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There are two kinds of people here: mental manipulators and the mentally manipulated. Only those of strong will are advised to enter this place as the Weak-Willed are likely to become playthings for the House's more villainous deities.

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Greater Gods

    Sosuke Aizen 
Sosuke Aizen, God of Mind Manipulation (Captain Superman, Evil Superman, Captain Broken, the Other Sosuke, Captain HAX, Josh Groban)

Intermediate Gods

    Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter 
Jervis Tetch, God of Wearable Mind-Control Devices (The Mad Hatter, Mr. Hat)
  • Theme Song: This
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An oversized green hat with a 10/6 tag
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with Chaotic tendencies
  • Portfolio: Mad scientist with expertise in mind control and hypnosis through different devices, evil short villain from Britain with unique ugliness, obsessed with Lewis Carroll, wears hats and collects them, Master of Illusion, deceiving appearance masking a cunning personality when he gets serious, stalker with an unhealthy fixation on young girls to be his “Alice”
  • Dominions: Mind Control, Hats, Lewis Carroll, Obsession, Experiments
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Quan Chi, Dr. Angus Bumby
  • Stalker with a Crush on: Alice Liddell, The “other” Alice, Bubbles, Princess Peach
  • On one day, the Court of Gods announced the inclusion of a new deity to the Main House: Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter. Immediately, Batman knew something was wrong, especially after seeing a strange card with the symbol 10 / 6 in the Judge’s ear. Jervis was immediately apprehended and the control device was removed from the Judge. Before he could be cast away, Melkor was impressed with how Jervis was able to manage to implant the card on the Judge and make him obey his commands so easily, showing the skills necessary to be among the deities. Despite his initial anger at being controlled, the Judge agreed. Jervis Tetch is now in the Pantheon.
    • As soon as he arrived, Melkor immediately enlisted him in the GUAE and set him up at the Re-Education Facility alongside Big Brother and Quan Chi. The tyrant was pleased to have a scientist with expertise on mind control aboard. The necromancer, however, was upset as Jervis took his spot after his demotion due to the disastrous escape of many inmates earlier. He bides in time until he can regain his full power and position to make the Hatter pay.
  • Jervis was overjoyed to see that not one, but two Alices were in the Pantheon. Nevertheless, he ran into trouble.
    • With the first Alice, located in the nearby subdivision in the Hall of Mentalities, he managed to get easily at first and implant his mind-control device. However, Jervis was not prepared for the arrival of the *real* Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat (who immediately transformed into their tall clockwork-cyborg and emaciated hellish personas), and Sora and his allies who were determined to bring her back. To his wondrous delight, when he ordered Alice to attack, she immediately changed into her dark warrior form and began to brutally attack them. The fight seemed hopeless until the Cat managed to get Jervis’s hat, allowing both Sora and Riku to use their Keyblades in slashing the hat (and its inner mind control device) in two. Alice regained control and was incensed at being used as Jervis begged for his life from her wrath. However, she instead allowed the real Hatter to deal with him and he was more than happy to punish his evil doppelganger. After being healed, his obsession with this Alice has increased and he wants her now more than ever.
