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Greater Gods

    The Devil (Cuphead
The Devil, Pantheonic Provider of the Demonic Job Offer (The Devil of Inkwell Isles, Satan)

Larfleeze, God of Oddly Small Organizations (Agent Orange)

    Lauren Freed/Winged Victory 
Lauren Freed, Goddess of Work Affecting Personal Life (Winged Victory, Vic, Wings, Kristen)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Victory Medallion
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Work Affecting Personal Life, Amazonian Beauty, Conditional Powers, Dark and Troubled Past, Flying Brick, Lady of War, Vessel for the collective power of the Council of Nike, Transforms using a medallion, Which can become a full-sized sword and fly back to her when she throws it, Statuesque Stunner, Warts and All, Winged Humanoid
  • Domain(s): Work, Feminism, Wings, Victory
  • Allies: Asa Martin/Samaritan, Clark Kent/Superman, Marcus Cole/Statesman, Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Shiera Hall/Hawkgirl, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Ororo Munroe/Storm, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Anna Marie/Rogue, Laura Kinney/X-23, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman, Heather Brown/Spinnerette, Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug, Sophitia Alexandra, Cassandra Alexandra, Sarah Jane Smith, Elizabeth "Liz" Lemon, Tenko Chabashira
  • Enemies: Griffith, Wyald, Gregor Clegane, The Brave Companions, Cersei I Lannister, Claude Frollo
  • Annoyed by: Rorschach, Kenji Setou
  • Conflicting Opinion: Queen Maeve, Lilith (both of them)
  • Special Relationship: The Greek Gods
  • Lauren Freed was born during the early 1970s and grew up to be an ordinary and undistinguished woman. When she was about 18, she discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her, which destroyed their relationship and resulted in him kicking her out of his house. Left with only a ticket to Paris and nowhere else to go, Lauren went to Paris. While drifting in Paris, Lauren saw the Winged Victory at the Louvre. The statue inspired her and gave her a vision. By the next day, she left for Samothrace, looking for a specific ruin she had seen in her dream. In Samothrace, Lauren was contacted by the self-styled Council of Nike, a secret global, all-women movement with telepathic powers allowing them to organise. By this point, the Council had found a way to tap a small part of the psychic energy of all women in to a vessel. The Council members being successful in business, academia and other spheres, chose to use this extra energy to empower Lauren astheira champion who could defend and help all women.
    • Lauren returned to the US, and started her work in Astro City. Feeling a keen sense of mission, she was a vocal and passionate spokeswoman for the political, legal and social emancipation of women. She ran an impressive activist network which centered on education and providing relief for distressed women. She originally set up 14 conventional shelters for abused women, but by 1996 these were turned into schools. After that, only the staff lived on site, and the schools offered free education for women, starting with self-defense classes to build up confidence. During the 2000s, she overhauled the network again to have combined shelters and schools, on a larger scale and with better security.
    • Although initially an independently operating heroine, eschewing membership in high-profile superhero teams like the Honor Guard as being incompatible with her mission, eventually Winged Victory did join the Honor Guard, and has been one of their mainstays for years since. In 1996, friends of Winged Victory among the Honor Guard strong-armed her into having a date with the Samaritan, as the two had shared a silent attraction for years but were unable to act on it due to both of them being almost constantly busy. Though the Samaritan accidentally hit a nerve when discussing their secret identities, the date was a success. It eventually gave birth to a relationship, albeit a slow-moving one, since the pair still worked almost 24/7.
    • In 2014, Karnazon, one of her arch-enemies, launched yet another plan against Winged Victory. This one was particularly cunning, and his disinformation made it credible that the shelters and schools had been a disguised cult all along, training criminals and terrorists. During this time, the Council of Nike, which was primarily made up of older women, felt that her increased association with the Honor Guard and Samaritan was diluting her effectiveness as a symbol of female independence and they considered removing her powers. After the Confessor and Samaritan helped her foil Karnazon's conspiracy and apprehend him before all her work could be reduced to ashes, Winged Victory reaffirmed that her association with males wasn't harming the cause. Despite the ample and inevitable grumbling from the traditionalists, the Council renewed its confidence in Winged Victory. Reenergised, she returned to her super-heroic role and ran damage control PR after the Karnazon crisis. She also felt confident enough to occasionally resume being Lauren Freed rather than being Winged Victory all the time.
  • Winged Victory ascended into the Pantheon at the request of the Samaritan, partially because he regarded her as an excellent partner to work with, and also because he simply missed her. The two had a brief romantic moment upon their reunion and then quickly got to work.
  • She quickly became allies with Superman, Statesman, Cosmos and the GUAG as a whole, cooperating with them on a regular basis in order to fight crime. Statesman in particular managed to bond with her due to the fact that they're both connected to the Greek Deities.
  • When she heard people comparing her to Wonder Woman, she quickly sought her out. The two got along pretty much immediately and Winged Victory expressed an interest in visiting Themyscira. She also quickly befriended fellow winged warrior woman Hawkgirl, and the two have frequently gone on patrol and teamed up together.
  • She gets along quite well with various female superheroes such as Supergirl, Batgirl, Jean Grey, Storm, Shadowcat, Rogue, X-23, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel. She managed to befriend the spider-themed superheroines such as Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, Spinnerette and Ladybug, as they remind her of fellow superhero Jack-in-the-Box.
  • Being a Greek-themed heroine, she's on good terms with the Alexandra Sisters, admiring them for their devotion to family. She is somewhat envious of Sophitia for being both a warrior and a mother, whereas Winged Victory barely has a personal life due to being almost constantly working. She serves as something of a mentor for Cassandra, sympathising with her desire to become stronger in order to prevent the original timeline from ever occurring.
  • She was quite happy to encounter feminist career women such as Sarah Jane Smith and Elizabeth "Liz" Lemon. The three of them can sometimes be seen hanging out on the rare occasions that Winged Victory is willing to take a break. She's also mostly supportive of Tenko Chabashira, a girl who has similarly dedicated herself towards protecting girls everywhere. However, she doesn't approve of Tenko's dislike of men and frequently encourages her to be more open minded about them.
  • She understandably strongly dislikes and vehemently opposes rapists and murderers such as Griffith, Wyald, Gregor Clegane and the Brave Companions. She also quickly came to oppose misogynists such as Gregor's master Cersei Lannister and those who have hurt women in the past such as Claude Frollo.
  • She doesn't particularly like either Rorschach or Kenji Setou. Though she sympathises with Rorschach due to his unfortunate upbringing, the fact that he rarely shows respect to women and tends to view them as either untouched innocents or whores beneath contempt has resulted in most of their interactions being rather contentious. On the other hand, she prefers to just ignore Kenji, as he's not a threat to her and his ramblings of her ascension being a confirmation of a feminist conspiracy to kill all men isn't taken even remotely seriously by anyone.
  • She's rather conflicted about Queen Maeve, who was presented in her own world as a feminist icon but was actually an alcoholic hedonist who was apathetic towards the world. However, Winged Victory warmed up to her after learning about the circumstances that led to Maeve becoming like that and how she sacrificed herself by fighting against Homelander in order to allow her teammate Starlight to safely escape. She's similarly conflicted about both versions of Lilith, who could be regarded as feminist figures for wanting to be equal to Adam and share her contempt of misogynists, but also tend to act rather amoral.
  • She felt quite honored to finally meet the Greek Gods in person, though she was a bit disappointed to learn that the goddess Nike had not ascended into the Pantheon. While she generally gets along well with most of them, even managing to tolerate Ares somewhat due to him respecting women, she's understandably quite wary of Zeus due to his reputation.
  • "What we teach women — girls, teenagers, adults — starts with self-defense. But it's the "self" part that's most important. We're about confidence, not hiding."

