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The House of Fairies is at first glance a stereotypical big forest and inside of them are many bushes filled with small fairies and pixies. However, at closer look reveal a far more diverse landscape created and sustain by the magical power of the ones who live there, suitably for their diverse origin.

While Maleficent is a fairy, she is incredibly unwelcome in this place due to the prominence of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather and as well as the fact that she hurt a newborn child, something many in this place frown upon.

On the other side of the spectrum, Timmy Turner, Aurora, Cael Cyndar and Peter Pan are all warmly welcomed here due to their intimate history with fairies. Link is also a frequent visitor of this house to seek guidance.

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Intermediate Gods

He is BOB, eager for fun. He wears a smile, everybody run.

Killer BOB, God of Alien Fair Folk (Robertson, Beware of BOB)
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: A spoonful of what appears to be creamed corn
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Alien Fair Folk, Batshit Insanity, Snatching Bodies so he can Corrupt the Host and their Loved Ones, Emotion Eaters, Unfetteredness, Hidden Villains, Unexpected Additions Post-Production, Rapists, Being Revealed Through Mirrors, Smells of Gasoline, Knights of Cerebus, Ominous Owls, Anthropomorphic Representations of Environmental Pollution via Nuclear Testing, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Possession, Mysteriousness, Suffering, Rape
  • Allies: Mr. Scratch, Kage, Molag Bal
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Parallax
  • Enemies: Alan Wake, Samurai Jack, Link, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Rottytops, The Highwayman, The Ancestor, The Crimson Court
  • Victims: Ryu, Shantae, Richard "Dick" Simmons, Jin Kazama, The Flagellant
  • Opposes: Angra Mainyu
  • Fears: Darkseid
  • Intrigues: House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • A former member of the Black Lodge, a group of eldritch entities that resided in the woods of northeastern Washington, BOB was an enigma amongst enigmas, whose origins ranged from spawning from a H-bomb during the Trinity nuclear tests to being an alien hailing from a planet made entirely out of creamed corn. What was known about him was his obsession with "garmonbozia," a creamed corn-like substance that comprised of the sorrow and suffering that mortals experienced. BOB's drive to obtain as much "garmonbozia" as possible would cause him to terrorize inhabitants of Twin Peaks, first by possessing Leland Palmer and having him commit various acts of rape and murder followed by possessing the doppelganger of FBI agent Dale Cooper. His reign of terror would end on October 2, 2016, when he was captured by Freddie Sykes and shattered to pieces. Still, that day would not be the end for BOB, because now, BOB has been brought back. And he's ready to have some fun.
  • In his world, BOB was able to possess people and control their darkest desires, often causing BOB's hosts to act on those desires. Now that he was alive again without Leland or Cooper to possess, BOB has decided to find new hosts to play with, resulting in the possession of the following deities:
    • Having heard about Ryu and his Satsui no Hadou, BOB was all but certain that he needed to possess Ryu. While Ryu was training with Gouken near his temple, BOB approached Ryu and asked him about the Metsu Shoryuken that he delivered to Sagat during the first tournament. When Ryu demanded to know what BOB was implying, BOB proceeded to "open" Ryu and latch onto Ryu's obsession with fighting, hoping to bring out Evil Ryu in the process. Unbeknownst to BOB, however, not only did Ryu expunge the Satsui no Hadou from his body, but he has also gained control over the Power of Nothingness, allowing Ryu to resist BOB's possession. From Ryu's perspective, it was a horrifying experience as he fought with all his might to expel BOB's presence from his body. From Gouken's perspective, it appeared as if his student wouldn't stop punching himself in the face.
      • Although his possession of Ryu may have been a failure, BOB still somehow garnered the interest of Ryu's expunged Satsui no Hadou, Kage, who believes that BOB is the key to Kage's re-emergence with Ryu. While he doesn't care much for the Shadow One's plan to once again become one with his former self, BOB still enjoyed Kage's battlelust, and hasn't ruled out a possible Symbiotic Possession with the Living Shadow. After all, it wouldn't be the first time that BOB had a mutual possession with an evil doppelganger.
    • Even though Shantae had taken steps to avoid BOB after hearing of his near-possession of Ryu, she was unprepared to find BOB in a mirror inside her temple one day asking her for a wish. Before she could even respond, BOB immediately "opened" Shantae, allowing him to bring forth Nega-Shantae. However, before BOB was able to do anything with Nega-Shantae, Rottytops, accompanied by Sky and Bolo, had already infiltrated Shantae's mind on the off chance that BOB had succeeded in possessing Shantae. As the flabbergasted BOB stood there wondering how the trio even got into Shantae's mind in the first place, Rottytops proceeded to rip off her leg and smack BOB in the face with it, expelling the entity from Shantae's mind. A mysterious-looking orb was seen flying out of Shantae's temple in a stupor shortly afterwards.
    • In contrast with the former two victims, BOB managed to successfully possess the body of Private First Class Richard "Dick" Simmons, who was "opened" by BOB after the latter asked the former how Sarge was doing. As a result, Simmons became highly aggressive and hostile to the other members of the Red Team, culminating in him trying to kill Sarge whilst ranting about how everyone will start wanting to "kiss MY ass!" Simmons was just about to drive a knife into Sarge's throat when BOB, having grown bored of Simmons, exited his body to possess someone else, leaving Simmons to awkwardly explain to Sarge why he was holding a knife to Sarge's neck. Some time later, Simmons was last seen running for his life through the House of Travel whilst an infuriated Sarge pursued him with a Warthog that constantly played Tejano music.
    • Hoping to take over Jin Kazama's body so that he could exploit Jin's Devil Gene, BOB appeared before Jin one day while he was training with his fellow Tekken deities and asked him about his original last name, Mishima. As Jin angrily asked BOB as to why he was pestering him, BOB "opened" him and immediately awakening Devil Jin. What followed was essentially a massacre at the House of Fighting and Combat, as the BOB-controlled Devil Jin slaughtered not just the deities from Tekken, but also any God or Goddess that was unfortunate enough cross paths with him. By the end of the day, a large portion of the House was depopulated, and Jin was found surrounded by the corpses of his fellow deities whilst looking upon the carnage he was forced to carry out. As for BOB, he or his orb form were nowhere to be seen within the House's bloodstained halls. Rather, he was back at his temple, contemplating about the best experience he ever had in the Pantheon so far.
    • While delving deep into the Crimon Court's courtyard, the Flagellant and the Highwayman were surprised to come across not another Crocodilian, but rather a disheveled man smiling menacingly who began asking the Flagellant what it was like to suffer. As the Flagellant and Highwayman stared at him in confusion, BOB began to "open" the Flagellant, stressing the Flagellant out enough to become Rapturous. From there, the BOB-possessed Flagellant would begin a wholesale slaughter on the courtyard, starting with the Highwayman and including the Barron, the Viscount, and many of the infected nobles that inhabited the tainted land. His indiscriminate killing came to an end when a badly wounded Countess somehow implanted an egg on the Flagellant's back that soon hatched, killing the Flagellant. Unfortunately for the Crimson Court, a satisfied BOB escaped before the egg hatched. Sure, he may have earned an enemy in the Ancestor and the Crimson Court, but none of that mattered to BOB in the slightest. To him, the absurd amount of garmonbozia he managed to accumulate whilst in possession of the Flagellant made it more than worth the trouble.
      • Unexpectedly (or expectedly?), this single act of corruption managed to impress of the King of Corruption himself, Molag Bal, who immediately took a liking to BOB after hearing about the various atrocities he's forced his host, Leland Palmer, to commit upon his own daughter and how it forced her into a self-destructive lifestyle of hedonism. BOB seems to be fond of the Daedric Prince as well, if his insistence that the Hated One should break the Pantheon's rules and turn Laura Palmer into a Daughter of Coldharbour is anything to go by.
  • Being an entity of pure malice, BOB has found himself avoiding the likes of Samurai Jack and Link thanks to the swords they possess, which BOB had found out the hard way that they're able to slice apart creatures made of pure evil. BOB especially hates the Samurai for managing to wound BOB after stumbling upon him trying to possess Ashi.
