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Impending Clash Shot

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My body is ready, bub.
A Stock Pose common in video games, covers, and art. It features one character about to exchange blows with another one; the angle doesn't matter, but it's usually shot Over the Shoulder.

One side typically looks as if it has an advantage. Other instances feature a sense of symmetry by having the characters balance each other out; whether by having a superior-looking weapon against an intimidating looking "partner", or by having both look like they can kick each other's butt.

This isn't limited to covers and still art. Motion pictures can also make use of this in the form of Hit Stop, where instead of Overcranking and stopping on impact, they stop it when they're about to hit.

Thematically, it emphasizes impending conflict or battle. Sometimes Rule of Cool applies when the battle is ongoing and the fighters are about to unleash fiercer blows to each other.

Closely related to Charge-into-Combat Cut, but instead of cutting into something else, it simply just cuts to end scene altogether if it does cut after the pre-clash. See also Mirrored Confrontation Shot, which is similarly about impending conflict, contrast with Fearful Symmetry, where the participants are already at it. Related to Hit Stop, which is used for emphasizing impact. Compare Versus Character Splash, where character portraits juxtaposed to each others are used as prelude to a fight in Video Games.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Attack on Titan
    • This features Eren in mid air with the 3DMG Dual Blades about to clash with the Colossal Titan in volume 1's cover. also present in a different angle in the form of a Hit Stop in the anime's opening,
    • Besides that, "pre clash" Hit Stops also crop up in other shots within the anime along with Midair Motion Shots.
  • Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z
    • At least one per fighting antagonist arc, an episode will have a picture (usually based on a panel from the manga) of either the characters charging into the fray or one if not both at ready fighting stances.
      • Like before Goku fights King Piccolo in Dragon Ball.
      • And Freeza charging (flying) with his energy aura at Goku's super Saiyan Kamehameha in DBZ.
  • This happens often at the end of Mobile Fighter G Gundam episodes, usually after Domon has defeated this week's opponent and next week's comes flying at him.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Rocky III ends with Rocky and Apollo about to punch each other in an unofficial match either to see who'd win or just for the sport.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Rather than a poster or still, this how the 2014 NWA Vendetta Pro April Cruel's Day trailer ends, regarding Billy Blade and Kadin Anthony.

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 


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