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During a heated conversation an enraged character will grab another character by the collar, typically with both hands, pull them close and shout something dramatic right into their face.

This move is likely to be used as part of a Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique or when making somebody come to their senses. Might be followed by a Minion Maracas.

Compare the more intense Neck Lift, where one character grabs another character by the neck and actually lifts them up, and Villainous Face Hold, where it's the face that's grabbed contemptuously. See also Dragged by the Collar, Necktie Leash and Shake Someone, Objects Fall.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Your Name: When Taki (in Mitsuha's body) tries to convince Mitsuha's father to evacuate Itomori, he brushes it off as either a bid for attention or mental illness, and picks up the phone to call the hospital. Taki loses his temper and yanks the older man forward by his necktie, shocking him.
  • The Promised Neverland: During Don's breakdown after learning the truth about Grace Field House, he ends up angrily slugging Norman and Ray in the face over them keeping the secret from him. He then grabs Emma by her shirt front in order to do the same thing to her. Fortunately for her, he stops himself short of doing so as he can't bring himself to harm her even in his rage, so he lets her go and walks outside to cool down.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • Misty did it to Ash a couple times during Pokémon: The Original Series, as seen here. More often than not he was asking for it.
    • A thoroughly well-deserved example is Brock doing it to Damian, who was just bragging about abandoning his Charmander and refused to go back for it, even though it was caught in a rainstorm and in mortal danger.

    Comic Books 
  • Blacksad: Early on in the first album, the titular detective searches for his girlfriend's stalker, who is a florist, and grabs him by the collar with a pistol on his mouth.
  • Batman: Tim Drake gets yanked around by his collar by two out of the three Batmen he worked with as Robin, only Dick didn't do so. When Bruce picked him up by the collar in apparent anger it was a mock fight they'd set up ahead of time. In Robin (1993), Azrael tried to kill him after grabbing him by the collar and pinning him. This didn't work out for Azrael as Tim had already weaponized his costume to prevent this sort of thing.
  • Superman:
    • The Hunt for Reactron: During one argument, Supergirl grabs the collar of Flamebird's suit as shouting her before punching her into a car.
    • Death & the Family: As interrogating Inspector Henderson, who is at the time kneeling on the floor, Silver Banshee grabs his collar and lifts him up.
    • The Phantom Zone: Superman rudely and roughly grabs the collar of Thul-Kar's robe as asking whether the wizard will answer his questions willingly or will need to have them beaten out of him.
    • The Dominator War: When interrogating Plant Lad, who has just revealed to be a traitor to the Legion of Super-Heroes, Timber Wolf angrily grabs him by the collar and demands answers.

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 
  • In the light of day is fading, Yuuri does this to Death himself in order to get him to release Victor's soul.
  • In My Master Ed, Edward grabs Hohenheim by the collar to emphasize how much he doesn't want to be worshipped.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In The Great Houdinis, Harry's "audition" in London involves being arrested. He doesn't try to resist, but angrily grabs an officer who tries to arrest Bess.
  • In Mackintosh and T.J., a man grabs T.J.'s front while accusing him of theft.
  • In Midwinter Night's Dream, Lazar does this to a man who harasses Jasna while she's working as a waitress.
  • In The Naked Gun 2˝, Frank does this to two almost dead guys in order to press information from them. His aggressive approach doesn't work out for him though. Watch the scene here.
  • Two examples from The Room. Denny yells "You're not my fucking mother!" at Lisa's mother, provoking her to start yanking his shirt collar. Later Mark grabs Peter by his jacket during their heated argument on the rooftop and shakes him hard.
  • In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, after Roger is confronted with evidence of his wife Jessica cheating, Eddie Valiant jokes that "the dames will be breaking his doors down". An angry Roger jumps on him and grabs him by the collar, ranting that he and his wife were going to be happy again before storming out through the window.
  • In Zig Zag (2002), Singer does this to an employee at the Monkey Cage for calling ZigZag a retard. Towards the end of the movie, Hawke does it to Walters because he's sick of his rude behavior.

  • An infuriated Miranda does this to Arnie in Dr. Franklin's Island — but she does it in "the white place" where she has some control of her shape, so while standing and looking mostly human she grabs him with a taloned bird foot.
  • In The Nowhere Girls, Rosina's mami angrily grabs the front of her shirt after Principal Slatterly falsely accuses her of being a drug addict.
  • In Fractured Stars, Axton warns Dash, "If you so much as piss wrong, I'll pound you into the deck and report you to HQ for insubordination." Dash says, "Insubordinate... pissing?" Axton picks him up by the front and shouts, "Watch your tongue, or I'll blazer it out!"

