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Due to the massive amount of different types of bugs, a second sub-house was made to separate the insects from other types of arthropods. Creepy-crawlies that don't fit the classification of insect have come to call this place home. Because of the number of spiders in the pantheon, this new Arthropod sub-house has a lot of webs. Some from disuse, some more recent and used to catch prey. This also serves as a home for more generic "bugs", though don't call them bugs.


As with its sister sub-house of Insects, Ragnaros the Firelord is not welcome here because he still uses "INSECT" as a derogatory term to refer to the arthropods.

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Greater Gods

Lolth, Drow Goddess of Frightening Spiders (Araushnee [her original name], Queen of Spiders, Queen of the Demonweb Pits, Dark Mother, Mother of Lusts, The Lady of Chaos, Spider-Bitch, Weaver of Destiny, Megwandir, Moander, Zinzerena)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Symbol.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Legitimate Goddess of Spiders, Deceit and Trickery, Utterly Deranged Monster of the Worst Kind, Displays No Concern for Anything Beyond Herself, Spider Symbolism, Attractiveness which hides her Depraved Nature, Encourages Betrayal and Backstabbing, Is Generally Disliked Among the Drow, Dark Is Evil, Outright Misandric, Giant Spider, The Leader of a Matriarchal Society, Having her Son and Daughter as her Arch-Enemies and Having no Qualms about Killing Them
  • Domains: Dark Elves, Spiders, Evil, Darkness, Trickery, Deception, Matriarchy, Depravity, War
  • Allies: Sofia Lamb, Ragyo Kiryuin, Ungoliant, Malty S Melromarc, Shelob, Black Arachnia the Broodmother
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Melkor, Griffith, Majin Buu, Johan Liebert, Damien Thorn, Katz, Just about any male villain in the Pantheon.
  • Rivals: Malekith, Arachne, Lord Recluse
  • Enemies: Drizzt Do'Urden, Malus Darkblade, The Hawkins Party, Link, Princess Zelda, Saria, Gaea, Rubeus Hagrid, Rachnera, Madoka Kaname, King Kong, King Arthur, Kidomaru, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Spinnerette, Ussop, Princess Sofia, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Tyrion, Teclis, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Legolas, Gimli, The Tarantula and the Scorpion (Lolth however is as amicable as she could get for the former)
  • Good Counterpart: Charlotte
  • Interested In: Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps
  • Opposes: Men in General (She leads an almost-exclusively Matriarchal Society)
  • Feared By: The Insects and Arthropods Sub-House in General, Billy, Ron Weasley, Annie, Claire Redfield, Gumball Watterson, Spike, Nami, Sanji
  • Formerly a Drow (Dark Elf) known as Araushness and representing destiny and artisans, Lolth would work for many centuries before becoming The Dreaded Drow Goddess of Trickery and Deceit. The attempt to assassinate her husband Corellon would persist into the War of the Seldarine, which ended in exile due to the efforts of her children Vhaeraun and Eilistraee. She abandoned her original name and went by Lolth before usurping and taking over the Demonweb Pits, defeating elven goddess Kiaransalee and plotting revenge against Corellon. The following years saw Lolth become a bloodthirsty tyrant who encouraged her followers to backstab and betray as much as they can and treat the male of her species as living Baby Factories. She achieved her desires of becoming a goddess during the War of the Spider Queen where Lolth established the Demonweb Pits as an independent plane from her lands and proved herself superior against the combined efforts of Vhaeraun and Eilistraee.
  • Lolth entered the Pantheon as Shelob's High Priestess. However, given that Shelob herself was rather simplistic regarding her desires and usually lacking in comparison to other spider-like deities like Arachne and Ungoliant, Lolth wanted to properly ascend so that she could finally showcase what she is truly capable of. She got her wish after Melkor decided to address her wish to ascend her proper, representing the scariest aspects of spiders. It worked; Lolth was scary, literally and figuratively.
  • Lolth is one of the most vile and deranged of her kind and position, something that very few can match. She has proven herself to be very calculating and sharp-witted when it comes to her plans, but beneath it belies a bloodthirsty and brutal monster who loves to torture and maim her enemies for the hell of it. It is for this reason that Melkor decided to have her ascended and to have a (sort-of) identical replacement for Ungoliant in place.
