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Greater Gods

    Hades (Classical Mythology
Hades, God of Vilified Death Entities (Pluto, Plouton, Aidonous, Ditis Pater, Dis Pater, Dis, Orcus, Polydectes, Clymenus, Eubulus, King of the Underworld, God of the Dead and Wealth, The Rich One, The Generous Host, Supreme Nether Underlord, Rex, Lord of the Dead, Unseen One, The H-Ster, The Rich One, The Silent One, The Hospitable One, Hell, Hayden P. Hellman, Alone, Emperor of Darkness, God of Skeletons, God of Hell, Skeleton-God of the Realm of the Dead, Skeleton King, God of the Netherworld, Henry, Commander of the Underworld)
Hades appearances. L - R: Top Row: Marvel Universe, God of War, Wonder Woman. Middle Row: Saint Seiya, Smite, Hadestown. Bottom Row: Lore Olympus, Kamigami no Asobi, Hercules.

Set, God of Being Demonized (Seth, Sutah, Sutekh, God of Deserts, Storms, Chaos and Foreigners, The Usurper, Evil Day, SCP-3807, "Seth Hasani, Defense Attorney, Partially Retired", A Real Bad Hombre)
His demon form
Within the Battleground of the Gods
His humanoid form

Thanatos, God of Misrepresented Mythological Figures (Mors, Letum, Spirit of Death, The Hand of Death, The Ultimate Death Arcana, That Crap Persona You Never Use)

Intermediate Gods

    La Squadra Esecuzioni 
La Squadra Esecuzioni, Divine Organization Of Being Denied Due Respect (Execution Team, Hitman Team. Members: Risotto Nero (the leader), Formaggio, Illuso, Prosciutto, Pesci (also known as 'Mammone'note , called "Aniki" by Prosciutto), Melone, Ghaccio)
L - R: Illuso, Formaggio, Melone, Risotto Nero, Prosciutto, Pesci, and Ghiaccio

