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Welcome to the House of Ambiguity. In ages past, this was originally the House of Heroism, a paradise for the best of the best, where sweet wine flowed from elaborate fountains and adoring fans catered to tired crusaders for good, a place of relaxation and celebration where no evil and very few neutral feet dared to tread. It was where the defenders of the weak went to unwind, where the most empathic went to spend a little time away from angst, where a hero could just have a bit of guilt-free fun and take a load off, free of woes. In its heyday, it was the most appealing House in the Pantheon.

All things must come to an end. Sickened with the fetid hovel that was the House of Villains, a place infested with fleas and bastard understudies where the food was always burned or sulfurous, and where the cushions had lumps, those who sided with Evil banded together and revolted. This started the Pantheon's second great war, which raged within all the Houses and consumed nearly all who were not Neutral. There were casualties on every side, and most of the Houses existing at the time were decimated. Both sides appealed to Dream until at last He hit the Reset Button and issued a decree that "the Houses of Heroism and Villainy are to be merged, now stop bothering me".

This was long enough ago that very few of today's deities were there to see it. Today the House used to accept heroes and villains alike, as well as a handful with the Neutral alignment. It was neither particularly luxurious nor unpleasant - a visitor looking for those aspects is directed to the House of Love and Affection or the House of Hatred and Rancor. Infighting was prevalent in this house, although not to quite the extent of House of Military and Warfare. The only reason why the whole place wasn't been completely demolished is thanks to the fact that no matter how catastrophic the fight, and no matter how many heroes and villains were involved, nothing ever changes.

Due to a decree by the Creators, the house was resplit, with only the neutral remaining here (for now). The House of Ambiguity is currently ruled by two groups, "The Dark Guardians" consisting of Al Simmons/Spawn, Guts, and Ragna the Bloodedge, and "The Honorable Villains" consisting of Lambdadelta, Lucifer and Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze. With Wreck-it Ralph and The Ones being the mediators of this house.

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The Dark Guardians

The "Heroic" Guards of the House of Ambiguity.

