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Greater Gods

    Nemesis (Classical Mythology) 
Nemesis, Goddess With The Scales of Justice (Invidia, Rhamnusia, Adrasteia, Goddess of Vengeance, Goddess of Retribution, Goddess of Balance)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Her scales of justice
  • Theme Song: Conquest map Season 2
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anthropomorphic Personification, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Inspiring fear in the prideful, Wields a sword or whip depending on the depiction.
  • Domains: Fortune, Justice, Retribution, Revenge
  • Lover(s): Zeus, Tartarus
  • Mother: Nox
  • Siblings: Thanatos, Eris
  • Allies: Any who seek to avenge a wrongdoing, as well as any who want to knock the prideful Smug Snake gods down a notch, Naruto Uzumaki, Ghost Rider, Ken Amada
  • Enemies: Any god that allows pride or hubris to consume them, as well as any that have lashed out against innocents, Sundowner
  • Opposed by: Percy Jackson
  • Feared by: Many in the Greek/Roman Pantheon
  • Special Relationship: Hercules
  • Nemesis was offered a position in the pantheon as a result of her deeds in the Battleground of the Gods. Upon arriving, her scales slammed off balance and showed her that the Pantheon was full of prideful and evil gods that needed an... “attitude adjustment”.
  • Many of the gods who allowed their pride to overwhelm them dreaded upon hearing of Nemesis' ascension. Zeus in particular, whom Nemesis has beaten senseless before for his many sins (and subsequent flaunting his ability to get away with it because of his standing) reportedly fled the TV Tropes Pantheon to Olympus when he heard of Nemesis' arrival. And for obvious reasons, she's marked the entire House of Villains for death.
  • Nemesis isn't sure how to feel about the Pantheon’s stories about her mother, Nyx. The Nyx she knew was a distant but kind woman who embodied both the positives and negatives of the night. The Nyx S.E.E.S. told her about is a force of nature heralding death. As this Nyx is sealed away, she's avoided any discomfort, but dreads that if she breaks out, she may have to point her sword at her own mother, something she has kind of done to her mother's Roman counterpart, Nox, several times (if they are not fighting on the same side).
    • Was rather relieved when the actual Nyx (under her Roman name) ascended, and no longer has to worry about the Nyx of Persona.
  • She's not entirely sure what to make of Eris due to her very nature, in fact she's not even sure if Eris is actually her sister with how confusing their family is, it also doesn't help that there are actually two goddesses with that name in the Greek/Roman Pantheon. She is however very pleased to see her brother Thanatos in the pantheon.
  • Like many other gods from Classical Mythology she has several consorts.
    • According to some she's the mother of Helen of Troy, though Zeus. When asked about this Nemesis refused to comment, while Zeus just smirks when asked.
    • From Tartarus she became the mother of the Telchines, though some say that their parents are actually Pontus and Gaea or that they came from Uranus's blood. When asked about this Nemesis refused to comment about it. No one has yet to reach Tartarus on the issue or likely will.
    • Has had several demigod children in Camp Half-Blood such as Ethan Nakamura and Damien White.
  • After finding out that Nemesis took the eye of her son Ethan Percy Jackson started seeing her as a poor mother.
  • Because she's been witnessed dressing as a Ninja, Naruto offered her a position in the Ninja Shi Tenou. She's still debating, especially because the type of Ninja the group attracts isn't exactly the sort for delivering bloody vengeance.
  • Nemesis' strengths lay in her ability to balance her scales with every swing of the sword, draining their strengths and defenses for herself and eventually tipping the scales in the balance. This makes her especially feared by evil gods who boast about their deeds behind supposedly impenetrable defenses, as Nemesis can cleave through any shield or armor easily (as Sundowner learned the hard way when she cut his shield in half, uncaring of the explosive plating). As well, her foot speed is faster than your average runner, which makes retreating futile unless you have blatantly inhuman foot speed or a vehicle.
  • Like many of the Gods of the Greek/Roman Pantheon, she has allowed mortals to manifest her as a Persona. Specifically, she lent her power to Ken Amada, who was driven by vengeance and the desire to bring justice to his mother's killer. The less said about the first time, when she granted her power to a Fat Bastard who embodies everything she stands against, or when she lent her power to one Michiko Matsudaira, the better. When asked about those, she just responded bitterly, "Clerical Error".
  • Once had a special relationship with Hercules back in the mortal realm. It started when Nemesis was supposed to kill a satyr who didn't give Demeter her offering. She was trick into thinking it was Hercules' trainer Phil who offended the Goddess of the harvest. Thankfully they were able to clear everything up. Afterwards, both she and Hercules started to sort of date. Unfortunately, it ended badly thanks to Hera. But with her ascension, she is all too happy to get to be with Hercules again.
  • The defenders of the Ancients has wondered if her mother used to gather Assassins in form of deadly bugs in her service. Nemesis doesn't seem to recall this, but she still gets annoyed when said Assassin kept repeating that name like a Pokemon.
  • One has to wonder if Nemesis personally was present during Kratos' assault on Olympus, instead of just sending off a whip for him to use. The consensus says that Nemesis would have destroyed Olympus before Kratos even came for their transgressions, Pandora's Box's elements be damned. And if Nemesis would face off Kratos? Well, that'll be harder to guess which one gets destroyed first.
  • She has heard it enough times and she is tired of people wanting to know what "Nemesis" means.
  • She is not after an energy source called the creed, nor does she wish to reign supreme as the only god.
  • Unlike many of the other Greek/Roman gods during the Second Giant War she was not affected by the Greek/Roman split, because revenge is universal.
  • Can sometimes be seen riding a bike alongside Ghost Rider, which makes sense since both are affiliated with vengeance.

Lesser Gods

    Harvey Birdman 
Harvey Birdman, Divine Handler of Crazy Court Cases (Birdman, Raymond Randall)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The crest on his helmet
  • Theme Music: Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (most of the time)
  • Portfolio: Omnidisciplinary Lawyer, Courtroom Antics, Only Sane Man, Dogged Nice Guy
  • Domains: Litigation, Weirdness
  • Heralds: Avenger, Peanut, Phil Ken Sebben, Birdgirl, Peter Potamus
  • Deities He Previously Did Cases On: The Mystery Gang, Fred Flintstone, Droopy, Secret Squirrel, Quick Draw McGraw, Atom Ant
  • Allies: Wright Anything Agency, The Judge, Miles Edgeworth (with a bit of Vitriolic Best Buds for the former three), She-Hulk, Sae Niijima, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Metro Man
  • Enemies: Evil law practitioners (notably Manfred von Karma), Judge Doom, Frank Underwood
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: The Snatcher
  • The funtastic world of Hanna-Barbera is full of colorful characters and strange going-ons, so it was only a matter of time before some people noticed that certain things feel off about it. This is where Harvey Birdman, a superhero-turned-legal expert, steps in. Whenever someone gets sued for anything, be it for indecent exposure, suspected drug use, or illegal gambling, among other things that happen in the Hanna-Barbera world, then Birdman will take the case. Results may vary, especially considering the kinds of eccentric individuals that he hangs out with.
  • One night, a villain was being pursued by the SWAT Kats, who proceeded to use their missiles to destroy the baddie’s getaway airplane. Unfortunately for the SWAT Kats, they got hit with a lawsuit a day later, charging them for property damage over a number of buildings that they and the villain were in close proximity with. Once the case reached Birdman, he agreed to be the defendants for the SWAT Kats, and from there, learned about the Pantheon and what to expect from it. The actual trial ended with the SWAT Kats being declared guilty of the aforementioned charges and sentenced to three months of community service and probation, with Birdman wondering just how much more work he has ahead of himself.
  • Many of Birdman’s past clients were in the Pantheon doing their usual thing once he arrived. While the risk of said clients getting sued again is rather minimal, Birdman is willing to take their case if the need arises. Even so, there’s plenty of other deities besides the Hanna-Barbera ones that are bound to get sued just doing their regular job that’ll end up in Birdman’s hands.
  • Birdman ended up discovering a multitude of other lawyers from various time periods and specializing in different aspects of the law. While many of these lawyers did find Birdman to be a bit weirder in comparison given the world he’s in, they were equally surprised to learn that he’s covered a multitude of cases and even ended up being a plaintiff or defendant a couple times. In spite of his mixed track record in terms of having successful cases, many of these lawyers were willing to accept Birdman as a sort of “jack-of-all-trades” lawyer when it comes to handling cases. In turn, Birdman considers many of those aforementioned lawyers to be friends, partly since there’s less of a risk of something crazy happening when he’s with them compared to being around his co-workers. Those lawyers (notably Atticus Finch) do insist that Birdman be more careful when it comes to certain cases and not just take them just because. Juror #8 has also found the cases that Birdman comes across to be weird to look over, though he’s tried to see the best in Birdman as a legal practitioner in spite of the latter’s flaws.
    • She-Hulk ended up being a regular consultant on many of Birdman’s cases given that she is a superhero like he was. Interestingly, in contrast to Birdman’s mostly mundane (but no less odd) cases he takes, She-Hulk is knowledgeable on superhero law. She has helped Birdman win some cases he struggles in and often talks to him whenever she isn’t busy being a superheroine. She-Hulk has also introduced Birdman to Sae Niijima, a no-nonsense attorney who has some awareness of unusual phenomena thanks to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Birdman does his best to be friendly (to a fault at times) to the two, though both She-Hulk and Sae prefer to keep things professional when it comes to Birdman.
  • Some of Birdman’s most recurring legal partners came in the form of Wright Anything Agency, a law firm that has tackled a wide variety of cases. The members of that group are all eccentric in their own way, but have proven very capable in their jobs. Phoenix Wright has also gotten into some legal trouble on his own like Birdman did a few times, something that helped strengthen the ties between the agency and Birdman. He also got to know a number of familiar faces the agency has encountered, such as The Judge (who simply considers dealing with Birdman’s offbeat cases as just another day at work) and Miles Edgeworth (a determined prosecutor who has done some investigating on his own and saw Birdman as a bit of a more competent version of Dick Gumshoe in terms of finding things for cases). The Agency considers Birdman to be a good, if flawed at times, partner for their cases despite getting into more strange situations outside the courtroom with him.
  • For as much as Birdman had to put up with a number of crooked competing attorneys, those in the Pantheon who fit that description ended up being a lot worse than what Birdman was used to. Manfred von Karma was one such individual he learned about thanks to his regular conversations with members of the Wright Anything Agency. What Manfred lacked in eccentricities, he more than makes up for in being ruthless and making sure things go exactly the way he wants it to. Manfred simply saw Birdman as a joke that wasn’t worthy of being an attorney and has sought to discredit him, though his efforts have been consistently thwarted thanks to Phoenix Wright and his friends.
    • Judge Doom ended up being far worse for Birdman than Manfred in terms of corrupt justice. Not only does he have sufficient legal power, but he’s a genocidal hypocrite who sought to destroy toons for his own gain despite being one himself. By all accounts, Birdman is pretty much a lawyer for toons given his clients and hearing about what Judge Doom wanted thoroughly sickened him. While Birdman did step back into heroics late in his career as an attorney, Judge Doom’s actions and potential repercussions in the legal field should he manage to succeed was enough for Birdman to have a reason to become a superhero once more and confront him (that and any sort of major cataclysmic disaster in the Pantheon, though those kinds of events haven’t gotten to Birdman yet).
  • One deity who has shown up near Birdman frequently just to have fun with him was The Snatcher. Before becoming a spirit, he wanted to become a lawyer and The Snatcher had plenty of respect for Birdman setting aside his superhero duties to take part in the law. That said, given what The Snatcher does for fun combined with what happens with Birdman, The Snatcher has taken to joining in on some of Birdman’s cases just to say some witty comments as a “shadow witness”. Birdman saw The Snatcher as no different from his nemesis-turned-rival attorneys when it comes to being a weirdo, though he’d prefer it if The Snatcher stopped asking about contracts.
  • Plenty of deities have gone through some legal cases that wouldn’t be out of place with what Birdman has to deal with. Among them was Plankton suing Mr. Krabs for slipping on the floor and getting injured (though Plankton faked the injury), with Spongebob being the defense for Krabs. Some have wondered how different things could be if (a really big if in this case) Birdman and co were involved, and if he might tackle a different lawsuit from Bikini Bottom or some other fantastical world that he hasn’t learned about yet.
  • Some have wondered if he’s similar to Hawkman given that they’re both bird-themed superheroes and have a fairly similar appearance. Hawkman has stated that the two are different from each other, but was confused at the idea of a lawyer who happened to be a former superhero. After taking care of another case, Birdman ended up seeing Hawkman, who wanted to talk to Birdman alongside Hawkgirl, whom Birdman initially confused as someone closely related to Birdgirl. The two learned about Birdman’s former superhero endeavors and considering that he didn’t do that badly in that regard, Hawkman did try to convince Birdman to find the time to be a superhero in addition to looking over cases, though Birdman admitted that he has his hands full with being a lawyer and a lot is going on that it leaves little time for him to go back to being a superhero. Hawkman and Hawkgirl don’t hold anything against Birdman and the latter has conversations with the Halls whenever he isn’t busy.
  • Birdman learned about another superhero who retired from heroics to try and live a normal life. While trying to help on one of his client’s cases, Birdman met Metro Man and initiated a conversation with him. Metro Man then noticed Birdman’s looks and discovered another superhero who has moved on from his former job to try to be a more grounded individual. That said, while Birdman apparently took on the job of a lawyer because he had to deal with too many threats at once, he hasn’t quite moved on from superheroism whenever possible compared to Metro Man. Metro Man has since offered to support Birdman, both in the legal field and in the occasional superhero role that he formerly had.
  • One of his most ridiculous endeavors in his legal career was attempting to get Phil Ken Sebben impeached from presidency during a break from being a ghostwriter for mystery thriller novels. As bizarre as the events that transpired they were, the fact that he was involved with an impeachment attempt in general has made plenty of corrupt politicians concerned. Frank Underwood doesn’t think much of Birdman, though he is aware that someone is definitely going to try and take his potential presidency down regardless of who that person may be. Underwood has since taken to trying to find people to take down Birdman and the Wright Anything Agency (and other lawyers in general) just so Underwood can destroy people that can have access to his crimes and use it against him.

