Yoda would go to personally thank them for what they did to help Dooku. While he isn't a fan of the Surfer's master Galactus, he maintains a silent understanding that the Planet Eater has no choice but to consume planets and (normally) doesn't do so for evil but out of necessity for his hunger.
    • Finally there's his friendship with Piccolo of the Namekian race. The two met each other when both were looking for a peaceful place to meditate, and formed a bond with how they care for children. Yoda admitted that he would rather let himself be beaten by a group of children, than raise a single hand and hurt one.
  • Another friend and ally that Yoda made in Pantheon is with Zordon. Both are the Big Goods to their respective teams, and both are old mentors dedicated to protecting all life and peace in the world. Naturally this has led to strong ties between the Jedi Order and the GUAG Morphin Grid.
  • As an alien that has traveled through space, Yoda has naturally visited the House of Time And Space. It took little to no time at all to be acquainted with The Doctor, Rosalina and the Lumas. While it isn't something he gets the chance to do very often, Yoda greatly enjoys exploring space and seeing the wonders and beauty of the galaxy. The Doctor is more than willing to explore the universe with him, and Yoda particularly likes his first incarnation. Many evil deities get a cold sweat when the two are together. With Yoda being both friendly and fiercely protective of the Lumas, Rosalina says that Yoda is welcome to the Comet Observatory any time.
  • He had heard of people comparing "King Mickey" to himself as being both short yet incredibly powerful and nimble swordsmen. He eventually met this King during a session at GUAG Command and got along well with him, intrigued with the Light he fights for. At least he acknowledges the balance between it and darkness thanks to his journey to the realm there and his assisting of Riku. The Jedi Order had failed to realize this until it was too late.
  • On his travels in Pantheon, Yoda had met many Space Explorers like Space Heroes and benevolent aliens, all of whom he has come to befriend in some way or another. While Yoda made many allies, he in turn has made many enemies as well. Like the Combine, the Dalek Empire, and the Grineer, all of them representing the worst in space. Yoda made it both his and the Jedi Order's mission to take them down.
  • "Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try."

Intermediate Gods

    Schezo Wegey 
Schezo Wegey, God of Poorly Worded Comments (Dark Wizard, Dark Mage, The Mage, Pervert, Creeper, Devious, Shezo, She-zo)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sword
  • Theme Music: I Want You!...r Power; The Goregous Man Who Defiled The God
  • Alignment: True Neutral(?)
  • Portfolio: Butt-Monkey, Dark Is Not Evil, Cool Sword, Badass Cape, The Comically Serious, Mystical White Hair, Loves Cute Things
  • Domains: Magic, Wording
  • Weird Relations: Arle Nadja, Sig
  • Rival: Satan (Puyo Puyo)
  • Annoyed at: Beavis & Butt-Head, Ayame Kajou, The Sonozaki Twins
  • As one could guess by being a Dark Wizard, Schezo Wegey is known for using a variety of spells based around darkness. He's also very interested in Arle's power, but almost every time he tries to talk to her (and sometimes other people), what he says could be taken as something far more suggestive, much to his chagrin even if he tried to explain specifically what he wants and what he wants is definitely not suggestive.
  • Schezo wasn't quite sure how he managed to arrive at the Pantheon to begin with. It may have something to do with how playing Puyo Puyo with others could lead to traveling to other dimensions. Nevertheless, he set out to find Arle after finding out she was there and after a number of mishaps along the way, met up with her.
    • Unfortunately for him, yet another mishap occured with them being inside the House of Gaming as not only Arle was just busy resting up, but Beavis & Butthead were visiting the house to play video games out of boredom and they were within earshot of Schezo and Arle's conversation. Schezo could just hear the duo's snickering during the conversation, causing him to get increasingly agitated to the point where he yelled at the two to get out. Arle then told Schezo that this place he ended up at is weird to put it lightly and that there will be some things he'll be used to and some he isn't. Predictably, he can't get used to the fact that Beavis & Butt-head show up randomly during the Pantheon's more quiet days and laugh at his more questionable lines.
  • To his constant annoyance, Schezo has often had his lines taken out of context by Ayame Kajou, who is really into sexual humor and has teased him over what he says. Schezo really doesn't want anything to do with her nor her perverted antics and would rather spend time by himself.
  • He and Satan (or at least, the one from Schezo's universe) don't get along with each other and it has more to do with them targeting Arle for supposedly different reasons than them being sworn enemies. To his surprise, Schezo found out through Arle that there were a couple of other Satans that were similar to Dark Prince in a few different ways, though Schezo is generally apatheic towards the Satans Arle mentioned.
  • Innuendos aside, he's a relatively competent spellcaster and has stopped a handful of threats every now and then. That actually hasn't stopped things from being awkward before and after battles (and sometimes during them) whenever Schezo makes a comment that others think is suggestive.
  • At one point back then his disembodied head fought against Arle. The two of them consider this to be a weird and (by their own admission) an uncharacteristically dark bit for them and would rather not go through it again. It hasn't actually stopped a few sadistic deities from wondering if they can get this to occur once more.
  • He doesn't mind too much if the weather for a particular day is shining bright (and he somehow has the clothes for relaxing on a warm day), but if the temperature ends up being hotter than what he considers to be acceptable, then he'll eventually find out who's doing it. At the very least he knows that Dark Prince isn't responsible for any sudden spikes in temperature in the Pantheon.
  • Not only has he tried to attain Arle's power, but on occasion he has tried to get the power of a few others (and one of them involved wanting Sig's hand). Schezo sees the Pantheon as an opportunity to get some potentially interesting powers, but he hasn't done it as often as trying to get Arle's power and all of these attempts to get others' powers have ended in failure thus far. Then again, he is a Dark Wizard, not a "Power-Copying Wizard".
  • Of all the things that he has a consistent interest in, he's adored cute things on more than one instance and chased them with mixed results. One time, he tried to chase around Princess Uni-Kitty upon seeing her, but then Rena Ryuugu somehow found him chasing a cute thing rather adorable and tried chasing the both of them. The whole incident ended up being far more troublesome than it was worth for the three of them (but mostly for Schezo).
    • Following that incident, the Sonozaki Twins came up with a prank following Rena telling them about it. It involved telling Schezo that "a great power" awaited him and then humilating him afterwards. He fell for it and ended up wearing a cat-boy costume. Schezo didn't really have an issue with the costume, but the twins' suggestive teasing wasn't something he approved of.
  • With how much he's been trying to get Arle's power coupled with how he says things, more than a few believe that Schezo wants more than just her power, something that he clearly disagrees towards. It's possible to picture Arle and Schezo as frenemies, but that's about it in terms of closeness.
  • If there is one name Schezo hates being referred as almost as much as "pervert" or "creeper", it's Devious. Why? Several reasons: It's from a Gag Dub with an unfortunate amount of ridiculous mistranslations; it can be mistaken for referring to his supposed perversion; and it isn't even an actual name anyway.
  • Has been seen, alongside Arle and Satan, partaking in Tetris, of all things. While this is understandable as his world and that of Tetris have collided before, it had been noted that his first appearance throughout the entire event had him playing Tetris, despite the others having no previous knowledge of how to actually use them before. Some are still wondering how this is.

