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Yikes! All right! Asami Imai (born May 16, 1977) is a Japanese voice actress hailing from Yamaguchi. She's best known as Chihaya from the Idolmaster games, Tsubaki Yayoi in the BlazBlue games - so much that she gets to sing Continuum Shift II's theme song (as opposed to the usual KOTOKO) - Ayumi Shinozaki from the Corpse Party games and Kurisu Makise from the Steins;Gate series. She also sings most of the Corpse Party openings. Just when you think she couldn't be any more awesome, she's also part of a duo called Artery Vein which also sang a few songs for the Corpse Party games.

Also got the nickname Imagine from Tomokazu Sugita. She also has quite the relationship with fellow Idolmaster VA Chiaki Takahashi.


Let’s sing a song, together with our friends
So that all our prayers will roar out loud
I will promise to myself, that our dreams will all come true
Thank you for love.