    • The second Alice proved to be even more difficult to get close to. One session of Die for Me! later, and the Hatter was actually glad to face Belial and Nebiros as they threw him out of the House of Emotion. Nevertheless, Jervis is adamant in his belief that he could get this Alice under his control if he had help keeping her powers at bay before he could approach her to install his device, not knowing undeath has already made Alice immune to his toys.
  • When not busy finding new “friends” to help him regain control of the Alices or assisting the GUAE, Jervis tends to his headgear collection. With so many deities with wondrous headwear, he stops at nothing to obtain them for his growing collection. Some of them he was able to obtain easily as some deities seem to have spares such as Holmes’s deerstalker, Johnny Appleseed’s tinpot helmet, Blossom’s ribbon, Speedy Gonzales’s sombrero (even though it’s too small for Jervis to wear) and countless headgear taken from the Inklings and all the Team Fortress deities. Others have proved to be more difficult and hard to get as the deities wearing them have put up a fight or have allies to protect them. Hats he desperately wants include Luffy’s straw hat, Vita’s hat, various wrestlers’ masks (such as the ones of Rey Mysterio, El Santo, King II and Murray), Mario & Luigi’s caps, Samus’s helmet, Applejack’s cowboy hat, the Payday crew’s masks, Scrooge McDuck and Peacock’s top hats, Nonon Jakuzure’s majorette hat, Date Masamune’s helmet, all of Kirby’s Copy ability headgear, and countless superheroes’ masks (with Batman’s own cowl being his #1 target) among others. All deities with unique headgear have to be constantly watching their backs.
    • He is strictly forbidden from entering the Hall of Headwear in the House of Costumes. Many are afraid what will happen if he takes Majora’s Mask for his own and, worse of all, decides to wear it.
    • When he went after Blossom’s ribbon, there was a certain... incident involving Bubbles. All that is known is that Blossom and Buttercup loathe the Hatter and will do anything to stop him from ever getting his hands on their sister.
  • Both the Hatter’s obsessions came together when he went after Princess Peach, not only desiring her crown for his headgear collection but also seeing her beauty and long blond hair as another “Alice”. Not only did he face the wrath of both Mario Brothers, but Bowser as well. Nobody kidnaps Princess Peach unless he is the one doing the kidnapping, after all. Nevertheless, Jervis will find a way to get Peach under his control.
    • Going after Peach gave the Hatter another enemy: The Ice King. At first, both felt amity over their goals (Jervis for Alice and Ice King for any princess). In fact, Jervis was willing to help him by “persuading” any princess he wanted, even if it meant all of them. However, when he heard Jervis was going after Peach, Ice King immediately considered him a romantic rival and severed all ties with him. Finn & Jake commended Ice King on one of the best decisions he’s ever made.
  • Both the Hatter and Mysterio get along well as they both are experts at hallucinations. Jervis was impressed with how Mysterio was able to fool Wolverine into killing all the X-Men in one alternate universe and Beck was fascinated in the Hatter ability to crush superhero teams by himself by using his wits and his mind-control devices. It’s safe to say they have something planned for the Grand Alliances in opposition to Melkor and the god is all too pleased to allow them to carry it out.
    • He also gets along with Psycho Mantis and the two compare notes on controlling minds.
  • Even though they are both in the same Alliance, the Hatter detests Dr. Bumby. He hates the fact that he wanted to break Alice Liddell by making her forget all about her past and thereby removing the last possible witness to his heinous crime and turn her into a prostitute in the process. Jervis abhors such an act since HE wanted to mess around with Alice’s mind first. Therefore, he waits until he has an opportunity to get rid of Dr. Bumby for good.


