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Of all the Slaughter halls, this may be the most professional, but still dangerous. Here lies those known for murder, whether it be the rogue actions of a deranged madman or the high-pay professional assassinations. Similar to Methods of Killing, but a lot more professional. Also similar to Hunters, but more focused on the general art of killing than specific targets or techniques. The House of Heroism has a low opinion on it as most there have a Thou Shalt Not Kill mentality, but surprisingly enough over half the killers here are principled and have standards, even the nastier ones. Of course there are psychos like the Brave Companions, but they aren't well-liked by their fellow gods here either.

The Hall of Killers and Assassins is a flat for the gods there to rest and prepare for their latest hit. They're willing to hire themselves out at their own individual prices, though it varies on the individual (along with who they will and won't go after), who's hiring them, and because of the Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon, putting a hit on other gods instead of mortals will cost more depending on how long they want the target to stay dead. The Black Organization, being an especially large group, operates from a secret headquarters connected to the flat...somewhere.

Other serial killers and hitmen are allowed to stay over, but the rent isn't cheap.

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Greater Gods

    Hassan-I-Sabbah (Old Man of the Mountain
Old Man of the Mountain, Leader of The Order of Assassins (Grand Assassin, Assassin, Hassan-I-Sabbah, King Hassan, First Hassan, Azrael, Azazel, Azra'il, The Angel Who Announces Death, The Love Child of Death Metal Covers and Chuunibyou, Ziusuthra, Gramps)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Skull or His Sword, Azrael
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Strongest and Oldest Assassin, Able to Kill Anything, Brilliant, but Lazy, Chopping Heads Off, Reasonable Authority Figure, Religious Bruiser, Sink or Swim Mentor
  • Domain: Death, Power, Leadership
  • Herald: Cursed Arm Hassan, The Hundred Faced Hassan, Hassan of Serenity
  • Allies: Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Skull Knight, Night Raid
  • Enemies: Ra's al Ghul, Ainz Ooal Gown, Evil "Heathen" Gods, Canopus and Admins, Shiro Tagachi, Malthael
  • Worthy Opponent: Alucard (Hellsing), Odin (FF)
  • The Hashshashin, a group that codified and named the assassin concept. While they weren't the first assassins ever, their skills were well known. Always lead by an assassin named "Hassan-I-Sabbah", they would assassinate those they deem deserve it.
  • The Hashshashin to ascend for the title is the first, the Old Man of the Mountain. He is a complete mystery as there's nearly zero info on his past. Rumors have been going around that he may be Azrael, the angel of death. True or not, there is something unnatural about him as he still lives despite there having been seventeen other Hashshashin who succeeded him.
  • Is perplexed of some misconceptions about his Assassins. For one, he doesn't know where people got the idea that they and Knight Templars were enemies. In fact, the two groups were allies against common foes. He also doesn't take too kindly that many see his Guild as nothing but cold-hearted killers. He personally cut down those who had fallen into evil.
  • King Hassan's affinity for assassination is so great that he has domain over death. In that even a single swing from his sword has the possibility to kill someone. And if that person is immune to death, say immortality, he can impose the concept of death onto them so they can be killed.
  • Has become enemies with Ra's al Ghul and his League of Assassins. While most of the conflict of the two mainly centers on opposing ideology, the fact that the two are opposite spectrum of death, Ra's is afraid of it while Hassan can cause it, is also the reason for the animosity.
  • There are some in the Pantheon who are either intrigued or wary of his Death Powers. Malthael while interested in the Hassan's powers, feels like a corrupted being shouldn't wield such power. Ainz Ooal Gown fears that he could impose the concept of death on him when he was otherwise immune to it. The same goes for Canopus and the Admins who fear their immortality would be threatened. However, Fujiwara no Mokou is one of the few one who is happy about it since that means she could be killed for good. Alucard meanwhile was thrilled at facing a opponent with such tremendous power.
  • Doesn't really see any of his successors as being worthy of the title of "Hassan". In fact, he has stated that he would gladly chop off their heads to relieve them of their duties. It's unknown whether he was joking or not.
    • However, whenever he's about to chop heads off, he has enough decency to command his victim to bring him their heads first.
  • Once clashed swords with the Esper Odin. The two Death deities complimented each other's swordsmanship and their ability to cause death. The two have battled many times afterwards to test the other's strength.
  • As a man of faith, Hassan doesn't care for the Heathen Gods that are in here. While he can tolerate most, he draws the line at the more evil or corrupt Gods.
    • Speaking of Gods, he has a very dim view over YHVH and his tyrannical approach to spreading his so call Law to the the masses.
  • Approves of the actions of Night Raid as they fight a corrupt empire. It reminds him of his own past fighting against invaders of his land and people. He’s also shown interest in their skills as assassins and has been observing them for awhile.
  • Many have remarked on the similarities between both King Hassan and Skull Knight. Not just from their appearance but their personal morals. The two skull warriors did meet and they have shown each other respect for what they do.

Intermediate Gods

Oversurge! Azure Striker!

Gunvolt, God of Compassionate Hitmen (real name: unknown, The Azure Striker, GV, Geeves)
  • Intermediate God. Briefly a borderline Greater God with Mytyl's Anthem.
  • Symbol: His gun, Dart Leader, alongside a white feather.
  • Theme Song: Lightning Unleashed, Sprinting Through the Darkness, Opening Stage (Gunvolt), Vs Gunvolt, Indigo Destiny (Duet version)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good overall, with more Neutral Good leanings as of late.
  • Portfolio: Byronic Hero with some Adorkable traits, Deadpan Snarker, The Idealist, Kid Hero, Notorious rep, Powerful and Versatile Septima: the Azure Striker, Boring, but Practical, Prevasion, Heartbroken Badass, Haunted by Joule's physical death, True Final Boss of 2 in a case of Dueling Player Characters, Secret A.I. Moves, Leaving Joule to live a normal life without him
  • Domains: Terrorism (formerly), Mercenary Work, Dragon Motifs, Psychics, Electricity, Darts
  • Herald: Quinn Sakurazaki
  • High Priest: X9
  • Followers: Pasha the Peddler, Jaffar, Shelly de Killer, Shintaro Kazama
  • Allies: Blade, Cole MacGrath, X, Zero, Axl, Isaac, Shovel Knight, Quote and Curly Brace, Blanka, Hyde Kido, Ludwig van Beethoven, Tenri Ayukawa, Raiden, Tien Shinhan
  • Rival: Copen
  • Enemies: Zonda and the Seven, The Sumeragi Swordsmen, The Corpus, Erik Lensherr/Magneto, William Stryker, Gigabolt Man-O-War, Aurum, The Brave Companions, Jack the Ripper, Senator Armstrong, Mistral, Monsoon, Sundowner, Larxene
  • Sympathizes with: The Falcons, Mao, Almaz Von Almandine Adamant
  • Though the Sumeragi Group's hold on their island nation is ironclad and their security is tight, regular people and Adepts alike learn to beware the Azure Striker. Lightning won't stop at striking just twice, after all. Having forgotten his real name in the time where he was experimented on, this freelance mercenary and former terrorist in the not so distant future goes by the name Gunvolt. Though his line of work is harsh and his exterior is usually straight and serious, he's a lot more empathetic in reality. GV's sense of right from wrong are as firm as his resolve. His Establishing Character Moment is choosing to disobey Asimov and leaving QUILL to spare a young Adept girl named Joule after seeing her hooked up to a machine instead of killing her, showing the same kindness his father-figure did for him. Moments like these are only the tip of the iceberg for GV. Despite his job, he still feels remorse and is even willing to try and talk down some of his foes from fighting him. It never works, though.
  • Was initially helping out Quinn around her Big Fancy House when they noticed the scenery around her home starting to warp and change. Thinking it's the work of a Septima, he told Quinn to take cover while he geared up to deal with the situation before being met with neighboring deities who cleared things up for him and Quinn. GV got adjusted to it pretty quickly all things considered, as he's no stranger to these sorts of things. After learning Zonda and the Seven are at large, he wasted no time to intercept them with some help from other gods. Sure enough, he surprised them when he decided to bust an operation to steal technology at a Corpus base headed by the Full Metal Jacket, Gibril. The authorities had to step in and break up the fight, though not before this exchange took place.
    Gibril: "G-Gunvolt! So you're here too... well, I was hoping to run into again. I realized something about my feelings... for you!"
    Gunvolt: "Your feelings, huh?"
    Gibril: "Y-Yeah!... So, you already know about it, then?"
    Gunvolt: "You could say that."
    Gibril: "Then talking is pointless! We must have something! So let's clash once more! You'll scorch me with your voltage while I hack away in return... Let us trade intoxicating amounts of pain, Gunvolt!"
    • Though the Corpus were lucky that Eden didn't take their tech to use against them in future attacks, they didn't appreciate GV trashing it to stop the two from using it in the future. As far as GV is considered, they're not a different cloth from the Sumeragi Group. Though at least Sumeragi bothered to appear benevolent. Most Corpus don't.
  • It didn't take long for him to find allies in the Pantheon. Due to the aforementioned experience with crossovers, he's met a few deities already. GV remembers Isaac, Quote, Curly Brace, Shantae, and Shovel Knight, either fighting with or against them depending on the situation being referred to. GV decided to congratulate Shovel Knight for making it onto Smash Bros, even if it's through as an Assist Trophy, as its a big honor regardless. This also led to an awkward conversation about Shantae also being in Smash when GV asked. She is, in Spirit. Thanks to Galeem and Dharkon vaporizing her.
    Gunvolt: (Yikes.)
  • GV wields the Azure Striker Septima, the first recorded in history and one of the most powerful. It allows him to manipulation over electrons, basically granting him the ability to generate and manipulate all forms of electricity. GV can electrify things via tagging enemies with needles of his hair darts fired from his Dart Leader, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Projecting barriers with Flashfield & slow his descent, dodging by briefly turning his body into electrons aka Prevasion, calling down lightning, creating giant swords and chains, inducing Status Buffs on himself, healing through accelerating his natural regeneration, dashing at incredible speeds, jumping and dashing mid-air, and even hacking to an extent.
    • The downside to all this is that GV's basic abilities which include Flashfield, Prevasion, Air and jumping dashing run on an EP Meter (Electro Psycho Meter as he calls it) and if pressed too far is that he can overheat. Though GV is capable of instantly refilling his EP given time to compose himself if he hasn't overheated, though even then he has things to cover this. There's also his weakness to magnetism and water. This isn't to say that type advantage would be an instant win condition, however. GV has faced Adepts with control over such elements before, even a Badass Normal that could shut down his Septima. Yet he has prevailed over all of them, multiple times.
    • Heard of a Psycho Electro originating from South America and assumed they were the first Azure Striker user that Asimov talked about. GV went to the House of Combat to check it out and found who he was looking for in Blanka, though he wasn't what GV was expecting. For one, he wasn't an Adept, but rather a Wild Man empowered by electric eels, somehow. Despite his brutish appearance, GV found him a good guy to be around.
    • No, don't ask him to use his powers to help save on your electricity bills. That's just stingy.
  • The world GV came from was wracked with conflict between the regular humans and the Adepts and he has bore witness to both extremes. He sincerely believes that they can coexist, something that's a bit of an unpopular opinion. In the Pantheon, the tension isn't quite as severe despite the many Fantastic Racists running around with deities like Magneto and William Stryker hold beliefs that wouldn't be too out of place back home.
  • Frequents the House of Food for not only groceries but to also polish up on his cooking. GV's fairly skilled at it as it gained some level of notoriety back at QUILL, something he thinks can't be said for his other life skills. One visit had him run into Hyde Kido, who was happy to trade notes to aid each other's craft in addition to some of their exploits. GV can relate to Hyde's living arrangement with Linne, Waldstein and later Vatista given that he also let Joule live with him before Quinn showed the same kindness by letting him stay with her.
    Hyde: "So your darts are basically needles from your hair?"
    Gunvolt: "More or less, yes. With conductive metal casing."
    Hyde: "Hair darts, hair needles... kinda like splinters or something, hair splinters..."
    Gunvolt: "I'd appreciate it if you stop giving my 'Tags' such lame names."
  • Though GV has a place in the House of Crime and Transgressions he prefers living in the House of Personality due to how homier the atmosphere is, even if he does concede to the fact that he is a killer. As such he keeps his visits to the Killers & Assassins House limited especially when it comes to the likes of the ever-so infamous Jack the Ripper. And especially with the band of mercenaries known as Brave Companions are utter monsters whose depravity are only driven by the fact that they just could. Though GV still stands by the idea that humans aren't inherently evil like what Tenjian or the rest of the Seven say they are, he thinks that they have a point when it comes to people like them.
  • Due to sharing the same creators, GV's been compared to the likes of Zero, X, and Axl. A 2D Run-and-Gun protagonist with a cold exterior but compassionate interior clad in blue who is notable for their use of a Handgun. Basically sharing traits with all three of them, with Zero being the primary inspiration. Meanwhile, his electrical powers and conflicts involving Differently Powered Individuals in his world have also earned some comparisons with Cole MacGrath. GV's gotten along with all of them, respecting their actions throughout, and is willing to give them a hand when the need arises.
    • His help came sooner than expected when he heard one of the Maverick Hunter's enemies wreaking havoc on an urban-looking area in the Pantheon. After chasing them down into the outskirts it turned out to be Gigabolt Man-o-War, who was trying to drain the power supply for himself. The ensuing battle turned out to be a Mutual Disadvantage due to both parties' immunity and empowerment through electricity leading both GV and Gigabolt to use other options. This didn't last however as GV eventually got the chance to cleave through Gigabolt with Luxcalibur.
    Gunvolt: "Oversurge! Azure Striker! Send this drifting fool careening into the abyss below!"
  • Having gone through the revelation that his father figure and personal hero Asimov was actually a genocidal maniac, he can definitely understand where Mao and Almaz are coming from when it came to Aurum. He also can relate to Ludwig since he went through this with multiple people throughout his life, even managing to criticize them. And on the topic of former father figures, GV also thinks vengeance isn't anything fulfilling in the end. While there's no doubt about how justified he was in killing Asimov (especially since he shot him and Joule), it did not help make him feel better at all. In fact, it (combined with the fact she's Sharing a Body with him as a sort of Septimal ghost) contributed him going into a depressed and callous slump for a while before getting back on his feet after helping Quinn. And even then, he still had nightmares about Joule being shot.
    • He did eventually get over it after a lengthy chain of events involving Zonda's machinations end with Joule becoming a normal human with no memory of her past. Seeing as she's in the kind of life he wanted Joule to have ever since he met her, GV decides to leave her be. Tenri Ayukawa found the situation not too different from her own when it came to Keima Katsuragi and expressed her empathy for him because of it.
  • There is a rumor going around that originally GV would have had turned evil and for whatever reason took control of the Sumeragi Group. In addition, GV would've used not one, not two, but a thousand Glaives to transform when fighting. Plus, he wore a mask. Being utterly confused by the whole thing, he decides to just shrug off this information. At the very least, he'll make it a point to stay away from those wanting to tempt him to evil.
    • The reality does bear some similarities. GV has indeed fought an evil masked doppelganger created. And while its not through Glaives, he did get empowered by Mytyl's Anthem as one of the True Final Bosses. With this overwhelming power he gains not only unlimited Prevasion but can also spam more complex versions of his Special Skills especially in some frustrating cases. In short, he deals damage like a highway full of runaway freight trains but without exploiting his weaknesses his Prevasion practically makes him invincible.
  • When undergoing missions in addition to the Dart Leader and its various clips for tagging objects and/or enemies he also wears special pendants, rings, and contacts to enhance his Septimal Powers. Defense, offense, Kudos & money gain, reduced cost for EP or Skills, etc. GV takes them off when not on duty though he still wears glasses due to his poor eyesight such as when he goes. Speaking of, him putting on glasses and ditching his signature duds is how he was able to hide his identity, basically Clark Kenting. Since everyone is aware of his identity as an Adept and most don't really mind it the disguise is more for times where he can relax.
  • GV became fast allies towards the cyborg Raiden. The mercenary not only shares lightning motifs but was also once a Child Soldier working for his mentor Solidus Snake before he betrayed him. Of course, Solidus was abusive on top of that, but the similarities remain. The resulting connection also has GV becoming enemies with the entirety of the Desperado LLC and Senator Armstrong for the countless atrocities they committed along with their goals of launching the world into conflict.
  • There’s recently been sightings of him wearing the Sumeragi emblem on his back. At the moment, Gunvolt has yet to offer any explanations for this but many have taken it as a sign that he’s getting involved with something big some time in the near future.
  • "Don't be willing to throw your life away so easily! If you wish to be free, I'll do what I can to make that happen."

