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Pelvic Thrust

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With your hand on your hips, you bring your knees in tight.
But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insa-a-a-a-a-ane.
Let's do the Time Warp again!
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, "The Time Warp"

Stock Pose where a character thrusts his or her pelvis outward. It is like the Pelvis Pose, but its implications tend toward the lewd or Jerkass side of the spectrum.

A character who does pelvis thrusts is usually crass or forward, and the motion tends to offend other characters, commonly of the female persuasion.

The pelvis thrust can manifest in a variety of ways. The character can do a single thrust for emphasis; several slow thrusts in a flirtations or come-hither manner; or a series of pelvis thrusts or circular revolutions as a form of mockery, celebration, or taunting.

The pelvic thrust is also a dance move popularized by the likes of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. Some musicians or characters can use this dance to entice onlookers successfully; it may be accompanied by a hand over the crotch. Many musicians do pelvic thrusts to simulate sexual intercourse while performing a song that's about Intercourse with You. However, outside of music, pelvic thrusts will typically be off-putting.



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    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show. The pelvic thrust is one of the main dance moves in The Time Warp.
  • The Big Lebowski: A cocky bowler named Jesus lewdly thrusts his pelvis in a circular fashion to taunt the others in the bowling alley.
  • Ace Ventura: The title character displays very exaggerated pelvic thrusts when he is excited.
  • In You Got Served there are a bevy of dance routines that involve the group doing pelvis thrusts. They also pair this with point directly at their crotch areas to taunt their challengers.

    Live-Action TV 
  • World's Dumbest...: In one clip from "World's Dumbest Performers 12", a puppeteer on an Angolan talk show brings out his marionette, which he then proceeds to perform in a rather suggestive manner, including plenty of pelvic thrusts... which he even has the puppet do to the host's face while he lies on the floor. Some of the commentators are understandably confused, and even disturbed by this.

  • Elvis Presley was one of the first to do this dance move on-stage. It was rather shocking for its time, and was obviously controversial.
  • Michael Jackson is famous for his various dance moves involving pelvis thrusts. He also pairs this with pelvic poses where he places a hand over the crotch.
  • Miguel does this a lot in his videos and stage performances. One such performance evolved/devolved into a show of public sex-mimicry.
  • In Miley Cyrus's now infamous MTV performance, she makes a real show of doing repeated pelvis thrust in front of the audience and Robin Thicke's general pelvic region.

    Music Videos 

    Video Games 
  • Waluigi in Mario Strikers has his crotch chop victory pose, which is exactly what is sounds like.
  • Incineroar, the Heel Pokémon, the final form of the fire starter Litten in Pokémon Sun and Moon, with a 'belt' made of flames, does a pelvic thrust whenever it does a special fire attack.
  • One of the Skullmonkeys sings about doing this (and even demonstrates it on-screen) in the ending cutscene of their game during the victory song.

    Western Animation 
  • In Duckman, the titular character's Happy Dance is nothing but Pelvic Thurst.
  • In Family Guy Peter and Quagmire both do this move frequently. Peter often does this to annoy other characters in the show, especially his daughter Meg. Quagmire does this because his pelvis has a mind of its own, and the movement is often accompanied by his catchphrase "Giggity!"
  • In the 10th anniversary special of The Powerpuff Girls, when Mojo Jojo is destroying Townsville with his giant robot, he makes it do several such thrusts to celebrate.
  • The Simpsons: When Homer & family attend a Brand X Cirque du Soleil performance, the performers come into the audience and one of them ends up repeatedly sticking his crotch in Homer's face.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants. The pelvic thrust is one of the moves on the title character's bubble-blowing technique. He even calls it out as such.

    Real Life 
  • When Rita Moreno was presented with a Lifetime Acheivement Award from the SAG Awards, she came onstage and danced around with presenter Morgan Freeman, then gave a couple of pelvic thrusts which Freeman joined in on.


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