  • Due to the presence of the Anti-Life Equation, BOB has been uncharacteristically scared of the thought of confronting Darkseid. As much as BOB would love to take over the Dread Lord's body and have him go to town on the Pantheon, not even he wants to test his chances at retaining control of his body in spite of a mathematical formula that is said to be capable of dominating sentient beings.
  • Mr. Scratch has unsurprisingly struck up a friendship with BOB, who was glad to meet another embodiment of pure evil such as himself, especially since Mr. Scratch didn't seem to be a pansy like his former partner, MIKE, was. The two have even floated the idea of becoming partners to torment the denizens of the Pantheon. This did not sit well with Alan Wake when he heard about the potential partnership, especially now that he has to worry about two Humanoid Abominations trying to make his life a living hell.
    • In addition to Mr. Scratch, BOB has worked with Parallax on more than one occasion, much to Hal Jordan's dismay. Unlike Mr. Scratch, however, BOB doesn't trust Parallax in the slightest, as he's convinced that the Fear Entity is just trying to get closer so it can steal BOB's garmonbozia for itself. Given that Parallax would gladly slaughter the Sinestro Corps should they get in its way, BOB's paranoia is not unwarranted.
  • Having heard about Angra Mainyu and their ability to corrupt people when fused with the Holy Grail, BOB couldn't help but feel excited to meet such a deity (and potentially hijack his body to inflict more pain and suffering on the Pantheon of course). In his excitement, BOB did not expect that the supposed God of Evil would actually be a woefully weak villager that's virtually useless without the Holy Grail. BOB was reportedly so disappointed by the encounter with Angra Mainyu that he dropped his smile and walked away from the Avenger without even trying to possess him.
  • Originally, BOB wasn't even meant to have been part of his original universe. The only reason he came into existence was because the show's set director, Frank Silva, had unintentionally endeared himself to the show's creator, David Lynch, after Frank had almost trapped himself in Laura Palmer's room by accident, resulting in Lynch creating the character BOB after shooting footage of Frank Silva looking up from the foot of Laura's bed. Upon discovering this information, the House of Theatre and Spectacle, hoping to sit down and interview Frank Silva about how he managed to land a position on the show, has started hiring mercenaries to track down BOB while the House figures out a way to contact Frank through BOB.
  • Can also be found in Extraterrestrial Appearance and Biology.
  • "You may think I have gone insane, but I promise... I will kill again!"

    The Fairy Godmother 
The Fairy Godmother, Goddess of Evil Fairy Godmothers (Dama Fortuna)

    Flora, Fauna and Merryweather 
Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Patron Goddesses of Fairy Godparents (The Three Good Fairies, The Rebels (by Maleficent), Aunts (by Aurora), Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit)
Left to right: Flora, Fauna, Merryweather
  • Theme Song: "Magical House Cleaning" / "Blue Or Pink"
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: Three floating orbs of red (Flora), green (Fauna) and blue light (Merryweather); alternatively their outfits in red, green and blue
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for three of them, but Merryweather can slips into Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Gives up their magic to protect Aurora to avoid Maleficent by raising her for 16 years, used magic to prepare for Aurora's 16th birthday led to Maleficent discovered her whereabout, has bigger role than in the original fairytale, Big, Thin, Short Trio, wearing red, green, and blue, helping Phillip to defeat Maleficent, Freudian Trio
  • Domains: Fairies, Godmothers, Magic
  • High Priestess: Fairy Godmother
  • Allies: Aqua, Sora, Ventus, Cinderella, Link, Alice Liddell, any good-aligned children deities, Pinocchio, Altaria, Cosmo and Wanda
  • Enemies: Maleficent, Lady Tremaine
  • Opposed by: Tinker Bell
  • Opposed by: Any evil-aligned children deities, Shrek
  • Feared by: The House of Dragons, especially the Evil-aligned ones such as Acnologia, Nefarian, Deathwing
  • Conflicting Opinion: Timmy Turner
  • Complicated Relationship with: Aurora, Nozdormu, Ysera, Alexstrasza
  • Annoyed by: Navi
  • Odd Friendship: Spyro
  • Unanimously agreed to be worthy of the position by the entire Pantheon by not only going above and beyond their call of duty to raise Aurora for 16 years to protect her without magic, but the three of them love her so much that they did all the work for Prince Phillip to defeat Maleficent - THE MISTRESS OF ALL EVIL, despite obviously being rightfully dead terrified of her.
  • When first heard the news that the three of them has ascended, Aurora came by and first gave them a hug; but then calls them out for lying to her about her origin for her entire life, force her to abandon her simple life to become a princess she isn't ready for AND marry someone she doesn't know! (it worked out in the end because that person is Prince Phillip, but still) After a heart-to-heart, Aurora came to understand that they have her best intention at heart and agree to atleast try building a proper relationship with the three fairies without lies this time around.
  • When ascended, they took it upon themselves to give blessing to every single children deities in the Pantheon who doesn't have their own godmother to wish them the best in life. Yes, that include the evil-aligned ones, although they aren't happy about it and frequently give blessing that will intervene or foil their most evil plans as they don't want to wish harm to the child regardless of the bad or good choices they made in their life and stoop to Maleficent's level.
    • However, they were at first confused about Pinocchio and doesn't know what to make of him as he still appears in his puppet form in the House of Personal Appearance. After learning about his temple, they gave him their blessing while Pinocchio is very excited as Merryweather is also a fairy wearing blue like the Blue Fairy.
  • Their reaction when finding out that not only their sworn enemy Maleficent is still alive and kicking, but also has a place in the Pantheon while still planning to unleash darkness upon the world by kidnapping Aurora and the other Princesses of Hearts is a mixed of disbelief, shock, anger, protectiveness toward Aurora and (for Merryweather) trying furiously to locate Maleficent to turn the evil fairy into stone while Flora desperately holds her back and Fauna trying to convince her to calm down.
    • Despite being mortal enemies, the three of them somehow almost always ended up running to Maleficent whenever they arrive late to perform their duty of giving blessings to newborns in the Pantheon. People deduce that after the shenanigan with Aurora, parents in the Pantheon have learned to invite Maleficent into special occasions so she cannot crash it and curse their children. Most of these encountered always ended up in a magical duel in both side and destroy whatever temples the occasion took place in, so the people made sure to have different time table for both side to avoid each other.
  • For the love of God, under any circumstance, do NOT mention the universe that they were forced to take in Aurora and are neglected idiots whose treatment toward her borderlines abusive if you don't want to be turned into stone. In fact, don't mention the name Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit in front of them either.
  • The three of them disprove Timmy Turner as they think he abused the blessing he received from his own godparents one time too many. Having said that, the three fairies still allow their High Priest Cosmo and Wanda to visit Timmy in the Fallen but warn that even they couldn't help the couple if they were thrown into the same place with Timmy.
    • However, they aren't amused when discovered about Sparky's existence as they considered his idiocy endangered too many people, especially Timmy.
  • Cinderella first mistook Merryweather to be her own fairy godmother as both of them are fairies in the shape of old ladies wearing blue. While disappointed when this is not the case, she is still grateful to know that there are someone out there like her godmother using their magic for good. Cinderella sometimes visit their temple to ease her longing for her own godmother as she discovered that Flora sounds similar to the godmother in her world.
    • Because the three fairies love children and see the circumstance Cinderella went through, they came to deeply despises Lady Tremaine, especially knowing that Tremaine tries to kill Cinderella, as well as the fact that Tremaine sounds really similar to Maleficent.
  • Because both of them have red motif and the same voice, Alice was first terrified of Flora as she thought that her mortal enemy the Queen of Hearts has ascended. After a clearance from Sora and Aqua, she came to like the three of them as they love children very much and would go to great length to protect them, especially Aurora, and thus would be great help in the battle against Xenahort.
