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Shape, Transformation and Animorphism

Like the deities that inhabit it, the House of Shape - located in Springfield, (usually) right next door to a Krusty Burger - is constantly changing. One second, it could be a massive, gothic cathedral and in the space of an eyeblink, will transform into a giant space station. Sometimes the changes are that quick, sometimes it sticks to one shape for a while. Visitors often find this particular House disorienting and frightening, and it is terrifyingly easy to get lost in the constantly morphing hallways. The House of Defense is constantly being called to help look for deities foolish enough to believe that they can map out the House's ever-changing depths. One of the few constants is that there are always buckets and pools of cold and hot water lying around.

There is a slight (okay, forty-two percent) chance that at some point a visitor will be subjected to a transformation upon entry. Commonly into the body of an attractive member of the opposite sex. So far, it's always worn off within a couple of days.

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The Trinity Shifters

    Billy Batson/Shazam 
William Joseph "Billy" Batson, God of Age-Up Alternate Forms (Shazam, The Big Red Cheese, World's Mightiest Mortal, Captain Sparklefingers, formerly Captain Marvel, Captain Marvelous, Captain Thunder)

Deoxys, God of the Multiform Balance (The DNA Pokémon)
Forme variations 
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: A red triangle, blue oval-shaped gem and four small meteorites.
  • Theme Music: Battle! Deoxys
  • Alignment: Ambiguously Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: Pressure
  • Moveset: Psycho Boost, Hyper Beam, Protect, Extreme Speed
    • Z-move: Shattered Psyche
  • Portfolio: Powerful Mutated Alien Virus, Power Crystal, Recovering from Extreme Damages, Multiform Balance (Glass Cannon, Stone Wall, Fragile Speedster), Combat Tentacles, Humanoid Abomination
  • Domains: Power, Aliens, Mons, Psychics, Meteors
  • Followers: Druids
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Lilo and Stitch, The Blorg Community
    • Partner: X
  • Enemies: Nurgle, Thrax, Sigma
  • Opposes: Rayquaza
  • Opposed by: Zinnia, The Imperium of Mankind
  • Under watch by: The Men in Black
  • A space virus which crash landed onto Earth in a meteor and went through a DNA mutation, causing it to take a form of the creature known as Deoxys. It is highly intelligent, has amazing psychokinetic abilities, and can transform its appearance to fit the situation.
  • Deoxys had a rather unorthodox way of entering the Pantheon. Specifically, riding on a six-mile-long meteoroid into the Pantheon! It was only stopped when the gods prayed upon Rayquaza, whom then Mega Evolved and rammed itself into the meteoroid, destroying it into tiny pieces and letting Deoxys fall into the Pantheon like that. No one is sure why Deoxys would do something like that to begin it, though being an alien, it probably never knew what it would cause.
    • Usually requires specific meteorites to shift its forms, but as seen in the anime it can sometimes shift freely. The Trope Pantheon allows Deoxys to do the latter, making it more dangerous.
  • Needless to say, Deoxys really dislikes Rayquaza, especially since they already had a conflict once in the past. Zinnia doesn't like it either. Gihren Zabi was interested in its entrance given his usage of of the Colony Drop, however can't get Deoxys' attention, much less have it accept his evil.
  • Even though it is an alien virus, it has no relation to The Borg Queen or any of her underlings. Due to being a living creature, it has never tried to infect anyone either. And while a virus, Thrax and Nurgle disturb it as they do most deities.
  • Largely distinct from things like the Sigma Virus due to not wanting to infect anything. It would rather steer clear of Sigma, since it fear their viruses mixing or Sigma exploiting it. X has offered to help Deoxys in that. The DNA Pokemon agreed, and found a certain kinship due to X's ability to use various powers and his unlimited potential.
  • Deoxys has four formes. Each forme overspecializes in some aspects. Doesn't make them any less of a threat when used in unison.
    • Normal Forme which isn't that rounded, being powerful, but fragile.
    • Attack Forme, which is slightly more fragile, but even more powerful in exchange.
    • Defence Forme, which sacrifices strength and speed for superior bulk.
    • Speed Forme, which evens out most of its stats, in exchange of superior speed.
  • After one of its battles with Rayquaza, Deoxys ended up crashing into the House of Technology. It soon got the enmity of members for moving around electronic devices, as they interfere with its alien senses. It's why Deoxys rarely interacts with the House of Electricity. As Deoxys communicates through auroras, it sometimes gets confused by the auroras in the House of Ice and Cold.
  • The Imperium of Mankind, as with most xenos, takes a shoot on sight policy due to Deoxys pulling the Colony Drop stint and being an unidentified alien. The Men in Black are keeping an eye on it. Lilo and Stitch, however, gave it the benefit of the doubt and treated the DNA Pokemon with respect. The Blorg Community is intrigued by this enigmatic alien Pokemon, and wants to befriend it. Deoxys accepted, as it doesn't have many friends.
  • The House of Science has tried studying Deoxys, on what kind of virus it was and how did it mutate. Originally they thought it was because of lasers, but that theory has been tossed aside. Well, almost. Those in Genetic Engineering wish to know its secrets and see if they can develop beings similar to Deoxys. Chin Chin was also interested in Deoxys because of his chromosome obsession, something the DNA Pokemon didn't even dignify with a response.
  • Even though Deoxys has almost unrivalled stats, organized arena matches seem to be his weakness.
    Never bet on Deoxys!

