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Due to the stress of living in the Tropes Pantheon, a hall was made to accommodate deities who just wanted a more peaceful place to sleep. There are beds, cots, hammocks and pillows everywhere, as soft, hard, warm or cold as they would like. There are also private sleeping quarters for those who want some alone time.

Any deity who has trouble falling asleep can find temporary relief within these halls, as visitors can sometimes feel drowsiness upon entering their doors. Any known sleepwalkers are closely guarded for their own safety.

This hall used to be a gateway to the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares until the deities here requested that they would rather be in their own personal dream realm than be caught with whatever dream or nightmare shenanigans happened to be occurring in their neighboring hall that day.

Unless they are children and/or have an existing medical condition, deities are advised not to wet their beds should they avoid being given a hefty fine.

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    The Shadow 
The Shadow, Deity of Slumbering Villains (The Empty, Your Friendly Neighborhood Cosmic Entity)
The Shadow in its human form.

Greater Gods

Kumbhakarna, The Sleeping Giant (Kumbha)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His helmet and elephant-tusk spiked hammer
  • Theme Music: the Hindu theme of Smite (shared with other Hindu folkloric figures who fight on the Battlefield of the Gods)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heavy Sleeper, Noble Demon, Punch-Clock Villain, Waking Him Up Prematurely At Your Own Risk, Cool Helmet, Reluctant Warrior
  • Domains: Sleep, Warriors, Honor
  • Allies: Garfield, Snorlax, Jigglypuff, Yukari Yakumo, Mako Reizei, Sans, Wreck-It Ralph, Symmetra
  • Enemies: Eren Yeager
  • One-Sided Animosity: Aang, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Chen Stormstout, Uesugi Kenshin
  • Rivals: The Colossi, All Kaiju, King Kong
  • Feared by: The Greedy
  • The House of Personality was undergoing a massive renovation with splitting up the House into different Halls rather than grouping the deities by type. They soon set their sights on an unusually-large hill to be destroyed to make space for construction. When Ralph threw the first punch to start wrecking it down, the mountain merely wobbled to his surprise. That was when the large hill suddenly shook as it somehow began to rise out of the ground. As the soil, trees and other flora began to fall away, the "hill" revealed itself to be none other than the sleeping giant, Kumbhakarna. When asked how long he's been sleeping within the Pantheon, he groggirly replied how long it has been around. With a massive thunderous yawn, he picked himself up and went in search of food. The gods all then agreed, he was the ultimate Heavy Sleeper.
    • Proving his capacity for sleep, he was given Garfield's old temple of Heavy Sleeper while the cat himself would go to a new home in the Hall of Mammals at the Fat Cat temple. The orange feline merely shrugged as he picked up his box bed and Pooky and went off to get more lasagna at the House of Food before heading to his new digs.
  • As many of the participants in the Battleground of the Gods can attest, Kumbhakarna may be a demon, but he's not a complete bad guy. When asked why he aligned himself with Ravana, the Demon King of Hindu Mythology, Kumbhakarna drowsily replied that Ravana is his brother and he is devoted to both honoring his warrior vows and his family ...even if his family is the Demon King.
  • Aside from Jigglypuff, Kumbhakarna has a good mutual friendship with Snorlax and his partner, Mako Reizei. It helps that both he and she are in the same Hall and all three of them are napping buddies.
    • Yukari Yakumo is another good napping buddy, as they both enjoy sleeping and are both extremely dangerous if they are awakened.
    • Sans tends to visit him on the days he lounges about awake. Like Toriel, Kumbha enjoys his bad puns and his company. Of course, he also can feel his great power and would like to one day gauge his strength as a warrior. In fact, he said that the skeleton's bad puns were sansational. This got a good laugh out of him, much to Papyrus's annoyance.
  • Being a Reluctant Warrior at best and a Punch-Clock Villain at worst (since he honors his vow to stand with his brother Ravana), he gets along with Ralph. Kumbha is astounded at how Ralph's arms are strong even for a human and forgave him for punching his belly when he first awoke in the Pantheon.
  • The Pantheon has decided on a way to capitalize on Kumbhakarna's constant and powerful snores by hooking up a windmill near his head. When he now blows on the propellers with his snoring, it functions as a wind turbine to generate energy. The surplus energy is placed in giant batteries to be used for emergencies.
  • Kumbhakarna is not asleep all the time and on the times he's up, the first thing he does is locate some food to eat. Being a giant, the House of Food has to prepare a lot for him to eat for his breakfast.
    • At times when he has a sweet tooth and wishes to have dessert, he immediately heads for the nearest large resource of candy in the House of Food: The Taffy Pit. At first, the Greedy fought him as only he himself was allowed to eat his own junk food. However, he learned to his fright that Kumbhakarna opened his mouth and gobbled up all his taffy and sweet attacks and wanted more. The Greedy has no choice but hide deep within the Taffy Pit whenever Kumbhakarna shows up to snack on him. It's better to lose some of his mass than all of it to the giant's appetite.
  • Kumbhakarna's strength was put to the test the day he was challenged by Eren Yeager, who saw his being giant akin to being a Titan. Not only did Eren challenge him in his Titan Form, but he kicked him awake which brought down the pure unbridled wrath of the rakshasa down on him. Their fight shook the entire pantheon, ending with Kumbhakarna decking Eren with his Epic Uppercut that destroyed the entire House of Personality once he landed. He was about to deal the finishing blow by raising his spiked staff and driving it down on the unconscious Titan Eren, when a huge loudspeaker Lullaby from Jigglypuff was immediately set up and sent the rakshasa down to sleep again. Since then on, Eren is forbidden to ever step foot in the Hall of Flaws.
    • Even after seeing how he dispatched Eren, Annie, Reiner and Bertolt are no friends to Kumbhakarna, as he considers them just as bad as Eren and warns them to never get on his bad side.
  • Being a giant, he naturally gets along with other enormous deities. A group in particular is the Colossi. While some are slightly smaller or the same size as he, there are others who are even taller than he and he enjoys sparring with them to prove his worth.
