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    Mithra (Shinza Bansho series
Mithra, Goddess of Protagonist-Centered Morality (First Heaven, The Truth, Shinga, The Original Hadou God, Goddess of Dualism, Goddess of Nigenron)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Her dual edged glaive
  • Theme Song: Fanatiker (Piano Mix)
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Lawful Evil tendencies (convinced she's Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Deity of Human Origin, Her People Made The Throne In The First Place, Righteous As A Law Of Reality, Black-and-White Insanity, Convinced Of Her Own Righteousness When The "Good" And "Evil" Factions Are Both Lousy, Forever War, Meaningful Name, First Hadou God Of The Multiverse
  • Domains: Divinity, Good and Evil, Moral Absolutism, Justice, Self-Righteous, Self-Centeredness, Law
  • Interests: Apollyon
  • Allies: The Seven Heavenly Virtues
  • Rivals: The other Hadou Gods, Eiki Shiki, Zamasu, YHVH
  • Enemies: Hajun, The Protectors of the Plot Continuum, The Truth, Lucifer, Cosmos, The White, Gowasu, Asura, Arthur Penhaligon
  • Opposed by: Those who believe morality isn't black and white, most of the Grand United Alliance of Good, George R.R. Martin
  • Confused for: Rex, Pyra, and Mythra.
  • The Masadaverse has a supreme deity, a Hadou God, who imposes their Law upon the multiverse from The Throne. The first to sit upon the throne was Mithra, or Shinga by her divine name. Her Law, Nigenron, determined what was good, and what was evil. This led to a chaotic multiverse, where good and evil beings fought each other in a Forever War. It took the man later known as Muzan to end it, someone who was part of the "Good" faction who went on to kill everyone and became the second Hadou God.
  • By the nature of her Law, everything she thinks is good and everything she thinks is bad is as much a law of the cosmos as things like gravity and entropy. In other words, morality revolves around her. While not a literal Mary Sue, the Protectors of the Plot Continuum consider her to be just like one due to how she twists the multiverse to agree with her values.
  • What is "good" and what is "evil" is really more of a glorified Evil Versus Evil in her multiverse. Good people were brutish individuals driven by hatred and resentment, destroying both the enemy and themselves. Evil people were beautiful and prideful individuals who carried out atrocities without a hint of maliciousness in them. Cosmos considers her opinion on what good is to be abhorrent, Mithra believes she has the right to determine what the GUAG and GUAE are.
  • Considered to be a darker archetype of Eiki Shiki. Both exist to determine what is good, what is evil and possess no middle ground on the matter. Their differing opinions on what that entails has led to a rivalry between the two of them, which Mithra boasts she dominates as Eiki Shiki governs Hell, while she governed the multiverse in her time. Of course, her rival is wont to remind her of the "in her time" part.
  • Zamasu was absolutely infuriated at Mithra and her people for creating The Throne, declaring that her status as a former mortal and that mortals created The Throne is the source of all problems within the Masadaverse, and decrying her failure as a deity. Mithra was quick to point out the hypocrisy of his contempt as they are very similar; convinced they're in the right, they reshaped their multiverses to enact what is good. Surprisingly Zamasu actually conceded she had a point, however, feels that while he agrees there are no moral grey areas, the fact she allowed evil to exist at all is a grievous sin.
  • The endless conflict from enforcing her moral dualism is a dark parallel to the seemingly endless war between Cosmos and Melkor. Cosmos dreads it but has learned to accept moral ambiguity. Melkor simply found it tiresome, since he wants to be the winner in the battle of good against evil. He does think moral absolutism might be an easier means of determining a winner compared to the much more diverse conflict in the pantheon, but otherwise doesn't care for her.
  • Lucifer was absolutely opposed to her views on good and evil, as they denied humanity the chance to choose for themselves what is right and what is wrong. YHVH had the opposite opinion; He liked the idea, in part because He could force Himself as the "good", in part He has a very black and white view on the world(though different standards to Mithra), and in part because He has exploited the dichotomy on high much like Mithra. Of course, their respective egos and differing opinions on what is "good" and what is "evil" prevent them from ever allying, which is probably for the best.
  • While rivals, Mithra and YHVH share enough in common that they can have civil conversations. Mithra has a fondness for the Seven Heavenly Virtues, out of the fact that they paradoxically poorly fit the virtue and morality they embody yet do so. Otherwise, Mithra's self-centeredness and conviction on right and wrong makes finding allies difficult. Though she does fancy some of her male rivals. She considers mostly anything with a Y chromosome to be fair game.
  • Her endless conflict of "good" and "evil" was met by derision by those who believe in moral relativism, and George R.R. Martin laughed at the mess that was her multiverse. As one to prefer moral ambiguity in his writing, he considers her reality to essentially be poor writing in terms of Black-and-White Morality and the kind of thing he likes to deconstruct. Gowasu feels she is a lesson in failure when it comes to the importance and balance of good and evil.
  • Since her Law caused a Forever War, Apollyon was pretty interested in it. The White were revolted and used her as justification for their belief that even the GUAG's attempt to better the Pantheon brings suffering in an eternal conflict. They wish to end it and feel her successor Muzan's problems are proof that permanent annihilation is the only option.
  • The Truth was disgusted her using "The Truth" as part of one of her titles, and her desire to forcibly determine what is right, wrong and how that might relate to karma. It finds it a twisted version of how The Truth determines what is good and bad.
  • Considers Asura to be a Lighter and Softer version of Muzan, at least initially; they were both sick of the current divine status quo and eventually overcame the supreme being in charge. Of course, Asura isn't a genocidal maniac and has no desire to be worshipped or prayed to. He also considers her little better than Chakravartin, who also abused the Omniscient Morality License. Mithra finds him to be hot and was intrigued by how he also utilized the word "Mithra", specifically his Mithra of Maitreya who becomes Mithra-Buddha.

Greater Gods

    The Seven Heavenly Virtues 
The Seven Heavenly Virtuesmembers , Angelic Representatives of Rotating Protagonists
L - R: Sariel, Gabriel, Metatron, Raphael, Michael, Sandalphon and Uriel.
  • Greater Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their wings
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Michael, Uriel and Gabriel), Neutral Good (Metatron, Sandalphon), Chaotic Good (Raphael, Sariel), Neutral Evil (Metatron's Split Personality)
  • Portfolio: Embodying the Seven Heavenly Virtues But Not Doing A Good Job of It, Angelic Beauty, Hero with an F in Good, Ms. Fanservice, Having Wings on Different Parts of Their Bodies
  • Heralds: Their Messiah Candidates
  • Allies: Eru Ilúvatar, Aslan, The Love that Moves the Stars, Mata Nui, Manwe, Tyrael, Clark Kent/Superman, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Cosmos, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Shido Itsuka, Lux Arcadia, Spock, anyone who follows the path of Virtue.
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Sam and Dean Winchester, James Bond, The Spectre (especially Michael)
  • Pities: Timmy Turner, Charlie Brown
  • Rivals: The Seven Mortal Sins, the Friends crew, The Seinfeld crew, Aphrodite (Sariel only)
  • Enemies: Melkor, Lucifer, YHVH, Metatron, Aku, Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, Sheev Palpatine, Sauron, High Councilor Kal-El
  • The Seven Heavenly Virtues have the reputation of being the most unusual and unconventional group of Angels to be ever introduced in the Pantheon, because a) they consistently fail to live up to the Virtues they represent and b) they all wear skimpy clothes. When they entered the Pantheon, they all engaged in crazy antics, trying to train their chosen candidates to be the Messiah. Most people ignored them, given that such events were commonplace in the Pantheon, although some of the more perverted deities couldn't help but stare lewdly at the Virtues. After all was said and done, the Virtues were accepted without further trouble.
  • Upon their arrival, they discovered several alternate versions of the God they serve were already present in the Pantheon, such as Eru Ilúvatar, Aslan and the Love that Moves the Stars, and pledged their loyalty to them within the blink of an eye. They were also invited to the Hall of Angels for their efforts in finding the Messiah and trying to live among humans. They were even surprised to find there was already a version of Michael in the Pantheon. The veteran Michael agreed to become a mentor to the Virtues, especially to the female Michael, who still struggled between law and Good. Both Tyrael and Manwë have agreed to teach the Virtues in the ways of the Pantheon as well.
    • They agree with Michael's ideal that Virtue cannot exist without Free Will, which is why they stand in opposition to YHVH and his lackeys, especially his most loyal Angel Metatron, who creeps the female Metatron out to no end. Michael, more than the other Virtues, hates Metatron for showing her an alternate reality where she accepted her God's order to destroy mankind. After that event, she has taken steps to ensure she does not stray from the path of Virtue like her Alternate Self. Despite their enmity with YHVH's forces, however, they think twice before working alongside Lucifer; while he might champion free will, they are always quick to question the morality of his actions.
  • Anyone who follows the path of Virtue will become an immediate ally to the Virtues, including legendary superheroes like Superman, Captain America and Spider-Man. The Angels sometimes entertain the idea of training them to be Messiah Candidates, but ultimately dissuade the notions, as they already have their hands full with their current Candidates. At the very least, they offered their support against the High Councilor; especially Michael, who knows what it's like to have an Evil Twin.
  • Melkor is high on their hit list, alongside YHVH, and the Virtues always take the opportunity to berate him for betraying his family for his own pride and ambition. Sauron of Mordor is also one of the Virtues' greatest enemies, as his love for order and perfection caused him to stray from the path of Virtue and pervert everything the Ainur were supposed to uphold. The Virtues are also horrified to learn of Aku, a Japanese demon who successfully conqured the world, and fear something like that would happen if they failed in their quest to find a suitable Messiah. They are further dismayed to learn of people like Emperor Palpatine and Isaac Westcott, who are entirely human despite their impressive powers.
  • They have become very attached to Shido Itsuka and Lux Arcadia after learning of their benevolent and righteous attitudes. They are also aware of Shido's origins as a Spirit-human hybrid. The Virtues always invite Shido, Lux and their harems for huge parties in their temple.
  • Being literal Angels of the Lord, the Virtues do their best to cheer up Timmy Turner and protect him from abusive parental figures and any kinds of evil adults in the Pantheon. The Virtues were absolutely horrified to learn Jorgan Von Strangle once gave him a vision of an alternate reality where everyone would be better off if he wasn't born. Jorgan attempted to defend himself, saying he wanted to teach Timmy about doing the right thing without expecting a reward, but the Virtues would have none of it, pointing out the near-sadistic glee he took at Timmy's visible suffering. Uriel capped off the Virtues' disgust with one final statement:
    "We could be assholes like you, but we don't like hurting other people's feelings."
  • Another child under their protection is Charlie Brown. Despite the constant misery the universe piles on him, he never gives up trying to do the right thing, something the Virtues can relate to.
  • Sam and Dean Winchester dimiss the Virtues' efforts to help them in the demon-hunting duties, considering no better than the angels than live in their universe. For their part, the Virtues have long given up on helping the Winchesters, dismissing them as self-righteous jerks who care about their own personal vendetta over the world they've sworn to protect. They aren't too fond of James Bond, either. Much like M, the Angels think he is a "sexist, misogynist dinosaur" who is willing to sleep with women to get what he needs. Bond, not a stranger to petty insults, ignores them. Hilariously, some deities believe the Virtues, Michael and Uriel especially, might not be entirely immune to 007's boyish charms. The Virtues embarrassingly denied that notion, but Sariel is willing to give Bond a chance to prove his worth. They don't look forward to working with the Spectre, who takes his job very seriously and is an even bigger Hero with an F in Good than they are. Michael at least tries to give him the benefit of the doubt because she knows how hard it is to keep one's faith in a world constantly threatened by sin and evil.
  • Don't exactly see eye to eye with the Friends crew because their tropes are almost similar. They do, however, respect each other and the Virtues feel bad that Joey's spin-off didn't actually work out. Also, they work together to undermine the Seinfeld crew whenever they get the chance. The Virtues think that Jerry and his friends are miserable and lousy excuses for human beings and do not deserve salvation, but they do agree that the punishment they suffer at the end of their story falls flat because a) they didn't learn anything from the experience and b) they were indirectly punished by people even worse than they are.
  • Exclusive to Michael:
    • An accomplished swordswoman, Michael is always willing to accept challenges from worthy sword-wielding heroes, like Link and Samurai Jack. She is impressed by Link's courage and tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds and praises Jack for succeeding in his quest to destroy Aku, even if he had to overcome a period of depression. As someone who struggles with her faith, Michael sympathizes with Optimus Prime when she heard of his own crisis of faith.
    • When she has free time, Michael likes to go to the House of Food and eat lots of omelettes. There, she came across Tohka Yatogami and Celestia Ralgris and quickly befriended them after hearing of their stories. Michael praises the two girls for their sword skills and loyalty to Shido and Lux, considering them true embodiments of faith.
  • Exclusive to Uriel:
    • Despite her position as the Angel of Patience, Uriel actually has a short temper according to and doesn’t have the patience to pause and reconsider her actions due to how stubbornly she sticks to them, even if they inconvenience her or others. To solve this, the Grand United Alliance of Good advised her to visit Princess Zelda. Despite some initial difficulty, the Angel of Patience and the Princess of Hyrule ultimately became friends. Uriel came to admire Zelda's wisdom and devotion to Link and regularly asks her for advice on how to improve her relationship with her Candidate.
    • An ability Uriel has but almost never uses is the power of fire. Uriel's time in the Pantheon has allowed her to further develop this skill and her time in the GUAG earned her the friendship of space pilot Mirage Farina Jenius. Feeling a strange kinship, Uriel and Mirage promised to work together in the battlefield. Uriel feels a bit sorry that Mirage lost in her show's Love Triangle, but Mirage assures her she has moved on.
    • As an intelligence officer, Uriel is pretty good at bureaucracy. While she won't say no to a mission that specifically requires her presence, she feels more comfortable in the GUAG's headquarters, handling all the paperwork. "The GUAG will stand or fall on the strength of its internal administration", she says.
  • Exclusive to Raphael:
    • She might not look like it, but Raphael is actually the most socially adept of the Virtues. Despite her fondness for her Candidate, she knew that training him as a Messiah would likely get in the way of his dream of becoming a master pastry chef, so she erased his memories of her. For that, she earned Tenri Ayukawa's respect. She also became friends with Mayuri, who made a sacrifice of the literal kind to save Shido Itsuka.
    • Amazed to find deities within the Pantheon that share her voice and dedicates a lot of her free time to have fun alongside them. Raphael and Fuuka get along swimmingly, while Azura thinks Raphael could learn to take things a bit more seriously. Lisha cannot help but feel jealous towards Raphael, for, well
  • Exclusive to Sandalphon
    • Sandalphon is interested in the fields of science, so it's no surprise that she spends more time in the House of Science than in her temple. While she can develop small devices like hand-held computers, phones and even small grenades, larger devices are more complicated and most of the time they end up exploding. Seeing her enthusiasm and dedication for science, the Philanthropists of Benevolent Science have accepted her as their protegé.
    • Being the twin sister of Metatron, Sandalphon constantly worries for her sister's psychological state and has already given a warning to House of Health and Diseases to see if there is something they can do to help her.
  • Exclusive to Metatron
    • Being the Angel of Charity, it is no surprise that Metatron is dedicated to the arts of medicine. Unfortunately, she has no firsthand knowledge of the human world and and often gets tricked because she naively trusts anyone. J.D. and Turk were quick to befriend Metatron and try to make sure she doesn't fall in with the wrong crowd. Easier said than done, however, as the Sacred Heart doctors are not paragons of fair judgment either, leading to a lot of misadventures for the three.
    • Her work amongst the Pantheon gods led Metatron to meet other famous doctors like Gregory House and Leonard McCoy. Metatron does not enjoy her time with House; although she respects his skills as a doctor, she is not fond of his bad attitude and smug self-righteousness. On the other hand, Dr. House doesn't like Metatron either, thinking her to be a naive goody-two-shoes. She prefers to spend more time with McCoy, who despite his own grumpiness, does have the qualities Metatron desires in a mentor.
    • Under normal circumstances, Metatron is gentle and benevolent, but she harbors a split personality that enjoys causing pain to other people. This split personality usually manifests when Metatron is holding a syringe and many evil-aligned gods, such as Nurse Ratched, Sofia Lamb, Carnage and the Joker seek to corrupt Metatron by exposing her split personality to more varied forms of depravity. The other Virtues make sure to keep them away from Metatron as much as possible.
    • The sadistic Metatron gets along swimmingly with the Medic, who enjoys getting organs and causing bloodshed. The nice Metatron, on the other hand, would rather stay away from him, especially when she heard that he made a deal with The Devil in exchange for his soul. Then, when his contract was about to expire, he then tricked The Devil signing an another contract, this time, in exchange for his teammates' souls just so The Medic could become immortal all by himself. Doing that was extremely risky and could have easily backfired.
  • Exclusive to Gabriel
    • Obsessed with chastity, Gabriel does not tolerate what she believes are acts of perversion or sexual decadences. She spends most of her time yelling at the more lustful deities to stop their wrongful acts. Most of these deities, like James Bond and the Highschool DxD deities, ignore her, thinking her to be just a nuisance. Some of the more reasonable deities, like Kaito Kirishima, Ichika Takatsuki, Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, at least listen to their advice and Gabriel does give them the benefit of the doubt. They're just teenagers, they won't be doing sexual acts anytime soon.
    • Gabriel completely approves of Ash Ketchum and Ichika Orimura, accepting them as embodiments of chastity. She does, however, question their ability to garner multiple love ineterests despite their lack of experience with love.
    • Getting tired of her constant preaching about chastity, the deities of the Hall of Tainted Love decided to kidnap her. The Virtues, and almost everyone in the House of Love and Affection, quickly saved her.
  • Exclusive to Sariel:
    • As the oldest of the Angels, Sariel tries to act like a mother to the group. "Tries" being the keyword here. Sariel is actually obsessed with the pleasures of the flesh and has earned the attractions of many male deities over the Pantheon. She has enjoyed quite a few nights of passion with James T. Kirk and has even taken Bond on his offer to prove his boyish charms, to the embarrassment of Michael and Gabriel. One particular god called Lavernius Tucker attempted to woo Sariel, an act that his fellow Red vs. Blue deities believed was doomed to fail. Fortunately, Sariel saw right through Tucker's charade and gave him what he wanted. Tucker's screams were the stuff of legends.
    "Woo-hoo! I banged an angel! Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow!"
    • Tucker's friends, especially Epsilon and Washington were shocked beyond words. Sariel's friends, however, were not.
    • Good friends with Power Girl and the Dark Magician Girl for their pride and lack of shame in their physical beauties. She did gain some unwanted attention in the form of Aphrodite, who thought the Angel of Kindness would try to steal her position as the Pantheon's Most Beautiful Goddess. Sariel has made it clear that she has no interest in stealing Aphrodite's title, but she does joke about it, if only to get on Aphrodite's nerves.
    • Her sneezes are so powerful they can destroy city blocks. Many gods wondered if those sneezes have any practical application against the forces of evil, but Batman came up with an idea. He told the Virtues to place Sariel deep within one of the Grand United Alliance of Evil's production facilities and rubbed her nose with a feather. One sneeze later and the GUAE's supply chain was crippled big time. Melkor's screams of fury were heard from the Virtues' temple.

