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Intermediate Gods

Kan-Ra, The Collector of the Strange
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stage, Forbidden Archive
  • Theme Music: Forbidden Archive
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Arch-Enemy to Aganos, Really 3,500 Years Old, Formerly the Vizier to the Babylonian King, Proven to be Very Hard to Kill, Dishing Out Dirt, Evil Sorcerer, Due to His Curse, He Is Lean and Mean and Living on Borrowed Time, and the Curse Makes Him Rot, His Stage (The Forbidden Archive) Is a Room Full of Crazy, Formerly Imprisoned by the Night Hand Until He Escaped, Villain of Another Story, Your Soul Is Mine!
  • Domains: Magic, Curses, Artifice, Evil, Earth, Air
  • Allies: Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Shinnok, Dormammu, Gul'dan
  • Rivals: Onaga, Demitri Maximoff, Rose, Jedah Dohma, Trazyn the Infinite
  • Enemies: Maya Fallegeros, Jago, ARIA, Kim Wu, Doctor Strange, Zatanna Zatara, The Sailor Scouts
  • Opposed by: Anakaris
  • Complicated Relationship: Gargos
  • Between Ultratech and Gargos, it can be difficult to see that there are other evil beings in the Killer Instinct world with their own agendas. One of them is a mummy by the name of Kan-Ra. After spending centuries collecting artifacts, he bit more than he could chew when he summoned Gargos. While unlike by multiple parties, he nevertheless managed a place in the Pantheon.
  • As stated before, he has no amount of allies in his own world, which remains true in the Pantheon. Jago blames him for unleashing Gargos which nearly got him brainwashed; Gargos was irritated when Kan-Ra sided with the heroes to oppose him and ARIA would have no business with a supernatural being, especially one who keeps stealing some of her technology. And Maya sees him as a top prospect to eliminate. Not even Kim Wu would keep close to the mummy and he was key to helping her defeat Gargos. It was best for him to go at it alone as he usually did.
  • Was immediately banned from visiting the Items section of the Pantheon. There was no doubt on anyone's mind that he would make an attempt to steal one of those powerful items. It was imperative that he doesn't set off another powerful being.
  • Made an attempt to knock off Anarkaris of his throne, arguing that he does not represent mummies in general with his good nature. While that may be true, Anarkaris stated he would only be forced off. It didn't help that Kan-Ra was not a mummy; he was forced to appear as one after being cursed by a king. He isn't even from Egypt, but from Babylon. Try as he might, Kan-Ra was no match for the ancient mummy. He may not need the temple to enter the Pantheon, but one can expect Kan-Ra to exact his revenge in some way.
    • Working with Imhotep was an easier excursion. The deposed former pharaoh needed someone capable of finding relics that can help him become human again. Kan-Ra proved to be useful in that regard. With that said, he is not ready to fully trust the mummy given the latter's track record.
    • As he isn't actually from Egypt, the Egyptian Gods felt he was not of their concern. Still, they do not take his thefts of their temples too kindly and may occasionally send minions to deal with him.
  • He did manage to find some allies along the way. Within the GUAE, he befriended Quan Chi and Shinnok, dwellers of Underworld. The mummy's tracking abilities pleased Quan Chi, 2ho could use some help to amass some artifacts of his own to become more powerful. With that said, Kan-Ra has been careful not to give him anything that would surpass his own power.
    • The same can be said for Shang Tsung, and the mummy has been masterful in keeping both sorcerers content without favoring one over the other.
    • Would not work with Onaga. Quan Chi made a similar mistake in unleashing the Dragon King, and yet another being bent on ruling his world is more than enough problems for Kan-Ra to handle.
  • As one who doesn't care whether items are cursed or not, Kan-Ra was more than willing to help out Gul'dan in his goals. In fact, those items just happen to be his favorite as they have many powers to unlock. Gul'dan's soul-stealing technique also interested him. The prospect of collecting souls is something that could be useful in the long term.
    • He does not like interacting with Trazyn though. The councilman of the GUAM would rather not work with a fleshing such as him. Besides, the machine has started to take a look at the others' loot in order to take for his own.
  • Jedah was a welcoming change of pace compared to the cutthroat supernatural foes. He agreed to an audience where they conversed on their goals. When they left, both were willing to work with each other. Yet Kan-Ra would secretly put himself at arms length; he has heard about how manipulative the Noble Demon can be. While he is no longer human, he had a feeling that Jedah had little respect towards the newcomer.
  • Is wary of giving anything of significance to Dormammu. He learned his lesson form Gargos and isn't keen on giving the Dimension Lord any footing on his plan. He is willing to help the demon defeat archenemy Doctor Strange with an assortment of items for unique trinkets of his own.
  • It was of no surprise that he would have to deal with pesky heroes trying to disrupt his work.
    • Among which is the stage magician known as Zatanna. While her magic is superior to that of his own, he has been able to elude her by wrapping her in his wraps before making his escape.
    • Doctor Strange saw to it that his Sanctum Sanctorum is tightly locked and sealed to prevent Kan-Ra from entering and stealing any valuables. It is unlikely that the mummy can beat Strange in a fair fight, but he is content of waiting for an opportunity to get the jump on the Sorcerer Supreme.
    • The fortune teller Rose has likened the mummy to someone who should have never given a new lease in life. She has offered her abilities of prediction to Jago and the like in order to thwart him.
    • To the Sailor Scouts, Kan-Ra feels like another Monster of the Week that has to be taken care of. Unlike the others, they may have a way to permanently reduce Kan-Ra to ashes. That is why the mummy is more wary towards crossing paths with them.
  • "You'll make a fine specimen."

    Ren Fujii 

Ren Fujii, Guardian of the Stable Life (Zarathustra, Bastard son of Krafft, The Ephemeral Moment, Guardian of the 5th Heaven, Tenma Yato, Mugen Daiguren Jigoku)
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  • Intermediate God, Greater God when under the effect of Eine Faust Finale. Becomes an Overdeity after emanating.
  • Symbol: An embellished lotus
  • Theme Music: Einsatz and its alternate versions
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Treasuring the predicable life, Bringing time to a halt, Chopping off heads, Being made artificially, Being able to kill in one hit, Being absurdly fast, Having no true control over his life, Being the embodiment of his law, Being nigh impossible to hurt, Being Un-aging, The last survivor of his old world
  • Domains: Time and Space, Defense, Life, Routine
  • Heralds: Shirou Yusa, Eri Honjou, Kasumi Ayase, Rea Himuro, Marguerite Breuilh, Leonhart August & Machina
  • Allies: The Living Tribunal, Asura, Hyde Kido, Ragna the Bloodedge, Claire Bennet, Homura Akemi, Superman, Jotaro Kujo
  • Rivals: Shirou Emiya
  • Enemies: Hajun, Wolfgang Schreiber, Mercurius, Nerose Satanael, Mithra, Lucifer, Yoshikage Kira, Dio Brando, The Dursleys
  • Avoids: Charles-Henri Sanson
  • A high-school student from Suwahara City content with living life as it is, treasuring the brief moments he has with his friends above all else. All this comes undone however when he ends up in an argument with his best worst friend Shirou Yusa. And unknown to Ren, it is just about to get worse as he gets dragged into a massive plot involving a group of supernatural Nazis called the Longinus Dreizehn Orden that plans to summon their leader, Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich, into our world. All while he finds out he is supposed to be someone called Zarathustra that is going to help bring it about.
  • The guillotine he wields, Bois de Justice, appears as a large curved blade protruding from his arm that is able to harness Marie's curse and is thus able to kill anyone whose neck makes contact with its blade, regardless of regeneration or immortality.
    • His main ability, his Beri'ah, Eine Faust Ouvertüre, stemming from his desire for time to stop and preserve the days he so values, allows him to accelerate his own time effectively slowing down everything around him from his perspective.
    • Under the right circumstances he can gain an alternate Beri'ah called Eine Faust Scherzo which allows him to permanently kill the living dead, stemming from a desire of the fact that the dead should stay dead.
    • Additionally, should Ren ever crave power from Mercurius or be lost to rage and despair, his craving will distort becoming a twisted and unrestrained version of his wish, Eine Faust Finale. In this state, his body will distort into a hellish mockery of his past self and will start to slow down time around him in addition to speeding up his own, all while gravity increases to unprecedented levels in the field of effect.
    • At the height of his power, he becomes able to spread his craving through the cosmos, bringing time to a halt on a conceptual level. Freezing everything in existence in a perpetual ephemeral moment, his law, Res Novae - Also Sprach Zarathustra. He also gains the ability known as Time Armor which freezes his own state in time to a single moment, effectively rendering him immune to all damage.
  • After his ascension to the Pantheon, he can often be found in the House of School almost more often than he can be found on his own. This seems to largely stem from his desire to just have his regular routine.
    • Perhaps a big reason for that is due to him feeling like he is the sole normal person in a gathering of absurdly powerful nutjobs when he ascended to the Pantheon. These are feeling that perhaps have been brought forth even more so as he was summoned by the Throne forcing him to meet his former enemies, people he has had enough of for several lifetimes.
      Ren: "I swear, what kind of fucked up karma brought this on... Not only do I have to meet these guys I never wanted to see again, but I also have to be acquainted with people who are just as annoying. And cooperate with all of them, on top of everything? This is some kind of bullying, I tell you."
  • His relationship with Mercurius is a complicated and strained one. While technically Ren's real father, his constantly scheming and controlling habits as well as being the leading cause of the whole mess that turned his life upside down has made Ren despise him, perhaps to an extent more so than even his hatred for Reinhard.
  • He was NOT happy to hear that Wolfgang, a member of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden, has ascended before him. He has made it known that he won't hesitate to kill him if he tries to go on a killing spree again.
  • His hatred and disgust for Hajun cannot be understated. His brutal murder of Ren's beloved Marie and the subsequent death and destruction he brought on through his craving brought humiliation upon Ren in ways that can be hard to describe. It all resulted in him being basically reborn as a new being called Tenma Yato, slowly being driven mad through the ages of keeping such a monstrosity in check.
  • He's not very chummy with the other Hadou Gods, Mithra and Nerose Satanael. He dislikes the former's extremely destructive self-centeredness, and the latter for removing free will from humanity, leading to eternal stagnation.
  • He is a close ally of The Living Tribunal, since, unlike other Gods of the Throne, he never ascended the Throne despite having the right to do so. Additionally, his desire for stability and permanence alongside his Law and past history with Hajun has led to him being put in a favorable position as a warden and peacekeeper.
  • Despite their apparent similarities at first glance, Ren can't stand Shirou Emiya, finding him a hopeless case stuck in the past with unrealistic ideals whose stubbornly refusing to accept and grow. To Ren, at the end of the day, the only ones you are likely to save are those close to you that you care about, all to preserve the life you live right now. That, and he just can't seem to bring himself to like the guy, for some reason.
  • After his stint of being overwhelmed by his rage and emotions under Eine Faust Finale, Ren found an unlikely mentor figure in Asura. Given that both had shared similar experiences of losing control, it should perhaps not be a surprise. To Ren, Asura ends up being a great help for helping him control himself as well as turning the rage to something constructive.
  • One guy Ren cannot stand is Lucifer, specifically the fact that he seeks to uproot the status quo, something that Ren is very defensive about. Lucifer meanwhile argues that it is a necessary evil to bring about positive change for everyone. What infuriates Ren even more is that inside, he knows that Lucifer is at least partially right given who he is up against, yet he feels he cannot allow Lucifer to have his way.
  • Has really conflicted opinions on Yoshikage Kira. On one hand, he finds Kira's nature as a serial killer hard to tolerate given that it was a string of murders that ruined his once-peaceful life, to say nothing of the slaughters carried out by his nemesis, the L.D.O. But on the other hand, he can also sympathize with him for wanting to just live a peaceful and predictable life. Further complicating his emotions regarding Kira, it was his own obsession with the peaceful life that birthed his law of eternal stagnation, something he realized could not be allowed to exist. In some ways, he kinda sees himself similar to Kira, being a pair of fools desperate to retain their comfort at the expense of the world and everyone in it.
    • He sympathizes with Claire Bennet, who just wants to live a normal life without being bothered by her powers. Claire appreciates the sentiment but feels sad that Ren couldn't return to his normal life as his destiny was out of his control. Ren told her not to angst too much about it, as he has already accepted his destiny, and knows that eternal stagnation would be bad.
    • However, the same could not be said for the Dursleys. While he understands their desire to live an ordinary life, he's disgusted that they would abuse their foster child just because he was a wizard.
  • Ren has quite a bit of sympathy for Hyde Kido, largely stemming from their shared goal of keeping their everyday life. If anything, Ren can't help but view him with a bit of envy over the fact that he doesn't let that desire consume him and be his sole driving motivation.
  • Being a Cosmic Plaything, Ren has found some support in Ragna. And while Ren hasn't had to deal with as much bad luck as Ragna, they are still able to share sentiments of not being in control of their own fates. This is further strengthened by both achieving godhood in order to save what they cared about.
  • Ren sympathizes with Homura Akemi, as she everything she does is to keep Madoka safe from Kyubey's clutches. He understands that her turning into a demon and sealing Madoka's powers came from a place of love and a desire to keep her safe and happy, and admits he would do something similar if he was in her shoes.
  • Ren thinks of Luke fon Fabre as his contrasting counterpart. Both of them are clones of other people used for specific purposes and suffer through misfortune in their journeys, but while Ren was a slave to fate, Luke's very existence defies the Score as his name isn't written down in its pages.
  • Ren respects Superman for his desire to live a normal life despite his superhero status. Superman appreciates that Ren tried to do some good despite his unfortunate circumstances.
  • Dio really gets on Ren's nerves for his petty, egotistical behavior and for using his time-stopping powers to ruin lives, coming from a desire to dominate the world instead of wanting to preserve a stable lifestyle. Because of this, he became allies with Jotaro Kujo who uses his powers more responsibly.
  • Charles Henri-Sanson is interested in Ren's Ahnenerbe, Bois de Justice, which can kill anyone through decapitation. Ren finds him creepy and off-putting and avoids him.
  • Can also be found in Characterization.
  • "If you could just get back whatever you've lost right away, wouldn't that make it worthless to begin with?"