    Al Simmons/Spawn 
Albert "Al" Francis Simmons, God of Nineties Anti Heroes (Spawn, The Guardian, Sad Man, Hells' Pawn, King of the Dead, Angel Spawn, Omega Spawn)
Angel Spawn 
Omega Spawn 
  • Greater God (Overdeity as Angel Spawn or as Omega Spawn)
  • Symbol: His Emblem, or his Cape surrounded by Chains
  • Theme Song: (Can't You) Trip Like I Do by Filter, The Closing Theme of his Animated Series, Rip It Up, Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth by Marilyn Manson, Scattering The Ashes by Trivium
  • Alignment: Between True Neutral and Neutral Good, though can be Chaotic Good if that's what it takes. Formerly Neutral Evil before death and Chaotic Evil as Omega Spawn.
  • Portfolio: The Atoner, Anti-Hero (particularly the kind seen in 90s comics), The Cowl, Charred Body, Humanoid Abomination, Having Demonic Powers yet Chooses to Fight for the Greater Good, Badass Cape, Domestic Abuse (ironic), Good Is Not Nice But Dark Is Not Evil, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Military Superhero, Using Guns Despite Having Powers, Heel Realization, Accidentally Attracts Danger and Unfortunate Circumstances, Laser-Guided Amnesia, Goes Out of His Way to Avoid Innocent Casualties
  • Domains: Undead, Afterlife, Demons, Magic, War, Military, Anti-Heroes, Vengeance, Wrath, Damnation
  • Heralds: Jim Downing/Spawn II, Wanda Blake, Terry Fitzgerald, Cyan Fitzgerald, Sam Burke, Maximilian "Twitch" Williams
  • Followers: Angel, Black Scorpion
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Madoka Kaname
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, Good-Aligned Members of the Hall of Angels and the House of Law and Justice, Sophitia Alexandra
  • Friendly Rivalry: The Doom Slayer
  • Enemies:
  • Worthy Opponent: Vergil
  • Respected By: 90s Dude, Chester A. Bum, Ted Striker, Hall of Soldier Archetypes (by principle)
  • On Good Terms With: The Seven Mortal Sins
  • On/Off Relationship: Kotal Kahn, Kitana
  • Pities: Homura Akemi, Jeanne
  • Pitied By: Faust
  • Unknown Relation: Linkara
  • Complicated Relationship: Marv, The Occult Research Club
  • Opposes/Opposed By: Most of the Hall of Demons
  • Albert Francis Simmons was a CIA Agent and Lieutenant Colonel who was respected and feared for his capabilities and for being one of the most reliable and successful in his tasks. Outside of his professional career, he had a wife named Wanda and a trusted friend named Terry Fitzgerald, though he was noted to have a raving, bloodthirsty, and unempathetic madman with little restraint except for his care towards his wife and best friend. Then, Al was suddenly betrayed and murdered by his own CIA superiors for being too nosy over their ulterior objectives and goals. He was sent to the Eighth Circle of Hell due to the many unspeakable acts of violence and crimes he committed as a CIA assassin and it was here where Al realized just how morally rotten and bad he was. Meeting the lording demon Malebolgia, Al accepted the deal of coming back to Earth whilst also becoming a demonic agent known as a Hellspawn, though when he did return, he was given a series of terrible revelations, namely that Al now inhabited his now-horribly charred corpse and that Wanda had settled with Terry and had a daughter together, Cyan. Initially, Al was assigned a mentor and a demonic lieutenant named The Violator, though Al had his own agenda in wanting payback against those who had wronged him. In his ensuing crusade, he began to befriend and become a guardian of a group of homeless people, deal with corrupt organizations and military complexes, turn against the demonic forces that he was supposed to lead in the heralding of the Apocalypse, and even bring about the attention of Heaven, in addition to also finding another mentor named Cogliostro. From then on, Al created a new legacy and reputation for himself as one of the most iconic and formidable Anti-Heroes of all time: Spawn.
  • Spawn developed quite the rapport in his feats and reputation, having managed to overcome his demons, dismantle several ploys of world domination and military cover-ups, terrify and defeat many of the leaders of hell, go up against both God and Satan and even pave the way for a new world and universe. That is on top of his immense array of powers and abilities, all of which possess incredible power and versatility, and which was melded into Spawn's prior experience as a CIA agent. All of these made Spawn incredibly well-known and it wasn't long before the Pantheon had caught up to his exploits. The famed Hellspawn managed to find his way into the new realm after gaining knowledge about the Hall of Demons and realizing that he has more targets to take notice of. Surprisingly for a hero as brutal as he can be, Spawn made his mark in the House of Commerce by overlooking a group of innocent people living in poverty and straight-up terrifying a goon who attempted to kill them and rob their belongings. For an overwhelmingly powerful demon, Spawn's entrance was noted to be rather mundane for someone like him, but the Hellspawn doesn't seem to care.
  • It didn't take long before Spawn got caught up to the events of the Pantheonic Forever War and he personally decided that he wasn't going to take sides in any of the major alliances that were fighting over the overall status and governing of the Pantheon. Particularly, Spawn hates Lucifer of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos the most; he's already dealt with enough demonic rulers and quickly deduced that Lucifer's advocacy of freedom and independence is full of shit as it's nothing more than who can prove themselves worthy of living their own destinies and decisions, not exactly preaching for equity and choice for everyone. He also holds a great disdain of YHVH of the Grand United Alliance of Law as trying to bend rules and lives to his control and direction and not allow anyone and anything to separate from his vision. If anything, Spawn finds further annoyance in having to deal with more malicious Gods and Devils.
    • Melkor, being an analogy of Satan in his home universe won no respect for Spawn and he conversely thinks Melkor is a pathetic manchild who can't get over the fact that he couldn't create, only corrupt, and wants to reciprocate this lack of talent by wanting to nuke existence out of spite. Nekron and the Machine Council are more indifferent, but Spawn does recognize their armies as a formidable threat and is ready to battle against them at any given moment. Not surprisingly, Nekron and the Machine Council ended up acknowledging Spawn as a dire and serious enemy to look out for.
    • Cosmos was the sole main alliance leader that Spawn didn't have any harsh feelings towards and normally doesn't mind her all too much. However given how many failures and losses the Grand United Alliance of Good had taken over time and the ensuing loss of faith that entailed, Spawn is not above criticizing her for not doing an effective job, as do other members who maintain high leadership. This was something that Cosmos came to somberly accept, though she does affirm that it doesn't stop her from being as compassionate and affectionate as she can be so that the morale of her followers and comrades can remain firm and high. Spawn respects this notion, but still believes that Cosmos needs to get on with reconstructing her reputation and the effectiveness of her forces. Spawn begrudgingly does work alongside Cosmos on some occasions, though he makes it clear that he's not exactly thrilled at the notion, thinking that the occupying heroes are in need of improvement.
    • Zamasu did not take kindly to Spawn's presence and overall biography well at all. The Fallen Kai quickly took note of his mortal life and thinks that he deserved to be damned, yet Al committed an even greater sin of making a Deal with the Devil and becoming a demon in the process. The fact that demons are among the races Zamasu despises most isn't helping matters and he decries Spawn as a menace that needs to be punished, especially in the light of realizing that he overthrew his universe's God. Spawn personally sees Zamasu as a delusional madman who cannot comprehend anything except himself, being no better than the aformentioned God of his universe, and that he is willing to challenge him if necessary. Fortunately for Spawn, everyone is on his side when it comes to him fighting Zamasu and shutting him up.
    • Technically being an Undead being as he still wanders with the very body that he used to live in (and is obviously not in good shape due to being burned alive), Spawn has faced contempt from Meridia primarily because of being someone who doesn't pertain to being what she deems a "living being". As far as she's concerned, anything about the Undead, be it good, bad, or neutral, is a scourge towards life and Meridia quickly wants them wiped out. Spawn came to oppose her for other reasons, mainly that she's like Malebolgia in regards to promising wishes to those who enlist in her whims and seeking to have them be complacent to what she desires. That, and being a snide and condescending deity doesn't help matters either, plus Spawn has pointed out that the very nature of the Pantheon means the Undead will continue to grow and expand, and Meridia should just accept and go along with it, rather than devoting her entire existence to promoting life and detesting the unliving. Per usual, Meridia refuses to listen to his word.
  • As mentioned above and true to his reputation, Spawn is one of the most powerful demons in the Pantheon, and the very thought of going up against him makes most demons quake in terror at this very prospect. The Hall of Demons has done a lot to prepare themselves for a time when Spawn and various other ascended Demon Hunters kickstart a raid at the Hall. With that in mind, Spawn also took to scouting the Pantheon to track for any malicious demons he can find and dispose of. The fact that Malebolgia, the primary architect of much of Spawn's suffering and struggles, occupies the Hall has made the Hellspawn even more determined to strike back at his adversaries has intensified the situation, though Malebolgia himself desires payback and revenge on Spawn for killing him.
    • By extension, Spawn's experience in having to juggle his focus between Heaven and Hell has led to some pretty awkward relations towards the Hall of Angels. Spawn has fought just as many angelic beings as he had demonic ones and ever since then, his battles have never been any easier, considering that it was long believed that Hellspawns are inherently evil, which Al proved an exception. For compensation, there are some angels who are understanding of Spawn's plights and are wise enough to not stress him out further. That, and they have a lot of mutual enemies to deal with, but like with the GUAG, their partnership is awkward at best; Spawn often had to contend with a select few angels who make it clear that they don't like him, though Spawn does admit that his mortal life as Al makes things justified, despite his road to redemption.
  • Has killed God and Satan at some point during his tenure, which makes Spawn one of the very few beings to have this distinctive feat. Though, in his case, both supreme beings were a threat and couldn't have cared less about their own creations, so Spawn stepped in to get the job done. The fact that now he's got "God" as a title makes things a little bit ironic, which Spawn took note of, though he doesn't really have anything against the House of Religion and Faith, given that most deities there, including supreme beings there, just want to mind their own business there.
    • One of the few beings to match Spawn's feat of committing deicide was the usurping God of War, Kratos. Though that said, the Ghost of Sparta has no pride and only regret and shame over what he had done in the past and seeks to distance himself from it, in addition to wanting to teach his son Atreus to be a better person than he was. For that, Spawn respected his commitment and supported Kratos's efforts. Surprisingly enough, they don't actually work together in battles, if mainly because the Ghost of Sparta has made it clear several times that he wants to tend to Atreus first and foremost. Spawn is not going to pressure him to reengage in battling against the Greek Pantheon again or challenge the Norse deities either.
      • In a simulated battle program by Wiz and Boomstick, it was estimated and concluded that Spawn was superior to Kratos in nearly every way and would most certainly win if they ever were to battle. When asked, neither Spawn nor Kratos cares about a supposed measurement on who is supposed to be stronger, not to mention the simulation depicted Kratos back when he began his crusade against Zeus and the Greek deities, a reminder that he certainly does not want to be reminded by. Though with Spawn and Atreus's help, plus his own newfound composure and restraint, Kratos has held back from lashing out against this.
  • Despite his gruff and aloof exterior, Spawn does have a consciousness and would sometimes help and rescue someone from the shadows, though he tends to keep things to himself. These were among his first acts of heroism when he fended off a group of criminals away from a homeless community and stuck around to watch over them after Spawn himself became a figure of interest for various figures. It's also here where Spawn first met Cogliostro, but that's another story. In the Pantheon, Spawn remains someone who looks after the poor and impoverished from the shadows and, while he doesn't admit it, he's come to care about their well-being. Chester A. Bum seems to have taken a liking for Spawn and looks out to him, though their situations can be pretty humorously awkward for the most part.
  • He's become a poster-boy for a specific brand of anti-heroes, though Spawn could hardly care less about this distinction. As far as he's concerned, he's got lots of serious businesses to deal with and the Pantheon has further affirmed that Spawn has one hell of a war to carry on fighting. Still, the fact that he has influenced a slew of anti-heroes like him has intrigued Spawn somewhat and that there is the opportunity that he can make some alliances in his crusade against Hell and basically anyone that seeks to either stand in his way, sees him as a threat, or pisses him off in some way or another.
    • How much does he embody the traditional anti-heroes of the 1900s? He's draped in red and black, he has an ominous-sounding title for his identity, he's ruthless and lethal towards his enemies, he has a dark, tragic backstory, and he possesses superpowers and abilities that would normally be seen in villains, in his case, Necroplasm. Oh, and Spawn has a tendency to prefer using more conventional, modern weaponry like guns and ammo over his incredible demonic magic. To Spawn's credit, he does need to be conservative about his magic as it is measured by his suit, the K7-Leetha by four digits. It starts with 9999 and this number depletes should Spawn use Necroplasm. If it reaches zero, Spawn will immediately be sent back to Hell (or in the case of the Pantheon, Malebolgia's domain in the Hall of Demons). Still, it's not going to stop Spawn from somehow slaughtering his way to get out of there and reclaim his powers.
    • Spawn became well-acquainted with Eddie Brock and The Guy, two notorious anti-heroes who are not above being lethal towards their enemies. Oddly enough, Brock predated Spawn, though he was a villain when he became Venom, though he's mellowed out considerably and become someone who works hard to commit to being a "Lethal Protector", even if things do get hard. Seeing that Spawn similarly seeks atonement, he and Eddie quickly related to one another and have kept in contact ever since. For bonus points, Eddie has a son named Dylan, who idolizes Spawn and sees him as his favorite hero, something which the Hellspawn finds difficult to comment on as he doesn't really see himself as that. The Guy is more impersonal, though he does come to see Spawn as a worthwhile ally when it comes to combating demons and criminals and delivering violent justice towards the wicked.
    • As a seminal creation and product of the 1990s, Spawn is admired and looked up to by a Manchild who only goes by "90s Dude", who thinks that the Hellspawn is everything that makes a badass character and more. Personally, Spawn doesn't even see himself as almost everything 90s Dude claims him to be, though although gruff, Spawn has grown to care for him to some extent. Linkara is a more complicated case as he tends to champion more traditional heroes and moral values, which Spawn doesn't exactly preach on, not to mention the fact that he was a sociopath before death and had to be in Hell to realize just how much of a monster he was in life. Still, Spawn does try to be a better person than he was, even if he gets far too much shit thrown at him. Linkara sympathizes with him, though time will tell if they will really get along one day.
  • To say the least of it, many of the personal revelations Spawn has gone through are not pleasant, to say the least. For one, his once-trusted mentor, Cogliostro, was revealed to be Cain after Spawn had killed Malebolgia and refused to take up his throne in Hell. Furthering this, Al, in his mortal life, was a violent Domestic Abuser who treated Wanda terribly and was once thought to have been responsible for the miscarriage of a potential child of theirs. The fact that Spawn was once an unempathetic and remorseless maniac did not sit well with him and felt that he did deserve his damnation in Hell. That said, he has worked his way up to redeem himself and it's been a really long road since, having come to blows against several beings who are not enticed by his personal goals. That said, Spawn does sometimes admit that he's "beyond redemption", though he, and others like him, are capable of doing good. Some beg to differ on the "beyond redemption" part.
  • Madoka Kaname would normally be assumed to be among the last people whom Spawn would keep contact with... until, to everyone's surprise, the two ended up really getting along well. Spawn and Madoka met when the latter was tending to her family after losing her divinity and powers in the Pantheonic Rebellion and the former, taking notice of recent events wanted to keep track of her in case someone wanted to further exploit her. Madoka faced shock and surprise when she laid eyes on the Hellspawn, but when he expressed his reasons, she ended up becoming interested in Spawn and became sympathetic and heartfelt about what he had to go through. Oddly enough, for their contrasting appearances and reputation, Spawn and Madoka had a few close things in common, namely that they were the victims of uncontrollable circumstances and were duped and manipulated under their own expenses. That, and the two had to deal with loss and despair down the line, which allowed the two to understand one another. Since then, Spawn has grown fiercely protective of Madoka and seeks to aid her in her time in the Pantheon. Despite his stance about being incapable of redemption, Madoka digresses and wholly thinks he is capable of it. Spawn has since been silent about a response.
    • With his protective and friendly relationship with Madoka, Spawn also became familiar with the Incubators and immediately came to detest them. Having been through the experience of wanting a wish, only to be tricked into misery, Spawn believes that the Incubators, including Kyubey, are nothing but a conniving, slimy dirge that should be eradicated, not to mention their plan of trying to fend off universal destruction is not altruistic when it's more out of self-preservation on their end. Upon hearing of what Madoka's former friend, Homura Akemi, did to them upon gaining godlike powers, Spawn states that it was a long time coming. He's made it more than clear that if he witnesses and catches a glimpse of an Incubator, especially if around with a girl, hell awaits.
    • Speaking of Homura Akemi, while Spawn thinks that she did the right thing in serving justice upon the Incubators and does express his sympathies for what she had to go through, just like any other Magical Girl like her and Madoka, he's less-than-impressed to learn of his allegiance towards Lucifer and her love for Madoka being more poisonous than relieving as it's what caused Madoka to lose her influence and be incredibly weakened. Spawn personally feels like confronting Homura and knocking some sense into her as he believes she is being unfair about her possessive desire to keep Madoka safe when in reality, she's emotionally harming her, but he himself is too caught up in other affairs, such as dealing with several demon lords, which includes Homura's direct superior, Lucifer. That said, the two do have a temporary alliance against Malebolgia, whom even Homura came to despise due to how his manipulations are not too far off from what the Incubators do.
  • Is no stranger to being in different worlds with a wholly unique sense of identity and wonders. Even before ascending to the Pantheon, Spawn had gotten adjusted to the idea of having to traverse into new universes for some reason or another and having to fight against some sort of great evil before returning to his own world. Really, all Spawn thought when he realized he ascended into the Pantheon was "oh well, we're at it again", except that The Violator and Malebolgia had also found their way there, much to the Hellspawn's dismay. Regardless of these shenanigans, Spawn does reflect on the fact that his moments have been pretty memorable.