  • Lolth also happens to be one of the most oppressive beings in the Pantheon. As her rule suggests, she looks down on anyone and anything that is male and desires that women should be given all the power possible, let alone ultimate power. Melkor finds this problematic to an extent. Yeah, she's pure evil, but her way of thinking seems to clash against the God of Evil frequently. Griffith and Johan Liebert speculate that the only reason she's being submissive towards them is simply out of formality. Melkor allows her to play along with it.
    • She's currently assigned to the Legion of Monsters subsidiary of the Grand United Alliance of Evil where Lolth has established a massive underground network and conducts a series of plans and objectives to fellow GUAE members. This has some of the higher-ups concerned as Lolth's primary skills are based in deceit, betrayal and trickery.
  • Due to her very nature, the Insects Sub-House are absolutely frightened of Lolth and stay out of her reach as much as they could. The Arthropods Sub-House don't like her all too much either, with Shelob and the Black Arachnia being the only ones who don't mind her presence.
    • Similarly, Arachne herself doesn't fear her, though the two of them still butt heads against one another. Lolth praises Arachne for the general care of spiders and encourages her to toughen them up. While Arachne is scary, she digresses; she does truly care for her brood, but Lolth's reputation as a callous and sadistic tyrant doesn't exactly sit well with her.
  • As a Drow, Lolth caught interest in the land of Naggaroth, where Dark Elves ruled supreme, though, to her disappointment, there wasn't exactly any prominent arachnid there that had any sort of reputation. A chance meeting with Malekith would have went along well, had Lolth not have been an extreme misandrist. Though there's more to that when it comes to Malekith not wanting an alliance; true, the Dark Elves are treacherous and Malekith himself is very intolerant of his subordinates failing, but the Witch-King clarifies that having a system through sexual superiority would prove detrimental to him and Malekith already has a few good allies. That and Malekith is nowhere near as depraved as Lolth.
    • Malus Darkblade, on the other hand, hates Lolth, calling her an insane monster and is not hesitant in defying her in every turn. Though part of his disdain towards the Queen of Spiders may have something to do with Malus's pitiful childhood and that Lolth reminds him of Malus's abusive parents.
  • Lord Recluse is another villain with a spider motif that Lolth expressed some interest in. Alas, the chances of a partnership were moot; Lord Recluse is adamant in loyalty and unity, truly believing that being structured is the best way for villains to succeed. Lolth's tyranny and rule is a counter to the Ruler of Arachnos, ripe with betrayal, distrust and backstabbing. Not to mention they themselves are fundamentally on the opposite spectrum of villainy, with Lord Recluse being on the lawful side of it whereas Lolth is on the chaotic spectrum.
  • With how she demands that every newborn male in her to be kept in slavery only for a means to reproduce and her callous sacrificing of many of them at birth, Lolth is permanently banned from the House of Family. Even the Child Abuse Supporters winced a little at just how far off Lolth is, even if they themselves weren't any better morally. Furthermore, her irrational hatred towards any and all Elves beyond her own kind earned the enmity of Tyrion, Teclis, Legolas and many more, given that Lolth will stop at nothing in ordering her followers to kill them.
  • She could not be any more different from Charlotte. While both of them are spiders, Charlotte is just an ordinary one whereas Lolth is a legitimate goddess and originally a Drow (Dark Elf). Additionally, Charlotte is perfectly content with her life and is seen as an inspiration for many, a rare feat for a spider. Lolth, on the other hand, aspires to conquer more than just her realm and is actively detested by her fellow Drow henchwomen. Despite this, Lolth has a very low opinion of Charlotte and states that her existence means nothing to her. She doesn't attack her, but that's mainly because she is adhering to her own law of not attacking spiders and even that isn't honourable in any sense.
  • Kill a spider, and Lolth will make sure you're executed for it. Arachne and Charlotte think this notion is completely asinine as it will make people fear spiders even more. Lolth simply doesn't care about what they have to say about. Not that it really matters to her anyway, although some are willing to call out that she doesn't give a shit about anyone, thus making her out to be a Hypocrite.
    • She took notice of a notable rivalry between a tarantula and a scorpion. Lolth decided to grant the former a sanctuary where it could reside to her heart's content. However, to a lot of spiders's dismay, Lolth didn't do this with honour or concern; rather it's out of a symbol of superiority, which the tarantula, unfortunately, cannot understand due to its animalistic nature, though she does feel rather wary of Lolth at times. On the other hand, the scorpion keeps its distance from the Queen of Spiders due to her exceedingly intimidating size.