    Perry Mason 
Perry Mason, God of Confessions
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An emblem of Lady Justice
  • Theme: Perry Mason Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Law, Good, Purity, Justice
  • Portfolio: Conviction by Contradiction, Crusading Lawyer, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Invincible Hero, Married to the Job, Perp Sweating, Protagonist-Centered Morality, To Be Lawful or Good, Trickster Archetype
  • Herald: Della Street
  • High Priest: Matlock
  • Followers: Judge Dee
  • Allies: '''Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Lt. Columbo, The Judge, Jean Valjean, Roy Greenhilt, Will Graham and Clarice Starling, All detective gods
  • Rivals: Judge Dredd, Inspector Javert
  • Enemies: The Dark Judges, Lex Luthor, Jack the Ripper
  • Opposes: Manfred von Karma, Rosco P. Coltrane
  • Conflicting Opinion: Hannibal Lecture
  • Many Gods wonder just how Phoenix Wright became so good at forcing confessions on suspects. The God of Crusading Lawyers responded by pointing out a defense attorney from an earlier time. That made it all the more heartwarming when he found out that his mentor finally arrived at the Pantheon. Perry Mason welcomed his fellow members of the House of Justice with his famous introduction: "I'm an attorney, my name's Mason."
    • Maya had taken a special interest in Perry's herald, secretary Della Street. The Goddess of Spirit Channelling was eager to show the herald around the Pantheon. Upon asked whether she had any feelings for him, she replied yes... but agreed with Perry not to put that in the way of his job. Their marriage would probably result in his retirement and loss of divinity. He has far too much work in the House of Justice to quit now.
  • Holds the claim as one of the few defense attorneys that has always gotten a case in his favor. This is mainly due to knowing just who deserves to be defended. Even when his clients are not that honest, he merely turns the tables at them. It's safe to say that he is sought after for many defendants.
  • He gained a couple of allies in the form of superheroic lawyers Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters. The two helped him in setting up his office in the Court of the Gods. The two also provide protection in case certain foes may want to assassinate them, calling force Daredevil and She-Hulk. If anyone wants to get to him, they would have to go through him first.
  • He eagerly seeks to take on one of the most prolific cases in Pantheon history: defending Jean Valjean, Patron Saint of the Wrongfully Accused. This did not please Javert in the slightest, confident that the man he has been searching for should be punished.
  • Judge Dredd would like to make it clear that his winning streak may have been perfect as a mortal, but he won't be right on all of his clients, nor will he be able to save them if found guilty. If that happens, he assumes that Mason should follow the law rather than his heart. That is easier said than done, as Perry always sided with good over the law.
    • Only Roy Greenhilt has had to go through this much questioning over his alignment. The two often discuss those morals whenever they meet.
  • Perry is one of the more friendlier gods in the House of Justice, but there are a few that test even his patience. He dislikes Manfred's role into manipulating his former High Priest as well as nearly landing his pupil in jail.
    • He also dislikes Rosco for sending in more wrongfully accused clients than any other deity, especially the Dukes of Hazard. The group may be unpleasant, but they aren't nearly as bad as the corrupt cops claim them to be.
  • He also made a few enemies himself. Even though he manages to garnish confessions from his enemies, he does not condone the death penalty in most cases, angering the Dark Judges.
  • Later, Perry found another one of his disciples in the Pantheon before him. Leeroy Gibbs one claimed in citing Mason as a guideline for interrogating mooks. The two get along alright, although Perry believes that Gibbs takes things a bit too far at times.
  • Columbo was also quick to congratulate him on his long due ascension. Perry is a big fan of his, impressed in how he exposes criminals without even needing a confession from them. With that said, expect a lot of teamwork on the two on certain deities that are particularly difficult to crack.
  • He is glad to see so many detectives in the Pantheon, ones who are more than happy to find evidence to uncover the truth. Thus he has managed to be in good terms with all of them, even the less friendly or more aloof ones. This has been handy, as any feud between rival detectives can be resolved through him.
  • He feels sympathy over Will and Clarice over their methods of catching villains, namely talking with one of the most dangerous one of all. As for the God of Cannibals himself, the two merely rage on philosophical debates. Hannibal has yet to find a way to crack the pure nature of Perry but hopes to find some baggage on him someday. Perry admits that Hannibal is a crafty man, but hopes to reform him in the future. With their records in mind, it's going to be a long argument.
  • Hannibal's rival, on the other hand, has no love for the man who has sent many of his followers to prison. Jack the Ripper seeks Perry out to murder him.
  • Perry has been under pressure from multiple corrupted prosecutors, funded by Lex Luthor. The God of Supervillains knows well of the man's exploits and has started a campaign to discredit the man while funding lawyers of his own to protect his followers.