Smoker, God of Cigars (White Chase, White Hunter, Smoke Hunter, Smokey, Smo-yan, Chaser)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Billower Bike
  • Theme Music: Smoker (Final Boss)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good but has a Chaotic Good attitude.
  • Portfolio: Always Smoking 2 to 3 Cigars, Makes Smoking Look Cool, Literally Made Of Smoke, Loose Cannon Marine, Good-Hearted Tough Guy, Heroic Law-enforcing Enemy, Lawman Jutte, Reluctant Team-Ups, Badass Biker, A Father to His Men, Friend to All Children, Knight in Sour Armor, No Shirt, Long Jacket
  • Domains: Cigars, Smoke, Justice
  • Heralds: G-5 Unit 01 (especially Tashigi)
  • High Priest: Avery Johnson
  • Superiors: Sakazuki, Five Elders
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Judge Dredd
  • Enemies:
  • Respects: John Hartigan
  • Opposed by: Billy Kane
  • Conflicting Opinion: Toph Beifong
  • Worthy Opponent: Monkey D. Luffy, Franky, Nico Robin, and the Straw Hat Pirates, Portgas D. Ace, Trafalgar Law
  • Smoker was the Marine captain stationed at Loguetown—the birthplace of the Gold Roger himself. The town was expected to be a pirate hangout as a result but thanks to Smoker's diligence—it became quite a feared place for pirates to stop by as he would arrest out or drive them away. So when a certain Straw Hat arrived in town, Smoker sensed that he has to do everything within his power to prevent him and his crew from reaching the Grand Line and making this infinitely harder for the World Government there. Of course, his intuition was right and like dominos, the pirates became central to world-changing conflicts within a few months from their humble origins. Smoker after the Paramount War was promoted to becoming a vice admiral due to acknowledgment for his strength. He was eventually brought to the Pantheon as well under the fact he has a cigar in his mouth at every possible moment, sometimes more than one! This also relates to his Devil Fruit ability as Smoker can turn himself and manipulate smoke—an ability that does wonders against opponents. Now that he is at the Pantheon alongside other Marine members, Smoker believes he could capture the Straw Hats much more easily. His G-5 men may be horny hoodlums but he will ensure that he will steer them towards capturing such high-ranking pirates no matter where they are. When the Straw Hats heard the news of his arrival, Luffy would have wanted to say hi but his crew held him back from such a dumb decision.
  • Though it has not been shown thanks to his intense attitude, Smoker appreciates that fellow Marines are here which include his current superior, Sakazuki as well as Monkey D. Garp. He thought it would bother Garp a bit with pursuing his grandson but Garp did not mind. He cites that as a Marine—he should not let familial ties get in the way of his duties and that Luffy being behind bars does not bother him at all. Smoker then prodded if that included Ace who he fought as well. Garp then only gave a Death Glare to Smoker before reverting to being jovial, making Smoker realize there are some lines he should not cross for the life of him. Despite being a Marine loyal to his cause, Smoker has been noted to be quite insubordinate especially before he was promoted to vice admiral. He quite literally abandoned his post on Loguetown—a place he was known for being effective on protecting—based on a hunch. Probably the reason why Smoker has not been punished for such actions was the Marines had him framed up as Alabasta's savior who stopped Crocodile. He regretted the Marines giving him such a reputation and thinks that perhaps his promotion to vice admiral was the punishment instead. He would be thankful that Donflamingo's arrest credited the pirates for being the true saviors this time instead of the World Government who were blackmailed by Doflamingo to ignore his actions and keep silent. It likely frustrated Sakazuki that someone directly under him holds those thoughts but cannot do anything thanks to the fame Smoker gained. Smoker also is not joining the GUAL too, if anybody is asking as World Government members are not required to.
  • Is not happy several pirates he knows are in the Pantheon. Crocodile still is a sore spot for him no matter how many years pass, Caesar Clown almost trumped his hatred for Crocodile due to poisoning his men with Deadly Gas that he deliberately spread around—and as a result, Smoker despises Doflamingo since he is the benefactor for Caesar and nearly beat him to the ground until Aokiji came to save him. On a lesser note, he had a perfect opportunity to capture the Straw Hat he followed for so long but that ended up not happening thanks to Boa Hancock kicking him and then gave a pose of superiority for good measure. Buggy the Clown himself was not happy over Smoker showing up since Smoker attempted to arrest him at Loguetown. Smoker is just surprised that Buggy was a Warlord at all, thinking the pirate sank to the bottom of the ocean once he entered the Grand Line.
  • He flipped when he heard a Hall of Piracy existed and marched there immediately to arrest everybody stationed there. However, he then learned the House they dwelled in makes sure no warranties or bounties are placed in on its residence which ensured those like Smoker are not able to take action. This frustrated him extremely, especially now that he was tugging a Jack Sparrow to the slammer. Sparrow did not know what was going on considering a bunch of smoke transformer into a person but was relieved when he was spared for being a pirate. Another pirate that Smoker is after is Davy Jones who he believed presents a considerable threat to the World Government as his ability to drag things underwater seamlessly could singlehandedly incapacitate a majority of the Devil Fruit users within the ranks of the Marines—something that includes him. Even if Davy Jones is this abomination of nature that could more likely kill him, Smoker thinks it is in the best interest to have his crew pursue such a threat. His G-1 Unit all groaned at the act.
    G-1 Marine: Uh... Vice-Admiral? Are you sure we have to go after the guy with a squid that could sink us faster than an Emperor?
    Smoker: You signed up for this. We can't back down now.
  • When sailing across the seas—Smoker and his men spotted a ship that was unlike anything he had ever seen. It glowed unnaturally green and was transparent without signs of a crew. His men wanted to book it as this was the complete hallmarks of a Ghost Ship but Smoker only ordered them to go near it for boarding. Smoker was the first to get onto the ship as his men were busy cleaning up their pants to do the scouting for him. Wandering around for a minute, he arrived—the Flying Dutchmen himself! The ghostly pirate demanded why Smoker went onto his ship, to which Smoker replied that it was because it was a pirate ship and whoever commands it must be a pirate. The Dutchman was busy trying to question if Smoker just skimmed over the whole ghost aspect to him before Smoker went for the kill. The Dutchman was surprised when Smoker tried ramming after him like a cloud of smoke and instead floated towards the wall, to which the Dutchman wondered if Smoker was a ghost too. When Smoker heard that line, he realized that ghosts are unlikely able to be harmed by normal means and decided to go full-on out. Using Haki, Smoker then tried striking Flying Dutchman with his jutte and proceeded to sear off a bit of his mustache much to the pirate's shock. What proceeded was a swordfight that went all across the ship with the Flying Dutchman even becoming a giant monster to fight for good measure. As a ghost, the Dutchman had unlimited stamina but Smoker was only a mortal—getting tired after using his Haki so much. It was only at the ship's perfume department was when Smoker had finally lost his edge and was knocked out by the hundreds of employees spraying him with every scent imaginable to the point it all became putrid to human senses. The Dutchman then tossed Smoker back onto his ship, citing that he should have the courtesy to have a warrant before arresting before having his ship float back underwater. Smoker still is sore over the defeat and vowed to get the Flying Dutchman to Impel Down—something that everybody finds incredulous as the Flying Dutchman is a ghost and could just phase through the walls.
  • Smoker has a tense relationship with Judge Dredd, a fellow officer of the law that Smoker sees as going too far in various places. The man shoots first before asking questions later, something that Smoker believes is such an ineffective line of thought that is more costly than simply interrogating before delivering punishment. That reputation of shooting first before interrogating that the Marines have makes a lot of issues Smoker is involved in a lot more difficult. Dredd in the meanwhile thinks Smoker is too weak of a mindset if he thinks fraternizing with the enemy is a good thing. He praised Smoker however for his effectiveness and diligence in upholding the law but cited that aspect to Smoker will not allow them to be "friends" as far as Dredd's version of the word goes. What both can agree on is that the Dark Judges need to go before they destroy everything for the smallest infractions.
  • When there are comparisons to Smoker's character, Dirty Harry comes to mind for many. Dirty Harry like Smoker is a man who upholds the law but due to those same laws, he has to break rules of conduct if it means to keep criminals in check. Smoker does not use things such as guns nor fists to fight like Harry but he could take on deadlier threats than anything Harry could fight. When together, Harry and Smoker are perhaps the most feared patrol officers throughout the entire Pantheon as they could pop up at any criminal hideout and proceed to absolutely decimate them. The World Government told Smoker to quit going into gunfights with Dirty Harry as it may taint their image but Smoker cited he was stopping criminals, a duty upheld by every Marine. If he just lets criminals slide, then that would be more tarnishing to the reputation of the Marines. His superiors had to concede to his statements much to their ire. Smoker could be seen laughing with a few cigars in his mouth afterward.
  • He has much respect Lin Beifong for mostly cleaning up what could have been a lawless city of crooks and troublemakers. However, what Smoker finds heavily questionable was her mother who had shown unbecoming actions towards the end of her term as police chief where she gave a slap on a wrist for her daughter being involved in gang activities, even if said daughter grew up to be a respectable leader to a nation she established. Lin does not pay mind to the criticism of her immediate family as even she called them out on such matters years later. Toph does not care for it, however. She chides Smoker for being an officer of those who is not unlike the imperialistic Earth Empire or the Fire Nation, citing that even if he is one of the few good ones in there that he should recognize that he is still supporting them and all of his work would be for naught when revolutionaries start upheaving them. Of course, Toph cites that could be said for all governments and that she is too old to care about who is in power as long as they do not bump into her interests.
    Toph: Okay, Smokey—listen to me good. You and I should know that bending a few rules may end up for the better. If I never ran away from my parents and be the sweet little girl as they told me, who knows where the world would be now if my metalbending did not wreck the entire Fire Nation balloon fleet. Sometimes, it's better not to care about government laws and all the junk that comes with that. I should know. I helped write the book for it!
  • Smoker got scammed out of a good chunk of money one time. He and his men were exhausted eating salty rations for an entire trip—being stranded in the middle of nowhere to boot. Luckily, a floating crab trap emerged where a certain crab had his workers cook a bunch of Krabby Patties for his men. Being desperate, Smoker caved into their enormously large prices and had his men eat a hearty meal that they never forgot. Even Smoker was impressed by how tasty the burger was. They eventually went back on their merry way and the Krusty Krab would not be brought back up in a serious light again until Smoker discovered a menu for the Krusty Krab that listed significantly shorter prices compared to the price he paid for. Krabs who owns the restaurant was experimenting with how to skyrocket the price for his food with excusable pretenses, with having the restaurant be mobile being one of them. Smoker was furious over being tricked like this but could not arrest Krabs for this since it WAS excusable (like a food truck selling a twenty buck burrito when a fast-food franchise sells an even bigger burrito for five to ten bucks) until he found one tidbit of information that gave his the justification to do so. Krabs used to be a pirate and even revived the career a few times as well. Krabs had to give him back his money plus interest so that he would not end up in the slammer. Krabs still does business with the Marines but tells his employees to put a booger or two within the food due to his hatred for Smoker venting out towards them. He may not realize this but Smoker was, fortunately, kind enough did not extort him for even more money than what he saw as necessary as well as not demand something as important as the Krabby Patty secret formula to boot.
  • Smoker can be seen helping out in the House of Childhood and Adolescence as he has a soft spot for kids despite it being apparent that many starts messing with him as a result. The Boys from South Park like screwing over Smoker a few times and pranking him as if he were a substitute teacher but the Marine does not mind in the slightest. He cites that children grow up to fast where he is from, exposed to the cruelty of reality. If they want to mess with him, as their amusement over those moments are what they will look back fondly towards and he should not scar those memories. What kid Smoker is against though is Damien Thorne, who Smoker could tell just by looking at him that he was much more than a troubled child. He was right when Thorne tried stabbing Smoker out of the belief that Smoker was a spy sent for him but being made of smoke did not affect him. Smoker then found out that Thorne was not a kid but could transform into a middle-aged man to which he used to justify beating the shit out of him. Thorne had sworn that Smoker would pay for his injuries... by suing him for child endangerment. The Court of the Gods decided that Smoker did not hit a child if Damien had the mindset of a much older man and can turn into said form as well as defending himself since Damien was the one who struck first.
  • Smoker has incredible respect for Samuel Vimes for being a very efficient officer but also putting his foot down when it comes to excessive cruelties done for the sake of the law. Vimes appreciated Smoker for seeing that he is one of the few sensible and competent people within their line of duty. He congratulated Smoker on being upgraded to becoming a vice admiral but warned Smoker that considering those he works for, one day he may have to choose between being a lawman or a good person. Smoker did not understand this and perhaps he does not want to know what Vimes meant.
  • Billy Kane hates Smoker for "polluting" the place whenever he comes around, as Smoker always has a cigar or two within his mouth. Billy Kane also criticized Crocodile for those same reasons but ended up getting tossed to a smoking area as a dehydrated semi-corpse to which he does not want to repeat. Smoker is not that cruel and does not see what the big fuss is about smoking damaging a person's body. Since he is made of the smoke itself, it is unlikely smoking does things like give him cancer. Smoking perhaps increases his power instead so he has to rely on it to do better at combat. What Kane then mentioned was that Smoker should smoke within the outdoors or in designated smoking areas. Smoker conceded and would do such that... but still has cigars in his mouth except instead of the cigar's being lit up, the smoke that emanates from Smoker's cigars are from his Devil Fruit abilities. Billy Kane could be seen screaming afterward over being ignored so blatantly.
  • Smoker cannot find himself friends with John Hartigan for being an unhinged man who seeks to place his own ideals for justice over the law. To be fair, Smoker is similar but even he has to acknowledge the law at some point. He may not find himself friends but respect Hartigan for taking on those who would be nigh untouchable like the Roark father and son who Hartigan believes they had what was coming to them majorly. Smoker like most people hate corrupt bureaucracy and seeing justice done against them is satisfying.
  • "I have urgent business to attend to... Withdrawing for now."

