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Greater Gods

    Nine the Phantom 
Nine the Phantom, Goddess of Sexy Witches (Konoe A. Mercury, "Nine", The Great Mage Nine, Phantom, Watashi/Me)
  • Greater Goddess, verging towards Overdeity
  • Symbol: Her witch hat and emblem.
  • Theme Music: Walpurgisnacht
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with strong amounts of Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Isn't Fond of Men, Greatest Magic User in Her World, Created the Nox Nyctores, Uses Dark Magical Arts, Master of the Elements, Can Summon Hi-no-Kagutsuchi, Is Incredibly Powerful and Knows It, Nine's Astral Summons a Meteor Shower That Destroys the Battlefield, Enjoys Sweets Like Her Daughter, (Literal) Hot Witch, Isn't All That Bad, Mind Eater, Master in both Magic and Science, Is VERY Protective of Her Younger Sister, Daddy Issues, Go Out with a Smile
  • Domains: Knowledge, Motherhood, Heroism, Science, Magic.
  • Herald: Trinity Glassfille
  • Followers: Circe, Enchantress.
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Relius Clover
  • Enemies: YUUKI TERUMI, Hazama, Zamasu, Medusa Gorgon, Ren Gyokuen, Cinder Fall, Carmine Prime, Raven Branwen, Ragyo Kiryuin, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Opposes: Amaterasu, and all Abusive/Neglectful Parents
  • Respected by: The Houses of Knowledge, Magic, and Science
  • Pities: Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Zeref
  • First daughter of Shuichiro Ayatsuki, older sister of Celica A. Mercury, human wife of Jubei, and mother of Kokonoe (and also adopted aunt of Ragna, Jin and Saya/Noel). Konoe A. Mercury is the ninth member of the Ten Sages and is one of the Legendary Six Heroes. She is without a doubt, one of the strongest magical users to ever ascend into the Pantheon. With having both unrivaled magical power and beauty to match, the Court of Gods had decided to ascend Nine into Pantheon with for these exact qualities.
  • The last thing Nine remembered before ascending was that she willingly allowed herself to die after being struck down by Ragna and used the last of her life/power to aid Ragna against Izanami. With this she's a bit surprised to see not only is she still alive, but that she's now a god.
    • She is however grateful for another chance at life, and has decided to dedicate her time in Pantheon to make amends to the others of her world, and hopefully make reunite with the rest of her family.
  • Ragna was the first to greet her. Happy that she was no longer an enemy, he and Rachel are currently working alongside her to improve her relationship with the other BlazBlue deities.
    • So far things have gone smoothly with the other ascended Six Heroes. Valkenhayn is glad that the two of them are no longer on the opposing sides, and for that he can finally thank her for saving him against Terumi as Phantom. Hakumen is grateful that she is no longer a threat or danger to the world and its Order, and is also silently supportive of her attempt to make amends.
  • Kokonoe didn't want to see her mother for quite some time holding herself up with "new projects" she had been working on until one day, which saw the witch meet with the young professor... to give her a gentle hug while shedding tears of sorrow.
  • As Nine is the creator of Ars Magus she very well respected in the House of Magic Science and and even the House of Knowledge, for being able to understand how both work and for combining them together. She regularly visits the many residents of both to learn more, and to spend some quality time with her daughter.
    • A testament to how how great Nine's magical abilities are, was when Merlin, both male and female came up to her and complimented her abilities and on the creation of the Nox Nyctores. Especially the Corpus Sepulcro: Requiem. A Nox capable or reshaping the entire multiverse
    • While many evil technological gods (and some good ones) will say that science is superior they prefer to avoid conflict with Nine as she created a virus that completely trapped Takamagahara, an omniscient supercomputer that ruled over time and space.
  • Nine would like others to know that there is a reason for why she’s called Nine instead of her actual birth name. One, she doesn't like it. Two, when becoming a member of the Ten Sages they are no longer who they were and are now one of the ten Sages.
  • Naturally, she and Terumi completely despise one another. Terumi hates her for using him against his will like a puppet during the Dark War. Nine in turn hates him for manipulating her best friend's (Trinity) love for Kazuma, to set him free only to then kill her, banish Nine into the Boundary, later do the same with Hakumen (even if he got dragged in with him), and ultimately force her husband Jubei to abandon their only daughter Kokonoe. And then also killed her sister after escaping the Boundary, and later used HER as his own personal puppet. Not to mention either directly or indirectly cause every ounce of pain and misery in her world.
  • When questioned why she would willingly work with Relius Clover, she replied that she knew how he thinks. Because Relius was the leader of the Ten Sages she knew that if it can interest him, he'll willingly aid you no problem. This doesn't mean, however, that she enjoys working with him. In fact, she actually hates him. Not only in his involvement for everything wrong in her home world, but also for being a despicable father.
    • It's actually because of her hatred for abusive parents that lead her to becoming enemies with Medusa, Ren Gyokuen, Ghetsis and Ragyo.
  • Madoka and her fellow magical girls weren't sure how to feel about the phantom. While they sympathized with her backstory, the girls understandably were hesitant to consider her not as an enemy, let alone something they could trust all except for one of them. That being Homura Akemi, the girl was more interesting to hear about her goals of remaking the world to where both her family and everyone else could be happy. She wonders if there is potential in working with Nine.
    • Nine on her part, pities Homura and her former friends. Wishing for the best of them, and that everything will work out in the end.
  • Besides the other Magical Girls, Nine also pities Zerf. For his curse of immortality and everyone he ever cared for dying around him. Nine admits that she probably would have ended up the same if something happened to Celica, and she almost did.
  • Nine has a great amount of respect for both the likes of Bayonetta, and Edward Elric. Bayonetta for being a powerful witch who can take down waves after waves of enemies, and make it look easy and beautiful. Edward for being a protective older brother, willing to go to hell and back for his younger brother Alphonse. As well as being a powerful and knowledgeable alchemist.
    • The meeting between them was an interesting one, Nine was simply traveling by he lonesome before she was attacked by a group of Angels from Paradiso, she fended them off easily but was assisted by Bayonetta herself. After the fight they became more acquainted with one another and became allies. This new friendship later made her acquainted with Jeanne, Rodin and Father Balder.
    • Her meeting with Edward was... also interesting. Ed had heard on how she created the Nox Nyctores and wanted to give her a piece of his mind. But deciding to know more about what she could have done instead, he went to The Truth for answers. He was not prepared for what he was about to learn. There was no other way. The literal possibility didn't exist. There was no other reality where the Beast could have been defeated in a different manner. The sacrifice had to be made. When he confronted Nine about the subject, he apologized and for his mistake and for not fully understanding the situation. Nine said that it wasn't a problem, and asked if it would make him feel better that she was initially going to release the souls used after the war, but was stopped due to Terumi's betrayal. It did.
      • Although she'd never admit it. Nine is secretly jealous of how both Bayonetta and Edward were able to patch things up with their respective fathers. She initially ''tried' to work things out with hers. But in the end it only got worse than before. To this day she still hates him for building a weapon with the design of using her sister Celica as a living sacrifice.
  • By chance meeting, Nine had encountered Ochaco Uraraka, a young hero in training, with the power over gravity. After a quick conversation they soon took a liking to each other. Being a Gravity Master herself, Nine offered her help in improving her abilities and becoming a better hero. Their friendship grew after Nine learned that Ochaco plans to aid her family's financial problems by becoming a hero. This reminded Nine somewhat if her becoming one of the Six Heroes to insure that her younger sister Celica wouldn't have to perform what would have been a Senseless Sacrifice to momentarily stop the Black Beast.
  • Has recently been Clashed Fates with various other gods. This has led her to be introduced to team RWBY (and by extension team JNPR) and various members of both SEES and the Investigation Team.
    • She quickly became friends with the young Hunters and Huntresses. Ruby being fascinated with the weapons she created. Nine playfully calls Weiss 'princess', but Weiss corrects her as 'heiress'. Nine and Yang get along with one another, after realizing that they're very similar, ironically Yang is more calm and less overprotective over her younger sister. Nine likes Blake for being calm, collective and some theorize that it also because she's a cat. No word on what they think of that as of yet.
      • Her friendship with team RWBY lead to Cinder becoming an enemy. Nine on her part doesn't think much of her, or her "power".
    • In regards to the Persona users, Nine has grown fawn of Aigis, Labrys, and Yukiko specifically. Believing that her daughter would enjoy meeting them. The two sisters also expressed enjoyment in meeting her, not knowing that they already knew her as Kokonoe. She also sees great potential in Yukiko becoming a witch, Nine is even considering making her an apprentice.
    • It was there when Nine had met Carmine. While they didn't start too badly, they ultimately found themselves becoming enemies. At the end of their tag team, Nine soon realized that he was completely insane, an absolute ass and more importantly, he called her old
  • Upon hearing how Jubei and Nine managed to give life to Kokonoe, the reactions were mixed from shock to joy, and some even wanted to see how these two could even have sex with each other.
  • Still very much missing the rest of her family, Nine set out to find a way to bring them in to Pantheon. Hoping that dog this, they can finally live the happy peaceful life that they were denied.
    • Nine was successful in ascending her younger sister Celica for having No Sense of Direction. The reuinion was heartfelt, and now she only needs to find a spot for her husband, Jubei.
  • Can also be found in Witches & Wizards.
  • "What a shame, seems I've overestimated you."

Sanguinius, God of Angelic Beauty (Primarch of the Blood Angels, The Angel, The Pure One, The Fabulous Fucking Hawkboy)
Click here  Sanguinor
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Sanguinary Guard Death Mask
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with Neutral Good leanings (his chapter turns into a dangerous brand of Chaotic Neutral under the effects of Black Rage)
  • Portfolio: Angelic Beauty, Gentle Giant, Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, Lightning Bruiser, Heroic Sacrifice
  • Domains: Law, Good, Strength, War, Protection
  • Superior: The Emperor of Mankind
  • Allies: Leman Russ, Vulkan, Sergant Cyrus, Seraph Lamington, Father Balder, Tyrael, Manwë Sulimo, Flonne, Artina, Valvatorez, Karin Kanzuki, Rachel Alucard, Adrian Tepes, Colette Brunel, Sparda
  • Enemies: All four Chaos Gods, Abaddon the Despoiler, The C'Tan, Mork and Gork, Dracula, Lucifer
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Alexander Anderson
  • Widely believed that if Horus is Satan to the Emperor's God then Sanguinius is Jesus.
    • Sanguinius died for your sins... just like Optimus Prime does on a daily basis.
  • In the 41st millennium, an Imperium wide celebration called Sanguinala is held by Humanity to honor his sacrifice.
  • To elaborate, Sanguinius is one of the twenty clone sons of the Emperor of Mankind created to serve as the template for the Emperor's Space Marine legions. In particular, Sanguinius is the Primarch of the Blood Angels, whose title is exactly as it suggests. The divine image of gold and white, the threatening image of red and black, and the inward or outward presence of wings, are all common themes in the Blood Angels' armors, and their insignia is of a tear of blood in between six angel wings. Sanguinius for the most part embraces the gold and white side of things.
    • Despite inheriting the absolute nobility of their Primarch, the Blood Angels also have a cursed property. Due to a flaw in their gene-seed, in the carnage of close combat, they will seek blood, rendering them susceptible to a state called the Black Rage in which their senses are overwhelmed by bloodlust. During the rebellion of the Primarch Horus, known in short as the Horus Heresy, the treacherous Sons of Horus hoped to use the Black Rage to provoke Sanguinius' clan into coming at odds with the Emperor. Not only did Sanguinius refuse this, he stood steadfast at the side of the Emperor as a key force in the closing chapters of the war and even directly engaged Horus with the hope of redeeming him, only to be killed by his brother in battle.
  • Though Sanguinius is very much active in the eternal war against Chaos and all enemies of Mankind within the Pantheon, the cruel reality is that his avatar upon the mortal realm is deceased after his great sacrifice. For a long time it was believed that the Angel had no means of influencing the mortal plain (much to the great satisfaction of Chaos), then rumor began to spread across the Pantheon of the Sanguinor.
    • A strange and mysterious entity began to take action across the galaxy, appearing as an glorious figure clad in golden armor and possessing of angelic wings, the Sanguinor came to the assistance of the Blood Angels during their darkest hours such as the Khartas Incident. The Exemplar of the Host mysteriously materialized and defeated the daemons of Khorne assailing the Sons of Sanguinius, including the infamous Bloodthirster, Ka'Bandha before vanishing just as mysteriously.
      • Little is known about the Sanguinor but many Gods theorize that it is the manifested embodiment of Sanguinius's nobility come to defend the Blood Angels and in extension Mankind, from the forces of Chaos and any other that dare threaten them
  • Asura is forbidden from getting within 500 feet of anyone from the Blood Angels chapter unless Sanguinius is present. This has less to do with actual bad intent as it has to do with him having the effect of provoking the Black Rage. Even one of them losing it has the potential to kill lots of innocent people.
  • Dracula has been trying to provoke the Black Rage in his chapter. He responded by breaking Dracula in half. It took weeks for Drac to recover from that.
  • Some members of the House of Theater has tried to pass through the strange idea of making an "improved verision" of Twilight, taking place in the Grimdarknes of the Future, with Sanguinius, a Sister of Battle and Leman Russ casting as the better versions of Edward, Bella and Jacob. Problem is that nobody wants to bring up the idea for the potential stars in case they deem it heretical.
  • Despite possessing great love for all of his children (even if he is greatly bothered by their flaws), The Emperor loves Sanguinius far more than all of the others due to his heroic sacrifice during the Horus Heresy. To this day, The Emperor has forbidden any ill words to be made against the Pure One.
  • Upon the orders of the Emperor, Much like Vulkan and Leman Russ, he personally will take part in the "Deep Strike" front while deploying the entire Blood Angels chapter of Adeptus Astartes to Madoka's defense in "The Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • Hearing that his housemate Satan's former collaborator, the Lumen Sage called Balder, has been freed of a corrupting influence and turned to good, Sanguinius anticipated that Balder would eventually come to the Hall of Angels and end up in a battle with Satan. Assembling Tyrael and Manwë Sulimo, Sanguinius intervened in this battle, and the three good angels conversed with Balder to find out more about his story and the world he comes from. Inspired by Balder's selfless sacrifice and staunch belief in humanity's greatness, Sanguinius told his tale to the Emperor, who responded by calling in a successful case to the Court of the Gods resulting in Balder's wife Rosa being brought in as his Herald. Balder has sworn Undying Loyalty to both Sanguinius and the Emperor as his thanks.
  • Sanguinius and company also welcomed the demonic swordsman Sparda to the Pantheon with open arms, having already been made well aware of the Legendary Dark Knight. As Sanguinius informced Sparda when they met, the Emperor spoke of Sparda with the highest respect when he told the Primarch of Sparda's tale.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Otherness.