    • With not many challengers his size, he tends to fight with all Kaiju gods for sparring practice. Of all of them, he considers Godzilla and King Ghidorah as worthy opponents.
  • One of Kumbha's most shameful exploits is his affinity towards eating monks who challenge him. The rakshasa merely mutters that he does that due to both being awakened prematurely and to prove his strength. Nevertheless, he is despised by all monks in the Pantheon.
  • When at one point Kumbhakarna woke up, he swore he just saw fellow deity Kali dancing like it's going to cast destruction on him. But once his groggy state passed, he realized it's not Kali, but a certain Symmetra who was just cosplaying her and honoring her. Kumbhakarna actually bonded with her pretty quick due to his jovial nature and sharing how much they're often seen as an evil villain due to their association with what they call a family (Ravana and Vishkar) even if they're naturally decent people. That and Kumbha admires how much Symmetra is into his myth overall.

Lesser Gods

    Francesca Lucchini 
Francesca Lucchini, The Goddess who Sleeps in Weird Places (Lucchini, Gattino, Franca)

Kero, God of Sleep-Mode Size (Cerberus/Keroberos, Kero-chan)
True form
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Clow Symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Sweet Tooth, One Who Was Told That There Would be Cake, Genius Ditz, Playful Cat Smile, Small Name, Big Ego, King of Beasts, Guardian Entity, Playing with Fire, The Power of the Sun.
  • Domains: Magic, Fire, Guardians, The Sun
  • Herald: Yue/Yukito Tsukishiro (his fellow guardian).
  • Allies: Sakura Kinomoto, Tomoyo Daidoji, Syaoran Li, L, Pinkie Pie, Winnie The Pooh, Hibari, Minori, Ranma Saotome
  • Odd Friendship with: Ed and Kira Yamato (Due to having the same voice actor)
  • Enemies: Anyone who hates sweets or threatens Sakura. Homura Akemi's recent actions have made her a threat in his books, due to her dislike for Sakura.
  • Released from the Clow Book accidentally by Sakura Kinomoto and now lives in her desk drawer. Joined the Pantheon around the same time as the Clow Mistress and immediately went to rivals Syaoran Li and Spinel Sun to pull raspberries in their faces.
  • While devoted to Sakura, Kero also has a degree of loyalty to his original master Clow Reed.
  • Became a big supporter of Amaterasu due to her status as the Goddess of the Sun and Moon. He often tries to send her sweets and candy, but Amaterasu sends a thank you card to Kero, and donates the candy to other Pantheons.
  • Kero's chosen Pantheon was a challenge for Sakura. First he considered going to the Bestiary but changed his mind upon seeing Aslan was present and did not like the idea of fighting a fellow lion for supremacy. The next stop was the House of Magic, but left abruptly when Harry Dresden accidentally fired an explosive spell at him. Kero crashlanded in the House of Food and immediately fell in love with the sweets, cake and candy. He tried to become the offical taste tester, but lost the position to Andrew Zimmern.
  • Threw a party in Sakura's bedroom and invited Pinkie Pie, L, Spinel, Kyoko Sakura, Kirby, Pac-Man and Mokona Modoki, bringing a bag of candy with them. When Sakura got home, her only reaction to the hyped up party members was "HOOEEEE!"
  • Along with Kirby (who blames Kero for his sugar rush at the aforementioned party), Vanellope von Schweetz has also banned him from entering her temple due to his gluttony over sugar and sweets.
  • Kokonoe A. Mercury is a known customer of his house. Kero, however, is occasionally scared when Kokonoe throws a tantrum if he runs out of sweets.
  • He often gets visits from Ed who always asks him for buttered toast. Oddly enough, Kero himself makes visits in the House of Prophecy to pester Kira Yamato for a ride aboard the Strike Freedom (notwithstanding the fact that Kero can fly.)
  • Post-Upheavel, Kero has become very protective of Sakura following Homura's betrayal of the Sisterhood.

Totoro, God of Tummy Cushions (Keeper of the Forest)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Small Acorns
  • Theme Song: "Tonari no Totoro"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mascot of Studio Ghibli, a Troll, cute, fluffy, and large, Cheshire Cat Grin, Thousand-Yard Stare, Invisible to Adults, Nature Spirit, Green Thumb, speak and roars its name
  • Domains: Mascot, Fluffy, Giant, Nature
  • Heralds: Chibi-Totoro and Chu-Totoro
  • Allies: Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, Catbus, The Toys, Vol'jin, Snorlax, Chihiro Ogino, Steven Universe, San, Malfurion, Fluttershy, Captain Planet, The Farmer, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ira Gamagoori, The Mother, Kiki
  • Opposes: Those that harm nature, Hexxus, Viridi, Troll Warlord, GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Totoro used to be a follower of The Mother a.k.a. Tracy Mosby nee McConnell before somebody pointed out his comfortable tummy and he was ascended as a result.
  • Deep in a giant tree lies his temple, where he is always sleeping with his large belly rising into the sky. Many gods, usually the children, would sleep on top of his belly, in which he doesn't clearly mind.
    • When he flies after summoning a magical top, some deities like to hug him when he begin flying.
  • Totoro would give a bunch of acorns to those that give him good favors. Once planted, he and his family would gather around the planted acorns and grow them into sprouts. He also help those that grow a garden or vegetables by doing his daily rituals.
  • There are actually three Totoros: one is the tiniest of the bunch and pure white, the middle is bigger than the tiny Totoro and is blue, but the third and most well-known is large and gray.
  • He doesn't reveal himself to others except to those he wish to see, so usually children can see him. However, there are those who are in touch with nature that allow them to see Totoro, as he is also a nature spirit.
    • Fluttershy always seek comfort by sleeping on top of his belly, in which she sees him like a large, fluffy animal.
    • Despite being the goddess of nature, Totoro does not appreciate what Viridi is doing by trying to destroy humanity. Though lives in a small farming village, Viridi sees him as just unaware of how humans are destroying the earth.
  • What surprises some people is that Totoro is technically a troll considering he is a furry, large, rabbit-cat-like creature. In fact, Totoro's name is based on the Japanese pronunciation of the word troll. Regardless, Vol'jin sees him as a powerful spirit and showed some respect to him.