    Gene Hunt 
Gene Hunt, God of Noble Bigots With a Badge and Entertaining Torture Techniques (Gene Genie)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His camel hat coat
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Abusive Parents, Da Chief, Drives Like Crazy, Torture for Fun and Information, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Knight Templar, Old-Fashioned Copper, Politically Incorrect Hero, Testosterone Poisoning
  • Domains: Law, Glory, Bigotry, Torture
  • Followers: The Tank Police, Sere, Steve McGarrett, John Ryan
  • Herald: Sam Tyler (his partner).
  • Allies: Archie Bunker, Dirty Harry, Ron Swanson, Jack Bauer, John Constantine
  • Rivals: Draco Malfoy, Leslie Knope
  • Opposes: Most deities in the Houses of Crime and Villains, Rosco Coltrane
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Omar Little, The Doctor
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Eric Cartman
  • Respects: Garrus Vakarian, Sam Vimes
  • Pities: Axl Low
  • Gene has spent much of his mortal life dabbling between many faiths in the House of Justice, yet he couldn't find a god that fit him. After some years, he decided to become part of the Pantheon, promoting his achievements to the House of Justice. One wouldn't think that such a man would make leeway. So it was a shock to them when a massive amount of people vouched for his ascension. It didn't take long before he got a temple for himself.
  • One of many of his patrons, Archie Bunker made quick friends with the police chief. It helps that the two were around at the same time chronically.
  • There was one time where he tried to enter the clergy of Draco... which didn't end as planned. For one, there was an uncomfortably large amount of female clergies. There was also the part where Malfoy retains a strong disdain with Muggles. With Gene in the Pantheon, the two compete over potential followers.
  • Then he entered the temple of Jack Bauer, learning the ways of interrogation and torture. It was there that he created a new style of torture, developing more creative ways to extract information from criminals. It may seem cruel, but he couldn't help but laugh off the absurdity of his methods. Nevertheless, he thought Bauer took the process too seriously and quit the business as well. Gene made amends once he entered the Pantheon.
  • Afterwards, he tried out the temple of Leroy Gibbs, intrigued with the man's ability to make his torturer sweat beads in his mere presence. It was his experience with the two of them that he created a new style of extracting information, one that can be punishing to criminals but fun for the impersonator. That earned him his second title.
  • It's little surprise to see him getting along with British cynic John Constantine. Gene trusts in him more than any other magician in any occult mysteries. He would rather keep any talk of being Bi as a phase and nothing else.
  • The same can't be said with the Doctor, who has a natural distrust with law enforcement. The feeling is mutual, as Gene is uncomfortable with his alien nature. It just feels like fate always pits the two together to save the day, much to their chagrin.
  • He wants to like Cartman, he really does. But the amount of crap that the kid does pushes even his buttons. He still hopes to reach over to him in order to be a slightly more tolerant person.
  • Within the House of Justice, he fits in the most with Vigilante Cop Dirty Harry. It may be odd that a chief of police may qualify as one... until one realizes that all of his crew could be considered followers of Dirty Harry. The same can be said for Harry as well, one who is no stranger to using slang words on minorities.
  • Also enjoys the company of policeman Sam Vimes. The only reason the two aren't friends is Sam's dislike of everyone. He does admit he dislikes Gene less than most of his employees.
  • European origins aside, he goes swimmingly with Ron Swanson as well, preferring less bureaucracy to be involved in police matters. This pits him against Ron's colleague Leslie, whose followers bog him down with cumbersome policies that hold him back. It's under Ron's insistence that he decided to be tolerant of her rather than opposed to her.
  • As of cop, it's only natural that he intends to arrest all those in the Houses of Crime and Villains. Omar Little serves as an exception, as he has provided vital information within the House on some of the more dangerous criminals.
  • He may be immoral, cruel and a bigot, but he is not corrupt. He ultimately intends to enforce the law. So when Rosco thought he could buy out Gene Hunt, the Brit threw that money in his face, beat him senseless and stormed off.
  • It turns out that his colleagues Sam Tyler and Alex Drake weren't the only ones misplaced in time. Gene found out that the two were followers of Axel Low, who he later paid respects to.
  • As a cop, he's supposed to renounce Garrus, God of Vigilantism. In truth, he likes the alien's style. Just don't expect him to say it out loud.
  • Can also be found in Torture and Mutilation.
    "Hands up! You're surrounded by Armed Bastards!"

    Gerald Ford 
Gerald Rudolph "Gerry" Ford Jr., Divine Representative Of The 25th Amendment (The 38th President of the United States of America [and before that, the 40th Vice President], Mr. Nice Guy, The Accidental President, Leslie Lynch King Jr. [birth name])
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His signature on a copy of the 25th amendment
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Became a Forgettable Veep Then President Through the 25th Amendment, Nice Guy, Prone to a Number of Gaffes, The Nondescript, Former Fashion Model, Loves American Football
  • Domains: Succession, Leadership, Amendments, Friendliness, Goofs
  • Heralds: First Lady Elizabeth Anne "Betty" Ford (his wife), Nelson Rockefeller (his vice president), Bob Dole (his 1976 running mate), and his beloved golden retriever Liberty
  • Complicated Relationship With: Richard Nixon's head (the head of his president)
  • Allies: The other Real Life presidents (particularly JFK, who he was contemporary to), Homer Simpson, Philip J Fry, Pops Maellard, Josiah Bartlet, America, Captain America
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Herbert Garrison, Senator Steven Armstrong, Nazi deities like Red Skull, Goro Akechi
  • Opposes: Edward Blake/The Comedian
  • For over a century and a half, there was some ambiguity on what happens if the US president is incapable of performing their duties. While John Tyler established that the vice president takes over if the president dies, it wasn't until 1967 where a vacancy in the vice presidency would be filled. The 25th amendment came up to make it clear that the vacancy had to be filled, and if the president was incapacitated but not dead the vice president serves as acting president. Three instances of this amendment involve Gerald Ford, who went from house minority leader to vice president to president without even being on an electoral ticket.
  • Chosen to replace Spiro Agnew as Nixon's VP because he resigned out of being busted for bribery and tax evasion as governor, which was completely unrelated to the Watergate Scandal that Nixon had to resign, which made him president. Then he used the 25th amendment to make Nelson Rockefeller his vice president, and is known for being the only person to become president purely because of said amendment. Having pardoned Nixon(which may have cost him election in his own right), he was saddened to see that in the 31st century, his old boss has become an insane madman. He's wondering why he picked Agnew's headless body as vice president.
  • Still serves as Nixon's vice president in the Alternate History of Watchmen. He can't avoid tripping down some stairs. The Comedian posed with him. Gerald Ford has gone on regretting that when he realized what a Sociopathic Hero Eddie Blake is. He doesn't like the fact that, in any universe, Herbert Garrison became president due to his policy of "fuck em all to death" and nuking of Canada. Being clean cut, down to earth and one of the friendliest POTUS, Garrison's Anything That Moves Angry White Man attitude could not be a bigger contrast.
  • While admitting he has good intentions, Gerald Ford finds the social darwinist "paradise" Senator Armstrong would bring to be utter madness. It doesn't help his opinion of Armstrong that he saw to the end of a rather hellish war. The ascended Real Life presidents, however, he finds himself agreeing with them. Ford gets on the best with Kennedy, given they lived around the same time and he was even involved in the Warren Commission trying to figure out the truth of the assassination.
  • Gerald Ford is happy to see a good-natured fictional president exist in the form of Josiah Bartlet, who is somewhat snarky but otherwise a competent and kind commander in chief. Wishes his vice presidents had a better relationship with him, though. As a nice and salt of the earth leader, Ford gets along with Pops as well.
  • Was born Leslie Lynch King Jr, but renamed himself after his step-dad. He only met his biological father once, who his mother broke off their marriage shortly after his birth because he was alcoholic and abusive, and King Sr just gave him 10 dollars. Ford considers him a Glorified Sperm Donor, and has a distaste for the Child Abuse Supporters because their cruelty towards their own family reminds him of how his bio-dad was a bad husband and would've ended up as a bad father.
  • Ford would rather stay away from Goro Akechi. While he can understand his personal anger at his deadbeat sociopath of a father, Akechi is an unstable assassin with a serious case of Complexity Addiction in getting back at daddy. Plus Ford had two attempts on his life as president. He isn't going to say anything on the Phantom Thieves habit of Heel–Face Brainwashing crooked adults besides not being all that comfortable in it, though admits a lot of their targets are pretty damn loathsome so he gets why. They find him a decent enough president anyway.
  • Isn't happy to learn there are a number of Nazis in the pantheon. Asides from the general antipathy they bring and being an American leader, Gerald Ford had enlisted in the navy during World War 2(though in the Pacific theater). He was happy to learn Captain America was in the Pantheon and ready to kick Nazi ass. He was also happy to learn that the country he loves and served as leader was personified.
  • A big fan of football, having helped the Michigan Wolverines to achieving two undefeated seasons. He was a star player. Another surprising early job Gerald Ford had was that of fashion model; he wasn't always The Nondescript. Sometimes he likes to visit the House of Sports to flex his old skills at football again, or golf. It's said he once joked that he knows he's going to Hell because he pardoned Richard Nixon.
  • Was a neighbor of The Simpsons at a point. Compared to the disastrous relationship Homer had with George H. W. Bush, their interaction went well. As they're both amicable salt of the earth guys they chilled and had nachos and beer. Homer still has a picture of the two and was happy to meet Ford again. Ford was happy to meet Fry again, who worked at the head museum for a time(as did his time duplicate Lars Fillmore).
  • Among things tied to the Ford administration are the first government shutdown, having one of the most politically active First Ladies, performing well for a troubled period in American history and being the first president from Michigan(though he was born in Nebraska). But among things he's derided for are tripping because of an inner ear problem, the aforementioned pardoning of Nixon, and being the only vice president and president never elected to that office. Also being portrayed by Chevy Chase in Saturday Night Live. Took it in stride though, and the two became friends after he left office.

    John Donovan 
Senator Blake: "Did you help Lincoln Clay murder Sal Marcano and all prominent members of his crime family?"

John Donovan: "You're goddamn right I did."