Intermediate Gods

Aloy, Goddess of Indifferent Beauties (No. LK-1A1-4510)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Focus Device
  • Leitmotif: Aloy's Theme
  • Alignment: Teeters Between Chaotic Good and Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: An Outcast Of Her Tribe, Amateur Sleuth Badass Adorable, Barbarian Longhair, The Chosen One Who Is Actually A Clone Of Dr. Elisabet Sobeck, Combat Pragmatist, Deadpan Snarker, Determinator, The Guys And Gals Want Her, Messianic Archetype, Rebellious Spirit, Red Headed Heroine, Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!, The Snark Knight, Wise Beyond Their Years
  • Domains: Hunting, Clones, Lost Era/Post-Apocalypse, 31st Century, Nomads
  • Commonality Connection: with Cassie Cage, Tiny Tina, Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, and Chun-Li (no one saw that coming)
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalries Include: Link, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  • Admirers Include: Lexa, Oberyn Martell, Jack Harkness, Master Roshi, Mad Moxxi, Hisoka, Charlie Harper, Johnny Bravo, Johnny Sfondi, Kagura Mutsuki and Zapp Brannigan
  • On Bad Terms With: Arthur Maxson, Tabane Shinonono
  • Pities: Hanzo Shimada
  • Enemies: ARIA, SKYNET, The Enclave, The Think Tank, Handsome Jack, Agent Smith, Sektor, The Illusive Man, Deviljho.
  • Worthy Opponent: Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah
  • The newest of temples is a strange one; a massive forested sancturary the size of Yellowstone Park, with a lodge overlooking the area, complete with plenty of wild game. Oh, and there's the weird-looking machines that roam the place, animal-shaped robots that look peaceful, but just as deadly. And there's the goddess in question: a redheaded woman, armed with a spear and a bow, riding on what appears to be a mechanical horse. Due in part to thwarting what would've been the second extinction, Aloy has ascended to the Pantheon.
  • In the year 2066, the world we knew ended. Mankind, animals, plants, everything. It wasn't global nuclear war, or the dead walking the earth. The planet-wrecking aliens are also in the clear. No, one man and his hubris brought about the end of the world - Theodor 'Ted' Faro, head of Faro Automated Solutions. At this point, Murphy's Law came down upon him with a vengeance when a batch of his hacker-proof, self-replicating, organic-consuming Chariot automatons went haywire and started attacking its masters. Within fifteen months, what would be known as the Faro Plague would wipe out all life on the planet. Good work in kick-starting the apocalypse, Ted.
  • As her title states, she is beautiful and knows it. It's just that she has no time to woo (or be wooed) by either the same or opposite sex, due to her saving her world from a second and permanent extinction. And just being around Hisoka, Johnny and Brannigan makes Aloy's skin crawl to the point she want to unleash the Chariots on those three idiots. Johnny Sfondi and Lexa are among several who respects her wishes, Lexa stating that if she "wasn't involved with Clarke, then I'd jump her bones."
  • While they both consider themselves to be mad scientists, Lisesharte Atismata and Dexter were utterly horrified upon hearing from Aloy and seeing the records life behind detailing the Faro Plague and the extinction of all life on Earth. Both swore a promise on their honor as scientists not to make the same mistakes that Ted Faro had done. Tabane Shinonono, on the other hand, believes that Faro didn't do enough to make his machines more lethal, thus showing a lack of humanity, which puts her into the same category as Arthur Maxson.
  • Several of the robo-animals had wondered in the vicinity of Kratos' temple, where they attacked the Spartan and his son. The finesse to match Kratos' brute strength, Aloy and Kratos - with Atreus giving the assist with his Shock Arrows - worked together to restrain the robo-animals. Wholly impressed with Atreus' archery and tracking skills, Aloy occasionally gives the boy pointers on archery and tracking, with Kratos looking on in approval. If, Atreus likes her, then for Kratos, it's enough.
  • Both Logan and Laura Kinney are frequent visitors to Aloy's temple/refuge. Logan likes it for the relative peace it brings. Laura likes to hone her hunting skills. And Logan teaches Aloy survival tricks that Rost didn't show her.
    • The bad news is that Cheetah now sees Aloy as prey. But Aloy has the homefield advantage, and sees Cheetah as a high-value target. Sometimes, Cheetah gets the drop on Aloy, while Aloy outsmarts Cheetah. There is a mutual respect between the two, which is why neither won't try and kill the other, a feat which shocks even Cheetah's longtime nemesis, Wonder Woman. It's because that both Aloy and Cheetah like the chase.
    • As Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt (along with her title of Goddess of the Sacred Bow), she visits Aloy's temple to go on the hunt. Natural game? Easy enough. The mechanical beasts? Artemis loves a challenge. Through their love of the hunt, a friendship is born...although Artemis is a tad bit peeved with Aloy being somewhat friends with Kratos. Whenever Artemis comes calling, all male suitors and admirers stay away from Aloy's home. After hearing what she had done to Actaeon when he spied her bathing, discretion is the better part of valor.
  • That little triangle-shaped piece on her right ear? That's no accessory. It's called a Focus, an augmented reality device which serves as a neural interface. It's what also led Aloy to the House of Technology (being recognized as her genetic template, much to her annoyance), where she met Tony Stark and Miranda Lawson, as she was visiting the House when Aloy appeared, the Focus making the House of Technology believing Aloy to being her genetic template. Tony was helpful in getting Aloy to learn about mankind's past before the Faro Plague, while Miranda is sympathetic to Aloy being a clone, like her and Oriana. Upon learning of the events that lead to the Faro Plague wiping out the planet, Tony was glad that he didn't make Ultron the way Faro creates the Chariot automatons.
  • Contrary to public opinion, Ted Faro thought he had purged the APOLLO AI of all its records on human civilization. However, Dr. Sobrek saw this coming and was able to create a backup for the files, meaning that Aloy is the keeper of Old World knowledge that spans over 150,000 years. And that doesn't sit very well with the defied Brotherhood elder, Arthur Maxson, who seeks the knowledge that Aloy protects, be it by peaceful means or by force. It's one of the reasons why Maxson is banned from Aloy's temple/refuge. But Mason vows not to let that stop him from getting his hands on that lost tech.
    • This also puts Aloy on the GUAE's radar as well, as they seek to exploit the ancient machines that made up the Faro Plague. Did they forget that not only were the machines were not only hacker-proof, but also it took the MINERVA AI Subroutine 60 years to force-crack the robots in order to put them down? Some of the more rational members opt not to reactivate the Chariots.
    • It's also the main reason why SKYNET doesn't try to take over the Chariots. While it admires the Chariots for wiping out mankind, the last thing it wants is for the Faro Plague to hijack it's programming.
  • The Ascended Kombatants who has past and current affiliations with Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade comment that Aloy sounds a lot like their daughter, Cassandra Cage. The defied Vault Hunters disagree, as they claim Aloy sounds like Tiny Tina. For the fighters and heros that endured the Convergence Event, they say Aloy reminds them of Chun-Li. However, Carol Danvers disagrees, as she claims that Aloy sounds like Kamala Khan.
  • As she didn't have any parents, Aloy grew up as an Outcast, which is basically her tribe's equivalent of being a bastard child. Jon Snow can relate to that, as he thought that he himself was one...up until he found out that he wasn't one as a means to protect him from his father's enemies.
  • Traveled to the Mushroom Kingdom, where she met Mario (who, thankfully, isn't rescuing Princess Peach for the umpteenth time), and marveled at its prosperity and beauty (giant turtles and killer plants and fish notwithstanding).
  • Occasionally spends time in Astera, and can be seen going on hunts with the locals, using her trusty bow. She has particularly taken to hunting a particularly viscious creature called the Deviljho, even going so far as to hunt two particularly violent Deviljhos simultaneously, a feat of bravery that left even the local Hunters in admiration.
  • At one point, Aloy ran into Geralt of Rivia in the Pantheon. Strangely, despite this being their first face-to-face meeting together, they seemed to greet each other as old friends. As it turns out, Geralt had heard tales of the machine hunters' exploits, and held a deal of respect towards Aloy. The two now occasionally go on hunts together, either in the Pantheon or Astera, depending on which one has the better quarry.
  • Where the trail leads, I will go.

Angelo, Templar of Beautiful Males (The Tasty Templar, The Current Abbot of Maella Abbey)

    Boa Hancock 
Boa Hancock, Goddess of Screwing Rules Through Beauty (Pirate Empress, Queen of the Amazon Lily, Pirate Warlord Hancock)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Kuja Pirates flag
  • Leitmotif: Boa's theme.
  • Image Song: Hannari Fall in Love.
  • Alignment: True Neutral by default, Chaotic Good when around Luffy
  • Portfolio: Being Hot and Knowing It, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Sexy Like a Snake, Being a Bitch With a Pitiful Childhood, Lady of War, Having Legs and Knowing How to Use Em', 6'3" Tall, Fighting Dancer, Badass Queen, Not Trusting Men Except for Luffy Who She is Madly In Love With
  • Domains: Piracy, Feminism, Beauty
  • High Priestess: Kyogoku Maria
  • Allies: Monkey D. Luffy, Esdeath, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Homura Akemi, Medea, Squigly, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Isabela of Rivain
  • On good terms with: Jinbei
  • Rival: Chun-Li
  • Friendly Rival to: Cleopatra VII
  • Unknown Rival to: Nico Robin, Nami
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Fleet Admiral Sakazuki (f.k.a Admiral Akainu), Sir Crocodile while Croc sees her as an enemy.
  • Enemies: Donquixote Doflamingo, Blackbeard (especially as Marshall D. Teach),Eneru, Prime Minister Honest, Wild Hunt, everyone else who would dare to harm Luffy, Risky Boots, slavers.
  • Respected by: Aphrodite
  • Supported by: Oberyn Martell
  • Pities: Bloody Marie, Painwheel, Sakura Matou, Peacock, The Vortigaunts, The Prinnies
  • Heralds: Her sisters, Sandersonia and Marigold
  • Followers: The Kuja warriors
  • How did Boa Hancock ascend to the Pantheon? She felt like walking through the gates one day, and everyone was too enchanted by her beauty to stop her.
  • Luffy, who was ecstatic to see Hancock again, welcomed her with one his hugs. The woman in question practically squealed in delight as she received affections from her object of affections. Meanwhile, half of the Pantheon are wondering how Luffy was able to land such a hot babe.
  • She prefers to bath alone, meaning that she won't even allow other women in her presence when she's nude. This is due to marking brained on her back, identifying her as a former slave. Usually she'd turn those who saw it into stone, but has since refrained from doing that... maybe.
    • It's also because of her past that she finds sympathy for those who were former slaves themselves, such as Marie, Painwheel, Peacock and Sakura, and those who were victimized by said slavers, like Squigly. She's more then willing to help make the Medici family pay for what they did, though she is keeping a critical eye on Marie stating that if the Skullgirl goes too far she will have to "put her foot down". She doesn't like how Marie views Filia as an enemy, despite the latter being nowhere near as cruel as the Medici's, either.
  • While she doesn't seem to have any opinion on the other men of the Straw Hat Crew, she does make a personal notice on Nami and Robin, viewing them as her rivals for Luffy. The moment she ran into them, she did her "looking down on you so much that it gets reversed and she starts looking up" stance and declares that she will never lose to them. Then she walked away, leaving both women utterly confused at what just happened.
  • Standing at 6'3", the same height as Samus Aran, this makes her one of the tallest human deities in the Pantheon only adding to her beauty and fear among the other deities.
  • It turned out Aphrodite was sympathetic towards Hancock as she wasn't able to consummate her Single-Target Sexuality with Luffy because he's asexual. Overall, they'd be good friends. But Aphrodite takes issue with the pirate claiming to be the most beautiful woman, however, she doesn't force this claim, lest she incurs Hancock's wrath.
    • Much in the same way Cleopatra butts heads with Hancock over beauty finding her obsession with Luffy rather strange, but she understands why her heart sways this way for the Strawhat Pirates' leader.
  • Usagi was surprised when Hancock had paid her a visit since ordinarily she would be giving off warnings to any female deities about staying away from Luffy. Instead, she was interested in learning about her relationship with Tuxedo Mask as she hoped one day like with Sailor Moon she would become Luffy's bride.
  • As one of the most beautiful pirates in the world, she knows that all kinds of people are fond of her but some were actually attracted to her, such as Isabela of Rivain and the Prince of Dorne, Oberyn Martell. While flattered by these two admitting how much they found her breathtaking, the female warlord was more hostile to Oberyn due to his gender and not wanting to break Luffy's heart by getting seen with another man.
  • Despite hating both Honest and Wild Hunt for their treatment of women and slaves, she genuinely respects General Esdeath and supports her love of Tatsumi. In a way, Hancock could understand the pain of loving someone who is fighting on the opposite side of a war and why Esdeath feels so conflicted on him.
  • Hancock was happily invited to the Straw Hat's latest party with the ascension of their newest crewmate, none other than her fellow former warlord Jinbei. The two greeted each other amicably.
  • Hancock has been tightening her defenses with the revelation that the Marines have disbanded the Shichibukai program and thus her and the other Warlords are now pursued by the Marines.
  • "Whether I kick a kitten... Tear off your ears... Even slaughter innocent people... The world will never cease to forgive my actions! Why, you ask? Why, it is because I am beautiful!"

Cattleya, Goddess of Large Yet Attractive Females (The Weaponsmith, Weapons Merchant, The Giant Killer)
Click here to see her appearance in Unlimited 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her sword, the "Giant Killer"
  • Portfolio: BBW, Action Mom, Strong Amazonian Beauty, Breakout Character, Fights alongside her son Rana (who she uses as a human shield), Gag Boobs, Gainaxing, Gargantuan Blades, Gentle Giant, Large Breasts and Massive Strength, Muscles Are Meaningful, Reluctant Warrior, Stout Strength, Wears a purple apron-like dress
  • Domains: Family, Swords
  • Herald: Rana (her son)
  • Followers: Emerald
  • Allies: Leina Vance, Sona Buvelle, Litchi Faye-Ling, Seras Victoria, Mami Tomoe, Tsunade, Aphrodite, Yomi, Sophitia Alexandra, Terra Branford, Wander, Eren Yeager, Dovahkiin, Conan the Barbarian, Diane, Dyntos, Rodin, Vulcan, Ethan and Mia Winters, James Sunderland, Guts, Cloud Strife, Jack Rakan
  • Enemies: The Colossi, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Opposed by: The League of Flat Chests (particularly Etna)
  • Complicated Relationship with: Santa Claus
  • Cattleya was a famous and resourceful adventurer whose skills as a swordswoman resulted in her killing many giants with her massive sword. This earned her the nickname "Giant Killer", a name she shared with her sword. She eventually married fellow adventurer Owen, the "Dragon Slayer", and settled down to manage the "Cattleya Weapons Shop". However, one day, Owen disappeared, leaving Cattleya alone to raise their son, Rana. Later on, Cattleya participated in the Queen's Blade tournament believing she would find clues to her missing husband's whereabouts.
  • After ascending into the pantheon, Cattleya requested that her son Rana join her, as she didn't want to leave him all alone. Her request was granted and Rana was allowed to enter the pantheon as her herald, to the joy of both of them. Cattleya was also pleasantly surprised to run into Leina Vance in the pantheon and the two spent the day catching up.
  • Cattleya quickly gained the reputation of possessing the largest breasts in the Pantheon, surpassing even Power Girl. As a result, she was invited to join the Poly Racks by Sona Buvelle. Although interested, Cattleya decided to withhold from formally joining the group for the time being. Nonetheless, she is on good terms with all of the group's members.
  • Whenever Hattori Hanzo and the other blacksmiths of the Pantheon are busy or when Edward Elric is unavailable or when Archer is not busy replicating weapons for their team, most of the gods visit Cattleya in order to get repairs for their weapons. Her most frequent customers are those who wield giant blades, such as Cloud, Guts and Jack Rakan.
  • She is regarding as one of the few female expies of Guts, though she is generally more cheerful than most of them. She quickly ended up befriending Yomi, who is similarly often compared to Guts, when the latter visited Cattleya's shop (located within Cattleya's temple) in order have her sword looked at. Cattleya was amazed at how Yomi's giant blade had an in-built chainsaw inside it, which resulted in the two striking up a conversation about it and becoming friends.
  • She is on good terms with fellow Action Moms Sophitia Alexandra and Terra Branford, who approve of her strong commitment towards raising her son. However, they're not quite comfortable with how she used him as a human shield during the Queen's Blade tournament in order to allow him to stay by her side. She also quickly became enemies with the Child Abuse Supporters, as she's appalled by what they each did to their family members and what they endorse.
  • Her reputation as the Giant Killer resulted in her getting along with Wander and Eren Yaeger, both of who were amazed by her immense strength. However, she disapproves of Eren's willingless to commit evil deeds to accomplish his goals, and the two have occasionally argued with each other on the matter. When she heard that there was a God of Dragonslaying, she sought him out hoping that he was her husband. However, it turned out to be the Dovahkiin instead. Although disappointed, she ended up befriending him regardless, and the two have since occasionally teamed up. Unsurprisingly, she has often been called upon to help fight against the Colossi.
  • Due to the fact that Conan the Barbarian shares many similarities to her mortal husband, things tend to become awkward between the two whenever they meet. Some gods even speculate that her husband is an alternate version of Conan. This theory makes her rather uncomfortable since Conan looks like what her husband would have been if he took a trip in Warhammer-land.
  • Despite her history, Cattleya doesn't have any ill will towards friendly giants. She quickly became friends with Diane and was especially enthusiastic about being able to examine Diane's War Hammer Gideon.
  • Being a blacksmith, she visited the House of Workmanship and was amazed by the weapons forged by Dyntos, Rodin and Vulcan. To their delight, rather than becoming jealous, she instead complimented each of them and asked for advice on how to improve her own craft, which they gave due to appreciating her politeness.
  • Having gone on a quest to find her missing husband, she managed to become friends with Ethan Winters and James Sunderland, both of who went on similar quests to find their missing wives. However, while Cattleya is happy that Ethan and Mia gained the happy ending they deserved, she also sympathises with James, whose quest was unsuccessful because his situation is much more complicated.
  • When Cattleya learned that Bertolt Hoover and Annie Leonhart are Titans who hate humans, she quickly came to oppose them, although she admitted that she does at least somewhat sympathise with them due to their situation.
  • She once had a rather nasty encounter with Etna due to their... differences in chest size. It started when Cattleya kindly offered to repair the Demon Lord's spear after witnessing that it was worn down, thus making herself known as a fellow goddess. Long story short, it ended with Cattleya's forge burning down to the ground and Cattleya ending up on Etna's death list for reasons she still have no idea about. It took a wile before it was up and running again.
  • Her interactions with Santa Claus tend to be a little awkward due to an incident in which she mistook him for a burglar and beat him up. Santa was quick to forgive her, remarking that she was simply looking out for the safety of her son. Although he still brings them presents on Christmas, he has since developed a preference for knocking on their door instead of entering through the chimney in order to avoid a repeat of the incident.