    Twenty-Fifth Bam 
Twenty-Fifth Bam, God of Getting Better Power Upgrades Before Everyone Else (Jue Viole Grace, Baam, Jyu Viole Grace, Yoru, Black Turtle)
Bam as Jue Viole Grace 
  • Rank: Greater God currently; Lesser/Intermediate God for Parts 1 and 2
  • Symbol: A Star-Filled Night Sky
  • Theme Song: The 25th Bam, Berserker Bam when angered
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Genuinely Wanting to Help As Many As He Can, Being Forced to Compromise on His Ideals, A Lot, Chick Magnet, Being Unfamiliar to His World's Natural Rules, Being Exempt to Most of Those Rules, Being Sought After Due to Said Exemption, Denying Deification, Having No Idea What His Past Was, Gaining Moves Used on Him, Getting Increasingly More Powerful as the Story Goes on, Getting New Clothes Often
  • Domains: Chestnuts, Friendship, Powers, Revenge
  • Herald: Khun Aguero Agnes
  • High Priest: Rean Schwarzer
  • Allies: Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, Ichigo Kurosaki, Makoto Yuki, Son Goku, Chihiro Ogino, Aang, Mega Man, Kenzo Tenma, Naofumi Iwatami, Vash the Stampede, Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze
  • Enemies: Mateus Palamecia, Tetsuo Shima, Yhwach, Bondrewd, The Five Elders, Father, Alarak, Johan Liebert, Ghetsis Harmonia Gropius
  • Respects: Alpheus
  • Dislikes: Penelope Mouse, Malty S Melromarc
  • A pure and honest boy who enters the Tower in search of Rachel, the only person he has ever known during his life of isolation in a cave. Single-mindedly devoted to Rachel, Bam's goal is to reunite with her after she leaves him to climb the Tower. As an Irregular who entered the Tower on his own, Bam has exceptional potential in using shinsu that makes him the target of many people's attention. Throughout his journey, Bam makes several friends and grows both in power and character as he overcomes the Tower's many tests and obstacles.
  • Bam inadvertently entered the Pantheon through a mysterious door on the 52nd floor, and was subsequently chosen to become the God of Getting Better Power Upgrades Before Everyone Else due to a combination of being an Irregular trained by FUG higher-ups, his power to gain new techniques from watching or getting attacked by someone, and getting quite a few enhancements tied to his destiny. He's enjoyed his time since ascending, interested in meeting and befriending others not shaped by the competitiveness of the Tower. His potential has garnered the admiration of the deities in the House of Power and Abilities, with some predicting that he could ascend to Overdeity any day.
  • Due to the high concentration of shinsu as air in many parts of the Tower, Bam has encountered many Divine Sea Fish, giant floating sea creatures of which some he had to fight at times, such as the White Steel Eel and Giant Marsh Worms. It's for this reason, combined with his immense power, that he feels no fear navigating through the Hall of Aquatic Life. It's notable that even creatures like the Kraken and Duke Fishron don't try to attack Bam. They're well aware that it wouldn't take much shinsu for Bam to easily kill them if he wanted to.
  • Thanks to their similarly friendly dispositions, pure natures, and innate talent despite their ages, Bam has become good friends with Gon and also with his best friend Killua. Bam noted Killua's strong resemblance to his acquaintance Khun Ran, with the two having very similar appearances and compatibilities with electricities. Killua told Bam that he'd like to meet Ran and would be interested in the challenge of climbing the Tower, having enjoyed his time in the Heavens Arena.
  • Bam has an emnity with Mateus Palamecia, the evil ruler of the Palamecian Empire who aims to conquer the world using the forces of demons. This stems from Bam's Arch-Enemy being Jahad, the all-powerful, worshipped King of the Tower and ruler of the Jahad Empire who wants Bam, who is prophesied to slay him, dead. Thanks to the obstacles he has had to face because of Jahad, Bam has little tolerance for malevolent God Emperors and vows to stop him from reigning over all that exists. However, Mateus is not bothered by Bam's presence and considers him a mere insect in the grand scheme of his ambitions.
  • Bam's good looks, even from a young age, have caused many women to cry, which have only become more numerous since he's matured. His number of female admirers have only increased since he has ascended as a Greater God within the Pantheon, with women preferring his more long-haired look as Jue Viole Grace. Even the Chick Magnet Quintet is impressed by Bam's attractiveness towards women.
    • Word of his handsome looks have spread throughout the Princesses of the House of Royalty and more. Given Bam's seeming appeal to the Princesses of Jahad in the Tower, it's no surprise to see this same pattern again now that he's ascended to the Pantheon. Bam can only be amused by the irony of his appeal with royalty, considering that he's destined to kill a king.
  • Bam has formed a friendship with Makoto Yuki due to their similarities. Both of them are gifted with a unique power, overcame their trauma and regained their compassion, and lead a group of their friends to ascend a tower. Bam was surprised to hear of the eldritch, unpredictable nature of Tartarus through which the S.E.E.S. had to fight Shadows to climb up. Makoto, on the other hand, was in awe of what Bam told him about the Tower — a structure with over a hundred floors each with residents and tests set by Rulers for the climbers to overcome.
  • In preparation for his eventual return to his world to complete his climb, Bam has taken an interest in fully exploring the Yggdrasil Labyrinths. At the moment, he's looking for other people interested in exploring the labyrinths to form a party. As a Wave Controller with a mastery of Shinsu for large-scale destruction, he's designated himself as the "mage" of a group and has been searching for others who would fulfill different roles. He's also quite intrigued by the Abyss, and is considering in venturing through it after completing the Yggdrasil Labyrinths and training even more to become strong enough to survive the Unholy Death World.
  • Bam holds Alpheus, the World Forger, in high regard. As a former Slayer candidate of FUG, Bam was chosen by the secretive criminal syndicate to overthrow the Ten Great Families and kill Jahad, the worshipped god-king. Alpheus himself was forced to fight and try to kill his mother Perpetua, the first creator of the Multiverse. As someone prophesied to kill Jahad and who understands the gravity of defeating an all-powerful being, Bam has a respect for Alpheus for even deciding to end his own mother. He also wants to learn more about the Overdeity's powers over dark matter and incorporate it into his shinsu, already able to create a Shinsu Blackhole Sphere.
  • Bam has gained quite the fashionable wardrobe from getting new clothes picked out by Ha Jinsung every season that are sent to him. Even now that he's ascended to the Pantheon, his mentor still wants him to look just as good. From time to time, Bam can be seen visiting the Costumes picking out new clothes to wear, with a preference for fashionable button-ups. Thanks to his nice wardrobe collection, Bam is considered one of the most stylish deities in the House of Power.
  • Bam has a low opinion of Penelope Mouse for betraying her allies due to becoming greedy and envious of Sly Cooper's reputation. Her fall into greed and jealousy over Sly's reputation reminds Bam all too much of Rachel, who despite taking care of Bam and being the first person he ever met manipulated him and betrayed him to die all in her obsession to reach the top of the Tower. Even after rejecting Rachel's ideals and accepting her corruption, he still dislikes individuals similar to her. It's for this reason to he avoids going to the Halls of Tainted Friendship and Traitor Archetypes to avoid encountering her.
  • He's formed an Odd Friendship with Naofumi, a formerly idealistic hero who got falsely accused of rape and society repressed in him in turn to the point of turning him into a pragmatic, distrustful, and cynical man, over their shared trauma due to a culture of manipulation and mistrust. Naofumi respects Bam for his resilience, impressed that he was able to overcome his Break the Cutie moments better than himself. Speaking with Naofumi has arised from Bam mixed feelings about getting revenge against the people in the Tower who have wronged him, unsure about whether or not he should go through with them after hearing about Naofumi's own experiences with vengeance.
    • Hearing about Malty S Melromarc from Naofumi has made Bam form an extremely low opinion of the vile princess. He thought Rachel was bad, but was mortified to hear about Malty falsely accusing him of raping and sadistically antagonizing Naofumi, abusing her status to ruin others' lives, and trying to take the throne of Melromarc. Learning about Malty made Bam much more empathetic towards Naofumi's cynicism.
  • He can relate to Vash the Stampede's challenges of being hunted down for his abilities. Like Bam, Vash has taken a more pacifistic approach and genuinely tries to avoid killing as much as possible, though the world makes him suffer for it as bounty hunters keep attacking him relentlessly for the money due to the Crapsack World they live in. They also bonded over dealing with being literal Living Weapons, with Vash's body technically being a gun with his arm turning into the Angel Arm, and Bam a living Ignition Weapon with the Thorn and Black March inside his body. Talking with the more experienced Vash about this has helped Bam better understand his powers.
  • Bam gets along well with Gentaro Kisaragi for their similar loyal nature that compels them to fight on behalf of their friends. But while Bam's friendships give him the strong motivation to fight enemies and learn new techniques, Bam was surprised to learn that in Gentaro's world, friendship gives him actual new powers, and even lose transformations with the loss of friendships. In spite of their different temperaments, the two are good friends and glad to have befriended each other, with Bam and Gentaro always eager to make new friends.
  • He can also be found in Power Gains and Losses.
  • "Stars, thrones, skies, the Outside World, I don't need any of those things. But if someone tries to hurt someone precious to me, I will fight."

Intermediate Gods

    Aidan (Diablo
Aidan, God of Doomed Protagonists (Prince Aidan of Khanduras, The Dark Wanderer, Warrior)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Diablo's Soulstone and his sword.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Slowly possessed by Diablo, Evil Makes You Ugly, Fallen Hero, The Hero in the first Diablo, In the Hood, The Kingslayer, Royal Blood, Unwitting Pawn for Diablo, Warrior Prince
  • Domains: Royalty, Warriors, Corruption, Vessels, Death
  • Allies: Diablo, Baal, Arthas Menethil, Gul'dan
  • Enemies: The Nephalems, Xul, Tyrael, Auriel, Sigurd, Most good aligned Demons and Angels
  • Complicated Relationship: King Leoric (His father)
  • Pitied by: Medivh, Riku, Sakura Matou, Liezerota
  • Odd Friendship: Harth Stonebrew
  • Famed for defeating Diablo during the darkening of Tristam, Prince Aidan of Khanduras took upon himself to lock up Diablo within himself so he would never escape again. Unfortanely for him, that's what Diablo wanted from him and Aidan slowly lost his humanity overtime eventually becoming the vessel for Diablo, the same fate that his brother Albrecht suffered.
  • The reason he holds that title is because back before he became the Dark Wanderer, everything he did ended up amounting to nothing. He failed to save both his kingdom from his father and his brother from Diablo and even when he tried to contain the demon between him, that only made things worse.
  • Even after his ascension, Aidan has lost control over his own actions and only follows the order from Diablo, even though he no longer needs him as a host. The primary reason of why he ascended as the Dark Wanderer is because his soul was completely broken and the man Aidan used to be no longer exist. Not even in the pantheon could Aidan find peace.
  • His relationship with his father is complicated, first because he slayed him once when he returned from the dead and second because Aidan refuses to accept him as his father. Although to Leoric's credit, it pains him that his son is completely gone and only a twisted individual remains.
  • Both Aidan and Arthas met after hearing about their respectives stories and how they went on similar paths. Although Aidan technically counts as an undead, Arthas control of him is minimal due to Diablo's influence being much greater.
  • Medivh feels sorry about Aidan, mostly because he also went through a similar ordeal. But unlike Aidan, Medivh was given a second chance to correct his mistakes. That's why he seeks to restore Aidan's soul and allow him to find peace, a difficult task since Diablo has no intention of letting Aidan go.
    • Medivh wasn't the only one who felt this way, other who also went through a similar experience felt horrified of the fate that befell Aidan. Sakura and Liezerota feel that what happened to Aidan could have easily happen to them too.
  • The tale of Aidan and how he fell from grace is one that terrified Sigurd, since both he and Aidan had similar well intentions but in the end got doomed. Even moreso because at least Sigurd died a man, not getting consumed by a demon. While he's on the lookout in case Aidan ends up spreading terror on his realm, he has expressed pity on him, just like he did on Arvis.
  • One time, Aidan entered a strange tavern that didn't feel like it belonged to his realm. Turns out it wasn't and he decided to challenge some of the patrons that frequented the bar.
    • After that incident, he still keeps a somewhat cordial relationship with the Inkeeper Stonebrew and the dwarf says he is welcome any time he wants. But Aidan doubts if he will return in the future.
  • Has heard of the Nexus and he has been interesting in joining one day. No one is sure if he will enter on behalf of Diablo or as the Warrior he used to be.
  • It's recommended to keep crystal-shaped elements outside of his reach. No one wants him to encrust a soulstone in his forehead again.

    Ayato Amagiri 
Ayato Amagiri, God of Experienced Protagonists (Murakumo)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God with fully activated Ser-Veresta)
  • Symbol: The Ser-Veresta (his sword), alternatively the Seidoukan Academy Symbol
  • Theme Song: "Determination of Ayato"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Hero, Best Fighter In His School, Purple Hair and Eyes, Having A Powerful Weapon Even By Ogre-Lux's Standards, Sustained Offensive Moves, Became More Powerful and Skilled than His Peers Before The Story Started, Stock Light-Novel Hero, Temporary Power Increases, Chick Magnet, Deliberately Simple Protagonist
  • Domain: Fighting Prowess, Quick Learning, Kidness, Humility
  • Heralds: Claudia Enfield and Saya Sasamiya (his schoolmates), Haruka Amagiri (his older sister and martial arts teacher)
  • Allies: Julis Riessfeld, Kirin Toudou, Luke Skywalker, Kirito and Asuna, Link, Fi, Shido Itsuka, Lux Arcadia, Ikki Kurogane, X-Men, James T. Kirk, Touya Mochizuki
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Magneto
  • Enemies: Darth Sidious, Khan Noonien Singh, All evil-aligned deities in the Houses of War and Commerce
  • In the Asterisk city lies the prestigious Seidoukan Academy, responsible for the training of Genestella, superhuman teenagers that compete in tournaments called Festas. The best and most talented of Seidoukan's students is Ayato Amagiri, a young man from Japan who quickly became a favorite to win the Phoenix Festa and bring Seidoukan to glory after years of stagnation.
  • Compared to other anime protagonists, who start as rookies with great potential that becomes realized over the course of their stories, Ayato is unusual is the sense that he has already developed much of his fighting prowess before his story even begun. To wit: he is an expert with katanas, spears, daggers and barehanded fighting. In the early part of his story, Ayato didn't achieve a higher level of power; he merely remembered techniques and skills his sister taught him to solve the problem at hand.
    • His weapon, the Ser-Veresta, is sentient and can choose its wielder. It chose Ayato because of his magical potential, which so vast that his sister, the Ser-Veresta's previous owner, put a seal on him to keep Ayato from getting destroyed by his own power at an early age. Trying to separate the Ser-Veresta from Ayato is unadvisable as the Ser-Veresta will react violently and engulf the entire area in flames.
  • Glad to learn Kirin Toudou had already made it into the Pantheon and went to visit her. Upon seeing Ayato, Kirin immediately broke into tears and hugged him... then, she grabbed his head and rubbed it against her chest, all the while promising him to stay wtih him forever, much to Ayato's embarassment and the amusement of many gods nearby.
  • Being a magically-enhanced fighter with a Laser Blade, Ayato attracted the interest of Luke Skywalker, who saw much of himself in Ayato and offered to further enhance his training with Jedi techniques. Although such training has proven complicated given that prana and Force powers work differently, Ayato's physical skills have increased tremendously.
    • Darth Sidious has also shown interest in Ayato's fighting prowess and has made attempts to turn Ayato to his cause. Ayato refuses to join Sidious but refrains from attacking him directly, given the power difference between the two.
  • Very good friends with fellow light novel protagonists Shido Itsuka, Lux Arcadia and Touya Mochizuki, often discussing on how to improve their relationships with their harems.
  • Perhaps unsurpisingly, Ayato has gained a friend in Link, who serves as a good partner for sparring matches. Fi, the living spirit of the Master Sword, has attempted to speak to the Ser-Veresta but results have proven inconclusive. According to her, the Ser-Veresta operates on a level of sentience different from most deities.
  • More surprisingly, he became friends with Jeanne d'Arc, who praised Ayato for his kindness and humility despite the state of the world he lived in. Ayato noted Jeanne had the same English voice as Claudia Enfield, and on a sadder note, the same Japanese voice as Ophelia Landlufen. Hearing what happened to Ophelia, Jeanne shed tears and inspired Ayato to find a way to save her, or at least give her peace.
  • Has a lot in common with Ikki Kurogane in spite of the fact their followers are rivals, though it doesn't stop from competing in a light-hearted manner at times. Ikki's girlfriend Stella Vermillion reminds Ayato of Julis and has set out to find a way to help her ascend. After much trouble, his efforts succeeded.
  • Given the discrimination Genestella endure in the mortal plane, he is very good friends with the X-Men, who also promote equal rights for mutants. He is one of the few deities who don't give Cyclops and Professor X too much grief over their more morally grey actions, partially because Claudia Enfield resorts to political subterfuge to give Ayato a chance to win the Festas and keep his conscience clean.
    • Finds it hard to work with Magneto thanks to his more extremist actions against regular humans. Still, Ayato tries not to be so harsh to judge because Magneto suffered oppression in his childhood and Ayato knows he could have turned the same as him if his sister hadn't inspired him to see the good in everyone.
  • Not very fond of Khan Noonien Singh for his actions in making Augments feared and hated in the Star Trek universe. He has worked with James T. Kirk to keep a close watch on him.
  • Ayato's world is under the control of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, a massive economic conglomerate that has reduced entire countries to slums and oppressed the masses for the sake of profit. Obviously, any deity who oppresses others for money will earn Ayato's enmity.

    Gordon Freeman 
Gordon Freeman, God of Being the Right Man in the Wrong Place and Crowbars (Mr. Freeman, The Freeman, The One Free Man, Anticitizen One, Captain Gordon Freeman of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes, Gertrude "Gertie" Fremont)