    Jack the Ripper 
Jack the Ripper, Celestial Serial Killer (The Whitechapel Murderer, Assassin of Black, False Berserker, Humanity's Most Infamous Serial Killer, Red Jack (maybe, Jack Ripper, Jack Skeleton), Calibraxis (in a manner of speaking), Edward Hyde, Macheath, Dr. John Stevenson Angelina "Madame Red" Durless, Grell Sutcliff, the Renegade Assassin, Florence Nightingale, Jacob Packer, Jim Gordon, Sebastian and countless other identities)
Click here  for Jack's Servant incarnation.
Click here  for his appearance as a demon.

    Yoruka Kirihime 
Yoruka Kirihime, Divine Protector of Betrayed Assassins (Empire's Assassin Blade)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when using Yato-no-kami)
  • Symbol: Yato no Kami's sword
  • Theme Song: "Muku naru Hane ga Mau Yoru wo"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (formerly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Being Lux's Servant and Having Feelings For Him, Openly Flirts with her Master, Ms. Fanservice, Dark Is Evil At First, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Professional Killer, Betrayed Even When Serving Faithfully, Saved by Lux, Using Her Feminine Wiles To Achieve Her Ends
  • Domains: Assassination, Betrayal, Love, Protection
  • Allies: Lux Arcadia, Shido Itsuka, Lisesharte Atismata, Krulcifer Einfolk, Celestia Ralgris, Ezio Auditore, Ryu Hayabusa, Batman, Night Raid, Stella Vermillion, Ayame Kajou, the Tenno
  • Rival: Laura Bodewig
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, the Grinner, the Enclave
  • Lux Arcadia was taking a bath on his temple after a long day of work until suddenly, he felt a pair of breasts caressing his back. Then, a soothing voice began whispering on his ear about her talents in pleasing men. Lux let out a scream that was across many houses. a clear sign that Yoruka had ascended.
  • How to make a sword-wielding assassin even more dangerous? Give her a Mini-Mecha capable of mass destruction. This gives Yoruka the perfect choice for missions that involve both infiltration and large-scale combat, and the Pantheon offers no shortage of those.
  • Being an assassin can be a thankless task, and nobody knows that better than Yoruka. Since childhood, she was trained in the art of assassination and was shunned even by her own father. Only her brother, the heir to the throne, was kind to her.
  • After a war with the Arcadia Empire that proved costly for both sides, she was forced to cut a deal with Arcadia's Emperor. The deal was simple: she would serve the empire as an assassin while her brother would remain under imperial protection. Unfortunately, her kingdom's nobles killed Yoruka's brother in an attempt to curry favor with the Emperor. With a brother as kind and adorable as hers, can anyone blame her for wanting revenge?
  • Taking pity on her, Ezio Auditore and Ryu Hayabusa have become her mentors, hoping to refine her assassination skills towards more productive purposes. While they cannot break the rules of the Assassin Order or the Hayabusa clan to teach her their most hallowed techniques, they settled on improving her swordsmanship and agility. Suffice to say, Yoruka has flourished under their mentorship.
  • Shido Itsuka has a surprisingly good relationship with her, given how much she reminds him of Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Despite both Lux and Ezio's animosity towards Night Raid, Yoruka enjoys a more positive relationship with them and have worked together in multiple assassination contracts. When questioned about this, Yoruka replied that as long as war exists, assassins will always be necessary.
  • Gets along swimmingly with Stella Vermillion and Ayame Kajou, thanks to their shared voice. Ayame is curious to know about their sex lives and constantly teased them until Stella revealed that she actually had sex with Ikki. Ayame was uncomfortable with this while Yoruka displayed a mild form of jealousy, as she had been trying to do the same with Lux. Neverthless, they remain good friends.
  • Anyone who reminds Yoruka of the Arcadia Empire will meet the wrong end of her blade. Darth Sidious and Arcturus Mengsk are on her hitlist for being as cruel and destructive as Lux's father. She also doesn't take it kindly to the Grineer and the Enclave using aggressive military expansion to unify their worlds. All of them have expressed a desire to convert Yoruka to their cause, or at least revese-engineer the Yato-no-kami's technology.
    • On an assassination contract on a Grineer target, she came across a group of Tenno operatives. Finding their experiences not too diferent from her own, Yoruka has agreed to help them in their fight against the Grineer.
  • Jealous that Celestia Ralgris ascended before her, thinking she got a headstart in taking Lux all for herself. Nevertheless, they remain on the same side.
  • Delighted to learn Lux defeated Ichika Orimura in a simulated duel, saying that it was the only logical conclusion. Unfortunately, her comment was overheard by Laura Bodewig, who didn't take it kindly to her "wife" being called weak. Sure enough, another simulated duel was in order. Yoruka's assassin training and the Yato-no-kami's Divine Raiment won the day.

