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    R. Lutece 
Robert Lutece and Rosalind Lutece, The Gods Who Finish the Other's Sentences (Robert: A Gentleman, Male Lutece; Rosalind: A Lady, Female Lutece)
Robert (left) and Rosalind (right) Lutece

Greater Gods

    Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb 
Gai Kurenai, God of Heroic Creeds (Ultraman Orb, The Galaxy's Shining Star, The Shooting Star Flying Through the Galaxy, Hero of Light, Origin the First, Orb Trinity, The Sunset Wanderer)
Click here  to see Origin the First
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Intermediate Gods

    Daniel Bryan 
Daniel Bryan, God of the Big "YES!" (Bryan Lloyd Danielson, Daniel Bryan Danielson, American Dragon, The Greatest of All Time, Goat Face, World's Toughest Vegan, The New Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryrock)
  • Theme Song: "Flight of the Valkyries" (normally) and "Monster" by Imagine Dragons (Wrestlemania XXX).
  • Intermediate God (his fanbase wants to elevate him to Greater God/Overdeity levels though)
  • Symbol: A shirt with the words "YES! YES! YES!" on it, alternatively a flying goat.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with shades of Laughably Evil (as a face), Neutral Evil as a heel.
  • Portfolio: Those doing whatever it takes to win, insane guys with epic wrestling skills, goats, being extremely hammy, being pretty normal amongst crazy wrestlers (formerly), Being ridiculously over with the crowd, The Yes/No Lock and Solid Knee Plus
  • Domains: Wrestling, Yelling, Beards, Determination.
  • Followers: The members of the #YESMovement.
  • Herald: Brie Bella (his wife)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Ties, The Wyatt Family.
  • Commonality Connection With: Alex (the one from Street Fighter).
  • Loyal listener of: Richard Wagner.
  • Daniel Bryan, real name Bryan Danielson, was a darling wrestler in the indie scenes before he made it to the WWE as part of NXT's 1st Season. Initially seen as a babyface good guy, he quickly rose to fame for his great submission moves and the famous NXT riot that ended with him choking Justin Roberts out with his own tie. For this, he was released with hopes for "future endeavors", until he returned just two months later joining John Cena's team of ragtag wrestlers — some who bailed before the match even began — and began going into an underdog story of becoming a star in the WWE Universe.
    • There was one point in his career that he did a heel turn, and whenever he scored a victory, he would punctuate this by screaming "YES! YES! YES!" While fans were still supportive of him, things completely changed during one WrestleMania match when he was clocked out in less than 30 seconds. The shock of how he was treated made the audience chant "YES!" in support of their champion, and this word became synonymous to him as the Big "WHAT?!" did to Stone Cold Steve Austin. The movement continued to grow until he finally ended up becoming a champion after wrestling for an hour and the Authority doing everything they could to take him down.
  • CM Punk, one of Bryan's allies used the popularity of this one word (which, funnily enough, was the first word he would ever say on NXT) as reason for why he should obtain this seat. With approval from the Court of the Gods, and "Ride of the Valkyries" playing, Daniel Brya ascended with his mortal followers screaming "YES! YES! YES!".
    • It's become a HUGE game for the Trollkaigers to make him do something that makes him scream "NO!" and then reply with the Big "YES!" of their own.
  • During his Heel days, Daniel Bryan was able to knock John Cena off of his feet screaming, "YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME!!!". Also had a thing for choking people with ties, thus ties are no longer allowed to be worn within a 500 foot radius of him.
  • Is currently in a Big "YES!" show-of against M. Bison. It is GLORIOUS.
    • When he and Steve Austin are together, the Ham-to-Ham Combat they generate is magnificent.
  • On the days he teamed up with Kane, they had to go through extensive anger management which ended with them usually having to "hug it out" after matches to show how much of a 'tag team' they became. This became comedy gold with not only the Trollkaigers, but pretty much everyone else in the Pantheon...except for those who teamed up with them and also had to go through those group hugs.
  • Hated being called a "goat face" for a time. Nearly put Animal in the Yes! Lock when the drummer had the audacity to call him that.
    • Also gets on Uncle Chan's bad side due to Uncle being irritated with his own goat nickname ("Billy goat").
  • Has a strange thing about wrestling bears for some odd reason. He tried to get Winnie the Pooh into the bear hug and was rewarded with poor Pooh-bear's "stuff and fluff" exploding on him from the pressure. It took the House of Craft days to get Pooh back together, all while Pooh snacked on honey as an apology from Daniel Bryan.
    • Gets along with Zangief due to this, after seeing how Zangief wrestled a group of bears on his way to a wrestling match.
  • Would like to announce that I'M THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
  • Many of the good-aligned wrestlers in the Pantheon (particularly CM Punk) screamed a humongous Big "NO!" on December 30, 2013 after finding out that he's gone to join the Wyatt Family in despair. Bray Wyatt just grinned and asked whether that single heinous act would let them ascend into the Pantheon...only for the gods commence with a Big "YES!" when they found out that it was what he wanted all along. He wanted to get Bray Wyatt alone in a Steel Cate Match two weeks later and pounded him to oblivion, all while everyone screamed, "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!"
  • Has gotten so over the top that any attempt to put him down just makes him liked even more. When it was revealed that he was not a contender in the Pantheon Wrestling Federation's Royal Rumble (the Number 30 was Rey Mysterio), the next thing that could be heard were people chanting his name, "No!" or booing everyone. Vince sort of cringed when he noticed that Rey Mysterio, of all wrestlers, was booed.
    • And then, at Wrestlemania XXX, he did the impossible and became WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The roof on the Pantheon exploded with people chanting "YES! YES! YES!" so loud that it caused all the windows in the Pantheon to shatter.
  • Shocked the wrestling world in February 2016 when he had to retire from wrestling and ended up becoming the General Manager of the PWF...until 2 years later before Wrestlemania 34 when he was cleared to wrestle once more. Every single wrestler screamed "YES! YES! YES!" to the heavens.
    • And after being victorious in a Tag-Team Match, his first official match after that was against AJ Styles. "This is Awesome!" didn't begin to describe the feeling.
  • He's gotten a kinship with Incineroar and couldn't help but chuckl he learned that trainers who unleash Incineroar's Malicioius Moonsault point their fingers to the air like he does.

    Kaos (Skylanders) 
Kaos, God of Doom Related Phrases (Lord Kaos)

Trinity, Goddess of the Defiant "This" (Tiffany)

Lesser Gods

    Akira Yuki 
Akira Yuki, God of Declaring Others They're Years Early
One of his alternate outfits

    Austin Powers 
Austin Danger Powers, God of Post-Mortem One-Liners (The International Man of Mystery)
  • Theme: “Soul Bossa Nova” by Quincy Jones
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A bottle of his mojo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Hero, British Teeth, Carpet of Virility, The Casanova, Hurricane of Puns, Sex God, Extracurricular Enthusiast, Fiery Redhead, Bunny-Ears Spy, Parody Sue of the Spy genre, Spewing A Lot of One-Liners Regarding Deceased Enemies, Butt-Monkey
  • Domain: Charm, Good, Defense
  • Followers: The Midnighter, Garak
  • Allies: Jiraiya, Panty Anarchy, Solid Snake, Captain Falcon, Yang Xiao Long
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: James Bond
  • Enemies: Bellatrix Lestrange, Cobra Commander, General Tarquin
  • Rivals: Charlie Harper, Johnny and Kagura, Shrek
  • Special Relationship: Dr. Evil
  • One of the few spies that didn't follow James Bond, Austin Powers struck it out on his own for a time. It was his constant use of the Bond One-Liner that forced the gods to give him the title. Bond may be the originator, but no one else could use it in the same frequency.
  • Now serves as a spy for the GUAG. Unforunately, few gods have been able to tolerate his one-liners upon the death of an enemy. He's been known to quote as many as 7 for one man. Though some believe it can be used as psychological warfare against the GUAE.
  • One of the few gods that can handle his puns has been Yang. In fact, she hopes to one-up on him by dishing out puns of her own. Expect the quips to fly whenever the two are together. Some say the two are planning to ascend a true Pungeon Master into the fray.
  • The reason he's not a follower of the God of Secret agents? Bond secretly despises him for parodying his adventures to the point that no one takes the classic take on him seriously anymore. It took a new film with a different avatar to shake off the dissent among his followers.
    • Unfortunately the situation was brought back to him: When his old foe Blofeld was stirring up trouble in his latest film, his nemesis revealed a terrible secret: the two were actually foster brothers, with him killing Bond's parents. Now that would have been a devastating reveal... if Austin hadn't had the same reveal with Dr. Evil 13 years ago.
  • His ascension has put him at a confusing situation with Dr. Evil. Although the two resumed with the usual antics with each other, it's not with the same intensity. It has been revealed that the two enemies were foster brothers, separated when their were toddlers. Although there is one timeline where the two make amends, it doesn't appear to be the case with the two in the Pantheon.
    • There was one time when Dr. Evil teamed up with Cobra. Surprisingly, the duo were far more successful in capturing Austin. The Commander insisted in finishing him off, but Dr. Evil decided to put him in a trap instead. This tactic had predictable results. The two have broken up ever since.
  • His Chick Magnet capabilities is legendary, and thus he's a huge draw in the House of Lustful Behavior. It's no doubt that he's made rivals out of the various male gods in the pantheon.
    • The lone exception appears to be Jiraiya. He may be a pervert, but he only seeks out smut, but ask women out. Thus, the two often talk about their exploits.
    • Is also big favorite of Panty Anarchy for obvious reasons, though she does give him flack for serving under authority.
  • Some people can see through his silly nature to reveal an agent that's pretty damn good at his job. Snake has received some criticism himself for some of the sillier antics he went through. It's no surprise that the two became closer partners.
  • A deity that ascended sorely on his memetic and outlandish antics, Captain Falcon encourages the spy to continue what he does.
  • Most female villains scoffed at the idea that he can make any of them fall in love. It's only that the two meet face to face that they figure it out, and by then it's often too late. Not even robot women are immune to his antics. Tarquin made a new section on his book to help alleviate the problem.
    • The only goddess that seems to be immune to his charms is Bellatrix Lestrange. The reasons? One: She hates all muggles equally, especially ones who think they are equal to wizards. And two: the only being she's ever loved will always be Lord Voldemort. His attempts at seduction backfire hard, barely escaping with his life.
  • Was disappointed when he couldn't find any Japanese twins that fit the bill upon reaching the House of Family. Time will tell if he can achieve that last part of his bucket list.
  • Although he was considered for a minute, Austin was deemed to flamboyant to be considered for the God of British Accents. However, he has offered his help in finding a more suitable candidate.
  • When Shrek found out there was another deity with the same voice as his arch he was in no rush to make friends, unfortunately for him, Austin had other plans. After a throughout inspection, Austin ended up thrown out of Shrek's temple.
    "Yeah baby!"

    General Shepherd 
???: Did you get the trope?

Tropers: We got it sir!

Shepherd: Good, that's one less loose end.

General Hershel von Shepherd, God of Plot Dramatic Lines (Gold Eagle, Hershel von Shepherd III, Shepard, Sephard, Sheperd)
Shepherd in Modern Warfare 2 Remastered
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His beret.
  • Theme Song: Loose Ends- Betrayal
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil by methods, ultimately Lawful Neutral concerning his goals
  • Portfolio: Fighting with his troops and almost killing Price after crawling out of an helicopter crash, Being the one behind Creating a war between the U.S.A. and Russia after losing 30 000 men to a nuke, Getting killed by a knife thrown into his eye and getting buried at Arlington and getting considered a national hero, Turning out to be nothing more than a pawn in Makarov's plans
  • Domains: War, Evil, Betrayal, Narrative.
  • Heralds: The Shadow Company
  • Allies: Apocalypse, Steven Armstrong, Big Boss, Kano, Solidus Snake, Miles Quaritch
  • Enemies:
  • General Shepherd was once the man that served as the supreme commander of the UMSC during their deployment in the Middle East in their efforts to overthrow Khaled Al-Asad and the Op-For following them overtaking the land and executing president Yasir Al-Fulani. Shepherd suffered a considerable loss after the nuke was detonated, killing around 30.000 U.S. Soldiers in an instant. This greatly affected the general who would later swear he would rebuilt the reputation of the US Army whatever mean necessary and for that he created Task Force 141 to be his guinea pig project and sparking a Third World War between the USA and Russia. With that, he sent a new recruit, Joseph Allen, undercover in Vladimir Makarov's inner circle to aid him in the infamous airport massacre, Makarov knowing full well Allen was just a mole and killed him to spark a war. But the true nature of Shepherd wouldn't be revealed until he sent half of the Task Force 141 to raid Makarov's hideout...
    • Following a narrow escape from Makarov's Estate, Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley and Sgt. Gary "Roach" Sanderson were to rendezvous with Shepherd and the backup but Roach was injured in the process. The backup arrived on time, but neither man was prepared after Shepherd suddenly shot them both and disposed of their bodies, uttering the rather infamous "Good, that's one less loose end". For that, Shepherd was later ascended into the Pantheon with the Wham Line title.
  • Concerning the public of his world, he died as a war hero but in the Pantheon his dirty laundry was made public the second he was made a deity, shattering any chance he could properly join the Grand United Alliance of Good or even other official military positions and became disgraced in the process, mostly because both MacTavish and Price were already deities on their own right. In the end the general wasn't too bothered by this inconvinience, preferring to acts as a "vigilante" and crush whoever he sees as someone that would threaten the security of the United States and he has plenty fish to fry with not only the aforementioned TF 141 soldiers but with both Makarov AND Zakhaev as threats he wants to personally put down in order to earn the glory of being the man to put a stop to them.
  • While GUAG quickly distanced themselves from Shepherd concerning his betrayal of several of his people and that Shepherd himself found GUAE to be even too much for him, he ended up finding himself allied with the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. The main reason? Senator Steven Armstrong fully backed up Shepherd in his attempt to make America a super power again, even if ultimately the Senator is against war itself but understands that war does have its uses. He then pulled some strings to have Shepherd be a member of GUAC, even if the man himself isn't exactly looking to throw the world into chaos, at the least having someone backing him up might give him the edge in eliminating his opposition.
  • While technically being disohonorable dischardged from being an official member of the Pantheonic military, Shepherd was wise enough to get his PMC, the Shadow Company, enter as his herald division and is now a lot more open about his illegal activities, often bordering on beign a full-blown terrorist to some but he has numerous times clarified he is doing it for the good of America and to avenge all those soldiers he lost in the Middle East. This in turn caught the attention of Big Boss who found Shepherd to be quite similar to him even if he is a lot more reckless and cares little for his own men, Big Boss decided to ally with him mostly to keep an eye on him and the Shadow Company and probably wouldn't have him be part of his group.
  • He knows there are others from his home franchise that hail from slightly different timelines. He caught wind of Alex Mason, who became a sleeper agent for the Russians and was implicated in the assassination of JFK and neither are exactly on good terms with one another, Mason finding Shepherd to be deplorable and a disgrace to the US Military while the General find Mason's friendship with Viktor Reznov and Tashkent to be foolish but both recognize that Dragovich is as dangerous as Makarov and doesn't help the two are friends. Likewise, he will aid the GUAG if it can hinder Raul Menedez, who besides having a grudge against Mason he also has paid a visit to Shepherd and warned him that he too would fall against Cordis Die.
  • It's no surprise that Shepherd is considered a Black Sheep among the deities who have ties to the military, orchestrating World War III and disposing of his own Task Force like it was nothing is unforgivable in many eyes, with both Jax Briggs and Sonya Blade (a general herself) finding the man to be the worst of the worst (which only got worse once word came that Shepherd was making a deal with Kano for an undisclossed reason), their respective daughters also having come to despise Shepherd for similar reasons. Commander Shepard is also disgusted that so many people keep confusing the two and stated they would never fall into the same pit that the General did and betray his own soldiers.
    • His ties to Big Boss and his subsequent alliance with Solidus Snake (who similarly can appreciate what he tried to accomplish) made it so several of the former two's enemies would also considering targetting Shepherd, with Solid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh and Johnny Sasaki having taken action in their attempts to bringing the General down.
  • His betrayal of his men and the use of Shadow Company granted him the disgust of Alexander the Great, Leonidas and many others within the House of Military and Warfare. Likewise, Martin Walker despise him for being too much like his former superior, Konrad but Shepherd was quick to point out that wasn't much better than him, citing the White Phosporus incident as a much worse action that what Shepherd did (though it's hotly debated wether causing a war between America and Russia or bombing innocent civilians is worse).
  • Shepherd also faced a lot of backlash given his roll in the war between Russia and America, the hunt for Makarov and getting the Task Force 141 disavowed. Several who think War Is Hell like Kiritsugu Emiya, siblings Seita and Setsuko and Obi-Wan Kenobi find his actions to be irredeemable in their eyes. He hardly cares for these but his betrayal also VERY infamous among people both in and outside the Pantheon, mourning the loss of Ghost and Roach to this day, which only certain member of the House of Betrayal have ever complimented Shepherd on it.
  • Nowadays Shepherd is mostly the leader of a PMC (the aformentioned Shadow Company) even if he would rather not acknowledge this. He isn't exactly beloved by other mercenaries or even groups for that matter, with the Tactical Dolls being one of his most constant detractors in the PMC department, mostly because they were betrayed by a renegade branch not unlike what Shepherd did to TF 141. He finds the girls to be rather amusing rather than a serious threat but recognizes they are a potential threat to the Shadow Company.
  • Joshua Graham found Shepherd to be a dark reflection what he used to be in the past, and is understanding of why would Shepherd would go to become like that following a nuclear explosion, he knows from experience after all. However, he nonetheless managed to become a better person and has tried to urge the general to do the same but Shepherd has chosen to ignore Graham and brush him off as a lunatic.
  • His connections in the pantheonic criminal underworld have been shaky to say the least, mostly given a deal gone wrong he once had with Yuri Orlov. The man being ukranian was already a red flag for him but he could provide his group with firearms but Orlov set Shepherd up and lured him and his men into a trap set up by Makarov but luckily Shepherd was able to overcome them and has since tried to hunt down Orlov for this. But not everything has been problems, Miles Quaritch was a disgraced military man just like him and saw a kindred spirit in Shepherd, offering the man a partnership that Shepherd accepted after hearing that Quaritch had access to futuristic technology and some rare resources from an alien planet.

