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For those looking to try their hand at making music, this is the place to go. Many musical instruments and equipment are there for visitors to try and write their own song, with a recording booth to help with getting that song finished. A karaoke booth is also present for those that want to try their hand at singing.

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Greater Gods

    Freddie Mercury 
Freddie Mercury, God of Cover Versions (Farrokh Bulsara)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A bottomless microphone stand and a yellow jacket
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Heavy Mithril, Crowd Songs, Operatic Stadium Rock, fetish appeal, Porn Stache, Crowd Pleaser, Kindhearted Cat Lover, Too Good To Last
  • Domain: Music, Rule of Cool, Zoroastrianism
  • Followers: Everybody.
  • Heralds: Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor (his band members).
  • Allies: Ahura Mazda, Dudley, Darth Vader, Elliot Alderson
  • Rivals: The Tabloids.
  • Pities: Saber Alter
  • Enemies: Angra Mainyu
  • Was a personification of pure energy and talent in human form, sent from beyond the stars and heavens above to bring truly epic music to the masses.
  • King Freddie's voice is regarded as the most beautiful sound in the universe on several alien worlds and at least 3 alternate dimensions.
  • Chuck Norris' beard lives in awed reverence of Freddie's moustache.
  • Former occupant of the royal throne in the court of the fairies.
  • Will be reincarnated in exactly 300 years and become the saviour of humanity. May or may not have already passed on part of his soul into Noel Fielding.
  • In the meantime, his torch has also been passed down to one Sol Badguy, a surprisingly devout fan of Queen tasked with saving the world from an unspecified "merciless apocalypse" near the end of the 22nd century.
  • There have been plenty of sightings of him going to some high school in Japan filled with delinquents. These sightings are often of him riding an abnormally large black horse.
    • Also may have performed a private concert with a gorilla on guitar to a rather robotic student...
  • Although he has transcended unto the Seven Seas of Rhye, he still sends his love, darling.
  • For some odd reason, he's noted that Dudley has a copy of one of his old concert costumes. Dudley explained that he is actually a fan of Freddie's music, and the two got along quite well, having tea in Dudley's rose garden.
  • Is furious over Enrico Pucci and Yoshikage Kira having named their deadly Stands after his songs.
  • His faith in humanity is officially restored since the eventual ban of Justin Bieber.
  • While he tends to be cordial with everyone, people wonder why he is wary of Saber Alter of all people. It turns out that he found Saber Alter was corrupted by none other than Angra Mainyu. This has led to Freddie being very wary of her while feeling sorry for her. When asked, Freddie politely reminds everyone that he is a Zoroastrian and Angra Mainyu is the embodioment of evil in Zoroastrianism, opposite of Ahura Mazda.
  • Given he and the rest of Queen worked in Highlander, the immortal beings in the House of Life and Vitality highly revere him, and all of his Pantheon performances have the MacLeods and The Kurgan in attendance.
  • Scaramouche has a grudge on him, given Freddie is the reason why he hears "Will you do the fandango?" once a week in the least.
    • On the other hand, Freddie would rather not know if Beelzebub has a devil put aside for him.
  • Has an odd friendship with Darth Vader. This is likely because in some concerts, he piggybacked on top of Vader for an entrance. This tradition continues in the pantheon.
  • When Angra Mainyu ascended into the Pantheon, Freddie Mercury stood in defiance against the The Anti-God of his ancestry.
  • Was surprised that one of his deity fans, Elliot Alderson, looks a lot like him.

    The Presence (Song of Horror
The Presence, Eldritch Deity of the Ominous Music Box Tune (The Song, The Darkness, The Silence, The Abyss, The Requiem)
Click here to see The Darkness 
Click here to see The Silence 
Click here to see The Abyss 
Click here to see The Requiem 

Intermediate Gods

    2nd Division Symphogears 
Hibiki Tachibana, Tsubasa Kazanari, and Chris Yukine, Triumvirate Goddesses of Music-Empowered Techs (The 2nd Division Symphogears | Hibiki: Bikkie, God Killer | Chris: Zenbu)

    The Heroes of Luxendarc 
Tiz Arrior, Agnès Oblige, Ringabel, Edea Lee, Yew Genalogia, and Magnolia Arch, Deities of The Theme Music Power-Up (Default Party: Warriors of Light | Tiz: The Miracle, Hero of Norende | Agnès: Vestal of Wind, Pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy, Agnès Arrior | Ringabel: Alternis Dim, "son from another world", The Planeswarden | Edea: Knights-Captain of the Eternian Ducal Guard, Grand Marshal of Eternia | Second Party: Agnès' Ba'al Bustin' Avengers | Yew: The Soaring Falcon, Leader of the Crystalguard's Three Cavaliers, "Minister of the Right" | Magnolia: Ba'al Buster, "Princess Ariane of the Moon Desert")
Left to right: Ringabel, Edea, Agnes and Tiz
Yew and Magnolia
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Airy's Pendant, despite her real affiliation
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignments: Neutral Good overall, though Edea and Yew started out as a naïve brand of Lawful Good. She and Agnès become standard Lawful Good in the sequel.
  • Portfolio: Badass Crew, Job System, Leitmotifs
  • Heralds: The Man with the Purple Pen a.k.a. Altair, and his wife Vega
  • Allies: Cosmos, Bartz Klauser, and most Final Fantasy heroes, (Insert Name Here) (especially for Tiz and Yew), Lucina, Owain, Crono and his party, The Eight Travelers, Uriel Septim VII and Martin Septim
  • Enemies: Ouroboros, Airy, Nui Harime, Kyubey, Marx, The Crow, The Dahaka, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Bernkastel, The Dazzlings, Ember McLain, The Medic, The Pyro, Garfield Lynns/Firefly, Starjun, The Mafia Of Cooks, Darkseid, Junko Enoshima
  • Oppose: Homura Akemi
  • Opposed by: Junko (Magnolia)
  • After their epic battle against Ouroboros, Cosmos saw it fit to ascend Tiz, Agnès, Ringabel, and Edea to the Pantheon, but could not find a trope that wasn't taken. After having the Court of the Gods review their battle mechanics, it was decided that Elzam von Branstein should surrender one of his titles for them to inherit. The reason why is because their Theme Music Power-Up is more than just for cosmetic effect; it comes with stat buffs as long as the music lasts, and if another Theme plays before that, the effects stack until the song ends.
    • For his part, Elzam doesn't mind; after all, his theme song still overrides all others when he feels like it. And they're on the same Grand United Alliance anyway, so it's all good.
    • However, some time anomaly-related stuff prevented them from interacting much with the Pantheon as they shortly vanished after a while. Having acquainted himself with the party before then, Bartz decided to start a search, and got assistance from the Pantheonic Time Police of all people. As it turns out, their ascension had been a bit premature, as their story had yet to be properly concluded due to crossing multiple alternate timelines.
    • After eventually finding them again, and witnessing their further adventures, the Court of the Gods sent a few envoys, (Insert Name Here) among them, to meet with the Planeswardens, where Ringabel has since ended up and negotiated with them regarding Luxendarc's heroes that the Celestial known as the Player (who happens to be an avatar of INH) has guided.
    • And so eventually, not only were the four brought to the Pantheon once again, but two others who replaced the ones unable to participate in the second adventure, Yew and Magnolia, joined them as fellow deities.
  • The first thing that was arranged after their re-ascension (regular in the case of Magnolia and Yew) was a ceremony for Agnès and Tiz to commemorate their marriage at the end of the second adventure. Edea and Ringabel haven't reached that stage of their relationship yet, and the newcomers only just started getting together mainly due to Yew's initial inability to articulate his feelings for Magnolia until the very end.
  • Eventually had an encounter with The Player who has secretly guided them through their journeys from afar, who happens to be (Insert Name Here), and they were surprised to find that INH was (usually) a human just like them.
  • In their inventory, they carried Asterisks, artifacts that bestow unique powers to those who possess them. It is the source of all the party's Job Classes. They can also trap foes inside "asterisk space" with them to prevent their escape, though at the risk of losing their Asterisks to them should the party fall.
    • And that's why they decided to store those away to the Great Treasury; besides, thanks to their being deities, and a few favors from Bartz, they don't need Asterisks anymore to change Job Classes.
    • As a matter of fact, due to some deities being defined by their jobs, the party had also initially thought those people were Asterisk Holders, too, but things don't work that way in the Pantheon.
  • Thanks to having possessed the Catmancer Asterisk, the Second party (i.e. excepting Agnès and Ringabel) have the ability to speak to cats (at least those who can't already communicate with them).
  • Throughout their adventures, they have encountered all sorts of atrocities by way of Asterisk Holders that they've had to combat and naturally are in great opposition to similar folk in the Pantheon, even though most of the Asterisk Holders have since turned over new leaves. Particulars are...
    • Those who use healing/revival powers to prolong the pain they dish out on their victims (Holly and Geist)
    • Reckless arsonists (Ominas)
    • Those who prioritize profits at the expense of the populace, especially when it comes to water (Khamer & Profiteur Mechantry)
    • Mercenaries who either ditch their client when the going gets tough or let their greed for an exorbitant bounty win them to the bitter end (Khint)
    • Those who use their crappy childhoods to justify their misdeeds (Jackal)
    • Those who use fragrances to hypnotize those who smell it into doing all sorts of terrible things, such as being victim to Date Rape, or even getting children to kill each other (De Rosa and Mephilia)
    • Instigators of civil war and child slavery (Black Blades)
    • Those who use bioweapons, especially if there's little care for casualties on both sides (Qada)
    • Those who don't realize or turn a blind eye to their subordinates' atrocities (Braev, Edea's father). To his credit, she was meant to be their Internal Reformist, but Edea's inexperience, lack of ability to control them, and naïvete caused her to defect to Agnès instead. And in alternate timelines where she doesn't, she gets killed.
    • Those who could so so much more if they weren't too damn dedicated to a very blatant psycho (and said psycho, of course) (Victor and Victoria)
    • Those keeping alive someone who really wanted to die to end their own torment (Victor and Victoria again)
    • Those who prioritize their vengeance above all else to the point of risking it becoming cyclical (Janne and most Glanz Empire Asterisk Holders)
    • Those who can directly employ little critters for assassinations, especially if those critters are cute (Minette)
    • Chefs whose food can brainwash or even render comatose those who eat it, or worse (Angelo)
  • That isn't to say there aren't others, however. Such as...
  • The team has... issues with cute things that turn out to be evil. Long, spoileriffic story. Well, not so much for Yew and Magnolia, but they share those issues, too. Thus, they take special ire with Nui Harime. And don't get Edea started on Kyubey. She nearly gave herself a migraine trying to understand his Well-Intentioned Extremist Blue-and-Orange Morality, and the fact they sound so much alike certainly doesn't help.
  • Thanks to shards from Agnès' old pendant, the group are perfectly familiar with the concept of long-distance communication. But at least the methods available in the Pantheon are more safely portable and convenient.
  • The Default party (i.e. everyone sans Yew and Magnolia) had a collective heart attack when they thought they heard the voice of Airy in the halls of the Pantheon. It turned out it was just Yui Hirasawa of Houkago Tea Time passing through. Then they learned the fairy had actually ascended without their knowledge. They were less than pleased with the news. Yew and Magnolia only interacted with said fairy's sister Anne, not that she was any better, so...
  • Having technically "escaped" from a Bad Future timeline after failing to stop the Glanz Empire from completing its mission, which resulted in time stopping, the moon's destruction, and giant abominations rampaging all over Luxendarc, the Second party get along swimmingly with Lucina, a similar warrior who underwent a similar struggle. And Owain to a similar extent.
    • For desiring to change their history, they also get along with Crono and his friends.
    • This likewise got them in the bad side of the Dahaka. And they despise Reverse-Flash for wanting to make things worse.
    • Even if it was technically alternate dimensions rather than across time, their temporal "jumps" have drawn the attention of Bernkastel and Homura. And that certainly wasn't good, given who they are, especially given what the latter did in order to "protect" Madoka.
  • When it comes to coffee: Ringabel likes his black. Tiz takes his with milk and two lumps of sugar, Agnès drinks tea instead, and Edea puts enough sugar in her coffee that it's practically a grainy slush.
  • If an opponent has a truly good reason to oppose them, they want to know why and not simply be rebuffed for their "naivete"; too many of the bosses they fought in their home realms come off as preferring to die rather than admit their mistakes as a result.
  • An animated suit of armor isn't new for the Second party, but their first encounter with Alphonse Elric was when he was in his Animated Armor mode, and it brought unsettling memories. Thankfully, Al is a much nicer person even after the (initial) loss of his body, and he does have a human body he's since gotten back thanks to his brother Edward.
  • Having faced off against Praline a la Mode, and having possessed her Performer Asterisk themselves at separate points, the group do not take users of Magic Music lightly. Especially with Ember McLain as one of their neighbors.
  • Exclusive to Tiz:
    • Having shared the same experience of needing a long sleep to recover, even if it's for one incarnations, Link has become good friends with Tiz, and the two of them do training and teaching each other in getting better. The Hero of Hyrule also extends this to any of the Heroes of Luxendarc if they so wish.
    • At least one person has asked Tiz about New Norende's potential..."black market" connections given all the extremely rare items the party earns/buys from them as the town slowly gets restored. He doesn't get what they're implying.
    • Possibly has some form of Jedi Mind Trick that lowers the rate of Random Encounters.
  • Exclusive to Agnès:
    • As someone whose pilgrimage of prayer on behalf of a religion also held surprising dark secrets, she gets along well with Yuna.
    • Has favorable relations with Good-aligned deities in the House of Faith duento her tenure as a Pope.
    • Used to be a vegan, but eventually abandoned this after a long period out at sea with little to eat, and being forced to subsist on fish and being broken out of her mindset by Ringabel.
    • Is painfully aware of her lack of sense of direction and always tries to have a buddy whenever she's going anywhere. At least she isn't stubborn about it like Ryoga.
  • Exclusive to Ringabel:
    • People who know about his previous life as Alternis find it confusing as to how be became The Dandy when he was never so much as one before. It's implied that after his amnesia hit, Ringabel read his journal full of flowery declarations of love for Edea, and assumed he must be a dandy.
    • As a fellow Chivalrous Pervert who is very carefree but has a case of Hidden Depths as well as a case of amnesia that prevents them from remember where they came from as well as being quick in battle and being craft, not to mention being from a world different from where they were introduced in, Ringabel hits it off very well with Zidane.
    • During the party's brief time in the Pantheon before disappearing for a while, Ringabel spent a good amount of time in the house of Love and Affection, much to Edea's chagrin. Nowadays, he still goes there... this time, with her, as she insisted on making up for all the lost time he's been away as the Planeswarden, and will be for the third adventure with all sorts of... activities, and she'll pull him back on track should he get distracted.
  • Exclusive to Edea:
    • Squall Leonhart was among the first to visit her, assuming that his Matron had arrived. Of course, it was quickly shown to not be the case, but if Cosmos saw the party worthy, he would evaluate them for himself.
    • Despises those who use Just Following Orders as an excuse for committing atrocities.
    • Is such a terrible cook that someone she cooked them food to fed it to a dog, which gave it to a cat, which dumped it to a crow. Thankfully, she's not touched Mystery Food X, and she at least has the foresight to know even that is not something meant for eating.
    • In her endeavors during the Glanz Empire's attack, she had to learn to make hard choices when it comes to politics, relief efforts, people's life choices, The Needs of the Many, and so on. Some choices had no right answer, some had clearly wrong answers, some manage to solve both problems, and she sometimes remembers making choices purely based on the Asterisks offered. Eventually, she also takes her father's place as Eternia's Grand Marshal.
  • Exclusive to Yew:
    • In his first days in the Pantheon, Yew was immediately onto recording everything he could in his journal (and even had to purchase new ones after those were full).
      • And after hearing of the House of Knowledge, he spends most of his time there if he's not with friends. Somehow, he's popular with the (non-taken) ladies there, even if he's already taken by now.
      • During one of his research sessions there, he heard a kid who knew him call for his name and asking for help in a school problem. He decided to come over and help... as did a silver-haired teenager barely older than him and who sounded just like him. Turns out his name was also pronounced the exact same way, and since both were already here, they tutored the kid, and eventually parted as friends. They would eventually meet again at the House of Combat while sparring with other folks, and that's how Yew learned about Personas.
    • While Yew's food tastes good, his cooking lacks variety, as all of his dishes are loaded with garlic and he only uses simple sauces.
    • Doesn't like Liquid Snake for not only his desire to spend chaos and shatter peace, the fact that he sounds like his brother doesn't help. Liquid likes to taunt Yew on occasions when they're in the same area by screaming "BRRRROOOOOTTTTHHHEEEEEERRRR!" at him.
    • As a Giver of Lame Names, he's never permitted to name things ever since it was revealed that he named the party's ship, which was also a bath house, the Rubadub. And that was the least lame name he had planned for it.
    • Ever since getting shot from halfway across the world by Aimee Matchlock, the more implausible a sniper's skill is, the more Yew is afraid of them, only less so if the sniper's on the good side.
    • It's hard being from a family that has done plenty of atrocities. As such, he gets along with the likes of Maria Robotnik, Lars Alexandersson, and Varric Tethras, fellow White Sheep in their families.
    • But most prominently, there's Go Shijima, whose father Tenjuro Banno, committed crimes so great that Go not only has to bear them, but also punish his dad for. Tenjuro also proved to be a bad father to him and Kiriko.
    • That said, there are also some "gray sheep" Yew cannot condone the actions of, such as Lelouch and his bloody rebellion, as well as his final Genghis Gambit.
    • Doesn't like those who reached their high station by way of connections, but respects those who earned it via their own merits (even if Yew did have noble blood to support his own standing at Al-Khampis). That said, he can't support a full-on meritocracy like what Yamato Hotsuin desires.
  • Exclusive to Magnolia:
    • As someone who came from the moon, she gets along with some deities dedicated to it, and opposes all who seek to destroy it as it had already been done in one failed timeline.
    • Only Yew knows her real name as people in the Moon only tell it to the one they marry. Not even the Celestial (the Player) knows, since they're not marrying Magnolia.