    Lann and Reynn 
Lann and Reynn, Twin Deities of Amnesiac Protagonist Catalysts (Mirage Keepers, Jiants from the Hills, Demon Dyad)
Reynn on the right, Lann on the left
Their Lilikin forms
  • Intermediate Deities, bordering on Greater depending on their Mirages
  • Symbol: The patterns on their arm (left for Lann, right for Reynn)
  • Theme Song: Reynn's and Lann's themes
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good (with Lann being Stupid Good half the time), formerly Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Amnesiac Heroes Responsible For The Overarching Disaster In Grymoire, Inheriting Their Parents' Powers, Markings On Their Arm, Boke and Tsukkomi Routine, Pals With Enna Kros (a.k.a. Alexander), Occasionally Breaking the Fourth Wall, Unwitting Pawn, Screwing Things Up Twice, Former Smug Super, Evil Is Not a Toy, Technically Prince and Princess, Heroic Sacrifice (Twice In Lann's Case), Actually Nicer People Post-Amnesia
  • Domain(s): Twins, Summoning, Disaster
  • Heralds: Rorrik and Lusse Farna (their parents)
  • High Priest: The Nameless One
  • Followers: Justine, Chip, Sarah, Trace Legacy
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: All non-redeemed Final Fantasy villains, the Grand United Alliances of Destruction and Machines, the Heartless
  • Friendly Enemy: Gilgamesh
  • Oppose: Most vampires (both), speedy taunters (Reynn only)
  • Amnesia is a convenient narrative tool. It can make one forget many things, like lessons learned, something awesome they did, dying moments after being revived, ages long past that they've lived, a first meeting, their birthday, something traumatic… or that they're responsible for the crisis at hand that they're tasked with solving, such as these two. Lann and Reynn are fraternal twins who live in a place called Nine Wood Hills, living a seemingly normal life until Enna Kros' presence, and the glaring fact that literally nobody else existed in their town made it clear that something was up. With the help of a white fox-like creature named Tama, she and Enna reminded the twins of them being Mirage Keepers, masters of powerful, living illusions known as Mirages, and of a world called Grymoire, which is populated by smallfolk called Lilikins, and is currently under attack by an evil army known as the Bahamutian Federation, led by Brandelis.
    • However, several days into the adventure, near the first end, it's revealed that the twins were responsible for Brandelis entering Grymoire in the first place; as it was known, Lann and Reynn used to be incredibly powerful Mirage Keepers, but what wasn't known until later was that they were irresponsible, reckless, and inadvertently summoned Brandelis using their adopted sister Hauyn as a power source (not that they knew that), enabling two of his lieutenants Pellinore and Segwarides to possess their parents Lusse Farne and Rorrik, and wreak havoc on Grymoire. They also stripped Lann and Reynn of their Mirages as they tried to take them on, forcing the twins to flee. As for how Lann and Reynn ended up where they were at the start of the story, Lusse used the weapons that Rorrik created to seal Brandelis in a pocket dimension (that the twins ended up inadvertently opening). Lusse then managed to use Rorrik's powers in combination with her own to create a Fake Nine Wood Hills in a last ditch effort to save Lann and Reynn after getting taken over by Pellinore and Segwarides. Rorrick's powers however weren't used correctly, so Nine Wood Hills was basically ended up being just a pocket world removed from time's flow with just Lann and Reynn existing in it. Due to the haphazard way of their transfer, the twins' memories were unceremoniously spliced away, and they entered a state of trance, wherein they pretend at broken lives within their broken world. At least before the beginning of the story occurred.
  • The twins arrived in the Pantheon after the True End of their story. The last thing they remembered was sacrificing themselves to correct their mistake of letting Brandelis loose. Sometime during that, they managed to break away from him and ended up lost in the void. During their cruise, they came across a portal and—lacking any reliable means of locomotion in space—they crossed it, and found themselves in a new dimension before they were spat out and into the House of Narrative. As for the deal with the post-game, the Lann and Reynn that return are prismarium-copies/Champions now under Hauyn, and are split off from the real deal. As for Future Lann in the final ending, he's a byproduct of a Sequel Hook unlikely to come to pass. And technically speaking, the Lann and Reynn in the Pantheon are split off from the real deal as well, whose fates are still unknown.
    • And just to make sure they have someone to help keep them in line since Tama and Serafie are still at Grymoire with Hauyn now, the Court of the Gods decided to bring in their parents Back from the Dead, and a tearful reunion was had. Now, Lussa and Rorrik are technically retired, but are teaching their children how to more properly use their powers, making up for lost time, their own failure as parents, and their failure to discipline their children from Day 1, which led to Lann and Reynn becoming entitled jerks before they accidentally summoned Brandelis. Their temple resembles Nine Bean Coffee, a little store that Lann used to work in during his and Reynn's amnesiac state before they realized the true nature of the Nine Wood Hills they were at. This also comes with an entrance to a version of their room back in Nine Wood Hills. Presently, they, their parents, and some of their Mirages operate it, though they're getting help from the House of Food to keep it going.
  • Applies to both:
    • Despite tossing over their Mirages to Hauyn before their Heroic Sacrifice, Lann and Reynn found themselves reunited with all their collected Mirages plus a couple more, being copies of the ones they've collected plus whatever Hauyn found in the post-game. They've also been notified that there are no more Mirages they can collect in the Pantheon, which they weren't sure was either a disappointment or if it was for the best, given how poorly they managed theirs last time. Lann and Reynn are able to switch between two forms at will; Jiant (which is just regular human-size), and Lilikin (chibi-size and knee-high). The term can get confusing since actual giant-sized entities exist in the Pantheon. And neither form is significantly any stronger or weaker than the other; size and looks are the only difference. It also got them in trouble once during an encounter with Rena Ryuugu upon seeing them in Lilikin form first, and her attempting to abduct them both, reaching and grabbing Lann first before running off while Reynn chased her. But when the sister shifted back to Jiant form, then told Lann to do the same, she immediately got pissed and was ready to pick a fight with them despite how outclassed she is before Keiichi and the Sonozaki twins clarified the situation to everybody involved, bringing Rena back to her senses.
    • In combat, aside from fists and a short blade respectively (which can be used to channel an element for elemental damage), Lann and Reynn Stack Mirages on top of their heads (or/and Stack themselves on bigger Mirages depending on their current sizes), combining their vitality and unlocking certain spells and techniques depending on the components, but also sharing their weaknesses, which put them at risk of getting Unstacked. In that state, the twins and their Mirages are weaker individually, but can all act on their own accord. They can also summon XL-size Mega Mirages separately, though have to shift to Lilikin form and dismiss their current Stacks. Technically, the twins don't actually have to be part of the Stack they make, and can use three Mirages instead, but their really powerful assets (Champion Medals, Mirajewels, summoning Mega Mirages) make such a thing mostly impractical. Also, they've never really re-learned how to control more than 6 Mirages at a time, so there's no separate Mirage Stacks plus their own Stacks. And before one worries about the ethics of how the Mirages are imprismed, Prisms hold a miniature world inside that act like comfortable environments. Given the way the twins battle, parallels have been drawn between them and Pokémon Trainers (in terms of collection), Demon Tamers (in that they fight alongside their Mons), and that their Mirage Transfiguration is closer to Digivolution.
      • It's not known if the twins can make stacks with anything other than Mirages. When this was pointed out, Lann now wonders if Stacking himself on top of a giant robot is possible. Reynn reminded him that it's not just strengths that are shared, but weaknesses too, and that may not be good for the robot (or its pilot). And while they're able to Stack really well with Mirages, it's not certain that others can maintain such balance the same way. The twins do more than just battle with their Mirages, though; they're also used to negotiate obstacles like weights, obstructions, and gaps. They used to rely on symbols patented by Enna Kros, but since she isn't here, the twins now have to rely on their own intuition instead. They also possess Mirajewels, which confer abilities when equipped and are extracted from Mirages Lann and Reynn possess.
    • Back in Grymoire, whenever the twins bite the dust, Tama turns back time to before the battle (and only battles) that wipes them out (and only covers them) takes place. In here, the Houses of Life and Death cover their revival, and there are no time travel shenanigans for the twins specifically anymore. And without Serafie around (or at least the Serafie that aided them), the twins' Mirage Storage System is managed by a special computer in their temple, a la Pokémon Storage System. And just like it, this system is also accessible from certain other computers. Thanks to Neon Tsukiyumi a.k.a. the Girl Who Forgot Her Name, they can still summon Champions from Grymoire using their corresponding Champion Medals. Or use Champion Jewels to turn into said champions temporarily (though have to be in Lilikin form first, and have to match the user's gender, so no gender bending allowed). Mega Mirages cannot be called out in this state.
    • Naturally, as Final Fantasy characters, Lann and Reynn got their chances to meet the "Jiant" counterparts of those in Grymoire, as well as their companions. For the most part, minus the villains naturally, they got along with all of the heroes and their allies. While they haven't technically met any versions of the villains in Grymoire (besides Sephiroth, technically), they've come to despise them in the Pantheon as well, most of all Kefka due to his role in Terra's life (as well as his psychopathic mania and nihilism). The twins' bond to them also prevents Mirages from being stolen by others, just like how they've failed to imprism Mirages beholden to another Keeper. And while there are no more Mirages to imprism, the twins still have some spare eldboxes, which might be able to capture other machines in the Pantheon, though catching singular deities is naturally not allowed. After some testing, it's found out that those from groups like Null Sector, SKYNET's Terminators (except the ones who've tangled with the Connors), and Gray Mann's, Dr. Wily's, and Dr. Eggman's robots are fair game. Those captured have become loyal to the Mirage Keepers and now follow the same rules as other eldbox-captured machines. One of the machines they already have is a Magitek Armor (though only for Lilikin size), one for each of the two.
    • As for how exactly a Mirage Keeper's powers work, well… this should give a lengthy sum-up (endgame spoilers ahead). But basically, their powers are not like those of a summoner's. They come from the combination of two other kinds of people; a Breaker (who has the power to bend or "break" the laws of the world), and an Architect (has the ability to create something from nothing, in a sense), which Lusse Farne and Rorrik were. Rorrik created special Knives Lusse (and Reynn) use, which have the power to subdue a Mirage, as well as the Prismariums which can contain them. Lusse used these tools to control the Mirages by creating worlds in the Prismariums to house them. Lann and Reynn inherited both of these powers to different degrees (Lann has more Architect power while Reynn leans towards Breaker), and unlike their parents, who had to cooperate to achieve results, the twins had no such restrictions, and lacked both sense of responsibility and proper upbringing.
    • Given their title, Lann and Reynn get a massive amount of flak for just about reaching the crown prize of being among the absolute worst JRPG protagonists in history. Oh sure, there are other protagonists that screw up on occasion, or fail to stop the villain from doing something heinous to the world, or are outright evil, but it's hard to come up with any that are so singularly incompetent as these two (well, there's only one who's far, far worse). They acted like complete immature brats (that they think they have things under control when they're clearly in over their heads), invited Brandelis into their world, sealed away their "friend" for trying to talk sense into them, got their parents possessed, opened up the villain's portal again allowing him to bring in the Cogna, proceeded to then get their parents and friend killed, and Lann's "Heroic Sacrifice" in the first go-around… solved absolutely nothing. At the very least, unlike "that other idiot", they had lost memories and being strung along by roughly three different factions as excuses.
    • They oppose the GUAs of Destruction and Machines, as well as the Heartless, for being reminiscent of the Cogna that invaded Grymoire (and being the type of foe that would stop at nothing until every last world within their reach is destroyed). The latter GUA have it a bit more personal given all the machines the twins have stolen and turned into Mirages. Basically, any multiversal conqueror by default is their enemy, not that that's hard. Now that they remember their colossal screw-up from last time (which Hauyn actually had a hand in before second-guessing too late), they want to ensure no one else repeats such a mistake ever again. Unfortunately, the way they lost their memories means it's impossible to just recover them because they didn't simply forget them; they were outright removed.
    • When it comes to holding Gil (read: money), Reynn is the one in charge and keeps it away from Lann. They also dislike vampires, given Reynn got briefly turned into one, and Lann slayed the Vampire Prime that infected her and so many others. When it comes to rewards programs run by governments, it reminds the twins of the Civic Rank system the Bahamutian Federation employed to keep its citizens in line. It was also reminiscent of cults. And them putting "worthy" ones into a Lotus-Eater Machine to be harvested for energy has also driven them to dislike the Machine Collective.
    • Among the Persona/Shin Megami Tensei Deities, they both found kinship with S.E.E.S. The shadows they fight are somewhat reminiscent of the Cogna, and their personas are a bit reminiscent of their mirages too. They also found common ground with Makoto and Kotone due to the fact that they also had to sacrifice themselves to save their own world at the end of their own story too, and they sympathize with Labrys because they know what it's like to suffer amnesia in the middle of a crisis, and then find out that you're actually responsible for that very same crisis.
  • Exclusive to Lann:
    • Has been compared to Fighter McWarrior, given that they tend to be really dumb about most things, yet really smart about others. And things got stupid when Fighter proposed the two stacking together with his Armoire of Invincibility just to see how well it can work out. Unfortunately, the fact that the Armoire is a piece of furniture, no matter how magical it is, means it cannot be included in a Stack. With the exception of certain stupid decisions, Lann has uncanny threat assessment skills and never picked fights he couldn't win. When asked about the first Murkrift Mirage he stupidly challenged that ended in Tama forcing back the clock to reverse their deaths, he has no real good excuse for that.
    • Thanks to the restoration of (some of) their memories, Lann has one more trick up his sleeve: to create an Imprism around a target, even if they're not Mirages. Human-sized targets like Hauyn pre-amnesia are just fine, and he can temporarily use the powers of those sealed within such crystal cages similar to a Mirage. But with bigger targets, such as Brandelis, he morphs his gauntlet into a massive, mechanical arm that starts at his shoulder and extends as long as he is tall. However, if he doesn't concentrate enough, he runs the risk of sealing himself along with his target. Reynn saw the consequences of that first-hand and doesn't want Lann to resort to that again. Not without a calmer mind first: with that, he can encase just the head of a target, and if Reynn is there to rein in the power, they can forge a nested cage to ensure that its victim cannot move or escape its confines. Outside forces however can still shatter the Imprism, such as it tipping over from a strong enough tempest of wind.
  • Exclusive to Reynn:
    • When she gets upset, Reynn goes on educational rants and spouts random trivia. She also tends to call put Lann on doing certain stupid things or ponder about their current course of action… without even offering or thinking of any alternative ideas, which a lot of people give her flak for. At least her brother is just an idiot, whereas she's supposed to guide him yet doesn't. On top of being terrified of ghosts, she also loathes those who taunt people with their agility, given her grievances with the Cactuar Conductor spooking her once when they reached the Eclipsed Region.
    • Due to her refusal to accept the consequences of her and Lann's go-about the first time that ended with their family dead, Lann sealed with Brandelis, her a broken shell in the Nine Wood Hills outside of time, Cogna still on the loose on Grymoire, and Tamamohime making a deal with her to turn back time for a second chance at the cost of all of her 9 lives, the Dahaka opposes Reynn; reasonings don't matter to him. The fact that time gets tangled with again just to get Tama back after her temporal sacrifice makes it worse. As such, she was soon informed of others who were given a second chance in their timeline, such as Timmy Turner and Yuno Gasai, though Reynn doesn't like either due to the former's shortsightedness with his wishes that reminds her of Lann somewhat, and the latter having done plenty of terrible things for the sake of her "loved one". While Gasai has toned down since then, she's still frightening. In addition, she has dranw attention from the Pantheon Time Police, including Max Walker, Marty McFly, and Doc Brown, who have used Time Travel to Set Right What Once Went Wrong, even without the sin of being the cause of the fault.

    Touta Konoe 
Touta Konoe, God of Contrasting Sequel Main Characters (UQ Holder #7, The Incompetent [by Kirie])
  • Intermediate God (though he can reach Greater God with Magia Erebea activated).
  • Symbol: The Gravity Sword surrounded by Hula Hoops
  • Theme Music: Happy Material (UQ Holder ver.) (shared with his UQ Holder teammates), Shinken Shoubu
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Unconventional Vampirism, Immortality, Impressive healing, Artificial Human, Supreme Chef, Defeat Means Friendship, Un-Sorcerer initially, Losing his shirt, Stripping people as one of his abilities, Naïve Newcomer, Bratty Half-Pint with a Heart of Gold, Cute Bruiser, Instant Expert, One of the Kids, All-Loving Hero, Vampiric Ladies Man
  • Domains: Immortality, Magic, Swordsmanship, Combat
  • Heralds: Evangeline A.K. McDowell/Yukihime, Kirie Sakurame, Kuromaru Tokisaka, Karin Yuuki
  • Followers: Chloe Frazer, Jane, Miguel O'Hara, Ichiban Kasuga
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Mage of the Beginning, Vaas Montenegro, Melkor, Bambi "Buck" Hughes, Hoyt Volker, Amon, Quan Chi, Zobek, Shinnok, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Dracula, Baby
  • Originally ascended alongside Avatar Korra due to the fact he's practically the polar opposite of his predecessor. Touta and Korra became good friends while sharing the same temple and remained so after Korra obtained a new seat all her own in a different house — twice — and moved out of his place the second time.
  • Touta was surprised to see Negi and others in their younger forms in the Pantheon. One particular twist that caught him off guard was finding out that Negi was part of the Chick Magnet Quartet. Another was just how much Konoka and Setsuna look like Honoka and Isana, to the point he actually thought they were the Konoe girls from his time.
  • Evangeline/Yukihime is happy to know that he ascended, seeing as he is her only admitted soft spot. Touta is currently trying to get Yukihime to acknowledge him more. Some think it's because he has a crush on her. He initially denied it but later admitted it himself. He then decided to propose to her right in the open much to her embarrassment.
  • Touta was a little disgruntled to hear that he was actually some type of mixed clone of Negi and Asuna. He has made friends with other artifical humans such as Luke (another clone of someone else) and Sophie. That said, he has volunteered to help the Quartet and their fellow Relationship Enhancers save Negi from the Mage of the Beginning, the very being he was created to kill, after having not only encountered the Mage with Negi's possessed body firsthand but also received Yukihime's hold notice regarding his crush on her.
  • He's currently training in the House of Fighting and Combat in order to improve his skills, his Healing Factor and more importantly master the Magia Erebrea and Magic Cancel inside him. He uses multiple hula hoops in order to control his magic. Most of it is facilitated or commissioned by Yukihime, but on a few occasions his training has coincided with that of his then-seat partner Korra. He's also trained with plenty of others as well, including Asuka, Mana, Luke, Sophie, Naruto, Jotaro, and shortly after the latter's ascension, Blade. Many of them either have friends in the House of Combat or go there often to keep themselves in practice.
  • Whenever one of his friends ascends he's always happy to hear about it, and he'll make sure to be the first to greet them. With Kirie and Koromaru it generally went well, Kirie even offering a rather heartwarming remark about his "competence" in the moment. Karin, though... she attacked him. Twice. First in jealousy because he ascended before her when Yukihime also ascended, then again after hearing about his proposal to Yukihime. He quickly got over it though.
  • Touta gets along pretty good with many of the younger kid deities, playing with them whenever he has the time. He's a welcome guest in the House of Childhood and Adolescence, with Anne-Marie and Baby Bink usually being among the first to greet him. When it comes to people his age and above, however, it's rumored that he's been hanging around Issei and picking up some habits as he can now perform his own version of Dress Break. Though his grandfather could do this naturally usually by sneezing.
  • Shares Korra's dislike of Amon, who regards his mixture of light and dark powers as "an abomination" and ominously considers his difficulty with said powers "a step towards justice". He and Korra have already warned Evangeline not to let the Equalist leader steal any of her crosses.
  • Considers Kamina's hypermasculine optimism and badass boasting to be hilarious and often gets involved as well just for kicks whenever they meet. He and Simon are pretty cool with each other as well, with the Digger even offering occasional romantic advice, seemingly keen on helping him out with Yukihime. Except his romantic desire and his desire to be recognized by Yukihime weren't one and the same. When he came to realize this and instead got together with Kirie, then Kuromaru and Karin as well, Simon was pressed for comment and only offered a grin of recognition.
  • Chick magnets are also Buck Hughes magnets, so it comes as no surprise Touta has heard of Bambi and his usual employers through Negi and Issei. He had the misfortune of seeing Buck, Hoyt, and Vaas at work from afar, and can't stand them anymore than his friends can.
  • Quan Chi and Shinnok have tried to come after him to steal his Magia Erebea abilities, and Count Dracula has tried to hunt him down in order to convert him to his side as a powerful fellow-daywalking ally. Fortunately, he's gotten consistent allies against both of these threats, with help from Rachel Alucard, Johnny Cage, and Asuna in the case of the evil sorcerer and fallen Elder God and Arcueid Brunestud and the Shiki duo when dealing with the King of Vampires. He could possibly take them himself using his Magia Erebea, but has taken the hint that each side's plans are most likely counting on that power and is grateful to have allies who've caught onto the same thing.
  • Ryoma Sengoku wants to try to take him and figure out how he got made so he can possibly clone him as a loyal minion, or worse, clone his abilities into himself. Upon discovering this, Yukihime has sworn to never let Sengoku touch a hair on Touta's head. He's also warned his other clone friends that Sengoku might be interested in them as well.
  • After seeing Baby ascend to the Pantheon and hearing about the Tuffle parasite's exploits, Touta fully opposes Baby due to both his similarities to and differences from the Mage, making him quite easily a worse villain although perhaps not a greater threat. This and his overall cheerful and gung-ho attitude toward challenges has earned him the favor of Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta even went so far as to name Touta as one of the ones he thinks would've made great Saiyans, earning him a place with a team initially called the Honorary Forces of Sadala, now going by the Super Warriors' Guild.
  • Brought the UQ Holder crew to a party for Korra's change of seat. At the party, interaction between Illyasviel von Einzbern, Hercules, and Greed the Avaricious led to Edward Elric figuring out that Hercules and Illya's infamous black giant Berserker were one and the same. After Illya and Herc quickly explained the concept of Servants and the Holy Grail War, Touta (along with Korra) instantly decided, much to the chagrin of their companions, that they wanted to spar with Hercules in his Mad Enhancement state in the future.