    H20 Delirious 
H20 Delirious, God of Weirdly Uncommon Phrases (Johnathan, Uno Champion of the World)
His official YouTooz figure.
  • Possible House: Phrases
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His iconic hockey mask
  • Theme song: Delirious Outta my Mind
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Borderline Chaotic Stupid.
  • Portifolio: Saying Incredibly Weird Things At Random, Strange Even By The Groups Standards, Unseen In Real Life, Frequent Victim of Comedic Abuse, Loves Teddy Bears, Aforementioned Phrases Often Have Context, But Not Always, Often Gets Killed For No Reason, Quotable As Hell
  • Domains: Gaming, Let's Play, Masks, Words, Teddy Bears
  • Allies: VanossGaming, Nogla and Terrorizer, The GTA 5 Trio, SCP-2295, Naughty Bear, Henry Stickmin
  • Enemies: SCP-1048, Lotso, Jason Voorhees, Daniel D'Arby
  • Avoids: Eric Cartman
  • Unnerves: The Toy Story Gang
  • Annoys: Every Mortal Combat Deity
  • Vanoss's friends, as one might know, make up quite the colorful cast of characters. One of the most notable, however, is H20 Delirious. One of Vanoss's older friends, he's well known for never revealing what his real face looks like. That's far from the only notable aspect of him, however, with other quirks such as being incredibly odd, dying more than his friends, having an obsession with Teddy Bears, and of course, saying weird things at random. These quirks make him stand out as one of the more popular members of the group.
  • Vanoss, Nogla and Terrorizer had a dilemma. While messing around in the Pantheon was always fun, The ascended gang figured that it would be more fun with a few more of their group up in the Pantheon. As they were brainstorming ideas, Nogla started chuckling to himself, having remembered some of the stuff their friend Delirious said. Eventually, all three of them were laughing remembering some of the ridiculous stuff he said, with Brian lamp shading how they always came out of nowhere. And then the realization hit them. A few hours later, a plane that looked like it was stolen from a military base crashed into an empty field, and out came Delirious, having been chosen for the title of Weirdly Uncommon Phrases, and was ready to wreck havoc with his friends.
  • Like his friends, he operates under video game rules. Delirious is usually seen as his GTA 5 avatar, a blue hoodie and a hockey mask with clown makeup under it. He also has his arsenal from the game alongside him, alongside the ability to respawn when he's killed, an ability he fully uses thanks to his abysmal luck. Sometimes he'll take on the appearance of his Garry's Mod avatar, which is his previous avatar but more stylized. Occasionally, he'll don a superhero costume that looks similar to Vanoss's costume, but without the backpack and with a Raccoon head, calling himself Batcoon. He thought the name was a good idea at the time.
  • As someone who has played GTA 5 quite a bit alongside his friends, he's experienced with heists and robberies. If his friends are preparing for a heist, you can bet he'll usually be there. That said, he's often a hindrance than help, as his luck tends to get him and his team screwed over, much to their annoyance. That said, he still gets along with Michael, Franklin and Trevor as well as his friends do, Trevor especially due to basically sharing the same braincells (Read; being Ax-Crazy wackjobs). Just remember to not be surprised if you see a man in a hockey mask get run over by a car outta nowhere while trying to rob a bank.
  • Speaking of Batcoon, him jokingly proclaiming that Eric Cartman stole his The Coon idea from him did not sit well with Cartman, who immediately started plotting a way to kill Delirious using a Teddy Bear filled with dynamite coated in dog food to attract some feral wolves he let loose. After getting killed by the plan going without a hitch, he has since made an effort to avoid the kid at all costs. It really says something about Cartman when someone who's otherwise crazy enough to hang with Vanoss doesn't want anything to do with Eric, knowing full well what the kid's capable of.
  • Naturally, his obsession with Teddy Bears, something he's fond of joking about, has found him interacting with quite a few gods that fill that criteria:
    • Being the kind of person to get hurt a lot, he finds SCP-2295 to be immensely useful, thanks to the bear being a ridiculously competent doctor, as well as, well, an adorable little teddy bear. He thought that fellow bear SCP-1048 would be the same, and at first it seemed like the case. That is, until he was promptly attacked by one of its creations, barley escaping the two of them, though not before kicking the killer bear out a window. Now, how he keeps running into the two after they escape containment every time, that's anyones guess.
    • Another, slightly more friendly Killer Teddy Bear he's befriended was Naughty Bear, who, instead of being off-put by Naughty's brutality, was more impressed than anything, having played much more brutal games than his. Whenever he's available, Delirious will be more than happy to aid Naughty in his rampages, which naturally includes the residents of Perfection Island, who he'd usually be adverse to killing if it weren't for the fact that they're all assholes.
    • If there's any Teddy that he hates, it's Lotso, the former tyrannical ruler of Sunnyside Daycare, due to Delirious declaring him the opposite of everything a Teddy Bear should be. Lotso, for the most part, has taken precautions to avoid him, as a simple plush bear having a showdown with an Ax-Crazy loon with a RPG and no self preservation skills tends to not end well for the latter. Still, if there's one good thing Delirious can say about him, it's that he's a damn good antagonist.
  • Despite both of them opposing Lotso as much as each other, the Toy Story Toys are rather conflicted on him. On the one hand, he's genuinely friendly towards them, claiming that he "Loves their movies", and is perfectly willing to help them out if they need any. On the other hand, Delirious, alongside his friends, have made pretty crass jokes about the gang in the past, with Delirious himself formerly using Buzz Lightyear himself as his GMOD avatar, which naturally would make the toys weary of them even if he claimed it was all in good clean fun. Still, one thing they can agree on about him is that he is useful for getting rid of some of their more dangerous enemies, Lotso included.
  • Having played plenty of their games on his channel, Delirious and his best friend, Cartoonz, can often be seen onlooking a fight between any Mortal Combat deity. The thing is, they usually appear whenever just about any fight between them breaks out, often giving out commentary like it's a sport. As a result, the kombatants are often annoyed by the two's presence. An especially bad incident occurred during Raiden fighting Shao Kahn, as Kahn eventually got fed up with the duo and started chasing them around with the intent of killing them. And no, they still haven't learned their lesson, though at least they're a bit more quiet during the fights.
  • Having also played his games, Delirious was happy to find out Henry Stickmin was also here, and offered to aid him in his next heist, whenever that would be. Henry is a bit hesitant to agree, having heard of his luck combined with Henry's own would probably not make a great combination, but he still appreciates the enthusiasm Delirious showed. He's currently considering having him in as a distraction, seeing how Delirious was good at that with his general demeanor.
  • Since his friends constantly joke that he's a Serial Killer, it was only a matter of time before Delirious ran into famous slasher Jason Voorhees, thanks to a bet he made that he and the gang couldn't spend the night in Camp Crystal Lake. As one could predict, the following events sounded a lot like a trashy slasher film, at least until Delirious revealed his trump card: An M1 Abrams tank he stole from the armory. Cue the flying gibs. Jason still hasn't forgotten about that incident.
  • One time, Delirious ran into the notorious gambler Daniel D'Arby, notorious for using human souls as a bet for his card games. Agreeing to his game, Delirious offered to play Uno, claiming he was "The Uno Champion of the World", something that an amused D'Arby agreed to. Long story short, by the third turn, Delirious had already amassed about 15 cards. Unsurprisingly, Delirious lost, and had to be bailed out by Jotaro taking over the game for him.

    Kimmy Howell 
Kimmy Howell, Goddess of Declaring They’re the Biggest Fan ( Kimmy Love)
Click to see her in No More Heroes III 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Dual Bladed Beam Katana which is doubles as a flute, later her Dual Bladed Beam Katana that doubles as a microphone.
  • Theme Song: Dose of Innocence, Awesome Holyday In The Sky.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil in No More Heroes 3.
  • Portfolio: Yandere Fangirls, Totally Radical, Girlish Pigtails, Laser Blade, Waif-Fu, Exploding bubble attacks, Killer Rabbit, Planned to behead her idol, Spared until she graduates, Has Lost Her Respect For Travis, Grew Up Into A Violent Diva.
  • Domains: Assassins, (Crazy) Fans, Beam Weaponry, Flutes, Music
  • High Priestess: Rose Marigold
  • Followers: Penelope Taint, Sierra
  • Biggest Fan of: Travis Touchdown
  • Allies: Other yandere deities in the Pantheon, I-No, Courtney Gears
  • Specators: Howard and Kreese (slight contempt on Kreese's end)
  • Rivals: Henry Cooldown, Margaret Moonlight, Destroyman, Travis' rivals and other assassins, Jedi and Sith, Devola and Popola.
  • Enemies: Travis Touchdown, Syndrome, Sakura Kasugano, Anyone targeted by her
  • A seemingly ordinary and ditzy university student who's good at playing her flutenote , there's more to Kimmy Howell than appearance alone. She's a big fan of Travis Touchdown, claiming to be his number one fan, and in order to prove it she herself has to become an assassin as strong as he is. Winning the National Student Assassin championship, she would then go on to meet the Crownless King in the flesh where Kimmy told Travis in her love letter (that he had to read out loud by the way) that she plans to defeat him and keep his head as a trophy. Travis ended up knocking her out exclaiming "he can't kill a co-ed", one of the few assassins he spared the life of made more prominent by the fact that she fought Travis after he got over his inability to kill women.
  • Travis went about his usual business training with Shovel Knight when the sounds of a flute started playing. Travis was skeptical at first, but the two continued on until they heard a girl calling out for Travis along with a bunch of nicknames, the most common being "Travis the Great". Having heard his suspicions being confirmed, Travis turned around to see Kimmy Howell with her double beam katana activated asking for a rematch, one that involves her fulfilling that promise. Shovel Knight offered to help but Travis refused on the grounds that he's going to school her again, this time with the added experience from being in the Pantheon. Sure enough, he won again and told her to come back again sometime later.
    • Now, he expected her to be out of the Pantheon for a while but unfortunately for him, onlookers decided to nominate the girl for ascension. The Goddess of Declaring They're the Biggest Fan being her title. At the very least, she decided to go train and get stronger in an effort to keep up with him. Not exactly out of his hair, as from time to time she'll challenge him again and again, but at the very least they're infrequent.
    • Until she did meet him again, but clearly the both of them had changed and for better and worse. While she became a famous diva who puts on shows for fans, she clearly resents Travis after their fight and likely never even looking for a rematch. During the ranked fights against the "Galactic Heroes" Kimmy fought Travis again only this time it ended with her death.
  • Though a lower ranked assassin than the others from her world and certainly not as experienced like her idol, she did win a championship for students aspiring to be assassins (even if she admits herself there was some luck involved) in addition to holding her own against Travis with her more elegant style of fighting, Groin Attacks aside. Not to mention she proclaims herself as a quick learner which holds a bit of water as she is one of the few young assassins with the other being Travis' self-nominated Herald Shinobu. And Shinobu grew up to be a very skilled assassin in Asia after Travis' retirement in the span of three years. It's no surprise that she considers herself a rival to other assassins both from Santa Destroy and here in the Pantheon.
  • Setting aside the fact that all beam katanas resemble lightsabers, her choice of weapon gets compared to Darth Maul's. At least, when the beam's colored red, sometimes it can appear green or blue-ish. There are some who think she underwent some training under him but he denies such claims. His only Padawon was his brother, Savage Oppress, but he ended up being killed by Darth Sidious when he realized Maul lived. Many point it's much more of a safety hazard than Maul's own lighsaber considering it doubles as an instrument and it would be much easier to harm oneself if you were to, say, wanting to play it.
  • It should be pointed out that, despite never giving up on taking her idol down, she still continues her life as a student outside of her work of cold-blooded murder and attends the Pantheon's Elysium Academy despite, y'know, her repnote . As long as you stay away from the topic of Travis, especially if you're a girl and including any word that references being a fan of him, you're pretty golden. Not quite as extreme as some of the other Yanderes here, but it couldn't hurt to be careful.
  • Originally was seen wearing glasses but she seems to have ditched them at some point before her confrontation with Travis with no explained reason as to why. Acena thought that was a shame, and is currently persuading her to wear them again. She really can only be seen wearing them when Acena's around but it's a start, anyways.
  • Has some similarities with other fans in the Pantheon. For example, Syndrome back when he was still a fan of Mr. Incredible, and Kimmy aren't all that different. Both are self-proclaimed greatest fans to their idols to which neither really looked at their fans like they wanted to. Difference is, Syndrome got his dreams crushed by his very idol and consequently became a Hero Killer while Kimmy got to duel with her idol and still continues with her dreams with Travis not doing that much to dissuade her. Syndrome thinks it's pretty pathetic she's still in that phase like he was in, as far as he's concerned you can't count on anyone, especially your heroes. Finding the supervillain annoying and too much like Destroyman, she avoids him and wouldn't be hesitant on offing him when the time comes.
    • Another deity she has similarities to is Sakura Kasugano considering she too was inspired to fight after seeing their respective people in action. Not to mention, there's also the fact they have a crush on their respective heroes and learned how fight as well as they could have by just being determined enough while also being quite the quick learner. While Kimmy would of liked to interact with someone with the same as she has, Sakura would rather not be associated with her for reasons already listed above. She's not that crazy of a fan, and wouldn't dismiss the idea of Kimmy taking on a hit against Ryu.
  • With her surprising amount of skill and continuing off of their commentary for Travis, Howard and Kreese sometimes spectate over Kimmy's hits seeing the potential of her participation in both Death Watch games should it be reestablished. Kreese is a bit bitter when it comes to her and her "wienie-ass hate sabers", given his experiences with the Masters, Thunder and Sun, engraving their initials in his pancreas with weaponry similar to hers. Plus, there was that one time in the Pantheon that he met her and it ended with one swift Groin Attack using her beam katana. If he had to be honest, it wasn't the worst Groin Attack he endured. That honor goes to Jude the Dude with his spurs. He was still unable to jerk off for a couple days, in that his will was lacking in that time frame, it took way longer to heal of course.
  • Can also be found in Fanbase.
  • "Yeah, I'm legit! And way tougher than I look! So, um...don't hold back, 'k? Because one mistake, and you're over. This is for real. Tehehe."
    • "Welcome, to Kimmy's Palace! This will be your grave, I'll cut off your phallus!"

    Lavernius Tucker 
Private First Class/Captain Lavernius Tucker, God of Pregnant Dudes and Pointing Out Suggestive Lines (T-Pain, and an assortment of other Ebonic names- by Asuna, Meta 2.0)
  • Lesser God, Intermediate God when wearing the Meta suit
  • Symbol/Weapon: His Energy Sword, the Great Weapon
  • Theme Song: Bow Chicka Wow Wow Wow, Another One Down, Reparation (an upbeat version of the Meta's theme)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Casanova Wannabe, Got a Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong, Technically an Action Mom, Most Badass Member of the Blood Gulch Crew, Brilliant, but Lazy, Master of Double Entendre, Guile Hero, Master Swordsman, "Bow Chicka Wow Wow", One-Man Army
  • Domains: Perversion, Swords, Mpreg
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Herald: Lt. Palomo
  • Allies: Leonard L. Church, Epsilon, Dexter Grif, Agent Texas, Caboose, Sarge, Dick Simmons, Donut, Kaikaina Grif, Agent Washington, Agent Carolina, Master Chief, Lopez
  • Enemies: The Meta, Raul Menendez, Felix, Locus, Roman Torchwick, Adam Taurus
  • Teethclenched Teamwork with: Asuna Yuuki (one-sided)
  • Fears: The Facehugger
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after exposing the conspiracy of the Chorus Civil War; it was a hoax caused by Malcom Hargrove who manipulated the people of the planet to try and kill each other for profit.
    • That was actually one reason. The other reason is due to his pregnancy. Yes, you read that right. He gave birth to a baby. An alien baby, but a baby nonetheless. Though, this has terrified certain gods such as Sakura Matou and Kotonoha Katsura because this pretty much means that Tucker was raped.
    • It should also be noted that Mpregs are often to be the creations of Yaoi Fangirls (especially those who hate the female casts). Tucker has no comment about that.
  • Even if he's proud of his son Junior, he's deeply afraid of the Facehugger, given being forcibly impregnated by an alien is not an experience he wants others to have.
  • Has somewhat mixed reactions upon meeting meeting both Church and Epsilon. Sure, he's happy to see them again but he really didn't have much to say. Not surprising when you consider that they both sacrificed themselves so he and the others could fight another day.
  • One would think that due to his personality, Tucker is more or less an idiot who gets his ass handed to him on a daily basis. Make that mistake on your peril. Out of everyone of his origin, he's likely to be one of the strongest fighters. Having beaten more competent solders many times over has given him something of a reputation.
  • He's mostly seen trying to use his old tricks on some of the girls in the Pantheon. Obviously, it never goes anywhere and it's often followed up by a beating. He stays far from Asuna though, due to her political incorrectness.
    • Among the deities who beat up Tucker are 3\4 of Team RWBY (Yang in particular punched Tucker so hard it reminded him of Tex). The exception is, of course, Ruby herself, who not only is a minor, but Tucker deeply respects for her leadership skills.
  • Given he has fathered many children back in Chorus, is frequently in the house of Commerce hoping to find a way to get the support payments the mothers have requested.
  • Had a somewhat awkward run-in with Jaune Arc, who reminded him of himself from a long time ago, except the young Huntsman does have a successful romance even though said girl did die in the mortal realm.
  • Is ready to stop Felix once and for all when he heard that he (and Locus) were in the Pantheon before him. As for Locus…he doesn't want to talk about it.
    • After hearing that Adam Taurus had allied himself with Felix, and seeing what he did to a few other deities, Tucker firmly planted the faunus as an enemy. He's even gone to the trouble of rounding up his allies in the Reds and Blues to stand together against him.
  • The Meta already hated Tucker for stabbing him and thus allowing his drowning. Once he saw Tucker temporarily took his armor, he was even more enraged and swears revenge.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Life And Death.
  • "Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow!"