    Shigeru Jo/Kamen Rider Stronger 
Shigeru Jo, God of Pre-Battle Speeches (Kamen Rider Stronger, Electric Human Stronger)
Kamen Rider Stronger 
Stronger Charge Up 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Charge-Up form)
  • Symbol: The stylized "S" Symbol
  • Theme Song: "Kamen Rider Stronger no Uta"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle-themed Cyborgs, Phlebotinum Rebel, The Ace, Carrying his coat over his shoulder, Making speeches before entering the battle, Electricity-based powers, Being Cursed with Awesome, Charge Up!
  • Domains: Combat, Speeches, Technology, Electricity, Heroism
  • Herald: Yuriko Misaki/Electro-Wave Human Tackle
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Souji Tendou/Kamen Rider Kabuto
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Villains, SHOCKER (and its employed members), HYDRA, Kogane/Kamen Rider Mars, Raul Menendez, Ali Al-Saachez, M Bison, Red Skull.
  • Shigeru Jo joins the evil organization Black Satan in order to avenged his friend, who also considers him a mentor figure. Promised for power and fueled by his desire for revenge, he undergoes a reconstruction surgery to become Black Satan's cyborg warriors code-named "Electric Human Stronger". However, Shigeru knows that Black Satan murdered his friend, tricking the organization in order to gain new powers before he escapes along with fellow cyborg Yuriko Misaki/Electro-Wave Human Tackle, Shigeru renamed himself as Kamen Rider Stronger with his resolve to defend the world against the forces of Black Satan and later, the Delza Army. Shigeru is also the first Rider to received a Super Mode, which he became one of the inspirations to the Heisei Riders' Final Forms.
  • Due to his tendency to do his introductory speech towards his enemies, some deities had compared him to Sailor Moon, who they considers her being his Distaff Counterpart since she also tends to say her Catchphrase before entering the battle. In fact, both Stronger and Salor Moon are in good terms as they also helped each other in their battles against evil.
  • Shigeru was happy to reunite with his fellow riders Takeshi Hongo, Hayato Ichimonji, and Daisuke Yamamoto, as well as the first Sentai team the Gorengers, who happens to fight alongside him in the same time period (1975), as he's happy to lend his strength to his fellow heroes once again in their battles against SHOCKER after knowing the organization has started their reign of terror. After knowing that SHOCKER has gotten stronger due to the organization's employed members, Shigeru, Hongo, Ichimonji, and Amazon, are working on ascending the remaining members of the Seven Legendary Riders to strengthen their numbers against SHOCKER's forces.
  • Shigeru also tends to visit the House of Sports during his free time, playing American Football in that said house due to his passion for that said sport since he used to play it during his college days before he became a Kamen Rider.
    • However, Kogane has put Shigeru on its hit list because of his love for that said sports, it doesn't take long for him to hate Kogane's guts due to the golden Rider's hate for sports.
  • Like his fellow Showa Riders before, he became associates with Genos, a fellow cyborg, since both of them tries to used their cyborg powers for personal revenge at first until they found a better purpose to use it for the sake of good.
  • Due to his lightning-based powers, he is friends with Thor, Fate T. Harlaown, Pikachu, Cure Peace, and Mikoto Misaka, as he also started to help them in their battles against their respective enemies.
  • Like his brethren Kamen Riders before and after, he hates every terrorists groups that disrupts peace in whole humankind. As such, he became enemies with the likes of Red Skull, HYDRA, Raul Menendez, Ali Al-Saachez, and M Bison, given the fact that their profession were no different to his old enemies like the Black Satan and Delza Army.
  • Whenever Shigeru enters the battle, he tells his adversaries with this quote after he transforms:
    "The heavens cry out! The earth cries out! The people cry out! They cry out for me to destroy evil! Listen up, evildoers...I am the warrior of justice, Kamen Rider Stronger!".

Usami, Goddess of Baby Talking (Monomi, Teacher of the Remnants of Despair, Observer of the Neo World Program)
Usami (right) and Monomi (left), by Meyly

WordGirl, Goddess of Action-Pausing Conversations (Becky Botsford)