    Suite Pretty Cures 
Suite Pretty Cures Members , Quartet Goddesses of Magical Music (Hibiki: Cure Melody; Kanade: Cure Rhythm; Eren: Ellen, Cure Beat, Siren; Ako: Cure Muse)
The Suite Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Beat, Cure Rhythm, Cure Muse, and Cure Melody.
Crescendo Form 
  • Intermediate Goddesses (Greater Goddesses in Cresendo Form)
  • Symbol: The Suite Pretty Cure Symbol and their Fairy Tones
  • Theme Music: "La! La! La! Suite PreCure!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Eren was originally Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Music, Magic, Combat
  • Heralds: Hummy and the Fairy Tones
  • Allies: Every other Pretty Cure within the Pantheon, 2nd Division Symphogears, Madoka Kaname, the Sailor Warriors, Keroberos, Satoko Houjou, Pantheon, Chun-Li, Mai Shiranui, Väinämöinen, Tobias, Zuko, Aqua, Yurika Kirishima, Rise Kujikawa, Haruka Kotoura, Satori Komeji, Makoto Naegi, Chase/Kamen Rider Chaser, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask, Koneko Toujou, Sapphire Rhondanite, Yuzuko Nonohara, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Courtney Gears, I-No and most other evil people in the House of Musicality
  • Conflicting Opinions: Himeko Kurusugawa & Chikane Himemiya (Kanade and Hibiki)
  • Aside of their Precure designation, they're the magical counterpart of the Symphogears, right down to fighting 'creatures' known as Noise, both having a member named 'Hibiki'. Also, Kanade shocked Tsubasa because she had the same name as her respected, deceased partner. However, the vast difference of their personalities made her shock just last about 1 second. Ako also founded interesting that they also know a person name Shirabe. And while there's no one with the name Eren that the Symphogears know, most think it's a matter of time before that change.
  • While they're no singers, all four of them are capable of playing musical instruments well. They also guard a sacred 'item' called 'Melody of Happiness', a song that is able to bring and happiness if sang. They can at least play the instruments.
  • Before ascension, it's known that both Hibiki and Kanade bicker a lot. They still do, occasionally, but they never let it get in their way to achieve their goals, whatever it is (mostly kicking evil's ass)
  • Nearly anything Hibiki does, she's betting her woman's pride on it, giving her extra drive in what she does.
  • Kanade likes to visit the House of Food, baking sweets and showing everyone there her recipe of motivation. So far, she's receiving positive reception. Especially from Keroberos.
  • They once mistook Usagi/Serena as 'Hummy's humanoid form' due to their voice and similar naivete. Of course, that got straighted out quick, but Usagi/Serena promises to introduce them her own cat familiar one day. Kanade instantly wants to know what kind of paw the latter has.
    • Kanade finally got the chance to feel Luna's paw once she ascended. She was absolutely in bliss.
    • Later on, it seems that Usagi herself has been eyeing on Hibiki herself. She says that her friend Makoto has been sounding like Hibiki...
  • After finding out the Black Hole was in the GUAE's possession, Hibiki nearly went into a panic attack, remembering what had happened the last time they dealt with him. However, she and Kanade were quickly reassured that, as long as the GUAG and the Magical Girl Sisterhood still stood, they wouldn't have to perform such a traumatic sacrifice again.
  • It's been asked before, but no. Hibiki has no relationship with Teppei Houjou. And really, just hearing his 'exploits' can make her explode and yell that he's embarrassing her with the same surname. Until she received the help of one Satoko Houjou to kick his butt.
  • At one point, Kanade was shocked that there's this muscular Spartan-like warrior, Pantheon, walking to her house. When asked about his business in the house, she was surprised that Pantheon actually asks her to teach him how to make tasty cupcakes for his 'dream profession' as a baker. Glad that's out with, Kanade willingly taught him her recipe of determination, because reaching out for dreams is very important.
  • Both Hibiki and Kanade are bit conflicted about Himeko Kurusugawa & Chikane Himemiya, more about latter. This is because of Chikane raping Himeko so she would hate her enough to kill her so she could die in Himeko's place. It's a very touchy subject for all four.
  • Eren was once ascended as the Good Counterpart to I-No's Musical Assassin. The two still clash despite losing the title.
  • Eren was once an enemy towards Hibiki and Kanade until she made a turn for good. This makes her very close to fellow Pretty Cure Setsuna Higashi and Regina who also were bad until they became good.
    • This also makes her very sympathetic towards other deities who change to good like Mitsuzane Kureshima and Chase.
  • Eren once visit the House of Love and ran into Peko Pekoyama, who mistook her for Junko Enoshima and tried to attack her. Thankfully, that was cleared up, but it left her with a massive hatred of Monokuma.
  • Occasionally, Eren can be seen reading in the House of Knowledge, although most of the books are on how to not act like a cat.
  • Ako was once a former follower of Koneko Toujou before ascending into the Pantheon. The two are still close, and occasionally meet with each other in the House of Music.
  • Kanade knows that Ako is dating her younger brother Souta. Even the other ascended Pretty Cures are impressed with that one to the point of Squeeing. This cause Ako to blush furiously.
  • Due to some similarities between them, Ako is on good terms with Chibiusa Tsukino, and occasionally spends time with Mamoru Chiba due to both of them playing semi-similar roles in the past.
  • Black Star isn't sure why Ako thinks that he sounds kind of familiar
  • Upon hearing about the ascension about an old man called Väinämöinen and his feats of magical music, they feared that he might try to do something for them. However, he had no intention to harm them or anything like that, and even acts as a sort of mentor for them. If only they would understand him most of the time...
  • Can also be found in Magic Casters.

    Wolfgang Krauser 

"I'll chisel your gravestone! Sleep well!"

Wolfgang Krauser von Stroheim, German God Of Foreboding Dies Irae Leitmotifs (Earl of Stroheim, The Stroheim Strongman, The Emperor of Darkness, The Sovereign of the Darkside)
Krauser, as seen in Fatal Fury: The New Battle 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Armor and Cape. Alternatively, his massive organ
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain (or rather, Noble Anti-Villain), Armor Is Useless, Badass Cape, Big Fancy Castle, Blood Knight, Blue Blood, Canon Immigrant, Challenged And Killed His (and Geese's) Father At 15, Combat Pragmatist, Contrasting Sequel Antagonist, Defeated Geese At The Age Of 8, The Dreaded, Driven to Suicide, Good Scars, Evil Scars, Graceful Loser, Hunk, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Let's Fight Like Gentlemen, Lightning Bruiser, Named After Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Noble Demon, Shirtless Scene, Spirited Competitor, Token Good Teammate (Unless You're His Opponent), Wicked Cultured, Wrestler in All of Us
  • Domains: German Nobility, Fratricide, Power, Classical Music, Chivalry
  • Herald: Lawrence Blood (Krauser's right-hand man and Security Chief)
  • Family: Geese Howard (elder half-brother), Rock Howard (half-nephew)
  • Friendly German Deities Include: Siegfried Schtauffen Hildegard von Krone
  • Allies: Dudley, Helena Douglas, Lili de Rochefort
  • Rivals: Terry Bogard, Joe Higashi, Rugal Bernstein, Steve Austin, Zinyak, Saxton Hale
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Vega, Akuma, The Shredder, John Kreese, Tai Leung
  • No Relation To: Jack Krauser
  • Fan Of: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (as he is an admirer of his work), Ludwig von Beethoven (to a lesser extent)
  • Opposed By: King Dice, Wario, Gild Tesoro, Tsunade Senju
  • Worthy Opponents: Kazuya Mishima, Ryu, Sagat, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Ryu Hayabusa, Zangief, King II
  • Persons Of Interest: Kazumi Mishima, Damian Wayne, Cassandra Cain, Urien
  • "I've been waiting for you. It seems you're delighted by my invitation. I'm the sovereign of the darkside, Wolfgang Krauser. I can't remain silent if you say you're the strongest in the world. I'll beat you to build my legend." If there was one person that Geese Howard hates more than that "pin-headed son of an ice cream maker", it's his little half-brother, the Earl of Strolheim, Wolfgang Krauser von Stroheim. The last Geese heard of his half-brother, Krauser had leapt to his death following his loss at the hands to Terry Bogard. Upon hearing the organ music being floated upon the winds of the Pantheon, its clear to the deified crime boss that those rumors were completely unfounded, as it is made clear that the Stroheim Strongman has made it into the Pantheon. This also has not gone unnoticed by Terry Bogard and Joe Higashi, who took the news of Krauser's ascension with growing dread, more so for Joe, as one past encounter with Krauser left Joe with 2 dozen broken bones. Joe took comfort that not only Terry beat Krauser in the rematch, but also came up with his signature super move, the Power Geyser. Terry now knows that a rematch against Krauser is all but inevitable at this point.
    • The one thing that attracts Krauser's attention is the number of warriors that make The Pantheon their home. The warrior's blood within Krauser began to boil as he anticipates the battles that are to come. Kicking in Geese's teeth and getting his rematch against Terry Bogard is at the top of the list, sure, but there are other warriors that have piqued his interest. "So many fighters, so little time," Krauser muses. Several of the World Warriors have piqued his interest, among them the warriors of the Ansatsuken School, with Gouken and his brother topping the list. Those who participated in Ultratech's fighting tournament also have his attention, primarily the winners of the first two tournaments, Black Orchid and her brother, Jago. Sure Terry was able to bag Mars, the God of War, but to beat an otherdimensional being is something that doesn't get by Krauser. Finally, there are the Ascended Kombatants. While Krauser sees Johnny Cage as a buffoon and his daughter as a brat, beating down a fallen Elder God has earned them a modicum of respect from Krauser. But Krauser is interested in testing his mettle against Liu Kang's chosen warriors in his New Era, with Raiden topping the list. When asked about the Fire God's champion, Krauser replied, "The kid's got spunk. I hate spunk."
    • What bonds Krauser and Geese is that their father is the notorious Austrian-born terrorist, Rudolph Krauser von Stroheim. Before marrying into royalty, Rudolph was romantically involved with Maria Howard, Geese's mother. Then, Rudolph abandoned both her and Geese following Geese's birth. Rudolph ended up marrying into nobility, and took on the von Stroheim name. Krauser's first encounter with Geese came when he was eight and Geese was fifteen. Yes, Krauser thwarted Geese's assassination attempt on his father when he was around the same age Damian Wayne was when he took on the mantle of Robin. It was a loss that stayed with Geese, as he never got a second chance to try and kill his father, as Wolfgang beat him to the punch, killing his father seven years later. Geese felt as if he was robbed of his vengeance, but to Krauser, it was nothing personal.
    • Speaking of Damian Wayne, the Son of the Bat and his adopted sister has sparked Krauser's interest. When one thinks about it, their Upbringing in the League of Assassins was nearly similar as to his own childhood under his crook of a father. Rather than to draw the ire of the Batfamily, the al-Ghuls and Lady Shiva, Krauser opts to monitor the growth of Orphan and the fifth Robin. Despite not being of noble blood, Krauser and Dudley are friends... and rivals in the ring. Krauser complimented The Gentleman Boxer, saying that his boxing and technique were indeed "formidable." However, the same repect can not be said in regards to Vega. Despite being of noble blood himself, Krauser pointed out that Vega was vain and egotistical... and batshit insane. While a man of honor, Krauser is also a ruthless pragmatist, and has no problem putting Vega or his boss in the dirt, if Bison challenges him. "For Bison, the day he challenged the Emperor of Darkness will be for him, the fight of his life," Krauser intones."Aber für mich... es war Dienstag." Bison, on the other hand, sees this as a challenge.
  • The first thing that people hear about Krauser (mainly through Geese, as an attempt to defame him) is that he offed his father, something that is mostly looked down on it the Pantheon. However, it was Dudley, of all people who came to Krauser's defense. Krauser did not deny thar he killed his father in order to take over the family, and while his intentions were selfish, Papa Krauser was a notorious terrorist. That in itself earns Krauser a pass... from most people. Krauser has attracted the attention of Kazuya Mishima. Like Krauser, Kazuya himself dabbled in a bit of paternal murder by killing his own father and then chucking him into a active volcano to ensure that Heihachi wouldn't be coming back. But Kazuya's attemps at killing Jin Kazama is going a bit too far, even for him. Kazuya could care less what Krauser thinks. Yet, the stage has been set for the day when the Emperor of Darkness and the Iron Fist of Darkness will cross not only paths, but to also test their fists in the heat of battle.
  • Krauser has a love for classical music, especially if it's anything composed by his namesake, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. So when he discovered that Mozart himself was not only in the Pantheon, but also continued to give performances at the Pantheon's various concert halls, the first thing Krauser did was to reserve a ticket for his next performance. Afterwards, Krauser invited Mozart to his temple, if only to let the famous composer hear him play the organ. Krauser sees himself as not a rabid fan, but rather, an admirer of Mozart's work. That much is clear, given that Krauser is named after him and has an actual orchestra (and sometimes, an accompanying choir) inside his castle/temple playing Dies Irae whenever he fights. Even though it wasn't necessary, Mozart gave Krauser his blessings in regards to his continued use of Dies Irae as his fighting theme. The fact that Mozart not only listened to Krauser play, but to also give his blessings has humbled the German strongman, a feat that shocked even Geese and Terry.
  • Krauser is something of a different breed when it comes to hosting a martial arts tournament. Most of the time, the hosts are either crime bosses (M. Bison, Geese and Rugal), overly ambitious underlings (Zero and Shang Tsung), power-happy overlords (Shao Kahn), outright megalomaniacs (Ignitz, Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama) or false messiahs (Gill and Leopold Goenitz), Krauser simply enjoys a good fight, hence his hosting the second King of Fighters tournament. This puts him into the same category with the deified DOATEC boss/opera singer, Helena Douglas, who also hosts the Dead or Alive Tournaments. Intrigue and M.I.S.T.-related antics aside, Helena hosts the tournaments because it's good for business. As it turned out, Krauser was a fan of Helena's mother, who was also a opera singer, and Helena is just as skilled as her mother. Thankfully Krauser is an admirer and a gentleman, and respectfully keeps his distance. Helena, for her part, is grateful that Krauser isn't a rabid fan, as she and her late mother had their share of loony fans. While put off by his reputation, Helena can admit that Krauser has no ill will towards her, which puts her ninja allies at ease.
  • Despite his brutality in the ring, Krauser is actually the epitome of German nobility. The Strolheim Strongman is actually a pretty mellow fellow once you get to know him... provided that you are not his opponent in the ring. An accomplished musician, Krauser plays the organ - one of his many talents - on the anniversary of his father's death, the only one time he feels 'sentimental.' Krauser is no slouch when it comes to combat, and his presence in the Pantheon has put the fighting community on notice. For Krauser, it shows him that there is a world outside of the King of Fighters Tournament. First things first, though, he wants to kick Rugal Bernstein's teeth in for stealing his Kaiser Wave. While inferior to his own technique, Krauser won't forgive Rugal for the slight. Ever. Second, he would like to test his fists against any and all competitors that catches his eye. He was bummed that he missed the brawl between the Garcia Concern and the Masters Foundation, as well as the following dust-up.
  • While incredibly stingy with his cash, Krauser is very adept at gambling. In fact, it's his special skill. It also earned him the ire of the Pantheon's most notorious gamblers. Tsunade Senju ended living up to her nickname of 'The Legendary Sucker,' as Krauser drained the Godaime Hokage of her cash. Then, out of his own amusement, Krauser hit the town, raiding the Pantheon's various casinos, starting with Wario's establishment. Then, after winning a crapton of money (and punting Wario when he tried attacking Krauser), Krauser made his presence felt at King Dice's establishment. You know you made an impression when you nearly bankrupt the Devil's right-hand man by beating him at his own game, which is what Krauser did. Finally, Krauser visited Gild Tesoro's ship casino. Despite being warmed by both Wario and King Dice, Gild ended up losing a lot of money to Krauser. While not as bad as Wario and King Dice, Gild will most definitely feel the pinch. Now, Wario, Dice and Gild are conspiring to rob Krauser of his wealth and leave him broke as payback for cleaning them out of their ill-gotten cash. Tsunade just want to knock Krauser's head off his shoulders. Which, in retrospect, is kinda funny, as Krauser had originally hosted the second King of Fighters tournament with the goal of stealing Geese's fortune, along with the global acknowledgment of being the world's strongest warrior.
  • Krauser's fighting style is known as the Stroheim Fighting System, taking inspiration from the Medieval German style of Kampfringen and the Ancient Greek style of Pankration. One can say that Krauser was the forefather of mixed martial arts, as he combines grappling and wrestling techniques with hard, powerful strikes. This has drawn the attention of the Pantheon's wrestling community, none more so than Zangief. The burly Russian surprised even Krauser when the Stroheim Strongman found the Red Cyclone in one of the Pantheon's numerous libraries, deep in a book on the history of wrestling. "There is no use having body of iron without mind of iron, Comrade Krauser," Zangief had told him. "It is why I read 300 books a year. If mind is strong, the body is strong." But what surprised Krauser is that Zangief is an accomplished author, having written the book Wrestling Revolution, of which Krauser himself had read. There are some parts in Zangief's book which Krauser disagreed on, but all in all, Zangief's book is a very good read. And Zangief himself is a good sparring partner to Krauser. He also has a high degree of respect for King Jr. and his predecessor, the original King, for their using their wrestling earnings to maintain the orphanage. "Very chivalrous of you," Krauser commented as he and King sparred in the ring one day, Krauser using only his grappling and wrestling techniques. "Very honorable indeed."

