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Greater Gods

    Superman (Red Son) 
Kal-L of Earth 30, God of Adaptational Upbringing Changes (Superman of Earth 30, Somishka)
  • Greater God (Overdeity under a blue sun and Demigod under a red sun, just like his counterpart)
  • Symbol: The hammer and sickle shield logo on his chest
  • Theme Song: The opening theme for its adaptation
  • Alignment: True Neutral trying to be Neutral Good (used to be Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: What If? Superman Grew Up In The Stalinist Soviet Union, Cape Morality Impacted By This Fact, Deconstruction of Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome, Having A Civilian Name In The Animated Movie And More Of A Willingness To Kill (mainly Comrade Stalin), All-Loving Hero Turned Affably Evil Well-Intentioned Extremist, Obliviously Evil Until He Realizes He's A Tyrant And Breaks Down Crying, Soviet Premier Superhero, Horrible Judge of Character, Heroic Sacrifice (though Not Quite Dead afterwards)
  • Domains: Elseworlds, the Soviet Union, Superhumans, Authoritarianism, Alternate History, Realization, Atonement
  • Followers: The Earth-1 Teen Titans, Anne Plantar, Sasha Vors, and Marcy Leviathan, Bocksa, The Star
  • Interested in: Lois Lane
  • Allies: Nolan Grayson, Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman (his Earth 0/prime counterpart), Diana/Wonder Woman, The Earth Green Lanterns of Sector 2814, Merlina, Vasily Zaytsev, Vasili Koslov, Viktor Reznov, Dimitri Petrenko, Artyom Alekseyevich Chyornyj
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • On good terms with: Mark Grayson, Soda Popinski, Nikolay Ivanovich Krylov, Natasha Romanoff, Asa Martin/the Samaritan, Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • On speaking terms with: The Asteromorphs, Superboy-Prime
  • Odd Friendship with: Lord Business, Metro Man
  • Enemies
  • On poor terms with: the other Boys, Lonnie Machin/Anarky
  • Respects: Jonathan and Martha Kent, Lois Lane, Georgy Zhukov, Captain America, Sonic the Hedgehog, Rebecca "Annie" January/Starlight, Margaret "Maggie" Shaw/Queen Maeve
  • Disappointed in: Lex Luthor
  • Disappoints: Darkseid, Zod, YHVH, the Network
  • Uncertain opinion on: The Sentry, Iroque/Indigo-1, The Phantom Thieves of Heart
  • They say Upbringing Makes the Hero, something Clark Kent firmly believes in. So what if that upbringing was changed? Say, that spaceship arrived 12 hours off and ended up in Soviet Ukraine? You get the Superman of Earth-30, better known as Red Son Superman. Fighting for Stalin, communism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact, he became a pupil of the Soviet Premier and grew up under the beliefs of the Soviet Union. When Stalin died, he would end up succeeding him as a Reluctant Ruler...well, for a time. As Premier of the Soviet Union he would end up becoming a dictator, almost taking the world. To many he was a Benevolent Dictator...but was the repressiveness really worth it? After all, why doesn't he just put the entire world in a bottle if it needs his protection? Realizing how much the cost of totalitarianism amounted to changed his mind...unfortunately Brainiac wasn't exactly into him giving up, and when defeated he planned to blow the whole solar system to kingdom come. Superman would prove himself a hero once more by sacrificing himself to stop this. However he secretly survived, choosing to be incognito and abandon any attempt to control mankind's destiny again.
  • The ascension of the Red Son Superman was anticipated by his Earth 0 counterpart, the OG Superman. He was one of many alternate selves that has a place in the Supermen of the Multiverse formally organized during Final Crisis, helping defeat Ultraman and the Dark Monitor. Later on he worked to help out other Supermen when they were kidnapped. Having soured relationship with the Wonder Woman of his universe, and had been in conflict with the Green Lantern Marine Corps, he expected their prime counterparts would have some issue working with him. To his pleasant surprise most of the superheroes welcomed him in and embraced his desire to be The Atoner. However his prime counterpart told him not to doubt himself; he's better than he thinks he is and is welcome to be part of the JLA. Despite their acceptance, Batman is still somewhat distrustful due to his past actions, as for a time he was an evil Superman. As the Batman of Earth-30 is a violent anarchist, the Superman of that universe admits it's going to take time for the two to get along. To distinguish himself from his counterparts and to reinforce some humility in himself, he goes by his civilian name Somishka, given to him by the animated adaptation. He hopes to find out more about DC characters from the Prime Earth, and the superheroes and villains of other universes.
  • He's very interested in Lois Lane and his prime self's adoptive parents, the latter because of the argument of Nature Versus Nurture. He's arguably a case of both; while his different upbringing made him employ more questionable methods, he had just as much a motive to do good as his prime self. He deeply respects the Kents for how well they raised his wholly good-aligned counterpart. He was raised on a farm himself, though Soviet Ukraine is quite different from Kansas. The Lois in his world was married to Lex Luthor, though she was no less of an ethical journalist on Earth 30 than Earth 0. Now Lex, that's a different story. While Earth-30 Luthor is just as conceited and arrogant as his prime counterpart, he's on the side of US government and a Nominal Hero (or Anti-Hero if you want to be generous) who would start a golden age after Superman's "death". Knowing this, Somishka can't help but feel disappointed in his prime counterpart for wasting so much effort against a version of himself that's a genuine hero. Lex naturally doesn't buy that the Earth-30 Superman has reformed and thinks he validates his beliefs to an extent, though he did like to learn about his variant and finds there's a funny sort of irony in how their lives turned out in that universe.
  • The Superman of Earth-30 is naturally compared to the other Supermen in the Trope Pantheon. And not just them, but those who clearly parallel the Man of Steel. Mainly, it's the ones that "go off the beaten path", so to speak, that are of note to the Soviet superhero, though it's not just them. The most obvious comparison one can make with the Red Son Superman is his Regime counterpart. Both see Superman become a dictator for a perceived greater good, though the trigger is different; Regime Superman lost everything, and Red Son Superman was mentored by Joseph Stalin. However Regime Superman has stayed steadfast in his ideals, much to his Earth-0 and -30 counterparts' disappointment. That Superman thinks his communist doppelganger essentially gave up too soon, however he admires his virtues and accomplishments as dictator. Somiskha initially believed he would share the sentiment, but seeing the Regime Superman double down and refuse to accept what he's in the wrong is incredibly frustrating for Somishka. So in the end, they are enemies. But what about other Superman types? How does he feel about them?
    • Due to disavowing many of his old views but not exactly being trusted by the hero community Somishka doesn't have many friends. However he does have a very strong friendship with a Superman Substitute; Nolan Grayson, aka Omni-Man. Omni-Man grew up as a Viltrumite, Social Darwinist aliens who invaded planets to "help" them (basically the alien version of White Man's Burden), masquerading as The Cape to prepare Earth. But the love of his son, and to a lesser extent wife had him realize he cared. He'd eventually reform his ways and when he eventually became leader, he helped his people reform their ways. Omni-Man has gone through a similar arc to Somishka, so it's no wonder that they relate to one another. He's fond of his son Mark, as he is the one who let the spark of his father's compassion. As a formerly evil Superman, this puts him in an interesting spot with Superboy-Prime. Prime was a much more childish, dangerous villain, but following the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal he's finally turned over a new leaf and is trying to be a hero again. He knows the temptation though, and would like help from the more mature Red Son variant as a Superman who can understand more than most.
    • At best, he perceives the Plutonian as an especially powerful yet extremely violent maniac. One who has been given chances to reform and rejected them. Red Son Superman, for all his flaws, still held on to a sense of humility and genuine compassion for people, even if his vision of "saving the world" was ultimately the wrong one. The Plutonian's heroism was ultimately driven by ego rather than any genuine desire to help. Though his Regime counterpart disagrees with his decision to stop his Totalitarian Utilitarian path, they'll happily join up and teach the Plutonian a lesson. The Earth-30 Superman has is less disgusted and more disappointed, as is his prime counterpart, with the Homelander. Somishka is currently trying to live up to the virtues of his communist upbringing as part of his atoning, so he sees Vought-American and the Seven as emblematic of the negatives of capitalism, pointing out how they've enabled the emotionally unstable traits of their Supes. The obvious exception is Starlight, who he respects for being a genuine hero. He's come around to respecting Queen Maeve due to her more active heroism on the TV show.
    • Compared to his more intense relationships with other Supermen and their expies, his relationship with Metro Man is a lot more light-hearted. Metro Man felt he was defined by the role of Metro City's number one hero and had an understandable, albeit selfish desire to finish his rivalry with Megamind. Seeing how far Somishka went to do the right thing, he thinks taking a break and sorting out his priorities is a good thing. After everything, the Soviet's Man of Steel, decided yeah, he could kick back and relax at Metro Man's place...just as long as he doesn't sing. The guitar riffs are fine. Occasionally the Samaritan and the Sentry show up when they need to take a much-needed breather. Asa Martin is glad that Earth-30 Superman is reforming but isn't comfortable enough to form an alliance yet given his past. Somishka thinks this is fair, and he's noted that while interested in the Sentry he's not quite sure about him yet because of the Void's influence on him.
  • He is slightly different in the animated version. While both versions try a non-lethal option, the animated version is willing to kill. However his main victim? Joseph Stalin. A tyrant historically seen as bad as the Fuhrer himself, with one of his atrocities being a genocidal starvation in Somishka's own land of Ukrainenote , most see it as a Pay Evil unto Evil moment. That said, his solution for dissidents and criminals was debatable worse; neurological implants to make sure they'd be good and happy. After the "why don't you put the whole world in a bottle?!" line he considers this one of his biggest regrets. It's why, as much of a point they may have and as heroic as they can be, he's unable to get on board with the Indigo Tribe or the Phantom Thieves of Heart. He has no intention of entering the Hall of Mind Control outside of taking the fight to Yuri, who uses mind control devices except with no illusions that this isn't just a method of control. Yuri is flummoxed by how that speech got through to him, and thinks of Kal-L as a disappointment.
  • The other difference in the animated version is his origins. There he's a Kryptonian, as you'd expect. But in the original comic, the world he's from is actually a very distant future Earth, sent back in hopes of changing things as the planet is about to succumb to the sun's red giant phase only to form part of a Stable Time Loop. Interestingly, this Superman the very distant descendant of Lex Luthor. Being a highly evolved human he is of interest to the Asteromorphs, who have long appreciated the heroism of the regular Superman in service of his adopted home. The Qu hold contempt for Kal-L and see his existence as similarly blasphemous. After learning what the Qu have done, the contempt is mutual. Regardless of where he was born, Somishka sees himself as a human and Soviet citizen first. He was interested in reaching out to Black Widow, a superheroine that used to be a Soviet spy, as he wanted someone to talk about his situation. Her teammate Captain America is a bit off-put as this Superman was Stalin's successor in more ways than one, but he's accepting to him wanting to live up to the mantle of Earth-0 Superman. The Earth-30 Superman respects Cap because he's a patriotic hero that always puts his morality and the virtues of the nation he loves first over any loyalty to its government. He wishes he had that kind of mindset.
  • He's Ukrainian, not Russian, though even before becoming Soviet Premier he spent a good amount of time there paraded by Stalin. Wanting to do something light-hearted, he got out red sunlight lights so he could brawl with Soda Popinski in a fair fight, as some much needed fun for a man who'd definitely benefit from it. He trains with him to learn how to box better so he's not left behind in the Strong and Skilled department compared to his prime counterpart. "Rurik II" had been observing their brawl and says he wants to reach out to the Soviet Superman, saying while he doesn't agree with his past methods he does want to see him aspire to greatness. Nikolay used to be a Red Army soldier that went off the deep end but still managed to become The Good King, so Somishka respects him. Something he's noted is that the two of them live within Alternate History, which started to make him wonder...what other Supermen in the multiverse had a shake-up to their origins? How might they compare to him? He decided to go to the House of Time and Temporality and figure out the answer. It didn't take too long for him to find a rather similar counterpart to his Regime counterpart, that being Superman as one of the Justice Lords of Earth-50, who happened to use a similar mind control on his case, lobotomy via heat beam. Observing with him where The Animorphs, who mused that they once visited an alternate timeline where they never met Elfangor and got the morphing power, and might have a bit more experience with the multiverse.
    • He was disturbed to learn about Earth-10, where he also landed in Czechoslovakia. The Nazis had a field day with his ship. Amazingly, his counterpart Overman was the only member of the New Reischman to carry a sense of guilt about it. He was involved in Nazi atrocities but deeply regrets it and is trying his best to make up for it. While he was too young to fight in WW2, Somishka hates Nazis by default, and the Soviets were easily the most heated rivals of the Nazis during the war. Still, the fact that even in that timeline he had some sense of good was something to note. It's a factor behind Ultraman being Somishka's least favorite counterpart, as he never held any potential for heroism. Earth-23 was a much needed palette cleanser; a universe where he was black and got into politics, becoming US President, and an effective one at that. Somishka thinks of Calvin Ellis as his good counterpart.
    • Some other timelines include him being raised by the Waynes and becoming Batman, and being seized by the US government. Didn't exactly end well for "Subject One", and it makes him glad he was raised by farmers instead of the Red Army and thus directly under Stalin. It's given him a little bit of pity for Homelander due to how he was raised in a cold, unfeeling lab, but he reminds himself he's a psychopathic narcissist. It's also given him a lot of sympathy for the Last Man of Alcatraz. He was a Superman Substitute that genuinely wanted to do good, but he was ruthlessly exploited by the US government, and later on the Lunarians, being brainwashed to do evil before eventually snapping for real. The Last Son is now a Tragic Monster beyond reasoning, much as Somishka wants to reach out to him, but he knows he has to be stopped even if he wished there was some other way.
  • His redemption is seen as a massive disappointment by many a tyrant, Zod musing that while he could hardly call him an ally while he was Soviet premier he had his respect for how he led the Soviet Union. Darkseid and YHVH were going to see him as an opponent anyway but they preferred him as a villain because he aligned more with their own ideals and philosophies. The Network thought he could've been a great emissary and promoter. Somishka for what it's worth wants to divorce himself from any tyrant, especially if they had the same kind of beliefs he used to be. Some tyrants weren't disappointed because they knew they were always too evil for him to handle; we're talking your Dr Weils and your IT. Others even more so. Clu was perhaps the most sympathetic yet disappointed of Kal-L, as his desire to seek perfection means he sympathizes with his hardship at making a better world. Somishka coldly responded that he cannot accept his genocide. Nikita Dragovich is perhaps the most upset since he saw him deal vessel of ensuring Soviet and communist domination. In turn, he's called him out for acting like the Red Army's sworn enemies, comparison him Pyotr Roslov and Stalin himself. Dragovich is arguably more envious than frustrated as Superman's time as Soviet Premier was a fulfillment of his wildest dreams; he cannot imagine how one moralizing letter broke his desire to rule. The Aryan Brotherhood weren't so much disappointed as they were disgusted by an alien taking over the USSR, but since they're Boomerang Bigot trash Somishka doesn't give a damn what they think. Somishka has tried not to moralize by saying he was better than Volgin, even though Volgin was definitely worse, but he does see him as another ugly reminder of past misdeeds and misdeeds of the Soviet Union.