Lesser Gods

    The Black Organization 
The Black OrganizationMembers , Divine Syndicate of Secretive Assassinations (The Men In Black, Karasuma Group, The BO | Gin: Aniki, Melkior, Jin Kurosawa, Gin Synthesis Thirty-Four | Vodka: Kaspar, Saburo Uokka | Vermouth: Sharon Vineyard, Chris Vineyard, Rotten Apple, Scar Akai | Kir: Rena Mizunashi, Hidemi Hondou | Bourbon: Tooru Amuro, Rei Furuya, Scar Akai, Zero | Rum: Kanenori Wakita)
From left to right: Gin, Vermouth, Vodka, Chianti, Korn
Click here to see Kir 
Click here to see Bourbon 
Click here to see Rum 
Click here to see the Boss 
  • Lesser God-level Organization (their members are of Demigod rank)
  • Symbol: A crow; alternatively, their black outfits
  • Theme Songs: Black Logic, Black Impact
  • Alignments: Overall Lawful Evil with shades of Neutral Evil, Kir and Bourbon are Lawful Good and Chaotic Good respectively
  • Portfolio: Crow Symbol, Have Alcohol-Based Code Names, Dressing in Black, Seek Immortality, Leaves No Witnesses, Funds Itself Through Assassinations, Trained Assassins, Undying Loyalty to Ano Kata
  • Domains: Alcohol, Assassination, Crime, Crows, Darkness, Identity, Manipulation, Murder, Secrecy, Subterfuge
  • Leader: Renya Karasuma
  • Members:
    • Main: Rum (second-in-command), Gin, Vodka (general oversight), Vermouth, Kir, Bourbon (reconnaisance), Chianti, Korn (assassination)
    • Others: Tequila, Calvados, Rikumichi Kusuda
    • Former Membersnote : Akemi Miyano (Akai's herald), Kenzo Masuyama/Pisco, Atsushi Miyano, Elena Miyano, Ethan Hondou, Hiromitsu Morofushi/Scotch, Ki'ichiro Numabuchi, Yoshiaki Hara, Irish, Masaaki Okakura, Curaçao, Stout, Aquavit, Riesling, Arrack, Generic, Blackbeard
  • Employed Members/Business Partners: Walter White (narcotics), Quinellaaka  (brainwashing and hacking), Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronusaka  (Gashats and Bugster Virus research), Kycilia Zabiaka  (mobile suit R&D and military intelligence)
  • Heralds: James Black, Jodie Starling, Andre Camel, Eisuke Hondou (Kir only), Yuya Kazami (direct subordinate, Bourbon only)
  • High Priests: The Magic Kaito Organization
  • Followers: Immediate Murder Professionals, The League of Assassins, The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
  • Allies: HYDRA, SHOCKER, James Moriarty, Red Skull, Giovanni and Team Rocket, Lex Luthor, Walter White, Prime Minister Honest, Senator Roark, Ra's al Ghul, Mr. Burns, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
  • Rivals: The Dark Brotherhood, V.F.D. (the Fire-Starter faction), Raymond Reddington, Vito and Michael Corleone, Huang Lee, Kingpin, The Penguin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Al Capone, Keel Lorenz, Cyrus, Ghetsis, Lysandre, Shredder, King Cold
  • Enemies: Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano/Sherry (bordering on Fetish for Gin), Conan Edogawa (Friendly Enemy in Vermouth's case, allies in Kir's and Bourbon's case), Shuichi Akai (Rival to Bourbon), Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Norman Jayden, Shotaro Hidari and Philip/Kamen Rider Double, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, the Assassin Brotherhood, Batman and the Bat Family, the V.S.S.E., Akame and Night Raid
  • Opposed by: Kaito Kuroba/Kaito Kid, Ran Mouri (Vermouth only), Agent K and Agent J, Nick Fury, the V.F.D. (the Fire-Fighter faction), Voldemort, Mewtwo, Souji Tendou/Kamen Rider Kabuto, Annie Leonhart, Irene Adler, Kuroto Dan (Tequila only), Officer Jenny, most of the House of Justice
  • On Speaking Terms with: the SCP Foundation, the sub-house of Theatric Performers (Vermouth only), Dominic Toretto (Bourbon only)
  • Interested in: The entire Forms of Immortality sub-house, Light Yagami, Millennium, Scrooge McDuck, the Xenomorph, The Thing, Lucy/Nyu
  • Ambiguous Relationship With: Illuminati, Tzeentch, the Council of Shadows, Murkrow
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Joker
  • When Conan was on one of his regular visits to Ai Haibara's temple, she sensed a presence she had not felt in a long time and began cowering in terror before an invisible force. Conan was savvy enough to recognise her plight, and immediately went to the sub-house of Social and Recreational Work and questioned The Inspector on any anomalies. Sure enough, a terrorist incident had occurred at the checkpoints with an army's worth of hitmen dressed in black crossing over in the ensuing chaos. This can only mean one thing...the Black Organization has entered the Pantheon.
  • The main antagonists of Case Closed, this criminal syndicate has an undefined objective which uses assassinations to fund its operations and secretive research projects, killing near thousands to maintain its secrecy. The most dangerous aspect of this is that nearly all of said killings were never traced back to them, and as such almost no one knows of their existence with the exception of a small handful of individuals.
  • They entered the Pantheon after receiving leaked intel from Former Chief Justice Johnson, one of their many informants that turncoat member Shiho Miyano (codename Sherry) was still alive despite being thought dead after the Bell Tree Express incident. She was actually Kaito Kid in disguisenote . They tested the waters by sending several lower-ranked members as followers and visitors. After successfully accomplishing this without incident, plans were drawn up for them to bypass the checkpoint via a suicide bomber, which eventually came to fruition after a lapse in security while changing shifts. Like it or not, Conan and company will have to accept that the Black Organization is here to stay.
    • Their position in the Pantheon was legitimized quickly due to them bribing clerks in the Court of the Gods to hasten their ascension. Johnson's residual influence may have been a factor in their ascension under the title Murder, Inc., since some Court members still have a tinge of loyalty towards him. The reason given is that they are so efficient at their assassinations that only a handful (including Conan, Shiho and a few FBI and CIA agents) know of their existence. That and it took close to thirteen years for Conan to discover the boss' name, Renya Karasuma, who had appeared far earlier in the series, Hidden in Plain Sight as the former owner of the golden Sunset Manor.
    • Since their ascension, Haibara's temple in the House of Health and Diseases has been given heavy police protection and the interior is now only accessible by portal. As of now, the Black Organization has no knowledge of where she is in the Pantheon, but are sending search parties everywhere to look for her. To compound matters, Shuichi Akai is now in charge of her security personnel.
  • It should be noted that the members named above are not the only ones in the Pantheon. It is an organization, after all. Hundreds of men and women serve in the Black Organization's ranks, with their higher-ranking members working under code names, sneaking into advantageous roles in the Pantheon's ranks. Supposedly this is to ensure better security for their organization, but it's painfully obvious that their intent is to weed out prominent threats to eliminate or manipulate for their own agenda. Worst of all is that with only a sliver of the Organization's membership being known to most of the Pantheon, no one knows who or where these spies are. Even Overdeities and Greater Gods have some trouble with this, a testament to their criminal prowess.
    • This works both ways, as the Organization itself has plenty of sleeper agents from other espionage bodies working under non-official cover (NOC). Gin himself once commented that the Organization for all its efficiency is 'full of rats'. Already five confirmed kills of special agents working under codenames have been documented since their ascension to the Pantheon, from MI-6, SHIELD, the GUAG Intelligence Division, and the like.
  • This impressive move has made them a force to be reckoned with as well as business partners of more prestigious organizations such as HYDRA. Their leader, the Red Skull, personally commended them for how quickly they acclimatized to their new environment and implanted sleeper agents everywhere but interjected that HYDRA did it first.
    • Via HYDRA, the Black Organization has cultivated ties with other prominent syndicates and groups such as SHOCKER, which has loaned the Organization some of its employed members to assist in creating new killer drugs and poisons. The Great Leader is presumably not so different from the Boss, since he is The Man Behind the Man to a good number of wealthy groups in his home world and is one of the most powerful people in all of Japan.
  • After HYDRA, most other big organizations and crime families in the rest of their House have tenuous alliances with the Black Organization, given that it is a certainty that most of their own henchmen are on the Organization's hit list. James Moriarty is a tactician of the Organization, important enough to have the codename of 'Smirnoff'. Sherlock Holmes is painfully aware of Moriarty's intimate connection to the Organization, and is an arch-enemy of theirs on principle. Since he is the pretty much the Detective of Detectives, The Boss has declared him Public Enemy Number One in Shuichi Akai's absence but so far all assassination attempts on him have been unsuccessful. James Bond comes a close second, as the Pantheon's premier secret agent.
    • Vito Corleone, the king of organized crime in the Pantheon, treads carefully with them if he hires them for the rare bounty hunt, since he prefers to handle things personally. His Sicilian Code of Honour prevents him from associating too openly with them, and he has warned Michael to avoid contact with them if necessary to prevent any power struggle. The Organization would probably be second to the Corleones in influence if they diversified.
    • Is in a ceasefire with Raymond Reddington, when Chianti and Korn had a run-in with some of his agents when the duo were targeting a visitor to one of the Corleone's restaurants. Suffice to say, a shootout occurred where Chianti was fatally injured. Korn had to carry her to the House of Life and Vitality for revival. Had the Boss not intervened, Chianti would have killed Reddington on the spot. He has reserved judgement on the Organization in lieu of the failed assassination. Time will tell.
    • Outside the House of Crime and Transgressions, their closest ally is Giovanni from Team Rocket. The power of Pokémon and the high profits they yield, as well as the efficiency in which they can be used in battle to dispatch targets, especially Ghost-type Pokémon, opened their eyes to how much more they ought to understand the fantastical nature of the Pantheon, acting as the impetus for them diversifying into alliances with more 'exotic' organizations. The Boss is especially pleased at the gift that Giovanni gave him in their first meeting: a new armored Mewtwo clone which his scientific branch is rearing for combat use and a pet Murkrow, but he keeps this to himself. Mewtwo, already nursing a grudge against Giovanni for the cruel treatment at his hands, has plans to devastate their joint operation. The Boss has a similar realistic outlook to Giovanni on the use of Pokémon, thus he treats the more delusional Team Leaders with disdain, believing they are striving for the unreachable. They think him (personally) as inferior to them in tapping the power of Legendary Pokémon, even though they don't know much about him at all.
    • Honest is one of the many powerful individuals they have on their payroll, due to his immense power and influence over the Capital and now the Politicians sub-house. The Penguin, who Honest split ties with for this, is not pleased. Though he and Honest seemingly parted on good terms, Mr. Cobblepot wants revenge on the Organization for stealing his profits. Obviously, Akame and the Night Raid group have no love for the Organization as compared to the Penguin, the Organization takes a much more offensive stance towards them.
    • Yet another politician they have working with them is Senator Roark, the amoral and unethical 'mayor' of Basin City. They see a unique opportunity for them in his dominion as Sin City is as wretched and corrupt of a hive as anyone can think of, where their assassination and narcotics businesses (along with other undisclosed motives) can bear fruit on a daily basis. Roark Senior is watchful though, because the Organization's secretive nature could easily lead to him being assassinated by Chianti or Korn and control of the city wrested away from him. So the answer's no for now, but that can easily change in the future pending further developments.
    • Among their other business partners include company executives Lex Luthor, Norman Osborn and Mr. Burns, who provide them with metahuman-based samples such as adamantium and Nth metal and illegal nuclear waste respectively. Don't ask what they're using them for.
  • When a sample of APTX 4869 fell into the hands of Walter White, word of his tests with the poison reached Vermouth quickly, and she offered him a position as a liaison. He accepted, and his blue meth has become one of the Organization's most profitable side ventures. Walter is not truly loyal, just using the handy connections to more conveniently sell his narcotics in the Pantheon.
  • They are slightly averse to working with non-human or advanced individuals in the Pantheon, which is what prevents them from achieving first-class infamy in the House of Crime, since they are unnerved by the many otherworldly beings that can warp reality or kill millions in an instant, whereas in their homeworld they could control much of the world from the shadows and eliminate whoever was unnecessary. They will just have to get used to an environment where they can't control things completely, to which the God of Planning, Tzeentch, sneers at, considering he 'planned' the Organization's entry into the Pantheon.
    • Related to this, Agents K and J have been closely monitoring the Black Organization since their ascension because Conan once investigated them due to a case of Mistaken Identity. They do not have clearance to act against them yet because the Organization has not yet engaged in direct criminal activity with aliens. This may change after getting word that the Organization has their sights on the Thing and the Xenomorph as possible bio-weapons. Changed to a 'Definite' after they struck a deal with King Cold for access to Frieza Force supplies. King Cold only, mind you. No word yet on whether they have ties with Boris the Animal.
  • Their most prominent rivals are the Fire-Starter faction of the V.F.D. (Volunteer Fire Department). Their unassuming nature makes them very similar to the Organization and could have led to a promising alliance. Unfortunately, a Fire-Starter just happened to commit arson on one of the Organization's caches of APTX 4869 and lose them a substantial amount of their most successful poison. Suffice to say, the leadership, particularly Rum, is reportedly livid at the lost profits, and are seeking to catch the agent responsible for the attack, whom the Fire-Starters claim was drunk from, you guessed it, rum. The other faction of Fire-Fighters is not overly involved in this affair, but their desire to make the world a quieter and peaceful place puts them at odds with the Organization.
    • This rivalry has gained the attention of the V.S.S.E., whose Cooperatives could have infiltrated the Organization, given their bitter opposition to terrorist groups, especially since the Black Organization is more Obviously Evil than the V.F.D..
    • The entire Assassin Brotherhood, regardless of alignment, has all of them as targets.
    • The Dark Brotherhood became Public Enemy Number Two for the Organization, which stings because the Organization beat them to the punch for the Murder, Inc. title. The Brotherhood made their displeasure clear by foiling one of their hits and slaying the assassin in turn. Some say it was part of a contract, but others say it was but simple spite to show they were definitive competitors in the business and aren't afraid of encroaching on their territory not unlike the Morag Tong. Regardless, the Black Organization seem to be vying for bringing along the Dark Brotherhood's various detractors over the course of history, assuming they haven't already.
  • Thanks to some masterful manipulation by Vermouth, Keel Lorenz has a tense partnership with them. They only see him as their meal ticket into the Council of Shadows. A mysterious new sub-division may also have been formed exclusively for contact with the Illuminati.
  • They had planned an audience with Kuroto Dan and Genm Corp to establish a partnership with Tequila as liaison but abandoned the move after learning that he regained his sanity and morality. They hope to get his father, Masamune ascended to solve that problem. Said plan has been fulfilled and now they have a healthy collection of powerful Bugsters to use against their enemies when the time comes. Good thinking on the boss' part. It has officially unseated Walter White's meth as their most profitable venture. Let's hope that Masamune doesn't stab them in the back.
  • It is implied that their ultimate aim may be to unlock the secret of immortality (This is far more apparent with their High Priests from the Magic Kaito Organization). Lord Voldemort, repugnant at the thought of having anyone other than himself attain this, has considered Fenrir Greyback as a liaison to keep an eye on them. Some jokes have been poked at this given that the Organization labels its primary threats as 'Silver Bullets'. Has been banned from the House of Life and Vitality for their many incursions into the place.
    • To get around this, the Boss has extended the hand of friendship to Ra's al Ghul, leader of the League of Assassins and a fierce competitor to them in terms of kills. Ra's is impressed that the Organization has managed to remain hidden in the shadows for so long with only a small group of members being known by the authorities and has permitted their scientific branch limited access to the Lazarus Pits. In return, they let him take the lead on particularly high-level assassinations from time to time, including a raid on Batman's temple. Batman is livid at the Organization for being behind the sacking of his temple, but regards them as a low priority, He has noted their uncanny similarities to Leviathan and the Court of Owls. They have responded by contacting corrupt employees of Wayne Enterprises to freeze the Dark Knight's assets and halt his operations for good. Of course, they are too daft to connect the dots. The employees, not the Organization.
    • While he has not openly antagonized Ra's yet, the Shredder (the whiny one at least) is miffed that the Organization didn't think of approaching him first, since his mutagen is an equally profitable venture. For now, he's a passive ally and sometimes foe, but is not adverse to pulling an Enemy Mine should the need arise.
  • Exclusive to Gin:
    • The third-in-command of the organization, Gin is basically their Field Leader. He is personally responsible for Conan's 'vertically-challenged' condition. Unquestionably the most loyal member of the Organization, he has no qualms about committing mass murder to further his boss' goals, even his allies.
    • A merciless and efficient assassin, he revels in fulfilling every task the Organization sets him with. He has staunch 'friends' in Pantheon deities who are as cold-blooded and merciless as him, though he would gladly eliminate them if ordered to. May or may not have an Ax-Crazy side.
    • While the rest of the Organization is subtly opposed to associating with the less grounded-in-reality deities of the Pantheon, Gin feels it to be a great help to their cause, no matter how volatile or dangerous they are. Examples such as Millennium come to mind for him, with their Nazi vampires as a useful source of manpower for the Organization. To this end, he has led many operations to capture certain enhanced individuals in the Pantheon, including the two Tokyo Ghouls, Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima, from which his colleagues have extracted Rc cells to mass-produce quinques for battle against vampires and paranormal beings. Souji Tendou sees him and Vodka as a Badass Normal version of the Hell Brothers (PunchHopper and KickHopper), only with no morals this time.
    • Do not talk about the time his team tried to experiment on Tetsuo, unless you want a slow and painful death. And then there are the episodes of him almost succeeding in stealing the Titan powers of Eren Yeager and Annie Leonhart simultaneously, and on and on and on... It's not a string of failures, though. Each capture of his has yielded positive results in one way or another, he just doesn't disclose them.
    • Gin, of all the Organization's members, takes great pleasure in hunting Sherry, imagining her nude several times, implying that he and Shiho have had a romantic history. He has neither confirmed nor denied this, only exclaiming that he will give her the most pleasurable and graceful death possible for having the audacity to survive their assassination attempts more than once. The possible implications of this statement have not been lost on Haibara's security detail. Given how morally bankrupt he is in comparison to his fellow members, this is not impossible. It is unknown how Shuichi Akai's ascension to the Pantheon as the head of Haibara's security detail will worsen things.
      • This mentality has him rubbing shoulders with anime deities of the same manner of thinking, such as Nobuyuki Sugou, who had sexually harassed his fiancé Asuna before. For convenience' sake, he serves as the Organization's liaison to him, creating an account to enter ALfheim Online as a Spriggan. Kirito and Asuna once tangled with him, not knowing who he was or where he came from. He acknowledges that the girl has spunk and would be a useful asset if she were recruited, as would her boyfriend. He expresses an odd interest in this Quinella Sugou keeps mentioning. Since her ascension, Quinella gladly accepted an offer to join the Organization, finding Gin an interestingly alluring man for their similar obsession with control, Quinella her subjects and Gin Sherry. Quinella isn't above giving favours to the male members of the Organization in exchange for following her orders, yet seems to have a significant bed-warming relationship with Gin. Ask him about this and you risk death by at least 50 gunshots (if you're lucky).
      • Another is Johan Liebert, whom he sees as a psychological equal in breaking others to the point of killing themselves. Has brought him in for certain interrogation sessions to get fast results, and once requested use of his 'wife' Lucy, to test the Diclonius gene on a group of snooping SCP Foundation agents. They don't meet much though given Johan's high rank in the Grand United Alliance of Evil.
    • More than anyone else, Gin and Shuichi Akai treat each other as archenemies, no less because he personally killed Akemi Miyano, Akai's girlfriend and Sherry's sister. Gin is extremely sceptical and contemptuous of the threat he poses to the Organization, dismissing Vermouth's remarks that he may become a Silver Bullet. He doesn't know that Akai has ascended to the Pantheon under his Subaru Okiya persona, yet doesn't really care if he is alive, because:
    Gin: "If he is still alive, I get to kill him again."
    • While he has amicable enough bonds with individuals cut from the same cloth, such as Takeshi Asakura and Ali al-Saachez, his most frequent partner (besides Vodka) is Esdeath of all people. Gin was instantly struck by her desire for battle and business-like approach to murder when she first met the Organization as an envoy for Honest and was paired up with her once when the Night Raid group attacked one of their weapons caches. Since then, the two have been the Big Bad Duumvirate of the Organization, with the highest kill count, to which even some of their competitors would gape at. The House of Love and Affection as always has shipped them both with each other, yet Esdeath's utter obsession with Tatsumi puts a damper on that.
    • He is most in favour of using the numerous artifacts in the Pantheon to further the Organization's ambitions, and is primarily targeting the Death Note as a useful tool for them, living proof that 'the pen is mightier than the sword'. To be able to write a name and have it near guaranteed that the person written will die of a heart attack is a boon to them, he says. He has attempted to establish rapport with Light Yagami for this purpose, but Light's A God Am I has pretty much doomed their alliance in the first place in addition to his radical stance against crime in general. Kira thinks of Gin as an Expy of Kyosuke Higuchi and a means to an end, just like everyone else he allies with.
    • Vile as he might be, even he abhors working with That Yellow Bastard, Ethan Roark's son. To him, Roark Junior has no sense of subtlety in the Pantheon where crimes have to be done subtly. Being unashamed of doing evil deeds is one thing, but to parade it around in such a disgusting body and shove it in the Organization's face is a terrible strategy. Not surprised that even his father has regretted thinking of putting him up for the presidency.
  • Exclusive to Vodka:
    • The managerial secretary of the Organization, Vodka serves as Number Two to Gin, addressing him by the honorific 'Aniki' instead of his code name. While less intelligent than his partner, he's no dumb brute. He has exceptional memory, of which he uses to remind Gin of angles he's forgotten or particularly important murders. It perfectly complements Gin's tendency to forget the many victims he's killed.
    • Doesn't have a whole lot of independent relationships to speak of, since most of his time is spent backing Gin up. Probably due to how similar they look, Agent 47 is a subject of his ire, additionally he is a genetically-enhanced clone that has succeeded in gunning down plenty of lower-ranked Organization members.
    • Naturally at odds with the actual Dr. Watson, given his dynamic with Gin is very similar to that of the doctor and Holmes. Not that Watson knows or cares about that.
    • Has proposed keeping an eye on Saxton Hale, since his mercenaries (especially The Spy) could be in the Organization without anyone knowing it and pull a Hoist by His Own Petard on them, stealing everything they had, such as project data.
    • NEVER once attacked him alone to steal a briefcase of Gaia Memories he was transporting back to the Organization's building, and got beaten up by Katsumi just because. While the Treasury operatives (on behalf of SHOCKER) took care of it, he got pretty banged up. Vodka, usually quite cool-headed, takes it somewhat... personally.
  • Exclusive to Vermouth:
    • The lead reconnaisance agent of the Organization, Vermouth is a notorious Wild Card among their ranks, pursuing her own goals above all others, which makes her an intense object of dislike among her peers. They only tolerate her because she is the Boss' favourite. She knows Conan's true identity as Shinichi Kudo and Haibara's as Sherry (including her survival of the Bell Tree Express incident), but keeps that information to herself. Shinichi and Ran saved her life a year prior to the start of the series even though she was about to kill them, and she addresses them as 'Cool Guy' and 'Angel' respectively. Also, she was Yukiko Kudo's (Conan's mother) former partner. Ran hates her for having wanted to kill Haibara before due to her Big Sister Instinct, but has no idea about who she works for and why she targets her. She has a special affinity for Kaito Kid, given he clearly took notes from her mentor, Toichi Kuroba, actually the first Kaito Kid and Kaito's father, though she doesn't know it.
    • An expert at impersonation, even certain denizens of the corresponding house say her disguises are of a frightening perfection, with even the Master of Disguise, the great Arsène Lupin himself acknowledges her talent as being on a different level to that of people like Catwoman. Mystique does not share this sentiment, although they share similar personality traits, seeing her as a non-mutant muscling in on her territory.
    • Publicly an American actress, she moonlights under the aliases Sharon Vineyard, and after she (publicly) passed away, her 'daughter', Chris. While a lauded superstar in her home world, the actually American actors in the House of Theatre and Spectacle know better than to give her English-speaking roles even if they don't know her identity as an Organization member, and for good reason. Her American accent is terrible. Listen to this: note . Samuel L. Jackson has a special beef with her, but that's for an entirely different reason.
    • Vermouth, like every other member of the Organization, wants Sherry dead, but has a good reason for it. She always believed that the research the Miyanos engaged in was immoral, and that Shiho was foolish to continue their work. Then there's the fact that both she and Sherry could have been rivals for Gin's affection, turning this into a case of Murder the Hypotenuse. Summarily, she is disgusted at any amoral scientists in the Pantheon, especially the Organization's ally Ryoma Sengoku. He snarkily offered her a prototype Rotten Apple Lockseed as a form of diplomacy, but she recognised the offing and strode off in seething rage.
    • Gin's attempts to capture metahuman deities in the Pantheon gained the attention of Emma Frost, a Femme Fatale much like Vermouth, with the difference that her Ms. Fanservice tendencies are far more obvious, as the Goddess of Sexy Uniforms. She's especially wary that Vermouth will attempt capture of Jean Grey.
    • Talia al Ghul is a bit of a sore subject for Vermouth, given that she's stolen many victories from her in group missions. She takes it all in stride though, and the two, despite remaining fierce competitors, note their stylistic and psychological similarities as devious and talented women trying to prove their worth (Vermouth seemingly to the Organization, and Talia her father).
    • Being a somewhat darker version of Yelena Belova is a key motivator in the original Black Widow, Natasha Romanova, focusing on her when Fury tasked her with spying on the Organization. Vermouth treats her as a Worthy Opponent, but Natasha does not return this sentiment, making disparaging remarks like the House of Theatre and Spectacle that Vermouth's Engrish renders her grossly unfit to be an actor, let alone infiltration and reconnaisance. Relations with Pokémon Hunter J are slightly warmer, due to their mutual partnership with Team Rocket.
    • Speaking of Team Rocket, Vermouth has worked with the iconic trio on occasion to catch and subdue Mewtwo as and when he damages their scientific facilities, despite Giovanni's best efforts. However, it's more of a one-woman show due to them blasting off...again. She, for one, thinks them incompetent idiots who are basically terrible examples of Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!, with their late parents holding high places in Team Rocket.
    • Mata Hari has a bone to pick with her, despite both being spies who exploit this skill to get what they want. Mata Hari despises her employers who don't care about anyone, reminding her of how her husband regularly abuses her and has no care of her well-being.
    • Pities Noel Vermillion, a lady who deserves her spot in the Pantheon but is derided and mistaken for a man because of her small chest size.
    • Arya Stark has put Vermouth on her kill list. She must have done something pretty bad to deserve it.
  • Exclusive to Kir:
    • Kir was introduced as Rena Mizunashi, a newscaster who was outed as an agent of the Organization. Then, she was revealed to be Hidemi Hondou, a CIA agent who had infiltrated the Organization. She essentially condemned her fellow spy Ethan Hondou (her father) to death when he killed himself to prevent her cover from being blown in her early CIA days. She was also forced to cut off all contact with her brother, Eisuke, when she began her infiltration. As an apology gift for being away from him so long, Hidemi has granted her brother heraldry alongside the FBI agents investigating the Organization, promising him a Mission Control role in her operations once he has reached the legal age of 20.
    • The Black Organization has tasked her with penetrating the only news outlet in the Pantheon led by Kent Brockman. She personally feels he is an unsavoury newscaster, due to his ego and sensationalism. J. Jonah Jameson, the editor who she reports to, is more of an honest, if somewhat boisterous and irritable man. Both don't know of her allegiance to the CIA, and merely chalk it down to her having an alcohol problem.
    • Her status as a CIA agent makes her a correspondent and contact of many other agents in the Pantheon, including the aforementioned James Bond, Agent 007. She prefers working alone (out of habit to prevent unnecessary casualties), but often liaises with deities in the House of Justice at the 77th Precinct, most notably her trope contemporary, Carmelita Fox. Much appreciates Lois Lane's help in getting her information out to the public, but would much rather keep things low and not get her husband involved. She has mixed feelings towards Leroy Gibbs (or Gibb-san) for his ruthless interrogation techniques that have struck fear in terror groups in the Pantheon.
    • Her teamwork with Commissioner Gordon is all but a necessity at this point, with Batman taking the fight to the Organization. She hasn't met him personally, with his constant patrols and whatnot. Both are well aware of how a secret society influencing life in a city through murder and slaughter can have devastating effects. That's basically Gotham.
    • An unofficial member of the Kira Task Force, reporting to Soichiro Yagami on Gin's dealings with Light. She is outraged that Soichiro's son singlehandedly murdered hundreds to become god of the new world, even allowing his father's death in pursuit of said goal. She mostly deals with the official matters; the actual investigation is left to Bourbon.
    • When the Organization partakes in particularly shady business deals that warrant further manpower, she brings in Peter Burke, the go-to authority in the Pantheon for white-collar crime. Shares his viewpoint that general crime is neglected in the Pantheon due to much more high-profile authorities, since this could be a show of strategy of the Organization to keep covering their tracks.
    • Holds Kazumi Amano in high esteem for being the big sister she should have been to Eisuke.
    • Brings her brother to Akane Hino's temple every weekend for an afternoon meal. Her tasty okonomiyaki brings back fond memories for them both, because their father ate okonomiyaki with Eisuke regularly before his death.
    • Carmelita has graciously offered her a spot in the Delta Cops. She did not immediately accept, since she was visibly shaken by the reason the group is on hiatus after Aqua's suspension due to corruption from the Realm of Darkness. Has tentatively done so on condition that she be allowed to continue her infiltration without the team interfering and ruining her attempts to avenge her father's death. Carmelita is very thankful for the added help.
  • Exclusive to Bourbon:
    • Bourbon is Tooru Amuro, an operative of the Organization who specializes in deduction and analyzing and also one of the few people Vermouth is willing to work with. Like Kir, he is actually Rei Furuya, a special agent of the National Police Agency Public Security Bureau who infiltrated the Organization. He is characterized by his rivalry with Shuichi Akai, who he blames for the death of fellow operative Hiromitsu Morofushi (codename Scotch). Scotch killed himself believing Akai was going to expose his identity without knowing he was an FBI agent. When Rei came on the scene, Akai claimed responsibility for killing Scotch, again not knowing that he was a fellow Mole. He remains distrustful of Akai to this day. Yuya Kazami, his subordinate and sometimes resident comic relief often serves as Bourbon's public figurehead in the TPPD.
    • As Bourbon, he was tasked to find Sherry and also verify Shuichi Akai's death, disguising himself as a scarred Akai to gauge the reactions of his friends and relatives. He later takes up a job as a waiter at Café Poirot and becomes Kogoro Mouri's apprentice with the promise of plentiful financial returns. He has since determined that Sherry is officially deceased and Akai's status remains unclear (actually disguised as Subaru Okiya). After Shinichi Kudo received unwanted media attention, Rum personally requested that Bourbon look into the teenage detective and make sure he was actually dead, warning him that 'time is money'.
    • This has made him the most dangerous operative of the Black Organization in a sense because his status as Kogoro's apprentice ensures he is in close proximity to Conan and Haibara a lot, increasing the risk of their identities being exposed. Thankfully, he no longer serves in this capacity in the Pantheon. The Boss has re-assigned him from his aforementioned task to focus on more pressing matters in light of their ascension.
    • It is important to note that while both Kir and Bourbon are moles within the Organization, they do not work with each other. While Kir handles official government and bureau-based contacts, Bourbon's interests lie more with actual detectives. Besides Conan and Sherlock Holmes, Ryotaro Dojima serves as one of his main contacts. They usually meet at the House of Food, bonding over their shared experiences over being unable to save a life, though Dojima's resultant trauma is far more severe than a mere misunderstanding.
    • He's a little creeped out by L and Near, who he works with on cases involving Kira. They agree that Gin should never gain possession of a Death Note, considering that would sign Shuichi Akai's death warrant in case he decided to check if he was really dead. He is very critical of L for only taking on cases that interest him. While Kira is the main threat, Rei's main target in this case is Teru Mikami, a legal practitioner who worships Light as his god.
    • Acts as the Organization's liaison to the GUAE Mecha Cohort, but obviously despises Char for his extremist views on Newtypes, and also because of this. That said, he admits that Char is better than his other enemies in terms of morals and inspiring loyalty in his soldiers. Off-duty, he often feeds information to the Comet's Arch-Enemy, Amuro, and yes, they have the same voice. Amuro has made jokes that his two names are anagrams of his name and that of their seiyū.
    • When the House of Combat for the first time to train, he met Yamcha, the Memetic Loser, trying to once again surpass the limits of Goku, limits that were far off for him. Rei decided to spar with him but got beaten soundly just to make him feel better. Like with Amuro, this selfless action may be attributed to that guy. Anyway, the two are sparring partners when Rei is off-duty.
    • Once visited the House of Gaming to play tennis with Mario. He swears he's seen a similar player character in a Mantendo game somewhere. Also really hates Ippo Makunouchi for beating him in a boxing match.
    • While on a mission with Kir transporting important electronics for SHOCKER, they were attacked by a Worm Orphnoch mimicry. Luckily, Takumi Inui, Kamen Rider Faiz saved their skin before they were evolved into Orphnoches themselves. Turns out Masato Kusaka was behind the attack in a desperate attack on Smart Brain's assets on behalf of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. Kusaka cornered him just to threaten him. Doesn't help that the Lobster Orphnoch may be a secret member of the Organization (she sends wine to her victims before killing them).
    Kusaka: "Don't mess with me. I don't care if you're good or bad. You or Takumi get in my way again, I'll have some new Blood on These Hands. And whoever you work for too."
    • Maika Sakuranomiya lit up when her trademark scary smile caused him to burst into laughter. He would want to visit her and Chiyoko's cafe every day, but is too tied up in his duties to do so. Seemingly under the same impression as everyone else that Maika's Love Interest, Dino, is a a sexual predator.
    • Rei has become friends with Jake Peralta because he is a childish manchild yet is the greatest detective of the precinct in his home world and has shown more compassion towards his friends a lot and greatly supports them, such as helping his friend Rosa on coming out to her parents as a bisexual woman.
    • Dominic Toretto briefly was a driving instructor for him when he was on an undercover mission in the House of Travel. That's about it.
  • Exclusive to Chianti:
    • A sniper of the Organization alongside Korn, Chianti is a Dark Action Girl who like Gin, lives for her job. She loves the adrenaline rush of shooting her quarry from a long distance, but is very impatient. As such, she is repeatedly reminded not to shoot random civilians out of boredom.
    • She does have an Achilles' Heel: her maximal firing range is at 600 yards whereas Shuichi Akai's maximum is 700 yards. To rectify this problem, the Boss has employed Defense House member Taskmaster to hone her sniping skills to their optimum level and teach her some other combat skills while he's at it.
    • She despises Vermouth for being responsible for fellow sniper Calvados' death, since his infatuation with the woman led to his eventual capture and suicide. Even though he's alive and well in the Pantheon, she still nurses a desire to put a bullet in her head.
    • She has very tight standards for friends in the Pantheon, as according to her colleagues her impulsiveness has nearly led to failure several times as well as her general unpleasantness. Harley Quinn is a frequent collaborator in group operations, but her Ax-Crazy nature and her tendency to switch sides on the fly is very counteractive to their partnership.
    • Misa Amane, one of her neighbours in the sub-house, is a more balanced, yet still kill-seeking, woman whose bubbly disposition perfectly contrasts Chianti's Blood Knight personality. Out of respect for her well-being (and her own ego), Chianti flat-out refuses to use the Death Note when they work together, but is trying to persuade her to fork it over. She's too loyal to Light to follow that instruction.
    • Although she has made a lot of enemies out of the House of Firearms, Korn tends to shoulder the antagonism they face on that front. Hence, most of the duo's enemies are listed on his sub-section. Yoko Littner, however, is on her blacklist when she foiled an operation to slaughter a group of innocent children who had caught a glimpse of them. She received very painful retribution in the form of a deep scar on her cheek like Gin that still stings. She's covered it up, but when Chianti's buttons are pushed, you'd better believe she will be back for her. With. A. Vengeance.
  • Exclusive to Korn:
    • The Stoic to Chianti's Hot-Blooded, Korn is antisocial and doesn't speak much, except the rare One-Liner. As such, most of what is known about his relationships are from word of mouth. Rumour has it that he's secretly attracted to his partner.
    • There are theories spreading around that he could actually be the Boss, masquerading as an ordinary member of the Organization, attributed to his general closed-off life besides hanging around Chianti and training in the Organization's rifle range. Right?
    • Has been seen at times squaring off with the main Cold Sniper of the Pantheon, Widowmaker, and several other major snipers in the Pantheon, most notably Deadshot, Boba Fett and Hero Killer Stain. Widowmaker he gets along with smashingly based on their very similar personalities. Korn doesn't really show this though.
    • Although very apathetic, he is stealthily protective of his partner from the sub-house of Firearms, who are their main adversaries due to the Organization's many incursions into the place looking for members. Moreover, some of them have big-ticket tropes to their name, such as Roland Deschain, fastest gunslinger in the Pantheon. They are awaiting orders on whether to target him due to his supposed immortality. They get along fine with the Brave Companions in conversation, but are ruthlessly at each other's throats when on a hunt, Chianti mostly adding fuel to the fire. As much as Korn appreciates the company, he'd rather work alone than in an affiliation with other organizations.
    • Gin's association with Nobuyuki Sugou has gotten them the attention of Sinon and her mentor, Kamen Rider Zolda, who are actively trying to prevent him from forming alliances to force him and Chianti out of the House of Weapons for good. Their regular missions here looking for prospective recruits is far enough.
  • Exclusive to Rum:
    • A prime target of the entire House of Justice, since he is on the move. Compared to the rest of the named members, hardly anything is known about Rum.
    • Eyewitness reports from various former Organization members (unnamed for security reasons) have given conflicting accounts of Rum's overall appearance and build. Some say Rum is a strongly-built man, some say he or she has a feminine look, and yet others say he or she is an old man. All sources do agree that Rum has a damaged eye either covered by an eyepatch or replaced by an artificial eye.
    • The three prime suspects have at least a few qualities matching the various descriptions.
      • First, Hyoue Kuroda. The superintendent of the homicide division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, he was transferred from the Nagano Police Department to replace Kiyonaga Matsumoto who had been promoted to senior superintendent. He has the Face of a Thug which tends to intimidate a lot of people and rub them the wrong way. No one knows how he lost his eye except through some kind of accident, but it's mostly hidden behind a darkened spectacle lens. Additionally, he has been confirmed to be Bourbon's superior in the Public Security Bureau, usually in close contact with him. This could paint him as a higher-ranked NOC who has the codename 'Rum'.
      • Second, Rumi Wakasa. She was hired as the deputy homeroom teacher for Teitan Elementary School Class 1-B (Conan's class). She is also blind in her right eye, rendering her prone to bouts of clumsiness. However, she has amazing deductive abilities and is quite cunning, as well as having signs of a more sinister side. She also appears to have something to do with the deaths of professional shogi player Kohji Haneda and wealthy American Amanda Hughes, who are on the list of APTX 4869 victims. Moreover, Kohji's dying message 'P T ON' can be solved as 'ASACA RUM' (W(AKASA) RUM(I)), which is possibly subverted by the alternative answer of 'CARASUMA', the Boss' real name, Renya Karasuma.
      • Third, Kanenori Wakita, a sushi waiter at Beika Iroha Sushi. He wears medical gauze over his injured left eye which he expects to fully heal so he can work at the sushi counter. His workplace is a favourite hangout spot of Kogoro Mouri. He seems to fit all the various descriptions of Rum that have been given, and stands out from the other two in that he hasn't met Shiho as Haibara yet and has an injured left eye instead of an injured right eye. As a bonus, Rum tends to use the English phrase 'Time is money' in text messages, whose Japanese Romanized form is 'Toki wa kane nari', an anagram for 'Kanenori Wakita'. People in the Pantheon, as well as the fanbase in general, have less verifiable information on Wakita in comparison to Kuroda and Wakasa, further painting him as suspicious.
      • Ever since the creator himself confirmed that Rum is one of the three, investigations have been stepped up a notch in order to nab him and thus lead them to the Boss.
    • Some paranoid deities who forget that Rum is from the Detective Conan universe have Nick Fury at the top of their suspect list, since he is a chief spy in the Pantheon, has a lot of say in the GUAG's intelligence affairs and shares a sub-house with Conan. He bristles at this statement, vowing that neither he nor S.H.I.E.L.D. will be infiltrated ever again. He learns from his mistakes.
    • As a precautionary measure, all three suspects have been ascended to the Pantheon under the grounds of 'special consideration' and are heavily monitored by the House of Justice. Superintendent Kuroda has been drafted to serve in the Pantheon's police force as an intelligence officer, but is kept clear of any investigations overtly related to the Organization. Ever since Wakita was revealed as Rum, the other two have been informed but remain in the Pantheon to avoid raising the Organization's suspicions.
    • Known to have a special grudge against the V.F.D. (see above).
  • Ultimately, the Organization's penchant for silencing those who know about them is terrifyingly apparent, and if you're reading this, it's probably already too late... (gun cock)
  • You know too much. Sayonara. (gunshot)