    Malus Darkblade 
Malus Darkblade, God of Unfavored Offsprings (The Tyrant of Hag Graef)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God should Tz'arkan take Influence)
  • Symbol: The Warpsword of Khaine
  • Theme Song: The Shadow & The Blade
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Power of Hate, Disowned by his Family, Is the Vessel of the Daemon Tz'arkan, Villain Protagonist, Rides and Battles Alongside his Cold One, Spite, Master Swordsman, Can be Genuinely Nice or Put up a Convincing Act, Will often Flay his Opponents and Victims, Never Gives Up on his Goals, Can give into Tz'arkan's Temptations, Malekith's Top Champion, Came from Family that was Beyond Dysfunctional, Combat Pragmatist, Is Willing to Go Against his Destiny
  • Domains: Dark Elves, Bastards, Family, Hate, Champions
  • Herald: Spite (his Cold One companion)
  • Superior: Malekith
  • Allies: Riptor, Dio Brando, Kurei, Vlad von Carstein, Orochimaru, The Sound Five, Dr. Cortex, Nina Cortex, Maul, Gwangi, Bowser Jr., Diego Brando, Goro Akechi, Hansel and Gretel
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ramsay Bolton
  • Rival: Velvet Crowe
  • Enemies: Tyrion, Teclis, Nagash, Archaon, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Sakura Kinomoto, Rexie, The Gang of Seven, The Child Abuse Supporters, Raven, Mother Gothel, Sayaka Miki
  • Unsure Of: Oryx, Elric of Melnibone
  • Malus Darkblade is a man of many words; cruel, despotic, manipulative, vengeful and vicious, all traits possessed by the Dark Elves. However, the more you know about Malus reveals a man bought up by unbelievable strife, suffering, hate and loneliness. Above all, however, was an insurmountable degree of determination, for Malus's dark and depressing childhood fueled his desire to one day be among the greatest of his race and to free himself from the Daemon, Tz'arkan, who has since been sealed inside of Malus due to the Dark Elf's avarice in search of treasure. Together with a few Dark Elf compatriots and his Cold One steed, Spite, Malus proved himself to be among the best of his race, eventually surpassing his father's influence and legacy by becoming the Tyrant of Hag Graef.
    • Among Malus's greatest griefs was his childhood upbringing. He was the bastard son of Lurhan Fellblade, the Vaulkhar (military commander) of Hag Graef, a Dark Elf settlement in Naggaroth. From the very day he was born, Malus was shunned and hated by his father and siblings simply due to his illegitimate status. Despite being appreciated by his mother, Eldire, she was not above manipulating him for her own ends, and even the one sibling who tolerated him, Nagaira, was more out of sexual desire. Malus was also forced to kill off his own kin either due to their wrongdoings towards him and because he had no other way of defending himself. The only survive prize he received in his quest for power was the Warpsword of Khaine, which blessed Malus with the power of Khaine, the Elven God of War and one of the five key items needed to extract Tz'arkan from his body.
  • The first reported sightings of Malus in the Pantheon were in the furthest north from the House of Nature. He was stated to be travelling someplace with his steed, Spite, and accompanying these rumours was traces of snowy footprints and the mutilated corpses of several animals surrounding by disgusting stench. They were poisoned shortly before death. It didn't actually take very long before Malus finally revealed himself in the House of Royalty, demanding a sanctuary of a sort. Unsurprisingly, his words were rejected, prompting the Dark Elf to seek base elsewhere. Hence, he was found by his former superior, Malekith who offered him a place in the House of Family and Relatives. With Malus easily being able to represent The Unfavorite given his experiences with his family, he quickly took hold of the position. This also led to a swift victory for Malekith, who sought to have a Dark Elf ascended for easy access in the House. The Heroic Protectors of Family were not amused by this news, but Malekith has stated that he has no reason to attack the House of Family. Whether he's being genuine or him being pragmatic is up for anyone's guess.