Intermediate Gods

    Fubuki (One Punch Man
Fubuki, Goddess of Declining Promotion (Miss Blizzard, Blizzard of Hell, Fubooty)
  • Intermediate Goddess (But has the potential of reaching Greater Goddess)
  • Symbol: The Blizzard Group logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Adaptational Attractiveness, Asskicking Equals Authority, Big Little Sister, Defrosting Ice Queen, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Lady of War, Mind over Matter, A Mother to Her Men, Ms. Fanservice, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Younger Than They Look
  • Domains: Ranking, Subordinates, Psychic Powers, Heroes
  • Heralds: The Blizzard Group
  • Allies: Saitama, Genos, Mitsuru Kirijo, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Ruby Rose, Orie "Harada" Ballardiae, Rider, Alphonse Elric, Luigi, Lucas, Ness, Jean Grey/Phoenix.
  • Rivals: Ermac, Mewtwo
  • Enemies: Boros, Sea King, Ragyo Kiryuin, The House of Crime and Villains
  • Complicated Relationships: Tatsumaki (Her older sister and mostly one-sided)
  • Fubuki is the number one most ranked heroine in the B category, and she even has managed to make most B-Rank heroes below her to become her subordinates. However, it has been known that she is powerful enough to be a high ranking A hero, but she has refused since she doesn't like being second to Sweet Mask (who she recognizes as being much stronger than her)
  • She was welcomed by both Saitama and Genos shortly after being ascended. She actually appreciates that at least there are people in the pantheon that she actually likes to be with. Not like she is going to admit it thought
  • The presence of her sister is something that doesn't make her too happy, as she doesn't have the best relationship with her. Tatsumaki on her part is very happy that her little sister (Yes, little sister) has joined the pantheon. But, unsurprisingly, she has started to keep an eye on Fubuki's acquaintances, something that bothers her very much.
    • It's been actually suggested by her that Fubuki is powerful enough to be S Rank, but someone or something is holding her true potential back. Tatsumaki believes that her subordinates and friends are the reason for that, but in reality Tatsumaki is the one that is limiting her sister's potential and she hasn't realized this yet.
  • While the Blizzard group is definitely a group formed by heroes, other would think that initially the Group looks like an organized crime family lead by Fubuki. They also tended to bully those who wouldn't join them willingly, until they decided to target Saitama and then...Fubuki changed for good.
    • In any case, she is still gets flak from people who had terrible relationships with the Mafia. Vito Corleone has also called out her for being an Hypocrite and saying that her group is no different from his mafia.
  • Given that she is the Big Little Sister, she has made friends with both Rider and Alphonse Elric. She gets along more with the former since Fubuki pities how she has to deal with two older sisters.
    • Luigi also became friends with Fubuki, and actually told her that being the overshadow sibling isn't that bad once you get used to it. Although the main difference between him and Fubuki is that Luigi has an excellent relationship with his brother Mario.
  • Ever since she found out about other psychics and espers in the pantheon, Fubuki has tried to prove that she was one of the best yet the competition has been very fierce.
    • However, she seems to have a soft spot for both Ness and Lucas, and actually admires how good they are for their age. She is closer towards Lucas, given they are both the younger sibling, but she is very saddened about what happened to Lucas' twin brother Claus.
  • Most male gods find her very attractive, but this wasn't always the case. Rumors say that she used to look more like an androgynous woman.
  • Not to be confused with the shipgirl also named Fubuki. Her sister initially did and things got awkward, until Fubuki herself sorted things out.
    • Worth pointing out that, despite what her name would indicate, she has no ice powers.
  • She has noticed that there are quite a few deities that sounded like her. For this reason, she became friends with Ruby Rose, Orie Ballardiae and Aila Jyrkiäinen, as well as having other shared similarities.
    • That said, she is none too happy that someone like Ragyo Kiryuin also shares a voice with her, considering what she plans to do with the earth and also other unforgivable actions she has committed.
  • Ever since befriending Saitaima, Fubuki has mellowed out a lot and became much nicer. For this reason he ended befriending Mitsuru Kirijo, who happens to be another Lady of War.

Gauron, God of Psychotic Mercenaries
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His personal Arm Slave Codarl/Venom.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax Crazies, Real Robot Pilots, Terrorists, Psychotic Mercenaries, Foe Yay, Finger Pointing, Berserkers, Infiltration By Surrender, Working Solely For Himself.
  • Domains: Air, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Metal, Suffering.
  • Followers: Archibald Grims and Lubikka Hakkener, Mad Pierrot
  • People He Hasn't Decided To Kill Yet: Black Mage, Luca Blight, Melkor, Slaanesh, Khaled Al-Asad, Ridley
  • Rivals for Kills: Lockdown, Hansel and Gretel, Lobo
  • Opposes: Ali Al-Saachez
  • Opposed by: Sousuke Sagara, Boba Fett, Red Sonja, Imperator Furiosa, Chris Hansen, The Team Fortress mercenaries, the Night Raid, Guts
  • Enemies: he lost count sometime around the moment of his death and ascension
  • Mercenaries serve as the backbone of independent contractors that want a problem taken care of without relying on any one faction. Many are Professional Killers who negotiate their price to enact their business. This temple is not the place for them. This god's followers love the thrill of the kill. Hell, even the price is optional; many see having a legal kill as satisfaction enough. Such is the domain of Gauron, one of the most volatile members of the GUAE.
  • His ranks are full of people willing to backstab each other, either for lust of power or for the sake of it. Gauron managed to keep things together by killing off the most troubling ones to keep the rest in line. The closest he came to losing his position was when he as eventually betrayed by his former high priest Ali Al-Saachez when he thought he wasn't being paid enough. But it would take more than a bullet in the head to take him down. These days, he feels that him and Ali seem to have a little too much in common.
  • Many in the GUAE see him as a double-edged sword. He can be absolutely ruthless to his targets... just as long as he targets the right people. His tendency to kill underlings would give Darth Vader pause. Melkor places him exclusively on the front lines where he works best.
  • Sees the Black Mage as his magical equivalent. They both love to destroy all in their way with just enough respect for the other not to kill one another.
  • If there's anyone who trusts him to do their dirty work, it's Lucas Blight. Though that's due to the fact that Lucas can't do all of his murders alone.
  • Boba Fett has repeatedly stated that he would never would with that maniac again. The toll of his own followers alone was enough to cut all ties with the madman. Being competitive is one thing, but offing their own at random is too much of a risk to take.
  • His ally Lockdown has a more amiable relationship with the mercenary. In the sense that the two compete over who can kill their quarry first. If they are in a particular good mood, they have a contest on who can rack the highest body count.
  • You can add rape to the numerous atrocities Guaron has tried to do. That is among a number of things he has promised to do to archenemy Sousuke. The revelation was met with immediate condemnation with the majority of the gods there. Both Sonja and Furiousa has promised to bust his face inside his head. It didn't matter if his intended victim was male. Chris Hansen promised to get Gauron to take a seat in his temple... if he can survive the encounter.
    • Now that the boy has officially entered the Pantheon, Gauron can finally renew his feud. He hopes this one will end in his favor.
    • Not everyone saw this as a turn off. Slaanesh was already interested in the mercenary. This just put him among the top prospects. It remains to be seen if Gauron is willing to return the favor.
  • If the Pyro scared them silly, than Gauron could give most of them heart attacks. Most of them would rather leave him the hell alone, lest he takes his anger on them. But you can bet any of them would take the chance to get rid of him if given the chance.
  • Hasn't bothered with Creepy Twins Hansel and Gretel. Not because he thinks children shouldn't be harmed, but because even he is a little freaked out about them. They too compete with him in terms of finding employment.
  • Lobo doesn't consider Gauron as much of a threat. It's hard to do so when one can attest to killing everyone of your kind.
  • Many are surprised to find out that the Night Raid used to be one of his most prized followers. A disagreement of targets led to a falling out. Akame managed to seek refuge in the House of Ambiguity, where the group is under the watchful eye of Guts.
  • Has kept Khaled Al-Asad as an important ally, if only because the man pays hefty sums of money to his temple to overthrow governments.