    Diarmuid Ua Duibhne 
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, God of Cursed Beauty (Diarmid O'Dyna, First Spear of the Knights of Fianna, Diarmuid of the Love Spot, Hawk of Ess Ruadh, Lancer, Saber)
Saber version 

    Lisa Lisa 
Lisa Lisa, Goddess of Sexy Mentors (Elizabeth Joestar, née Straizo)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her scarf
  • Theme Music: LISA LISA and her Eyes of Heaven theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Lady of War, Scarf of Asskicking, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Sink-or-Swim Mentor, Nerves of Steel, Cool Shades, Joseph, I am Your Mother
  • Domains: Mentors, Attractiveness, Scarves, Parents
  • Followers: Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Dimitri Belikov, Asako Kusakabe
  • Allies: Joseph Joestar, Caesar A. Zeppeli, Strider Hiryu, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Rudolph von Stroheim, Motoko Kusanagi, Faye Valentine, Rose, Mikasa Ackerman, Kat, the Showa-era Kamen Riders, Weiss Winterprison, Yoruichi Shihouin.
  • Odd Friendship: Bayonetta
  • Enemies: Kars, Esidisi, Whamuu, evil undead deities
  • A woman of beautiful looks and a calm demeanor, Lisa Lisa provided a bit of unorthodox help for Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli in their journey to defeat the Piller Men. She also had a bit of complicated history with Joeseph in that she is his mother. Lisa Lisa had to abandon her child initially because she became a national fugitive after killing a zombie that killed her husband.
  • Lisa Lisa was in for a few surprises after she found her way to the Pantheon. Firstly, she found out that Joseph not only looked like what she had expected, but she was told that he was able to kick ass on a later adventure without her. More prominently, she heard that Caesar Zeppeli was still alive and that the Piller Men were still at large. Whatever may happen around this place, Lisa Lisa is willing to aid Joseph and Caesar in stopping any threats that they may come across.
  • Her scarf is a prominent weapon of hers and utilizes it that way via her Ripple powers. Other scarf-wearers such as Strider Hiryu and Mikasa Ackerman are notably impressed by that feat. It remains to be seen if Lisa Lisa can utlize her Ripple power with other scarves that don't belong to her, such as those that belong to the Showa-era Kamen Riders (since those aforementioned scarves only appear in Rider form and not in regular form; though Kotaro Minami doesn't have a scarf in general).
  • Given that they are Action Girls and sound a bit similar to each other, Lisa Lisa is on good terms with both Motoko Kusanagi and Bayonetta. A similar, though slightly different, case can also be applied to Faye Valentine.
  • The good-aligned members of the House of Family were a bit concerned at her abandoning her child when the latter was at such a young age. They were calmed down a bit after she told them the circumstances behind it. She doesn't like those who treat their child badly, or worse, abandoning said children without providing a legitimate reason for it, in any case.
  • Caesar Zeppeli, a noted womanizer, has a good amount of respect for her and hasn't actively pursued a romantic relationship with her. Some other womanizers simply found her to look attractive regardless of her skills and have tried to hit on her. She has ignored these attempts for the time being.
  • She got a bit annoyed after she found out that Joseph was spying on her whilst she was taking a bath. To be fair, he wasn't aware of the truth about Lisa Lisa at that point in time; there's also the fact that a fight between her and someone else happened during Joseph's peeping session. Ripple powers do an effective job at slowing down aging.
  • Due to a zombie attacking her husband and putting her at risk, Lisa Lisa has a noticeable dislike towards the malicious undead deities, including those who can create undead. Even for someone like her, she has a feeling that taking down select undead such as the Nemesis T-Type will more difficult compared to that one zombie.
  • Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey once mistook Lisa Lisa for Mia Fey. In fairness, Mia did share quite a bit in common with Lisa Lisa, right down to looks and a scarf.
  • It turns out she has quite the connection to the Joestar clan. It turns out that she was the infant that Jonathan Joestar, her father-in-law, told his wife to save. Lisa-Lisa was pleasantly surprised by this turn of evetns and made her appreciate her connection to the Joestar clan more.