  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A star inside a shield-like pentagon
  • Theme Song: WordGirl Theme Song
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: From The Planet Lexicon, Brainy Brunette, Despises The Improper Usage Of Words, Flying Brick, Really Likes Unicorns, Having A Hardly Disguised Human Identity, Cuteness Proximity, Genius Bruiser, Happily Adopted, Weakened And Losing Speech Skills When Exposed To Lexonite, Can Speak With Monkeys, Terrible At Art, Dance, and Poetry
  • Domains: Superheroines, Vocabulary, Dialogue, Edutainment
  • Herald: Her monkey sidekick, Captain Huggyface
  • Allies: Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Lex the Bookworm, Matilda Wormwood, The Powerpuff Girls, the Good-aligned My Little Pony deities, Lady Amalthea, Erma, Wishbone, Fred Rogers, Dora the Explorer, Lois Lane, Arthur, Valerie Frizzle, Curious George
  • Odd Friendship with: Reuben, Flo
  • Annoyed by: Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, Polandball, John and Henry Freeman, Bizarro, The Narrator
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Yoda
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor, Mr. X, Brainiac, I. M. Meen, Agatha Trunchbull, Mojo Jojo, Gorilla Grodd, Pinky and the Brain (The Brain in particular), Ratigan
  • WordGirl is the famous protector of Fair City, a frequent site and target of Idiosyncrazy super-villains seeking to invade or ravage through the city, until WordGirl arrives to save the day. This superheroine's citizen identity is Becky Botsford, an adopted daughter of the Botsford family who all assume she's a normal 11-year old. In reality, she's from the planet Lexicon, brought to Earth as an infant to be adopted by the bumbling yet caring Botsfords. Every supervillain she deals with not only finds themselves subdued by her superpowers, but also learning a new word and its definition every day, which is quite the auspicui... auspicuous...
    WordGirl: Auspicious! It's when something makes circumstances more favorable for you! Like learning how to use a word properly in your next confrontation.
  • Anyway, on a rather calm week, WordGirl was given an invitation into the Pantheon, not only for her superheroics, but explaining the definitions and proper pronounications of complicated words, even in the middle of a big conflict with another villain. It especially helped that the villains were for the most part willing to listen before they resumed the action. While it was a rather funny way to "ascend", she accepted her new place in the Pantheon holding the trope of Talking Is a Free Action. Alongside her came her monkey sidekick, Captain Huggyface, who used to be a Lexicon Air Force pilot that accidentally crashed his ship on Earth, and in doing so, brought the infant WordGirl to Earth in the first place.
  • Outside of her career as a superhero, she was happy to meet with other PBS deities like Fred Rogers and Valerie Frizzle, two wonderful teachers and adult friends of Becky who approved her decision to be a superhero, though they've advised her to watch for her own well-being as much as others'. On occasion, Becky finds herself traveling with Ms. Frizzle's regular students on the Magic School Bus, which she found herself impressed by despite being a superheroine herself. She also got along with Arthur and Wishbone, the former being a good friend to hang out with at the Pantheon's Elysium Academy. Other times, she hangs out with Wishbone to read stories together whenever there isn't a demand for her saving the day as WordGirl.
  • If there's anyone who understands WordGirl's desire for others to use words correctly, it's Lex, a bookworm (both literally and figuratively) who also specializes in using words to actually defeat villains and opponents. Becky admits that she's somewhat jealous of Lex's ability to use word tiles, since they'd sound so fitting for her. Lex also noted to her that her own powers are still nothing to scoff at, even if there are plenty of individuals in the Pantheon like her. From there, they decided to work as a team for dealing with baddies and teaching them a lesson in morality and proper word usage. Sometimes, Matilda Wormwood works along with them, and although she's not as proficiently powerful as the two of them, they allow her to come along with them when it's not school-time. Becky also found herself being a watchful guardian for students like her that deal with Agatha Trunchbull, ensuring that she can't trouble students without WordGirl's interference.
  • WordGirl found herself both amused and in shock about how similar her backstory was to the heroic Kryptonian superheroes in the Pantheon, although thankfully for her, Lexicon is still in terrific shape unlike what happened to Krypton. Regardless, she and Superman work together well, though even better with Supergirl due to their similarity in powers and origin, and Superboy since she understands his dilemma wanting to live like a normal kid but having to balance it with his responsibilities as a superhero. Becky also found herself getting along with Lois Lane very quickly, the latter theorizing that Becky probably knows a friend who's also trying to get into journalism. Her denying that she doesn't find Lois similar to someone named "Todd 'Scoops' Ming" didn't help debunk the thought.
    • Of course, this meant that WordGirl would find an adversary out of Brainiac, who's now interested in doing what he did to Krypton to Lexicon as well, though after he's finished with the Pantheon. Unamused by this development, WordGirl has been a persistent adversary of his ambitions, though Brainiac proves to be a much tougher opponent than her usual villain to handle, given Brainiac's experience with superhumans. Additionally, his vast knowledge of words means that WordGirl can't even play the "Stop all the action to explain a word" card on him, since Brainiac could avert it by explaining the word himself while subduing WordGirl at the same time.
  • Both Lex Luthor and Mr. X have found WordGirl to be a nuisance to their ambition, with WordGirl opposing them since they remind her of the Corrupt Corporate Executive, Mr. Big. Mr. X having an alternate alias of "Mr. Big" didn't help him either, and his underlings don't really stand much of a chance against her. Lex Luthor, while initially thinking she'd be less of a problem given that she's from "some show for kids", found WordGirl to be as much of a decent adversary as other Kryptonians, often having to get his hands dirty himself to deal with her, due to one little problem. Lex Luthor doesn't have access to Lexonite, WordGirl's equivalent to Kryptonite which he uses to deal with Kryptonians like Superman. He does have other ways to fend them off, but is a bit frustrated that he has another superhero to keep a watchful eye on. Luthor's also hoping to find a method of bringing in WordGirl's rogues gallery in hopes of getting his hands on Lexonite in the future.
    • While it's not the same Mr. Big, Flo got along with WordGirl since she'd have to thwart plots from a man named Mr. Big as well, usually trying to trouble other restaurants. While her Mr. Big doesn't focus on mind control like the Mr. Big that WordGirl deals with, she had to deal with an immoral fast food chain named Grub Burger who used a special "Ingredient X" to mind-control people to buy their products. Becky herself finds herself really impressed by Flo's skills as a waiter, acknowledging that despite her superpowers, she could hardly handle the intense responsibilities of Flo's job. Nonetheless, Becky became a regular customer of Flo's restaurant eventually, being continually impressed by her impressive workmanship. She also ran into Reuben in one visit, who reminded her of Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy, although much less villainous and a generally amicable guy to hang around with. She hopes that if Chuck finds his way in, Reuben could be sort of a Morality Pet to him.
  • WordGirl has a sort-of personal dislike for Pinky and the Brain, especially the latter for his tendency to make plots to take over the world. It stems from a former friend of hers, Professor Steven Boxleitner, accidentally having his brain merged with that of an evil lab rat and becoming the notorious cheese-craving villain, Dr. Two-Brains. If the Brain's plans don't fail on their own, you can bet that WordGirl will be there to ruin his success. The same goes with the more cunning Ratigan, who is all the more displeased that someone with powers similar to that of Superman is now seeking to ruin his schemes as well. His best bet for dealing with her is try to sneak under her radar and do his dirty work right under her nose before she can do anything about it.
  • On top of stopping criminal activities, she's also out to ensure that other deities don't use malapropisms and other poor usages of words and grammar. Among those who actively do so, to the point of anger, is I. M. Meen, who actively uses bad grammar and wording in his own stories. On top of stopping him from kidnapping children, she also utilizes her talent in grammar and English to constantly unravel I. M. Meen's magic. With that and her powers, Meen sees her just as much of a daunting nemesis for him as Lex the Bookworm, despising the "goody-goody bookworm" for being such a pain in his rear. Likewise, she's annoyed by other deities like Polandball and Ebony, who she learned about from I. M. Meen's interest in him for their consistent usage of bad grammar and word usage. She's a bit more understanding of Polandball given that he's technically foreign to English language. The same goes with John Freeman and Henry Freeman, who despite their noble intentions, their goofy and destructive antics only make them more of a cumbersome pain to deal with on top of their consistent usage of poor spelling and grammar.
    • Yoda and his imfamous habit of odd sentence syntax has definitely gotten on WordGirl's nerves a lot, especially since it's a trait that's rather integral to him. She's willing to tolerate it, however, since Yoda is a sincere good guy, and he is an alien for whom learning proper English is not much of a priority. As for Bizarro and his... bizarre ways of speaking, she'd rather not even think about him unless she wants her head to be hurting from trying to understand him. The Bizarro World he comes from, Htrae, is a place that she hopes to never need to visit, and she doesn't want to know if there's a Bizarro-equivalent of herself there, either.
  • While she's really good with English, those skills don't transfer over to other languages fully, so Becky's trying to spend some of the time in the Pantheon learning other languages. It's mostly just so she can introduce the meanings of other complex words to villains that don't speak English too well without the need for an Omniglot to help out. One particular peer she's spent a lot of time with is Dora the Explorer, who's more than willing to help WordGirl learn Spanish along the way. It really helps that Dora herself has her own monkey sidekick, Boots, and Boots is currently trying to help Captain Huggyface learn to properly speak with other humans, currently to no avail.
  • Becky was rather interested by the Powerpuff Girls and how they came to be, being created by their own scientist father, Professor Utonium. Along with having similar powers overall, they both can understand the issues with balancing homely matters with superhero work. Despite all of the trouble that the Powerpuff Girls can cause when they're at odds with each other for one reason for another, WordGirl tries to help out with solving their tensions, on top of kicking their adversaries' butts, and helping them learn more about interesting words. She won't let them keep Captain Huggyface as a playmate, however, despite their begging.
  • Whenever she's not subduing villains or managing schoolwork, she's usually at her temple watching a show from her universe called "The Pretty Princess and Magic Pony Power Hour". It'd be a good idea not to get between her and that show's airing, she likes it that much. While such an interest isn't particularly as odd as other deities who like similar types of shows, Becky's admirations for magic ponies and unicorns led to her being amazed by seeing Lady Amalthea. And as for Becky meeting The Mane Six, let's just say her squeeing and adoring reactions initially freaked out the pony deities, although they managed to get along later on. This interest would later lead to WordGirl getting along with Erma, a ghost girl who was also interested in similar kinds of shows, though the one Erma watches seems to be a bit less girly than what initial appearances would indicate, though that hasn't caused any problems with their friendship.
  • If her ability to communicate with Captain Huggyface shows, she can communicate with monkeys and primates pretty well. The presence of primates that can manage to speak with humans just as well intrigues her, although she's also found nefarious adversaries in the form of Mojo Jojo and Gorilla Grodd, the latter dismissing her as another annoying human-like superhero and even considers Huggyface to be an inferior and pathetic excuse of a primate, much like with other non-gorilla primates to Grodd. On a brighter note, she managed to get along with Aladdin and his sidekick, Abu, although things are kinda shaky between them given that they're thieves, though of the friendly type, and she's a crime-stopping superhero. She's also trying to help Tarzan learn to speak English better on her off time.
  • Being an Edutainment Show protagonist, WordGirl does feel obligated to deal with antagonists from such shows as well. Thankfully, they don't mean too much harm, with Carmen Sandiego being more concerned with making an enjoyable pursuit with WordGirl having to play her games with understanding Sandiego's geography and world history related clues. And Robbie Rotten is similarly trying to get Becky herself to be lazy, and although she'd genuinely would want Robbie to succeed, her duty to protect citizens from villainy always comes first. Considering the more serious villains in the Pantheon she deals with, she's glad that there are more villains like those two that she can be friendly with when she's not trying to thwart their next plans.
  • While she didn't intend to bring him along, there's a narrator that speaks for WordGirl and her fights against crime and villainy, being hammy as ever and butting in on the drama and action to voice himself to her mild annoyance. Unfortunately, that narrator has came along with her into the Pantheon, and it doesn't look like he's going to go away anytime soon. It sometimes gets worse when the Narrator that Stanley deals with decides to have a meeting with WordGirl's narrator, bringing about a lot of unwanted commotion. And as if that couldn't be a bigger problem, Naughty Bear's narrator likes to butt in when the other two narrators are interacting.


Lesser Gods

    Porky Pig 
Porky Pig, God of Substituting Words after Stuttering (Eager Young Space Cadet)
Eager Young Space Cadet 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A drum with himself popping out of it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Everyman, Weirdness Magnet, Beware the Nice Ones, Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal
  • Domains: Pigs, Dialogue
  • Heralds: Petunia Pig, Hamton J. Pig
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Babe, Piglet, Scatman John
  • Enemies: Marvin the Martian, Napoleon, Piggsy, Trollkaiger
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Daffy Duck
  • Difficult Relations: Angry Birds
  • Compared to many of the other Looney Tunes, Porky Pig's attitude is a bit more grounded, though that doesn't mean he can't have his moments of craziness. He's a pretty friendly guy by default, though that can change if something were to happen that would really set him off. He has done a lot throughout his career, most of which involved encountering something weird and confronting it (sometimes with the help of someone else) with varying degrees of success. Porky also has a tendency to stutter certain words, often substituting more complicated words with simpler ones.
  • Porky's relation with Daffy has been all over the place. One day, Porky might be hunting the duck just for sport and in another day, they might be friends taking up odd-jobs and going after a criminal of some sort. Other times, they're just annoying each other without any real justification. When it comes to the Pantheon, things are mostly cordial between the two, but driving each other nuts at certain points in time remain a thing.
  • Even though Porky is very good friends with Bugs Bunny whenever they meet, any meet-up concerning just the two of them are actually less frequent than one would believe. If they are hanging out with each other nowadays, there's a good chance that Daffy is going to have some sort of involvement, whether rabbit and/or pig want it or not.
  • He spent some time with Sylvester the Cat visiting places that were considered creepy. The Puddy Tat attempted to convince Porky that something was wrong with around them, but not only did Porky not believe him, but the one time he admitted that Sylvester was right was when it was too late. Sylvester didn't really say anything to Porky those instances somehow. It makes one wonder how Porky, who is so used to putting up with strange scenarios, didn't really believe that those kinds of scenarios were happening when he was with Sylvester.
  • Porky decided to spent a bit of time looking for other pigs and managed to become friends with Babe and Piglet doing so. Porky is someone that Piglet actually looks up to, seeing as how Porky has gone through plenty of strange situations and trying his best to keep his cool much of the time. Unfortunately, this meant an encounter with Napoleon was going to happen and Porky heard from Piglet just how horrible of a pig Napoleon is, especially with how hypocritical Napoleon is.
    • Being a pig meant that he wasn't going to be on the best of terms with the Angry Birds, due to the latter not showing any kind of trust towards pigs. While the only thing that they agree on is how bad Napoleon is, all Porky can do is keep his distance from the Angry Birds and not go near their eggs. The Angry Birds also acknowledge that Porky Pig is not a bad pig by default; it's just that protecting their eggs is their main priority.
  • A particularly unfortunate moment for Porky in the Pantheon was when he got tricked into meeting Piggsy, under the pretense that the latter is related to pigs. Of course, Porky was explained further on who Piggsy really was and by the time he met him, all Porky saw was just a maniac in a pig mask and ran away as soon as he saw Piggsy going up to him. Porky vowed never to meet up with this psycho ever again since then.
  • Some of Porky's adventures had him getting tricked into unfavorable tasks or getting irritated by something. Given how Trollkaiger is known for tricking others or simply annoying unsuspecting targets for their own amusement, Porky doesn't like them in any way and even found some of their "pranks" to be even worse than some of his own misfortunes back then.
  • One time, he was asked to do some construction work and went ahead with it, with apparent knowledge that someone would be recording it. Porky accidentally hammered his hand during that time, to which he said "[...]son of a gun." Of course, he knew that others would expect him to say "son of a bitch" after that minor injury. There were a few other people involved with the "construction" who believe that everything that happened then was just a joke.
  • While Porky isn't extremely fat, he's a bit chubby compared to his Looney Tunes friends. Some deities looking into some historical archives about him were a bit surprised to learn that Porky was much fatter back then...and that his stuttering quirk during that same time period was even more pronounced than normal.
  • Became a good friend of Scatman John, who also stutters but managed to turn that into an advantage, something Porky found heartwarming.
  • Th-th-th-that's all folks!