    Yoh Asakura 
Yoh Asakura, God of Slackers (Headphones, You, Yō)
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  • Intermediate God (Greater God when using Over Soul)
  • Symbol: His orange headphones, Asakura family symbol (specifically, the Seven Star Tree)
  • Theme Music: Yoh's Theme, Over Soul, Soul salvation (both sung by Megumi Hayashibara), Hao/O.S. Yoh's Theme (shared with Hao)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Slacker, All-Loving Hero, But can be harsh to those who hurt his friends, Brilliant, but Lazy, But never gives up, Sibling Yin-Yang, Enemies with his evil twin brother until he convinced him to spare humanity, Controls the Spirit of Earth, which also allows him to manipulate gravity
  • Domains: Laziness, Spirituality, Magic, Earth, Gravity
  • Heralds: Amidamaru and the Spirit of Earth (his guardian ghosts), Hana Asakura (his son, shared with Anna)
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Maka Albarn & Soul Eater Evans
  • Enemies: Frieza, Dio Brando, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja
  • Odd Friendship with: Bender
  • Special Relationship: Hao Asakura (his brother)
  • Yoh was born into the Asakura family, an influential shaman family. His twin brother was Hao Asakura, the reincarnated founder of the family. Wishing to prevent Hao from being reborn and fulfilling his goal of becoming Shaman King and eliminating all non-shamans, the family agreed to kill Hao shortly after his birth. Unable to determine which of the twins was Hao, Yoh's grandfather, Yohmei, reluctantly decided to kill both infants to be sure. However, Yohmei's brief moment of hesitation allowed the newborn Hao to summon the Spirit of Fire and escape, which, by extension, also resulted in Yoh's life being spared. Although a slacker by nature, Yoh would spend his childhood being trained for the Shaman tournament in order to stop Hao, as well as to fulfill his goal of becoming Shaman King and never having to do anything ever again afterwards. Ultimately, Hao became Shaman King, but Yoh managed to convince him to spare humanity for the time being, giving them a chance to improve themselves before he passed his judgment upon them.
  • After ascending, Yoh was quite happy to be reunited with many of the other Shonen Jump deities, whom he had fought alongside with on a previous occasion. However, he was also disappointed to discover that Frieza and Dio Brando had ascended as well, as they had previously tried to invade his world and fought against his wife Anna during that attempt.
  • He quickly became friends with Shikamaru, Houtarou Oreki, Mako Reizei, Kyon, Reimu Hakurei, Yukari Yakumo and Scott Pilgrim, as they all shared his laziness. He even managed to befriend Bender through their shared enjoyment of doing nothing.
  • He also gets along very well with the Joestar family and their allies. He particularly likes Josuke and Koichi, as they remind him of Ryu and Manta.
  • Yoh was surprised to hear from Naruto and Josuke that his voice sounded like those of a former bully named Akane and Hayato Kawajiri. However, he was rather disturbed to discover that the voice of Lust the Lascivious also sometimes sounded like his.
  • He occassionally has friendly sparring matches with Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans, who are quitte amazed at how powerful Yoh is despite his laziness. While Soul got along with him immediately, Maka was initially rather disapproving of his seeming lack of work ethic. However, upon learning of how Yoh went through Training from Hell in order to achieve his goal of becoming Shaman King and managed to convince his brother to spare humanity, Maka began to respect him more.
  • He usually spends most of his time in the House of Nature, spending hours either sleeping or staring at various parts of nature.
  • Yoh often joins Mordecai and Rigby in slacking off and playing video games. He even occasionally tags along in their misadventures, although he can't quite explain how exactly those two keep getting into trouble.
  • Yoh is disgusted that he shares a last name with Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja and has sworn to stop him.
  • "Everything will work out."

Lesser Gods

    Balthazar Bratt 
Balthazar Bratt, God of Anachronistic Musicphiles (Evil Bratt, A Bad Boy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Evil Bratt action figures
  • Theme Music: None of his own, though he likes to use Michael Jackson's "Bad"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Disco Dan, Former Child Star, Played The Role Of A Villain And Became One, Keytar Weapon, Psychopathic Manchild, '80s Hair, Eighties Fashion Sense, Wants To Get Back At Hollywood And Take Over the World, Dance Battler
  • Domains: Fame(formerly), Delusion, Revenge, Music, The Eighties, Bubblegum
  • High Priest: Disco Stu
  • Followers: Turner D Century, Gary King, Leisure Suit Larry
  • Allies: Crystal Man and Junk Man, Ember McLain, I-No
  • Headbutting Villains with: Eric Cartman, Norma Desmond
  • Enemies: Felonius Gru, The Minions, all of Hollywood, Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Jake, Nostalgia Critic, Knuckles the Echidna, Marty McFly, Bill and Ted
  • Respects: Michael Jackson (one-sided)
  • Balthazar Bratt is a Former Child Star who was the star of his own show, Evil Bratt. The Villain Protagonist of a popular series in the mid-80s, his luck rank out in the third season where he reached puberty and rating plummeted, the series being cancelled. Unable to handle this loss of his fame, he would sink into delusion and believe he was the character he played. He would become just as much of a supervillain, with a desire to get back at Hollywood for cancelling him.
  • Has a mindset trapped in the eighties, which is pretty evident with his fashion, Rubik's Cubes and other 80s paraphernalia. He always listen to music of that time. A huge fan of Michael Jackson, he was overjoyed to meet his idol in the pantheon. This is completely one-sided as the King of Pop is disturbed by his desire to stay in the past making him a deranged super-villain. At the very least he refuses to cause trouble in Jackson's presence.
  • Despises Hollywood due to how he was cancelled due to reaching puberty. His Evil Plan was to use a laser to separate Hollywood off the ground and lift into space with bubblegum, replicating the last episode of his show. To achieve this he needs a powerful enough diamond for his laser, which has led him to try and take the Master Emerald. He almost succeeded lifting Angel Island into space, though it was taken back before he could realize the true power of the emerald.
  • Has a large collection of personal merchandise he's managed to weaponize, such as his Evil Bratt action figures. He has tried to sell them in Commerce, but experts of the House of Weapons check to make sure any weapon he put there is removed. She is trying to recreate his giant action figure mech. Crystal Man and Junk Man have helped him in the finance of it, especially Crystal Man since the crystals he makes help with his laser weapons.
  • Because of his vendetta towards Hollywood the House of Theatre and Spectacle won't allow him in unless under strict supervision. He's managed to follow the rules, mainly because he wants to renew his show's popularity in the pantheon. While some feel he could use more material, they do admit he's good at the Evil Is Cool and Love to Hate role. He's friendly towards Norma Desmond due to being a bitter former star looking for their Glory Days, though she thinks he's a bit nuts.
  • Refuses to live outside the 1980s, and anybody who thinks otherwise is welcome to say so if they can get past his fortress; a heavily guarded cube surrounded by super-toxic spikes. He was overjoyed to learn that time travel was a thing, and immediately began hassling fellow 80s icons Marty McFly and Bill and Ted to steal their time machine and re-live his fame. They managed to fight him off less he ruin the timeline for his delusions.
  • Being voiced by Trey Parker, the deities from South Park have taken some notice of him. He seems most interested in Eric Cartman as he's impressed by his elaborate plans of vengeance, and that he's made progress getting back at Hollywood like almost cancelling Family Guy or getting Cthulhu to kill Justin Bieber. While Cartman will sometimes help if it suits him, he's lazy and fickle and thus not the best ally.
  • Able to weaponize bubblegum bubbles to compress people or as a levitation device, among other purposes. He's impressed by Hisoka's skill with them, but otherwise doesn't seem that interested. He has caused trouble in the Candy Kingdom for trying to kidnap Princess Bubblegum and force her to use her newly found candy elemental powers as an endless resource for his gum weaponry.
  • Has managed to weaponize his sonic keytar, though he sometimes just uses it to play 80s songs. Likes to play with fellow evil musicians Ember McClain and I-No.