    • The Troll Warlord practically doesn't care about him, in fact, he doesn't like that the fact that he is even a troll and therefore weak to him.
  • The Toys looked upon Totoro and note that he is much larger than they thought. Regardless, they were friends with the toy version of himself and gave a large grin to his little friends.
  • Totoro noted that the moment when he meets Satsuki and her little sister in the rain by the bus stop was impersonated by many others.
  • He thought that there was a Satsuki in the Pantheon, but turn out to be a different Satsuki. Regardless, he would allow her to sleep on his belly in which she finds rather comfortable.
    • People sometimes compare him to Ira Gamagoori due to their large sizes, which isn't a coincidence.
  • He is happy to see Satsuki and Mei once again in the Pantheon, smiling at the two girls when they visited his temple.


Jigglypuff, Goddess of Slumber-Inducing Lullabies (The Balloon Pokémon, The Sleepy Singer, Number 12, Fat D, Purin)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Theme Music: Jigglypuff's Song (instrumental); Pokemon Center
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Cute Charm
  • Moveset: Sing, Hyper Voice, Rest, Disarming Voice
  • Portfolio: Fairy-type Pokémon, Killer Rabbit, Magic Music, Fingerless Hands
  • Domain: Moon, Fairy, Balloon
  • Heralds: Scream Tail (her ancestor)
  • Allies: Kirby, Oichi
  • Rivals: Pikachu, Bandana Waddle Dee
  • Enemies: Galeem & Dharkon, Waddle Dee
  • On good terms with: Ash Ketchum, Aurora, Sophie Grundler
  • Feared by: Team Rocket Trio
  • Jigglypuff is a Pokemon that can be described as having traits similar to a balloon, specifically having a body full of air, floating around quite a bit, and deflating itself until it becomes flat. Whenever someone is about to approach it, Jigglypuff will use its eyes to get the attention of their opponent(s) and sing a song that will put its victims to sleep. Jigglypuff will keep doing so until either it runs out of air or once the opponent(s) have fallen asleep. While the move Sing has been used by plenty of Pokemon, the move has been widely associated with Jigglypuff.
  • One day in one of the many grassy fields within the Pantheon, a group of people were looking for some unusual creatures to try and take home as a trophy for themselves. One of those hunters ended up seeing a round pink creature and initially dismissed it as something harmless, but still worth going after given how weird it looked. It didn’t take long for that pink creature to start singing a lullaby of some kind and that hunter ended up struggling to stay awake. The rest of the hunters, following some bad encounters with other more dangerous predators, noticed that one of them hadn’t come back to them and when they managed to find him, they found him sleeping on the ground and ended up having to carry him to their car and leave the area before the attacks continued. The pink creature, identified as a Jigglypuff, simply watched the car leave the area before resting on a tree branch, with the Pokemon’s presence being known in the Pantheon much later.
  • Ash Ketchum, his friends, and the Team Rocket trio had to put up with a Jigglypuff during their travels at numerous points in time. That particular Jigglypuff gets angry because it assumes that the people who fall asleep during its song are mocking it, so that Jigglypuff retaliates by drawing on their faces with its marker (which doubles as a microphone). While Ash doesn’t seem to have any bad blood against that Jigglypuff nowadays, the Team Rocket trio tend to be a victim of Jigglypuff’s shenanigans quite a bit to the point that they try to avoid it whenever they’re in a bad spot. What isn’t helping the Team Rocket trio is that the Jigglypuff in the Pantheon is a bit more dangerous than the one they’ve put up with prior.
  • While it isn’t considered to be a “dreadful” singer compared to some others in the Pantheon, Jigglypuff still has its moments of getting annoyed at someone for ending up falling asleep while it is singing (even if it uses it to its advantage). A musical contest that took place in the Pantheon one time had the Pokemon as a contestant and the end result was a mess as not only did most of the audience fall asleep, but Jigglypuff ballooned itself up to a large size and literally blew everyone away, ruining the contest in the process. While a handful of benevolent performers have been at best neutral towards the Pokemon (though a very small number of them actually like being around Jigglypuff), many of the more malevolent musicians are annoyed at its presence and have fought it in some attempts to get it removed from the Pantheon.
  • Nonon Jakuzure took quite a liking to Jigglypuff given the similar pink color palette and usage of sound for attacks. It got to a point where Nonon decided to have Jigglypuff as her partner Pokemon and it had no issues working with Nonon in that regard. While she is definitely no slouch when it comes to combat, Nonon certainly doesn’t mind having some backup that goes beyond her normal allies for when the going gets tough.
  • Many have drawn plenty of similarities between Kirby and Jigglypuff given how they’re both pink puffballs that can put up a fight even if the Pokemon is nowhere near the same level of power that Kirby has. The two have gotten along with each other very well, with Kirby often allowing Jigglypuff to join in on some picnics and adventures given the aforementioned visual similarities. This did have the side effect of having some Waddle Dees being afraid of Jigglypuff given that some of those mooks mistook the Pokemon for another version of Kirby. In contrast, Bandana Waddle Dee, who is ostensibly the most capable member of the Waddle Dee army, doesn’t harbor any of the same fears that the others have of Jigglypuff.
  • It is one of a number of participants of the Smash tournaments and one of very few that have been part of it since the first iteration. The Pokemon’s balloon-like traits come in full display during these battles as it can be launched off the arena rather easily, but being able to float in the air for prolonged periods of time means that it can recover just as easily. One of its most powerful attacks is simply to fall asleep (it can’t recover any damage it has during those instances) and send anyone very close to it flying. While it largely didn’t have any idea of what Tabuu did until after the latter was taken down, it played a role in stopping the carnage unleashed by Galeem and Dharkon after being freed from Galeem’s control.
  • One of Jigglypuff’s more unusual outings was set in a region known as Ransei. There, it was partnered up with Oichi, who helped a young warlord unify the many nations of Ransei. In the Pantheon, Oichi is a highly troubled woman, serving as a stark contrast to the more well-adjusted Oichi from Ransei. That hasn’t prevented Jigglypuff from being a calming presence of Oichi, often bringing out her better side whenever it’s with her.