Bluebeard, Unholy Wife Killer
  • Lesser God.
  • Symbol: Crossed katanas over a Sapphire Guard cape
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Serial Killer, Beard of Evil, Faux Affably Evil, Wicked Cultured, The Sociopath, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Evil, Murder, Hail, Charm, Nobility
  • Allies: Hans Westergard, Gilles de Rais, Sideshow Bob, Ramsay Bolton
  • Opposed by: All Couples Subhouses, Emily, Anna, Elsa, Scheherazade, Bart Simpson, Marge Simpson
  • Fears: Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Bloody Mary
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Bigsby Wolf, Snow White
  • Special Relationship: Charlie Chaplin, King Henry VIII
  • Many in the couples subhouses talk of a dangerous spouse. Only known by the color of his beard, he is said to be charismatic in the public eye. Yet behind the scenes, he has a tendency to kill the wives he marries. As if that wasn't enough, he is fond of keeping his quarries in a door he keeps locked. It took the curiosity of one wife to expose his operation and end his scheme once and for all. Or that was what people thought. Reports sprang out that he hooked up with Charlotte LaBouff. Several Disney characters put a stop to it before they were intimate, but it was clear the man was here to Stay. Bluebeard has arrived in the Pantheon and he is here to stay.
  • The subhouses of Couples Archetypes, Couples Orientation and Couples Relationships were quick to ban him from their lands. Not even the evil deities there want to be associated with a man who desecrates the concept of their faiths.
  • There are a number of victims of his followers as well as admirers of his work who hoped to follow his footsteps.
    • Probably the most famous example at the moment was the story of Hans and Anna. Prince Hans hoped to use Bluebeard's playbook to wed his way into the House of Arendelle. Thankfully, the power of sisterly loved thwarted those plans and sent him packing. Regardless, Hans felt honored to meet the man who inspired him to carry out his plot.
    • Emily's case was unique in that her husband succeeded. She remains dead, and Barks would have gotten away with it if she had not returned to the town as a zombie. Barks remains dead, but is now a follower of the notorious serial killer.
  • The characters from Fables were in an odd position. They know a version of him who has reformed... or at least in under the impression of reforming. He even aids Bigby and Snow White on occasion. Even then, they remain wary of helping the man, and they are even less inclined to help the more sinister version.
  • To his surprise, he found another Frenchman who was impressed with his work. In fact, the man claimed that he was the inspiration of the fairy tale. Gilles de Rais may focus on killing children, but he was motivated by the death of Jeanne d'Arc, a woman he cared greatly for. With her death, he turned to killing multiple people before being executed. Gilles met with Bluebeard in secret, expressing his support in case he wants to resume his old ways.
  • It was no surprise that Sideshow Bob was singing praises for Bluebeard upon his ascension. He was even inspired enough to attempt the same thing on Marge's sister. He would have succeeded if not for the intuition of Bart. Neither member of the Simpsons family was happy with the arrival of Bluebeard.
  • Besides his more well-known trait of Flaying Alive his victims, Ramsay Bolton also had a habit of killing off his wives. Yet he wouldn't call his acts callous, blaming the wives for their misfortunes. He figured the same situation happened regarding Bluebeard's many wives.
  • Bluebeard was ready to face opposition to those who were against his killer ways. What he wasn't expecting was finding wives who have done the same to their husbands. The one he fears the most is literally codenamed the Black Widow. Natasha herself confirms that she has been spying on the man ever since he arrived at the Pantheon. She has made clear that if Bluebeard makes a move on someone, he would have to answer to her.
    • He also makes sure to check his widow for any sniper rounds from the Widowmaker... even though she is far less likely to target him. In fact, Amelie felt the need to kill her husband to be liberating. She is more likely to thank him for the idea... though this may change depending on whether Bluebeard become her latest hit.
  • There was one wife who escape death in a way that intrigued him. Scheherazade managed to placate her husband through a series of stories that ended in Cliffhangers. She doubts such a strategy would work on a cold-blooded killer like Bluebeard and has no intention of trying to redeem him.
  • Bluebeard thought he had a perfect mark in a wedding dress. The woman was desperate to find some to confess her love with and she had plenty of money on her account as well. There was just one problem; the women's desire for true love became an obsession. Her insistence in staying with her at all times grated his nerves. When he decided to cut things short, he was in for a rude awakening. The person he was with was the notorious Bloody Mary, and she was far more of a handle to kill than he could have imagined. It wasn't long before she mowed him down with her vehicle Spectre.
  • Was surprised to see that someone in the Pantheon actually acted on a character based on him. That person was Charlie Chaplin and Bluebeard wanted to commend the actor on the performance. Chaplin would have none of it. The only reason he played a serial killer was to show his disdain for the countries who killed millions at war. That didn't make Bluebeard's murders any less hideous to him.
  • Bluebeard was met with an odd guest one day: King Henry VIII. Instead of berating him, the king walked in for answers. He wondered if Bluebeard's murders have been because he was unsatisfied with his wives and if Bluebeard could ever find someone he would stay for the rest of his life. It was a question Bluebeard wasn't ready to answer at the time, so he saw the king off. While Bluebeard had been motivated by the money, he does wonder if he was capable of settling down with someone.