    Touya Mochizuki 
Touya Mochizuki, God of Generic Light Novel Protagonists
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Demigod form)
  • Symbol: His smartphone
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Stock Light-Novel Hero, winner of the Superpower Lottery thanks to God, Clueless Chick-Magnet, paralyzing insecurity and indecisiveness in regards to love and romance, Combat Pragmatist, refusing compensation for his deeds and forgiving others easily, Wrong Context Magic, weak only to Anti-Magic or Barrier Defenses, and Mana Drain, Reluctant Ruler of the Brunhild Dukedom, God in Human Form, marries his entire harem
  • Domain(s): Magic, Smartphones, Harems
  • Heralds: The Four Divine Beasts
  • High Priest: Rudeus Greyrat
  • Followers: Kamito Kazehaya, Satou Pendragon, Tatsuya Shiba, Glenn Radars, Haruhiko Ichijou
  • Allies: Yumina Ernea Belfast (his wife), Shido Itsuka, Lux Arcadia, Harry Potter, Eru Iluvatar, Arceus, Aslan, Superman, Luke Skywalker, Mario, Ayato Amagiri, Mata Nui, Issei Hyodo, Tanukichi Okuma, Doctor Fate, Shiroe
  • Respects: Kazuto Kirigaya, Touma Kamijou
  • Rivals: Doctor Strange
  • Enemies: Darkseid, YHVH, Melkor, Darkseid, Apocalypse, Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort, Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, Makuta Teridax, Lord Tirek
  • Pities: Ichika Orimura, Natsuru Senou
  • Touya Mochizuki was a just a normal teenager, until he was accidentally struck by lightning and killed by the God of his universe. To make up for it, God offered Touya the chance to be reborn in a magical world and also offers him a special favor: Touya asks that he be allowed to bring his Smartphone with him. God accepts Touya's choice and even gives him magic powers as a further apology for killing him. Since then, Touya has lived a good, adventurous life in the new world, maintaining peace and world between the world's nations, solving mysteries and fighting all manner of magical threats. Because he represented a trope that have gained a lot of traction in modern Japanese fiction, Touya was easily accepted into the Pantheon.
  • Upon his arrival, Touya made a lot of friends who embodied his trope, like Shido Itsuka, Ayato Amagiri and Lux Arcadia. They spent a lot of time talking about how similar and different they were from each other. He also befriended characters who embodied escapism and fun, like Superman, Luke Skywalker and Mario. Unfortunately, there are characters that failed to live up to his trope's best qualities, such as Ichika Orimura and Natsuru Senou. Touya, understanding his trope is very complex and not many people can live up to, has done what he can to help them become more popular and obtain more acceptance among general audiences. Since he was a harem protagonist, Touya became acquainted with Issei Hyodo, who constantly advises him on how to improve his relationships with his ladies. He also sympathizes with Tanukichi Okuma, who tries to maintain some semblance of sexual decency in a world where the laws of sexual decency make no sense at all. Touya is also aware that he sounds just like Shido, Issei, Ichika and Tanukichi.
  • Since he was blessed by his world's deity, Touya made allies with some of the creator gods in the Pantheon, like Eru Ilúvatar from Middle-earth and Aslan from Narnia. Touya has a lot of respect towards fatherly gods and always defers to their judgment in godly matters. However, even Touya understands not all creator gods are infallible, as the God of his world proved. Arceus, the God of the Pokemon world, can be temperamental and does not take kindly to treason, but fortunately, much like Ash Ketchum before him, Touya has proven to be a calming influence on the Alpha Pokémon.
  • Deities who seek to subjugate mortals do not impress Touya, so perhaps it is no surprise that Melkor, YHVH and Darkseid have become his enemies. Touya also does not take it kindly to humans that seek to usurp the gods, which is why Isaac Ray Pelham Wescott and Makuta Teridax have been added to his hitlist. Being a demigod, Touya exists to embody the best of both worlds and his duty is to protect deities and mortals, sometimes from each other and themselves. Such dedication earned him respect from Mata Nui.
  • Most of his magic power comes from his smartphone, which provides an Internet connection even in a medieval fantasy world. With his smartphone, Touya can cast spells, create weapons, construct structures, teleport, among others. That would make him nigh-unstoppable in his homeworld, but the Pantheon is an entirely different story, forcing Touya to constantly update his magical knowledge. To that end, he has become friends with Harry Potter, who uses his position in the House of Magic and Sorcery to help Touya further his magical studies. Harry's friend, Hermione Granger, was fascinated by Touya's smartphone and is trying her best to understands its functions.
  • Unfortunately, Touya has gained some unwanted attention in the form of Voldemort, who seeks to uncover Touya's magical secrets in an attempt to increase his power and influence within the Pantheon. Touya was attacked in his own temple by Lord Tirek, who attempted to absorb Touya's enormous magic power. Fortunately, Touya's magical reserves were so vast that it would take a long time to adversely affect him, giving Touya more than enough time to defeat Tirek and boot him out of his temple.
  • Doctor Strange isn't all too fond of Touya, because he mostly downloads his spells from information sources while Strange had to perfect skills through practice and training. Strange even referred to Touya as the magical equivalent of a Millennial. Touya don't pays Strange any attention, seeing him as old-fashioned and arrogant. They do, at least, hold some respect for each other's skills. He has a much more positive relationship with Doctor Fate and tries to help Kent Nelson maintain his humanity despite his godlike power. Fate even introduced Touya to a fellow magical god, Shiroe, known for his brilliant tactical expertise. Since he doesn't have much experience in full-scale warfare, Touya defers to Shiroe for military affairs.
  • Occasionally visits the House of Technology for upgrades and apps for his smartphone. Many gods are fascinated by his phone have asked to borrow it to further their attempts to hybridize technology and magic. Touya reluctantly agrees, but only if it's done for peaceful purposes. Anything beyond that and he risks causing an arms' race.
  • Has the utmost respect for Kirito and Touma Kamijou, who helped shape the trope he embodies. Unfortunately, this caused a brawl between their followers. Detractors said that characters like Kirito and Touma were much better than Touya because their stories contain true tragedy and pathos and Touya was merely coasting along and pretending he knows suffering. Fortunately, Touya was able to defuse situation by stating that, yes, he got off lucky compared to Kirito and Touma and everyday, he must remind himself of how lucky he was. Touya's friends came his defense and said that Touya's story is enjoyable because it is escapism and it motivates viewers to use their imaginations and not take everything too seriously.
  • Very reluctant to go to the House of Love and Affection, as the Goddess of Love from his universe straight-up admitted she enjoys putting him in difficult situations with his love interests because it makes his story fun.

Lesser Gods

    Claude (Grand Theft Auto
Claude, God of Silent Protagonists (Fido, Handyman, Snake Without a Tongue)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Baseball Bat or any weapon he carries
  • Theme Song: The Grand Theft Auto III theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Never ever speaking a word, Looking for Revenge against the one who wronged him, Usually betraying those he works for after being betrayed himself, Getting back at those who mistreated/betrayed him, Implied muteness and still kicking ass, Limited Wardrobe, Only in It for the Money, Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Never losing his cool even when angry
  • Domains: Crime, Car Theft, Revenge, Muteness
  • Allies: Niko Bellic, The Capers, Jack Sparrow, Sona Buvelle, Most of the House of Crime and Transgressions
  • Rivals: Carl "CJ" Johnson, Mario
  • Enemies: All of the House of Law and Justice, Vito Corleone, Link, Raynare
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Huang Lee, Tommy Vercetti, Bloody Marie, Peacock
  • Envied by: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Pities: Colette Brunel, Itsuki Inubozaki
  • Commonality Connection: Sakura Matou
  • Complicated Relationships: Active Mafia/Crime syndicate members who don't antagonize him, as well as Mob Children. Specifically- Giorno Giovanna, Bruno Buccellati, and Mion and Shion Sonozaki.
  • Who is Claude and what are his motivations is entirely unknown to everyone except himself, so it's no surprise that the criminal was going to eventually find his way to the Pantheon. Because he never emits a sound and is the protagonist of his own story, he naturally got the position of Silent Protagonists.
    • In reality, he stole it from the previous holder, Link. The latter was not happy in the slightest and attacked Claude. However, the Court of Gods intervened before a catastrophe happened. After a long investigation, Claude was given the title legitimately, since Link still makes sounds.
  • Vito Corleone didn't like Claude one bit after hearing what he did to the mafia he has worked on, so he gave a "shoot on sight" order whenever the latter is around. Claude hates him just as much, given his uncanny resemblance to Salvatore Leone, the mafia boss who tried to set him up.
  • After the above incident, Claude has considered taking down all the mafia operations in the pantheon, given the fact that earning the ire of one Mafia Boss was enough to damage his own reputation. This, in turn, made him the unlikely ally of both Bloody Marie and Peacock, two victims of Mafia operations in the past. They indeed don't trust Claude, but when it comes to taking down mobsters, he sure is effective.
  • Has often been hired to work with Hotel Moscow on the occasion they need a hitman. The Russian mobsters don't trust him one bit, but he is surprisingly effective if the price is right. Claude himself doesn't care about them, and has no qualms of getting rid of them if they try something funny.
  • Gets along with Jack Sparrow, in the sense that both are men who have been constantly betrayed and hold loyalty toward no one but themselves. Funnily enough, they don't trust each other most of the time, but they consider themselves friends.
  • Being the face of one of the most successful games to make the jump to 3D, he has developed a rivalry with Mario, given that their franchises have been going strong to this day. He wonders if Mario has connections to a Mafia given his Italian heritage.
    • Sonic, on the other hand, envies him for being successful in 3D. Claude doesn't care about the Hedgehog one bit.
  • Not very fond of Raynare, given that Claude had a nasty and abusive relationship with his last girlfriend, Catalina. However, while he didn't say this himself, it is implied that Claude finds the fallen angel a joke compared to what Catalina is capable of.
  • It has been implied that Claude is actually mute, explaining why he doesn't talk. This actually drew the attention of fellow mute woman Sona Buvelle, who- in a strange turn of events- gets along really well with Claude. The reason why? He finds her cute and not annoying like many women that were in his life.
  • Has found common ground with Sakura Matou because they both took revenge on those who mistreated them. However, Sakura is sure to be careful around Claude given his criminal background, but the latter doesn't really care about what he can do to her.
  • While Claude is already a divisive figure among crime syndicates, he surprisingly doesn't get on the wrong side of both Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Buccellati. While they are allied with Vito (arguably the one who antagonizes Claude the most), they have agreed that they won't harm each other provided Claude stays far away from Vito.
    • He is also surprisingly chill with those who come from a Family with ties to the Mafia. As such, he seems to respect Mion and Shion Sonozaki, given their ties to the Yakuza (arguably the only group that didn't mistreat Claude...most of the time). However, the girls are wary about him, fearing that he may lash out on them if their family double-crossed him.
  • Has the uncanny ability to change the moon size if he shoots it with a sniper rifle. The House of Knowledge are cracking their heads at trying to understand how he can do that. This trick can also be done by his fellow GTA ascendants, Tommy Vercetti and CJ.
  • His relations with fellow Grand Theft Auto deities varies depending on who he has to deal with:
    • He remembers meeting CJ back in San Andreas, where he lost against him in a race (that he got himself into on behalf of Catalina). Claude really doesn't care about the gangster, but they bonded on how intolerable she was. Carl laughed when he learned that Claude finally got rid of that crazy bitch and they left each other in pretty good terms, but they still consider themselves rivals.
    • He isn't fond of either Tommy Vercetti or Huang Lee, given their respective ties with the Mafia and Triad, which Claude was never on good terms with anyway. However, Tommy is amused that Claude succeeded in getting rid of the last remnants of power the Forellis had and congratulated him for it.
    • Niko Bellic is the only one he can tolerate to be around, given that the Serbian has also had his fair share of troubles with Mafias and Betrayal. While Niko has been off the grid for a while, they still like to hang out, even though Claude isn't very talkative (or talkative at all). Funnily enough, Claude was kind enough to lend his clothes to Niko on certain ocassions.
    • The Los Santos Crew have considered him to join on their operations. Claude would gladly work for them, if the pay is worth it. Trevor has also taken Claude under his wing after hearing about his story, though Claude has his doubts since Trevor reminds him a lot about Catalina.
  • Can also be found in the House of Quirks, in the Hall of Voices. But don't expect him to talk much.

Hareta, Herald of Shonen Heroes
  • Lesser God by himself, Intermediate God fighting with his Pokémon, Greater God if said Pokémon is Regigigas or Giratina
  • Symbol: His hat and scarf, even if he doesn't like wearing them that much.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Being the typical Shonen hero, Big Eater, Friend to all Pokémon, Determinator, growing up in the wild, does not like clothing
  • Domains: Pokémon, Nature, Fighting.
  • Party Pokémon: Empoleon, Misdreavus, Lucario, Minun, Luxray, and Regigigas. There's also Onix, Kadabra, Geodude, Zubat, Bonsly, and Chingling.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Lysandre, Pokémon Hunter J, Ghetsis Harmonia, Light Yagami
  • Conflicting Opinions: Giovanni, Misa Amane
  • On Good Terms with: Cyrus, Team Rocket
  • There has been a growing certain number of characters who have a similar character trait amongst others; namely, they're all kind, full of determination and power, eat a lot, and generally don't have high intelligence. Nothing wrong with them; it was just a very quick quirk people begun to pick up. It was only a matter of time before someone ascended that basically embodied this character cliche. After finishing his adventure in the Sinnoh region and getting started up on a whole new adventure dedicated to meeting various Pokémon, Hareta seemed like a perfect candidate, what with his childish yet friendly and energetic nature, with some strength and a big appetite to boot. The Pantheon decided to have other Shonen heroes go down to announce the news to him, namely Luffy, Ichigo, Toriko, Goku and Naruto.
    • However, his ascension wasn't without trouble, as Hareta was first contacted swinging around tree to tree alongside a wild Aipom horde, forcing the announcers of his ascension to dodge or get trampled, leading to Ichigo getting tramped and having an Aipom steal Luffy's Straw Hat, causing him to chase after it in anger. Even when Hareta noticed them and decided to stop to at least check them out, he seemingly ignored their efforts before mention that there are even more kinds of Pokémon in the Pantheon, causing him to riled up and declared it as his next destination. He also helped out Luffy with not only getting his hat back but also with befriending the Aipom, further cementing his spot here. Even if their announcement of his ascension didn't get off to the best start, he did end up befriending those that came to tell him of his ascension, you know, considering his title and what not.
  • By far and large the one thing most people picked up about him that makes him different from any other Pokémon trainer is that, well, he might as well be described as a Pokémon himself. His own father decided to leave him in the wild under the watch of a professor, and if that sounds like some kind of Hilariously Abusive Childhood, there's actually more to it. His father has sensed that Hareta could communicate deeply with other Pokémon, and decided that it would be best for Hareta to grow up alongside other Pokémon to help hone in his skill. Given the adventure that he had succeeded in prior to his ascension, there may have been a method to the madness.
  • As a Wild Child, gets along swimmingly with Mowgli. Also helps that his temple is one of the few places he can go without his clothes on, save for some shorts. Some members of the House of Love and Affection has told him that clothing was optional in several areas in their temple, but for different reasons. Not that Hareta really has any plans on going in there. He hates clothing, but will wear them when not in a temple that allows it, much to his dismay.
    • Gets along equally well with Tarzan, even sparring with him from time to time with Hareta's own Pokémon. Tarzan is quite surprised and amused by the fact that Hareta act actually hold up his own decently well in a fight. Helps that Hareta actually joined in his Pokémon in a Pokémon battle when battling Mitsumi, who was forced to fight for Team Galactic after they held her favorite Pokémon hostage.
      • Found a similar soul within George Of The Jungle, what with his energetic personality and their insistence on not wanting to wear clothes and shoes. George even gave a hearty chuckle upon seeing Hareta accidentally swing into a tree from a vine while observing a Pokémon battle from a distance.
  • Gets along well with all Pokémon, NO EXCEPTION. Upon seeing Pokémon ascended here from previous and future generations together, he has begun racing around house-to-house trying to find them all and befriend them.
    • The most surprising is from his own journey started upon hearing of a Pokémon that could be considered a god and pledging to meet it. He succeeded in not only meeting Dialga, but also Palkia, and even spoiled a plan Cyrus was working on involving sending the world back to the start to become a god to boot. He was very excited to see them ascended and has became great friends with them.
    • He has also befriended the Legendary and Mythical Pokémon Deoxys, Shaymin, and Heatran. The former he actually met before his journey, having a battle royale which got interrupted by a Drifloon explosion, and later help rescue him from Team Galactic and pitching in to help rescue Mars, even if she was the one who tried to capture him. Shaymin he already befriended when he found him wandering through his forest. The latter he met after Charon tried to wake it up to sell him for money, which Hareta foiled by raging after one too many people demanded him to do something and flooded the whole cave with Empoleon, even if it woke him up. Even after Heatran woke up, Hareta and his friends helped put the magma stone back where it belonged to help him sleep.
    • Surprisingly, Hareta was able to not only befriend Regigigas, but also capture and tame him. Even if the Pantheon's Regigigas has came from another universe and Hareta has his own, Regigigas will act like he is owned by him if his other Pokémon partner doesn't mind or need him, especially after hearing how Hareta managed to use the move Skill Swap to not only replace his Slow Start ability, but also to give it another good one. He doesn't need it thanks to his Protean, but still is impressed by him. And yes, this means that should a situation call for it, Hareta can use technically TWO Regigigases at once. Tread carefully should you plan on pissing him off...
    • Despite all of this, don't be too concerned about his record befriending Legendary Pokémon; Hareta has zero plans on actually capturing them for his own Pokémon battles (save his own Regigigas); he claims that Legendary Pokémon are friends of everyone, and shouldn't be bound by trainers. That said, should there be an absolutely good reason for him to take control of them, he most certainly will.
  • Is generally well-liked amongst other Pokémon trainers, with the most noticeable one being N, who was floored by his ability to communicate with other Pokémon, and Hareta was equally amazed by just friendly he is with a majority of Pokémon. Of course, like every other ally of N, he found himself quickly despising and loathing Ghetsis Harmonia. Ash and Red were quick to praise him for his love for Pokémon and amazement for being able to communicate with them. Wally is certainly interested in Hareta, but he does wish he isn't that energetic. Even if Wally did get better to the point his full speed can knock down heavy things, he still has trouble keeping up with Hareta.
    • On another note with various Pokémon trainers, even if it does take him a while to realize that a Pokémon contest won't allow some the stuff he normally does, he's still a surprisingly formidable foe thanks to his ability to communicate with Pokémon.
  • Hates, hates, HATES, Hunter J, as he doesn't have any patience whatsoever towards those that are willing to sell out friends for money. He does have some pity towards her own Pokémon she uses, and while sad that Drapion feels forced to help her, he does seem to understand, and is willing to battle it for fun if he has to during her bounty hunting missions. The only possible reason they would even think about stopping their grudge against each other is if Lysandre is causing enough trouble to cause a Pokémon extinction, which they both think is much worse than each other.
  • While he hasn't gained a chance to meet up with Giovanni, he does hope that his days of selling Pokémon are behind, and if not, he's certainly ready to throw down the gauntlet with him to stop his crimes. This animosity doesn't carry over to Team Rocket, as he seems them as harmless goons (even after they Took a Level in Badass), even if they do work with Giovanni, and always willing to challenge them to a Pokémon fight. Team Rocket's reactions to him are generally pretty miffed due to constantly botching up their schemes, but since Hareta sometimes have picnics with him, they see him as a Worthy Opponent, and are more than willing to team up with him should there be a bigger threat in the works.
  • Surprisingly, seems to get along rather nicely with Cyrus of all people. This was because during his adventure they developed a Worthy Opponent relationship with each other which led to Cryus performing a Heel–Face Turn and disbanding Team Galactic. As such, when Hareta is with him, his personality seems to shift over to his endgame manga counterpart.