    Shang Tsung 
Shang Tsung, God of Shapeshifting and Soul Absorptions (The Sorcerous Vanguard of Doom, Titan Shang Tsung)
Shang Tsung as an old man 
  • Intermediate God (Overdeity with Kronika's soul and crown)
  • Symbol: A Green Orb of Soul
  • Theme Music: The Soul Chamber, Shang Tsung's Island Ruins (Round 2, Final Round)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Shapeshifters, Playing with Fire, Flaming Skulls, Cursed With Awesomeness, Fighting Sorcerers, Evil Beards, Betrayal, Soul-Sucking and Regenerating From It.
  • Domains: Shape, Kombat, Soul, Magic, Evil
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Shao Kahn (his boss and mentor), Quan Chi, and by extension Shinnok; Envy, Darkseid
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: King Togwaggle
  • Shang Tsung is a sorcerer and the first Big Bad of the Mortal Kombat Tournament. Originally from Earthrealm, Shang Tsung was taken to Outworld after Shao Kahn saw potential in him and taught him Soul Magic, making the sorcerer one of Outworld's strongest champions until his defeat at the hands of the Great Kung Lao. Several years later he returned once more, now with the help of the Shokan Prince Goro, Shang Tsung managed to defeat Kung Lao and dominating the first nine Mortal Kombat tournaments until that streak was broken by Liu Kang. Since then Shang Tsung has been involved in several plots regarding Earthrealm's invasion to the murder of Shao Kahn and Liu Kang, but he has long set his eyes on the pantheon.
  • As an avid practitioner of Soul Magic and shapeshifting powers, he quickly took the spot of Soul Stealing, being one of the most notable candidates for the title given that it's the reason he lived for so long. Now as a deity, Shang Tsung has set eyes on some particular powerful deities that would make powerful additions to his arsenal of powers and his island.
    • His machinations and chessmaster nature also allowed him to get the position of Shapeshifting, considering that he can take the form of any person he can take the soul of which has made several people paranoid of Shang Tsung whenever he is near.
  • In his home world, he betrayed Earthrealm to join underneath Shao Kahn's konquest of the realms. As such, he's disliked more in Earthrealm than he is in Outworld, especially by the likes of the White Lotus monks Kung Lao and especially Liu Kang, Champion of Mortal Kombat and the one to defeat him when he was close to the 10th win required to invade Earthrealm. The other Earthrrealm warriors also have a bone to pick with the sorcerer which Shang Tsung reciprocates, except towards Sonya Blade who he is somewhat attracted to (Of course, Sonya DOES NOT return his feelings and Shang Tsung likes that)
    • He's an opportunist of the highest degree in his home universe. Despite sharing some animosity towards Quan Chi and his master Shinnok, they teamed up and formed the Deadly Alliance, killing off Liu Kang and dealing a nasty blow to the Konquerer. It got worse for the sorcerer in the new timeline, as his soul is taken out to activate Sindel early, whereas Quan Chi and Shinnok were able to make their move onto Earthrealm earlier than they did it in the older timeline.
    • When he escaped from Ermac, he stayed over on his island during the events of Mortal Kombat 11. That being said, hearing about Kronika and her powers over time, he's intrigued in her powers. As such, while he's comfortable enough being an ally of her's, he'll try to backstab her and take the power of the Hourglass for himself.
  • He would prefer to stay away from Shao Kahn if he can help it. Not only was their master plan foiled by him and Goro's defeat at the hands of Liu Kang, but in one timeline, he betrayed his master while in another, his own soul was used as a battery for Sindel. Thankfully that was mostly undone by Kronika's arrival but Shang Tsung still isn't in the best of terms with his mentor, mostly because he is tired of the failures of the sorcerer. Because of these embarrassments, he's secluded himself on his island, biding his time for the perfect moment to strike. Only then, will the Pantheon be on their knees, begging for mercy while looking up to their new overlord: Shang Tsung.
    • This animosity also extends to all of Shao Kahn's underlings but they have to put aside this differences in order to work for Kronika. However, he is still is fond of Mileena, citing her as one of his greatest creations, and still very close allies with Goro, since he was his champion for several hundred years and even mourned his death after the former's demise.
    • Outside of Kronika's group, he is the one responsible of Erron Black's lifespan, considering he does come from the Wild West period. The gunslinger has severed ties with the sorcerer after he became one of Kotal Kahn's enforcers and Tsung is not happy at all with that.