  • If there's a figure of the Soviet Union who the Red Son Superman looks up to, and fanboys over for that matter, it's General Zhukov, perhaps the greatest general of the Red Army during WWII, who helped saved Russia from the Nazis back when he was a kid. Georgy Zhukov is flattered, though cautious; he's quite familiar with the Decadent Court of Stalin and his inner circle, which Somishka used to be part of. He's not interested in comic books, but Superman: Red Son was a noteworthy read. Ascended soldiers of the Red Army were initially wary of Kal-L due to the time he was a dictator. The Superman of Earth-30 helped break tension by making a Rousing Speech that it is men like Vasily Zaytsev, Private Koslov, Seargent Reznov and Private Petrenkov who are The Real Heroes, heroes he can't help but admire. His sincere desire to do good and make up for his past actions helped win him over, and they were proud to have a Superman of their own. He'll admit Reznov is a bit hardcore, but he still counts him as a righteous comrade. One of this Superman's heroic deeds involved saving lives in the Metro by stopping collapsing infrastructure. Artyom was thrilled by this as he really needs some guardians for the Metro System, and Red Son Superman is definitely be the type of aid he needs.
  • The Emperor of Mankind wasn't fond of Somishka's past, being that he is one way or another an alien who almost ruled the world, though as a ruthless dictator himself a lot of his critiques could be pointed at him. The Emperor defends this by saying while his own means are similar, he has far worse threats to deal with that need his extremist actions. Billy Butcher also isn't convinced that his redemption is genuine and his past deeds help fuel his hatred of supes, not helped by his comic self coming to the conclusion all supes, himself and the other Boys included, need to die. The other Boys only tolerate him begrudgingly, as while they accept he wants to try and live a normal human life and make up for his past deeds they aren't ready to trust him yet. On that path to redemption, Somishka tends to work with those who hold their own regrets about past extremism, who he counts as more full-fledged allies. Merlina tried to keep her world alive at any cost, however after being defeated by Sonic he was able to inspire her to accept its mortality and adopt The Anti-Nihilist philosophy.

Intermediate Gods

    Knothole Freedom Fighters 
Sally Acorn, Antoine D’Coolette, Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor Walrus and Dulcy The Dragon, Divine Group of Canon Foreigners (As a Whole: Knothole Freedom Fighters, The Freedom Fighters | Sally Acorn: Princess Sally, Princess Sally Acorn, Aunt Sally, Sal, Mecha Sally | Antoine D’Coolette: Antoine Depardieu, Sugah-Twan | Bunnie Rabbot: Bunnie Rabbot D’Coolette | Rotor Walrus: Boomer)
Top Left: Rotor Walrus, Top Right: Bunnie Rabbot, Bottom Left: Antoine D’Coolette, Bottom Right: Dulcy the Dragon, Center: Sally Acorn
Archie Sally Acorn Pre-Super Genesis Wave
Archie Sally Acorn Post-Super Genesis Wave
Mecha Sally
Archie Rotor Walrus Pre-Super Genesis Wave
Archie Rotor Walrus Post-Super Genesis Wave
Archie Bunnie Rabbot Pre-Super Genesis Wave
Archie Bunnie Rabbot Post-Super Genesis Wave
Deroboticized Archie Bunnie Rabbot
Archie Antoine D’Coolette Pre-Super Genesis Wave
Archie Antoine D’Coolette Post-Super Genesis Wave
Archie Dulcy Pre-Super Genesis Wave
Archie Dulcy Post-Super Genesis Wave
  • Intermediate Deities as a group. Separately they are Lesser Deities. Sally is an Intermediate Goddess as Mecha Sally
  • Symbol: Knothole Village
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Sally is Neutral Evil as Mecha Sally)
  • Portfolio: Canon Foreigners, La Résistance, True Companions
  • Domains: Resistances, Friendship, Heroism, Freedom, Fighting, Animals
  • High Priests: The Unascended Heroic Sonic the Comic Characters.
  • Followers: Tiff, Tuff, Escargoon, Morshu, Gwonam, Liko
  • Heralds: King Nigel Acorn, Nicole the Holo-Lynx, The Unascended Freedom Fighters like Sir Charles/Uncle Chuck, Mina Mongoose, etc.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Pitied by: Shortfuse The Cybernik (Sally Acorn and Bunnie Rabbot)
  • Friendly Enemy: Sage, Bowser
  • In the Kingdom of Acorn, Princess Sally Acorn’s father, the King, became a victim of a violent coup spearheaded by none other than Doctor Julian Robotnik. She, Sonic, Tails, Rotor, Antoine and Bunnie would be evacuated to Knothole. There, they would form the Freedom Fighters. A group dedicated to completely freeing the world from Doctor Robotnik’s iron grip. Eventually encountering Dulcy, she joined them in their mission after Doctor Robotnik abducted and roboticized her mother. Together, they worked tigether to ensure that Doctor Robotnik was overthrown and peace was restored to the world. Along the way, they’d have to fight against other foes like Kodos Lion, Ixis Naugus, A.D.A.M., Fiona Fox, Scourge The Hedgehog, Dr. Finitevus, Mammoth Mogul and Enerjak, among others.
  • Sally Acorn and Rotor Walrus had been in the Pantheon for quite some time. An attack from Sigma, who had managed to regain the power of when he fused with the Lost Hex, prompted the duo to take action when he single-handedly targeted Sonic, X and Megaman. Gathering Bunnie, Antoine and Dulcy, they got as much help as they can, be it Sonic’s Allies and friends, Mega Man’s Allies and friends, or not, and even Doctor Eggman and Doctor Wily pitched in out of revenge for being temporarily enslaved by the Maverick. Working together, they eventually managed to get Sonic the last of the Chaos Emeralds, allowing him to turn into his Super Mode along with Mega Man, and the two defeated Sigma while everyone held off and beat back his minions and forces. After the debacle was over and the damage was restored and fixed, they were all granted a shared title, each representing Canon Foreigner together.
    • It, however, goes back even further. Rotor had ascended before Sally, and gave everyone the heads-up on his respective versions of Robotnik and Eggman he’d fought against alongside Sonic, including their forces, which involved Mecha Sally, Mecha Sally was the result of Sally’s Heroic Sacrifice to the save Mobius from Robo Robotnik v2.0/Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman’s World Roboticizer. The horrors Robo Robotnik v2.0/Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman put her through disgusted those informed, which included some villains, and they had come up with a plan to save Sally Acorn from Robo Robotnik v2.0/Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman’s roboticization. Since she was weaponized and modified to psychologically affect and torture her friends in the worst way possible, they’d lure her into a trap the next time Robo Robotnik v2.0/Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman attacked, where she’d be confronted by people who don’t have a close connection towards Sally. Though she put up a fight, she was successfully restrained and left unable to self-terminate by Dr. Thomas Light and X, so as to ensure she couldn’t kill Sally. Thanks to Discord, they were able to bypass the fact that Eggman’s weaponization would make deroboticizing her backfire and kill Sally, by using his status as a Reality Warper to turn her back to normal with no drawbacks, the Draconequus also erasing the Mecha Sally AI from reality. This was the beginning of her own ascension that took place a long while before it was decided that all five the Knothole Freedom Fighters would share the trope of Canon Foreigner.
  • Applies to all:
    • They are all serving as Composite Character versions of themselves, and can be whichever one of their appearances they like. The first to meet with them upon ascension was none other than Sonic himself. Sonic himself, as it turned out, was a pivotal part of the plan to save Sally. Back when it succeeded and before the rest of the Freedom Fighters ended up sharing a position rather than Sally and Rotor being the only members aside from Sonic, Tails, Amy, Big and Cream in the Pantheon. When the plan succeeded, Sonic, the Archie/SatAM incarnation, had a rare moment of genuine emotion and tears. They were all happy to be able to work with Sonic and Tails more often, as well as Amy, Big and Cream. Sally in particular is very protective of Tails, and they all hope to ascend Cream’s mother Vanilla to the Pantheon someday. They respect Big for punching Eggman and willing to fight when needed, usually when Froggy is involved in what’s going on, and they’re fond of Amy Rose, who they all know is willing to do anything she can to help Sonic put an end to the Eggman Empire for good, much like them.
    • As there are a few beings in the Pantheon from the Sonic the Hedgehog continuities that they do not know, the five decided to meet those unfamiliar to themselves. Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf were among the first, and they were quickly befriended, though while Sally found Tangle’s Genki Girl behavior somewhat annoying, it also reminded her of Dulcy. They also pity the two due to them being hit hard by the Metal Virus event. They don’t know how to feel about Sage; While evil aligned, she serves as a Morality Pet to the Game Self of Eggman and gets along well with Sonic outside of her father’s schemes. This didn’t stop Sage from warning them about the possibility that THE END will make its way to the Pantheon, and that they should prepare accordingly. Upon discovering what THE END was capable of, they agreed without hesitation. Sage’s fears, eventually, would come true. They’ve also befriended Shortfuse the Cybernik, who wants Robotnik dead. While they would rather see him suffer for his crimes locked away rather than killing him, they do see why Shortfuse hates his version of Robotnik so much, especially due to what he did to him and what he’s attempted to do to Mobius multiple times. Shortfuse was surprised when Sally told him that she was a princess, since the Sally Acorn from his universe is a reporter. Shortfuse then asked Sally if the universe she is from has a version of her brother Tufftee, Sally told him yes, he is called Prince Elias Acorn.
    • Despite her existence, the five of them had never actually met Blaze the Cat before. While she’d heard of them, Blaze had never met the Knothole Freedom Fighters before, due to being preoccupied with Dr. Nega/Eggman Nega. Still, Sally and Blaze can relate to each other over harsh duties and the amount of pity the chipmunk got from the cat was massive, especially upon learning of what Robo Robotnik v2.0/Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman did to her. The others liked her as well. Antoine and Bunnie taking lessons in fighting from her, Rotor reminding her of Tails and Dulcy trying trying to improve her powers over fire by learning from Blaze. Even though she doesn’t exist in their world, they were quick to befriend Sticks the Jungle Badger. While they admittedly had a rocky start with her due to their use of technology, once she saw what they were up against and how awful Robotnik was in their respective universes compared to her own, conceded that they had no choice, even if she finds Nicole, one of their heralds odd, but eventually pegged her as one of the “good ones” when she discovered how she was traumatized by what was done to her by the Iron Queen, knowing that vile machinery genuinely can’t fake that.
    • That being said, there’s also the matter of villains from the various versions of Sonic’s realities. and their presence in the Pantheon. First among them being Dr. Eggman/Robotnik himself. Horrified that Robotnik/Eggman was in the Pantheon, let alone multiple incarnations, the ones they take the most enmity with are the incarnations from their own universes, as well as the Sonic the Comic and Game/IDW versions. In fact, Sally had a Freak Out upon remembering that Robo Robotnik v2.0/Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman still used her to torment Sonic and his friends before being saved by X, Dr. Light and Discord, among some others. They were all dismayed that they had to deal with both of their versions of Robotnik and Post-Super Genesis Wave Eggman as well. However, they felt immense disgust towards Game/IDW Eggman for all of the horrific lengths he went to regarding unleashing Eldritch horrors and gods to further his plans, his war against the resistance, and the Metal Virus. And while Sonic the Comic Robotnik is by far one of the worst incarnations of Robotnik they’ve ever seen, to the point where he’s just behind Robo Robotnik v2.0/Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman in their eyes regarding depravity, they feel pity because of the tragedy of his creation and hope to help turn him back into his original self, Ovi Kintobor, someday.
    • Of course, that’s not all regarding villains from Sonic’s realities. They were all surprised to learn that Metal Sonic was NOT a glorified drone and is in fact strong enough to surpass Sonic a good portion of the time, not to mention his Neo, Super Neo, Metal Madness, Metal Overlord and Master Overlord forms being very intimidating to them, and Rotor has been making more Metal-eating balloons for fights against him and the forces of the various incarnations of Eggman/Robotnik. They also dislike Infinite. He’s a monstrous psychotic lunatic who’s tendencies remind them all of Scourge. The fact that he’s a sadistic creep who actually managed to defeat Sonic before didn’t help matters. They were also horrified to learn of Nack the Weasel’s presence, since his interference and alliance with the original Robotnik caused Sonic to briefly be unwillingly roboticized into Mecha Sonic. As a result none of them want anything to do with Nack the Weasel and will help defeat him if needed. And much to their absolute surprise, Mammoth Mogul is also present in the Pantheon. While he hasn’t done much, at least regarding the denizens of Sonic’s realities, they’ve been helping keep an eye on the Mammoth just in case he tries anything.
    • And then lastly, regarding other villains, there’s Dark Gaia. They all remember the Shattered World crisis that happened as a result of the Super Genesis Wave that unleashed it, and while none are strong enough to fight him themselves, they’ve been opposing his spawn, and doing a very good job at it. Black Doom is an evil alien who desires to corrupt or control Shadow into joining his side, and naturally they do not want that or his despicable goals to have the Black Arms consume all life on Mobius and Earth to come to pass. Erazor Djinn earned nothing but scorn and disgust, especially due to his cruel curse he had placed on Sonic before and disgusting murder of Shahra. Solaris horrified them, since its components, Iblis, caused a Bad Future while Mephiles managed to KILL Sonic. Solaris’ desire to end everything and consume all of space and time has caused them to become enemies of both Iblis and Mephiles, though they are aware they can’t defeat either. Lastly, THE END, who ascended shortly after they all begun sharing a position, and its Batman Gambit to both trap Sonic between realities and destroy all that exists solidified it as an enemy. It thinks nothing of them as it knows it’s much stronger, but was infuriated that they’ve managed to fight some of its Allies in the Pantheon, even defeating them at times as it makes things much harder. Regarding what they see THE END as, it appears to Sally as Robo Robotnik v2.0/Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman, Bunnie Rabbot as the Iron Queen, Antoine D’Coolette as Metal Sonic, Rotor Walrus as Tundra, and Dulcy as the original Robotnik.