  • Spiders are scary? Yeah, Lolth will escalate that to new levels, doing things that even a regular spider wouldn't do, either naturally or morally. She personally facies the Trickery and the Torture & Mutilation Sub-Houses quite a lot, trying to learn new ways to manipulate and torture her subjects and enemies. She states that this will greatly benefit the GUAE. Melkor believes in her but is also level-headed enough to expect himself being betrayed so he's taking some precaution.
  • On the topic of being scary, Lolth may be the scariest spider in the Pantheon. Billy, who is known for being afraid of spiders would freak out by even the slightest mention of Lolth. Many including, but not limited to Ron Weasley, Claire Redfield, Annie, Gumball Watterson, Spike, Nami and Sanji are not just afraid of her, but actively despise her as she does have a moral understanding and chooses to be evil. Strangely enough, Ussop doesn't fear her, despite his general cowardice and the Queen of Spiders dares him to challenge her.
  • Is annoyed by the prospect of a dog that is able to defeat his opponents despite his cowardly nature. Although Courage is naturally afraid of her, Lolth takes some time to consider on how to kill him, given that Courage is capable of outsmarting her at some given point. As a genuine goddess, Lolth is never allowing that to happen in any capacity.
    • Said enmity against Courage resulted in a meeting with Katz, who happens to have a dietary taste for spiders. Even with that, Katz was intrigued by the levels of sadism and depravity that Lolth would sink into and doesn't want to miss the chance of an alliance. Lolth, on the other hand, doesn't have a high opinion on Katz merely because he's a male cat. Still, they have a common enemy, so Lolth will consider an alliance. However, she makes it clear that if she ever sees Katz eating a spider in her vicinity, it'll be the last meal he'll ever have.
"Treachery. Deceit. Death. This is the Drow way."


Intermediate Gods

Arachne, God-Mother of Spider People (The Weaver, The First Spider)

Shelob, Goddess of Giant Spiders (Her Ladyship, The Shadow Spider, Sauron's cat)
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Lesser Gods

    Black Arachnia the Broodmother 
Black Arachnia, Goddess of Spider Swarms (Broodmother, Broodmama)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A web with spiders crawling on it.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Anti Villainess, Big Creepy-Crawlies, Cobweb Jungle, Giant Spider, Horror Hunger, Broodmama Bear, Mother of a Thousand Young, Horrifying Spider, Zerg Rush
  • Domains: Spiders, Web, Combat
  • Allies: Arachne, Anub'arak
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, Zagara, Shelob
  • Enemies: Kunkka, Sven, Spider-Man, Athena, Tassadar, Kael'thas, Billy, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, League of Explorers, Nathan Drake, Smaug
  • Opposes: Those with Herd Hitting Attacks, Larten Crespley, Jafar, The Keeper
  • Opposed by: Arachnophobes, Dipper and Mabel Pines
  • Odd Friendship: GLaDOS
  • A monstrous spider that raised millions of babies so that they will grow and feast. One day, a vizier hid his treasures deep inside her lair, knowing that adventurers will look for his wealth. Furious of the intruders, she devoured the Vizier and declared getting rid of every intruders, down to the last Hero, to create a safe environment for her children.
  • Like an idiot, Billy figured that it would be a smart idea to take a shortcut through the forest covered in cobwebs. Halfway through it, he encountered a group of small spiders, one of which he immediately tried to stomp on, stopping only when a voice from behind warned against doing so. When he turned his head to see the source of the voice, he came face to face with a giant spider with a monstrous face. After screaming once, Billy ran out of the forest in blinding speed in sheer terror. His scream was heard miles throughout the Pantheon, alerting deities to the news that something has made its arrival. Black Arachnia the Broodmother has ascended.
    • Given time, Black Arachnia will spawn a swarm of spiders to overwhelm her enemies and towers alike. The mother herself is deadly on her own, and as many can attest to, harming Broodmother's children is a bad idea.
    • Though her swarms of spiderlings are deadly, they're vulnerable to attacks and spells that affects more than one entity. Black Arachnia has long since accepted that she's always going to hate those with Herd Hitting Attacks, especially Kunkka and Sven, and others like Tassadar and Kael'thas.