  • Was not amused when discovered about Tinker Bell's existence they feel she is too mean-spirited in her jealousy when formed various schemes to kill Wendy.
  • Link paid their temple a visit and asked for a blessing after discovered that they helped Prince Phillip killed the Mistress of All Evil Maleficent. The three fairies wished all of his versions the best in their adventure but cannot help but be annoyed by his choice of companion in Navi.
  • While only take the form of a crow, the Crow still despises them for turning Diablo into stone and immediately plotting to attack them in their small form. The three fairies also don't impress with the Crow's action either and Merryweather swears to turn him / her / it into stone if he / she / it pulls that sort of thing towards Aurora or anyone else.
  • Feared by all dragon deities in the Pantheon, especially the evil-aligned ones, as the three fairies were able to enchanted a sword to kill the Mistress of All Evil Maleficent herself when she took her dragon form. Most dragons deities stay away from their temple as the fairies can turn small and sneak attack any of the dragon if they want to. However, some of the more powerful and evil ones like Nefarian, Deathwing and Acnologia are plotting to get rid of them to remove a potential threat.
    • The only real exception among the dragons are Nozdormu, who believes that they can terminate his evil future self Murozond, and Spyro, who already had experience dealing with fairies and doesn't afraid with going near them. Flora, Fauna & Merryweather were pleasantly surprised to see some non-evil dragon deity and welcomed Spyro while feeling sorry for Nozdormu, but quietly promised they will do whatever it take to protect innocent lives when the time comes. Altaria also on friendly term with them as the Pokémon's Mega Evolution is Dragon/Fairy and is presumably able to shrug off their attack. Flora, Fauna, Merryweather along with the rest of the good-aligned deites are making effort to protect the Pokémon from being captured and experimented on by Deathwing or Nefarian in their effort to get rid of the three fairies.
    • Because that Flora, Fauna and Merryweather can kill dragons, as well as the fact that they promised to kill Nozdormu when he turn evil, the three fairies are on difficult term with his sisters and fellow Dragon Aspects Ysera and Alexstrasza. While they respect the three fairies for making such a difficult promise and understand that Flora, Fauna and Merryweather only kill evil dragons, the two Dragon Aspect still keep their guard up.
  • Surprised to see Klefki in the Pantheon, as the Pokémon is the only fairy who isn't humanoid and cannot use magic to attack. They were even more surprised and confused to learn that the Pokémon is Steel/Fairy.
  • Shrek isn't their biggest fan due to his bad experience with fairy godmothers. Having said that, he understand that these fairy godmothers are the good guys.
  • They also share a position in the House of Family.

Klefki, God of Unconventional Fairies (Key Ring Pokémon, Cleffy)
  • Intermediate God. Greater God when Dynamaxed.
  • Symbol: Its keyset
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Prankster
  • Moveset: Fairy Lock, Crafty Shield, Play Rough, Flash Cannon
    • Additional Moves: Petal Blizzard, Petal Dance, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Bubble Beam, Swift, Protect, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Sacred Fire
  • Portfolio: The Fair Folk, Extra-ore-dinary, Oxymoronic Being, Lethal Joke Character
  • Domains: Oddity, Myth, Keys
  • Allies: Xerneas, Registeel
  • Enemies: Bowser, Spyro, both Caper Groups, Sly Cooper
  • Indefferent Towards: Paarthurnax, Miko Miyazaki
  • Klefki attempts to ward off it's enemies by fiercely jingling keys at them. Some of the more knowledgeable gods take this warning to heart knowing Klefki's surprising strategic ability. In particular Klefki nature as a prankster is infuriating to these gods in battle.
  • Is praised by many members of the House of Justice for it's sternness in protecting it's keys but equally opposed by many Members of the House of Crime. Several elaborate heist plans involving it are currently in the making.
  • It's made a number of enemies purely by picking up dropped keys from other gods. One enemy of Klefki has claimed it even has keys to the pantheon's maximum security treasures but it is unknown if this claim is just to rally opponents against it.
    • A similar fate befell Bowser who ended up locked outside his castle. While Bowser is technically counted as a Dragon being the god of Princess-Kidnapping Dragons, the ensuing battle was won by Bowser's tenacity and fire properties. Neither of them remember the incident fondly.
  • Miko Miyazaki believing Klefki to be a protector of safety and stalwarts enemy of dragons brought it to fight 'the unquestionably evil' Paarthurnax. He didn't think too much about then incident realising Klefki was just dragged along and Klefki is apathetic about the incident in general.
  • Many adventuring gods are frustrated by Klefki as their enemies tend to use it security for plot coupons. Spyro has had it especially bad.
  • After getting tired of being sidelined in the Fairy House, Klefki decided to prank on the newly ascended gods to gain attention.
  • It got an eye on the newly-ascended Princess Precure's Dress-up keys.
    • Wanting the keys for itself, Klefki eventually became a nuisance. Not only it failed, it was scolded by them for staling.
  • Humiliated by the above event, Klefki sneaked into the House of Knowledge to research on them.
  • Klefki successfully trapped Haruka as it convinced her that her close ally has ascended, but was trapped in the Demonic Legion.
  • Klefki nabbed her keys and taunted her with them, only to feel bad as she didn't reply with any bitterness. In the end, it decided to return her keys and help her escape from the place.
  • Klefki tearfully and repeatedly apologized for what it did. Haruka forgave it for its actions and instead offered a partnership. Klefki happily accepts and became her personally security for her Dress-up keys.
  • Unlike other Pokémon, Klefki can use more than four moves by improvisation; it borrows various Dress Up Keys from the Princess Precures as well as their Princess Perfumes to temporally use a move it wouldn't otherwise be able to learn.
    • By using any of Haruka's Dress Up Key, it can spin around as it sprays the Princess Perfume to use Petal Blizzard. It can also key-slap a random foe for Petal Dance.
    • It can directly spray at its enemies and use Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Bubble Beam, Swift, Flamethrower, Fire Blast and Sacred Fire using the Mermaid's Transformation, Ice, Bubble, Twinkle's and Scarlet's Transformation and Phoenix keys, respectively.
    • By using Kirara's Luna Key, it can use Protect by spraying out a full moon to act as a shield.
    • By using Kirara's Shooting Star Key, it can spray upwards and summon down large meteors to use Draco Meteor.
    • Curiously, whenever it uses the Phoenix Keys, a large bird that appears resembles Ho-oh.
  • Heralds of Klefki are often heard chanting "Jingle, Jingle!"

Toothiana, Goddess of Tooth Fairies (Tooth, The Tooth Fairy)
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Tooth Box
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Has A Beautiful Character Design, Adorkable, Is Part-Hummingbird, Signature Color Is Pink/Purple, Flight, Improbable Weapon User, The Smurfette Principle, Stated That She Works Every Night
  • Domains: Fairies, Teeth, Memories
  • Herald(s): Her fairies (specifically Baby Tooth)
  • High Priest: The Tooth Fairy
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals: Decidueye
  • Enemies: Pitch Black, the evil-aligned deities of House of Mentalism, The Fairy Godmother, Maleficent, Denzel Crocker, The Child Abuse Supporters, the evil-aligned bird deities, Hansel and Gretel
  • Opposes/Opposed by: Bloody Marie, Mandy
  • Conflicting Opinion: Navi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Atalanta
  • With almost all of the Guardians ascended, it's time for Toothiana to find her way to the Pantheon. She was able to ascend by collecting all of the children's teeth in the Pantheon with the help of her fairies after an incident which broke a single tooth in every child deity, putting them in the Tooth Boxes to secure the memories they had and gave them a small amount of money as a payment. The Tooth Boxes that she had impressed a lot of deities, which caused her ascencion.
    • Of course, the Guardians are there to celebrate her ascencion as she is basically the last one to ascend. She isn't glad to see that Pitch Black is already here, but nontheless is proud to be here and is ready to do her job.
    • A lot of child deities are happy to see the tooth fairy, with them commenting on how pretty her design and wings are, which causes her to giggle. They also like to hang out with her small fairies, which she allows them to do so.