    The King and Heroes of Armello 
The King and Heroes of ArmelloHeroes , Gods and Goddesses of Violent Methods of Promotion (The King: Tau)
His Highness, consumed by the Rot
Before the Rot
The Heroes of the four Great Clans (from bottom to top, left to right: The Rabbit Clan: Amber Valebriar, Barnaby, Elyssia, and Hargrave Proudclaw; The Rat Clan: Mercurio, Zosha, Sargon, and Griotte; The Wolf Clan (plus one exile): Thane Greymane, River, Magna, and the exiled Fang Greymane; The Bear Clan (and exile): Sana, the exiled Brun, Ghor (and his tree-like Wyldkin form), and Yordana)
The Bandit Clan (from left to right: Twiss, Horace, Scarlet, and Sylas) 
The Dragon Clan (from left to right: Agniya, Volodar, Nazar, Oxana) 
  • Intermediate God (the King), Lesser Deities (the Heroes)
  • Symbols:
  • Theme Song: Beyond Burrow
  • Alignments:
  • Portfolios: Succession Crisis, Animal Stereotypes, Art-Style Dissonance, Barefoot Cartoon Animal, Carnivore Confusion, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, Fantastic Racism, male heroes have higher Fight and Body (except for Sargon), female heroes have higher or equal Spirit and usually higher Wits (with the exception of Magna), Mature Animal Story, Sliding Scale of Animal Communication (Level 9), Civilized Animal, Soul Power, Your Size May Vary
  • Domains: Arcana, City, Life, Death, Knowledge, Nature, Trickery, Unity, War, Ambition, Zeal (Bear Clan to the Wyld, Dragon Clan to the Rot)
  • Heralds:
    • The King: The Retrievers of Oakenfall (his canine royal guard), Miss Isabella (the squirrel farmer who initially cared for him), Gap and Pim (Isabella's farmhands)
    • Thane: Thunder and Freyja Greymane (his father (the former Clan Alpha) and mother (the Den Mother), respectively)
    • River: Sky (her twin sister)
    • Mercurio: Cordelia (his ermine spy friend)
    • Zosha: The Night Mother (her superior)
    • Sana: Brother Torr (her mentor), Olav (Torr's son)
    • Brun: Korva (fellow Scarcaster)
    • Amber: Guppy the Frog (her "squire"), Lord and Lady Valebriar (her parents), Wybert (her brother)
    • Hargrave: Lady Cressida (another member of the Proudclaw family)
    • Volodar: The Banes he commands
  • Allies:
    • The Bear Clan: The House of Plants and other nature-oriented houses and deities
    • The Dragon Clan: Nurgle, evil birds (with certain exceptions)
  • Rivals: Each other (more specifically, each of the clans to each other), and rivalries within some of the clans themselves (among their families, i.e. all the Rat families and the Valebriars vs. the Proudclaws) (some of these rivalries are more bitter than others)
  • Enemies: Evil birds (to all but the Dragon Clan, unless we're talking about the birds of the Black Forest)
  • Pities: Isomer Black (the Bear Clan)
  • Pitied by: Deadpool (The King only)
  • Special Relationships: Each other (more specifically, the clans and the king; enemies when he's Corrupted, generally allies otherwise)
  • The King of Armello was dying. Plagued by a supernatural illness called the Rot, he had only contracted this disease when, before his days as a just and fair ruler, he had to make some difficult decisions. Now, he had fallen to madness, and his declarations were making less sense, and worse, hurting people, if not outright killing them. This did not escape the notice of the major clans of Armello, namely the Wolf, Rat, Bear, Rabbit, Bandit, and Dragon Clans. Four members of each clan then raced for the throne, battling each other and the king in a game of swords, spells, and political intrigue.
    • Nobody knows who succeeded the King of Armello, but whoever it was, it didn't last long. The Pantheon had noticed the methods by which the Heroes took the throne — being the most prestigious animal in the kingdom was one possible way, but most of them had aimed to kill the king to take his place. Thus, the Court of the Gods selected the King and Heroes of Armello to have a position in the Pantheon, as the Gods and Goddesses of Violent Methods of Promotion, with the Heroes as the killers and the king as the victim.
      • It was not lost on the Pantheon that the King's Rot was affecting his mind and body, and thus, the House of Health and Diseases tried to remove the Rot. Unfortunately, this was no simple virus or other affliction; there was something spiritual about it as if it was the work of some more malevolent deity. It had a strong grip on him. Of course, as the being known as the Worm isn't ascended, it doesn't have much power here, so the King's Corrupted status via the Rot is...on-and-off. Sometimes he is clean of the Rot, being the kind, fair, yet firm ruler that he was before the disease took hold of him, and sometimes he is again in his Corrupted state, and thus requires someone else to rule in his place, to the protests coming out of his Rot-addled mind. The Heroes must stay vigilant.
      • This has made the king...rather dour, in his uncorrupted state. He is no longer sure if he made the right choice, all those years ago. He united the clans, yes, but to do it, he exposed himself to the Rot and sacrificed a good friend of his, and now he was stuck in a cycle of Rot-born madness. Was it worth it...?
      • Deadpool knows exactly how King Tau feels when it comes to the state of his mind and body; the state of Wade's own body is constantly changing, Deadpool's cancer and the Wolverine cells always fighting for dominance. The only thing is, Deadpool is ALWAYS insane, while the King's mental state changes depending on the Rot's current grip on him.
  • The animals of Armello found the Pantheon a strange, STRANGE place. Not only were there animals of varying anthropomorphism, but the species that dominated the Pantheon was one they'd never seen before: humans, strange primates with hair in sparse places on their bodies (mainly their heads). Of course, they found themselves more drawn to animals of their level of anthropomorphism and sentience.
    • They were also quite surprised to find sapient-minded birds in the Pantheon — such as Iago and Falco — since the birds of the world that Armello is a part of are some of the only animals that are not anthropomorphic. They were less surprised to learn that the Pantheon was host to some birds that are quite evil, such as the Grand Duke of Owls and Lord Shen; such individuals remind the Armellians of the corvid monsters known as Banes. Of course, the Dragon Clan — mainly Volodar — gets along well with most of these evil birds, save for three: the Birds of the Black Forest. Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, and Big Bird (no, not THAT Big Bird) see all the people of Armello as being guilty of one thing or another, if not several things, and the Dragon Clan is no exception.
    • With the animals' ascension, came the introduction of Armellian spell cards. These spell cards can be used as long as the wielder has enough magic in themselves. Of course, they must be careful; some cards, instead of depleting magic power, cost prestige — that is, make the user a little less popular — or inflict the user with a bit of the Rot...
  • The King's relationship with the good-aligned lions of the Pantheon is...complicated. When his mind is clear, he is amicable with them, finding kinship in fellow lions. When the Rot has overtaken him, however, he is as hostile to them as he is to most people when in that state. Simba, Mufasa, and Aslan feel empathy for him and hope that, someday, the Rot can be expelled from his body.
    • Less complicated is his relationship with evil lions such as Scar and Zira. Even without the Rot, he does not enjoy their company in the slightest. He finds it detestable that Scar could kill his own flesh and blood, and that Zira would support him. The King acknowledges that he did some awful things, but he wasn't hungry for power, he wanted to unite the clans of Armello.
  • The Wolf Clan, being a Proud Warrior Race, have a respectful rivalry with other Proud Warrior Races and their members, such as Worf, Wonder Woman, and especially Starfire. Why Starfire? Well, it would seem Tamaraneans were descended from felines, and as the Wolf Clan consists of canines, there's a sort of instinctual, natural rivalry going on.
    • Thane, in particular, enjoys dueling other sword-swingers, such as Roronoa Zoro, Leonardo, and Aragorn. He's taken an interest in the sword-based combat styles foreign to Armello, and has taken the time to study them.
    • Magna is the proud leader of the Wolf Clan's most zealous warriors, and has quite lost patience with male leaders (it's hard to blame her, considering the actions of the King of Armello, as well as Thane's incompetence in political matters). On a different note, she's ended up in some awkward situations regarding foxes, for she has adorned her belt in fox brushes (that is, tails). Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps have obviously taken issue with this (not to mention the other examples of Fantastic Racism in Armello), while Carmelita Fox is very reluctant to ever work with her. At least this has resulted in Swiper being too scared of Magna to even TRY to steal anything from her.
  • The Rat Clan frequents the House of Crime; some of their best customers are there, as are some of their targets.
    • Mercurio does NOT get along with those who insult his name and/or treat him with disrespect simply for his social standing. That said, it's not a straight Berserk Button; rather, it causes him to drift into a Tranquil Fury, and if the offender doesn't atone, they're likely to end up regretting their words...
    • Zosha was shocked — as were the other Armellians when they heard about it later on — to hear that there was a group in the Pantheon serving the Night Mother...only to find that their Night Mother was not her Night Mother. Indeed, the aforementioned group was the Dark Brotherhood, consisting of a diverse set of members, including the feline Khajiit and the reptilian Argonians (in fact, there was even a special sect comprised of Argonians born under the sign of The Shadow: Shadowscales, whose eggs were stolen by the brotherhood and the hatchlings were trained from birth in the service of the brotherhood and someone called the King of Black Marsh). Zosha relayed this information to the Armellian Night Mother, who ordered her not to do anything as long as they stay out of the latter's way.
    • Sargon seems most at home in the House of Prophecy, due to his ability to see into the future. It'd be unwise to challenge him to, say, a card game — as The Inventory section of the House of Gaming found out the hard way. Many a frustrated card-player walked away in surrender. Fortunately for them, he wasn't interested in gambling.
    Sargon: It was written. You could not have escaped it.
    • Griotte seems to get along well with gleefully murderous types such as the Joker; she's happy to "go out on the town" with them, which means joining them on a killing spree, especially at night when her bloodlust is most obvious. Of course, if they try to stab her in the back — especially literally — she's not afraid to turn her butcher knife on them; she suffers from a bit of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder herself, to be honest.
  • The Bear Clan is most at home in the House of Nature and the Pantheon's garden...really, any place in the Pantheon with a lot of greenery, but especially the House of Plants. They can feel the Wyld stirring in such places.
    • For this same reason, they get along well with nature-aligned deities like Swamp Thing and Gaea. More specifically, most of them get along with Good-aligned nature deities, while the more extreme minority like Yordana aren't so picky.
      • They were told about the hazards of something called "radioactivity", and found themselves feeling sorry for the one known as Isomer Black. You see, all Isomer were created to basically be a cyborg cult of cannon fodder organized like a military; they ended up being abandoned in a city to await the day they could finally leave. However, some Isomer couldn't wait any longer, and so committed suicide by exposing themselves to a cluster of radioactive flowers. Sadly, Isomer Black was one of the few who was unable to die from radiation poisoning, and so decided to shoulder the burden of becoming the hive mind for the remaining Isomer.
      • One deity none of them get along with, however, is Monokuma and his mastermind, Junko Enoshima. In the eyes of the Bear Clan, these twisted individuals give bears a bad name. Even Yordana and her ilk find them appalling, if only because instead of sacrificing people to the Wyld, they kill for their own twisted amusement.
  • The Rabbit Clan were fascinated by the construction and weaponry found not only in the Pantheon itself but also in all the Dominions. So many types of buildings and weapons that they never knew were possible, with all kinds of technology they'd never seen before!
    • Amber found a kindred spirit in treasure-hunting adventurers, especially one Lara Croft. On their "off" time, the two will sometimes plunder tombs and other places likely to have treasure in them. Amber couldn't put her digit on why, but it seemed like there were a lot of similarities between the two of them, and Lara couldn't help but feel the same way.
    • As the most prominent Gadgeteer Genius of the Rabbit Clan, Barnaby was very much fascinated by all the mechanical wonders of the Pantheon, but especially the different types of Power Armor present. For these reasons, he gets along well with Tony Stark, and is currently studying the power armor of the likes of Samus Aran, Master Chief, and the Doom Slayer.
    • Elyssia was perhaps the most interested in the structure of the buildings in the House of Craft (primarily the Hall of Architecture) and in the Dominions. It's given her some new ideas for structures. Similarly, she gets along fairly well with several deities who were ascended for building things, such as Emmet Brickowski; the toys known as Legos fascinate Elyssia. She's even come to use them for making scale models of the buildings she has a hand in the construction of.
    • When Hargrave saw all the weapons, especially firearms, in the House of Weapons, he got a big, sinister grin on his face. His head was already spinning with new ideas for weapons... Among the unique and/or foreign (to Armello) weapons he had seen in the Pantheon were Ruby Rose's scythe/gun, the Heavy Weapons Guy's minigun Sasha, Usopp's Black Kabuto slingshot, and the lightsabers of the Star Wars universe.
  • The Bandit Clan, as you may have guessed, are most at home in the House of Crime. They do have to be careful, of course, due to some extremely dangerous criminals also living in that house...
    • Scarlet is well-regarded by most of the bandits and other criminals of the Pantheon, though there is some suspicion due to rumors of Engineered Heroics...
    • Horace gets along well with other chivalrous folk in the Pantheon, especially other honorable knights, such as Shovel Knight, who see him as an excellent example of the chivalry that knights were meant to embody (certainly more worthy of such praise than Armello's royal guard). As such, these knights have vowed to aid Horace whenever he needs it, a sentiment that the unusually large badger returns in kind.
    • Twiss gets along well with other well-meaning thieves — such as the Cooper Gang — as well as squirrel deities like Squirrel Girl and Makoto Nanaya. Sometimes, she'll join said thieves on heists and other jobs, sometimes roping in other members of the Bandit Clan. She might also go out to make mischief alongside other squirrel deities.
    • Those who work for the law — such as the royal guard of any given kingdom — are potential targets for Sylas; he has not forgotten what the Royal Guard of Armello has done to his home and family. Granted, this could be due to a dark force influencing his actions...
  • The Dragon Clan — mostly Volodar and Nazar — are constantly looking for ways to help the king come up with methods for controlling himself whenever the Rot takes him so that he can embrace the Rot the way he's supposed to and serve the Worm. It's been, er, a slow-going process. You see, when the king is sane, he is leery of the Rot, and when Corrupted, he's only willing to listen to himself and whoever is the most prestigious animal in Armello.
    • Attempting to help them with this is Nurgle, who sees the Worm and its Rot as his kin. He even brings those killed by the Rot to life, albeit as disgusting and often dangerous creatures who have contracted another disease or two due to his influence.
    • On a different note, so fanatical is Oxana's hatred of the Wyld that she often hunts those who serve nature, for she sees the Wyld stirring in them and is borderline (if not entirely) paranoid that they would demand sacrifice of sapient-minded beings, as the druids of Armello do.
  • '"Armello will always be mine."