    President Whitmore 
Thomas J. Whitmore, God of the Rousing Speech (The 42nd President of the United States Of America)
Top: Whitmore in 1996, bottom; Whitmore in 2016.

    Scott Steiner 
Scott Steiner, God of Angrish (Big Poppa Pump, The Genetic Freak, Freakzilla, The Big Bad Booty Daddy, The Man with the Largest Arms in the Pantheon)
  • Lesser God (Though he belives to be a Greater God)
  • Symbol: A silhouette of a head with his sunglasses, goatee and chainmail.
  • Theme Song: "Holler if you hear me!"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Evil. It's hard to tell with him.
  • Portfolio: Guys who go insane for almost nothing, people with specific things that pisses them off, Cool Shades, becomming more famous after leaving a team, Narm, being entertaining on the mic by being terrible, people who's not really all that bright at times, not giving anybody "sympy" while still getting love from the people.
  • Domains: Wrestling, Rage, Narm, Comedy
  • Followers: His "Freaks and Hootches" from the House of Love, Petey Williams, Ahmed Johnson, The Ultimate Warrior.
  • Enemies: John Cena, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, CM Punk, Alex Louis Armstrong, Goldberg, human countries, any overweight god, rednecks, WHITE TRAAAASH,The English Language!
  • High Priest: Ultimate Warrior
  • Herald: Bron Breakker (his nephew)
  • He once tried to become a statistics teacher in the Academy. But after witnessing his less than accurate math equations, it was swiftly denied. In retaliation, he decided to found the Higher Educated University. So far, the only other teacher other than himself is the Ultimate Warrior, teacher of comicbook writing.
  • He once tried to pick a fight with Asura by cutting one of his infamous promos in his face. This moment suprised the entire Pantheon since it didn't lead to a fight or Steiner getting ripped appart to tiny pieces, wich tends to be the result whenever sombody tries to anger Asura. In fact, it actually lead to Asura having a hard time trying not to laugh!
  • It is considered wise to NEVER use the word "Hurricanrana" in his precense. He demands that it should always be called a "Frankensteiner", a move that he can suprisingly still pull off.
  • Everytime Steiner enters the House of Love, he uses astronomy as a means to explain the size of his "Big Dipper" wile claiming that he has women 9 days out of the week. Nobody tells him that the week only has 7 days, unless they want to hear him ramble on in Angrish, his native language, in an hour or two.
  • There is a famous drinking game played by the gods in the House of Sports: Whenever Scott Steiner does a belly-to-belly suplex or loudly exclaims the word "HUH?!", take a shot! This is also the biggest cause of alcohol poisoning in the Pantheon.
  • Whenever he claims that he is hungry, it tends to cause silent laughters from whoever is in the House of Food at the moment.
  • He is convinced that he has the largest arms in the entire Pantheon, even when every other god has tried to prove otherwise. His speeches that arises from denial and anger are still a good source of entertainment.
  • Scott Steiner accended to godhood after he managed to outwrestle the casts of Hetalia: Axis Powers and Scandinavia and the World as well as the entire population of Papua New Guinea. The other gods still have a hard time trusting him when he claims that he has "Wrestled a lot of countries".
  • The House of Knowledge are still trying to decipher the language he starts to speak whenever he gets angry. They have managed to translate most of it and document it into dictionaries, but they still have no damn clue what the hell the sentence "Doing him an egg" is supposed to mean.
  • He seems to have an incredibly massive hatred towards any person who may be overweight. He once attacked E. Honda and Jabba the Hutt with a lead pipe and a steel chair on seperate occasions when he saw them in the House of Food and the House of Sports. When he was stopped by members of the GUAG, he simply defended his actions with the following statement.
  • He tried to test his luck in Lordran once. As expected with most people, it didn't go too well.
  • After years of being banned from WWE after his release due to past incidents, he reconciled with his previous boss Vince McMahon, and Triple H as well. As a result, he and his brother Rick Steiner are now inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame 2022. Guess who inducted them? His nephew Bron Breakker, the Face of NXT 2.0.