  • She uses her temple as a palace to collect the teeth of the children with her fairies as heralds. As stated above, the deities are impressed with her methods, with a lot of them (particularly the adults) going to her temple to see what memories they had in the tooth box. Nontheless, she tries to her best to do her jobs and usually gives them the memories that they remember the most.
    • Because of this, a lot of deities that specialized with memory manipulation hate her (particularly the evil-aligned deities of Mentalism) as it means that Toothiana has evidence to know whether or not the memories they held are real or fake and may possibly break deities out of it. Hearing about this, she made her temple much more secure than ever, as she doesn't like the news of hearing that deities like them could do something horrible like this.
    • She feels bad for those that suffer from amnesia, and when they usually approach her, she isn't sure if how their memories will shape them after regaining them, so she holds it back. Although she is glad to see those that were able to regain their memories by themselves and were able to stay good and/or became better versions of themselves.
  • As she is technically a tooth fairy, she is welcome by the Fairy deities. The only fairy deity she hate is The Fairy Godmother, Maleficient and the Head Pixie as the former is an evil bastard whi gives people happy endings for her own gain, Maleficient for hurting the child with a curse causing her own death and the Head Pixie wants to take over the Fairy World. She isn't sure what to think of Navi, but lets her opinion towards the small fairy set aside
    • Due to the fact that they have fairies as companions, she is allies with Timmy Turner, Link, Aurora, Cael Cyndar, and Peter Pan. She in particular, prefers Link thanks to his heroism and bravery to defeat the forces of evil. Whenever he visits her temple, she gives him a Tooth Box that held the happiest memories of one of his incarnations.
    • Of course that when she heard of Denzel Crocker's situation, she thinks that he is insane and that his obsession with fairies have gone too far. For Crocker, when he heard of her ascencion, he is fully determined to capture her as much as other fairies in the Pantheon, which irritated her to the point that she once broke his teeth.
    • Jorgen is not happy to see that the Tooth Fairy he knows dod not ascend. However, he respects her and her dedication to her job.
  • When they heard that she is actually part-hummingbird, the bird deities approach her because of it. The good-aligned seem to favor her, despite the fact that she is not fully bird like them and love to help her out, which contributes to her Genki Girl personality. The evil-aligned don't like her and don't consider her to be like them, although some of them are impressed that she was able to used her feathers as weapons.
    • When hearing about the fact that she used her feathers as weapons, Decidueye approached her because of it. Sometimes, the Pantheon sees them hanging out like friends, other times, they challenge each other to see who's the better fighter. It's somehow safe to say that they're relationship are that of friendly rivals.
  • Since she protects children, she is enemies with the Child Abuse Supporters and is supportive of the Heroic Protectors of Family, especially because she acts like a mother to her small fairies.
    • Speaking of her protecting children, she is shocked to see that there are evil children in the Pantheon, like Hansel and Gretel, she doesn't love the things they did and finds them unforgivable.
    • Sympathizes with Bloody Marie as she feels bad for her murder, but unfornately, she also knew that her vengeance is going way too far for her to be allied with her.
    • Her relationship with Mandy is really rocky as she doesn't like to see that she existed and considers it to be extremely stupid.
  • Although she respects Atalanta's love for children, she knew that her methods of doing it are not good, as hunting and archery are not the correct way of saving them. It somehow strengthens after she heard that Atalanta's love for children was so big she wouldn't listen to anyone unless it's worth saving them to the point it became her biggest Fatal Flaw which drove her to madness. Granted, they're still willing to team up if it's necessary, but them not getting along at all is an understatement.

Lesser Gods

    Betilla the Fairy 
Betilla, Goddess of Attractive Fairies (Betilla the Fairy, Head Nymph Betilla)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hat
  • Theme Songs: Her theme from the original game, usually; in a sillier mood, this
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Attractive Fairy (or rather, Nymph), The Bus Came Back (for one more game, at least), occasionally Damsel in Distress, coming back WAY sexier-looking than before, Older Than They Look, Benevolent yet fiercely protective, may speak in Pig Latin
  • Domains: Faeries, Family, Leadership
  • Heralds: Her sisters (Holly Luya, Edith Up, Annetta Fish, Helena Handbasket, and Voodoo Mamma/Big Mama/Fée de la Mort)
  • High Priestess: The Great Fairies
  • Allies: Rayman, most good-aligned fairy deities, many good-aligned members of the House of Family (especially mothers and children)
  • Enemies: Many evil, nightmarish deities (such as Giygas), evil fairy deities (like Airy and Maleficent)
  • Rayman was very happy to find his mother had ascended, and was the first to greet her, pouncing on her and wrapping her up in an affectionate hug.
  • Neither of them can seem to remember what exactly happened right when Rayman was created. There was some footage that showed Rayman using his helicopter hair to be pervy to Betilla, Marilyn Monroe style, but there is some evidence that contradicts this by showing that Rayman used to be bald.
  • Is able to switch between her "sexy" form and her original, more clownish-looking, limbless form.
  • Can grant different good-aligned deities certain abilities when necessary. If someone can't hover and they need to, she can grant them that ability. If they can't fight, she gives them the strength to fight. If they can't run, she gives them that ability. However, she can only grant one ability at a time (presumably to recharge her magical energy).
  • For some odd reason, while she is perfectly capable of speaking English (and French), she speaks Pig-Latin as though it's her first language. She can sometimes be seen chatting with Rayman in this language during their visits to each other's temples...
  • She doesn't mind being flirted with, but she does mind when and if some deity starts getting physical, invading her personal space when she doesn't invite it. She's usually able to escape such people or fend them off or even knock them unconscious, but if she's not able to, her "son", Rayman, is always ready to rescue her. He has before, after all.
  • Betilla is very motherly, and as such, gets along splendidly with the good members of the House of Family, treating child deities as if they were her own, and sometimes even chatting with fellow parent deities (usually mothers) about, well..."parent things" for lack of a better term (this can usually include advice and encouragement having to do with how well their children are being raised). She gets along wonderfully with Toriel, for example.
  • As a fairy (well, Nymph), she feels a sort of kinship with other good-aligned fairy deities, such as Tinker Bell, Klefki, and Celty Sturluson. Inversely, she most definitely does NOT get along with evil-aligned fairies, as she thinks they give their kind a bad name. Such fairies include Airy and Maleficent.
    • In the case of Klefki, Betilla seems to have adopted it as sort of a pet. Of course, seeing as Klefki is a Pokémon, Betilla realized that it has the potential to be able to help Rayman (and possibly his friends down in the mortal realm) fight Nightmares. She's training Klefki with some help from ascended Pokémon trainers such as Ash. Betilla seems to be learning quickly; this may partially be thanks to her experience as a leader (to her sisters, if no one else).
  • She does not get along with evil deities, especially ones that look like they spawned from nightmares, as they remind her too much of the Nightmares that sometimes spawn from Polokus's mind and cause trouble in the Glade of Dreams.