    Martin Walker 
Captain Martin Walker, God of Heroes Who Become Villains
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An American flag flying upside down, the universal signal for distress
  • Theme Songs: Human Cost, No Values
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, can slip into Chaotic Evil; deluded himself into thinking he was Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Fallen Hero, Obliviously Evil, Walking Spoiler, One-Man Army, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Wrong Genre Savvy, The Determinator, hallucinates Konrad as well as many events of the game after the white phosphorous incident, Audience Surrogate, Protagonist Journey to Villain, committed all of the atrocities because he wanted to be a hero, Heel Realization
  • Domains: Military, Madness, Despair, Mercy, Cruelty, Leadership, Regret, Bloodlust, Fire, Harsh Truths
  • Allies: Captain Alex Mason, Raiden, Kiritsugu Emiya, Sayaka Miki, Booker DeWitt, Niko Bellic, Iji Katasier, Yuji Sakai, Dempsey
  • Enemies: Ali al-Saachez, Sundowner, the ascended cast of Undertale, many Middle Eastern deities, Neutral and Paragon Commander Shepard, Heinz Windermere
  • Opposes: Wizard and Boomstick, Nier
  • Opposed By: Captain America, Renegade Commander Shepard, the good deities from the House of Military and Warfare, Walter White, the Mann Co. Mercenaries, especially Heavy Weapon Guy
  • Pitied by: Big Boss
  • Complicated Relationship with: Setsuna F. Seiei, (Insert Name Here)
  • Evil Counterpart to: Many Action Heroes in general, but specifically Nathan Drake, Captain John Price, the Human Child, Ana Amari
  • Ascended after the gods in the Pantheon heard about the sheer destruction that his desire to be a hero caused (namely almost (and some case completely) annihilating Dubai, the death of 47 civilians, the death of the CIA troops, the Damned 33rd, both of his squadmates, Walker's own sanity and, in many cases, himself as well as the first evacuation team sent to the city). All four different versions of Walker ascended, but the one was chosen to represent his temple was the one that decided to surrender his weapons and go home due to being the only one that actually sane enough to run the temple.
    • After his ascension, Walter White has vowed to get rid of Walker. Not out of any personal grudge, but because Walker took one of his temples, and White fears that might hurt his reputation and influence within the Pantheon.
  • Greets all of his followers with a line: "The truth is that all of you are here because you wanted to feel like something you're not. A hero."
  • Walker had reserved special contempt for Wiz and Boomstick, finding the death battles an immature glorification of war, but at least later acknowledged that's not really the purpose, and how they've had to remind themselves about having their own appreciation for the combatants. His dislike of Ali al-Saachez, who views war as a playground to murder for fun, is even greater - claiming that even with his insanity, he still realized that War Is Hell. This hatred makes him to lend his help to a (reluctant) Setsuna Seiei, who is uncomfortable working with Walker after hearing about what he has done and his mental state.
  • Walker has also forged a cordial relationship with Iji, as they have both been changed and broken as a result of war. While Walker is impressed with how she (the "Pacifist" aspect) was able to stick with her principles despite the war around her, he's concerned that she already had to become a little insane (her really "technical" pacifism, for one) in order to reach her goal.
    • He also pities the "Berserker" aspect for similar reasons, and is sort of glad that unlike some of the other versions of him, "Berserker" Iji learned her lesson upon death and subsequent ascension.
  • Was initially approached by the Pantheon for a position in the Alpha-Omega Force, an offer that was unfortunately accepted by the heroically inclined Walker, who chose to, on his first op, open fire on the evacuation team for Dubai. What followed was a catastrophic first mission in which Walker ignored orders and gunned down countless enemies, fellow soldiers, and civilians, all justified with Walker's refrain of "I Did What I Had to Do". The Pantheon immediately removed Walker from the position, replaced him with Captain America, and forbade him from ever even getting near anyone from the Force again. Their position was only strengthened after a psychological evaluation discovered that his mental state was dangerously unstable at best and schizophrenic or acutely psychotic at worst.
  • Has found a kindred spirit in Raiden and Yuji Sakai, especially with regards to their shared moments of desperation and insanity. Raiden especially sympathizes with the lieutenant's hardships in war, though he doesn't condone Walker's actions.
  • Is friends with newcomer Kiritsugu Emiya, due to having similar views on war - though he is a little shocked by the latter's extreme pragmatism.
  • Has been seen sharing several moments with Sayaka Miki, thanks to both being forced to have their views about justice and heroism uprooted which drove them both to terrible breakdowns. He is thus… not fond of Kyubey, but admires Madoka for remaining un-corrupted by selfishness in her heroism and her role in easing the burden of her soldiers, even if he does find the concept of cute pubescent girl soldiers weird.
  • He is not well-liked by many other soldiers for his part in the destruction of Dubai, especially with the possibility that Walker may have killed himself rather than face justice or killed the evacuation team to Dubai (or died trying). This included the heroic deities from the House of War, Captain America, and John Price. Even when Commander Shepard is fully Renegade, s/he still chastises and is reluctant to work with Walker because s/he thinks Walker is a disaster waiting to happen with his tendency to shoot first and ask questions later.
    • On the other hand, the more neutral soldiers like Booker DeWitt and Dempsey are more forgiving of Walker and feel pity for the effects of war on him.
  • Despite his horrible reputation after the failed rescue mission in Dubai, Big Boss wants Martin to be part of Outer Heaven. The first reason that Big Boss desires Walker is that the traumatized soldier is objectively a skilled soldier whose war crimes indicate his capabilities. The second reason is that he has the potential to prop Walker up as a pawn of governments, not dissimilar to how Zero presented him to the world. He knows that Walker is likely the one at fault for his crimes, but that matters little to Big Boss as he has various unsavory characters amongst his ranks. What hinders his efforts in recruiting him was Walker's instability being a risk to everybody around him. If he ever sent Walker on a mission if he believed he was mentally well, Walker might gun down the support crew the moment the helicopter arrives. He funded Walker's psychiatry just so that Walker could get to the field faster but after hearing recordings of Walker prattling on that he just wanted to be a hero, Big Boss got impatient. He took Walker, pinned him across the wall, and had to deliver things straight to him. It may not have been the best move in hindsight, but if he makes Walker accept his true nature than deny it, then Big Boss would call that some degree of progress a waste of time on everybody's part. Walker may see Big Boss as a different Konrad now, an inner voice telling him to embrace his crimes than shame him for them.
    Big Boss: You’ve been on the battlefield, so you tasted the exhilaration, the tension? Nobody remembers that lead tasted so good when we fired. Soldiers will always display the best and worst that mankind will ever see. You may go home to find yourself wishing to be a hero but trust me, those showers of praise will not change the minds of those who sit behind their desks and believe we have nothing of value as individuals once we served our uses. But we do have something. A thirst for blood that we will live and die by. You feel it too, don't you? All those fighters and innocents whose blood you bathed in? The ones whose ghosts you can still see right now? Men like us are meant to cycle between those two feelings, not remain stuck in the second after one losing battle.
    Walker: Losing battle? You mean like Dubai?
    Big Boss: Trust me, I've been where you were, Walker, a hell of a lot more times too. But where you thought you were there to be a hero, I knew I was there to be a soldier. I can teach you that difference; drill it into you, make sure you don't lose touch with it when you're out there. Soon as you're tired of feeling sorry for yourself and how you never meant to hurt anyone, I can put you back in the cycle again. All you need to do is take my hand.
  • Made friends with the Easter-European Niko Bellic because of their similar war experiences. Niko admires Martin for how he didn't resort to Crime after war unlike him, but reassured him that he did also consider a similar path and no one is lucky enough to recover entirely.
  • Many action heroes feel uneasy interacting with Walker because many consider him to be a dark mirror of what they could be. This applies especially true for Nathan Drake and John Price.
    • Ana Amari was horrified when she learned of him, because she saw in him a dark reflection of herself, the person she could've been if she gave in to her vengeance and grief instead of focusing it on helping people. She has been trying to talk to Walker to help him with his emotional state.
  • Many of the ascended Undertale deities feel disgust with Walker's actions because it reminds them of a version of the Human Child when they took the "Genocide" route.
    • On the other hand, Walker's encounter with the Human Child went much more smoothly than what people expected, considering the fact that both their games deconstructed video game violence. The most heroic version of Walker reminded the kid to never forget that as a human, they always has a choice to save or kill others.
  • Like his game, Walker has a... complicated relationship with (Insert Name Here). Walker is enraged whenever he encounters them, blaming them for giving no choice except for committing the atrocities that he did. In turn, the INH feels disgusted and horrified by the actions committed by Walker while they repeatedly stated that they were increasingly unable to rein him in as the narrative went on. Konrad,or rather, Walker's hallucination of him, frequently pops up during these encounters and mocks both Walker and INH, making the situation worse.
  • He is unwelcome in many temples held by deities from the Middle Eastern area for his role in escalating (and potentially dooming) the conflict in Dubai. Walker has been acknowledging his mistakes and trying to atone for them, but still agrees to avoid their temples as much as possible.
  • Upon hearing of Heinz Windermere's actions, Walker actually had a nervous breakdown, leading him to infiltrate Heinz's temple. Once inside, Walker cornered Heinz and aimed a gun at his head, but fortunately several security officers were passing by and heard Walker yelling something at Heinz, and proceeded to take him into custody. After this incident, Heinz refused to talk about what Walker said to him. The only thing anyone was able to get out of him was this exchange:
    Heinz: "I never meant for any of this to happen."
  • Walker has contempt for Nier despite sympathizing with his desire to protect/rescue Yonah. Walker at least had the excuse of being completely insane when he failed to save Dubai. Nier on the other hand was willfully ignorant of the consequences of his actions like the extinction of the human race and took no time to reflect on them.

    Princess Sofia 
Princess Sofia Balthazar, Goddess of Princess Protagonists (Sofia I, Sofia the First, Sof, Sofia Cordova, Sofia Winslow)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Diamond Tiara with a Pink Background
  • Theme Song: Princess Things
  • Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Princess Protagonist, The Cutie, Cheerful and Precarious Girl who can Fight Back, Nice Girl, Kid Hero, Likes to Read Books, Doesn't Stop at Helping People, Purple as her Primary Color, Pretty Good at Convincing and Manipulating Others, Humble Hero, Reconstructed Princess Classic, Initially came from a Lower Background before her Mother Married the King, Animorphism, Able to Speak to Animals, Spoiled Sweet, Tomboy Princess with a Girly Streak, Can Come Up with Plans Quickly, Heart Is an Awesome Power
  • Domains: Princesses, Love, Protagonists, Family, Monarchy, Magic
  • Heralds: Princess Elena of Avalor, The Enchancia Royal Family, Court and Animal Companions
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Maleficent, Master Xehanort, Sauron, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Lord Voldemort, Darkseid, Griffith, Malekith, Mard Geer Tartaros, Sharptooth, Dag, Pokemon Hunter J, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Nightmare, Thouzer, Hordak
  • Friendly Enemies: Bowser, Settra, Crow (Nefarious)
  • Respected By: The Houses of Love and Affection and Friendship
  • Conflicting Opinion: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Homura Akemi, Doctor Doom
  • Opposed By: Deities who Cannot Comprehend Love
  • You can make the assumption that one would be excited to see one of their parents get married into monarchy. Such is the case for Sofia Balthazar once her mother Miranda wedded with King Roland II of Enchancia. Sure Sofia was happy to see herself in a rather privileged position... until realizing that she had to be knowledgeable and adept in magic to prove herself a legitimate princess. Thus, Sofia was enrolled into Royal Prep, being mentored and taught under the good fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather on using magic. Soon enough, she received the Amulet of Avalor, allowing her to communicate with animals and call upon the other Disney Princesses for their advice and help. As time went on, Sofia began to realize the challenges and ethics of being a princess, alongside honing her magical talents and embarking on several adventures in and out of Enchancia.
  • She ascended into the Pantheon by proving her worth as a princess and user of magic by defeating the Wicked Witch, Vor, through The Power of Love. Given the usual themes and messages Disney works tend to exhibit, Sofia was seen as one of the more triumphant examples of presenting them. Still, as a child, defeating a potential world-threatening threat doesn't mean Sofia knows everything about magic. The Pantheonic world is full of magic Sofia is rather unfamiliar with. Still, given her demeanour, she's careful to tread thin lines.
  • Sofia very quickly became a popular resident among the ascended Disney characters in the Pantheon. Obviously enough, she feels most accommodated with the Disney Princesses, given how she's actually interacted with them in her home universe. The Princesses are more than welcome to visit her during free times and to help one another, given that Sofia still keeps hold of the Amulet of Avalor.
  • She was curious to learn about the concept of Princesses of Heart, which was comprised of the Disney Princesses Sofia knows and possess pure hearts which were key to opening up Kingdom Hearts. To her surprise, she can be considered a potential candidate for the next line of the Princesses of Heart given her role as a genuine princess.
    • All things considered, she was incredibly accommodated with Sora, who has worked with and protected the Disney Princesses several times and Sora is even willing to aid her in any given quests. Sofia is more closer to Kairi as the latter is a Princess of Heart herself and that she's a Keyblade wielder in-training, which the former could see as pretty relatable. Often times than not, Sofia and Kairi would hang out with one another doing their personal hobbies together or practising their magical skills. And before someone asks, yes, Sofia has had some practice in sword fighting so she's happy to spar against Kairi and be taught in defending herself better, given Kairi's Keyblade training.
    • Her affiliation with Kairi also led Sofia to get into contact with Naminé, who easily got along with the princess and Naminé would often try to draw with the princess. Regarding combat training, Sofia takes some lessons with Pearl and Connie Maheswaran who are eager to prepare her for what dangers the Pantheon presents. Although Sofia is more content with simply mediating between being a princess and maintaining her proficiency with magic and her relationships with her friends and family.
  • Sofia and Charlotte LaBouff became very good friends with one another almost immediately. Charlotte expressed surprise on how Sofia got to be indicated into royalty upon her mother's marriage. Although she understood her desire to be a princess, Sofia did tell Charlotte about the hardships of being one. She still wishes for the best to Charlotte, who's preparing herself more for the day she becomes a princess.
  • With her ability to communicate with all kinds of animals using the Amulet of Avalor and being able to shift into other animals, Sofia is generally accepted in her visitations to the House of Beasts and she usually has fun running and playing with the creatures there. That said, she can't transform into every animal, given that she needs to at least see an animal physically and picture it mind to assure said transformation. Rexxar and Bahamut are willing to teach her in disciplining the bestiary around, though Sofia has other matters to tend to for the time being.
    • There are malicious beasts — such as Dag, Sharptooth and Tiamat — running amok in the House whom Sofia stays wary of. Still, she can manage dealing with Dag and Sharptooth. Tiamat, on the other hand, is a threat that threatens the House of Beasts as a whole, despite being part of the Beasthood, so Sofia isn't really in any position to combat against her without any assistance. Luckily, Tiamat has other interests to tend to, though she herself isn't fond of the fact that Sofia is friends with Bahamut.
  • The fact that she could communicate with animals led her to become fast friends with Eliza Thornberry, who was surprised and interested in her amulet. That said, Eliza's ability to speak to animals is natural whereas Sofia has to rely on her amulet. Regardless, Sofia and Eliza keep in contact a lot, particularly if the latter has to deal with a mythical animal.
  • While she's close to reaching teenage age, Sofia is actually quite witty and calculating when it comes to her thinking and goals. It's something a lot of deities tend to gloss over, and hence, underestimate, given how many times Sofia has outgambitted her family several times if things don't go her way. Still, she does love her family dearly, especially considering she bought them along as her heralds, but she isn't afraid to conspire behind others' backs if she's either slighted or needs to accomplish a goal.
    • Aragorn and Zelda have scolded her for acting childishly devious at times. Given their reputation and power they possess, Sofia isn't in any position to rebel against them. And even then, she highly respects the two of them and Aragorn and Zelda are more than welcome to help her out and that she's deeply caring about her friends and family.
  • While she gets along with many of the good-aligned rulers in the Pantheon, there are also just many many Evil Overlords and Wicked Witches to deal with as well. Most prominent are Maleficent, who eerily reminds Sofia of Vor, Sauron who finds Sofia's empowerment via love to be something similar to Friendship and Palpatine who firmly established himself as the most evil Disney villain in the Pantheon. Sofia also heavily dislikes Master Xehanort for orchestrating plans that involved endangering the Disney Princesses and is willing to fight against him alongside Sora and the other Keyblade wielders.
    • Of course there are others Sofia hates, such as Voldemort, Darkseid, Griffith and Malekith, but the previous four seem to be ones Sofia takes most issues on. Still, Griffith attracts hate to anybody for reasons Sofia shouldn't know. Voldemort and Darkseid don't really have an opinion on Sofia, though the former is vehemently opposed to even the slightest hint of The Power of Love while the latter would just rather troll her by sitting on her couch and then intimidate her with death before leaving. Malekith, on the other hand, was not well received due to him and the Dark Elves enslaving beasts into their servitude and Sofia was furious to learn of how callous and arrogant Malekith is regarding his right to rule. Not helping matters is his proficiency in magic, which he learned from his mother, Morathi.
    • That said, there are those that Sofia can manage to tolerate. Bowser, despite constantly kidnapping Princess Peach and threatening galaxies, will sometimes have fun with Mario and his friends and Mr Nintendo even sees him as a friend. Not to mention Bowser loves his son and his troops genuinely respect him. Crow, for all his unabashed villainy also treats those he kidnaps and his foes with as much respect as his guests. Settra is a more difficult matter, given the Tomb Kings' solitary nature. However, Sofia was able to learn the Tomb Kings' mindset and confront the king himself. Settra allows Sofia to travel across his domains and is willing to help her out if there's a mutual goal... so long as she doesn't interrupt with his or any of the Tomb Kings' treasure and graves, which she's made sure she'll never disturb.
  • Sofia spends a lot of time in the House of Magic and Sorcery, mainly to see the many different uses of magic and what new friends she could make from there. She easily got along with the Magical Girl Sisterhood and dreams of one day being a part of the Magical Girl Sisterhood. Among the other magic practitioners she became friends with were Zatanna and Akko Kagari. She's expressed interest in performing magic tricks with Zatanna while she's eager to help Akko in using magic more carefully and with more control.
    • Outside of the House of Magic, Sofia is also friends with Schierke. She herself is rather perplexed by Schierke's lack of social skills and often tries to engage her in different activities. At least Guts is open to let Sofia and Schierke hang out together if that's one good thing.
  • Upon entering the House of Characterization, she thought she saw Elena in the Pantheon, given that she saw someone in a red jacket and wielding a sword being attacked by a cat-humanoid. Sofia immediately went to the person's defense, assuming it was her good friend Elena of Avalor...before realizing that this wasn't Elena and the cat-person wasn't malicious. This turned out to be Adora and her girlfriend Catra. After a round of apology, Adora couldn't help but dote how cute Sofia was and how Sofia reminded Adora of her friend Glimmer. Sofia was somewhat confused as to the...relationship between the two girls, but she is determined to be by their side if it comes off to fighting off their enemies, especially when she learned about Hordak.
  • As a Princess, She can also be seen residing in the House of Royalty, in the Hall of Heirs.
From the silver flying horses, Of the ever golden glades, To the dragons on the cliff tops, Of the blazing palisades Enchancia, Enchancia Come hear our humble call, Enchancia, Enchancia, A land for one and all. Where the valiant knights protect us, From the darkest evil spells, And your wishes all come true here, If they're made in wishing wells Enchancia, Enchancia A beacon shining bright Enchancia, Enchancia, Where all our dreams take flight!