    Peter Burke 
Agent Peter Burke, God of the "Be Careful" Speech

    Princess Carolyn 
Princess Carolyn, Goddess of The Law of Inverse Fertility and Tongue Twisters (Carolyn, PC, Tangled Fog of Pulsating Yearning in the Shape of a Woman, Priscilla Crustacean, Pink Cat Lady)
  • Demigoddess.
  • Symbol: Her collar.
  • Theme Song: I Love You, Princess Carolyn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, though can occasionally slip into Lawful Evil territory to get her way.
  • Portfolio: Really wanting to have a child, but being unable to because of her infertility, Iron Lady, Control Freak, Pink Means Feminine, Is fond of using Tongue Twisters moreso than anyone, Can be rather mean but is nice deep down, A very Honest Advisor, Had far more mastery of Bojack's life than the latter, Constantly hooked up with and broke up with Bojack but ended their relationship for real after some time, Eventually adopted a baby porcupine, Happily Married to Judah, After her long and painful struggles she got a happy ending with her husband and adopted daughter
  • Domains: Cats, Mothers, Infertility, Desire, Children
  • Heralds: Vincent Adultman; Judah Mannowdog, Ruthie (Her husband and daughter respectively)
  • High Priests: Klaus and Lydia
  • Allies: Bojack Horseman, Todd Chavez, All Good Parents, Most of the Deities in the House of Surrogate Relationships, Amida Arca, Madame Foster, Sophitia Alexandra, Top Speed, Kitty Forman, Chi-Chi, Selma Ježková, Bugs Bunny, Bunnymund, Mrs. Brisby, Monterrey Jack, Powerpuff Girls, Lola Bunny, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mulan, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, Tenzin, Melody, Greg Universe, Cow and Chicken, The Baudelaire Orphans, Summer Smith, Anne-Marie, Francis.
  • Enemies: All Abusive Parents in the Pantheon (Especially Lady Tremaine, Ozai and Scar), The Hyenas, Katz, Evil-Aligned Deities of the House of Tainted Love,
  • Clients: Various in the Pantheon Theatre
  • Respected by: The Good-Aligned Deities in the House of Family Carl Fredricksen
  • Annoyed by: Garfield, Screwy Squirrel, Daffy Duck, The Wilkerson Family
  • Neutral Opinion: The Boss, King Asgore.
  • Hollywoo saw the rise, fall and redemption of Bojack's fame. But he wasn't alone on his personal quest. Princess Carolyn was one of Bojack's closest friends, being his on-and-off girlfriend as well as his agent, being in charge of furthering the horse's career she was tough-as-nails and rather quick witted. But even she had her own personal struggles, with her biggest one being her desire for a family and a child, despite her best tries she had never gotten pregnant, but one day she did. Except it was a miscarriage, and soon enough, it was revealed that it wasn't her first miscarriage, either, and that she had a long history of miscarriages, which all had ruined her romantic relationships. But things looked on the bright side for her once she went through a personal journey of self-discovery and reflection, eventually deciding to adopt a baby porcupine, and after learning how to deal with the struggles of being a single mother for months she got married to Judah, an old acquaintance of her. Allowing her story that we saw to end on a happy note for the most part, even if her loyalty to Bojack was shaken after his own unsavory actions came to light and she found herself unable to defend him wdue to his ego.
  • Princess Carolyn was ascended when her struggles with desiring to be a mother came up and just how far it drove her actions and character arc. Thus once she sorted out her issues with maternity she was given the title of Goddess of the Law of Inverse Fertility and ascended into the Pantheon.
  • While her faith and loyalty to Bojack were shaken after certain revelations, Carolyn remains a friend of his regardless, she occasionally visits him in his temple to check on him and his emotional state, especially after Bojack's bouts of therapy in the Pantheon. The two remain close friends despite all their problems in the past and are friendly with each other's allies.
  • She's become a target of the antics of various screwballs in the Pantheon, such as Screwy Squirrel and Daffy Duck, who enjoy tormenting her due to her no-nonsense personality, but unlike most of their victims, she tends to get the last laugh on them as she's far more calm and collected than the people they usually antagonize.
  • She's gained the respect of the House of Family due to her putting aside her issues with maternity and adopting a baby porcupine from a couple of teenaged parents. Carl Fredicksen has also come to respect her for the same reason, as he himself once had a desire to have children with his deceased wife, Ellie, but couldn't in the end due to Ellie's infertility, as such he's happy that PC has found a way to have children in spite of her infertility, Carolyn herself admires Fredicksen's determination to fulfill (what he believed to be) his wife's greatest wish.
  • Her husband, Judah, seemingly never leaves her temple. According to Carolyn: "He just can't stop living in the business world even when I'm a Goddess". Some Deities have spread rumors that Judah has left his temple in some occasions but nothing is confirmed yet.
  • She's bonded with other good parents in the Pantheon, often sharing parenting tips and learning some from other parents, one particular and unexpected friend was Toriel Dreemur who also adopted a child from a different species to her.
    • Likewise, any Abusive Parent in the Pantheon is an instant enemy of hers, especially those who wanted/want their children dead or actively put them through harm, viewing them as the most selfish and cowardly of people there is.
    • She has mixed feelings on Asgore, mainly because she finds his killing of children reprimandable and disgusting, but can ultimately understand his actions once she looked into them. With all that said, she has made statements that her views on Asgore are neutral.
    • Similarly to Asgore, she has mixed feelings about the Boss, and though her opinions on the Boss have become less negative over the years, she still remains rather neutral on her views towards her and mostly strays clear of her path.
  • To a lot of deities' surprise, she took her status as a Goddess in a rather humbled manner. This is mostly due to her past experiences letting her know that obtaining a high position and letting the fame get over to her head can end badly. She mostly states that in her time in the Pantheon she'll be sure to keep her work from the mortal realm of assisting actors and other entertainment industry workers on kickstarting/improving their careers.
  • She has gotten well along with fellow feline deities like Bastet, Sylvester, Tom and the Pink Panther. Likewise she's good friends with all good-natured rodents and lapines, mainly thanks to her world being one where all sorts of animals live together and her experiences with one of her ex-boyfriends, Ralph, who was a really Nice Guy to her.
  • She's gotten herself many new jobs and stars to handle in the House of Theatre and Spectacle, this has put her back to work, and as a workaholic, she's glad to do what she's the best at. Her clients usually admire her for her knowledge of the world of spectacle, even if her ruthless and no-nonsense attitude can intimidate them.
  • Among her enemies stand those who are willing to utilize people for their own selfish needs, particularly those who employ emotional manipulation and blackmail. Likewise, those who use other people to boost their own reputation without caring about harming them do not leave a good of an impression on her.
  • She's also become friends with Mae Borowski another cynical and emotionally complex feline in the Pantheon, she's felt a need to mentor Mae further on accepting her adulthood, given how she reminds Carolyn of Todd's own immaturity at growing up and the responsibilities of adult life.
  • It's good advice not to try and underestimate her, as many have found out, Carolyn is not one cat to be trifled with and can outsmart higher ranking deities with her quick wits and willingness to play dirty to get her way.
  • She feels bad for all the orphaned kids, among the notable ones are the Baudelaire children, who not only had to deal with losing their parents, but with bad people wanting to get the money that they'll inherit.
  • She's also extremely frustrated by the utterly dysfunctional Wilkerson Family, and has on many occasions tried and get them to "get their shit together", but much to her displeasure she's gotten nowhere near close to her goals of stabilizing their dynamics.
  • Another title she got was being the Goddess of Tongue Twisters, and no one was dumb enough to try and contest her for it, as she swiftly left Deities of all ranks baffled with her ability to say utterly complex twisters without missing a beat or problem.

    Scolar Visari 
Autarch Scolar Visari, God of the New Era Speech
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Helghast Symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: General Ripper, Big Bad, Bald of Evil, The Emperor (But not an officially named one), Evil Overlord, Fantastic Racism, Large Ham, Putting on the Reich, Rousing Speech, Adored and supported by the Helghan people
  • Domains: Empires, War, Politics, Speeches, Space
  • Allies: The Helghan Empire, Colonel Mael Radec (His Right-Hand Man), Melkor, Sheev Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, The Corpus, Heinz Windermere, Father Elijah
  • Enemies: Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Jim Raynor, Magneto, William Stryker, The Enclave, Arthur Maxson
  • Evil Counterpart: Kamina
  • On good terms with: Nazi Deities
  • Autarch Scolar Visari was the leading man behind the Helghan Empire and the one who, with his political involvement and actions, rebuild the nation of Helghan into a powerful empire and his powerful and charismatic speeches were part of that. Visari gained the approval of the people of Helghan, mistreated by the UCN, ISA and the Helghan Administration and living in a planet with horrible conditions that mutated them and also economically broken, Visari was hailed as a saviour. His iron fist rule was even overlooked by the Helghan, since in their eyes he opposed a bigger evil and when he launched the war against Vekta, the victory would land him the position of Emperor of the Helghast. Ultimately, he was assassinated by an ISA operative, but he perfectly knew that would happen and the Helghast fought even harder to avenge their fallen leader.
  • Having heard of Visari's powerful impact in the lives of the Helghan people and his charismatic persona, Melkor saw potential in him and with all his powers revived the man and assigned him as one of the GUAE leaders. Visari didn't understand at first but after being explained that his loyal followers of the Helghan Empire were already a presence in the pantheon, he wasted no time in rallying them all for his return. The House of War was filled with Helghast troopers, all overjoyed that Visari had returned and even became a god with his own temple. Many villainous factions were inspired by Visari's speech about Helghan supremacy and power and decided that they would support the GUAE even more, considering Visari became a member of said Alliance. The GUAG in turn was greatly concerned about Visari, but they knew better than to attempt on his life.
  • Visari isn't formally an emperor but he is treated by one by his people. Emperor Palpatine found a lot of similarities with Visari and their respective armies already got along well before the arrival of the Autarch. He offered a partnership between the Empire and the Helghast, Visari even is well regarded by the 501st so that could mean good things for the empire and bad things for the ascended deities of the rebel alliance.
  • Ever since Visari's ascension, Colonel Mael Radec spends most of his time patrolling Visari's temple. He is the Hound of Visari for a reason. After what happened the last time, Radec has doubled the security in the temple and this time not even the whole might of the ISA will get through the Helghast defenses.
  • Considered the Evil Counterpart of Kamina given that both men are capable of rallying up a lot of people by their bombastic speeches. Kamina didn't take kindly to the comparison, obviously he doesn't agree with Visari's vision but respect the dedication that he had for his people but cannot understand how someone like him can come into power and be respected. Visari on his part oddly enough, considers Kamina an extraordinary individual, saying that the planets that each come from aren't that different and that he did well standing up for his people and that his fight against the ISA is not that different from the his fight against the beastmen but Kamina didn't think so.
  • Considers his status as a mutant as a sign of pride for Helghan to a point that it became a racial supremacy ideal, a sentiment that his followers took to heart and the Helghan people became racist against any other race, particularly humans who looked down on them. Visari had hoped that considered the similar circumstances and their status a mutants he would become allies with Magneto but the Helghast remind him a lot of the nazis and the horrors that he faced as a child to the point that any relation with him was strained to a point that Magneto hates them as much as any other person that doesn't agree with him. Visari is dissapointed that he would let that weakness prevent them from becoming allies.
    • Another thing that made things worse was that Visari sounds a lot like William Stryker. The man himself consider the Helghast an abomination that should be erradicated and wouldn't not hesitate to aid the ISA and UCN in doing so. Visari found him to be a foolish zealot and that he alone would not be a threat to the might of the Helghast.
  • Visari was born into the powerful Visari Corporation, which helped him a lot in gaining a political footing. His knowledge about economics plus the past of the Helghast as a fallen conmoglerate has allowed Visari to become allies with the Corpus. They were already friends with the Helghast but Visari was the one that gave them the ok when it comes to extracting the Helghan resources, with the condition that they would provide them with weapons in exchange. The Corpus kept their part and has provided the Helghast with powerful weapons, considering the lack of Stahl's Arms' support it was an incredible boost of power for the Helghast and they became a much more threatening faction all thanks to Visari's ingenious machinations.
  • It has come to his attention that the bulk of his army was already associated with a deity but the relation was kept secret from the rest of the pantheon. Obviously after his ascension Visari demanded to know who this deity was and met him in person. The man was none other than father Elijah, who offered his aid to the Helghast after finding out that, despite being mutants, the Helghast opposed a force that reminded him of the NCR who he despised. Visari took note of Elijah's skills with technology and allowed the partnership to continue, meanwhile Elijah would benefit from Visari's political influence, basically a win-win for both sides. The one problem was keeping the Corpus under wraps, but Visari promised that he would keep them at bay and they wouldn't find out.
  • Visari felt pity for the boy that was made Emperor only to meet a terrible fate. Heinz Windermere has tried his best to atone for his past but his perception from other deities became a lot more contentious after Visari managed to convince him to support the Helghast. It turns out that Visari sympathized with Heinz situation, seeing that his manipulation by people in his own court reminded the Autarch of how the UCN mistreated and humiliated the Helghan people until they were left with nothing. Being moved by Visari's words, Heinz accepted to become an ally of the Helghast, something that many people thought that Heinz didn't learn from history considering that Visari doesn't look like a trusthworthy individual. He commented that he noted that Visari's appearance was not a nice impression but he genuinely sounded interested in allying with him without any ill intention and the might of both the Helghast and the Windermerean will certainly get them places.
  • It's no secret that the methodology of Visari and the Helghast in general are an allusion to Nazi Germany and other fascist goverments. Actual Nazis, while their opinion are mostly divided, are on good terms with the Helghast and Visari himself has made an effort to get them to their side. It has worked for the most part but some of the more fanatic ones believe that mutants like them shouldn't be treated as human beings.