    • One of his travels involved him meeting up with Batman, though their partnership was tense and difficult at best and, ultimately, they departed on bad terms. In the Pantheon, Spawn had another chance encounter with The Dark Knight, this time with better results. Turns out, Spawn met another version of Bruce Wayne in the Pantheon that was distinct from the one that he knew beforehand. Though Bruce of Earth 1, while still aloof, stern, and obsessive with order and morality, was still easier to hang out with and negotiate than the Bruce of Earth 31, who ended up becoming too cynical, aggressive, and inconsiderate. Spawn has remained one of Bruce's main magical contacts if he's ever needed and the Hellspawn is open to returning the favor, seeing Bruce as a trusted friend of sorts. It helps that they're both driven by personal tragedy, even if Bruce isn't a fan of killing others.
    • For reasons unknown to anyone, Spawn ended up in a world where a sword named Soul Edge wreaked havoc and holy blade named Soul Calibur emerged soon to oppose it. Spawn didn't stick around in that world for long, but Soul Edge did catch his interest, mainly due to its demonic origin and malevolent nature. Unfortunately for Spawn, Soul Edge being in the Pantheon as Nightmare also caught the interest of Malebolgia and The Violator, and the Hellspawn is making sure that the possibility of an alliance is dealt with and fast. Problem is, he couldn't really find anyone to partner up with, though he did come close with Sophitia Alexandra, whose purity and blessing from the Greek Gods, particularly Hephaestus was the strongest anathema to the Malfested and Soul Edge's corruptive nature. Their teamwork is tense due to Spawn's insistence on killing often clashing against Sophitia's approach on purifying others from their malignant selves, overwise she sympathizes with Spawn's ordeals and wishes that he find peace someday.
      • While they didn't meet on his first visit, Spawn did come to good terms with Grøh, a being who was also similarly facing his own personal struggles thanks to the machinations of Azwel, who was experimenting with Soul Edge and the Malfested. Azwel was also responsible for the death of Grøh's friend, Curtis, and corrupting the former into a partial Malfested, which caused Grøh to develop self-loathing issues and insecurities. Spawn got where he was coming through, and the fact that they were longing for redemption for a long time made them appreciate and bond with one another pretty quickly. Grøh has since appreciated Spawn's help in tracking down Astral Fissures in the Pantheon and searching for a way to destroy Nightmare and Soul Edge in some capacity.
    • He was once dragged into a war between heroic warriors hailing from Earthrealm and Outworld against an army compiled by the Time Titaness, Kronika. A few interesting things happened here; Spawn formed an alliance with Scorpion and Sub-Zero, whom he dubs as "Fire and Ice" and often has to mediate them from arguing against one another (though other sources differ by claiming that Scorpion and Sub-Zero actually get along), he's become good associates with Raiden after bonding with their tragedies, their struggles in constantly fighting against evil, and personally feeling worn out and guilty of past actions and generally tries to keep in contact with the three. As for Kronika, Spawn immediately despised her, as he noted that Kronika was similar to Malebolgia in more ways than one; most notably their obsessive nature to deceive and manipulate others into their bidding by promising false wishes. Spawn having once chained Kronika and Malebolgia together meant the two malevolent deities decided to make a pact in the Pantheon to oppose Spawn in any case possible. The Hellspawn's response; Bring It.
      • Spawn also utterly despises Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung; while he can be rather laid-back against other evil beings in this world, granted that he has fought beings far stronger than them, Spawn lists these two as an exception for more reasons than one. Shao is an unrepentant slaver and would work his followers to their deaths without remorse if it means advancing his konquest towards other realms while Shang's deceptive and backstabbing nature, not to mention his desires for Godhood rub Spawn personally. For him, slavery is unforgivable and treachery is a reminder of cowardice and a lack of trust, all of which Spawn has been through in his life. He hides his time on when he will strike and butcher the two warlords, while Shao and Shang are readying themselves for another threat.
      • Kotal Kahn turned out to be a rather complicated example for Spawn to consider. While harsh and strict towards punishment and dealing with enemies, he still honorable and is concerned about the state of Outworld and its people, unlike Shao who sees everyone as expendable and cares only about konquest and kombat. That said, Kotal is guilty of having to convince others to look up to him as a deity of sorts, and Spawn had a gut feeling that Kotal may be duping his followers. The same was also said for Kitana; better than her father, but the problem of still keeping slaves was contentious, and Spawn thinks that if Kotal and Kitana ever want to make Outworld prosperous, then maybe they should start by ending slavery. Kotal himself had a few words against Spawn, namely that he shouldn't be talking back when there was a reason why he was sent to Hell in the first place. To everyone's relief, they're not fighting against each other mainly because they have enough mutual enemies as it is and they would need each other's cooperation if it's really needed.
    • While Spawn didn't personally get to meet Sara Pezzini, the two of them were familiar with a tale set in the medieval ages that involved a predecessor Witchblade and a Hellspawn working together to battle a host of Darkness named Lord Cardinale. Their familiarity with the story is how exactly the two of them met up and realizing just how much they had in stake, plus the realization that they've battled countless demons and dealing with personal matters, the two saw each other as confidants for help whenever they need it. Spawn also became fighting friends with Sara's husband and fellow anti-hero and the modern holder of The Darkness, Jackie Estacado, with the Hellspawn finding his ability to maintain fear and control over his city's criminal underworld pretty impressive.
  • While Demons tend to be his most associated enemies, the average thug and criminal are still considered, as do corrupt business and government officials as Spawn have dealt with similar figures in the likes of Billy Kincaid, Jason Wynn, and his former superiors in his CIA days. And like the demons, they have all the reasons they have to fear and be cautious about the Hellspawn. So much so that the mere thought of him in the Pantheon is enough for the House of Crime and Transgressions to be on high alert about the Hellspawn. As for what Spawn thinks about the situation, he thinks that this inspiration of fear better pays off for the benefit of the Pantheon; he'll be doing what the GUAG either normally shy away from or are too reluctant to carry out.
    • Speaking of Billy Kincaid, one of Spawn's preferred victims, if given the chance, are pedophiles and child murderers. His relationship with Wanda may be complicated for now, but the very idea of putting harm towards Cyan is enough for Spawn to suddenly set off and gut the offender as viciously as he could. He's been keeping a close eye towards repeat offenders, especially Rorge of the Brave Companions, Ryuunosuke Uryuu, and Freddy Krueger, who are shamelessly unrepentant about killing, torturing, and ruining children. Once, Spawn took the opportunity to suddenly assault and butcher Rorge as much as he could and leave his mutilated body to the House of Law and Justice with a bloody note...
    • Lex Luthor would have been an easy figure to hunt.. until Spawn realized, to his dismay, that Lex had generated acclaim and high popularity for his contributions towards LexCorp and the many charitable efforts, donations, and bilateral relations he had established. And unlike Jason Wynn, Lex was far more meticulous and crafty to know when to skid the line between managing his public persona and business and his shadowy covers as a supervillain. Spawn learned about Lex from Batman and figured that he would be up to no good, given his own experience in fighting morally corrupt businessmen before. He seeks to bide his time to strike Lex, but it will take a while, plus Spawn has a lot of other things to worry about. On a similar note, there's also Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk, though those two are more overt about their criminal activities than Lex is, though Norman's is more because he is mentally deranged, though Fisk does sometimes delude himself into thinking he's helping his city, which Spawn tends to see as bullshit, especially considering the number of times The Kingpin had to fight against all sorts of heroes and be increasingly militant about his criminal activities to the point of endangering innocent lives.
  • While Spawn is a notable candidate of being "Public Enemy Number One" for numerous demons, there are some who are not even malicious, to begin with, and some have even turned out to be well-meaning or even outright heroic at times. While Spawn is familiar with the terminology of "good-natured" demons to a degree, he admits that he wasn't anticipating a notable group of them who were recognized in the Pantheon. Though the Hellspawn isn't really in it for preaching about demons being good, rather being more focused on fighting his own demons, becoming a better man, and trying to stop universal subjugation and destruction every now and then.
    • Some of the demons Spawn gets along with includes Rachel Roth, a human hybrid who was conceived to herald the apocalypse, but instead grew up to become a hero to oppose her father, Trigon. Spawn respects her for taking an alternate route and similarly became enemies with Trigon after learning that he intends to have an alliance with Malebolgia. On a similar note, there's also Hellboy and Rin Okumura, who have similar held the potential to become cataclysmic sunderers for Hell but chose instead to serve Good. While Spawn can be rather brutal, Hellboy and Rin are able to get on the Hellspawn's good side due to their heroic nature and their ability to empathize with him, which has helped a lot for them.
    • Dante was a partial demonic being who took to hunting demons as a professional job, though it's this profession that's led to him saving his world multiple times. Spawn saw promise and appreciation for what Dante does and decided to fight against him partly as a way of respect and partly to see how he would measure up against him. Spawn also doesn't mind Dante's wisecracks, though the Son of Sparda does refrain from getting too personal after learning about the Hellspawn's personal issues and traumas. On the other hand, Dante's twin brother, Vergil, hoped to battle against Spawn himself after learning of his reputation. And if there's one thing Vergil respects above most, it's strength and power, and Spawn having gone up against God and Satan in his world means he can't pass up the opportunity for a fight. Lucky for him, Spawn accepted the challenge, and he and Vergil often battle in the Pantheon if the latter has time to spare, having come to see Spawn as one of his most exhilarating challenges and someone who is worthy of testing his Murasame and his demonic powers against.
    • While not a demon, Guts has had his fair share of unpleasant experiences with demons (in his world's case, they're called Apostles) and he's become infamous for his warpath against them, leading to his nickname of "The Black Swordsman". Spawn saw potential in meeting with Guts and the two bonded over their insecurities and their struggles, eventually becoming good friends. Unlike most, Spawn understands Gut's hatred for Griffith; after all, he does know how it feels to be betrayed by someone whom he could have trusted alongside being killed. That said, Spawn also appreciates Guts also seeking to look after his new friends and companions alongside finding strength from and for his lover, Casca, as it reminds Spawn of how he wants to have a happy time with Wanda one day.
  • Aside from Spawn, the Doomslayer is the other most infamous figure for demons, so the two of them encountering one another was deemed inevitable according to many. And when they did meet, the Doomslayer attacked Spawn simply for being a demon and an epic battle erupted between the two that lasted for hours. They only stopped when a bunch of other demons, led by Mundus also joined their fray, forcing the two to switch priorities. After a mass slaughter, the two of them decided to just leave things be, with Spawn gaining a measure of respect for the Doomslayer, with the latter oddly reciprocating as Spawn displayed several traits that he didn't expect to see from a demon. They'll still have large, vicious battles against one another, albeit in more civil terms and they're open to working together against other demons if need be. And ever since then, a lot of them have been terrified of the very idea of Spawn and the Doomslayer working with one another.
  • Spawn has had difficulties working with cops, and he figured that the House of Law and Justice wouldn't be too kind towards him, given his reputation of butchering those who go against the law with malicious intent. The stunt he did with Rorge made the House feel uncertain about whether to trust Spawn or not, although nearly everyone admitted that Rorge more than had it coming. That said, this isn't the first time Spawn has had contact with the police either, as his relationship with Sam Burke and Maximilian "Twitch" Williams can allude with. If anything, Spawn is open to working with a police officer or detective, provided they can actually earn his trust, but for now, any sort of alliance is tense and aloof at best.
  • His constant battles and mind-games against the Violator have made Spawn come to a conclusive thought on something; he hates clowns. It's bad enough that the one he constantly has to deal with is an unspeakably depraved and sadistic demon who wishes suffering towards others, and then there's more of the same kind. While Spawn was pissed off about having to deal with more evil clowns, he's a little surprised that not all of them get along well with the Violator as much as he had thought it would happen. Regardless, he's got more monsters to kill and he's not stopping his warpath until they're all a bloodied chunk of mess.
    • The Joker is the definitive Monster Clown and Spawn often wonders how come the Clown Prince of Crime not only manages to endure but also end up becoming one of the most feared beings in his universe and in the entire Pantheon, considering he doesn't have any sort of superhuman abilities. Even so, Spawn sees The Joker as one of his most persistent enemies, especially considering how he competes against The Violator on who gets to be the worst clown in the Pantheon, though the two sometimes will work together. And then there's The Batman Who Laughs, a warped version of Batman that was Jokerized upon killing The Joker and chose to be an Omnicidal Maniac for personal pleasure. Needless to say, Spawn hates both The Joker and He Who Laughs with a passion and seeks to take them down one day, alongside working with Batman over the matter.
    • Other Evil Clowns like Sweet Tooth, another Joker whose the Spawn of Pierrot, and Pennywise the Dancing Clown quickly came into Spawn's to-kill one really faults the Hellspawn, given just how vile and despicable they are in their own ways. All three of them love to kill others, though Spawn feels Sweet Tooth is simply boring compared to the other evil clowns as his motive is to simply kill. He takes The Spawn of Pierrot and Pennywise more seriously, the former for having desires to destroy the world and wanting to revel in making others fall into despair and the latter for being gleeful about killing and eating children. Once, Pennywise tried to assume the forms of Wanda and Cyan to emotionally wreck Spawn, only to backfire spectacularly as the Hellspawn ended up even more pissed off and viciously tore the eldrich clown to shreds for daring to look like his loved ones to mess with him. Some people even took to applauding Spawn for what he did to Pennywise, whose since began to evade him as much as he could upon resurfacing.
  • Having been an agent of the CIA, Spawn is a lot more well-versed than one might expect. For one thing, he's an excellent assassin, is adept in gathering intel, has taken training in many fields of martial arts, and knows exactly how to use different types of guns and how to understand their perks and flaws. His military training is the main reason why he prefers to use firearms instead of his Necroplasm powers, in addition to being conservative about the latter under the risk of being sent to Hell. However, due to his less-than fortunate experience, he's come to despise organizations similar to the CIA that specialize in keeping secrets and killing off anyone outside of their organization who knows of them.
    • Frank Castle, an infamous vigilante, and a war veteran had to witness his family be killed in a crossfire that involved the CIA, later followed by the latter trying to discredit the family's massacre as "friendly-fire", which Frank took as a massive insult, which drove him to become The Punisher and lash out at those responsible for his family's death before turning his wrath towards crime in general. Spawn understood Frank's need for vengeance and the two became workable allies with one another, though even the Hellspawn is lucid enough to realize that Frank's tireless crusade is mentally too much for him and that he needs to reflect on what his family would have wanted for him. So far, things have been difficult for Frank, and he's admitted that delving deep into his thoughts is a hard thing to do, especially with just how caught up he is with his own demons.
    • Naturally, as a soldier, Spawn does find some appreciation and respect in the Hall of Soldier Archetypes because of his effectiveness as a mercenary and some of the more morally good deities there can at least appreciate the fact that Spawn is trying to atone for his past sins, even if he tends to be gruff and cold for the most part. Even so, just because he's a respectable figure doesn't mean Spawn takes a fancy to the House of Military and Warfare; he simply doesn't care about advocating about warfare, even though he himself is in a constant battle against demons and the Forces of Hell. And Spawn makes it clear that soldiers who use their position to willingly harm and kill others for their own amusement are immediately in his "to-kill" list; they remind him of the past person Spawn was as Al when he willingly killed innocent people to cover up objectives and agendas of the CIA.
  • Spawn's brand of justice includes targeting those who are guilty of domestically abusing those they are meant to look after and care about and brutally punish them if given the chance, though the fact that Al himself used to be one before his death proves to be a sour note for him that he doesn't want to dwell into. This fact is not lost on others, who have questioned just how bad of a person Spawn must have been back in his mortal life. Among those is a man named Marv, who was known to be someone who targeted domestic abusers and punishes them whenever possible. The two just pass off awkward stares as they don't really know what to express; sure Spawn has changed, but what he did to Wanda back then was unforgivable. Spawn does agree with Marv's assessment about his actions and strives to do better next time, whereas Marv himself tends to be wary about the Hellspawn, even if he knows that he was no longer the person that he used to be.
  • Having been a victim of deceptive deals, Spawn does empathize with those who have been in similar ordeals, such as Jeanne and Faust, and oddly enough, they're a trio of sorts, though unofficially as they don't actually hang out with one another. Jeanne being a victim of persecution (in her case, witchcraft accusations) is something Spawn can relate to, given that he was African-American during his mortal life and how his ethnicity was horribly treated in the United States for more than a century. With Faust, it's more the other way around with Spawn being the piteous one, but regardless, neither of the two are too emotionally invested with one another beyond being haunted by their own personal demons which they're going to have to face for the rest of their lives.
  • Spawn has two, far more powerful transformations, both of whom are granted by omnipotent beings. One of his transformations is Angel Spawn, which is accomplished as he proves himself worthy of redemption and humanity and ends up being blessed by the Mothernote . The other transformation is what if either Malebolgia or Satan were able to convince Spawn to go along with their plans, resulting in him being contaminated with an infinite source of Necroplasm, resulting in Omega Spawn. Spawn has kept up his goals of atoning himself but is not in the mood to pursue his angel transformation and actively dreads the idea of becoming Omega Spawn, seeing it as a demonic manifestation of Spawn's former, sociopathic individual when he was alive. Given that in both, he becomes more powerful than God and Satan, many have tried to get Spawn into embracing one side, but the Hellspawn prefers to keep this a distant topic.
You've been chasing the wrong thing. It wasn't the symbiote that gave me powers, that made me who I am. It never was! The costume didn't make me Spawn, because... I AM SPAWN!