  • Was Malus happy being in the Pantheon? Nope. Why? Because Tz'arkan is still sealed inside of his body. So by a series of complicated technicalities, Tz'arkan is also ascended into the Pantheon. Because of this, Malus is even more determined to find a way to finally extract the Daemon out of his body and live out the rest of his life like how he sees fit. Unfortunately for him, there's little friends to find around the Pantheon. He still has Malekith for the time being.
  • More often than not, Malus would find himself talking to Tz'arkan a lot. The Daemon pulls no punches as he belittles and mocks the Dark Elf and trying to convince him into embracing his strength. Given how much he hates Tz'arkan for further troubling his life, Malus makes no pretence by how he really feels about him.
    Malus: "Shut up, Daemon!"
    • All this considered, both of them do share one thing, the belief of hate being the most empowering thing. As much as Malus tries to resist Tz'arkan's influence towards him, even carrying with him battles of a magical elixir to keep those away, there are times where Malus will give in. Tz'arkan possessing his body turns Malus's hair white, cracks appear around his skin and his voice becomes more demonic, alongside a tremendous rise in strength, speed, stamina and the ability to induce fear to his enemy, already an impressive feat, given how Malus is one of the most feared Dreadlords of the Dark Elf race. That said, there's the risk of Malus becoming more murderously insane and prolonged usage would ultimately kill Malus and release Tz'arkan.
  • Malus's mount and one of his longest, most trustworthy allies is his Cold One, Spite, a creature resembling a maniraptoran dinosaur and a very savage animal by nature. Cold Ones are dangerous creatures with a durable body and surprising agility. Despite their effective weaponry and strength, they're also not exactly intelligent. That said, Malus is surprisingly very caring of his mount, which comes off as a surprise, given how treacherous Dark Elves tend to be.
    • Malus can sometimes ben seen riding Spite into the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House with Spite wandering around, looking for potential prey, especially the likes of hadrosaurs and other large herbivorous dinosaurs. This naturally got the two into enmity against the many dinosaur deities residing there. The Gang of Seven hate Malus for invading the Great Valley on a few occasions and Spite causing havoc among many dinosaur herds. Rexie and the Spinosaurus, on the other hand, see Malus and Spite are competition and Owen's Raptor Pack are usually rather cautious around them, given that while Spite is much dumber than them, Malus's commands and Spite being naturally larger means they can even the Raptor Pack out rather considerably.
  • Malus's main driving factor can be summed up in one word: Hate. It's not too surprising given the circumstances he was raised under. His father tried to kill him, his mother manipulated him, his siblings hate him for the most part, he's the vessel of a Daemon of Slannesh and his race is mainly driven by vengeance towards Ulthuan. He's honestly surprised he doesn't represent The Power of Hate, given his entire motto. Because of this, he has a rival against Velvet Crowe, with Malus wanting to prove to her that he's much better in being empowered by hate than she is. Velvet simply accepts the challenge, though she has warned Malus that Velvet will not hold back if he comes close to harming her loved ones.
  • Despite being evil, Malus is not without virtues. Yes, he can be callous, arrogant and even bloodthirsty, but he's fought hard to become one of the most inspiring members of his race. He's developed some sort of respect and care for his troops as the Tyrant of Hag Graef and has a sense of honour. Yes, the heroic deities are not going to stop from opposing him, but at least Malus isn't a Complete Monster. All things considered, he's taken up Malekith's approach in trying to make allies with non-Dark Elves, given the nature of the Pantheon.