    • The five eventually had a get-together with Mega Man, Thomas Light, Roll and Proto Man at Light Labs. Unfortunately, their meeting was cut short by Dr. Wily attacking Light Labs using a horde of Sniper Joes and his first Wily Machine, and all of them were on edge, only for Albert to reveal that despite making up with Robo Robotnik v2.0/Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman, he genuinely feels bad for some of the worse things that he did to them. While they fought him off and were aware that Sigma was in the Pantheon, they were NOT ready to learn of Dr. Weil. A man so evil and depraved that the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman respects him, and as a result, all of them have been helping Zero, as well as X and Axl, try to help put an end to his schemes for good. Lumine isn’t much better, but they’re all helping stop him as well. Ra Moon, however, reminds them of their incarnations of Robotnik and their Doomsday Project and Ultimate Annihilator respectively, and they’re willing to put their differences with Wily aside to help take the malevolent AI down.
    • Their temple happens to be Knothole Village. However, because of Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman, who found out where it was in the Pantheon much like he did before, they sometimes end up having to spend time in New Mobotropolis, which was also brought along as it sometimes ends up burned to the ground or just destroyed entirely. The Good-Aligned Zootopia deities are more than welcome to visit both. However, a horrifying incident happened while they were visiting, which had been instigated by Lord Brevon and Fecto Forgo. Ultimately, thanks to the efforts of Sash Lilac, Carol Tea and Milla Basset, as well as Optimus Prime arriving with a small group of Autobots, they persevered, and Brevon’s forces and Fecto Forgo were forced to retreat, the latter, in the end, never reaching his Elfilis form during the incident like he wanted to do.
    • A Freedom Fighting group, they’re opposed to many tyrants and the like in the Pantheon. The ones that hit most personal for them are those who practice roboticization and brainwashing. Aside from the aforementioned Lord Brevon, they’ve come to despite Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, HYDRA and Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse, the latter intentionally provoking a Trauma Button for both Bunnie and Sally with the way he does things regarding roboticization. The Cybermen have one of the most disturbing versions of it they’ve ever seen, and are afraid of their Cybermites, which can convert by touch. The Borg Collective they see as utilizing a more lethal and free-will removing form of Legionization, and Dr. Nefarious reminds them of Robotnik. Aside from them, they’re opposing tyrants all over the Pantheon, including Palpatine, Darkseid, Aku, Moebius and Prime Minister Honest. Even though they know the can’t hold a candle to the former four, Honest found them surprisingly difficult to fight and he only got more frustrated when they allied with Night Raid after working together to fend off Robotnik’s forces, though Lubbock was temporarily killed by an exploding Metal Sonic. As a result, they’ve also been opposing Seryu Ubiquitous, Wild Hunt and Esdeath. SKYNET is also an enemy as not only is it a genocidal tyrant, it’s a malicious AI not too dissimilar in morality from A.D.A.M., a rogue program and Computer Virus that they had fought in the past. And with tyrants comes Freedom Fighting groups, as they’ve joined up with the Rebel Alliance. Groups whk aren’t Freedom Fighter that they’re working with to topple these villains are the Fellowship of the Ring, the New Alliance of Free Stars and Crono’s Party.
    • Villains reminiscent to those of their world exist in the Pantheon as well. Ganondorf, a magical conqueror, reminds them of Ixis Naugus, an Evil Sorceror that got close to the throne to become King, and the Gerudo King having pulled sinister stunts didn’t sit well with them. Vanitas and Eobard Thawne being Evil Counterparts to their respective Arch-Enemy reminds them of Scourge and his Suppression Squad. Vandal Savage, they’ve found similar to Mammoth Mogul, and it certainly didn’t help when they learned that the two are allies. Zamasu, William Stryker and Mina Loveberry’s wanton xenophobia and racism reminded them of Kodos Lion, who wanted to wipe out all Overlanders, which was what humanity was known as, in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave world. Ultron’s…bad relationship with his father and his Killer Robot and ability to hijack control over robots and technology like A.D.A.M. caused them to oppose him as well. Bill Cipher’s horrific Reality Warping powers terrify them because it brings them memories of Enerjak, and the five know they can’t stand a chance against either, so they’ve been helping keep the Dream Demon from making a permanent Weirdmageddon and gaining a genuine foothold in the physical plane.
  • Applies to Sally Acorn:
    • Sally Acorn, being the Fallen Princess of the Kingdom of Acorn, is very familiar with authority and the like. She’ s the Team Mom of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, and making her angry and harming her friends is a really bad idea. And harming her versions of Sonic is an even worse idea, as Fiona Fox learned. She’s the love interest and girlfriend to the versions of Sonic from the realities she exists in as a Freedom Fighter. Amy Rose, when questioned on it, said she doesn’t mind as she wants those versions of the Blue Blur to be happy. She’s been hanging out with Luz Noceda and Amity Blight regarding her relationship. Fiona’s Face–Heel Turn is still a sore spot for her, and Penelope Mouse reminding her of that and antagonizing her didn’t end well for the former ally of the Cooper Gang. At all. Claus/The Masked Man pities hee for what Robo-Robotnik v2.0/Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman did to her, as well as Bunnie for being forced under roboticization by the original Robotnik, being saved before it was complete and she could be turned into another robot soldier of his. Sally is the team’s strategist, and relates to Ange and Lucina. The chipmunk also pities the two for what happened to them. She’s very snarky, usually towards Sonic, but he’s not the only one she’ll make remarks towards or about.
  • Applies to Rotor Walrus:
    • Rotor Walrus is a Gadgeteer Genius and engineer. He’s the bane of all things Metal due to the Metal-eating balloons and weapons he’s made, and he isn’t just a mechanic. He can fight himself using gauntlets he’s made, and is intelligent in that field as well. He often works with Winry Rockwell and Bentley Turtle, the latter of which having decided to meet the Freedom Fighters after learning of the beatdown Sally gave Penelope Mouse. While Rotor sometimes finds Agatha Heterodyne to be uncomfortable to be around, they’ve become fast friends as well. That being said, he does NOT like Abusive Parents. This is because of the fact that Tundra, his own father, is one. He sided with the Eggman Empire and abused Rotor, and Rotor, as a result, opposes many Abusive Parents in the Pantheon, but none moreso than Relius Clover. Relius Clover’s decision to side with Yuuki Terumi for his own ends gave him painful memories and reminders of Tundra doing the same with Eggman. To Clover’s shock, Rotor has proven capable of being a genuine problem because of the gadgets and weapons he can churn out, a few of which he’s used in confrontations against him, and as a result the enmity is mutual. He’s a very kind individual, so getting him to genuinely hate you is a tall order.
  • Applies to Antoine D’Coolette:
    • Antoine D’Coolette is a French coyote loyal to both Sally Acorn, his princess, and Bunnie Rabbot, his wife. He’s a coward… but in contrast to his original behavior where he would almost never act when faced with true danger, Antoine is more than willing to stand up for his friends, his wife, and what’s right despite his fears. While this DID get him out into a coma by Metal Sonic, he has not dropped this mentality. He’s a Master Swordsman as well. He’s befriended Courage the Cowardly Dog over this, and Fluttershy as well. The two are happy he grew out of his status as a complete coward, and Antoine once ended up meeting Luigi as well… when Metallix was attacking. Thankfully, Antoine had one of Rotor’s Metal-eating balloons on him, and the deranged Sonic robot’s decision to sadistically and slowly try to kill him backfired as Antoine took one of his arms off with it. When Metallix went to retaliate, Luigi quickly intervened and the two ended up bonding during the fight. Afterwards, Antoine quickly informed the other members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters of this new foe, and they’ve been helping Sonic oppose him as a result.
  • Applies to Bunnie Rabbot:
    • Bunnie Rabbot was once an ordinary bunny before being saved partially into Robotnik’s attempt to roboticize her into another of his minions. Antoine is her husband, and was more than distraught than anyone when Metal Sonic rendered her comatose. She was absolutely overjoyed to see him up and moving again. She’s aware of Claus/The Masked Man’s pity for both her and Sally for the many ordeals regarding roboticization that the original Robotnik and Pre-Super Genesis Wave Eggman put the two through. Meta Knight pities them as well, especially Bunnie, as he was once converted into an unwilling cyborg by Susie Haltmann and Star Dream. Even he had to admit that Eggman’s version was much more permanent and scarring than the roboticization Haltmann Works Co. practiced. Lastly, when hearing how Bunnie once considered the cybernetic limbs she has to be all she’s worth, which only got worse, Victor Stone/Cyborg quickly located her, telling her otherwise and that what matters is you, pointing out that she could have just as easily gave in to Robotnik but didn’t, and that heroic spirit is the freedom to choose is one of the key things to worth and stated that she’s already worth more than her limbs by virtue of that alone. Since then, she’s been getting better and better at managing her cybernetic limbs, which she’s already good at using, having been spending time with Victor on thinking of new ways to use them. Bunnie is a kind Southern Belle. Like Rotor, making her hate someone is hard. Unlike Rotor, she’ll pulverize many people who do that, no matter what. Even if the cyborg loses the ensuing fight, she’ll make sure the object of her ire feels it in the morning.
  • Applies to Dulcy the Dragon:
    • Dulcy is a large, winged dragon with the ability to use fire and ice. She’s the team’s Big Fun, and is quite The Ditz. She gets along with other polite dragons, especially… Dragon. Dragon’s an overly kind dragon from Shrek’s universe and Dulcy befriended her quite quickly. She soon found that Spike the Dragon has also been trying to become better with using Fire much like herself, and the two visited Blaze one day to do so and bonded during it. Ever since, they have begun spending time with each other outside of learning to do so, and Spike can sometimes be found in Knothole Village and New Mobotropolis alongside Fluttershy. The Knothole Freedom Fighters have been working with Spyro the Dragon against his enemies at times, and they quickly took to each other. Dulcy may be overly polite, but making her angry is probably the last thing someone should do. An angry, flying dragon with power over both ice and fire would be a dangerous thing to face, something both of their incarnations of Robotnik, the SatAM and original version, learned the hard way.

Lesser Gods

    Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier 
James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, the God Redesigned for the Modern Times (The Winter Soldier, Captain America, The Man on the Wall, Canary, W.S., Jim Barnes, White Wolf)
  • Theme Song: Steadfast*, The Causeway, The Winter Soldier in long battle
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Domino Mask or his metal arm
  • Alighnment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Good; Lawful Evil as the Winter Soldier
  • Portfolio: Cap's former sidekick, atoning for his actions as the Winter Soldier, gains a metal arm made by the Russians, inconsistent memories, either through cryostasis or certain keywords, working great with Cap, wants to make up for his wrongs and has doubts on the mantle of justice, less dignified fighter, mysterious hitman by the Soviets or HYDRA, highly modified soldier, masterful skillshot, similar skillset as Cap, hidden as his Winter Soldier identity, developed as a weapon by the Soviets but regains his memories and emotions
  • Domain: Assasins, Anti-Heroes, Mercenaries, Metal Arms, Soldiers, Amnesiac Memories
  • Allies:
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Namor the Sub-Mariner
  • Annoyed with: Rocket Racoon
  • Commonality Connection with: the Iron Giant
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Avoids: Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Enemies: Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, HYDRA, Thanos, Reaper, Yuri, Gauron, Nikita Dragovich, Vladimir Makarov, Zoran Lazarevic
  • Odd Friendship: Asuka Tenjoin
  • Pities: Widowmaker, Jack Ryan
  • In the 1940s, when Steve Rogers was beginning his heroic profession as Captain America, one certain camp mascot at that time where he resided was forced to be his sidekick during the war. That sidekick was James Buchanan Barnes, also known as Bucky. When Cap disarmed a bomb that was heading to the US and dropped into the icy waters only to be retrieved by the Avengers, Bucky's fate did not end well. Thought to be dead after the explosion, his death haunted Cap for years on end, until a certain author who saw his short-lived story saw it as a joke and revised him completely. Now his past story was that he was a 17-year-old highly-trained commando who was tasked with assassinations and missions that even the heroes would consider to be immoral, especially under Captain America, the hero he was assigned to as his sidekick. Still, his past would be altered more. Remember that explosion that resulted to his "death"? Well it turns out that he survived, albeit lost his left arm and his memories, but was taken in by the Russians and remolded into an assassin under Soviet command. Donning the legendary moniker of The Winter Soldier, he would use his assassination instinct and skills to bring terrorism under US soil, and would become one of Steve's most known adversaries, that was until he regained his memories and started atoning for most of his sins. Now he remains one of the Avengers' allies, although an untrusted one at that.
  • His ascension finally brought Steve with mutual respect, given their war history together. Cap is also one of the few who still trusts him even after all the conflicts they have gone through while his time as the Winter Soldier, so much so that the Captain America title was given to Bucky after the former's death, though Cap decided to take back the helm after returning.
    • Many deities have noticed that when it comes to Bucky, Steve would do absolutely anything for him. No matter what. While there are some who see this as a result of their mutual friendship, others see it otherwise. Some people also have noticed that Steve has become selfish when it comes to anything related to him, solidifying the undying allegiance with him despite all the damages done.
  • Some portion of the Avengers have forgiven his actions, even if the actions in question are very horrible, as Bucky is almost always atoning for all the sins he has caused. Black Widow remembered who he was considering the number of times she was forced to forget about him due to her status as an Avenger. Now that he's here, both of them can continue dating as her memories of him are regained. Hawkeye on the other hand knew him by Cap since he was persuaded that he voluntarily did nothing wrong, and the same can be said for Wanda Maximoff, who also fought alongside Hawkeye when an Avenger Civil War took place.
    • Out of all the heroes however, he cannot be more grateful towards T'Challa as it was him who helped in his redemption. Even after going against him, he understood Bucky as a person and knew that he wasn't the criminal he was touted to be, although his skills from such did remain. This also lead him to be in cryostasis once more and was renamed by Wakandan citizens as The White Wolf.
    • A few days into his ascension, two other unlikely heroes paid a visit to Bucky's temple; one being a teammate of his in The Invaders, the Human Torch, and another who being a friend and fighter from his World War II days who he constantly snarks at, that being Namor. The two commended James' efforts with Johnny calling him the odd one out of the group and Namor has taken a small piece of gratitude for him.
    • His welcome was however short-lived when he took a small visit from Nick Fury, who gave him a new arm as a welcoming gift. He says it's a small "token of appreciation" for being Captain America when Steve was dead and for doing S.H.I.E.L.D a favor back then despite his status as the Winter Soldier. As the Spymaster of the Pantheon, he will still watch him over in case he goes back to his Winter Soldier mindset.