    Oberon, Titania and Puck 
Oberon, Titania and Puck, Divine King, Queen and Servant of The Faeries' Court (Oberon: The King of Fairies, Auberon, OB John | Titania: The Queen of Fairies, Anastasia Renard, Britt | Puck: Robin Goodfellow, Owen Burnett)
Top to bottom: Oberon, Titania and Puck
  • Theme: "A Midsummer's Night Dream Op. 21" or "Now Until The Break of Day" (for all three of them), "Oberon, or The Elf King's Oath" (for Oberon), "Titania's Theme" (for Titania)
  • Symbol: The flower they gave to the mortals
  • Lesser Gods, Overdeities in their Gargoyles forms
  • Alignments: Chaotic Neutral for Oberon and Puck, Titania is closer to Neutral Good
  • Domains: Love, Fairy, Mischief
    • Oberon & Titania: Royalty
  • Portfolio: The Fair Folk, ruler of the Land of Faerie, Our Fairies Are Different
  • Allies: Guts, the Skull Knight, anyone ascended deities who is from the Fairy Tail guild, many good and neutral aligned fairies and elves, Peter Pan, any Fairy-type ascended Pokemons, Jorgen Von Strangle, Raidou Kuzunoha
  • Enemies: Griffith and the rest of the Godhand, Arthas Menethil and his followers, Slaanesh, Lady Macbeth, Lady Vashj
  • Oppose: Many evil-aligned fair folks, including Leprechaun, the Other Mother / the Beldam and Maleficent, Illidan Stormrage, Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Opposed by: Coraline Jones and Chihiro Ogino, the ascended cast from Harry Potter, Yrel, Aleph, Bilbo and Frodo Baggin
  • Complicated Relationship with: Goliath, the House of Love, Harry Dresden, Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, Sir Lancelot du Lac
  • Odd Friendship with: Steve Rogers / Captain America, Katniss Everdeen
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kael'thas Sunstrider, the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Superior: William Shakespeare
  • Rival: Many dwarves in the Pantheon
  • The divine rulers of the fairies that caused the famous Love Dodecahedron, the three of them are brought up by admirers of their superior Shakespeare to be one of the prime influence of fairy depiction as mischievous, alien or even evil. Thus, the three of them are collectively welcomed into the Pantheon.
  • Do NOT mention the name "Nick Bottom" or bringing a donkey into their temple. The last person doing that in the presence of Titania almost caused a war between fairies and other tribes.
    • This event shames Titania so much that she banned Belle and the Beast from entering their temple because Belle's father Maurice looks like a version of Nick Bottom. Not that the Beast would visit them anyway because of his interaction with the Enchantress.
  • Being the people who have the knowledge of the magical flower that caused people to fall in love, the fairies have contentious relationship with the House of Love, which are all in big arguments whether or not the love caused by the flower is consensual. The House made Oberon and Puck take an oath to never reveal the location of the flower.
  • Being the Token Good Teammate and is more tolerant towards humans, Titania tends to be the representative of their kingdom towards many other deities. A few of the more notable allies she acquired are Hellboy, Timmy Turner (for their own experience with fairies) and the three good fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather (who are also sympathetic toward children).
    • Titania's presence also made many deities who visit their temple but had bad experience with their species to be at more ease than they otherwise would have, such as Coraline, Chihiro, Aleph and the cast of Harry Potter.
    • Harry Dresden has an uneasy relationship with them giving his mix experience with fairies in his world but willing to give them the benefit of the doubt by forming an alliance with them after a talk with Titania. The same can be said for Merlin, Lancelot and Arthur. The fact that one version of Oberon looks like Lancelot has... interesting effect on the relationship.
  • Even with his personality, Oberon, like Titania, doesn't approve of the action of the more nefarious fair folks in the Pantheon like the Leprechaun and Maleficent. While Puck doesn't hold the same view like his King and Queen, he strictly follow their order and thus doesn't offer any support to the evil fair folks.
  • Titania's action of willing to adopt one of her handmaiden's child after her death to the point of standing up to her husband helps soften the image of the fairies to many adopted children and parents. This allows her to made a lot of alliances with them.
  • Hates Griffith and the Godhand with a passion since after hearing that they frequently torment fairies, not to mention creating a distortion of their species in the form of Rosine. This made them allies to Guts and the Skull Knight, not to mention that Puck reminds Guts of one of his own allies with the same name.
    • This has nothing compare to their hatred of Slaneesh that stems from what the latter's represent of the Eldar. However, they have a more complicated relationship with the Emperor of Mankind because of his more noble traits and wanting peace but achieving so by slaughter many Eldar.
    • The same can be said for their hatred of Arthas Menethil for his slaughtering of millions of elves during his invasion, resurrect many as undead to serve him AND caused the remaining ones to splintered and unable to recover. This and the fact that Puck and Oberon mocks Arthas's invasion is him "throwing a tantrum because his girlfriend didn't love him enough" cements the bad blood between them.
  • Goliath has an uneasy relationship with the three fairies given his own interaction with his own version of Oberon. David Xanatos, on the other hand, is very glad to see his old faithful servant Puck/Owen and mother in law Titania/Anastasia again. Puck now regularly alternates between servicing Oberon in his original version and Xanatos in his Gargoyles version for fun or when to get away from Oberon.
    • Because her Gargoyles counterpart's daughter Fox is a follower of Lady Macbeth, Titania is NOT pleased with that being the only way of visiting her daughter because she doesn't like Macbeth. The fact that Lady Macbeth looks like one of the mortal Hermia that Puck and Oberon helped find her true love also cements their dislike for her.
    • Oberon made a surprise visit to the Weird Sisters given that they are also fair folks in the Gargoyles universe. They got along enough for their share superior and hatred of Lady Macbeth.
  • Oberon and Puck are surprisingly good friends with Jareth and think his labyrinth is fun and creative. Titania, of course, disagree with this sentiment because she thinks he is creepy, but admit that sometimes she got distracted by his… clothing.
  • Was quite amused when discovered that there are creatures called Pokemons of Fairy-type in the Pantheon. Oberon and Titania have seen trying to capture or tame some Fairy-type Pokémon themselves with various degree of success.
  • Quite amused by the Fairy Tail guide for their namesake and love for making trouble. The fact that one of their member's nickname is "Titania" only endear the guide to the three fairies.
  • Because of their title, they are one of the most important allies and deities in the world of fairies and elves and such frequently maintain friendly relation to many deities of those species. The only one tend to be uncomfortable in their presence is Yrel, who isn't a fan of Oberon and Puck's callousness towards humans.
    • From Valeera Sanguinar and Lor'themar Theron, they learned about the story of the Blood Elves and came to visit Kael'thas's temple. While hated him when first heard from the other two, Oberon and Titania came back much more conflicted after hearing his side of the story.
    • From Kael'thas, Tyrande and Malfurion, the three learned about the story of Illidan Stormrage. While all three agree that he started out with good intention, it ultimately ended up damage the elven race more than helped.
    • From Tinker Bell, they heard about the story of her interaction with the mortal children. While Oberon and Puck eventually warm up towards Peter Pan because of his mischievous personality and was raised by fairies for hundreds of years, they don't particularly like Wendy Darling for the simple fact that she is a human. Of course, Titania's command for them to leave the girl alone prevent any action against her.
  • Don't consider Sylvanas Windrunner to be a member of the elven races due to the fact that she is now an undead. The fact that they are horrified by her atrocities and usually exclude her from meeting involving elves caused her to dislike them. Her sister Alleria is more beloved by Titania due to her bravery of going against demons and orcs (Oberon HATES her marriage with a human Turalyon). The same can be said for Lady Vashj who they all agree give elves and mermaids bad names.
  • With the knowledge from attending meetings, Puck and Oberon once arranged a surprise reunion of all the ascended elves in Azeroth (which include the Stormrages, the Windrunners, Valeera, Yrel and even Vashj) into one small pocket dimension in order to "talk out their differences" (Titania doesn't agree, but didn't do anything to stop them because she thinks it worth a try). What follow is a massive battle that shatter the pocket dimension and many temples in the Pantheon. Titania and Oberon have to spent months to apologize for everyone that was hurt by the battle, resurrect anyone that were killed and mending diplomatic ties to the elves involved while Puck was tasked with rebuilding the destroyed temples.
  • Puck got a nasty surprise during midnight of Christmas when he received an attack from Robot Santa Clause when the latter hears about his crime and the fact that he looks like a Santa Claus himself. Fortunately, he was rescued by Titania and Oberon before anything unfortunate happens.
  • Titania got a pleasant surprise when she saw a woman look like her named Juliet kissing with a man named Romeo. After hearing about their story, Titania weeps for their tragedy and wishes the two of them the best.
  • After hearing about a little girl named Alice in the Pantheon that looks like him, Puck decided to pay her temple a visit. Being who he is, it eventually turns into a giant prank and he was banned from her temple. It took an official from Puck and Titania herself for Alice to forgive Puck.