  • On first note, Malus Darkblade might be the coolest name you'll ever hear. In Dark Elf tradition... not al all. If anything, Darkblade in the Druchii language is a derogatory term given to bastards. That said, Malus turned it around by creating a reputation of his own and turning his name into one of fear, awe and reverence for his race.
  • The Dark Elves are infamous for flaying their enemies and Malus is no exception. While the torturous methods employed by Ramsay Bolton did seem intriguing for Malus, the actual person still left a lot to be desired. Malus can work with Ramsay at times, but the latter seems to be more fixated on killing and torturing, alongside expressing revenge against the Starks. Malus has plans and goals beyond just torture and thus butts heads against Ramsay a lot. While Malus will never go down without a fight, Ramsay is quick to abandon a fight the moment he's at a disadvantage. Finally, despite belonging to a bloodthirsty and cruel race, Malus has enough standards for a bastard, which Ramsay doesn't.
  • While he doesn't have as many allies as he wish he does, Malus makes an effort to be as trustworthy and reliable as he possibly could. To that end, he's found himself in a tight partnership with Maul, who's taken to working with Malekith himself after the former Sith Apprentice found himself to be incapable of working with the GUAE, the GUAD or the GUAE Dystopia Harbingers and that the Witch-King may well be the only evil leader he could seek solace for.
  • While the Heroic Protectors of Family are not fond of Malus in any way, the Dark Elf actually expresses more disgust towards the Child Abuse Supporters, due to his own upbringing and childhood experience. Malus is not sure whether he could enact on an Enemy Mine with the Heroic Protectors, but he's willing to team up with Kurei when it comes to Abusive Parents.
    • Similarly, he's formed an Odd Friendship of sorts with Goro Akechi. For the time being, both are alright with the notion that their own fathers aren't in the Pantheon, otherwise, Malus and Goro wouldn't waste any time trying to gun them down. That said, even Malus expressed disgust towards Goro's father, Masayoshi Shido. At least Malus gives a shit about his own troops and he thinks Shido may be worse than Malus's father.
  • As the Dark Elves are beginning to accept alliances with other races as a pragmatic measure, Malus has made partnerships like the Sound Five, Dr Cortex, Bowser Jr. and Riptor. He seems to be interested in the Sound Ninja's ability to work together and personally favours Sakon above the others. He also sees Dr Cortex as an adequate parental figure and thus has an easy time with Nina as well. The Cortexes and Bowser Jr. are willing to present Malus some tech if he feels like it, though Malus would rarely need them and prefers Spite as his means of travel. Riptor and Spite seem to get along fine, being fellow raptors and the two of them often going out on hunts.
  • Is pretty perplexed about Oryx. While he might feel more at home with the GUAD, Oryx himself is also amused by some of the similarities Malus has towards him. Mainly because Malus's surname reminded Oryx of his son, Alak-Hul the Darkblade and also because Oryx's race had a Might Makes Right mentality similar to the Dark Elves. That said, while Malus isn't okay with Oryx's abusive treatment towards his children, he still loved them enough and stated that everything he did was to toughen them up. Malus had no such luck with his own parents, despite being appreciated by his mother. Still, Oryx respects how Malus made a reputation for himself and the Dark Elf in turns reciprocates said respect. That and both of them had to kill their own loved ones at some point.
  • While he's okay being under Malekith's services, he's not so forgiving about Morathi, given how she cast a spell on him that caused Tz'arkan to suddenly rip out Malus from the inside and fully take over his body, outright killing his soul. Every now and then, Tz'arkan will make scathing remarks about how Malus died, alongside his mount when Spite was crushed by Tz'arkan's weight. As a result, Malus has gotten more vocal about voicing his disdain towards the Daemon.
  • As many of is issues tend to stem from family, he is also residing in the Family Dysfunctions Sub-House.
Through hate all things are possible, and my hate is strong.