  • While Steve Rogers had the chance to punch Hitler, Bucky actually killed the dictator and the Red Skull. Most are skeptical of these events. He did however lose the original arm, but was replaced with one developed by SHIELD, which has an EMP gadget and enhanced throwing abilities or a Vibranium made arm from Wakanda after years of cryostasis. Considering his ascension, he was brought in with the original look, but is free to switch to whatever style suits him best.
    • This also lead to a bout with Rocket Racoon, who has been trying to steal his metal arm, especially his Vibranium made version. He tried stealing it, then bribing him with as much as a hundred thousand credits, and even resorted to trading it with his weapons, but ultimately none of his attempts worked out.
    Rocket: Oh I'll get one someday.
  • Bucky's ascension unfortunately led to a lot of criticism from many deities, claiming that the damages he has done outweighs his heroic redemption. One person in particular who saw him in anger was Tony Stark as the later has been trying to hunt him down the moment news came in on his presence. When asked as to why Stark has such hatred against him, he responded with this:
    Tony: I don't care. He killed my mother.
    • The Punisher has also joined in this statement, and has even personally hunted him numerous times. Even with all the reasoning he has, Frank doesn't care and kept blasting against him until a ceasefire by Nick Fury called both of them out. Now the two are working with each other (with rather untrusting results) in most operations in and out of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Despite all the crimes he has done, some people have taken his redemption sincerely and some have outright forgiven him. Superman was among those to welcome him back as a hero and despite his conditional memories, he still sees good in him and has trusted Cap to take care of Bucky whenever something goes wrong with him. Cap responded well and sees this as a guardian aspect, though Superman has also taken the back seat and oversees his condition from time to time.
  • Funnily enough, there was a rule in the world of Comic Books that stated "Nobody stays dead in Comic Books except Jason Todd, Bucky Barnes and Ben Parker". This rule was furthermore reinforced upon his meeting with his DC Counterpart, Jason Todd, who almost everyone can see his similarities to, with their roles as sidekicks then turned weapons/villains and either being dead or faking their deaths. Now that the two are in the Pantheon, the rule can pretty much be only Ben Parker.
  • Oddly enough, the name "Bucky" threw confusion onto Asuka Tenjoin, thinking that it was her brother who shares the same name with him. She was disappointed (and terrified) to hear it was a brainwashed assassin of all Buckys to ascend, though she did sympathize with him due to experiencing the same ordeal. Well, in technicality it was her daughter who was brainwashed, not her.
  • Nathan has felt cold chills whenever he's near the Winter Soldier, with many people pointing out numerous similarities from the military expertise to their metallic arms. Willing to challenge him, they duked it out in a one-on-one fight, with Spencer nearly winning, until Bucky decided to just whip out a pistol to finish the match. Even after the fight, Spencer still respected him, especially when Cap told him of Bucky's situation and how he's slowly working towards a heroic path.
  • Being a victim of brainwashing, he pities anyone else who has become a victim of such methods, and chief among them was the sniper of Talon, Widowmaker. However, her reaction to this was without sympathy since she is very dedicated to her job as a Talon agent and moreso, has little to no chance of coming back, which was signified when she killed her husband in cold blood. His perception of her has still been pitiful, albeit that he will kill her if she dares to take the first shot. As for her, she remarks seeing him back as the villainous Winter Soldier.
    • Jack Ryan was also pitied by him the moment he read his bio and all the events that slowly transpired in the city of Rapture. What hit him the most was his brainwashed condition and that compared to others like him, Alex, Tommy and the like, Jack's brainwashing might have permanently changed him forever, and not for the good.
  • Alex Mason, Tommy Oliver and even Ellen Kurokawa understand his pain for being brainwashed to the side of villainy before shifting back to good thanks to one of their own compatriots. Mason moreso as one thing that he and Alex share is that their brainwashing protocols still remain in their heads and when activated, almost cost them their lives, with Bucky causing unrest to the world and the leadership of the Avengers and on Alex's side being that he may have killed the President of the United States.
    • Other people started pitying him as well despite knowing his actions. Bladewolf saw him as another compatriot similar to Raiden, mechanically engineered to be a weapon and partially brainwashed. Chase and Tommy Oliver also follow his atonement, and sometimes Chase can be seen with Bucky in times of forgiveness. Cammy White also helps Bucky in regards to continuing his path as a hero as she has experience with his pain after all the events that have happened with her and her former organization Shadaloo. Jill can also vouch in that regard after she was taken by Wesker and brainwashed shortly before being rescued. To say that many people understood Bucky would be an understatement.
  • Sometimes he is seen clinging to his sniper rifle, probably for defensive and surgical removal reasons, but mostly the former as well as his proficiency with it. Lockon has taken a liking of him and sees his revenge as reasonable. They'll sometimes be seen within the shooting galleries firing while having some drinks.
  • After all the brainwashing and damages both HYDRA and the Soviets have done to him, he has become wary to anyone connected with HYDRA. This explains why he has immense hatred for Red Skull, so much that when donning the Captain America helm, he said it's best to kill the Red Skull by shooting him in the head over capturing him. Though he did get better and eventually got used to the whole heroes-capture-villains job.
    • This wasn't limited to HYDRA though, as other notorious Russians knew of his existence. Yuri and Nikita Dragovich are especially known for their mind control tendencies. Dragovich in particular is hated more due to the fact that his brainwashing of Alex Mason brings him memories of his time under the Soviets as a sleeper agent. Thankfully, despite going through the same trials, both him and Alex also got better eventually.
    • And later on, terrorists have taken notes of his ascension, with Reaper talking out about his recruitment. Considering what happened with Widowmaker and the questionable actions Talon's agents have been up to, he has laid his eyes and his weapons on Reaper should he try to approach him again.
  • Has been seen making small talk with Soldier: 76 about their fates as soldiers. As far as their actions go, Jack has seen Bucky's ruthless actions, even before he became the infamous Winter Soldier, seeing it as similar to how he was condemned on Overwatch for breaking protocols. On the other hand, the latter sees Morrison as a fallen version of Steve Rogers or a more cynical version of himself. If he falls, he'll be glad to support him.
  • Being in the hands of the Soviets led him to being a weaponized asset. His functions were akin to a sniper rifle, surgically removing targets that would seem problematic for HYDRA and the Soviets (depending on the interpretation). Him discarding that and slowly upholding the heroic mantle (he is still considered an Anti-Hero rather than a full-fledged good guy) was given props by the Iron Giant, who was happy to see a human almost similar to him, though the Giant has attacked Bucky out of the arm, considering that it was a weapon. The former has slowly warmed up though.
    • Suzaku also saw something similar between the two of them, except without the pleading for death aspect. That said, he can understand why Bucky would feel frustrated after his problematic memories. Of course if they get triggered that is.
    • In essence of sentient weapons, one hitman did not like his reputation and that would by the psychotic hitman Gauron. He even says that Bucky doesn't deserve the dangerous moniker of the Winter Soldier for switching to the side of good, even though he himself reverted to that identity after numerous occasions. To this day, he still despises him and will drag his body back to HYDRA just to shut him up.
  • One would ask why he would place Thanos as an enemy when he's just a super soldier and not a cosmic being. Well, that's because he was able to meet and tried to fend off Thanos in one alternate timeline and as a result, was one of the first to get snapped by the Infinity Gauntlet.
  • Due to his dangerous nature, he's more often active in his temple where he atones for most of his actions. If he's not there, he'll be present in the House of Faith, where people are more willing to give him penance for his actions.
  • Wiz and Boomstick have discovered a timeline in which SHIELD sent Bucky to kill the Red Hood and he tracked Jason down to a vacated restaurant. Bucky won, due to his greater strength, experience, and durability, and ended up crushing Jason's skull with his mechanical arm. Needless to say, Bucky's pretty disturbed by that timeline, and prefers to be on friendly terms with the Red Hood.
  • "Who the hell is Bucky?"


Cybersix, Goddess Of More Chaste And Tame Adaptations (Adrian Seidelman)
Adrian Seidelman
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her headwear and cape, or her "Cyber 6" tattoo
  • Theme Song: Deep In My Heart
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Superhuman Strength & Agility Despite Lacking A Buff Physique, Skin Tone Sclerae, Much More Modest With Less Fanservice Scenes Than Her Comic Counterpart, A Cyber Who Was The Sixth Individual In Von Reichter's Cyber Creations, With A "Cyber 6" Mark On Her Forearm, Unsure Of Her Humanity As A Cyber, Had To Survive Off Of Substenance From Reichter's Minions In An Vampiric Manner, Roofhopping, Having A Public Mask As A Literature Teacher With The Identity Of A Deceased Man
  • Domains: Vigilantes, Runaway Experiments, Artificial Humans, Adaptations, Secret Identities
  • Heralds: Data-7 (her younger brother turned to a panther), Lucas Amato (her Implied Love Interest)
  • Allies: Batman, The Shadow, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Crash and Coco Bandicoot, The Vision, Kirk Langstrom, Captain Blazkowicz, Lt. Jimmy Patterson, Manon Batiste, Lt. Mike Powell, Karl Fairburne, Ashi, Androids 17 and 18, Lex the Bookworm, WordGirl, Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji, The 00-Cyborgs, Lilo and Stitch
  • Enemies: Red Skull, Shocker, Wilhelm Strasse, The Operation Kraken organization, Schutzvollstrecker, The Evil Geniuses, Doctor Neo Cortex, Dr. Gero, The Grineer
  • The sinister scientist Dr. von Reichter sought to Take Over the World with an army of artifical creations, and among one of his first successful creations, the Cybers, marked his achievement in creating artificial people and taking another step toward becoming a god. However, the Cybers proved to be far too rebellious for his liking, and attempted to have all his Cybers killed off, unfortunately for him, one particular Cyber, given the number of 6, had escaped his clutches, and continued to have his new replacements for the Cybers, from the Technos to the Fixed Ideas to the Types hunt her down as he continued in his schemes for domination. The escaped Cyber, now known as Cybersix, sought to live among other people, but knew she needed to blend in first, and when she found a man who resembled her that perished in a nearby accident, she then decided to adopt his identity, becoming the literature teacher Adrian Seidelman to teach kids by day. And at night, she prowls the city to hunt down the minions of Von Reichter, both to interfere in his evil plans and also to absorb their Sustenance, to satiate her natural dependence on it which Cybers and other creations of Von Reichter had. As friends and students she had in her Adrian persona began to peer into her night life, and eventually her long-lost brother, Data-7, now converted into a panther, her conflicts with Von Reichter and his son, José, only got more intense as she dealt with more creations of Von Reichter, some of which managed to eventually realize they were more than just puppets of the mad scientist, whether the former SS personnel liked it or not. It all eventually came to a head when Cybersix had to confront him to save Meridiana's people from oblivion, and when Von Reichter believed he finally ensured the doom of Cybersix, only for his created minions to also turn against their evil master, and combined with even his son deciding to have his lab blown up instead of Meridiana, Von Reichter finally fell, Cybersix barely escaping the same fate.
  • And so Cybersix continued to live out a life of being a teacher by day, and fighting Fixed Ideas and Technos by night, who served who she presumed to be José, but she would never suspect that her duties would slip outside Meridiana. At the Pantheon, the masterminds at the GUAE were plotting new ways of conquering new territory and perhaps slipping in some goons to infiltrate places under watch from other gods and organizations. Among the villains, the Evil Geniuses were no slouch in their research, and decided to sneak in some individuals from other worlds and universes in search for potential inspiration or material to aid in their ambitions. Eventually, they discovered some remnant groups of Von Reichter's Fixed Ideas, and decided to "borrow" them for the purpose of creating their own new elite minions, especially using the Sustenance they found within the goons for all sorts of new experiments. Once the meddling began to reach Meridiana though, Cybersix decided to investigate the disturbances, and followed a group of Fixed Ideas into the Pantheon, and in taking them down, found herself under the pursuit of deadly Henchmen and other minions within the GUAE who sought to eliminate the intruding Cyber. While she took down much of their forces, it was clear that she would eventually lose by attrition against all the people the Geniuses and others sent against her. However, the ruckus she caused eventually brought attention from the other gods, and transported her out of her mess, and once Cybersix explained herself, a negotiation was brought up in the Court of Gods. The Geniuses could keep what they took and the Sustenance-driven experiments they had, already distributed among the GUAE, were allowed to stay, but Cybersix was to stay as well. Given the peculiarity of how the original comic counterpart of Cybersix's world was much more vulgar and "exposed", not just the character herself, Cybersix was properly ascended as a deity holding the Tamer and Chaster trope, hunting down the minions and creations of villains in the Pantheon, thankfully able to satiate her unwanted dependence on Sustenance.
  • As the rebellious creation of an evil scientist, Cybersix made strong companions out of Crash Bandicoot and his own friends, Crash himself being a creation of Dr. Cortex for the purpose of amassing an army of mutant animals to conquer the world, similar to what Von Reichter tried. While not particularly as organized nor despicable as her own creator as a villainous mad scientists, Cybersix recognizes Cortex as a threatening villain who's more than willing to play god for selfish wants. She also made an ally of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who mainly save their home city from threats like The Shredder and other malicious mutants regardless of how the public receives the mutant turtles themselves. As someone who's been justifiably worried of people discovering her true identity, she understands the turtles' situations very well.
  • Cybersix's personal life after her initial escape from Von Reichter was filled with struggle having very few people to connect to, as of the 5000 Cybers that Von Reichter created, only two survived the eradication of the Cybers for their moral consciences, Cybersix herself and Cyber-29, her younger brother in a sense. Cyber-29 used to be a normal Cyber like her sister, but had died when falling off a cliff trying to get a flower. Cybersix would be left alone for a long time due to her inability to really fit in among humans, given her own identity as an Artificial Human and Sustenance dependence, to the point where Cybersix sometimes questioned her own humanity. (The comics explained further that she used to have a loving adoptive father, but Von Reichter's search for Cybersix ended up causing his death and forcing Cybersix to run away once again.) As for Cyber-29, Von Reichter had found his body and decided to transfer his brain into a body of a panther, wiping his mind and reviving him as Data-7, and sending him to eliminate Cybersix, which ended up failing due to Data-7 recovering his original memories and personality, enabling Cybersix to reunite with her long lost brother and fight crime together.