    Dexter Morgan 
Dexter Morgan, Divine Killer of Killers (The Bay Harbor Butcher)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A blood-stained apron
  • Theme Song: Morning Routine
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolios: Adorkable, Animals Hate Him, Necessarily Evil, Can Analyze a Crime Scene in Seconds, Badass Bookworm, Keeps Trophies of the Criminals He's Killed, Consummate Liar, Control Freak, Detective Mole, Hunts the Most Dangerous Criminals, Manipulative Bastard, Noble Demon, Papa Wolf, Pragmatic Villainy, Psychotic Smirk, Sympathetic Murderer, Wouldn't Hurt a Child
  • Domains: Death, Murder, Torture, Deception
  • Followers: Vino, James Cash
  • Allies: The Punisher, Kevin McCallister
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The House of Justice
  • Rivals: Ezio Auditore, Strider Hiyru, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  • Enemies: The Joker, Batman, Light Yagami, Carnage, Dio Brando, Yoshikage Kira, Hansel and Gretel, Springtrap, Johan Liebert, Katarina, John Kramer
  • Opposes: Jack the Ripper, Hannibal Lecter
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Jason Todd
  • Uneasy Alliance: Rem
  • Feared by: Dexter
  • Originally switching between Hannibal Lecter and Jack the Ripper (who competed for the title God of Serial Killers), Dexter hoped to use his divine powers to kill them both. Using the dispute to cause the two gods to feud with each other, he hoped that the two would face one last time to the death. Then, he can swoop in and finish off the weakened victor. Unfortunately, he underestimated Hannibal's cunning and the two turned on him instead. After a vicious thrashing, the two gods stripped him of his divine power and left him for dead, with the Ripper taking the Serial Killer title. Luck would befall on him as he did not die that day. Instead, he woke up at the gates of the Pantheon, rising up himself as the God of Serial-Killer Killers.
  • He did not get the amount of followers he thought he'd get, as his series fell out in favor due to Seasonal Rot. Luckily, it wasn't due to his own failings and thus avoided being placed in The Fallen.
  • Few gods would suspect that a serial killer would have such a neat and tidy temple. Most deities think he's just a minor detective in the House of Justice. And yet it is all a ruse: he makes other gods think of him as a normal man. That all changes when ventures off at night, luring criminals away to torture and eventually kill them. Some gods would say his actions would be downright evil if not for his targets.
    • However, he is wary for the arrival of a certain Sergeant that nearly did him in when he was a mortal. Some gods say one can always make him fidget whenever he hears this phrase
  • Bad guys should NOT by any circumstances mistake him for the Boy Genius over in the House of Technology. Anyone who would want to do harm to the boy will receive an extra-painful torture session. The kid Dexter thinks his namesake is absolutely terrifying.
  • Looks to the Punisher as a stalwart ally due to similar philosophies in dealing with bad guys. It's not uncommon seeing the two together to take down mobsters.
  • Is absolutely despised by Batman. A staunch opponent of killing criminals, he is not fooled in the least by his facade. It doesn't help that Dexter goes after many of his rogues gallery. It really says something when he sometimes teams up with the Joker to stop him.
  • One would think that he would be in good terms with fellow criminal killer Light, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Both accuse the other of overstepping their bounds and strive to kill the other. While Light does not have Dexter's full name, the later's has not been able to track down the former's whereabouts.
  • There is some confusion as to whether Dexter wants to team up with Jason Todd or kill him himself. On the one hand, the Red Hood's style fits him well. On the other hand, his initial resurrection killed quite of few innocent people. Dexter decided to let him be for now.
  • Is surprisingly nice with children. It helps that most do not know of his true dealings. It's that reason that Stringtrap is among his top priorities to slay.
    • Is also distraught that children themselves are capable of such evil. An encounter with Hansel and Gretel caught him off guard, barely escaping with his life. He's now ready to deal with the creepy twins, even if it means putting them down for good.
  • Despite disliking the methods, Dexter knows better than to mess with most assassins in the pantheon such as Ezio and Strider. But at least one assassin took interest to taking him out. While he was resting in his innocent persona, he was attacked by a knife-throwing assassin. Luckily, he managed to fend her off and identified his assailant. Turns out Katarina was hired to kill him, most likely hired by the GUAE. Every know and then the two face off once more, usually with Dexter escaping.
  • Not everyone gets scared when they find out about his hobby. When he stabbed a couple of pedophiles after Kevin McCallister, he gained favor from the God of Booby Trap Warfare. Dexter has made it clear that anyone who dare messes with the kid would get a slow, painful death.
  • Rumor has it that the Jigsaw Killer is preparing a diabolical trap specifically for Dexter. He was rather interested with the man's hobbies and hopes to use his urges against him.
  • One of the first gods to deduct that Dexter's not who he seems was Henry Jekyll, much to the former's surprise. It wasn't until he tracked down the cause of a ruffling of civilians that he found out why. After an intense battle with Hyde, he managed to follow the brute and he him transform to his meeker form. Though he could have killed him despite his injuries, Dexter decided to let him go, seeing to much of himself in the scientist. However, there is no doubt the The Bay Harbor Butcher will keep an eye on his alter ego.
  • He has also been approached by Rem, upon hearing of how similar he was to Light, to be asked to spare Misa if he comes across her. It wasn't until he heard about why she did what she did with Light that he fully understood her situation, and agreed to at least put her at the very bottom of her "to kill" list, which Rem accepted. Upon hearing more about Dexter himself, Rem also began to pity him, and has agreed to keep close tabs on him, talking about who really deserves to die here. While she is uneasy, as he was Faking the Dead to escape into the wild to keep his loved ones safe from his killing urges, she is growing more trusting of her than she is to Light.