  • By all accounts, Jigglypuff is basically a living balloon, given how it can inflate and deflate itself at will. That said, there it doesn’t have unlimited air inside itself given that it can pass out if it fails to put someone to sleep. There are some who, inspired by Carl Fredricksen using a ton of balloons to make his house fly, have attempted to see how many Jigglypuff’s it can take to make a house fly and if it can travel very far distances, but the idea was quickly shot down given his recklessly stupid that idea sounded.
  • While Jigglypuff is content with simply resting at times, for the most part it is more notable for putting others to sleep. There are a few deities who know what sleep is like, for better and for worse and seeing an entity that can put someone to sleep easily was something those particular deities expected. Aurora, a princess who was put under a curse that would put her in an eternal slumber until she was awakened by true love’s kiss, showed a fondness towards the creature regardless of its signature abilities. Sophie Grundler, who had experience in encountering a Sandman that put others to sleep, was curious about a Pokemon who was able to use its singing to put others to sleep. Of course, Jigglypuff doesn’t have any malicious intent (and no dream-related abilities as far as anyone is aware of) and Sophie simply found the Pokemon to be a cute creature.

    Princess Syalis 
Princess Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste, Goddess of Sleep Enjoyment (The Princess, Princess Syalis, Suya-Suya the Scissor Demon)
  • Demigoddess, but Intermediate Gods aren't safe from her.
  • Symbol: A Teddy Demon, her self-made pillow and crown headband on top of a giant scissor
  • Theme Song: Suyaa...
  • Alignment: True Neutral with lots of Chaotic Neutral tendencies when unable to sleep well.
  • Portfolio: Really enjoying sleeping and revolving her entire personality around it, only technically being a Damsel in Distress but easily able to free herself and tormenting her captors in order to sleep well, only ever seen in pajamas, never giving up on getting a good sleep to the point of suicidal obliviousness, either unaware of or apathetic to the havoc she's wrecking, accidentally screwing over the demons' plans in the process, being more dangerous than her appearance lets on, having a soft spot for anything that is cute, too cute to disturb when actually sleeping, wanting to become a good queen at the end of the day, Shear Menace.
  • Domains: Sleep, Captivity, Cuteness
  • Heralds: The Teddy Demons
  • AlliesNote: Ysera, NiGHTS, Totoro, LotsoNote
  • Enemies: Anyone who doesn't let her sleep, more specifically Vaermina, Wizeman the Wicked, Freddy Krueger, Bill Cipher, Astalos, Nonon Jakuzure, SCP-1048
  • Interested in: Jigglypuff, Maleficent
  • Feared by: The Magic Carpet
  • Under watch of: The SCP Foundation, Aladdin
  • Once upon a time, in a faraway land, humans and demons lived together in harmony in the Kingdom of Goodereste. But then, one day, the Demon King appeared, and captured the kingdom's princess, taking her hostage and only being willing to release her if the humans surrender the rule over the world to the demons. However, the Princess herself, Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste, cares about none of this. All she wants is a good night's sleep, and she is willing to go to great lengths to achieve this, and in turns causes absolute chaos in the demon castle -in which she is supposed to be imprisoned- every time something about her sleep bothers her. From stealing artifacts to killing sentient pieces of cloth to use as her bedsheets, nothing is off the table if it means she can get a good sleep.
  • Her temple is modeled after her prison cell in which she was held captive. Whenever she isn't sleeping, she is wandering around somewhere to find anything that could possibly help her sleep better, and although it is much more pleasant due to the Pantheon's generally more welcoming and accepting atmosphere, it can still get as noisy as it was in the Demon Castle where she was held captive, and she soon found out that the Pantheon has the same rules of Death being Cheap (which in her own world was only courtesy of the Demon Cleric reviving her out of neccessity) after trying to politely ask Astalos for Shock therapy to get rid of her sore muscles. For this reason, her temple/bedroom/prison cell is also fitted out with a coffin for her to revive in whenever she dies, as was custom in her world, or to sleep in if she so chooses. As far as she's concerned, not much has changed about her circumstances.
  • After getting a particularly nasty Nightmare courtesy of Wizeman the Wicked and almost getting killed by Freddy Krueger, she came into contact with NiGHTS and asked for help, should they attempt this again, given in her world, Princess Syalis never had to deal with Nightmare-related magic. She also learned from NiGHTS that there are other, much more powerful, malevolent entities related to Dreams in the Pantheon like Vaermina and Bill Cipher. Following NiGHTS' recommendation, The Princess has sought out Ysera to help her should they ever set their sights on her, which Ysera believes will happen sooner or later given how much Princess Syalis sleeps. She has agreed, mainly to keep the aforementioned Nightmare entities in check, but is not quite fond of being on Speed-dial as someone's personal Dream Bodyguard.
  • The Princess eventually learned that there is another princess sharing her first name who was put to sleep with an evil curse. Eventually she was able to find the fairy responsible for said curse, Maleficent. What happened next baffled everyone present: She walked up to Maleficent and, with a completely straight face, asked her if she could put that same curse on her. Maleficent declined out of sheer confusion, much to the Princess' dismay. She has kept up with the other Aurora though, as she felt a bit of kinship towards her.
  • Fellow Princess Peach (and by proxy, Daisy too) was all too happy to be friends with Princess Syalis, sharing their own experiences in getting captured with each other and exchanging tips on how to handle such situations better. Princess Syalis, for example, wondered why Peach doesn't just leave when captured by Bowser, not realizing that Bowser is, at times, a much more competent threat than anything she ever faced in her world. On the other hand, she also received some advice on how to be a good ruler of her subjects, as the Princess does want to become a good queen eventually.
  • She also found out that the Pantheon also has its own Demon King going by the name of Anos Voldigoad. Curious about what he's like and whether or not he can help her sleep, she visited him and asked if he had any intention to capture her, which Anos denied, and if he has something to make her sleep better. The Demon King, being the egomaniac that he is, tried to explain to her how his spell works, but as soon as the words "cursed collar" were dropped, Princess Syalis immediately lost interest because "a collar would be not comfortable at all to sleep with and I would only get dents around my neck." She also noted that she "liked the other one more." She does keep in touch with him from time to time though, if only because it reminds her of her time at the Demon Castle.
