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Michiko Neya (born October 4, 1965) is one of the more well known veteran voice actresses known for her sweet, but dignified voice, which kinda makes her the go-girl for either mother or Cool Big Sis characters. The difference is that Michiko Neya's roles seems to deviate more to the sides of action rather than being conservative. And the same voice can also be used on younger girls without much difficulty and deviation... and still convincing.

She's best friends with Sachiko Sugawara since their time at Katsuta Seiyuu Institute; Sugawara affectionately calls her "Neyappii!"

Some of the roles voiced by Michiko Neya:

Seems like she has an affinity with those who attack from the distance...

You have read this description wonderfully, Child of Man. It doesn't bore me.


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