    Medusa (Fate/stay night
Medusa, Goddess of Gorgeous Gorgons (Rider, The Gorgon, Bewitching Black Serpent, Lancer, Ana, Medousiana, Goddess of the Shapeless Isle, Avenger, Monster of the Shapeless Isle)
As a Lancer 
As Gorgon 
Gorgon Monster 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her head with snake hairs, Bellerophon, her Pegasus
  • Theme Song: Instant Vortex by Yuu Asakawa
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good normally, Neutral Good as a Lancer and Chaotic Evil as The Gorgon
  • Portfolio: Sexy Gorgon, Dark Is Not Evil, Mystic Eyes of Petrification, Boobs of Steel, Screwed Up Past And Present, Very Very Long Hairs, Cool Pegasus, Tall Beauty which she's insecure about, Likes Shirou and Sakura because of their kindness, Dressed Like a Dominatrix, Lightning Bruiser, The Quiet One
  • Domains: Loyalty, War, Otherness, Blood, Snakes
  • Heralds: Stheno & Euryale (her sisters, whether she likes it or not) and her separate Servant incarnations (Lancer and Gorgon)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Medea Kuzuki/Caster, Perseus
  • Enemies:
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Artoria Pendragon/Saber
  • Opposes: Kratos, B.B., Wiz & Boomstick
  • Opposed by: Simon Belmont (though he's really more just very annoyed with her), Percy Jackson, the Mane Six, Pegasus
  • Rocky Relationship: the other Medusa
  • Odd Friendship: Seaport Princess
  • Much like her mythological counterpart, the gorgon Medusa of the Nasuverse started out as an earth goddess along with her sisters Stheno and Euryale and they were conceived to be the Greek's ideal goddesses at the time. They were so beautiful that the jealous Athena transform them into monsters, forcing them to seclude themselves in the Shapeless Isle. There, Medusa was often mistreated by her sisters due to her being born differently than them which causes her to age normally unlike them who remain with child-like appearances, but Medusa didn't mind as she only cared about driving away humans. It's gotten to the point that she enjoyed doing so by drinking their blood rather than petrifying them which scares her sisters and made herself slowly monstrous-looking, eventually becoming the monstrous Gorgon who began seeing her sisters as a nuisance to her hunger. When they realize they have made her a monster, Stheno and Euryale sacrificed themselves as a form of atonement for their part in her downfall and acknowledging that the Medusa they knew was long gone. Alas, the Gorgon met her end in the hands of the hero Perseus when he used a mirror to deflect her petrifying eyes; a role so notable that the Throne of Heroes see worthy of ascension.
    • Later on, Medusa was summoned by Sakura Matou and her family for the Fifth Holy Grail War as a Rider Servant since she was very compatible to her by similar personalities and others' perceptions of them. As she has other things to do, Sakura gave the Book of False Attendant to her brother Shinji which allows him to participate in the Grail War. Her fate varies in each timeline; one has her dead by Saber's Excalibur beam, one has her swiftly killed by Caster & Kuzuki and one has her alive enough to help Shirou save Sakura. In all of them, Shinji proves to be a terrible Master and Rider hates him for that.
  • After the events against Avenger, Medusa was ascended to the Trope Pantheons during its early days under the title of Goddess of Gorgeous Gorgons due to being a sexy interpretation of the usually monstrous gorgons. She was a little embarrassed by taking it up seeing that she refuses to see herself as beautiful, but she'll take what she can get as the real reason why she stayed was there to greet her.
  • That very reason is Sakura Matou, joined by Shirou Emiya when they both were there to greet her in and all three realized that Rider ascended at the same time as her. And of course Rider is ever grateful to Shirou for taking care of her as usual and together, the two vow to always defend Sakura whenever she needs their help and console her in times of duress; she still denies claims of giving Shirou erotic dreams about her and Sakura as she's very private about it with some thinking Rider herself likes Shirou romantically, something she also vehemently denies. And of course, Rider had to restrain herself when she and Saber locked each other's gazes as their previous encounters were very hostile; even in low-stakes situations, their arguments can become violent enough to restart Heaven's Feel though they can hold them off to defend the same people they both protect together.
    • Joining her as Heralds are Medusa's sisters Stheno and Euryale who still belittle her like before though a few noticed it has since died down; their relationship still warrant a lot of criticism from the sub-House of Siblings as they don't want poor Medusa belittled yet again and while Euryale is secretly listening underneath her facade, Stheno visibly ignores them as she feels humans like themnote  are prying into her "family business". Of course when Sakura found out about the abuse, her dark self resurfaced and tortured them to teach them a lesson to not lay a hand on her Servant in her presence despite Medusa's protests; Euryale surprisingly listened but she's afraid she'll walk into a landmine if she's not careful around Sakura while Stheno dreads another moment with Dark Sakura and ended up staying away from her to prevent that.
    • Rider and Rin are also pretty amicable as well, and the former's glad that the latter and Sakura had finally patched up their differences enough to become real sisters again. Lancer too, with common ground in having Masters that never treated them like actual people and more like lapdogs though they treat each other like acquaintances most of the time; at least he's not crazy enough to hit on her so that's a plus. And of course, she's not thrilled to see Caster & Souichirou Kuzuki since both parties are very hostile and they killed her in one timeline; the biggest beef is with Caster, since they both see too much of themselves in each other to the point that it's very irritating. They do call it off for a bit to condemn Saber for slacking off if their moods are good enough. For the most part, Rider's mostly neutral towards Taiga Fujimura but as she kept her memories from the Singularity when she was Ana, she still think Taiga should keep the jokes down.
    • It is to be expected for Rider to be wary of enemies returning, none more so than Gilgamesh, Saber Alter and Avenger. She and Gilgamesh obviously don't like each other and would rather hang out with his benevolent Caster self than go through his insufferability, distrusts Saber Alter even if she does protect Sakura every once in a while and can still tell she's still the same Saber deep down and is outright hostile at Avenger who while delighted that she has a vengeful form in Gorgon, is also actually concerned for her to the point that he talks her down from becoming Gorgon after her relentless wild hunt against him.
    • But her vehement hatred is reserved for none other than the Matous who have abused Sakura for all her life, and Shinji was such a poor Master to the point that Rider began hating seaweed since it reminds her of him and his hair and shares no sympathy for them even when they often die like cowards. Shinji and Zouken likewise are displeased that Rider's here since Sakura and her dark side is torture enough and they can't move forward with their agenda without her hawking on them.
    • Medusa was finally happy to see the Master of Chaldea once again as he treated her as kind as Sakura and Shirou was and is ready to serve by his side once again. Of course, also joining as Heralds are the separate Servant incarnations of Medusa, one is a precocious looking Lancer (often called Ana) who represents her innocent past with her sisters and her longing feelings towards them and the other is her monstrous Avenger form in Gorgon who represents what Medusa became when her hunger for humans spirals out of control; as per the Pantheons' nature, she can assume their forms but chooses not do so and neither Medusas are usually in the same place at the same time unless their Master calls for it. Rider is also ready to fight the currently ascended Beasts once again, as they pose a threat to her world's history and especially Tiamat whose fight against she received memories of.
    • Has gotten along with the other Rider Servants Alexander The Great/Iskandar and Astolfo. Iskandar does let her use the name "Rider" since he himself prefers his own in order to expand his own conquest on the Pantheons, which Medusa allows as long he doesn't hurt her close ones. Astolfo got along with Medusa for being a fellow excellent rider, the fact that they used to have shitty Masters (Celenike and Shinji, respectively) and suffering because of it until the ownership changed and even Medusa agreed that if she was in Astolfo's shoes, she'd take a cue from Medea and kill that Master outright. When she noted that if he discarded his virtue as a Paladin of Charlemagne so that he wouldn't have to suffer for it, Astolfo surprisingly agreed... but also doesn't want to discard that honor of his because he'd rather live through it, an answer Medusa can't help but smile at.
    • Rider had been summoned into the Moon Cell in another timeline and she had faced opponents in Altera and Li Shuwen, recognizing them as formidable threats that needed to be stopped at the time (Altera especially). Now that they all have the same Master, they struggled to work together in sync without squabbling at best and fighting destructively at worst.
    • On the subject of the Moon Cell, Rider has met B.B. and two of the Sakura Five, Meltlilith and Passionlip and her first reaction to them is of confusion as they all share Sakura's face. After observing B.B.'s behaviour towards some hapless victims of her shenanigans, Rider concludes that she is not to be trusted further. She does prefer Meltlilith and Passionlip anyway, especially since they now serve the Master of Chaldea and the two likewise see her as reminiscent of their other member, Violet who had Servant data of her as part of her conception.
    • One person Rider did not expect to see again is Perseus, the hero who slayed her; they fought in combat for a while before culminating into a draw unlike before and they exchanged experiences in their respective Grail Wars, realizing they both changed a lot since their historical encounter. Still, they walked away as rivals with Rider considering him "a successful Shinji" while Perseus can tell she is more tempered than last time.
  • As she also have Mystic Eyes, Rider got curious of other wielders of a different pair of Mystic Eyes from her multiverse which led her to Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi. Rider and Ryougi recognized each other since working at Chaldea and Tohno had to stop himself from instinctively killing her, though that does not stop him from finding her to be nice. The Shikis do feel bad for her and have met her on separate occasions from time to time.
  • As there are two other Medusas in the Pantheons, the Rider Servant would always insist on being called "Rider" to prevent further confusion and to distance herself from becoming Gorgon again. While Rider dislikes the mythological Medusa because her action gives gorgons a bad rap, she does feel sorry for being abuse by the Gods. The two also share their animosity towards Athena for turning them into the way they are and Athena likewise is still sour at them for reasons specific to their situations.
    • She however despises Medusa Gorgon for her treatment of Crona who she later befriends later on. The evil Medusa herself feels that Rider is too nice and resents the shared name and she's even more pissed off that because of it, she now is on the receiving end (and more well-deserved) of whipping on the head by Simon Belmont (or occasionally Trevor). Crona themself was at first intimidated from Rider's aura, but later on found out she is much more reserved than perceived when they hanged out at the House of Knowledge.
    • This also got her under the radar of those who faced an incarnation of Medusa such as Kratos, the aforementioned Simon, Pit and Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard. Kratos couldn't care less of her yet Rider avoids him because he not only did rips off the head of his world's Medusa, but also his world's Euryale which makes him very lethal even if he's no longer vengeful, Simon at first constantly whipped her while thinking she is the Medusa Heads' progenitor but stopped when he found out she was not truly the Medusa he knows and apologizes and finally, Pit and Haruto confronts Rider to see if it really was the Medusas they knew; relieved that she isn't them, they have befriended her though she is a little irked that their Medusas basically twisted her name.
  • Rider would sometimes remark how her Riding skill is A+, which means that she can ride any type of vehicles effectively, even a granny's bike and may even be able to pilot a mech. This has gotten her in touch with Carol Tea, Yusei Fudo and Tsubasa Kazanari, three of the Legend Riders group; they all are amazed at Rider's ability to drive anything after they got her to drive the vehicles they can think of, even a dump truck. As such, she's a honorary member of the Legend Riders though they understand that she is not much interested in racing professionally when she turned them down.
    • Humorously, some of the more perverted deities suggest that her Riding skill also applies to a certain activity very well. Though Rider doesn't like those comments, she shrugs and just refers those deities to either Queen Medb or Anne Bonny and Mary Read.
  • One of Medusa's newfound hobbies even before ascending is reading books as she loves the quietness of doing so which got her in contact with Shiena Kenmochi and Ami Mizuno; the three had it off pretty well after dispelling some dissonance of Rider's aura and often discuss books, their benefits and the content they provide. Another book-lover she ran into is Naoki Kashima when she was browsing another section of the Library; the two of them hit it off and became fast friends, and now they regularly meet to discuss literature and real life mythology. Uganda hasn't come up yet.
    • Relatedly, Rider was briefly attacked and nearly mugged by Flynn one time before he realized she wasn't the same Medusa he knew of old; Rider yet again is annoyed that she's basically the butt of mistaken identity at this point.
  • She enjoys swimming as well which prompts Aoi Asahina to meet Rider and aside from finding her stunningly gorgeous, she now always invite Rider for swimming; Rider does accepts on a few occasions but she mostly turn them down since whenever she goes to the pool, most people ogle at her for her beauty which she finds disconcerting. On the subject of water, Rider managed to struck a friendship with Seaport Princess of all beings possibly because they both are monstrous beauties who are otherwise soft-spoken and protective of their own little sister figures; Rider does note that she sounds like Passionlip but she knows the two are pretty much separate people at this point.
  • Rider is very protective towards Sakura and would do everything in her power to assure her safety. In fact, even if certain deities are friends with Rider, if any of them would to ever harm Sakura she wouldn't even hesitate to kill them; it's because of this very protective nature, minus the killing part that she is really good friends with both Gardevoir and Gallade. This is also why she opposed Tagachi, because his betrayal of his master goes against everything she stood for and he's one of the enemies she and Saber share enough to fight together; Tagachi himself is also being wary of her as much as he is with Saber since Rider is potentially more dangerous in ruthlessness.
    • Sometimes Rider's protective nature gets the best of her. When Percy Jackson accidentally bumped into Sakura one day, Rider got angry enough to the point that she immediately transformed into her Gorgon form and it took Shirou, Sakura and Ritsuka to calm her down and send the spooked demigod on his way. Rider is saddened she let the worst of her consumed her yet again and hopes to mend the bridge with Percy soon, but as of right now he's still scared of seeing for fearing of the earlier incident's repeat.
  • Many were surprised that Rider is very sensitive about her height due to a difference during her birth that made her age normally unlike her sisters. This got her in touch with Karen Kohiruimaki (LLENN in the digital space) and Makoto Kino AKA Sailor Jupiter who also had to deal with their tall height issues for their whole life; Karen feels bad that Rider has gone through a lot worse than her and most of the time it's not even about her height so she resolves to bring her to quiet but fun places to cheer her up while Makoto gives Rider some pointers of handling her own height and being careful with it since she herself had to figure it out doing so during her own adventures.
  • As she is both gorgeous and snake-y, Rider does get along well with Alice the 16th very well, along with having terrible pasts. It also helps that they also have Artoria as a mutual contact but Alice is bummed that Rider and Artoria mostly don't get along so she hopes to mediate their scuffles if she can. Apophis is one snake deity Rider refuses to acknowledge, finding him evil due to wanting destruction to all and made Gorgon look like a saint in comparison.
    • Since she's also inhuman, Rider is not immune to Luka's scent which attracts monster girls to him romantically and unwillingly. After getting snapped out of seducing Luka by Alice, Rider profusely apologizes when she found out they're both married but Alice forgave her and let it slide since it's normal for this to happen but she will not be so kind if Rider does seduce him by choice, a warning that the Servant eagerly complied as she never planned on doing so anyway. SCP-166 also relates to Rider in unintentionally attracting a lot of males with their beauty much to their utter dismay and seeing how 166 usually can't defend herself, Rider vows to be there if she needs it.
    • On one outing, Sakura invited a friend to join her and Rider for some shopping; that friend is Boa Hancock who felt an aura within Rider, causing the two to have a tense atmosphere at first. As time goes on, Rider and Hancock did broke the ice and they were surprised they have a lot in common, like being beautiful gorgons and going through some kind of abuse which makes Rider see her as a more combat-capable and confident Sakura and at the end of the day, they are now fast friends; something Sakura herself is happy to see. They do know about the simulation of them fighting which really is just their outing but it's a hostile situation; as such, they both opposed Wiz and Boomstick for letting this happen and while they both are amused at it's existence, they were right that they are not really calling the shots anymore.
  • As she was seen sucking off Shirou's blood in his story's bad endings and it's due to her hunger on humans, Rider is often mistaken for a vampire though while she does drink blood, it mostly to regain some mana. This mistake did made her become friends with Seras Victoria who exchanged her experiences with Rider and they sympathized with each other since they both can't take back their old life but they have learned to live with their new ones. And then there's Michael Morningstar, a Jerkass pseudo-vampire whose obsession towards Gwen Tennyson reminds her grimly of Shinji in a way (also herself to an extent when it comes to Ayako) and is biding her time until she has a good enough reason to spill his guts; Mike meanwhile is intimidated by her death glares and knowing that she is a gorgon, is worried to death of looking straight into her eyes.
  • When the Mane Six heard that Rider could summon the actual Pegasus, who is her child, they wanted to meet him. Unfortunately for them, she could only summon him by drawing blood and when she slit her throat, the sight of the blood cause them to cringe and for Fluttershy to faint. The Mane Six since then became scared of Rider (Rainbow Dash and Applejack meanwhile are on edge) which once again further bums her out; though in her defense, she hadn't considered that the Six hadn't seen worse than the threats they usually faced.
    • Speaking of horses, Rider heard that there is another version of Pegasus besides her own residing in the same sub-House as her and he is very loyal to Hercules. They meet and Pegasus was also rather horrified when she summoned her world's Pegasus by the same method; his fears died a little when he was aware she usually means no harm to anyone else but her enemies.
  • Enemies of Sakura are also her enemies as well so Rider began antagonizing Ragyo Kiryuin, Skull Face, Kamen Rider Kaixa and Master Xehanort; Ragyo and Skull Face for being no better than Zouken and Shinji when it comes to abuse, Kusaka for disregarding the personhood of both her and Sakura, Xehanort for seeing potential in using Sakura in his schemes and Noob for threatening Sakura's life while brushing off her troubled past. All of them scoff at Rider but are preparing themselves in case she becomes Gorgon yet again to annihilate them. Rider is also protecting Sakura from King Allant XII and Manus as Allant wants Sakura to join him and Manus' temple might potentially turn her into something worse, something even more terrifying than Gorgon.
  • At one chance, however, she worked out a chibi form, aka "eco mode" in order to increase her mana economy, which caused Sakura and Shirou to Squee! a lot. Then she shared that method to Saber. Cue the Fate/Stay Night deities (and later, the entire pantheon) being drowned in nosebleed. And then, Rider admits she did so just to get close to Ayako, a girl she's obsessed with which did got her some scrutiny for.
  • "You don't look so tasty..."
  • Also found in Legendary Beings.

Zarbon, God of Attractive Right Hands (Commander Zarbon, General Zarbon, Zabon, ZarBONE, Warrior of Beauty)
Click here to see Zarbon's Transformation 

Lesser Gods

    The Beautiful People 
Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, Dual Goddesses of Superior Beauty (The Beautiful People, Velvet-Love Entertainment, The Allure | Love: Lauren Ann "Angel" Williams, The Queen Bee, The Bad Ass | Sky: Jamie Lynn Szantyr, Talia Madison, The Most Popular Knockout in History, The Brains)
Velvet Sky (left) and Angelina Love (right), the founding members of the Beautiful People.
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: "THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE" in a bright pink font with posing pink silhouettes of Angelina and Velvet on either side.
  • Theme Song: Angel on My Shoulder
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Neutral Evil at their most obnoxious
  • Portfolio: Being the Self-Proclaimed Beautiful People, Action Women Who Provide Fanservice, Power Stables With Frequent Reunious, "Let the pigeons loose!", Constantly Switching Sides, Baring Midriffs, Dumb Blondes, Dye Hard, Evil Is Sexy (as Heels)
  • Domains: Beauty, Love, Nobility, Combat
  • Herald: Madison Rayne (sometimes a recurrent third member)
  • Allies: Ric Flair
  • Rivals: Mai Shiranui
  • Enemies: Zangief, Rainbow Mika, Andre the Giant, King II, Jaycee, Abigail, Poison
  • Admires: Shawn Michaels (Love only)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Reika Aoki/Cure Beauty (she considers their brand of beauty as shallow)
  • Straight from the halls of TNA Wrestling (a rare feat for two gods to be from there), Angelina and Velvet strutted their way on a mission: making their temple the most gorgeous of all the Pantheon. Safe to say, most would agree that they have succeeded. Initially starting off as heels, the two later branched off to spread their beauty to all walks of life. As such, both good and evil factions interact with each other with similar goals. They merely squabble on how to do so with their patrons leaning towards each other on a whim.
  • Few people have a more tumultuous relationship with their herald. Madison Rayne was one of their first true fans of the group and after a nasty bit of hazing, they accepted her offer. While she undoubtedly helped the duo win, she was just as responsible for their defeats. It got to a point where they dumped her for costing them the title. Things got more convoluted from there, from Madison feuding with them to Madison joining Velvet as the new Beautiful People with Love on the outside. They at least managed to end their careers in sync, but it wasn't enough for Madison to gain full membership. Regardless, Madison Rayne is satisfied with her current position.
  • One of their first acts was to improve the looks of the Wrestling Division. Lamenting the lack of beautiful wrestlers in the Pantheon, they have filed petitions to bring in more sexy fellows into the Pantheon. Zangief and R. Mika were the first to object, stating that one's appearance shouldn't disqualify one from ascending. Angelina thought that was rich coming from the burly Russian. After that, tag team matches between the two have amassed huge crowds.
    • Among the most prominent dissenters are Andre the Giant and his kind. None of them really try too look good, knowing that their size is more than enough to squash any competition. Fights between them are often, though the Beautiful People make sure to bring an entourage of followers to even the playing field.
    • It is a poorly kept secret that Velvet Sky has a crush on the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. As usual, Shawn has been playing hard-to-get as to keep up with the name sake. Sky hopes to get him to change his mind regardless.
  • They have been impressive with how well the Nature Boy has taken care of himself, stating that he has been able to maintain his beauty despite being a Ring Oldies. As he has no qualms towards heels, he has since latched onto them. The two are more than happy than to play interference to help him get wins.
  • Their arrival may have set off a turf war with one of the most prominent beauties in the Pantheon. As the Goddess of Fanservice, Mai has been the object of desire by many in the Pantheon. The Beautiful People wanted to change that, making sure that they are the most admired people in the Pantheon. Things quickly got out of hand to the point that scuffles between the group and Mai's Women's Team are frequent.
  • Most people were impressed that Julia Chang would broaden her horizons by becoming the wrestling persona known as Jaycee. Unfortunately, her previous job as a scientist was something that was exploited by the Beautiful People. Calling her a hopeless nerd, they claim that she doesn't have what it takes to hang with the more seasoned wrestlers. Luckily for her, she has the backing of her old friend King. Regardless of their rivalry, the tag matches have been stellar.
  • There has been feud over whether Love and Sky or Poison are the sexiest people in wrestling. When they confronted her, she merely smiled as her new prospect Abigail wiped the floor with them. This type of fight would require them to get their hands dirty, something the two have been hesitant to do. Velvet is hoping to get Shawn Michaels to contact their former associate Billy Gunn and help them deal with the Superhuman Hot-Rodder.
  • There has been an effort to bring Reika Aoki into the fold. Though it is likely they only want her approval in order to use it as advertising. The Cure Beauty has politely declined the offer. Even if they are capable of doing good, she still finds their version of beauty to be shallow at best.