    Veigue Lungberg 
Veigue Lungberg, God of Name-Yelling
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His pet Zapii.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Ice Powers, BFS, Really Loud Name-Calling Flanderized as an Ascended Meme, Stoicness, Mighty Glaciers, Loners Are Freaks, Deadpan Snarking.
  • Domain: Ice, Quirks, Battle.
  • Heralds: Claire Bennett (his Love Interest), and the rest of his party members.
  • Allies: Eugene Gallardo, Sanada Yukimura, Heero Yuy, Squall Leonhart, Ange, Kaito "Kite" Tenjo.
  • Once upon a time, there were a lot of name-yells in the Universe of Tales. Loud, but not to the point of quirky... Until Veigue came in and ended up cranking that way up with his yells of his girlfriend to the point that it became a memetic trademark of that universe. Crediting that, they ascended Veigue here.
  • There hasn't been one hour in the Pantheon that didn't have Veigue yelling "CLAAAAAIIIRRREEE!!!!".
    • Well, he did once and someone approached him. Except that it's not his Claire Bennet. He proceeds to sulk and tries to not yell so much again
  • Essays his yelling with Yukimura a lot.
    • Nobody yells better than him. Well it helps that his lungs were made from the King of Braves' voice.
      • At one point, he decided to make his yell into his Mystic Arte. Turns out, it was so powerful that it damages even his allies, even on par with Black Bolt's whisper. He ended up cancelling his idea of new Mystic Arte.
    • In spite of that, when he's not riled up, Veigue is a very taciturn boy all around. Just... don't get him riled up.
  • In spite of his portfolio, underestimating him can be a severe mistake, they don't call him the Rebirth Hero for nothing. Veigue is very adept swordsman and his control over ice makes him a foe not to be underestimated. Even Siegfried noted that he's got huge potential.
  • If anything, there is one thing Veigue absolutely cannot stand: Fantastic Racism. He's dealt with that kind of shit his whole life and even fought against something of its personification. If he sees someone doing racist stuffs, he'll at best give a "What the hell is wrong with you!?" scolding, or at worst... ass-kicking. This is also why he strikes alliance to those who have been mistreated due to racism, such as Ange.
    • And also why he's very relieved with his reunion with his good friend Eugene Gallardo.


    The AppliDrivers 
The AppliDriversMembers , Divine Answerers of Hard-Hitting Questions (Torajirou: Astra/Asutora; Yuujin: YJ-14)
L-R: Eri, Haru, Yuujin, Astra, Rei (top row); Dokamon, Gatchmon, Offmon, Musimon, Hackmon (bottom row)
  • Demideities (their Digimon go up to Greater and even Overdeity level in their Mega forms)
  • Symbol: The backs of their Appmons' App Chips
  • Theme Song: "DiVE", "Gatchen!", "BE MY LIGHT"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Rei is formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Armor-Piercing Question, App Link and App Fusion, The Chosen Many, need the Seven Code Appmon to enter the Deep Web, Post Cyber Punk
  • Domains: The Internet, Fusion, Mons, Artificial Intelligence
  • Heralds: Gatchmon, Dokamon, Musimon, Hackmon, Offmon, Ai Kashiki, Hajime Katsura, Rebootmon
  • Allies: All DigiDestined and Tamers, The Machine, Norn Mikihara, The Lyoko Warriors
  • Enemies: D-Reaper, Lucemon, The Sybil System, Samaritan, Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Are you a protagonist? Do you want to make someone smile? Do you feel it? Are you alone? Is there someone you would give your life to protect? Living in a world where the Internet is becoming more and more essential to everyday life, Haru, Eri, Astra, Rei and Yuujin were asked those deeply personal questions one day. Whether or not they answered them immediately, they discovered the hidden online world and the quirky creatures that inhabited it, the Appmons, embodiments of digital applications. Each of them bonded with one Appmon, becoming AppliDrivers. Together they fought the malicious AI Leviathan, who sought to control the human world and had many strategies for doing so, from infecting Appmon with the L Virus to founding a mega corporation beloved across the world, the L Corp. Not to mention using its creation Yuujin to string along the other kids, who ultimately had to sacrifice him in order to rid the world of Leviathan's threat once and for all.
  • An ascended AI known as The Machine followed the AppliDrivers' journey with interest, finding the conflict between the Benevolent A.I. Minerva, who chose them, and the evil Leviathan to be similar to her ongoing war with Samaritan. After Yuujin sacrificed himself to delete Leviathan, the Machine elected to do something about it by backing up Yuujin's data and rebuilding him. Yuujin learned all about what transpired in his home world after Leviathan's defeat, and also about this mysterious new place he was in. Yuujin decided he wanted his friends to be in on this as well (above all, he wanted to be with Haru and Offmon again), and so The Machine sent a signal through his AppliDrive and opened a portal for them to pass through. Seeing Yuujin's AppliDrive activate filled the others with hope and they accepted The Machine's invitation, leading to Haru, Eri, Astra, Rei and their Appmons having a touching reunion with Yuujin. At the same time they learned Yuujin could never go back to their world, which was saddening to hear, but then again this situation is more than they dared hope for. The Machine then vouched for their ascension, which was granted.
  • Their temple is their Home Base, a secret basement underneath their good friend Ai Kashiki's family's bookshop. Ai was the only person without an Appmon or link to Leviathan to become aware of the team's activities and she supported them to the best of her ability, and so she also gets the honor of knowing about the Pantheon. Rei's younger brother Hajime is also in the know along with his not-quite-partner Rebootmon.
  • They were duly welcomed by all the ascended Tamers, with some surprise at the existence of Appmons, which they'd never heard of before. Many people contested the AppliDrivers' place among the wielders of Digimon for that reason, but the Tamers consider the differences to be negligible and fully endorse them and challenge any who would make more of an issue of it. After all, they had no trouble accepting the Frontier team, and their differences from the other teams are even more dramatic than the AppliDrivers'. Eventually the AppliDrivers did become more and more accepted as time went by and they proved themselves to be a valuable asset. They also agree in opposing the D-Reaper and Lucemon, which is not difficult considering one is an omnicidal computer program and the other a tyrant obsessed with bending the world to his will.
    • Unlike what you might think, Haru and co. have heard of Digimon before, though as a media franchise instead of actual monsters living in a parallel world. Haru was the only one who encountered an actual Digimon, Agumon, when a corrupted Appmon was messing around with video game characters, with Agumon evolving to WarGreymon and helping Haru and Gatchmon. Haru ended up mistaking Tai's Agumon for that one, and was a little disappointed when Agumon told him he didn't remember ever meeting him before. He was interested in hearing more about that other Agumon though, so he cheered Haru up by hanging out with him for that day, much to Gatchmon's jealousy. Then Agumon dared to eat Gatchmon's gatch-monaka, which has soured their relationship some, though it's only irascible Gatchmon who acts mean to the dim yet good-natured Agumon.
    • The AppliDrivers have some other important things that set them apart: they were not Trapped in Another World; they always remained in the real world and only rarely entered the Net Ocean, from which they could always return with little hassle. Another one is that they were not forced to part ways with their mons at the end of their adventure. Even Offmon stayed with them despite Yuujin not being around anymore. The other Tamers' stories and the heartbreak they went through made the AppliDrivers' think they had it pretty easy (then again, Yuujin's case was something else and totally unprecedented). They also heard about how Tai and his friends had their bonds to their Digimon broken just because they grew older, which gives Haru and his team some concern that this may happen to them in the future too. Though, at least in the Pantheon, this would be totally negated, and given age wasn't an issue in the DATS Agents' world, they may not have to worry after all, but only time will tell.
  • Are on generally friendly terms with Norn Mikihara, considering her to be a well-intentioned AI like Minerva and The Machine who's worth helping. Unusually, they are more loyal to The Machine than the top deity of the Digiverse, what with The Machine helping them ascend and Yuujin depending on it to exist. But their opinion on Norn is at least some steps above Tai and Daisuke's teams'.
  • Some non-Digimon-related friends they have made are the Lyoko Warriors, a sextet of kid heroes who entered the Internet to defeat an evil AI called XANA, which is much like the AppliDrivers' story. They sometimes go on missions together, and once it happened that the AppliDrivers went with the Lyoko Warriors to the Digital Sea, and Astra, thinking it was just like the Net Ocean, tried to dive in, only to get tackled by Odd. The Net Ocean the AppliDrivers are used to may be safe to swim in, but the Digital Sea is very much not and would delete them, much to their horror.
  • They are as opposed to the GUAM as the other Tamers, possibly with even more distaste for their ideal of machine supremacy; Leviathan would have felt right at home with them, and they'd have welcomed the AI. The team obviously oppose any evil AI, especially those who have a bone to pick with humanity. Samaritan goes without saying since it's The Machine's archnemesis; more on it later. The Sybil System, while not out to destroy humanity, is also pretty bad in their eyes, since maximizing humanity's happiness at the cost of controlling their every move was also Leviathan's logic in wanting to turn all of humanity into data.
  • Haru was a shy and passive boy who enjoyed reading all sorts of books. He lived vicariously through the heroes in fantasy and adventure stories and admired his best friend Yuujin for seemingly having all the qualities a hero should have, which Haru lamented he himself did not. That started to change after he met Gatchmon, the search engine Appmon, with the two becoming partners and fighting to stop rampaging Appmons. His adventures helped him gain confidence and revealed to him that there was more of a protagonist in him than he had assumed (he was pretty much responsible for gathering the other AppliDrivers and turning them into a proper team).
    • While learning about the other types of mons that existed in the Pantheon, the team met the Yo-kai, as well as the wielder of the Yo-kai Watch, Nate Adams, in due time. Nate tends to be dismissed as average in every way and strives to do extraordinary things to counter that, so he understands Haru's feelings on wanting to be more like a protagonist. Haru has also gotten comments about how average he is next to Idol Singer Eri and Apptube celebrity Astra, much to his chagrin. Haru and Nate have become good friends, but the same can't be said of Gatchmon and Whisper, who have a rather fierce rivalry regarding who's more knowledgeable (as Gatchmon is quite proud of his searching abilities).
  • Eri was often home alone due to her mother working long hours to provide for both of them. Despite that, Eri did not resent her mother at all and more than anything wanted to see her smile more. She enjoyed seeing idols on TV and was inspired when she watched a group called Appliyama 470 perform, deciding to become a member and aim for the top to bring smiles not only to her mother but the whole world. It was then that she became an AppliDriver and partners with Dokamon, the action game Appmon. Eri's character as an Appliyama member is likewise based on action games, which is why she's always "threatening" to give people explosive punches.
    • Made friends out of the fellow idol deities that make up μ's and 765 Pro. Eri considers that observing them and learning from their experiences will help her ascend to even greater heights of idoldom beyond becoming the top idol of Appliyama 470. The two groups are glad to be of help, often inviting her to collaborate on performances. Though they also claim they won't lose to her, giving an edge of rivalry to their otherwise friendly relationship.
  • Astra, the Stage Name and nickname of Torajirou Asuka, is the youngest member of the team and the scion of an old and respected family with a famous tea ceremony tradition. Astra has always taken his duty seriously and fully intends to continue the family tradition, however his heart is in Apptube videos. He did not think the two could be reconciled and was ready to give up on his dream, but meeting Musimon, the music Appmon, changed his mind. His videos generally consist of amusing challenges like "watch me swim in a pool of slime". He is now quite popular, with 3.5 million subscribers. His catchphrase "Do I feel it?" is appropriate for every situation.
    • As someone who passionately runs a successful video channel, Astra made a lot of acquaintances in that area. The most prominent are the teens behind iCarly, being around Astra's age and yet running a pretty popular web show in their own right. Let's just say that Astra "totally felt them", and the two shows often have one or the other do guest appearances. The same goes for many of the Youtubers present in the Pantheon, to a lesser extent (there's a certain tendency among those to perceive Astra as the annoying kid brother).
    • Was once taken to a Pantheonic music event by Eri (it bears mentioning that these two are pretty close due to their dreams of stardom) and that was where Astra first met a musician about their age, Miguel Rivera. Astra decided he totally felt his beat and wanted to feature him in a video sometime. As they properly met and talked, they came to realize they have identical backgrounds of family expectations clashing with their dreams, with them valuing family more (difference being Astra always favored family while Miguel had to realize it) but still being allowed to follow their dreams in the end. After this heart-to-heart, Miguel has gone on to appear in some of Astra's videos where he either participates in his challenges or they do collaboration songs with Astra mixing his rap with Miguel's music.
  • Rei is a skilled hacker living with his little brother Hajime; their parents are dead. Leviathan noticed something Rei did not, which was that Hajime possessed unparalleled intelligence and so kidnapped him to further its plans. Rei spent days and nights without rest trying to hack into Leviathan and take back his brother, and one of those days he met Hackmon, the hacking Appmon. Rei initially distrusted Hackmon and rejected his help, only to come around when he was nearly killed by another Appmon. He also initially refused to team up with Haru and the others, though he occasionally had to to make any progress on his quest. Ultimately it was through the help of Haru and co. that he managed to get Hajime back at all, so he did defrost in regards to them.
    • There are quite a few hackers in the Pantheon for him to consort with, but the ones he gets along with best seem to be ones that are rather dour in personality like him, such as Lisbeth Salander and Elliot Alderson. Especially Elliot, as he fought against the powerful E Corp much like Rei constantly targeted L Corp. Meanwhile, Rei doesn't have much patience for the manic Radical Ed, but sees something of his younger self (before Hajime was kidnapped) in David Lightman, whom he mentors at times.
  • Yuujin is Haru's best friend from childhood. The two always supported each other through their low points, so they value each other a lot. Many have commented on the oddity of their friendship, due to Yuujin being popular and the star player of the school soccer team, whereas Haru is/was nerdy and shy. When Haru first became an AppliDriver, Yuujin was not aware of it at all but noticed Haru becoming a bit more distant and worried about him. Yuujin's determination to protect Haru got him his own AppliDrive and the offline game Appmon, Offmon. Unfortunately, there came the terrible truth about Yuujin: he was not human at all, but a robot sent by Leviathan to monitor Haru since birth (as Haru is the grandson of Den'emon Shinkai, the scientist who accidentaly created Leviathan and tried to destroy it). With that said, Yuujin's feelings for Haru were not false, even if Leviathan managed to override them. That was why Yuujin accepted to sacrifice himself for the future of humanity.
    • His (formerly) hidden robotic identity attracted the attention of Yuki Nagato of the SOS Brigade, making sure whether or not he's backup sent by the Data Overmind (this was before the rest of the team ascended). Yuujin was rather confused, but as Yuki Nagato explained she was a robot as well and her mission, Yuujin felt oddly relieved to meet someone like himself. Yuki realized this and told him she wouldn't mind visiting him once in a while, which Yuujin accepted.
    • Currently going through some angst regarding his robotic nature that not even Haru can quite abate. He wishes he were a real human and that he could have led a normal life, and it's a sore point for him that he relies on The Machine to live, even if The Machine is far better than Leviathan. One of his concerns is that even if he is protected by powerful firewalls, it's still possible for an evil AI to get past them and take him over, endangering his friends. And as it happens, The Machine's archnemesis Samaritan is well aware of Yuujin and interested in using him against the good AI. Of course, all the AppliDrivers are against Samaritan, not just for Yuujin or The Machine's sake, but because its goals resemble Leviathan's closely.
    • Alcor heard of the AppliDrivers' story and thought Yuujin was remarkably like Miyako Hotsuin, an artificial creation who had assumed herself to be human, and who Alco feels a great deal for. Both were also involved in a Sadistic Choice that put their lives and the whole world's in the balance. As Yuujin accepted sacrificing himself for the world, Alcor has a great deal of sympathy for him.

    Bubsy the Bobcat 
Bubsy the Bobcat, God of Questioning Fate
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: His exclamation point T-shirt
  • Theme Song: Title theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Chaotic Stupid tendencies
  • Portfolio: "What could possibly go wrong?", Fourth-Wall Observer, Fun T-Shirt, Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal, Mascot with Attitude, Memetic Loser, No Indoor Voice, Video Game 3D Leap, makes a lot of puns, Sphere Eyes
  • Domains: Bobcats, Puns, T-shirts
  • Allies: Gex, Sakaki
  • Respects: Timmy Turner
  • Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario (formerly)
  • Enemies: Most Caustic Critics, Especially JonTron and SomecallmeJohnny
  • Opposed by: Mighty the Armadillo
  • Odd Friendship: Dan (Dan Vs.)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Johnny Turbo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: I Hate Everything
  • Bubsy used to have a somewhat decent following, but after his infamous third outing, his franchise was dead in the water. It was believed that there was no way that he would ever make a comeback, but his next game (which took 21 years) was more enjoyable. The gods were surprised by this, and he was ascended.
  • When Bubsy entered the Pantheon, he was dissed by Sonic for multiple reasons: he didn't like how he insulted him, his creator's inspiration for him came from playing Sonic's first game for fourteen hours per day, which he felt disturbed about, and he always saw him as a weak rip-off of him. Bubsy's response?
    Bubsy: "You know, you were the Former Trope Namer for Polygon Ceiling."
    Sonic: "Said the same guy whose series was killed when he went 3D."
    • While the potshots were light at first, it turned into a fight on who had the worse 3D game, Bubsy 3D or Sonic'06. To settle this, the house of Gaming hired The Angry Video Game Nerd, JonTron and SomecallmeJohnny to decide on who had the crappier game. The AVGN claimed both games were equally shit, JonTron said that Sonic'06 was a little better and Johnny felt the same. Bubsy claimed bias on the latter two critics, knowing JonTron had more experience with Sonic's game when he played it with Egoraptor and SomecallmeJohnny is a huge fan of Sonic's games.
    • Mighty opposes Bubsy for not only being an rival of his friend, Sonic, but also for being careless to his pet armadillo, Arnold. As mentioned below, he prefers to forget that moment.
  • While Bubsy will usually defend his games from the critics, even he'll admit the time he went 3D and his animated outing weren't up to his standards.
  • Bubsy finally found a friend in the form of Gex. Expect them to make a lot of random one-liners when they hang out. He's currently learning tips from the wisecracking gecko on how to make a decent 3D Platformer.
  • Noticed that Timmy Turner has the very same Catchphrase as him. For obvious reasons, the court is trying to ban them from saying it.
  • I Hate Everything doesn't like him for being nothing but a cheap attempt at cashing in on Sonic's (whom he already hates) popularity. Bubsy, noting IHE's dislike of the hedgehog, shared his thoughts with him on how he always wanted to beat Sonic and hates his fans for how they constantly make fun of him. While it didn't completely redeem Bubsy in IHE's eyes, he does respect someone who also despises Sonic and his fanbase.
  • When Johnny Turbo met Bubsy, they seemed to get along at first. They both dislike Sonic and were originally banished to Retconnian. But later, Johnny flipped when he realized his games were released for the Genesis, and not the Turbografx. Bubsy explained that his system was losing popularity by the time his first game came out, but Johnny called him a hypocrite since Bubsy had an exclusive game for the even more unpopular Atari Jaguar. With that said, Mr. Turbo still partially respects him.
  • Surprisingly, Dan doesn't seem to mind the bobcat. He can relate to how Bubsy feels that the world seems to hate him. It helps that Dan's a cat lover.
    • Speaking of cat lovers, Sakaki mostly enjoys Bubsy's company. Though, he can be too annoying even by her standards.
  • He once tried to compete with Mario by putting Bubsy 3D on the Play Station against the plumber's 3D debut on the Nintendo 64. Let's just say it didn't go over so well.