John Donovan, God of Being Hauled Before a Senate Subcommittee (Johnny, Camelot)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A folder containing the profiles and photographs of various prominent individuals, as well as his blue Bulworth Banyan surveillance van
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral in terms of actions, with Chaotic Good intentions
  • Portfolio: Being hauled into a senate hearing for his actions in New Bordeaux in 1968, A very friendly and helpful guy who commits several questionable actions, Believing that Kennedy's assassins are tied to organized crime and politicians, Willing to play dirty just to take down criminals and rogue agents, Being a rather mixed to negative portrayal of the United States, Having some strong morals despite his questionable deeds and actions, Seen by many as an evil mentor to Lincoln, Always seen smoking tobacco, Quite possibly only helping Lincoln Clay take down the Marcanos due to their role in the Kennedy assassination, Telling Lincoln to kill his underbosses due to them possibly wanting to turn on him due to greed, which ultimately proves to be a wrong prediction, Acting independently of his superiors while in New Bordeaux, Engages in illegal activities in order to prevent nuclear war, help Lincoln, and kill corrupt politicians, His experiences in Vietnam occasionally haunting him in the present, Every other word of his being a cuss of some sort, Does pretty questionable things despite being on Lincoln's side, Encouraging Lincoln Clay's revenge scheme while also telling him to kill all "loose ends"
  • Allies: John F. Kennedy, Lt. Karl Fairburne, James Bond, Solid Snake, John "Soap" MacTavish, John Price, Jimmy
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Tashkent, Cole Phelps
  • Opposed by: Carl Johnson, Niko Bellic, Franklin Clinton, Michael DeSanta, and Trevor Philips
  • Conflicting Opinion: Vito Scaletta, Alex Mason, The DiMeo Crime Family, Buciaratti's Gang, Big Boss, Ocelot, Solidus Snake
  • In 1971, over a TV crew, dozens of witnesses, and a senate subcommittee led by Democrat Senator Richard Blake, John Donovan was made to confess his extensive involvement in Lincoln Clay's Roaring Rampage of Revenge in the city of New Bordeaux, Louisiana during the Summer and Autumn of 1968. Rather than deny these accusations, Donovan himself enthusiastically admitted to aiding his close friend and fellow Vietnam veteran in the latter's scheme to take down the Marcano Crime Family.
  • Throughout the almost hour-long taped senate hearing, Donovan admitted, with a mix of enthusiasm, honesty, and disgust, how Lincoln Clay and his underbosses gradually took over the city. He had usually provided Clay intelligence regarding the people he was going after, which also extended to wire-tapping the entire city of New Bordeaux. For the most part, he was hands-off in his approach to aiding Lincoln, never once being directly involved in any of the bloodshed. The most he did end up doing was planting explosive charges for Lincoln to use during Lou Marcano's assassination.
  • The one thing he denied to them, interestingly, had nothing to do with Marcano, but instead involved Rogue Agent Connor Aldridge, who had massacred a Cuban restaurant, destroyed a CIA safehouse, and almost sold a nuclear warhead to North Vietnam, partly due to the classified nature of the mission, as well as his sheer disgust at Aldridge's actions. This was also the sole exception to his hands-off policy, given that the matter involved the CIA, and for that matter, the fate of the world. It was during this mission where he approached Lincoln Clay and asked him for assistance, as a form of return favor for aiding him in his own matters, to which Clay agreed. They ultimately succeeded in stopping the Ax-Crazy Aldridge from pulling off his Evil Plan, by wiping out his entire mercenary army, taking back the nuclear warhead, with Donovan killing Aldridge himself after questioning why the heck he decided to pull it all off.
  • With Lincoln killing off the last of Marcano's Caporegimes, Donovan decided it was time to leave New Bordeaux due to the amount of heat that the deaths of at least two high profile members of the US government would attract. Wasting no time, he cleaned house, burning down all paper trails, evidence, and intelligence he had gathered, and left New Bordeaux not long after Lincoln killed Sal and Giorgi Marcano at their casino headquarters. This ultimately only delayed him being confronted by the proper authorities, as only 3 years later he was forced to confess his actions in front of a US Senate hearing, which became one major Framing Device of Lincoln Clay's story.
  • At the end of these Senate hearing clips, it's revealed that Donovan actually wanted to be hauled before this particular subcommittee. Following Lincoln's rampage against Marcano, Donovan actually brought back some of the more important files and intel he had gathered with him, and continued investigating the leads he had. What he did end up finding was a certain name associated with Marcano, mentioned several times over: Senator Richard Blake's own, aka the very Senator confronting Donovan over his involvement in Lincoln Clay's rampage. And not only that, it turns out that he had assisted Marcano by helping arranging for JFK's assassination. Now having the Senator right where he wants him, Donovan pulls out a silenced M1911. Blake, in an attempt to plead for his life, warns Donovan that the authorities will come after him. Donovan, having none of it, replies that he wants his fellow conspirators to see this, as he intends on going after and killing all of them, then shoots the Corrupt Politician twice, first in the chest, with a finishing shot to the head. Donovan then calmly leaves the scene, and the footage of the hearing ends with Senator Blake dead, and the rest of the committee trying in vain to help him. His last words to them are that he's going after the rest of the conspirators next, and promptly leaves. The footage ends not long after.
  • What happened to Donovan following the assassination of Senator Blake is currently unknown, with his last known appearance being the Senate hearing captured on film. These tapes of the Senate subcommittee hearing, however, earn the interest of many of the Pantheon's deities, who believe that Donovan might be the key to ending several of the Pantheon's large organized criminal and terrorist factions. And so, through these declassified tapes, John Donovan is ascended as God of Being Hauled Before a Senate Subcommittee, alongside all of his monitoring equipment, his Bulworth Banyan surveillance van included.
  • Wasting no time, Donovan ends up setting up his own Temple as a makeshift CIA safehouse, complete with intel gathering equipment and communication wiretaps to virtually the entire Pantheon. Said equipment he pilfered from various deities, houses, and temples, and placed in his surveillance van, all done stealthily and lowkey.
  • In just a matter of days and weeks, Donovan finds exactly what he's looking for: communists, JFK's alleged killers, organized criminals, and various government conspiracies. Heck, he himself is surprised that JFK himself has ascended. Rather than meet his idol, however, he chooses to protect the former US president from the shadows, in order to lure out those interested in going after him once more.
  • Not unlike during his time in New Bordeaux, he ends up crippling the operations of several of these deities and their related organizations, usually through feeding the intel he's gathered to the "proper" people such as Capt. John Price or Solid Snake. On occasion, though, he does venture out himself to annihilate these threats. In particular, he's personally killed several Spetsnaz GRU soldiers sent by Gen. Dragovich and Col. Volgin who were performing a field trial of Nova-6. He even ends up retrieving all canisters of the Deadly Gas, and sends it to the "proper" deities so that they can be either destroyed or held in containment.
    • It's through this field work of his that he ends up becoming a recurring contact and ally of MI6 Agent James Bond, who in turn provides Donovan with additional gadgets and getaway vehicles as a return favor for the intel Donovan leaks to his British counterpart.
  • Through indirect channels, he ends up sending his intel gatherings to Vito Scaletta, an old criminal associate of his friend Lincoln Clay. Choosing to remain anonymous, he sends to him and Joe Barbaro the various pieces of intel he's gathered on the two Mafiosi's enemies in the Pantheon, which catches both their interest. He also sends similar pieces of intel to the former Mafia hitman Jimmy, knowing that he'll be able to go after the organized criminals that Donovan himself can't hope to take out personally. In exchange for this, he asks both Vito and Jimmy a favor: help arrange a future ascension for his old friend and Vietnam veteran Lincoln Clay, as he would prove to be a useful ally for all three of them, especially given that Vito himself was one of his Underbosses.
  • Is, rather unsurprisingly, rather conflicted with fellow CIA agent Alex Mason. While he is grateful for helping stop Nova-6 from being spread both in his world and in the Pantheon, he's also wary regarding his status as a botched Manchurian Agent for the Soviets. It also doesn't help that Mason was allegedly part of the Kennedy assassination.
  • Through his various intel-gathering networks, Donovan ends up finding about the likes of HYDRA and its various cells and members. He ends up becoming one of their biggest thorns, no thanks to using his very effective intel-gathering and counter-insurgency skills against them. While he opposes their entire organization, he's particularly interested in going against the more modern incarnation, particularly the individuals responsible for Kennedy's assassination in their universe.
  • Is almost universally distrusted by many criminal deities hailing from the Grand Theft Auto universes, particularly those who have had run-ins with the CIA and IAA. It also doesn't help that Donovan, in many ways, is not so different from Mike Toreno and the IAA agents encountered by Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in the past.
  • He finds many deities from the Watchmen universe to be absolutely loathsome, with The Comedian and Ozymandias on the top of the list, the former for his alleged part in assassinating Kennedy, and the latter for destroying an American city with either a monster or a WMD. On the other hand, he's actually happy that Dr. Manhattan was able to get the South Vietnamese to win The Vietnam War by forcing the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong to submit.

    The Judge 
The Judge, God of Non-Violent Judgment and Chief Justice of the Court of the Gods (His Honor, Udjey, the Bearded Gentleman, Judge Fickle, The Great Judgini)
  • Demigod (His verdicts, however, carry the authority of a Greater God)
  • Symbol: A gavel.
  • Theme Song: Court is Now in Session
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: A Justice of the Peace, slamming his gavel, eccentric, but skilled in his field, upholding the law, adoring cute things, never using his name, Reasonable Authority Figure.
  • Domains: Law, Judgment, Truth
  • Followers: Justine Courtney
  • Herald: His inexplicably Canadian brother, who also never uses his name.
  • Allies: The Wright Anything Agency, Miles Edgeworth, the Cutie Mark Crusaders
  • Likely one of the biggest upsets within the House of Judgment, Johnson of the Big Five was sued by the Junkyard Dog for his blatant abuse of authority within the Pantheon. Johnson was found guilty and stripped of his powers and godhood. With no one to fill the void, the most unusual person suggested a replacement. Twilight Sparkle used a summoning spell to call on "the greatest judge in existence". This called forth the justice of the peace most familiar to Phoenix Wright.
  • Many of the cases the judge presides have been around the validity of potential gods within their domain. Whether a god should be returned to mortality or be forced to share the title with another have often come to him to decide their fate.
  • By no means a violent man himself, the judge can, however, be pushed to his limits, and channel all of his godhood into a single powerful strike with his mighty gavel. Any remarks from his victim in this situation is shut down with a powerful "Objection Overruled!"
  • After any trials he gives verdicts to, he will often have the accused submitted to Yamaxanadu's higher judgment for their final sentencing.
  • Many times he has been proven to be gullible and persuadable, but at the end of the day, not even the Holy Trinity can detour the Judge from trying to find the truth from even the smallest of circumstances.
  • Finds the Cutie Mark Crusaders to be the "most adorable things in the world". Has a complete soft spot for Apple Bloom in this regard (seeing as she was a witness for a trial he preceded over) and gave her the suggestion to be a "CUTIE MARK CRUSADER LAWYER!!!". Phoenix...didn't know how to react.
    • Later, after an excursion through Limbo and helping Diamond Tiara find her purpose, Apple Bloom and her friends came to him to reveal their Cutie Marks. The Judge cried Tears of Joy and made a declaration that, due to the Crusaders obtaining their Cutie Marks by helping others finding their purpose in life, they were able to hold their godhood. However, the price for that meant that—due to the aforementioned excursion through Limbo—the Crusaders had to move out from the House of Ambiguity (thus leaving their good friends/vampire wrestling babysitters behind,yes even the Judge is confused as to how the friendship worked) and move to the House of Prophecy for their protection. The Crusaders have learned to live with the move and come see him every now and then.