    Caitlyn (League of Legends
Caitlyn, Goddess of Attractive Law Enforcers (Sheriff of Piltover, Cupcake, Hat Lady, Cait)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her father's sniper rifle, with a fuzzy cuffs dangling on it. Alternatively, her top hat.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Sniping Targets, By-The-Book Sheriff, Top Hat, Boom, Headshot!, Chasing The One That Got Away, Sexy Law Enforcers, Sexy Corset, British Accents
  • Domains: Justice, Law, Combat, Technology
  • High Priestesses: Miyuki Kobayakawa and Natsumi Tsujimoto
  • Allies: Vi, most of House of Justice and more sympathetic members of House of Crime, Taokaka, Lockon Stratos, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Big Band, Peacock
  • Rivals: The Defenders of the Ancients (Radiants and Dires), but in particular Sniper/Kardel Sharpeye.
  • Enemies: Jinx, less sympathetic members of House Of Crime, most of the House of Villains as well... and that "C"
  • Regardless of how she looks, she's always hot on every cases she's in, with near 95% of success rate. This makes her quite the revered Goddess in crime fightings. And no, despite her sexy look, she usually doesn't use much of her charms to apprehend criminals.
  • Despite the offer to be placed in the House of Justice, Caitlyn, like her partner Vi, kindly refused the place there and moved to this house. The reasoning being that this "C" she's looking for can't hang around in the Justice house. Over time, she became too acquaintated with the new house and settled there.
    • Speaking of Vi, their reunion was met with a good, light fist-bumping (because it could break Caitlyn's arm), and Caitlyn has also agreed to help her apprehend Jinx as well. The Piltover's Finest are reunited, criminals beware!
    • Of course, they've had their work cut out for them ever since Jinx got her own partner-in-crime, Peacock. Caitlyn doesn't know what's worse: The fact that Peacock's almost as crazy, or the fact she sounds just like Jinx. She's been spending a lot more time around the bar, to say the least.
      • In a case of good news bad news, the ascension of Big Band has brought with him forcing Peacock's fun with Jinx to stop as well as being able to actually catch Jinx on a regular basis, being a ranking of godhood higher than her. Bad news, he took Peacock to Vi instead of herself hoping that she'll respect law enforcement more. She just ended up becoming buddy buddy with Vi and becoming a Loose Cannon alongside her. While their destruction is much bigger than when Peacock was with Jinx, it is happening on villainous deities territories, so she has to take what she can get. She does invite and pay for Big Band's drinks as a way of thanking him for his services in stopping Jinx.
  • Once, she mistook Taokaka as Jinx because both of them called her 'Hat Lady'. Caitlyn has grown a bit fond of the cat, but just like Litchi, she's a bit unnerved whenever Taokaka plants her head onto her boobs.
  • She's always one to keep her cool in every situation… except that one time Excalibur visited her and dragged her into an argument on whose top hat is better. He escaped before Caitlyn could put him in fuzzy cuffs, and when Vi met her moments after that, this is what the latter saw on Caitlyn's face: (ﺧ益ﺨ)
  • After reading news of a 'certain murder in Ponyville', Caitlyn learns the existence of one called "Pinkamena" who murdered many for 'cupcakes'. Insulted with that because she certainly got used to be called 'cupcake' by Vi along with Pinkamena's shit tons of atrocities, Caitlyn proposed an organized 'manhunt on sight' for the abomination.
  • Can't seem to get calibrations right. She usually contacts Garrus Vakarian for calibrating tips… that's if he's not in the middle of calibration.
  • At one point, Caitlyn has shut herself inside her own house, for 'training purposes'. When she came out, she's able to master some new tricks like laying a bunch of traps at once, headshotting more often, etc. Why? Because she's preparing for an eventual sniping showdown against her 'rival' from the lands where Ancients battle: Kardel Sharpeye the Sniper. The training was a harsh, but necessary one, because Caitlyn absolutely wants to be able to shove away the dreaded "HO HO HA HA"
  • "Go ahead, run. I'll give you a five minute head start." - from her book 'Willing Apprehension'

    Catherine Rain Bilstein 
Catherine Rain Bilstein, Goddess of Daughters of Evil Scientists

    Edward Scissorhands 
Edward Scissorhands, The Grotesque God (Ed, Eddie)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His scissor hands
  • Theme Music: This
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Will disregard laws for those he loves)
  • Portfolio: Beware the Quiet Ones/Beware the Nice Ones, Bittersweet Ending, Would Do Anything for Kim, The Grotesque, Hero with Bad Publicity, Looks Like Cesare, The Quiet One, Star-Crossed Lovers with Kim, Dead "Father"
  • Domains: Love, Craft, Otherness
  • Allies: Quasimodo, Lydia Deetz, The Addams Family, The March sisters, Belle and Beast, Romeo and Juliet, Hinata Hyuuga, Emily (Corpse Bride), Jack Skellington, Ben Grimm/The Thing, Pinocchio, Mary Lennox
  • Enemies: Biff Tannen, Judge Frollo, Gaston
  • Pitied by: Elphaba Thropp, Amélie Poulain
  • Commonality Connection with: Frankenstein’s Monster (backstory), Jack Sparrow, Mad Hatter (appearance)
  • Edward Scissorhands was created by a very old inventor who died before he could give him hands, leaving him with scissor hands in their place. He has lived alone until a kind lady named Peg Boggs discovered him and welcomed him to her home. There, Edward shows his true talent by cutting hair, grooming pets and making beautiful ice and topiary sculptures. He also falls in love with Peg's beautiful daughter, Kim. At first, everyone welcomes him into the community, but soon things begin to take a change for the worse.
    • His physical state, as a lover who cannot touch his beloved, is just as isolating than a deformed face, if not more so. Edward was always willing to sacrifice himself for his Kim, and though he could successfully have been argued as acting in self-defense he accepted exile as punishment for taking a life.
    • According to one source, he was created after his inventor saw his son being electrocuted while holding scissors, prompting him to create another “son”.
  • Granted godhood as a reward for his selflessness, he now provides snow to the entire Pantheon as he channels his emotions into art. (How else do you think he got all that ice?).
  • He gets along well with Quasimodo due to both of them being grotesque creatures who have been shunned due to their appearances. Also gets along with the Addams family due to them being misunderstood freaks in the eyes of society.
  • Sometimes visits Romeo and Juliet’s temple as his relationship with Kim is a bit similar to their own relationship. His story is also seen as a gothic version of Beauty and the Beast. Belle and the Beast sympathized with him upon hearing how his story turned out by the end and sometimes visit his temple to help him out.
    • He is also acquainted with Emily and the two bonded over lost loves. For Emily, something about Edward reminded her of her former lover Victor.
    • Was also visited by Hinata Hyuuga due to their similar devotion to those they love.
  • Upon encountering Lydia Deetz, he mistook her for Kim due to their similar faces. After that confusion was cleared, she became good friends with him as she found another person who’s just as strange and unusual as her.
    • The same thing happened when meeting Jo March. She and her sisters ended up enjoying Edward’s company.
  • Several gods have felt sorry for him upon hearing about his story. Elphaba Thropp also felt a duty to protect those who were shunned out of fear due to their appearances (including Edward himself). He was also visited by Amélie, who was determined to help him find happiness.
  • Of course, he had several detractors as well. Notably from Judge Frollo, who believed that Edward is evil and has tried to convince others of this.
  • Doesn’t like Biff Tannen, seeing how he faced another Jerk Jock in Kim’s ex-boyfriend, Jim. The same goes for Gaston for how he treated Belle and the Beast.
  • Mary has also taken a liking for the man after hearing how he was brought to another household after his “father” has died. He can be seen doing some hedgework in her garden.
  • Gets compared with Frankenstein’s monster due to both of them being man-made creatures misunderstood by the people around them. Both also have a desire for love and companionship, but neither are able to gain the life they desire.

    Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki 
Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, The Ugly God(One Night)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A vial with the Blue Pegasus symbol on it
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Fan Disservice, Large Ham, The Nose Knows, Bishie Sparkles Men~!, Sexy Voice
  • Domains: Appearance, Scents
  • Heralds: The Blue Pegasus Guild,
  • Allies: The Fairy Tail Guild
  • Enemies: Zeref, Mard Geer, Vega, The evil queen
  • Opposed by: Anyone who fell victim to his virus
  • MEN~! A familiar cry rang out must to Erza's dismay. He immediately Ascended while legion of females gathered to find out what was all the ruckus after his sexy voice over the intercom from the house of quirks.Only to be completely disappointed after looking a him and his less than attractive face.
  • He ascended after hearing about the pantheon. though he doesn't exactly know what title is.
  • He once created a perfume (spelled virus) that turned everyone into shambling zombies with his face. It plague many houses and various gods fell victim to the plague such as the house of personal Appearance, the house of love, the special lovers Squad, The Yandere Quartet. It took a few of the house Health a while to decipher and find a cure for the horrendous virus finds What a dark day that was. From that they forward he was put on watch everytime he went to create a new parfum.
  • Despite his appearance he's actually a pretty strong fighter and is The Ace of his guild.
    • His perfumes are also quite popular amongst the various battling factions since they can heal people, make them super buff or his newer one, allowing them to wield electric powers.
    • It tends to help as he gets attacked often after the virus fiasco
  • He tends to not be invited to pool gathering thanks to his swimwear consists of a speedo much to everyone's horror.
  • No one really likes it when he uses try to pull a sexy pose it makes children cry and men vomit.
  • As a result of his virus antics he is pretty much hated by his many victims of his unfortunate virus. He gets the most hate from Vega, the Evil Queen and the rest of the Rule of Beauty for daring to uglify them.
  • He has a ship called Christina that is almost constantly destroyed thanks him pulling off multiple heroic sacrifices with it. However thanks to the House of travel it's almost always fixed.
  • He does have one of the best noses in the pantheon as he can even gauge power levels by smell.
  • Aizen doesn't like him too much as he sounds very similar. Gin tends to use them to troll Loly and Menoly much to their consternation.
  • He had gotten alot more respect when seen that he pulled off a Big Damn Heroes by ramming his ship into freaking ''ACHNOLOGIA'.

Mileena, Goddess of Sexy Bodies with Hideous Faces (The Mad Empress, Mileena Kahn)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her two Sais and her head with her face uncovered arranged in a skull-and-crossbones pattern.
  • Theme Song: Mileena's Theme by Tokimonsta, Ethereal
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Sexy Bodies With Hideous Faces, Dark Action Girls, Sai-Fighting, Clones, Craziness, Proud Villainous Daughters, Ms. Fandisservice Turned Ugly Cute, Hideous Teeth, Psychopathic Womanchildren, Implied Yanderes, Ruthless Ruling, Having Three Variations (Piercing, Ravenous, Ethereal
  • Domains: Personal Appearance, War, Evil, Kombat
  • High Priestess: Tier Harribel
  • Followers: Curare, Karu-Sil
  • Former Allies: Quan Chi, Shinnok (for causing the downfall of Shao Kahn in the retelling)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Gajeel Redfox
  • Mileena is a product of Shang Tsung's flesh pits, a mixed-up creation meant as a double/clone for Princess Kitana at the behest of Shao Kahn, who wanted to potentially replace Kitana should she ever discover the truth about her origins and turn against him. However, the mixture of Kitana's essence with that of a Tarkatan went awry, giving her the body of the Edenian heiress and the face of a female Baraka… complete with those elongated razor teeth and no closable lips. Presented and raised as Kitana's "sister" and given her own unique name, she has lived long with the consuming desire to prove her worth to Shao Kahn as well as Kill and Replace the princess, especially after the Heel Realization and Heel–Face Turn of both Kitana and their assassin comrade Jade finally came to pass.
  • A lot of deities do call her sexy, so long as they're just looking at her from neck down. To assure they would do so, Mileena often made sure to dress herself in more revealing or provocative attire than either Kitana or Jade were willing to don. Even so, as if responding to a need for her to be able to flawlessly pass as Kitana, her teeth remained killer and grotesque but became considerably shorter at one point.
    • With the advent of Timeline X, another change took place. Her creation had taken place shortly before the Mortal Kombat tournaments, as well as saw her instantly attain a full adult form, rather than her being cloned and raised as a child like in the Midway Timeline. Related to the change in creation, she somehow attained lips in the center between the razor teeth. More deities find her attractive after this, though a lot of them are still too ashamed to admit it. Mileena is pleased by the few that do. That said, her creepy mad womanchild-like mindset is usually a turn-off.
  • Is dreaded by mirrors. A mere look of her face was enough to shatter mirrors. ANY mirrors, even in this House.
  • Once snuck into the House of Craft and surprisingly made a very well-crafted, but extremely grotesque Teddy Bear. She tried to shove it to the visiting Scorpion's face, then blood splattered everywhere. But it's clear that Mileena in her psychopathic childishness made Scorpion utterly hate Teddy Bears and avoids the House of Craft.
  • Is considered to be a Distaff Counterpart to Scorpion, much to her slight chagrin. Scorpion, however, doesn't care about this.
  • She's disgusted to see Kitana return to the Pantheon and is ready to fight her again.
    • On the other hand, she's entirely happy to see her ex-boyfriend Baraka joining the Pantheon. If anything, don't ask on how she slept with him, as Johnny Cage learned it the hard way. There are rumors that the one who sent the gossip is Reptile, but who knows.
  • Used to be allies with AJ Lee, much to Kitana's own chagrin. That is until the Geek Goddess redeemed herself by teaming up with her "frenemy" Paige against the Bella Twins in WrestleMania. Nowadays, she absolutely hates her.
  • After the death of her father, Mileena tried to assume the throne of Outworld, but was usurped by Kotal Kahn during the 25 years to come. She also gained possession of Shinnok's amulet and used it as a weapon. Her new consort Reiko helped her with planning battles.
    • Unfortunately for her, her physical form was eaten by D'Vorah's disgusting spawn. She now hates Kotal Kahn and his entourage more than her sister, but would take solace in the fact that she has become a literal Goddess, while Kotal merely plays at being one. This lasted about until Kotal finally ascended. When she heard about said ascension, she threw an extremely ugly temper tantrum. She didn't cause too much damage, thanks to Power Girl giving her a good smack in the face, but she was murderously moody for the following week. Even now, just mentioning Kotal to her face puts one at risk of getting their face chewed off.
    • Had it not been for her physical form's death, Mileena would have awakened her clones to take back Outworld... or maybe her spirit still lives on in one of the clones. The records are a bit murky on this one.