  • Given Cybersix's night profession of taking out criminals and evildoers by night, she eventually gotten acquainted with other heroes like Batman and his Bat-Family as well as The Shadow given their greater experience in such activities. They've given her plenty of advice regarding how to approach thugs, powerhouses, and other dangerous situations to deal with both familiar and unfamiliar encounters. Batman in particular has given his own advice to Cybersix with managing her civilian identity, even. That said, Cybersix has more synergy with Batman's Gods and Monsters counterpart, Kirk Langstrom, who was transformed into a vampire-like being by William Magnus' cure to Kirk's blood cancer, complete with the vampiric cravings similar to Cybersix's dependence on Sustenance. While they both prioritize satiating such needs on those who deserve it, they both find it unpleasant and suffer greatly in their social life due to it, so they know each other's struggles well compared to the other vigilantes.
  • Further research into Cybersix has given the Pantheon interesting information about Von Reichter. Given not only his naming, but his ambitions and his son's taught mannerisms had made curious deities look further into Von Reichter's history, in both his original and adaptational history. Given Von Reichter's cold treatment towards human experimentation and cruelty, deductions concluded that Von Reichter was not only a Nazi, but there were hints in his original incarnation that he was perhaps a second identity of Josef Mengele, one of the most infamous Nazi scientists, period. Given all the mad science and weapon creations the Nazis in the Pantheon were up to, from Red Skull and his HYDRA organization, Wilhelm Strasse, the Operation Kraken group and many others, Cybersix found herself in conflict with their operations, especially after some of the Nazi deities decided to get their hands on the Sustenance-minions from the Evil Geniuses as well. While said Nazis see her as a persistent nuisance to their work, many a Nazi hunter like Blazkowicz and Lt. Jimmy Patterson respect Cybersix for taking down a powerful Nazi scientist, even if von Reichter may not be an incarnation of Dr. Mengele himself.
  • Cybersix found herself taking on the monsters created by Shocker, due to their operations being rather similar to Von Reichter's plans and ambitions as well. Given her ability to take on such foes, she ended up becoming acquainted with the Double Riders, the first of many Kamen Riders, who were once normal citizens turned into cyborg soldiers by Shocker themselves in their plans to take over the world. Through each other's assistance, they've learned plenty more about hampering the evil organization and many other wicked scientists. She also befriended the likes of Android 17 and 18, who were too once two normal siblings kidnapped and turned into super-powerful androids for the purpose of eliminate Goku, and even went to the extent of removing their human memories, only Trunks affecting the timeline so they ended up becoming good guys. While Cybersix thinks Dr. Gero is normally someone out of her league, she does take any opportunity she can get to sabotage his ambitions when it's practically viable to do so, and respects Android 17 and 18 for managing to integrate into human society and even start a family.
  • During the day, Cybersix takes up the identity of Adrian Seidelman, an unfortunate man who died with his family in a car crash, and works as a literature professor who does well at "his" job, even when dealing with troublemaking students, including the frivolous Lori back in Meridiana who had an unwanted crush on Adrian. Where back in her civilian life she mainly had the biology teacher Lucas Amato as her main companion, Adrian's work at The Elysium Academy had a different kind of exciting experience for her. Given Adrian's experience with teaching literature, she was used to working alongside John Keating, an English and poetry teacher with an eccentric way of teaching, and Lex, a bookworm who is primarily a librarian but sometimes visits to teach, as other people in her field to collaborate with. One of the bigger surprises of her experience with students at the Pantheon was with Becky Botsford, who was not only a greatly-performing student at her class, but rumors were that she was a superheroine known as WordGirl, which would explain the occasional need for her to zip out of class for seemingly no reason. It was only confirmed to her on one night when Cybersix met WordGirl while dealing with some criminals, with the two recognizing each other from their class, though Becky took longer to connect the two dots together considering the different genders of the identities. Given their already amicable relationship, they ended up synergizing better knowing each others' identities a little more.
  • Throughout Cybersix's dangerous feuds against Von Reichter, the latter has sent several nasty foes to take down Cybersix that failed not because of lack of strength or power, but them gaining a conscience or realizing they could be more than just evil minions, just as the other Cybers like Cybersix had realized. Unluckily, many of them failed to survive to live a redeemed life or had uncertain fates, no thanks to Von Reichter's schemes and disdain for rebellious creations. It all led to this general pattern taking down Von Reichter when the minions in his lab had rebelled against their creator and destroyed him and his lab, ended by the will of rebellion. When it came to other creations meant for destruction and wicked purposes, she found a valuable ally in The Vision, a robotic creation who was created by Ultron, himself a super-powered robot created by Hank Pym (or Tony Stark depending on adaptation) that turned evil, with The Vision being made to be Ultron's evil "son", but had turned good through developing his own conscience, and even pursued a romantic relationship with the Scarlet Witch, their situations being very familiar to her own. She also got along with Ashi for similar reasons, herself being born from the essence of the primordial evil that was Aku, but ended up turning good despite her nature and ended up becoming a key factor in Aku's final defeat.
  • The artificial Cyber had found warm company in the likes of the 00-Cyborgs, who had been created by the terrorist organization Black Ghost to perpetuate war and terror, only for them to turn against their masters, but with the help of Isaac Gilmore who betrayed Black Ghost for the sake of good, using their abilities to save people as Cybersix did. Given their similar struggle-filled upbringings, the 00-Cyborgs welcomed Cybersix (even if her "number" causes confusion with her and Chang Changku, also named Cyborg 006). She also befriended both Lilo and Stitch, the latter being a rogue experiment created for destructive purposes, but gradually developed a strong friendship with Lilo and was attached enough to the human world to reserve his violence for those that would threaten his friends. Thankfully, the designated number issue wasn't something to worry about when meeting up with them. Cybersix also ended up in a few Grineer attacks, armies of repeatedly cloned soldiers to the point of degradation, and while she hates them for their oppressive goals, she holds minor pity for how they were made to become manual labor servants for the Orokin, not that it makes her feel sorry for any of the ones she takes down in battle.

    Grimm Von Krauk (American McGee
Grimm Von Krauk, God of Grimmification (Dark Man, The Bad Man, Dirty Man)
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: His smiling face on a coin
  • Theme Song: The Hearse Song, but sung by himself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Corrupter, Crapsack World, Evil Brit, Walking Wasteland, Groun-Erm, Butt Stomping, Abusing absolutely ANYONE, The Pigpen, Spoof Aesop, Sophisticated as Hell, Villain Protagonist
  • Domains: Grimmification and mean spirited morals
  • Herald: The Master Thief
  • Followers: Kaori Yuki, A large amount of Red Riding Hoods, American McGee himself!
  • Allies: The Cryptkeeper, Rod Serling, and R.L. Stein, Herr Drosselmeyer
  • Rivals: Discord, Chrysalis
  • Enemies: Many of them, pretty much everyone unlisted in his profile, but ESPECIALLY those who believe in the forces of good and love
  • Friendly Rivalry: Wario
  • Friendly Enemy: Alice Liddell and, oddly enough, Fa Mulan
  • Respects: The Grim Reaper or any personification of death (with exception of Light Yagami)
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Almost anyone working under the Disney Banner, Sora, Roxas
  • Conflicting Opinion: Grimm DESPISES weddings, as well as luck and bowdlerization
  • High Priest: Gregory Maguire
  • Grimm ascended upon conquering both the world of fairy tales and comic books, tearing genres asunder to the horrified reactions of those within. When first ascending, he did a number of things such as turning Superman into a villain, giving Maleficent even more power, and wilting all the flowers in the gardens. Thankfully, it was determined that Grimm's abilities only worked on those from print and its various forms, allowing him to be quickly dispatched.
    • Many fear what would happen if Grimm were to gain his powers over other forms of media, but the likelihood of this has been determined to be "stunningly low" by the most intelligent of the pantheon.
  • Grimm is not allowed near children. Ever.
  • Grimm and Wario often compete at... being gross. It's a sight to behold, assuming you have a bucket nearby.
  • With so many enemies many wonder how he ascended in the first place. Many are quick to point to the house of villainy, but oddly enough, Grimm seems to prefer heroes to win over the villains, but only if they do it without dumb luck or cop-out powers.
    • Others say the gods of his world just plumb got sick of him meddling with things and tossed him to another multiverse.
  • Grimm hates weddings, but loves ruining them.
  • Grimm has an unusual relationship with Alice. On one hand, Liddell and him get along fine due to their similarities in tone and understandings of the world. On the other, Kingsleigh represents everything he HATES in modern storytelling and he will go out of his way to turn her to his preferred version of her should their paths cross.
  • Despite his preference to harm children, Grimm avoids Billy and Mandy due to A. There being nothing to corrupt and B. They just plain scare him.
  • Rumor has it Grimm also has a way to turn good, as well as more cutesy.
  • Grimm has attempted to find a way into the World of Remnant, after all Fairy Tales ARE his domain. Whether he has been there before has yet to be determined.
  • Grimm has found interest in his corrupted of Fa Mulan, finding her tale of destroying the Huns and outsmarting all the men of China rather attractive, much to the conventional version of Mulan's disgust.
  • There are many, many, many Grimms, try not to get him confused any of them. ESPECIALLY The Brothers Grimm, who he blames for the Bowdlerisation of Fairy Tales.
  • Gods are advised if they ever spot Grimm trying to corrupt something to throw any form of liquid at him (anything, even vomit, will do). He can't stand it.

    Yondu Udonta 
Yondu Udonta, God Of Being a Lot Different in the Adaptation (Cap, Old Man, Drama Queen, Blue Doofus, Mary Poppins, David Hasselhoff)
Original Yondu


    Hanna Heller/Petrescu 
Hanna Heller/Petrescu, Goddess of Adaptation Expansion (Mia Wolff)
Hanna's show (left) and film (right) appearances.
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A Pistol Besides a Snickers Bar
  • Theme Song: Hanna's Theme, Anti-Lullaby
  • Alignment: True Neutral and later Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Little Miss Badass, Tyke Bomb, Was Designed Specifically to be an Assassin by a CIA Program, Genetically Engineered to be the "Perfect" Killing Machine, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Was Raised in a Brutal Lifestyle in the Wilds, Living and Training in the Wilds for 15 Years, Has a Limited Understanding About Things Outside of her own Skills, Never Knew her Biological Parents and had to See her Adopted Father Die, Badass Bookworm, Polite and Kind in Spite of her Cold and Detatched Demeanour, Really Good with Firearms, Really Likes Chocolates
  • Domains: Children, Assassins, Conspiracies, Upbringing, Adaption, Combat, Genetic Engineering
  • Heralds: Erik Heller (her adopted father), Marissa Wieglernote , Sophie and her Family, Clara Mahan/Girl 249, Jules Allen, Abbas, Nadiya
  • Allies: Batman, Damian Wayne, Cassandra Cain, Killua Zoldyck, Mewtwo, Chisato Nishigiki, Takina Inoue, Tarzan, Mowgli, Clark Kent, Bryan Mills, Hilda, The Sullivan Family, James "Bucky" Barnes/Winter Soldier
  • Enemies: Ra's al Ghul, Johan Schmidt/Red Skull, HYDRA
  • Sympathizes With: The Tenno
  • Opposes: Doomsday, Cell, Doctor Gero, The SIBYL System, The Silencerz
  • Additional Relationships: Agent 47
  • UTRAX was a special project conducted by the CIA to create more effective and deadlier soldiers in their services. To ensure this, they would strike a deal with pregnant women, ideally those expecting a baby girl, to allow their offspring to have their bodily systems infused with wolf DNA, with the CIA believing that with the biological data of an adept and powerful apex predator, they would be able to produce nigh-unstoppable assassins. A sector of the operation fell into scrutiny when one of the pregnant women, Johanna, fell in love with operative Erik Heller and opted to leave the operation, which resulted in the two being hounded by UTRAX's then-overseer, Marissa Wiegler. Johanna gives birth shortly before being shot and killed, with Erik promising to take care of her daughter as a surrogate father. The girl was named Hanna, a name that Johanna wanted to bestow upon her and Erik decided that trying to raise her in the civilized world would compromise their identities, instead going on to live in the Siberian wilderness for more than a decade.
    • Growing up in the wilderness, Hanna grew up to be a skilled and capable markswoman and hunter under the tutelage of her adopted father, though she does yearn to learn more about the civilized world and wonders if she has the chance of being integrated into such. Her idyllic and isolated lifestyle comes crashing down, however, as her growing curiosity leads to her going out of her bounds to interact with civilization, which blows her and Erik's cover and for Wiegler and the CIA to quickly gain notice and home in on the duo, fully intent on capturing Hanna to make up for UTRAX's big bust years ago. Relentlessly hunted, Hanna travels around the glove trying to secure her identity as well as seeking to save her father whilst fending off CIA agents and Wiegler, but things would be further complicated as Hanna would be captured (and escaping) several times, forced to protect and look after a troubled family caught in the crossfire of her journey, and discovery the dark secrets and archives of UTRAX and the immorality of their operations. After going through several perils and suffering through several losses, especially the death of Erik, Hanna would eventually find a measure of solace and independence, finally able to live in the civilized world in peace without being hounded by the CIA.
  • With her newfound freedom, Hanna decided to relocate to Boston, Massachusetts to start her new life free from government conspiracies and having to be hounded because of her status as a scientific point of curiosity. To her bewilderment, she was in for an unexpected surprise when she was delivered a message by an anonymous source that said something about a “Pantheon”. Thankfully, this investigation wasn't either life-threatening or compromising in any way, allowing Hanna to quickly and comfortably find clues and hints to decipher the fact that she was now a representative of a divine realm, with her being ascended as a “goddess” of sorts. Hanna was a little befuddled by the whole thing, especially the godhood part and was worried that this might give her unwanted attention, especially after spending so long trying to earn her freedom, but eventually decided to accept that maybe this could be a way for Hanna to have a decent if memorable life. That said, she's made it clear that she has no interest in conflict or investigative operations and wants to establish a quiet life in the divine realms, despite her impressive combat capabilities.
  • Thanks to her DNA being spliced with a wolf's during her mother’s pregnancy, Hanna possesses abnormal reflexes and intuition, able to quickly memorize and adapt to her surroundings and situations very quickly. Adding to her upbringing in the cold mountains of northern Europe, Hanna is also a skilled hunter and combatant, capable of taking on multiple armed figures on her own as well as quickly getting used to guns and being adept in infiltration and espionage after her brief and forced induction in a UTRAX facility disguised as an orphanage. With all those in mind, she is a deadly fighter and infiltrator, very capable of accomplishing whatever tasks and objectives she's sent out to do, though her isolation from civilized society has left her socially stunted and quite curious about the wider world. Despite her faults, Hanna is capable of empathy and emotional attachment, helped by the fact that her adopted father, Erik, did his best to teach her moral values and information about modern civilization in addition to survival skills, and she will be determined to protect whoever she's befriended.