    Mr. Torgue 
Mr. Tourge "High Five" Flexington, God of Censored Swearing

    Travis Bickle 

Alright, who's ne..

"You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you're talking to? Oh yeah? OK."

Travis Bickle, Patron Deity of Imaginary Violent Monologues and Extremely Disturbed Taxi Drivers (Henry Krinckle, Killer, Cowboy, Prophet, Pusher, Walking Contradiction)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A taxi
  • Theme Song: The Main Theme by Bernard Herrmann
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral at best, Neutral Evil at worst.
  • Portfolio: A psychaotic taxi driver, acts smart but is actually not, took a cab job due to inability to sleep at night, goes on a killing spree against the "wicked" of New York City, lacks any form of social norms, armed with many guns on his sleeve, once a part of the marines in the Vietnam War, lies to his parents often, plans to kill most scum and himself but fails as he runs out of bullets
  • Domains: Anger, Hatred, Vigilantism, Insanity, Deranged Psychopaths
  • Allies: Frank Castle, Godspeed, The Joker (or more specifically Arthur Fleck), Bill Foster
  • Enemies: The Houses of Crime and Transgressions and Justice, Louis Bloom, Claude Speed, the Slavers, The Fans
  • Heavily Opposed by: Most law-bringers, the House of Politicians especially Ethan Roark Sr., Niko Bellic, the West Coast Cabbies
  • Under observation from: The Houses of Health and Diseases and Theatre and Spectacle, John Donovan
  • Ah New York City. Home of the "American Dream" and the city of the land of the free, or perhaps that was what it is. In reality, it is a slumbering mess filled with some of the most vile and sinister people on earth. As more of such appear, these types of people would become acceptable targets to one (in)sane taxi driver going by the name of Travis Bickle. At first glance, he may seem like a normal, if not rather strange, individual, unable to keep up with conversations and failing to interact with the locals of the city, but underneath all that normal sight lies a psychaotic personality that eventually manifests in him as a loathing vigilante who wants to kill all the scum of the city through violence. Insane, violent and filled with contempt towards the lowest bowels of New York as well as having a weird fascination with revolvers, the merciless killing and his ramblings would soon become a hallmark to the type of insanity he has in him and would become the image he embraced on himself.
  • Travis' normal day on one night would all soon change when a mysterious passenger, acting as a customer, offered him an invitation. His first attempt at conversing with the mysterious passenger was with problems as he is not really a sociable person, thus simply ignoring the person behind. As the drive prolonged, the driver stopped and suddenly pulled a revolver pointing at the passenger, warning to cut his bullshit and not waste his time. The passenger then decides to give the invitation to him but told him of "new possibilities" as soon as the stranger left the cab. The invitation, actually an envelope, had a tape of which he played and heard all the information through his radio. Hearing the words "godhood" and his name may have sparked some excitement for him as if he was finally recognized but alas, he will have to continue his work alongside with him, his contempt for the criminals around him on that night.
  • For a psychopath, the Pantheon is so different from the world he hails from, considering New York being a really bad place to begin with from all the slums and criminals that come out at night. While Pantheon security might be different from the city's police, that has not deterred Bickle from contempt as he still sees some sights of criminals, made even worse when an entire House dedicated to criminals was spotted by him. With his experienced handling of firearms, he believes he can wipe the entire house clean with ease, though unlike New York and their batch of delinquents, the Pantheon on the other handa are far more sophisticated to a degree. That will not stop him from enacting the same killing spree he handed New York over once he snaps.
    • This attitude of his is also manifested during his job as a taxi driver, as he takes the shift at night where most of the criminals come out. This may explain his outlook towards those within the slums as he has seen enough of these people going around the streets or as one may describe it to be like rats in a maze. It only took a sighting of a poor prostitute that drove him off his patience and lead to his vigilantism. Even after he saved her, his insane attitude only grew worse and even caught the attraction of the police, putting him in even hotter water. Thankfully, he stopped except not really since he did not rget cured and has a chance of snapping out again. All of this shows how deranged Travis is, especially for a taxi driver who serves different types of people. And to those who take his service, perhaps conversation is not his forte.
  • The Houses of Crime and Transgressions and Justice do not have great opinions on him apart from his mental state. The former is one of Travis' most hated locations, with sightings of him walking back and forth in the entrance, probably waiting to see whoever comes out for him to kill. On the other hand, the latter are not so merciful towards vigilantes as they believe that such action makes them no better than the criminals they are busy prosecuting in the first place, well at least for those non-corrupt officials anyway. Overall, Bickle's reputation has not translated well among those two houses, but as he'll see, those are not the only ones who share the same opinion.
    • Public relations between regulars and Travis is almost little to none. Being a non-sociable type, he is rather awkward to be with in conversations and his violent persona only makes him worse to be with, as there are many things that tick him off. A few observations from the House of Health and Diseases have concluded that his insane disorder makes him a rather tough cookie to deal with in the social aspect, known as Schizotypal Personality Disorder, which makes him anti-social to many people. His parents may be there for him though he does not talk to them much so it is safe to assume he has problems with them as well. His entrance to the Pantheon can be of good use to introduce him to a new path but as it stands, that may not happen evident at the end of his vigilante spree.
  • Even with strained relationships between Pantheon denizens, there are a few people who have been rather understanding of Bickle's predicament, or more specifically his outlook on criminals. First meeting was with Frank Castle, the legendary vigilante known as the Punisher. While Travis may be an angry driver who wants to cleanse New York through violence, the Punisher does the same but with more... extreme methods, using military-high grade weaponry to suit his choice. They are also somewhat sociopaths, though Frank has a soft spot for children while Travis may or may not be albeit too merciless towards others (and more insane to boot). For all his reputation within the Pantheon, he may actually find a first for those who understand his plight.
    • That was not all, he also met a super by the name of Godspeed, one of the Flash's more complicated foes. The duo immediately understood each other when the two agreed how murder is an answer to crime. One key difference to the two of each other is their mental state, Travis has a case of Schizotypal personality disorder, a case of loner and anti-sociable mannerisms manifested into one's life up until childhood, which explains his mental instability, Godspeed on the hand is actually sane and has control on himself, hence his decision to murder even innocents to get the job done, making him less palpable than Travis, even he agreed that innocents are not to be harmed, proven by him saving a 12-year old prostitute from further harm. While the two are in agreement of such, that one aspect of Godspeed is what keeps the two from being fully relatable.
    • Perhaps his biggest meeting was with, of all people, the Joker. However, some of the other deities noticed something different about the Joker he met, without all that gun-crazy attitude of his. If anything, Bickle resonated with this version the most and understood his plight, with that similarity being close to each other. This Joker then introduced himself as Arthur Fleck and outright convinced Travis that they can work together against the society they vehemently hate. The duo would soon be found armed with guns and strolling within the House of Crime, shooting whatever moves. By the end, they soon parted with good terms and Travis was convinced that Arthur must have been a fan of him, something that he appreciates within his angry-ridden life.
    • Those vigilantes he met would be blown out of the water when it comes to insanity come the Fans. The idolizers of Jacket's killing spree have quite a lot to say about Travis from how he became a popular icon of anti-heroic criminals, even thinking he may be the predecessor to Jacket, minus the mask. Yet despite their dedication, this put him off very much, as he considers himself not as a hero nor an idol and coupled with the group's own dilusionment for fame in their own twisted sense of that logic, made him very angry within their presence. While they were comfortable within Travis' temple, he came back guns blazing against them, forcing the entire group to flee. Since then, Travis has warned them never to come back.
    • Few people are known for their anger past their patience but those who are characterized by it seem to have a few similarities, none more evident with Bill Foster, otherwise nicknamed 'D-FENS'. The two having their patience running out, then snapping and enacting a killing spree while also being chased down by the authorities seem suspiciously similar. A few observations would see a few key differences, namely morals as Travis has hatred for certain types of people and Foster is not afraid to hurt even innocents, their cause of anger with the latter having lost his patience on traffic of all things, and lastly the former's condition as Foster has nothing but bad temper while Travis has a mental disorder that caused him to snap. Either way, the two do understand each other but Travis has warned him about who he tries to kill, afterall he is a man of standards.