    Reinhardt Wilhelm 
Reinhardt Wilhelm, God of Those Born in the Wrong Century (Rein, Grandpa Rein, Team Grandpa, Iron Man-At-Arms)
Without his helmet 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A gauntlet with lion motifs
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Reluctant Retiree, Born in the Wrong Century, Hunter of His Own Kind, Mighty Glacier, Military Superhero, Cool Old Guy, Good Is Not Soft, Blood Knight, Good Feels Good, The Heart
  • Domains: Good, Law, War, Protection
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Reaper, Widowmaker, Arthas Menethil, Leoric, Diablo, Anub'arak, Red Skull, Ardyn Izunia.
  • Rivals: Mordekaiser, Smough, Big Bull
  • Stouthearted knight Reinhardt was one of the founding members of Overwatch and enthusiastically used every bit of his might to protect the weak. However, he was forced to retire due to concerns about his age. Overwatch then crumbled without him keeping their morals, and the world plunged into chaos. Reinhardt took himself to the Pantheon to show that regardless of what people say about his age, it's too early for him to retire. He's still kicking... in the middle of a modern age where guns are commonplace, and he's still swinging his hammer close range like an old fashioned knight. Truly, he's born not only in the wrong century, but also in the wrong genre, but he's still kicking ass. With that much consideration, the Pantheon ascended him.
  • Reinhardt has earned a scary reputation for being a "Tank Killer", being able to take those mighty foes down with just his trusty hammer, which is quite ironic given that he is also a Tank hero. This made him a potential rival for Leoric, who is also known for being very effective against other tanks.
  • Due to his love of protecting the weak and fighting style being similar to Assault Terminators, Vulkan made him an honorary "Terminator".
  • Found a place as a member of the GUAG Sacred Knights and GUAG Super Hero Division, serving as a diplomatic bridge between the two units, though he's also at the Combat Division alongside the entirety of Overwatch.
  • He gets along swimmingly with aspiring heroes of justice such as Mami. The two of them have been noted to have some truly scary synergy with Reinhardt providing a wall and Mami providing a blistering storm of fire power from behind the shield and ribbon traps should anyone dare to try and flank him.
    • This also applies to fangirls of heroes of justice like Flonne. The fact that the two of them are a bit crazy makes their time together even more enjoyable.
  • He found a kindred soul in Nora Valkyrie given that he sees in her what he used to be when he was much younger. Also she reminds him of his apprentice, Brigette. People say that they look like a girl and her grandpa having a good time when they are together. And so, Nora decided to introduce Reinhardt as her Grandpa to Ren.
    • Reinhardt is one of the very few who is able to handle the harsh training of Nora. He once invited his Overwatch teammates to partake in one of her regimine and they were wiped out. That was only from the warm ups.
  • Reinhardt's age makes him somewhat known as "Grandpa Rein" or "Team Grandpa". However, he didn't get this call sign often, because sometimes people saw his enthusiasm to do good making him look like a Manchild. Like that one time he was yelling "Aah! Again! AGAAAAIIINN!!!" like a kid wanting another ride at a roller coaster.
  • Yes, he's German. This also means he's known about the Nazi regime, and no, he's not pleased about them. The only exception he'll make is with a certain Rudol von Stroheim, but Reinhardt would have viewed him as a man first, Nazi second.
  • He gains friendship with the ninja claiming himself the Hammer of Justice, Bang Shishigami. Reinhardt and Bang bonded over their passion for justice and while he's not amongst the 'Bastions', he certainly can count him on to be an Action Duo with him.
    • He also has another friendship with Iron Tager due to similarly heavy body build, strength and speed ratio and having similar voice in another region. Unfortunately, it wasn't as smooth because Reinhardt isn't a fan of Tager's superior Kokonoe due to her more sociopathic tendencies and yet still getting considered heroic. That's not what heroism means for Reinhardt.
  • As much as he's respected by many in other Houses, the House of Music is pretty divided on him. If he's around when there's Techno music playing, he'd complain that the House could use some classic musics, like Hasselhoff. That's the cue for many to not be able to take him seriously.
    • He also visits the House of Gaming, but that's because he is hoping to get a chance to meet a certain Korean gamer-turned-pilot.
    • He finally did. in the House of Combat, that is.
  • Is also a really good friend with Braum for their tendencies to use their shield and make every of their allies stand behind them for protection, as well as their overall good and chivalrous natures. Reinhardt just loses out because Braum can jump/dash to right in front of his allies... if Reinhardt does so, he won't stop in front of allies, but continued dashing until he either reaches certain distance or crashed to a wall. Or to a cliff, carrying his enemies with him to his death, but to him? IT WAS WORTH IIIIIIT!!!
    • Regardless, when the two combine their shields, nothing gets past them.
  • There are those in the Pantheon who question Reinhardt's mental state. Not that he is disturbed or anything, but he has tendencies to imagine things as others. If he had to be compare to someone, it be as Don Quixote who imagined windmills as dragons. Though, despite these concerns, many still consider him an effective hero.
  • While Reinhardt mostly wears his regular Crusader armor, there are times he wears different variations.
    • There is his Paragon armor that he uses while as a member of the Sacred Knights. So far, there has been no Chocobo for him to ride on.
    • The Lionhardt armor was forged in the city of Stormwind and gifted by the King Varian Wrynn himself. Reinhardt considers an honor to receive an armor that was made especially for him.
    • His Bloodhardt armor has often been compared to the Gurren Lagann mech. Reinhardt actually got to meet Team Dai-Gurren and was awestruck at the group's camaraderie.
    • There is one armor that Reinhardt holds dear and that's the Crusader suit belonging to his long gone mentor, Balderich von Alder. When he first retrieve it from the castle of Eichenwalde, the armor was a bit "Earthy". At first, Reinhardt refused to wash it until many of the water deities did it for him. The scene was comically awesome.
  • When people decided to ask about his mentor, Reinhardt became surprisingly somber before narrating his tale. Back in his youth, Reinhardt used to be a reckless Glory Seeker, charging into the fight and leaving his teammates behind. It took a scar to the eye and the Heroic Sacrifice of his mentor to knock him off his high horse and turn him into the man he is today.
    • As such, Reinhardt looks down on those who would abandon a plan and charge in without considering the others. He takes particular pity on Leeroy Jenkins, because his tendencies are not as a result of battle lust but sheer stupidity.
    • Upon seeing how good his armor was back in the day compared to how he is in the game, the House of Technology has offered (with the implication that they aren't taking no for an answer) to restore it to its former efficiency, and to upgrade all his armors to the same degree. After much convincing from much of his allies, including Torbjorn, the Crusader accepted the offer; there's no reason to hold himself back in the wake of war in the Pantheon.
  • Reinhardt is one of the few deities to own a special pass to travel to different worlds that are part of the Dominions since he travels a lot to help people. During his travels, he has crossed path with both Samurai Jack and Eiji Hino. There's many untold stories of the three traveling warriors battling unknown beings in the name of justice.
  • There are also two things that are surprisingly high on his preference list: His own skin tanning, and his amazing hair, at least in the past. Don't worry, unlike Josuke Higashikata, he will not enter a berserk state if someone insults it, but it's still not advisable.
  • As The Heart of Overwatch, many saw Reinhardt's forced retirement as the catalyst of the groups destruction. That's because he was one of the few to try to stop the corruption that had been affecting the organization.
  • Justice will be done!


    The Curtis Gang 
The Curtis GangMembers , Gods of Greasers (Ponyboy: Pony; Sodapop: Soda; Darrel: Darry; Johnny: Johnnycake; Dallas: Dally; Keith: Two-Bit)
L-R: Two-Bit, Darry, Johnny, Dallas, Ponyboy, Sodapop and Steve
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost
  • Theme Music: "Stay Gold"
  • Alignment: Try to be True Neutral for the most part. Ponyboy and Johnny are arguably Neutral Good. Dallas is Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Greaser Delinquents, Family of Choice
  • Domains: Greasers, Family
  • Allies: Jimmy Hopkins, Arthur Fonzarelli, Daniel LaRusso, Mr. Miyagi, Johnny Lawrence, Spirit (rivals with Dallas), The Courier
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Gary Smith, Eliza and Neil Reagan, John Kreese
  • Fans of: Elvis Presley
  • The Curtis Gang is a close-knit group of greaser youths. They lead rough lives due to their low social and financial status and often-dire family situations, which they compensate for by relying on each other. Ponyboy Curtis is the youngest member, sensitive and a bright student. He idolizes his older brother Sodapop, a cheerful, charismatic and popular guy. Darrel is the eldest brother, forced to become the breadwinner after their parents' untimely passing; he's very strict with Pony, which strained their relationship; he's also the leader of the gang. The rest of the gang consist of Pony's nervous, much abused best friend Johnny; Dallas, the most aggressive of the lot, proud of his miles-long criminal record; Two-Bit, so nickamed because he's always joking around; and lastly Steve, Soda's best friend (there's not much else going for him). These seven and other greaser gangs in the area often contended with the Socs, who due to their wealth tended to get away with their delinquency scot-free.
    • Things went to hell one night when Ponyboy and Johnny were attacked by Socs and Johnny stabbed one of them to death to save Pony. This led to the two hiding out in an abandoned church in the countryside for a few days. When the church went up in flames, Johnny became critically injured saving some kids from the fire, an action for which he and Pony were hailed as heroes. Unfortunately, this did little good for Johnny, who eventually died from his injuries. This was upsetting for the gang, especially Dallas, who in his despair got himself killed by the police after robbing a store. These dramatic events inspired Pony to commit his gang's story to writing.
  • Shortly after these events, Ponyboy stood just outside his house in a melancholic mood, watching the sunrise. Then a familiar car seemed to fade into view and drove rather recklessly towards where Ponyboy was, screeching to a halt. To Ponyboy's considerable shock, Dallas stood from his place at the wheel to yell at him to get in already so he and Johnny could show him a cool place they found. Johnny also made himself heard as he chided Dallas for his lack of tact, to which Dallas replied he had no patience for mushy stuff. Ponyboy, assuming the whole thing to be a dream, got in the car and Dallas promptly offered to clobber him in case he thought he was dreaming. Pony settled on giving Johnny a big hug. So off they went (Dallas driving extremely recklessly as per usual) and soon enough the landscape was changing to something Pony had never seen in his life. Johnny explained he and Dallas now lived in a place called the Pantheon, where they (and Johnny warned that this was the really unbelievable part) were made Gods of Greasers because "some guys higher up" thought they had a good story, and now they were looking to bring up the whole gang, with Pony being the first they visited because he was the most likely to understand. Pony thought this was way too surreal, but also thought it could finally be the chance for the whole gang to find a place to belong. With enough time (Soda and Two-Bit were easier to convince than Steve and the very unwhimsical Darry), they managed to get the whole gang in. A tearful reunion was had.
  • Most of them are school-aged, though a number of them dropped out. Darry completed high school but forewent going to college to provide for his brothers. Pony is probably the only one to take school seriously. When Bully Hunter Jimmy Hopkins heard a gang of greasers ascended, he wanted to make sure they weren't going to be trouble, since he saw parallels between the Greaser/Soc conflict and a similar one in his world (substitute Soc for Preppie). None of the Curtis gang could reliably be called bullies (maybe Dallas once in a while), even if they have a predisposition to try to settle things through their fists, and this is less true of the Curtis brothers (Darry makes damn sure) than it is of the rest of the gang. All things considered, Jimmy seems to think of the Curtis gang as mostly decent people and is especially friendly with Pony and Johnny, though he's not amused that Dallas likes to jump him when hankering for a fight.
    • They have also been warned by Jimmy about his archnemesis Gary Smith and his harebrained ideas to take over the school, which often involve manipulating others. They're aware that Gary might try to target them for manipulation due to him already being used to dealing with the Greasers at Bullworth back in his world. As far as the gang is concerned, the way to deal with Gary and people like him, who stir up trouble for the sake of it, is to give them a good beatdown once in a while. At the very least, Gary has noticed that these particular greasers are too tight-knit and smart to fall easily to his machinations, so he handles them with caution.
  • There are no Socs in the Pantheon for the gang to worry about, but there are still a number of rich people with crappy personalities. The ones the gang seems to personally deal with most often are Eliza and Neil Reagan. Fortunately, the twins are kind of pathetic as far as combat goes, and shrink away from the gang in fear as much as they scoff at them for their poverty. But at least, these two won't be jumping them anytime soon (though they might try to pay someone off to do it). Either way, the gang just kind of feels contempt for them and doesn't feel they are worth bothering about at all on their own.
  • Soda and Steve work at a gas station, with Steve having a huge talent with handling and fixing up cars of all sorts. This is what led the gang to become acquainted with Arthur Fonzarelli, a greaser and mechanic himself, as he struck up many a conversation with Steve on the topic of cars. The Fonz would go on to drop in at their temple many times (it looks like the Curtises' home, and they're used to random people dropping in due to Darry's open door policy), resulting in him becoming a close friend to the gang, if not a honorary member. The Fonz is generally appreciated by the gang for knowing how to light up the mood and just being a really cool guy in general.
  • Soda also got a side gig working at the House of Ungulates, because he really likes horses. In the past he was particularly attached to a moody one called Mickey Mouse and was heartbroken when it was sold off by its owner. Likely for that reason, his favorite is the mustang Spirit, who's known for his wild temper. Spirit regarded the boy with suspicion at first, as he tends to do, but given how Soda showed willingness to roll with Spirit's quirks, the mustang decided he was alright. Pony is just happy that his brother found a horse that could potentially replace Mickey Mouse in his heart. Dallas is also interested in Spirit, for less good reasons; he loves participating in rodeos and thinks Spirit poses an interesting challenge. Of course, Spirit is more than happy to show this upstart who's boss. Soda always roots for Spirit on these occasions.
  • They all have troubled home lives: the Curtises are orphans, Two-Bit's father ran off and left his wife (a perfectly decent person, by the way) to raise Two-Bit and his little sister on her own, Steve's father often runs him out of the house, and Dallas has been fending for himself on the streets since he was 10. Johnny has it worst, with both his parents being neglectful on a good day and violent on a bad one. It's one reason the whole gang is extremely protective of Johnny. It's no surprise that they really hate the Child Abuse Supporters and just about any sub-par parents in the Pantheon. Conversely, they get a lot of respect from the good parts of the House of Family for succeeding in creating a sort of family unit among themselves. They especially commend Darry for the sacrifices he's made in order to take good care of his brothers.
  • Johnny is one of the members of the gang who really dislikes fighting, owing to him getting beat up to a bloody pulp by a pack of Socs when they caught him alone. He even has scars on his head to show for it. As a result, Johnny is rather on the timid and jumpy side, which only incites his much tougher friends to shelter him from harm when possible. As it happens, Ponyboy once crossed paths with Daniel LaRusso at a martial arts exhibition and it struck him how much he resembled Johnny. Pony decided to talk to him about Johnny and see if he could give him a pep-talk and maybe some basic martial arts training. Daniel, having been a bullying victim before taking up karate, was interested in Johnny and went to talk to him aout each other's experiences and perspectives on fighting. Johnny ultimately accepted learning some moves from Daniel if only as to not be so helpless (and also so he doesn't have to rely on things like knives because that turned out so well last time), though he still advocates that rumbles between gangs are pointless, an attitude Daniel finds correct.
    • Mr. Miyagi also shows concern for the youth, given how much he reminds him of Daniel, but much more insecure. He feels pretty sad for Johnny's tragic life, though also finds that it has made him remarkably wise for his age. Miyagi has offered to take on Johnny as a proper pupil. Johnny isn't sure he wants to go so far, though he really enjoys Miyagi's quiet and relaxing company.
    • It's impossible to escape the irony that Johnny shares his name with Daniel's bully and rival Johnny Lawrence, who visited the gang's temple to get a look at the kid who got Daniel's attention. To his credit, Lawrence has mellowed out considerably since his angry teenage days and become determined to make something of himself by taking over the Cobra Kai dojo after spending most of his adulthood in failure. His troubled early life means he has a lot in common with the gang, so they relate to him more than someone like Daniel, who had a more conventional upbringing (Johnny disagrees as he finds Lawrence terrifying).
    • Knowing that Lawrence's former teacher John Kreese is responsible for turning him into a vicious bully through his philosophy of ruthlessness and that he later tried to choke him out of fury that he could not beat Daniel, the gang has nothing good to say about Kreese. The fact that Kreese was probably the closest to a father Lawrence had (as he never knew his actual father) makes the gang despise him even more, given the trust Lawrence had deposited in him previously.
  • The Courier has good memories of meeting a gang whose members were a mix of greasers and Elvis impersonators. The reason for that is that they thought Elvis Presley was a god and that's their way of worshipping him. They were also rather pleasant for a gang. The Curtis gang is a lot more normal than that and therefore not as amusing, but the Courier seems to have taken a liking to them all the same. Incidentally, they DO like Elvis Presley, just not to such an extreme extent. They're pretty happy that he gets due recognition in the Pantheon. Weren't so glad to learn that The Beatles are represented as well, though (the Socs like The Beatles).

