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Nov 1st 2015 at 5:02:59 PM •••

Is there a god/dess of Sinister Geometry yet (would that fall under this pantheon, or should I look elsewhere)? If not, I think Bill Cipher would make a good candidate

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Jun 11th 2014 at 8:45:47 PM •••

I'd like to make a suggestion for a member of the Pantheon: "Franken" Fran Madaraki, Goddess of Malevolent Mutation, Bio-Augmentation, and Body Horror in general. After all, there's no surgeon more skilled at altering biology than Fran.

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Oct 23rd 2013 at 9:43:53 AM •••

I got a good candidate for the Incredible Shrinking Man title in form of Ray Palmer, The Atom. Who's gonna adding him?

Oct 30th 2012 at 6:03:04 PM •••

New troper here.

I've noticed that a lot of Ranma cameos(and fics) let Ranma have skills from other series, this is probably because Ranma1/2 is ridiculously easy to cross with other series. Regardless, the usual trends often involve ranma either learning magic(fukufic senshi or otherwise)or have ranma try to invoke Any Thing You Can Do I Can Do Better in anything involving martial arts with a lot of megacrosses eventually making mention of DBZ unless sufficient Mcguffins either limit his growth in the art or give ranma other interests.

Anyway I'm rambling, basically, I wanted to add the following line:

"Has been seen training under Son Goku, whether this is to avenge defeat, change his portfolio, hide from his fiancées or their mutual love for food and training is unclear." I'd also add martial arts and crafts to his portfolio(if I knew how to add links that is)

Because really, Ranma takes great pride in his martial arts skill, can't stand losing and is not above seeking training from other masters and if he can make friends with Nanoha and Naruto, he'd definitely get along with (when he was still an engaging character) Goku, and his current portfolio seems kind of... flanderized.

Jul 1st 2010 at 8:48:46 PM •••

Luna's portfolio here seems uncomfortably similar to Tzeentch's. Should we replace, make co-deities sharing a title, or what?

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Jul 1st 2010 at 8:58:28 PM •••

Could you show both profiles here in the discussion so we (mostly me, since I can't find Tzeentch's profile. ^^;) decide?

Jul 1st 2010 at 8:58:36 PM •••

What are you talking about? Tzeentch isn't even in the House of Shape, and he's not very connected to the idea of shapeshifting anyway, except in the form of mutations given to others.

Jul 1st 2010 at 9:00:10 PM •••

The problem is, two of her titles are "chaos" and "change" (which, along with "hope" and "manipulation", define Tzeentch), and they're both heavily tied to shifting forms.

Jul 1st 2010 at 9:05:16 PM •••

Hmm. I think that Luna has a very distinct thematic from Tzeentch, but I'm not entirely sure how to put it into words. Maybe it's the fact that she ultimately represents flux and unpredictability to prevent stagnation, rather than for its own sake. Also, shapeshifting for Tzeentch is, at best, ancillary to his main profile, whereas it's a huge part of Luna's identity.

Also, compare their actual portfolios and domains. Do they really seem all that similar?

Edited by ExplodingFrogs
Jul 1st 2010 at 9:11:33 PM •••

...not really, I guess. I'd just reccomend finding other words to describe it, because when I was skimming over everything, I actually thought it was a Tzeentch profile at first based on the titles. Shifting of Forms and Visions, maybe? I think the word "shifting" should probably be used, since it avoids the "chaos" confusion while still getting the meaning of her representation across, and even suggests shapeshifting...

Edited by SchizoTechnician
Jul 1st 2010 at 9:19:34 PM •••

I wrote up her profile and the Unconquered Sun's at the same time, and a lot of elements in each were designed to mirror one another. Try looking over both of them one after the other—say, in the Main House—and you'll see it if I've done it right. That's not to say I'm opposed to rewording her title; I just wanted to explain where I was coming from in giving her this particular title in the first place.

Jul 1st 2010 at 9:26:29 PM •••

Okay, I understand that- I just think you should be using synonyms or something, because as it is phrased currently, it appears to overlap significantly, and as such can be misleading or confusing. It is possible to keep parallelism without using the same words, and while the titles parallel, they aren't exact opposites or closely associated words or anything...

Jul 1st 2010 at 9:31:32 PM •••

Hmmm...Adaptability? Unpredictability? Flux? Illusion? The Wyld? Any other suggestions for alternative wording?

Jul 1st 2010 at 9:39:43 PM •••

Diversity, innovation, metamorphosis, novelty, transition... Entropy, disorder, confusion, mutability... Delusion, phantasm, image, mirage, apparition...

I think flux is a good one, though.

Jul 1st 2010 at 9:53:54 PM •••

"Goddess of Adaptability, Unpredictability, and Voluntary Shapeshifting"
"Flux, Unpredictability, and Voluntary Shapeshifting"
"Diversity, Unpredictability, and Voluntary Shapeshifting"
Hmm...still doesn't sound quite right. Any other ideas?

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