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Ha, got'eem!

Deez Nuts is a short video by Instagram user WelvenDaGreat. In the video, Welven calls his dad to check on the mail. Once he finally gets on the phone with him, he tells him that a package came in the mail the other day. The package in question turns out to be "deez nuts", which causes both him and his dad to laugh. The video is by far Welven's best-known work, and it has spawned several parodies and remixes.

The original version can be found here, and the extended version which adds more exposition can be found here.

Despite the video's short running time of one minute at most, it exhibits multiple tropes.


Tropes featured in the video:

  • Actually Pretty Funny: Despite falling for Welven's joke, Welven's dad still finds it funny and laughs along with him.
  • Adaptation Expansion: The extended version adds some more exposition about Welven's attempts to get on the phone with his dad and tell him the joke.
  • All There in the Manual: Welven's name isn't said in the video, and the short version (which is the most popular verison) isn't on his channel. The only way you will know who he is is if you go on his Instagram website, watch the extended version on his official account, or read about the video on other websites.
  • Aside Glance: During the video, Welven briefly looks at the camera while he's talking on the phone with his dad.
  • Bait-and-Switch: The main joke can be considered this. Welven leads his dad into thinking it's a mundane conversation about checking the mail, but he talks about "deez nuts" instead.
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  • Beat: There is about a 2 second pause in between Welven saying "something came in the mail today" and him saying "deez nuts".
  • Canon Foreigner: Stace only appears in the extended version, not the original video.
  • Chromosome Casting: There aren't any female characters in the short version. Averted in the extended version, in which Welven briefly talks to a woman at the beginning named Stace.
  • Double Entendre: The phrase "deez nuts" can be considered this, as it could either be actual nuts (that would make sense to arrive in the mail) or human "nuts" which normally wouldn't arrive in the mail.
  • Dramatic Irony: The audience already knows what Welven allegedly received in the mail from reading the title of the video (at least in the case of the short version). His dad, on the other hand, has no clue that Welven's even pranking him until he hears the punchline.
  • "Everybody Laughs" Ending: The video ends with both Welven and his dad laughing.
  • Excited Show Title!: GOT'EEEEMM!!!!!, the alternate title.
  • Finger in the Mail: If the nuts in question are human "nuts", that is.
  • Flat Character: Due to the short length of the video and the lack of a real plot, very little characterization is given to either Welven or the people he talks to.
  • Funetik Aksent: It's intentionally spelled as "Deez Nuts" to mimic Welven's voice.
  • Gender Flip: In the original Dr. Dre song, the person on the other end is a woman. In this version, however, the person on the other end is male.
  • Inherently Funny Words: The phrase "deez nuts" is this for both Welven and his dad, as it makes them laugh.
  • Jitter Cam: The camera jitters back and forth throughout the video, most likely because it is filmed with a cellphone. The extended version applies a stabilizer that keeps Welven in the same spot but moves the rest of the video to match.
  • Jump Cut: Right at the beginning of the video, there is a jump cut that goes from Welven looking at the phone to Welven briefly looking at the camera while talking. The extended version keeps this in, but moves it closer to the middle of the video.
  • Large Ham: Welven definitely qualifies with his over-the-top laughter.
  • Laughing at Your Own Jokes: Upon saying the punchline of his joke, Welven laughs hysterically and says "Ha, got'eem!".
  • The Law of Conservation of Detail: The short version provides just enough information to set up the punchline and almost nothing else. The extended version, on the other hand, includes a bit more information about Welven calling his dad.
  • Minimalist Cast: The only people in the short version are Welven and his dad. The extended version adds a woman named Stace that he briefly talks to at the beginning.
  • Named by the Adaptation: The person on the other end is only named in the extended version of the video, though they are only called "Dad".
  • Newhart Phone Call: It isn't possible to make out what Welven's dad is saying, but he can be heard laughing at the end of the video. Stace is easier to hear, however.
  • No Name Given: The other person on the phone is never given a name in the short version, but they are called Dad in the extended version.
  • Non Sequitur: The punchlines comes out of nowhere, as "deez nuts" is almost completely unrelated to anything you'd normally expect to see in the mail.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: The video consists of Welven sitting on a couch telling a joke over the phone about "deez nuts". There are no other plot points or scenes.
  • No Title: The work was posted to Instagram without an official title. Welven later posted it on YouTube as GOT'EEEEMM!!!!!, and then he later began referring to it as Deez Nuts.
  • Opening Scroll: An example of the fading variation. The extended version includes some brief text at the beginning that explains that Welven's calling to check on his mail.
  • Prank Call: The video is a prank call involving Welven telling his dad that "deez nuts" arrived in the mail.
  • Re-Cut: The 56-second version is an extended version of the original version uploaded prior.
  • Seinfeldian Conversation: Everything before the punchline is just Welven checking on a mundane package he received.
  • Short Film: The short version is only 15 seconds long, and the extended version is just under a minute long.
  • Shout-Out: The video is a reference to Dr. Dre's song “Deeez Nuuuts", in which Warren G tells a joke about "deez nuts" to a woman on the phone.
  • Title Drop: The punchline, "deez nuts", is also the title of the video.
  • Uncle Tomfoolery: Welven is the black comic relief for the video.
  • The Voice: Dad and Stace are heard, but never seen in the video.

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