Guts, God of Anti-Heroism (The Hundred-Man Slayer, The Black Swordsman)

    Ragna the Bloodedge 
Ragna the Bloodedge, God of Meanie Good Guys (The Grim Reaper, Rawrgna, Good Guy, Dark One, The World's Nightmare, The Black Beast, The Destroyer of the World, Protector of the Azure, Man of the Azure, Crimson Grim Reaper, The Central Fiction, Bloodedge)
  • Greater God (Borderline Overdeity after activating the Azure Grimoire, Overdeity as the Black Beast, or as the New Master Unit with the Azure Flame Grimoire, Intermediate God as Bloodedge)
  • Symbol: His Blood-Scythe plus his Azure Grimoire (fake) on his Emblem
  • Theme Songs: Rebellion I and II; when in Unlimited Mode, Black Onslaught I and II
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, but doesn't care if others see him as Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dhampyr, Being a Jackass Good Guy With A Heart Of Gold, Swearing A Lot, BFS, Using Darkness For Good, Unlimited Mode, Dark and Troubled Past, Family Issues, High Power With Crappy Defense, Screaming Like A Little Girl In Front Of Ghosts, '90s Anti-Hero, Dark expy of Sol Badguy, Dante and Vash the Stampede, Artificial Human, Cosmic Plaything, The Central Fiction, Transcending Humanity To Save Everyone, Sacrificing Himself for Everyone's Sins and Regrets
  • Domains: Good, Chaos, War, Death, Godhood
  • Heralds: Es, Rachel Alucard
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Kokonoe Mercury
  • Rivals: Jin Kisaragi (his brother), Hakumen (his brother's alternate future self), Ky Kiske, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero, Dante, Vergil, Nero (DMC), Gig, Death the Nephilim
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Hazama, Relius Clover, Izanami, Azrael, Dr. Weil, Freddy Krueger, Nui Harime, Nue Houjuu, Bi-Han/Noob Saibot, Griffith, Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus
  • Opposes: Raven Branwen, most Bounty Hunters
  • Odd Friendship with: Kyon, Shirabe Tsukuyomi, Alice Fateburn XVI, Chrom, Arthur Penhaligon
  • Special Connection with: Amaterasu, The Truth, Yog-Sothoth
  • Complicated Relationship: Nu-13 (his other sister)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Tsubaki Yayoi
  • Ragna the Bloodedge was once a simple young boy that lived with his two younger siblings and a nun at a secluded church in the middle of the woods. But everything changed when Yuuki Terumi tricked his younger sister, butchered the Nun, set the church on fire, possessed his younger brother into cutting off Ragna’s right arm and then leaving him for dead. Ever since that day Ragna had sworn revenge and grew to become the notorious SS class Criminal as well as the dreaded Grim Reaper. Ragna has with the power to end all life in the world, has ended the lives of over a hundred NOL soldiers, and has admitted to actively hating everything in the world thanks to all the tragedies he’s suffered throughout his life. But at the end of the day he’s still a good man, just don’t expect him to be nice.
  • Is often seen with Sol Badguy, for various reasons. Though, Sol himself feels kind of uneasy since Ragna sounds kind of like the guy he loathes the most, not helped with Ragna being a Corrupted Character Copy of him.
  • While Ragna is mostly a loner at heart, he’s sometimes been seen by the side of Noel Vermillion. One of the few people he’ll openly admit to care about. This is because Noel is his reincarnated sister Saya. Keep in mind, he is very protective of her, so it’s best to keep away.
  • When he heard the voice of Nu-13 resounding throughout the Pantheon, his eyes immediately widened and he suddenly burst off running as fast as he could. Eyewitnesses say that this is what would have happened if he had not collapsed after meeting the Ghost Lady.
    • Things have become very complicated between the two do to certain events. Because of what happened in her homeworld, Nu is now an Empty Shell thanks to Hakumen. Many gods believe her to have deserved her fate, but Ragna has been shown to regularly visit her under Noel’s care.
  • When he learned Lambda-11 had ascended, he instead very hesitantly approached the Murakumo, as he had not forgotten what she did for him once. The result was a very tentative friendship.
    • But she eventually proven herself to be one of if not "the" most loyal of his allies. Lambda has openly admitted that she’s willing to do anything Ragna would ask. Many gods have teased him about this.
  • Is glad that his formerly psycho brother Jin Kisaragi has repented and is proud to see him grow both as a person and as a fighter. Ragna has great faith in Jin, sighting that once Jin fully grows and realizes hit true potential, he will become Ragna’s greatest enemy.With the existence of Hakumen, Ragna's belief may have some merit.
  • While Ragna is mostly annoyed with the appearance of Rachel Alucard, he regularly does whatever she asks of him to do. Reason? Rachel was the one that saved his life so many years ago, and she’s also one of Ragna’s oldest friends. Although some gods believe it to be something more.
    • It’s because of her that Ragna is acquainted and then allied with both Raiden and Alucard (Castlevania). And unlike Ragna, they are very much aware of how Rachel feels for him.
  • Often seen in the House of Food, since he's really good with meat dishes. No one can understand how can someone with his attitude can cook really good. When hearing the comments, he simply shrugged it off.
    • It's here where he met and befriended both Shirou and Archer. When he heard about Archer’s status as a Counter Guardian, it reminded Ragna of the Power of Order and brought Ragna to see the similarities between him and Hakumen. After that Ragna later took notice that Shirou's desire to help in anyway he can reminded him of how Jin used to be as a kid. Neither Shirou or Jin enjoyed the comparison, Archer how found it hilarious.
  • Lately shown to be comforting a crying Heart after she was being ridiculed by someone for promoting love instead of hatred. Though Ragna doesn't necessarily like such heavy promotion of love, he didn't seem to mind this girl.
  • Avoids houses of anyone affiliated with ghosts (Yuyuko, Scorpion, Casper and the Ghost Lady). The last time he did that, he let out a loud girly scream and it embarrasses the hell outta him. This was deeply regretted by Scorpion who found some common things to relate with Ragna. Same goes with Freddy Krueger, something which disturbs him, since he's more or less a 'ghost' in 'dreams'.
    • Upon encountering the Ghost Lady, Ragna didn't even scream - he collapsed on the spot, having suffered the equivalent of 10 heart attacks at once, as diagnosed by Dr. Litchi Faye-Ling, the most she's seen out of anyone who has encountered it. He was also noted as waking up a week later screaming at the top of his lungs, forcefully, as someone (presumably Terumi) left an MP3 player at his bedside playing the Ghost Lady's theme in secret. This is how the scream sounded as emulated by this certain mortal named Gintoki Sakata. Although he tried denying screaming like a little girl, nobody was fooled.
    • Ever since Scorpion regained his humanity, Ragna feels a bit more at bay with him, but is still reluctant to meet him at his temple. That being said, though, Ragna feels much better around Scorpion's apprentice, Takeda Takahashi.
    • He's obviously wary around Bloody Marie, but he does understand and sympathize with her desire for vengeance against those who wronged her and her best friend Peacock. Plus, she doesn't take shit from Rachel one bit, and that's something he can privately admire.
    • He has a similar disposition towards Squigly, though even he saw the sight of the zombie-girl happily devouring his meat dishes...kind of cute. He's also intrigued by her Parasite Leviathan's words about him sounding like his rival, Samson. And when he finally met Samson and his host Filia, he befriended them both.
    • Ragna used to think that running into a ghost was the worst thing ever, and then he met Mako Reizei and Alice who's fear of ghosts is so great that when they encounter a ghost, Mako goes full-speed in reverse without looking where she's going; running over whatever's behind her tank, and Alice either passes out in a shivering mouth-frothing mess or nukes the entire area with magic.
      • On one occasion, a ghost (later known at Nue Houjuu) suddenly appeared before all three of them; while hugging each other and Screams Like a Little Girl, he noticed that Mako have fainted in his arms. In order to keep her from danger, he fought off his scare, Princess Carry her and running away as fast as Mako can handle while Alice blasted the the ghost before leaving her at the hospital. After having been thanked by her while under some gods prying eyes, their relationship has become a bit awkward. He swore to slash that Youkai to piece if he meet her again, making those same gods to Squee with their imagination and Mako reddened with embarrassment. Alice has done nothing to stop these rumors.
  • Has grew a begrudging respect on Kenshiro, seeing how many times he ruthlessly whacked Terumi's butt and unaffected with his massive plannings. Kenshiro is kind enough to let Ragna knew that he'll always reserve the final blow for Ragna, and to achieve that, encourages Ragna to steel himself, as Kenshiro has been crawling back from the depths of Hell to punish the wicked despite the miseries of his life... and it's Ragna's turn now.
  • Was also random approached by Hibiki Tachibana of the House of Musicality on the basis that he might be a certain Dr. Ver in disguise and up for no good, on Hibiki's charge, what crossed Ragna's mind was, "Was it that two-personalities brat again!?". Ragna just stood their in confusion, until Hibiki's friends Tsubasa and Chris had her stop and explained the situation and who Ver is. Although Ragna forgives and befriends the Symphogear, he couldn't help but think if this Ver is a spawn of Terumi created to Troll him and smear his name.
  • Has a friendship with Grey, due to their similar attitudes and having to deal with both assholes and murderous family members possessed by dangerous evils. Ragna even let him copy one of his techniques to help him out against one of his foes.
  • He gets along well with Riven the Exile, due to their similar weapons, pasts, appearances, personalities, and their desire to right the wrongs against both themselves and others, though Riven's glad that Ragna chose a much more noble path. He's also kinda amused (and slightly disturbed) by the fact she sounds like a colder and more experienced Noel despite looking more like a girl version of himself.
  • He has become friends with Ruby Rose. She found his weapon, the Bloodscythe to be one of the coolest weapons she has ever seen (even though it isn't a gun). Ragna sees a bit of Noel in Ruby as well.
    • However, there was that one time where he caught Ruby, Ruby happened to grab his face to support herself from falling and their faces ended up getting really close. Ruby's team keeps teasing her about this, and the rumors of Ragna being a pedophile have gone off the charts much to both of their annoyances.
    • Tensions have been rising between Ruby and Ragna lately, brought on by the news that the two would soon have to fight each other. However, due to the fact that the fights are in Tag Team style match-ups, they're both hoping to get onto the same team, yet training each other in case they have to fight.
      • Yu Narukami and Hyde Kido can be seen occasionally training alongside the two. Jin on the other hand refused to join them after the first training session ended up badly for him. They, along with Ruby, have formed quite the unorthodox yet close group of friends, which has surprised those who are aware of Ragna's lone wolf tendencies. While he hates to admit it, he has a tendency to act as an older brother figure due to having what he calls "more city miles" on them. He sees a lot of himself within Hyde, often drops unusual but not unwanted nuggets of wisdom on Yu, and can't help but rarely dote on Ruby. In fact, while they acknowledge that she is a powerful fighter in her own right and trust her to solve problems if she can do it on her own, any mistreatment of her is enough to send them all on a violent frenzy.
    • With his friendship with Ruby, Yu, and Hyde, along with having previously met them in the Tag Team tournament, Ragna had become well equated with the rest of the Investigation Team, team RWBY. Ragna doesn't mind them too much and genuinely respects some of them.
      • While they are no longer on opposing sides, he's still annoyed with Weiss and that stupid wanted poster. Blake is in turn annoyed on how casually he finds taking down enemies that she however finds difficult to deal with. Yang on her part genuinely likes Ragna, sees them to be similar to one another, but wishes that he would be more social.
      • The Investigation Team is genuinely kind and respectful towards Ragan, to which he finds great relief in with his usual treatment. Yosuke and Chie think he's nice, if a bit violent. Yukiko thinks his red coat is charming, and their shared connection with Amaterasu helps them get along even further. Naoto and Kanji were initially suspicious of him, but they quickly learned that he was a good person at heart. Kanji even willingly joined him in a battle against Hakumen and Rachel Alucard, because he considered Ragna and the team to be allies. Ragna respects them for his bravery.
      • While still annoyed with Vatista shooting him outside of battle and Orie for bringing the wanted poster,Hyde vouches for them and says that they can be trusted. So Ragna lets them off the hook.
  • His ultimate fate and the reason he cemented himself in his position was when after he was turned into a beastly abomination that wreaks havoc to everything despite his pleas for everyone to run. After he regained consciousness, he awoke with no memory of what happened or who he was. After going through a set of trials and hardships, Ragna regained his memories and discovered the truth of his world. Ragna then proceeded to enact his plan to save his family, the world, and the Master Unit. In doing so he battle against and defeated almost every fighter from his world, devouring both their Dreams and their memories of him. Defeated both Izanami, Nine and FINALLY killed Yuuki Terumi. Once he was finished putting an end to Terumi, Ragna had one last battle with his siblings and removed their memories of him so they wouldn't feel sad about him leaving. Ragna then proceeded to awaken Amaterasu from her dream and activate her powers one last time with his new Azure Flame Grimoire. Creating a new world where no god can interfere with it, bring the world back to that of man, and remove himself from existence. Now he stays beyond the Boundary forever alongside Amaterasu protecting her from those who would threaten to abuse her power.
    • Unfortunately not everything went exactly as he planed. Ragna wasn't able to fully remove himself from everyone's memories. Those of the Main House where left unaffected and five other individuals were able to vaguely remember his existence. They were Rachel Alucard, Ruby Rose, Yu Narukami and Hyde Kido. When they realized that they were missing someone from their memories, they went to investigate. As they continued searching, others realized that their memories were tampered with as well. Fortunately someone did know who they were searching for, unfortunately it was Hazama. Who proceeded to purposely withhold important information, and mock them by revealing the level of importance that the individual had towards them. This was especially bad for both Jin and Noel, as they were just informed that they completely forgot about having an older brother, that had gone through hell and back for them. It wasn't until they heard someone yell out "DEAD SPIKE" and attack Hazama did everyone calm down. They saw a White Wolf that they immediately recognized as Amaterasu, alongside a white haired man in red. But before they could as anything an Azure Light engulfed them, restoring everyone's memories, cue Tears of Joy from nearly everyone. As the world of Pantheon is different from their home world, Ragna could afford to allow everyone to remember who he is. While they would prefer to remember who he is at all time, they're content with being able to remember who he is now.
    • Because of his sacrifice, he bonded with Xion and Madoka Kaname, who also erased themselves from other peoples memories for the greater good, although they did come back through different means.
  • Not long after reuniting and restoring the memories of his friends and family, Ragna found Gilgamesh in his temple, sitting in a golden throne. When questioned why he was there, Gilgamesh said that he was simply curious to see the man who ended the age of gods and begin the age of man. Sighting that it reminded him of what he did in his mortal life as well. After a lengthy conversation Gilgamesh left, but has occasionally been seen alongside Ragna as well. Gilgamesh says that he’s somewhat interested in the man. Sighting that while he acknowledges his position as king, he simply doesn’t care about his position, power or influence and freely tells him how he feels about Gil whenever he’s given the chance. Apparently Gilgamesh actually respects some of these qualities in an individual and has found Ragna as an interesting way to pass of his boredom.
  • It should go without saying, but there is not a single being that Ragna hates as much, or can be hated by more than Ragna, then Yuuki Terumi. When Terumi revealed to Ragna that he was yet again still alive, saying that he wasn't happy would have been the understatement of the century. Ragna had sworn to one again end him, and that he wouldn't leave either a body, soul, or memory left behind.
    • His anger only increased when Hazama decided to show up in front of his temple as well. And to add more fuel to the fire, Hazama had once again brought along Ragna’s wanted poster. Now he’s being gunned down by multiple bounty hunters after his head.
  • It should be said, the Ragna that everyone sees in Pantheon is not the real Ragna, but an avatar instead. His real body (assuming he still has a body) lies beyond the boundary and past the Forbidden Gate. Due to his status in his home reality, some have wondered if there is a potential connection between Ragna, The Truth and Yog-Sothoth. The answer is mixed
    • Ragna and the Truth both act as guardians to their own Gates (initially it was believed to be Es until Terumi revealed that the true guardian was Ragna all along), with incredible untold power and knowledge waiting on the other side. The two gates have what could be similar, yet different description as well, Truth's is "All is one, one is all" while Ragna's could be described as "where all endings begin and where all beginnings end".
    • Yog-Sothoth has a much closer connection with Ragan, thanks to the Azure Grimoire. The Azure Grimoire acts as a gateway to the Boundary, the pinpoint location of all time and space that also exist outside of it. Exactly like Yog-Sothoth, further belief on a possible connection is that there have been reports of an eye on Ragna's right hand during the few times he's activated his Grimoire. No confirmation from either of them as of yet.
  • During his down phase, he was chosen to fight a DEATH BATTLE! with Sol Badguy. But due to that, even Wiz and Boomstick was forbidden to even contact Ragna this way. Fortunately for them, the Pantheon gives an alternative: yank out a Ragna from another timeline where he is at his peak strength and where shits hasn't hit the fan and set him up to fight Sol.
    • Once the fight actually happened, the judges were surprised how evenly Sol and Ragna ended up going against each other, all things considered. However, something about the Ragna that was used seemed to have been "faulty", as he transformed into Black Beast fully after Sol only did one significant stab at him, forcing Sol to activate full Gear mode to kill the Black Beast in one shot before anything worse would happen.
    • That wasn't even the last of the alternate Ragnas. It seemed that someone was able to create a white-coated clone of Ragna that possessed higher agility than the regular one and the ability to create duplicates of himself, in addition to several Hakumen clones. Dante was sent to dispose of these clones unbeknownst to him, but the clone Ragna destroyed the Hakumen clones and then managed to defeat Dante in precisely one minute, after which he disappeared. There's a bit of a search going on to find it, but no such luck yet. Wiz and Boomstick are supposedly sheltering him as an enforcer.
  • After the fiasco with the Ragna clone, both Dante and Ragna had decided to finally meet with one another face to face. The two got along surprisingly well, not really being bothered by their supposed conflicting personalities. Dante reminds Ragna a little bit of Kagura, and Ragna reminds Dante a little bit of Vergil.
    • After their initial meeting, Ragna would eventually be greeted by Vergil. Like with Dante, both believed that it was high time to meet one another, as they already knew their respective younger brothers. To the surprise of each other, they noticed that they were more alike to one another than to their similar colour-coded, weapon-wielding younger brothers. Both are practically opposites of their younger siblings, and their younger siblings were mostly annoying growing up (while they were admittedly a bit aloof). Both desired to become more powerful after the loss of their home, and were haunted by the memories. Both had performed a number of morally questionable actions, and initially had a strong disdain for seeing someone with a familiar face. Ragna with the Murakumos and Vergil with Trish. It was awkward for both, and they both agreed to never talk about it again.
      • After meeting the Sparda Twins, Ragna would eventually meet with Vergil’s son Nero. While Dante was similar to Ragna, and Vergil was very much like him. Ragna and Nero were almost exactly the same. Like with Vergil it was strange at first, but they soon got used to it and have remained on good terms ever since.
  • Ragna has become well acquainted with Velvet Crowe and Guts. Partly due to them a lot in common. All three are anti-heroes, with a Dark and Troubled Past involving the betrayal from someone they trusted, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a limb and even a little bit of their humanity.
    • It didn’t take long for Ragna to see the similarities between Velvet and and his younger sister Noel. But he chooses not to compare the two so much. The two also made an agreement, she would help deal with Terumi and in turn he would help against Artorius should he make it into Pantheon. This also extends towards Guts. They will help against Griffith, if he helps against Terumi and Artorius.
  • Despite what one might think. Ragna doesn’t necessarily interact with others who bare the same title of Grim Reaper, at least until his latest actions in the mortal world. When others saw how he single handedly took down almost every other god from his home world and then later proceeded to kill The Susanoo, others had finally began to notice him. They later learned that the title wasn't something he gave to himself. But was given to him from fear, not from his sword Aramasa, not from his power, but from the sheer number of NOL soldiers he killed in the first night when he went to war with the Library. Some Reapers have formed a bit of a rivalry between them and Ragna due to this.
    • Gig was one of the first to meet up with him. When he did, Ragna was trying out a new recipe that Gig was incidentally very familiar with hotpods. The two get along surprisingly well, it could be attributed to the fact that both are incredibly foul mouthed, have zero care for authority, and are one of the most dangerous and feared individuals in their respective worlds. Although their relationship borders on Vitriolic Best Buds. Gig will regularly call Ragna Rags, knowing full well that he hates it, and Ragna will in turn call Gig an ass.
    • Death the Nephilim soon met Ragna as they walked past one another before they were ambushed by a small army of angels. Neither were remotely fazed, or surprised by the sudden attack. It didn’t take long to finish them and when all was said and done, Death had grown a sense of respect for the younger reaper. His reason?
    Death: “It takes a special set of skills to turn the land into image of Hell, using the corpses of Angels.”
  • He ended up finding out from a few of his allies that Noel ended up on the receiving end of a beatdown from Vergil and after learning of this, He proceeded to make his way to the House of Philosophy with the intent of returning the favor tenfold. The two ended up going at it for a while before the fight was brought to an abrupt end by Sparda.
    • Despite this, Vergil expressed interest in fighting Ragna again after witnessing the power of his drive, Soul Eater, and compared it akin to his own Devil Arms.
  • "If you got a death wish, then you’ve come to the right place."