    The Farmer 
The Farmer, God of Farmers (Pete, Mark/Pony, Toy/Tony, Adam/Amanda, Mark/Chelsea, Angela/Kevin/Molly/Kasey, Hansel/Gretel, Jack, Claire, etc.)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Golden Farming Hoe.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Farmer, Heroic Mime, Internal Monologuing, Friendship Thru Conversing, Dog Lover
  • Domains: Animal, Community, Earth, Purification
  • High Priest: Raguna
  • Follower: Farmer (Stardew Valley)
  • Allies: Applejack, Superman, Crazy Dave, Brassica Prime, The Cabbage Merchant, Holo, Chaac, Courage, The Nerima Daikon Brothers,Kazumi Sawatari/Kamen Rider Grease
  • Rivals: Eustace Bagge
  • Enemies: Hexxus
  • It was that day, the day of the funeral for the old Farmer who tended the field in the Pantheon. His temple has been empty and abandoned for some time, before his grandson took over the field and replenished it to its former glory within two years. He has since been working to prepare selling his fresh crops to the House of Food.
  • He enjoy working with other farmers as he felt that one person isn't enough to fulfill a quota of crops and food for the entire Pantheon.
    • He is humbled with other heroes who were farmers initially before they went off in their journey. Especially Superman who was raised by farmers and he admit that he would of been a farmer if he didn't continue as a superhero.
    • He is a bit weirded out about Soldier: 76 who was a farmer, but found him to be cynical and rough than he used to be.
  • He was tending to his farm and found an oddly-large cabbage in the field, in which he was concerned that he was pranked. Upon discovering its authenticity, he cared for it and take him for a fair. Week later, the cabbage jumped out of the field and introduces and congratulates The Farmer for his excellent work in caring for his followers. He was rewarded with 10000 Prayer experience and a cabbage.
  • He befriended a strange man known as Crazy Dave, but he has met much stranger people. Dave sold some of his seeds to the Farmer, but he cut short of it when he found that he planted Peashooters instead of vegetables.
  • He meet many nature spirits and fairies for good harvest as he had encountered the Harvest Sprites and their Harvest Goddess. In addition, he wish to give good favors to the deities that would benefit harvesting seasons. Though Holo gave him one bad season just to keep the earth from spoiling, in which he understands as he dealt with Winter which is typically the season that makes harvesting almost impossible.
  • As a farmer who relies on good ground to farm, he doesn't like deities who are actively destroying nature like blighting the land or creating pollutions that cause problems. He even once saved his homeland from being demolished into a theme park.
  • He is seen around the Pantheon talking and gifting to other deities, likely forming a friendship with some of them.
  • He doesn't like the company of Eustace Bagge as he's not just a bad farmer (in fact, he never once seen him actually farm something) but also a mean, selfish man.
    • As the result, he befriended Courage as he enjoy pet dogs and would take him in if he gets into any trouble with Eustace.
  • He pities the Cabbage Merchant with his cart and fresh cabbages being destroyed constantly. He tried cheering him up with a gift and hosting his sale at his temple. It didn't help him much as it got destroyed by his animals but the Merchant was appreciative of him.
  • He was surprised to see that the Nerima Daikon Brothers were actually farmers themselves. He has since offered his help to help their daikons grow and even help keep Pandaikon from eating their crops.

    Lydia Deetz 
Lydia Deetz, Goddess of Goths (Lyds, Babes)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her camera and a copy of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased; alternatively, her red wedding dress
  • Theme Music: Jump in the Line (Shake Senora)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette, Emotionless Girl, Goth, is the only person who can see the Maitlands, Took a Level in Cheerfulness, Weirdness Magnet, Attempted by Beetlejuice to marry her so he can stay in the world of the living
  • Domains: Goths, Misfits
  • Followers: Richmond Avendale, Thalia Grace, the Gothia line, Crimson and Ennui, Carter Murphy-Mayhew
  • Heralds: Delia and Charles Deetz (her parents)
  • Allies: Sam Manson, Koume Shirasaka, Ranko Kanzaki, Abigail “Abby” Sciuto, the March sisters, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Kent Allard/The Shadow, Edward Scissorhands, Ellen Ripley, Most ghosts in the Pantheon especially Casper, Tomoko Nozama, Lulu, Coraline Jones
  • Enemies: Dracula
  • Opposes: Mandy
  • Complicated Relationship with: Beetlejuice
  • Lydia Deetz is the daughter of two parents who have moved to a house inhabited by the ghosts of its previous owners, the Maitlands. Lydia does not ignore the weird and the strange because she is strange. She befriended the Maitlands as she was the only person who can see them. Beetlejuice plans on marrying her so he can return to the world of the living though the plan ended up being foiled by the Maitlands.
  • Gets along well with most goths in the Pantheon. She can be seen with Koume Shirasaka and Ranko Kanzaki, who are goths in different ways. She also visit the Addams family's temple mostly to hang out with Wednesday Addams.
  • A girl who’s no stranger to the strange and unusual, Lydia was fascinated with the House of Otherness, especially the House of Ghosts. She was able to make friends with Casper because of his friendly personality.
    • When learning that Beetlejuice is also in the Pantheon, she learned better than to trust the Ghost with the Most, seeing how he forced her to marry him after he saves the Maitlands from being exorcised. Things get weirder for her when she found out about an alternate universe where she and Beetlejuice are best friends.
  • She enjoys hanging out with the March sisters, mainly due to how much she and Jo look alike.
    • She also tends to give Edward Scissorhands odd looks as he mistakes her for his lover Kim. After that confusion was cleared, she became good friends with him as she found another person who’s just as strange and unusual as her.
    • The same couldn’t be said with Dracula after he mistook her for Mina Murray.
    • Sometimes, Lydia can be seen having a talk with Ellen Ripley due to the former bearing a resemblance to a crewmember that accompanied Ripley’s clone.
  • At first, she is a bit wary of Batman, as he has something in common with Beetlejuice. However, she sees him as a good guy after clearing the misunderstanding. She had a similar encounter with The Shadow after she mistook him for Adam Maitland, one of the ghosts that she befriended.
  • She doesn’t like Mandy as she finds the girl’s sadistic nature a bit too much.
  • Has befriended Coraline Jones as she can relate to her situation of moving to a new house with supernatural connections.
  • Gets along well with Perky Goth Tomoko Nozama, with Tomoko allowed to dress up in some of her clothes. Lydia does admit that Tomoko's relationship with Ryusei Sakuta is adorable. Samantha Manson has also become good friends with her too due to both of them being goths who had experience with ghosts.
    • She also is fond of Lulu, but she probably wouldn't try and replicate Lulu's iconic belt dress.
  • “ I, myself, am strange and unusual.”