    Kaede Akamatsu 
Kaede Akamatsu, Goddess of being Acquitted Too Late (Super High School Level Pianist, Ultimate Pianist, Kaeidiot, Kayayday)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Musical Hairpin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, possibly Neutral Evil pre-brainwashing.
  • Theme Music: "Clair de Lune" (Shared with Shuichi)
  • Portfolio: Advertised Extra, Decoy Protagonist, 100% Adoration Rating, Adorkable, Ideal Hero, Girls Love Stuffed Animals, Acquitted Too Late, Formely cynical if the Prolouge is to be believed, Implied Love Interest to Shuichi Saihara, Genki Girl, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Guile Heroine, Determinator, The Lost Lenore, Sympathetic Attempted Murderer
  • Domains: Piano, False Protagonists, Leadership, Tragic Characters
  • Allies: Every good Danganronpa deities, but especially Shuichi Saihara, Sayaka Maizono, Ibuki Mioda, and Izuru Kamakura/Hajime Hinata, Victor and Victoria, Emily, Héctor, Miguel Rivera, Suite Pretty Cure, Miku Hatsume, Yurika Kirishima, Houkago Tea Time, Yuu Haruna, Sonia Strumm, The Mermaid Princesses, Plasmagica, Marion Crane and Ned Stark, Yuzu Hiragii, SCP-2295, The Hundred Acre Wood Gang (especially Winnie the Pooh)
  • Admires: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Enemies: Tsumugi Shirogane, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Monaca Towa, Ernesto de la Cruz, Ember McLain, Mad Piano, Courtney Gears, I-No, The Dazzlings, Lotso, SCP-1048
  • Pities: Maestro Forte
  • Complicated Relationships: Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, Brook, Naughty Bear, Kokichi Oma
  • Sympathized by: All good deities in the House of Justice
  • Kaede Akamatsu is the Ultimate Pianist, and also the first female viewpoint character to appear in the mainline Danganronpa series... for the entirety of one chapter. In an attempt to get rid of the mastermind, Kaede had apparently killed Rantaro Amami by mistake, so she instead tries to draw out the trial in an attempt to identify the mastermind before eventually confessing when Shuichi discovers her role in it and is drawing suspicion onto himself by refusing to say anything. Kaede would outed as the killer and executed, with Shuichi taking up her role as the main investigator, not realizing until much that Tsumigi Shirogane set everything to make Kaede look like the culprit.
  • Kaede would eventually wake up in the Pantheon, the last thing she could remember being her execution. After wandering around in confusion, she was found and taken to the Court of the Gods, who had to explain to her that she did die in the mortal world, but they helped her spirit ascend and become a goddess. Kaede was surprised to hear that, but becomes even more surprised when she Shuichi had also ascended. Kaede, despite being happy to know her friend was in the Pantheon, was nervous to face him due to her actions. The Court of the Gods told her that Shuichi still cared about her and would be very happy to see her again no matter, telling her where to find Shuichi and have him explain the rest of the story, so she immediately rushed to the House to see him. When Shuichi saw her, he was stunned speechless to find Kaede, and before she could come up with anything to say, he immediately rushed over and hugged her. Cue the both crying Tears of Joy at their reunion.
    • Immediately thereafter, once the situation calmed down, with everyone giving the two privacy, Shuichi explained everything to Kaede. He told her how her words helped motivate him to survive and help everyone in the Killing Game to the best of his ability, he told her about all the class trials he participated in, and how he gained friends that instilled confidence in him. Shuichi then told her two things that completely shocked her: The first was that her trap had actually failed to kill anyone, and Tsumigi Shirogane was the one who killed Rantaro, making her a scapegoat. The second was how he and the other survivors learned that the Killing Game was a reality show based on Makoto Naegi and Hajime Hinata's experiences, and that all of their memories were fabricated, with them actually being willing participants. These revelations ended up shaking and horrifying Kaede to the very core. Her attempts to resort to killing to try and end the Killing Game actually failed to kill anyone because of sheer luck, she herself was set up to be killed, and for the icing on the cake, her entire life was a lie and her real self and peers were all willing participants in a Deadly Game for people's sick amusement. Just as she was about to break down from the sheer pressure of these revelations, Shuichi immediately gave her another hug before holding her hand, telling her to hold her head high and promising that he would help her face the truth. Reminded of her words of encouragement towards Shuichi and seeing how much he's grown, Kaede could only feel her heart warm as she thanked Shuichi for the being the friend she needed in both the Killing Game and the Pantheon, before they finally shared another hug.
    • Once the heartwarming reunion was done, Shuichi explained everything about the Pantheon to her. The Court of the Gods then explained to Kaede that they ascended her to represent those who were acquitted too late, since she was proven innocent long after she was executed, and they felt great sympathy for her.
    • Shuichi then introduced her to the other Danganronpa deities. Tenko was one of the most happy to see Kaede again, as she tried to save her from execution and was devastated how she couldn't save her, nor identify the true culprit. Makoto, Hajime, Kyoko, and Chiaki were happy that Shuichi finally managed to reunite with his friend. Even Kokichi seemed happy for Kaede (in his own way). Kaede tends to get along the most with Sayaka Maizono and Ibuki Midoa, who also have a passion for music, and the three are hoping to find a way to use their music to make people in the Pantheon happy.
    • Speaking of Kokichi, her relationship with is complicated, since even though he did help the group put a stop to the killing game, he is still an antagonistic prankster. She's not even sure if Kokichi would have saved her if he knew about the trap, or that somebody set her up.
    • Kaede, just like every other Danganronpa entity, strongly opposes Junko Enoshima for her vile killing games. She also dislikes Monaca Towa for her crimes and her manipulations towards her fellow Warriors of Hope. But she personally opposes Tsumigi Shirogane for setting her up to die. She and Shuichi together promise to put a stop to Shirogane and make sure she is brought to justice for what she did.
  • Many deities in the House of Justice are sympathetic to Kaede's plight, since she was set up to be executed, and the evidence that could have proven her innocence in Rantaro's death was intentionally kept hidden. Sirius Black in particular is perhaps the most sympathetic, since he was framed by his former friend Peter Petigrew, send to Azkaban without trial, almost subjected to the Dementor's Kiss, and gets killed by Bellatrix before his name was finally cleared. Kaede however states even if she didn't kill Rantaro, she did try to kill someone, and that she still isn't at peace with it fully just yet. Some of the good deities reassures her that they still believe in fairness, and make it clear she didn't deserve such a horrible fate. Other deities who believe in law above all else, however, are not so friendly.
  • Kaede tends to visit the House of Music to play and practice on the piano. She admires the musicians Mozart and Beethoven for their work, something that the musicians are honored by. Although Kaede does cringe on Mozart's dirty sense of humor despite admiring his work.
  • Kaede gets along with Victor Van Dort, who has played the piano and is also quite good conveying his feelings through it. She admires his story about finally gaining the confidence to marry his fiance Victoria, and is also sympathetic towards Emily over how she was murdered for her dowry and hopes to find the love of her life.
  • Kaede instantly befriends Miguel and Héctor, not only for their love of music, but also for their tragic family history. Miguel and Héctor are incredibly sympathetic towards Kaede for how she was tricked into attempting murder to save her classmates and how she was framed for it, while Kaede is at least happy the two got a happy ending for themselves after the killer of their family is finally exposed for who he is.
    • Kaede has nothing but contempt for Ernesto, only because he stole Héctor's songs and took away what made them so special, but also murdered Héctor just because he wanted to return to his family instead continuing to write songs for him. Kaede outright calls him a disgrace for a musician.
  • Kaede shows nothing but disgust for Courtney Gears, an Evil Diva who actually tried to rid her universe of organic life. She also dislikes how she got away with her crimes due to her popularity, which also reminds her of how the Danganronpa reality show persisted...
  • Kaede does feel some pity for Forte as a fellow musician, given how he felt unappreciated as a musician to his master. However she still notes that still doesn't excuse trying to sabotage Beast and Belle's relationship and trying to destroy the castle and kill everyone in it.
  • Kaede's opinion towards Brook is mixed, since while she respects his skills as a musician, his perverted personality outright alienates her. She is outright disgusted whenever Brook asks her for her panties, and even admits she wouldn't mind if Tenko protected her from him.
  • Kaede gets along with other musical gods in the Pantheon. Examples include:
    • Kaede enjoys Miku Hatsune's performances, while Miku enjoys Kaede's piano performances. The two hang out in their spare time, discussing music and how they can improve their performances.
    • Kaede is supportive of 765 Pro's performances, though when she heard about how quickly they forgave Sayaka, she's reminded of what she did in the mortal world and can only wonder if she'll be treated the same way. She is surpised that this is the case, with the group understanding her reasons for doing it and even showing her sympathy when they found out she was set up to die.
    • Kaede is outright impressed by how the Mermaid Princesses, Plasmagica, and the Suite Pretty Cure use music to combat evil. Both of them admit she has the spirit of a musician and see her as an Honorary True Companion. When they're working, they tend to hang out to discuss their performances and what songs they can practice.
    • Sonia Strumm and Kaede get along well because of their passion for music. Kaede is sympathetic towards Sonia for using her music to make her mother happy, and is proud that she made a friend to help her in her darkest moment.
    • Kaede is supportive of both Kousei and Kaori, albeit not without her concerns about what occurred between them. Kaede is horrified when she learned of the circumstances that caused Kousei to swear off piano, and while she does understand Kaori's reasons for trying to reignite his passion, she still notes the way she did it caused him a lot more than strife than what was considered acceptable. Then again, she did try to kill the mastermind and she encouraged the other students in a subtle manner when she knew her death was coming, so she admits she might not have room to talk. She still wishes that Kaori had tried to help Kousei in a more appropriate manner.
  • One day, Kaede came across a piano. Deciding to play it, she quickly received a Jump Scare when the piano came to life and attacked her. She was saved in the nick of time and told about the Mad Piano, receiving a warning to avoid it at all costs.
  • Kaede gets along with Marion Crane and Ned Stark, both of whom were also killed way earlier in their stories like her and while they were in the Pantheons longer than her, they find her pep talk to be refreshing since coming in. Kaede also outright feels sympathy for the two, not only for dying early, but for not being able to live long enough to accomplish her goals just like her.
  • Yuzu Hiiragi is also another music-themed girl Kaede can befriend, with Yuzu finding her easier to get along with than Maizono although she is concerned with who she was prior to Tsumugi's killing game. Kaede admits she's just as concerned as Yuzu is and can't stand the person she was previously, vowing to never again be the kind of person who enjoys sick entertainment.
  • Kaede loves stuffed animals, even admitting their the one gift she loves receiving the most from Shuichi. This is why she loves interacting with the Pooh Bear and his friends, hanging with them in her spare time and growing to like their quirks. She also has an amicable relationship with SCP-2295, and actually sees him as a good doctor to go to when she or her friends need one. However, she is downright appalled at the sight of Lotso and SCP-1048's actions. She calls out Lotso on his selfish "If can't have Daisy, nobody can!" attitude, outright telling him that Daisy had a replacement Lotso because she loved him and wasn't aware he would try to return to her. Lotso finds that ridiculous and refuses to accept that explanation. She outright sees SCP-1048 a monster after seeing how he creates teddy bears.
    • Kaede has mixed feelings about Naughty Bear, since even though he was provoked, he still inflicted some gruesome ends onto other bears. This ends up giving Kaede bad memories of her execution, so she doesn't hang out with him as much as the other teddy bears in the Pantheon.