    Peter Parker/Spider-Man 
Peter Benjamin Parker, God of Danger Awareness and Heroes With Bad Reputations (Your Friendly Neighborhood / The Amazing / The Spectacular / Super / Astonishing / Sensational / Avenging / Superior / Symbiote / Spine-Tingling / Savage / Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Spidey, Webhead, Bugman, Crawlwaller, Fly-Guy, Web-Slinger, Web Spinner, Mantis-Boy, Parkman, Puny Parker, Midtown High's Only Professional Wallflower, Mr. Moral, Red Demon, The Bombastic Bag-Man, Man-Spider, Professor S, The Liar, Night Monkey)

    Dr. Weil 
Dr. Weil, God of Abysmal Approval Ratings (Dr. Vile, Dr. Kool-Aid Man, Devil, The Unending Nightmare, Model W, Lord Weil, Dr. Satan Incarnate)
Combat form
Second form

Lesser Gods

    The Firefly crew 
The Firefly CrewMembers, Divine Deities of Niche-Show Avoidance and Big Damned Heroism
L - R: Jayne, Kaylee, Book, Simon, Inara, Mal, Zoe, Wash and River
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Serenity logo
  • Theme: "The Ballad of Serenity"
  • Alignments: Chaotic Good (Mal, River) Neutral Good (Wash, Kaylee), Lawful Good (Simon, Book) True Neutral (Zoe, Inara) Chaotic Neutral (Jayne)
  • Portfolios: Big Damn Heroes,
  • Followers: Dick Gumshoe, Arnold "Ace" Rimmer
  • Allies: The Doctor, Captain Kirk, Indiana Jones, John Crichton, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Jean-Luc Picard, Maes Hughes, Hawkeye Pierce, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Crew of the Rogue One, Leeloo, Winry Rockbell (Kaylee)
  • Rivals: Samantha Carter, Lobo, Miss Fortune, Commander Shepard, Honor Harrington, Commander Adama, Starbuck
  • Enemies: Admiral Thrawn, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Judge Dredd, Boba Fett, everyone in both Lusful Halls (Mal)
  • Opposes: Dr. Wily, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Johan Liebert and Areal (River)
  • Odd Friendship: Cyclops
  • Not to be Confused with: Richard Castle (Mal)
  • Domain: Space, Glory, Luck, Freedom (River, Simon, Mal), Charm (Inara), Artifice (Kaylee), Good, Chaos or Law depending on the deity.
  • The presence of the Serenity was first felt... with a few falling debris of the ship coming down on the ground before the rest of the ship made a decent landing. From there came the crew, led by a former military man called Malcolm Reynalds. Together, the crew decided to perform smuggling in protest of the ruling government. Mal had long held the title on his own for those who bring the cavalry in the nick of time to turn the tide of battles. It was only recently that he decided to grant divinity to the entire crew, even those who died in the course of their stories. There was much rejoicing, to the crew and those who were fans of their adventures.
  • Despite being the closest things to being heroes in their world, the crew are not welcomed by many, making them natural fits in the House of Ambiguity. In fact, Star-Lord jokingly stated that their crew may well have been their high priests despite never having that role. Mal would rather not be considered in a position that would be under anyone's authority. Nevertheless, the two groups generally like each other.
  • They still manage to find allies in space. Namely, the Serenity's ability to save the day in the nick of time has save many a team from disaster:
    • Mal and his crew can't seem to stop bumping into Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. In all cases it was due to coincidence. Still, Kirk is one of the few captains that Mal can trust, given both of their aversions to military excursions. That and he can always count on Kirk to find rare items to sell to the black market.
    • The Doctor finds the position of the Serenity to be an interesting one. As such, she pays no mind to helping them out. After all, many of her incarnations distrust the military as much as Mal does. With the rest of the crew, she is happy to listen to Kaylee's engineering tips as well as help River with her memories with her limited telepathy.
    • Crichton and the Moya were practically made to be allies with them. The entire crew had nasty experiences with their own corrupt government ironically named the Peacekeepers and Crichton himself has been known for enacting insane plans that just happen to work out. It was a match made in heaven for Mal. The crew members can be seen hanging out on multiple occasions.
    • Kaylee discovered another stowaway on the ship, a red-headed girl named Leeloo. Before Mal ordered the crew to dump her, the woman proved to be talented in a number of skills. Thus, he allowed her on board for the time being. She turned out to be a great crew member and became friends with a lot of the crew members. Shortly after the left, they found out that she has ascended. Mal reluctantly allows her stay when she has the need to.
  • More often than not, most ships he come in contact with eye him with suspicion. The crew have a way with escaping any bit of authority that tries to take them in:
    • In any other case, Commander Shepard would have welcomed them in with open arms. Yet Mal himself would neither trust the Executive Officer nor would he ever let Shepard Commandeer his ship. Good thing villains, because any time the two teamup, they are capable of laying waste to vast swaths of enemies.