  • After an incident involving spiders, Dipper and Mabel Pines are making an effort to avoid Broodmother.
  • Back in the distant past, Black Arachnia and Anub'arak used to be lovers when the latter was the Nerubian Assassin. Though they've since broken up, word has it that they're still fond of each other but with Zagara in the picture, things get very awkward... and violent.
  • Despite their many differences, Broodmother and GLaDOS managed to become friends thanks to one shared trait. She's even giving her tips how to raise the baby birds, though GLaDOS wisely knows the difference between spiders and birds.
  • She despise adventurers that would intrude in her nest and step on her spiderlings in their greed for treasure, which is inconvenient for her as someone placed their treasure in her lair, much like her old nest in Mount Pyrotheos. She have been shown to be very aggressive toward anyone near her home as she joined in the War of the Ancients to make her home secure from any possible intruders.
    • That someone happens to be the Keeper who wanted to build a dungeon on a spider's nest, knowing that it would be dangerous to enter the lair for its treasure. This does not impressed Arachnia as this is like what happened with her old nest.
  • She dislike one vampire named Larten Crespley as he has the ability to control her or her children.
  • Despite her lair being close by Shelob's, the two do not appear to get along well. Apparently, the two view each other as competition for food (although Shelog is only concerned with her own hunger while Broodmother want to feed her own children).
  • It is very skeptical of Grand Vizier Jafar as one greedy vizier known as Ptholopthales placed his treasure in her lair and attracted many intruders to her home. She and her children devoured him, of course, and threaten the same with Jafar.
  • Smaug is quite envious of some of the treasure that are inside Broodmother's nest. She is not amused by this as he is a threat to her children.
  • The Broodmother once adapted in the Old World and lived in her lair as a new Arachnarok.

Drapion, God of Scorpions (the Ogre Scorpion Pokémon, Sand Demon, Dorapion)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Its arms and stinger tail
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Sniper
  • Moves: Cross Poison, Night Slash, Acupressure, Ice Fang
    • Z-Move: Black Hole Eclipse
  • Portfolio: Intimidating Scorpions, Poison-types, Dark-types, Abnormal Limb Rotation Range, Critical Hit Class, Power Pincers, Honourable Fighter
  • Domains: Poison, Pragmatism, Scorpions
  • Followers: Vorox, Moldarach
  • Allies: Pikachu, Ash Ketchum, Venusaur, Zubat, Scolipede, Greninja, Oberyn Martell, Reubus Hagrid, Steve Irwin, Arachne, Midna, Akame
  • Rivals: Yasuo, Shelob, Lesale Deathbringer
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket (notably Ghetsis), Pokemon Hunter J
  • Opposes: Ground and earth attackers
  • First found in Pastoria's Great Marsh, the scorpion Skorupi will evolve to the Ogre Scorpion Drapion at Lv 40. It has claws that can crush cars, a sturdy and segmented shell, and can rotate its head 180 degrees. Besides that, it doesn't use toxin during battles, instead using it to finish them off.
  • While Drapion isn't evil, it has been used by such people as Ghetsis Harmonia, Hunter J and Paul. And it attacks people in deserts. However this Drapion isn't loyal to any of them and dislikes Ghetsis for his abuse of his Pokemon, or either for their crimes against Pokemon kind. This frustrates the two as they would rather have a Pokemon serve them.
  • Drapion has developed a rather strong bond with Crixalis the Sand King as he not evil like the other people Drapions usually work with, and is also one of the few deities who's also a scorpion. Many deities find it very ironic that Drapion's strongest bond is with one who controls the element that Drapion's weak to.
  • Generally fond of those who look past its intimidating appearance, and likes how its own sub-house is full of already spooky-looking deities who don't care. Reubus Hagrid and Steve Irwin immediately looked past its Poison/Dark typing and treated it with respect. Being Australian, Steve Irwin has handled plenty of scorpions in his past and has nothing to be afraid of from Drapion.
  • Able to deliver poison through its claws, which makes it an asset to the House of Toxicity. It's glad to see that not all poison wielders are villainous, like Akame. Some are, but in the case of, say Lesale Deathbringer, Drapion considers the poisoner more competition than anything. Oberyn, who's quite experienced on the subject of poison in battle, was intrigued by Drapion. Being a scorpion, Drapion prefers the warmer climate Dorne has to offer.