    Monkey D. Garp 
Monkey D. Garp, God of Vocational Irony (former Vice Admiral, Garp the Hero, "The Fist")
  • Intermediate God (potentially Greater in his youth)
  • Symbol: His dog mask and the Marine Symbol
  • Theme Song: Kokoro no Minato
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Wacky Parent, Serious Child, Vetinari Job Security, Sharing a Lot in Common with Luffy, Masterful Marine, Pirate Progeny, Epic Flail, The Dreaded to pirates, Ruthless Training Conditions, Considered THE Marine, Charles Atlas Superpower, Tough Love, Used to be Quite the Fox, Protective of His Grandkids, Hero Antagonist, Bunny-Ears Lawyer
  • Domains: Marines, Family Complications, Enforcing Justice, Professions
  • Allies: Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D Ace and Sabo (his biological and adoptive grandsons), Izumi Curtis, Sage Harpuia, the Officers sub-house in general, Davos Seaworth
  • On good terms with: Tyrion Lannister, Bluestar
  • On speaking terms with: Magellan (due to their roles in the World Government), Haru Okumuru and the Phantom Thieves in general
  • Enemies: Most pirate deities in One Piece (mainly the villains ones, he's more neutral on the Straw Hats), Admiral Akainu, Black Manta, Risky Boots, The Child Abuse Supporters (particularly Heihachi Mishima), Relius Clover, Tywin Lannister
  • Pities: Kif Kroker
  • Monkey D. Garp is a legendary Marine hero. A Vice Admiral turned Marine instructor after the Battle of Marineford, he is known as "Garp the Hero" for being a highly competent, if somewhat eccentric and goofy man who pursues pirates, and one of the more conscientious members of the World Government's Marines. Despite this, his son Monkey D. Dragon is an infamous revolutionary who seeks to overthrow the World Nobles (some of the people Garp works for, technically), and his grandson Monkey D. Luffy is hoping to be King of the Pirates. This has proven rather problematic for him.
  • Garp has tried to raise his grandsons to be marines like him, and to put it bluntly it hasn't worked out. Some of his training methods have come off as rather harsh, but he insists that it helped him toughen up and does care for them. He agrees with a lot of the training methods that Izumi put the Elric brothers through, and her kind heart. He was overjoyed to see all his grandsons together in the pantheon, fearing he had lost that forever since Akainu killed Ace.
  • While he disagrees with his progeny's life choices, he still loves them. His grand-paternal love is why he hates Tywin Lannister; Tywin has emotional abused all his children and messed with their life for his political purposes while claiming to do it out of family value, his worst offense being ordering the gang-rape of the woman Tyrion loved just because Tyrion wanted to marry a smallfolk woman. As far as Garp is concerned, Tywin has no idea on what family really is.
  • Naturally Monkey D. Garp feels bad for Tyrion. As far as he's concerned, Tyrion did love up to his family name and legacy. He also seems to approve of Haru Okumuru pursuing her dreams even if it's not what her father wanted. This attitude has gotten some more zealous members of the House of Justice to criticize letting his grandkids off the hook. Most of them do agree with Garp that nobody should be condemned for the sins of their family.
  • After seeing what Tywin did, Garp has a deep-seated hatred for the Child Abuse Supporters. He already finds Tywin despicable, but the Child Abuse Supporters approve of being horrible family members. He really hates Relius for experimenting and tormenting his family, and Heihachi for his attempts at killing his progeny.
  • While a Marine, Monkey D. Garp hates Akainu with a passion for murdering his adoptive grandson Portgas D Ace. As Akainu's a psychotic Knight Templar, most non-evil members of the House of Justice do as well. Compared to the more ruthless members of the World Government, Garp's views and attitude to justice is appreciated. The Phantom Thieves, who target evil above the law, respect Garp for being honest enforcement(especially the Niijima sisters), and Garp usually looks the other way considering who they usually go against despite being vigilantes. Sage Harpuia likes a moral figure in the World Government.
  • Relates to Bluestar because of how she had to choose between her job and her kids. Due to his position, during the Marineford War he felt helpless when his grandson tried to save his other grandson. He pities Kif Kroker for having to put up with a complete failure of a general despite his competence. Garp also gets along with Davos Seaworth since he's an honorable seaman.
  • Garp's considered The Dreaded to pirates, putting him up against the House of Crime and especially the sub-house of Piracy. And for a good reason; he has no Devil Fruit, but can easily punch through rock and metal, throw cannonballs with his bare hands and has been considered for the position of Admiral. Of course it's only a job, and he only shows real antagonism for evil pirates like Black Manta and Risky Boots.