  • As a proposed child soldier, Hanna doesn't like the idea of being used as an assassin after seeing how troubling her life was purely due to the circumstances of her conception. She is at least content that most in the Pantheon share similar sentiments though not many are aware of Hanna’s past. Among the few who happen to know about her in full context is Batman, who did his research on UTRAX and decided to keep a close eye on Hanna to ensure her safety. That said, it was Cassandra Cain who took it up to confront and talk to her, knowing how it feels to have been trained to fight and defend as well as having harsh pasta. While Hanna is quite suspicious of the Caped Crusader due to his reclusiveness on secrets, she gets along with Cass pretty well and decides on the latter's judgment to give Batman a chance as a protector and mentor figure. On that note, Hanna also became quick friends with Killua Zoldyck as the two easily related to their upbringing as potential assassins and not being happy with it, despite their natural aptitude for killing. Hanna personally found Cass’s awkward attempts in communication and Killua’s excitable nature quite endearing and makes it clear she likes those qualities, affirming her newfound friendship with them.
  • With her upbringing, Hanna is understandably apprehensive about the Hall of Genetic Engineering and she felt vindicated as many of the deities there were either barbaric in nature due to their mishandled conception or mad scientists who boasted about their creations. In general, she's glad Erik because she worries that she might have turned out as a cold, robotic hitman taking orders from a corrupt conspiracy, though with genetically enhanced and engineered beings like Cell and Doomsday, she expresses gratitude that she at least wasn't born to destroy, even if she feels a bit rattled by the farmer's decision to be evil. That's not to say everyone there was not friendly or hostile towards her; she could see a little bit of herself in the Tenno, given their circumstances of being engineered to be made into soldiers to combat a defective mechanical force that threatened their existence, but Hanna does wonder if they had much choice in the matter regarding their lives. To her surprise, her background as a genetically engineered being is something she shares with Mewtwo and the Genetic Pokémon saw that Hanna went through a troubled past and took to feeling sympathetic for her. While the two don't meet often, Mewtwo admits to liking Hanna for her resilience and capability to be a person despite her past, likening to how he struggled to come to grips with his thoughts on humanity at first, while Hanna can be at ease knowing that the Genetic Pokémon doesn't pose her any harm, regardless of his reputation.
  • She is a very deadly and ruthless assassin and can easily and quickly kill her targets without much issue as well as hold her own against multiple brutes. Regardless, she doesn't like the occupation and is more comfortable with a normal life. Still, it didn't stop her from befriending Damian Wayne thanks to Cassandra's influence and Damian himself was surprised to see how well Hanna could keep up in a sparring match against him. While the two have issues regarding the assassin life, Hanna dreads the idea of encountering the League of Assassins, which is where Damian's mother and maternal grandfather come from and given Ra’s and Talia’s criminal reputation, Hanna would try to put as much distance as possible. Her background as an engineered killer makes her quite similar to Agent 47. Still, where Hanna would try to find normalcy and leave her old days behind, the latter is too head-deep into the assassin's way of life. While he acknowledges his commonalities with Hanna, he doesn’t trust anyone due to the nature of his occupation. Finally, there was Gunvolt, who respected Hanna’s wishes and would visit her on occasion as a friend instead of a combat ally, a gesture that the girl enjoyed as that meant she could talk a lot about her subjects and share Snickers bars with Gunvolt.
  • Assassins aside, Hanna also shows wariness for governments and Conspiracies, given UTRAX’s nature as a biological weapons project under the CIA and this is a reason why she prefers to have a life of normalcy in the Pantheon as Government-Based and political events and occasions make things complicated for her as well as dredge up some bad memories that she would rather move on from. Naturally, she hates HYDRA and the Red Skull for their efforts to create enhanced soldiers to accentuate their Nazi ideology as well as attempting to bleed their influences into other governments, but given how there are already so many who opposed them, Hanna is content to leave things be unless HYDRA disturbs her directly. She's also gained awareness of a few other conspiracies and hidden organizations, such as the SIBYL System which places extreme surveillance over Japan via determining their Crime Coefficient to highlight an individual’s chance for criminality and the Lycoris agents employed by DA: Direct Attack. Naturally, Hanna keeps her distance and while aware of the darker depths of the SIBYL System’s readings being borderline-sociopathic, she's not sure whether to befriend many of the inspectors and enforcers who do want to keep Japan safe, though with Lycoris, Hanna is admittedly fond of Chisato for her energetic nature and could also relate to Takina for their shared trait of being supposedly stoic markswoman, though Hanna would rather just enjoy being in LycoReco and have a cup of tea as well as play some games with the staff there, Chisato and Takina included.
  • Despite living in the cold wilderness for more than a decade, Hanna is ‘’not’’ a wild child, for Erik did give her books to read as well as make sure to teach her conversational speech in addition to English and a couple of languages, which contributed to the girl’s interest towards the developed world. It didn't stop her from being overwhelmed and skittish at being in a city or a government facility for the first time, given that being in isolation for so long meant that she had trouble communicating with others at first. That aside, Hanna was interested in learning about a couple of deities like Tarzan and Mowgli as their upbringing was a little similar to hers, though regarding those two, animals raised them while she had to hunt critters to survive. Though given Hanna’s wolf genetics, she was able to understand their primal nature quickly and appreciate their attempts to reconnect with their human aspects as well as befriend the two. It helped that Tarzan and Mowgli were sympathetic to Hanna’s plights as they all could relate to losing parental figures and simply desiring a life of peace after everything they’ve been through. Aside from that, Hanna does like the House of Nature and would admit that she intends to travel there for the multiple scenic views it provides.
  • Hanna is interested in parenthood, if mainly because it is a topic she doesn't have much experience in, despite her relationship with Erik as well as her surrogate parent-child dynamic with Marissa in their efforts to combat UTRAX together. With that in mind, Hanna has a great deal of respect for parental figures who were willing to take in lonely children under their care regardless of circumstance. This resulted in the girl visiting the House of Family and Relatives on occasion where she finds the overall environment there quite pleasing and welcoming. Helping matters is how Hanna is reminded of her boyfriend Abbas and his daughter Nadiya, whom she grew close with and protected from UTRAX agents who tried to kill them for simply knowing too much about their operations. As for the parental figures there, Hanna is said to give someone like Bryan Mills a run for his money in a fight, but otherwise, the two of them just respect each other for their dedication to their loved ones and respecting each other’s decision to be in a life of peace. Hanna also likes Jonathan and Martha Kent for being among the nicest people she’s met and a chance encounter with their adopted son Clark helped Hanna to appreciate the simpler aspects of life a lot more. Still, Hanna would like to remind herself that her real mother loved her, even if they’ve never met for obvious reasons.
  • Given her background and her interest towards cities and the wider world thanks to whatever education Erk could give her, Hanna is free to enjoy her time in those places, especially the Pantheon. She is quite wary of expressing her thoughts and experiences, mainly because that means revealing too much about her life as a test subject and fugitive. She once went to the House of Locations and Settings to take a look at how establishments like cities and towns are established in the divine realms, though having to learn about stuff like dimensional locations and space travel left the girl a bit confused and rattled given the sheer advancement of tools and traversals those would take. For obvious reasons, Hanna finds sharing her experiences difficult, even with the aforementioned Clark as she isn't sure whether to trust journalists, even if she knows Clark is a good man to hang out with. Strangely enough, she made friends with Hilda for that very reason and even when forced to reveal such, Hilda was more disappointed that Hanna didn't tell it sooner, asserting that she would have withheld it and respected Hanna’s privacy and autonomy and that she would never consider Hanna a dangerous person simply because she was raised to be an assassin, sentiments that surprised Hanna, but left her glad that there was someone who would unconditionally consider her a friend. She also met and got along with the Sullivan Family through Hilda’s recommendation as a mutual friend and in this case, Hanna was more open about herself, which helped in Johnny and Sarah sympathising with her as well as Christy and Ariel who generally didn't mind her past and simply accepted her as a normal girl. It helped that once one gets past her past and her intended role to be an assassin, Hanna is simply a normal girl, albeit with some issues communicating with others, though she intends to improve on those.
I just missed your heart.

    Skarloey Railway Engines #1 - 6 
The Skarloey Railway Engines #1 - 6 Members, Gods of Adaptational Dye Jobs (All: The narrow-gauge engines, the little engines in the hills | Skarloey: Old Faithfull, the Little Old Engine | Rheneas: Gallant Old Engine | Sir Handel: Falcon | Peter Sam: Stuart | Rusty: The Little Diesel)
From Left to Right: Rusty, Rheneas, Skarloey, Duncan, Sir Handel and Peter Sam
Book Skarloey
Book Rheneas
Book Sir Handel
Book Peter Sam
Book Rusty
Book Duncan
  • Rank: Demigods
  • Alignments: Sir Handel and Duncan are Chaotic Neutral; everyone else is Neutral Good
  • Theme music: The Skarloey Railway theme
  • Portfolio: Sentient Vehicles, A separate Cast Herd from the main characters, Twins of the Talyllyn Railway's engines, Adaptational Late Appearance, Aerith and Bob, Disappeared from Thomas & Friends when it Shifted to CGI, And even after they returned they were Demoted to Extra, Adaptation Dye-Job,
  • Domains: Railways, the picturesque British countryside, colours, longevity
  • Heralds: Ivo Hugh (Book #7), Freddie (Cartoon #7), Duke (#8), Fred (#9), Bertram, Luke (#22), Conjoined Twins Mighty and Mac, Proteus, The Thin Controllers (Mr Peter Sam and his son Mr Roger Sam).
  • Allies: The Steam Team, The Star Fleet, the Pteranodon family (especially Tiny), Franky, Tetsuro Hoshino and Maetel, Other train-related deities, Wishbone, Walt Disney, Dudley Do-Right, Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix
  • Enemies: P.T. Boomer, Snidely Whiplash, Kuvira, Most deities in the Hall of Jokes and Pranks (except for Spider-Ham, White Mage and Lennie Briscoe), The Cooper Gang, Neyla, Claire Stanfield, V, Simon Laurent,
  • Of interest to: Immortality-seekers such as Ling Yao
  • Unsure about: Gomez Addams, Claptrap,
  • They fear: The Rock of Ages
  • Peter Sam empathizes with: Cherry Darling, Ash Williams, Nathan "RAD" Spencer, Adam Jensen, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Cyrax,
  • Deep in the hills to the east of Sodor lies the narrow-gauge Skarloey Railway. Originally built in the 19th century to mine slate, it's since expanded and is now a popular tourist destination. Though its engines may be small — they're barely taller than their drivers — they have big histories.
    • Built in 1864, Skarloey (named after the railway, which is named after a lake) has been on Sodor longer than any other engine. In his first few years of life, Skarloey acted like a moody teenager, demanding respect from his superiors and refusing to do what he was told. Over many decades, he matured into a much more sensible engine... and became worn out, so he was retired to an open shed while Rheneas ran the railway. Eventually, he was let out when there were no other engines available to pull a passenger train; he broke a spring in the process, and was sent away to be repaired. Since then, he's been back in service. He still has a bit of a temper, as demonstrated when he snapped at Thomas for seemingly putting their friend in danger.
    • Rheneas (named after a waterfall) is a few months younger than Skarloey. He's always been the more level-headed of the two, but when they were young, they hated each other so much that they had to be parked facing away from each other in the shed so they wouldn't argue. After Skarloey wore out, Rheneas was the only engine in service on the railway. One stormy night, when it was facing closure, he successfully brought a crowed passenger train home with a jammed valve gear.
    • When Rheneas was sent away for a years-long overhaul, the Skarloey Railway purchased two engines from an aluminium works, who originally came from the closed-down Mid-Sodor Railway. The first was Sir Handel (named after the Skarloey Railway's original owner; originally named Falcon), who complained about the shed and insulted Skarloey as soon as he arrived. He's derailed himself and pretended to be ill to avoid pulling trucks. Because he kept slipping between the tracks, he was fitted with an extra pair of wheels called "broad tyres", and bragged about them for a while. After disappearing from the show for years, he returned as a more mature engine. (Nobody knows where he was during that time; he's kept silent on the rumour that he was banished to the Shadow Realm.)
    • The second was Peter Sam (formerly known as Stuart). While Sir Handel was rude and stuck-up, Peter Sam has always been cheerful and hard-working. However, he's also impatient, as seen when he left a passenger behind because he was in a hurry. When Sir Handel pretended to be ill, Peter Sam didn't mind doing his work at the slate quarry. Unfortunately, the troublesome trucks played a trick and crashed into him, damaging his funnel. Later, it was completely knocked off by an icicle, so it was replaced with a strange-looking flat one known as a Giesel Ejector. Peter Sam got the last laugh: it made him perform better than the other engines.
    • While Skarloey was away being repaired, Rusty was brought in to maintain the tracks. Unlike most of the early diesels on the Island of Sodor, he's kind, sensible, and has no interest in overthrowing the steam engines. In fact, in one timeline, he went all the way to the mainland (somehow) to rescue Stepney from scrap. However, he's not above pettiness; he once refused to rescue Duncan, who had insulted him, until Skarloey told him to think of the passengers. While he was always male in the books, Rusty had an Ambiguous Gender in his first few seasons of Thomas & Friends, allegedly as Britt Allcroft's way of addressing the criticism that the show had too many male characters.
    • Duncan is a Scottish steam engine who originally worked in a factory. His favourite thing to do is complain, whether it's about diesels, not being polished, or a passenger who's just as grumpy as he is. He used to "rock and roll" on the tracks, causing him to get stuck in tunnels. He's not without a softer side, though: he warms up to Rusty after being rescued.
    • They all have twins on the Talyllyn Railway in Wales, though this is only addressed in The Railway Series. By sheer cosmic coincidence, a lot of things that happened to these engines also happened to their twins — Skarloey and Talyllyn were both retired to open sheds while Rheneas and Dolgoch ran their lines alone, Edward Thomas and Peter Sam both had Giesel Ejector funnels at some point, et cetera. (Of course, the real reason is that the Reverend Wilbert Awdry was so impressed by the world's first heritage railway that he made an expy of it in his series of books about talking trains.)