  • It has a rivalry with Yasuo. On one hand, its ability Sniper makes its critical hits stronger, combined with high critical-chance moves like Cross Poison and Night Slash. On the other hand, its other ability Battle Armor, prevents critical hits landing on Drapion, thus nullifying Yasuo's claim to fame.
  • Many gods still mistake Drapion for being a Bug/Poison type, thus using Fire, Psychic, Rock and Flying-types moves on it out of habit. Ground-based deities can deal with it, but otherwise, not much else really works on it that well. Because of their shared types and abilities in combat, it's not uncommon for Drapion to get along well with other poison users and those associated with darkness(mainly those associated with dirty fighting), and dislike gods like Toph.
  • Not a Bug type anymore, but commonly associates with those in the broad definition of bugs. Drapion is friendly with Arachne as he sees her as misunderstood like it. Not completely untrue. He doesn't share that kind of fondness with Shelob, but the two tend to compete for food than actively oppose each other.
  • Part of the Bug and Water 3 egg groups. Most get the former, but the Houses of Water & Moisture and Aquatic Life are still trying to figure out the latter. The House of Darkness & Shadow is wondering why Drapion doesn't answer their invites, which the Pokemon explained that the Dark typing is more dirty tricks and fighting than it is literal darkness. However Drapion does like Midna, because she proves just because you're dark, doesn't mean you're bad.

Scolipede, God of Big Creepy-Crawlies (The Megapede Pokémon, Pendror)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Its horns
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Ability: Speed Boost
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Megahorn, Poison Jab, Earthquake, Aqua Tail
    • Z-Move: Acid Downpour
  • Portfolio: Creepy Centipedes, Mighty Roar, Glass Cannon, Beware My Stinger Tail, Big Creepy-Crawlies, Acrofatic
  • Domains: Centipedes, Girth, Roars, Agility
  • Allies: Heracross & Pinsir, Scyther, Durant, Volcarona, Agitha, Scizor
  • Rivals: gods with Psychic Powers
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Mikami, gods with fire-based attacks (especially Ragnaros the Firelord), Grass-type Pokémon
  • Many tend to get creeped out by bugs, especially if they are larger than normal. Scolipede is an eight foot tall 442 lbs. centipede that's rather fast and uses poison in order to incapacitate potential prey. It will keep chasing its prey until successful.
  • Tommyrod once held the title of Big Creepy-Crawlies, but it was discovered that while he could make bugs, he wasn't actually one. After a group was looking around for some replacements, they heard a loud roar from nowhere and discovered that a different group was running from a giant centipede. After the creature was subdued, it was brought in to fill in for Tommyrod's former title.
  • Unless you like to get chased around by a giant, roaring, agile centipede, don't mention anything about human centipedes in front of it.
    • Speaking of which, it was optioned for Creepy Centipedes one time, but the considerations fell through. Scolipede isn't really happy about it and hates the current holders quite a bit.
    • On the other hand, it doesn't have a lot of issues working with Ken Kaneki given the latter's association with centipedes. In some regard, the Pokémon is trying to be a Morality Pet for Kaneki so that the latter doesn't end up in a worse state.
  • A few gods have been tossing around the idea of riding a Scolipede just for fun and possibly make a competition around it, in spite of its speed. Given the Pokémon's aggression, such a thing isn't expected to happen for a while.
  • It's not on good terms with gods with psychic capabilities. On one hand, Scolipede has attacks that can best them easily, but on the other, said psychics can take down Scolipede just as easily.
    • Scolipede's relations with fire-based gods is even worse given that it can go down easily from such attacks. In particular, it hates Ragnaros the Firelord a lot due to the latter's tendencies to call anything inferior to the embodiment INSECT.
  • It gets along rather well with the other bug-type Pokémon. Even though it's on somewhat tense terms with Volcarona given the latter's abilities, at the very least the two aren't actively antagonistic towards each other.
    • However, all of the Grass-type Pokémon don't like it that much given that their attacks do very little against it. Scolipede, on its end, doesn't interact much with the Pokémon of the aforementioned type.
  • Has the rare ability to temporarily empower other gods to Greater God levels with Baton Pass.


    Charlotte (Charlotte's Web
Charlotte A. Cavatica, Goddess of Friendly Spiders
Her live-Action version 
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A web with the word "TERRIFIC", "RADIANT", or "HUMBLE" written in it.