    02 Digidestined 
The 2002 DigidestinedMembers , Holy Team of Successor Protagonists (Daisuke: Davis; Ken: Digimon Kaiser/Emperor; Miyako: Yolei; Iori: Cody)
L - R: Ken, Daisuke, Miyako, Iori (top row); Wormmon, V-mon, Hawkmon, Armadimon (bottom row)
  • Demideities (their Digimon can go up to Greater rank)
  • Symbol: The Digimentals
  • Theme Song: "Target~Akai Shougeki~"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Ken is formerly Neutral Evil; Iori is more Lawful)
  • Portfolio: Leading a normal life while saving both worlds, Fusion Dance, Lighter and Softer
  • Domains: Good, Sequels, Mons, Data, Fusion
    • Daisuke: Courage, Friendship, Miracles, Leadership, Dragons
    • Ken: Kindness, Redemption, Insects
    • Miyako: Love, Purity, Computers, Intelligence, Birds
    • Iori: Knowledge, Sincerity, Honor, Morality, Mammals
  • Heralds: V-mon, Wormmon, Hawkmon, Armadimon
  • Allies: Good Digimon deities, GUAG White Hats, The Mane Cast, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Sora, Santa Claus
  • Enemies: Evil Digimon deities, Enter, Master Control Program, Sark, Love Machine, Team Rocket, Ghetsis Harmonia, Pokemon Hunter J, Zonda and the Seven (esp. Teseo)
  • Truce with: Sombra
  • Rival: Nao Midorikawa (Daisuke)
  • Three years after the eight Digidestined went on their adventure, a new crisis arised in the Digital World; a boy calling himself the Digimon Kaiser was going around enslaving Digimon and building Dark Towers that prevented evolution. Three new Digivices were granted to hotheaded soccer player Daisuke, energetic, tech-savvy Miyako and the young but mature Iori, who met their fated Digimon partners capable of an ancient evolution known as Armor Evolution that could counter the Dark Towers' power and fight the Kaiser. Thus the original Digidestined, with the exception of Takeru and Hikari, had to step aside to let the new generation save the Digital World. Taichi even passed his goggles on to Daisuke, in addition to the Crests passing on to the new team members in the form of the Digimentals, the catalysts of Armor Evolution.
    • The Digimon Kaiser turned out to also be a Digidestined: Ken Ichijouji, a brilliant but misanthropic boy who treated the Digital World as a game where he could do anything he wanted, not understanding that it was all real. Eventually the heroes stopped him, and after learning some lessons as a result of his partner Wormmon dying in the process, he decided to atone and eventually became part of the team.
  • Three years after their adventures, Daisuke and co. discovered a new plot threatening the two worlds, but were beaten nearly to the point of death by Alphamon. At that point, Enter took advantage of the fact that Ken was a High Priest by kidnapping and corrupting him into becoming the Digimon Kaiser again. Omegamon summoned the other three to save their friend. It was a difficult enterprise due to their confidence falling to rock bottom after their defeat and the fact that they didn't have their friends to Jogress with, but with the help of Omegamon and many other sympathetic deities, plus some creative use of Armor Evolution, they managed to rescue Ken and defeat Enter. The Main House then decided it was as good a time as any to make them proper deities.
  • Given that Milleniumon was the first Digimon Ken opposed (his first digital adventure ended with him helping Ryo defeat it) and one of the reasons why he became the Kaiser, due to it implanting a Dark Seed in Ken, it goes without saying that he was not happy to hear that the Digimon was already in the Pantheon. The fact that Millenniumon was born out of the Kimeramon that Ken created as the Kaiser was a deep shock to him, and made him regret his past actions even more, thinking that it's the punishment he deserves. Daisuke, Miyako and Iori followed suit in opposing it, for being the cause of their comrade's distress and wanting to destroy everything... Or at least, they would have if it hadn't turn out that Milleniumon had found a partner for itself in the Pantheon, in the form of a peppy Playful Hacker known as Radical Ed. None of the kids could believe their eyes, but Ed assured them that Milleniumon was her friend and asked them not to delete it as long as it was under her control. While the Digidestined don't trust Milleniumon one bit and told it they'd take it down if it tried anything funny, they've decided to trust Ed after hearing of her reputation. In fact, they hang out with her pretty often at Miyako's insistence as she's fascinated with her abilities with computers.
  • While they have a truce with Millenniumon, the foursome are as determined as ever to stop any threats in the Digital World, be they homicidal viruses or megalomaniac computers, and work together with fellow Tamers and the White Hats in putting a stop to them.
  • In their temple there are replicas of all their bedrooms (Takeru and Hikari also have theirs for whenever they feel like staying) and the Odaiba Elementary School's computer lab that serves as their usual entry to the Digital World. Other Digimon and the White Hats can easily communicate with them through it.
  • Daisuke defeated Ken and then insisted more than anyone else in becoming closer to him after he proved he was reforming. Nanoha and Fate have noticed certain similarities to themselves, as Nanoha also needed to defeat Fate before the latter turned to her side. Also, Fate can relate to Ken's struggle to replace his dead older sibling.
  • They dedicate some of their free time to club activities at the Academy. Daisuke and Ken are in the soccer club (Daisuke being all raring to go since Taichi-senpai is the captain there), Iori joined the kendo club and Miyako is in the computer club.
    • Daisuke has developed a rivalry with the girls' team headed by Nao and Rin. It all started when the teams' schedules for using the field clashed and Daisuke wanted to decide it through a game. The girls won and Daisuke has been annoyed at that ever since, antagonizing Rin whenever they see each other, while Nao tries to pacify them. Ken thinks it doesn't really matter and is far friendlier with the girls.
  • They have become friends with Ash Ketchum in spite of their followers being rivals, though it doesn't stop them from competing in a light-hearted manner at times.
    • One time they got ambushed by Team Rocket, who tried to steal V-mon for their boss. He was eventually freed, evolved to XV-mon and sent the team blasting off again with his X-Laser but Daisuke and co. weren't exactly happy about the whole thing, and they wonder if they'll have to worry about criminals wanting to steal their Digimon. Also they find Jessie and James a bit too similar to Arukenimon and Mummymon.
    • Their fear was confirmed by the presence of the likes of Ghetsis and Pokemon Hunter J. They find it unforgivable that they'd use mons as tools to achieve their selfish goals, be it world domination or wealth. Ghetsis and J, however, have looked into Digimon and find that they may be more difficult to handle than Pokemon, so they'll remain focused on the former for now.
  • Given their actions during the Digimon world crisis, they have not only the support of a lot of deities from the countries they protected, but they have a permanent spot in Santa Claus' nice list given the whole thing took place during Christmastime, and if it weren't for their intervention Christmas might have been ruined in many parts of the world.
  • Although their adult lives have been controversial for seemingly random career paths that don't appear to match with their characters, the Cutie Mark Crusaders admire and support them for successfully pursuing their dream jobs. The Digidestined also became friends with the Mane Cast by association, with each member having their own best friend within that group.
  • Daisuke:
    • Daisuke has been made aware that he used to be the one who the title Hopeless Suitor referred to after his ascension. He prefers his position with his friends and doesn't like it when people remind him how he didn't get Hikari to like him. Though that doesn't stop Miyako from taunting him about it sometimes.
    • Determined to become stronger so he won't disappoint Taichi again, he gained the sympathy of Arokh and Rynn, who decided to become mentors to him and V-mon, and hope they'll improve their dragon-and-rider dynamic for future battles.
    • Daisuke sometimes spends time at the House of Food learning to be the best ramen cook, since that's his dream job. Naruto, a fan of ramen, thinks that's a great dream and has offered to taste-test Daisuke's cooking, so the two have a business partnership of sorts.
    • Out of the Mane Cast Daisuke gets along best with Rainbow Dash, as they're both unwaveringly loyal to their friends and yet competitive and boisterous. They might butt heads sometimes due to that second quality (like one time Daisuke argued Lighdramon was faster than Rainbow Dash), but in they end they respect each other's abilities.
    • He was in charge of New York during the Digimon world crisis, which got him the gratitude and friendship of the personification of America himself. Given they're both excitable and kinda dim leaders, they get along quite well. The Avengers are also kicking themselves wondering what the hell they were doing while the Digimon invasion was happening, but they're glad Daisuke was around.
  • Ken:
    • Originally Ken was to ascend for And You Thought It Was a Game, but plans changed and he ascended with his friends instead. His trope was handed over to David Lightman, a teen hacker who thought he was playing computer games and instead nearly started a nuclear world war, which he managed to avert. In his brief stint as his High Priest, Ken became acquainted with David's regrets over the event and determination to help to avoid similar situations in the Pantheon. Ken fully relates to his feelings and respects him.
    • Ken's brilliant older brother Osamu died in a car accident, which Ken believes is his fault because he wished for it out of jealousy. So he strove to be like Osamu to please his parents. As it happens, Switch of the Sket-Dan has an almost identical backstory. Eventually both were able to overcome these issues with the support of their friends. Obviously they have a lot to talk about.
    • Ken and Judai have become very good friends since both of them ended up becoming Evil Overlords through some bad decisions. It was a rather unfortunate coincidence but it has helped them bond together. Other people who regret their actions (everyone at the Ministry of Atonement, for example) have also given Ken their support.
      • In addition, Koichi Kimura is probably the Digidestined Ken has most in common with as Koichi also had a stint at being evil before atoning. Koichi would like it if the darkness-fearing Ken could learn that not all that's dark is evil.
    • With Ken's Crest being that of Kindness, he attracted the attention of another representative of that virtue: Fluttershy. One particular Itazura Griefer told her of the time he literally kicked a puppy, so his first encounter with her… wasn't pretty. But after explaining, the pegasus also showed her very forgiving nature, sympathized with Ken's long and painful path to kindness, and knows that he's certainly learned his lesson.
    • He protected ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico during the world crisis, and Speedy Gonzalez is thus grateful to him for protecting his country's heritage. Surprisingly, so is the notorious hacker Sombra, who cuts the Digidestined some slack as a sort of thanks.
    • Wants to be a police inspector, presumably out of a desire to do justice by others after spending so much time being evil as the Kaiser. He spends time at the House of Law and Justice learning about it and has taken a particular shine to Ryotaro Dojima, who returns the sentiment even if he fears that Ken's desire to atone might make him too obsessive about certain cases like Ryotaro was. He'll do his best to make the boy aware of the risks.
    • Whenever Ken and Wormmon train at the Hall of Insects they tend to run into Sig, who likes to follow them around to observe Wormmon or Stingmon battling against other insects, which always makes him go fanboy mode in his stoic way. Ken was weirded out by the boy at first, though he was never rude and eventually got used to Sig, even developing an odd kind of friendship.
  • Miyako:
    • Created a peculiar friendship with the Angry Birds when they confused Hawkmon for one of their own and drafted him into helping protect their eggs. Despite everything, Miyako and Hawkmon roll with it and think of it as practice for future battles. They've also garnered the interest of Anivia, who serves as something of a mentor to them.
    • She helped out in Russia during the world crisis, for which she's earned the friendship of Zangief and Zarya, who thought it was amusing yet clever how she dealt with the language barrier by using Russian food names as signals. Since Miyako was denied real Russian food when she went there, the two Russians were happy to throw on a feast for her and her friends, much to her delight.
    • Miyako's hyper personality means she gets along well with the similarly-tempered Pinkie Pie. With her skill at using music programs, Miyako's always finding new ways of livening up Pinkie's parties.
    • Despite her tech-savvy, Miyako's real dream is to be a Yamato Nadeshiko and a housewife. The White Hats are trying to encourage her to still apply her talent by working from home, as they really don't want to lose her abilities. Miyako thinks that wouldn't be a bad idea, but in the meanwhile she's looking up to Hinata Hyuga as her role model after hearing of how devoted to her family she is. Hinata thinks it best to advise Miyako not to become something she's not.
    • Gets along well with Fuuka and Ami due to being the computer experts in their respective teams. It's a bit ironic as Fuuka and Ami are shy while Miyako is the very opposite, but the two blue-haired girls always feel energized when they're around the Digidestined.
  • Iori:
    • He appreciates the company of Mr. Miyagi, as the old karate teacher reminds him of his grandfather. Sure, grandpa was goofier, but he and Miyagi have the same penchant for proverbial wisdom. In his visits to Miyagi, Iori's also become friends with his pupil Daniel, and the two may be seen training together sometimes.
    • Iori relates the most to Applejack out of the Mane Cast, as both of them have a strong sense of honor and will not budge on their beliefs easily. On the other hand, both of them have also had to learn that it's necessary to be flexible at times for the greater good. They've decided to tell each other the lessons they learn on that front to see if they can learn anything new from each other.
    • During the world crisis he went to the Land Downunder to stop some water-dwelling Digimon from rampaging. As the Great Coral Reef was at risk during the battle and Iori did his best to preserve it, Steve Irwin is forever grateful that he protected such an important habitat for Australian sea life.
    • Iori wants to be a defense attorney, which likely has some relation to how his father was a police officer killed in the line of duty. After learning of the boy's history, Sae Niijima has expressed interest in mentoring him, as she herself is a defense attorney whose father died in the same circumstances, which had been a sore spot for her for a long time.
    • As a practitioner of Kendo, he eventually found a sparring partner in Suguha.

    The Boss of the 3rd Street Saints 
The Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, God/dess of Protagonists Without A History (Mikeynote , Playa, That mute motherfucker, StyleTest_PC, Boss, Prisoner 1138, The Butcher of Stilwater, Local Psychopath, Nolan North, President of the United States, The God Emperor for Life of the Universe)
"Playa" during his introduction in Stilwater
The Boss in their first appearance in Steelport
The Boss as President of the US. Left: The Male Avatar, Right: The Female Avatar
  • Demigod during their reign in Stilwater, and Steelport; Lesser God as President and Greater God after acquiring the Zin Empire
  • Symbol: A purple fleur-de-lis
  • Theme Song: "Power" by Kanye West
  • Alignment: Switches between Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic Evil (Occasionally Chaotic Neutral) as the Boss of the Saints, Chaotic Neutral for most of his life (Chaotic Good especially after becoming the President).
  • Portfolio: A random member of the Saints gang who enjoys the role, slowly rises from the ranks of the gang and is feared, respects all loyal members of the Saints no matter what, is not above killing citizens when in the mood, mostly referred to as Playa or Boss, leans into sociopathy for power and fame, respected even by those outside the gang
  • Domains: Crime, City, Travel, Gangs, Respect
  • Heralds: The unascended 3rd Street Saints (Johnny Gat, Oleg Kirrlov, Kinzie Kensington, Angel de la Muerte, Zimos, Vice-President Keith David, Benjamin King, Matt Miller, Asha Odekar, CID),
  • Allies: Shaundi and Pierce Washington, Neil McCauley, the PAYDAY Gang, William Shakespeare (only to the Boss, Shakespeare does not follow the same feelings)
  • Visitor to: The House of Popularity
  • Rivals: Tony, Jo, Mario and César, the Cabot Crew, Niko Bellic, Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton, the Corleones, the DiMeo and Soprano families, The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Sigmar Heldenhammer
  • Heavily Opposed by: The House of Law and Justice, all vigilantes especially the Punisher
  • Enemies: Zinyak, the Combine, the Kingpin, Diavolo, all Demon Lords (which includes all Satans, Lucifers and the like)
  • In a small neighborhood in the district of Stilwater, four gangs compete for complete domination of the locale. These would be the Los Carnales, Westside Rollerz, Vice Kings and 3rd Street Saints. Things were not looking good for the latter gang as they would be hammered after several conflicts but one day, a regular guy was caught in a firefight between the gang and the Vice Kings. He would have been killed had a Saints member save him from near death by a Vice King gang member and was eventually coerced into recruitment to the Saints, where his reputation slowly grew until becoming a lieutenant for the boss at the time, Julius Little. All was going well and the Saints became the dominant gang, until the leader he was supposed to protect betrayed him fearing a power struggle. Come a few years after being freed from a prison island, the Saints were no more due to Playa's disappearance. With the gang leaderless and new gangs taking over following the power vacuum, he would set out to rebuild the legacy of the Saints, beating the new gangs and the Ultor Corporation. This would succeed and this Playa, or Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, became a household name of the city of Stilwater.
    • After the entire chain of events following Stilwater's dominance to the Saints, they combined forces with a reformed Ultor Corporation and became celebrities, but not before the main leaders got kidnapped by a private organization which lead to them landing in Steelport, another city that would slowly become the Saints' new home. Due to a few connections and earned respect from other organizations and gangs, as well as them slowly adopting ideas besides lawless murder, they climbed the ranks into presidency after a few years. All was fine and dandy, that was until an alien invasion occurred and snatched Boss and the Saints all thanks to the Zin Empire with Earth's subjugation. A few attempts of rescue and encounters with the leader of the empire, the Boss would triumph but not without Earth's destruction. That said, they were not complaining since an entire empire chose to side with the Saints and was defiant to find humanity a new home, eventually reaching God-Emperor of the Universe afterwards.
  • The Leader of the Saints has an ever-changing appearance. One day s/he may be male, another female. Some days s/he is dressed in nice clothing, others s/he dresses in the weirdest get-ups you have ever seen. S/he can be anything from a muscular Scary Black Man, to an Asian woman with a gruff Cockney male voice, to morbidly obese with metallic blue skin, to so thin you'll wonder if s/he's anorexic. No one is ever around when his/her appearance changes, nobody knows whether it happens consciously or unconsciously on his/her part, and the Saints all act as if he/she has always looked that way. Taking a picture seems to cause some kind of Glamour Failure and reveals the Boss to be a medium-built Caucasian male with slicked-back black hair, though whether or not this is his/her true form is still in the air. This Glamour also seems to be slightly less effective on those who spend considerable amounts of time in the Boss's presence, as lieutenants and other high-ranking Saints do notice that the Boss does indeed look different, but all seem to arrive at the same conclusion that s/he just changed his/her hairstyle. For the Pantheon, the Caucasian male look is the main look since it was his original look prior to joining the Saints in the beginning.
    • Speaking of the Pantheon, the gang spread word that a stranger was looking for a guy named "Playa" and eventually met their boss. As a handshake was connected between him and the unknown figure, the background glowed white and transported them into a new world. At first, Steelport and Stilwater were still present but the Boss noticed a few differences notably with a few unknown people not belonging to the city and other various deities. Stunned, the handshake they made connected Playa to the Pantheon, with the shadowy figure claiming that his lack of information regarding his past was of a noteworthy endeavor especially considering his achievements. The Boss only had one thing to say:
    Playa: Who cares who I was before I joined the Saints?
  • The Saints as a gang values respect, usually earned through various handiwork that they request, loan sharks, prostitution, gang warfare against others and protecting their own teammates, without betrayal of course. The Boss loves all members of the Saints, so long as they remain loyal and could arguably be the Boss' best redeeming value, as while the Saints are the usual gangbanging kind with some organization later on marred with sociopathy out of power and fame, the Boss loves his gang and will avenge anyone who would dare lay a gun on one of his members' head. This allowed the Saints to expand their presence within the Pantheon, both as a gang and an organization with support from a few allies of his. This is symbolized by a purple Fleur-de-Lis seen throughout the gang. He also would like to be called a "puckish rogue" than a sociopath, considering that his support for his crew is what separates him from actual ones.
    • When their gang got installed within Pantheon proper, both Shaundi and Pierce got to work to spread their influence further. Shaundi had the tech expertise, while Pierce... well let's just say he got attention but not in the way that was intended. Other gangs saw this as some form of a hostile takeover and other private corporations took caution hearing the Saints numerous connections of various kinds. When it was done, all three managed to watch the Saints wreck some shit around the Pantheon as they finally placed their positions in pure delight. That is not to say that resistance still exists around them, various deities have made complaints regarding their expansion and they have been on the receiving end to some higher-level deities just to keep their peace. The solution was simple: keep Steelport and Stilwater as the Saints' home base. Question is: how long till the Saints push another expansion?
    • While they were busy establishing his gang into the spotlight, the show known as Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax was suddenly found within the Pantheon's cable, with the Saints hearing the news just right after Steelport's installation. It took a while but the Saints found Professor Genki, excited with the new possibilities that the Pantheon has bestowed upon him. The addition of the Saints, especially the Boss, excites him as new scenes and episodes featuring him will help improve the show's reputation and merchandise. The Boss shares the same thought but it is more of a business aspect since the Boss has been aiming for popularity rather than resorting to more genocidal means of earning respect. That has not stopped the Boss from doing stupid stuff like provoking Genki at some moments but he has no grudges for them. Unfortunately, if Professor Genki had his godhood established, then that means someone was already ahead of them following their ascension, and their suspicions were confirmed when a Zin starship appeared right before them.
    • Zinyak's reign in the Pantheon has been mixed, likely because the warlord has a reputation for being careless and arrogant in his actions whilst maintaining some form of weird appreciation for alien culture, especially Earth's case. The Boss has not forgotten him in the slightest, with him blowing up Earth the final straw. The alien warlord stated it was meant to break his morale but after his usurpation by the Boss, he has started to reconsider his actions. While Zinyak holds most of the Zin Empire in his hand, a few members of his empire has pledged allegiance to the Boss, although a small number, shows what respect means to the Boss in comparison to brute leadership.
    • It should be noted that Playa has a few forms of his that he uses from time to time. Being the boss of the 3rd Street Saints is one thing, being the President of the United States is another thing entirely. The President persona of his, while retaining a huge stake in the Saints' leadership, does make him a bit too cocky and a large ego stroke. There is also him being the leader of the Zin Empire but Zinyak already beat them to the Pantheon in terms of the empire's leadership. Then there is the God Emperor for Life of the Universe, a title that took the Boss a while to earn after the latter's defeat and earned some rivalry to a few other similar God-Emperors, as well as helping a friend of his in hell. For most of the Pantheon, his regular leadership as the Saints' Playa is his most common role, with the President and God Emperor positions only when things get real tough.
  • The House of Crime and Transgressions is where the Saints usually reside, while the Boss gets a special house in the House of Characterization, though his gang have no problems entering, the security is heavily tight. In his trip to that den of lawlessness, he has established the Saints within the criminal underworld, attracting various criminals of many types. Some agreeable, others not so much. While they are welcome, rivalry is heavy amongst criminals, the Saints included since they ended up in the turf of the Corleones, who have a massive grip in the House, understandable since they are the prima donna of Mafia Dons everywhere, giving them large amounts of respect. That said, the Boss could give less of a fuck and still pushed through in terms of business, making the Saints a viable competitor in the Crime space. As a result, the Boss gets contracts to do some heavy work with a few associates.
    • The PAYDAY Gang were among the first to recognize the Saints' presence, seeing that the gang carved a place in the world of crime just like them. So much that the Boss gave them a suit that effectively made them a part of the Saints, VIP status if you will. They had it easy, the Saints had theirs harder and achieved bigger victories, thus a mutual respect was given to each other. In addition, their introduction to the gang made them a part of the world of heisting, where the Boss and company were judged as viable for heists, well if you do not count that one fuckup they made. Neil McCauley, seasoned veteran, was willing to let the Saints have a share, if they are willing to participate properly. The rest of the other heisters however do see the Boss as a liability, the Cabot gang already have one sociopath in their ranks, and Tony is not having to let him and his group suffer at the hands of a so-called rogue.
    • The rivalry eventually spilled even further as the DiMeo and Soprano crime families could no longer tolerate the Saints' heavy expansion, seeing that the gang's presence has made their business far difficult, combining gangbanging killers with some degree of coordination thus making them extremely unpredictable. Even with the Corleones' supervision, the Saints have taken the criminal underworld by storm and with their popularity, control is getting difficult, though with attention such as that of the Kingpin, the Boss has taken reports of a few members from his gang killed off by the Kingpin, taking him very personally and the same sentiment can be shared by him. Their expansion eventually reached Bucciarati's Gang and with the entire situation between them, and the other crime lords, the Boss decided to take action. Popular as he may be, Giorno is not fazed but has been in talks with the Boss especially seeing his deeds to be outweighing his sociopathic negatives. A deal was concluded and both him and his gang have made an alliance, with the news eventually reaching Diavolo, taking a personal score with the Boss after his decision to make the deal.
  • After that whole visitation to the House, the Boss received an offer by a crazed maniac called Trevor Phillips, who proposed that the Saints could work together with Trevor Phillips Enterprises for a big cut of the deal, though the call was cut short when Michael intervened and proposed that the four of them could work together in Los Santos. The recognition of such name made the Boss remember one person who he originally envied of: Carl Johnson, who's fame and accomplishment is engrained as legendary, even among a few Saints members. Boss was satisfied hearing that he ascended, though Carl recognizes that the Saints accomplished way more than him but still earned his respect regardless. It is their mutual agreement that allowed the 3rd Street Saints and Grove Street Families to strike an alliance of, and also granted the Boss a visit to Los Santos, eventually earning some rivalry to the trio due to the Saints' notoriety, that has not stopped from the four of them working with each other from time to time.
    • Outside of them, the Boss himself has a personal relationship with Niko Bellic and for very good reason. See, at a time where CJ and the Boss were considered equal rivals in gang life, Niko's journey showed a rather harsh departure, of which he was not a personal fan of. As he was busy taking care of his cousin and trying his best to live in Liberty City, the Boss instead of following his footsteps decided to go full on with gang life, opposing his bleak worldview with a more violent and bombastic adventure. When Niko saw this, he was not a fan of the Boss but the two have made it clear to leave each other out, though unlike others, he's not afraid to poke him out of violence, as he believes he's one of the few to enrage him, and survive.
  • Even with their origins as a gang, the Saints and especially the Boss thrive in one other house, the House of Popularity. It cannot be denied that the Saints' rise to fame all originated as a gang that embraced the core of gangbanging hoodlums, respect and their reputation. Their second rise to fame is what catapulted the Boss back to the same level after years of his disappearance but it was not until his desire for power through popularity is what lead the Saints into a new celebrity-like mindset and eventually popularity as the President. The House finds him as an interesting anomaly as the Boss was known for being a sociopath with standards on his early days, using all forms of crime and killing just to put the Saints back on the map, but after noticing the power of fame through stardom did those methods change adopting a less-violent approach, a little bit, Boss tends to be a dick even after his supposed changed mindset.
    • Said dickery and past history does bite him back in the ass however, while back at Stilwater and Steelport he has not felt any form of repercussions for his actions, the Pantheon has a lot of people who have problems with him and the Saints, with those within the side of Law and Justice to consider him one of the few criminals on a "Most Wanted" list due to a lot of his crimes not being paid nor trialed. The last time he ever had experience in court was when he broke Johnny Gat free through violence, so trial is pretty much out of the window. While some of those who reside in that House has forgiven him for helping humanity after the Zin invasion, the more persistent vigilantes do not consider his acts as repentance for his actions before. Special mention goes to Frank Castle, as he is one of those who try to get the Boss' attention, even if said attention would risk him getting killed like ending the life of a Saints member, of which he will take it personally.
  • His title as "God-Emperor for Life of the Universe" has become a contentious topic, some believe that such title and rise to power is too much for an overly ambitious gang leader and for some of the other overzealous emperors, they have taken the announcement to be of great concern. In particular, two God-Emperors stand out, Sigmar and the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind (or Big E for short). The two have at the very least credited the Boss' desire to give humanity a new home after the Zin Empire trashed and destroyed it but that has not let them get over the fact that another supposed God-Emperor is fighting for a similar title that they have. Big E in particular, especially after the installation of a certain text-to-speech device, has no trust in him, stating that the only person who is allowed to guide humanity is him. Sigmar has little issues with the Boss' actions but is still hesitant and somewhat agrees with the other God-Emperor, seeing the Boss' history before his rise to godhood.
    • Speaking of past history, when Zinyak's presence was made to be known, another alien empire took notice of the Boss with the report of the Zin Empire's collapse. The Combine are one of the few alien empires that have agreed to "aid" the Zin and among the orders Zinyak personally issued was the elimination of the Boss. With both forces in the Pantheon, it will not take long till the Saints have to prepare for a big fight though Boss does have a few Zin soldiers in defense for him since the empire's fall had a few Zin soldiers pledge their allegiance, well before Zinyak reinstated himself and took the majority of his forces back in the Pantheon. Despite this, the Boss has a good chance of surviving whatever is thrown at him, alien or otherwise.
    • On a related note, few years later, the Boss would eventually be called, this time being dragged into hell but not for his sins but rather to be prepped for marriage to Satan's daughter. It was at that time when the God-Emperor title was given to him and with help from his friend Johnny Gat did he meet similar figures. Shakespeare was among those he recognized in the Pantheon, though the version he met clearly had reddish eyes and pointy ears while the Pantheon one has none of that and finds his story rather preposterous, afterall would the actual Shakespeare make a deal in Hell? There were also attempts of him finding Blackbeard and Vlad the Impaler but their differences were even more apparent that the Boss dismissed them. Still, he does visit some of Shakespeare's plays, the artist is in disbelief at the other version of him he has mentioned about. As if it was not bad enough with the aliens, now even demon lords despise the Boss but they will have to be careful should his ally, Johnny Gat, arrive at some point.
  • "I started out with nothin'... just a kid from the streets, with nothin' to lose. Then I met Julius, and everything changed. Once I joined the 3rd Street Saints, everything started going my way. I'd run some jobs, get paid, and lady luck was on my side. Now I have the women, the clothes, the rides, but it's not enough, I want more, I want it all. That's the great thing about this city, it's there for the taking. If you've got what it takes."