  • Upon hearing about Shang Tsung's fatality being based off his own fatality, the Joker went over to the Island and became one of his few allies. As he puts it: "Any guy who gets my jokes is an alright guy in my book!"
  • He gets along quite well with Starscream, as they both scheme to take out their overlords while guising as their second-in-command. It's rumored that they plan to form an alligence where they'll take out key Pantheon players and use their powers to usurp the Grand Alliances and rule for themselves.
  • He and Akuma came to blows after the former took interest in the dark essence of the Satsui no Hadou but Akuma proved to be the better fighter and his "Shun Goku Satsu" ended up dealing the decisive blow. While he lost and the two aren't exactly on the best terms, Shang Tsung did end up getting a piece of Akuma's soul and he can replicate his powers, which lead him to investigate more by approaching Kagenaru Mono, the living embodiment of Ryu's Satsui no Hadou. Shang Tsung decided to propose Kage an offer of finding him a similar host like Ryu where he could once and for all prove to Ryu who is the superior fighter. The offer of cloning Ryu really enticed Kage and he accepted, which only earned the ire of both Ryu and Akuma.
  • Anyone can access his temple, which is a recreation of his island. Adventurers can explore and take any treasure they want, whithin reason. And he is surprisingly helpful to potential adventurers, even if that ends up just giving them a false sense of security and he would easily get rid of them in the blink of an eye.
    • Considering that Shang Tsung's island is basically a huge dungeon, Ceri saw an opportunity to explore another world and visited the sorcerer's temple. She is aware of Shang Tsung's infamous reputation as a trickster and backstabber and so proceeded carefully and not even a few minutes in she ended up tricked into falling into the Pits where she was narrowly saved by Yomi who happened to be nearby. Ever since the incident coupled with Shang Tsung shady's nature makes the two oppose the sorcerer but Ceri still returns to the island from time to time.
    • The new influx of adventurers made him earn the unlikely opposition of King Togwaggle, mostly because the Kobold King doesn't like that the sorcerer is getting the attention of the adventurers. He is also a bit jealous that Shang Tsung's island may have more treasure that his own domain so he organized his allies to try and steal his gold.
  • Some people noticed a passing resemblance to Heihachi Mishima and the Sorcerer took notice of the Mishima's shaky family history. The two agreed to an alliance given their status as fighting game Final Bosses and Shang Tsung also became curious of the devil gene that unfortunately was not present in Heihachi's blood. To that end, he wants to steal the soul of one of Heihachi's descendants and upon hearing that, Kazumi decided to ambush the sorceror to avoid him getting ahold of it. Big mistake since it only gave him access to Kazumi's own devil gene but thankfully her old comrade Akuma came to the rescue and drove both Shang Tsung and Heihachi away.
  • Considering stealing the soul of other powerful sorcerers, setting his sight on the main guardians of the House of Magic and Sorcery, particularly taking interest in Stephen Strange. This interest also extended to the mutant Illyana Rasputin, whose dark powers could make her an excellent acolyte of his.
  • His soul magic is an interesting art for those interested in immortality, considering Shang Tsung has lived for centuries. Considering how he can age and de-age at will, Mother Gothel took interest on how his magic worked and pleaded to Shang Tsung to be taught how to use it. He agreed to do so, provided she would tell her the secrets of the flower that kept her young for years.
    • Speaking of Soul Magic and Shapeshifting, he developed somewhat of a one-sided rivalry with Envy the Jealous. The Homunculus is also a shapeshifter and is tired that the sorcerer always hogs all the souls that could be used for the Philosopher's Stone for himself. Shang Tsung instead of being overtly hostile he decided to play along and get closer to the Homunculi in order to gain access to said stone but Envy still doesn't like him one bit.
  • One thing of note is that Shang Tsung has managed to keep the powers of every single ninja of his series, being able to use attacks from them at will. Some believe it has to do with him draining Ermac's souls and getting enough power to keep certain soul properties from past victims, which could also explain how he can summon a clone of Kintaro at will.
  • "Your soul is mine!"
  • Can also be found in Spiritual and Mental Powers.