    Princess Syalis 
Princess Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste, Goddess of Sleep Enjoyment (The Princess, Princess Syalis, Suya-Suya the Scissor Demon)
  • Demigoddess, but Intermediate Gods aren't safe from her.
  • Symbol: A Teddy Demon, her self-made pillow and crown headband on top of a giant scissor
  • Theme Song: Suyaa...
  • Alignment: True Neutral with lots of Chaotic Neutral tendencies when unable to sleep well.
  • Portfolio: Really enjoying sleeping and revolving her entire personality around it, only technically being a Damsel in Distress but easily able to free herself and tormenting her captors in order to sleep well, only ever seen in pajamas, never giving up on getting a good sleep to the point of suicidal obliviousness, either unaware of or apathetic to the havoc she's wrecking, accidentally screwing over the demons' plans in the process, being more dangerous than her appearance lets on, having a soft spot for anything that is cute, too cute to disturb when actually sleeping, wanting to become a good queen at the end of the day, Shear Menace.
  • Domains: Sleep, Captivity, Cuteness
  • Heralds: The Teddy Demons
  • AlliesNote : Ysera, NiGHTS, Totoro, LotsoNote 
  • Enemies: Anyone who doesn't let her sleep, more specifically Vaermina, Wizeman the Wicked, Freddy Krueger, Bill Cipher, Astalos, Nonon Jakuzure, SCP-1048
  • Interested in: Jigglypuff, Maleficent
  • Feared by: The Magic Carpet
  • Under watch of: The SCP Foundation, Aladdin
  • Once upon a time, in a faraway land, humans and demons lived together in harmony in the Kingdom of Goodereste. But then, one day, the Demon King appeared, and captured the kingdom's princess, taking her hostage and only being willing to release her if the humans surrender the rule over the world to the demons. However, the Princess herself, Aurora Sya Lis Goodereste, cares about none of this. All she wants is a good night's sleep, and she is willing to go to great lengths to achieve this, and in turns causes absolute chaos in the demon castle -in which she is supposed to be imprisoned- every time something about her sleep bothers her. From stealing artifacts to killing sentient pieces of cloth to use as her bedsheets, nothing is off the table if it means she can get a good sleep.
  • Her temple is modeled after her prison cell in which she was held captive. Whenever she isn't sleeping, she is wandering around somewhere to find anything that could possibly help her sleep better, and although it is much more pleasant due to the Pantheon's generally more welcoming and accepting atmosphere, it can still get as noisy as it was in the Demon Castle where she was held captive, and she soon found out that the Pantheon has the same rules of Death being Cheap (which in her own world was only courtesy of the Demon Cleric reviving her out of neccessity) after trying to politely ask Astalos for Shock therapy to get rid of her sore muscles. For this reason, her temple/bedroom/prison cell is also fitted out with a coffin for her to revive in whenever she dies, as was custom in her world, or to sleep in if she so chooses. As far as she's concerned, not much has changed about her circumstances.
  • After getting a particularly nasty Nightmare courtesy of Wizeman the Wicked and almost getting killed by Freddy Krueger, she came into contact with NiGHTS and asked for help, should they attempt this again, given in her world, Princess Syalis never had to deal with Nightmare-related magic. She also learned from NiGHTS that there are other, much more powerful, malevolent entities related to Dreams in the Pantheon like Vaermina and Bill Cipher. Following NiGHTS' recommendation, The Princess has sought out Ysera to help her should they ever set their sights on her, which Ysera believes will happen sooner or later given how much Princess Syalis sleeps. She has agreed, mainly to keep the aforementioned Nightmare entities in check, but is not quite fond of being on Speed-dial as someone's personal Dream Bodyguard.
  • The Princess eventually learned that there is another princess sharing her first name who was put to sleep with an evil curse. Eventually she was able to find the fairy responsible for said curse, Maleficent. What happened next baffled everyone present: She walked up to Maleficent and, with a completely straight face, asked her if she could put that same curse on her. Maleficent declined out of sheer confusion, much to the Princess' dismay. She has kept up with the other Aurora though, as she felt a bit of kinship towards her.
  • Fellow Princess Peach (and by proxy, Daisy too) was all too happy to be friends with Princess Syalis, sharing their own experiences in getting captured with each other and exchanging tips on how to handle such situations better. Princess Syalis, for example, wondered why Peach doesn't just leave when captured by Bowser, not realizing that Bowser is, at times, a much more competent threat than anything she ever faced in her world. On the other hand, she also received some advice on how to be a good ruler of her subjects, as the Princess does want to become a good queen eventually.
  • She also found out that the Pantheon also has its own Demon King going by the name of Anos Voldigoad. Curious about what he's like and whether or not he can help her sleep, she visited him and asked if he had any intention to capture her, which Anos denied, and if he has something to make her sleep better. The Demon King, being the egomaniac that he is, tried to explain to her how his spell works, but as soon as the words "cursed collar" were dropped, Princess Syalis immediately lost interest because "a collar would be not comfortable at all to sleep with and I would only get dents around my neck." She also noted that she "liked the other one more." She does keep in touch with him from time to time though, if only because it reminds her of her time at the Demon Castle.
  • One day she came across a small, round and pink critter trying to sing to her. The Princess was so enamored by its cuteness that she almost didn't notice that its singing was making her fall asleep. After waking up from the Lullaby-induced slumber, she immediately made it a Number One Priority to get her hands on Jigglypuff again, as something that is both cute AND can put her to sleep at will is just too good to pass up. Nonon Jakuzure did not take kindly to Princess Syalis borderline assaulting her Pokemon partner the following days, and retaliated with her Symphony Regalia. The Princess has left her alone for now, but is already planning new schemes to claim Jigglypuff for herself.
  • The SCP Foundation has started to keep an eye on her after finding her rummaging through the lower Security levels of The Great Treasury trying to sleep in one of the Cryo-Tubes. How she got in there is beyond them. Needless to say, she received quite the scolding from the Foundation, but this wasn't the only time the Princess was apprehended by them. Soon she was found in the treasury again, this time trying to stick her pillow into the cogs of SCP-914, but she couldn't get it to work before she was found out. Her requests to use it to enhance her pillow have been denied, given it is filled with Teddy Demon fluff and the Foundation doesn't (yet) want to find out what SCP-914 will do with this kind of material.
    • The Foundation has also warned her about SCP-1048 after they learned of her origin story and fondness of the Teddy Demons from her world, and by proxy, normal teddy bears. Princess Syalis only halfheartedly listened and then went off to the Halls of Toys and Dolls to find him, curious to see if it was as cute as her Teddy Demons. She got her answer after getting cut up by SCP-1048-C, prompting her to stay away from him after she eventually revived in her coffin. She also tried something similar with SCP-2295. She was told it is sentient as well, but couldn't get it to move because she wasn't severely injured, which she didn't know was a requirement for the Patchwork Teddy to move. Also she deemed it "not fluffy enough".
  • A bit of research into other sentient teddy bears in the Pantheon led her to Lots-o' Hugging Bear, whom she decided to take home with her thanks to his sweet strawberry smell and fluffy fur, despite Lotso clearly protesting and not wanting to be a human's toy again. Needless to say, Lotso did not enjoy his time but there wasn't much he could do except wait until the princess was asleep and her grip was loose enough for him to break free. This went on for a while with Lotso being found and brought home (read: abducted) by Princess Syalis, sometimes even brushing him to get some strawberry-scented pillow stuffing, and him escaping later. After a week of this, Princess Syalis decided it's not worth the effort.
  • Coming across Totoro filled Princess Syalis with much joy too, as she finally found a new place to sleep (his large tummy) located inside of the giant tree that is Totoro's temple. She has started to visit him very regularly just to sleep on him. Totoro was used to children doing this long before Princess Syalis' ascension, so he doesn't mind.
    • Meeting Snorlax has caused a similar reaction from the Princess, although she doesn't like Snorlax' tummy as much as Totoro's due to Snorlax being much less fluffy, slightly less willing to let people sleep on him, and also because Snorlax had much more of a tendency to stir and roll over in its sleep, even having crushed and killed her by accident in doing so.
    • After witnessing this interaction, the Court of the Gods has decided that the Princess is a better Partner for Snorlax than its partner at the time, Mako Reizei, so they have decided to allow the Princess to partner up with it. She was very disappointed because it wasn't Jigglypuff who got assigned to her, but having a sentient oversized bed to sleep on which she can call on demand and that can also fight for her if motivated enough is not something Princess Syalis will complain about. Mako wasn't pleased either, but the Princess has allowed her to sleep on him together, which Mako happily accepted.
  • Aladdin's Carpet tries to stay as far away from her as it can, after hearing about what she has done to a Ghost Shroud in her own world as well as getting chased by her with a giant pair of scissors. Aladdin had to intervene, telling her that she cannot just kill his magic Carpet, and upon learning that the Carpet is indeed a Carpet, and not a flying blanket, she lost interest again, because Carpets are too stiff and scratchy to use as blankets or bedsheets.

    Umaru Doma 
Umaru Doma, Goddess of Otaku (U.M.R, Master, Komaru, Tanukichi, Hamster Weeb Shitlord, Nugget)
Umaru when she's alone 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Umaru's hamster hood next to a bag of potato chips and a cola
  • Theme Music: Revolutionary ☆ Metamorphose
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral when alone, Lawful Good when around others
  • Portfolio: Otaku, Super-Deformed, Sweet Tooth, Jerkass with a Heart of Gold, The Ace, Spoiled Brat, Beneath the Mask, Brilliant, but Lazy
  • Domains: Gaming, Laziness, Anime
  • Heralds: Taihei Doma (her brother and guardian), Nana Ebina, Sylphynford Tachibana and Kirie Motoba (her friends).
  • Allies: Konata Izumi, Patricia Martin, Tomoko Kuroki, Vert, Hajime Tsunashi, Flonne, Tomoe Gozen, Salama, Retoree, Yukari Akiyama, Musha Gundam, Roka Shibasaki, Kazuma's Party, Moriko Morioka/Hayashi and Yuta Sakurai/Lily, Hana Song/D.Va, The Matsuno Brothers, Robbie Rotten
  • Opposes: Sideshow Bob
  • Crushed On by: Greg Heffley
  • Despite the fact that she always appears perfect in public; always friendly to everyone, getting perfect grades and is super athletic, when Umaru is alone, she has an entirely different personality as Umaru loves playing video games, watching anime and gorging on snacks.
    • She also morphs into a Super-Deformed version of herself that's only about a quarter of her normal size and constantly wears a hamster hood.
    • Many deities who visit Umaru's temple are Unaware that Umaru and her SD form are the same person due their wildly different appearances, personalities and the fact that Umaru goes by Komaru while in this form.
  • Due to her love of video games, manga and anime, Umaru gets along really well with other Otaku deities such as Konata Izumi, Patricia Martin and Vert, Tomoko Kuroki and Hajime Tsunashi.
    • Umaru and Tomoko in particular are great friends as the two couldn't be any more different despite both being otaku. While Umaru is blonde, beautiful, is popular and has a brother who does do things for her (even if he tries not to and try to curve her lazy ways), Tomoko is dark, mildy attractive, wants to be popular, and has a brother who is annoyed by his sister. Tomoko originally started by disliking Umaru and thought she was one of those popular bitches. However, Tomoko befriended her SD form and after hearing this grievance about her, Umaru felt a bit sorry for her and was reminded of her own friend Kirika. As her big Umaru form, she actively try to befriend Tomoko. After first being suspicious of it, Tomoko starts to have a change of heart and actually like Umaru. Les Yay and all.
  • One time when Umaru was playing one of the crane games at an arcade in the house of gaming, Umaru managed to get several prizes in one go, since then, many of the employees there absolutely dread Umaru's presence as they know Umaru will always get many prizes with as few tokens as possible.
  • Anytime you need to visit Umaru for any reason, take care walking around her temple as Umaru is not know for her cleanliness. As such she'll often have empty potato chip bags and empty cola bottles lying around.
  • Many other deities have been spotted wearing Umaru's hamster hood, while Umaru doesn't remember loaning that many hoods to other deities, she admits that some deities look really good with her hood.