    Charlie the Unicorn 
Charlie the Unicorn, God of Complaints About Forced Adventures

  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A unicorn horn and a removed kidney
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Initially Cheery And Positive Before The Series, Became MUCH More Cynical And Reluctant Due To Being Constantly Tormented By Pink & Blue To The Point Where Not Much Fazes Him, Constantly Complaining About Being Forced Into Others' Antics, Only Sane Being Alive In His World, Feelings Never Respected, Perpetual Frowner
  • Domains: Unicorns, Adventure-Opposing, Reluctance, Cynicism, Butt-Monkeys
  • Herald: The Starfish (as a ghost)
  • Allies: Lady Amalthea, Maud Pie, Unico, Fancy Pants Man, Dib Membrane, Eeyore, Courage, Sadness
  • Conflicted Opinions toward: The Houyhnhnms
  • Avoids: The Mane Cast, Salad Fingers, Yoshikage Kira, The Liopleurodon
  • Annoyed by: Donkey, The Annoying Orange
  • Opposes: Pico, Nene, and Darnell, Mr. Burns, Dr. Eggman
  • On bad terms with: The Dursleys, Discord
  • Enemies: AM, Bill Cipher, Kefka, The Nibiru Entity, Shuma-Gorath, Mr. Mxyzptlk, The Pyro, The Medic
  • Charlie the Unicorn, while quite the cynical and gloomy downer, has gone through so much despite his lack of motivation nor determination for excursions, challenges, nor handling adversity, which is actually quite special given how much a majority of the Pantheon's deities usually do, making those like Charlie stick out in comparison. What made Charlie stand out in particular were two particular "friends", known as Pink and Blue, two happy unicorns who were not only more excited and adventurous unicorns, but had a twisted sense of humor, little respect for other life, and a dreadful persistance for annoying Charlie. While it seemed that the "adventures" that Pink and Bluenote  put Charlie through were a simple set of troublesome events to endure through, culminating in Pink and Blue attempting to kill Charlie just for finally getting bored of him, but they were just the most recent of all of them. Not only did Pink and Blue made a living hell out of Charlie's life, but it turns out that they've turned Charlie's entire world into a lifeless mess for the last 10,000 years, with Pink and Blue actually being mere corpse vessels of two Chaos Spirits unleashed into the world, tormenting and killing almost everyone else out of sheer entertainment, with Charlie being one of the few survivors unlucky enough to get their attention.
  • While back then, when Charlie hardly knew what Pink and Blue had in store for him, he was much more optimistic, eager, and open to having a fun time. But now? He barely had patience for any of it, with him becoming much more cynical and very often expressing how unwilling he was to get into more shenanigans, which often end with him getting injured in some way. After surviving Pink and Blue's attempt on his life, he eventually found the ghost of the one responsible for bringing the Chaos Spirits into the world (also named Charlie the Unicorn, but a wizard CEO too), and with him, a method to finally send back the Chaos Spirits back where they came from. While the sealing method was supposed to powered by happy and positive thoughts, our Charlie wasn't going to have the other ghost Charlie or anybody try to talk him down for being so negative where everyone else was smiling or happy. Surprisingly, his strong resolve to stay cynical and unhappy about what life has thrown at him did successfully seal the Chaos Spirits away, leaving a desolate world for him to wander.
    • Deities from the Pantheon interested in Charlie's pessimistic attitude and its role in sealing away all-powerful chaotic entities eventually drove them to invite Charlie to the Pantheon. However, being contacted by "gods" to enter a new world full of crazy things, from ring-powered superhumans to eldritch grannies, was not convincing Charlie at all. As far as Charlie was aware, the Pantheon was just another place for Chaos Spirits like Pink and Blue to continue their "funny quests" with him again. Since there was no refuting that the Pantheon could be a potentially dangerous place for Charlie, who was fine staying in his world looking for survivors, the Pantheon's deities gave him a free tour of the place, clearly "unbiased" (as in, avoiding the House of Slaughter or the House of Otherness), and introducing Charlie to more down-to-earth, rational individuals who didn't try to yank him into their own activities instantly. The tour eventually convinced Charlie to take a stay in the Pantheon, and it helped that there was a trope conveniently suited to his interests, seeing it as a way to not invite unwanted attention. After learning of all of the wacky, out-there, and even extra-dimensional beings in the Pantheon, he's had some regrets with taking the position, though he's getting used to it.
  • Despite intentionally avoiding places where deities get into adventures, quests, or conflicts, Charlie will get himself caught in one of them once in a while, regardless of his eagerness to be involved. While he's still rather exhausted from dealing with Pink and Blue all of the time, not having to hear those two voices again feels so relieving in comparison to all of the chaos he gets put into on occasion. Meeting Donkey, for example, was the closest thing to the Pantheon's equivalent of an annoying equine companion for Charlie, and even he's getting used to bearing with his company. However, he's learned of plenty of deities that are willing to put others through endless torture for the hell of it, most notably AM, who was created by humans for war, only for AM to turn against them and cause the end of all but 5 humans to torture for his own twisted desires. As Charlie is disappointed in how other worlds have gotten into situations like that of Charlie's, he's found a pitiable opposer of catastrophic invasions and disasters in Dib Membrane. Although he's hardly accomplished much in stopping others from being too inviting to potentially threatening forces, Charlie appreciates Dib's attempts to be the voice of logic and reason. Sometimes, the two like to rant along about the stuff they've been through, though Dib more often than not gets grossed out by a few of the traumatic experiences Charlie explains in detail.
    • There are unfortunately quite a number of deities that have attempted to unleash something eldritch or incomprehensible into their world only for things to go horribly wrong, something that irks Charlie from time to time. There are people like Mr. Burns that would gladly unleash an abomination onto the world for a good profit, much like the other Charlie the Unicorn from his world, and there's Dr. Eggman who has actually unleashed several abominations that could've thrown the world into devastation, and he still hasn't learned anything from each failure. However, Kefka, who did the same thing with the Warring Triad and succeeded instead doesn't get any respect from Charlie either, given the maniacal atrocities he committed with said power.
  • As for said extra-dimensional or eldritch terrors, he's naturally opposed to such entities that mess with victimized worlds for their own benefit or amusement, like Shuma Gorath or the Nibiru Entity. However, for the two closest things the Pantheon has to Charlie's Roffle and Lolz, there's Bill Cipher and Mr. Mxyzptlk. Charlie's grateful that they haven't decided to bother him together at once. It's no secret that he resents the Weirdmageddon that Bill wants to push forward, and also Stanford Pines for enabling Bill to become such a threat in the first place, even if he and his twin Grunkle Stan worked to fix their mistake, not that he'd like to stay near the latter anyway. Mr. Mxyzptlk was also rather difficult to bear at first when he decided to play games with Charlie, and for hours he had to suffer for Mxyzptlk's amusement, until one of Charlie's rants unintentionally made Mxyzptlk say his name backwards on accident just to spite Charlie. Realizing that there was a way out of the madness, he found out about making the fifth-dimensional nuisance go away properly, and is planning to research ways to efficiently repel Mxyzptlk. And yet, the Pantheon had someone even worse in store waiting for Charlie.
    Annoying Orange: Hey! Hey Charlie!
    Charlie: YOU!
    • Back when Pink and Blue were having "fun" with Charlie, the Annoying Orange did cross over to join in on the antics, mostly to make Charlie's life even more of a living hell. And Charlie hasn't forgotten about the giant knife that hit his kidney back then either. And unfortunately, it looked like he would have to deal with this meddlesome fruit once again. Thankfully, it was a little easier to get away from the Annoying Orange in the Pantheon, even if Charlie has to worry once again about a giant descending knife if he bears with that orange for too long.
  • While Charlie is pretty much used to just relaxing in his rather mundane but peaceful temple, pretty much tired of getting put into adventures, Charlie sometimes wanders around in the Pantheon whereever a lot of action isn't going on. While not a big priority for Charlie, he would wander upon Lady Amalthea's temple and meet Amalthea there. Their encounter was pretty calm and nothing out of the ordinary, which was something Charlie wasn't used to for a long time. Amalthea initially deemed Charlie as akin to the other unicorns that came from her world, insensitive to emotions like love and regret, but learning about Charlie's rather terrifying experiences being not only the last truly living unicorn in his world, but living with malicious spirits responsible for killing the rest enabled Amalthea to understand his reclusiveness. As for Charlie, he seems to understand Amalthea's own struggles with being emotionally out-of-tune with the other unicorns she freed, but he honestly lacks any idea of what to say about it aside from simple acknowledgement.
    • Amalthea would introduce Charlie to another unicorn known as Unico, who Charlie initially had conflicted feelings on, due to how much more outgoing the other unicorn was, so initial interactions were rather awkward between the two due to conflicting approaches to being social. Charlie doesn't really care much about Unico's abilities to make others happy either, since for Charlie, he hardly has any good reason to legitimately feel happy. It took a little campfire night for Charlie to understand what the "winds" were to Unico, with many of them being gods that despised Unico for his abilities to the point of wanting to forcefully take him to the "Hill of Oblivion", and only having the West Wind to keep him safe from the rest, though at the cost of having to settle down anywhere with the friends he would make. It was at that point at seeing how bummed Unico's life was from higher beings wanting to mess with the poor unicorn that got Charlie to be a little more open and sociable with Unico, making the two more genuine companions. While Unico's ability to spread happiness hasn't applied to Charlie yet regardless, the former is sure that with enough time, Charlie will get better.
  • While his series was known for being prominent on Youtube, Charlie actually originated as a Newgrounds flash, although he would rather not associate with most other Newgrounds deities given how chaotic and violent they can be at times. As a result, there are those like Pico and his buddies who don't bother treating him better than a prop, and even once pranked Charlie into visiting Salad Fingers' domain, given that Salad Fingers and his reclusive lifestyle made Charlie think that he found a decent place to escape others' commotion. Charlie ended up finding the skinny man play around with what appeared to be a carcass of some horse, at least until Charlie muttered something, causing Salad Fingers to turn around towards Charlie, who left being unwilling to know what he would do next. While their attitudes toward adventure differ, Charlie found a more friendlier host in Fancy Pants Man, given a similarly distant relation toward Newgrounds deities, not being fond of the senseless violence they liked to participate in at times.
  • Charlie visited another barren area in the middle of nowhere after getting caught up in other deities' antics, and found a small humble house with a meager farm in the middle of it. Given that it looked in good shape, he decided to peek in and saw two elders and a dog. Noticing the unicorn out of their window, the two Bagges decided to let Charlie stay as a guestnote  with their pet dog, Courage. While they all managed to hang around with each other quite well, with even Charlie not minding Eustace's crankiness, the house would be haunted by strange visitors and other creepy guests, some more malicious than others. However, both Courage and Charlie managed to cooperate well for the sake of keeping those intruders at bay. Despite Charlie having to leave eventually, since Charlie was tired of dealing with more and more mishaps, he still finds Courage to be a nice companion for dealing with others' problems.
    Eustace: Stupid talking horse.
  • To look for more places more apt to his interests of a calm life free of anything crazy ruining his day, he visited the Dursleys, learning of their obsession with normalcy and seeing it as them being somewhat like-minded at the very least. He has heard of how rude they can be towards those who even express a little bit of weirdness, but Charlie was sure they could get along just fine. The Dursleys themselves, on the other hand, did not take a visit from a talking unicorn in front of their temple that well. Despite Charlie's attempts at diplomacy, the unicorn would be shooed away, now understanding their rather close-minded views on what's "normal". Some days later, he visited Yoshikage Kira given that he too was interested in a normal life free of any disruptive commotions. While Kira was weirded out by a talking unicorn at his doorstop, he reluctantly let Charlie in as a guest given that Charlie had no suspicious intentions. Charlie had at one point definitely found out about one of Kira's darker secrets in relation to... hands, but Charlie thought it would be best to not yap about it. Maybe his hands were just models, he thought. Discovering how Kira actually collected his objects of obsession, and then getting in trouble with others for it afterwards, would be the breaking point for Charlie to decide he would be much safer a mile way from the creep.
  • Though Charlie isn't explicitly looking for friends, let alone going out of his way to do so, deities find it difficult to get along with Charlie due to his constant cynical and negative attitude. He more often than not ignores others' requests to try and put up a smile or to improve his attitude, given that he feels more than justified for being so negative, given all of the things that he's been forced to experience, and the fact that his negative feelings fixed things in his world back then gives justification as well. For similar reasons, he's gotten along with Eeyore the most out of the members of the Hundred-Acre Wood, the rest of which attempted to lighten his mood at little to no avail. Charlie eventually learned about the Emotions that run the emotional experiences in one's brains, and it was no surprise that he resonated with Sadness the most. The other emotions wonder how out-of-tune Charlie's general emotions are, and from a quick monitor of his brain, his "Joy" appeared to be... comatose, which was agreed on as the most accurate way to describe the unusual state it was in, although they're optimistic that things will get better for Charlie.
    • The Mane Cast, who generally try to bring the best out of everyone and keep their friends happy, had a more complicated visit with Charlie. Despite their efforts, they couldn't really get too far, even with attempts at therapy for Charlie, with Charlie just not having the proper motivation to start being more positive, not that he was upset at them for trying to help him. Although the ponies were horrified at what Charlie has went through, they were still hopeful that they could get through to Charlie. What they didn't expect was Discord attempting to help make Charlie happy, and he happened to be one of the worst candidates for cheering Charlie up. While unintentional, he attempted to put Charlie through a self-made "Super Fun Hour", which ended up being like what Roffle and Lolz dragged him through routinely, though thankfully without any major injuries. Discord himself reminding Charlie of the Chaos Spirits already, his efforts only backfired as Charlie decided it would best to keep away from him and the rest of the Equestrians, with relations between Charlie and the rest souring in general. Maud Pie ended up being an exception since her tolerance of Charlie's attitude and her own calmness made friendship much easier. Charlie himself actually found her interest in rocks somewhat entertaining despite not completely understanding it as well. And while he's never stated such out of respect, the one Equestrian he gets along with is rather telling of which of the Mane Six he likes the least, making Charlie surprised that she and Maud are related.
  • Charlie visited the Houyhnhnms after gaining interest in their peaceful lifestyle. Having been the victim of many chaotic quests and endangering experiences, he thought the Houyhnhnms would be semi-decent company at the very least. He frankly finds their removal of Yahoos through castration as disgusting, but Charlie had wondered if the Houyhnhnms were more bearable without any humans to show disdain towards. As much as Charlie thought that their hatred towards humans was pretty much way too far, he did agree with their viewpoints on how despicable warfare and other forms of brutality were, and he didn't mind how the Houyhnhnms despised things like competitions or contests. In fact, he actually liked that about them since it meant less of those bothering him too. While the Houyhnhnms looked at Charlie a little funny due to his horn, they found Charlie to be a decent visitor since he never caused any unnecessary racket and having a peaceful and rational disposition. Charlie not being the kind of unicorn to use magic very often if at all helped a lot too. Of all the things that made the horses' lifestyle overbearing toward Charlie, it was how they don't even accept the expression of anything even mildly disagreeable or capable of any vocal conflict, which made the few times of Charlie speaking out towards the Houyhnhnms rather unpleasant, and Charlie only tried small talk! Eventually, Charlie left by saying he had to leave since he might be a magnet of unpleasantly unspeakable events, and "self-exiled" himself far, far away from the Houyhnhnms' island.
    • Leaving the island ended up being rough for Charlie with the waves flipping over the vessel Charlie used to reach the island in the first place, but Charlie didn't succumb to drowning. Instead he found himself under the sea once again, and greeted by members of Bikini Bottom in the process. Spongebob and Patrick attempted to make a welcome party for him, but ended up going overboard in a manner that caused their creations to backfire immensely and sending Charlie straight to Weenie Hut General. Of all the denizens Charlie met, he got along with the similarly exhausted Squidward the most, the latter snarking that he'll get used to Spongebob. As Charlie exited the waters, he happened to find a Liopleurodon swimming along hunting for prey. It reminding him of the one that he encountered while still put into adventures by Pink and Blue, he decided to approach it out of curiosity. Keeping at a safe distance, he decided to make a simple greeting to it, to which it responded by trying to lunge toward the unicorn, though Charlie ended up not being close enough to be at bite range, so it decided to ignore Charlie and leave afterwards. Instead of reacting with fear to the attempted attack, Charlie seemed surprised in an oddly relieved kind of manner.
    Charlie: You know, that could've been worse. For all I know it could've attempted to date me.
  • Due to warnings from other unicorns in the Pantheon, Charlie avoided the Pyro due to learning about how much of a bloodthirsty pyromaniac they were. However, coming across some stranded goggles from an area that the Pyro last visited, he decided to wear it, only to go into a shock seeing the colorful hell that he knew for so long, and the moment he saw two Balloonicorns float towards him, he took off the goggles immediately. He decided that Charlie needed to see a doctor, fast. Unfortunately, the doctor he met was none other than the Medic, who invited him into his domain, and the Medic left Charlie as he went to work on another patient. Charlie looked around only to find a fridge full of animal organs, and immediately he realized that his kidney was likely next, and ran miles and miles away before the Medic could find him again. To this day, Charlie has gained a slight paranoia of doctors visiting.