  • One day, another war between fair folk and human almost broke out when Scarlett O'Hara mistook Oberon for one of her plantation worker. Being a proud king who dislike humans and infidelity, needless to say Oberon was NOT pleased. Titania has to quickly teleport the girl far away in order to escape Oberon's wrath.
  • Titania and William Shakespeare tends to have awkward interaction giving that she looks like his own queen Elizabeth I. On the other hand, this version of her allows her to be one of the few women who connect with James Bond on a deep emotional level because she looks like a version of his dear mentor M.
  • Bilbo and Frodo Baggins tend to prefer not interacting with them for Oberon and Puck's personality. The fact that Puck looks like Bilbo also gives more reason for them.
    • Ellen Ripley one day saw this version of Puck and promptly freak out because he looks like the dead android Ash. Even after clearing up the misunderstanding, she still prefers to keep her distance.
  • Tony Montana once mistook Titania for his lover Elvira and promptly went to their temple to "win" her back. Needless to say, that didn't put him on Oberon's good side and was promptly kicked out of the temple. Oberon still holds this grudge whenever he saw Montana anywhere near him.
    • Titania once visit Catwoman's temple herself after hearing that Selina looks like one of her version. The two of them bond over their screw up romantic life and leave on good term.
  • While Shrek tends to get along with them well enough, the fact that one version of Oberon looks like Prince Charming tends to make first uncomfortable.
    • Oberon is incredibly irritated that a mortal named Sherlock Holmes is much smarter than him and can figure out his next prank. The fact that one of his version looks like one of Holmes's doesn't help the case.
  • Their temple received a surprise visit from Captain America when he heard that one of Puck's version looks like the scientist responsible for the Super Soldier serum. Steve parts the temple on good term thanks to Titania, although puts up his guard when Puck pretends to be the scientist in order to play prank on Steve.
    • Katniss also visits their temple for similar reason (because one of Puck's version look like the game commentator Caesar) and also parts on good term because of Titania.
  • Oberon is one of the few people that can gain access (with no weapons or magical items) to the Third Overlord's quarter because Oberon reminds him of his own friend also named Oberon. Of course, the two of them fully expect the other to betray the deal and backstab each other at any minutes, but so far that hasn't happened (yet).
  • Once Raidou got a hold that the three of them have ascended the Pantheon, he paid their temple a visit. After hearing about the less than flattering story of that version of them, Raidou agree to never tell another soul about that version's story and only use the backdoor.

    Tinker Bell 
Tinker Bell, Goddess of Companion Fairies (Tink, Miss Bell, Little-Miss-Spare-Parts, Fiery Pixie Avatar)
Clockwise from top middle: Tinker Bell as seen in the Disney timeline, Starcatcher timeline, 2003 timeline, Speilberg timeline, Magical Lands timeline, no Bouken timeline, Fox timeline, and SyFy timeline. In the middle: The original Tinker Bell.
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A tiny magic wand and a green dress surrounded by pixie dust.
  • Theme: "The Second Star To The Right" Alternatively "To the Fairies, They Draw Near"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Bordering on Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: A Fairy native to Neverland, Fairy companion to Peter Pan, Relies on Faith to survive, Plucky Girl, Flight, Clingy Jealous Girl, Cute and Psycho, Goes red when angered, High-Pressure Emotion, Mood-Swinger, Gets incredibly jealous of others hitting on Peter, a tinker fairy that can work with whatever's around her, Silent Snarker, Cute Mute, unless speaking, Hidden Heart of Gold, Will give her life to protect Peter, kinder to Wendy and Jane in the future, Died at the original novel's end but survived in other stories, Breakout Character, Mascot for Disney
  • Domains: Fairies, Hope, Magic, Emotion, Radiance
  • Heralds: Her friends from Pixie Hollow. note 
  • High Priestess: Crysta
  • Allies: Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael Darling, Cirno, Ash Ketchum, Xerneas, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Kairi, Ventus, Aqua, Kirby, Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda, Yui, Shantae, Link, Princess Zelda, Skull Kid, Oberon, Titania, and Puck
  • Respects: Toothinia, Ghaleon, Guts, The Straw Hat Pirates, Ponyo, Tick Tock, Ariel, Pocahontas, Roxas, Lea/Axel, Terra, Power Rangers Mystic Force
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather note  Captain Jack Sparrow, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
  • Enemies: Captain Hook, Risky Boots, King K. Rool, Yosemite Sam, Euron Greyjoy, Davy Jones, Griffith, Denzel Crocker, Head Pixie, Maleficent, Pete, Vanitas, Master Xehanort, Ganondorf, Majora's Mask, The Dark Matter Horde, Zonda and The Seven, Airy, Killer Bob, The Fairy Godmother
  • Opposes: Professor Membrane, Dark Link
  • When the first baby laughed for the first time, their laugh broke into a million pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies. Ever since, whenever a child lets out their first laugh, the newborn fairies are spirited to the faraway Neverland, where they are given their chosen role. One particular fairy took upon a rather unique position as a tinker, mending pots and kettles for her fellow fairies. In fact, it was this profession that earned this fairy her name. Tinker Bell. Tink is a rather fascinating individual; she can go from kind and loyal to feisty, sad, angry and even jealous of others. But Tink is known more than just for her metalwork or emotional swings. She is the closest friend and ally to Peter Pan, the immortal flying boy, and are often seen together while exploring Neverland and partaking in various adventures. Mostly involving pirates. One night, Peter and tink visited a nursery in London, England to recover the former's shadow. There, the pair met three young children; Wendy, John and Michael Darling. The three were fans of Peter Pan and after helping him reunite with his shadow, Pan offered to take them to Neverland where they never had to grow up. This... proved to be a problem for Tink. Turns out she became extremely jealous of Wendy's attraction to Peter, so jealous in fact that the little fairy tricked the Lost Boys into shooting down the "Wendy-Bird" when she first came to Neverland. The plan failed and Tink was banished as a result. Jilted from being banished, Tink teamed up with Pan's nemesis, Captain James Hook, who offered to get rid of Wendy in exchange for leaving Peter be. Of course, it was all a trick. Tink was captured and Hook left a little something to kill Pan.note  But Tink quickly escaped and sacrificed her life for Peter. Peter managed to save Tink - with a little outside help - and together they rescued the Darling children and the Lost Boys from Hook's pirates. With her jealousy gone, Peter and Tink took the Darlings back to London, returning home themselves via a flying pirate ship. Occasionally, the pair fly back to England to visit Wendy and take her children on new adventures in Neverland.
  • Tink arrived in the Pantheon at the same time as Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. It all started on a sunny day in Neverland. Peter and the Lost Boys had set off in search of pirates to fight, with Tink tagging along as well. They found pirates... just not the ones they were expecting. Instead of Hook, they stumbled upon a bizarre band of misfits, unlike anything they had ever seen. But pirates are pirates, and the kids were ready for some fun and games. The two groups duked it out aboard the pirate ship, with Peter contending with the "Straw Hat" wearing captain. Tink meanwhile used her signature pixie dust to send the pointy-nosed slingshot sniper and the tiny reindeer floating into the air before plopping them into the ocean.note  When she returned to the ship, Peter and the Straw Hat captain, Monkey D. Luffy, ended their bout in a friendly draw. Impressed, Peter asked why Luffy's crew came to Neverland and if they were familiar with Captain Hook. Luffy looked at the boy with confusion and explained they weren't in Neverland, but rather a place known only as "The Pantheon." Tink was just as confused as Peter but both quickly realized that the Pantheon had much more to offer in terms of games and fun. For Tink, there was the added bonus of more fairies to meet. Not to mention plenty of pots and kettles she could fix. She, Peter and the Lost Boys quickly took to meeting the Higher Gods, who gave the flying boy and fairy godly titles; Tink, in particular, receiving Fairy Companion due to being Peter's main ally and being one of the first examples of one in the Multiverse. Now a part-time resident, Tinker Bell has found herself a very busy fairy, not that she's complaining.