    • Honor takes a more direct approach, regarding the Serenity as subject to capture. Unfortunately for her, Mal has made it difficult for her to find him. He usually meets up with her whenever there is a crisis her Space Navy cannot defeat alone. Even then, she is bound by Judge Dredd to take them in afterwards.
    • Samantha Carter is more conflicted in doing so. After seeing the good deeds that they have done over the years, Samantha is more willing to tolerate their presence and letting them go... in exchange for confiscating any counter-band she finds in their ship.
    • Usually, Commander Adama would rather focus on taking on Cylons than dealing with petty smugglers, but he follows through with trying to arrest them. Starbuck made it more of a friendly rivalry, even teasing Mal with innuendos. Mal obliges b to a point but knows better than to leave his crew vulnerable for capture.
    • Surgeon Pierce is the one place in the House of War that they can have safe passage. Mal and Hawkeye both experience sorrow during their time of service and do not wish to do so again. It helps that Hawkeye makes a mean bootleg drink and serves them to the Serenity in exchange for contraband from the smuggler.
  • While they are critical of their Lawful Neutral government, they are more than happy to stick it to more authoritarian governments. This is especially true to the likes of Emperor Palpatine. He does not take their destabilization of Galactic Empire style dictatorships lightly. As such, he has sent many Dark Side assassins after them over the years. When that didn't work, he employed Thrawn to lay a trap on them. It would have suceeded if not for a rescue made in part by the Skywalters. This was supported by Han Solo, himself a smuggler over the years.
    • After the initial problem, Thrawn solved the problem with a series of equations; by mapping when the Serenity may pop up at any time, he has learned how to completely avoid and Big Damned Heroism that may come his way. This isn't 100% Mal proof, but it's enough to no longer worry about that factor in his plans.
  • Given the nature of their business, it was only natural that they would take on a number of bounty hunters over the years. Usually they are after Mal for smuggling, but River's head has an even high price tag. It's just that she's a much more difficult target to capture:
    • As the head of Bounty Hunters everywhere, Boba Fett is responsible for managing the various attempts on the Serenity. After various failures on their part, Boba has decided to take up the bounty himself to receive the glory of detaining the elusive smugglers.
    • The crew wishes they have Lobo as the god of Bounty Hunters. The Czarnian may have been impossible for them to defeat, but Mal was able to bribe him out of their bounty. Afterwards, Lobo allowed them to continue their business. Besides, the alien has taken a liking to the crew. He thinks that River his a natural badass with a future ahead of her and even checked out Jayne's arsenal to see if there's anything of interest.
    • Miss Fortune's specialty is piracy, but that didn't mean she wouldn't dabble in that of the space-faring kind. After a couple of skirmishes, she considered him to be less bloodthirsty than most and abandoned the bounty for now, though she does appear now and then to keep the peace.
  • Mal couldn't help but feel like he would have gotten along with the crew of Rogue One, the unlikely crew that went on a Suicide Mission to send the notes on the Death Star to the Rebel Alliance. In fact, Mal stated that they were a lot like the crew of the Serenity... if they were run more incompetently run and all died in the process. Jyn viciously shot back, stating his last big plan led to the deaths of some of his crew-mates as well. It's safe to say that the two protagonists aren't to keen on making amends with each other. At least the other crew members were willing to bury the hatchet over the two hot-heads.
  • Exclusive to Mal:
    • Has fallen into hot water with the subhouse of Lust. They didn't take to kindly with his remarks on Inara's profession. As such, he receives the cold shoulder whenever he arrives there.
    • One of the odder relationships among the gods has been with Scott Summers. The God of Eye Beams can't help but be reminded of his father whenever the two meet. It helps that the two of them became space pirates.
    • When there was a case involving some missing merchandise, Mal ordered his crew to find a detective who could find some clues. Jayne came back with a man with a bag over his head. When the bag was removed it turned out to be Richard Castle, God of Mystery Writer Detectives. Despite the distressing introduction and the fact that the two looked eerily similar, Richard agreed to help them out... on the condition that he gets to write a story about the adventure. Once the items were found (and Jayne was given a tongue lashing), Richard waved them off. The subsequent book made him a decent amount of money, part of which was given to Mal.