    Hank Schrader 
Henry R. "Hank" Schrader, He who Asked to Carry out His Own Execution (Officer Schrader, ASAC Schrader)
  • Demigod
  • Symbols: His DEA badge and a handgun, and a collection of rocks— er, minerals.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good by Profession, though some of his Actions lean onto True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the DEA, Boisterous Bruiser as a Front to Cover his Sadness and Insecurity Issues, Sad Clown, Is Adored by his Nephew, Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist, Plucky Comic Relief before Becoming more Gruff, Frustrated, and Insecure, Determinator, Politically Incorrect Noble Bigot with a Badge, Is Actually More Perceptive, Resourceful, and Clever than He Seems, Has a Fascination for Minerals, Chooses to Rebuke Walt's Pleas for Having his Life Spared and Face Death with Dignity via Telling Jack to "Do what You're gonna Do", Killed Mid-Sentence
  • Domains: Police Officers, Family, Anger, Enforcement, Tragedy, Defiance
  • Heralds: Marie Schrader (his wife), Skyler White (his sister-in-law), Flynn White (his nephew)note , Holly White (his niece), Steven Gomez
  • Allies: Dirty Harry, Carmelita Fox, Norman Jayden, Conan Edogawa, Jack Bauer, Tommy Angelo, Jimmy
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: L, Near, Mello, Ash Lynx, Bucciarati's Gang, Sly Cooper
  • Enemies: Gustavo Fring, The 456 Ambassador, Light Yagami, Diavolo, Hoyt Volker, Manny Pardo
  • Enemy Mine: Jesse Pinkman, Vito Scaletta, Joe Barbaro
  • Sympathizes With: Eiji Okumura
  • Opposes: Walter White (his brother-in-law)
  • Interested In: Hall of Metal and Minerals
  • Commonality Connection: Soichiro Yagami
  • Hank Schrader is a police officer working for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Alberquerque, New Mexico, and is the brother-in-law of Chemistry teacher Walter White. At first, Hank led a relatively normal life as a cop, being well-respected by those who knew him closely and being idolized by his nephew, Walter Jr. However, his life would take a downward spiral once he decided to look into the case of an upcoming methamphetamine manufacturer known only as "Heisenberg". This incidentally led him into killing Tuco Salamanca, a notorious member of a Mexican drug cartel and of the feared Salamanca family. Things only got worse as Hank developed insecurity issues, especially after seeing his unit become victims to an explosion set up by the cartel and barely surviving a life-and-death situation against Marco and Leonel Salamanca. In time, Hank had to deal with another drug kingpin, Gustavo Fring, who orders to have him killed after Heisenberg failed on his promise of eliminating him. Sometime after Gus's demise and Heisenberg becoming the dominant drug kingpin, Hank realized, to his horror and discomfort that Heisenberg really was Walter White, which created a massive family complication and Hank to lose any and all respect for his brother-in-law. Working with Walt's former meth accomplice, Jesse Pinkman, Hank was able to trick Walt into revealing a large extent of his crimes, enabling Hank to arrest him. Unfortunately, Walt had called in a group of Neo-Nazis as backup, forcing Hank and his closest police partner, Seven Gomez into a gunfight. Gomez is killed and Hank is injured, unable to fend for himself. Despite Walt's pleas to have him spared, Hank objects, stating that the Neo-Nazis would kill him anyway and simply accepts his fate before dying from a headshot, courtesy of the Neo-Nazi leader, Jack Welker. It would take a while before Walt avenged his brother-in-law's murder by personally killing Jack himself.
  • Hank's death was an immense game-changer; it solidified the downfall of Heisenberg and as soon as Hank's death became common knowledge, as well as Heisenberg's real identity, Walt was exiled from his family, who wanted nothing to do with the money that he earned in the Meth business. However, Hank would be given a second chance, albeit in a new realm. Hank's first days in the Pantheon were him resting in some sort of hospital bed and asking where he was, which was confirmed to be the House of Health and Diseases, where he was recovering after his death. After getting better, Hank decided to head out to the House of Law and Justice to learn of the circumstances of what had happened to his family after he died. He was not amused to learn that Walt was also in the Pantheon nor the fact that he avenged his death by killing Jack and the Neo-Nazis. That said, the fact that he and Walt were in the Pantheon did present Hank with another opportunity to do what he failed to do in his mortal life; arrest Walt and trial him for the crimes he committed as Heisenberg, regardless if he had since retired. Though it may be harder than before, given the surreal and fantastical nature of the Pantheon.
  • Hank is a debatable figure. He is a cop, so normally that would mean he's someone who tries to do the right thing. That said, his steadfast determination in wanting to catch Heisenberg left Hank increasingly rattled and disregarding the DEA's rules and regulations, which did end up putting him at odds against them. Not to mention how his mindset towards the case became so consuming that he was going against police protocol. The Pantheon has had to tell Hank about the numerous list of criminals that are way past their control and he simply took their words into account. The fact that Walt may have connections with said criminals when it comes to meth manufacturing may be a possibility, which unfortunately furthers Hank's mindset in wanting to bring his brother-in-law to justice. Some are willing to help him, though they do warn the DEA Agent to sometimes slow down and recover.
    • While he doesn't express it as much, Hank is worn out and exhausted by his efforts in trying to bring down Walt. After all, it did lead to his confrontation with the Salamancas and Gus Fring, which marked the first time he had to kill. Furthermore, the Salamanca's involvement played a role in Hank's PTSD, which has caused him to be incredibly dour and insecure about his situation as well as that of his wife, Marie's and his extended relatives including Skyler, Flynnnote , and Holly. On a sadder note, Hank used to be a rather upbeat and outspoken man, albeit not being well-spoken towards those outside his ethnicity, but that has since been eroded over time due to the stress he undertook in wanting to solve the Heisenberg case.
  • Due to his obsessive nature in the case against Heisenberg, Hank has proven himself a difficult deity to work with, as his stubborn and one-track-minded mindset was considered a detriment in the working field. That said, he is actually a competent police officer by the virtue of being able to recognize and identify crime evidence and scenes fluently, which is arguably the main reason why he's given a series of drug-related crimes to work on in the Pantheon. He's given a surveillance sector for the House of Crime and Transgressions, with which Hank has decent authority under. He's been told not to put too much emphasis on Heisenberg as there are a lot of drug-related criminals that need to be dealt with as well. For once, Hank has agreed, if mainly to make sure he doesn't lose his credibility as a DEA Agent and also so that he can be paid well enough to provide for his family.
  • As bad as Walt was as Heisenberg, Hank quickly realized that there were many other drug-related beings who were far worse than his brother-in-law was. While Hank does affirm that he hasn't forgiven Walt (and he never will), at least he loved his family and initially entered the meth business to assure that his family was financially provided, until that soon eroded away and Walt did it for his own ego and supremacy whilst lying to his family about still doing it for their betterment. It's motivated Hank enough to stop focusing too much on Walt and to make plans about dealing with newer threats that could be more troublesome than he'd expect.
    • Diavolo is a notable case; he's more than willing to sell the drugs his mafia organization manufactures to anyone and anybody, even children, and is wholly unrepentant about it. Even more, he desires seclusiveness above all and will coldly and immediately kill anyone who either even has a glimpse or slight knowledge of his true identity or are even biologically related, his daughter included. Unfortunately for Diavolo, he's now infamously known in the Pantheon, which has allowed Hank to carry out investigative work on him. Learning about this, a splintered mafia group led by Bruno Bucciarati decided that they will try helping Hank in exchange for giving him financial benefits for Marie and his extended family. Though the two have a hard time working together as Hank is not fully confident about trusting those who possess supernatural powers that can easily kill him, but so far, he's been a useful ally to Bucciarati's Gang for being able to put a further hindrance to Diavolo's Pantheonic criminal schemes.
    • Hank also came to despise the 456 Ambassador; it's bad enough that you'd sell drugs to kids, but to kidnap them and use them as a battery to develop more drugs, even if it means a child's death is really going too far, and Hank is predictably aghast at how something like the 456 Ambassador exists, even the likes of Walt and Gus are too disgusted by it. Hank has made it clear that the 456 Ambassador should be dealt with as quickly as possible and takes heavy duties with the House of Law and Justice in learning and gathering any intel about the Ambassador and its activities in the Pantheon. Not that the 456 Ambassador itself is fazed by Hank too much, if mainly because it's got more personal enmities in the Pantheon.
  • It may not look at it, but it turns out that Hank is rather similar to Soichiro Yagami, even if the circumstances of their criminal investigations are different. Both of them were police officers who took it upon themselves to hunt down and capture a notorious criminal, Hank's case was an upcoming drug kingpin named Heisenberg, while Soichiro's focus was on an enigmatic and elusive Serial Killer called "Kira". Furthering the similarity was when their true identities happened to be someone whom Hank and Soichiro had familial ties with, in the case of the latter, his son Light. And of course, both of them died pursuing the case to the very end, though Hank remained bitter towards Walt while Soichiro (usually) never figured that Light was the killer he had been looking for as he passed. Hank and Soichiro have since kept in contact with one another and are open to working with a few cases. Though Hank does remind Soichiro of a fellow Task Force member, Toura Matsuda, mainly due to them being impulsive and hotheaded, though both are surprisingly more competent in their work field than you'd expect. That said, Hank does stay wary of Light Yagami, especially after learning about the Death Note. Though Hank does know that, even if he had any possession of it, Walt would never use the Death Note to kill his family, though it doesn't change Hank's hostility towards his brother-in-law.
  • While not the most popular cop in the Pantheon (though he is pitied to a big extent, given the emotional and psychological circumstances he went through in his mortal life), Hank does get along with some police officers. Among these are Dirty Harry, who is well-known for breaking police protocols if it means getting the job done and if they are compromising his objectives too much. Harry doesn't personally fault Hank for his more unsavory actions, though he did chide him for not caring about Jesse being killed when using him as bait, something which Hank didn't respond to and simply nodded his head. It does seem as if his time in the Pantheon has started to humble Hank to an extent, even if one influence comes from an officer who is just as prone to doing his own thing than listening to his workforce.
    • Hank was initially skeptical about Detective Conan; then again, he wasn't really familiar with him and obviously questioned why a kid would be tackling police cases that are centered on high-level crimes like drug trafficking and murder. Turns out, Conan was actually a skilled and capable detective in his own right, having been able to keep track of The Black Organization who are notorious for keeping themselves secretive via ordering the assassination of any outside presence who so much as has a glimpse of their existence. It was enough for Hank to be endeared by Conan and sometimes hangs out with him, making lame jokes and all. That said, he does feel insecure about bringing Conan along into his DEA work, though the latter insists that he can help out in catching Walt.
    • Norman Jayden, an investigative FBI Agent, was also a very awkward situation at first, which was because of the fact that he had to use a type of drug known as Tryptocaine to ease and comfort himself after having to use an "Added Reality Interface" Glasses (ARI), which he does to digitize a forensic analysis of the crimes that he investigates. Hank felt worrisome that a respectable FBI Agent would be addicted to a drug because he experiences withdrawal either by using the ARI for too long or if he doesn't use his Trypocaine for too long either. Regardless, the two work well together, despite Hank's rash nature. Despite Hank's own behavioral problems, Norman doesn't hold him in contempt, unlike another fellow police officer he worked with, Carter Burke, mainly because Hank does have someone to look after and he's been through enough traumatizing events as it is.
    • Despite her own mixed reception, Hank doesn't have anything against Carmelita Fox and is open to working with her in a few cases every now and then. Carmelita appreciated the gesture, as not many people tend to be as open or easygoing when it comes to working with her, mainly due to Carmelia's own hotheaded nature in her police work, especially when quarreling with Sly Cooper, something which Hank finds rather amusing and is not above making jokes about it, much to Carmelita's chagrin. Even so, aside from him breaking the law every now and then, Hank is impersonal towards Sly and sometimes enjoys stories about him robbing a criminal, especially if it's about a drug trafficker. Sly himself thinks Hank is rather overbearing and boisterous for someone in a prestigious rank, but otherwise doesn't mind him and thinks he might be a decent work partner for Carmelita at times.
  • The drug industry is obviously not just exclusive to the Cartel, so Hank sometimes has his fair share of dealing with Mafia organizations in the Pantheon that have any sort of interest in them. Initially, he wouldn't get along with Tommy Angelo, but seeing as he bailed out of his Mafia group by becoming a police informant and did not approve of the abusive use and trade of heroin, he and Hank found some common ground and have kept in contact since and the same feeling was sent towards Jimmy, who ended up defecting the Mafia and going on to oppose and dismantle several different trug trades and distributions. Tommy even went ahead with introducing Hank to John Donovan, though that said, Hank doesn't put much consideration in working for John as he doesn't prefer to kill his targets until he really has no choice left. That said, his relationship with Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro tend to be rather tense; while they have mutual enemies, Vito and Joe have used and don't mind drugs all that much, so long as it's not a large manufacturer, is forced and abused towards others, and excessively distributed on a large scale. Hank thinks they do need some penalty but otherwise is okay working with them, so long as they can benefit from what they do.
  • In the Pantheon, Hank learned that after his own death, Jesse was taken by Jack's Neo-Nazi gang to be kept enslaved so that he could continue manufacturing Meth for them while he suffered from physical, mental, and emotional torture from his captors. Even for being someone who couldn't care less if he died, Hank thought that what the gang did to Jesse was excessively brutal. As of now, Hank's the only cop in his world who knows that Jesse decided to depart Alberquerque with a new identity and head off to Alaska to live out a more peaceful life. Hank considered confronting Jesse for his crimes but realized that due to how much suffering he went through, partly because if Walt as well, a lot of people came to sympathize with Jesse and that Hank would not be well-received for trying to disrupt a man's hard-earned peace. This was something that Hank had to begrudgingly agree on and let Jesse be independent. The fact that he wanted to leave the Meth industry and his past life behind may also have something to do with it. The only time Hank and Jesse interact with one another is circumstantial and if it includes Walt to some extent, otherwise neither of them are noted to work well together.
  • Outside of Meth, Hank also decided to look into the case of a mysterious drug known only as "Banana Fish". Hank was initially skeptical of it, mainly due to the bizarre and inherently funny name... until he realized that Banana Fish was made with the intent of having someone become submissive towards those who distribute the drug and to obey whatever orders they are given. This led Hank to get into contact with Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura, two teenagers whose lives were entangled with the mystery of the drug. Though the case was solved, Ash sadly died in the aftermath, leaving a heartbroken Eiji to carry on the rest of his life mourning the loss of a close friend that he may have had developed romantic feelings for. In the Pantheon, Ash doesn't trust Hank too much, pertaining to the boy's difficulty in working with others and for thinking Hank is too fixated on wanting to solve cases and forgoing the rules even if it means endangering others. Hank does feel bad for Eiji and is a lot kinder to him than he usually is, often trying to be more comical and jokey than he was in the last days of his mortal life, which Eiji appreciated.
  • Despite his tendencies to break away from protocol, if mainly because of his determination to bring down Heisenberg, Hank does care enough about his position in the DEA and those that he works with that he will try to listen and reason with his superiors. As a result, he was stunned to learn of Manny Pardo, a seemingly incompetent Rabid Cop who moonlighted as the "Miami Mutilator" as he wanted to achieve a level of infamy similar to Jacket. What caught Hank's attention was hearing that Manny led a one-man raid against a Miami Drug Cartel and killed Tony, the last surviving member of The Fans, after he had surrendered himself to the police. Learning from the story, Hank decided that Manny was a threat to be dealt with, especially considering that he was someone who went against the ethics of being a police officer, though Manny's extremely seclusive nature, to the point of barricading himself in his domain in case a home raid happened, has made things tougher for the two of them.
  • It turns out that Hank has some kind of fascination for minerals ever since his incident regarding the Salamanca Twins. On occasions where he takes a break from police duty, Hank will be off searching for some minerals to find and bring home as part of a personal collection for himself. This habit has not gone unnoticed for the Hall of Metal and Minerals, who find Hank's hobby rather interesting. Fortunately, Hank is a man of the law, so he doesn't pose any animosity when visiting the Hall and collecting minerals along the way. That said, he gets easily annoyed whenever someone, particularly Marie, refers to Hank's collection as "rocks" and Hank has to immediately correct the terminology.
  • Is also a part of the Hall of Manners of Death.
Sometimes forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

    Horatio Caine 

Looks like the Pantheon's about to get *Glasses Pull* quippy


Horatio Caine, Divine Wielder of the Quip to Black
  • Theme Song: YEEAAAAAAAAAAH! You know the one.
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His sunglasses
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: Master of the Glasses Pull, Hard Boiled Detective, Hard on criminals yet friendly towards kids, Can't keep girlfriends from dying.
  • Domains: Law, Good, Isolation, Protection, War
  • Heralds: His CSI Miami Crew
  • Allies: Gil Grissom, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Abby Sciuto, Dirty Harry, Daniel Bryan, Angel (Buffy), Chris Jansen the subhouse of Pantheon/Children
  • Rivals: Guzmo, Jake Peralta (friendly)
  • Enemies: Jack the Ripper, Wesker
  • Frankly, the only thing keeping Horatio from entering the Pantheon were those who found his quips to be annoying. Nevertheless, Gil found the time to bring his old friend from Miami into the Pantheon. Upon gazing at his new domain, he took out his glasses before getting back to work.
    • It is difficult to understate just how well-known his antics became. He may actually be the most recognizable member of the CSI team just on his quips. Of course, his detractors used this as proof of the decline of the franchise. Still, he has plenty of fans to go around. As of right now, Gil takes care of the paperwork while Caine goes out in active duty. The later has always prefered to get his hands dirty than his predecessor. The two hope to find ways to get more from their world into the Pantheon.
    • While the two never got to meet during their mortal lives, he is by far one of the most beloved partners for Gibbs and Abby. Gibbs is probably the only other Cop Show that has gained the same popularity. Gibbs has had constant praise among his constituents while Horatio's fame mainly comes from the internet. The two of them dismissed any debate over who would win in a fight. While Abby sides with Gibbs, she couldn't help but feel enamored by Mr. Caine.
  • Loves the fact that there are many cops like Dirty Harry who are willing to do whatever it takes to take down the bad guy... more than most in the House of Justice. Harry in turn is thankful for Caine for letting him bend the rules a bit. This has gotten them in trouble at times from Judge Dredd who would rather not have lawyers get in their case.
  • No one is calling him soft with the way he treats perps, bringing him in good company with Scooby member Angel. While he has his misgivings about his past, Caine hopes that he can stick with his redemption arc.
  • To Jake Peralta, Caine represents the type of cop he inspires to be: a no-nonsense kind of guy who is dedicated to his job. He also likes to compete with Caine for who can do the best puns. Holt suggested not to do it so often as to become a tryhard. To Holt, the reason Caine does it so well is because he can do it seamlessly. Jake took the advice to heart in order to be as cool as Caine without looking like a dork.
  • Given his cold and withdrawn demeanor, it may surprise a lot of people at how well he does with kids. Some theorize that he had always wanted to have a family... if only his girlfriends stop dying on him. Nevertheless, deities in the subhouse of Children are grateful of him for looking out for them.
    • Was happy to lend his services to Chris Jansen. While the detective's ability to track down child predators is uncanny, he does have trouble with some of the more dangerous folks in the Pantheon. This is where Caine comes in as the enforcer to track down and capture assailants to put them on the hot seat.
  • As the series' MO seems to be Always Murder, one can expect him to run into Jack the Ripper multiple times. Caine would want nothing but to send the man on Deaths Row, but the enigma has proven to be an elusive target.
  • May well be one of the most famous fictional characters who sports their sunglasses at all times. So much so that he wears them even when such eyewear isn't needed. With that said, he has no intentions of taking that Guzma's position. That hasn't stopped the Team Skull member from trashing his 'inferior shades'.
    • Wesker doesn't see him as any serious threat, but his followers did not take kindly to Caine rivalling their patron in terms of shades. Of course Caine would rather shut down Wesker's labs than to go into blows ever who have the cooler shades, a plan that Wesker laughed at as absurd. Not like the man stands a chance against him anyways.
  • Caine couldn't get credit with the Big "YES!" as that came from The Who's song which is his theme. There is however a deity known for chanting "YES!" Daniel Bryan always have time to meet those known for that chant.