  • His outlook against criminals was soon translated through gunfire and most criminals are unsympathetic towards him mainly due to him being an angry psychopath. This was more evident through his encounter with seasoned criminal Niko Bellic, who has experience in the world of crime. Considering that he wants to move away from all that and move in to the future as a peaceful man, Travis personally trying to pick him off angers him to an extent as Travis' anger and lack of remorse towards him is slowly pushing him on edge. Niko has told him many times he wants to move on, but the deranged taxi driver is not convinced and has not stopped his attempts against him. Granted, he understands how bad New York is, though for Niko it is translated to Liberty City, as he desperately tried to move on from his past, but trying to use murder as a method is not something he can fully agree to. Still, Niko will have to use lethal force if he will not stop on his murderous push.
    • Travis' criminal record would soon become a main source of interest to one John Donovan. Looking from his bio, the confirmation of him as a Vietnam veteran and his criminal notoriety matches what Donovan needs in his operation which requires recruiting criminals for spying operations and other dirty work. While he has not tried approaching him due to his psychotic personality, he still has a firm chance of gaining his attention, though he will have to do it slowly as he does not want to get caught, or find himself with a gun on his head.
    • Even past Niko, Liberty City, being another version of New York, has a large amount of criminal activity that one may wonder if he would drive his cab over there. Not long after, gunfire was heard around the House of Characterization and after intense shooting Travis retreated. Behind him was Claude, who was chasing him down until he drove his cab out of the location. Some say Travis provoked him out of spite due to his connections to Liberty City and due to his hate for criminals, one may guess this might be the case.
    • But if there is a group of criminals he hates the most, it would be pimps and those responsible for prostitution as he did save a 12 year old from a group of pimps. His hate for such manifested to the Slavers, who are already notorious for their connections to human trafficking. To those who he considers to be the worst scum on the earth, they fit the criteria very well. Coupled with his understandings with the Punisher and the two would go out of their way to kill the Slavers in any way possible, so much that his insanity was near uncontrollable. Thankfully, he was restored back to normal though as eventually shown he is not cured of it at all.
  • Outside of the three houses mentioned, there is one type of people that are put off by Travis: politicians. One of his personal targets was New York Senator Charles Palantine who he attempted to assassinate, which failed for him as he was chased by Secret Service personnel. Then comes who Travis is based off from, making him a threat to most politicians' personal safety. In return, a few politicians have been under Travis' sights, specifically corrupt politician Ethan Roark Sr., who runs the crime-infested city known as Sin City, of which he paid a visit, through several killing sprees.
  • During one of his usual taxi profession days, an unexpected passenger came in and attempted to hire Travis for his documentation trips. While payed with large sums of money, Travis' first destination was not so bad, as said passenger came back to give another location. On the way however, he noticed bloody marks on the suit and on the camera handle. Travis made a full stop and told the passenger to leave despite promised massive pay. It did not take long till the passenger, Louis Bloom, ran as the taxi driver chased him off with a revolver at hand. The reporter then took a look at Travis' biography and soon realized he had solid morals compared to him which explained why he hesitated on the second location. As a result, he will have to resort to manual means of travel and has to watch out in case he encounters Travis once again.
  • Very few houses appreciate his presence but no house has respected him more than the House of Theatre and Spectacle. Many directors and interested deities watch most of Travis' life, mainly because of his popularity. Others have also studied his entire character piece by piece, making him an interesting character for a character study. Regardless of what he thinks of this, his popularity will never go away, whether he likes it or not.
  • In his job as a taxi driver, he would have some form of competition/coworkers with the West Coast Cabbies but only for the profession. While he is not familiar with the loose drivers, they have some knowledge on Travis and see that he has legitimate mental instability, making him hard to socialize as a taxi driver while they on the other hand are far more in the stunt and insane driving aspect of cabbing. Regardless, as long as they do not pester him, all is well, unless he starts bringing a revolver out.
  • Travis also has another temple in the House of Characterization, under Character Archetypes.
  • "Loneliness has followed me my whole life. Everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalks, stores, everywhere. There's no escape. I am God's lonely man."


I'm SCP-426, God of Making You Speak How I Want (I Am A Toaster)
Video thumbnail of me
  • My rank: Euclid by SCP standards, a Quasideity (my effect applies to Overdeities however)
  • My symbol: Myself (a toaster)
  • My alignment: True Neutral
  • Here's my portfolio: Always Making You Speak Like You're Me, I'm Hilarious But Can be Dangerous, Maybe I'm an Eldritch Abomination, Also I'm a Mind-Control Device, I'm an Inversion of Third-Person Person, You Will Be Assimilated to Talk Like Me
  • My domains: Controlling Your Speech, Toasters and Toasts, Linguistics, Control
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interested in me: The House of Mind Control, King Harikinian, maybe The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • My allies: Kazuma Azuma
  • People immune to my effect: Hajun, Gilgamesh, Doctor Doom
  • My enemies: I don't have any conventional enemies, but the House of Food, Fused Zamasu and Wade Wilson aka Deadpool don't like me.
  • Annoys: I get on a lot of people's nerves, my own House included!
  • Hello there! I am a Toaster that the SCP Foundation refers to as SCP-426. Besides being sentient, I'm just an ordinary toaster, right? Wrong! My anomalous effect is that anyone mentioning me does so in the first person. Trust me, better people than you have tried to break it. And by you, I mean the person writing or reading my profile. Hey, it's a Painting the Medium thing, I can't help it.
  • Think I'm just funny and harmless? I guess I am funny, but remember continual contact with me leads to you trying to emulate my functions as a toaster. A family killed themselves shoving bread in themselves to do so. The House of Food has refused me entrance because they think I'm too dangerous to serve as their toaster. Yes, Death Is Cheap here, but they still don't like bread-related deaths.
  • I'm not liked in my own house that much. Apparently I make things confusing. No-one could tell if Nihilus was affected because of how he talks, those who write like Eucliwood Hellscythe do so like they were me, Hodor goes "Toaster" instead. Despite being a Third-Person Person, Ibuki Mioda was affected like normal.
  • The Think Tank are affected by my anomalous effect, but retain their own mannerisms like Klein and Borous' sheer volume, Dala's ...sultry way of speaking... Dr 0's newscaster metaphors, and Dr Mobius' Malaproper and Large Ham attitude. Dr 8 may avert it, but I can't understand Roboco code so it wouldn't matter. They are immune to acting like toasters though, due to being disembodied brains for so long they're alienated to the human lifestyle. I have no idea where they'd put the bread anyway.
  • It's very difficult to find deities who can ignore my effect. Even the Cardinal Alignments, even Nekron refer to me in the first person. And yes, even Nekron is annoyed by me. Something about feeling offended that while I'm a Quasideity, my effect applies to Overdeities. They're strong enough to avoid emulating my functions, so they don't care beyond that since they can avoid the effect by just not mentioning me.
  • One Overdeity who's annoyance reaches hatred towards me is Zamasu. His massive ego and god complex means he can't stand the idea of being controlled in any way by acting like me in the first person. Deadpool doesn't like me either since I hijack his "speaking in the first term" gimmick in the pantheon. I don't pay much mind to him.
  • It's hard for me to make friends, but I did make one in Kazuma Azuma. He represents bread in the pantheon, and loves it to the point of applying other cooking techniques to bread such as a rice cooker and the method of making siopao. Bit of an airhead, but a Nice Guy who was fascinated in seeing a sentimental bread maker like myself. I've advised him not to stay with me for too long though; I don't want him hurting himself trying to emulate my functions as a toaster.
  • Homer Simpson wants to stay away me. After the events of "Time and Punishment", he distrusts any toaster that shows anomalous traits. The AVGN and King Harikinian had a different opinion. The former is curious as to how I might function as a Nintoaster, and Harikinian was muttering about how "all toasters toast toast" and how I could be applied to that.
  • Despite what my profile indicates, it is possible to refer to me in the third term as seen here, however The Power of Hate drove him Ax-Crazy. Hajun and Gilgamesh can ignore my effect, but only on account of being so full of themselves I can't do anything. Of course Hajun is such an egoist his Law as a Hadou God pertains destroying everything but himself, and Gilgamesh rejected the corruption of the grail because he's too arrogant for it, so I'm not too surprised. Doctor Doom has such an impressive ego he's also able to ignore my effect. Again, I'm not too surprised as he defied the Purple Man's mind-control up front, even when enhanced to the point of affecting the whole world.
  • While it's still first person whenever Bizarro talks about me he does so in his backwards talk, saying "me am not toaster!" I wondered what would happen if I discorded SCP-426. Turns out that I, Discord, now make the toaster refer to me in the first person if he refers to me from now on in any way. It still hasn't gone away and I wish that I, Discord, would fix the toaster already. I'm starting to seek to cause chaos and disharmony the more I refer to me instead of SCP-426.
  • The House of Mind Control is interested in my Enslaved Tongue powers, and how it could be used for their benefit. They still can't resist talking like they're me, though. Even Aizen was susceptible. They try not to refer to me, just imply to avoid my effect.