  • One day she came across a small, round and pink critter trying to sing to her. The Princess was so enamored by its cuteness that she almost didn't notice that its singing was making her fall asleep. After waking up from the Lullaby-induced slumber, she immediately made it a Number One Priority to get her hands on Jigglypuff again, as something that is both cute AND can put her to sleep at will is just too good to pass up. Nonon Jakuzure did not take kindly to Princess Syalis borderline assaulting her Pokemon partner the following days, and retaliated with her Symphony Regalia. The Princess has left her alone for now, but is already planning new schemes to claim Jigglypuff for herself.
  • The SCP Foundation has started to keep an eye on her after finding her rummaging through the lower Security levels of The Great Treasury trying to sleep in one of the Cryo-Tubes. How she got in there is beyond them. Needless to say, she received quite the scolding from the Foundation, but this wasn't the only time the Princess was apprehended by them. Soon she was found in the treasury again, this time trying to stick her pillow into the cogs of SCP-914, but she couldn't get it to work before she was found out. Her requests to use it to enhance her pillow have been denied, given it is filled with Teddy Demon fluff and the Foundation doesn't (yet) want to find out what SCP-914 will do with this kind of material.
    • The Foundation has also warned her about SCP-1048 after they learned of her origin story and fondness of the Teddy Demons from her world, and by proxy, normal teddy bears. Princess Syalis only halfheartedly listened and then went off to the Halls of Toys and Dolls to find him, curious to see if it was as cute as her Teddy Demons. She got her answer after getting cut up by SCP-1048-C, prompting her to stay away from him after she eventually revived in her coffin. She also tried something similar with SCP-2295. She was told it is sentient as well, but couldn't get it to move because she wasn't severely injured, which she didn't know was a requirement for the Patchwork Teddy to move. Also she deemed it "not fluffy enough".
  • A bit of research into other sentient teddy bears in the Pantheon led her to Lots-o' Hugging Bear, whom she decided to take home with her thanks to his sweet strawberry smell and fluffy fur, despite Lotso clearly protesting and not wanting to be a human's toy again. Needless to say, Lotso did not enjoy his time but there wasn't much he could do except wait until the princess was asleep and her grip was loose enough for him to break free. This went on for a while with Lotso being found and brought home (read: abducted) by Princess Syalis, sometimes even brushing him to get some strawberry-scented pillow stuffing, and him escaping later. After a week of this, Princess Syalis decided it's not worth the effort.
  • Coming across Totoro filled Princess Syalis with much joy too, as she finally found a new place to sleep (his large tummy) located inside of the giant tree that is Totoro's temple. She has started to visit him very regularly just to sleep on him. Totoro was used to children doing this long before Princess Syalis' ascension, so he doesn't mind.
    • Meeting Snorlax has caused a similar reaction from the Princess, although she doesn't like Snorlax' tummy as much as Totoro's due to Snorlax being much less fluffy, slightly less willing to let people sleep on him, and also because Snorlax had much more of a tendency to stir and roll over in its sleep, even having crushed and killed her by accident in doing so.
    • After witnessing this interaction, the Court of the Gods has decided that The Princess is a better Partner for Snorlax than her current partner, Mako Reizei, so they have decided to allow the Princess to partner up with it. She was very disappointed because it wasn't Jigglypuff who got assigned to her, but having a sentient oversized bed to sleep on which she can call on demand and that can also fight for her if motivated enough is not something Princess Syalis will complain about. Mako wasn't pleased either, but the Princess has allowed her to sleep on him together, which Mako happily accepted.
  • Aladdin's Carpet tries to stay as far away from her as it can, after hearing about what she has done to a Ghost Shroud in her own world as well as getting chased by her with a giant pair of scissors. Aladdin had to intervene, telling her that she cannot just kill his magic Carpet, and upon learning that the Carpet is indeed a Carpet, and not a flying blanket, she lost interest again, because Carpets are too stiff and scratchy to use as blankets or bedsheets.


    Rip Van Winkle 
Rip Van Winkle, The God Who Once Woke Up From A Long Slumber
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  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A long-bearded old man sleeping beside his rusty gun
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Decades-Long Sleeper, Henpecked Husband, Awful Wedded Life, A Friend to All Children But Is A Neglectful Parent To His Own, Heavy Sleeper, Awoken To See His Town Had Changed, He Feels Out of Place at First, But Is Later Reunited with His Children Although Some of His Friends Are Already Gone
  • Domains: Long Sleeping, Adapting To Changes, Laziness, Friendliness, Pre-American Revolution
  • Heralds: Rip Van Winkle Jr. & Judith Gardenier (His Children) Wolf (His Dog)
  • Followers: Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, Epimenides the Cretan, Honi ha-M'agel (All Pre-Dated Rip's Story), Monica Rambeau, Joe "Not Sure" Bauers, Johnny Smith, Julian West, Wulf Saxon
  • Allies: James, Sarah, Henri, Moses, Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, Ratonhnhaké:ton/Connor, John Marston, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Muriel Bagge, George Bailey, Truman Burbank, Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Wary Of: The Headless Horseman, Various Hellsing deities, Hall of Ghosts
  • Gets Along With: Most Child Deities, Jake Berenson
  • Respects: George Washington and Benjamin Franklin
  • Avoided By: Popeye
  • Rip Van Winkle is a Dutch-American villager during the time of colonial America, years before The American Revolution. He was beloved by most of the village but was a lazy farmer and family man. One day, Rip goes squirrel hunting with his dog Wolf to get away from his nagging wife. He wanders into the Catskill Mountains, where he sees a strange short bearded man dressed in old-fashioned Dutch clothes and helps him carry his keg through a ravine. Rip finds other strange men playing ninepins (a type of bowling) that seem to make the sound of thunder. He tries the drink from the keg the man was carrying but drank too much of the liquor and falls into a deep sleep. When he woke up, he found that his old body ached, his gun had been rusted and his dog was missing.