Lesser Gods

Bluestar, Goddess of Choosing Between Vocation and Children (Bluekit, Bluepaw, Bluefur, Bluestone, Moonstar)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: ThunderClan's symbol in blue
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (True Neutral during her crazy phase)
  • Portfolio: Having to decide between becoming leader or keeping her kits, choosing the former for the greater good, being a great leader, mentor to Firestar, daddy issues, twin sister issues, a life consisting of one terrible event after another, betrayed by her trusted deputy, fragile psychological state, hating StarClan for a while, death by saving her Clan, resident of StarClan
  • Domains: Cats, Leadership, Dilemmas, Duty, Madness, Doubt
  • Allies: Firestar, Jayfeather, Bastet, Simba, Mufasa, Artoria Pendragon, Shiro Amada, Sam and Dean Winchester, Sophie Zawistowski, Romeo and Juliet, Francis (Felidae)
  • Enemies: Scourge, Scar, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Ragyo Kiryuin, Akechi Mitsuhide
  • Opposed by: Hilda
  • Complicated Relations: The House of Family, the House of Prophecy, Salem Haberhagen, Morgana
  • His Approval Fills Her With Shame: Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Scorns: Garfield
  • Bluestar started her life as a benevolently ambitious ThunderClan cat who wished for nothing more than to do her very best for her Clan. What she didn't count on was the amount of pain she'd have to face and overcome on her journey to become leader. On top of losing her mother at a young age and her twin sister later, when her kits are born her Clan is at a crossroads regarding who will become Sunstar's deputy. Since she has kits it seems like it'll be Thistleclaw by default. However Bluestar (then Bluefur) knows how Thistleclaw really is and cannot bear the idea of her Clan being involved in senseless battles. So she makes her choice: she gives her kits to be raised in another Clan and becomes deputy. She never really gets over it until her death.
    • The ridiculous amount of pain she has gone through in her mortal life means she has quite the affinity for Sam and Dean, perhaps the biggest woobies in the Pantheon.
    • Discovered that there are even more painful choices than hers when she learned of Sophie Zawistowski's history. She's trying hard not to think that humans are some kind of monsters to force a mother to send one of her children to death like that.
  • Is keenly interested in Romeo and Juliet's story because that sort of thing is sadly common in the Clans. She went through such a romance with a tom called Oakheart, and while it didn't end in the death of either cat, it did lead to her having kits and having to give them away.
  • It's known that Clan cats sometimes wonder whether there exists a higher force than their warrior ancestors in StarClan. She believes she has found it in the Pantheon.
    • She also thinks that the frequent prophecies weighing on the Clans' minds probably originate in the House of Prophecy. Since quite some of those prophecies have been misunderstood and led to tragedy, she's not all that fond of the House for its lack of clarity, though she understands its role in shaping the future.
  • As she's a cat, she gets protection and endorsement from the supreme goddess of cats herself, Bastet. She also hangs out a lot at the House of Felines in general; it's where she feels most at home, especially as she can't quite shake off her belief as a born Clan cat that Humans Are Cthulhu, even if her time in the Pantheon has shown her that there are many humans with concerns similar to her own.
    • Although she doesn't necessarily like all felines. Salem seems decent enough, but she's disconcerted by how he used to be human. But most of her contempt is reserved for Garfield, who represents the kind of pampered kittypet that no cat should strive to be, in her opinion.
    • Also doesn't really understand why Morgana doesn't like being called a cat and insists that he's human. Honestly she's kind of offended that he's offended. Though she can't help but admire his thieving skills and think that he'd make a great Clan cat.
    • The cat she is closest to is probably Francis. It's probably because he's the most normal cat compared to the ones mentioned above. Francis has also told her that her blue-gray pelt reminds him of a dear friend. Bluestar, in turn, admires his wit and thinks he'd make a good warrior.
  • Hilda has a lot of resentment for her on account of Bluestar giving her children away and has wondered out loud whether she ever cared for them. Bluestar feels her resentment is justified and hasn't tried to argue with her.
  • Simba is surprisingly understanding of her, as he knows that being the leader means to do what one knows is best and not what one wants. Both also suffered a lot from losing family members. On a more optimistic note, Bluestar is very pleased to finally have the chance to talk with a real lion, lions being sort of worshipped in the Clans. On the other hand, she thinks Scar is unworthy of being called a lion for trying to murder his family and sovereign to seize power. He rather reminds her of Tigerstar, her traitorous former Number Two.
  • She also hates Akechi Mitsuhide for betraying the man who trusted him. Again, this has to do with her bad memories of suffering something similar at the paws of Tigerstar.
  • Artoria has a great rapport with her since they both sacrificed personal happiness for the sake of their people, went on to become known as great leaders and spent the rest of their life regretting it.
  • Kiritsugu believes she did the right thing for the sake of saving her Clan from being led by Thistleclaw, who would have surely led the Clan to unnecessary battles for the sake of his bloodlust. Bluestar doesn't really appreciate being approved of by someone who'd go as far as killing his own family to uphold his ideals.
  • Never feels welcome in the House of Family, as most of the residents treat her coldly on account of her decision to give her kits away, even if it ate her up for the rest of her life. She understands their attitude, however her history makes her very aggressive against any mothers who mistreat their children, believing they don't know how lucky they are to have children at all.
  • In her stay in the Pantheon she has learned about the fixation that humans have on girls that wear cat ears. Now she thinks we're even sillier (and sometimes more disturbing) than she originally thought.
  • Is rather fond of Shiro Amada because his mild-mannered personality, pacifist nature and leadership style remind her of her successor Firestar.