  • Theme Song: Mother Earth and Father Time
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Friendly Spider, Striking a Friendship with a Pig, Determinator, Dies after Laying her Batch of Eggs and after Wilbur wins a Fair, Dying Alone, Helping Charlie because he is her Friend, Sneaky Spider, Tough Love
  • Domains: Spiders, Friendship, Death, Motherhood, Determination
  • Heralds: Wilbur, Templeton, Fern and her daughters (Nellie, Joy and Aranea)
  • Allies: Babe, Eliza Thornberry, Princess Sofia, Anne-Marie, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Spinnerette, Rachnera, The Farmer, Fluttershy, Jack and Annie, Rubeus Hagrid, Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Opposes: Ungoliant, Shelob, Kidomaru, Napoleon, Lord Recluse, The Scorpion, Katz
  • Evil Counterpart: Lolth
  • Commonality Connection: Optimus Prime
  • On Good Terms With: Arachne, The Tarantula, Gaea and the Grand United Alliance of Nature
  • Uneasy Relationship: Eddie Brock/Venom
  • Pities: Billy
  • Normally, spiders are demonized due to looking scary and for being effective predators. Not so much in the case of Charlotte, who subverts this description by instead turning out to be gentle, understanding and motherly, especially towards a pig named Wilbur, whom she meets and befriends. As Wilbur's timid and shy nature keeps him from being independent and afraid, Charlotte does the best she could to motivate and toughen him up, especially considering Wilbur is to be deported to another farm for slaughter, including writing a series of banners with her webs. With the help of some of the farm animals, she succeeds, though Charlotte dies after laying a batch of eggs which Wilbur would look after in the near future.
  • After her death, Charlotte proved herself to be among the best of her kind morally and her story was seen with bittersweet inspiration and awe. The day she ascended into the Pantheon, the Arthropods Sub-House began to have a number of visitors that were unmatched in the Sub-House's history. Many flocked to at least see Charlotte once and pay their regards for being such a good conscience to Wilbur. While she reciprocates, Charlotte doesn't spend much time flocking on about her success, she's simply content with having a quiet and comfortable life in the Pantheon.
  • She can often be seen wandering in the Ungulates Sub-House. It's primarily because Charlotte is reminded of the experiences she had in Wilbur's farm during her mortal life and it's a serene recollection. She met with a pig named Babe, who had a different experience from Wilbur's and was more extroverted, though the fact remained that he was a good-hearted animal. They quickly became friends with Babe often going to Charlotte for advice in everyday life.
  • Because the Arthropods Sub-House is full of things that people would be outright terrified of, Charlotte sticks out like a sore thumb. Predictably, many of the spiders have some conflicting thoughts about her. Shelob and the Black Arachnia don't have any positive feelings towards Charlotte, though they have no desire to kill her either, given she's a spider just like them. Not that Charlotte cares about them all that much, considering the two of them are rather unapproachable.
    • Her relationship with Arachne was initially complicated. As she was initially the top representing spider, Arachne was surprised to see Charlotte steal her thunder for quite some time. That said, she does express some respect for the ordinary spider, given how Charlotte gave her life up to reproduce. Not so much on Wilbur, though Arachne respects the pig for at least taking care of Charlotte's eggs after her death. For now, the two of them get along pretty well, also helping with the fact that Arachne is very protective of her kin and Charlotte is no different.
    • There's also a duelling tarantula and scorpion that have established their rivalry very widely. Charlotte gets along with the former with the tarantula herself finding some sort of comfort being with her and actually listening to her wisdom every once in a while. The scorpion however just sees Charlotte as prey given that she is smaller than the tarantula.
  • Of all the spiders in the Pantheon, while Charlotte has no ill will towards even the more malevolent ones, she completely disapproves of Lolth, who may as well be her complete counter. It's not enough that Lolth is a predator, but she's far too deranged and vicious for her kind. Charlotte also doesn't buy the concept of the spider's sacred hospitality in Lolth's eyes because her punishment for those who harm spiders is not just blew out of proportions, but she doesn't even care about her brood or henchmen in any way. Lolth simply laughed her off, calling Charlotte insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
    • There's also the prospect of their offspring; Charlotte died partly due to exerting her strength to lay her eggs. In complete contrast, Lolth did everything in her power to kill her children because they opposed her and Lolth has no intention in giving up her society's status quo.