The Honorable Villains

The "Villainous" Guards of the House of Ambiguity

Lambdadelta, Goddess of Wild Card Morality (Witch of Certainty, "Witch" Satoko Houjou, The Second Looper)
Click here  to see her previous incarnation.

    Lucifer (Shin Megami Tensei
Lucifer, Celestial Being of Polite Villains (Rushifaa, Rushiferu, Rui Saifaa, Lucifel, Helel, The Lightbringer, The Lightbearer, Morningstar, Angel of Darkness, הילל, King of Dark, Prince of Darkness, The Great Darkness, Fallen One, Great Demon, Demon Lord, Demon King, Louis Cyphre, Louis Cypher, The Rebel King of Hell, His Lordship, Six-Winged Lord of Dem, Blond Child, Old Gentlemen in a Wheelchair, “Strange Girl”, Louisa Ferre, Blonde Young Man, Hikaru, Great Spirit of Spite, Sanat, God's Scapegoat, God of Chaos, Lord of Chaos, Excellency, "Satan, Iblis")
Megami Tensei I Lucifer 
Louis Cyphre 
Devil Lucifer 
Spiral Nemesis Lucifer 
Persona 1/Card Summoner Lucifer 
Six-Winged Lord of Dem 
Blonde Child 
Old Gentleman in a wheelchair 
Louisa Ferre 
Young Blonde Man 
IMAGINE Louis Cypher 
God's Scapegoat 
Matter Lucifer 
  • Overdeity of Chaos (Overdeity as Matter Lucifer | borderline Overdeity as Helel, Devil Lucifer | Greater Deity as Louis Cyphre, Louisa Ferre, Six-Winged Lord of Dem, Hikaru, God's Scapegoat, or Sanat)
  • Symbol: A pair of Angelic and Demonic Wings
  • Theme Music: Lucifer Battle (Megami Tensei I), Last Boss Battle (Shin Megami Tensei NINE), Lord of the Netherworld, The Final Battle (SMT: Nocturne), Act XX Lucifer, Last Decision, VS Last, Chaos Theme (SMTIV), Lucifer Palace, Battle - b7, Battle - b8, Lord of Chaos, Battle -eon- (Lucifer I and II)
  • Alignment: Pure Chaos, as he likes to call it (Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, or Chaotic Evil depending on the incarnation; actually holds True Neutral biases)
  • Portfolio: The Corrupter, Enigmatic Empowering Entity, Louis Cypher, Manipulative Bastard, The Social Darwinist, Might Makes Right, Screw Destiny, Anarchy Is Chaos, Different Appearances, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Villain with Good Publicity, Graceful Loser, More than Mind Control
  • Domains: Chaos, Freedom, Manipulation, Humanity, Change, Ambition
  • Heralds: Setsuna Kai and Mirai Kaname, Alexandra (children)
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Asura
  • Rivals: Lord Chaos, Dis
  • Enemies:
  • People Who Impress Him: David Bowie, Kenshiro, Lina Inverse, Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Isaac, Kokichi Oma, Quackity, Bayonetta, Monkey D. Luffy
  • Secretly Watching: Zero (Drakengard), Dante Sparda, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, The Doctor, Lelouch vi Brittania, Nagato, Lonnie Machin, Monkey D. Luffy
  • Trying to Influence: Flynn, Investigation Team, S.E.E.S., Sumaru City Persona Users, St. Hermelin Students
  • Uneasy Relations: Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Conflicting Opinion: Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeench, Discord, Yuuki Terumi
  • Opposes: Judge Dredd
  • In his universe, Lucifer is the designated leader of the Chaos factions that seek to tear down Law and humans' primal nature not being constrained by order. What makes Lucifer such a good leader for Chaos is his affable attitude towards everybody. Rarely if ever does Lucifer act maliciously to even his enemies. Lucifer is aware that being nice to people is the best way of having someone persuaded by your ideology even if it is as insane as killing God. Not many like Law because they are seen as annoying Knight Templars which Lucifer with his endless charisma took advantage of. Upon arriving at the Pantheon, Lucifer's naturally brought many to his side with speeches on how humans must be allowed to live their lives, not shackled by tyrants. He perfectly struck the perfect balance in not being too specific but a good enough idea of what Chaos stands for. This resulted in those who do not believe in good nor evil joining Chaos to stop "tyrants" and strive for freedom. Or at least until people crossed against those "liberators" mainstream beliefs, now then it is back to being under Law. Lucifer being an indirect figure to the Chaos faction served as both a blessing and a curse, as it allowed it to live in many forms but was never consistent in its leadership aside from himself being involved. The Pantheon is similar in that regard as several whom Lucifer deemed the Lords of Chaos explicitly claimed to fight for Chaos at least in spirit. Lucifer despite being seen as The Leader of Chaos has not committed to being a leader, only having stirred those to fight for their beliefs. This makes Chaos more of a democracy than the other alliances in the Pantheon with designated leaders of different aspects to the greater whole of Chaos.
  • Many such as Cosmos would say Lucifer's goal is to bring Hell on Earth on humanity run on barbarism, where Rape, Pillage, and Burn is free to be done as only the strong survive while the weak will be forced to suffer. Lucifer admitted that it is undeniable that the Chaos faction rolled with this goal several times but his personal goal is grander than what even some of his underlings could comprehend. Lucifer sought to have everybody act as individuals, not as a whole, being free of such self-censorship. If a person wants a job, go for it is what he would say. If a person wanted to buy something, they ought to. If a person wanted to bring about the end of a nation by having shelled their nuclear power plants, Lucifer would encourage such actions wholeheartedly. Lucifer does not want to start conflicts for the sake of rebellion, as he wanted people to be forced to fight for their own beliefs no matter who they are, even if he has to tear down society to bring about that. Even if they would have fought for Law, Lucifer respected them for it. That said, it is still seen that he has to be stopped for his presence alone would perpetuate conflict, a fact that YHVH is keen to tell people off. Needless to say, Lucifer told YHVH and his forces to Bring It on.
  • It is unknown what exactly Lucifer's true nature is. Lucifer claimed that he was a part of YHVH who escaped to become the person he is today, although several times the Biblical tale of Lucifer being a Fallen Angel has been used to describe himself. He would like to say both may be true, one may be true, or both may not be. He never wants to give a direct answer as he wants people to make up their conclusions. By doing that, individuality shines, and no longer will people be slaves to random theory videos online explaining something clear to people who lost their attention spans long ago.
  • Beelzebub remains as one of Lucifer's most consistent generals even going to be The Dragon for him in many cases. Despite many cases of Beelzebub being loyal to Lucifer's cause, he is VERY independent for an underling. Particularly, Beelzebub's Baal persona detests Lucifer, calling him out for not acknowledging his power and even joining up the Divine Powers when Inanna went to bring him back. However, Lucifer does not mind such treachery and even went to encourage Beelzebub to try to usurp him, Baal or not. They belong to Chaos after all where obligation and unity must come from themselves and if Beelzebub wants to quit such loyalty, then Lucifer has no reason to object. Beelzebub still is fiercely loyal to Lucifer and wishes for Baal to stop being such an insubordinate megalomaniac.
  • Regarding Lucifer's relationship with YHVH's Satan, Lucifer is seen as more equivocal to Satan rather than YHVH himself. At the many points they share within their mythology, Lucifer and Satan confuse people on if they are the same person. Lucifer would like to say that they are not and the difference being is that Satan is a demon on God's mission while Lucifer actively rejects God. Another thing that makes the conversation harder is that Satan went to take the form of Lucifer when masterminding a war between Law and Chaos under YHVH's orders. Lucifer would like to say he and Satan are still entirely separate beings but in that instance, a person can say he went to incarnate to that form regardless of its origins. As a simile, the situation is like a bubble splitting into two smaller bubbles but that bubble is somehow also an offshoot of another regular bubble. Lucifer does not find offense to anyone who misnames him as Lucifer, Iblis, or whatever at this point.
  • Demi-fiend is perhaps Lucifer's greatest accomplishment. Dropping the Magatama in the young man, Demi-fiend eventually went to gain godlike power after defeating Kagutsuchi and hordes of countless demons in his wake. Lucifer may regard Demi-fiend as a feat but knows the Demi-fiend does not stand by Lucifer 100% of the time. All that Demi-fiend wishes for is to break the cycle that the Great Will put upon his world and test others who seek to end the wars of Law and Chaos as well. Lucifer knows not to push his creation, so he abides and just lets Demi-fiend do whatever he wants. However, the demon knows that when higher powers threaten to oppress humanity themselves, Demi-fiend will fight not for the sake of Chaos but for the sake of the people around him. It is disappointing to Lucifer that he cannot just have Demi-fiend go up against any higher power out there, such as a certain company who Lucifer wants to knock a peg at.
  • Lucifer can appear in various forms for whatever purpose he wants. For some reason, he usually defaults to looking like David Bowie of all people. To be fair, he is not the only shapeshifter who did this. If not, he becomes a blonde person of varying age with blue eyes. Most obviously, his name always appears to be a variation of Lucifer because does not bother to hide it. Lucifer can take other forms for himself when he wants to be discreet in his actions, though of course, he would have some hint of his true identity in the name somewhere. People call out Lucifer for being so obvious but it is perfectly in line for him to do so just to screw with everybody. Before anybody asks if they care about such things, he is fine with whatever people refer to him as. In fact, he wishes people to use any derogatory term given so that he can come back with a wittier remark.
  • Lucifer made himself a place in the human unconscious collective where he is summonable as a generic Persona. He usually appears in his most common forms but at one point he would look like a bald albino man who wishes to become a butterfly after escaping prison for some weird reason. He does not have any direct ties to the Persona universe but he offers his power to users. He may not have any stakes there but dammit, he wants to see humans beat their manifesting social issues. If they need for him to use Morning Star against even a Slime, he will make sure that Morning Star burns brightly.
    • As interesting as Persona users are, Lucifer gives the most attention to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, seeing them as a direct response to the corruption and ignorance that society hold. It strikes a chord with him that even with the world against them, they will fight until the very end. He just finds it a shame they do not go further in changing their society outright even though that is their creed. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, while not outright hostile to Lucifer do not agree with his goals and methods, going so far as to say that Lucifer is what would happen if they go too far and goes cross the lines that they do not. Lucifer respects their ideals regardless and still helps with their causes.
      Lucifer: If you hold on, life won't change! Yes, I am going to sing that and you cannot stop me, fools.
  • The strongest form that Lucifer can take as of right now is Matter Lucifer, who went to reveal this form's existence at the behest of the Court of the Gods who want to be sure Lucifer has the power to back his Overdeity status. Matter Lucifer is born after devouring the knowledge of YHVH, obtaining the Throne of God in the process of being the ruler of the universe. Lucifer may not have done anything snappy as God aside but he did hold the power of creation at some point and went on relinquishing it to the Nahobino who went to take the power that Lucifer held. That does not mean Lucifer is officially dead as his incarnations across the cosmos still exist. He would just like to say that he brags that YHVH is dead thanks to his efforts, nobody else at that instance. He has the capability of beating God but he wants humans to destroy the ultimate authority rather than his forces—to reach their true potential than to meander. Whether they choose Law, Chaos, or the between is up to them and he wants to push them to that goal.
    Lucifer: The world always changes but how it will change must be up to humans, not anybody else. Especially if it is a giant lemon that stares at you as your pants fell.
    YHVH: I heard that.
    Lucifer: Then I wish you would hear the sound of me caring. Unfortunately, it is complete silence.
  • Lucifer made a list of seven members in the Pantheon that he and many others would say are his current Lords of Chaos and that they serve as his generals. The latter statement is not true, as to again reiterate that his Chaos faction operates more like a bunch of different factions that embody different ideals on the same ideas. The main reason why Lucifer is seen as the Chaos leader is that he is the bridge that ensures there is open communication between these groups. Some members did fight for Chaos several times over on Lucifer's end but he has no biases when making the list. He calls the Lords for their influence, capabilities, and just general philosophies.
    • Demifiend and Beelzebub take the seats of Pride and Gluttony respectively. The former seat is not taken because Demifiend is a prideful person, he is rather meek. Demifiend is seen as Lucifer's attempt at ultimate hubris with the creation of what is a weapon to kill God in every form. Demifiend is very apathetic to having such a high position but nobody will ever contest it. Beelzebub is Gluttony not because the demon has an appetite but a real hunger to gain power, to the point of rebelling against Lucifer several times even though Beelzebub does not act like The Starscream of Chaos. At least Beelzebub finds it humbling to be given such a role.
    • His seat of Lust is taken by Homura Akemi who has a bit of a disturbing partnership with Lucifer. After Homura went to steal Madoka's omnipotence and sent all of Madoka's Magical Girl followers into a frenzy Lucifer went playing to fiddle as the lover of chaos he is. It is then he went to approach Homura Akemi who did not want any alliance with anybody, as all that she cares about is Madoka and her obliviousness to the cruelties of the world. Lucifer came in with that expectation but he considers her a champion of Chaos for her extreme rise to power. He then made the proposition that she can do whatever she wants, but the forces of Chaos will back her up if her power is under threat. Homura then promptly blew up Lucifer to which then he came back as Sanat. Sanat then said to Homura that existence runs on the replacement of old orders as Karl Marx says. She was able to usurp the old order, becoming the new one but it is questionable when her reign will end. If she can take over Madoka, then anybody could as Lucifer puts it. Homura went to contemplate on what Lucifer said and after blowing him up five more times for pestering her constantly, only to say say that he proves a point. She may be an omnipotent divine entity now but Homura also has foresight. Although she finds it mocking that her seat is Lust, likely people believe she, really, really wants to elope with Madoka towards the sunset where they will be wed and have a trillion babies. Lucifer said nada and put her seat there because of theAgeInappropriateDress that she wears as a goddess. Homura then blew Lucifer up for that for the seventh time.
    • Steven Armstrong is one of Lucifer's make sense considering the Motive Rant he has for his goals. As a politician, Armstrong wishes to purge corruption that controls the masses by basically granting autonomy to the United States citizens. That does not sound evil, even noble but Armstrong wants to plunge the average American citizen harden to become warriors who fight for their rights, ridding those who are unable to fight for themselves and have the United States turn into a lawless land where only the strong survive. The sheer conviction behind Armstrong's nationalism and beliefs made people see Armstrong as a Lord of Chaos, something Lucifer cannot contest for the life of himself. Of course, Armstrong has the seat of Wrath due to his rage against modern America for the lies it gives itself. Lucifer does find it strange Armstrong still wishes to use lawful means to get elections when people now know him as a complete maniac but Armstrong says that if he wants America to change drastically, then he must ensure that such a change must come from the governmen to lessen the chances of society reverting to back the way it is.
    • Grandfather Paradox went to approach Lucifer to join his new alliance, and Lucifer said that Grandfather Paradox needs to prove himself as a Lord of Chaos by doing what are very chaotic things. Grandfather Paradox then went to have several incarnations of himself go across time and space to bring a collapse to it so that Primordial Chaos can overtake reality. Lucifer only could have a sheepish face, saying, "Very impressive" as a response to such horrifying escalation. It is then Lucifer went to find Grandfather Paradox went to take the form of his God's Scapegoat form, arguably one of his vilest incarnations as proof that Grandfather Paradox wants his position badly. Lucifer went to ask why Grandfather Paradox is going so far if he just wants reality to cease and Grandfather Paradox's response is wanting benefits out of being a Lord of Chaos. Lucifer wishes to retort to such simplistic views though he has no place to criticize such thoughts.
    • The 3rd Saint Leader's general determination to get what they want and how far they are willing to go for it impresses Lucifer, especially when seeing the chaos that the 3rd Saint Leader leaves. There is also the additional factor that the 3rd Saint Leader provides many weapons to the forces of Chaos on hand, all being extremely destructive. Lucifer has to admit that having a weapon in the shape of Mara is fun to use against angels who find confusion with it. For this, the 3rd Saint Leader gets the spot of Greed in the Lords of Chaos. The 3rd Saint Leader amuses that a giant yellow lemon is not going to dictate to his gang what not to do.
    • Gilgamesh more or less earns his seat of Sloth on the Lords of Chaos by not doing anything yet still being a significant contributor to human history. As the first epic hero of humanity, Gilgamesh before he met Enkidu became an unruly king who went to indulge in so many hedonistic acts, even the gods went to despise him. This aspect of Gilgamesh embodies his freedom of humanity, despite Gilgamesh himself being mostly a deity physically. A young Gilgamesh has so much power, he could go as far as to upset the gods and then return home without worries. However, once he came to realize the responsibility he holds as his kingdom's king, Gilgamesh went to forfeit his freedoms to fufill that goal. One would think that this forfeits Gilgamesh being a champion of Chaos, but his more mature self's desire to push the Uruk people to greater heights falls in line with Lucifer's goal of improving humanity as well as him bringing independence against the gods. The reason why Gilgamesh holds the seat of Sloth is both due to his younger self's arrogance and not being considerate of the thought that he ought to improve and his older self's refusal to act independently as he once was in favor of leading his people. Lucifer is okay with both versions of the man but knows that the latter is easier to talk to than the former who dismisses everybody aside from the most formidable warriors (which Gilgamesh honors Lucifer as one).