    • Rip returns to town, but soon he finds that his village had changed: The places he used to hang out there are gone and replaced, a lot of people living there he didn't recognize, and all seem to be talking about Election, Democracy and the like, which confused him. A crowd had gathered to see the strange old man; Rip asked where his old friends are, to which they told him they had died, with some of them having gone to war. He asked where "Rip Van Winkle" was and they pointed to a man who looks similar to him (who he didn't know was his son). He begins to doubt his own identity and falls into despair in front of the crowd until a woman appears with her child. Recognizing her voice, he asked her what happened to her parents, to which she replied that her father went missing 20 years ago after going up the mountains and her mother had died. That's when Rip told the woman that he was her missing father and a local historian corroborated his identity. He also corroborated his story, that the Catskill Mountains were haunted by the ghost of the explorer Hendrick Hudson and his crew. After getting caught up with what he missed and reuniting with his old friends, and befriending the new people, old Rip retires peacefully and retells to other people the simpler life before the American Revolutionary War and his strange tale from the mountains.
  • Old Rip took a nap one peaceful day around the forest near Catskill Mountains. Rip awoke from this brief nap but felt that something was off. He return to his village and found his surrounding had completely changed yet again; his neighbor's houses are now replaced with strange-looking temples and his old degraded home looked restored. Rip felt like he was having Déjà Vu and was starting to lose it thinking Hendrick Hudson and his crew has come to bewitch him yet again (but he was sure he hadn't drunk anything). Luckily, a few deities saw and approached the confused old man and helped explain his situation. All this talk about the Pantheon—ascension—deification—The Court of Gods—titles, were gibberish to the confused Van Winkle. Despite that, he traveled to the Court as advised by the people around him. During his hearing, he was very relieved to hear that he hadn't perished yet and can return to his village in the mortal realm anytime. He did make his children his heralds to come and visit his new place, not wanting to repeat his mistake of leaving them again.
  • The Court of the Gods told him that he was assigned to represent stories involving people awaking from a long slumber as his story's influence was so great they named the phenomenon after him and such similar incidents have occurred in other worlds too. Rip didn't know what means at first but that does sound important, and felt quite honored to have a title bestowed upon him. As he's only a Quasideity with no royal lineage, he felt surprised and in awe by the royalties (Aurora and Zelda) and other important people visiting his temple to pay their respects. Despite that, he tries to be as accommodating to his guest, listens to their stories and give advice whenever he can. He's impressed by the cases of Big Boss, Senku, Chell and Fry, who have slept/been in a coma-like state far longer than he is.
    • Superheroes are a foreign concept to Rip. Despite that, he found the stories from Captain America, Superman and the Powerpuff Girls quite interesting. He found a kindred spirit with Steven Rogers due to being woken at a culturally different time in America and having to adjust to that setting. Superman was once knocked out by Kryptonite and woke up centuries later to realize that he had slept past through so much time he's outlived everyone he knew and cared for. He did find a way to make it back to the present after helping the future people defeat their oppressive overlord. Rip calls Superman fortunate to be able to make it back to his own time unlike him. The Girls once traveled into the future after racing each other too fast; their absence caused their town to go into ruin and allowed HIM to rule over Townsville. The Girls regretted their actions and were also fortunate to get back home by racing backward. The story moved to Rip a bit; he counted his blessings that despite his unfortunate incident, he would at least be thankfully it didn't turn out worse than what he got.
  • Adapting to a new environment isn't new to him considering what he went through, but he does admit it was quite a lot to adapt to the Pantheon's modern sensibilities and technologies, which were far different from his life before and after the war. Thankfully, Rip's time adjusting to his new life was made easier by meeting another contemporary; namely the four journalists of the Pennsylvania Gazette. The four were surprised to meet someone from their time but at the same time missed all of the events during the war they were familiar with. Even though Rip already knows about the revolutionary war, they like to talk to him about their experiences to inform him how the conflict affected the nation. Rip is surprised by how knowledgeable the group was and gets along with them. In turn, he likes to tell stories to them about his time before the war. Another person from his period Rip met was Ratonhnhaké:ton or Connor; he was a bit apprehensive of Connor at first, not because he's half-British/half-native American, but because he's an assassin. Thankfully, the journalists vouched for Connor as they told Rip that he only wanted to his skills to protect his people.
  • It was said that Rip isn't a politician and that "the changes of states and empires made but little impression on him". He isn't interested in politics nor was he a hard-core royalist but he's already made aware of the changes in his country after his awakening. He also hears a lot of great stories about George Washington and Benjamin Franklin from the journalists of the Pennsylvania Gazette and his neighbors from his world. He did eventually meet the founding fathers, who were excited to meet a famous literary figure from their time. Despite not being there to experience the American Revolution (thus didn't see their influence first-hand), he did start to respect them after meeting them face to face.
  • Rip was informed of another contemporary who shared the same creator as him; said person was said to be a Hessian soldier who lost his head during The American Revolution. Unfortunately for the old man, that person was The Headless Horseman, who tried to chop his head off when Rip tried to visit his temple. He was not prepared to deal with such a wicked spirit and he was lucky to get out of The Horseman's temple alive. Rip had more luck meeting other figures from American folklore like Paul Bunyan. The lumberjack tried to ask old Rip to employ his son as a lumberjack but the younger Rip's laziness proved to be troublesome. He's also acquainted with a fellow folklore figure Johnny Appleseed. Johnny once tried to help Rip and his son set up an apple farm; however due to their laziness, their apple farm wasn't successful.
  • He often had his life's tale compared with the lives of George Bailey and Ebenezer Scrooge, who were shown to them how people's lives were affected by their absence via supernatural ways. George and Ebenezer became friends with Rip soon as they realized these similarities and Rip respected their found admiration in their lives. They sometimes pity Rip as unlike them, Rip's never magically gotten his life back to normal. He's also friends with Truman Burbank, a cheery man whose worldview was scattered after the discovery that he's secretly part of a Reality TV show. In a way, Rip relates to Truman for having his world change suddenly around him, even if he struggles to understand what Reality TV is.