Lesser Gods

    Alex Mason 
Alex Mason, God of Triggered Brainwashing (Willem van der Berg Al)
  • Theme Song: The Black Ops Main Theme.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A watch that shows a random hour each time you look at it.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good when of his own will, Chaotic Good or Lawful Evil when under brainwashing, depending on which one.
  • Portfolio: The Ace, The Captain, Elites Are More Glamorous, "The best we have, anywhere", Rogue Agent, First-Person Peripheral Narrator, Determinator, Older Than They Look in Black Ops II, Roaring Rampage of Revenge
  • Domain: War, Brainwashing, Survival, Determination, Combat.
  • Followers: Cipher Nine
  • Allies: Captain Martin Walker (his only considered friend), Viktor Reznov Captain America, Commander Shepard, The Puella Magi but special mention goes to Madoka Kaname, Tavish DeGroot and Mr. "Jane" Doe (special mention goes to Soldier), Isaac Clarke, Batman, Jim Raynor, The Doomguy, The Crimson Raiders, Kiritsugu Emiya, Niko Bellic, Raiden, Jack Ryan, Asuka Langley Soryu, Tashkent
  • Enemies: Raul Menendez, Nikita Dragovich (especially to Dragovich), Arael, Sosuke Aizen, Psycho Mantis, Melkor, Johan Liebert, Johann Schimdt/Red Skull, Incubators, Colonel Mael Radec, Arcturus Mengsk, Kane, Wilheim "Deathshead" Strasse, Senator Steven Armstrong, Emperor Palpatine, The entirety of The GUAE but the The GUAE Trollkaiger are his main targets.
  • Extremely Wary of: The Spy, Heavy Weapons Guy, Illyana Rasputin, Lieselotte Achenbach, Sanya V. Litvyak, Eli Ayase, Zangief, Zenia Valov, Natasha Romanoff
  • Pitied by: Steven Universe, Sora, Shatterstar.
  • Ascended when he got killed by one of his allies, Frank Woods, and stayed here ever since.
    • However, according to him, he stays in the Pantheon because its more peaceful than in his world. He prefers to stay in his temple more often, avoiding any unnecessary combat at all. But, thanks to Captain Martin Walker and Captain America, they talked to him and suggested him to join the GUAG Alpha-Omega Force. He reluctantly agreed.
  • Due to his past experience with brainwashing, he tends to stay as far away from Arael (and the Mind Games House in general), preferring to pass the majority of his time in the House of War and Combat.
    • Speaking of Arael, he often goes to Asuka's temple, as he sees her as one of the only people who knows Arael. Asuka doesn't mind though, the only thing that she is afraid of is if she accidentally activates Alex's Berserk Button.
    • Right after her ascencion, his House asked him to help them deprogram Widowmaker. While he isn't sure he can do much, he'll still do whatever he can to help bring Amélie back.
  • Was an impressive soldier in his life and pledged to aid the GUAG. However, due to the fact that he may have killed the President, they tend to be wary of him.
    • Only the Combat Division and the Alpha-Omega Force are responsible for Alex's safety, especially since many villains are willing to use him as an expy.
  • He has a complete hate and a shoot-on-sight motive to all evil warlords and overlords in the Pantheon. However, he entirely loathes The Red Skull and Wilheim "Deathshead" Strasse for their Nazism efforts. In return the two also hate him for his expert skills as a soldier, something that Cap will need on his agenda against the two.
  • Often, he visits the Puella Magi in an effort to remove his brainwashing memories inside his mind. It didn't work, instead, it prompted his berserk button and ended up breaking a fourth of the House. While it was a disaster, the Magi have found out that Mason can still be saved, provided that more time is needed.
    • Along with the House of Friendship, Health & Diseases and Technology, they have realized that the only way to treat Alex's situation is to reverse-engineer the brainwashing and re-educate him into his personal life again. Many gods have pointed out that the plan was an entire risk, as they can't let Mason go on an extreme rampage again.