  • In the books, the steam engines were all red with blue stripes, while Rusty was black. When it came time to finally adapt the Skarloey Railway books in season 4 of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, the creators decided to make them different colours to make them easier to tell apart. Skarloey's stripes became white; Rheneas and Rusty became different shades of orange; Sir Handel and Peter Sam kept their blue and green liveries, respectively, from their Mid-Sodor days; and Duncan became yellow. More engines have arrived on their railway since then, but none of them had Adaptation Dye Jobs, so the gods of the Pantheon only chose the original six to represent this trope. They are known to change their colour schemes from their colour schemes in the books to their colour schemes from the cartoon and back again.

  • When the Skarloey Railway Engines joined the Pantheon they were happy to see seven trains welcoming them to Pantheon. The Steam Team welcomed them by blowing their whistles loudly which led the Skarloey Railway Engines to respond with their own loud whistles, which ended up deafening everyone nearby. While they'd never heard of P.T. Boomer, he did try to destroy the entire Island of Sodor. They told the Steam Team that if he ever comes back the Skarloey Railway Engines will try to stop him.
  • The Pteranodon family were happy to hear that another Railway had open. When they arrived at the station Tiny asked the engines if they could travel through time like the dinosaur train. The Skarloey Railway Engines though that she was a joking about a train travelling through time. The engines had thought that the Pteranodon family were people dressed up as Dinosaurs for fun, but the Pteranodon family explained that they really were Dinosaurs despite this being a shock at first, the Skarloey Railway Engines and the Pteranodon family soon became fast friends.
  • Engines can live for as long as they're taken care of, and while they can mature mentally, they're essentially Born as an Adult and don't age. As Skarloey is one of the oldest engines in his world, he's of interest to those interested in immortality. One of them is Ling Yao, who once imagined binding his soul to a train that looks suspiciously similar to Gordon the Big Engine in a yonkoma. Skarloey had Duke one of the Skarloey Railway Engines heralds tell Ling Yao the story of the train called Stanley/Smudger who was turned into a stationery boiler unable to ever move again, after the story was finished they asked Ling Yao did he want that sort of immortality?
  • The Skarloey Railway Engines mostly love listening to Wishbone's stories and imaging themselves as characters in the story except for the really scary ones. Walt Disney being a Rail Enthusiast enjoy going on rides on the trains. They offered to take teacher Adrian Seidelman's class on a train ride or take Adrian and his friend Cybersix on a train ride. They hate Grimm Von Krauk for ruining stories and fear what would happen if ever got a hold of The Railway Series books that they are from.
  • Among the things they hate the most is putting passengers, the railway staff or people near the track in danger. This has led to them hating any deity that willing puts other people in danger such Snidely Whiplash and Kuvira who have left people tied to a track for a train to run the people over. Kuvira is especially feared by the Skarloey Railway Engines because of her powers to control metal which she could use on the engines, the railway coaches or the rails. The Cooper gang has earned the Railway Engines dislike for committed heists on trains that included them damaging trains to get the loot that they intend to steal, one of which involved fighting Neyla over a train that she attacked while trying to get Sly Cooper.
  • When they heard about Dr. Doofenshmirtz being a Rail Enthusiast they were angry with him for giving Rail Enthusiasts a bad name. It has since been explained to them that Doofenshmirtz has turned over a new leaf and is working for the side of good. Nowadays they all like him except for Peter Sam who is gets annoyed at Doofenshmirtz's habit of mistaking Peter Sam for a green Platypus called Perry the Platypus. When Peter has Doofenshmirtz as a passenger on his train, a fedora will be blown off a passenger's head on to Peter Sam's head by the wind. This will lead to Doofenshmirtz first saying "A green train?" when he first sees Peter Sam, then after the fedora lands on Peter Sam's head, "PERRY THE GREEN TRAIN?!" this is followed by both Peter Sam and a nearby green platypus passenger called Perry roiling their eyes at Doofenshmirtz's inability to recognise Perry without his hat.
  • The Skarloey Railway Engines had heard about an one wheel locomotive deity in the Pantheon. They were amazed that a locomotive was able to move along the rails with just one wheel. They ask to meet Claptrap so they could see the one wheel train but rather than a train they were surprised to find a small box shaped robot. Claptrap explained that his title is "The Deity with One Wheel Locomotion" not "The Deity with One Wheel Locomotive" which cleared up the misunderstanding.
  • The Skarloey Railway Engines remind the Star Fleet of their friend Puffa, a steam train that delivers cargo to the port. So they arranged for part of the Skarloey Railway line to end at the Star Tugs' temple where cargo can be swapped from one mode of transportation to another. While the cargo is unloaded the engines and tugs use the time to talk and become friends with each other. Duncan and Top Hat dislike each other for their habit of complaining all the time, each thinking that "I don't complain that much!" O.J. and Rheneas thinks that it is because they are so alike in personality.
  • The Skarloey Railway Engines are hated by Simon Laurent for reminding him of the Infinity Train another sentience train controlled by a little robot called One-One. The Skarloey Railway Engines also hate Simon as well for using the train to killing people. Tulip has been riding on the Skarloey Railway with Lake, they are finding it a lot more pleasant ride than the Infinity train. Skarloey was wondering why Lake decided to name herself after a lake, Lake pointed out that Skarloey is named for a railway that was named for a lake.
  • The Skarloey Railway Engines hate any one deity that destroyed their fellow trains on purpose, they will understand if it was an accident that destroyed a train. Despite the fact that Gomez is a Rail Enthusiast the Skarloey Railway Engines dislike Gomez for his habit of destroying and damaging his model trains. When they asked Gomez what he thought it would be like if he was the one being damaged or destroyed. Gomez thought that it was a great idea for fun and went to find a magic caster so he could have a go as a train. After that they decided that the best thing to do would to just leave Gomez alone.
  • Many deities have used the Skarloey Railway to take themselves places such as the Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary, Gigatron Mall, Elysium Academy and many more places, the Engines are happy to take them wherever they want to go. Cacofonix took some of the Elysium Academy students deities on a field trip, the Skarloey Railway Engines agreed to take them as long as Cacofonix doesn't sing because they don't want the track washing away. They also have asked deities that control elements to be careful around the trains and their tracks to avoid damaging the tracks and derailing trains. However the deities that control the elements have been asked to help to fix the railway if they can, such as clearing a landslide from the tracks.
  • The fact that Skarloey Railway Engines were originally designed for carry slate allows them to carry any debris from Obelix's menhir quarry that isn't suitable to carve into menhirs, but other deities might want. Anna was one deity who received some of Obelix's debris that was transported by the railway, she was pleased to find some gems inside the debris the trains deliver. She asked if the Skarloey Railway Engines just transport rocks or do they transport other goods, they told her that they can transport other things. This gave Anna the idea to transport some of her products by rail and as an even further thanks she put the Skarloey Railway Engines in touch with other deities (such as Apu Nahasapeemapetilon) that would like them to transport cargo.
  • All members of the Skarloey Railway Engines are scared of The Rock of Ages. They are worried about it deciding to try and run them over just like a boulder with a face tried to do in Sodor. They feel sorry for Indiana Jones who has also had to run from boulders chasing him. The Skarloey Railway Engines keep referring to Indiana as Mr. Henry Jones Jr. since they usually refer to people by their formal name but Indiana is hoping to change that.
  • Exclusive to specific characters:
    • Skarloey doesn't like any gods that their pranks end up causing trouble for his passengers or worse they put them in danger. While the Skarloey Railway Engines dislike most of the Jokes and Pranks Pantheon, Skarloey hates Laetitia specifically for a prank she did which involving her putting spiders everywhere on a train he was taking which lead to a lot of scared passengers and the train staff.
    • When Rheneas had an accident on the line, the Straw Hat Pirate Franky was called to repair him. Rheneas was unsure about having a shipwright repairing him until Franky explained that he was taught by his mentor Tom how to repair trains and has repaired trains before. Rheneas thanked Franky by offering Franky a free ride anytime he wanted. Franky took him up on the offer and brought the rest of the Straw Hats Pirates to enjoy the train ride too, but Zoro somehow got so lost that he ended up riding on another train, much to the confusion of Peter Sam who was pulling the train.
    • Peter Sam suffered an accident with an icicle that caused his funnel to broken afterwards he had to used a drainpipe as a replacement till a new funnel was made. This has led him to empathize with other deities that have lost limbs as well such as Cherry Darling, Ash Williams, Adam Jensen and Victor Stone. This has also led him to strike up a friendship with Winry Rockbell, Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, there was a few problems at the start of the friendship like Peter Sam mistaking Alphonse Elric as the Fullmetal Alchemist and Alphonse thinking that Peter Sam is a train with a human soul transmutated into it. Peter Sam prefers to avoid going through the hall of Ice and Cold but he will go through if necessary.
    • Sir Handel and Lightning McQueen bonded over being mentored by old geezers, and their hatred of road-pavers. Falcon and Stuart were kept in line by the Old Master Duke on the Mid-Sodor Railway; Lightning happened to end up in the town where the retired racecar Doc Hudson lived. Lightning was forced to repair Radiator Springs' road and tried to escape multiple times; Sir Handel got into an argument with George the Steamroller at a level crossing. Lightning's best friend, Mater, has an honorary knighthood, so he assumed that Sir Handel was also of high status. Skarloey later clarified that he's not actually a "sir"; that's just his name.
    • Rusty is fond of telling the story about a ghost train that fell off a bridge into a swamp after getting halfway across the bridge, Rusty says that the ghost of the train appears at midnight still trying to get across the bridge. He has been asked to stop telling the story to members of the pantheon that are easily scared or afraid of ghosts. He had frightened his friends Duncan, Ten Cents and Sunshine as well as Franky's Chopper, Usopp, Nami and Brook who were visiting Franky while he was giving Rusty a coat of paint and Rusty told the ghost story to pass the time. Rusty still tells people stories but he no longer tells scary stories to people that are easily scared. Rusty love of stories did make him a new friend called Wishbone who likes to tell stories too.
    • Duncan dislikes scary things so he stays away from halls of the Pantheon that are scary. Hercules of the Star Tugs told him about the time the rest of the Star Fleet were scared of ghost tugs but there was a reasonable explanation for all the stuff they saw and it is probably the same for most of the supernatural stuff he has seen. Duncan did believe Hercules' explanation until he saw a white tug without lights on, the sight of which caused him to flee back to his temple grumbling all the way. Sunshine was surprised to see Duncan flee at the sight of him, he was coming to tell Hercules that the hall of Jokes and Pranks had covered Sunshine in flour and was going to wash the flour off and he didn't have his lights on because it was daytime.

Wishbone, God of Allegory Adventures and Kid-Friendly Adaptations (The Little Dog with a Big Imagination)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Music: What's the Story, Wishbone?
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Heroic Dog, "Reading Is Cool" Aesop, Whole-Plot Reference, Having Adventures take Place in both Real Life and the Setting of a Certain Story he's Reading, Compressed Adaptation (a number of them, in fact)
  • Domains: Dogs, Storytelling, Imagination
  • Heralds: Joe Talbot, David Barnes, and Samantha Kepler
  • Allies: Mr. Rogers, Barney the Dinosaur, Curious George, Sherlock Holmes, Miyuki Hoshizora, Clifford, Jake the Dog, Pluto the Pup, Pongo & Perdita, Hachiko, Krypto the Superdog, William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet, Quasimodo, Edmond Dantes, The Time Traveller, Odysseus, Snoopy, Droopy, The Storyteller, Jack and Annie
  • Odd Friendship: Faust, Lemony Snicket
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Cruella De Vil
  • Avoids: The Narrator
  • In a rural Texas town, there lives a Jack Russell Terrier known as Wishbone, alongside his three human companions. Whenever something of interest happens, Wishbone is often reminded of such things through various literary classics. His imagination allows him to play out these stories in his head, with the dog playing some sort of role in it, be it a major character or someone with not as much importance. Given the family-friendly nature of these adventures and the fact that they occur within a very short timeframe, the stories that play out in Wishbone's imagination are much shorter than the source material, but the more important parts of the original stories are, for the most part, still intact.
  • After settling down in the Pantheon, Wishbone was very excited to hear that the many literary characters from the works he read were indeed real. The dog even got to play a select few of these characters such as Robin Hood in the former's imagination, something that these particular deities find a bit interesting. Although they had to get used to the fact that their stories would have to be significantly shortened to accommodate Wishbone's adventures, they didn't take much issue to it since the parts that made their original stories important are more or less kept.
    • He was also told that there were many more stories besides the ones he initially read back then, including various other forms of books such as manga. Wishbone took it as an opportunity to read these books whenever possible and is rather interested in those who tell stories for fun.
  • Despite having a lot of thoughts in his mind and the fact that the characters in his interpretations of classic stories are able to talk to him normally, he isn't really a talking animal and some deities initially didn't understand him. A special collar that allowed others to understand him whenever he "speaks" (not actually opening his mouth to talk, but the "speaking" occurs if something's on his mind at the moment) was made and given to him, thus making it easier for him to communicate with others.
  • Being a dog, Wishbone got himself acquainted with others of his kind. In particular, he is very friendly towards other dogs that originally came from books. He likes to hang out with Snoopy frequently due to having an imagination just as good (and maybe more inventive) as Wishbone's. He also got to read some of Snoopy's made-up stories from the beagle's typewriter, though he found them a bit odd to say the least.
    • Through them, he was also told about Napoleon, a noted enemy of dogs (at least, to most of the dogs that are in the Pantheon) due to what the pig did back then. Since the pig was originally from a literary work, Wishbone decided to read up on it and determine just how bad Napoleon really was. Wishbone had every bit of reason to agree with the other dogs after finishing that story.
  • Authors of books weren't the kind of people Wishbone expected to meet given what he goes through whenever he isn't imagining a story featuring himself, but he was willing to take up the offer even if he hadn't got around to reading their books yet. Following visits with J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and even George R.R. Martin, Wishbone opted to read their stories when possible. The stories they've written are quite long to say the least (and dark in the case of King and R.R. Martin).
    • Of those kinds of people, he initially thought that Lemony Snicket was just another author after reading his books, but he later found out that Snicket was much more than that during a chance encounter. Snicket learned that the dog had plenty of adventures, albeit nowhere near as bleak as what Snicket went through, and that Wishbone is an avid reader. Snicket ultimately has no issue with Wishbone, though he'd prefer that the dog not get involved with things that could prove beyond troublesome.
  • Wishbone was happy to hear that William Shakespeare was present and paid the Bard a visit, especially since the dog covered a handful of Shakespeare's works prior. Shakespeare, on his part, was thankful to have a stable admirer of his stories, even if said admirer was a dog. Wishbone also attends performances of Shakespeare's plays when they happen in the House of Theater.