  • Alongside his current title, he was also offered to represent Henpecked Husband due to the term being originally used to describe him. Rip immediately refused as he doesn't want to be reminded of his overbearing wife whom he finally escaped from. He did strike up an unusual friendship with those who also have an ill-tempered nagging wives, like the fairy Cosmo and the Saiyan Goku. Although their wives would berate their husbands for their mistakes, at the end of the day, they mean well and still love each other at the end of the day. Rip can't relate to that as the love of his wife probably went away years ago. More on Goku: Like Rip, the Saiyan was once made to work on his farm by his wife but didn't last long as he would rather train than do farm work. He also tends to leave his children behind for a long time for his mission but he still loves them deep down. Rip may be a fighter himself but they get along well.
  • Popeye once helped a version of Rip from his world by letting him sleep on his bed. This is because Rip got kicked out of his house for failing to pay his rent (as Rip had been asleep in his house for 20 years). Popeye even tried to rescue him after Rip sleep-walked and was found among Hudson and his crew. Rip woke up after Popeye accidentally dropped Rip's coin and started shooting at him, thinking he was an intruder and pickpocket. Rip remembers his incident due for having knowledge of his different incarnations. Even after Rip's ascension, Popeye tends to avoid Rip as he's worried Rip might start blasting at him when he sees him. Rip hopes to meet the sailor again to clarify this situation and make amends.
  • Rip had a few strange encounters involving his very name. The vampire Alcard once visited Rip's temple thinking that one of his old foes (who happened to share Rip's name) had ascended. Thankfully, it didn't lead to a violent confrontation after Alcard realized this old man wasn't the lady homicidal vampire he was familiar with. Rip is still worried about the whole thing as he didn't want to be involved in the vampire and his enemies' conflicts due to sharing someone else's name. Another incident was involving some members of House of Law and Justice, who tried to question the old man about some crimes he didn't commit; it turns out an outlaw had used his name to mislead the authorities. Rip confronted this outlaw for using his name; said outlaw was John Marston, who apologized to Rip for getting caught up for his crimes. After John told his life story, Rip became more sympathetic to John after learning he was also once a neglectful husband and father before he realized his criminal actions affected his family.
  • Rip is a good–natured man by all accounts. Although Rip gets along with older people, he's more friendly with the younger adults. Rip also get along with most child deities regards of their time–period. He would sometimes play along with them, giving them piggyback rides, teaching them older games or telling old local stories. He's learned that some children had studied his story in class to the point of boredom but were surprised to see how friendly he is in the flesh. Some parents are fine with Rip letting them play with their kids. Some do take an issue about how Rip treats his own children. Rip reassures them that he would be a better father and would not try to leave them again after going missing on them for decades. He also refuses to be associated with bad and neglectful parents as he doesn't want to get a bad rep for his previous actions.
  • Rip doesn't seem to have any enemies due to his friendly nature. That said, he does have a few things he tends to avoid when traveling within the Pantheon. In addition to The Headless Horseman, he tends to avoid the Hall of Ghosts or any temples that may have ghosts in them to avoid being bewitched by its residents. For the same reasons, he tends to avoid the presence of any elves, dwarves or gnomes (as some depictions portrayed Hudson and his crew as these creatures). He also avoids trying many of the Pantheon-made liquor as a precaution. After all, he's not sure if those drinks contain any supernatural properties or not. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, many of the Pantheon's ghostly residents can understand why Rip is avoiding their kind. They are a bit curious about Hudson and his ghostly crew as bewitching someone to sleep for a long time is an uncommon power for most ghosts.
  • Sometime after he had learned that he can assign pets as heralds, he ascended his dog Wolf, whom Rip missed since he fell asleep. He traveled with his dog when his children were preoccupied in the mortal realm. He also met the Bagge couple, an old couple who frequently encountered the supernatural and other weird stuff in their town. Rip is friends with the kind-hearted Muriel and found it difficult to get along with the temperamental farmer Eustace. Courage is weary of the old man at first, but he eventually gets along with him and Wolf after seeing that Rip has no intention to harm his owners.
  • One of his favorite past times was squirrel shooting and sometimes going to the woodlands to hunt for them. However, squirrel shooting became troublesome for him after he shot a funny-looking squirrel around the Pantheon's forests. This Screwy Squirrel was unhappy about being shot and started to play tricks on the old man. Thankfully, the squirrel-themed heroine Squirrel Girl intervened before it got any worse and informed Rip about the various sapient and non-sapient squirrels that inhabited the Pantheon. Rip apologized to Screwy and Squirrel Girl and promises to not hunt near the Pantheonics forests again. Screwy hasn't fully forgiven Rip for the incident but he did stop playing tricks on Rip after the old man stayed true to his word.
  • Some deities doubt the legitimacy of Rip Van Winkle's tale, especially those who don't believe in the supernatural. Their point is rather moot given that the people who have chosen Rip's title have already verified his tale. Many historians and history buffs in the Pantheon like to visit Rip's temple to ask him about the average life in Pre-Revolution America. The old man was happy to entertain their questions with a bunch of stories he can recall. Jake of The Animorphs has found interest in listening to Rip's stories about life before the American Revolution. As a military history buff, Jake likes to tell him stories about the American Civil War given that Rip probably didn't live to see the start of that war. It took a while for that information to set in for Rip, but he doesn't really have a strong opinion on that matter given that it's far ahead of his time.
"One taste provoked another; and [Rip] reiterated his visits to the flagon so often, that at length his senses were overpowered, his eyes swam in his head, his head gradually declined, and he fell into a deep sleep."