    Jack McCoy and Adam Schiff 
John James McCoy and Adam Schiff, Co-Gods of Closing Morally Ambiguous Quips (McCoy: Jack)
Jack McCoy (left) and Adam Schiff (right)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Law & Order font
  • Theme Song: The Law & Order Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: Team Dad, Parental Substitute
  • Domains: Law, Good, City, Protection
  • Heralds: The rest of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office under both their tenures.
  • Allies: Lennie Briscoe, Perry Mason, Horatio Caine, Miles Edgeworth, Judge Dredd and the House of Law and Justice, the Hall of Detectives, Fraiser Crane, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Abby Sciuto, Gil Grissom, Jed Bartlet (McCoy)
  • Enemies: Manfred von Karma
  • Headbutting Heroes: Phoenix Wright
  • Respects: Juror #8, Atticus Finch
  • Pities: Harvey Dent/Two-Face
  • Lennie was happy to make his return to the Pantheon and has been hard at work trying to bring back his colleagues. He found his chance to bring back Jack McCoy for his ability to make closing quip. This was complicated by the fact that Jack refused entry without recognizing Schiff, his long-time mentor. The two decided to make their case to let both of them into the Pantheon. Their prosecutor was none other than Manfred von Karma, the person Jack initially took the God of Prosecutors title from him. Their lawyer? The legendary Perry Mason. In an intense case, the Court of the Gods sided with Jack, granting the two of them equal status in the Pantheon.
  • Is longtime friends with Miles Edgeworth, who has been his apprentice for many years. Edgeworth was instrumental in helping Jack ascend the first time, wrest Manfred of his first title. To his surprise, Miles himself has ascended by the time he arrived a second time. The two now help each other putting perps behind bars.
    • Is not exactly as chummy with Edgeworth's friend Phoenix Wright as the later is a defense attorney. Still, he knows that the two are generally on the same side in delivering justice.
  • That doesn't mean there aren't defense attorneys they respect. The two looked into the case of one Atticus Finch and were impressed with his work in the face of racism.
  • As within their mortal lives, both rely on an array of psychologists and detectives to get the job done. Fraiser is probably the only psychologist he currently trusts, but there are a vast number of detectives he depend on, all with their skills and drawbacks.
  • Horatio Caine drew a bit of inspiration to his quips from them. There may be those who groan at his wit, but he feels right at home at this temple. The prosecutors stated that the detective lieutenant is welcome at any time.
  • There was a time when McCoy thought he had the right man behind bars and had the evidence to lock him up. All it took now was the jury to make their decision. Yet one juror thought something else was up. That juror managed to convince the others that the person was actually innocent. A quick going over on the case proved the man was innocent after all. Now back in the Pantheon, both McCoy and Schiff were shocked to see that the juror now has a temple of his own. The two shook hands with Juror #8 and thanked him for realizing their mistake.
  • Then there are the ones who disappoint, as with the case of Harvey Dent. His demeanor was rough on the edges, but he had a great determination to lock up criminals. His tenure looked promising... until he had half his body burned off and was driven insane. The prosecutors see Dent's case as a tragedy for what happened to him.
  • When it comes to examining evidence, the duo go over to Gil in order to find any clues they can use in court. Results may vary as some people point out how unrealistic some of the methods of finding evidence can be. Abby can be seen alongside him for assistance.
  • Gibbs is often tasked in helping them find suspects and bringing them in. They like his dependability and his ability to strike fear into the eyes of perps.
  • Exclusive to McCoy:
    • Some see him as the face of the Law & Order franchise, even more so than Briscoe. He has been humble about the distinction and wants nothing less than to bring as many of his friends over as possible.
    • A Catholic, he gets along fairly well with those of the faith. Former president Bartlet once said he would have had McCoy as his attorney general if given the chance.
  • Exclusive to Schiff:
    • He may not have been the first one to use this skill, but he certainly turned it into an art style copied by many others after him.
    • A practical man, he prefers to cut deals with criminals so as to expedite the judicial process. It may stand in contrast with many other prosecutors, but he believes in getting criminals to see the error of their ways and to receive a lighter sentence.

    Joey Styles 
Joey Styles, God of the Big "OMG!" (Joseph Bonsigore, The Extreme Announcer, The Voice of ECW, The Unscripted, Uncensored Loose Cannon of Commentary)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The ECW Announcers Table.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: His Catchphrase OH MY GOD!!, Saying whatever he wants and getting away with it, Being a Combat Commentator (With or Without a Partner), Yes Men.
  • Domains: Commentary, Wrestling.
  • His Boss (Technically): Vince McMahon.
  • Allies: JR, Osaka, Joseph Joestar.
  • Rivals: John Bradshaw Layfield, Tony Schiavone.
  • His Ascension it's rather hard to say but a notable moment would be when Edge speared Foley through a flaming table at Wrestlemania. Though he's been doing it before that
  • He has joined the PWF Commentary table and since he punched out JBL once. JBL wisely doesn't do anything that could piss him off.
  • Has no problem calling matches by himself if all of his fellow broadcasters are unavailable.
  • Whenever he screams his Catchphrase, everyone in the pantheon knows some serious shit just went down.
  • He is one of the very few English speaking Gods, that is considered to be an acceptable replacement for JR.
  • Though lately he spends his days as Vice President for the Pantheon Digital Media Content making sure the gods, good or evil get the best clips that exemplifies their heroics or villainy.

    John Nada 
Alright, who's-

I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum.

John Nada, Progenitor of the Chew Bubblegum Phrase
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pair of sunglasses
  • Theme Song: They Live Main Theme, alternatively All Out of Bubble Gum
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Wears special shades that lets him see the reality of his world being invaded by aliens, able to take sheer amounts of damage but gets really injured later on, very hammy while talking courtesy of Roddy Piper, extremely paranoid for good reason, from a regular civilian to a gunslinger in a few moments, decides to blow the aliens' masking equipment and expose them all at the cost of his own life, all in an explosion
  • Domains: Humans, Sunglasses, The Truth, Resistance, Aliens, Allegories
  • Allies: Kyle Reese, The Peregrine Falcons and Sparrows Team, The Monsters, Gordon Freeman, Adrian Shephard, Isaac Clarke, Master Chief, Dwayne Hicks,"Serious" Sam Stone, Duke Nukem, Spawn
  • Source of Interest: XCOM
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Commander Shepard, the Strike Witches and possibly all good-aligned aliens.
  • Commonality Connection with: Dib, Koba
  • Enemies: All aliens such as the majority of the House of Extraterrestrials, with some notable mentions to The Martians, The Harvesters, The Combine, The Pod People, Facehuggers, Mars People, Headcrabs, the Neuroi, ADVENT, Dr. Wallace Breen, Ragyo Kiryuin, Lex Luthor (the four for siding with alien contact)
  • Mistrusts: Kaworu Nagisa, The Arbiter (counts the latter as Teeth-Clenched Teamwork)
  • Opposed by: The House of Commerce, The Blorg Commonality (one-sided on his part), Louise Banks, The Heptapods, Agents K and J
  • Paranoia can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy. In some cases, it can be both as you can be exposed to some truths you discover while realizing that your "life" was nothing more than a lie. This was the discovery seen by an American citizen named John Nada, who simply found a pair of sunglasses on his way to work. This changed everything in his perspective as the glasses revealed the truth in his eyes: an Alien Invasion that is invisible, slowly manipulating its own citizens for greed and profit. Such revelation would madden him and he would go on an action spree, killing the disguised aliens and eventually, after having a long fight with his friend Frank, joined a resistance movement intended to expose the truth to everyone. Ultimately he exposes them by breaking all their equipment via an explosion while sacrificing himself to do so.
  • One day, when the Trope Pantheons had its fair share of tourists around the House of Commerce, a bank was reported being assaulted by a man armed with a shotgun. Authorities arrived when he was ready to fire when the last thing they heard from his mouth was something related to bubblegum. A gunfight ensued but while in the middle of it, one of the bank tellers said to cease fire as he recognized that line and the pair of sunglasses the gunman had on his face, telling the latter that they are not aliens. When the authorities stopped, they saw the shotgunner simply holding his glasses back and forth until he simply sighed and instructed to follow by. Revealed to be John Nada himself, he was given a position for the very line he spouted, as the Council recognized him and brought him in to be considered in getting a spot.
    • Since the raid, he has been setting sights against anything related to economics. Afterall, the aliens in his world were very rich and had a ton of control in many aspects of the economic spectrum. This, combined with his intense paranoia with the sunglasses has made him wary almost all the time, so expect him to avoid anything economics-wise, be it businessmen, topics and perhaps most products being advertised and such. Also, not because he is a symbol of anti-capitalism, no sir, not at all.
  • First impressions for him have been rather wild. At first, he nearly in another attack spree due to his maddened sanity, overtime though did help him in the long run and made him less paranoid on his personal Pantheon sessions; until he went to a certain house that made him burst out his shotgun and put tons of bullet holes all around. Cleanup crew described the entrance of the house to be filled with circles alongside bullet shells on the floor, with Nada nowhere to be found and was only found yet again in his temple loading up a few more shells. Let us just say his vendetta against the alien menace has just started.
  • Encounters with the third kind vary, either through a peaceful sight or in other cases, violent confrontations. To Nada, the latter is pretty much the only opinion on him. In fact, he will not take any alien deity alive and that simply beating these rich bastards, according to him anyway, was the option left. And do not think being friendly is enough to make sense out of him, because he has gone rather insane thanks to the truth he witnessed back on his world. Yup, you heard it, no peace, no talks, just a simple shotgun to the head is all he needs whenever an alien is nearby, after all, a good alien is a dead alien. And of course, this extends to the Pantheon itself, as it houses numerous aliens, so much that he ended up doubling his weapon buyout on a local gun store.
    • For most of the hostile species, be it facehuggers, headcrabs and others, expect him to just simply shoot them down, though he'll consider facehuggers a priority, as these small parasites are of a problem when dealt with very late, and they just look so damn nasty. When it comes to more basic aliens, such as Pod People or even the Martians, that is when things start getting heated up as the species' own brand of weapons and abilities may prove to be a challenge for him, although he can manage. It all goes downhill however once the more advanced aliens start appearing, and by advanced, as in extremely superior races or even armies, such as the Combine and even the Harvesters thanks to their looming threat and high-scale weaponry. The moment the latter showed up, it was clear his lone assaults could no longer be viable and decided to extend his help by joining a few groups, practically those who are experienced in resistance movements.
    • Outside of the obviously advanced Combine, Nada found himself under fire from the Neuroi, and the Harvesters. The Harvester Queen tore off his temple easily and on one incident, he found himself chased by one of the Neuroi until the Witches' intervention. While he was glad to see such distraction, it took him minutes to be suspicious of the Witches themselves, as they are European and that World War II for them threw off-course. He asked if there were any American witches, only to receive a no as a response.
  • Aid for new allies started with his meeting with the Peregrine Falcons and Sparrows Team, both sides contemplating whether John was fit to join such group, as his specialties was mostly on assaults. Still, with his lackluster profile, he was given a spot thanks to his unrelenting hate on aliens. After the first meeting, came in another important leader, who knew Nada's potential in his aid of forming a new resistance. He recognized him and shook hands with esteemed resistance leader Kyle Reese, who took it upon himself to congratulate him on his quest to take down the alien forces. He sees great worthiness on him and is willing to bring him to the war against SKYNET thanks to his experience. Followed shortly made him aware on rather two peculiar groups: XCOM and the Monsters of all things. Both who can aid in him on his personal alien battles.
    • The first meeting with XCOM did not go smoothly as he thought it was. At first, he thought it was a small guerrilla movement that used small arms fire, which it advertised itself to be. Then he went through a bunch of massive training sessions and checkups, all which he thought was the only thing the group had, until XCOM finally revealed all the technology it has possessed, from originally made plasma weapons to even retrofitted alien technology. From then on, he received his first batch of modified training and specialization tasks, all of which gave him a massive headache. Despite all the struggling, Dr. Vahlen has admitted he wanted Nada because he saw his unrelenting assaults on his worlds' aliens to be quite a scene, and believed that with enough modifications and upgrades, he could potentially make him more viable on the newer alien battlefields.
    • Then came his sudden meeting to the Monsters. Confused that he is talking to literal monsters, he questioned his allies if they were so serious on the idea of being a friend to a bunch of abominable creatures. Turns out there was a reason: The Monsters ended up being one of their military's last-ditch effort to take down their alien invaders, question was the monsters they selected. From a small cockroach-human hybrid scientist, a blue blob, a (literal) fish-person, a gigantic insect and perhaps the strangest being a supersized woman of all things, he was thinking if this was literally made of drugs, that was until Susan spoke, then Nada came into his senses and realized all of this was real. If it means a much better resistance against aliens, guess he will have to team up with a bunch of monsters on his war against the evil extraterrestrials.
    • Later meetings brought him a new set of allies and a strong bunch of alien slayers too. First were Gordon Freeman and Adrian Shephard, two survivors of the Black Mesa incident. He has more respect for the former, thanks to that fact that he became the bane of the Combine later. Sam Stone was more than glad to hear his ascension and brought in a fan on his phrase, Duke Nukem, who loves to use his phrase (and spin his own variations of it) that ended up popularizing him as opposed to Nada's credit.
    Duke: I'm here to kick ass and go to Magfest...and I'm all outta ass.
    Nada: Probably missed Magfest while you were outta ass am I right?
    • In a stunning move that shocked absolutely no one, Dwayne Hicks offered Nada a spot into the Colonial Marines but refused, having his distrust towards the military. He states that his military were with the aliens and even said if the Marines were any different. Hicks' only response was with the Marines' long history with Weyland-Yutani, this sparked his interest. He also got into contact with the higher-ranked John-117, though Chief dismissed him since he is not part of the UNSC and are only allies when the alien wars start getting tough.
    • Nada and Isaac Clarke's relations are weird. For one, they are engineers though Nada was a construction worker and Clarke was a ship engineer. Their discoveries drove them deeper into the alien threat and as a result cannot get out from it, being the people who would save others or convince them of the looming threat. Then comes their paranoia, while Nada's was gradual, Isaac's was more extreme and a byproduct of Marker exposure. This lead the two to somewhat understandable stances, but they'll have to control their insanities to make their lives much easier, not that it will matter anyway since a Marker was stored into the Pantheon and the presence of aliens in general has made Nada more terrified.
  • Remember when it was said about John Nada's extension of his personal war against the aliens? Unfortunately, this brought in the good ones as well, as he cannot trust a single alien in due to his experience. The good ones are not spared however and has led to many controversial moments when he started firing on them. The Blorg were the initial species that tried to give him a peaceful convention, with several moments later him being seen dragging a Blorg body and a few shotgun shells placed on it. Then came his response with the Heptapods, believing that they are just simply mimicking their language just to invade them, where he was stopped by Louise Banks, telling him to not engage and simply be nice, but he isn't taking such excuse and has considered him a lost cause. After digging through his experiences and the world he lived in, she understood why he is very paranoid against any alien regardless of alignment, but that does not give the excuse to simply kill one in sight.
    • Then came the strained relationship he has garnered with the Arbiter, which would have been friendly for the two considering he is allies with the Chief, but that is not the case. As the aforementioned issue Nada has with every single alien-based deity has made overly paranoid even towards the nicer ones. The Arbiter sees reason in him but again, if he keeps lashing towards him and the rest of the elites, he will have to consult to Chief about what he should do to him. The same could be said towards Louise Banks, who had to call Pantheon authorities on him for trying to harass the Heptapods, with the aliens even giving messages from her about its sympathy for his world's unfortunate situation, though he won't have the chance to read the message thanks to his paranoid actions.
    • It got messier when Kaworu Nagisa got dragged into his list. He may look human but inside that human looks are basically the 17th Angel in another form. NERV was forced to sedate him but they recognized that he knew way too much. Though there is a much pressing matter related to him and his discovery: once he finds out that the 18th Angel is in fact, humanity itself.
    • There was talk with Commander Shepard about Nada's consideration into the group. This would have been the perfect opportunity to help him remedy this issue by introducing him to the N7 crew, which has its fair share of alien friendlies. This somewhat worked, in that it did help him reintroduce a new bond with some of his comrades (and for some reason, attraction towards T'soni) but also refueled his paranoia with some of the aliens presented, more notably the Krogans and perhaps the Turians. The results left much to be desired, but Shepard has him in touch should he need company.
    • And if it was not bad enough, he got involved with the MiB, possibly due to his interference with numerous alien life, including the neutral ones. Sadly, the glasses Nada wears nullifies their Neuralyzer's effects, making it useless to remove his memories. Agent K also states that whatever Nada has gotten himself into has himself deep into what he has seen, putting the situation on hold. At least they have an asset when it comes to the evil aliens lying around.
  • Speaking of alien threats, toleration towards those who side with them is something he will kill on sight. Just ask his betrayal by Holly, he will always have rants on how he could have seen it from her eyes. Though this mistake gave him clarity on people like her and sought four targets: Wallace Breen for conditioning Earth's surrender to the Combine, Ragyo Kiryuin for making a deal with the parasitic Life Fibers, Lex Luthor for his deals with numerous aliens just to oust Superman and ADVENT, perhaps the worst amongst all the alien collaborators for actually holding the Earth and becoming a large superpower with virtually little resistance. Of all of them, ADVENT has been the one he has been watching closely.
  • As said before about paranoia, there are similar things heard from him about Dib and Koba. For one, Dib had his eyes on Zim, who was an alien that for some reason on his world, was never recognized because of the populace being stupid (in Nada's case they had disguises so there is reason for the citizens to be fooled) while on Koba's case was more on his irrational hatred towards people in general. While he related to Dib, despite the former being a lunatic more than him, he tends to avoid the latter, thanks to the former's antagonistic view on humans.
  • The House of Commerce has a rather unlikable stance on Nada, stemming from the fact that his actions represent the hatred of capitalism and its effects to the community at large. Nada on the other hand think that the House is basically the alien's hiding/base of operations, as the aliens on his place thrived on rich places and the most obvious spot is where the economics are heavily driven. This only worsened the bond due to the latter's paranoia and his symbolism, with a possibility that people may start believing on his crazy antics or the secret symbolism found on his actions.