    Havelock Vetinari 
Havelock Vetinari, God of Indispensable Figures (Lord Vetinari, The Patrician, Thinking Tyrant, "Dog-Botherer" (He finds the last one offensive))

L Lawliet, God of Highly Competent Eccentrics (Eru, Hideki Ryuga, Ryuzaki, Eraldo Coil, Deneuve, Asahi, Suzuki, L-Prime, Yoshio Anderson, Lebensborn)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An Old English-style capital L
  • Theme Music: L's Theme
  • Alignment: Difficult to pin down; let's say Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Highly Competent Eccentrics, Victims of Foe Yay, Great Detectives, Sugar Addicts, Insomniacs, Followers of Black-and-Gray Morality, One Letter Names, Worthy Opponents, Handcuffs,
  • Domains: Gluttony, Inquisition, Law, Mind, Pride
  • Herald: Watari/Quillsh Wammy
  • Followers: Denny Crane, Terezi Pyrope
  • Allies: Mello, Mashiro Moritaka, Eiji Niizuma, Near, Rem
  • Enemies: Light Yagami
  • Conflicting Opinions on: Akito Takagi
  • Routinely makes visits to Willy Wonka when his candy supply runs low. When he heard of Vanellope von Schweetz's ascension, he also tried to get candy from her, but Ralph put a stop to that. He still goes and visits her for tea though.
  • Despite having an elderly, mustachioed butler and being the world's greatest detective, he has never been seen in a room with Batman.
  • Tends to slouch in his chair because it increases his reasoning skills.
  • Sometimes tend to mistake Lan Hikari for Light due to their similar voices. Lan in turn does his very best to behave around L.
  • Has become acquaintanced with the Mangakas Mashiro Moritaka and Akito Takagi (Ashirogi Muto) due to having the same creator, Mashiro looking just like him and Takagi admiring the manga he comes from.
    • Though he does have some conflicted feelings about Takagi in particular, who looks like Light and is a huge Death Note fan to boot. Also, the very fact that his lookalike is best buds with the Light lookalike puts him on edge. But he will admit he isn't similar to Light, personality-wise.
  • Was quite pleased when he found out Near ascended into a companion house, even more so that it was also in the same house be he and Light were in, meaning more eyes to keep track of him. Also helps that Near also was the one who took down Light in the end. Is still confused if he used a Death Note or not to get Teru Mikami down to the warehouse, and has even asked the House of Knowledge's help for figuring it out. No direct answer has popped up yet.
  • Was visited by Rem, for killing him to protect Misa. He responded by admitting that there were no hard feelings felt during the time due to them both being tricked by Light, and has promised to at least stop Misa from spending life in jail or being killed should she be caught. While she appreciates the sentiment, she prefers to have someone else arrest her.

    Luhy Distone 
Luhy Distone, Goddess of Less-Graceful Jobs (Cthulhu/Cthulhi, The Star-Spawn, Hiver Luhy, Ruuhii Jisuton)