    Leslie Knope 
Leslie Barbara Knope, Goddess of Beleaguered Bureaucracy
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Pawnee seal
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: Determinator, Bad Liar, resorts to lame insults when frustrated, Cloudcuckoolander, Genki Girl, Go-Getter Girl, Hair as Golden as her heart, Hypercompetent Sidekick to Ron, The Idealist, Pungeon Master, Sweet Tooth, LOVES Whipped Cream
  • Domains: Law, Good, Legislature, Resolve, Leadership
  • Followers: Her colleagues, Mayura Ichikawa, Ponder Stibbons, Dr. Lisa Cuddy
  • High Priest: Jim Hacker, her British equivalent.
  • Herald: Benjamin "Ben" Wyatt (her husband), Ann Meredith Perkins (her best friend), her co-workers at the Parks and Recreation Department in Pawnee, Indiana.
  • Allies: The House of Nature, The House of Beast, especially Steve Irwin, Starlord, Queen Elsa, Talim, Harry Potter
  • Enemies: All evil gods in the House of Commerce, especially Looten Plunder, Rexxus
  • Rivals: Poison Ivy, Ron Swanson (friendly), Vidiri
  • The House of Justice relies on a tight string of bureaucracy to keep it going. Much of that is thanks to the efforts of Leslie Knope. Which makes it all the more tragic that she is burdened all the time. Chosen for the title after her boss took over the title, she helps keep him at check in a now chaotic temple dealing with public projects. Things just don't go as planned for her, even when Ron helps out from time to time. That won't stop her from trying her best to make it a better place than before.
  • It was Leslie who thought of the idea of linking the two houses together in increase efficiency between the two bureaucrats, much to Ron's chagrin.
  • She's expanded the normal operations of the bureaucracy, handling land disputes between rival temples as well as reserving certain areas for parks and historical areas. Though her efforts may fail at times, that doesn't ever let her spirits down. It helps that many gods in the Pantheon appreciate her efforts in this field.
  • Fell in love with the selection of waffles in the House of Food. Expect her to leave the house on a sugar high every time.
  • The House of Nature was delighted in her efforts to preserve the environment. Even Vidiri admits she's the human she's come closest to liking in the Pantheon.
  • Captain Planet personally offered his services to her, as a cleaner environment makes him more powerful in the Pantheon. He keeps watch over any sort of hooligans that dare threaten her temple.
  • Was adored by the House of Beasts for similar reasons. Steve Irwin especially has been greatly appreciated in her efforts to protect the environment.
  • Looten Plunder quickly put her in the list of gods to sabotage after she sought to reign in pollution in the House of Commerce. He hopes to form a coalition with like-minded businessmen to prevent her actions
  • Was also put on the shitlist bu Hexxus for her crusade against pollution. Seems to be the cause of the muck that forms on the roof of her temple every once in a while.
    • There was a time when she demanded unrealistic goals for the entire Pantheon, demanding that all Houses eliminate pollution and allow plants to grow inside. Sensing something was wrong, Ron Swanson and his crew checked the security cameras. Turns out she was given mind control spores courtesy of Poison Ivy when she visited the temple. With this knowledge, they managed to cure Leslie and capture Ivy for arrest. Despite everything, Leslie forgave her as she understands the plight of a fellow environmentalist. She just wishes that Ivy had more faith and patience in pushing out favorable legislature. Ivy herself respects Leslie's efforts but believes it is futile in the face of powerful corporations.
  • Once thought her employee Andy made a new costume for himself when she ran into someone who looked just like him. Turns out she mistook him for Starlord, who have the same actor. Of course, the latter is much more physically fit than the former, making the disparity surprising to the two of them.
  • Is sad to see Lisa in the Fallen, as she sees a lot of herself in the girl's personality. Leslie hopes that she can influence Lisa enough so that she can dial back her soapbox tendencies to bring her back into the Pantheon.
  • When she found out what happened to Elsa, she went over to her kingdom to give her a nice hug followed by some gifts.
  • Her Determinator skills have even impressed the likes of Naruto. When she wants something done, she's willing to put up as much time as possible. When she and Ron have a common goal, that task usually gets done.
  • Received Talim's blessings, as the girl welcomed the change in bureaucracy as a chance the Pantheon can find better balance with its environment. She's also offered up the job as a bodyguard of sorts whenever Leslie has to talk down some of the more dangerous gods about entrenchment.
  • Don't think that she's just a hippie due to her philosophy. She is an accomplished hunter when needed and absolutely hates salad (Lisa found out the hard way when she gave a bowl to her).
  • Various deities ponder whether Leslie managed to become the President of her Country in the future. For Leslie, there's no doubt in her mind she achieved that goal.
  • While she doesn't consider herself to be a nerd, she had a fondness to the Harry Potter books. So it was an amazing experience when she got to meet Harry Potter in person for the first time. She got Harry to sign all seven of the books she bought before subjecting him to hours upon hours of the workings of Hogwarts. It was only then that she left his temple in bliss.

    Manfred von Karma 
Manfred von Karma, God of Amoral Attorneys (Gou Karuma, God of Prosecution)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The jewel on his caveat
  • Theme Song: Triumphant Return (shared with his daughter Franziska)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Dreaded Petty Evil Mentor to Miles and Franziska, Abusive Parent, Master of the Xanatos Gambit, Badass Finger Snap and Finger Wag, The Perfectionist, Devil in Plain Sight, Red Baron, Wicked Cultured, ultimately known for one of the most spectacular Villainous Breakdowns in history.
  • Domains: Law, Evil, Nobility, Hatred
  • Followers: Johnson, Mr. Slant, Saul Goodman, Max McMann, The Blue-Haired Lawyer
  • Heralds: Kristoph Gavin, Blaise Debeste, Gaspen Payne
  • Former Heralds: EDGEWORTH, Franziska von Karma, his daughter.
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin, David Xanatos, Amanda Waller, Head Pixie, Rosco P. Coltrane
  • Enemies: Wright Anything Agency, Simon Keyes, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Kyoko Kirigiri, Naoto Shirogane, Ryotaro Dojima, Perry Mason, Shuichi Kitaoka/Kamen Rider Zolda, Angel, Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, Two-Face (good side only)
  • Opposes: Atticus Finch, Juror #8
  • Opposed by: Manfred
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Judge Dredd
  • There are prosecutors and defense attorneys alike who perform their jobs to the letter. Then there is Manfred von Karma, a ruthless prosecutor who would stop at nothing to put the accused in jail, even if they are innocent. While his ultimate goals ended in his defeat, Melkor took an interest in him. He ascended the Amoral Attorney with the promise of vast resources to greatly expand his business. Still bitter about his loss, Manfred accepted.
    • While villains are usually in need of a defense attorney, Manfred still has a way to screw over heroes, namely suing them for all sorts of atrocities. Even then, he isn't above forging evidence to let Melkor's forces walk free. Manfred is by far the most dangerous lawyer on his side.
    • What made the deal even sweeter is the fact that get gets to make Phoenix Wright's life miserable. Both deities represent morally opposite sides of the law. These days, they both trade victories in the Court of the Gods.
    • He did not expect to see his former protege ascend himself. And yet Miles Edgeworth came by his temple one day with a smirk in his face, sending Manfred into yet another raging tirade. Strangely enough, the two have a complicated history: Miles' father was at the time the only person to hand Manfred a loss. He saw an opportunity to exact his revenge and readily took it. He saw the two in a compromising position, killed the father and adopted Miles as his herald. It was then that he devised a plan to guilt Miles into thinking he had killed his own father, thereby permanently tarnishing the Edgeworth name. Unfortunately, that pesky Crusading Lawyer got in the way of victory.
    • He's actually had a bit of trouble holding on to heralds. His daughter seemed promising at first, giving Phoenix Wright a run for his money. Yet ever time, even she realized that her father has caused more harm to her than good. She has since left his temple entirely in the hopes of ascending herself. Manfred did not take this second betrayal lying down, pulling all the stops to make sure she never ascends into the Pantheon.
    • In his world there are various other attorneys who would be considered the worst in all of the Pantheon, so being able to choose a herald out of that bunch makes for an interesting decision. For Manfred, the reasoning was simple. No other attorney has been able to not only trick Phoenix Wright into forging evidence but get him disbarred in the process. He even managed to set up Wright for murder. It was only with the help of Wright's own herald Apollo Justice that he escaped.
  • Is crucial in the release of multiple villains who are quite popular with the public, namely Lex Luthor and the Kingpin. He is willing to help their kind as long as they are able to give him an edge in the court.
    • That has put him in the crosshairs of Daredevil, whose alter ego happens to be a prosecutor himself. This has caused more grief with She-Hulk, a lawyer like Wright.
  • As Phoenix Wright ruined his life, he hoped to do the same to him. As the Pantheon has a vast number of lawyers, he got the chance to go after Wright's own mentor: Perry Mason. He cooked up some evidence that a confession he received was fake. The resulting trial risked his banishment from the Pantheon. Thankfully, Kyoko Kirigiri was able to prove the allegations were false and Phoenix Wright managed to prove his mentor's innocence. Manfred swore he hasn't seen the last of him.
  • Is under review by the investigative team, especially the detective Naoto. Ryotaro admits that Manfred brings out bad memories due to failing to solve a similar case for years.
  • Is so despicable, the mammoth Manfred wants nothing to do with him. The mammoth claimed he would have smack him even at his own worst behavior.
  • Thought he could make some headway with Shuichi Kitaoka as he also strives to win at all costs. To his surprise, Shuichi promptly rejected the offer. He may thing Phoenix Wright is too soft, but even he wouldn't break the law the way Manfred did.
  • Will never in his life understand why people will always sacrifice so much to see that certain people may be innocent after all. Atticus Finch made it his life's work defending those who have no one else to look to, and Juror #8 went against conventional wisdom to convince all the other jurors of another man's innocence. To take care of them, Manfred made sure that the juror is unable to attend as many cases as possible.
  • Xanatos often has Manfred in his back pocket in order to get out of sticky situations under the law. The Gargoyles will have to be even more precise if they want to keep their arch-nemesis in jail.
  • He may be impressed with the way Phoenix Wright is able to find the truth, but sometimes he needs someone who can put one in jail. And while Dredd declares himself Judge, Jury, and Executioner, it does help to have someone with a near-perfect conviction rate. It is the only reason Manfred von Karma is tolerated in the House of Justice over the objections of many in that House.
    • That doesn't mean he has no allies there. For example, the Pixies have developed a symbiotic relationship with him. Head Pixie makes it easier for Manfred to convict people and the attorney scares away anyone who tries to take them on.
    • More convictions make for more criminals for Amanda Waller to potentially fight for her side. As such, the Wall welcomes his presence.
    • Rosco may not be as competent as those mentioned, but he does have a massive following appreciative of someone willing to send those captured in jail. This has caused their followers to work together in various cases.
  • When Angel opened up a detective agency, they had to deal with an amoral law firm defending the monsters they caught. That alone would be enough of a headache, but the firm also had assassins under their wing. Angel suspects that the group had Manfred von Karma's blessing.