Ambiguous Rank

    Puchi Idols 
The Puchi Idols, Fun Size Deities (Petit Idols, Koami and Komami: Koamimami)
  • Varies
  • Symbol: Their Faces
  • Theme Song: From Yesterday
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Making People Go Gaga Over Them, Wanting to kidnap them and love them forever, Fingerless Hands, Head Pet
  • Domain: Cuteness, The Unknown, Small Sizes
  • Allies: The 765 Pro, Fluttershy, Barney the Dinosaur (All).
  • Odd Friendship: Heihachi Mishima (Makochii).
  • Friendly Rival: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie (Koami, Komami)
  • Enemies: Rena Ryugu (All. Not serious),
  • No one knows where the Puchi Idols come from or what they are. Some say they are actually mini deities that so happen to look like the 765 Pro Idols, others say they are small clones, while others think they came from an alternate reality in which everybody is small and cute. Whatever the case, the Puchis were ascended because their very presence can cause unexpected fun and adventures.
  • The 765 Pro Girls were in tears once they found out the Puchi Idols ascended, hugging and kissing them non-stop.
    • For some strange reason, the very presence of the Puchis can cause many of the 750 Pros' character traits to be over exaggerated. Haruka is more air-headed, Miki is lazier, Ritsuko is bossier, and Takane is, well, more Takane.
  • The 765 crew aren't the only ones who love the Puchis as nearly the entire Pantheon can't get enough of these small idols with Lucina thinking they are cute. There has even been some who have gone as far as try and kidnap them, Rena Ryuga being the most frequent kidnapper. Of course, the girls don't take kindly of others trying to steal their Puchis and many in the Pantheon are more careful when dealing with the Puchis.
  • Harukasan, the most chaotic of the Puchis has the ability to multiply, grow, and even shrink when splashed with water. Because of this, any Gods or Goddesses with power over water should be extra careful when handling Harukasan. In fact, there are rules for her; the for mention not getting wet, not exposing her to direct sunlight, and the most important rule, don't feed her after midnight. Sounds familiar?
    • Of course, if there are multiple Harukasans running wild in the pantheon, they can be put back together by either Ritsuko, Yayoi or Yukiho. They can also use Fluttershy's Stare to accomplish the job.
  • Chihya, the flattest Puchi doesn't take kindly with goddesses with Bwoing, Bwoing. One particular incident is when some members of The Poly Racks try approaching her but ended up having their hands bitten. Though, they didn't mind because that just made her look cuter. However, she likes Mami Tomoe because she fed her cakes and tea and Tsubaki Yayoi and Ikaruga because they sound just like Chihaya.
    • Tends to visit the House of Music to sing. Which is just her going 'ku' enka style.
  • Chibiki, the little cute crier has the ability to summon any animals and other strange creatures if she sheds tears. The tears can be anything, from laughter, sadness, joy or even waking up. The available animals has now increased once she fully ascended, being able to summon any animals in the House of Beasts, in the House of Otherness and even those in the House of Dragons. And the weirdest thing is that they all listen to her regardless of Alignment. Yes, even Deathwing listens to Chibiki. Be very afraid.
    • Chibiki can also summon The Womb Level Orochi to do her bidding. Both Homura and Asuka don't know what to think of this.
  • Koami and Komami, the mischievous twins love to play pranks. Their favorite target though is the Producer. However, they do it because they love them as was the case with Fluttershy. Though, they try and make any pranks on the yellow pony as harmless as possible.