    • And it was confirmed that even Deprogramming his personality won't work, as the numbers have stuck inside his mind, making the entire situation even much worse.
  • While his brainwashing is (mostly) gone, mentioning Reznov, Dragovtch, Kravchenko or Steiner might trigger it again or even saying "The numbers, Mason! what do they mean?" is a sure way to provoke his anger. (he has bad memories of what happened the last time someone asked him this).
    • His nature has gotten a lot of gods extremely scarred feelings upon passing by him due to his easily provoked attitude, and an easy-to-press Berserk Button. Even other known berserkers such as Yang Xiao Long and Mordred are careful not to go for his bad side since Mason is a very dangerous determinator, and the fact that he can improvise many weapons makes it even worse.
    • Also, regarding Russians, he is very wary of Heavy Weapons Guy due to the fact that the nation he lives in is responsible for his situation. While The Heavy explains to Alex that there is nothing to worry about, he still is preparing for the worst. That doesn't exclude Illyana Rasputin, Lieselotte Achenbach, Sanya V. Litvyak, Eli Ayase, Zangief and Zenia Valov.
    • With the ascension of Tashkent, he's a little bit more open to the Soviet Destroyer girl, in part due to Reznov himself being her High Priest prior to his own ascension.
  • Was ENTIRELY FURIOUS upon hearing his two worst enemies, Raul Menendez and Dragovich ascend within Pantheon proper. However, upon Raul hearing his presence, he created a brigade of his allies from the GUAE and decided to make a full-scale attack on the House of Mind Games. Unfortunately it was a success, and as a result, Alex got injured.
    • Dragovich, on the other hand, was almost killed again by Mason, all the while planning to introduce Nova-6 into the Pantheon. Had it not been for Kane, who is himself a former Soviet official, he surely would have succeeded in doing just that.
    • It wasn't over yet, though for he brought an entire legion of GUAG members to strike Raul's headquarters, combining the might of the Alpha-Omega Force, Combat Division and the Intelligence Division. He prevailed and as a result, forced Raul to place Mason on his kill list.
  • Has managed to survive his friend's sniper shot with no visible repercussion, further proving his Made of Iron status among the Pantheon
    • Likewise, the House of Family doesn't like him very much due to the fact that he apparently did not tell his son that he survived said shot.
  • He only considers Captain Martin Walker as his only trustable friend, as his experience in wars has taught him the horrors of it as well. However, Alex stated that brainwashing in the middle of the war is far worse. Luckily, Captain America has also stated that Mason's back will still be watched.
    • He is also known to be good friends with military ranks around the Pantheon. He also goes along with Jim Raynor and The Soldier as they see him as another comrade they can work on good terms with.
    • Many have also pitied Alex for having such a bane of brainwashed characteristics. Due to this, Shatterstar, Steven Universe and Sora pity him so much that they are willing to help cure him.
    • For many Anti-Heroes, Kiritsugu Emiya and Niko Bellic often talk to Alex after seeing how they are related to each other especially the pains they have endured in their own worlds.
    • However, his brainwashing damage is what caught the eyes of Johan Liebert and even Melkor. Both of them see Alex as a personal Expy should the time come. Raul on the other hand, sees him as a stepping stone to destroy the Alpha-Omega Force along with the GUAG.
  • Upon his entry in the Pantheon and questioned as to why he's proficient in so many weapons, he was heard saying:
  • "You will move without boundaries. You will act above the law. You will use any means necessary to stop the wars that are hidden from the world. And if you succeed, you will do so, without any recognition. Because you do not exist."