    Ron Swanson 
Ronald Ulysses "Ron" Swanson, God of Obstructive Bureaucracy (Duke Silver)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Swanson Pyramid of Greatness
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolios: Annoying Laugh, Can eat massive amounts of breakfast food in one sitting, HATES celebrating his birthday, Breakout Character in the show, Hates Being Touched, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Made of Iron, Mentors his group for much of the time, LOVES America, Often slacks on the job, loves to eat meat above other foods, favors Libertarianism
  • Domains: Law, Honor, Resolve, Solitude
  • High Priest: Sir Humphrey Appleby, although begrudgingly
  • Followers: Vladimir Goodenov Grizzlikov, Richard Woolsey
  • Herald: Diane Elizabeth Lewis (his current wife).
  • Allies: Steven Armstrong, Mike Haggar, Bandit Keith, Hermes Conrad, Axel, Adam, and Blaze
  • Enemies: Poison Ivy, the entire House of Beast
  • Rivals: Leslie Knope (friendly)
  • Opposes: The House of Royalty
  • Respects: Captain America, Judge Dredd
  • Annoyed by: Pinkie Pie, Wander
  • Fears: All telepath deities
  • Was once a follower of the previous God of Bureaucracy, Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz, and gained favor enough to be his second-in-command. A fatal mistake, as Ron Swanson sought to bring the House of Justice to the ground. The entire house was a mess in a few short weeks time, with papers long overdue, criminals stuck in jail with no defined date for a trial and constant coffee shortages. When the Court of the Gods put Vogon on trial, it was accepted that Ron was responsible for the atrocities. However, a rather damning piece from his followers revealed that Vogon hardly ever lived up to his title, not to mention attempting to overreach by representing all forms of Bureaucracy, although he did not represent it. Thus he was swiftly stripped of his title and banished.
    • That still leads to a problem; who would keep the Obstructive one in check? Ron suggested a fellow colleague of hers: a hyper-competent blonde who worked under him a while ago. So it was settled; the two would work together to keep the House's Bureaucracy in check, with Leslie and Ron cancelling out their philosophies.
    • Much of the sabotage was due to the mechanisms of Sir Humphrey Appleby. Because of which, Ron was forced to make him the high priest to prevent an insurgence of rogue followers. The two often try to sabotage each other to the point they now regard each other as Worthy Opponents
  • Grimaced when the Court agreed to have his temple connect with Leslie's. However, he did manage to make his office off limits to all other personnel just so he can have a private room to himself.
  • As an enemy of authoritarianism, he despises most rulers in the Pantheon, especially the evil ones. He is quick to impose tedious bureaucracy upon them to stall their governments.
    • Was appalled that there was an entire house in the Pantheon dedicated to it. The House of Royalty did not take kindly to his pamphlets denouncing monarchies in favor of democracy. Most merely ignore him; the evil gods hope to depose him one day.
  • Enjoys spending time eating at the House of Food, especially since they serve breakfast foods all day there. Waitresses there have been advised never to give him anything that even resembles a vegetable, lest they face a lengthy tirade on the superiority of meat over all other food groups.
  • The House of Beasts was quick to ban him given his hunting prowess. Not that Ron would ever step foot in a place where animals are revered as gods; he regards all edible gods as food and the non-edible ones as useless.
  • All gods have been advised to NEVER celebrate his birthday. Pinkie Pie and Wander thought it was a good idea to give him a surprise birthday party. Instead, it resulted in a Death Glare followed by a ranting tirade so harsh the two slinked out of his temple. Not even Trollkaiger is willing to earn his wrath.
  • Earned the enemy of Poison Ivy when he thwarted her efforts to drug Leslie into demanding more fairness to plants. She already hates him for stalling all of Leslie's efforts to pass legislature. However, the gods point out that the man does indeed love the outdoors; he just has a different method of showing it. It's with this reason he's allowed in the House of Nature.
    • That doesn't stop Lisa Simpson from protesting at his temple for his actions. Well aware in the tactics of hippies, Ron simply turned on a water cannon to wash her away.
  • Ron loves anyone who shares manly traits, thus he got along well with the likes of Mike Haggar. He is often seen giving the God of Mayors advice on how to govern, who doesn't mind the appreciation at all.
  • Honored the courageous efforts of rebellious cops Axel, Adam and Blaze in their efforts to clear the city of criminal scum.
  • Once he heard about the existence of Steven Armstrong, Ron quickly became one of his greatest inspirations. Everything from From his philosophy of limited government to his sheer manliness and his impressive showing against the girly Raiden prompted him to serve Steven his finest meats. It prompted the concern of many gods that the same may happen to the Pantheon. It took an exhausting effort from Leslie to convince them otherwise.
  • Wishes he was in better terms with Steve Rogers. Cap in particular is not a fan of how Ron is running bureaucracy, even though he believes the bureaucrat's heart is in the right place. The two have tried to reconcile with each other on their differing views.
  • He's so dedicated to keeping his personal life private that he bought special earphones from the House of Technology that blocks out telepathic thought. The idea that a being can select secrets out of his head secretly terrifies him (although he refuses to admit so).
  • No one's quite sure of his opinion on Judge Dredd. The two had a shooting contest once- they pretty much split their bullseyes between them. Dredd likes Swanson for his rejection of democracy and toughness for a single human, while Swanson admires Dredd's unwavering loyalty to the law, though he admits that Dredd is one of the few beings that could potentially be better than him at survival.