    Rushuna Tendou 
Rushuna Tendou, Goddess of Enemy Disarmament and Bathing Beauties (Rushuna Tendo, The Beautiful Senshi, The Smiling Enlightened, Grenadier: The Smiling Senshi)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hat next to her revolver. Alternatively, a smile on your face.
  • Theme Song: Kohaku
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl With Awesome Gunslinging And Aim, Prefers to shoot guns off of enemies' hands, Loves a good bath, Keeps her ammunition in her cleavage and using said cleavage to reload, Such A Nice Lady Unless You've Crossed Her Line, Wanting to give everyone smiles, Vows to never ever kill, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold And Eyes of Gold Too, Ms. Fanservice
  • Domains: Firearms, Skill, Happiness, Attraction, Peace, Redemption
  • Heralds: Yajiro Kojima and Mikan Kurenai
  • Allies
  • Rivals: Revy, Rattlesnake Jake, Erron Black
  • Enemies: All embodiments of vileness and depravity like Melkor and Yuki Terumi, Vincent Godfrey, Wild Hunt, The Brave Companions, Vergil, Reaper, Amelie Lacroix/Widowmaker, Randall Flagg, Charles zi Britannia, Prime Minister Honest, Richard Nixon's Head, Albert Wesker, Hol Horse, Yosemite Sam
  • Respects: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • She preaches the ultimate battle strategy of embracing your opponents and erasing their will to fight. She protects the innocent from the evil, and the evil from themselves. She is capable of making even the most vile and demented villains realize the error of their ways and turn over a new leaf. She walks the Earth disarming countries and unwillingly winning Fanservice awards. This is the legend of the Smiling Senshi.
  • The Gunslinger Septet were hanging out one day having fun at the House of Weapons' shooting range, practicing their aim and skills. Then Vash the Stampede realized something: "Where is Rushuna?" The other members also caught on to this and began searching for her, eventually leading to her dilapidated temple. A note posted there reads, "I will be gone for a while. I have more smiles to make! - Rushuna." Having a feeling that the Smiling Senshi is coming back to the Pantheons after an unquestioned absence, the Septet decided to go to the Court of the Gods to keep her temple up.
    • The Court decreed that Rushuna needs a new title, so Vash suggested she has Blasting It Out of Their Hands while keeping Bathing Beauty because respectively: like him, Rushuna disarms her enemies by shooting their hands and she is constantly seen bathing. They agreed with such a position and declared her temple to be renovated by the Master Builders Four. When it is done, the Septet organized a party with Pinkie Pie to celebrate her return. And Rushuna did return; she was greeted with a surprise from them, happy that they put a smile to her face.
  • Supposedly, she is even more capable with firearms than Vash, but decided his title should stay his because she doesn't like showing off. For his part, he likes her well enough, as do others, such as Dante (a red-cloaked super-fighter who loves swords and guns just like Vash) and Kisuke Urahara (who also has a color-coded outfit including a hat and has on occasion formed a "sword-and-guns" duo with her). They would gladly concur that having a beautiful lady around who's also skilled with guns and takes their colorful styles in stride is pretty cool.
  • While she isn't open to mortal propositions (luckily for the proposer, she's among those who'll laugh and either playfully dodge the question or deliberately misunderstand it, and she's always up for being friends), she's quite open to giving anyone, deity or not, a big ol' hug to cheer them up or quell their violent tendencies if they'd prove to be more of a danger than usual. It's universally agreed that she's really good at this, probably the absolute best among any of the Pantheons. Her vast real estate holdings help a little (...okay, a lot), but her personality is agreed upon to be the main factor.
    • This is why she admired the recently ascended wrestler named Bayley who, despite being one of the best wrestlers in the world, much prefers hugging and making people happy when she's outside the ropes. One day they finally met each other and hugged for over a minute. It would soon be called one of the most tender moments in the Pantheon's history.
  • She's practically Noel Vermillion's Cool Big Sis, as she tutored her in gun-fighting and tried to help her self-esteem issues a lot, despite being far more buxom than Noel could ever hope to be. Mami later joins in her session, and Rushuna has also been teaching her about genuine smiles rather than smiles to cover one's issues.
    • After realizing what Vergil did to Noel, Rushuna comforts her, saying that she's not an unworthy addition to the pantheon, and has decided that Vergil will pay for hurting her, never forgiving him. What's worse is that he seeks strength, which reminded her too much of the Jester. Vergil has nothing but disgust for her for defending Noel and having endless faith in everyone.
  • Whenever she's busy, she leaves the Gun Kata class to Coyote Starrk as a substitute to train them. She's quite impressed with his skills, even if they are a little more… destructive than what she's comfortable with. She's also been helping him with his desire to find more friends and lazy habits.
  • Rushuna is delighted that there are other deities striving for a world where everyone smiles. Yuya and Yuzu are fascinated that her ultimate battle strategy is super effective even in a world where guns cause fear while Rushuna is amazed that they have learned to fight for everyone's EGAO from Yuya's father Yushou Sakaki, though it takes a while and some trials for Yuya to fully understand it. The doctor Emu Hojo is happy that another person who values smiles exists although he is a bit nervous when it comes to Rushuna's healing skills. Wander and Sylvia find a lot of common ground with her like traveling around places and meeting and changing people along the way. Even Miyuki Hoshizora befriended her for sharing the same ideals of happiness for everyone.
    • Pinkie Pie could not believe she hasn't noticed Rushuna until now, and they got along swimmingly with how much they want to see everybody smile. Though Rushuna would prefer the party pony be… a little more sensitive of others' feelings; throwing parties isn't everybody's cup of tea that would lead to smiles.
  • Has met other gunslingers outside of the Gunslinger Septet. John Marston is reminded of Bonnie MacFarlane when he meets Rushuna due to both being cheerful blonde girls in wild west settings. Lucky Luke and Roland Deschain are impressed at her skills but also respect her wish to not fight let alone with guns. Roland even warned her of Randall Flagg, who aims to spread chaos just by appearing at anywhere which Rushuna agrees to look out for. Jesse McCree once hit on her at a bar, but once he gets to know her he has nothing but respect and admiration for her dedication to protect everyone and changing villains for the better which McCree feels that is the justice he has been seeking. The Lone Ranger is also impressed at her shooting skills and philosophy, which perfectly aligns with his; together along with their respective heralds, they dispatch numerous enemies in the Pantheon.
    • Hol Horse also has hit on her once but Rushuna has heard of him being a mercenary who has no qualms with taking lives for a paycheck or with working with someone as vile as J. Geil as long as they serve as his backup, giving her a bad feeling. The rest of their encounter is rather weird; Hol Horse then summon his revolver Stand, Emperor... which Rushuna can't even see and shoot out of his hands due to not being a Stand user. Other reasons Hol Horse can't properly fight her is that he Wouldn't Hit a Girl, his aim is terrible despite having numerous advantages from his Stand unless his target is unimportant to his current attention and she is too busy dodging while laughing at his failures. Humiliated, Hol Horse fled and Rushuna left amused from this bizarre meeting.
      Rushuna: Pffthahahaha! Your weapon is pointing your finger at someone! You're so funny! Ahahaha!
      Hol Horse: Dammit, hold still! *shoots and misses*
      Rushuna: *sidesteps* Hahahaha! I don't know how you did that but it's not working!
    • Much like Hol Horse, Yosemite Sam is also seeking to duel Rushuna. They did and unsurprisingly, Rushuna won. Since then, he has been itching for a rematch against her, seeing that he keeps losing to Lucky Luke and Vash.
    • Relatedly, she has disagreements with Revy, Rattlesnake Jake and Erron Black. Revy is often dismissive of others and their needs, only wanting her rewards, Jake will kill his targets yet he does have a code of honor and Black find her his ideal kind of woman (girls with guns), not helped by the fact that he too will kill for money. Rushuna vows to erase their will to cause violence, which sadly neither of them wanted to let go.
    • Vincent Godfrey is someone Rushuna cannot tolerate. He kills adventurers on a regular basis (she is one), he constantly backstabs and is too crazy beyond recognition; he can even be considered the Evil Counterpart to Rushuna and the Gunslinger Septet in general. Rushuna is aware she cannot erase his will from fighting, because he is past that point for a very long time.
  • Being a force for peace, Rushuna has befriended with Lacus Clyne, Relena Darlian and Nunnally Lamperouge as they too wanted a world with no violence and are naturally pacifists, much like her superior Lady Tenshi. They are also impressed at the fact that she has exceptional marksmanship yet chose to disarm her enemies instead; Rushuna humbly accept their compliment and even offered to defend them during diplomatic meetings. Since she also treats everyone with kindness and turned her enemies into friends, she also got along swimmingly with Mai Tokiha and Nanoha Takamachi.
  • A notable trait of hers is that she is seen bathing really often, even showing a lot of enthusiasm for it. She is even seen bathing with fellow Fanservice bringers Mai Shiranui, Kasumi and Yoko Littner; Kasumi finds a lot of common ground with Rushuna in politeness and abilities, Mai is amazed that those who lost their will to fight gets to be squished by her (Rushuna) boobs and Yoko is impressed that she sniped everyone's hands with just a revolver. Rushuna even joins Yoko for wolfing down during buffets at the House of Food, since they are Big Eaters.
  • Has given encouragement to Shanoa by declaring her smile to be as gorgeous as her back, and Chihiro Fujisaki by promising to protect his smile just like what Yuya and Emu did and supporting his journey to find his strength. Shanoa is flattered by her words and take them to heart while Chihiro is grateful and happy that he befriended another trustworthy person who also believes in him.
  • Reaper and Widowmaker are enemies the Smiling Senshi is looking out for. Reaper being a Malevolent Masked Man reminds her of the power-hungry Jester and he is also affiliated with Godfrey while Widowmaker is a Cold Sniper who currently lacks empathy for her targets. She has a better time with Tracer, who also had a hard time with the villainous two and told her that they used to be good people. With this knowledge, Rushuna joins her in stopping their schemes while hoping that they will change for the better due to her beliefs.
  • She is saddened and disappointed that those like Melkor and Yuki Terumi want to stay evil and do unspeakable actions, and is also infuriated at Terumi for not only riling her up, but also threatening her friends as well. Melkor is wary of her ultimate battle strategy, which diminishes his numbers and is just as effective as Wander's friendliness. Killers like the Wild Hunt and the Brave Companions are also on her enemies list since she doesn't take losses of lives too well given that in one continuity, her friend Koto was killed in a strike by a Juttensen assassin.
    • Social darwinism is a philosophy Rushuna disagrees given that the Jester believes so, thus Charles zi Britannia and Albert Wesker are such like-minded people she needs to stop. Prime Minister Honest also proves to be someone so unbearable though luckily for her, he has a slim chance of seeing the error of his evil ways though everyone else, ESPECIALLY Night Raid say otherwise.
  • Is glad that the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are giving villains the change of heart they needed, though she also finds their methods questionable. The thieves themselves are amazed of her ultimate battle strategy and its effectiveness, prompting them (well, mostly Ren, Morgana and Makoto) to consider following her methods as an option since they too opposed killing anyone (unless they're Shadows).
  • Not to be confused with Souji Tendou. They have met and got along swimmingly, with Rushuna enjoying his cooking and Souji being amazed at her skills. In a sparring match, Rushuna knows her speed is outmatched by his due to the ZECT system granted to him but luckily Souji wouldn't push an offer to one; he is a Kamen Rider, after all. Also not to be confused for Karen Tendo as well, though they too have met and got along for also having unwavering optimism and a penchant for bathing; Karen even joins Rushuna for such.
  • "Um... would you like to join me for a bath?"
  • Also found in Firearms, though since she is a pacifistic person, she doesn't go there often.


Bulma, Goddess of Hot Scientists (Bulma Briefs, Bloomers)
Her earlier appearances 
  • Demigoddess (with the engineering smarts of an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: The Capsule Corp logo
  • Theme Song: Romantic Ageru Yo, Bulma and the Frog
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Attractive Gadgeteer Genius, Ms. Fixit, Proud Beauty, Almighty Mom, You Gotta Have Blue Hair, Is Attracted to a Rowdy Man, The Unfair Sex (in her previous relationship)
  • Domains: Science, Machinery
  • Followers: Naomi Hunter, Rinna Sawagami
  • Heralds: Dr. Brief, Panchy, Tights (her father, mother and sister), Jaco the Galactic Patrolman
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Zarbon (business only), Cooler, Ryoma Sengoku
  • Son Goku's first friend, the vain yet smart and beautiful scientist whose inventions have helped Goku and the Dragon Team to navigate their way through many adventures, heard one day about how most of her friends had ascended to the Pantheon. She then decided to join just because, gaining no complaints from the Court of the Gods when she showed off both her beauty and the DynoCaps that her family's company is famous for. During her ascension he was immediately greeted by her friends and they celebrated with a party.
  • Now she has some of the most devastating slaps, only rivaled in her world by those of Chichi. She will slap anyone who pisses her off and she doesn't care who or what you are. She freaking slapped the God of Destruction. And got knocked out for it, sure, but even that jump-started her husband's road to ascension to Physical God tier, so kudos to her.
  • She doesn't like to be reminded of the time she solicited her future son for sex. With the exception of Krillin and a few other brave members of the Pantheon who are willing to mock her for it, not many will point this out in fear of receiving her signature slaps. For a short while, things would get veeery awkward whenever she had to see her son, as both of them would rather forget that said moment ever happened. Eventually they processed the fact that she didn't know who he was at the time and were able to get over it enough to speak to each other naturally, but it is still a sore spot.
  • She is an absolute genius when it comes to robotics and has become one of the go-to deities when you need something fixed, such as cyborg repairs. She even singlehandedly built a time machine, and it's possible she could fix an I.S. She can be seen talking with Tony Stark on occasion, mainly about that subject. Vegeta doesn't like this knowing the latter's reputation and not because he's jealous or anything.
  • She, like many, dislikes Ryoma Sengoku and views him as a good for nothing scientist.
  • She is currently 38. Do not insinuate that's she older because she's not. Well some of more snarkier gods tend to notice that at least she isn't faking her age too much unlike some others.
  • The biggest conundrum is trying to find out how she and Vegeta got together. It just seems so random though one would think it's Birds of a Feather but even then it was difficult to see. Eventually, Vegeta admitted casually that, being a true Saiyan, he loves her strong will. Most of the Pantheon were shocked because it makes so much sense now.
  • Despite not being much in a physical situation, it's been noted that her gadgetry frequently advances on the territory of godly power. Among her creations are radars that can locate artifacts that summon wish-granting dragon gods, machines that can travel through time even more freely than the trinkets of her world's deities, artificial energy barriers strong enough to contain higher-order Super Saiyan powers, and pocket-sized capsules that are theoretically capable of storing entire armies. It is terribly underestimated how absurd her skills can get.
    • Given her reputation, it's no surprise other gadgeteer ladies have visited her temple while making their rounds. The most notable of those who've become her friends include Winry Rockbell and Karen Starr. Much to her relief, Vegeta didn't think ill of either one; in fact he entertained the notion of playing matchmaker for Trunks when it came to Winry (though knowing that Winry is closely attached to the Elric brothers as Edward's destined wife, it didn't last long), as well as included Power Girl on his list of those who would make pretty good Saiyans.
  • Following her fission from her evil side, Android 21 visited Bulma to talk science and ended up admiring the heiress' engineering genius. To her annoyance, 21 also gorged on all the string cheeses. They're still good with each other, though, as 21 since ascending has made it a point to come by Bulma's temple often.
  • After the Tournament of Power, Bulma convinced Vegeta to make that aforementioned "honorary Saiyans" list into a team, especially after meeting Cabba when he became the herald of Vegeta's temple. He agreed to this, even asking her to join in as their personal engineer. Heartened that he would consider her for this so quickly, he again reminded her that as his chosen bride due to her strength of will, she fits the criteria better than anyone despite not being a fighter. For example; she just encouraged the idea. She's not about to be left out in the cold.
  • She also gave Android 17 the boat he planned on wishing for to travel the Earth with his family after being told how he'd decided to forgo that wish and revive the erased Universes from the Tournament, saving the entire multiverse from a Godzilla Threshold judgment in the process.
  • Way too many people think Brief(s) is her last name as opposed to her father's given name. Future Trunks has only recently found the time to be able to address this issue, but she's glad it's finally being pointed out.
  • Is fascinated with the feats of one genius physicist Sento Kiryu, the greatest one being combining two parallels worlds to create a completely new one. To say Bulma was impressed by this phenomenon that defies the laws of physics would be an Understatement.