    Ezio Auditore 
Ezio Auditore da Firenze, God of Assassins (Grand Master of the Assassin Order, The Flying Eagle of Florence, Il Mentore)

"I was making some nice cash, and there was never a dull moment. I handled things like inventory management...Balancing the books...Labor negotiations...And, uh "janitorial services". Hey, somebody's gotta do it. That particular day, for everybody else, it was Thursday. For me, ah, it's the day I got fucked."

Jimmy, God of Hitmen Who Have Outlived Their Usefulness
Jimmy: "That's what I got for getting comfortable. I was so busy tying up loose ends for my "employers", I didn't realize the only one left was me. Assholes set me up good. The dope in the trunk got me fifteen years. Guess they couldn't find anybody with the balls to try and do me in. Dumb bastards. They got no idea what's coming."
  • By his own admission, he probably should have seen this betrayal coming from a mile away, as by now he had known too much about the inner workings criminal underworld of Empire Bay.
  • Having lost all of his money, cars, outfits, safehouses, and even his favorite shades, Jimmy then decided to "repay" the favor to his former employers. His first step was to organize a Prison Riot, which diverted the attention of most of the Prison Guards. Having successfully pulled one off, he beats up any remaining guards preventing him from escaping, of which there were very few, and unarmed, no less.
  • Immediately following his successful escape, he killed a Gravina Crime Family soldato, took his suit, tie, and shades, and set up a hideout in one of his former safehouses. And from there, he began his Roaring Rampage of Revenge, starting with Sal Gravina and his car-smuggling operations at the Empire Bay dockyards. Not long after, he then began targeting Tam Brody's own racketeering operations. These first two attacks both served as calling cards, and would be a show of things to come.
  • After a series of assassinations, ambushes, and sabotage operations (as well as vehicle thefts on the side), Jimmy ultimately managed to take down both gangs, with Gravina being killed in the ports he had managed following an intense shootout, and Brody attempting to escape the Empire Bay Forge, abandoning his own gang members to Jimmy in the process. After killing both, however, he soon found out he had one last, massive job to do: kill Judge Hillwood, a Corrupt Politician responsible for Jimmy's titular betrayal, and the man whom both the Gravinas and the Brodys were taking orders and cash from. Without second thought, he stormed Hillwood's mansion, killed his remaining associates and bodyguards, and then mortally wounded the Judge.
  • Jimmy would then be last seen torching Judge Hillwood's mansion, complete with Reusable Lighter Toss, and then finally killing the bleeding Judge himself with a headshot. What happened to Jimmy afterwards is unknown.
  • ...Until one day, in the House of Crime and Transgressions, a Corleone Family soldato was found dead, shot several times with a .45, with several of his buddies beaten up badly, broken ribs, bruised faces, and all. This was followed not too long after by both Corleone Dons nearly being killed when a car bomb detonated near their location.
    • Several of Fat Tony's front businesses are also attacked by an individual in a black suit and tie, with the buildings' interiors often being filled with lead from automatic weaponry.
    • Benny's own operations are also affected, with several of his criminal associates either beaten up or killed.
  • Not long after, Dimitri Rascalov's criminal operations within the Pantheon are attacked, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, cash stolen, and several of his goons killed. His associate Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski are themselves given a rude awakening, when their patrol car is found with its windows broken and its tires punctured, and the car itself full of bullet holes.
  • Wilson Fisk is also attacked by a mysterious figure in a black suit, but manages to come out relatively unscathed, despite his office being peppered with .45 caliber bullets and several of his henchmen dead or wounded.
  • When these "random" attacks are analyzed by officers such as Cole Phelps, they immediately notice a pattern: most of these acts of violence are directed against major criminal organizations, in particular against The Mafia.
  • Eventually, Jimmy reveals himself to the rest of the Pantheon, hoping to find potential allies in his quest to take down crooked cops, politicians, and treacherous organized criminals. Ultimately, he finds a number of contacts, many of whom are or were guns for hire like himself, many of them also having been betrayed by their bosses.
    • Among those who become his closest contacts are Niko Bellic, Claude, and Luis Fernando Lopez, who like Jimmy have been betrayed by The Mafia for different reasons. Jimmy aids the latter two in certain jobs, while also respecting Niko's choice to remain out of crime for good.
    • He also begins taking jobs from Tommy Vercetti, despite initially distrusting the former Forelli soldato. When hearing about the latter's betrayal from The Don of his former organization, however, the ex-hitman decides to stick around and help him fight off his rivals.
    • With regards to Huang Lee, Jimmy is surprisingly cool with working alongside him. It probably helps that Huang himself has also been similarly betrayed by criminal associates, and unlike Eddie Fu, has proven himself to be a rather trustworthy associate.
    • As for Carl Johnson, Jimmy gets along with rather well, again due to their experiences with The Mafia, but the former tells Jimmy to leave Big Smoke alone, as he's Carl's own problem.
  • In addition, Jimmy can also be seen acquainting himself with other hitmen and assassins, in order to get a comprehensive idea of the Pantheon's criminal underworld, and potentially, those who might wrong him. In particular, he is seen discussing various topics with Agent 47 and Yoruka Kirihime, mostly about each others' Dark and Troubled Past and subsequent betrayals.
  • Aside from targeting criminal organizations and corrupt cops, Jimmy has also targeted numerous Corrupt Politician types present in the Pantheon. Donald Love, who had tried for running for the position of Mayor in Liberty City, and a known Serial Killer, disgusts Jimmy heavily, so the latter plans accordingly just in case the corporate mogul slash politician tries once again to slip away.
    • Also plans on going after Mr. X for similar reasons, the latter being a very influtential Corrupt Corporate Executive and crime boss. And no, not the BOW of the same name, since his specialty isn't dealing with bioweapons.
  • Among those after him that aren't criminals or crooked officials are members of the US military, such as Cpl. Boyd Travers and Sgt. Jack Barnes. This was due to Jimmy having killed 3 US Army soldiers and then stealing a 2 and a half ton truck during one car theft job.
    • President Franklin D. Roosevelt in particular has issued an arrest order on the ex-hitman, as having criminals stealing valuable supplies or vehicles during the middle of an ongoing, two-front war would be detrimental.
  • When not going after criminals and corrupt politicians, Jimmy can be seen purchasing various firearms of different calibers from both Marcus Kincaid and Drebin 893, ranging from .45 caliber handguns to military-grade weapons such as machine-guns, combat shotguns, and assault rifles.

    Misa Amane 
Misa Amane, Goddess of Serial Killer Copycats (Misa Misa, The Second Kira, Blackout Queen, Mia Sutton)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Her Death Note
  • Theme Song(s): Misa no Uta (English version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Dark Mistress, Imitating Kira, Nice Yet Villainous, Cute, but Cacophonic, Perky Goths And Female Minions, Her Parents Died In Front of Her, Shinigami Eyes, Dark Is Evil, Secret-Keeper, Fangirl of the First Kira, Pop Star Come Serial-Killer Killer, Light's Beard, Attractive Yet Villainous, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Stepford Smiler
  • Domains: Killers, Divas, Perkiness, Lovers
  • Followers: Roy Burns, Peter Foley, The Yorkshire Ripper, Mitsuo Kubo, The Jokerz
  • Allies: Light Yagami and all who ally with him. On a more personal note: Rem, Harley Quinn, Chianti, Excel, Kotonoha Katsura, Barney Stinson, Neopolitan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Seras Victoria, Waylon Smithers
  • Enemies: Anyone who opposes Light Yagami, particularly her own House and good-aligned members of the House of Justice (they oppose his Knight Templar ways). On a more personal note: Gene Hunt, Medea and Souchirou Kuzuki, The Mad Hatter, Jessica Rabbit, The Joker, Sidney Prescott
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Lady Macbeth
  • She is a popular model and diva, very bubbly in personality. Underneath this, however, is a tragic Serial Killer. Misa was broken by watching her family murdered in front of her eyes in an armed robbery. The killers' trial constantly stalled, so when Light Yagami(the first Kira) offed them she came to worship the man. Gaining her own Death Note, she'd act as Kira, getting the attention of the original. She would become Light's Dark Mistress, and an integral part of his gambits. Though having Undying Loyalty towards Light, she will protest against Light thinking of adding any family members to his name. She also isn't too comfortable with the idea of writing someone in the Death Note to die in front of their family.
  • Though the first Kira rip-off, she's not the only example. The third Kira, Kyosuke Higuchi, is a repulsive figure who killed to further his business and was part of Light's gambit. The fourth Kira, Teru Mikami, is even more devoted to Light and the spirit of his work. Finally, there's the fifth Kira, whose identity was never revealed and gave what he believed was Mercy Kills to the old, infirmed and suicidal before offing himself.
  • Rem was absolutely ecstatic to learn that her beloved Misa had ascended to the pantheon, and is trying to persuade her not to follow Light Yagami. So far, no success whatsoever.
  • Used to be a follower of Waylon Smithers, mainly out of necessity so she could get closer to Light. Though she has no idea why he'd be interested in Mr. Burns, she does wish for the best in his efforts. Mr. Smithers appreciates it, but would rather not associate himself with a serial killer. Can easily understand where Barney Stinson is coming from, and is trying to get him to be a PR campaign for Kira.
  • She doesn't think much of her own followers; the Yorkshire Ripper is a complete scumbag to her, and while she feels bad for Roy Burns, she thinks he's focusing on the wrong kind of scum.
  • She confused Setsuna F Seiei for Light Yagami, as they sound really similar. The two weren't interested in one another, but Misa did pity him a whole lot for his Dark and Troubled Past. Setsuna wants nothing to do with the Death Note.
  • She's naturally happy to be part of the House of Crime, but for the time she's putting up a facade to be an inside woman. Through her and Light Yagami, Misa plans to destroy that her own house from the inside out. She's aware that if she's the only person left the House of Crime will collapse and she'll be Killed Off for Real, but as always will give her life to further Kira's cause.
  • She's trying to make Light the new head of the House of Justice. None of the good-aligned members of said house are letting her in. In particular, she doesn't like Gene Hunt as his tactics remind her of the time she was held captive. She immediately joined the Grand United Alliance of Law after learning that Light Yagami was there. Sidney Prescott does not like her, as she's faced off copycat killers of her own.
  • Is considered somewhat of a ditz due to her childish, hyperactive and impulsive behavior. That being said, she's not actually stupid and can be pretty smart at times (such as tricking Kyosuke Higuchi), but compared to the brilliant Light and L she does come off as dumb. This peppy attitude led her to become friends with Excel, who was interested in Kira's promise of a better world.
  • While she's really nice when she's not killing, she can get really nasty when jealous. In the pantheon, she's really envious towards Medea and Souchirou Kuzuki for being villains in a happy and loving relationship. She can get where Kotonoha Katsura is coming from. Is aware of the shipping between Light and L. She doesn't get it and hopes it's nothing but subtext so that she has a chance with Light.
  • Spends much of her time in the House of Music and Costumes, due to her job as a model and actress. She's also a singer, however sounds rather off so she hasn't gotten that far in the former house. She's engaging in a rivalry with Jessica Rabbit. Once got into trouble with Jervis Tetch, who kidnapped her and dressed her up like Alice.
  • Thanks to the Shinigami Eyes, Misa is able to see the name and lifespan of others. The downside is that it halves her lifespan, which she's done twice. The impermanence of death in the pantheon means she can make the deal as many times as she wants without worry, though it's a double-edged sword for her and Light as the same impermanence diminishes the Death Note.
  • The Pantheon is not the only time Misa has cheated death, as she's been Spared by the Adaptation on a number of occasions. Though they have also been a double-edged sword as she's gone through many a Death by Adaptation as well.
  • Though Harley Quinn is a criminal, Misa sees her as an exception to the rule and a good friend. Being a blond, perky Dark Mistress to a criminal mastermind, they can easily sympathize with each other. She is working with Poison Ivy to eliminate her obsession with the Joker and get rid of her. Due to her Shinigami Eyes, the Joker tries to avoid any contact with either her or Light.
    • Shares a friendship with Chianti of the Black Organization on account of Chianti being unnerved by Harley's constantly changing sides.
  • As her own parents were murdered in front of her, she can get where Seras is coming from. Seras is sympathetic, however, ultimately regards her as a threat due to being one of the Kiras. She's not entirely sure what to think of Lady Macbeth; Light doesn't trust her and feels she's too manipulative over Macbeth, but understands her position and desire to help her husband.

    Nemesis (Icon Comics) 
Nemesis, God of Cop Killers ("Matthew Anderson")


    Bill Williamson (Rampage
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new attraction of the Pantheon! I can catch bullets! And I will elevate you and me to a new level!