    Patricia Martin
Patricia Martin, Goddess of Weeaboos (Patty)

    The Pteranodon family 
The Pteranodon familyMembers , Deified Rail Enthusiasts (Buddy: The Pliosaurus of the Land | Don: Mr. The Don | Mrs. Pteranodon: Mrs. P | Mr. Pteranodon: Mr. P)
From left to right: Mrs. and Mr. Pteranodon at the back; Shiny, Tiny, Buddy, and Don in the front

  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A junior conductor hat
  • Theme Music: Dinosaur Train theme
  • Alignment: All Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Civilized Animals, Casual Time Travellers, Predation Is Natural, Gender-Equal Ensemble, love to eat round, olive-green fish, the girls have eyelashes, the kids Speak in Unison when they're excited, Species Surnames
  • Domains: Ornithodirans, time-travellers, adoption, rail travel, edutainment shows
  • Heralds: Their friends. Which they have a lot of. Especially the Conductor (AKA "Sonny Boy").
  • High priest: Ferrus
  • Allies: All sapient, non-evil members of the Hall of Mesozoic Beasts (especially the Gang of Seven and Cindy Cimolestes), the Herd, Walt Disney, Gomez Addams, Sheldon Cooper, Alfred Hitchcock, Donald Duck, The Conductor, the Yehat
  • Enemies: The Dinobots, P.T. Boomer, the Child Abuse Supporters
  • Fear: Tobias, Big Al, Rexy, Rodan, Liopleurodon, Indominus Rex & Indoraptor, the Sharptooth
  • Of interest to: The Doctor, Alan Grant
  • During the Late Cretaceous, the Pteranodon family live in a nest overlooking the Western Interior Sea, in what is now the Appalachia region of North America. It consists of the parents, their biological children Tiny, Shiny, and Don, and their adopted son Buddy, a Tyrannosaurus whose egg they found. They all love to take the Dinosaur Train to visit times and places all over the Mesozoic (and the Permian and the ice age, once each), and Tiny and Buddy are training to be junior conductors. The kids' second-favourite thing to do is learn about how the train works, they're close friends with the Dinosaur Train's conductor, and they're usually the first to ride on Dinosaur Train Industries' latest vehicles.
  • One night, the Conductor woke up the Pteranodon family to deliver some exciting news: they'd gotten a mysterious invitation to a place called the Pantheon from an unknown sender, and they could ride the Dinosaur Train there without any other passengers. The parents were cautious at first, but the kids politely begged them to go on an adventure. The train went through a mysterious time tunnel that wasn't there before and entered the Court of the Gods, where the deities bestowed the Pteranodon family the title of "Deified Rail Enthusiasts". Their temple is a replica of their nest, with plenty of room for Don and Shiny to store their collections.
  • The family were ecstatic to learn that there were plenty of other 'saurs in the Pantheon, and are honorary members of the Hall of Mesozoic Beasts. The kids instantly became friends with the Gang of Seven, who are around their age and similarly friendly, even if the Gang don't understand the big words they use such as "leaves" and "the sun". Since Buddy is young, he's one of the few predatory dinosaurs that Petrie doesn't fear, and he was curious to learn why Chomper only eats insects. They initially feared the Yehat due to their not quite Pteranodon-like appearance and Proud Warrior Race ways, until they learned that they're honourable and opposed to Omnicidal Maniacs.
  • The kids' minds were blown when they learned that the Pantheon had many creatures from the Cenozoic, a time they'd only seen a glimpse of. The first human they met was Harry (the one with a bucket full of dinosaurs), and they thought he was a weird-looking theropod at first because he's so unlike any mammals they're familiar with. The next mammals they met were the Herd, who were wary at first because they'd almost died in an underground Lost World filled with dinosaurs, but the parents assured them they were friendly. While Buddy asked Diego about his Smilodon features, Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon asked Manny and Ellie how it feels to let your kids go once they grow up. Also, the kids are friends with similarly-adventurous Cutie Mark Crusaders, especially since Tiny finds something oddly familiar about Sweetie Belle.
  • Within their halls, the kids are endlessly fascinated with Thomas the Tank Engine. Buddy once spent an entire day trying to figure out how he's alive, which only made everyone more confused. Their friendship with Thomas led them into an altercation with P.T. Boomer, who hated the kids' innocence and wonder. As a result, Boomer is one of the few people from any universe that the kids actively dislike.
  • The family became aware that there are a lot of railfans in the Pantheon, and organised a convention for them in the Hall of Land and Sea Travel. The first meeting was a success; they even attracted big names such as Walt Disney and Alfred Hitchcock. The kids admired the ToGgers, tried to figure out what kind of theropod Donald Duck was, and argued with Sheldon Cooper about the mechanics of time travel, while the parents had serious conversations with Giovanni and Campanella. The other guests were confused when Gomez Addams showed up, and some even found him intimidating, until he revealed he has a model train set. The Conductor from A Hat in Time tried to make the event more exciting by pretending that he was directing a movie. Some of the Pteranodon family's non-ascended friends attended, too.
  • The Pteranodon family are among to few gods who have been allowed to enter Isla Nubar, but their trip almost ended in disaster. They tried talking to the various dinosaurs, but at best, they were just ignored. At worst, they were almost eaten by a pack of hungry raptors. Worse still, the Dinobots hadn't been informed of their visit and mistook them for intruders. It's a good thing most of them can fly, because the parents decided it would be best to high-tail it out of there. This caught the attention of Dr. Alan Grant, another survivor of the island, who's intrigued by the concept of a time-travelling dinosaur civilisation. He approached them at their temple to ask about it, and they want to take him to their Mesozoic one day.
  • Since that incident, they've avoided the Pantheon's various non-sapient, Mesozoic predators, especially the genetically-engineered and highly vicious Indominus rex and Indoraptor. They were horrified when they learned that Tobias caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Also, since they're from a Sugar Bowl, and Buddy especially tries to see the good in everyone, the kids have a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept of a Complete Monster. The other gods don't have the hearts to break their innocence. Mr. and Mrs. are very protective of their kids and have no tolerance for any Abusive Parents, especially the Child Abuse Supporters. On a lighter note, Mr. Pteranodon was dismayed to learn that his arch-nemesis Larry Lambeosaurus follows Homer Simpson.
  • The Doctor is curious about how their universe's space-time continuum hasn't collapsed in on itself from all the Casual Time Travel. Their Eleventh incarnation once tried to observe the Pteranodon family from a distance while the kids played dinoball. Eventually, he got bored of watching and decided to join in, much to the parents' shock, but the kids loved his enthusiasm.
  • Mrs. Pteranodon denies any rumours that Buddy was the result of her cheating on her husband. Apart from anything else, that's not how reproduction works. She initially blamed the Robot Chicken for spreading this, until he told her he doesn't make the skits; he's just Forced to Watch them.

    Ranko Kanzaki 
Ranko Kanzaki, Goddess of Chuunibyou (Rosenburg Engel, Ran Ran, Brynhildr, Demon Queen Bruunhilde, Crimson Night Princess)
Her "mortal" form
As Brynhildr 
  • Quasideity (Intermediate as Brynhildr in the virtual/dream world)
  • Symbol: Either her black umbrella or her note book
  • Theme Music: Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~, -ENGEL- Adanasu Tsurugi Hikari no Shirabe, and Yume no Kyrie ~Ochiru Hoshi no Shirabe~
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Chuunibyou, Adorkable, Embracing the Dark While Being Innocent and Pure, Perky Goth, Her Mystic Grimoire, Shrinking Violet, The Sacred Darkness, Large Ham
  • Domains: Music, Entertainment, Costumes, Darkness, Chuunibyou
  • High Priest: Shun Kaido
  • Followers: Rikka Takanashi, Gundham Tanaka, Omoharu Nakanaka, Fischl
  • Allies: Koume Shirasaka, 765 Pro, Jurai Andou, Megumin, Yoshiko Tsushima, Rintaro Okabe, Phonon, Hamelin, Celestia Ludenberg, Stocking Anarchy, Riku, Remilia Scarlet, Dracula (Hotel Transylvania), Mavis, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Margaret Moonlight, Valkenheyn R. Hellsing, Rias Gremory, Murakumo
  • Admires: The Phantom of the Opera, Bayonetta, Ragna the Bloodedge, Nero, Dante Sparda
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, Greg Heffley
  • Afraid of: Scary or horror stuff, Count Dracula, Dracula (Castlevania), Carmilla
  • During ones adolescent years, there's a chance someone can enter a peculiar phase known as "chuunibyou". Symptoms of this quirky malady include delusions of being a powerful being, an obsession with dark and epic topics, and a great flair for the dramatics. Idol Ranko Kanzaki is but one of the many examples of this phenomenon. Dressed in gothic lolita fashions, she speaks in an obtuse, flowery way, talks much about the darkness and fallen angels, and acts as if she's a demonic overlord with immense powers to match. Of course, she's just a regular teen girl, but her quirks help her stand out in the sea of idols.
  • In the Hall of Vampires, there are many Victorian-style castles in the realm. Bathed in perpetual moonlight, the eye of the night sky pierces through the stained glass windows, illuminating the elegant yet empty halls. Ballrooms and foyers are decorated with antique furniture, yet almost no one with a pulse has ever touched them. That is, except for one human girl dressed in a fine gothic lotita dress. Walking down the hallways, marveling in the atmosphere, she couldn't help but act as if she was the vampiric owner of the place, unaware of the dangers living in and around the realm she stumbled into. After being rescued from the place before her blood could be sucked dry, she was made into a goddess. As amazing as that sounded, Ranko was quite disappointed at how apotheosis worked in this realm; anything would've been better and more exciting than a short courtroom meeting.
  • With there being many idols around in her world, it's inevitable that she'd become friends with them, and one of her closest confidants is fellow lover of the grim darkness, Koume Shirasaka. Even if Ranko favors the elegant, gothic side and Koume prefers the gory and macabre, there's no doubt that they stick together thick and thin, even to the point of collaborating with certain songs. Even so, Ranko always scream in total fright whenever she watches a horror flick with Koume... blood and guts aren't her style. Also, she looks up to the idols of 765 pro for being traiblazers in their area, complete with extravagant nicknames like "Exalted Progenitors of the Night Sky" and many more.
  • There's not many idol around Ranko who share her peculiar daydreams. They don't get engrossed in her extravagant showboating, struggle to decipher her speech, and usually don't even try to humor her and join in her roleplaying. Existing all alone in a crowd is a tragic fate... but wait, what's this? Here, in this realm, there are others who want to be in her world? Yes, indeed! She has met her fellow lovers of the dark; master of the dark flame Jurai Andou, mad scientist extraordinaire Rintaro Okabe, explosive mage Megumin, fallen angel Yoshiko-er, Yohane, wanderer of the night Phonon, and bloody fighter Hameln! Together, they have banded under the cover of night, dramatically daydreaming about being fearsome angels and demons and whatnot. Even if some others get annoyed by their delusions and hammy showboating, they don't care; especially not Ranko, who's happy that there are so many others just like her now.
  • Ah, the gothic aesthetic. A surprisingly wide and varied style, it is most defined by a sort of darkness. Dark colors like black, red and purple dominate the frilly, elegant outfits that Ranko loves to wear, and the makeup she wears makes her look just like a vampire. Since it's quite a common subcultural fashion scene, Ranko had no difficulty in finding other goths. She and Celestia Ludenberg got off to a great start with their shared pretensions of looking far more interesting with the gothic lolita dresses on to mask their rather uninteresting and mundane true selves. They dare not say that out loud, but the connection is still felt. Margaret Moonlight is also someone Ranko gets along with, as she finds the assassins stylish moves and weapon to be the epitome of umbran grace. She also got along with Stocking Anarchy through her fashion choices and sometimes eats sweets with her, though she is trying to get used to her shockingly foul mouth and perversions. However, one goth Ranko cannot get along with is the notorious Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, who is not only too edgy for her taste but decries her as "not a real goff", which inspires heated shouting matches between them over what counts as "dark" and "gothic" enough. They never get anywhere with those petty arguments.
  • Not everyone who has gothic aesthetics are actually in the subculture. Some are just dressed or act that way, and much to Ranko's delight there happens to be many people in the Pantheon who fit the bill. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark immediately caught her interest and she eventually got a spot on her show. Elvira finds her attitude to be enjoyable, though she finds it amusing to see her squirm when she talks about horror films. She has also gained some friendly relations with Riku, Remilia Scarlet, Rias Gremory, Count Dracula and his daughter Mavis, who she sees as very interesting. A boy struggling and eventually mastering the dark, vampires who live in dark mansions, a powerful demon with strong authority... what's not to love? Said individual like her too and are have accepted her eccentric ramblings and gestures. And there so happens to be many Deities out there that she admires; Demon hunters with demonic heritage and sides Dante and Nero, elegant Umbran Witch Bayonetta, the mysterious and alluring Phantom of the Opera, and troubled outlaw with a strange hand Ragna the Bloodedge... oh how she fantasizes about them in her delusions. However, her fear of the gory makes her afraid of the other two Draculas and Carmilla. for their scary, bloodsucking ways make her want to faint instead of fangirl. There's only so much blood and violence she can handle before she passes out.
  • Being a chuunibyou, Ranko does not speak like a regular person, no. Instead, she speaks in a bizarre, obtuse coded way that's nicknamed "Ranko-go" by her friends. Said "language" is made up of fanciful metaphors, mythological references and words from different languages. For example, did you know that "savor the darkness" means "good work"? Or that "cursing the tyranny of the sun" is how she says "good morning"? Yes, it is confusing. Ranko can make even a simple compliment sound ominous and dark, if not confusing and incomprehensible. Thankfully, "Ranko-go scholars" like Koume are around to serve as translators to the hapless laymen who happen to fall victim to her strange tongue. Maybe someone needs to make a glossary that deciphers all of her sayings... that would make talking to her much easier.
  • Ranko owns a magical grimoire that contains instructions to cast dark spells and eldritch texts... Actually, it's just a sketchbook where she draws her chuuni ideas such as Brunhilde as well as her inner thoughts. Like all diary holders, she refuses to let anyone see the inner contents of the book unless she deeply trusts them, finding that sort of peeking to be incredibly embarrassing. One day, she accidentally left her grimoire unattended, letting one Greg Heffley to discover and peek inside the tome. He did as any other snooping teen would do; look at the contents and snark about it in his own diary. When Ranko caught him in the act, she was mortified beyond belief and tried to snatch it from his grubby hands, leading to a scuffle. Since that day, the two cannot see eye to eye without glaring daggers for his blatant violation of her privacy.
  • Ranko may be boisterous and grandiose on the outside, but on the inside it's a different story. In reality, she's very shy and introverted, having low self-esteem and social skills. Without her front as a "dark angel", she finds it very difficult to hold conversations with others. She dares not to drop the mask around others; she has an image to maintain! However, she did slip up in the presence of the shinobi Murakumo, who realized that she has something in common with the idol; both wear masks, literally in Murakumo's case, to appear confident and strong in public and to hide their true shy selves away from the light. Because of this connection, Ranko made an unlikely friend. In a way, it's nice for her to have another person she can reveal her true self with and not feel too embarrassed about.
  • Alas, the tragic thing about reality is that Ranko isn't a fallen angel with dark powers, but a boring, powerless human... But in the Pantheon, such dreams can become a reality. Whether it's in a fully immersive digital world or in the realm of dreams, anyone can become anything they wish. In those places, she has dubbed herself Brynhildr, the great demon lord of the void. With powerful magic of darkness and void at her disposal and great wings to soar into the night, she can live out her chuuni daydreams with impunity! Of course, not many people take her declarations of world domination and other edgy ramblings seriously, but she's clearly having a good time, and that's what matters.