Lesser Gods

    John "Scatman" Larkin 
Ska-badabadabadoo-belidabbelydabbladabbladabblabab-belibabbelibabbelibabbelabbelo-doobelidoo I'm the Scatman!

John Paul Larkin, God of Scatting (Scatman John)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Theme Song: Too many to count, but his most remarkable ones are Scatman and Scatman's World
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Old Guy, Disability Superpower, Motor Mouth, One-Man Song
  • Domains: Music, Singers, Scatting, Disabilities
  • High Priest: Scatman Crothers
  • Allies: Porky Pig, Epic Sax Guy, SiIvaGunner, Mario, Jazz, Lisa Simpson, Mozart and Beethoven, Rowf the Dog, Kaede Akamatsu, Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, The Blues Brothers, God
  • Dislikes: Scaramouche
  • Odd Friendship: Scáthach
  • Adored by: Gods from Europe and Japan
  • John Larkin, AKA Scatman John, was a famous musician who was remarkable for how he took advantage of his Speech Impediment to make music, which actually made him quite good at scatting. While he passed away on December 3, 1999; the legend of Scatman lived on and was strong enough that he was raised as the god of Scatting.
  • John was amazed by the oportunities that the Pantheon presented but he first decided to get to know his assigned house and meet other deities. Scatman has a very optimistic outlook on life even if he hadn't the easiest time living with his stuttering and many people appreciate that aspect of him.
  • His temple is officially labelled as "Scatland", a land where war and sadness do not exist and everyone gets along. On the outside his temple looks normal but those who John have personally invited for a tour have seen that Scatland is a lot Bigger on the Inside, with Scatman taking his sweet time making his temple be as welcoming to other deities as possible.
  • Scatman John never expected Porky Pig to be a pantheonic deity and given his similar stuttering the two became friends and Porky finds John's story very heartwarming. He also heard from him that his friend Daffy is a pretty good pianist sometimes so John is eager to learn of Daffy's ability.
  • Originally performed as a Jazz pianist to be involved in his passion while hiding his stuttering. Scatman John has since grown from that phase and is willing to sing more often and his connection to Jazz landed a very unlikely fan in the form of Jazz the Autobot, who is a huge fan of Jazz in general and he found John's music to be wonderful.
    • John also ended up befriending Lisa Simpson after she noticed his story mirrored the one of her deceased mentor Bleeding Gums Murphy. Scatman believes Lisa could become an accomplished saxophonist if she really puts effort and she appreaciates how kind he is.
  • John is a devout christian and prefers to not be called a god. While they belong to different genres, he and the Blues Brothers are good friends and he often joins them in their mission if he can help them in any way. Speaking of the almighty himself, he has come to respect certain versions of him and wonders if he believes he was a good man all along, which God responded by reaffirming John he indeed was a good man.
  • Scatman has broaden his horizons in terms of music as he has collabed with a colorful bunch ever since he got here. He learned of SiIvaGunner using his two best known hits as samples for his High Quality rips and John is just happy that his music brings joy even if that can be very bizarre sometimes. He also ended up teaming up with Sergey Stepanov, the legendary Epic Sax Guy, in order to release a new jazz album featuring the instrumentals from the latter.
  • While he is best known for his scatting and surprisingly catchy tunes, John is still a respected pianist when he decides to take a break from singing. He ended taking some classes from the legendary composers Mozart and Beethoven in order to improve and he even has given some pointers and listened to other skilled pianists like Kaede Akamatsu and Rowf the Dog. There was also two young musicians in particular that caught his attention were Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, who in many ways mirrored Scatman's story from Kousei's troubled upbringing to Kaori's illness and being an optimistic person regardless of that. The two respect him a lot for managing to achieve what he did even if he was approaching his twilight years.
  • While John may be one of the friendliest deities in the pantheon, he does understand there is bound to be a few bad apples. Case in point, Scatman is not a big fan of Scaramouche given that he uses Scatting for very evil purposes but at least has complimented his abilities at least. He wouldn't mind working him if he wasn't a hired assassin.
  • He is aware that the term "Scat" has picked up another meaning over the years and had to clarify that his name is related to musically scatting. He shares this burden with Scáthach, who possibly has it worse since that's her real name. She finds John to be quite a heartwarming fellow and acts a lot nicer to him that she is otherwise, especially for trying to make the world a better place.
  • Apparently his scatting has been linked to Mario of all people, particularly on some of the 64 bloopers according to certain sources. As a fellow good-natured moustache man, John doesn't mind it and is good friends with Mario.
  • Notably for being really popular in Europe and Japan, not only for his most famous tunes being Eurodance but in Japan he even released exclusive tracks that not many people have heard. He tries not to let his fame get to his head and still plans to invite all the good souls to join him on Scatland.
  • "I welcome you to Scatman's World."

    Maestro Forte 
Maestro Forte, Godly Embodiment of Ominous Pipe Organs (Forte, Maestro, Big Old Windbag, Evil Gay Organ)
Click here to see his human form 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Green glowing music notes
  • Theme Song: "Don't Fall in Love"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: cursed to live as a pipe organ, composing "gloomy" music and proud of it, obsessed over being appreciated, desiring to be very close to his master, very good at manipulation, hamming it up, bringing the house down, deliberately designed as CGI
  • Domains: Music, Pipe Organs, Gloominess, Craft, Manipulation
  • Followers: J. S. Bach, Prime Evil, Van Grants
  • Allies: Ganondorf, Davy Jones, The Grand Duke of Owls, The Nostalgia Critic, Jack Skellington, Gomez and Morticia Addams
  • Enemies: Sora, Gaston, Eve Santaclaus, Nicholas Saint North, The Mad Piano
  • Opposed by: The Beast, Walt Disney
  • Opposes: Belle, Pennywise, The House of Love and Affection
  • Conflicting Opinion: with Erik
  • Ascended to the Pantheon some time after his demise, retaining his cursed pipe organ form. However, not many realized this at first since he prefers to remain at his temple at all times while composing music. It's not like he has much of a choice though, since he is... well... BOLTED TO THE WALL!
  • Has a rather complicated relationship with Belle and The Beast after he went berserk and attempted to destroy The Beast's castle with them in it. On the one hand, The Beast furiously opposes Forte because of his past actions and would rather have him evicted from the Pantheon. On the other hand, Belle sees his ascension as an opportunity to make Forte see the error of his ways and hopefully have him and The Beast become friends once again.
    • However, Forte himself greatly resents Belle and has declared that he would rather have nothing to do with her, blaming her for his downfall and for the end of his friendship with The Beast. Meanwhile, Forte has refused to speak with The Beast himself for unknown reasons, and while most believe that it's because he's bitter towards The Beast for effectively killing him, some others suspect that it's actually that he's too ashamed of his previous behavior to face him again.
  • Officially disowned by Walt Disney himself due to the fact Forte originates from a sequel to one of his company's animated movies. Pointing out that it's technically an Interquel hasn't changed his mind one bit. While personally offended, Forte has refused to bring attention to the matter.
  • Being technically a Disney Villain, he was instantly considered as an enemy by Sora upon his arrival, specially once The Beast told him of Forte's previous actions. While Belle has spoken with Sora about her plans to maybe redeem Forte, he remains wary of the organ. Regardless, Forte holds Sora in content and has said that he would prefer if the boy stayed away from him.
  • He has been approached by other Disney Villains who hoped to find a new ally in him. However, most of them have turned back upon learning that Forte's confined to his temple and thus of little use to them, while others have ridiculed him as "not a real Disney Villain" because of the fact he originates from a Disney sequel.
  • Surprisingly, he's in good terms with The Nostalgia Critic, who praised Forte's design and branded him one of the few good elements in an otherwise forgettable Disney sequel, something Forte has taken much pride about. Ironic considering that one of the Critic's close followers hates Forte and his origin movie with a passion and gave him the Fan Nickname "Evil Gay Organ", much to Forte's irritation.
  • Since his fall from grace came thanks to Belle trying to bring Christmas back to The Beast's castle, Forte has seriously grown to despise anything Christmas-related. This has put him at odds with some of the deities of the House of Celebration, specially those centered around Christmas.
    • Despite this he's in good terms with Jack Skellington, who admires Forte's somber music and would love to employ it in some of his Halloween festivities someday. This has actually made Forte interested in whatever this whole "Halloween" thing is about.
    • On a similar note, his desire to stop The Beast's curse from being broken and Belle's interference has made him disgusted by anything related to Love. However, the House of Love doesn't care much for him.
  • Gets along rather well with other organ players among the Pantheon such as Ganondorf or Davy Jones, mostly because he feels like they are some of the few people who can appreciate his "particular brand of genius". While most of them don't really appreciate Forte's attitude, they admit there's some talent to his works and thus keep visiting him.
    • Most notably of all is Erik, as visiting Forte is one of the very few things that would make him leave his lair, since Forte is unable to exit his own temple. However, Forte's disgust on the subject of love has strained their relationship somewhat. Despite this, their shared interests in organ music keep them in relatively good terms.
  • Learning that some deities in Pantheon possess a voice that sounds exactly like his has intrigued him. However, most of that intrigue disappeared after he got to meet Pennywise. And although Forte is quite wary of IMT, his distaste comes mostly from the fact he's incredibly annoying.
    • Was visited once by Gomez and Morticia Addams for this reason. Although he was initially put off by their lovey-doveyness, they seemed to enjoy Forte's music much to his delight. They have occasionally visited again since then.
    • While his meeting with Gomez has renewed Forte's interest in meeting more fellow Curry-voiced deities in the Pantheon, Dr. Frank-N-Furter has declared he has no interest in interacting with Forte, his reason being that you can't really sleep with an organ. Forte has been unable to meet Hexxus as well, but seeing how Hexxus is stuck in a giant tree and Forte's bolted to the wall, it's unlikely they'll be seeing each other any time soon.
    • Meanwhile, Eliza Thornberry was less than thrilled to learn of the ascension of yet another bad guy that shared her father's voice. She has preferred to stay away from Forte for this reason.
  • Despite both being living keyboard instruments, Forte would rather stay as far from The Mad Piano as possible, just like many other deities in the Pantheon. Unlike other deities however, Forte's fearfulness of the piano comes mostly from its atrocious "music".

    The Music Meister 
The Music Meister, God of Forced Musical Numbers

PaRappa, God of Rhythm Games (PaRappa the Rapper, Success When He Believes In Himself, History's Greatest Musician)