Hypno, God of Hypnotic Pendulums (The Hypnosis Pokemon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Its pendulum
  • Theme Song: Hypno's Lullaby, allegedly
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, mistaken for Chaotic Evil
  • Ability: Insomnia
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psyshock, Nasty Plot
    • Z-Move: Shattered Psyche
  • Portfolio: Hypno Pendulum, Adult Fear, Giant Schnoz, Seen As Pedophilic, Dream Eater, Baku, Slow But Strong, Psychic Powers, Combat Pragmatist, Learns Hypnosis Through TM, Creepy But Merely Wanting To Eat
  • Domains: Hypnotism, Dreams, Psychic Powers, Creepiness, Baku
  • Followers: Jango the Hypnotist, Mr Pickle
  • Allies: Drifblim, Sabrina, N, Ysera, NiGHTS
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Guts, strangely enough
  • Rivals: Atropos, Darkrai
  • Enemies: Freddy Fazbear, The Marionette, Ghetsis Harmonia, Pennywise, Arael, Sosuke Aizen, Freddy Krueger, Madotsuki
  • Opposes: The Ghosts and Insects sub-houses
  • Opposed by: Most child deities, Chris Hansen, deities in The Matrix
  • Fears: Dream of the Endless, Azathoth, Cthulhu, Mandy, Eric Cartman, Rachel Roth/Raven, H.P.Lovecraft
  • Hypno is a Psychic-type Pokémon from Kanto, evolving from Drowzee at Lv 26. A tapir-like creature based off the Baku youkai, it eats the dreams of others. The creature can be found with a pendulum that it uses to hypnotize others, so as to get them closer. Despite its creepiness, the Pokemon isn't any more malicious than almost every other Pokemon.
  • Initially applied for the role of Dream Stealer, but Atropos took it. The two compete over dream meals. He is thankful towards Ysera and NiGHTS for protecting the dream waves and making his job easier. Those from The Matrix stay far away from him since, in the Matrix, you're already in a dream-like state.
  • Partnered itself with Jervis Tetch. This is emphatically not because he's evil or even likes the criminal, but out of convenience. Those hypno trinkets make his job a lot easier, and he's not exactly innocent when it comes to abductions or hypnotism. Won't stop Batman from stopping him.
  • Appears to get along with Drifblim, despite his weakness to ghosts. This might have to do with their reputation, or more likely the fact they both take kids. Candlejack helps him with the occasional kidnap. Seems to care for Sabrina given she's a Psychic-type trainer, and N for helping to stop Ghetsis.
  • Has a shady reputation as a pedophile due to finding children's dreams the most delicious, a reputation worsened by creepypastas. Claiming it as such is the quickest way to get Hypno angry; it is only interested in kids because their dreams are genuinely delicious for it. It can't help looking creepy. Get's annoyed at how, like Kaa, his hypnotism has been perverted by the internet as well. Chris Hansen certainly thinks so.
  • Because of his reputation around kids, Freddy and the gang hate him as they suspect he might be like the man who killed them, if not an accomplice. Despite the creepiness, Hypno's actions are sometimes positive; he can help with insomnia and get rid of nightmares. This allowed him to deal with the incubi that try to attack Guts while he's sleeping and allowed him to have a good sleep for once. Guts would rather Hypno stay away, however. People who are in need of a good, sound sleep call it their savior.
  • Is revolted by Pennywise. Both target children, finding an abstract aspect of them to be delicious (dreams and fear). However, Pennywise eats kids, and Hypno cannot stand such evil. He cannot abide by Ghetsis Harmonia either, though this is more due to two factors. First, his rampant abuse of Pokemon and the belief they're not even sapient angers him. Second, Team Plasma tried to exploit Munna's dream mist and the Dream World, which lord knows he can't let happen.
  • For some reason it cannot learn Dream Eater by level up, only TM. It's somewhat embarrassed by this, though at least it's known Hypnosis since day one and can also learn Nightmare. As the original dream Pokemon, it has a rivalry with Darkrai and wants it out of his territory due to the flavor nightmares bring. Darkrai doesn't know who he is, and it'd be lop-sided anyway due to the type advantage.
  • Despite manipulating dreams, he has the Insomnia ability. It's a double-edged sword.
  • Due to his type weaknesses, Hypno stays the Hell away from ghosts or insects. He is extra vulnerable to the Mind Rape of Arael and the Mind Manipulation of Sosuke Aizen. Freddy Krueger really doesn't want him snooping around while killing people, and the Hypnosis Pokemon is afraid what might happen if one of the dreams he eats has him.
  • Seems to fear what Dream could possibly do to him, however, he has no interest in the Pokemon. Doesn't stop him from worrying, and is really worried about Azathoth due to its cosmos also being its dream. Really unpleasant or frightening imaginations and dreams give it severe indigestion like Eric Cartman and Mandy, or the nightmares that H.P Lovecraft has.