  • Exclusive to River:
    • Prior to moving in with Mal, River was the only other member of the Serenity who had ascended on her own. This is because her memorable defense of her crew members against the Reavers brought the Pantheon's attention to her remarkable combat skills. Not only can she improbably dispatch large swaths of enemies despite being 90 lbs soaking wet, it turns out she can totally kill you with just her mind. She is by far one of the most popular Action Girls in the Pantheon.
    • Will attack any mad scientists on sight. Anyone foolish enough to be in her way will wish they were treated more humanely than the Reapers in Serenity. Dr. Wily and Ryoma are at the top of her hate list. That also includes people such as Arael and Johan Liebert, though she's more cautious with the later. Delving into his mind alone is enough to give her shivers.
    • Is noted to almost never wear shoes. Her symbol is a constant reminder of that to her followers. Most theorize that shoes remind her of the tortures she endured during her experiments at the Academy.
  • Exclusive to Simon:
    • It was a jubilant scene for River when the two siblings met each other for the first time in years. The two have been together ever since he helped her escape a government facility. He even vouched for the two when Mal threatened to kick them out. He has since stuck around in order to protect his sister. Which ended with his death.
    • The resident healer of the Serenity, Simon is polite to every person he meets... almost to a fault. It did him no favors towards Mal who felt his politeness to be off-putting. In fact, all of his teammates treat him with a bit of disdain except for Walsh and Kaylee. As for her, the two promptly proclaimed their love for each other.
  • Exclusive to Zoe:
    • As the saying goes, for every man there's a woman working from behind. Or in this case, she's the Straight Man to counter the more chaotic aspects of Mal. As such, she is seen as the voice of reason.
    • Like Mal, she has a military background, an aspect that was more difficult for her to shut down. To this day, she has to catch herself from calling Mal "Sir". At least that helped quell down those who tried to ship the two. Regardless, her demeanor has deem her The Reliable One of the crew.
  • Exclusive to Wash:
    • When the crew of the Serenity was asked who would be considered The Conscience of the show, everyone pointed to Wash, the pilot of the crew. He is by far the nicest resident of the ship and has a playful side in him. Yet there is no one who can stay calm under pressure as this man.
    • It makes it all the more unusual that he and Zoe became a couple.
  • Exclusive to Inara:
    • Inara is a Companion licensed by the Alliance, helping clients seeking sexual and psychological healing. Her work is well regarded in the House of Love and she is welcome within the House for as long as she likes. She even has her own unofficial temple within the area. She hopes that more of her ilk make their way into the Pantheon.
    • A Buddhist at heart, she makes sure to bring such items along with her at all times. Sadly, she was unable to find any other of her faith in the Pantheon. Still, she hopes that Confucius himself may make his presence known here one day.
  • Exclusive to Jayne:
    • The weapon's expert of the crew, he keeps a wide assortment of guns and knives in the ship, a stash so large he needed a separate room just to keep it all. It was so massive, he gained a large enough following to be considered ascension on his own, namely for his habit of naming his weapons. His favorite in particular is Vera. Alas, he was too lazy to follow through with things and waited until Mal decided to ascend the entire crew.
    • Out of everyone, Jayne's loyalty is by far the most fragile. This is on account on the fact that he is almost entirely motivated by money. He has betrayed Mal on a few occasions on the whim of making more money for it. And yet he keeps coming back when it counts. He may not admit it, but he sure has a way to show his affections to his teammates.
  • Exclusive to Kaylee:
    • Made her debut in spectacular fashion: solving a critical engine problem in mid coitus! She became the new engineer ever since. She was even considered the position of Wrench Wench, eventually losing out to Winry. When Kaylee herself ascended later on, the two became fast friends. Kaylee loves to talk about her ship and she couldn't think of a better person to talk to her than Winry.
    • As stated above, she has a rather colorful view of sex. She is perfectly happy to have such a conversation with someone in that regard. With that said, her heart is taken for Simon. With his returned, the two committed to sticking together.
  • Exclusive to Book:
    • The one who spends the least time on the ship, Book is content to explore the Pantheon to experience new worlds. He sees a lot of good in the Pantheon, more so than in his own world. He wishes that no one else will have to experience the horrors he and Mal faced during their service in the military.
  • Can also be found in the subhouse of Heroic Actions.