  • Much like Peter Pan, Tinker Bell has a temple in the Pantheon but chooses not to visit it. Instead, she travels back and forth from Neverland with Peter in the same way they always do. Second star to the right and straight on till morning. When she does visit her temple it leads to a place very few ever visit. Pixie Hollow, also known as Fairy Haven, is located north of Neverland and is a place where all four seasons coexist in harmony. It is the home of Neverland's fairies, and it is where Tink reunited with her close friends and companions. There's Fawn, a tomboyish animal fairy, perky and energetic light fairy Iridessa, sweet and caring water fairy Silvermist, Rosetta, a well-mannered garden fairy, the fast-flying Vidia, who was an old rival with Tink, and Terence, a dust-keeper sparrow man who has a crush on Tinker Bell. Not that she ever notices. The gang will sometimes travel to the Pantheon to have their own adventures with Tink, usually whenever Peter isn't around. when he does pop by, Tink's friends playfully tease her about their friendship. It's all in good fun but it also drives her nuts, flying around trying to catch them, much to Peter's amusement.
  • Most who first see Tinker Bell will probably see her as a glowing ball of light, the colour changing with her emotional state. But like so many other deities in the Pantheon, Tink's appearance will change depending on the universe or timeline she was previously in. She's most commonly seen with blond hair and wearing a green dress; as seen in the Disney and 2003 timelines. On other occasions, she will appear as a talkative Redhead - sometimes with pink hair in rare cases - and on the rarest of instances, Tink is seen with bird-like wings or as a silver-bodied pixie with cosmically-imbued powers. Her strangest appearances are actually when she's not small. In fact, in Magical Lands timeline, Tink was changed into a human as punishment for stealing pixie dust to help others in need. Regardless of how she appears, she's always there for Peter Pan no matter what.
  • As soon as she arrived in the Pantheon, Tinker Bell began seeking out other fairies or members of The Fair Folk. Her first fairy encounter was with the tooth fairy Toothiana, the two crossing paths when Toothiana to collect teeth from the Lost Boys. Tink initially found Toothiana's hummingbird-like assistants a bit annoying, but both fairies came to respect each other, with the latter welcoming Peter and Tink to visit her palace. The tiny AI program Yui was another fairy Tink befriended following her ascension, offering her some tea while hanging out. During one of their meetings, Tink came across a strange creature known only as Puck. Tink and Yui followed Puck into the forest, eventually ending up in the domain of the king and queen of the fairies, Oberon and Titania. They were initially dismissive of Tinker Bell, which set off the little fairy, resulting in her using her Pixie Dust on Puck to make him fly. Impressed by this, and somewhat amused, Oberon and Titania changed their tone. They welcomed Tink and Yui in their kingdom whenever the pair ever want to visit, even providing assistance to Neverland should dangerous threats befall the island.
  • Another batch of fairies Tink befriended were Cosmo and Wanda, two fairy godparents belonging to young human Timmy Turner. The pair find Tink rather interesting, due to her knack for fixing objects and using pixie dust to make people fly. Timmy Turner was surprised to see such a tiny fairy and was quick to warn her about Denzel Crocker, a crazed man with a desire to capture and expose fairies to the world, and the monotone Head Pixie, who wishes to make Neverland part of his bureaucratic empire. Timmy also, very wisely, agreed with his godparents to never mention Tinklebell around Tink, lest they face her fury.
    • One day, Tink decided to take a nap on what she thought was a bare branch lined with gems. She quickly learned it was no branch. It was an antler, belonging to a massive deer-like creature garbed with brilliant blue. It was the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas, and after realizing her mistake Tink took an immediate liking to it, citing that the Pokémon "felt familiar". Often times she can be found still lounging on one of Xerneas' antlers whenever hanging out with her fellow fairies. Xerneas doesn't mind and will sometimes travel to Neverland to rest from the chaos of the Pantheon.
  • But not everyone in the Pantheon gets along with Tinker Bell. She had to contend with several fairies that are, to put it bluntly, more antagonistic towards her and others around them. One was the Fairy Godmother of Far Far Away, who wished to use Neverland's pixie dust to supply her factory and get revenge on the ogre Shrek. Tink's not willing to share and sees the Fairy Godmother as an insult to all the fair folk. The same applies to the alien lifeform known as Killer BOB, who planned on wiping out Neverland once he was done with Twin Peaks. The Cryst-fairy Airy also rubbed Tink and Peter the wrong way, with the latter being particularly disturbed that a supposedly helpful figure was really stringing her homeworld "allies" all along to aid in her evil plan. She once tried to kill Tink with a Zetta Flare, but the former was quick enough to evade... only for the attack to decimate Hook's ship. Ever since the Neverland duo keep their distance.
    • But the one Tinker Bell fears the most is Maleficent. The Mistress of All Evil decided to attack Pixie Hollow hoping to spread her dark influence over the land, as well as destroy it with her Heartless forces. Tink and her friends did their best to hold off Maleficent, but she proved to be too much for them. It was only with the arrival of the three good fairies - Flora, Fauna and Merryweather - did they drive the dark fairy away from Neverland. While thankful, Tink's mood swings made it difficult for Flora and Fauna to talk with her. Not so much with with Merryweather, who gets along with Ms. Bell the most.
  • Due to her small size, Tinker Bell isn't considered much of a threat to larger deities. But this size difference, combined with her access to pixie dust and manipulative nature, has made Tink deceptively dangerous even by fairy standards. After all, She's not above convincing the unsuspecting Lost Boys to shoot those she considers her rivals just like she did with Wendy and her negative nature can overwhelm her at times. There is a fascinating reason for it; Neverland fairies are so small they only experience one emotion at a time.
  • If there's one thing Tinker Bell likes to do - besides fixing things and hanging out with Peter Pan - it's messing with Captain Hook and his pirates. Her history with Hook goes a long way back, and anytime she gets the chance to fight the crew of the Jolly Roger she relishes it. But while Peter was thrilled to discover the Pantheon was filled to the brim with pirates, Tink was a little warier. Sure she could deal with Hook himself, Kaptain K. Rool, and Yosemite Sam by having Tick-Tock the crocodile chase them off, there are other pirates that have proven to be more dangerous. Euron Greyjoy, King of the Iron Islands, heard rumours of Neverland's Pixie Dust and desired to use it in his quest to conqueror Westeros while destroying the island in the process. There was also Risky Boots, who also wanted the pixie dust for herself and actually launched an invasion to take Pixie Hollow by force. Tink and Peter Pan worked together with Shantae to drive off Risky and since then, they've had the half-genie hero in speed-dial.
    • There have been a few times where Tinker Bell has travelled or worked with pirates, much to her chagrin. Aside from the Straw Hats, she and Peter once helped the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow in order to rescue Wendy, her brothers and the Lost Boys from the octopus-faced Davy Jones, all of them nearly getting consumed by the Kraken. Another time, several strange, brightly coloured charms landed in Neverland, with Peter and Hook each collecting them. This attracted six mysterious pirates from beyond the sky, a team known as the Gokaiger. The "charms" Peter and Hook had collected were in fact Ranger Keys, and after explaining the situation, Peter offered to help, seeing an opportunity to humiliate Hook once more. Tink didn't trust the rangers, especially the greedy, yellow-clad Luka Millfy, who poked fun at the tiny fairy when they first met. But that hostility died off when they defeated Hook and returned the remaining Ranger Keys to the Gokaiger. Tink and Luka, while not friends, gained some respect for each other, and sometimes can be seen trying to engage in conversation.
    • Luka did help with one thing. She introduced Tink to some associates of her team. The Mystic Force Power Rangers, masters of magic and defenders of Briarwood Forest. Tink felt a strong connection with the rangers and quickly warmed up to them, but none more so than the wind-based Pink Ranger Vida Rocca. A tomboy by heart, Vida found it amusing that Tink connected with her, considering the former's titan form resembled a sprite in appearance. Both will hang out when Vida is off-duty, sometimes visiting Pixie Hollow to meet the other fairies. They'll even work together to defend Pixie Hollow from any hidiacs that might end up in Neverland.