    • One day, while Shakespeare was doing rehearsal for A Midsummer Night's Dream, Wishbone met up with two children who were playing fairies: those were Jack and Annie of Frog Creek. Wishbone was in awe in that the two not only met Will in the past but they have a treehouse that can literally take them into any book they wish and interact with historical figures. Wishbone also has been willing to discuss about different literary works and was awed at how the treehouse was enchanted by Morgan le Fay. He hopes to join them on one of their missions in the future.
  • He managed to find a sort-of unlikely friend through Miyuki Hoshizora as someone who enjoys stories. Wishbone found it a bit weird that rather than imagining herself as a character in different stories, Hoshizora and her friends ended up in a world that owes a lot to fairy tales and had superpowers to get through whatever conflict was going on there.
  • More than once did Wishbone not only imagine himself as Sherlock Holmes, but had often involved himself in various mysteries. Droopy, who has done part-time work as a detective, is willing to help Wishbone with being a better detective by allowing him to follow Droopy during his detective stints. Most of Wishbone's mysteries outside of the story world aren't really dire, but he's more than appreciative of Droopy's help even if the cases the latter tackles are more ridiculous than what Wishbone is used to. Wishbone being able to find out if someone is up to no good (such as when Cruella de Vil decided to take a bunch of dogs for herself for something she insisted wasn't related to fashion) helps quite a bit.
  • While Wishbone isn't really a storyteller, he made good friends with a couple of other deities who had that role, mainly Barney and another person simply known as The Storyteller. Wishbone likes their tales, especially the ones from the latter. Given that Barney is able to transport others to a storybook world whenever he tells a story, it came as a shock to Wishbone at first when he realized that he was actually in a story and not just imagining it.
    • In addition to Barney, Wishbone is also associated with Mr. Rogers and Curious George, thanks to being associated with edutainment. The dog has also made a few visits with Mr. Rogers whenever the latter has a story planned.
  • As much as he loves a good story, even Wishbone has a bit of an issue with The Narrator. Telling a story about someone's life is one thing, but it's a whole other issue to use that narration as a means to force someone to follow a fixed path to the point of being antagonistic if it doesn't go his way. Even if Wishbone doesn't mind a good tragedy in the books he reads every now and then, he just can't agree with The Narrator's mindset and prefers to stay away from him even if the dog's reaction to things going crazy in certain stories is more confused than anything critical.
  • It's very likely that Wishbone has been reading books since he was a young pup and even picturing himself in whatever it was that he read back then, such as when he read the story of Hansel & Gretel and imagined himself as the former.
  • Whoocha!


    George Lucas 
George Walton Lucas Jr., God of Altering One's Own Work (The Maker, The Flannelled One)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Lucasfilm Ltd. logo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Auteur License, Occidental Otaku, Determinator, Genre Throwback, Merchandise-Driven, Creator Breakdown, Worldbuilding
  • Domains: Creation, Writing, Technology, Merchandising.
  • Heralds:
  • Followers: J. J. Abrams, the new Star Wars fanbase.
  • Underlings: All Star Wars deities, Indiana Jones
  • Best Friends: Steven Spielberg
  • Enemies: The old Star Wars fanbase, The South Park boys, Grand Admiral Thrawn (formerly)
  • Arch-Enemy: Mr. Plinkett
  • Ascended after completing the Star Wars saga with the original and prequel trilogies. Not only that, but he also mentored Dave Filoni to take care of the Star Wars mythos, trusted J.J. Abrams and new directors to make the Sequel Trilogy, and finally donated the 4 BILLION dollars he revived from selling the license to Disney for education.
  • "Art is never finished, only abandoned."- Leonardo da Vinci. George's mentality in a nutshell about his work.
  • Hollywood thought that Star Wars was going to be a disaster. So they sold the movie and merchandising rights to him. When the movie became a hit they thought they were making millions, only to remember they gave the rights to Lucas.
    • With the Star Wars brand in his possession, he built his own company to rival Hollywood. Complete with perfect visual and sound technology along with a merchandise empire. George got the last laugh.
  • He also founded game developer LucasArts, responsible for among other great productions a series of point and click Adventure Games that are highly influential in the genre. Guybrush Threepwood owes his existence to the company, and Sam & Max are forever grateful for their game that made them more than an indie comic.
  • His tendency to re-update his finished work got some bad blood even before he started making the Prequels. Mostly they are only visuals, but some are more divisive.
    • Greedo shooting first, which didn't happen in the original. Making him gain some IQ points for trying to kill Han before he kills him, but lost some marksmanship points for missing him point blank range. And that's just the start.
  • After making the Prequels his fanbase got VERY divisive.
    • At the beginning there are two kinds of Star Wars fans. Those who hate the Prequels and those that do not (which are mostly the ones who were born with them).
    • To make things right George built a new company "Lucasfilm Animation" and hired Dave Filoni to make the TV show called Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The show became so good that fans of the Original trilogy begrudgingly admit that it made the Prequels much better. Some say that the show is what the Prequel movies should have been.
  • Successfully mentored Dave Filoni in the ways of Star Wars. George trusted the franchise on to Dave. Then he sold the rights to Disney, who then made the Star Wars old EU non-canon (made some fans very angry) except the 6 movies and The Clone Wars TV show. He later suggested giving the directing of episode VII to his friend J.J. Abrams, along with bringing all the stars of the Original trilogy back for Episode VII. After that, he left his own company to ascend the Pantheon make Indy projects.
  • In the Pantheon he suggested to up-date the Houses. Knowing his reputation they made a contract that basically said, "Yes. You can update, but after you talk with the representatives of each House and agree with them which works for the House and which doesn't." Lucas has no problem with that (since the Pantheon is not his creation).
  • After a week in the Pantheon he received a present with a note that reads: "When I heard that you ascended I wanted to give you something. Thankfully, I had a relic I found a year ago that will grant the user only one wish. So I hope you like the wish I made for you."
    • When George opened the box he found a puppy. Not just any puppy, but the reincarnated dog he knows and loves. When he picked the pup up Lucas found another note that reads: "From the man who made your friends name here his very own"-Indiana Jones.
  • One day George had a knock on the door. When he opened it, he found none other than Indiana Jones and every Star Wars character telling him that Grand Admiral Thrawn has made him the #1 person to kill for not protecting him and having Disney make him non-canon, and thus non-existent.
    • So, they all made a treaty. Light and Dark side can fight each other to their heart's content, but the moment Admiral Thrawn makes a move against George Lucas they will protect their creator as allies.
    • In addition, Vader and Luke sent proven soldiers from their ranks to serve as bodyguards for his home. Despite not liking his ultimate fate under George, Palpatine also agreed to share intelligence from the Imperial network keeping an eye on Thrawn.
    • In the middle of all of that George managed to separate Luke, Ahsoka, Obi-wan, Padmé and Vader from the rest of the group so that they could have a moment alone without House and alliance politics breathing down their necks. After all, what kind of creator couldn't give his "kids" some alone time?
    • With the new season of Star Wars Rebels, it has been revealed that Grand Admiral Thrawn has not only been officially restored to the Star Wars canon but has also claimed the spotlight as the main antagonist of Season 3, with all of his characteristics that defined him as an incredibly intelligent and dangerous enemy of the Rebels carefully preserved. Incredibly pleased with this turn of events, Thrawn has decided to abandon his vendetta against Lucas not because he has set aside his grudge, but because his time and intellect would be better utilized on more important matters than enmity with a source that has been rendered meaningless.
  • While on Star Wars, Lucas was weirded out once he got a visit from General Luke Skywalker and Annikkin Starkiller, who in spite of being discarded\reworked concepts still managed to get a physical form; and was happy that even if he had no hand in their creation, the characters made after he sold Lucasfilm to Disney - Rey, Finn, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma from the sequel trilogy, and both Rogue One and Director Krennic - still came to pay their respects.
  • While Lucas has managed to escape most of his criticism in the Pantheon, Mr. Plinkett is adamant on making sure that he never hears the end of his Prequel reviews. Lucas once tried to kill Plinkett in his sleep, but he survived, much to Lucas' chagrin.

    Walt Disney 
Walter Elias Disney, Divine Protector of Softened Up Adaptations (Walt, Uncle Walt, SCP-2805)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Disney Company logo.
  • Theme Song: "When You Wish Upon a Star" (a shortened version of it serves as theme song to The Walt Disney Company)
  • Alignment: True Neutral, although some people think he is a varying shade of Evil.
  • Portfolio: Softened up adaptations (Trope Namer), Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant (surprisingly), All Animation Is Disney, really likes slapstick, Loathes Unionization, Dark and Troubled Past, Control Freak, Mickey Mousing (Trope Maker), Mistaken for Racist, Rags to Riches, really likes railroads, unclear job description.
  • Domain: Animation, Cinema, Theme Park
  • Herald: Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Allies: All characters created by him and his company or been made famous by him, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, any actors employed by his company, Don Bluth, Stan Lee
  • Rivals: All characters created by Warner Bros. (such as the Looney Tunes) and DreamWorks Animation.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ed Wood, George Lucas
  • Enemies: Abusive parents, Judge Doom, Grimm
  • Opposes: Marion Crane
  • Admired by: All characters created by Pixar; all characters that took inspiration from his works; every and all anime characters.
  • The creator of the Disney multimedia empire, the man who gave birth to Mickey Mouse and his cast, pioneer of theme park industry by proving that it can turn in a huge profit, the person who proved that animation can be feature films and are more than paintings and helped influence both Western and Eastern animation in the early 20th century, Walt Disney returned from retirement in the 2000s after a period that was dubbed the Disney Revival. Not wanting to compete with Don Bluth for the temple, Walt accepted his position as the god of Disneyfication that is named after him. While Walt isn't particularly proud of a few movies that helped him to get his title, he is still grateful for the position because he gets to reunite with characters he and his company created ever since.
  • Because of his long years in the cinema world and his vast legacy, Disney has created an enormous amount of characters belong to his studio. All of them had a tearful reunion with Walt when he ascended. After all the dust has settled, the Pantheon witnessed a few characters with… special connections with Disney and his company emerges:
    • Disney deities with deceased or absent parents (which there is a lot) poured in a big crowd in front of his temple to figure out why is that is so frequent in works made by him. He told them about his own Dark and Troubled Past with his own parents, resulting in no dry eyes left in the house and led to a massive depression by Disney characters within a period of several weeks.
    • Was overjoyed that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, his very first creation that was taken away from him by Charles Mintz, has been returned to the Disney company. After he ascended, Oswald and Mickey engaged in a rivalry for a while to see which one is his favorite until Disney personally asked them to stop because he can't answer that question.
    • Despite being on bad terms with her author P. L. Travers to produce the movie to his vision, Walt is still excited to see Mary Poppins again. With his return and ascension, Mary can finally have an excuse to play her theme song because it was his favorite.
    • Blacklisted Judge Doom from his temple after Doom showed up in disguise the day Disney ascended in order to kidnap and attempted to kill Walt for "creating" Doom as a Toon actor. The fact that Doom has hatred for his own Toons species and wants to kill them for profit is just the final nail in the coffin for Walt.
    • Was very surprised when characters from Frozen (2013) and The Little Mermaid (1989) appeared in the Pantheon because he had failed to bring those tales to the big screen when he was mortal. While he is a little wary because both finishing products are so different from what he envisioned, Disney still acknowledges the change was necessary for their films to be a success and welcomes them to his temple.
  • Met Stan Lee and George Lucas after hearing the news that their companies have become divisions of his own. Disney got along fine with Stan because of their images as Cool Old Guys, but has a disdain for George Lucas for altering his works significantly after release, something Walt disapproves from his own companies. Disney still respects both men's work and acknowledges that, like Walt himself, both their companies took huge risks that pay off fantastically.
  • He and Hitchcock got along well with each other because both of them share an admiration for each other's talents in film-making. However, Walt refused to acknowledge Marion Crane's existence, calling her movie "disgusting" to the point of refusing to let Hitchcock using his theme park for filming.
  • Because of their shared love for slapstick, their long-time friendship when they were mortals and Disney took inspiration from him, Walt is grateful to see Charlie Chaplin again.
  • He is also incredibly respected by every anime and manga characters ascended to the Pantheon because of his influence on their works through his that allowed the industry to cut cost without sacrificing the emotional impact of their works and the fact that one of their pioneer authors Osamu Tezuka's adoration of Disney to the point that he watched one of Walt's work Bambi more than 80 times.
  • Was annoyed to see Ed Wood because of how terrible his finishing products are and the fact that the bio based on Wood's life distributed by his company didn't turn in a profit. While Walt can't deny that the man has passion for his job, he refused to let Wood touch any of his property.
  • Annoyed when someone asked whether or not Walt's body was placed in a cryostasis chamber under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, Cinderella's Castle at Disney World or Epcot, and is working furiously to debunk it by stating that he was cremated.
  • Can be seen spending a lot of his free time around the House of Travels because of his love for trains.
  • Was at first excited to hear that Grimm ascended to the Pantheon because Walt took them as inspiration for many of his work. He was then severely disappointed when finding out that not only this isn't the Brothers Grimm, but the antithesis of everything his temple represents. This Grimm is also blacklisted from his temple.
  • Do NOT mention the perception that Disney is pro-Nazi or anti-Semitic in his temple. While Walt Disney himself would just peacefully decline the rumor and cite that he did a lot propaganda cartoons for the US during World War II and that two of his favorite collaborators—the Sherman brothers—are Jewish, the same CANNOT be said about his creations, followers, or people who admired and were influenced by him.
    • Also declines Seth MacFarlane's entry to his temple after the latter accused Walt of being pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic and frequently portray him that way in his works.
  • Deities who have encountered people with similar appearance and various exaggerated traits of Walt's personality are unnerved to see the real man ascended in the Pantheon. After clearing some misunderstandings, they were very excited to see the real Walt because a lot of the works they ascended from are influenced by him and his company.
  • Sometimes footage of the time Disney presented an anthology series as a mortal can be seen floating around and circulating within the Pantheon. When asked whether or not he will return now that he is ascended, Walt just laughed and declined with the explanation that he is enjoying managing his own temple and is satisfied enough with the hands that are managing the new series.
  • Was not amused when saw his less than flattering portrayal during a rap battle between Jim Henson and Stan Lee. Reasons were given that Walt thinks the portrayal doesn't say anything about Walt himself personally and is just a mash-up the worst stereotypes of his company, unlike the other participants.
  • Reportedly, the SCP Foundation has his frozen head in one of their sites, and are taking great efforts to keep all things Disney, including Disney himself, away from it.