    Katsuya Jonouchi/Joey Wheeler 
Katsuya Jonouchi, God of Characters More Popular in Meta than In-Universe (Joey Wheeler, The Godfather of Games)

    Randall Boggs 
Randall Boggs, The God Who's Always Second Best (Randy, Ned, Switt, Lizard Boy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A mirror, with the words "World's Best Scarer" written below it
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Always The Second Best Scarer, The Rival, Chameleon-Snake Thing, Smugness, Used to Be a Sweet Kid Until He Wanted To Be Cool, Jerk Jock, Psychopathic Manchild, Former Friend To Mike, Slender Villainy, Would Hurt a Child, Needs Glasses to see Properly.
  • Domains: Envy, Fear, Camouflage, Villainy, Monsters
  • Followers: The Bronze Kneecap, Yzak Joule, Denethor
  • Heralds: Henry J. Waternoose III and Johny J. Worthington III (his bosses/collaborators).
  • Allies: Syndrome, Gaston, Looten Plunder, Thaal Sinestro, Pitch Black, Draco Malfoy
  • Rival: Queen Chrysalis
  • Enemies: Mike and Sulley, Archibald Snatcher, Princess Luna, James Henry Trotter, the Toys from Toy Story
  • Opposes: Freddy Krueger
  • Opposed by: The House of Childhood and Adolescence
  • Unwitting Pawn to: Vanitas
  • Odd Friendship: Mello
  • Being under someone's shadow can be a bitter pill to swallow, but it can become even better when victory is just out of your grasp. Randall Boggs was one of Monsters Inc's greatest scarers, which wasn't hard to pull off for him due to his sinister attitude and chameleon-esque camouflage. However as best he tried, he was Always Second Best to Mike. It was something Randall could never deal with, and would turn to villainy to overcome his rival.
  • Randall used to be a nice, socially awkward kid, a friend to Mike. However his desire to be popular would drive him to evil, abandoning this friendship. Now in the House of Popularity, he seeks to show up his eternal rival by becoming the greatest god in his House... a tall order when guys like Thanatos and Mr Rogers share his housenote . He found a friend in Draco Malfoy, whom seeks a rise in his own popularity as well. His strange charisma is something old Lizard Boy wants a hand in.
  • Seems to resemble a chameleon crossed with a snake and centipede. He's incredibly good at camouflage, even being able to scare his fellow monsters. While sneaking around the House of Shape he discovered the impersonator Queen Chrysalis, who ended up competing. Randall is intrigued by the fact love has a power.
  • Unsurprisingly, he was happy to learn that the pantheon had a House of Fear, and immediately applied to be The Dreaded god. The Court of the Gods told him no, but Randall wanted in anyway and had the misfortune of encountering the likes of Ungoliant and Medivh. He was later seen cowering in the corner, accepting that he should probably stick with Popularity. Later visits had him get along with Pitch Black, and become fascinated with the likes of Sinestro. Intrigued by the monster's potential, Sinestro has permitted him to try and prove himself worthy of a Sinestro Corps ring.
  • The House of Children doesn't like Randall has he'd permanently scar them to get the frights he needs. James Trotter has a major bone to pick on his for this, and the monster trying to steal as much fear from him as possible. Still, bad as he may be he doesn't kill the kids. And like most of the gods, he thinks Freddy Krueger goes too far(though he does respect his mastery over nightmares).
    • With Waternoose jailed, he's currently working with Looten Plunder to make a mint, and help cripple rival businesses.
  • To improve his scaring ability, Randall has sought to control both Princess Luna and Darkrai to have master over nightmares. He had to take a few loans from the GUAE to even have a chance, and even then only briefly managed to capture them. Darkrai proceeded to use Dark Void on him, entrapping Randall in his worst nightmare; becoming a freak show for the trailer family he was stuck with, their children laughing at him.
  • Seeking validation for his ego, he has teamed up with like-minded Disney villains Syndrome and Gaston. He has pledged himself to help eliminate superheroes and the Beast, so long as he can utterly trounce Mike and become The Dreaded of the pantheon. Despite their massive egos, they get along since none of their plans conflict with each other.
  • Having learned that scaring adults provides a lot more power than scaring kids, Randall has decided to "branch out" and prove himself by scaring some of the older gods. It hasn't gone too well, as most see him for the Smug Snake he really is.
  • Needs to wear prescription glasses, but chooses not to because they're a Nightmare Retardant. Of course, so is bumping into random houses because you're near-sighted.
  • Nowadays it's rumored that Randall may have had a Heel–Face Turn, but they're likely just rumors he started to look good. A more likely rumor is that he is Andy's monster, and may have even worked with Sid in order to get back to his own world. He did end up trying to scare Andy once only to run into the Toys, leading them to become enemies.
  • There is one and only one occasion when he'll have an Enemy Mine situation with Mike and Sully; when trying to face off against Archibald Snatcher, who wishes to destroy their entire monster world.
  • Surprisingly, he became good allies with Mello, both of them bonding over the fact that they hate being second best. As such, Randall can be seen helping Mello improve his intelligence while Mello is seen training Randall into how to be a better scarer. The lizard is happy to finally meet someone who understands his plight.

    Thomas Richard Shubaltz 
Thomas Richard Shubaltz, God of Straw Losers (Tohma Richard Schwartz)


    Dib Membrane 
Dib Membrane, The God Who Gets No Respect


    Tom Robinson 
Tom Robinson, God of Being Convicted by Public Opinion