    Dave Lizewski/Kick-Ass 
David "Dave" Lizewski, God of Loser Protagonists who Relate to the Audience (Kick-Ass)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Themes: Kick-Ass (We Are Young)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Lame Superhero, Overcoming said lameness and Goofy super heroes Admiring superheroes so much that wanted to become one, Always trying to protect the innocent, Vigilante Men, Adorkable, Dual Wielding, Nerd Action Hero, high pain resistance as a result of Nerve Damage
  • Domains: Heroism, Vigilantism, Pain
  • Allies: Jimmy Hopkins, Asuka Kazama, Naruto Uzumaki, Goku, Garrus Vakarian
  • Fanboy towards: Every Superhero, Nicolas Cage
  • Uneasy Relationship: Frank Castle/The Punisher,
  • Enemies: Johan Liebert, Joker, Nemesis, The Fraternity, A majority of the House of Villainy and Hatred and Rancor
  • He first made his ascension and stormed the House of Villainy and got his ass kicked. Luckily he were rescued before they were killed. After being rescue, he was immediately put through rigorous training considering how fast they were curb stomped it was rather embarrassing and painful to watch. There he befriended Kenichi. After his training, he became a force to be reckoned with. Dave went from getting their asses kicked by mooks to being The Ace of his heroic faction albeit a goofy one.
    • Despite gaining additional success with a decent movie franchise, Dave went into some hard times. His temple was in such a disrepair that he was subsequently kicked out of the Pantheon. He tried his hardest to advocate his return, but no one would listen. That is until he met Al Bundy. He offered to trade his old temple while he got a new one. Left with no other option, he accepted. Thus Kick-Ass made his return to the Pantheon.
    • Kick-Ass actually comes from a long list of Loser Protagonists created by Mark Millar in a way to relate to he audience. His reputation has mixed reations, but there is no question that Kick-Ass is his most well-known universe. Dave was only sad that the only other Millar creations in the Pantheon are villains, namely Nemesis - who is downright the complete opposite of Kick-Ass, a guy who one day decided to be a supervillain - and The Fraternity.
  • He's trying to see if he can be made an honorary member of the Superhero Division in order to cement his hero status and to spend time with their favorite heroes as well.
  • Ever since Kick-Ass discovered Big Daddy's avatar was a deity, has become a fan of Nicolas Cage. He also has become closer to Scarlet Witch, who finds Dave similar to her brother.
  • While he is not the type of superhero with powers (or the world that has them), he does have dulled pain receptors, making him resistant to feeling pain. That and his ability to carry things through no matter how dangerous they are makes him one of the most determined deities in the Pantheon. Naruto himself acknowledges that fact.
  • Dave initially started his training in order to better defend himself from bullies. That has earned him the respect of Jimmy Hopkins who offered to give him some combat training. The same can be said of Asuka. While she was wary of working with someone who looked like a pervert, her attitude changed when he managed to get a girlfriend.
  • There is one hero he felt was all too familiar with: Frank Castle. Once upon a time, he teamed up with a girl named Mindy Mc Cready, someone who was far more vicious with criminals than he ever hoped to be. Nevertheless, he decided to tag along with the man to see how he operates. While he wished he could follow the superhero mantra of Thou Shall Not Kill, he knows that is not something he can keep up with. With that said, he hopes he can at least convince the Punisher to try better options
  • Received an assault rifle as well as some training courtesy of Garrus. He was impressed with the boy's desire to become a vigilante when he has had little or no training of the sort. He was even more impressed when he pressed on even when the city banned them. Sure Dave isn't nearly as good in combat as even the average superhero, but his grit may help him become a great vigilante.
  • There is only a couple of villains he vehemently hates in the Pantheon. One of which is Johan Liebert, an affair that turned personal. There was a time when Dave worked alongside a boy named Chris Genovese, one who turned out to be the son of a mob boss. It turns out Johan played a hand in the affair in the hopes of dashing the hopes of that world. Chris even became a follower in his increasingly brutal acts of cruelty. For that, Dave has constantly sought Johnan out, and gets his ass kicked in the process.
    • The other is the Joker, though for more noble reasons. He hopes to find a way to keep the Joker locked up for good. He knows Batman would never allow him to kill the Monster Clown, but Dave at least hopes he can find another way to bring the Clown Prince of Crime's killing spree to an end.

    Eddard "Ned" Stark 
Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark, God of Quickly Killed Main Characters (Lord of the North, Lord Paramount of the North, Warden of the North, Lord of Winterfell, Hand of the King, Lord Regent, Protector of the Realm, Mah Nigga Ned)

    Eren Yeager 
Eren Yeager, God of Seemingly Killed Protagonists (Eren Jaeger, Yeager-bombastic, the Attack Titan/Rogue Titan, the Coordinate, the Suicidal Bastard, Cheese Hamburger Freak, Kruger)
The Attack Titan 

    The Friends crew 
Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller, Sexvirate Deities of the Ensemble Cast (Rach, Mon, Pheebs, Joe and Chan)
L - R: Phoebe, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica and Joey
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A fountain
  • Theme Song: "I'll Be There For You" by The Rembrandts
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with neutral tendencies (Phoebe), True Neutral (Joey and Rachel), Lawful Neutral (Monica and Ross), Chaotic Neutral (Chandler)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Friendship, Community, Comedy, Good
  • Allies: The House of Friendship, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, J.D. and Turk, Osaka Kasuga, The March Sisters, Jack Torrance, Kyle Broflovski
  • Rivals: The Seinfeld group
  • Opposes: Ned Flanders
  • Fears: Arachne (Ross), the House of Health and Diseases (Phoebe and Ross), all canine deities (Chandler)
  • Odd Friendship: The Madagascar Penguins, Polar Bear Café
  • Pitied by: Eikichi Mishina
  • Admires: Tommy Oliver, Alan Grant (Ross)
  • Few deities have tried their hardest to share an equal amount of airtime between them, but this group of friends turned it into an art form. Their long and successful run (with a few naysayers in the way) eventually allowed them to gain enough followers to enter the Pantheon. They celebrated in classic fashion, playing in the fountain they brought along with them.
  • Lucy and Ricky Ricardo were proud with this particular ascension. The group were arguably instrumental for allowing multiple characters to be main characters without being a family. The formula has been used for various other sitcoms for decades afterwards.
  • The folks from Seinfeld are harsh on other sitcom deities as it is, but this is the one group they claim to be archrivals. The two shows competed for ratings for much of their careers and their followers can get into intense arguments over who was the undisputed sitcom on the 90s. Some argue that it's the Seinfeld community who instigates the fights, with their patrons stoking the flames.
  • As with many sitcom deities, they have all suffered under the effects of Ned Flanders. Rachel was the only one who escaped his wrath, but it was enough to delay their ascension for the longest time. It's safe to say that there's no love for him.
  • It's unfortunate that a few of them have to deal with their fears within the Pantheon. Ross in particular avoids the Hall of Insects and the House of Health and Diseases outright, for fear of spiders and needles. Phoebe is with him in the later. Meanwhile, the thought of dogs that can fly and have laser eyes scared Chandler shitless, demanding a restraining order against all canine deities.
  • The House of Friendship in general helped sponsor their ascension, but of special note are J.D. and Turk's involvement. The two loved watching Chandler and Joey's friendship grow through the years, even after Chandler married Monica. Rachel and Monica also count to a lesser degree.
  • They have come to hang out in the Polar Bear Café on occasion after Phoebe discovered it on her way home from her job. The notion of a café staffed by animals weirded out all except her and Joey, but it was one of those things they just had to see for themselves. So they did, and after all is said and done they have become pretty good friends with Polar Bear, Panda, Penguin and Sasako, seeing a lot of parallels between the two groups.
    • For instance, Panda is the pampered scion of a wealthy family who was forced to find a job like Rachel, though Panda definitely lucked out by getting a job where he is encouraged to mess around. Panda pities Rachel for her hardships, if in a (possibly unintentional) condescending manner. The rest of the gang comforted her that at least she has grown a lot, although the girls (and sometimes the guys too) can't hold themselves back from cooing over the adorable Panda.
    • Chandler and Penguin bonded through their penchant to snark at their friends' more zany moments. There's also the fact that they have had horrible luck with women. Penguin's story of how he accidentaly dated several female penguins because he couldn't tell them apart reminded Chandler of the time he slept with one of Joey's sisters and was unable to tell her apart from the others the next time he tried to meet with her.
  • Ross once found himself tied up to a chair, with four talking penguins facing him. They demanded to know if they knew of a Giraffe named Melman and why his voice was so similar. A confused Ross explained that they must share the same voice actor David Schwimmer. Once the mixup was resolved, they released him and gave him some money to never speak of this event. Still, Ross continues to meet up in the Hall of Birds on occasion.
  • Monica has struck a friendship with Sidney Prescott, who finds her similar to Gail Weathers.
  • There is one particular black eye in terms of their ascension. Rachel and Ross were on-again and off-again for the entirety of their run. By that time, many were sick of the tension between the two and wanted to get it over with. It was even advocated by a vocal few in the House of Love and Affection to block their ascension. Though it wasn't enough to halt their ascension, they now know someone who fell victim. Ted Mosby made a quick visit in their temple, congratulating them on their ascension as well as warning their followers not to make the same mistakes he did.
  • Phoebe was thankful to finally meet her patron Osaka face to face. One of her most ardent followers, the two immediately conversed over all sorts of zany topics. Their friends would rather let them be, lest they get sucked into an impossible argument.
  • Joey and Rachel made yet another bet after a tour of the temples. Both wanted to see if either Jack Torrance or the March Sisters were in the Pantheon, so they both set off in search of their idols. The loser has to spend the day in the rival's temple. As it turns out Rachel's idols just made the Pantheon, so Joey was forced to stay over. The mere thought of Beth's death had him cry himself to sleep that night. Afterwards, Rachel sought to spend as much time with the girls as possible.
    • As retribution, once Jack ascended, Rachel spent a night at his temple - where she could barely sleep, of course. Although Jack kept his distance, as part of an arrangement with Joey: things such as beer, dirty magazines and tapings of sport events are sent to the Overlook to keep Jack entertained and reduce his amount of killing sprees.
  • Given Joey's experience acting opposite a robot was very unremarkable, he was impressed if not intimidated at Calculon's acting skills. The robot in turn has nothing against Joey, in particular finding his acting workarounds amusing, and has said he's open for a collaboration.
  • Ross paid a visit in the House of Knowledge. To his disappointment, there were no jewish nerds in the House. He personally set off to find the right candidate to hang out afterwards. The closest thing he could find was a kid named Kyle. He's nice enough...until he joins up with his posse. After which he just leaves them be.
    • With that said, he was overjoyed to find a fellow paleontologist in the Pantheon. And there couldn't be a more badass one on the roster than Tommy Oliver himself. His affections towards the Power Ranger border on hero worship. Of course, Monica used this to mock him with impunity, given that he did a similar thing to her.
      • Ross was surprised to learn that he could find real, live dinosaurs in the Pantheon (primarily in the Hall of Mesozoic Beasts, but also in other Halls and Houses), and so went out to see some of them. While he was doing this, he ran into another well-known fictional paleontologist, Alan Grant. Being a fan of Jurassic Park, Ross immediately geeked out...within earshot of Rexie. One harrowing chase sequence later, Alan warned him about getting too close to many of these dinosaurs. Ross agreed vehemently, and not just because he's a huge fan of Dr. Grant. The two are still on good terms.
  • Monica had a similar reaction but for the opposite situation. Turns out she was a candidate as God of Formerly Fat people, losing out to Eikichi Mishina. Still, she appreciates the support her patron gave her upon her ascension.
  • For someone with an appetite as big as Joey's, the House of Food was a dream come true. He can now indulge in various delicacies without any worry of finishing the buffets. It became quickly apparent that he's far from the biggest eater in the Pantheon.

    Timmy Turner 
Timothy Tiberius "Timmy" Turner, God of Dangerous Wishing and Loser Protagonists (Twerp, Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, Gah!)