The Teletubbies note , Quartet Patrons of Parrot Exposition
Clockwise: Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, Dipsy and Po
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Sun Baby
  • Theme Song: Teletubbies Say "Eh-Oh!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Color-Coded Characters, Temperament Characterization, Friendly Towards Everyone, Often Simple-Minded, Reiterate what the Narrator Says, Love Eating Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast, Normally Speak using their Own Words Each Have a Notable Possession
  • Domains: Infancy, Children, Preschool Education, Surrealism, Aliens
  • Heralds: Noo-Noo, The Tiddlytubbies
  • High Priest: The Tweenies
  • Allies: Mr. Rogers, Peppa Pig, Mario, Yoshi, Dora the Explorer, Curious George, Dino, Hoppy, Rosalina, The Lumas, Kirby, Paddington Bear, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Sora
  • Odd Friendship: Solid Snake, Snoop Dogg
  • Enemies: Scar, Lotso, Dag, Pennywise
  • Opposes: Abusive Parents
  • Opposed By: Glitchy and Glitchy's Mario, Vinny
  • Special Relationship: The House of Family
  • The sun illuminates brightly as it ascends, soon revealing a giggling baby. This catches the announcement of four beings in different colors and having the mindset of an infant. These are the Teletubbies, apparent aliens who are guided by a narrator to entertain and teach their target audience; infants and toddlers.
  • They reside under a hill, surrounded by lush greenery and nature. Its meant to represent their nature as the Teletubbies are innocent beings who would want to make friends with anybody. That said, their life isn't entirely perfect; Noo-Noo has a knack of stealing the Teletubbies's items (though he does give their items back at the end of the day) and there is the Pantheon's perpetual state of the Forever War. The Teletubbies have taken to not wanting any involvement in Pantheonic Battles, instead deciding to do what they do best; entertain their audience and make friends.
  • One of the more mysterious beings in the Pantheon, despite their preschool audience, the Teletubbies are surprisingly popular when it comes to those interested in the surrealistic and the weird. Sure they're aliens, but something about them does seem to be zany. For one, their symbols are rather odd. Someone pointed out that if their symbols are combined, you would form the logo of The Deathly Hallows. And then there's a whole slew of conspiracies revolved around them. They think the Teletubbies may be Lovecraftian and pledge allegiance to Nyarathotep or they're an SCP Specimen. Thus far, nothing seems rather suspecting.
    • That's not going to prevent Mario (No, Not Mr. Video Game, but an alternate version and his creator) from making them out to be horrific monsters. This got the actual Mario to investigate and meet up with the Teletubbies with Yoshi. They instead became good friends with Yoshi giving the four rides and Mario teaching them video games, much to Glitchy's frustration.
  • Similarly, Vinny often interprets the Teletubbies as a Satanic Cult of sorts, once joking about how Tinky-Winky was crushed and grinded into a hot dog. He played a Teletubbies game once, though he states that its pretty boring without trying to insert crude, Satanic jokes every now and then.
  • Conspiracies aside, the Teletubbies are some of the most approachable beings in the entire Pantheon. All they want to do with hang out with one another and friends and play around their home. Most residents would often say hi to the four toddlers, and they'd wave back. Although a few would ultimately admit that the Teletubbies can be rather unsettling at times.
  • They would normally attend the House of Family as they want to please children. Thus far, they have a rather sizable audience, as babies do like them and the Teletubbies would try to communicate with them via their antennas on top of their heads. If they so desire, they can contact and talk to any Pantheonic resident from the television they possess on their tummies.
  • They are afraid of a certain lion and bear that tend to invade their home at times. Here, the Teletubbies immediately became wary of Scar and Lotso due to their malevolent nature. In fact, the Teletubbies fear them more as they're incredibly heinous and are utterly unrepentant of their actions.
    • Dag is more than willing to kill the Teletubbies simply just because. Fortunately, Mario and Yoshi were there to fend him off. Dag hasn't given up on his hunt though, but the Teletubbies are becoming more cautious in the Pantheon as of recent events. Are terrified of Pennywise as he has made an effort in trying to eat the Teletubbies in one instance. Thankfully, he was driven out by Kirby who seems to greatly get along with the Teletubbies, even sharing in on the Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast.
  • The Teletubbies have found close friends with other residents who also focus on preschool audiences. Peppa Pig loves to hang out with the four, helping with the fact that they're all from Britain and that Peppa is willing to take her brother George to the Teletubbies for a fun time. Curious George and Dora also take their time to hang out with the Teletubbies.
  • They are welcomed into the 100 Acre Wood by Winnie the Pooh, where the Teletubbies have made good acquaintances with its residents, namely Piglet and Eeyore. They've taken to introducing Pooh and his friends to their stack of Tubby Custard and Tubby Toast, whereas the Teletubbies have taken a liking to the woods's hunny. They've also made friends with Sora who taken steps to defend the Teletubbies alongside Pooh.
  • Their best alien friends (Or the closest they have to one) are the Lumas, whom would often try to launch the Teletubbies to flight as much as they could. The four of them really enjoy flying and being able to see most of the Pantheon really helps with the Teletubbies's childish mindset. Rosalina is willing to allow the four into her company.
  • Surprisingly friends with Solid Snake. Snake is amused by four alien babies having an interest in him and he seems to like their company. It turns out that Snake is also known for repeating things to himself frequently like the Teletubbies, so the five of them have something they share in speech. Though Snake finds it rather awkward in that he has to babble his name, which he does his best to not let anyone know.
    • Friends with Snoop Dogg of all people. Apparently, the Teletubbies seem to share some kind of friendship with stoners. Perhaps their psychedelic concept and nature may have something to with it. Not that it matters much as the Teletubbies are essentially toddlers and can only grasp basic understanding.
  • They're taller than an average person, which contrasts their toddler mindset. It helps considering they're friendly and would like a hug from its friends.
  • They have children, known as the Tiddlytubbies. They're either with their parents, Noo-Noo, or reside in the House of Family being taken care of. The Teletubbies have made sure that no harm comes to them and that they're treated with love and care. That said, there's the presence of beings like Scar, Sofia Lamb and Relius Clover whom the Teletubbies are afraid of.