William "Bill" Williamson, The Unholy Spree Killer (The Tenderville Terrorist, Tenderbill87)
Bill Unarmoured and Unmasked 
  • A Being Capable of Displaying Adequate Human Skills and Featsnote 
  • Symbol: A stash of guns with the Anarchist Symbol on the background
  • Theme Song: The OST from the First Two Movies
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Western Terrorist who Commits a Scattered Series of Murders in Quick Timings, Villain Protagonist who does Make some Good Points, Has Absolutely No Capacity to Feel Remorse or Guilt, Rants About the Meaningless of Life, Hardcore Atheist, Ax-Crazy, From Nobody to Nightmare, Psychopathic Manchild, Believes the US Military is a Puppet for the Government, Claims his Actions are to Prevent Overpopulation, but is instead Driven by Sadism and Self-Gratification, Is Affectionate for his Immediate Family, Go Out with a Smile
  • Domains: Terrorism, Hatred, Misanthropy, Anarchy, Murder, Darwinism
  • Heralds: Crystal (his wife), Billy (his son)
  • Allies: Tanya Von Degurechaff, Victor Zsasz, Cletus Kasady/Carnage, Trevor Philips, David Banner
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Joker, Thanos, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, 50 Blessings
  • Rivals: The Antagonist (Hatred), Agent Smith
  • Enemies: Josiah Bartlet, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Frank Underwood, Senator Armstrong, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Bojack Horseman
  • Opposes: Cosmos, Melkor, YHVH, Lucifer, Nekron, Gaea, House of Religion and Faith, Hall of Politicians, Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, Really Anyone that is Considered an Actual God
  • Opposed By Houses of Law and Justice, Theatre and Spectacle, and Philosophy
  • Bill Williamson is a mechanic who lives with his parents in Tenderville, Oregon. Sounds fine and dandy, but turns out, he's a hardcore misanthrope who's been developing a dark urge to lash out on the world. And when the time came, Bill crafted a unique body armor, filled with Kevlar, ballistic helmet, and a paintball mask and taking with him dual sub-machine guns, pistols, and knives. There, he initiated a series of killings with the "supposed intent to prevent overpopulation", believing that this would cause the extinction of life. He rampaged Tenderville with a body count of 93 people whilst ranting about the misfortunes of the world whenever he was televised. From there on out, Bill's rampage continued to escalate, killing police officers and innocent bystanders, stealing from a bank, fighting against SWAT teams, assassinating the United States President, Vice-President, and the Secretary of Defense, and finally dying in a battle against FBI Agents, though he ended up winning in the long-run, having become an internet sensation and inspiring a legion of fans and followers who took Bill's rants and taking them out on rich and powerful figures in the world.
  • The Pantheon had long since recognized Bill's notoriety and infamy by the time he had his mortal coil shed. And when Bill had awoken, he was stunned to realize that he was laying down next to a tree that was similar to the one where he slumped down and died besides. Somewhat perplexed, Bill decided to venture off to what he considered a safe zone, stumbling across the House of Slaughter. There, he finally realized the situation he was in, that he was now taken to a new realm and he was to be a recognized individual there, to be represented his reputation of being a Spree Killer. Bill eventually found and bought a stash of guns and equipment, with which to craft a new suit for himself and decided to embrace his second chance, though he was soon to develop his own gripes in the Pantheon.
  • Normally, anyone who "ascends" into the Pantheon is referred to as a deity, and more often than not, they would accept that disposition, or wouldn't mind it all that much. Bill doesn't take this information kindly. He's a hardcore atheist who believes that religion is a corrupting scam and that they should all be destroyed, instead choosing to state that science is the ideal path to go for and that Atheism is really the only pathway where people can truly view themselves as independent and free to live out their life as they want it to. On another note, he denounces being called a "Demigod", thinking that it's a "pointless label that serves as a means to make oneself limited and insecure about their presence in the Pantheon". He's more surprised about the fact that he's the first being in the Pantheon to oppose this label, and it only motivates him to lash out at someplace and assert that he is doing a "service". The fact that, in his point of view, the Pantheon keeps getting new deities every once in a while, alongside Heralds, Followers, and High Priests, tell him that it, too, will be a victim of overpopulation and feels further invalidated to create another rampage.
  • When Bill realized that the Pantheonic Realms had a collection of legitimate gods of all kinds and alignments, his response was to exclaim that they're all pathetic and pointless and that they should simply just go and die in a hole for all he cares about, and he doesn't spare any iteration of Satan from his scathing sentiment either. Melkor thought he would have been a potentially good recruit for his forces of evil, but Bill simply rebuked, alongside calling Cosmos a "closeted, cowardly bitch" who hides behind other beings to do her services. He fails to realize that Cosmos can fight back, but her main strength revolves around motivating and nurturing her followers and allies, though even then, Bill wouldn't care less about that.
    • Above all, Bill hates YHVH the most, primarily because YHVH is the version of God that Bill personally envisions and staunchly thinks he an abomination that needs to be destroyed as soon as possible, attributing to the fact that YHVH wants creation to follow his whims and propose, which Bill felt was his way of saying "I will take away your ability to think and judge things for yourself and to live life like you you want it to be". One might think that Bill's philosophy may coincide and even potentially lead him to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, but he sees Lucifer as a Control Freak masquerading as someone who would present the opportunity of free choices and would proudly tell him to piss off if he was ever invited.
    • Given his fanatically negative stance in religion, Bill opposes the House of Religion and Faith by principle and seeks to one day storm and raid the temple and gun down whatever resident, follower, and deity he comes across. That said, he quickly realized that doing so, even with his current gear wouldn't really be a good idea and intends to find better equipment, potential allies, or both of that was to ever happen.
    • Bill also despises Hollywood, claiming that the film industry has played a part in subduing people's mindset and rendering them dumb and puppet-like towards the government and the elites. Seeing how much of Hollywood itself has been sanctified in the House of Theatre and Spectacle, Bill was very proactive in opposing the place and plans to burn the whole place down one day. Even when told that what he thinks doesn't make any sort of sense, Bill refuses to take back his claims and wants people to stop clamoring to films and feeding into their success.
    • Some may say Bill had finally found Nirvana, and others say that something very bad is brewing, but all can agree that joining forces with a fellow atheist in Tanya von Degurechaff is scary but fitting. Both have the utmost hatred for gods in the Pantheon, though the soldier is more harsh on those who are a Jerkass God, whereas Bill is in contempt with pretty much any god in general. Regardless, the camaderie the two have shown together has quite a few gods quaking- one of those being Keiki Haniyasushin, who is tangled up in constant dispute with Tanya, now a bit worried with the ramifications of this friendship.
  • Admiration may be the wrong word, but Bill does think the House of Science is one of the few Houses that is worth his time, and during his non-violent days, he takes small periods of visitations to see what is going on and what can be thought of and invented that could help fellow anarchists and atheists in their lives. It's one of the few times where Bill doesn't act homicidal, though he does carry with him a tone of deceit, condescension, and hatemongering, which renders the guy rather unpopular.
  • Unusually, for someone as violently sadistic and demented as Bill is, he does have a degree of affection, namely for his parents, who died because of Bill's actionsnote . Being reminded of them marks one of the few times Bill does get emotional, though he's quick to rebound to the sociopathic killer he is known for. He also has a wife and son, named Crystal and Billy, neither of whom share Bill's violent tendencies and is rather protective of them. Of course, this doesn't win him sympathy points for the House of Family and Relatives, who think Bill is too dangerous to let in, something which he anticipated and would like to reciprocate by gunning down most of the House or finding a way to make sure Crystal and Billy are taken care of.
  • About the only allies he can actually find and work with are Victor Zsasz and Cletus Kasady, as both of them are in approval of Bill's actions and share a simplistic taste of bloodhunger and sadism. The fact that Bill was able to rack up such a high body count just with his quick wit, planning, and craft was admittedly pretty impressive. There is, however, a key difference in that Bill still clings to the fact that he intends for his actions to be for a greater cause, despite his nihilism, whereas Zsasz and Kasady honestly don't care about anything else but the desire to kill and maim. That said, Kasady does respect Bill's feat of managing to convince other people to follow in his footsteps and start rebelling against society violently, which Kasady claimed was an "exquisite way of unleashing hell and anarchy".
    • He also similarly gets along with Trevor Philips and has some form of common ground with David Banner. With Trevor, both take utmost enjoyment out of violence and their experiences in dealing with their enemies and robbing banks, alongside showcasing some sort of virtues, namely caring for their relatives, resourcefulness, and determination. Like Bill himself, David is also a misanthrope who despises religion and the military. Bill was eager to have him as a potential ally and tried to appease him with his worldviews and how he was able to convince people to follow his mindset and confront those that Bill personally opposed. David was open to accepting an invitation, much to a lot of people's concern and dismay.
    • The Joker and Takeshi Asakura are more strained in this regard. Like Bill, they enjoy killing, however, Joker wants to be theatrical and bombastic about his crimes whereas Asakura, in addition to killing, also desires to fight a strong opponent to further satiate his violent tendencies. They enjoy Bill's bloodthirsty nature and his success rate, but his intents for inspiring others to engage in anarchy was thought to be a bore for The Joker and Asakura, who know all too well that Bill really doesn't care much about others so much as he just wants to cause harm, and that trying to be "inspirational", puts a stall on their fun, much to the two's annoyance.
    • To Bill's surprise, Thanos (or rather, one iteration of him) also sought to prevent overpopulation by killing off half of the existing universe. Bill was not amused to learn of such, partly thinking that Thanos must have taken the idea of his goals straight from him and partly because he belongs to a franchise that is heavily milked and lavished by Hollywood. While they do have a penchant for killing and have seen each other as useful for their own ends, they clearly don't get along as both accurately predicted one another that their goal of preventing an overpopulation crisis is complete bullshit; Bill revels in his cruelty whereas Thanos wanted to selfishly validate his beliefs as facts.
    • 50 Blessings was a secretive organization that specialized in approaching others as a Mysterious Benefactor in the hopes of steering America into a nationalistic state as their founder, a U.S. Army Colonel lost the Russo-American War and was bitter over this matter. One of their methods in achieving their goals was to hire and coerce its followers into committing a series of spree killings and terrorist acts, particularly towards the Russian Mob and, like Bill, assassinating the U.S. and Russian Presidents. Despite their chaotic and destructive nature, Bill isn't too invested in 50 Blessings, not to mention that he doesn't aim for something like nuclear holocaust, which the organization committed. He'll accept some of their deals, if only because it gives Bill more resources and ideas on where to strike.
  • While both are misanthropes who will sadistically toy with their victims Bill is very adverse and cautious of Agent Smith, as the latter is hellbent on eliminating every living being in existence, be they organic and machines. Smith himself finds some sort of intrigue towards Bill for his tenacity and knowledge of violence and weaponry, but otherwise, there isn't much to tread when it comes down to common grounds. That said, Bill does agree with Agent Smith regarding his hatred towards humanity whereas the latter is rather pleased to see that there are some beings who happen to share that particular notion, but otherwise, Bill avoids Smith, knowing that he's probably too strong for him to contend against.
  • Being a well-known Spree Killer has led Bill to learn about an individual who most people refer to as "Not Important" due to an occurrence where he declared that his name was "not important" in his goals (and people ended up taking it literally). Both were misanthropic nihilists and one would wonder if they could get along. Fortunately for everyone else, they don't, and that's because "Not Important" simply wants to wreak havoc on the Pantheon, whereas Bill wants to do that, in addition to also wanting to inspire others to see him as a positive example in becoming violent anarchists and lashing out against governments and the elite class. Bill thinks "Not Important" is surprisingly boring despite their similarities, whereas the latter is not afraid of killing the former if they ever end up crossing paths.
    • Another Spree Killer is Frank Castle, a man who, upon seeing his family get gunned down as collateral damage and having their deaths be covered by the CIA without ever being solved, took arms to deliver lethal justice towards criminals as The Punisher and embark on a neverending crusade against crime as a result. The Punisher is one of the few "normal beings" in the Pantheon that Bill actually takes caution of, given his infamy of killing all sorts of killers in his time as a vigilante and for being a former soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. Bill has since been adamant about practicing his hunting skills and looking into his weapons and gear in case he ever stumbles across Frank. Conversely, Frank sees Bill as another criminal that he would have to dispose of at some point. One can only picture the fact that a fight between Bill and The Punisher would get really bloody really quickly.
  • Bill being able to assassinate the President of the United States, as well as the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense made him a feared figure for politicians alike, who have since done a lot in their power to ensure they are well protected in case Bill brings his fights to them. The Hall of Politicians just so happens to be one of those particular places where Bill is heavily focused on attacking, hence the House of Leadership has done whatever they can to stave Bill off. Unsurprisingly, he isn't stopping anytime soon.
    • Interestingly enough, Josiah Bartlet is a very staunch believer of Christianity, often quoting from the Bible from time to time. That information wasn't lost on Bill, who found Josiah to be pretentious and leeching for fame and attention by appealing to religion. Josiah sees Bill as a lunatic that has to be dealt with as quickly as possible, knowing that he would want to be targeting him for assassination at some point. Frank Underwood also sees Bill as a threat, thinking that his actions are too chaotic and damaging to be of any productivity to his own ends, otherwise Frank takes concern only because Bill is a potential threat to his power and his goals. For once, some were in agreement with Bill as Frank is the sort of president that he would rant about, though this does nothing to improve Bill's reputation.
  • The House of Law and Justice absolutely abhor Bill, given that he callously and remorselessly gunned down several police officers in his home city before moving on to fighting and killing off SWAT and FBI members for daring to resist him and put an end to his carnage. Bill justifies himself by saying that they're all controlled by propaganda and their need to conform to some sort of self-righteous standards and their selfish desires. Nearly every resident doesn't care for what Bill has to say, except to state that he's not exactly preaching what he says, so he has no right to call out others either way. Even if he is permanently banned from the House, Bill has made countless efforts to break in and incite a battle, with each attempt becoming more intense and desperate on Bill's part, hoping that he could motivate and inspire enough people to raid the House together.
  • Bill's entire existence and popularity can be owed to Uwe Boll, the film director who envisioned and created the character and his story. Because of this tidbit of information, some critics, particularly the Nostalgia Critic and Linkara tend to poke fun at Bill for having who they think is one of the worst directors of all time as his origin source. Bill, on the other hand, sees both critics as targets to kill solely for insulting his motives, though according to some sources, Bill's story ended up being arguably Boll's first good effortnote , so Bill asserts that Doug and Lewis aren't really in any position to ridicule him.
"If you want to change something, you have to change something."