Tanaka-kun, God of Sleepyheads
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A mini-roomba
  • Theme Music: "Utatane Sunshine"
  • Alignment: True Neutral out of laziness, leaning Good
  • Portfolio: Tends to fall asleep at random, perpetual listlessness, actually thinks he's trash for being a lazy bum, but others disagree, pretty insightful and adept at giving advice, would probably be an excellent student if he tried harder
  • Domains: Sleep, Laziness, Friendship
  • Heralds: Ohta, Miyano, Echizen, Shiraishi, Kato and Shimura (his friends), Rino (his little sister), Saya (Ohta's little sister)
  • Allies: The Classical Literature Club (especially Oreki), Mako Reizei, Yoh Asakura, Totoro, Snorlax, Mordecai and Rigby, Seiichirou Kitano
  • Pities: Madotsuki, Bedman
  • Annoyed by: Robbie Rotten
  • Opposes: Merak (Sumeragi Swordsmen)
  • Tanaka is a high school boy mainly known for always being exhausted and falling asleep easily and randomly. For that reason, he has built his life philosophy around relaxing and doing as little as possible. Despite, or perhaps because of, his quirks, he has a way with attracting the interest of those around him and occasionally even their admiration for this seeming commitment to an unorthodox way of life. He also values his friends and family (even if it doesn't seem the case superficially), though he doesn't have much interest in romance, thinking it would be a bother.
  • He simply woke up from one of his frequent naps one day and found himself in the Pantheon just like that. He thought it was all just a very weird dream, so he didn't make a fuss. Learning that he was chosen to become a god did get his attention as it made him worry that it was going to be a huge bother and his relaxed days were coming to an end, but the higher gods who appointed him clarified that they wanted him to behave like he usually does. Tanaka figured it was fine in that case, but he did request that they bring in his best friend Ohta as well; he basically can't function without Ohta, who carries him from place to place when he can't be bothered and generally looks after him. His request was granted and Tanaka was finally instated as a god and Ohta as his Herald. Ohta was more surprised about the Pantheon than Tanaka, but it didn't take long for him to settle on his usual mellow demeanor.
  • Given he has elevated his lifestyle of laziness into a whole philosophy to the point of calculating his actions in order to exercise as little effort as possible, it stands to reason that he has made some friends in the Pantheon who also love nothing more than laze around all day. This circle of friends includes some "usual suspects" such as Mako Reizei and Yoh Asakura, but the one Tanaka has most in common with is Houtarou Oreki, who has his own view justifying his laziness that goes, "If I don't have to do it, I won't. If I have to do it, I'll make it quick." Tanaka finds it an admirable motto, though it saddened him to hear about the true reason Oreki holds such a mindset and he doesn't think it's healthy if it comes from such a place. Tanaka is happy that Oreki at least managed to find true friends who care about him, though he can't help but be reminded of his boisterous self-proclaimed apprentice Miyano whenever he sees Eru.
  • He doesn't always think highly of his listless self, so he has some interest in deities who used to be lazy but managed to get over that flaw, such as Mordecai and Rigby. At first Tanaka was more interested in the novelty of a big blue jay and a raccoon who acted exactly like humans, but learning about their attempts to better themselves struck a bit of a chord in him. At the moment, though, he really can't see himself working hard towards something, even though he knows he'll have to do so someday. Mordecai and Rigby have expressed some concern for the way Tanaka is living his life now, although they acknowledge it's a good thing that at least he's an above-average student. For now Tanaka just observes the odd duo going on their strange adventures (and occasionally finds himself dragged into them, which he approaches as listlessly as he does most anything).
  • Despite his personality, he doesn't seem to think that highly of deities who outright embody the sin of sloth. A particularly bad example of such deities is Merak of the Sumeragi Swordsmen, who has chosen to work for evil forces just because it's easier and is downright apathetic and callous when it comes to the lives of his underlings. It's not like there's much Tanaka can do about Merak, but obviously he has a reason to dislike those who give a bad rep to his favorite pasttime. Merak finds it mildly pitiful that they can't be friends as he thought Tanaka was a guy after his own heart, but he doesn't care that much either way.
  • When it comes to Robbie Rotten, a villain determined to preserve the laziness of LazyTown, Tanaka finds himself more annoyed by him than anything because of his antics. In a way, Robbie's hard work at accomplishing his goal totally goes against Tanaka's personal philosophy of doing as little work as one can get away with. Plus, Tanaka doesn't really see the point of making everybody as lazy as he is. He thinks Robbie is better off stopping his battle with Sportacus and just go home and be lazy on his own without engaging in something as unnecessary and laborious as changing the world.
  • Tanaka's favorite way of sleeping is outside, on the grass, on a sunny day. On different occasions while he was looking to try new, comfy places to sleep, he ran into Totoro and Snorlax dozing off and couldn't help but admire how peaceful the giant creatures looked. He also, more importantly, thought it might be very pleasant to sleep on their cushy-looking bellies and that's just what he did. Totoro and Snorlax, by all accounts, seem very tolerant of Tanaka doing this; perhaps it's the fact that Tanaka looks so peaceful while he sleeps that prevents them from taking offense.
  • He would probably spend all his time sleeping if only he could get away with it, so hearing about deities who do exactly that made him slightly envious. At least at first, because some of the deities who do that are actually quite frightening individuals. There is Madotsuki, who forever walks in her dreams and has no qualms about stabbing anything that gets in her way, and also Bedman, an assassin who kills people in their sleep. From these examples, Tanaka has arrived at the conclusion that maybe it is better to be awake some of the time, so that sleeping time will carry even more value and won't be taken for granted. Though, at the same time he also pities Madotsuki and Bedman for the external circumstances that led them to sleep all the time.
  • His unavoidable tendency to fall asleep in class is something that causes much grief to the teachers in the Elysium Academy, as well as the student council. Tanaka at first often found himself on the end of an earful for his behavior, but teachers and students soon gave up when it was clear he wouldn't change his ways and instead contented themselves with the fact that his attendance record and grades are very good. Which doesn't mean some teachers are not driven to tears and low self-esteem seeing Tanaka snooze through their classes, assuming he's bored by them.
  • He was once approached by Seiichirou Kitano, which prompted Tanaka to try to give him his wallet so the thug-faced boy wouldn't mug him. He was oddly calm about it, all things considered; he simply resigned himself to the fact that he would never win in a fight the way he is and so tried to get it over with quickly. But actually, Tanaka had dropped his wallet somewhere and Kitano was trying to give it back to him, which surprised Tanaka (still as dull-faced as ever). Tanaka related the encounter to Ohta later that day and commented on how both he and Kitano had faces which scared others despite their good hearts and how Kitano must have a tiresome life because of it. After some time, both have become good friends with Kitano.