    • Became Friendly Rivals with both Pinkie Pie and to a lesser extent Rainbow Dash in pranking. So far the scores are even between the two
  • Muirasan, the big breasted(?) Puchi has the ability to teleport anywhere when she hears a loud sound. She tends to appear in random places in the pantheon because of this. She is even able to teleport in and out of Mordor.
    • Also glomps on people she likes and hasn't seen in a while. Which is a lot.
  • Io, the tsundere Puchi with a laser beam. Is scared of cockroaches so when she saw one of the Terraformers, she tried and blast it with her beam, in which she missed and destroyed one of the houses. It's a common problem.
  • Afuu, the most selfish Puchi who loves to sleep and eat. Always tries and steals Miki's riceballs in which the two blondes will fight for it.
    • As mention before, Afu is a bit of a jerk and will make fun of Chihya's small breasts(?) and steal Yukipo's sleep spot
  • Makochii, the chubby Puchi who is super strong. Was actually taught martial arts by Heihachi Mishima when she got too fat to move. Strangely, they all translated into wrestling moves.
    • Is also very good in video games and have beaten many of Let's Play players in the pantheon
  • Yukipo, the kind Puchi who loves to help people and sleep in tight spaces. Carries a shovel in which she uses to dig a hole when she's scared or when she wants to nap. The use of the shovel has brought Shovel Knight's attention and he is currently training Yukipo in the shovel-arts.
  • Takanya, The Ace Puchi who is amazing in everything, especially games. Though, she can be easily brought to tears if she makes a mistake or feels unwanted. Interestingly enough, she the only Puchi Takane doesn't go gaga over.
    • Also one of the few Puchi who can communicate with others through writing and drawings.
  • Yayo, a Puchi with a keen sense. She is able to track things, especially money that she loves to chew, with her sensitive ears. She has a partner with Scrooge McDuck in tracking his lucky dime a couple of times.
  • Piyo Piyo and Chicchan, the more sane members of the Puchi idols tend to manage the finance of the House of Commerce, which is good because of the property damage some of the Puchi can cause.
    • Chicchan tends to scold anybody in the pantheon when they do something wrong or cause a mess. She also can't handle the Producer. She gets too flustered around him.
  • Many of the Puchi tend to hang around Barney the Dinosaurs and have gone on many of his adventures. Barrney enjoys their presence, and accepts them as his friends.
  • Afu, Chihya, Takanya, and Makochii are not allowed to be in the House of Food without supervision for different reasons. For Afu its because she constantly eats all the rice balls, for Chihya it's because she will drink all the milk, for Takanya it's because she will eat everything, and for Makochii its because everybody would try to overfeed her because they think she is cuter the fatter she gets.
  • During the dead of night, many deities have sworn to have visited a Puchi cafe. But when they try and find that place the next night, it's nowhere to be found.
  • Chihaya Kisaragi has a lot of times suggested that every Puchi Idols' name get changed into "Gonzales". That proposal was turned down all the time.

David Bowie, God of Reinvention, frequently visits this house.

Optimus Prime, God of Transforming Mecha, is usually more associated with the houses of Machinery and Technology and Philosophy, but has been known to visit the House of Transformation as well, and is surprisingly skilled in navigating it.