Philoctetes, God of The "Two Word" Miscount (Phil)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His horn
  • Theme Song: One Last Hope
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Trainer of heroes, Satyr, Miscount many times, Pervert and Flirt, Humiliated by Achilles' failure but trained Hercules as his last hope of redemption, Deadpan Snarker
  • Domains: Word, Miscount, Trainer, Satyrs
  • Allies: Hercules, Pegasus, Zeus (Disney), Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy
  • Rivals: Chiron, Batman, Charles Xavier
  • Enemies: Hades
  • Opposed: The House of Heroism (by name alone)
  • Philoctetes (though he likes being called Phil) was a trainer of heroes, like Odysseus, Theseus, Perseus, a lot of -euses and Achilles, but none of them gone the distances. He grew cynical of his abilities and retired, believing that he'll never achieve his dream of his star hero appearing in the constellations. He returned from his retirement when a young demigod named Hercules needed his training to become a true hero, believing that he is his last hope of achieving his dream. Phil have been known to some for his inability to miscount his words with the "two words" clause.
    • Even some of the dumber deities question his counting skill, such as Goofy.
    • That said, his first miscount ("Two words: I am retired.) really is two words…when translated into Greek.
  • He is pleased to see Hercules again as a true hero, along with Pegasus, despite not liking animals initially.
  • He was a rival of Chiron due to the fact that he trained many great heroes. Ironically, Phil also trained many of the heroes that were Chiron's students.
    • He meet other trainers of heroes such as Batman and Charles Xavier. Often times, he buttheads with them due to being more successful with training heroes than him.
  • He meets with some of his students again, like Odysseus and Perseus. To say that they don't bring him up at times, besides not recalling receiving training from him, should say that Phil and his students didn't get along well.
  • In spite of the House of Heroes being a renowned house, Phil doesn't considered them real heroes since none of them went through hero training. Many of them also consider that in spite of Phil getting a "Hero License" to be able to keep his trainer job, he's not fit for fighting evil either.
  • A pervert, a trait as a satyr, Phil is known to make many advances with many of the women in the Pantheon. Many are disgusted by this and reject him, mostly physically. The only woman that he managed to impress is Aphrodite, though that isn't surprising as he got a hero's kiss from the goddess.
  • He meets with Sora and his companions once again after their initial visits to the Colosseum. He is still skeptical of the Key Bearer's potential as a true hero, even still thinking he's a rookie.
  • Once stumbled upon the Penguin, and both were shocked at how similar they look.
  • When his presence is made aware by Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind, he was surprised to hear about demon-worshipping satyrs in Azeroth when they grew suspicious of him. Apparently, he was nearly shot by Tyrande's arrows twice, one for the first impression and the other was him trying to make advances on her.
  • Do not mention anything about his training with Achilles. He once beat up a guy for bringing it up.
  • While there is a God of Satyrs, Phil has nothing to say on the Faun, other than he at least didn't try to get Phil killed like satyr king Pan once did.

    Quick Draw McGraw 
Quick Draw McGraw, God of Telling Others Not to Think (Queek Straw, El Kabong)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (but rather Stupid)
  • Portfolio: Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal, Idiot Hero, Uses a Guitar as a Weapon
  • Domains: Horses, Disguises
  • Herald: Baba Looey
  • Allies: Yogi Bear, Rango, Lucky Luke, Applejack, Zorro, Puss in Boots, Maximus (with a bit of Vitriolic Best Buds)
  • Enemies: Rattlesnake Jake, Yosemite Sam, Snidely Whiplash
  • Quick Draw Mcgraw is a lawman that travels to various Western towns alongside his faithful companion Baba Looey to put a stop to whatever dastardly criminal that town is dealing with. Quick Draw always has good intentions, but the ways he's tried to stop villains leaves a lot to be desired. Baba Looey attempts to provide the voice of reason to Quick Draw, but is frequently shot down by Quick Draw, who tells Baba Looey that he does the thinking and not to forget it. Besides using his gun poorly, Quick Draw sometimes takes on the role of El Kabong, a vigilante that goes around whacking wrongdoers on the head with a guitar.
  • As the Pantheon went about its own business, a horse and his burro were walking around and found themselves at the gates of the Pantheon. After explaining themselves to the gatekeepers and that they were there to handle criminals that they believed were hiding at a place called "The Pantheon", the two were allowed entry. Quick Draw confronted the criminals and prepared to apprehend them, but his incompetence resulted in his targets getting away. It took a few more tries for Quick Draw before he could truly catch those criminals and even after that was accomplished, he still suffered a mishap that resulted in him falling off a cliff. Quick Draw then believed that "The Pantheon" was home to many more criminals that he couldn't catch and decided to stay there to continue his work, with Baba Looey sticking around.
  • Compared to a majority of cowboys that patrol the Pantheon, Quick Draw isn't taken that seriously by them. Much of it is due to Quick Draw's bumbling behavior and despite being quick to pull out his gun (hence his name), he often makes the mistake of shooting himself in the face. Arguably the only cowboy that's willing to be friends with Quick Draw is Lucky Luke, who is similarly fast with getting his gun out and has had comical misadventures in the Wild West. Both Quick Draw and Lucky Luke have worked together to stop criminals from going after towns in the deserts of the Pantheon, with plenty of mayhem occurring in the process.
  • Yosemite Sam and his various criminal endeavors got the attention of Quick Draw, who saw the former as very much similar to the criminals he's stopped in the past. With Bugs Bunny too busy to take care of Sam at the moment, it was up to Quick Draw to thwart Sam's plan. Sam didn't really take the horse seriously as Quick Draw made a number of unsuccessful attempts to catch Sam, but what Quick Draw lacked in wits was his persistence to catch Sam. Even though Sam was eventually captured, he would later escape, prompting a few additional confrontations between him and Quick Draw whenever Sam isn't dealing with that wabbit.
  • Rango heard about Quick Draw and his supposed reputation for stopping criminals of the Wild West and wanted to meet up with him. The horse ended up finding a chameleon while going to another part of the Pantheon during another mission of his and found out that chameleon was able to talk. Rango befriended Quick Draw decided to tag along with him for a bit, with the chameleon offering a bit of "guidance" via telling Quick Draw the story of his adventure and how he became a successful Western hero through unconventional means. By the time Quick Draw, Baba Looey, and Rango arrived at their destination, they ended up finding Rattlesnake Jake waiting, who wasn't amused at seeing another animal lawman wanting to take him in and ended up giving Quick Draw quite a challenge. Jake ultimately saw Quick Draw as little more than a persistent nuisance after their confrontation.
  • For some of his crime-fighting escapades, Quick Draw takes on the mantle of El Kabong, a vigilante who dresses up like Zorro and delivers justice via sword fighting and/or bonking others on the head with a guitar (or kabonger as he describes it). The real Zorro caught wind of the copycat's capers following a bungled attempt by El Kabong to capture a criminal. Zorro stepped in and after a daring swordfight, the criminal was captured and Zorro talked to El Kabong, unaware of the latter's real identity of Quick Draw Mcgraw. While Zorro was understanding of El Kabong's dedication of thwarting evildoers, it was clear that the latter's efforts didn't reach what Zorro was hoping for, especially when it comes Kabong's lack of subtlety. Despite it, Zorro didn't have any ill will against El Kabong and hoped that Kabong would improve gradually.
    • Puss in Boots heard about Kabong from Zorro and wanted to know about another animal that's trying to copy Zorro's character in an unorthodox way. Puss had much of the same reaction to Kabong that Zorro did, though Kabong's use of a guitar as a weapon got Puss' attention a bit more since he ended up whacking Kitty Softpaws with one the first time they met (much to Softpaws' annoyance). He's also wondering where Kabong gets his guitars from (and without any case to store them in on top of that) given that they break as soon as they hit someone on the head.
  • Kabong usually springs into action whenever he hears the cries of help from a damsel in distress, generally after (poorly) singing from his "kabonger". Snidely Whiplash had kidnapped another damsel and Quick Draw heard her cry for help, prompting him to become El Kabong and save her as Dudley Do-Right somehow got caught up in an unrelated matter. Snidely was greeted with a guitar to the head and got into a battle of wits against Kabong. It took another whacking to stop Snidely's attempt and Kabong was able to save Snidely's victim. Whenever Snidely doesn't have to put up with Dudley, there's a chance that El Kabong will step in and become his adversary at the moment.
  • Some of his adventures involved using a bloodhound that's obsessed with dog treats to sniff out targets. Looking to find a canine to fill in a similar role (the dog treats part is presumably optional), Quick Draw has tried to get along with other dogs in the Pantheon in the hopes that one of them would be willing to spend their time with him catching crooks. Some of these attempts didn't go as well as Quick Draw hoped for, with some of these canines attacking him out of irritation following his usual idiocy.
  • He's made frequent visits to Applejack, another equine with behavior similar to that of a cowboy. Quick Draw is noted to be fond of the various apple-based treats that Applejack has made and she sometimes gives him advice on how to improve his heroics. While he still has a ways to go in terms of not bumbling around, some of Applejack's advice has stuck with him.
  • Quick Draw found out that he wasn't the only white horse with a sense of justice as he heard about another of his kind going around performing such activities. His search for that horse led him to meet Maximus, who was far more competent in his job than Quick Draw was. Their first meeting together led to some confusion seeing as how Quick Draw is a talking horse on two legs and Maximus stands on all fours and doesn't really talk, with most of his gestures providing his thoughts. While Maximus isn't above mocking some of Quick Draw's failures, he still sees said failures as a result of Quick Draw trying too hard and not taking advice from others seriously. Maximus has also seen El Kabong a few times and seems to be partially aware that Kabong and Quick Draw are the same thing. While both Quick Draw and Maximus aren't in any real conflict with each other, Quick Draw's attempts to get Maximus to work with him have gone nowhere.

    Scott Wozniak 
Alright, who’s-

Hey all, Scott here!

Scott Daniel Wozniak, God of Interchangeable Comments (Scott the Woz, Scott “Will Eventually Take a Look at the First Mega Man" Wozniak, Wizard of Zenith, ScottManFun, Scott Climax, Resourceful, Buff, Wazniak, Your Next Employee, W.E.L.A.T.F.M.M., the guy who owns Sonic Jam, Terminal Illness, Skitt, Scatt, Flimsy Traitor)
  • Demigod (reaches Intermediate with enough shovelware, is holding back an Overdeity). Greater God as the Wizard of Zenith.
  • Symbol: A copy of Madden 08
  • Theme Song: Breakout from 3D Dot Game Heroes and Break In (End Theme)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good by intention... all over the place in reality
  • Portfolio: Surreal Humor, Younger Than They Look, Refuge in Audacity, Running Gag, Nerds Are Virgins, Overly Narrow Superlative, Grade System Snark
  • Domains: Gaming, Humor, Virginity, Football
  • Allies: All video game deities, especially ones from Nintendo; John Madden, Angry Video Game Nerd, Chiaki Nanami, Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Vinny
  • Rivals: Jontron
  • Enemies: Masumune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus, Junko Enoshima, Tsumugi Shirogane, Big Brother
  • Pities: E.T.
  • Opposed by: Chester A. Bum
  • Annoys: Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm
  • Conflicting Opinion: Chibi-Robo
  • Many gods were more or less wondering how did Scott get into the Pantheon. Perhaps Scott’s love for games led him here to try out every game across The Multiverse that is not called an RPG. Maybe it was to spread the wonders of the Madden 08. Either way, Scott had arrived in, having his gaming collection at hand.
    Scott: Wow! A place where all these fictional and nonfictional characters, both from mainstream and obscure media converging in one place? What’s not to love?
    Ten hours later...
    Scott: Okay. I’ve been robbed about five or six times. There is a Forever War going on between twelve creepos. I don’t know what their deal is. And the Wii Shop Channel is still closed.
  • Primarily known for being quite passionate about gaming, Scott has been known to be the kind of person to rant about game cases or the L button for ten minutes, only to scream towards the end about another subject he brought up minutes ago. Having a witty personality, Scott likes to bring up one thing he likes, then talks about the flaws of said thing he likes. Since the blunt aspect of his personality is a core trait of his, Scott was allowed ascension.
  • While Scott may have misgivings about the Pantheon (the man has been robbed five times, cut him a break), he had a fangasm over meeting his favorite gaming characters, especially those from the Mushroom Kingdom since Super Mario Galaxy is his favorite game of all time and well... Mario. While everybody is used to some ascended gamer go up, praising them but when Scott came up, they knew he was different because of the first thing he asked.
    Scott: Why did you stop giving costumes in Super Mario Maker 2? What do you have against being able to play as Shinya Arino?!
    • While still a fan, Scott isn’t afraid to let out some criticism when it comes to it as any good critic should, even if said criticism is very much a nitpick. Also, he’s not a particular fan of games that involve lots of menus and prefers games that make you just go. He can see a platformer and be like, “This makes sense.” Then he looks at an RPG’s inventory screen and says, “This is a whole new world of danger I am trenching in.”
  • Though is there anything that beats his aforementioned favorite game of all time? It is the great, the ever so glorious, Madden 08. It is a game so masterfully crafted, Scott can’t even call it his favorite game because guess what, it would be offensive to call it just a game. Went up to John Madden himself, thanking for his creation with tears in his eyes. John Madden was flabbergasted and did not know a lick of what Scott was saying but patted the boy on the back like a usual football fan.
    • Madden 08 is actually a catalyst for the world not turning into a dictatorship, as Dick Vitale’s ‘Awesome Baby!’ College Hoops would be put on a pedestal by fascists to used it to Take Over the World with everybody having a cult attachment to it. Scott managed to rid of that timeline’s dictatorship though always holds onto a copy of Madden 08, just to make sure existence does not go into the toilet without it. Considering how the Timey-Wimey Ball works, a timeline where the Pantheon is run by Dick Vitale’s ‘Awesome Baby!’ College Hoops is possible.
  • Has a bit of a heated rivalry with Jon Jafari over the fact that Jon’s entire freaking subreddit became dedicated to Scott over the amount of Schedule Slip he has gone through made his fans turn to a new . While Scott told his followers replacing people’s subreddits into his is NOT a good thing (especially after doing it to a now deceased person), he holds it against Jon after he was called a terminal illness by him. Both butt heads occasionally over which games, but not often enough to be declared the new Game Grumps.
  • On good terms with the Angry Video Game Nerd, who is by all accounts the progenitor of internet gaming content. So much so that the Nerd narrated a Scott episode for a brief moment on Christmas.
  • Feels bad for E.T. being primarily blamed for almost killing off video games when that is not the real case. The oversaturation of low quality games despite promises of a “fun time” alienating consumers where the true reason why the crash had happened. E.T. having higher sales expectancies by Atari and not selling well did the industry no favors. Plus, Scott points out that while E.T. is extremely cryptic on what to do, weren’t all non-arcade style games at the time doing the same? On through the Nintendo Entertainment System that consumers lightened up because video games were simpler to understand and worth the investment in this industry.
  • Tried to replace food stamps, Halloween candy, and an assortment of other food with gaming-related products that aren’t food at all, which made Chester Bum have stomach surgery after consuming unsold Nintendo DS cartridges. Scott has been banned from working at relief efforts afterward.
  • Bonded well with both Chiaki Nanamis over playing some games. One does not know true danger until you see a high schooler, a virgin, and a computer play Mario Kart together. Real Chiaki won that round.
    • Would never forgive Junko Enoshima or Monokuma for killing not one but both of his friends. Is also thoroughly pissed at her for sending him a disc of Madden 08 except chopped up, and filmed of being tossed into a shredder and then flattened vertically. It was all just to see if Scott would be driven to despair.
    Scott: YOU ANIMAL!
  • Also friends with legendary gamer M, Emu Hojo. Scott is interested on collecting and playing Gemncorp-related consoles and games, so Emu not only showed him how they worked (Scott notes they look like mobile games somehow running Game Gear-styled hardware), but showed him the real potential of the Gashats by shoving it into his Gamer Driver and turning into Ex-Aid. Scott then took note THAT was next-generation technology right there.
  • After collecting a few things himself, Scott really, REALLY wanted the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat and went up to Masumune Dan himself to ask. This ended as well as one would expect. Masumune Dan immediately kicked out Scott after bringing up being friends with Ex-Aid, leaving the gamer quite dejected. After Ex-Aid chewed on him for doing something so idiotic, Scott only had this to say:
    Scott: How was supposed to know to know he would stop time and kick my ass. All I did was follow the address I got from the Genmcorp helpline and- I typed in Junko Enoshima’s phone number. Dammit.
  • Instead of going through Senior Dan, why not go to Junior Dan? After asking Kuroto for a Gashat, Kuroto was offended a “mortal” like Scott would dare request and was going to kick him out like his his dad did. In a split second of thinking, Scott brought up the greatness that was Madden 08 and said that whatever game that the programmer would make probably won’t beat it. Then Kuroto—absolutely and positively furious—took that as a challenge to his skills and swore he would make a Gashat that would surpass this Madden 08 he has never heard of. Scott laughed as he looked at the Gamer Driver he somehow obtained on his shelf, awaiting when he could use its power. This is all not knowing the fact that the special Gashats are the only ones that allow transformation.
    Scott: I can’t wait to become Kamen Rider Madden! That Gamer Driver was worth so much money, ow can it not work?
  • Really likes Chibi-Robo’s... first game. He HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATES the titles Chibi-Robo got in the portable for not only being the most generic things ever and killing of Chibi-Robo’s series potential. Not apologizing for the amount of copies of that game he flushed into the toilet.
  • An advocate for game preservation. Believes all video games or at least professional ones should be enjoyed for generations to come and not become obscure thanks to unavailability. If people can seriously say that The Room (2003) is considered a work of art, then games should be put on the same pedestal as well. Fortunately, the Pantheon takes video games extremely seriously judging by the amount of people from games are deities here.
  • Relatively disgusted by Tsumugi Shirogane’s belief that fiction cannot change the world. Fiction has changed people throughout history and the statement that fiction cannot do anything is just ludicrous.
    Scott: What do you mean fiction can’t change the world? There are trillions of dollars poured into the industries are about FICTION. I buy thousands of dollars worth of things about FICTION. Your entire career is about dressing up as people from FICTION. So stop yelling the word FICTION like its a bad thing because it isn’t!
  • Now that is the end of this profile. The Pantheon was much better than he thought. He gave three kneeslaps out of five. He would give it three and a half kneeslaps if it wasn’t for his robbing and the amount of menus there are here, especially ones without a blue border.