    Jack (BioShock
Jack Ryan, God of Trigger Phrases (Jack Wynand, The Ace in the Hole)

    Vaas Montenegro 
Vaas Montenegro, God of Breaking Lectures

    Yuri (Red Alert
Yuri, God of Mind Control Devices

Zelenin, Goddess of Brainwashing for the Greater Good (Judge Zelenin, Pillar Zelenin, "Lady Gaga")
Human Zelenin
Judge Zelenin 
Pillar Zelenin 
  • Lesser Goddess (Formerly Demigoddess, Intermediate Goddess as Pillar Zelenin)
  • Symbol: A white cross pierced through a Demonica helmet.
  • Theme Music: Theme Of Law, Holy Miracle
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Madden Into Misanthropy, desiring a World of Silence, Creepy Cool Crosses, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Magic Music that causes brainwashing, Abandoning her humanity to become an angel, Angelic Beauty, Shock and Awe, Unwitting Pawn, Knight Templar, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Hot Scientist, Requiem
  • Domains: Light, Hatred, Music, Religion
  • Allies: YHVH and the rest of the Grand United Alliance of Law (except Frollo), Malthael
  • Enemies: Lucifer and the rest of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Nanashi, Flynn, Aleph, Jimenez, Merged Zamasu, Claude Frollo, Aslan, The Love That Moves The Stars
  • Opposes: Lady Gaga
  • A scientist sent to investigate the Schwarzwelt and keep it from wiping out humanity, Zelenin was captured and tortured by demons, giving her an intense hatred of them. During her journey through the parallel world, Zelenin's opinion of humanity was eroded away by the sight of their sins, and she gained a new appreciation for the order and nobility of the angels. It came to a head when she was offered divine power by the angel Mastema: becoming an angel, the resulting new entity quickly lost herself to the power of the heavens and fell in with the angels. Zelenin continues to work with YHVH to power herself up enough to spread her song through the pantheon, wipe it clean of free will and bring a new age of Law.
  • Gets along swimmingly with Malthael: both realize The Evils of Free Will, and the abilities of the two work together very well: death is ultimately an escape from Zelenin's brainwashing, and Malthael has that covered by bringing the deceased back as mindless thralls so that they can continue their worship. With the two of them working in concert, there is no escape from the light of The Lord.
  • Despite her desires for a World of Silence and her hatred of humanity, Zelenin and Zamasu don't get along: she used to be human, and that's bad enough in Zamasu's eyes (ignoring the fact he's part mortal himself), while Zelenin is opposed to the fact he wants to wipe out all gods but himself along with the mortals. "All gods" includes YHVH and the angels after all.
  • Frollo tried to hit on her once, enraptured as he was by the sight of her angelic beauty. She nailed him with a Megido Storm for his trouble.
  • Opposed to Lady Gaga: not only is she disgusted by Gaga's perceived "depravity" and rather miffed that her holy raiment is being compared to Gaga's outlandish costumes, she's even more furious that Gaga's songs are so damn catchy they can break through her brainwashing.
  • Zelenin's song has the power to erase all emotion from those hit by it, leaving them empty shells mindlessly babbling praises to The Lord. It's roundly considered by others to be a Fate Worse than Death: her ultimate plan is to subject all of creation to it, erasing free will from the fabric of reality and leaving only deference to God.
  • Zelenin looks down on benevolent creator deities like Aslan and The Love That Moves The Stars: on top of being 'false gods' as she puts it, they put far too much stock in 'humanity's inherent virtue', whatever the heck that is: humans have no virtue to speak of as far as Zelenin is concerned. Once she finds the proper pitch and timbre for her song to enthrall even them, she'll prove that only the absolute control of YHVH can bring peace to the world. Should that fail, she will do her duty as a soldier of God and (attempt to) destroy them.
  • Despises Flynn, Aleph and Nanashi for their defiance of God.
  • An alternate timeline of the events surrounding her transformation into an angel saw her regain her faith in humanity and try to create a world of Law without YHVH's influence. Hope remains that this Zelenin isn't entirely beyond reason.


    Johan Liebert 
Johan Liebert, God of Sociopathy and Mind Control Without Superpowers (The Antichrist, The Monster, The Next Hitler)


    Principal Krupp/Captain Underpants 
Benjamin "Benny" Krupp, God of Hypnotic Foolishness (Captain Underpants, Principal Krupp, Lumpy Pottybiscuits)
Mr Krupp
Captain Underpants


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