  • Sometimes, Lucifer likes putting people through the wringer to see if they come out with the same determination they have beforehand. So he went to devise what he calls "the Gauntlet" which has a person trying to escape a seemingly inescapable building with multiple floors while fighting off roaming hordes of demons in the meantime. Also, when a demon finally finishes them off, they reset back to the first floor of the tower to do the challenge over again. The rooms randomize upon every reset, unfortunately. This torturous place can only be left if the challenger decides to go to the exit on the first floor, which is becoming more tempting with every failure. Leaving locks that person out of rechallenging it again and more or less proves to Lucifer that the persons that he is testing can have their willpower be broken. That said though, it is not like Lucifer prevents a person from joining the side of Chaos still because of if they pass or not. Not even all of the Lords of Chaos were able to pass the test. Lucifer uses it to observe how far a person may go to prove themselves, a trait that he desires to find in anybody.
  • Melkor has an entirely different view on what chaos should be. He thinks that chaos should be about the destruction and causing as much suffering in a formerly orderly world. Barbarism in a world that builds itself on the structure is what Melkor plans to do across the universe by having villainy reign supreme while those of good crumble to despair. Then Melkor will finish off creation after plunging it into a mess as the final nail in the coffin for his victory. Lucifer finds all of Melkor's ideas on what chaos fall to a rather specific crowd that he does follow but Lucifer will not contest it. If Melkor is driven by that idea then why should Lucifer argue? What makes Melkor and Lucifer enemies is that Melkor finds frustrations that good fighters who could join went to join Chaos instead and the fact that another faction exists at all rubs Melkor the wrong way. It should be good and evil, not a war that looks more confusing than an orgy! Lucifer does not regard Melkor as particularly smart with how he proceeds with things, so regards the guy as a nuisance even if they share more in common than they would like. Lucifer will never forget that one joke he went to pull on Melkor.
    Lucifer: So you say made the dragons?
    Melkor: I say? I did make them! Those propaganda pieces say I did not but they are the ones who are wrong. The media are always set against the villains even if we are telling the truth.
    Lucifer: Does that mean you like to dragon Deez Nuts around?
  • The Chaos Gods are beings that Lucifer tolerates for existing and few things beyond that. He respects that the Chaos Gods do indeed want humans to indulge in the mindsets they carry but find their forces too genocidal for his liking, to the point that they actively wipe out the intelligent species that bore them. It may sound hypocritical considering that the demons Lucifer leads also wipe out the masses of humans but Lucifer finds that violence forces humanity to grow. With the Chaos Gods though, do not give that sort of chance to anybody and just kill whoever is in their way. Lucifer actively roots for the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind to beat them as a result, to prove that their struggles against the Chaos Gods are not in vain.
  • Discord and Lucifer may sound like they would get along extremely well but they do not. The two respect the other's dedication to breaking up the sovereignty of the local Top God in favor of absolute Chaos, but Discord finds Lucifer's interest in humanity's potential boring as the only things that humans do are either be lazy or be warmongering which becomes monotonous when observing them for thousands of years. Meanwhile, Lucifer finds Discord to have a frustrating lack of motivation, not helping that Discord has become much nicer thanks to budding friendships he had made. The two like hanging out sometimes but are Vitriolic Best Buds at best while indifferent at worse to each other.
  • Lucifer went to name himself as Luka's mother several times over when he is most likely not. Luka's mother in that universe of monsters mating with young men is his equivalent, so he went to present himself to Luka as a parent with the justification that his mother is an incarnation of himself (which she is not). Aside from the pretty bad moral implications behind this, Luka does welcome Lucifer into his life even if even he knows that the whole "I am your mom" spiel from Lucifer is probably false. Luka is just happy that another person cares for him. It helps that Lucifer has his children even if he is never there for the majority of their lives until something brings them back together. Why Lucifer is so intent on being by Luka's side is obvious to anyone: he wants to see how strong Luka can become with the powers of a Fallen Angel behind himself. Alice who is Luka's wife is doing her best to not have her husband be thrust into whatever conflict that involves Chaos. Lucifer himself has a courteous relationship with what he calls his daughter-in-law, respecting her to the point that he went to consider her a candidate for a Lords of Chaos position if she were to hold any leanings to the Chaos philosophies. Unfortunately for him, Alice does not have any interest in his ambitions.
  • He does not hold anything against Madoka despite ensuring that Homura will not relinquish Madoka's goddess powers back anytime soon. Lucifer holds nothing but respect for her for getting rid of the corrupt cycle of death and essentially giving the middle finger to physics itself by becoming a goddess. While harboring no feelings of malice towards her, she and so many, and we mean many, Magical Girls despise him for what makes Homura defect to his side. He did feel a little remorse after seeing all of their morale drains. At the same time, their spiraling depression over the incident has more or less swipes away the regret Lucifer had in his mind for doing all of this.
    Lucifer: Is it not reasonable that hope is tested and shattered if found wanting?. All I see are you girls moping around and trying to pick up the pieces of what your great leader had brought. That is the dictionary example of pathetic. If you are truly strong like her, then this setback should only push your resolve! If I suddenly vanished, my forces would push on without me! Can I say the same for any of you still waiting for a savior to come like a convenience?
  • Lucifer spies upon the Doctor now and again after witnessing the Doctor will put the entirety of time and space at risk to keep humanity alive even if their decisions slight him a plethora of times. The Doctor is a Time Lord, utilizes it to simply travel the universe with the only obligations given being moral imperatives to help others. Lucifer gives nothing but the Doctor respect for the freelance style of living but also believes that as much as the Doctor teaches humanity, they will forget the lessons they learn. The Doctor only rectifies people's actions individually rather than as a whole. With so much power at the Doctor's disposal, Lucifer wishes to see that "Time Lord Victorious" bring itself out, even though the restraint the Doctor holds is also admirable.
  • Asura went to become incredibly close to earning Lucifer's Seat of Wrath but Asura went to refuse such a preposition. Asura may be an extremely strong warrior who fights against tyranny but draws the line Lucifer using conflict to better humanity. Warriors will always exist as Asura says, whether they are human or not. It is up to those warriors to either be pawns of the powerful or fight for a cause they believe in, both sentiments that Asura brings. Asura also brings up general confusion on if Lucifer knows what will happen if he achieves it. There will always be power dynamics in existence, even if every human holds the capabilities of becoming a warrior. The strong will just become stronger and while the weak have a fighting chance, they are still the weak at the end of the day. That would be like having an angry crab fight against a missile. For these reasons, Asura likes Lucifer's philosophies though does not agree with the ends that he sees as unrealistic.
  • Lucifer finally encountered someone capable of astounding even him in Shu Shirakawa, who managed to temporarily annihilate both his and YHVH's unoccupied temples with his Neo Granzon one da. Lucifer was genuinely confused as to why a man of such utter unpredictability is choosing to oppose rather than side with him. Shu for his part, claims that he finds any deity who manipulates others for their cause, be they Lawful or Chaotic, to be a great personal offense to him and promises to send him and whatever higher powers he deems distasteful to the inescapable oblivion of being sent beyond the event horizon of a black hole, someday. This did not have the desired reaction; instead, Shu only received raucous applause from Lucifer. His goal is to free humankind from the yoke of all Gods, not rule it! Should Shu manage to enact such a feat without harming the human spirit, Lucifer has agreed to go quietly into his can. Now the matter remains of proving this is possible...
  • He became quite cautious of Sora after seeing the young islander become so powerful through the bonds of others, to the point of breaking reality itself due to how strong those bonds are. Lucifer does not have an issue with unity but believes that so many bound themselves to Sora rather than breaking out individually. He awakens people's potential, and undeniability yet Lucifer finds that if people cannot find the potential on their own, then Sora's existence is a risk against independence itself. This comes from the guy who starts wars with the hopes humans would learn to fight or die trying. Sora then went off that Lucifer does not understand the Power of Friendship and that all their bonds together make everybody stronger, no matter what comes their way. As Sora went on that tirade, Lucifer found himself looking at illusions of all of Sora's allies staring back at him. Sora is that intimidating. Lucifer will at least say that Sora is a better alternative than the man who went to conceive the most insane plan alive: Master Xehanort whose true wish is to rob the autonomy of people.
  • He currently watches Bayonetta after she went on to defeat all of the creator deities in her universe like it was just another day for her alongside entire armies of angels and demons. Bayonetta respects Lucifer as he is one of the few men "who have the balls to do whatever he wants" though holds no interest in joining whatever causes he may have, whatever may that be. She did help fight alongside demon summoners for an instant though to say she is a pivotal part of the Law versus Chaos conflict is like saying that a single penny matter in your change. Well, a penny that destroys the entirety of the heavens and hell though that is beside the point.
  • Despite Gaea's mixed feelings about humanity, she's friends with Lucifer for both of them want an Earth where it is not completely enslaved by authoritarians and other powerful people that dictated their courses. If humans wanted to either destroy or save their planet from environmental disaster, then they ought to decide it as a whole rather than going back and forth on the subject as it has deteriorated. Gaea agreed so that she can finally choose to consider humans to be her enemies. All while Lucifer has also decided that war must be waged with Gaea if she has considered them her enemy. He believes that while nature's bounty must be preserved for practical and moral reasons, it is humanity's right to reap its bounty and not give back to it as Earth's most powerful species.
  • Nagato peaks Lucifer's interest due to Nagato's belief is that fear motivates peace. If there is no fear of the outcomes of conflict, then people will continue their warfare. Nagato's solution to this by committing an atrocity to deliberately instill back that fear in civilization would make it sound as if Lucifer would despise the man for wanting to hold humanity under constant threat. In truth, Lucifer commends Nagato for recognizing this nature. Humans will not do certain things out of fear of the consequences, a trend that even Lucifer follows as he is delicate when manipulating others for an outcome he desires. Lucifer does not see Nagato's plan as robbing the autonomy of others, but rather instills new motivations so that humanity may move forward to a brighter future. He may want humans to go absolutely nuts with the freedom they have, though Lucifer would rather have people be aware of realities rather than follow a miserable reality without question.
  • Moebius and his great Mind Control tendencies make Lucifer hate the computer, especially when a World of Silence where people cannot think for themselves is what Moebius desires. Lucifer several times went to hack into Moebius in an attempt not to alter his programming, instead opting to try to make Moebius consider what he wants as a person. Yes, Lucifer does have experience in hacking into mainframes. It then turns out Moebius really does want to have every person in the world under his control, a fact that Lucifer is afraid of.
    Lucifer: Ugh, this is as bad as that time with that professor-doctor-guy too. Well. Maybe not that bad.
  • There are several Lucifers in the Pantheon that he has beat in terms of influence. Generally, they all have the same opinions on every one of them and cited that while they all may be different in both motivations and personality, he held them all highly for their ambitions. Though some Lucifers have opened dialogue with Lucifer, many have despised Lucifer for having hogged all their notoriety. Lucifer only replied that it is survival of the fittest and that they all got to make a better effort to be seen more than he has. Somehow, that statement was colder than the center of Hell itself.
  • Once a long time ago, Lucifer met a unique man by the name of Joy Boy whom Lucifer would aptly call a "Warrior of Liberation" which is a title that he does not grant lightly. Centuries went to pass and Joy Boy, unfortunately, met his end, much to lucifer's dismay. However, upon seeing Monkey D. Luffy, a carefree spirit fighting against tyranny while searching for his own goals went to remind Lucifer of Joy Boy. Lucifer swears that one day, Luffy will bring a "dawn to a new era" as he put it and he cannot wait for when that transpires.
  • Lonnie Machin and V give a message that Lucifer believes that people sorely need. That message is to awaken to break away from the false realities that governments cast to bring comfort to their citizens. Many times, Lucifer sees atrocities done by governments to heighten their own power, resulting in deaths that range from thousands to billions. The citizens remain in a state of Ignorance Is Bliss because they do not want to know that their home is responsible for such things. As V borrows someone else's quote, "if our own government was responsible for the deaths of almost a hundred thousand people... would you really want to know?" No matter what culture you are from, everyone justifies harming other for The Needs of the Many when they secretly know, it is for their own benefit. Machin sees this as well with democracy, using an analogy that it is like a Discord server that silences those who do not conform to their standards while promoting themselves as encouraging. "They reduce others to further their own ends," as Anarky put it. Lucifer is aware of this mindset of being deliberately apathetic but is aware that he cannot change the minds of humans. They need to realize themselves of the world around them and he cannot force them to adopt new beliefs, otherwise, Lucifer would count himself as a despot too if that were the case.
    Lucifer: Humans will always fight and go up against each other. Those who do not fight to grab the acids of propaganda and pour them into their eyes. Just so they cannot see. A world where people comprehend worlds beyond the horizon will be quite lovely.
  • He has held an appreciation for Quackity for being able to be The Leader when it comes to raiding games and sending hordes of people to protest against those attempting to stop them, having thought of it as a lowkey revolution in a sense (even if said raids do not end with brutal ramifications). Though there is a difference between doing something in the online space and doing something in Real Life. He wants Quackity to gather his followers and storm the buildings of these game developers and overthrow them to prove that he isn't a sellout in the slightest. He hopes that one day the raider will heed his advice and start a revolution against the corporations and corrupt governments that control modern times to bring forth a new era. This does not come from Lucifer wanting to go after ATLUS eventually in the slightest, rest assured.
  • It is not as though Lucifer wants humanity to be driven towards war for no reason. He does want to be a participant himself as it is VERY ugly to deal with. However, he wants the war because he believes that it will drive humans to become stronger people. Peaceful times he feels, make people complacent. The general population pays more attention to popular culture rather than the world around them due to peaceful times, basically complaining about everything without taking action, especially when The Internet makes people believe their action has significance. Lucifer goes as far as to argue that "peaceful times" is an illusion as it will never be true as differences exist. Conflicting forces will build up arms against each other regardless, more so than they were in active conflict. When the fires break out, Lucifer knows the people are not ready. This is especially true for the Pantheon where everyone is minding their own business as giant alliances form and are readying for a multiversal conflict that nobody who is not a fighter will come up okay. To solve this, Lucifer wishes for conflict to constantly happen for people to prepare themselves for when true conflict begins. He is willing to pit the Lords of Chaos against each other to ensure that happens but does not know how to do that yet without having the other alliances blame him solely for it all. Proxy Wars are a complex thing that most moral people would not like to touch but Lucifer says he is not a moral person in the slightest.
    Lucifer: How long will it take until the era of tyrants begins? Of course, Law sits nicely that controlling thought and such, we all know that. But when will Evil start encroach to make people suffer? When will Good think that they are doing Good and just end up as controlling as Law? The people have to be strong to either fall in line or rebel against it but never just let things happen without care. It is the fate of the world around you and it is sorrowful if all you do is lie down look up at social media, giving excuses why you cannot do action.
  • "The one who rules hell and all its inhabitance, formerly known as the archangel of light. His name mean "morning star" and before he fell, was the chief of the Seraphim. With a third of God's angels on his side, Lucifer rebelled against God. He was defeated by God's superior forces, however, and in hell awaits his chance to strike again."