    The Peggle Masters 
The Peggle Masters, Gods and Goddesses of Choruses Playing Upon Victory
Top row: Bjorn, Jimmy, Kat Tut
Second row: Splork, Claude, Renfield
Third row: Tula, Warren, Cinder
Bottom row: Hu, Marina. Ignore the question mark.
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The P in Peggle
  • Theme Song: The Menu theme, Ode to Joy whenever someone clears a level
  • Alignment: True Neutral bordering on Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Fantasy Kitchen Sink, Cool Teachers, teach those who want To Be A Peggle Master, game is extremely addictive, all have interesting dreams
  • Domains: Puzzles, Schools, Music, Addiction
  • Heralds: The other Peggle Masters from 2 and Blast, not including Fnord
  • Allies: Lex the Bookworm (all of them), The Bloom and Doom Plants (Renfield and Tula's cousins), Crazy Dave (all of them) All good aligned Equestrians, Megan Williams, Batman (Bjorn), Jimmy Neutron (Jimmy), Ra (Kat Tut), E.T., The Alliance of Free Stars, The Dude (Splork), King Triton, Ladybug and Cat Noir (Claude), Vincent Van Gogh (Renfield), Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Indiana Jones (Warren), Spyro (Cinder), Wan Shi Tong, Bill and Ted (Hu), The Inklings and Octolings, Ika Musume, Octodad (Marina)
  • Varying Relationship with: Deities from some Valve series
  • Conflicted Opinion on: The deities from Azaroth (All of them), Settra (Kat Tut), Octogeddon (Marina)
  • Enemies: The Dead Moon Circus (Kat Tut), Godzilla (Claude), Miraak (Cinder)
  • The Peggle Masters are the teachers of a school known as the Peggle Institute, an academy dedicated to a game known as Peggle. This game centers around shooting silver balls at pegs and blocks to hit them and remove them from play. Among these pegs are twenty-five orange pegs, and shooting all of these clears the current level. It’s really that simple.
  • The Pantheon one day received word of a new school that had appeared somewhere. A formal investigation by the Pantheon Police Force located the school, and they quickly found Bjorn, the founder of the school. After Bjorn explained that the Peggle Masters meant no harm, they were summoned before the Court of the Gods. The Court determined that the Peggle Institute could stay in the Pantheon, as it did not appear to be causing any trouble, and decided that, as a brilliant choral rendition of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy blares every time someone clears a level, they will receive the Victorious Chorus trope.
  • After this, the Peggle Institute quickly became a spot for Gods to go to when they wanted to learn how to play and learn Peggle. The courses for this consist of five levels for each Master, and a final set of five levels known as the Master Levels, which are widely agreed to be some of the hardest the Institute can offer. Clearing these makes you a "Master of Peggle". After this, students can engage in challenges to advance further in rank to become "Grand Master of Peggle". And for those looking to go all the way, clearing every level after hitting every peg and block allows you to become a "Extreme Grand Master of Peggle".
  • Lex, another Popcap deity, was quick to not only welcome them, but in engage in each other's activities as well. Lex takes some of his rare break hours to keep up his own Peggle skills, and Hu in particular not only visits the Great Library Lex manages, but also helps maintain the shelves for Lex whenever the worm is off for an adventure. Lex himself wonders if he could someday substitute as a Peggle Master in the future, if all of his work can somehow fit that in as well, and what his ideal special would be if so. As for the Peggle Masters, they're interested in not only making their own Peggle boards out of the stories in Lex's library, but also the potential of applying gems to their own pegs.
  • Some reports say that the Peggle Masters traveled to Azaroth and created some Peggle levels there. None of the people of Azaroth care for Peggle, as they have much better things to do than play such a game. Kel'Thuzad seemed most agitated, as he thinks the Peggle Institute is pathetic compared to Scholomance. He has considered attacking the Institute, but is swayed away from it every time when his underlings note that nothing is achieved by attacking it.
  • The Peggle Masters' visits to some Valve worlds went much more crazily, on the other hand. They're generally not fond of the Combine, for one, especially not Bjorn due to having a Headcrab impaled on his horn for a long while. They did get along a bit better with the Vortigaunts, who may or may not gotten some interest in Peggle after their initial meetings. The Aperture Science Turrets are... trying their best at Peggle, as much as a turret could possibly play it. GLaDOS has no stated opinion on this development, but the Masters deem her viewpoint on this being another experiment worked out in her quota. The Peggle Masters' interactions with the RED Team Mercenaries varied wildly from member to member, with Jimmy Lightning learning the hard way never to ask the Pyro about making a skateboard tour "more rad".
  • Bjorn the Unicorn is the first Peggle Master students will be taught by. His levels usually consist of simple countrysides and calm pastures. As a unicorn, Bjorn gets along with many of the good-aligned deities from Equestria, in particular Twilight Sparkle, as she understands the struggles of being a student to anyone. She also finds Megan Williams, although Megan notes Bjorn is too big for her to properly care for.
    • Bjorn's secret wish is to one day become a costumed superhero to fight crime. To that end, some deities say Bjorn has been seen entering the Batcave and speaking with Batman. Only the Dark Knight knows the truth, and he isn’t saying anything, as usual.
  • The second Peggle Master students learn from is Jimmy Lightning, a gopher who has a love of skateboarding. His levels consist of forest themed areas. Naturally, he can often be seen skating around the Pantheon, but wishes he could find some other deities who also enjoyed skateboarding so that he could start a club.
    • Jimmy's secret wish is to become a scientist, not because he wants to become famous, but because he wishes to advance technology. As a result, sometimes Jimmy can be found in the House of Science, doing his best to help the deities there advance technology. He has partnered best with Jimmy Neutron, and is helping him ensure his inventions stops backfiring.
  • Third up is Kat Tut, a cat with an Egyptian motif. His levels, naturally, are all themed around Egypt. He often visits temples of the Egyptian Gods, but he likes Ra most of all, as he thinks Ra is the kindest god of them. Ra personally enjoys Kat Tut's presence, as he livens up the temple quite well. However, Kat Tut is baffled by Settra, noting that he seems to border on being evil at many times.
    • Kat Tut's secret dream is to join the circus and take part in daredevil acts. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many circuses in the Pantheon. One day, Kat Tut thought he'd found one he could work in. Sadly for him, he’d just walked right into the tent of the Dead Moon Circus, who proceeded to extract his Dream Mirror from him. Fortunately, the Sailor Senshi were informed about what happened by the other Peggle Masters and quickly saved him. Kat Tut has since made certain to avoid the Dead Moon Circus.
  • Fourth is Splork, an alien who has a bizarre way of speaking. His levels are naturally space themed as a result. Splork quickly got to visit the House of Extraterrestrials, but was disappointed to find that a majority of them were evil. He did befriend E.T. and taught him how to play Peggle, and the alien has enjoyed playing it ever since. Later, he ended teaching members of the Alliance of Free Stars the ways of Peggle as well, with the Syreen and surprisingly the Arilou finding it to be a fun pasttime.
    • Splork's secret dream is to master the sport of bowling, and as such, he began searching for someone to help him with it. He eventually found a good partner in The Dude, who was more than pleased to help him learn how to partake in the sport. Splork hasn’t reached 300 points yet, but he’s getting awfully close.
  • Claude the Lobster is the fifth Master, and he has a thick French accent. Subsequently, his levels are all themed around underwater settings. Claude found an easy friend in Ariel and King Triton, who noted he seemed very similar to Sebastian. He also has been to Paris before, which put him on good terms with Ladybug and Cat Noir.
    • Claude’s secret dream is to grow into a giant so people won’t look down on him. This naturally concerned many in the Pantheon, but none more so than Godzilla, who is fearful that Claude does not recognize how dangerous such an act could be. As such, deities have been advised to ensure Claude cannot find a way to get bigger.
  • Number six is Renfield, a Jack-o-Lantern who is carried around by his monster valet, Eyegor. His levels are naturally based around spooky things. Renfield actually has a connection in the Pantheon- He is, in fact, the cousin of the Pumpkin belonging to the Bloom and Doom Plants. This, of course, made the other plants wary at first, but Renfield explained to them that Eyegor does not like to eat brains, and the plants quickly made sure not to fire upon Eyegor.
    • Renfield's secret dream is to become a popular painter. As such, he has often ventured to the temple of Vincent Van Gogh, and the Dutch painter has often helped him paint pictures. Van Gogh has noted that he seems to mostly make paintings that resemble other famous paintings, but other than that, he does paint quite well for someone with no hands.
  • The seventh Peggle Master is a sunflower named Tula, who is perpetually optimistic. Her levels are themed around nature. She, too, is related to the Bloom and Doom plants- Sunflower is her cousin. Naturally, seeing Tula again made Sunflower very happy, and it wasn’t long before Tula met Crazy Dave. Dave, of course, seemed pretty happy to see someone like her, and he’s also been taking up classes at the Peggle Institute.
    • Tula's secret dream is to become a world traveler. As such, she has asked Phileas Fogg to give her some tips as to how to travel around the world. Thus, Tula often travels with him in his balloon. Phileas noted that, unlike him, Tula has no bet to worry about and can travel all she wants, and Tula agrees.
  • Eighth on the list is Warren, a rabbit who takes chances and is thus focused on luck. His levels, naturally, are themed around magic shows. He often hangs around the House of Luck, and it’s there that he met Oswald. The two quickly became close friends and Oswald has taken up lessons as well.
    • Warren’s secret dream is to become a treasure hunter, in the style of Indiana Jones. As such, Warren was pleased to meet the real deal and has often tagged along with Indy on his journeys. The best part is, Warren's luck seems to help Jones out of trouble.
  • The ninth master is the dragon Lord Cinderbottom, who is quite virtuous for his race. His levels center around castles. He, of course, spends his time around the House of Dragons speaking with the various dragons there. Spyro is the one who pleases him most of all. However, he has been advised to avoid Miraak at all costs, as he is just as vulnerable to the Bend Will shout as any other dragon.
    • Cinder's secret dream is to become a firefighter and keep fires in check. Many find this to be quite bizarre, as Cinder is a dragon himself, and dragons normally do not put out fires. He replied that the power of fires is great, but they should be kept in check.
  • The last of the original ten masters is Master Hu, a wise owl. His levels, of course, focus around the concept of zen. Hu quickly gained a close friend in Wan Shi Tong, who trusts Hu enough to be nice in his library. It helps that Hu is the wisest of all the Masters. Hu laments that Wan Shi Tong doesn't find games like Peggle as appealing as Lex the Bookworm does, however.
    • Surprisingly, Hu's secret dream is to become a rockstar. As a result, he often visits the other parts of the House of Musicality to participate in jam sessions with the people there. His favorites are Bill and Ted, who enjoy helping him out via the awesome rock they can perform. And while Lex isn't particularly into rock and roll, Hu is surprised at how talented Lex is on the disco floor. Lex says he acquired that skill while trying to have a dance battle with Bigger Brother's Number Two and now ally, Skeletrox.
  • Marina, the extra master who ascended with the group, was but a humble squid before desiring to become a Master herself, and she quickly joined the Peggle Institute. She quickly developed a close friendship with the Inklings and Octolings, pleased that the Octolings could throw aside their grudges and be friends. She often watches their matches from the Institute when not teaching a class. She also befriended fellow squid Ika Musume, and has been teaching her how to play Peggle.
    • Octodad, while friendly, is rather busy with his human life and work culture, so getting him to try out a game of Peggle is rather infrequent. Octodad does want to get better at it, though, if mainly to look cooler in front of his human children. Octogeddon, a giant octopus, has had a bit more trouble with playing Peggle, on the other hand, since it's not something gaining a new animal tentacle helps him get better at. Marina thought that introducing Octogeddon to Peggle would help lower the former's temper and rage, but that has to come after Octogeddon learns to reliably win at the game, and unfortunately for Marina's domain, Octogeddon is a bit of a Sore Loser, but thankfully not to the extent of reducing things to rubble like what happened to many landmarks the giant octopus has ravaged.

    The Puppet 
The Puppet, The God Soothed by Music (The Marionette, Lefty, Charlotte Emily, Charlie)
  • Lesser God (Possibly an Intermediate God if the rumors of its powers are true)
  • Symbol: Its box with the words "IT'S ME" underneath it
  • Theme Song: My Grandfather's Clock
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, to its enemies Neutral Evil bordering on Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Giving life to animatronics by putting children souls within them to help them avenge their deaths, Creepily Long Arms, Humanoid Abomination, Lean and Mean, Monster Clown, The original "living" animatronic, Calmed by music, Perverse Puppet, Responsible for the animatronics being "haunted" and eventually allowing them to rest in peace, Only "new" animatronic still alive after the prequel but just offscreen, White Mask of Doom, Unknown Gender, but the spirit haunting it is female
  • Domains: Clowns, Puppets, Music, Surprises
  • Allies: Slender Man, Bloody Marie, Jigsaw, Cassette Man (her father).
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Fazbear Gang, Golden Freddy
  • Former Enemies: Mike Schmidt, Larry Daley
  • Enemies: Springtrap, Madoka Kaname
  • Once a part of the Fazbear gang, its sheer creepiness and differences from the other animatronics eventually gained it a spot in the Pantheon proper. It is now the duty of the Gods on watch to keep the music box near its temple wound at all times, lest the Puppet gets out.
  • If one hears the fast-paced melody of "Pop Goes The Weasel", it's usually time to start running. Unless you have Super-Speed though, you might as well just get ready for a Jump Scare.
    • Sometimes though, it likes to spruce up how it attacks people, such as channelling its inner Joker.
    • Occasionally, the Puppet itself won't actually appear, but instead a bare endoskeleton. In which case, this is usually the result.
  • Looks like Slender Man's clown brother. They get along rather well.
  • Mike Schmidt and Larry Daley absolutely hate this thing. Hard enough to manage the other animatronics while constantly stopping to wind this thing up, especially when it starts going even faster. Though it has stopped pursuing its vendetta against Mike and made peace with them ever since it has fully and finally carried out its vengeance against Springtrap, once and for all.
  • Despite what some might think, Freddy Fazbear does NOT get along with it. In fact, Freddy seems to go out his way to stay away from the Puppet at all times and even helps against it when the Puppet hasn't managed to mess with his programming. This might have something to do with the murder and resurrection of children of the past...
  • Occasionally, the Puppet leaves its corner to appear before children without any warning, usually when they're dying with regrets or still want to do something with their lives, and offers to "save" them. If that happens and unless you're really desperate, it's time to start panicking.
  • Bloody Marie is among the few child gods who likes being around The Puppet and often listens to its music box. The Puppet in turn likes her because she understands its desire for revenge and even helps keep Springtrap at bay.
  • When Springtrap finally ascended, The Puppet looked on in equal parts hatred and horror, because its efforts to get revenge on its fellow children's killer had created something even worse than all of them put together. As such, The Puppet doesn't hesitate to join forces with both Freddy Fazbear and Mike Schmidt in order to keep Springtrap from bringing more pain to other people, especially children.
  • While the Puppet did not attend Freddy's big final bash in July and denied even wanting to go in the first place, rumor has it that it snuck an odd locked suitcase into Freddy's temple while the bear was busy...
  • When Springtrap disappeared, it, or rather, she pursued him to a new Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria that was to be opened. However, it turned out that this was a plan by her father to destroy the animatronics once and for all, and the Puppet, in the guise of an animatronic known as Lefty, was part of the plan to make sure that (a) the destruction of Springtrap was carried out properly and (b) no other children were harmed in the process. The plan succeeded completely, and the mortal world is finally and permanently rid of Springtrap's presence. The Puppet is incredibly pleased that the murderer of the children has been defeated once and for all, and has dropped its vendetta against Mike and the other Night Guards. Cooperation between the Puppet and Mike has consequently increased, as Springtrap still has a presence in the Trope Pantheons and both Mike and the Puppet want to make sure that Springtrap doesn't take his anger at his defeat out on the children gods.
  • Can also be found in the House of Otherness.
  • Like practically everyone else, she was pissed to hear that her killer is back again.

    The Rock of Ages 
The Rock of Ages, Patron Saint of Using Iconic Scores
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Itself.
  • Theme Song: Saturn Dies Irae
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animate Inanimate Object, Rewarding Vandalism, Songs in the Key of Panic, Rolling over people, Genre-Busting Quirky Work: Now 40% less historically accurate!, Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?
  • Domains: History, Art, Boulders
  • Heralds: Sisyphus (its master) and the other boulders.
  • Allies: Maud Pie, Tiny the Stone Giant, The Monkeys, The Goose, The Goat
  • On Good Terms With: Leonidas I, Vlad the Impaler, Leonardo da Vinci, Bacchus, Archangel Michael, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jeanne D'Arc, King Henry VIII, Vincent Van Gogh, Baba Yaga, Hercules, Medusa, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Grigori Rasputin, The Flying Spahgetti Monster, Isaac
  • Frequently employed/Roped into various schemes by: Wile E. Coyote
  • Enemies: Cronus, Cleopatra VII, The Sphinx, Moby-Dick, Poseidon
  • Conflicting Opinion: Thantos, Hades
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Poseidon, Gandalf, Simon Belmont, Indiana Jones, Crash Bandicoot, Leon S. Kennedy, anyone who went through the classic Indy Escape, The Helltaker
  • Banned from: The House of Commerce
  • Fears/Avoids: Chris Redfield
  • Feared by: Ramo, Lola and Quill
  • Ask around the House of Military and Warfare about how battles are won. They'll probably recite stuff about tactics, strategy, logistics, the quality of equipment and soldiers, and a whole load of other factors. Well they're wrong. All major battles in history were won by throwing giant boulders down a hill. Case in point: Sisyphus, King of Ephyra, condemned for his trickery and cheating of death to the hellish punishment of rolling a boulder up on the hill. Forever... Then dear Sisy and the boulder got tired of that and used the latter to escape the Underworld and enjoy newfound freedom. This boulder, who we'll identify as the Rock of Ages from here on out for sanity's sake, would go on to wreck havoc across history. Smashing buildings, fighting spirits of the ages, and overall just squishing people as they futilely try to squish his master with their own boulder. Yes, the games run on an Excuse Plot for such Genre-Busting gameplay involving the squishing of people and their puny little defenses with giant rocks, but they're good Excuse Plots.
  • It was yet another quiet day in the Pantheon. One of the more same-old, same-old. Clear blue skies, fresh air, and Wile E. Coyote (gluttunous foolii) was out conducting another one of his schemes to catch the Road Runner (acceleratii feathacus). Indeed, business as usual. And today he's was committed to another one of his schemes to catch the Road Runner. Setting up a yet another makeshift see-saw and giant boulder he planned to nail the speedy bird when the time was right. Alas, the result remained constant and the Coyote was squashed as flat as paper. Then the boulder proceeded to jump from the crushed predator and rolled off to parts unknown. Later that day a rather heated dispute erupted between two gods and before anyone knew it one of them was crushed flat by that same giant boulder which bore a face. The whole thing was rather hard to miss, the entirety of the ordeal was in tune to Dies Irae as the soon-to-be-pancaked god pleaded for mercy. After some review from the Court of Gods it was at this point that the particular boulder itself would ascend as the Patron Saint of Usage of Iconic Scores for the ubiquitous use of often times classical pieces in its games' soundtracks which of course includes the use of Dies Irae. There's some alterations, sure, but at the end of the day they're still recognizable once heard by ear.
  • It, along with the boulders following it, can come in a variety of different forms. There is, of course, your standard vanilla Rock of Ages but there's also stranger ones like those encased in armor, shaped like a wheel, made of magma, is a balloon/a really rotund cow, and an outright bomb with the fuse to boot. Now, you may raise the question of: Wouldn't many of them not be boulders anymore? By definition they are large objects made up of rock and blah blah blah blah blah. Why would you care? Why draw the line here of all places? But if we were to give a properly formal and constructive answer: "Break thee off unless thee wanteth to beest did crush by a rocketh too, thee clotpole"Translation .
  • Since its ascension the art of throwing giant boulders down a hill has been something of a tool to settle disputes, major and minor alike. Now, if they aren't use to crush people like they're potatoes in an upcoming salad then they're also used for things such as obstacle course racing or a giant version of skee-ball. If all else fails, however, there is the tried and true method to settling the score: Holy foosball.
  • Has met (and crushed) a great deal of many famous figures throughout the ages, many of whom have already made their residence in the Pantheon. This large (and still incomplete) list includes the likes of Leonidas, Vlad the Impaler, Leonardo da Vinci, Bacchus, Archangel Michael, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jeanne D'Arc, King Henry VIII, Vincent Van Gogh, Baba Yaga, Hercules, Medusa, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Grigori Rasputin, and even the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You would be surprised how none of them hold any grudges towards the boulder, and some of them have even partied with Sisyphus in the afterlife without a hint of ill will. It would help that they all have boulders of their own and frequently employ it to crush other people at a moment's notice. That, and when they're using these rocks they tend to become pretty nutty. Bacchus, for example, is constantly hungry and anything he comes across he's willing to slurp like fresh ramen. Leonardo da Vinci, meanwhile, is apparently disgusted by the existence of the deranged activity known as video games whereas Jeanne D'Arc mistook hearing God's voice asking where Atlas went as a call to action and is notably more out-there than ever. And that's not going over Vincent Van Gogh being a creepy oil-paint vomiting monster...
    • It wasn't entirely sunshine and rainbows for this big little rock. Cronus is still peeved at the boulder for being complacent in Sisyphus' escape from his punishment and when he tried to drag him back the boulder defeated him the only way it knew how. Cleopatra VII also has it out for the rock for smashing The Sphinx's nose repeatedly, though she didn't know that until the rock itself came to the Pantheon and thought nothing more of it when she put a Cone of Shame on the Sphinx. Meanwhile Gandalf and Simon Belmont have it out due to being killed by said boulder (or rather, Vlad's own boulder). Killed unceremoniously, we might add. The worst kind.
  • And speaking of Sisyphus' escape, both Thanatos and Hades were rather angry at the boulder for essentially help break out someone who conned even the gods themselves out of his prison. Thanatos especially has a rocky relationship with it considering he was chained up and made a fool of by Sisyphus himself. The only reason neither of them are outright enemies is because of said boulder's beef with Cronus, and both relished in replaying that final hit on their progenitor. And anyone with some knowledge in mythology ought to know that Greek Gods and Titans go well together like oil and water.
  • Despite his horrible track record with boulders, this one included, Wile E. Coyote still employs it and its Heralds into his schemes involving the Road Runner. In all honesty the rock doesn't have anything against him or the super speedy avian but just kinda wishes it would leave it and its Heralds out of their conflict completely. After the Coyote at one point got smashed by the Fire Boulder and blown to pieces by the Gunpowder Boulder out of nowhere you'd think that maybe it's a sign that involving boulders his plans is destined to fail but there's epiphany for, unfortunately. Such is the nature of the Road Runner vs. Coyote.
  • Being a boulder capable of thought and feeling, it caught the interest of Maud Pie and Tiny the Stone Giant and can often be seen hanging out with them not really doing much of anything, just being in their company. Woe to those who mess with them while the boulder is aound, a Fast Ball Special with it as the ball and them as the pitcher will not end well. No cow-powered fans would be able to help you by that point. Aside from them the boulder can also be seen lounging around both the House of Earth and Rock and the House of Metal and Minerals. Freqeuently, it and its Heralds test their mettle with the Monkeys, owing to their shared origins of Tower Defense even if the Monkeys are from a more straightforward example. They're pretty cautious of the balloon-like boulders, though.
    • To many a god's horror both the Goat and the Goose have not only found the boulder one day but have also successfully befriended it and has from then on been involved in all sorts of destructive shenanigans with them. What's worse is that countering them with another boulder and defenses is easier said than done as apparently the Goat took lessons from The Great He-Goat and passed it on to the Goose. In one such chaotic adventure involving the boulder and its numerous Heralds they had somehow managed to sow untold amounts of chaos in the House of Commerce. Not only did they destroy a sizable portion of the House but also made some serious dough too. The House has since sworn revenge and enacted a ban but given this is the Goat and Goose they're dealing with it's more than likely a futile effort.
  • In addition to a Titan and a Sphinx this rock has fought other otherwise greater threats. Giant mechanized statutes, an angel and a demon, and some dragons too. While the Houses of Angels, Demons, and Dragons have taken notice and aren't quite as willing to write it off normally they are honestly more so baffled by it all. Like really, how can some of their kin get done in by a rock of all things? Additionally, in the House of Demons you'll find some hushed sniggering by the existence of Urian. Meanwhile some aspiring mech-building Gadgeteer Geniuses taking note to protect the privates. You don't think a giant robot would be vulnerable to something like a Groin Attack but you'd be surprised.
  • It wasn't just figures in history, literature, and art that got tangled with the intricate skill of throwing giant boulders down a hill. Isaac, along with the other "forms" of ??? and Azazel he sometimes takes, have participated in such acts as well. To further drive home the point he even has rocks that bear a striking resemblance to his face which is noted to be as floaty as the cow and balloon boulders. Quite an unusual boulder... is what we would say but there are some who through a block of stone off a hill and make it work. Lack of actual acceleration be damned.
  • This boulder has the uncanny ability to make its opponents, when cornered, scream like a little girl. It matters not if they're men, a sentient goat and burning giraffe, the zombified corpses of Plato and Aristotle, the personification of The Black Death, or the figure in The Scream. Although, that last one probably goes without saying. You'd scream too if the sunscreen you applied on your face turned out to be super glue. And no, your tears won't help loosen it.
  • Anyone who went through the classic Indy Escape with a boulder chasing them down naturally did not come to like the Rock of Ages or its various Heralds. A giant rock coming to crush you is pretty bad. A giant rock coming to crush you that is also cognizant and able to move on its own accord? Pretty worse. Now, there's too many who went through such an ordeal but the highlights include, of course, Indiana Jones himself, Crash Bandicoot, and Leon S. Kennedy. Chris Redfield would of been apart of this list too but the Rock and its Heralds fear it after hearing of his final confrontation with Wesker where he punches boulders with nothing but his bare hands.
  • Recently, the Rock was involved in a third time-traveling adventure, where it helped Elpenor and the crew of Odysseus make it back home while crushing all those who stood in their way. (The Rock, you see, had been made to block the cave of Polyphemus the cyclops.) During this affair, the Rock challenged Poseidon to a race and defeated him, as well as saving the crew from Moby-Dick when the whale attacked their ship.
    • At one point during this adventure, the Rock was made to fight in a Mortal Kombat like setting against the Vitruvian Man, who acted very much like a Shokan, and won against it. Despite this show of power, Shao Kahn has refused to let the Rock take part in any tournaments, on the grounds that a boulder is not technically a fighter, and that it will likely crush anyone it faces.
    • It was discovered that, in the universe the Rock hails from, the future of the world is for it to transform into Wonderland, and that people would spend time watching Humpty Dumpty roll around in courses without being smashed open. This intrigued the various deities from Wonderland, Alice most of all.