    Tenko Chabashira 
Tenko Chabashira, Goddess of Insulting Catchphrases (Super High School Level Aikido Master, Ultimate Aikido Master, Miss Andry)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her shuriken-shaped ribbon.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Does Not Like Men yet still willing to protect them regardless, Calling all men 'degenerate males', Neo-Aikido, Genki Girl, Covert Pervert who accuse males of being perverted, Often declare she will protect girls, Being a bit too obsessed with the girl she likes, victim of a Locked Room Mystery
  • Domains: Martial Arts, Protection, Dislike
  • Allies: All good-aligned Danganronpa deities, especially Sakura Ogami, Peko Pekoyama,Sayaka Maizono, Aoi Asahina and Ibuki Mioda, Boa Hancock, Artemis, Saint Martha, Tifa Lockhart, Misaki Ayuzawa, Makoto Nijima, Diana of Themiscyra/Wonder Woman, Orisa, 765 Pro, most of the Sisterhood, Milky Holmes, Applejack, Ange, Mashin Sentai Kiramager
  • Enemies: Tsumugi Shirogane, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Cersei Lannister, Lucifer, Yoshikage Kira, Jack the Ripper, Akio Ohtori, Embryo
  • Annoyed by: Nico Yazawa, Miu Matsuoka, Souji Mitsuka
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Kenji Setou
  • Back in her world, Tenko is famed as the Ultimate Aikido Master for her skills with Neo-Aikido, a variation of Aikido that she created together with her master. Her most standout personality trait is her great dislike and distrust for men, who she nearly always call "degenerate males". After the event of the Killing Game she was forced into and where she lost her life, she was chosen to ascend as the goddess of Insulting Catchphrases.
  • Tenko woke up confused in her House after her death. Shuichi Saihara, who insisted to be one of the first to meet a fellow former participant of his Killing Game, greeted her along with the deities that were part of the other Killing Games and explained what was going on. While she was, of course, disappointed that the familiar face wasn't another girl, the two's experience in the Killing Games has resulted in them being surprisingly good friends, though she still insults or suspects him from time to time. She's glad he's working on becoming more confident and even offered to teach him Neo-Aikido to help it. Shuichi didn't refuse but he shows no sign of getting any better at it.
    • In addition to explaining the nature of the Pantheon, Shuichi also the truth behind their Killing Game. Mainly that Tsumugi Shirogane was the mastermind behind it and that most if not all of the participant's memories were faked through technology. Tenko first had a hard time dealing with the fact that her whole past may be a lie, but she resolved herself to continue to stick to her ideals of following her feelings and to protect girls everywhere, regardless of what's true or not. She was also absolutely furious that someone she thought as a friend was responsible for all her and the other's suffering and went on to confront Tsumugi about it. The cosplayer replied that it was just one of the many lies Tenko was dumb enough to believe, resolving the Aikido Master's resolve to fight both her and her mentor Junko Enoshima.
  • Her temple is a replica of the dojo that Monokuma provided as her 'research lab' during the Killing Game. While she, of course, doesn't like to be reminded of her captivity, she actually liked the room and so is okay with that.
  • Tenko got to meet the good-aligned former participants of the other Killing Games. Naturally, considering their similar experiences and their fellow status as Ultimates, Tenko did her best to befriend the girls amongst them. She particularly likes to spare with Sakura Ogami and Peko Pekoyama and rapidly became a fan of Maizono due to her love for idol singers and do her best to attend all of the latter's concerts.
    • After learning that Aoi Asahina was the Ultimate Swimmer, Tenko asked to become her 'Master of the Sea' (because she already has one on land), i.e. teach the martial artist how to swim so she wouldn't be embarrassed about her lack of skills anymore. Aoi gladly accepted, but quickly requested that Tenko doesn't call her master. The two can be often seen during lessons in one of the pools in the House of Sports.
    • She was surprised to hear that Ibuki Mioda's voice sounded just like her. The latter thought of it as a very amusing and immediately challenged her 'voice sister' to a shouting match. Thankfully, Tenko is energetic enough to keep up with Ibuki's whims but would rather avoid hearing the kind of music the Ultimate Musician likes to make.
  • As said before, Tenko highly distrusts men, who she thinks are always perverted and want to prey on innocent women. It takes little evidence for her to start accusing them of every crime she can think of and even threatening to beat them up. This brought the attention of Boa Hancock, who heavily approves of Tenko's mission to protect women and punish degenerate males. Meanwhile, Tenko is amazed by Boa's beauty and her having founded an island free of males, though she is completely baffled by the Pirate Empress's crush on a rude, weird-looking male like Luffy. Artemis also approved of the young martial artist's philosophy.
  • The Neo-Aikido she practices is a rather odd martial art. While it's based on normal Aikido, it is much more aggressive and seems to have a 'no tactic is too dirty' philosophy. As such, Tenko is happy to incorporate techniques from many martial arts into her fighting style, including those using weapons. So naturally, she spends a lot of her time in the House of Combat to learn everything she can from the female martial artists there.
    • During her time there, she witnessed a sparring match between Saint Martha and Tifa Lockhart. Amazed by their prowess, Tenko asked if they could take her as a pupil. The two, endeared by her earnestness, accepted and sometimes spend times teaching her their moves. Martha, in particular, appreciates that one of Neo-Aikido's teachings is to not get too excited about Christmas.
    • Other Aikido practitioners she met and befriended are Misaki Ayuzawa and Makoto Nijima. She especially admires the first for disciplining a school full of insensitive boys into a safe haven for girls. As for Misaki, she understands where's Tenko dislike of men is coming from but thinks the Ultimate has a tendency to jump the gun on her suspicions.
  • One of Neo Aikido's obligations is to be a 'hero of justice' that wears a mask and do deeds like helping women in trouble and beating up criminals, which she has been seen doing even in the Pantheon. This superhero act brought the attention of Wonder Woman, who was reminded by Tenko's anti-men rants of the more hostile members of her amazons. So she offered to mentor the younger woman in heroism while secretly wanting to aid her in getting over her misandrism. The Ultimate Aikido Master accepted and sometimes act as a sort of sidekick for the amazon.
  • Orisa like her dedication to protecting innocents and the two often works together to save people from scoundrels. Tough the Omni is adamant that they protect *everyone*, including males, and do her best to reign in Tenko's impetuous nature.
  • As someone who greatly admire performers, especially idols, Tenko was overjoyed to hear from Sayaka that there were not one, but two huge idol groups within the pantheon. She first went over to meet 765 Pro in the House of Music to watch their concerts and ask for their autograph. Upon learning that Yukiho Hagiwara was afraid of men, she declared that she would protect her against any degenerate males that tried to approach her. Yukiho appreciates the intent, but Tenko's over-excitable behavior kinda scares her too.
    • She also went to meet μ's for similar reasons. At first, it seemed to also have gone pretty well. But shortly after her visits, recordings of her voice praising the male gender and acting what was apparently a torrid love affair with some conveniently unheard boy. She was naturally pissed off beyond reason at this prank and investigated (read: half-forced Shuichi into doing it) the situation to find out who did this. It turned out that the culprits were Miu Matsuoka and Nico Yazawa, who happened to be hanging out together when Tenko met the later's group and took advantage of their similar voices to fake the recordings. Tenko loudly chewed them out for it and made them promise to never do that dirty trick again, though this has not stopped the two from trying to find other ways to annoy her. When asked why they wanted to antagonize the martial artists, Nico and Miu only looked enviously towards Tenko's chest.
  • Her love for performers extends to magical girls, so when she heard that there was a whole organization of them, she rushed to meet them all and was amazed by the numbers and varieties of beautiful and cute girls that made up the Sisterhood. While she obviously couldn't join their ranks, she still declared that she would fight alongside them whenever they needed help. After learning what Lucifer did to the group, she swore she would defeat him someday. Fortunately, she knows she's beyond outclassed but that only motivated her to train harder.
    • During her visit, she had the misfortune of being spotted by Souji Mitsuka. Instantly enamored by her long and elaborate twin-tails, the boy suddenly spat out a long-winded and flowery speech to exalt their virtues. Since he was in his male form, this only creeped her out. While she was stopped from assaulting him for his weird praise, she loudly informed him that she would beat him up if he ever got too close to her.
  • Despite often claiming that males are perverted, Tenko's mind tends to be in the gutter a lot of times, particularly when thinking about her crush Himiko from back in her own world. She also gets incredibly flustered when females deities compliment her looks. For this reason and her misandry, her allies do their best to not let her get near the most lustful gods in the House of Love, in fear that she would be an easy target for the female ones or that she'd try to assault the male ones.
  • On one fateful day, she happened to bump into Kenji Sentou, which caused her to complain that dumb males should watch where they're going. This, in turn, prompted Kenji to rants that the feminists were now openly assaulting and harassing malekind, which in turn caused Tenko to rant about how degenerate males always have a persecution complex. Eventually, this meeting turned into a debate/shouting complex that nearly came to blows before very annoyed gods forcibly separated the two. From that day on, when one sees the other, they immediately begin to accuse each other of having a nefarious agenda, annoying everybody around them.
    • Cersei Lannister happened to overhear one of those 'arguments'. In her usual petty manner, Cersei made a comment on how a simple girl was trying to cover up her obvious jealousy towards males by speaking ill of them. The Ultimate Aikido Master understandably couldn't let that slide and confronted the queen about it. She only ended completely mortified at how much Cersei hated her own gender. After hearing about her horrific actions from other Westeros gods, Tenko declared that the obviously insane monarch was her enemy.
  • She holds great importance to embracing your emotions, positives or negatives, and expressing them rather than bottling them in. This valorization of honesty met the approval of Applejack. Tenko finds the hat-wearing pony adorable and sometimes helps at her farm.
  • One time she went to visit Shuichi in the Profession house, she saw him surrounded by the Milky Holmes group, who wanted to get advice on how to become great detectives. After they spend many minutes explaining to an angry Tenko that no, Shuichi wasn't being a degenerate womanizer, the four befriended her, with Nero in particular feeling drawn to the martial artist for some reason. The Aikido practitioner promised she would help the group with any of their investigations.
  • Naturally, as a self-declared protector of women, Tenko violently opposes people who really do prey on them such as serial killers like Yoshikage Kira and Jack the Ripper. It doesn't help that she herself was killed by a serial killer who exclusively targeted women.
    • This also includes sexual predators like Akio Ohtori or Embryo. After learning more about her, Embryo commented that her fierce demeanor and her willingness to do anything for the girl she liked up to accidentally prevent her from being killed in her place made her more than worthy of him. Naturally, this pissed her off even more but she realized that unlike Ohtori, she couldn't defeat him on her own. So she allied herself with Embryo's archnemesis Ange. The fallen princess finds Tenko's misandrist tirades annoying, but fully admit they're completely accurate when it comes to the Tuner.
  • Back in the Killing Game, Tenko pretended to join a led made by a fellow Killing Game participant so that she could help Himiko. Upon learning that, Wizardmon who similarly joined Myotismon's army for his friend Gatomon's sake, sought her to talk about it. Their first meeting was greatly helped by the fact that Wizardmon is technically not male and the two empathized with each other over having to do that during which Tenko made it clear that she had no plan on repeating this particular strategy. Which is just as well, considering how much of a Bad Liar she is.
  • "Keep your chin up and live life facing forward! Survive with me and everyone else!"

Need a Pantheonic god? Why not Zoidberg?

John A. Zoidberg, MD, God of Exclusion by Mention (Dr. Zoidberg, Johnny)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (usually)
  • Portfolio: The Chew Toy, WOOP WOOP WOOP!, Extreme Omnivore, Genius Ditz, Desperately Craves Affection, Back-Alley Doctor, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Space Jews, Nice Guy, Bizarre Alien Biology, I Just Want to Have Friends
  • Domains: Lobsters, Doctors, Jewish(?)
  • Allies: Phillip J. Fry, Bender, Homer Simpson, Kyle Broflovski, Pluto, Chuck, Almaz, Teddie, Mami Tomoe, Coyote Starrk, Enju Aihara
  • Opposed By: Eric Cartman
  • Odd Friendship: The Three Stooges
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Roger Smith, Stewie Griffin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Zapp Brannigan
  • Zoidberg is a space lobster who is also a doctor, though the doctor thing is a bit questionable since he's not quite good with human anatomy. There's also a weird tendency by people to not lump him into a group when making sentences. Strangely enough, he's done it to himself a few times, so it'd be safe to say that he's more or less used to it.
  • The way his ascension played out wasn't that surprising given that the speech began with "My fellow Pantheonic deities! And Zoidberg". Though there were some that was hoping the opening line was something along the lines of "Gods! Goddesses! Weiss."
  • Made a visit to the House of Health and Diseases, where he was asked to explain his background as a doctor. Although the doctors there were a bit reluctant about hiring him given the fact that he accidentally killed human patients while performing operations on them, they decided to let him work there occasionally when it comes to alien anatomy.
    • Black Jack has offered to teach Zoidberg lessons on human anatomy so the lobster-alien can improve his surgery skills on such. It's taking quite a bit of time, though there's a fair number who's convinced Black Jack will succeed in making Zoidberg a much better surgeon.
  • He may or may not be Jewish, though given how he acts, most deities are inclined to think the former. Regardless of such, he is good enough friends with Kyle Broflovski, though his tendencies made him a target of Eric Cartman, who didn't care if Zoidberg was Jewish or not.
  • By default, he is a rather nice guy, though there have been instances where he has acted uncharacteristically cruel. That said, Zoidberg does actually feel remorse about acting in less-than-savory ways. It's not really stopping the more malicious pranksters from setting him off for their own amusement.
  • Is one of the very few deities that Robot Santa doesn't consider as naughty. Many, including Nicholas St. North, are still wondering why that's the case.
  • He is a frequent visitor to the House of Food and tends to eat a lot of the food there rather fast. Of particular note is his affinity towards anchovies to the point where the house often calls for a restock of said items after he eats all of that food up.
  • His woopwoopwoopwoop noise is noted to be a bit similar to the Three Stooges' own woopwoopwoop. He's good enough friends with the three and oddly enough, whenever a pie fight happens in the House of Food, Zoidberg will usually eat the pie from his face after said food gets thrown at him.
  • Many suspect that if a new Pokemon were to be revealed, then this is what Zoidberg would be hoping for. It's a long shot to say the least, and Wobbuffet isn't saying anything about it.
  • As someone who's suffered quite a bit of abuse back in his own universe, he's able to relate to other victims of comedic abuse such as Pluto, Chuck, and Almaz.
  • Since he is largely interested in making friends, Zoidberg tends to talk to Teddie frequently because of their shared desire to have friends, even in unfavorable circumstances.
    • Zoidberg also hangs out with Mami Tomoe, Coyote Starrk, and Enju Aihara due to all of them wanting to have friends. The five have expressed interest in giving advice to others who want to make friends.
      • The lobster has also provided interest in finding something to treat Enju's condition. Most aren't willing to take a chance on Zoidberg working on an operation, but he is more than willing to help others find something to, at the very least, mitigate whatever it is that Enju has.
  • Apart from hanging out with Fry and Bender, Zoidberg can be seen alongside other Fox animated sitcom stars Homer Simpson and Bob Belcher. Although Zoidberg is friendly with fellow alien Roger Smith, the latter often performs outrageous actions against Zoidberg at completely random moments. A similar situation occurs in regards to Stewie Griffin.
  • For whatever reason, whenever someone asks Zoidberg to do some cutting, he does the cutting. Don't tell him otherwise.
  • Apparently has a doctorate in art history in addition to being an alien surgeon. No one can really say for sure if Zoidberg is a competent artist or not, though there are rumors that the House of School is considering him to be a substitute teacher for art history classes there.

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