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Stock Poses is a meta-trope of memorable individual poses for humans, animals, or a human-animal combinations like a rider on a rearing horse. These poses may have a notably recent origin, like Charlie's Angels for the Angels Pose, or they may be iconic poses from famous works of art like Pietà Plagiarism.

    Indexed list of tropes 
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Abbey Road Crossing
Air Guitar
Air Quotes, Poor Yorick Gothic Couple Pose
Angry Collar Grab Fist-Shake Pose Pose a Mountain of Corpses Badasses
Back-to-Back Poster
"Back to Camera" Pose Arm-Fold
"Basic Instinct" Legs-Crossing Parody
Between My Legs Gesture Time Pose
"The Breakfast Club" Poster Homage Carry It
The Burlesque of Venus Morgan Pose Over the Shoulder Boss
Contrapposto Pose Power, Girlish Flirt Pose of Loneliness Your Kill
Crucified Hero Shot into Chest
Cute Indignant Girl Stance Glare Look
Dope Slap
Dynamic Akimbo Backwards Chair-Sitting
Every Proper Lady Should Curtsy Position Rebirth
Finger Framing Wag
Fist of Rage Pump
Flipping the Bird Popping Couch Fist of Doom Get Your Head Together
Hand-or-Object Underwear Seals
Head-and-Hip Pose Desk Hero over Head
Horseback Heroism Power Clash Shot Jima Pose Halves Shot Slide Stare"Last Supper" Steal on the Furniture Cling Lotus Position
"Lion King" Lift Position Maneuver
Mermaid Arc Emergence the Giant Cow Confrontation Shot Poses Lisa Smile Morality Pose Dance Like a Shot Carry on Cheek Pose
Pec Flex
Pelvic Thrustà Plagiarism of Silence of Supplication
Potty Dance Power Walk Pose
Pstandard Psychic Pstance
Quizzical Tilt
Reaching Towards the Audience Horse Relaxation Handclasp Reigner
Reclining Venus Arm-Fold Stack"The Scream" Parody Connery Is About to Shoot You
Sexy Figure Gesture Pepper's Shout-Out Finger-Twiddling Steal Sitting Sexy on a Piano of Villainy
Stab the Sky Power-Up Pose"Staying Alive" Dance Pose
Stock Clock Hand Hang"Super Sentai" Stance Plant Pointing
Team Shot Pose
Three-Point Landing
Throat-Slitting Gesture Carry Fetal Position
Twisted-Knee Collapse of Togetherness, Up and Away! Character Splash Team Shot Pose
Villainous Face Hold Vitruvian Pose Slump Across the Shoulder Take"YEAH!" Shot

Alternative Title(s): Stock Pose