    Alex Delarge 
Alex Delarge, God of Soundtrack Dissonance
  • Demigod (formerly Greater God)
  • Symbol: A derby hat crossed with a cane and a glass of milk
  • Theme Songs: Funeral of Queen Mary; The Thieving Magpie; Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Second Movement; Ninth Symphony, Fourth Movement; Singin’ in the Rain
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Asshole Victim, Ax-Crazy, Dastardly Dapper Derby, Faux Affably Evil, For the Evulz, Psychotic Smirk, Slasher Smile, Softspoken Sadist, The Sociopath, Spoofing in the Rain, Sword Cane, Villain Protagonist
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Classical Music
  • Heralds: His drooges. formerly the ones in the movie,
  • Idolizes: Beethoven (favorite musician), Stanley Kubrick (director of his movie)
  • Allies: Lucifer, Roman Torchwick, Mad Moxxi, Red Skull
  • Enemies: YHVH, Team RWBY (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long), Gregor Clegane, Chester A. Bum, Isabela Riven, Omar Little, Lisbeth Salander, The majority in the House of Love (but especially Red Sonja and Bellatrix Lestrange)
  • Rivals: Birdie, most gang member gods
  • There was a huge mystery surrounding the disappearance of Alex Delarge. Formerly the Greater God of Ultraviolence, it was revealed that he had been stripped of his title by force: He was caught rummaging through Purgatorium, where he was accused of killing a local woman (though here are reports that the murder charge was fabricated). YHVH took the opportunity to test out his latest experiment to 'fix' troublemakers and release them to society with a strenuous (and some would say torturous) procedure that ended up depowering him. His attempts to return to the society that despised him were disastrous, going through a Humiliation Conga that culminated in a suicide attempt. Only the intervention of Chaos saved his life, offering up a new position for him. Alex jumped at the chance of redemption, offering his loyalty to the God of Chaos. Still, these events have severely weakened him and is not nearly at the same strength that he used to be.
  • Nowadays, he's not that far from GUAC headquarters, spending his time engaging in a bit of the old ultraviolence, the in-and-out and drinking milk. All to the tune of usually sunny songs such as Singing in the Rain. He abhors YHVH just for the fact that his philosophy stands against everything he loves, not to mention subjecting him to torture and temporally depowering him. Melkor's neglect of his plight has caused Alex to despise him as well, now aligning himself with Lucifer.
  • He was delighted to hear that his new temple was the same as his inspiration, Ludwig van. Beethoven can only ask for Picard to grant him infinite facepalms. Nevertheless, Alex is a staunch supporter, and will respond to anyone who criticizes his favorite musician with a cane to the nads.
  • Torchwick could help but appreciate the coming of his inspiration, handing him a customized cane for keeping. Still, the God of Canes wish the young lad could channel his tenacity into something more meaningful (namely serving his own interests). The friendship has put team RWBY on edge. Given the nature of Delarge's motivations, it wasn't difficult putting him on their shitlist.
  • Has been banned from most parts of the House of Love due to obvious reasons. To the shock of many, the House of Lust has allowed him entry as long as he behaves. Many in that subhouse admit that the man is a smooth sweet talker when he decides to ask and pretty good in the hay too. The mere threat of sending him to Slaanesh is more than enough to keep him in line.
    • One woman who resents the decision is Red Sonja. She swears to put his head on a pick if she ever lays her eyes on him. It with good reason that Alex only visits when he knows the She-Devil is not around.
    • This has earned the bitterness of Gregor Clegane, who sees this as an unfair bias against him. Alex merely sees him as a poor excuse of a rapist.
    • Bellatrix Lestrange made the mistake of thinking he boy would be easy prey for torture. That turned out to be a mistake as he caught her offguard with a sucker punch to the gut and a cane to the head, sending her sprawling before he took off. Quite a few in the House of Lust couldn't help but snicker at her embarrassment by a mere muggle. The witch did not take his lightly and plans on his capture and descent into insanity.
    • Probably one of the few gods in the House who likes his constant company, Moxxi enjoys his willingness to volunteer in the Circles of Slaughter. For his part, he acts like a complete gentleman in her presence. It's safe to say that the two like their sex rough whenever thay enter the bedroom.
  • Often spends time in the House of Commerce, mostly to beat the crude out of Chester A. Bum, god of the homeless. His hatred of stinky, poor old men is well documented.
  • Isabela publicly outed him out to a duel, not surprisingly the one involving weapons due to her resentment towards rapists. Her pirates fought against his drooges for several minutes, but the the resulting duel put the Pirate Queen on top. many gods believe that a rematch is inevitable.
  • Found out there was a rival hooligan in town that ascended while he was gone. Birdie and Delarge often to battle against each other for supremacy. So far, both sides seem to be equal in strength. Alex just enjoys the fact he has a group to dish out a bit on the old ultraviolence on.
  • Is under the supervision of Omar Little, who was not pleased with his acts of violence on women. To his surprise, Delarge is one of the few gods who won't back down. Not even in his presence. Though Omar merely suggests this is due to Alex being to young and dumb to realize what he's dealing with. The Karmic Thief hopes to make him learn some day.
  • If there's one thing the House of Justice admits to be a blessing, it's rattling the pot of the criminal underworld. His tendency to break out in fight with rival gangs has been exhausted their resources by fending him off. The only reason he hasn't been dealt with is that he's mostly harmless and the fact that many believe his depowering was unjustified.
Viddy well little brother, viddy well.

    Dr. Zalost 
Dr. Zalost, God of Sad and Haunting Scores
Zalost after his change of heart 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The letter "Z" framed in gold
  • Theme Song: The Tower of Dr. Zalost
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Neutral Evil. True Neutral leaning towards Neutral Good after his change of heart
  • Portfolio: Tragic Villain, Initially Green-Skinned, Evil Sounds Deep, Gloomy and Depressed which makes him want to make everyone feel as he does, Lean and Mean, Mad Scientist, Meaningful Name, Sore Loser, Becomes a better person after eating Muriel's Happy Plums
  • Domains: Science, Sadness, Tragedy, Villainy, Happiness, Music
  • Herald: Rat, his assistant.
  • Allies: Courage, Muriel Bagge, Eustace Bagge, Sadness, The Doki Doki Literature Club, Simon Henriksson, Eeyore, Hikari, Rapunzel, Pinky and the Brain, Blue Diamond
  • Rivals: Dr. Evil
  • Enemies: Dementors, Ratigan, Nerose Satanael, Dr. Screwball Jones
  • Depression is often a condition that can plague basically anyone in the world and such fate fell upon the tragic figure of Dr. Zalost. A brilliant scientist who one day came to Nowhere and demanded huge amounts of money to fund his unhappy cannonballs project. He attacked the town after being negated his money and being mocked, causing everyone to be as unhappy and as miserable as he was, but even if he got what he wanted he was still not happy. That's when he came accross Courage and the Bagges, who Zalost decided to target after realizing there were people that he missed. After hitting Muriel, Courage embarked in a quest to save her and in doing so brought down Zalost's Tower and the Doctor was not happy with that. However, after eating Muriel's Happy Plums, Zalost became a more cheerier person and realized the errors of his way. That's why much later he ended up atoning for what he did and later awarded godhood thanks to a recommendation by his new friend Courage.
  • The reason for his arrival? The forebonding and sad music that encompasses his present, hinting at Zalost truly sad existance. His title isn't really representative of what he became after losing his tower to Courage and would rather not be near a place as dreary as the side of the House of Emotion he was put in and so prefers to stay in the House of Musicality instead.
  • As stated before, Zalost is a reformed person and a good friend of Courage, often visiting him and Muriel to have himself a doze of those happy plums. He also brought along Rat, who was turned into a baby after eating a happy plum and Zalost has tried his best to raise him right after mistreating him a lot, often giving Rat lots and lost of hugs.
  • Zalost means sorrow in slavic languages and the good doctor has tried his best to combat his constant sadness and depression even if he was misguided in his attempts. He also ended up making friends with several people who too suffered with depression one way or another although they wouldn't go as far as to harm others because of that like Zalost did. He is often seen with unlikely people you would find someone of his archetype, like that one time he joined the Doki Doki Literature Club because he thought doing poetry would be fun and he find a lot of common ground with Sayori and believe it or not, relating a lot to Monika for their shared roles as Tragic Villains who regret their actions.
    • Related a lot to Simon Henriksson in the sense of how they wanted to take their rage upon others because of their depression. Simon was initially hesitant to approach Zalost not because of his appearance but because he has had his share of bad experiences with Mad Scientists but after noticing that Zalost was too a struggling person just like him, he decided to give him a chance.
    • Hikari was another one who overcame her own depression thanks to help from other parties and as a future cinema director she though making a documentary on Dr. Zalost tale would be a good starting point. She approached him with the idea and he instantly fell in love with it, but he is not too happy to relieve those sad memories but if he at least gets to do something fun and make more friends then he is up to it.
  • Dr. Evil was a bit jealous that Zalost was succesful in his attempts of ransoming money out of the Nowhere Mayor unlike Evil's plan to get 1 billion dollars. He is also a bit dissapointed that he stop being evil and is dedicated to finding ways to be a heroic figure but he is not overly antagonistic towards him and more of a rival.
  • Given that Courage accidentally found a way to turn his Unhappy Bombs into Happy Bombs, Dr. Zalost has been studying Muriel's happy plums in order to find a way to make incredibly sad people like he used to be feel fine again. His first test subject was Eeyore, notorious for how gloomy he is and shoot a ball to see if he felt better. It worked for the most part, as Eeyore felt a little more upbeat than usual but later returned to his usual self. Zalost is hopeful he could repicate the result that undid his attack in Nowhere.
    • However, he received some backlash by some deities for trying to force people into being happy, something he couldn't quite understand why would people dislike what he is doing. He later learned that some people trying to force happiness into people regardless of their feelings like Nerose Satanael and Dr. Screwball Jones. In a Heel Realization, Zalost discovered that he maybe shouldn't try to push his attempts at making Happy Bombs but he still believes it could help some people feel better.
  • He still lives in his tower but has taken a great effort to make it less ominous. It's officially labelled as his temple and he can take his tower whenever he wants to, making it a few of temples that can move from their established location, but for the sake of being simple he is officially listed in a single place to avoid any confusion. Rapunzel got a few nasty memories after a chance encounter with the tower but thought Dr. Zalost himself was a nice individual overall and even became friends with him.
  • Often seen visiting the House of Rabbits and Rodents since that's where usually he takes Rat to make friends. Rat has grown up a little ever since he was shrunk down to a baby and he is not as grumpy as before (although he is bound to let an annoyed grunt out whenever Zalost makes a bad joke). Outside of that house the duo tend to be seen with both Pinky and the Brain, mostly because the latter respects Zalost inventions and wouldn't mind using those for World Domination but knows that Dr. Zalost wouldn't allow him to use them.
    • However, neither Zalost nor Rat are big fans of Ratigan, who tried to coerce Rat to join him in his criminal activities, with Rat just groaning at his insistance and not bothering to respond to his proposal. Ratigan since then wants to get back at them but knows that the Doctor is more dangerous than he looks.
  • If there is one thing he would rather avoid is succumbing to his sadness again and that's why he both fears and hates the Dementors for feeding on emotions, not helping that the creatures took an interest on Zalost Unhappy Bombs. He was also initially a bit wary of Sadness, the Anthropomorphic Personification of said emotion, but seeing as she was just an emotion from another person who too suffered with similar complicated feelings he felt more comfortable becoming her friend (She is a bit horrified at the prospect of Unhappy Bombs but she doesn't hold it against the doctor).
  • Loves hugs and can be often seen hugging Rat whenever he has nothing better to do. He will often go looking for cozy people to share hugs with and he even is trying to open a program where sad people will get free hugs in order to feel better.
  • Can also be found at Tragedy and Despair, but he prefers not to stick around much there.