  • The very concept of Spider People seems like a mystery to Charlotte, given that they just look weird. It doesn't stop her from getting along with Spider-Man, Rachnera and Spinnerette as all three of them are kind-hearted and two of them are heroes who see Charlotte as someone of wisdom and providing encouragement, especially for Spider-Man for obvious reasons. She disapproves of Kidomaru and Lord Recluse, the former for being a crazed supporter of a renowned terrorist and for being creepy and the latter for being a supervillain leader with a spider-motif which Charlotte thinks paints spiders in a wrong fashion, deliberate or not. Eddie Brock is complicated; sure Eddie with the Venom Symbiote is genuinely trying to help his world, protect the innocent and Charlotte genuinely praises his attention towards his son Dylan, but at the same time, she thinks Eddie's vicious and brutal nature may be a bit too much for her to stomach.
  • Because she's fine with being just an ordinary animal, Charlotte has no interest in the Pantheonic Forever War and simply just spends her time in her Sub-House just watching over spiders whilst taking a few trips to other places in the Houses of Beast and Nature. She once met Gaea who was perplexed to see how a spider could be friends with a pig. Charlotte told the Titan that "it's hoe nature played out" and that she's fine with where she's at. Gaea respected her thoughts and often allows her to visit the Titan's domain.
  • Charlotte became quick friends with Courage the Cowardly Dog. It's mainly due to how Courage reminded the spider of Wilbur in some way, as the pig was a shy and cowardly animal when Charlotte met him for the first time and Courage was somewhat similar. The spider showed admiration for the dog's resolve when it comes to protecting those he cares about.
    • Speaking of, she learned about Courage's experience with Katz pretty soo and immediately disliked the cat. Katz himself has a taste for spiders and desires to kill and eat Charlotte one day, thinking that doing so would further bolster his reputation towards villains. Courage, however, is determined to protect Charlotte at all costs from the evil cat. After all, in Courage's words, "The things I do for love".
  • She is one of the very spiders which Arachnophobes can admit to not being afraid of, thanks to Charlotte's motherly behaviour. She gets along with Jack and Annie pretty well, though the spider has to reprimand them that there's more to learning than just books, which Jack and Annie admit to stating that they do with their magic treehouse. That said, Jack and Anie have also mentioned one that they burst into tears after reading Charlotte's story.
  • Hagrid has taken a fond liking to Charlotte and often takes her to his domain where the two of them talk stories about their experiences, with Hagrid admittedly crying after hearing about Charlotte's death. She herself was nervous to hear about Hagrid's former pet spider Aragog, though he insists that he won't harm either him or her... so long as Hagrid orders Aragog of it.
  • There aren't many people who talk to Charlotte. Sure she appears anthropomorphic towards other animals, that doesn't seem to be the case towards humans. Still, she was able to make friends out of Anne-Marie, Eliza Thornberry and Princess Sofia, both of whom are able to directly communicate and talk to animals, though Sofia needs the Amulet of Avalor to make that happen. The latter often takes Charlotte to her domain where Sofia would like to see if she can create something magical with Charlotte's webbing.
    • On the other hand, Billy's total fear of spiders, in general, causes him to scream and run away anytime he actually sees one, Charlotte herself is no exception. She herself ponders on how much of an idiot Billy could be when she herself is nothing more than an ordinary spider who tries to help people. She might think about approaching Grim about toughening Billy up regarding spiders, though she hasn't made a move... yet.
  • Discrediting Lolth, Charlotte holds her greatest scorn towards Napoleon for very obvious reasons that range from his cruel treatment of his animal compatriots, his cowardly and immensely hypocritical nature and becoming far worse than the humans he opposes without ever acknowledging his faults. Then again, Napoleon is despised by pretty much every animal in the Pantheon, so Charlotte doesn't really have anything new to say to him, beyond the fact that he's the polar opposite of Wilbur and Babe whilst still remaining a coward who still refuses to accept any responsibility and misgivings.
  • Her death is normally recounted as one of the saddest in animated medium and it often gets compared to the death of Optimus Prime during his fight against Galvatron and the Decepticons. Both the spider and the Autobot leader have nothing of competition against each other because of it, instead just becoming friends due to them being animated icons (though Charlotte originated from a book) and for being inspirational figures in their own right.
"You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing."


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