    Sae Niijima 
Sae Niijima, Goddess of Attractive Attorneys (Sis, Woman in a Business Suit, Prosecutor, Leviathan, [Formerly] Unjust Dealer of Envy)
Clickhere  to see Leviathan
  • Demigoddess. Her Shadow was an Intermediate Goddess.
  • Symbol: Her Arcana, Judgement
  • Theme Song: The Whims of Fate, Interrogation Room, Days of Sisters
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral pre-Character Development
  • Portfolio: Hello, Attorney!, Resentful Guardian (That Still Cares Deeply For Her Sis), Far More Sympathetic Than Most Palace Owners, Jerkass Realization, Perpetual Frowner, Questionable Prosecutor That Became Better Over Time, Badass Biker, Green-Eyed Monster, initially a Hero Antagonist, Makoto's Big Sis And Guardian, Took a Level in Idealism
  • Domains: Law, Siblings, Attorneys, Justice, Envy (formerly)
  • Followers: Eri Kisaki, Elle Woods, Alicia Florrick, Mafuyu Fujii
  • Allies: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, particularly Makoto Niijima (her younger sister), Sojiro Sakura, Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, Kenzo Tenma, Ui Hirasawa, The Wright Anything Agency, Eiki Shiki, Matt Murdock, The Judge, Ryotaro Dojima, Naoto Shirogane, Commissioner Gordon, Sly Cooper, Miles Edgeworth, Kyoko Kirigiri, Sirius Black, Caitlyn
  • On speaking terms with: Iroque
  • Enemies: Yaldabaoth, Walter White, Gus Fring, The Child Abuse Supporters, Azula, YHVH, the D'arby brothers, Judge Doom, Steven Armstrong, Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin, The Dark Judges, Manfred Von Karma, Peter Pettigrew, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Judge Dredd, Inspector Javert, Carmelita Fox
  • Awkward Relations Around: Vi (vouched by Caitlyn), Flynn Rider, Aladdin (vouched by Rapunzel and Princess Jasmine), Jean Valjean, Leverage Consulting & Associates (same modus operandi as the Phantoms, but minus the Metaverse)
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Giorno Giovanna, Jesse Pinkman
  • Opposes: Goro Akechi, The House of Crime (except The Phantom Thieves), particularly those in Organized Crime, Tohru Adachi, Parsee Mizuhashi
  • Annoyed by: Clancy Wiggum
  • Supports: Ling Yao
  • Sae Niijima was a highly-competent and ambitious special investigation prosecutor for the Tokyo District, who lived with and provided for her younger sister Makoto after both of their parents had passed away. When the mysterious vigilantes known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts emerged in Shibuya and started inducing "changes of heart" in corrupt adults after which they would confess various crimes and abuses, the District immediately labeled the Phantom Thieves as criminals themselves and set about to ascertain their identities and apprehend them. Sae was one of the lead investigators appointed on the case, and was truly eager to bring down the disruptors, especially when they corralled a shakedown gang boss who she was hoping to take down for a promotion. However, her younger sister Makoto, believed that their father, a police officer killed in the line of duty would have supported the Thieves in their pursuit of justice. This, unfortunately, set Sae off, as she blamed her father's ideals for getting him killed and was embittered by the competitive and in some ways sexist work environment around her.
    • Sae became so desperate that it left her more open to the idea of crossing the line and planting false evidence just to implicate the Thieves. This saw her pulled into the world she was not meant to know about. It turned out that her sister, as well as her partner in the case, had both joined the Phantom Thieves over time, prompting the group to set out to correct this distortion in her heart. The group were able to defeat her Shadow and convince her to recover her sense of justice rather than forcibly steal her heart. And then it turned out her partner and superiors had been manipulating her as part of an Antisocial Force conspiracy led by a rising politician with supernatural backing; said partner had deliberately sold out the Thieves to further his own goals, resulting in the arrest of their leader; and said leader had allowed himself to be arrested, as well as violently tortured by callous inspectors before Sae reached the interrogation room, in order to convince her of the truth without legally implicating anyone else.
    • From these revelations, she became an ally to the Thieves, helping to con her bosses and facilitate their escape so they could go after the head of the Antisocial Force. Once the lead politician was finally made to confess and apprehended for his treacherous acts of conspiracy, Sae decided to forgo her prosecutorial ambitions and become a defense attorney, believing it to be a better pursuit of justice than hunting down assigned targets who were 99% sure to be put away before the evidence was even presented.note 
  • Makoto did her best to have her sister ascend to the Pantheon and with the help of her friends, she was successful in her mission. Once Sae ascended, she was bemused at the fact that her sister and her friends still have to play their roles as Phantom Thieves for the place but has tolerated their activities thanks to her sister being one of the people who run the House of School.
  • She is slightly embarrassed about the banner she ascended under but will bear it if it's what it takes to help out.
  • Having recently switched from prosecutor to defense attorney, she is trying to set up her own practice within the Pantheon. Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth are very supportive of this and are helping her set that practice up.
  • Sae has a very complicated relationship with the House of Crime. She despises the criminals there but knows that they're essentially locked up already, so there's no point in doing so. Plus, Ren's temple is there and many other good-aligned residents who were placed in that House one way or another and many more criminals who have reformed.
    • Due to her father's death thanks to a driver on drugs running him over, she views the drug lords as the worst, most of all Walter White and Gus Fring whose actions have led to a huge influx of meth showing up around the Pantheon as of late. She was approached by Giorno Giovanna to help stop this drug war once and for all. While she has heavy misgivings about him (he's the boss of a mafia even if it was reformed under his leadership), she has agreed to help after seeing the boy was genuine on his offer.
  • She butts heads with the more overzealous law enforcers. She doesn't think highly Judge Dredd or Javert with their 'shoot first, ask later' attitude towards lawbreakers. She sees Von Karma and Judge Doom as hypocrites who use their statuses so the law may not suspect them of their crimes. Sae despises YHVH the most of all, seeing him as a tyrannical ruler who seeks to turn everyone into mindless slaves like Yaldabaoth.
  • She has run into her former assistant, Goro Akechi eating pancakes in a cafe. While she has heard about his ascension, Sae found she was unable to bring herself to chide or even arrest Akechi for his crimes, not knowing if she'd be overstepping whatever his fate was in their world. The two only glared at each other and shared a few words before leaving, the tension between them unresolved.
    Sae: You know, even if everyone there hates you, the offer is still up if you wish to join the Phantom Thieves and atone for what you've done.
    Akechi: I just want to finish these in peace, Sae-san. Leave me alone.
    Sae: These? Oh, you mean your pancakes.
    Akechi: Please, Sae-san. Just drop the subject already.
  • Has made a good friend with Sirius Black who she felt pity for after being wrongfully imprisoned while the true culprit ran away. Sae has said she would try her best to have Pettigrew behind bars one day, to which Sirius has accepted her help.
  • Is very peeved at Clancy Wiggum's behavior, calling him unfit to be a police officer. The cop merely ate donuts while she berated him, making her stop once she realized he wasn't listening.
  • Doesn't know what to think of Jesse Pinkman. While she is glad the man grew a conscience and is not in the drug business anymore, he still needs to be punished for his crimes prior. On a side note, she doesn't like Adachi but is satisfied to hear he won't be murdering again after spending a considerable amount of time in jail.
  • Initially, Sae was opposed to Sly Cooper's thieving ways but found out he only steals from rich villains. She has tolerated Sly's actions, only if the thief contacts her about who he's stealing from and brings evidence so they may arrest the person afterward. She also has a tense relationship with Carmelita Fox as she disregards the agent's All Crimes Are Equal mindset, partially because she doesn't think Fox fully believes in it herself. Eventually Carmelita spoke to Sae privately and admitted she was right, entrusting Sae to keep calling her out when she acts tougher than she needs to with criminals who aren't truly vile or dangerous. Sae is actually quite bothered about Sly-Fox's Slap-Slap-Kiss chemistry and is visibly uncomfortable when she's in the same room with them. Maybe it has something to do with Sae who's approaching her Old Maid status but who can say?
  • Parasee Mizuhashi has been harassing Sae about her Shadow form and wants to bring it out so they may be "Envy buddies". Sae is annoyed by this and has hit Parasee with a restraining order so she could stop. The D'arby brothers have also come to her, wanting to gamble for her soul. Luckily, Sae saw through them and left much to the brothers' dismay.
  • With Ling Yao's ascension, Sae has found a potentially-ideal first client for her defense practice, at least as far as it goes in the Pantheon. While smuggled into Amestris as an illegal alien, he helped save that country amongst a loyal group of friends mostly coming from its own state army, against a supernatural conspiracy designed to absorb the souls of the entire populace. Furthermore, rather than any sort of nefarious street urchin, he left his nation a prince, came back an heir to empire, and as the future emperor of Xing he quashed the deadly war between its royal clans and established a proper trade and travel relationship with Amestris. After her experiences with the Phantom Thieves and the Antisocial Force, she will happily take Ling's case.
  • Sae was hanging out with fellow prosecutor-turned-defense-attorney Jennifer Walters when the two were suddenly accosted by Team Plasma goons. Unfortunately for said goons, they soon learned the hard way why it's unwise to pick a fight with the Sensational She-Hulk, as Jen hulked up, turned green, and handed them their asses on a platter. Shortly after this, she received a call from Sojiro Sakura warning her that he too had just been attacked at Leblanc, with several patrons fending them off. It was later confirmed that the attack was an act of retaliation for a calling card the Phantom Thieves had delivered to Ghetsis. She's made it clear she has no interest in ever defending him in any courtroom, as well as called Makoto to warn that the Thieves should be more careful moving forward.
  • The Phantom Thieves had all ascended one-by-one in their own temples, but before long were all placed together in one place, taking the place of Ren's temple and joined by later additions. This annoyed Sae, as it took Makoto away from her place at the House of School. However, Makoto pledged to stay active at that House and train her eventual replacement over the seat of Student Council Presidents, mollifying her big sister's concerns.


    Juror #8 
Juror #8, God of Dissenting Members of a Jury (Davis)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The number 8 and a switchblade
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Jury Duty, Breaking a unanimous "guilty" vote, convincing the other jurors to side with him through careful analysis of the evidence, only known by his juror number usually
  • Domains: Justice, Jurors, Good, Duty
  • Heralds: the other 11 jurors.
  • Allies: Atticus Finch, Phoenix Wright, Nemesis, Sirius Black, most of the good and neutral deities in the House of Justice, Barbarella, the House of Investigative Work, L.B. Jeffries, Jiminy Cricket
  • Enemies: The Dark Judges, Manfred von Karma, evil deities in the House of Justice, Calvin Candie and Stephen
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters in the House of Family
  • Complicated Relations: Jill McBain
  • Juror #8 is a conscientious man who prefers to think a verdict through instead of contributing to a quick and easy unanimous vote lest an actually innocent person is unfairly sentenced. He is very adept at turning an entire room of jurors to his side through levelheaded analysis of the facts presented in the courtroom. Because his perseverance saved a potentially innocent person from the death sentence, he was awarded a place in the Pantheon.
  • Usually called "Eight" instead of Davis by the other deities, perhaps because the canonicity of "Davis" is a matter of debate. He's not really helping because he thinks his name isn't that important to know.
  • Some interpretations claim that he is actually a sociopath not motivated by any desire to save an innocent person, but by curiosity to see if he can manipulate things into setting a murderer free. He always gets a bit sad when he hears such accusations.
  • 8 is his sacred number, obviously. 9 is also a lucky number when associated with him. 3 and 10 are the unluckiest numbers. The number 7 also ranks rather low, ironically enough.
  • Even though they don't seem to have anything in common, he often spends hours in deep conversation with Barbarella. He has come to see her as something of a daughter, while she thinks of him as a father figure, though they're not sure why.
  • Atticus Finch was eager to meet him the moment he learned of his ascension and the two shared a hearty handshake. He laments that if only Tom Robinson's jury had someone like him, the obviously innocent man might have been acquitted. 8, being as humble as he is, isn't so sure about that.
  • Much like Atticus, he can't stand racism, especially when it leads people to conclude someone must be a criminal purely because of their skin color. Therefore he holds all racists in the Pantheon in contempt (though not discarding the possibility that they might change their ways), particularly Calvin Candie and Stephen as they hit closer to home. They just find it kind of funny that he spent so much time convincing eleven men that a "mere" colored boy is innocent.
  • The seriousness with which he takes his jury duty makes him very popular among the good-to-neutral deities in the House of Justice. This has led to him striking friendships with Phoenix Wright (as they both fight for innocent defendants), Nemesis (for retaining his humility after the jury's opinion turned in his favor) and Sirius Black (because Sirius was innocent, yet the system betrayed him, which 8 sympathizes with).
    • Conversely, he doesn't care for evil Justice deities, with special mentions for the Dark Judges (as he finds the idea of punishing all crimes with death completely idiotic), the Quintessons (for operating on some inhumane incomprehensible moral code) and Manfred von Karma (for caring more about his winning streak than doing justice, going as far as forging evidence, which 8 finds rather shocking).
  • The level of insight he revealed while analysing the trial makes him well-respected by the House of Investigative Work. It's not unusual for the members to ask for his opinion on a particular case, though he keeps repeating that he's no professional. Also, for some reason, his best friend in that House appears to be L.B. Jeffries.
  • Gets along well with Jiminy Cricket on account of both having experience in convincing people to do the right thing. Jiminy has argued that 8 is as worthy of a medal as himself.
  • Condemns any child abusers in the Pantheon, because, in his experience, they create the type of kids who end up in the defendant's chair. He's satisfied to learn that, for the most part, the Child Abuse Supporters' children are upstanding people.
  • Jill McBain was suspicious of him at first since he looks exactly like her old enemy Frank. Of course it quickly became apparent that he is nothing like Frank; he's just an honest guy who wants to do the right thing as best he can. Jill respects this, but still avoids him, because the memories he brings her are too painful. 8 is sorry to provoke such a reaction in her and is always cordial to her whenever they happen to cross paths.

    Lionel Hutz 
Lionel Hutz, God of Litigiousness (Miguel Sanchez, Dr. Nguyen Van Phuoc)

    Tom Robinson 
Tom Robinson, God of Being Convicted by Public Opinion