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Coat Over the Shoulder

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A cool-looking way of carrying your coat, and a step up from the Coat Cape — this character isn't wearing their coat at all, but instead, they hold it casually slung over their shoulder. It's not only used to indicate that a character is cool, but also a certain amount of self-confidence and nonchalance.

Often used as a Modeling Pose.

Also related to Dramatic Wind and Badass Cape. Compare Coat Cape for another cool-looking (if less than practical) way of "wearing" a coat.


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  • Practically in every political ad, particularly when the candidate is looking directly into the camera.

    Anime and Manga 

    Film — Live-Action 
  • The movie Charly (an adaptation of Flowers for Algernon) begins with Charlie trying and failing to flip his coat over his shoulder in a cool way.
  • In Twins (1988) (the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny Devito film), Danny gets them matching sets of cool white suits. They simultaneously flip their jackets, with Arnold's jacket floating over Danny.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Kamen Rider Stronger: Shigeru Jo.
  • Booth from Bones has a tendency to do this.
  • Castle: Rick Castle has his jacket over his shoulder when Beckett's supervisor tells her that he's going to be helping her on the case in the very first episode. He oozes self-confidence.
  • The Mentalist: Jane ALWAYS is wearing the same blue, three piece suit, season after season. But occasionally, he takes off his jacket and carries his coat over his shoulder.
  • One episode of Saved by the Bell has Zack showing this to Screech. Zack was forced by Mr. Belding to take his niece out while she was in town, but it was Kelly's birthday that day, so his plan was to have Screech take his place on the date and was teaching him how to "be cool" like him.
  • The X-Files:
    • Agent Mulder at least once. Though carrying a suit jacket over his shoulder isn't a thing he would do often.
    • In "Dreamland I", Kersh's secretary thinks she scored with Agent Mulder, but it was in fact his body switched doppelgänger. When she passes Agent Scully in the hall of Mulder's apartment building, she looks at Scully as if she was saying "I won" and confidently tosses her jacket over her shoulder.
  • Jack McCoy was seen to do this periodically on the original Law & Order.


    Video Games 


    Western Animation 

Alternative Title(s): Coat Over Shoulder