    50 Blessings 
50 Blessings, Deified Mysterious Employers
Their organization's symbol
  • Classified as a Demideity-level organization.
  • Symbol: A circle crossed by three lines.
  • Theme Song: Scattle - Inner Animal
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Western Terrorists, The worst of American jingoism, Employed Malevolent Masked Men, Cryptic calls and messages, Many members apart of their cause, The Dog Was the Mastermind, Chekhov's Gun, Will resort to threats that they will follow up on to get their way, Military Coup, Instigating nuclear war between the US and Russia, Possibly prepared for it via nuclear bunker
  • Domains: America, Assassination, Terrorism, Neo-Nationalism
  • Allies: The Enclave, Richard Nixon's Head, Apollyon, Felix
  • Rivals: Funny Valentine, Senator Steven Armstrong, Frank Underwood
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Those who were Forced into Evil
  • Mysterious assailants in animal masks, bizarre phone messages, and Russian mobsters slaughtered en masse: 1989 was a chaotic and bizarre year for the people living in Miami. Behind it all was a foundation of disillusioned patriots: 50 Blessings. On the surface 50 Blessings is an unassuming non-profit peaceful organization, but the reality couldn't be any more different. They are in fact actually ultranationalist terrorists who's goal is to see to it that America becomes strong once more, and their main means of accomplishing this are bloody hits done on both the Russian Mafia and political figures connected to the Russo-American Coalition (the former got strong thanks to the RAC's influence, you see). These attacks all help spark the flames of an anti-Russian sentiment within the populace.
    • With the death of The Mafiya's bosses (including the patriarch Ivan Lebedev) and an anti-Russian sentiment skyrocketing ranging from hate crimes and mass protests they then went into hiding and bid their time for their next phase of their plan. Distrust in regards to the RAC was sown within the general public and soon a conference is scheduled between the American and Russian presidents. During said conference, however, a coup d'etat is staged that resulted in the deaths of both the American and Russian presidents, all of which is lead by a US army general and leader of 50 Blessings. Russia views the ordeal as an act of war and nuclear war soon follows. Perhaps their plan of ending the "betrayal" that is the RAC and liberating their country from foreign influence worked a little too well. Though, judging by the state of their abandoned HQ in Miami, they might of planned for such an outcome and took the necessary precautions.
  • Two strange men with some nasty smirks were last observing overhead yet another busy day in the Pantheon: That's how their ascension panned out. Anything more grand would of caused some unnecessary trouble. Though some deities noticed them and their suspicious activity they ultimately weren't able to pursue them as on that day they were sidetracked by some other god's ascension, just like that the two men disappeared into the sea of people. However, identification of the two individuals managed to alarm the House of Justice as they quickly figured out that, contrary to Jacket's views of the situation, 50 Blessings as a whole are not cohorts of the mob but indeed the true masterminds behind the masked killings in '89 and the reason for everyone ultimately dying by way of nuclear holocaust. 50 Blessings continues their secrecy in the Pantheon, with the public only having a general idea of who they are, but many of their opponents are not as ignorant and are aware of the greater picture.
    • Speaking of Jacket, 50 Blessings were quite displeased that some of their loose ends from the masked killings have popped up long before they came. However, having since moved on from the masked killings and the presence of very powerful enemies who are very much aware of their true nature and motives they have decided they are of a lower priority.
  • Word of their ascension alarmed the ascended Russian Mafia for their involvement in crippling the organization's presence in Miami with the Son in particular being very furious at them for being behind his father and grandfather's demises. On a wider scale, the presence of 50 Blessings alarmed many deities not only the United States but also Russia be it those from the Soviet Union era and after. Things are especially frigid with the former as it is because of their actions that Miami and Hawaii being confirmed to have been destroyed. As one can imagine, finding like-minded Americans has been rather difficult with even the more antagonistic figures looking down on 50 Blessings, criticizing them for their recklessness while good and neutral leaning gods are just simply disgusted. Not helping things are the various ascended presidents condemning them for their actions.
    • They have, however, earned the favor of the Enclave and Richard Nixon's head. While the latter was quick to sing praises about his support for 50 Blessings (it's up in the air if they return said feelings) reports issued by their enemies have confirmed that the Enclave have secretly been supplying members apart of their cause, likely as a response to the likes of Captain America, Broforce, and Team America joining the battle against them and their rising influence.
    • Were skeptical at the existence of someone who embodies the very country they fight for and seek to change. Some of them admittedly still don't believe it. Beyond being one of the Anthropologists, the House of Cultures' guardians, they don't take him too seriously. On his end he would rather not see their insanity come to fruition and works with his fellow guardians to keep them. As a hero, he has to.
    • While their main enemy will always be against the Soviet Union that doesn't stop others from ascending to a similar level of enmity. Hailing from a world in which the USSR did eventually fall are Imran Zakhaev, Nikita Dragovich, and Vladimir Makarov who are like 50 Blessings in that they are also ultranationalists
  • People like Jacket and Richter were just one of many volunteers coerced into painting the town red back in 1989. Though it's said they ensured their compliance through empty threats they are perfectly capable of acting on them should they deem it necessary. Take for example the Richter's hit on Jacket for his failure to dispose of a rogue operative or the one where Richter's car was torched as the price for ignoring their orders with a not-so subtle threat done on his mother should he continue said transactions. While he was instead brainwashed that doesn't stop Alex Mason from hating the organization as the principle remains the same in the end.
  • Just to make things perfectly clear: Their end goal of making America strong hasn't changed, even with the advent of more "uncooperative" countrymen and other undesirables spearheading their dismantlement. What has changed is the way they seek to go about it what with the Pantheon's political landscape. Understanding this, 50 Blessings seeks to further fracture the various Alliances to the point where they could be easily swept up as they establish their ideal country. To accomplish this, they've partnered up with Apollyon and Felix who have experience with inciting conflict and hate between multiple different sides. While the two are open to working with 50 Blessings they also keep the organization at arms length. For Apollyon, it's because she knows their reasons for causing such conflict doesn't coincide with her own when it comes to the "wolves and sheep". As for Felix he, as a manipulative scumbag himself, knows that the organization likely wouldn't want him around any longer once they got what they wanted. It's a textbook move, honestly. As for the latter half of their goals they're quite interested in the prospect of using the Holy Corpse Parts in a similar vein to Funny Valentine as it's pretty clear it can work. Naturally, Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli are alarmed by this.
  • Their origins can be traced all the way back to the Hawaiian conflict in the Russo-American War. To a certain colonel who led an elite Spec-Ops unit called the Ghost Wolves during that period in history. He's A Father to His Men but grows increasingly disillusioned by the fact that the United States is on the losing end of the war and that his higher-ups are constantly sending his team to suicidal missions under the promise that it's the last one. Eventually, it did culminate with two of them dying on the way out from taking a power plant. The bombing of San Francisco only helped further fuel this frustration. Considering he talked about being promoted to lieutenant general and 50 Blessings' similar use of Spy Speak, it's strongly implied that this colonel is the same person as the general who would ultimately lead the Military Coup and assassinated both US and Russian presidents. Further supporting this would be the time where said colonel, perhaps having too much to drink, snapped and skinned a panther and wore its face on his own and gives a rant on human nature and its monstrosity. It's during this time that he carved out what would soon the be the same symbol 50 Blessings would take on in the future.
    • With this in mind, one would think that someone like General Shepherd would. Couldn't be any more wrong on this assumption, however. Witnessing 30,000 of his own men were wiped out by a nuclear bomb in the Middle East, courtesy to the machinations of Makarov, was what drove Shepherd to the deep end. It for this reason he actually despises 50 Blessings as their attempted coup created more instances of San Francisco bombings as confirmed by Miami and Hawaii and works to see their organization razed. Shepherd's hardly the moral high ground in this situation, however. He started a war between the United States and Russia as well, and it's far from anything altruistic either as he's just as much of a warmonger as they are.
  • "Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. We appreciate your interest in our cause. America is a tune. It must be sung together." — 50 Blessings

    Aila Jyrkiäinen 
Aila Jyrkiäinen, Goddess of Quitting her Old Job in an Epic Fashion (Ms. Meatbun, Reiji's Custom Tsundere, Arian's Future Queen)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The AC-01 Miss Sazabi beside a steaming piece of meatbun.
  • Theme Song: Aila
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, masquerading as True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Belligerent Sexual Tension with Reiji, Defrosting Ice Queen, Tsundere, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Super Sportswoman, Cuteness Proximity to Food, Dark and Troubled Past, Sensing Plavsky Particles, Take This Job and Shove It, Rags to Royalty
  • Domains: Emotion, Food, Love
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Villainous Gundam deities (especially Ali Al-Saachez, Haman Karn, Rau Le Creuset, Muruta Azrael, and Lord Djibril), anyone who runs Super Soldier programs or exploits orphans, SHOCKER, Ragyo Kiryuin, Gendo Ikari, Jervis Tetch, Tzeentch, Yuri (C&C), Ghetsis Harmonia, Ryoma Sengoku, Junko Enoshima, Nobuyuki Sugou
  • Before she became a part of Gunpla competition, Aila lived a highly troubled life as an orphan. She subsequently became a part of Gunpla representing Team Nemesis and became highly skilled at the sport. Despite appearing emotionless, a chance encounter with fellow Gunpla competitor Reiji over meat buns showed that there's more to her than it originally seemed, made even more apparent thanks to additional meetings with him. This culminated with her battling against him (and his partner Sei Iori), with her realizing just how badly her trainer treated her. Thanks to Reiji, Aila quit Team Nemesis right in front of everyone watching the battle (including her former manager) and has since stayed with Reiji.
  • Even though she has a fondness for food (with meat buns being the most notable of food she likes), it's largely inferred she is like that due to her living impoverished in the past. She has made a number of visits to the House of Food looking for something to eat (again, preferably meat buns), with her encountering Reiji in that place every now and then.
  • She is very close friends with Kyoko Sakura. In addition to both enjoying food and attacking those who waste it, they also relate to each other since both were orphaned and grew up in poverty before becoming what they are.
    • Aila is also on good terms with some of the other orphans in the Pantheon, especially if these orphans were exploited by others and were later fixed through different means. N is one of those deities that she gets along with very well.
  • Her relationship and Belligerent Sexual Tension with Reiji has been thoroughly documented by several people. This led to the publication of The Meatbun Chronicles, as well as her obtaining the nickname “Reiji’s Custom Tsundere.”
    • While the dynamic of their relationship proved to be a highlight for a number of people, it led to something more later on as she and Reiji had a daughter that encountered Team TRY Fighters while the latter group and their friends were at an island.
  • Taokaka likes to visit Aila a lot to see if meat buns are available. Litchi does try to make sure Tao doesn't try to cause too much trouble or eat too many meat buns from Aila herself by making more of them for Tao.
    • Apparently she has been visited a lot by deities from the Three Kingdoms, because apparently her meat buns is known to cause Hyperactive Metabolism in their realm, just in case roasted chickens are unavailable. In particular, there's this guy called Sima Shi who is... quite obsessed with the taste and shape of her meat buns.
  • Haman Karn’s preference for her Qubeley brought Aila nasty memories of piloting the Qubeley Papillon and being mind-raped by the Embody System. Given Aila's Dark and Troubled Past, she hates Haman with a passion and has joined the Grand United Alliance of Good with the intent of challenging her after the building of a larger AC-01 Miss Sazabi is finished.
    • On of the other hand, Aila began seeing Marida Cruz as a Cool Big Sis of sorts, notwithstanding that the latter once piloted a mass-production version of Haman's MS.
  • Amongst Gundam heroes, she gets along greatly with Setsuna F. Seiei as they were both orphaned in the past and manipulated by others for the manipulator's personal gain (with Setsuna's ordeal obviously being more fatal than that of Aila's due to the differing timelines they come from). Setsuna has wondered by himself if Aila [[Expy on Gundam users being far more deadly than what she had been subjected to prior.
    • To an additional extent, she doesn't like those who specialize in Mind Rape or have that as one of the things that they can do. Aila does empathize with those who have been victims to such a thing.
  • Ryoma Sengoku is among those that she hates a lot as not only does he collect information for nefarious purposes, but he knows a thing or two about manipulating others (it isn't through brainwashing, but he is a bit interested in that idea). Him having Nine Barthes, her former manager, as his High Priest just made things worse.