    Dr. Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze 
Dr. Victor Fries, God of Anti-Villainy (Mr. Freeze, Mr. Zero, Doctor Freeze, Freezy, Frost Face, Nutball, The Ice Man, Patient 24, Sub-Zero Guest)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Doll dancing in a Snow Globe
  • Theme Music: Heart of Ice Medley
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolios: Tragic Ice Character, Highly Sympathetic Villains, Tragic Figures, Those Unable to Feel Emotions, Adaptation Distillation, Mad Scientists, An Ice Person in An Ice Suit, Breakout Villain, Cold Ham, Is Mainly Motivated to save his Wife, Possesses a Freeze Gun, Love Makes You Evil, Makes a Couple of Ice Puns, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds
  • Domains: Cold, Destruction, Entropy, Retribution, Love, Tragedy, Villainy
  • Herald: Nora Fries -- nee Fields (his wife, regardless if she's either frozen, dead, or acting as the supervillainess, Mrs. Freeze), Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost III
  • Avatar: Arnold Schwarzenegger (not that he would like to admit it)
  • Allies: Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Ice King, Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan, Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias, William Baker/Sandman, Nox, Obito Uchiha, Zonda, Tenjian, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
  • Enemies: Derek Powers/Blight, The Shredder, Frost
  • Friendly Enemies With: Batman and the Batfamily (Fries himself doesn't want to admit it), Zuko, Suzaku Kururugi, N Harmonia, Reptile, Mei-Ling Zhou, Shoto Todoroki
  • Opposes: The Joker, The Ninja Turtles, Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero
  • Pities: Guts, Casca
  • Pitied By: Houses of Family and Relatives and Love and Affection, Queen Elsa, Anna, RoboCop
  • On Speaking Terms With: Terry McGinnis/Batman II, Jack Frost, Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, Walter White, Demon King Odio
  • Love is a powerful, beautiful emotion, usually considered the one to bring out the best in people as its ability to unite others is second to none in the emotional spectrum. However, much like its dark counterpart, Hate, Love can also be dangerous if taken too far and if it intermingles with Hate. Very few define this circumstance better than Dr. Victor Fries, a once-brilliant scientist from Gotham City who specialized in cryogenics, working in GothCorp, and had a loving, stable marriage with his wife, Nora. Things took a downward spiral when Nora was diagnosed with an incurable heart disease. Desperate to save his wife, Victor confined her into a frozen cryogenic state to keep her alive whilst he worked on a cure to her disease. Unfortunately, this meant that Victor had to work under shady and unauthorized positions which were retaliated upon when GothCorp personnel found out about what he was doing and were willing to terminate Victor's studies and research as well as the cryogenic that kept Nora alive. During a scuffle, Victor was knocked onto one of his cryogenic experiments, causing his body to alter and change dramatically into what can best be described as a being of ice that constantly had to have his body temperature be regularly under sub-zero temperatures. His desperation increasing as well as developing a seething amount of rage and hate over being denied the ability to save the one he loved, Victor took it upon himself to see his goal accomplished, developing a cryo-suit and a freeze gun to wreak havoc upon Gotham City and GothCorp for rejecting his pleas for support and aid, taking on the moniker of Mr. Freeze, and he would soon come into conflict against Batman and the Batfamily because of this.
  • How Freeze ascended into the Pantheon remains a mystery, which is surprising considering he is someone with a clearly defined past and motivation. At most, he claims that he learned about the Pantheon after hearing about the exploits of the Batfamily and some of their Rogues Gallery members having taken place there. The fact that he was appointed a representative via Antivillainy was something that amused him, given that not many are willing to acknowledge his motivations and relationship with his wife, Nora, instead having decried Freeze as a dangerous criminal who needs to be stopped. Of course, the Batfamily is one of the few exceptions and have tried to help out Freeze if they can, sympathizing with his plights. That said, he made it very clear that the main reason he is in the Pantheon is to see if there is a cure that can be found for his wife, whom Freeze bought in as his herald, regardless of her physical and mental condition.
  • Mr. Freeze is a strange villain to discuss. On one hand, many do agree that he is a deadly individual that has to be treaded carefully if one ever meets him. On the other hand, he's not really interested in being evil whatsoever, just deadset on wanting to nurse Nora back to her full health, but it is this love that has made him such an unfettered and terrifying foe. To him, the Pantheon is basically an outlet that allows him to pursue further opportunities for a potential cure as well as new partners and allies that he can establish to meet his own ends. The tragedy of his circumstances is not lost on a number of individuals, but helping him out has proven to be difficult as Mr. Freeze can lapse into nihilism and misanthropy on his worst days as well as kill any partners if he's sufficiently angered. When off on his villainous patrols, Freeze instead spends his time lounging beside his wife's container, tearfully mourning about the time they could have spent together had her heart disease not taken hold and always wants to remain isolated and alone at that point, with very few occasions.
  • Due to his conflicting nature of simply wanting his wife back and his cold misanthropy, Mr. Freeze has a harder time maintaining a list of allies. Even if high-business criminals like Black Mask have hired him to take care of Batman, Freeze just treats it as a job and even threatened Black Mask once their priorities differed. Even in the Pantheon, those who see Freeze's destructive potential like Doctor Octopus tend to be careful when it comes to meeting Freeze's demands, though those with relatable tragedies can actually get along with him and even make an effective team. One of Mr. Freeze's main friends in the Pantheon happens to be William Baker, the Sandman, as both usually have a Healthcare Motivation for their villainy and their main priority is simply to help their loved ones. Despite their conflicting elements, the two have a lot of respect for each other and have dedicated themselves to furthering their goals in the Pantheon together. That said, Sandman is comparatively more affable towards his opponents, seeing as trying to reason with Freeze has always been a difficult task considering his nihilistic attitude.
    • He also found some common ground with Obito Uchiha when the latter made efforts to make new allies in the Pantheon in an effort to atone himself for his past deeds. Considering both have had a point where they lost a loved one, were nearly killed, had their morale shattered due to unfortunate circumstances, and developed a twisted, misanthropic outlook on the world, it's not much of a surprise they became well-acquainted with each other, though Obito is careful when it comes to Victor's outlook, seeing as he can be a loose cannon when at his most angry. That said, Obito did think that with the right motivation, Victor can do the right thing, though had to be careful not to disappoint his expectations. After all, his own warped desire to bring back his own love, Rin Nohara, made him acknowledge how the desire for such love can make one as unfettered as Mr. Freeze, so he planned to bring Nora back in some capacity as a way to honor his partnership. On a more practical note, Obito sees Freeze's brilliant mind, determination, and proficiency in his use of ice as very effective and useful in their preparations for plans and combat whereas Victor has stated the same regarding Obito's various abilities, especially Kamui, and his tendency to make complex plans for his goals.
    • A peculiar alliance came about when Freeze learned about Zonda and her top subordinate, Tenjian, and vice versa, quickly expressing interest as, similar to Victor, Tenjian was an Adept who was persecuted simply for his nature and was forced to look after a dilapidated orphanage with failing results until all of its inhabitants died and it was just him and all that was left was Tenjian its last resident, Zonda, who's string of bad fortune would culminate in a callously uncharitable act to poison the two that led Tenjian and Zonda to awaken their powers and become misanthropic, followed by them establishing Eden. Victor isn't as hateful as Zonda and Tenjian are, but they see him as a relatable figure who was similarly mistreated and denied help like they were. They did establish a decent partnership with Freeze claiming that if Zonda and Tenjian were to employ him for their work, then they'd make sure to uphold a deal to provide funds for his tech and for medical investment to create a cure for Nora. Knowing how sincere and stern Victor was, in addition to expressing harsh desperation that they could understand, Zonda and Tenjian accepted the alliance.
    • Despite both possessing more-or-less the same weaponry and affinity to ice, Victor rarely works with Captain Cold, only doing so if absolutely necessary or if there's a mutual benefit to be achieved. This mainly stems from the fact that both have contrasting backgrounds, outlooks, personalities, and goals. Heck, even the way their freeze ways operate is rather different, given that Victor Fries is a cryogenics expert whereas Leonard Snart, while clever and skilled in engineering, is a high school dropout. As a result of their differences, both supervillains can't really communicate or relate with each other; both will steal money, but Snart and the Rogues prefer to stick to that and dominate street-level villainy whereas Snart has a totally different motivation in mind, not to mention Snart isn't the type of guy who wants to get emotional and hateful, which he sees Freeze as. And on the occasion the two do meet, they'd rather talk to someone else than each other, finding it hard to know what to talk about other than the fact that they are ice-themed villains with freeze rays. On the contrary, the other members of the Rogues see him as a useful ally and would see to working with him, though even they tend to be careful when it comes to Victor's demands.
    • Being driven to rage and villainy thanks to love is no stranger to Darth Vader, whose turn to becoming a Sith Lord in a desperate attempt to save his wife, Padme Amidala led to her death, and using this grief to further his connection to the Dark Side of the Force, becoming among the most powerful and destructive advocate of the Sith's history. Both men quickly connected and understood each other, with Vader even understanding why Freeze would rather want to cure Nora instead of converting her into something inhuman, given he hates his own predicament as a physically mangled man under a mechanical suit of armor. Victor admits that while what he himself does is already bad enough, Anakin surpasses him either way in terms of fear, infamy, and the overall destruction he's caused towards other whilst serving the Galactic Empire, though since saving his son, Luke Skywalker, from being killed by Palpatine and ascending into the Pantheon upon death, he's made efforts to atone himself, even if most people still hate him, and he's open to help Victor in his goals, understanding how it feels to be desperate over saving loved ones. Their friendship is even reflected outside of their goals as they sometimes meet up to discuss each other's well-being as well as occasional advice to help one another in their spare time.
  • To his own surprise, he would prove that he was capable of establishing a companionship with someone as an equal. Even more impressive, it would come under the form of a Legendary Pokémon, itself a very rare feat. It came about when Mr. Freeze came across Regice in the Hall of Ice and Cold, though Freeze himself wasn't too fazed by the sight of the Pokémon, given his own experience of dealing with fantastical and unusual circumstances. Though it took some time before the two realized they were Lonely Together, with both preferring to be on their own, with Freeze wanting to reminisce about his wife while Regice is solitary by nature. From there, Freeze reckoned that maybe he and Regice can provide some company together, and the Glacier Pokémon was open enough to allow Victor to allow him in his presence. He took some time to understand Regice, recognizing just how powerful and commanding it was. Freeze decided it would be beneficial to spend some time with the Legendary Pokémon, figuring that this, alongside relating to each other would allow for a potential partnership. This turned out successful as Regice recognized the lonely soul Mr. Freeze was and saw him as an equal peer, much to Victor's satisfaction. In addition to being a formidable duo, Regice also remains one of the few beings that Mr. Freeze has nothing but respect and appreciation for, though he's aware that Regice may not appreciate the scientist's more extreme actions, which he's since tried to control.
  • It's no surprise that he's seen with much pity and sympathy by the Houses of Family and Relatives and Love and Affection, given how strong Victor's devotion was toward his wife. That said, Freeze, much like with the Batfamily, doesn't really like to be seen in too much of a sympathetic light, feeling that they might milk his relationship with Nora too much. Not to mention the one time he murdered his mother due to her holding him back and mistreating him, so he feels as if he isn't deserving much sympathy either. He does often visit the Hall of Romantic Loss, though he's isolated and remorseful, even by the standards of the other residents and frequent visitors there, not to mention being second only to Darth Vader in who not to piss off. Despite this, he doesn't spend much time in the House of Despondency either as he feels that he'll be pitied too much there and it wouldn't look too good for him, though he doesn't mind finding potential allies there as well as those who can relate to his pain.
    • On the contrary, Victor ironically finds himself expressing pity towards Guts and Casca, something that he quickly noticed as he and Guts happen to be representing guardians in the same House, hence Victor expressing curiosity towards Guts's troubled mental state and motivation. He saw that he could relate to the Black Swordsman further in their desire for vengeance and their bleak outlook on life, with Freeze even condemning Griffith for what he did to him and Casca, though Guts has worked to aim for a more positive and introspective view on life thanks to his new group of friends providing a sense of hope for him. Freeze was also complimentary of Guts succeeding in curing Casca of her insanity and, as a result, doesn't want to antagonize them, which was a wise move on Victor's part, given Guts's rage towards anyone he deems a threat. That said, while Guts sympathize with Freeze's plight, he's not willing to help him as Guts believes Victor shouldn't use his loss and rage to justify harming innocents and causing collateral damage, which he does a lot of the time.
  • No matter if you happen to be an honorable villain or a utterly vile piece of work, respect your end of the bargain and focus on the objective first. Victor does not take lightly on being a disposable means to an end or his desires getting tossed aside for someone else's agenda, and this is precisely why he's come to detest Derek Powers as he didn't care for Freeze's goals just to further his own gain and power and Freeze had to die because of this. While Derek doesn't care about the fact that Victor is even in the Pantheon to begin with, the latter hasn't forgotten anything one bit and aims to kill him if they ever meet again, with the only thing getting in Victor's way is simply trying to find a cure for Nora. At the end of the day, Freeze does have a strange sense of honor that he holds rigidly and respects others if they simply respect him back. It's what made him one of the more pragmatic and sensible villains in the Pantheon, even stopping himself from hurting innocents if he can and only focusing on either direct revenge or furthering his ultimate objective.
    • That said, Me. Freeze's scuffle against Blight did allow the former to meet up and even come to respectful terms with Terry McGinnis, Bruce Wayne's successor as Batman. It helped that unlike nearly everyone else, Terry did try to help Victor in coping with his wife's death and even his attempt to run a charitable organization to honor her memory. Of course, it upset Terry when Mr. Freeze chose to die, even if Terry insisted on saving him, and it's something the future Batman had never forgotten since. In the Pantheon, Terry turns out to be the only member of the Batfamily who can directly approach and even hold a friendly conversation with Victor without initiating any sort of conflict, which speaks of how much respect the older villain has toward the younger hero, though Terry is still upset when he saw that Victor is still a villain. Even then, they still remain on speaking terms with Terry seeking to see if he can help Freeze in curing his wife, without being destructive or putting innocents in harm's way, of course, though the Tomorrow Knight does admit that this is a difficult task to accomplish.
  • He's been seen as a person of interest by Queens Anna and Elsa of Arendelle, though they try not to involve themselves too much with Victor, given his status and reputation as a criminal supervillain. Both sisters feel sorry for Freeze's predicament, which is especially apparent for Elsa as she's also commonly associated with Ice and Cold like Victor is, though she laments that while Victor does have and represent true love, the twisted perspective and misanthropic rage it's spawned is something the sisters find rather difficult to understand. By contrast, Victor respects the love and affection the sisters have for each other and for Arendelle and even expresses condolences for Elsa going through a difficult time regarding her powers as well as both sisters for having to deal with familiar grief. Of course, he chooses not to affiliate himself with Anna and Elsa as he believes they won't fully grasp the situation of his grief and that he might put some sort of negative influence on Elsa due to his obsessive desire to cure his wife.
  • Other worlds outside his own aren't a new thing for Victor, having met the Ninja Turtles and battling them on several occasions, if mainly because either Freeze was under the employment of The Shredder to stall the Turtles and eliminate a potential threat to achieving their goals to the point where he would even get a power boost via a dose of a Mutagen. Despite this, however, Freeze has a less than positive opinion of The Shredder as it's proven several times that the devilish ninja is without honor and doesn't hold his bargains, even dismissing Nora as a wasted topic to put focus on, much to Freeze's dismay and anger and has affirmed that working with The Shredder again will never be in his options. On the contrary, the Turtles, especially Donatello, expressed interest and excitement over Victor's scientific field and prowess, considering he uses diamonds as a way to power up his freeze ray, though Freeze simply sees the Turtles as obstacles to fight against. He's even clashed against Sub-Zero, who doesn't even bother to listen to Victor's side of the story and deems him a dangerous fugitive who must be stopped. Even then, both agree that Frost is too much of a threat and too contemptible for Freeze to even consider working with. She had the gall to ask Victor to help cure Nora by cyberizing her at the cost of her humanity, which only prompted him to viciously attack and call her out as a madwoman.
  • Surprisingly, he keeps good terms with Odio, the Demon King, and despite their differing goals with Odio wanting to destroy life, something that Victor doesn't agree on, they can relate to the topic of having to lose loved ones and become increasingly detached and ostracized by their societies which put a toll on their outlook and turning them into vengeful misanthropists, with Victor personally condemning Streibough for taking away Althea when Odio worked so hard to try to be in a happy marriage with her. Though while Odio has since held off from his original goal after being truly defeated, Freeze continues to carry on with his desires and he even considered asking Odio if he could accompany him to cure Nora before deciding that bringing along such a destructive being would be counterproductive and instead stuck to finding more conventional allies for this. Regardless, Freeze and Odio can hold an amicable conversation with one another anytime they meet.
    • He's one of the few people who keeps in contact with Walter White, mainly because both can understand the desire of wanting to provide for their loved ones and the lengths they will go to accomplish this. That said, they maintain speaking terms at best, partly because Walt's schemes are considered not aligned to Victor's interest and partly because Walt's ego can be rather annoying to deal with, not to mention the family excuse gradually got weaker, although Walt would confess that he enjoyed being Heisenberg for the power and authority it gave him. That said, Walt has made it clear not to double-cross Freeze because as someone to whom he could relate, he doesn't want to risk losing contact with someone like him and he's aware that Freeze doesn't like being betrayed or his ends not being met. For a more conventional ally, he sees Nox as this, greatly lamenting how he could have reunited with his family, had the accumulated Wakfu been able to travel back even further than just 20 seconds. The two made for an effective pair as not only can the two understand each other's misery, but their dead-set nature makes them hard foes to overcome.
Yes. Hell. As described by Dante, with its multiple rings. Each one is guarded by a devil. And at the bottom of the a lake of ice. I am Freeze. I was chosen to guard this realm. All that enters here turns cold, becomes brittle... and breaks