    Jojo Betzler 
Johannes "Jojo" Betzler, God of Nazi Protagonists (Jojo Rabbit)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A hand shadow forming a rabbit's ears
  • Theme Song: Helden and Jojo's Theme; alternatively Mit all deiner Liebe
  • Alignment: True Neutral at first whilst obliviously aiming to be Lawful Evil, Neutral Good by the end
  • Portfolio: Intially a Nazi Protagonist out of Indoctrination Before Turning Against the Ideology, Adaptational Heroism, Children Are Innocent, Rabbit Motif, Broken Pedestal on Hitler, From the Mouths of Babes, Character Development, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Slighty Scarred but Treated as a Freak for It, Precocious Crush, Not Really Evil in his Time as a Nazi and Bad at Executing their Ideology
  • Domains: Nazism, Innocence, Imagination
  • Heralds: Rosie Betzler (his mother), Yorki (his best friend), Captain Klenzendorf, Elsa Korr
  • Allies: Captain America, Sophie Zawistowski, Charlie Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion, Pvt. Robert Zussman, Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Vasily Zaytsev, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Chester Nimitz, B.J. Blazkowicz, Izetta, Archduchess Fine von Eylstadt, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Jack and Annie
  • Enemies: All Nazi Deities (especially Johann Schmidt/The Red Skull, General Heinz Böhm, General Franz Vahlen, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse), HYDRA, Major Erwin König, Shocker, Eric Cartman, Masataka Shima, Sophie
  • Intrigued by: Salad Fingers
  • Opposes: Pvt. Vasili Ivanovich Koslov, Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko, Capt. Viktor Reznov, Marshal Georgy Zhukov
  • Jojo Betzler was a young boy from Berlin, Germany in World War II; he was enrolled in the Hitler Youth where he tried to fit into their ideology in a misguided attempt to serve his country, even having an imaginary Hitler friend serve as the representation for the ideology slowly corrupting him.. However, after discovering a Jewish girl named Elsa Korr that hid in his house, he started to change his mind and reject the Nazi ideology, especially after his mother who was a secretly working against the Nazis, was hanged by the Gestappo. When the Allies siegued Berlin, Jojo managed to survive (alongside his best friend from the Hitler Youth, Yorki) and after being spared from execution by the sacrifice of his friend and mentor, Klenzendorf, was able to fully leave the Nazi ideology behind, kicking his imaginary Hitler friend off a window and he and Elsa went on to have a rejoice dance on the streets now that they were free of the Nazi's grip.
  • Jojo ascended after the events of World War II passed, landing in the Pantheon in a quite strange situation for his perspective, especially given the variety of deities around, particularly those involved in World War II with either the Axis powers or the Allies. For the most part he's a small player but does follow some heroic deities around which he considers the most admirable.
  • Right off bat he became quite the admirer of the superhero Steve Rogers/Captain America, known for his fight against the Third Reich and HYDRA in World War II and remnants of theirs throughout the years. Johannes was quite interested in hearing of Steve's exploits and adventures, particularly those involving him fighting the forces of HYDRA in the present day, which Jojo found disturbing to hear about since it seems even the passing of decades does not fully erase the influence of Nazi Germany from the world. He's also shared his experiences about the war and losses which Steve empathized a lot given his own trauma and bad experiences in World War II.
  • Izetta made a connection with Jojo over the issues of persecution by a fascist Germanic army and subsequently having to face the horrors of World War II both through personal afflictions and those of other people hurt by the regimes. Jojo was also surprised to learn that Izetta was a legitimate magical girl, unlike the delusions that the Hitler Youth tried to sell him about Jewish people. Jojo also admires her for her bravery and decision all on her own to take on the fascist forces of her world, in spite of having no personal reason to do so herself.
    • Jojo also ends up becoming a huge admirer of Izetta's close friend and current leader of the Principality of Eylstadt, Archduchess Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt, best known for her defiance against numerous Germanian soldiers and officers despite being unarmed. Fine herself praises Jojo for eventually standing up to the Nazis, while Jojo is surprised at how resilient she is despite her inexperience in wielding firearms, much less not being a trained soldier.
    • It's thanks to this admiration of the two that Jojo has also earned the ire of Izetta's old Arch-Enemy, Sophie. In contrast to the heroic White Witch, Germania's Witch, as she was known during her European War, actively collaborated with and fought alongside the Germanian Army in their campaigns against Eylstadt and the Allied Forces, even having committed numerous war crimes herself. Unsurprisingly, the hate between Jojo and Sophie is mutual.
  • It's no surprise to anyone that Jojo LOATHES Nazis with all his being, as not only did he witness the true cruelty and horror of the Nazis, but he even lost his beloved mother to the Gestapo. As such their presence in the Pantheon was not something he liked to see. Prime among these deities was Johann Schmidt/The Red Skull, infamous leader of HYDRA who has close ties to the Nazis and at times even works towards reigniting their ideology in the present. But Schmidtt isn't alone in this regard.
    • Heinz Böhm, Franz Vahlen, and Wilhelm Strasse are all known Nazi war criminals who have ascended into the Pantheon and thus called Jojo's attention and disgust. He particularly has a massive loathing for Heinz Böhm, whose horribly inhuman actions and torture of innocents didn't sit well with Jojo at all, especially with how utterly depraved he was, even compared to many Nazis that Jojo personally met. Franz Vahlen also called Jojo's attention with his support of various war crimes even before World War II, such as the use of poisonous gas in trenches and subsequent support of brutal techniques in war. Strasse himself also stood out for the sheer scope of his depraved actions and continued assistance towards the twisted depravity of the Third Reich long after Hitler's fall.
    • He dislikes Nazi Germany troops just as much as the leaders, even if he knows many soldiers are misguided or ignorant to the truth of their cause. Stands out include the Waffen Infantry, Waffen Officers, Waffen Senior Troopers, Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites, and the Valkyrie Jager. While Jojo is hopelessly outmatched against such foes he does support the actions of the likes of Captain America and allies in bringing them all down.
    • The organization Shocker was born of both remnants of the Nazis and their Japanese allies as well as insane cultists who desired to conquer the world under the visions of the Great Leader. The similarly hateful ideals of the organization and willingness to house and further the agendas of ex-Nazis and Neo-Nazis alike sickened Jojo greatly, like with the Nazi Germany infantries he's not really suited to fighting them head-on and thus lets the likes of the Kamen Riders and other heroes handle that issue.
  • In addition to the Nazi deities, Jojo has little good things to say about the allies of the Nazis such as Imperial Japan supporters and Italian fascists; since he knows them and many others happily aided Nazi Germany's war crimes and were also pretty terrible and cruel regimes themselves. Added to these lists were neo nazis and those who perpetrate the ideology of the Tird Reich in the modern day. Commander Masataka Shima was one of the first of these individuals, the commander being infamous for his involvement in hiding away Nazi Gold and antagonizing several american soldiers and getting away with his support of the Axis powers and post-WW2 crimes even having an American POW with him.
  • He had little positive things to say about Eric Cartman, as the boy is a fervent anti-semite who is also highly supportive of the Nazi regime on top of being quite the unpleasant asshole himself even with those two factors removed. Cartman has at times mocked and made fun of Jojo for his deformities, abandoning the Nazi regime and falling in love with a Jewish girl that did not reciprocate his feelings; though all those times ended with Cartman backing off anytime Jojo showed signs of actually hurting him as Cartman is quite the big coward. As for Cartman's friends, they don't really have much of an intent to associate with Jojo due to understanding that their association with Cartman is unlikely to give them a good reputation with Betzler, though Kyle at least appreciates to know about a kid that outgrew the Nazi ideology and respects jews nowadays.
  • Since the Americans helped liberate his town and Germany from the grasp of Nazi Germany Jojo admires the heroic American soldiers and leaders that arrived in the Pantheon, primarily President Franklin D. Roosevelt. As for the soldiers he has great admiration for both Charlie Company 2nd Battalion and Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, two of the leading forces that took part during the D-Day landings, the decisive battle that started the turn of the tide against the Nazis. The deities themselves greatly admire that Jojo was able to outgrow the ideals of the Nazis in spite of being almost indoctrinated into it.
    • Similarly, BJ Blaskowicz earned Jojo's respect for his continued fight against the Nazis and all allies they have. While Jojo finds Blaskowicz quite brutal, he won't condemn his actions as he's learned about the atrocities that his foes have committed, mostly thanks to Strasse. Blaskowicz was also one to congratulate Jojo on abandoning the Nazi's ideology that tried to corrupt him.
  • By contrast, however, he dislikes many of the WWII-era Soviets also found throughout the Pantheon, having almost been summarily executed by a Red Army unit when half of his hometown was occupied by Soviet troops. This isn't helped by the fact that said Soviets, namely Dimtri Petrenko, Viktor Reznov, and Vasili Koslov, have all committed or turned a blind eye to summary executions of German prisoners during the Battles of Stalingrad and Berlin. In particular, he's not the biggest fan of Marshal Georgy Zhukov, whose forces were responsible for his hometown's occuptation at the end of the European War. Interestingly, there is one exception, in the form of Vasily Zaytsev, who comes to like the young German boy, as he reminds him of the late Sasha Filipov, a Russian boy who was a fan of his during the Battle of Stalingrad.
  • The imaginary friends of Foster's Home were puzzled to know that his imaginary friend was a version of Adolf Hitler of all things possible, though have not really held it against him due to knowing how he ultimately was once just a misguided ignorant kid rather than a genuine supporter of the Nazi ideology and Hitler worshipper. He most notably became friends with Bloo, Coco, Wilt, and Eduardo as the main four were pleased to try and find a better and less horrible imaginary friend for him to spend time with.
  • Jojo made an empathic connection with Sophie Zawistowski, as he'd heard of the horrors she faced during her stay at Auschwitz all thanks to being the wife of a Jew, Sophie was at first hesitant to reach out to the boy due to his initial association with the Nazis but quickly warmed up once she knew the full picture of his change of heart and protection of his Jewish friend and unreciprocated crush, Elsa. Jojo has at times comforted her about losing one of her children, relating the grief he experienced when he lost his mother to that.
  • Salad Fingers was an odd deity that Jojo found out about, as Fingers had likely survived a great war which is implied to have had some really bad effects on his mental state and on top of that also hallucinated imaginary friends in the vast barren world he lived in, just so he could speak to someone. While Jojo finds little else to know about him, he does still find himself perplexed by the strange humanoid. As for Fingers, he finds Jojo an odd, if nice, fellow and has tried a few times to know him better only for Jojo to understandable avoid his company to Finger's disappointment.
  • Was amazed to learn of Jack and Annie of Frog Creek, who time traveled to World War II in an attempt to save one of their friends, even going on a dangerous mission to transfer ten Jewish kids across a Nazi outpost. And Jack had to do this while under the belief his friend casted an invisibility spell so the guards wouldn't notice him. Jack and Annie were broken wrecks when they learned first hand what Jojo went through, but Jojo told them that things were better now that he knows the truth. He spends plenty of time in their temple reading history books.
"Fuck off, Hitler!"

    Laurie Strode 
Laurie Strode, Goddess of Final Girls (Cynthia Myers, Angel Myers, A Determined Survivor)
Her older self 
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A kitchen knife
  • Theme Song: "Laurie's Theme"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The final survivor of her franchise, Doom Magnet, Action Survivor who eventually became an Action Girl, Broken Bird, Plucky Girl, have their killer related to them, Screaming Woman, won't hesitate to protect those she loves, movie franchises that declare discontinuity like crazy
  • Domains: Survival, Slasher, Murder
  • Heralds: Rachel Lloyd, Jamie Lloyd, Sarah Moyer
  • High Priestess: Suzy Bannion
  • Followers: Ginny Field, Nancy Thompson, Lana Winters
  • Allies: Sidney Prescott (in a Vitriolic Best Buds way), Buffy Summers, Luke Skywalker, The Investigation Team, Jack Skellington, House of Childhood and Adolescence, Ellen Ripley, Nurse Ratchet, Rick Deckard, Tree Gelbman, Ash Williams, The Green Flu Survivors (especially Bill)
  • Enemies: Any serial killer, including Michael Myers, Evan McMillan, Hannibal Lecter, Jack the Ripper, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Johan Liebert, Patrick Bateman, Ghostface, etc., Mad King Thorn, Jack O'Lantern
  • Opposed to: Darth Vader
  • Pities: Marion Crane
  • Laurie Strode was an average, responsible high schooler who thought she'd spend an uneventful Halloween night as a babysitter. Unbeknownst to her, there was a real boogeyman on the loose in her small town: Michael Myers, a masked, knife-totting, seemingly inhuman killer. Michael spent that Halloween night killing Laurie's friends and nearly killed her last, but she managed to turn the tables on him. However, when Laurie thought she got him, his body disappeared. She'd be haunted by him for the rest of her life.
  • Laurie's tale codified a number of tropes for the horror genre, among which is Final Girl, the last female survivor of a killing spree, a trope of which Laurie is the definitive example. For that reason she was chosen to represent the archetype in the Pantheon, where her battle against Michael Myers continues.
  • Laurie and Sidney at first had a mildly uneasy working relationship with each other. This is mainly due to the fact that Sidney openly snarked about Laurie during the time the former was mortal. However, they later bonded over their share experiences and discover they are much more similar than first thought. Now Sidney sees Laurie as more of a Cool Big Sis and they have a lot of allies and enemies in common. And Laurie is thankful to Sidney for modernizing the horror genre.
    • Ever since their ascension, the two of them have been consulting various therapists in the Pantheon in order to get over their trauma and to help their followers move on with their lives after the encounters with their serial killers. Marion is also an honorable member of the group despite not surviving her encounter with Norman. Laurie and Sidney say Marion is like a mother to them.
    • Because of their experience, the two of them are leading a group that took a stand against any and all serial killers in the Pantheon. This is especially intense with killers that got away with their crime like Hannibal Lecter and Jack the Ripper.
    • A third slasher protagonist, Tree Gelbman, just had to join with Laurie and Sid. Laurie admires her courage and Character Development, while also pitying how Tree died over and over again (Laurie said she in a way relates, as she somehow recalls dying once, but she's unsure on whether it actually happened).
  • Paid Buffy Summers's temple a visit as she heard that she has encountered and survived much more horrific creatures than her and actually scares them.
  • Recently struck a friendship with Luke much to the surprise of everyone due to how their mortal enemies were revealed to be related to them. Although considering Halloween canon is a mess, it's dubious how much this applies to Laurie.
  • As she suffered through a series of murders while living in a sleepy small town, Laurie gets along well with the Investigation Team, who went through much the same thing. Given Michael's ambiguously magical nature, they wonder if he has something to do with the Midnight Channel.
  • Naturally Laurie feels kind of sour about Halloween as a holiday, considering Michael always strikes on that date, including in the Pantheon. Hearing about this, Jack Skellington decided to find some time every Halloween to accompany her and show her how much joy the holiday still brings, hoping that she'll remember the feeling. And since he's powerful, he can protect her from Michael, too. Laurie admits that his enthusiasm is infectious, at least. Conversely, she's absolutely not a fan of the evil Halloween deities Mad King Thorn and Jack O'Lantern.
  • Seeing that she's proven herself a competent babysitter who'll protect her charges from harm, she's sometimes called upon to babysit child deities, especially on Halloween. Presumably this is so arranged to take her mind off Michael and allow the other deities to deal with him. She's good with kids and it gives her something to do on a holiday she's not a fan of, so she doesn't mind. And if Michael still manages to get to her, well, he'll have his work cut out for him as the laws of fiction dictate that it is extremely difficult if not impossible to kill a Final Girl and a bunch of kids.
    • Her instinct to protect the children is one thing she has in common with contemporary horror heroine Ellen Ripley, and for that reason they became friends. They may sometimes be seen protecting kids.
  • It came as shock when she declared an alliance with the sadistic Nurse Ratched. This stems from how Michael was captured once and placed under Ratched's special brand of care, and through her methods she managed to cow him so much that it took all the serial killers in the Pantheon working together to set him free. Ratched has expressed to Laurie how sorry she feels for her having to deal with a psychopath who should be locked up. Laurie doesn't entirely trust her and is a bit scared of her, but after hearing of Ratched's effective handling of Michael, she'll take any help she can get.

    Marion "Mary" Crane 
Marion Crane, Goddess of Decoy Protagonists (Mary Crane)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: She insists on the '57 Ford Custom 300 Fordor that she bought when she stays at Bates Motel, but her followers seem to prefer using a bloody shower curtain
  • Theme Song: The Psycho Theme Song (shared with her killer, much to her dismay)
  • Alignment: formerly True Neutral; attempted to be Neutral Good, but didn't succeed thanks to Norman Bates
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, stealing from her company ran by a horrible boss, Heel–Face Door-Slam, staying Alone with the Psycho, Redemption Equals Death, those whose death is well-known
  • Domains: Narrative, Crime, Anti-Hero, Life and Death
  • Herald: Lila, her sister
  • High Priest: Bernard Marx
  • Allies: Prince Zuko, Aerith Gainsborough, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Kamina, Eddard Stark
  • Enemies: Norman Bates, Bernkastel, any serial killers
  • Marion was thought by the other gods to be the main characters of her world, until she took that fateful shower and got killed horrifically by Norman Bates. The fact that she is a developed character with her own conflict and character act as well as one of the first and most shocking twist in cinematic history caused the gods from the House of Life and Vitality to resurrect her and put her into the throne.
    • However, true to her position, her resurrection is quickly discovered to be a side effect of an exiled Jean Grey-Summers's Phoenix Force power. The gods quickly jumped to find Jean in order for her to return to her throne in the House of Life and Death while Marion was left in the dust as she doesn't have any particular power.
    • During the aftermath, Marion has a brief crisis about being shoved out of the spotlight again and is very resentful of Jean. However, after a Rousing Speech from one of her fellow gods Kamina (and a translator), Marion acknowledge that she is graceful for her position and vows to do her best to earn her throne and redemption.
  • Her temple is a weird place: Most of her followers doesn't really realize they aren't the main characters until the narrative kill them off from their world and transported there by the House of Life and Death.
  • She has a weird relationship her killer Norman Bates: While she hates him for killing her and destroy her chance to have her own story and redemption, he is the one responsible for her ascendant to godhood in the first place. However, she despises his mother Norma for being the one responsible for his insanity and problems. That still didn't stop her from stonewalling his ascension for as long as she did. Now that he is in the Pantheon, she refuses any attempts of an apology.
  • Hates Bernkastel's guts for trying to weaponize her temple through her game piece Erika and vows to keep her from using it ever again.
  • Only using bathtub whenever she goes to the bathroom for obvious reason and made sure her door has at least two bodyguards with special powers.
  • Strikes up an unlikely friendship with Prince Zuko as he sympathizes with the fact her journey is somewhat opposites his: He achieved main character status in his universse through his redemption while she was killed off before she can achieved hers. However, she declined his offer to make a play to explore what would happen if she has escaped Norman, citing that it would make her goddesshood entirely pointless. In truth, it was because she heard warning from Aang about how much... liberty his Fire Kingdom playwrights can took.
  • Despite being told by the other gods as unnecessary, she insists on taking some sort of punishment for her crime during the time that she was mortal. They decided to enlist her into the case of a fan community that keeps harassing Harry Potter as they think he is a Decoy Protagonist and Hermione Granger is the "real" main character of the books. Marion quickly solved the case by declare that because Harry received a large amount of plot importance and character development throughout his franchise, he therefore is a true protagonist in his own right. While the case was deemed by Marion herself and the other gods as just an excuse for her to gain some sort of closure on her crime, she gained Harry, Hermione and Ron's major point for solving an annoying problem for them.
  • Befriended her fellow goddess Aerith for the fact that their death is a well-known fact of their story. She helps Aerith keeps guard of the Book of Plot Twists.
  • After ascending to the pantheon, Marion enlisted Sherlock Holmes's help to see if Carmen Sandiego stole the title protagonist from her movie. The detective dismisses her case and points out that Carmen doesn't steal things that would lead to killing.
  • Is frequently seen in the Houses of Knowledge and Technology to catch up what she has been missing from the 60s. It's reported from the House of Narrative that her favorite invention is the home release system.
  • Fellow goddess Laurie Strode treats her as if she was her mother.

    Mary Sue 
Lieutenant Mary Sue, Goddess of Parody Sues (The Original Sue, Sue Prime)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Starfleet Badge, but shinier than usual.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Parodies of the Mary Sue Concept, The Youngest Lieutenant in the Fleet at Fifteen and a Half Years Old, Half-Vulcan, Incorruptible Pure Pureness.
  • Domains: Space, Beauty, Perfection, Parodies.
  • High Priestess: Ensign Sue (her successor).
  • Followers: All Mary Sues (though she wishes that they wouldn't, they just missed that her fanfiction is a parody).
  • Allies: James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy (she met them in her fic).
  • In Good Terms With: The Protectors Of The Plot Continuum.
  • Headbutting Heroines With: Ichigo Momomiya.
  • Mary Sue died heroically saving the Enterprise, but members of the House of Theatre and Spectacle found her casket floating through space and discovered that she was not quite dead. They revived her, and she immediately stood trial for being a Mary Sue (in fact, the one who named the trope). She was originally barred from the Pantheon, but changing standards of what makes a Sue rendered her sins small potatoes, and that combined with her satirical intent allowed her to jump to Purgatory, and then return to the Pantheon.
  • Despite her redemption, many Sues still see her as the original and follow her. This greatly embarrasses Mary, and she has tried to get them off her back, but with no success.
  • Spends most of her time in the Pantheon trying to prove that she's worthy of being a true Goddess. She has won over several of the members of the Pantheon, mostly Gods with a sense of humor, but others remain hostile and suspicious of her.
  • Surprised everyone, including the PPC, when she asked them for a role as an agent. They accepted (though not without first checking to make sure they hadn't gone hallucinatory), and now Mary Sue works for their organization, taking out Sues her own way.
  • She's currently happy with her current role in this house. However, Kirk is trying to seduce her like the other time and she's not pleased. She's having a hard time convincing him that she's not that type of Sue.