    Steve Small 
Steve Small, God of New Age Retro Hippies (Mr. Small)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His rainbow shirt
  • Theme Music: "Love Can Set You Free"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domain: Nature, Diet, Craziness
  • Portfolio: Hippie teacher and councilor, Cloudcuckoolander, Mood-Swinger, Large Ham, on a diet of sunlight to rub it in people's face, frequently suffered by Gumball and Darwin's action
  • Allies: Lisa Simpson, Johnny Appleseed, Tiger, Yomi, Chomper, the Lorax, Malfurion Stormrage, Marzipan, Sam Manson
  • Admires: Fred Rogers, Captain Planet
  • Enemies: Hexxus, Saxton Hale
  • Opposed by: Popeye, Marge Simpson, Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson
  • Opposes: Any person who eat meat in the Pantheon, most notably Aila Jyrkiäinen, Chie Satonaka, Bob Belcher
  • Conflicting Opinion: Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson, his student Gumball Watterson
  • His temple is constantly seen to be decorated by rainbow symbols and slogans of "Saving Nature" and "Have a Healthy Diet Of Only Water and Sunlight".
  • Gets along well with Lisa Simpson due to their shared veganism, love of the environment, and need to feel superior to other people. Because of this, he earned the ire of the rest of the Simpson as Marge thinks he is a bad influence due to how emotionally unstable he is, Bart hates him for being basically Lisa 2.0 while Homer just dislikes the fact that Steve is covered in cloud.
  • Has a VERY mixed relationship with the House of Food. He has been making friends with some of the gods that ascended for foods not related to meat like Johnny, Bunta and Yomi but also condemns those that ascended for foods that do, such as Aila, Chie and Bob. The rest of the house is annoyed that he frequently campaigns in their front door about how evil meat is and all of them should avoid it, thus ruined a lot of their meals.
    • He especially respects and likes Tiger and Chomper for choosing not to eat meat and fight against their instinct as predators.
    • However, he earned the ire of Popeye after basically turning the sailor into a mouthpiece for how eating vegetable made you stronger and better than the people who eat meat.
  • Despite being a fellow vegan and behaving a lot like him, Steve has mixed feeling about Daniel Bryan as he is, you know, a wrestler, which directly went against Steve's peaceful slogan.
  • Admires Sir Fred Rogers for being a vegetarian, a daily swimmer, has never been observed drinking alcohol, is friendly, calm, personable, astonishingly gentle in nearly all situations and strives to attack anyone that even thinks otherwise.
  • Can be seen hanging the House of Nature to increase his knowledge about the environment. Most of them either ignore him or (for the more evil / mean-spirited ones) asked Gumball to visit their temples in order to make Steve suffers.
    • During that time, he discovered the temple of Captain Planet and basically broke into tears about how beautiful and environmental friendly it is. He had similar reaction when visit The Lorax's temple.
    • His trips to this house led him to discover the existence of Hexxus, god of Pollution. Steve is now trying to campaign to move Hexxus's temple to some barren place so that he can never endanger the environment again.
  • Hates Saxton as much as he hates people who eat meat due to what he represent and frequently killing animals for fun. On his part, Saxton also despises Small as he is everything the Australian hates about hippies and frequently wants to pick a fight with him. Steve's response to this ranges from engaging in Passive-Aggressive Kombat to Ham-to-Ham Combat to physical violence (which he always lost to Saxton).

Tanaka-kun, God of Sleepyheads
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A mini-roomba
  • Theme Music: "Utatane Sunshine"
  • Alignment: True Neutral out of laziness, leaning Good
  • Portfolio: Tends to fall asleep at random, perpetual listlessness, actually thinks he's trash for being a lazy bum, but others disagree, pretty insightful and adept at giving advice, would probably be an excellent student if he tried harder
  • Domains: Sleep, Laziness, Friendship
  • Heralds: Ohta, Miyano, Echizen, Shiraishi, Kato and Shimura (his friends), Rino (his little sister), Saya (Ohta's little sister)
  • Allies: The Classical Literature Club (especially Oreki), Mako Reizei, Yoh Asakura, Totoro, Snorlax, Mordecai and Rigby, Seiichirou Kitano
  • Pities: Madotsuki, Bedman
  • Annoyed by: Robbie Rotten
  • Opposes: Merak (Sumeragi Swordsmen)
  • Tanaka is a high school boy mainly known for always being exhausted and falling asleep easily and randomly. For that reason, he has built his life philosophy around relaxing and doing as little as possible. Despite, or perhaps because of, his quirks, he has a way with attracting the interest of those around him and occasionally even their admiration for this seeming commitment to an unorthodox way of life. He also values his friends and family (even if it doesn't seem the case superficially), though he doesn't have much interest in romance, thinking it would be a bother.
  • He simply woke up from one of his frequent naps one day and found himself in the Pantheon just like that. He thought it was all just a very weird dream, so he didn't make a fuss. Learning that he was chosen to become a god did get his attention as it made him worry that it was going to be a huge bother and his relaxed days were coming to an end, but the higher gods who appointed him clarified that they wanted him to behave like he usually does. Tanaka figured it was fine in that case, but he did request that they bring in his best friend Ohta as well; he basically can't function without Ohta, who carries him from place to place when he can't be bothered and generally looks after him. His request was granted and Tanaka was finally instated as a god and Ohta as his Herald. Ohta was more surprised about the Pantheon than Tanaka, but it didn't take long for him to settle on his usual mellow demeanor.
  • Given he has elevated his lifestyle of laziness into a whole philosophy to the point of calculating his actions in order to exercise as little effort as possible, it stands to reason that he has made some friends in the Pantheon who also love nothing more than laze around all day. This circle of friends includes some "usual suspects" such as Mako Reizei and Yoh Asakura, but the one Tanaka has most in common with is Houtarou Oreki, who has his own view justifying his laziness that goes, "If I don't have to do it, I won't. If I have to do it, I'll make it quick." Tanaka finds it an admirable motto, though it saddened him to hear about the true reason Oreki holds such a mindset and he doesn't think it's healthy if it comes from such a place. Tanaka is happy that Oreki at least managed to find true friends who care about him, though he can't help but be reminded of his boisterous self-proclaimed apprentice Miyano whenever he sees Eru.
  • He doesn't always think highly of his listless self, so he has some interest in deities who used to be lazy but managed to get over that flaw, such as Mordecai and Rigby. At first Tanaka was more interested in the novelty of a big blue jay and a raccoon who acted exactly like humans, but learning about their attempts to better themselves struck a bit of a chord in him. At the moment, though, he really can't see himself working hard towards something, even though he knows he'll have to do so someday. Mordecai and Rigby have expressed some concern for the way Tanaka is living his life now, although they acknowledge it's a good thing that at least he's an above-average student. For now Tanaka just observes the odd duo going on their strange adventures (and occasionally finds himself dragged into them, which he approaches as listlessly as he does most anything).
  • Despite his personality, he doesn't seem to think that highly of deities who outright embody the sin of sloth. A particularly bad example of such deities is Merak of the Sumeragi Swordsmen, who has chosen to work for evil forces just because it's easier and is downright apathetic and callous when it comes to the lives of his underlings. It's not like there's much Tanaka can do about Merak, but obviously he has a reason to dislike those who give a bad rep to his favorite pasttime. Merak finds it mildly pitiful that they can't be friends as he thought Tanaka was a guy after his own heart, but he doesn't care that much either way.
  • When it comes to Robbie Rotten, a villain determined to preserve the laziness of LazyTown, Tanaka finds himself more annoyed by him than anything because of his antics. In a way, Robbie's hard work at accomplishing his goal totally goes against Tanaka's personal philosophy of doing as little work as one can get away with. Plus, Tanaka doesn't really see the point of making everybody as lazy as he is. He thinks Robbie is better off stopping his battle with Sportacus and just go home and be lazy on his own without engaging in something as unnecessary and laborious as changing the world.
  • Tanaka's favorite way of sleeping is outside, on the grass, on a sunny day. On different occasions while he was looking to try new, comfy places to sleep, he ran into Totoro and Snorlax dozing off and couldn't help but admire how peaceful the giant creatures looked. He also, more importantly, thought it might be very pleasant to sleep on their cushy-looking bellies and that's just what he did. Totoro and Snorlax, by all accounts, seem very tolerant of Tanaka doing this; perhaps it's the fact that Tanaka looks so peaceful while he sleeps that prevents them from taking offense.
  • He would probably spend all his time sleeping if only he could get away with it, so hearing about deities who do exactly that made him slightly envious. At least at first, because some of the deities who do that are actually quite frightening individuals. There is Madotsuki, who forever walks in her dreams and has no qualms about stabbing anything that gets in her way, and also Bedman, an assassin who kills people in their sleep. From these examples, Tanaka has arrived at the conclusion that maybe it is better to be awake some of the time, so that sleeping time will carry even more value and won't be taken for granted. Though, at the same time he also pities Madotsuki and Bedman for the external circumstances that led them to sleep all the time.
  • His unavoidable tendency to fall asleep in class is something that causes much grief to the teachers in the Elysium Academy, as well as the student council. Tanaka at first often found himself on the end of an earful for his behavior, but teachers and students soon gave up when it was clear he wouldn't change his ways and instead contented themselves with the fact that his attendance record and grades are very good. Which doesn't mean some teachers are not driven to tears and low self-esteem seeing Tanaka snooze through their classes, assuming he's bored by them.
  • He was once approached by Seiichirou Kitano, which prompted Tanaka to try to give him his wallet so the thug-faced boy wouldn't mug him. He was oddly calm about it, all things considered; he simply resigned himself to the fact that he would never win in a fight the way he is and so tried to get it over with quickly. But actually, Tanaka had dropped his wallet somewhere and Kitano was trying to give it back to him, which surprised Tanaka (still as dull-faced as ever). Tanaka related the encounter to Ohta later that day and commented on how both he and Kitano had faces which scared others despite their good hearts and how Kitano must have a tiresome life because of it. After some time, both have become good friends with Kitano.