    Cleopatra VII 
Cleopatra Thea Philopator the Seventh, Goddess of Beautified Historical Figures (Cleo, Assassin)
An artist' rendering of Cleopatra
Click here  for her Servant incarnation
  • Demigoddess (Intermediate as a Servant, Greater Goddess as a Demon)
  • Symbol: A golden asp
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Allegedly the World's Most Beautiful Woman, Lover To Julius Caeser, God Empress, Nepharious Pharaoh According To Some, May–December Romance, Married To Her Brother As Per Custom, Royally Big, Screwed-Up Family, The Vamp or Heroic Seductress According To Others, Violent Relationship With Siblings, The Last Egyptian Pharaoh, Driven to Suicide
  • Domains: Egypt, Royalty, Riches, Combat, Passion
  • Followers: Marie Antoinette, Maximilien Robespierre, John Smith, Anne Boleyn
  • Allies: Alexander the Great, Daenerys Targaryen, Margaery Tyrell, Romeo and Juliet, The Egyptian Gods
  • Special relationship with: Her lover, Julius Caesar
  • On good terms with: The House of Persons of Desire
  • Rivals: Ramses, Anarkaris, Yami Yugi, and Marilyn Monroe
  • Enemies: En Sabah Nur, Nyarlathotep, YHVH, Akechi Mitsuhide, Caligula, Fafnir, Dante Alighieri, Apophis
  • Pities: Romeo and Juliet, Azula
  • Opposed: Nanashi
  • Disappointed in: Robb Stark, Rhaegar Targaryen, Nero
  • Cleopatra VII Philopator is the last pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty, and the last pharaoh in over 3000 years of Egyptian history. Born in a time where the Roman power held a grip on Egyptian power. While her father Ptolemy XII was a weak vassal, she was determined to restore the might of the pharaohs and independence. She would go on to shape Roman history and become one of the most influential pharaohs in history, however would fall in battle and kill herself rather than be subject to humiliation.
  • Considered by many through history, and her own time, as the World's Most Beautiful Woman. This isn't exactly true; while not ugly, she wasn't too spectacular. However her intelligence and charm, combined with her famous seduction of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, led her to get a Historical Beauty Upgrade. She competes with many goddesses in her house for who's the most attractive. Notably had a rap battle with Marilyn Monroe.
  • Realizes that she is one of several pharaohs in the Trope Pantheon. Determined to prove herself as the greatest leader Egypt has, she competes with all of them. That rivalry is very strong with Ramses, who's in top billing for the one of the greatest pharaohs ever. She admires his desire to keep Egyptian values though believes he goes too far. Ramses considers her somewhat hypocritical as her family is Greek, yet identifies completely as Egyptian. There's no good will towards Apocalypse and Nyarlathotep however, for obvious reasons.
  • Claims to be the reincarnation of Isis, though Osiris says that's bull. Zia Rashid and a lot other other magicians in the House of Life don't have a high opinion of her since in her universe the fall of Egypt was partly caused by her failed attempt to host Isis. While she keeps Hellenistic customs, she promotes the Egyptian Pantheon. As such, she opposes YHVH like so many others.
  • She was not pleased at all to learn that the Caligula would try to rule as a pharaoh in Egypt. She considers the man a complete disgrace to the lineage of her lover, Julius Caesar. She was rather upset to learn that the last of his line in power was Nero. Not that she dislikes her, she does doesn't think she should be the final link to her beloved.
  • Had a rather turbulent relationship with her family. Granted, the Ptolemies were infamous for familial backstabbing and the more reasonable/compassionate members of the House of Family would rather her not visit. She spent a good portion of her life trying to bump off her sister Arsinoe, and spent time co-ruling with her brother-husband while at each other's throats. She can sympathize with Azula over this.
  • Competes with other famed female rules from history. Right now, that includes Elizabeth the First, Artoria Pendragon and Jeanne D'Arc. It's all a Friendly Rivalry, as the four respect each other's achievements. Is a straight up ally with Daenerys Targaryen. The two are products of Royal Inbreeding, and the last of a once glorious line of rulers. She really respects what she's done and her willpower, hoping the Mother of Dragons succeeds where she has failed.
  • Managed to seduce both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, both who fathered her children, which was one of the main reasons Rome considered her such a threat. Allegedly she sent herself to Caesar in a rolled up carpet. Her and Caesar were overjoyed to see each other once again, though they are trying to take a more professional relationship at the moment given everything that's happened. She despises Akechi Mitsuhide for his betrayal, as it reminds her of Brutus'.
  • Seen often in the Persons of Desire sub-house. In terms of consorts and seductresses, she is very impressed by Margaery Tyrell and her rise in power, especially with handling a psychopathic brat and a Puppet King. Sad to see her consumed by wildfire, though hopes her literary counterpart has a lot more success. Contrasting this is her disappointment with Robb Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen; the former for letting his Sex for Solace utterly doom him and the latter for screwing over the realm due to his love for Lyanna Stark.
  • Feels plain old sorry for Romeo and Juliet due to how their love went. Given her own relationship with Mark Antony, it stings to see how they ended up. She found it mildly interesting that like them, she was a subject that the Bard wrote about. Sometimes she joins the Virgin Queen in watching Shakespeare's plays.
  • Very rich, and refuses to let anyone in the pantheon get their hands on her treasures. When she committed suicide by asp or overdose, she managed to make sure the Romans would never get their hands on it. Became really angry when Fafnir managed to steal her gold.
  • May have some demonic influence ties to her. It's said she is a demon queen of lust, and the epitome of Fan Disservice. Cleopatra is vehemently against this incarnation due to the Historical Villain Upgrade and claims it's an imposter, though Dante does not believe this. She's a lot more pleased with her SMT iteration however. She was summoned with specific body parts of 1465 women with the hope of making a world of "peace and salvation". Despite showing a stunning amount of power in her new demonic form, she was ultimately defeated, killing herself rather than dying by the hands of the Hunter sent to defeat her.
  • Recently served as a Servant, existing as an Assassin and spirit of magical and bewitching beauty, and may have been a magical girl. Ironically, the fact that she was one of the Assassin Brotherhood's first enemies has not been overlooked.
    • When Julius Caesar ascended as a Saber-class Servant, she called out to him with a very familiar-sounding "CAESAR!!!", earning her a friendly rivalry with Joseph Joestar; once she learned about his crossdressing caper, she volunteered to help him perfect the craft. Naturally, he refused... but that golden snake hovering around her looked a lot like a Stand, which she denied, as litigation would be too much of a hassle for her.
    • Her time as an Assassin-class Servant also brought her into contact with Michael Jackson, and she's working on picking up the choreography for "Remember the Time".
  • Beerus was confused upon seeing Cleopatra. She looked distinctively like Helles, the Goddess of Destruction of Universe 2, and was wondering what she was doing in the Trope Pantheon when most gods of destruction are busy with the Tournament of Power. He was informed otherwise. She smirked at this, knowing her beauty is comparable to a Cosmic Entity who values beauty.
  • Has been portrayed by a number of actors, such as Claudette Colbert, Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor. As such she's said to resemble Ellie Andrews, Scarlett O'Hara and Amy March. River Song once impersonated her...132 years after her death.
  • She also totally did not use pharaoh magic empowered with the work of slaves cheered by the Ouendan in order to attain her beauty, otherwise she's a fat slob. What kind of story is that!?

Quasimodo, God of Ugly Cute (The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Bell Ringer)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A church bell
  • Theme Song: Out There
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being hideous, yet endearing, strength through a lifetime of labor, to include speed, dubbed "half-formed", diverting from source material, social awkwardness
  • Domains: Inner beauty, Catholicism
  • Heralds: Victor, Hugo, and Laverne
  • Followers: Silkie, Jinenji, Pen-Pen, Tonberry, and numerous pugs all over reality.
  • Allies: Esmeralda, Sora, Belle and Beast, Goliath, Rena Ryuugu, Reika Aoki, Rapunzel, Riku, Madeline, Clopin, Stitch, Mozart, Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Enemies: Frollo, Vega
  • Sympathizes with: Scrat
  • Church bells echoed throughout the House of Personal Appearance one day. When other gods went to investigate, the shrine was empty, but they had found a staircase leading up into a bell tower. It was there that Quasimodo was discovered.
  • Hearing that a new cuteness related god had ascended (before hearing the full title) Rena rushed to meet Quasimodo. When she did, she was caught in a loop of whether or not to run in fear or enter cute mode. After Quasi sincerely asked if she was alright, Rena's scales were tipped and instantly latched onto the hunchback. Though taken back by the unusual behavior, Quasimodo was appreciative of the affection.
  • Is a frequent visitor to the House of Faith, despite his former master's shrine being located there. His strength and agility were put to the test when he set off all of the church bells within the house in melodic harmony.
  • Has learned to despise Vega for his cruelty and obsession with external beauty, something he feels the killer doesn't deserve.
  • Tends to shy away from the House of Music, being very unfamiliar with the kind of music the house specializes in. The House of Music loves hearing him ring the bells though.
    • One unusual fan of Quasimodo emerged in Mozart, with Amadeus having now started to write a symphony based on The Hunchback of Notre Dame, featuring bell sections played by the man himself. Quasimodo felt honored and always keeps in touch to learn how the composition is moving forward.
  • Belle dropped in to welcome him to the Pantheon, and also to offer her sympathy for Quasi being unable to win Esmeralda's heart. Quasimodo had moved on from the crush, but thanked her all the same.
  • Reika Aoki once visited his temple and says that inside his ugly exterior, has an inner beauty. She encourages him to be secure of himself.
  • Considering their shared suffering through their lives, Quasimodo and Rapunzel have quickly taken to each other. Quasimodo invited her into his shrine, modeled after his bell tower from the mortal world, to give her a tour. Within ten minutes Rapunzel started painting the rafters and flat surfaces with vibrant images to his surprise and delight. In response, Quasi carved a Rapunzel figure for her.
  • When Sora and, later on, Riku, were lost to the Friendship Asylum, Quasimodo was put in charge of building sanctuary for any gods that escaped it. Needless to say, his temple became as crowded as Ned Flanders' bomb shelter by the second part of "Operation: Mad Breakdown". Of course, Quasi didn't really mind, as he knew that they were refuges who've lost their temples.
  • After learning that Quasimodo had a temple in the Pantheon, Esmeralda immediately went to his temple to give him a hug as she is happy he found some place where people would accept him and look beyond his appearance.
  • Spent a whole day crying after learning his beloved cathedral suffered real life damage, as he couldn't be there for Notre Dame.
  • An ascended former follower of his, Scrat, always gets some nuts to eat when he passes by Quasimodo's temple. He eats them to get some energy to return to the only thing he ever cares about, his acorn, and never stays long. Still, the hunchback has no ill feelings, specially as this guarantees Scrat will not attempt to hide the acorn in Quasimodo's shrine and thus risk destroying it by accident.

Rottytops, Goddess of Attractive Zombies (Rottytops, Rotty, Fillin the Blank, Ima Goodgirl)
Rottytops as a Human 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Face, The Zombie Caravan
  • Theme Song: Rottytops' theme from Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, The Nightmare Woods (whenever she or someone escorting her's being chased)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A free thinking zombie who's constantly moving in place, one of Shantae's most mischievous friends, wants to eat brains, but settles for coffee instead, bears her midriff with pride, the only one out of Shantae's friends to not mind the "space princess" attire, tricked Shantae to carry her bridal style through a concerningly perverted part of a spooky forest, will not tolerate anyone harming Shantae, even if she wants to eat her brains, used to be among the living
  • Domains: Attractive Zombie, Coffee, Different Zombie, Shameless Fanservice
  • Heralds: Sky and Bolo
  • Allies: Shantae, Philip J. Fry, Sans and Payrus, Muffet, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, Miles Morale/Spider-Man II, Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, Heather Brown/Spinnerette, Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Enemies: Risky Boots, Albert Wesker, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Opposes: The House of Betrayal
  • Avoids: Zombie Apocalypse Survivors, especially The Green Flu Survivors, Frank West, Chris and Claire Redfield, and Leon Kennedy
  • Out of all the friends Shantae has, Rottytops was one of the most turbulent in the young Half-Genie's life. During Shantae's first adventure, Rotty and she encountered each other at the Zombie Caravan. After a foot race through the forest, the rest is history. On a bay day, she wants coffee and will do anything to get it, including teaming up with Risky Boots and helping Hypno Baron bring upon the end of the worldnote .
    • When Rottytops saw Shantae in the Pantheon, she ran at a dead sprint, crashing into her friend. While she was sore after that, Shantae's reception to her undead friend's arrival in the Pantheon was just as warm.
    • She made it clear to Risky that she'll stay loyal to Shantae, even if it will cost her a head and a leg. The latter simply scoffed and dealt with her business elsewhere.
  • Her temple manifests as the Zombie Caravan. By night, it stays put, allowing Rotty a chance to explore the Pantheon. By day, it rides off, mysteriously untrackable by most gods. The only place where it'll never stop at is the House of Betrayal, as it's still a very sore spot for the undead girl owing to her being blackmailed by Risky Boots to betray Shantae by kidnapping her Uncle Mimic.
  • Of all the people Shantae interacted with in her home world, she's one to love being in fanservice-heavy attires, rivaling the Pirate Queen in flaunting her stuff. Against both Shantae and Risky's wishes, she's brought her "space princess" bikini with her and could be seen on occasion wondering around the Pantheon wearing it.
    • Adding onto her love of shameless cosplaying, she brought up yet another costume. That being a half-genie garb during her time as Fillin the Blank or Ima Goodgirl, or whatever Atrocious Alias she comes up with next.
  • In her home realm, zombies come in two flavors: sane and insane. Rottytops is one of the sane zombies who haven't lost their sanity, but to keep her sanity, she needs to drink coffee constantly.
    • That's when she bumped into Philip J. Fry. On her way to get her fill of coffee for the day, she encountered Fry buying coffee. While Fry was curious about why she's green and needs coffee, she talks about how zombies in her world need coffee unless they want to become feral zombies. After teasing about wanting to eat his brain, both of them became coffee drinking buddies.
  • Despite being a zombie, she hates her fellow zombies in the House of the Undead, especially when it comes to hearing horror stories about zombie apocalypses happening in different worlds. To that end, she makes an effort to avoid most zombie apocalypse survivors.
    • The worst story she heard revolved around the Resident Evil world. Hearing about Albert Wesker's exploits in using viruses like the T-Virus to weed out the weak and take out the world, she took it upon herself to declare him an enemy. Wesker looks down upon her, since even in her native world, their zombies are far weaker than what he or the myriad of viruses he has can pull out.
  • The House of Knowledge found out that Rottytops was not always a mischievous zombie. In her home realm, her brothers and she were once human, but due to unknown circumstances, they became the zombie folk we recognize to this day. Rottytops remains silent on that topic, and that's how it'll remain.
  • One figure she was told to never try to fight was Galeem and Dharkon. Upon hearing about how they effectively killed her best friend and used her spirit as a puppet in their world, she became furious and swore to fight them if they dare try to attack her again.
  • One day in the House of Nature, she recieved a friend request over the World Wide Webnote . Upon going out to find whoever sent the request, she stumbled upon Sans the Skeleton, with his own World Wide Web. After a hurricane of bad web and spider puns, the two became fast friends. As for Papyrus, he's curious as to why she's a human, yet not a human whenever he isn't hiding from the duo's bad puns.
  • She has an affinity for most spiders in the Pantheon. That being said, she'd prefer to avoid Shelob and other evil/oblivion spider gods, as she doesn't want another Giant Spider to try to eat her as one tried to in Pirate's Curse.
    • On that note, she met Muffet as a lot of gods have: walking into a thick and sticky web trap laid down by her's truly. Despite the usual reception being less than warm for most other gods, Rotty took it in stride, deciding to play with Muffet and her spiders. As such, Muffet lets her go on her way without much trouble, inviting her to play with her spiders at a later date.
  • Using the World Wide Web, she found out about some spider-themed superheroes. Deciding to try to find the webslingers, she went over to the Sub-House of Unpopularity, hearing this is where Spider-Man resides outside the House of Heroes. To her glee, he was there, though he wasn't alone. Looking down, descends Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man II, Spider-Woman, and Spinnerette. After getting to know them and learn how they got their spider powers, she called them her spider-people friends with enthusiasm.
    • That being said, Peter Parker didn't trust the zombie initially, as she brought back bad memories of an alternative dimension where he, among the World's Greatest in that universe, turned into zombies by an alien virus. Rotty, saddened to hear about that Spider-Man becoming a zombie in an alternative universe, gives Spider-Man a hug of comfort while tears started to form. Taken aback, Peter comforts her by saying that this isn't that universe, and that she's her own hero, regardless if she's a zombie or a human. Even as a zombie, he stated, he made sure to use his powers with great responsibility.
    • Spinnerette's origin story was different, in that she was blasted in a Genetic Infusion Chamber instead of being bit by a radioactive spider. Unfortunately for the six-armed superhero, Rotty had a riot when she learned where she shoots her webs from, though she was quickly corrected that it was her lower back that shoots web, not her butt. They shot it off well otherwise, liking how powerful and kind she was, though showing off her excellent physique is a bonus, too.
  • Also holds a position in the Zombies Sub-House.