Kass, God of Theme Tune Cameos (Kelloggs, The Bird Husband)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His accordion
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Theme Song: Kass' Theme
  • Portfolio: Anthropomorphic Macaws, Wandering Bards, Songs that Contain Parts of Theme Tunes, Rhyming, Gentle Giants, Has a Wife and Five Kids Waiting for him Back Home, Empathy, Inexplicable Shortcuts, Teacher's Pets, Being more Perceptive than he Looks, Ships Link with Zelda Wholeheartedly
  • Domains: Bards, Birds, Perception
  • Herald: His wife Amali and his daughters Notts, Kotts, Cree, Genli, and Kheel
  • Allies: Link, Zelda, Impa, Medli, Edward Chris von Muir, Elan, Leliana, The Bard (Wandersong), Gunvolt, Brook
  • Enemies: Ganondorf Dragmire, Ghirahim, Zant, The Sumeragi Swordsmen, Zonda and the Seven
  • In the windy canyons of the Tabantha Frontier lies the Rito Village, the home of a race of avian humanoids known as the Rito. While the Rito are primarily known for their excellent archers, they are also known for singers such as Kass the wandering minstrel. Having left his family behind in Rito Village, Kass travels across the land of Hyrule to learn new songs in each region, with each song often containing hints regarding hidden secrets for Link to find. Although Kass's assistance of Link may appear to be coincidental, Kass is actually helping the Hylian Champion so that he can keep alive the memory of his teacher, who was a Sheikah poet that harbored feelings for Princess Zelda but had put them aside to collect songs about the Champion in the hopes that the songs will someday help Link. Now that the bard is in the pantheon, Kass is looking forward to acquiring new songs that might aid Link in his adventures.
  • Realizing that there were not only more deities from his franchise residing in the pantheon, but that they also originated from different eras and timelines altogether, Kass immediately set out to find said deities in the hopes that they will provide him with many more songs for the Champion.
    • One of the first people that Kass encountered in the pantheon was the Hylian Champion himself, who found Kass practicing with his accordion on the tallest mountain in the house of Nature. Link of course stopped by to listen to an ancient verse that Kass was reciting that pointed towards a hidden shrine in the house of Undead and Phasmata, to which Link paraglided to after Kass finished. Sure enough, by the time Link had gotten to the shrine, Kass was somehow already there, practicing yet another verse. To this day, Link is still uncertain as to how Kass is able to do that.
      • Kass was more than delighted to finally meet Princess Zelda in the pantheon, and has promised her that he will do everything in his power to craft a song worthy enough for her. That said, Zelda admitting that she had no idea who his teacher was even though he was one of her courtiers had upset the Rito bard greatly.
    • Since his former teacher was a member of the Sheikah tribe, Kass was pleased to meet with Impa, the tribe's elder. At first, Kass was thankful of Impa for bringing the Champion to the Shrine of Resurrection. However, first meeting between the bard and the elder almost instantaneously descended into bickering when Impa stated that Link should be with her granddaughter Paya instead of Zelda. While the two were able to put aside quarreling over the matter, it still remains a sore spot between the two.
    • Kass was a little surprised to find out that there was another Rito in the pantheon. He was even more surprised when said Rito was Medli, who looked less like an anthropomorphic avian and more like a normal Hylian girl with a bird-like nose and arms that can turn into wings. Still, Kass was able to befriend the young Rito, and the two of them even join up time to time to perform a duet for Link.
    • Wasn't exactly excited to hear that Ganon was already in the pantheon before he ascended, especially since the Demon King can switch between his humanoid form and the animalistic, malevolent force that ravaged the Hyrule that Kass had originated from. Ganondorf's followers, Zant and Ghirahim, also aren't fond of the bard for helping Link locate shrines throughout Hyrule, with Ghirahim even planning on killing the bird in the most painful way possible.
  • Was welcomed into the pantheon by Edward Chris von Muir, who introduced Kass to fellow bards Elan and Leliana. While Kass has gotten along with Edward and Elan just fine (even if their combined foolishness has exacerbated him on more than one occasion), Kass is noticeably more put off by Leliana given her former occupation as an Orlesian assassin. Not to mention that Kass still hasn't forgiven Leliana for that one time where she referred to Link as "one of the good elves."
    • Managed to befriend Brook after the Gentleman Skeleton had accidentally scared the Rito to death with his skeletal appearance. After calming the bard down, the two properly introduced themselves to eacher other after hearing about Kass' tendency to collect songs from certain regions, Brook decided to contribute by playing a violin version of Bink's Sake. Needless to say, Kass absolutely enjoyed the song, and hopes to create an accordion version to play for Brook and the rest of the Straw Hats one day.
    • Kass has also allied himself with Kiwi the Bard, whom Kass respects over how they had Jumped at the Call to be hero by leading the Wandersong even when they were weighed down by things like not being the only chosen one in his world. While Kass is unable to provide Kiwi with any sort of Magic Music, the Rito still hopes to use whatever talents he has to assist the Bard however he can, talents which include a rather... unorthodox fighting style.
  • While he was traveling through the Hall of Nice & Nasty, Kass stumbled upon Gunvolt, with the latter being drawn to the sound of the former's accordion music. After Kass had exchanged his story with the Azure Striker, Gunvolt in turn told Kass about how the Rito had reminded Gunvolt of Joule, a singer who utilized Magic Music to aid Gunvolt in his world. Delighted by this newfound knowledge, Kass, while unable to provide Gunvolt with Magic Music, has opted to help the Adept by showing him the various shortcuts that Kass has encountered throughout the pantheon so that Azure Striker will not have anymore trouble navigating the pantheon.
    • Kass' support of Gunvolt has unfortunately made him an enemy of both the Sumeragi Swordsmen and Zonda and the Grimoired Seven. While the former are planning on capturing Kass alive in order to subject him to increasingly tortuous experiments, the latter are in the middle of a debate over whether or not killing Kass counts toward their ultimate goal of killing all of humanity.
  • May the light illuminate your path.

    Linkin Park 
Linkin Park, Divine Heralds of Fan-Created Videos (Xero)
The Band during their Meteora Era
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Band Logo: A Stylised L and P conjoined together by a Circle/Rectangle
  • Signature Song: "In the End" (Hybrid Theory), "Numb" (Meteora), "What I've Done" (Minutes to Midnight), "Waiting for the End" (A Thousand Suns), "Lost in the Echo" (Living Things), "Guilty All the Same" (The Hunting Party), "One More Light" (One More Light)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Members: Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Joe Hahn, Dave "Phoenix" Farrell
  • Portfolio: One of the Archetypal Acts of Nu Metal and 2000s Rock Music, Known for being really Boisterous, Differing Music and Genre Sound with each consecutive Album, Became more Mature and Wizened after their Nu Metal Tenure (2000-2003), Voracious Screams courtesy of Chester (Sometimes being Unpredictable), Have their fair share of Remix Albums, Having some Music Videos very reminiscent of Anime, Are Amicable with Digital Piracy, Occasionally having rather long Tracks, A Popular Example of Fan-Created Videos
  • Domains: Rock Music, Rap, Angst, Melancholy, Experimentation
  • High Priest: Evanescence
  • Followers: Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace
  • Allies: Most Dragon Ball Deities, Optimus Prime and the Autobots, Sasuke Uchiha, Hiei, David Bowie, STARSET, Elliot Alderson, Raiden, Shinji Ikari, Makoto Yuuki
  • Respected By: Megatron and the Decepticons, Freddie Mercury, Anime Fans in General
  • Opposes: Johan Liebert, Yuuki Terumi, Those who Refuse Change in Music Styles
  • Opposed By: Dethklok
  • Pitied By: Those who are associated with Suicide, attempted or not (Regarding Chester)
  • Linkin Park is an American Rock band from Agoura Hills, California. They are one of the best-known Rock acts of the 21st Century, with their first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora being considered Nu Metal classics by several music fans and critics. What they are also known for is the vocal duality between frontman Chester Bennington and rapper Mike Shinoda their attempt in experimenting and diversifying their sound after the mid-00s, with a more direct approach towards Alternative Rock mixed with electronics. Their penultimate album, The Hunting Party, saw them dabbling into Hard Rock and their latest, One More Light, saw a dramatic shift more akin to Pop Rock.
    • Through all of this, Linkin Park have a rather interesting distinction in being associated with Anime. They are the most common and famous examples of the phenomena known as Anime Music Videos (AMV), with Dragon Ball Z being the series that is subject to having AMV's most. The band are also fans of the Gundam franchise.
  • Chester had ascended into the Pantheon after his mortal coil had been shed in July 2017. He was first seen with the Court of the Gods with several fans of Linkin Park expressing their deepest sympathies and regards. The Court decided to put Chester into rehabilitation after it became clear that Chester's depression and anxiety were indeed true and devastating. He's been taking therapy sessions, but has stated that he doesn't see himself ascended unless his bandmates are reunited with him.
  • The band are currently setting up tour dates in the Pantheon, the House of Emotion being the first they're targeting. Given Chester's struggles and the context of Linkin Park's lyrics, it makes sense why they would want to tour there first.
    • Their angst-filled lyrics would actually fit right in the House of Hatred and Rancor, but Linkin Park has outright refused to play there, given the mostly malicious and evil nature of the house. Yuuki Terumi once tried to invite the band members to play a gig with him, but word from the Court of the Gods caused the band to stay wary of him as much as they could, much to Terumi's dismay.
  • Were initially the source of numerous jokes about their lyrics and their over-the-top vocal style. Before the band fully ascended, someone would often blurt out "CRAWLING IN MY SKIN!!!" every once in a while as a means to associate the song "Crawling" with a character like Sasuke and Hiei. After Chester's suicide, pretty much nobody is willing to bring up the jokes anymore. Despite all of this, Sasuke and Hiei are amicable with the band as is Shinji Ikari, who seems to connect with Linkin Park more than Sasuke and Hiei do.
    • That said, Chester is actually a goofball offstage. He would often involve himself in weird antics and mess around to have fun with the remaining band members. The band overall, especially Mike also tend to appreciate videos and skits parodying the band at times. The band also get along with Makoto Yuuki who can associate his mood with them and would often visit Linkin Park every now and then.
  • They get along very well with David Bowie, who himself has a knack of changing his musical style every once in a while. Bowie has appreciated Linkin Park for trying to diversify their music, though he does feel as if the backlash they got for their musical approach, even if they weren't as good as their first two albums, according to fans, was particularly overblown.
  • If there is one individual that Linkin Park actively tries to avoid above everyone else, its Johan Liebert. Considering that Liebert has a knack of approaching people with the intent of breaking an individual's spirit and manipulating the person into suicide, they have every right to be afraid. The band has taken a lot of precautions to ensure they don't cross paths with Liebert at any given moment.
  • They have a good friendship with the Z-Fighters, with Goku and Vegeta being rather pleased about the fact that numerous people have taken to recording their fights and having it showcased with Linkin Park music. Goku and Vegeta seem to like what they produce, but have decided not to let them play a song at the same time as they are fighting, considering they would likely destroy the band's equipment and stage if they ever fought at the same area.
    • Frieza doesn't have much to say about Linkin Park, but has decided not to attack them mainly because he himself has a Nu Metal song about him (By a different band, but still) and that antagonizing them would be of bad taste to him.
  • Alongside Anime, Linkin Park are also associated with the Transformers, with the band becoming fast friends with Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Megatron was surprised to see that one of Linkin Park's song "New Divide" had a working title under his own name, which surprised him. Feeling that the band represents him rather nicely, Megatron and the Decepticons have decided on a non-aggression pact with Linkin Park for now.
  • Dethklok hates Linkin Park, seeing them as weak in their energy and persona, claiming them to be shameless posers in the name of Rock Music. Linkin Park however don't really mind what Dethklok has to say about them, instead being more focused about Chester's mental health, their own personal lives and what they would like to do in the Pantheon.
  • Chester and Mike have their own respective projects separate from Linkin Park; Dead by Sunrise (Chester) and Fort Minor (Mike). So far, Mike has also been taking leaps to establish himself as a solo artist with his own name, a feat which Chester is proud of.
  • Currently, Linkin Park are trying to find a way to promote their brand and plan out concerts in select Houses. They have made a point to not take involvement in anything related to the Pantheonic Forever War and are fully content with the fact that Chester is fully reunited with the rest of the band. The Houses of Family and Relatives, Friendship and Camaraderie, Cultures, Heroism, Power and Abilities, Love and Affection and of course, Musicality are the current considerations for their touring locations.

    The Mad Piano 
The Mad Piano, Infernal Deity of Improbable Piano Key Physics (Killer Piano, Vampiano, Pianoforte)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Theme Song: Haunted House (Super Mario 64)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Jump Scare, Scary Teeth, Paper-Thin Disguise, Instrument of Murder, Nigh-Invulnerability
  • Domains: Pianos, Teeth, Fear
  • Allies: None. Don't bother asking
  • Enemies: Anyone that thinks it's an actual piano
  • At first the thing looks like a regular piano, but as one gets closer to it, it makes a noise that is a mix of someone banging on piano keys and chomping. The surprise is bound to have people running away when they first witness it coming to life upon getting too close to it. If one were to take a look at the keys while it is attacking before fleeing, it looks like the keys are moving.
  • The Pantheon got an unusual package one day that was directed to the House of Music rather than The Great Treasury as was the norm for any sort of package. It looked like a regular piano, but it was stated that it wasn't what it appeared to be. The thing didn't get much attention until someone wanted to take piano lessons and was directed to this piano. To that deity's shock, it tried to eat him alive and that deity ran in fear.
    • Following the incident, a few requested that the piano be removed, but the request was turned down as the piano was somehow given a title and place to stay in the Pantheon.
      • It was later discovered that Trollkaiger was responsible for this turn of events. As for that group, as they were celebrating the occassion and started to play the piano, it came to life and attempted to eat them alive. Needless to say, the group had to run for it after their own prank turned against them.
  • Some think that a red coin is attached behind it. The claims are false, but it hasn't stopped some from making dare challenges out of it for others to handle.
  • Sometimes it will attack the instant someone gets to close to it. Other times, it waits a little bit before making its move on them. Its this unpredictability that makes it feared by many.
  • Given how surprisingly sturdy it is, a few ideas have been tossed around on how to damage the piano. Progress has been slow to say the least.
  • No one is bothering to think about how to use it as a legitimate weapon, simply because many think that the piano will turn against the user as soon as it attacks.
  • Dancing on the piano is not advised at all. Snoopy learned it the hard way and decided not to go near it following the encounter.
  • Rumors have been spreading that Diablo is actually afraid of the piano. Any attempts to ask him about it will result in a severe punishment at his hands. The fact that he reacts as such didn't really help his case, as it led others to believe that he truly is afraid of the piano.
    • Some of the other members of the House of Dread and Valor (alongside the Emotion Fear) are believed to be afraid of the piano as well, though to varying degrees.
  • Some of the more paranoid gods are thinking that it will team up with the Perfect Trumpet Thingy in order to scare as many deities as possible. It isn't true, simply because the piano is always visible in one room while the Blue Creature is (apparently) invisible with no possible indication of when it will strike.
  • A few deities (at least the German ones) have called it the Vampiano. It's been debated as to whether or not the spirit of an evil vampire has possessed the piano.
  • Chuggaaconroy came across said piano while making a let's play for Super Mario 64 DS, and tried to go over why it was so dangerous and scary. This was the result of his efforts. It was possibly the only time that the deities thought that the piano was Actually Pretty Funny.

    Marty McFly 
Martin Seamus McFly, God of "Mr. Sandman Sequences" and Trying to Get Back to the Future (Marty McFly, Calvin Klein, Clint Eastwood)