The Mediators

    The Ones 
The Ones, Divine Representatives of The Balance Between Good and Evil (The Father: The Force, The Balance, Elegast | The Son: The Dark Side, The Fanged God, Eipha | The Daughter: The Light Side, The Winged Goddess, Niphal)
L - R: The Son, The Father, and The Daughter
  • Overdeities
  • Symbol: A mural representing The Ones
  • Alignment: True Neutral (The Father), Chaotic Evil (The Son), Lawful Good (The Daughter)
  • Portfolio: Anthropomorphic Personification of The Force, Balance Between Good and Evil, Badass Family, Humanoid Abomination, Voice of the Legion
  • Domains: Light, Darkness, Balance, Force, Family
  • Superior: George Lucas
  • Herald: The Daughter: Morai
  • Allies: The Celestials, The Overseers of Time and Space
  • Enemies: All ascended Sith, The Flood, The Chaos Gods, YHVH, Lucifer, The GUAD
    • The Father: Darkseid, Thanos, Megatron
    • The Son: All of The Daughter's allies
    • The Daughter: All of The Son's allies
  • Complicated Relationship: The Entire Skywalker family
  • There's always a form of struggle in the world. Between Good and Evil, Order and Chaos, Life and Death, Light and Darkness. One of the most famous examples is with the Jedi and Sith in the world of Star Wars. But before there was the Empire, the Republic, before even the Sith and Jedi, there were "The Ones". A family of three Force Wielders, each embodying an aspect of the Force.
    • The Son: The Dark Side made flesh. Ambitious, selfish, powerful, and dangerous like all who draw on the power of the Dark Side.
    • The Daughter: The Light Side in its purest physical form. Pure, selfless, humble and wise like those who follow the light strive to be.
    • The Father: The embodiment of Balance itself. A master of both Light and Darkness, both selfish and selfless, both cruel and merciful, both wise and powerful.
  • Applies to the Entire Family
    • The ascension of the three Force Wielders did not go unnoticed to the residents of Pantheon. Almost every Jedi, Sith and member from the Halls of Darkness and Shadow and Light and Brightness had felt their presence upon ascension. Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka were the most surprised, having seen the three die. Everyone questioned on just how the three had managed to ascend, but they didn't need to wonder for long, because The Celestials had soon arrived. When both members of the Jedi and Sith had appeared in front of The Celestials, not only did they show them a vision of a Mirror Universe, but they had scanned the memories of everyone present. When doing so, they became intrigued with the Force and desired to learn more about it. And so the ancient race had enacted a plan to bring back the Force Wielders in hopes to learning more of the Force.
    • But as quickly the Celestials had appeared, both they and the Force Wielding Family had disappeared. As it turns out, the Living Tribunal had summoned them to the Court of the Gods to see what was to be done with them. Besides the usual members of the court, there were also a number of other gods that held a strong significance in both the Pantheon and Cosmic Hierarchy present, due to the sensitivity of the situation. There was much discussion on what to do with the family, as each member held a strong influence in both Pantheon and it's residents by the nature of both their existence and power. Some thought to recreate Mortis as their temple, ensuring that neither the Son or Daughter would leave and cause untold devastation in their conflict. But the idea was shot down when others realized that an outside force would indefinitely try to break them out, now that their existence was known. It was eventually decreed that the Celestials, as the ones responsible for their ascension, would be made to guard over them. This way each member of the family can move around freely, while having someone capable of keeping them in check. This benefited the Celestials as it means that they can continue to learn more about the Force.
    • Not much is known about the history of The Ones. According to a Killik by the name of Thuruht, the oldest of living member of their race, "The Ones are what the Celestials become". Unfortunately the Killik hive does not make any distinctions between fact and fiction. Anything be it fact, fiction, truth, lies, myth, rumor all are history to the Killik. Was't more interesting is that there is almost nothing about The Ones that even hint to their existence, except for a mural that leads to the World Between Worlds and the Night Sister's religion.
      • As an additional layer of mystery, despite what The Ones are and represent, all three members speak of the Force as something greater then them. Whether this hints to something about them, the Force itself, or even both still remains to be seen. The fact they aren't the only Force entities in the universe helps makes thing more ambiguous.
    • There was one thing that they family had been concerned about. Now that they were once again alive, and were brought in to Pantheon, they were concerned about the possibility of the ascension of The Mother: Abeloth. All three members decided to personally ask for assistance to deal with her should she ever appear. Learning of the danger, both the Jedi and Sith agreed to work together should the time come. The Celestials were also quick to assist as where the SCP Foundation and The Overseers of Time and Space. It's their hope that she never arrives, but the possibility is too critical to ignore.
    • It should come to no surprise that both the Jedi and Sith were heavily interested in The Ones. Their existence is was something completely new to most of them, save for a few. Each member of The Ones have a different opinion/relationship with the two orders.
      • The Father is fairly neutral to both orders, he says that the Sith are one of few who would wish to exploit the power of his family. It's very possible that he's also referring to the Jedi as well. He does have good relationship with Qui-Gon though. As he actively tries to find "balance" in the Force. Same with Revan, but to a lesser extant.
      • The Son has nothing but contempt for both the Sith and the Jedi Order. He wishes for both to be destroyed, mostly so that way there won't be anyone to oppose him in his goal to control the galaxy.
      • The Daughter has made an effort to help the Jedi as much as she's allowed to. Her presence is greatly appreciated, as are her thoughts, opinion and any wisdom she can spare. The Jedi do their best to fallow the light, and view her as a sort of symbolic representation of what they should strive to be. Like the rest of her family, she has a low opinion of the Sith Order. The reason is fairly obvious, but almost no Sith dare try to attack her. It's speculated that her main ally among the Jedi is Ahsoka Tano, with her Herald Morai, acting as a form of Familiar.
    • The Force Wielding family have a very complex relationship with the Skywalker family. Anakin, after realizing that everything on Mortis wasn't a dream, was NOT happy to see The Father again, even more so than he was with The Son. It was The Father who erased Anakin's memory about the future that was to come. Everything he would do, the monster he would become, the innocent people he would hurt, all of it could have been avoided, if it wasn't for The Father. The Father reminded Anakin that he did offer him a chance to save the galaxy, by taking his place to keep The Son and Daughter in balance. He even warned him that not taking his offer, his destiny as he put it, would have terrible consequences in the future. He even reminded him that he freed Anakin from The Son's thrall, when he momentarily gave in thanks to the knowledge of his future. As for the rest of the Skywalker family, he's relatively good terms with them. The Father even thanked Luke for is actions on stopping Abeloth. Luke in turn only has a vague memory of what he's talking about.
      • The Son and Daughter also have a complex relationship with the Skywalkers. The Son still very much wishes to have Anakin/Darth Vader as an ally to help take over the galaxy. What's worse is that not only does he have his sights on Anakin, but also his son Luke Skywalker, and his grandson Ben Solo/Kylo Ren. Anakin/Darth Vader went to great lengths to insure that he, his son, his grandson, and also his daughter Leia, to stay far away from The Son as possible. Luke and Leia will probably have a better time to resist The Son's "influence", but he fears that both his and Ben's former stance in the Dark Side may be all he needs to revert them back. The Daughter however is in a good relationship with the family, but Anakin suspects that her ability to see the future may have allowed her to know if Vader's eventual birth, which is way she kept him at a distance during their time together. After all, both The Son and The Father knew, so why wouldn't The Daughter?
    • While The Ones are very aware that the world is not Black and White, They were NOT prepared to meet Lucifer and YHVH! Lucifer, while incredibly polite and friendly, is the literal embodiment of Chaos, discord and anarchy. The Father and Daughter are considerably uncomfortable around him, unlike The Son who finds him to be enjoyable company. That said The Son still sees him as a threat to his goals and ambition. YHVH however is much, much, MUCH worse than Lucifer. A the one that is suppose to represent Law and Order happens to be one of the cruelest beings in Pantheon. This greatly distresses The Daughter, angers The Father and The Son thinks that the entire thing is actually pretty funny (though he still opposes YHVH like the rest of his family members).
    • Like many, The Ones are very concerned about The Flood. When they encountered The Flood, it was from an infected creature. They felt that the creature was a small part of a much larger Hive Mind. Out of curiosity, they entered and connected themselves with the Hive Mind. But before the present Celestials could stop them, it was already too late. The moment The Ones connected to The Flood, they learned "everything". The learned what The Flood was, where it came from, what they could do and what it has planed to do in the future. And in turn The Flood, or more specifically The Gravemind, learned everything there was to know about The Ones. What they are, what they could do, and what they knew about the Force.
    • Like an number of other Force Users, The Ones have a low and very negative opinion on the Chaos Gods. They, Son included, see the Chaos Gods as abominations to reality, and are very much willing to fight against them. With some Celestials that are still angry with their previous encounter right at their side, it doesn't look good for them. They're also a bit conflicted about Malal. On one hand, he's not only a Chaos God, but he also has a good deal ownership over their home reality. The only good thing about it is that Abeloth is also trapped inside the Retconnian.
    • Despite declaring that bringing or recreating Mortis wouldn't be as effective as it was before. The Father still asked to help bring the strange planet to Pantheon. Not recreate it, but actually bring it into Pantheon. The request was seemly granted, as many notice that finding The Ones temple is greatly difficult, as they not only have a hard time finding it in the House of Ambiguity, but people who are said to be there at the same time are nowhere to be found. Those who have a chance to actually see The Ones notice that they are no longer in the House of Ambiguity. And when they return, they notice that absolutely no time has changed at all, leading many to speculate that Mortis exist outside of time.
  • Applies to The Father
    • Representing the Balance in the Force is The Father, the patriarch of the Force Wielding family. As one may expect, he is a being of immense power who prefers to take a neutral stance. Expect in the case of total universal annihilation, where he himself will personally intervene. This is actually the reason why he imprisoned himself and his family on Mortis, so his son and daughter don't accidentally destroy the universe fighting each other. Not so much that they'll cause a war expending the galaxy, but that they don't accidentally tear all of reality apart in a direct fight. This is why he's being imprisoned as well, because he has the literal power to stop them. If the rumors are true, then the origins of The Father are that he was originally a Celestial by the name of Elegast. He would later become what is known as The Father, through a Force nexus that was known as "The Wellspring of Balance". Which would not only act as his source of power, but the source of his immortality/life, which was unfortunately destroyed in a fight between the Son and Daughter. If true, then this act explains why The Father would eventually die, seemly of old age after over a thousand millenniums later.
    • Despite The Father's neutral stance, his disdain for those who would endanger all of reality, or the natural order, for their own selfish goals clear. Darkseid would have all life in the Multiverse to bow to his will, breaking them to insure that they could never live without his rule. Megatron and his Decepticons would have all organic life in the universe destroyed, just to prove their superiority over them. Thanos would bend all of creation itself either for his obsession of death, or for his own ego and amusement.
  • Applies to The Son
    • The Son is the Dark Side in physical form, the embodiment of Power in the Force, the Rebellious Son to The Father. As mentioned before, he is the Dark Side of the Force, he is Power itself, and unlike Sidious, his claims are not boast, but facts. Like the rest of his family, not much is actually known about him and not many are even aware of him. One of the few exceptions are the "Nightsisters" who revere him and his sister as one of the "Twin Deities", he himself being known as the "Fanged God". He has this name thanks to his ability to transform into a giant Gargoyle. If the rumors are true, than he was once a Celestial by the name of Eipha. His source of Power comes from the Dark Force nexus, the "Font of Power". The Son supposedly drank from this font in defiance of his father when he and his sister were specifically forbidden from doing so. Said Font is also what sustains him and keeps him immortal.
    • As The Son is the very manifestation of Dark Side, it should come no surprise that he would show up to the Hall of Darkness and Shadow. The Son finds the Hall to be much more enjoyable than the Temple that he shares with his family. To the Evil members of the Hall, he's a relatively popular figure, whom some are exited to see. To the not so evil members he's another monster that needs to be taken down, but their very hesitant to actually confront him. He's one the most powerful Dark aligned beings in Pantheon, his very presence is like a form of corruption, and if he actually tries to approach you, his Compelling Voice is sure to finish the job.
      • It should come to no surprise that The Son would eventually encounter The Heartless. The Son seemly has an uncanny ability to control the Heartless with a mere thought. Either by a form of telepathy, or instinct, they do as he commands. One particular Heartless that The Son is interested in, is Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. The two have a sort of partnership, neither of two fully trusting of each other, but they're willing to work together. Many residents of Pantheon dread what the two could do together.
    • To the shock and horror of many, The Son went to approach Darth Maul to form a pact. The Son offered Maul the chance to destroy the Sith and the Jedi, in the condition that Maul were to swear fealty to him. To prove it, The Son gave Maul a small time limit of power he could give him. I that time limit Maul felt the full power of the Dark Side at his side, and marched towards Palpatine's temple. Maul proceeded to slaughtering all of Palpatine's men and soundly defeating his former master. The only reason Maul didn't kill the Sith Lord was because the Son took back his borrowed power. After narrowly escaping, Maul returned to The Son. While disappointed about not getting to kill Sidious, he understood the reason to what The Son did. Maul then swore fealty to his new master, The Dark Side itself.
    • Something than many may wonder, is what would have happened if The Son had successfully escaped Mortis. As it turns out, there is a reality where this actually happens. In said reality, Anakin returns to Coruscant as a servant to The Son. Both Yoda and Palpatine sense Anakin and The Son approaching. Both come together to fight against the new threat. This is telling with as how careful Palpatine had been for the many years, and how strongly the Jedi have been in searching for him. When Anakin arrived and confronted the two, he came with a literal storm that engulfed the entire planet. The Jedi Master and Sith Lord battled against The Chosen One, and lost. Anakin then declared himself overlord of the Galaxy, and The Son stood back and watched. Not needing to lift a single finger as they now ruled the Galaxy.
    • If there is one being that The Son sees as a true ally, it's Melkor. The two see much in each other, both are sons that (in their eyes) were robed of their natural right to rule over all from their father. The two would gladly corrupt all and any to their side. And they are without a doubt, the greatest evil in their home world. Some would think that the Celestials wouldn't allow such a thing to take place. But the Celestials conclude that what The Son is doing is only natural, that it's in his nature, and has yet to actually do anything that would endanger Pantheon.
    • For all his malevolence, he does genuinely love The Daughter and even The Father (albeit to a lesser degree). He was both horrified and devastated when he accidentally killed the Daughter and when he saw the Father commit suicide on the mortal plane, even though he had originally desired the latter. Because of this, he has warned the GUAE, under no uncertain terms, that he adamantly refuses to do anything that would harm either member of his family, and that trying to force him to do so would be a very bad idea. Melkor is irritated with the Son's lack of fratricidal tendencies, but knows better than to force the issue, especially since the Son already has a negative opinion of the Chaos Gods, some of his closest allies.
  • Applies to The Daughter
    • The Daughter is the Light Side in physical form, as The Son is the embodiment of Power, she is the embodiment of Knowledge and Wisdom. She is the The Dutiful Daughter to the Rebellious Son of her brother. She's everything that The Son is not, as she said herself it's in her nature to be who she is, just as it's The Son's nature to be everything she isn't. The Daughter possesses every ability that the Jedi are capable of, and many thing that they aren't capable of. Though she herself rarely shows is, and very much prefers not to. As mentioned above, she is one of the "Twin Deities" in the Nightsisters religion. She is known as the "Winged Goddess", thanks to her ability to transform into a giant Gryphon. Like with her brother and father, there are rumors about her origin. The rumor is that she was a Celestial by the name of Niphal. In an act to stop her brother after he drank from the Dark Force nexus, the "Font of Power". She bathed herself into the Light Force nexus, the "Pool of Knowledge". Said pool is not only the source of her power but also the source of her immortality.
    • Like how her brother is with the Hall of Darkness and Shadow, The Daughter has made herself to be a popular figure to the good gods of Light and Brightness. Her presence actually helps make the place even brighter, surprising as that is. As she sees the threat that her broth posses with his new dark allies, The Daughter had confronted the Keyblade Wielders for assistance, all who were more than willing to help.
    • With the Son joining GUAE, The Daughter would naturally join the GUAG. Cosmos was more than willing to let her join, while also being sympathetic towards The Daughter for having to oppose her brother. That said, The Daughter does not take direct action unless the The Son is involved. The reason is that she still wishes to fallow her fathers orders, so she primarily takes a position in the GUAG Medical Division. There she can user her Force Powers with great effect without disobeying her father.
  • Three of The Philosophy Endorsers in the House of Philosophy.

    Wreck-It Ralph 
Ralph, God of Punch-Clock Villainy (Wreck-It Ralph, Stinkbrain, Fuck-It-Up Francis, Crush-It Chris, Destroy-It Dennis, Break-It Bernie, Crack-It Carl, Annihilation Anderson, Punch-It Paul, Bang-It Burnette, Slap-It Samantha, the Dick Smasher)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An 8-bit version of his face (alternatively, Vanellope's special cookie medal)
  • Theme Song: Wreck It, Wreck-It Ralph
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, but considers himself a necessary evil due to his job. When on the job, he's Neutral Evil.
  • Catchphrase: "I'm gonna wreck it!"
  • Portfolio: Villainy as a job, not technically a villain but casted as one anyway, being a gentle and nice person who will tear stuff up if you hurt people he loves, being incredibly strong, getting into a ton of trouble, accidentally destroying things, very durable, the one who places the plot in motion, wrecking things to solve any problem., chasing after bullies
  • Domain: Villains/Heroes, Video Games, Destruction, Protection
  • Followers: The Turks
  • Allies: Vanellope Von Schweetz and Fix-It Felix Jr., Sergeant Calhoun, Jack Skellington, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Homer Simpson, Bryan Mills, Jade and Tohru, Axel, Shrek, Gangrel and Luna Vachon (Vitriolic Best Buds), The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sora
  • Enemies: All gods in the Houses of Hatred and Rancor and Villainy, Turbo, Ghestis Harmonia, Relius Clover, The Tyranids, The Dark Matter Horde
  • Former Enemy: Mitsuzane Kureshima
  • Ascended into the Pantheon after the events of his movie. He was happy to have received such a title, but still continues to do his job as the villain despite that, as it "is his duty," and in his programming to a degree.
  • Is very protective of his friend Vanellope Von Schweetz. Woe to anyone who harms her, as this is one of the few things that will set him on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. With the likes of Trollkaiger waiting in the wings, he has doubled his efforts to ensure that they don't get their sick hands on her.
    • That said, once he ascended, the first thing he did was ask the Gods to give Vanellope her own place so the two could always hang out. After reviewing her profile, they gave Vanellope her own place in the House of Gaming. The two met with hugs and insults.
  • Has been seen in something called "Bad-Guy Anon" with other gods like Zangief, Bowser and M. Bison to help go through his times as a villain "One game at a time".
    • The Bad-Guy Anon's Badass Creed: "I'm bad and that's good. I'll never be good and that's not bad. There's no one else I'd rather be...than me."
  • Despite being a "bad guy", the general consensus among the Grand United Alliance of Good is that he's not all that "bad" a "guy". In fact, several members have gone to Ralph to offer him a place in their army, since his mighty fists and good leanings means he's actually a bit more of a good guy. Ralph for his part though has declined most invitations, on the grounds that without guys like him, what good would the Pantheon be without someone to oppose the good guys?
    • After hours, though, he's quite happy to hang out with members of the GUAG and is actually fun to be around. It's only when he's on the job that he's 'evil'.
      • It should be noted though that despite being God of the Punch-Clock Villain, Ralph actually is VERY uneasy around the members of the GUAE, as he keeps telling some of the others that they "enjoy their jobs a little too much". This earns him weird looks from the more vile members, so he actually spends quite a bit of time away from the GUAE, unless he's called upon to do a job for them. He then decided to make his own temple in the House of Ambiguity, feeling that he'd be more at ease amongst the other gods here (and also because they've been requesting a babysitter to keep an eye on the Cutie Mark Crusaders)
      • Eventually, Ralph managed to find out the cause of this, since he recalled that back home, bad guys were just 'doing their job'. Within the Pantheon, influences of other medias where bad guys are really bad have been rather dominant compared to his Arcade origins, that it has affected some of his old friends that he visited in Bad Guys Anon (such as M. Bison), some say the more nefarious non-Arcade beings in the Pantheon were behind the cause (such as Nyarlathotep, Diablo, Griffith, Johan Liebert, to name a few...). There's literally nothing Ralph could do to reverse this, but to hold the memories of how they were like in his world of origin.
  • Incidentally, Ralph's main job for the villains is breaking things the Alliance of Good has created. He has been called to do combat duty a few times, but due to his dislike of actually wrecking people, he only does that job reluctantly. And in actual battles, he's been known to run around shouting, "When did being a bad guy become so violent and scary!!!!?????"
    • When he went to the House of Ambiguity, he cut most of his ties to the GUAE. He will meet up with his Bad-Guy Anonymous pals every now and then, but other than that he's on the side of good... villainy is his job, yes, but his relationships with Felix and Vanellope come first.
  • Gained a strange friendship with Jack Skellington due to them having similar stories (tired of doing their job, wishing to do something more, then going back to their jobs with renewed vigor). Vanellope finds Mr. Skellington very interesting, although Ralph is a bit weary when it comes to Jack's curiosity getting the best of him.
  • When he's not in his temple, or on the job with Fix-It Felix Jr., he's carving massive tunnels throughout the Pantheon and helping demolishing old temples. He also relaxes at Moe's tavern every now and then.
  • Gets very uneasy at the site of The Runaway Guys and Roahm Mythril. It's not because they're video game players (he's actually amazed at their skills), but he's worried about what happens if they ever figure out the power of the Konami Code seeing as it ruined Vanellope's life in the first place.
  • Gets along well with Donkey Kong, mostly due to Ralph having some similarities with the giant ape. The two are devastating in fights whenever they start chucking barrels at evil-doers.
  • Has recently become the House of Ambiguity's mediator. His jobs include: cleaning up the messes between Bulk and Skull and Sam and Max, finding jobs for the Enforcers, and talking to the Council of Three in regards to helping ascend new gods to the House. He's respected Kevin's wish to not bring his car to the House, seeing as the last time Ralph did that... the only thing that could be heard in a 50 mile radius was "MY RIDE!"
  • Vanellope once introduced Ralph to her friends, Jade, and Tohru. Ralph got along with them instantly, because Jade reminded him so much of Vanellope (although even he has trouble with Jade and her recklessness) and Tohru also was similar to him in the "Bad guy/Good guy" department. Jade and Vanellope have plenty of play dates while Ralph and Tohru often meditate about the differences of heroism and villainy or just spar with one another.
  • Became friends with Axel after they got along, due to their similar personalities and jobs. Axel even comes over to help Ralph babysit on occasion, though often with little success.
  • The Gods in the House of Machinery and Technology are becoming wary of him due to the events that took place during his second adventure. They had every right to be wary since he unleashed a virus that nearly broke the Internet.
    • Many gods felt pity on him when it's revealed how he and Vanellope have parted ways, with Vanellope heading off to an internet game known as Slaughter Race even after everything they've been through. Ralph has learned to live with the change though.
  • Has also became a summonable ally of Sora.