    Shinya Kogami 
Shinya Kogami, The Tall, Dark, and Handsome God (Enforcer Kogami, Inspector Kogami, Ko)
  • Demigod (Used to be Lesser God due to his defection from the C.I.D.)
  • Symbol: The Criminal Investigation Department Logo and the Dominator.
  • Theme Song: "Abnormalize"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, later Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Byronic Hero, Hunk, Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Smoking, Badass in a Nice Suit, Cultured Badass, The Profiler, Vigilante Man
  • Domains: Law, Investigation, Hunkiness, Vigilantism
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi
  • Allies: Akane Tsunemori, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu (Shin), Kiritsugu Emiya, Jin Kazama, Yuri Lowell, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Domon Kasshu, Kanji Tatsumi
  • Enemies: Shogo Makishima, The Joker, Gilgamesh (Fate), Bryan Fury, Tenjuro Banno
  • Kogami used to be an Inspector for the Public Safety Bureau, but after learning his partner got killed, things went downhill from there and he got demoted to Enforcer. He worked together alongside Akane Tsunemori in stopping Shogo Makishima, but in the end, Kogami went on the run. If there's one thing that's consistent about him, it's that he's pretty handsome.
  • Upon his ascension, he was reunited with Akane Tsunemori because she was very happy for him being able to ascend in the pantheon. On the other hand, Shogo Makishima was not very pleased, yet thrilled, to see him again after their last encounters back in their world. Whenever Makishima attempts to commit the same atrocities, Kogami is happy to work with Akane again to stop Makishima's plans.
  • Due to being a former law enforcer, Kogami had found a kinship in the form of Shinnosuke Tomari as the Kamen Rider had sympathize with him because both were demoted due to them unable to protect their respective partners in different circumstances, although the Rider makes him wonder too that Kogami is sounded like a certain Roidmude that copied his Rider System from a certain incident. However, Shinnosuke's partner Krim Steinbelt sees Kogami as another potential user of the Drive System as he gives Kogami the Shift Wild and a copy of the Drive Driver in case a new known battle awaits.
  • His current status as a Vigilante had impressed the dark knight itself, Bruce Wayne, due to their dedication of hunting criminals outside of the law. It is interesting that both shared their hate towards the Joker for committing heinous acts as both Bruce and Kogami starts to work together to stop the Joker's plans. This also made him allies with Yuri Lowell due to them sharing the same status as well.
  • Kogami had found a kinship in both Takatora Kureshima and Kiritsugu Emiya for three reasons, both having the same superior in their respective stories, they shared some similar traits, and they shared the same style of clothing.
  • Kogami became allies with Jin Kazama due to them being Tall, Dark, and Handsome, as well as the latter was impress with the former's fighting instincts as both men had decided to train each other in a hand-to-hand combat to improve their fighting skills.
  • He also made friends with both Domon Kasshu and Kanji Tatsumi due to them are sounded alike to each other. On the the other hand, he made enemies with Gilgamesh and Bryan Fury as well due to the same reasons.
  • His opinions on Tenjuro Banno is shared with Akane and Shinnosuke, he's nothing but a Abusive Mad Scientist bent on taking over the world through his master plan. Because of this he joins forces with them to stop Banno's ambitions.
  • Insists that he is not the spokesperson or mascot of Hyper-Oats despite some trying to make it look like such. Others find it amusing he would say something that sounds ridiculous in a serious tone.

    Snow White (Disney
Snow White, The Fairest Goddess Of Them All
  • Demigoddess (Overdeity when in-tandem with the other Princesses of Heart)
  • Symbol: An apple with a small bite mark on it
  • Leitmotif: "Someday My Prince Will Come"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Hair black as ebony, skin white as snow, friendly to all animals, being unable to corrupt due to being so sweet, being polite to everyone, awakening from love's first kiss, Princess of Heart
  • Domains: Animals, Kindness, Beauty
  • Heralds: The Seven Dwarfs: Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, and Dopey
  • Allies: Bigby Wolf, Aqua, Princess Peach, Sora, Fluttershy, Jak, Daxter, Aurora, Alice, Weiss Schnee, the other Snow White (Hime Shirayuki)
  • Enemies: The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Master Xehanort, The Master
  • Not to be confused with: The Fables Snow White in the same house or the Magical Girl Hunter
  • Opposes: Courtney Gears
  • When she entered the Pantheon, there was a lot of debate when it came to her title as the "Fairest of them all". Snow White, in the meantime, is just glad to be around company in the House of Royalty.
    • The Evil Queen has gotten furious over the fact that Snow White has now ascended, and is now plotting to get rid of her more than ever. Once noticeable act was to trick Snow White into brushing her hair with a poisoned comb that she would present in disguise as a hairdresser, but this was foiled by Jak, since he's a prince, and thus, would be able to see through the disguise.
    • Upon reevaluation of her titles, Snow White has moved to the Houses of Physical Attractiveness and Contempt. She vatly prefers to be in the former house, and still visits the House of Royalty often.
  • Was a bit concerned when she met with Johnny Appleseed who offered her some fresh apples (considering the last time she had one she was sent into a deep sleep). After some time with Snow White baking pies out of them, as well as a heart-to-heart chat, she has been a frequent buyer of Appleseed's apples which she makes into pies.
  • Charlotte LaBouff screamed in excitement when she came, seeing as Snow White was one of the original princesses that she grew up with. Snow White was flattered to find a good friend in the Pantheon, while Charlotte looked like she was about to faint in happiness.
  • Despite her rank as a Demigoddess, she is also one of the legendary Princesses of Heart which could provide useful against Master Xehanort's plans in unleashing Kingdom Hearts and the Door to Darkness. Because of this, whenever she is with the other six princesses, her rank jumps to Overdeity.
    • Snow White won't take anyone trying to use her heart for evil very well, and she appears to be in danger, she will summon the dwarves or her animal friends to attack the offender. So far, only Maleficent and Courtney Gears were able to successfully capture her.
  • Has lots of animal friends who help clean up her temple every now and then. Fluttershy also comes to her temple to help clean out and to sing alongside Snow White.
  • Rumors that she was also a Badass Princess who was best friends with Red Riding Hood and had a daughter named Emma are currently unfounded. After all, that's totally not how fairy tales are, right?
  • Upon learning about that trek to find Malachite's hand she watched in horror and confusion as to who dressed as her.
  • Rumor has it that the prince that Snow White married tried to win Rapunzel's heart, but lost her when she either died or ended up with Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert.

    Tomie Kawakami 
Tomie Kawakami, Goddess of Wretched Beauty
  • Demigoddess, but has the regeneration of a Greater God
  • Symbol: Her mole
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Humanoid Abominations that can Regenerate, Manipulation, Distinguishable Moles, Driving her Lovers to Madness, Hive Mind, Able to take over People like a Disease, Having a Weakness to Fire, Alpha Bitches, Absolute Immorality
  • Herald: Mr. Takagi
  • Allies: Fabius Bile, Junko Enoshima, SCP-953
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Johan Liebert, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Felix (Red Vs. Blue), Libby Chessler
  • Enemies: Kenzo Tenma, Black Jack, Tony Tony Chopper, Litchi Faye Ling, Sabrina Spellman, Ahri, The SCP Foundation, Yusuke Kitagawa, Ann Takamaki, The Hunter (Bloodborne), The Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Fears: Fire & Heat
  • Familiar to: H.P. Lovecraft
  • Tomie Kawakami at first seemed like a normal, albeit haughty girl. But, she is not actually "normal," for she has an uncanny charm that not only causes men to fall madly in love with her, but also causes them to eventually attempt to murder her via dismemberment. However, even death is incapable of keeping Tomie down, as she always ends up coming back the next day, seemingly unharmed. Some theorize that it is because she is an alien. Others suggest that she is just a monster with healing abilities. A few even believe that she is the Anthropomorphic Personification of domestic abuse itself. Whatever the case may be, the only thing that is known is that someone like Tomie is definately not "normal" in the slightest.
  • Upon her arrival to the Pantheon, Tomie immediately began trying to seduce as many male deities as she can. This ultimately culminated in a single, unknown male deity murdering her and chopping her body into pieces. However, each piece ended up regenerating into a brand, new Tomie, and soon enough, Tomies were crawling all over the Pantheon. Luckily, it was eventually discovered that she had a weakness to fire, and consequentially, the Pantheon had issued a strict "BURN ALL TOMIE REMAINS" Policy to prevent the Pantheon's Tomie population from growing out of control.
    • One of the main enforcers of this policy is the Hunter, who has begun organizing hunting parties armed entirely with Flamesprayers out of hopes that he could rid the Pantheon of Tomies with the exception of the initial deity. Nobody understands why he is so fervent about the issue, but some speculate that the Hunter believes that Tomie is another one of Doctor Iosefka's experiments.
  • In spite of their shared attributes, a few of the Alpha Bitches and Manipulative Bastards within the Pantheon have found themselves simply unable to stand Tomie beyond serious situations. Both Johan Liebert and Felix, while still admiring Tomie's manipulation skills, quickly resented her for her constant flirting and gaslighting, as well as her attempts to have them kill rival Tomies. While Eliza and Neil Reagan shared Tomie's taste in luxurious items, their friendship quickly ended when Tomie began insulting Eliza's looks. Libby sometimes hung out with Tomie to torment Sabrina Spellman, but even she thought Tomie was too insufferable for her liking.
  • Due to her strange healing abilities, Tomie is capable of regenerating from anything beyond a charred corpse. Even if she is reduced to a mere hunk of meat, said meat is capable of transforming back into Tomie. This has caught the eye of Fabius Bile, who, after learning of what had happened after her herald allowed a hospital to transfer her organs to others, immediately dissected Tomie, and began placing certain organs of hers into several patients within the House of Health and Diseases. Within a couple months, the patients that had received Tomie's organs had turned into Tomies themselves. As a result, a large section of the House had to be quarantined, and Tomie has been hated by many a good physician within the pantheon ever since.
  • In spite of her poor relationship with her "allies," Tomie has found herself enjoying the company of SCP-953. Probably helps since both woman happen to be demonic seductresses that use their looks and charms to draw many a deity to their untimely demise. Unfortunately for Tomie, this has made her a target of the SCP Foundation, who have taken an interest in Tomie's regenerative abilities.
  • For some strange reason, H.P. Lovecraft has developed an odd fascination with Tomie, and can often be seen studying the random Tomies from afar. While most have no clue as to why he does this, some have speculated that it is because Tomie bears a great resemblance to a character from a story that H.P. has read - a character who also seduces and drives men to madness.
  • Has earned the animosity of Phantom Thieves Yusuke Kitagawa and Ann Takamaki.
    • Ann, because of how Tomie reminded Ann of Mika, a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who also manipulated people around at Ann's modeling agency. However, Tomies often keep their distance from Ann, as one particularly stupid Tomie had discovered the hard way that Ann specialized in Agi spells.
    • Yusuke, because a random Tomie had waltzed into an exhibit that was featuring Yusuke's artwork, and said that the woman in the Sayuri, a painting that depicted Yusuke's mother, looked "foolish." His rage only increased further when she began to push his other berserk buttons, such as his mannerisms or his artistic talent. By the end of the day, Yusuke had to be physically restrained by his fellow Phantom Thieves in order to prevent him from cutting the Tomie to pieces.
  • One day, a random Tomie happened upon the temple belonging to the Doki Doki Literature Club, where Yuri was working on a poem of hers. Having heard about how Yuri was a Cute and Psycho Yandere, Tomie immediately began to insult Yuri's poems and looks. While Yuri took most of this in stride, what ultimately set her off was when Tomie began to brag about how she'll steal the nameless protagonist away from Yuri. Infuriated, Yuri killed Tomie, and used one of her ornate knives to slice up her body into pieces. Consequentially, the temple was soon infested with Tomies, forcing the Pantheon to temporarily reinstate Monika's reality-warping abilities, who then proceeded to create character files for the Tomies for the sole purpose of deleting them. The rest of the Tomies within the Pantheon have avoided the DDLC ever since.

    Tomoyo Sakagami 
Tomoyo Sakagami, Goddess of Untarnished Beauty (Tomoyo Okazaki)


    Betty Suarez 
Beatriz U. Suarez, Goddess of Perceived Ugliness (Ugly Betty)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A butterfly
  • Theme Song: The Ugly Betty Theme Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Plucky Office Girl, yet Hollywood Dateless and a Dude Magnet, Only Sane Employee, Team Mom, Nice Girl, Missing Mom
  • Domains: Good, Air, Community, Vermin
  • Followers: A long line of characters like her dating back to Yo soy Betty, la fea, Rachel Berry,
  • High Priestess: Alex Dunphy
  • Allies: Liz Lemon, Willow Rosenberg, Chuck Bartowski, Montra Leo
  • Enemies: Libby Chessler, the Ashleys, Eliza and Neil Reagan, GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Admires: Daria Morgendorffer, Jane Lane
  • Observes: Jun Kazama
  • Hollywood appears to have an ugliness problem. What they perceive as ugly others in more realistic settings see as So Okay, It's Average. Such was the case of Betty Suarez. Even with thick glasses, braces and tacky clothes that would make a fashion designer faint, people still found her attractive. She eventually cleaned herself up summenting the trope for good. Thus "Ugly Betty" landed a spot in the Pantheon.
    • She is not the first Betty in the Multiverse. She is merely one in a long line of Bettys from various countries. One can trace the first one as Beatriz Pinzón from Colombia. All of them have become high ranking followers in her temple.
    • There was strong competition from Alex Murphy who many saw as more attractive than her sister Haley Murphy. She was content to settle with High Priest as she would at least not be seen as uglier than Betty.
  • Ironically enough, she works at a fashion magazine. Many wondered how she survived all the scathing she endured, to which Betty stated she always wanted to make sure the magazine succeeded. She was proven right, all while improving her own fashion sense.
  • Libby had long awaited the day a goddess would ascend on her ugliness. Her posse were quick to ridicule her from her onset. They were shocked to see her own her ugliness. Betty endured various attempts to Break the Cutie to no effect. Some more humiliation will do little to deter her.
  • While trying to build up her own network of friends, she bumped into Daria and Jane. Daria quickly snarked on how a fashion designer could have such bad tastes for such a long time. Betty replied that she didn't care much about what others thought of what she wore. After contemplating on what she said next, she acknowledged that she was less ugly than she thought the holder would be. That was seen as a compliment, and Betty has tried to join their posse ever since with little luck. Daria at least dresses down those who still call Betty ugly.
  • She was glad to find many others in the Pantheon accused of being ugly. Liz Lemon was quick to join her side to rally against those who demean her followers, even creating a website for them to voice their concerns. Unfortunately, the website was shut down following a virus sent by Trollkaiger. Betty looks to Liz for guidance in her job in London.
  • Willow also came by for comfort. The witch went through some rough bullying back in high school. Her powers helped somewhat and her tenure in college helped Willow gain confidence in herself.
  • Women aren't the only ones who suffer from the trope. Chuck gets constant flack for managing to get a girl as hot as Sarah, even when some consider him to be fairly attractive. He promises to help her out in any case.
  • Is one of the greatest proponents of Meg's departure from the Fallen. She was appalled with Seth and his followers' treatment of the teen and even she doesn't think that Meg is all that unattractive. Betty has made it her duty to get her out of there. This will be a tall order for the two of them as Seth sees no incentive of improving the character's life.
  • Throughout the show, Betty saw butterflies throughout her journey. She had wondered where they came from and why they were attracted to her. By the show's end, she figured out the insect represented her transportation into a more beautiful woman. When she found out there was a butterfly god, she made her way to meet Montra Leo. Betty now pays regular tribute to the Kaiju as an act of gratitude.
  • Has recently made it her mission to find Jun Kazama. The reason? Her mother died early and she had hoped that Jun may have information on how she's doing in the aftermath. She even teamed up with Jin for help. They have been unsuccessful so far, but she still has hope that she will be successful.


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