    Brave Companions 
The Brave CompanionsKnown Members , Divine Carnival of Killers (The Bloody Mummers, The Footmen, Toes of the Goat | Vargo Hoat: The Goat, The Goat-helm, Goat of Harrenhal, The Crippler, The Qohorik | Urswyck: Urswyck the Faithful, Faithful Urswyck | Shagwell: Shagwell the Fool | Zollo: Zollo the Fat | Timeon: Timeon of Dorne | Rorge: Broken Nose, The Mad Dog of Saltpans, "The Hound")
Banner of the Brave Companions, showing the Black Goat of Qohor
Click here  for their leader, Vargo Hoat
Click here  for Rorge, Vargo's successor

    Manny Pardo 
Manny Pardo, God of Murderous Cops (The Cop, The Detective, The Miami Mutilator)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His magnum and badge; alternatively, the Phantom's Head
  • Theme Song: Guided Meditation
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral on the surface, really a mix between Chaotic Neutral & Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Hard Boiled Detective, Badass Normal, Emphasis on gunplay in his levels, Cowboy Cop revealed to be Killer Cop, Glory Hound, Serial Killer, Attention Whore, Villain Protagonist, Name Ripped from the Headlines, Wild Card, "I was born with thick skin", Pride, The Paranoiac, Died via nuke
  • Domains: Detectives, Investigation, Attention, Sociopathy, Murder
  • Allies: None. He's that paranoid and untrustworthy.
  • Rivals: Other Serial Killers and Gunslingers
  • Enemies: The Fans, The Son, Naoto Shirogane, Kyoko Kirigiri, Chie Satonaka, Makoto Niijima, Goro Akechi, Big Band, CJ, Big Smoke
  • Envies: Jacket
  • Distrusted by: The House of Crime and Transgressions and Justice (the former especially)
  • Avoids: Living dummies, Deities associated with nuclear weaponry
  • In the Pantheon there's always something going on. From the Pantheonic Wars to the general drama between its denizens, there's a lot to cover. Overshadowed by the absurd escapades are a spree of Mook killings which progressively get more gruesome, often with messages in bloody writing from the killer themselves talking about how a third party had forced them. One comment by a jaded if a bit arrogant detective noted the killings are "a hopeless cry for attention in a place that's weird as it can get". It wasn't until a victim was found completely eviscerated in a closed cell within the House of Justice that the authorities decided to take action. Members from the House of Slaughter claim responsibility which convinced some, but investigations continued. More followed soon after, one mutilation in the House of Food and another in the House of Travel, both within rooms that aren't broken into. The traits of the killer are as follows: Someone who craves attention and who is capable of tricking people into letting them in.
    • Looking over the facts, Kyoko Kirigiri connected it to the arrogant detective from before, who was suspiciously very interested in the mutilations. When looking over his history, this same detective was also notable for incompetency and misconduct along with gunning down gangsters occasionally. After bringing it up, authorities decided to try and track down this detective who was in the House of Crime and Transgressions, appearing to have been trying to hide. A shootout between the detective and the authorities would of followed soon after had not the Court of Gods intervened and decided to ascend the detective, for his actions a serial killer cop in here and back in '90s Miami. Manny Pardo aka the Miami Mutilator has ascended to the Pantheon.
      • Pardo revealed that he came to the Pantheon not long after the events that took place in Miami, which ended with his death via nuking after barricading his own home in fear of being found out by the police. After that, he simply blended in with the Pantheon's police force and laid low until now. The killings were done for attention, but while his crimes went unnoticed in Miami he got his wish within the Pantheon through deification.
  • Pardo's in a bit of a weird spot due to his deification: As a Killer Cop, he has a place within the House of Justice and the House of Crime. Much of the former's denizens really don't like him, considering him a disgrace to the badge but aren't willing to act unless he actually starts trouble. The latter doesn't consider him trustworthy either, since they know he's perfectly willing to off them if it means more fame and doesn't seem to be that type of corrupt officer. That said, Pardo sticks with gunning down criminals out of some paranoia of the more powerful deities here, as much as he doesn't show it.
    • Robocop and Commissioner Gordon have worked alongside him on occasion, though both men have little good to say about him. At the very least, that reputation of incompetency can disappear if given the chance, like storming into a hideout. But of course, Judge Dredd really doesn't like him. The fact that Pardo, of all people, has a place here really didn't sit well for the Judge.
      "Not my fault you take so long to do your jobs. The Pantheon's just like Miami at the end of the day, so you have to act fast."
    • Kirigiri, Chie, and Naoto outright voice their enmity towards the Detective with the latter being reminded of Adachi's actions (Adachi himself doesn't pay the Mutilator any mind, though). Pardo isn't exactly fond of the Former Ultimate Detective either considering he ruined his plots prior to ascension and considers Chie and Naoto a nuisance.
      "I'm not your receptionist. If you have a problem, take it to the Protectors of Justice or the Court of Gods. It saves us both the trouble. Now get out of my face."
    • That said, he watches his tongue around Makoto Niijima and Goro Akechi since both are perfectly capable of dealing with him through the Metaverse whether it's a Change of Heart or a Mental Shutdown. He just needs to divert the heat off of him somehow. Shouldn't be too hard, there's a lot of opportunities in this place. All he has to do is let them meet with some vile deity out here and watch from there.
    • Considering Big Band almost got wasted by corrupt cops, he has nothing good to say about him either, though Manny clarified that at least he's more likely to gun down criminals than work with them. There was some indication he wanted to do something about the return of The Mafia had the Son not get high off his own product and destroy his gang and then himself. He'd sooner drop dead than be some thug's confidant.
    • As someone who's all to familiar with corrupt cops given his experience with C.R.A.S.H., CJ has no sympathies for Pardo, and will not hesitate to cap him should he get the chance. The Detective just sees him as another punk, and ignores him should he stay out of his way.
  • Why commit those murders for attention? Well, besides that it stems of envy from the Masked Killings or being cohered into doing so by "them", there really isn't a shown motive as to why. For context, Richard, an entity that's shown to be very analytical of any situation he's presented with, doesn't know why he did what he did. Manny has no intention of revealing anything. If it keeps a spotlight on him, he is under no obligation to put this mystery to bed.
    • And speaking of "them", he avoids the Nestene Consciousness like the plague as well as any other dummy in the Pantheon. Doesn't matter who they are, he stays away. Similarly, he avoids those associated with nuclear weaponry, or things similar to that. Though he's not necessarily a target that could warrant such wrath.
  • Has a dim view on those who'd crave attention at all costs as Tony found out the hard way, being gunned down despite surrendering. Pretty rich coming from a guy who desperately wanted for his case to be newsworthy, which everyone brings up a lot, and it doesn't help he sometimes badgers the members of the House of Investigative Work to write about him. But don't expect him to admit to those flaws anytime soon. He's not on good terms with Big Smoke because of this, having fell to his own ambitions back in San Andreas.
    "It's no surprise that's what happens to thugs like you. You never learn…"
    • Regarding those individuals imitating him and his Attention Whore tendencies, though, he pays them no mind. Not even their insistence that he's still out to "catch" the Miami Mutilator. Some even go as far to say that all of the events back in his world went something like this. Aside from that reminder of him being nuked, he took it pretty well.
  • "Been a stressful day. You wouldn't believe what they have me doing..."


    John Doe 
John Doe, God of Themed Serial Killers

    Mark Lewis 
Mark Lewis, God of the Murderer P.O.V.
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An eye looking out through a camera lens
  • Alignment: Reluctantly Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Murderer P.O.V., Sympathetic Murderer, Reluctant Psycho, Camera Fiend, used as a test subject by his father, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds
  • Domains: Murder, Insanity, Sadness, Love, Film
  • Allies: Norman Bates, Yoshikage Kira, Richter Berg, Frasier Crane
  • Enemies: Rev. Harry Powell, Lisbeth Salander
  • Unknown Rival: Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees
  • At first glance, Mark Lewis was just an innocuous and timid young man who worked as a photographer and cameraman. As his downstairs neighbor, Helen, pursued a relationship with him, Mark revealed his traumatic childhood by showing her the home movies made by his father, a psychologist who experimented on Mark in order to study the emotion of fear, which included filming rather private moments and recording every sound. This made Mark into a sick person with a penchant for voyeurism; at his worst, he's a serial killer who films his victims, wishing to capture the fear in their faces as the knife hidden in the tripod is driven into them. That said, these sinister inclinations are urges he can't control and he feels no joy in his deeds. His growing affection for Helen also made him afraid that she might fall prey to him eventually, so when she finally discovered the truth about Mark and the police were coming for him, he decided to put an end to it all by killing himself with his weapon of murder.
  • Mark was selected to join the Pantheon on the strength of him being the villain that served as a precursor to those that shaped the Slasher Movie into what it is today. Mark mostly feels confused and a little dismayed that he's being celebrated for his evil, and unlike so many other horror villains who also got ascended, he remains discreet in his murderous activities, only pursuing them when that insidious itch inside him overcomes his better judgment. The more benign and artistic part of him can't deny that he's filled with curiosity at a place as fantastical as the Pantheon, though.
  • Mark has a very different demeanor from the more famous slasher villains that came after him, such as Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. Unlike them, he's unwilling to fully embrace the monster inside of him and keeps hanging on, with all his strength, to a productive life within civilized society. In fact, one could say he is the opposite of Michael Myers, who was absolutely vile even in his childhood and has no known justification for wanting to commit the crimes he does. Jason Voorhees, while every bit as dangerous as Michael, does have some extenuating circumstances to his name, since he was bullied as a child, saw his mother killed and never had the greatest intellect. Neither is very interested in paying respects to their precursor, looking at him as a rival instead, as they tend to do with any similar villain. Mark himself does his best not to engage them (although he feels some sympathy for Jason), partly because he knows he'd be lousy in a serious fight, especially against them. It's also bad enough that a lot of deities have him under scrutiny without associating himself in any way with those two.
  • A killer like him is going to have his criminal record be easily accessible in the Pantheon, whether he likes it or not, and because of that and his reluctance to associate with other killers, he has a hard time finding true allies. Nonetheless, he did find one in Norman Bates, on an occasion when Mark stayed at the Bates Motel for work reasons. The two were drawn to each other for their similar awkward personalities and had some amiable conversations in which Mark discovered Norman had a very similar background to him, having also been abused by his mother. Later that night, Mark felt the urge to procure a victim and brought her to the Bates Motel, whereupon he was found out by Norman, but instead of getting reported, Norman helped him dispose of the body, confessing he engaged in similar "hobbies" and he understood how Mark felt about them, given he harbors similar thoughts. Afterwards, the two could be considered best friends and often help each other in their killings when their urges strike them.
  • Yoshikage Kira extended him his sympathies for being a killer who does not wish to draw attention to himself and wants to live in normal society, a sentiment which Mark did welcome, as guarded as he is when he meets a fellow killer. When Yoshikage offered to support Mark in his activities, in exchange for Mark letting him have the victims' hands, Mark proposed instead that he do the killing himself while Yoshikage just use his alien (to him) method of murder to dispose of the bodies, as there can't be much fear to capture with his camera if the victim doesn't even know what's happening. Yoshikage finds that fair.
  • His victims are all women, particularly prostitutes as they are easy to gain access to and talk into going to a secluded place. His preference led to him being approached by the Reverend Harry Powell, who commended the younger man for doing his part in ridding the world of such creatures of sin, as he likes to put it, and asked him to join his holy crusade, saying the two of them together would be of more use to God than operating separately. Mark declined, saying he didn't at all think that women he killed deserved it or that he shared Powell's view, adding that the truth is that both of them are just sick people in need of help or who needed to be stopped. Powell voiced his extreme disappointment that a promising youth had failed to see the light, and then tried to kill him, believing it would help put him on the righteous path somehow. Mark managed to escape the fight ensued, though Powell yelled after him that he would not give up in trying to convert him to his noble cause.
  • Despite everything, he (mystifyingly, in some's opinion) still enjoys some popularity among the Pantheon's female population, likely due to his status as a woobie, as well as his shyness and awkwardness, and being somewhat on the handsome side. This is far from a universal reaction though, as Mark is still a dangerous serial killer. For his part, Mark doesn't show interest in attempting to pursue any other romantic relationship, though, not after what almost happened with the one woman he fell in love with. Incidentally, when Mark was told Helen would probably love to be his Herald and know he's safe and sound, he had a burst of emotion and was vehemently averse to the idea, saying that he didn't want to risk capturing her with his camera and harming her ever again.
  • The vigilante hacker Lisbeth Salander keeps Mark under constant surveillance, as she does with every killer of women that gets ascended. Lisbeth is the ruthless sort of person who does not put much stock in sympathetic tragic backgrounds, and she claims that Mark is no exception, especially as he did try to seek help for his condition, only to give up immediately when he found out the process would take very long, so Lisbeth has her doubts that his conscience bothers him as much as he claims. That said, even she seems to go easier on him than other killers when it comes to punishing him. When this was pointed out to her, she answered that people were imagining things, although some speculate that, with his shy, mild-mannered and remorseful attitude, perhaps she pities him too much to give him the full Salander treatment after all.
  • Good news is, Mark is picking up where he left off in a way, by seeking help for his condition, a prospect that seems more appealing to him now that, as a deity, he has nothing but time on his hands and stands to lose next to nothing. That said, he also has to take extra care with his choice, as certain therapists are as or even more unhinged than he is. The most brilliant of the psychologists in the Pantheon is probably Hannibal Lecter, but he is also every bit a cannibalistic psycho many times worse than Mark could ever be, so it would be quite foolish to seek his council; Mark fears he might become more comfortable with his evil side thanks to him, or something similar. He's figured out that his best bet probably lies in Frasier Crane, and the God of Shrinks is indeed very interested in the killer who doesn't want to be a killer. That said, he's also very hung on Freudian theory, making Mark uncomfortable that he tries to connect his fixations to his mother, whom he admittedly feels complicated about.
  • Richter Berg is an example of a killer who was forced into that activity by outside instead of internal forces, but he still finds himself having some sympathy for Mark, since it's so obvious that Mark wishes things weren't the way they are. Mark, for his part, thinks that perhaps being forced to kill by an outside force might rid him of some of the weight on his conscience, but then again, wanting to shirk responsibility for murder is an ugly thought to have. At any rate, he does think Richter's situation is quite tragic as he did the things he did to protect his mom, which makes Mark recall his own mother and how she died when she was very young, with his grief being recorded and trivialized by his father for the sake of scientific research.
  • "Whatever I photograph, I always lose."