  • Tinker Bell may be a pint-sized powerhouse, but even she has her flaws. She, like every other fairy in Neverland, will die should she be in the presence of someone who doesn't believe in fairies. The only way to resurrect Tink is for people to, simply put, clap their hands and say "I believe in fairies." It works like a charm, but Tink has to be careful around the more cynical Pantheon denizens, especially Professor Membrane who, unlike Denzel Crocker, is a stern skeptic who insists that the fairies of Neverland are only fairy tale fantasies. She doesn't want to go through another near-death experience. To this end, she often seeks out young children, as they are the most likely to believe in creatures such as her, becoming less pronounced over time.
  • While using Pixie Dust is her most skilled feat, Tinker Bell is still, well, a tinker at heart. She loves fixing pots, pans and other household utensils. She has even dabbled in fixing strange items that some people called "Pokéballs", made from hard fruit shells. This drew even stranger attention, as a young boy named Ash Ketchum found Tink mending one of these old-fashion spheres. He initially thought she was a Pokémon and was about to catch her... this only pissed her off and after teaching him a harsh lesson, Tink and Peter explained the ins and outs of Neverland life. Ash was intrigued by this and offered to travel to show the pair his homeworld and even meet some friends of his. Things were going pretty well... until Peter met some of Ash's lady friends. Tink wasn't too keen on these girls keeping Pan all to themselves. In her jealousy, she tried to get rid of a few of them, starting with Ash's oldest friend Misty. Unfortunately for Tink, Misty's Psyduck was out and was using Psychic. It didn't end well, let's just say. Regardless, Tink doesn't mind Ash all too much, he's even showed her a variety of Apricorn Pokéballs for her to tinker with and fix.
  • There is more to Neverland than just fairies, Lost Boys and pirates. The island is also inhabited by mermaids, native tribes, a variety of wild animals for an intrepid explorer to meet. In the Pantheon, Tinker Bell found herself meeting individuals that reminded her of these inhabitants. The mermaids Ponyo and Ariel reminded Tink of stories Peter had told of Mermaid Lagoon, while Pocahontas of the Powhatan People brought back memories of the fierce Princess Tiger Lily. The three don't mind Tink's presence, with the little fairy respecting all three and sometimes listening to their adventures and stories.
  • Some in the Pantheon believed Cirno, a hot-tempered fairy with unique ice powers, would be more suitable as a Goddess of Fairies over Tink. However, Cirno has made no claims for the position and is perfectly happy with the one she currently occupies. Or so it would seem. In reality, Cirno does desire Tink's position, and once even tried to team up with Captain Hook to achieve said goal. Hook betrayed her rather quickly, and just as quickly, Tink and her friends helped Cirno out in beating back the old codfish. Since then, Tink and Cirno reforged their friendship... even if Tink was a little miffed the ice fairy tried to steal her title.
  • Tinker Bell found herself becoming acquainted with those who either have respect for the Fair Folk, or were accompanied by fairies from time to time. One example of this is Ghaleon. Though a powerful magician, and eventually revealed to be the Magic Emperor, Ghaleon has a fondness for fairies and pixies, even allowing Tink and her friends to come to his garden should they feel like visiting. She may not be friends with him, but she can respect his compassion towards her kind. But the one who garners the most attention is Hyrule's chosen hero Link, who vaguely resembled Peter Pan with his pointy ears and green tunic. Raised in Kokiri Forest, Link bonded with his own fairy companion Navi, who is often seen as a glowing ball of blue light with wings. Navi quickly befriended Tinker Bell and along with Yui, can sometimes be seen enjoying some tea and talking about their many adventures in their respective worlds. It was also through Navi and Link that Tink gained a strong respect for Princess Zelda, the ruler and protector of Hyrule, and a strong disdain for the vile Ganondorf, who Navi once fought against long ago, as well as the shadowy Dark Link, who often attacks his light counterpart when given the chance. Link also took Peter and Tink to meet an acquaintance of his, a lonely, flute-playing individual known simply as The Skull Kid. The lad had two fairy friends of his own, Tatl and Tael, who took an interest in Tink and together, all four hanged out with Skull Kid, with Peter even making him an honorary Lost Boy. It was for the best, as The Skull Kid was once possessed by Majora's Mask, and nearly caused destroyed Termina in the process. Tinker Bell learned this from Tatl and Tael, and vowed to make sure the mask never possessed either Peter or the Skull Kid, especially after learning of its existence in the Pantheon.
  • Of all the gods in the Pantheon, the last one anyone would expect Tinker Bell to befriend would've been Guts, considering his infamous reputation as the Black Swordsman. But as Tinker Bell soon discovered, he was a lot more than his reputation entailed. Tink happened upon Guts after a brutal battle. He had faced the notorious Zorda and her seven followers, with Guts only managing to survive the fight. When Tink approached, she was met by two pixies, the blue-haired Puck and the pick-haired Ivalera. After the initial hostilities, they explained that Guts was too weak to move and they needed to get back to their other companions. Tink came up with a solution; Pixie Dust. Using her talents, Guts began to float, much to everyone's shock as the other components of flight in Neverland were faith and trust. Apparently, Guts had enough trust in Tink to allow her to do her work. After returning to camp, Guts was patched up and expected to make a full recovery and with that, Tink was ready to head out... but not until Puck and Ivalera stopped her. They explained how Guts had done so much for them and they couldn't thank her for what she did. Tink was surprised and somewhat humbled, and will sometimes stop by Guts' temple to see how his journey is faring, even introducing Peter Pan to Puck and Ivalera. It did end up putting them on Zorda's hitlist, as well as earning the ire of Guts' former friend turned Godhand, Griffith. Tink doesn't seem to mind.
  • One day, Fawn and Iridessa came across a round, pink ball sleeping under a tree near Pixie Hollow. They told Tink about it, and together they investigated. Turned out the ball was a strange creature called Kirby, and upon seeing the fairies got excited. It took a moment to realize what he was happy about until they did some research. Turns out Kirby once met a fairy from Ripple Star named Ribbon, and helped her collect the Crystal Shards to defeat the Dark Matter Horde. And as fate would have it, Dark Matter invaded the Pantheon a few days after Tink met Kirby. She instantly called upon the puffball's help, and one Final Smash later, the menace was put in its place. Since then, Kirby has been welcomed to visit Pixie Hollow... as long as he doesn't eat up every bit of food in sight.
  • One day, Tink and Peter discovered Wendy had been abducted by Captain Hook - again - and set off to rescue her. The pair ended up encountering a young boy named Sora, along with his animal companions Donald Duck and Goofy, who were aboard the Jolly Roger to rescue their own friend Kairi. Together, the group fought off Hook and his Heartless army before taking Wendy back to London. Afterwards, Peter asked Sora to take Tink with him on his further journeys. Tink became a vital summon on Sora's adventures, helping heal the boy whenever he got injured in battle. That being said, she likes to mess around with Donald Duck at any given opportunity. She was happy to see all three appear in the Pantheon, lending her assistance whenever Sora needs aid. But as it turned out the little pixie had her fair share of strange encounters. Ten years before meeting Sora, Tinker Bell met three other keyblade masters named Terra, Ventus and Aqua, whom she allied herself with against Hook and the black-masked warrior Vanitas. As well, she encountered Organization XIII members Roxas and Axel and helped them learn to fly and deal with the Heartless trailing after the Captain. Due to these multiple encounters, Tink often aids Sora and his allies against not only the Heartless but the Nobodies and Unversed that also threaten the worlds, putting her at odds with the aforementioned Maleficent, her bumbling lackey Pete and the nefarious Master Xehanort.
  • Now Tink goes back and forth from speaking like other people to communicating via bell-like sounds. Most folks have trouble understanding what she is saying... but they learn very quickly. Turns out the first phrase most people learn in the fairy language is "You silly ass," mostly thanks to Tinker Bell saying it so many times. Wendy can attest to this. For her part, Tink doesn't seem to mind and continues to do so to anyone she doesn't like.