    The New Directions Glee Club 
The New Directions Glee ClubMembers , Co-deities of Incorporating Scenes in Song (The New Directions, The Glee Club)
Will Schuester
From left to right: Noah, Brittany, Artie, Santana, Matt, Finn, Rachel, Quinn, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, Mike
  • Demigod(ddes)s
  • Symbol: A 'Glee' logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: A Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits Who Makes Every Episode A Musical Episode, Vicariously Ambitious
  • Domains: Good, Community, Song, Glory
  • Heralds: Sam Evans, Blaine Anderson, Lauren Zizes, Rory Flanagan, Sugar Motta and Joe Hart
  • Allies: Freddy Mercury, Lady Gaga, Giselle, Bill and Ted, Elvis Presley, Rachel Green (Rachel)
  • Rivals: μ's, Houkago Tea Time
  • Enemies: The Greendale Study Group, Agatha Trunchbull
  • Uneasy Relationship: Barry Allen/The Flash
  • Kurt was the first of thee New Directions to ascend in the Pantheon. A beloved character, he was thought to be one of the prettiest boys in the Pantheon. Yet his popularity waned along with that of the show he was in, and before long he had all but disappeared from the Pantheon. As it turns out, he was only planning. It wasn't long before he returned, and this time be brought his entire Glee Club with him. The wait was due to the long argument over who would ascend. In the end, they decided to go with the founding members of the New Directions as well as their teacher Will. Together, they plan to be the best Glee Club in the Pantheon.
  • Almost immediately after their ascension, they were harassed by the Greendale Study group, trashing their opening number in the Pantheon. The group has not forgotten the time when Kurt nearly successfully turned their group into a Glee Club. The two groups have been at each others' throats ever since.
  • The world is also home of one of Agatha Trunchbull's most popular subjects: Sue Sylvester. The gym teacher spent much of her time disrupting the Glee Club at every turn, yet she became one of the most popular characters in the show her her actions. While Sue herself hasn't ascended yet, Agatha grants her limited access to the Pantheon to harass the New Directions. However, this hasn't always been the case, as she has a tendency of helping them take on an even greater threat.
  • The House of Music's reaction to their ascension has been mixed. The Glee Club are well known for their insistence of using songs of beloved singers into their fold, including those who have spots in the Pantheon. Some of the ascended did not like others to take credit for the songs they have created themselves while others felt flattered for others to use bring their songs out for the modern era.
  • Of course, one of the Master Composers have taken a big liking to them. As with the New Directions, Freddie Mercury spent much of his life doing cover versions of songs before making it big with his band. The lead singer was pleased that a show about cover songs managed to be so popular. As such, he was one of the big reasons why the group managed to ascend.
  • Everyone was fairly excited to find out that there were other high school band groups in the Pantheon. New Directions quickly took them for competition for the title of best high school music group. The School Idols know they are at least better at dance (though Brittany and Mike give them pause) while Tea Time claim to be louder despite the lack of variety.
  • The Glee Club is usually good friends with the Flash... until he looks like his CW counterpart. Then they can't help but be reminded of Sebastian Smythe, a private school student who was once their rivals. Kurt in particular did not like the times he tried to ruin his relationships. While all of that drama is now water under the bridge, they remain at arms length from that version of the Scarlet Speedster.
  • Lady Gaga was quite pleased with their ascension. The group dedicated two episodes to the Goddess of Outlandish Costumes as well as a number of other songs. She considers the appreciation a 'dream' come true and often collaborates with the club on some of their acts.
  • Have volunteered to be one of many Crowd Singers what come up whenever Giselle finds the need to belt out a number. Brittany and Mike provide the dancing as well. As both are fond of using situations to sing a song, the two clergy get along nicely.
  • While the group mostly focus on pop songs, they do dabble on the occasional rock song. Bill and Ted met up with them and showed them just how powerful rock music can be with the right skills. The two friends don't mind at the cover songs as they see it as an appreciation for the classics.
  • When the club surpassed Elvis Presley for the most number of songs that reach the Billboard top 100 list, the God of Rock and Roll Stars was graceful upon defeat. Will repaid the favor by doing a cover version of A Little Less Conversation the next year.
  • Once a Spanish teacher of the class, Will Schuester had the job at Glee Club forced upon him. Though he had a rocky start, he managed to find enough talent to make his school competitive. In the end, his efforts were even enough to win Nationals in at least two occasions.
  • He may be a Nice Guy, but he is also driven to push his students to the top to the point of sometimes ignoring their personal feelings. Whenever that is brought up, Will admits he shares a lot of traits with the jock Finn under pressure. He strives to find the right balance to help the New Directions.
  • Yes, Will admits he doesn't know a lick of Spanish. The only reason he taught that class was because it was the only available job at the time. Thankfully, he managed to get a job at history and was much more attuned to that job.
  • If the group were to pick who is their best singer, chances are they will choose Rachel for that spot. She has the most experience in song and she's not afraid to state that fact. Her ambitiousness was grating at times to the rest of the cast, but over time she has learned to be a team player for the group.
  • Many have speculated that she had b een modeled by Friends member Rachel Green. The often self-absorbed woman believes that and was glad that people have begun to model others after her. Regardless, the two get along with each other mainly by talking about grievances with each others' friends.
  • Is proud the proclaim that she was given the most number of solo songs in the show as well as the only one to have a duet with every original member of the New Directions.
  • Finn's ascension was by far the most memorable for the other cast members. He died along with his avatar, his absence felt throughout the school. Even the auditorium was named after him. It was safe to say that his return was met with much rejoicing.
  • Finn didn't even mean to join up in the first place. He was content being the star quarterback for his football team. It was only when Will stumbled upon him belting a song while in the shower that he was offered the job. Despite the scorn he received when he joined Glee Club, Finn proved to be an invaluable member of the team.
  • Despite being an original member of the team, he had always feared that hi efforts were never enough. Even when he bullied people, he let them bully him back to push himself away from people. It didn't help that he later lost his father and that Rachel broke up with him before they married. He hopes that his tenure in the Pantheon will wash away those doubts.
  • The first member to ascend, he is seen as a fan favorite amongst fans. Despite being Camp Gay, he can be ruthless in getting his way, even at the expense of his friends. Regardless, he has always been supportive of his competition and his teammates and is a Graceful Loser where it counts.
  • His first relationship with Will led to some issues, mainly some people did not like that Will ended up kissing Kurt despite being bullied by the teen. Kurt's relationship with the unascended Blaine was more highly received and the two have been considered icons for normalizing gay relationships.
  • Has long been considered for the role of Sassy Black Woman as she is one of the most well-known examples of the modern era. Mercedes has taken those criticisms with pride, noting that she's never afraid to state her piece of mind, especially when her friends go out of line.
  • That was especially true with Rachel. The two headstrong women made it a sort of competition to see who was the best singer. That mellowed out when the two realized how much they kept the other in check of their worst vices.
  • Has been Kurt's best friend for as long as she remembers. She admits she initially had feelings towards the gay teen, but has since come to terms with the fact that she can't be with him.
  • Artie comes from a long line of Disabled Snarkers, disabled people who aren't above joking about their immobile limbs to make others uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it didn't save him from being subjected to bullying. Still, no one can say he isn't a great singer.
  • Artie initially took up the challenge on a dare from Tina. The two have been close ever since. It has been heavily hinted that the two hooked up in the series finale and it was confirmed when they kissed each other.
  • Was a former follower of Lydia Deetz, playing up the roll as the goth girl. Yet she found out that she merely liked wearing 60s and Victorian style clothing instead. She still keeps tabs with the God of Goths as friends.
  • Joins a growing list of cheerleader deities. Quinn herself boasts a 4.0 GPA... and she's not afraid to flaunt that fact. She will likely have a say for choosing the next God of Cheerleaders.
  • In the beginning, she was hired by eternal antagonist Sue Sylvester in order to spy on New Directions. Yet after spending some time with them, she grew to like her. Namely, they were one of the few people in high school who didn't ostracize her for her pregnancy at the time.
  • The vintage Spicy Latina of the group, to the point that some thought she would hold the title herself. Santana eventually passed on the opportunity, stating she would rather compete with Rachel for best singer in the group.
  • Of course there is one big reason for deciding to join the Pantheon as a group. With bringing the original cast, she brought along her girlfriend Brittany. Long thought incapable of committing in a serious relationship, she revealed her feelings for the Dumb Blonde in spectacular fashion. After a lot of sorting things out, the two finally got married
  • Puck's initial entry came as a surprise for the other members of the group. He started off by berating their group and hooking up with other women, even being the child of Quinn's baby. Yet he has proven to be a prolific singer himself and he eventually swallowed his pride enough to join the group.
  • At a time when Dumb Blondes were a dying breed in the multiverse, Brittany brought it back in style. Despite her lack of intelligence, she is one of the best dancers of the group and often incorporates it into her singing.
  • Brittany has also proven to be one of the more well-adjusted person of the group when it comes to relationships. She may have a wide list of lovers, but has managed to avoid drama throughout. The one issue she has was when dealing with Santana's declaration of love. She eventually reciprocated those feelings, and the two have been together ever since.
  • Is one of the few Lovable Jocks of the entire school. A member of the football team and a prolific dancer, he was one of the most popular students in school.
  • As evidence of his stability, his relationships with both Matt and Tina can be said to be one of the most stable in the entire show, with the former former nearing Those Two Guys status and the later seen as the Beta Couple of he group... at least until he left the school. Even then, he wished her and Artie the best when the two ended up together.
  • Not much is known about Matt as he left the group sooner than anyone else in New Directions. What was picked up about him is that he was part of the football team and was best friends with Mike.

    The Pied Piper of Hamelin 
The Pied Piper of Hamelin, God of Mind-Control Music (Hamelin)
His SINoALICE Incarnation 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His pipe
  • Alignment: Neutral. It's disputed whether he's Neutral Good, True Neutral or Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mind-Control Music, Eccentric Exterminator, Not Receiving Expected Rewards, Luring Children Away, Revenge by Proxy, Varying Characterization
  • Domains: Music, Mind Control, Pest Extermination, Revenge
  • Allies: Hamelin
  • Enemies: The House of Rabbits and Rodents, Sarah Jane Smith
  • Opposes: Pennywise, Scott Shelby, Ryuunosuke Uryuu and Gilles de Rais, the Slender Man, Springtrap, the 456 Ambassador
  • Opposed by: Hansel and Gretel
  • Uneasy Relationship with: Peter Pan, Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona
  • Commonality Connection with: Scaramouche, Risotto Nero, Pesci Ghiaccio
  • Banned from: The House of Childhood and Adolescence and Rabbits and Rodents
  • Once upon a time, the small German town of Hamelin was suffering from a rat infestation. Suddenly, a mysterious man wearing colorful clothing appeared and claimed to be able to solve Hamelin's rat problem. The mayor of the town promised to pay him in return, and so the Piper played his flute, leading the rats to drown in the nearby river. However, the town refused to give him his pay, and even blamed him for the rat problem. Enraged, he vowed revenge on the town and left. On Saint John and Paul's day, he played his music and lured the towns children out while the adults were praying in church. The fate of the children is much disputed, but the adults were incredibly distraught over the disappearance of their children.
  • It was a sunny day in the Pantheon when trouble arose; an infestation of rats in the House of Food, eating the food supplies in the kitchens. The deities of the house were requesting help from any rat exterminators when a man wearing bright clothes approached the house, willing to remove the rats from the house for a decent sum of money. Recognizing who he is, the deities accepted his help and promised him that he'll be payed for his work. With the toot of his flute, the Piper lured the rats away from the house with his song. When he returned to receive his pay, the house held up their side of the bargain and gave him the money he was promised. The Court of the Gods recognized his legendary status and usefulness and ascended him with a proper title within the Pantheon.
  • The Pied Piper is an enigmatic one. He doesn't hang out with the other deities and prefers to keep to himself, only when he's doing his job as a pest exterminator is he seen interacting with others. He is also rather secretive, refusing to tell exactly where he took the children of Hamelin. Because of this, many deities feel a bit unnerved by him, and generally don't interact with him, not that he minds.
  • There are two houses that the Piper has been banned from; Rabbits and Rodents and Childhood and Adolescence. With the former, the residents of the house detest and/or fear him because he could easily control them with his music and his job as a pest exterminator involves getting rid of creatures like them. With the latter, the members of the house of Family were spooked out when they found out what he did to Hamelin's children, and decided to take no chances in deciding to ban him, even if he only did it to punish the townspeople.
  • Some deities have compared him to Peter Pan, as both of them led children away to someplace unknown without their parents. Peter Pan is rather unnerved by the Pied Piper, as some tales say that he brought the children to a better place, but other tales say he drowned the children in a body of water, and the Pied Piper's refusal to tell anyone exactly what happened just makes Peter Pan more avoidant of him.
  • Two children who happen to really dislike him are Hansel and Gretel. Given their experience in getting lost and nearly getting cooked by an evil witch, they assumed the worst when they heard of the Piper luring children away from Hamelin. The Piper doesn't pay much attention to them, but doesn't really bother to argue agains them, so the two children avoid him whenever they can.
  • As noted, he lured out Hamelin's children as punishment for the townspeople's refusal to pay him reward money after doing his job. This scenario is similar to what La Squadra Esecuzioni members Risotto Nero, Pesci, and Ghiaccio went through, as their boss, Diavolo frequently refuses to pay them enough money and giving them land like he does with his gambling and narcotics team, which ends up being one of the reasons why they ended up clashing against Team Bucciarati. The Pied Piper is a bit disappointed that even more people keep not earning expected rewards like he did, but other than that doesn't interact with them much, knowing their jobs as assassins and Giacchio's short fuse would make a very risky meeting.
  • Because of the popularity of his legend, several gods once tried to imitate his "play the flute to get rid of mice" routine, to varying degrees of success. Sylvester the Cat once tried to imitate him to get rid of some mice, but was thwarted by Speedy Gonzales. Tom Cat also imitated his technique in another attempt to get rid of Jerry, but just couldn't outwit the mouse as usual. Porky Pig once took up a job similar to the Pied Piper and did actually get his reward money, but had to fight a giant cat disguised as a giant rat first. The Pink Panther's first attempt at being a Pied Piper went a bit awry when the mice went back to the village, resulting in a series of events that ended with the Panther and the mice scaring some elephants away. Pinkie Pie managed to successfully lure the hungry Parasprites away from Ponyville by playing multiple musical instruments. The Piper is rather amused by his fame, but doesn't interact with them much.
  • In Shrek's world, there happens to be two Pied Pipers; one lives in the original timeline, wearing white. The other one wears black, lives in the alternate timeline, and works for Rumpelstiltskin. His Magic Music allows him to control any living being and objects under its thrall, and is appropriatelly feared by the heroes and even Rumpelstiltskin. Because of their unfortunate experiences with him, Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona were apprehensive at the Piper's presence. While they eventually realized he wasn't the Pipers they knew, they're still incredibly uncomfortable with him, not wanting to get on his bad side.
  • As it turns out, another piper was present in the Pantheon before the Pied Piper; Scaramouche, the Pied-Piper of Ruination, whose flute can create golems, scatting that can invoke telekinesis, and an explosive tuning-fork dagger. The Pied Piper isn't really interested in meeting him for certain reasons, like them being of different professions.
  • Apparently, in the Whoniverse the Pied Piper is an Eldritch Abomination also known as Elijah Spellman, who wanted to hunt down more children and terrorized Sarah Jane Smith, made especially harrowing because of her fear of clowns. While this Pied Piper isn't the same one Sarah knew, she still dislikes him and would rather avoid him whenever she can.
  • As it turns out, there is a girl that shares her name with the town of Hamelin; Hamelin of the Blood Team. When they ascended, she was one of the few members who didn't have their inspiration or fairy-tale counterpart ascend before them, so when she heard of the Pied Piper's ascension, she rushed over to meet him in person. She then became one of the Pied Piper's only friends in the Pantheon, as he tolerates the girl's quirky attitude and Hamelin's just happy to meet the original Pied Piper.
  • While the Pied Piper has somewhat of a bad reputation for what he did to Hamelin's children, he refuses to be associated with people who are willing to harm children like Pennywise, Scott Shelby, Ryuunosuke Uryuu and Caster, the Slender Man, Springtrap, and the 456 Ambassador. He will insist that he only did it as payback for the ungrateful townspeople not paying him in money for doing his job, instead of cruelty or some other nebulous goal.
  • Can also be found in Mind Control.

    Richard Wagner 
Wilhelm Richard Wagner, Patron Saint of Leitmotifs (Wataru Otoha, Wa-kun, World Amazing Galaxy Never Ending Revolution)
As a Classicaloid 
  • Demigod (Lesser God as a Classicaloid)
  • Symbol: His signature
  • Signature Song: Ride of the Valkyries
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Opera (Prefers Them Being Called "Music-Dramas"), Various Leitmotifs including Theme Song Reveal, Mood Motif, and Fanfare, Notable Music Snippets Heard in Other Fictional Works
  • Domains: Music, Mindsets
  • Allies: Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Rival: Erik
  • Admired by: Nazi deities, James Marcus
  • Source of Interest for: Zinyak
  • Irritated by: The Great Mighty Poo
  • With a portfolio that includes iconic music-dramas (he doesn't like the word "opera") such as The Ring of the Nibelung, Richard Wagner was one of the most important figures of classical music. One of the most notable features of Wagner's music-dramas was leitmotifs, pieces of music used to associate a particular character, setting, or even idea. Even though he held some controversial viewpoints, Wagner's influence when it came to music can't be denied. His musical compositions have been referenced in later works and leitmotifs of all kinds have been utilized in not just music-dramas, but other types of visual media.
  • During his younger years, Wagner listened to Beethoven's 7th and 9th Symphonies, and also witnessed a performance of Mozart's Requiem. Beethoven was one of Wagner's major inspirations and made a number of early piano sonatas and orchestral overtures before his career went further, with a piano transcription of Beethoven's 9th Symphony as among one of Wagner's early works. Wagner himself ended up meeting Mozart and Beethoven again in the Pantheon and while the latter two are wary of some of his viewpoints, they still see him as a talented musician.
  • He built an opera house known as Bayreuth Festspielhaus, which is dedicated to housing performances of his operas and since then is used as venue for a festival dedicated to Wagner's works. In some ways (including building an opera house), Erik sees Wagner as a rival equal to him when it comes to creating operas. Many are wary as to what could happen if Erik were to crash a performance of one of Wagner's operas.
  • Like Beethoven and Mozart, Wagner also has a Classicaloid form; in this case it resembles that of a teenage boy. By pretending to be the long-lost son of Kanae Otoha, landlady of the house she and the other Classicaloids live in, Wagner decided to set forth a plan that would bring out a revolution of some sort. Despite being a "botched" Classicaloid, he was able to steal the other Classicaloids' Musik in addition to using his own to move further with his plans. In the end when things started getting chaotic while trying to get the Classicaloids' creator to acknowledge him, the other Classicaloids helped Kanae reach Wagner and she was able to get him to calm down.
  • Of the various pieces of music he's composed throughout his life, Ride of the Valkyries is one of his most recognizable and has seen plenty of modern use since its composition. Daniel Bryan has used it as his entrance music and has even mentioned that it's a cool entrance song. He's not entirely wrong about that statement given how often that piece has been used in modern visual media when it comes to someone or something entering the scene in a dramatic manner.
  • The Ring of the Nibelung was originally based on a poem titled Nibelungenlied, which in turn was originally based on The Saga of the Volsungs. There have been talks of making an adaptation of The Ring of Nibelung with various Pantheonic deities, including having Brynhild and Siegfried take on roles as themselves in that potential play. The plans also call for Richard Wagner having involvement with this particular production, but not much progress has been made with getting this idea to happen.
  • Bugs Bunny, who admitted to being fond of opera, took on The Ring of the Nibelung (an expansive opera with a story that lasts a few hours) and elements from a couple of Wagner's other works, and made a six-minute parody of it alongside Elmer Fudd. While Brynhild and Siegfried (both of whom recommended it to Wagner) admitted to enjoying Bugs' take on the opera, Wagner didn't seem to like it quite as much.
  • At the behest of certain deities, Romeo & Juliet visited the House of Theater to watch of performance of Tristan Und Iseult, a play written by Wagner and also involved Star-Crossed Lovers with Tony and Maria joining them in the audience. Both couples, Romeo & Juliet in particular, noted that the concept felt a bit familiar to them, but had more than a few differences to make it stand out compared to their respective stories.
  • Zinyak, being an alien overlord that holds classical theater and music in high regard, took an interest with Wagner after hearing about his contributions. Being in charge of a radio station that plays classical music, Zinyak has considered kidnapping Wagner and wanting him a guest on the station whilst playing his works, a thought that more than disturbed Wagner.
  • James Marcus learned about Richard Wagner and his works and wanted to meet him in person as someone who admires opera. It was during his conversation with Dr. Marcus that Wagner learned about Erik and the latter's rivalry over opera, even if it's something that Wagner isn't too concerned with him. While Dr. Marcus, at the very least, didn't tell Wagner that he sings opera partially to control his leeches, the composer really doesn't want anything to do with Marcus' plans.
  • The Great Mighty Poo was more than thrilled to learn that a talented and famous opera writer was present in the Pantheon and wanted to meet him as soon as he learned of Wagner's presence. After seeing The Great Mighty Poo personally, Wagner couldn't believe that such a thing could be an opera singer. He's made it clear that, regardless of its talent, seeing this living pile of poop once is more than enough and has seen The Great Mighty Poo as an annoying fan of his to avoid. Not that it stops this thing from trying to meet up with Wagner again whenever the latter steps out of the House of Music.
  • Wagner's life was not without its controversies, most notably his views which can be seen as anti-Semitic. He's written a handful of essays covering certain topics in his life (including one attacking a couple of Jewish composers), with his writing style being subject to scrutiny years after their publications. His mindset has been met with positive marks from Nazis (and he was promoted as one of Hitler's favorite composers during the Nazi era) and might have attributed to their rise in some way after his death. The ascended Nazis in the Pantheon like Wagner's work and are hoping he'd get more involved with them.
    • Making things regarding Jews more complicated is that he had Jewish supporters and friends throughout some points and Wagner himself held a high opinion of his friendship with a Jew named Samuel Lehrs. In the Pantheon, there are Jews who, even if they aren't going to argue about his musical legacy, don't want much to do with his viewpoints.