    Live-Action TV 
  • One episode of Are You Being Served?, 'The Hold Up', had the Camp Gay Mr Humphries playing a mob thug. He does this with one of the actual thugs in one scene. Except that Humphries, being the shorter man, yanks the thug down to his level.
  • The Barrier: When Alejo is found dead in the police headquarters, Enrique grabs a random policeman by the collar while angrily telling him to find the killer.
  • The criminal surgeon Doctor Mayfield from the Columbo episode "A Stitch in Crime" seizes the persistent detective by his overcoat lapels, seemingly in a passion to perform surgery over answering questions. However, Columbo notes that this behavior is an Out-of-Character Moment for Mayfield, and correctly deduces that Mayfield used this collar grab to conceal damning evidence.
  • Firefly: In "Out of Gas", Mal grabs Wash by the collar and yells at him to get up to the bridge. Wash is understandably panicky because Zoe was knocked unconscious in an explosion and Wash refuses to leave her. However, he's the pilot, Simon is giving Zoe good medical care, and Mal desperately needs him to get on the bridge and help Kaylee find out why Serenity exploded and went dead before they all die.
  • Good Omens (2019): When Aziraphale calls Crowley "nice" he gets this, nose-to-nose with the furious demon for using such a "four-letter word" to describe him.
  • In the Here Come the Brides pilot, Joshua does this to a sailor who makes fun of Jeremy's stutter.
  • In the Kamen Rider Series, characters do that a lot in dramatic adversity. For example, in Kamen Rider 555, the Creepy Good Masato Kusaka, often holds The Hero Takumi Inui's collar while scolding him for being responsible of other's suffering, when he's actually plotting for him to not be around.
  • The Untamed: Jiang Cheng does this regularly, usually to Wei Wuxian when the latter is doing something to annoy him more than usual.
  • Vikings: Viking Rollo has an Old French lesson, trying to overcome a Language Barrier at court in Paris, and boy, he does not enjoy himself. The lesson ends when he flips out: he tears a page from a (no doubt very precious) book, tears it into tiny pieces, crumples them and is suddenly fluent in Angrish gibberish that resembles Old French. He then flips his own table, grabs his teacher by the collar and flings him across the room. He storms out of the room and knocks down a chair for good measure.
  • In Without a Trace, Agent Martin Fitzgerald does this with an uncooperative suspect he's interrogating, warning him "Do you know what they do to guys like you in prison?!", prompting his supervisor to do the same thing to him (though it's his arm, rather) to get him to calm down.

    Web Comics 
  • Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic: With his Cloudcuckoolander attitude, Cap'n Fang manages to make several characters angry which results in him getting pulled close by the collar and being shouted at repeatedly, like with Captain Corona and Arachnee.
  • Girl Genius: They're not actually wearing shirts, but Agatha grabs Tarvek and Gil's harnesses up near their collarbones to yank them close and yell at them in this strip.
  • Vikki from Furry Experience grabs her close friend Ronnie by the lapels in the Tuesday 13 March 2012 strip because Vikki must walk on eggshells around her zealously Mormon roommates, and needs Ronnie to desist being a jerkass by snarking at their beliefs.
  • Lackadaisy: Viktor yanks Rocky, who infuriates him on the regular, around by his shirt collar on several occasions. And by his neck itself at least once.
  • Never Satisfied: When January, attempting to make small talk with Seiji, accidentally strikes a nerve, he quickly grabs her by the collar and threatens her.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: This has happened a couple times:
    • Reynir does this to Lalli during his Cabin Fever moment in Chapter 15.
    • When Reynir runs off to the church on his own in Chapter 19, Sigrun does this to him after catching up with him.
  • Unsounded: Stockyard angrily grabs Elan's collar to yell at his face and then shove him out of the room when Elan questions his superior's involvement in the smuggling plot.

    Western Animation 
  • In the pilot of The Cleveland Show, Cleveland does this to Federline when telling him not to try anything strange with Roberta on their date.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Summer of 4 Ft. 2", Lisa does this to Bart when confronting him over revealing her true geeky nature to her new friends out of jealousy.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • In "Slick Hare", Humphrey Bogart asks waiter Elmer Fudd for an order of fried rabbit. Elmer tells him that they're fresh out of rabbit but Bogart grabs him by the collar and gives him one hour to get him that rabbit, or else.
    • Played with in "Tortoise Beats Hare", where Bugs Bunny grabs Cecil Turtle by the shell, which comes right out.
  • DuckTales
    • "Where No Duck Has Gone Before": In Major Courage's first scene, he sees Scrooge and company and grabs the director by the collar, demanding to know what the "clowns" are doing hanging around his set. When the director tells him Scrooge owns the studio, Courage immediately lets go of him in favor of flattering his new boss.
    • In the episode "Jungle Duck", the eponymous Jungle Duck, who happens to be the long-vanished Prince Greydrake, pulls his uncle close by the collar when the latter doesn't want to step down from the throne that rightfully belongs to the prince.
  • In Gravity Falls episode "Fight Fighters", Robbie does this to Dipper after the latter ends up destroying his phone.
  • The titular wallaby in the Rocko's Modern Life episode "Rocko's Happy Sack" does this to Filburt at the supermarket after the latter made Rocko miss the 99% deal and threatens him to change the total back before he does something NOT NICE!
  • Mickey Mouse in the 1995 short cartoon "Runaway Brain" finds himself in a Shackle Seat Trap while Mad Scientist Doctor Frankenollie throws the Big Electric Switch. This results in the mind of Mickey Mouse being transferred to the body of a hulking, brutish monster, and vice versa. The monster-minded Mickey Mouse bursts his bonds and goes running around loose. The Mickey-minded monster seizes the Mad Scientist by his lapels and demands that he reverse the process. Unfortunately, Frankenollie has been reduced to a skeleton by his own device, and crumbles to dust, leaving Mickey holding an empty lab coat.
    Real Life 
  • Prince Harry revealed in his memoir Spare that his brother William did this to him twice. Once during an argument at his house, the culmination of which was William outright knocking him to the floor, the second time during an argument after their grandfather's funeral so as to force him to look at him and maintain eye contact.