Shan-Yu, God of Villains Without Theme Songs

Weezer, Gods of Self Titled Albums
The group in 2015. From L-R, Scott Shriner, Brian Bell, Rivers Cuomo & Patrick Wilson
  • Weezer is a Los Angeles-based Alternative Rock/Power Pop band led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Rivers Cuomo. They became a household name with the release of their self-titled debut album (known to many fans as The Blue Album), standing out with their poppy, mostly upbeat style during the gloomy, grunge era of alt-rock. Since their breakthrough, they've released 12 albums, six of which don't have a title. While they haven't had the most consistency in quality (though, don't try to ask fans specifically when they declined), they have still prospered (and won back most of their fanbase) after many years.
  • One day while the band was touring, Rivers somehow found a doorway that led to "a strange, yet interesting place", in his words. After looking around for a place to stay, he found a house centered around something very familiar to him, the House of Musicality. The house itself was vacant to more bands, so after a hearing from the Court of the Gods and some convincing from Rivers, the entire band got their own temple. Though, one of the band members did have one question to the judge.
    Patrick Wilson: "I do have to ask, before I sign this contract, is their a way to quickly get out of this place and vice-versa? We're still touring, you know."
    The Judge: "There is, but..."
    [One four-hour, overly detailed explaination later]
    Patrick: "Eh, worth it."
  • Upon entering the Pantheon, the band were gleeful to meet some of the iconic bands and artists they took inspiration from or payed tribute to that have resided in the place. The Beatles were impressed by their Power Pop style, (though, they thought their truely great material came from their first two albums) Freddie Mercury was pleased to see the band took a few notes from Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" for their Epic Rocking, grandiose "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)", and Michael Jackson approved of their take on one of his most famous songs, "Billie Jean".
    • When the band went to go see Metallica, Rivers was a little worried, as he'd accidentally near-ripped-off "Sanitarium" for Weezer's breakthrough single, "Undone - The Sweater Song", and felt they wouldn't care for his practical-plagiarism, considering their views towards stealing their content. Fortunately, Metallica was surprising okay with it, and were just glad that they've inspired a band who gained millions of fans.
  • After they settled in their new home, Weezer decided to tour across the Pantheon and set up a few dates. While on the stage, they were rather surprised to see the large amount of fans that came by to see them perform; the crowds weren't as massive compared to some of the other ascended band's shows, but nevertheless, they were filled with joy.
  • The band (well, mostly Rivers) has wrote all kinds of songs, but the type they're perhaps most familiar with are about love (or lost love) and relationships, whether it be about a guy expressing his love to a girl by comparing them to pop culture figures, a man clinging for his girlfriend not to leave him, or about Rivers' experience at college crushing on a girl, only to realize she's a lesbian. They have held a few concerts at the House of Love and Affection, though the guardians over there keep them from playing a couple of their creepier songs (I.e. "El Scorcho", "I'm Your Daddy").
  • Probably the most notable thing about Weezer is their status as a clean cut, slightly losery, and kinda geeky band, which is shown in songs like "In The Garage" where Rivers sings about performing in his, well, garage complete with X-Men and KISS posters hanging on the wall, and "Beverly Hills" which is about being a beatdown guy dreaming about living in the title city. Steve Smith seems to like the band for all of the aforementioned traits, which is pretty fitting considering his status as a virgin.
  • They got along quite nicely with Linkin Park for a very strange and specific reason. Basically, their first two albums are respectively considered alt-rock and nu-metal classics (though, it took a little longer for Pinkerton to get that treatment), but opinions on the rest of their discography vary widely within their fanbases. While Linkin Park feels that fandom criticism towards their later albums went too far, Weezer is a bit more receptive with backlash, hence why they revisited the roots for Everything Will Be Alright in the End after Raditude with it's mainstream pop-orientated sound didn't go over well with fans. They still moderately change their style from time to time, though.
  • One time, a persistent fan wanted Weezer to cover Toto's "Africa". While they initially trolled said fan by covering "Rosanna" instead, the band later relented and recorded their own take on the song. This version surprisingly did so well, that they recorded an entire Cover Album titled The Teal Album. In the Pantheon, Weezer continues this trend by covering some of the ascendent's own songs during their concerts.
  • Like most bands, some of their songs come with music videos, a few of which resulted in good relationships with some of the deities (and even an entire house).
    • In the video for "Buddy Holly", Weezer is shown performing at Arnold's Drive-In from Happy Days, with the Fonz even showing his moves to the song. While Arthur has yet to recall that ever happening in the place, he still finds it cool that they've held a show in his regular hangout.
    • In the "Keep Fishin'" video, the band are playing the song as special guests in The Muppet Show, complete with some of the cast singing and dancing on stage during their performance, though Animal had to fill in for Patrick for most of the song as he was busy being kidnapped by Miss Piggy for, er, her own amusement. Weezer ties with the The Muppets has since then strengthened, as they've made a cover of "Rainbow Connection" with Hayley Williams and performed in a couple of their Pantheonic shows, albeit with both parties putting a restraining order between Patrick and Miss Piggy.
    • For the "Pork and Beans" video, they got a plethora of then-huge YouTube stars and internet memes to be featured with the band. All members in the House of Memes have gushed about the video, with a few of them even calling it "the best YouTube Rewind ever made."
    • The video for their cover of "Africa" was a parody of their video for "Undone - The Sweater Song" with all band members replaced with stand-ins, including "Weird Al" Yankovic playing Rivers. The band got to see the comedic musician hanging out at his temple and this encounter inspired him to record a new song parodying one of their tracks titled "Muddy Collie".
  • Also present in the House of Titles.


    Emmet & Ma Otter 
Emmet & Ma Otter, Patrons of Counterpoint Duets
Emmet & Ma Otter, with the other bandmembers behind them
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A washtub bass
  • Theme Music: Brothers in Our World
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Jug-Band, Participated in a Talent Competition (which serves as a Concert Climax)
  • Domains: Otters, Music
  • Heralds: Wendell Badger, Harvey Beaver, Charlie Muskrat
  • Allies: Kermit the Frog, Della & Jim Young, Hijiri Mochizuki, Muse
  • Dislikes: Evil musicians
  • Emmet & Ma Otter are a poor mother-son duo scraping by via odd jobs and laundry work respectively from their home. With Christmas around the corner, a talent contest in a town nearby gives them the opportunity to earn 50 dollars. They enter separately; Ma selling Emmet's toolshed to make a costume for herself and hoping to use the prize money to get her son a guitar whilst Emmet drilled a hole in Ma's washtub to make a washtub bass and hoping the get Ma a piano with the prize money. Both of them meet during the contest performing their own songs, but lose in the end. Luckily for them, they get a job as the band for their local inn after playing a combined version of their talent competition songs near the inn.
  • With Christmas coming to the Pantheon, it was also time for the House of Theater to hold a talent competition. The winner of that contest would receive some prize money. A number of contestants joined, with one of them consisting of Emmet & Ma Otter, who performed one of their songs with their jug-band when it was their turn. Although they didn't win the contest, the audience liked their performance enough to have them be a part of the Pantheon.
  • Kermit the Frog has told other deities that particular story during the holiday season. He is more than willing to allow the Otters alongside their bandmates to perform in the House of Theater whenever Christmas comes around, sometimes by themselves and sometimes as part of an act in a larger performance. The Otters' don't actually perform traditional Christmas carols; rather they perform songs of their own making.
  • Hearing a jug-band has been described by others as a nice change of pace from more traditional bands. That said, the Otters are more than aware that there are many other musicians that are far more lavish than them when it comes to their presentation. They were a bit relieved to hear from some that what's more important than a strong visual presentation is the heart that's put forward in performing a song.
    • What the Otters weren't as happy to hear was that there were some musicians with a really bad attitude. The worst that their competition, the Riverbottom Nightmare Gang, could be was just being a bunch of bullies with talent. In the Pantheon, not only do these evil musicians potentially have talent, but they are clearly capable of acting even worse than the Riverbottom Gang. The Otters would prefer to keep their distance from these villainous performers.
  • The sight of otters and other small animals playing music was considered adorable according to Rena Ryuugu, Sapphire Rhodonite, and even Schezo Wegey. Even if the otters know that they aren't mostly bad people by any means, the idea of being taken by them because of perceived cuteness didn't sit well for the jug-band.
  • Emmet's deceased father has been described as a Snake Oil the sense that he was a salesman that sells oil for snakes. As far as anyone in the Pantheon is concerned, no one wants to oil any of the ascended snakes around there, even if oil for snakes was available.
  • Ma & Emmet weren't the only ones who participated in a talent competition in order to get something important. They learned how a Girl Group known as Muse took part in a singing competition to save their school. Like the otters, something happened that prevented the protagonists from winning the competition (Muse having to drop out of the show due to Honoka's illness at the time in that case), though things were ultimately able to work out after the contest (the girls were able to save their school). Both otters and girls have shown goodwill towards each other and have sometimes performed separate acts during Christmas concerts.
  • Hijiri Mochizuki was eager to meet up with additional carolers, but didn't expect them to be a group of small animals that are also a jug-band. She doesn't mind it at all and has even joined them in their carolling. There's also the fact that they are more active in making music during the holiday season.
  • Their tale can be seen as something of a variant of Della & Jim Young's story, but instead of selling their prized possessions to get the other something meaningful, Emmet & Ma otter had to sacrifice something important related to the other as a stepping stone to get something for the other, but failed to get the money to do so during that crucial moment. That didn't stop the Youngs from liking the Otters for thinking about each other in the long run regardless.
  • It took a while for some deities to realize that one of the Otters' songs, When the River Meets the Sea, was symbolic of death and about a peaceful transition to the afterlife. Regardless of how death works in the Pantheon, some of the friendlier entities related to the afterlife have taken a liking to the song.

    Nana Mizuki 
Nana Mizuki, Goddess of Singing One's Own Theme Song (Nana Kondou, Nana)

    Norman Bates 
Norman Bates, God of "Psycho" Strings
Top: The older version. Bottom: His teenaged self
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Bates Hotel logo
  • Theme Song: you know the one (shared with Mary, much to the latter's dismay)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Good by the end of the film series
  • Portfolio: Beware the Nice Ones, Tragic Villain with a Split Personality, Cute and Psycho, Psychopathic Manchild, Reluctant Psycho, Shrinking Violet, Momma's Boy, Nervous Wreck, Violently Insane, Giggling Villain, Creepy Crossdresser, Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette, ultimately either Driven to Madness if the books or Took a Level in Cheerfulness by Destroying The Abusive Home
  • Domains: Evil, Madness, Death, Solitude
  • Superior: Alfred Hitchcock
  • Allies: Frasier Crane, Eddie Low
  • Rivals: Dexter Morgan
  • Enemies: Marion Crane
  • Observed by: Sigmund Freud, Hannibal Lecture, Luke Skywalker, Shido Itsuka
  • Uneasy Relationship: Patrick Bateman
  • Admired by: Shawn Spencer
  • Fears: Michael Myers
  • One upside in being in the Pantheon is the fact that you don't have to worry about the being that killed you if they had not ascended yet. Marion had the same privileges for much of her own ascension. That all changed when Aerith dropped by to her temple... only to find out she was brutally murdered. In a shower no less. After being revived, Marion confirmed her worst fears; Norman Bates has returned. Sure enough, the man was discovered shortly afterwards in the House of Music. He denied the murder deftly, but there was little down on the mind of many. The Pantheon has one more killer on the loose.
    • There has been additional footage found that recorded his life as a teenager. This has only made the character even more sympathetic as it showed Norman did try to solve his insanity... only to succumb to it in the final years.
  • Given his title, whenever Norman is killing someone high-pitched violins are heard nearby from some unknown source, warning whoever isn't cowering from all the Scare Chords that a murder is occurring.
  • For Freud, Norman's ascension was one of the happiest days of his life. If there's anyone who could prove that previous experiences with one's parents can shape their lives, its Norman Bates. Freud was quick to shove out any competition to examine the man for himself. Though it did give him some publicity, Freud also hopes to find a way to cure him of the madness. He may have after all by the end of the films.
  • Of course there are just some people he couldn't push away. The silver tongue of Hannibal Lecture was just to dangerous for Freud to ever compete with, giving the cannibal some time between the two. Unlike Freud, Hannibal has no interest of curing the man. Instead, he hope to manipulate Bates' psychotic tendencies to his benefit. It would certainly help to have someone who could shank some of his enemies without warning.
  • His ascension has put Dexter Morgan in a dilemma. He doesn't trust Norman's attempts of redemption even though he himself is hoping to do the same. So for now, Dexter decided to give Norman a chat as well as an ultimatum; be careful what he does, because Dexter may just put him on his hit list next.
  • Eddie Low on the other hand is more sympathetic, especially when he looks towards the film version. It is part of an attempt to befriend Norman. Still, a few GTA deities belief he is only doing this in order to amass allies to get his revenge on Niko.
  • As expected from such a prolific killer, he has his share of fans, even he doesn't like the fact that he's inspired an entire army of killers. In fact, one of his more direct inspirations was already in the Pantheon to meet up with him. American Psycho Patrick Bateman took Norman to his room. Instead of indulging in murder, Batman handed a wine bottle as a celebration. He also gave Bates some advice: embrace who you are and don't give a damn about those who criticize you. Norman Bates left the apartment perturbed by the advice.
  • Most detectives have kept an arms length from Norman Bates. Not Shawn Spencer. The detective couldn't wait to interview one of the most well-known Slasher Movie killers on the big screen. To Norman, it was intimidating having someone ask so many intrusive questions. Luckily, Gus was there to talk him out of it. After all, there is always the chance that his Split Personality makes him more murderous.
  • As so many other Slasher Movie killers were inspired by him, there's no surprise that many of them keep an eye on him. One such encounter had him taking a walk at night. Suddenly, a man with a white mask turned him around from behind and pushed him down. Fearing for his life, Norman tried to crawl away but the assailant grabbed hold of a leg and dragged him closer. The assailant was no other than Michael Myers. The two stared at each other for a tense few seconds. When Norman looked away for a brief moment, Myers had disappeared. He believed that Myers wanted take a look at his genre ancestor.
  • There has been competing claims as to his fate. The books claim that he had completely given into his insanity up to his death. The films showed a more optimistic story. Norman tried his best to live a normal life, even though his Split Personality reared its ugly head from time to time. But in the end, he confronted his fears by destroy the same house that was the source of all his pain. With the last vestige of his past life destroyed, Norman Bates managed to live a normal life with a family of his own.
    • Luke and Shido are both keeping a close watch on him in the hope that Norman can find redemption.
  • Ever since a fateful encounter with Charlie Bucket, Norman felt some sort of connection and has since always always stocked his temple with Wonka candy. Charlie, on the other hand, has avoided Norman like hell.
  • In one of his murder attempts, he accidentally came across Erma Williams taking a bath. Fortunately, all that happened was him apologizing for having entered the wrong bathroom.