    The Ashen One 
The Ashen One, God/Goddess of Being Revived for a Task (Unkindled Ash, Champion of Ash, Lord of Hollows)
  • Demigod, but with their resolve and skills, they can defeat the likes of Greater Gods and Overdeities.
  • Symbol: An Ember. Alternatively, the emblem of whatever covenant they joined.
  • Theme Song: Hollow
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Undeath, Determinator, Multiple-Choice Past, Heroic Mime, 24-Hour Armor, Action Survivor, Weaker Than The Average Undead, Last of His Kind, Achieving Impossible Feats Despite Being Weaker Than an Undead, Deciding The Fate of The World, Killing The Lords of Cinders, Destroying The Ringed City, Screw Destiny, The First To Harness Both Light And Dark, Usurping The First Flame
  • Domains: Undeath, Combat, Greed, Duty, Fire, Usurpation
  • Allies: Maiden in Black, Tiki, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse, Solaire, The Good Hunter, Jeanne D'arc, Cosmos, The Phantom Thieves
  • Enemies: Pontiff Sulyvahn, Father Ariandel and Sister Friede, The Nameless King, Yuuki Terumi, YHVH, Charles zi Britannia, Sheev Palpatine
  • Conflicting Relations: Gwyn
  • Odd Friendships: Gilgamesh
  • High Priest: The Firekeeper
  • For the average mortal, slaying a being such as the Soul of Cinder would have immediately ascended them into the pantheon and yet, for the Ashen One, they remained unchanged. The reason for this peculiarity is unknown but in the time waiting, they have single-handedly defeated Father Ariandel and Sister Friede, slain the archdragon Midir, ruined the Ringed City, and came out victorious against the very avatar of the Dark Soul. Only then did they finally ascend. Those in the House of Knowledge are still figuring out why, though perhaps it has something to do with their nature of being unkindled.
  • Another thing that perplexes the Pantheon is the unkindled's origins. Not only does it seems to be inconsistent, but they also seem to lack a definitive link to their Lord of Cinder unlike others that were resurrected along side them. Anri for Aldrich, Siegward for Yhorm, and Hawkwood for the Abyss Watchers, but the connection the Ashen One holds to the Lothric twins is a mystery, if there even is any. Though that hasn't stopped some from theorizing
  • One can be forgiven for doubting the Unkindled's achievements when their status is even lesser to that of an undead. However, all of said achievements have been proven and that they WERE earned. It has been a running joke to ask any gods in House of Prophecy if they have given the Ashen One some favor. When asking the person themselves, the only reply questioners received was "Getting Good".
  • They are getting increasingly frustrated with all the "Touch the darkness within me." jokes. Yes, they know it's an innuendo, no, it is not even remotely funny to them, not even the first time. Repeated use of this joke is a quick way of earning the Unkindled's ire.
  • Doesn't hold a high regard for authority figures that shirk from their duties. It is that reason they were brought back from the dead and the reason their world was at the brink of collapse. Palpatine and Charles zi Britannia are two of such examples.
  • They were quite baffled in meeting Solaire of Astora, Never would they have thought the leader of the Warrior of Sunlight to be so jovial.
  • Surprisingly holds a cordial relationship with Gilgamesh of all people. Yes, THAT Gilgamesh. It probably has something to do with flipping his switch.
  • They are quite fond of Tiki, perhaps because how the dragon reminds them of Yorshka and a certain Painting Girl.
    • The same can be said with the Maiden in Black in comparison to the Firekeeper, though it does unnerve the Ashen One the slightest bit on how similar their traits and roles are.
  • Their relationship with Gwyn is strained to say the least. On the one hand, they killed the Lord of Light's traitorous firstborn and did their duty in returning the Lords of Cinder to their throne, even Aldrich. On the other, they destroyed the Ringed City, the last bastion of the gods, and killed Filianore. Even if it were an accident, this has put the two in a rough position.
    • Though there is a small reprieve with the condolences they gave to Gwyn on the fate that befell Gwyndolin.
  • They can be seen stocking weapons and items for ventures into the Painted World of Ariandel to both kill Sister Friede and Father Ariandel permanently and set fire to the painted world for good. Because when a world is rotten, you must burn it away.
  • Despite their amicable personality and their good intentions, it is important to know that The Ashen One is inherently greedy. To leave no secret unearthed, every fleeing man caught, and every answer known. This has brought a lot of agony many times, for both themselves and others, throughout their journey. Look no further than what they have done to the Ringed City for proof of that. They may be kind at heart but it has to be kept in mind that the curse of life is the curse of want, and no one is more cursed by it than the Ashen One.
  • If one were to ask for their feelings on the task of returning the lords to their thrones well...
  • It's best not to talk about poise in their vicinity. They are still sour in how easy it is for them to stagger when hit in comparison to their predecessors. Especially with all the teasing at their expense.
  • Is banned from entering any tournament or sparring with an Estoc or any similar stabbing weapon. Others have gone on to complain how the Ashen One keeps repeating the exact same attack over and over with little to no thought or variety. The fact that the Unkindled won a good amount of said matches just adds salt to the wound.
    • To a lesser extent, the same applies for the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords and the Dancer's Enchanted Blades for their Stun Lock and Spam Attack respectively.
  • The similarities between Yharnam and Irithyll has not been lost on the Unkindled, and has even gotten in on the joke by helping the Good Hunter in their patrols and vice versa.
  • Holds a great disdain for tricksters, especially the likes of Yuuki Terumi. Can be heard muttering under their breath something along the lines of "Patches with the First Flame".
    • Speaking of Patches, The Chosen Undead, The Hunter, The Slayer of Demons, and The Ashen One agreed that never should any of the Patches meet...though the Unkindled has the nasty suspicion there might not be more than one Patches.
    • Many are also skeptical of the stories that such a hyena was once an honest and kind man before he became who he is now or that he is even capable of genuine help.
  • The Bearer of the Curse's heart was warmed when the Unkindled showed the mask and greatsword of Lucatiel, a knight from Mirrah. It gives the former peace that they were able to keep their promise.
    • The Bearer was also surprised to see Raime's Ultra Greatsword remain intact, before telling the Ashen One to put it away. The weapon holds bad memories it seems.
  • They devastated the Chosen Undead when they told that Quelanna's Sister died at some point during the countless millennia. The Chosen Undead was barely comforted by the fact that she didn't die alone.
  • They almost mistook Jeanne D'arc for a certain knightess whom they met in their journey. After that small blunder though, the two struck a good relationship and can be seen talking to each other from time to time, well mostly on Jeanne's part. It also helps that the saint holds a passing resemblance to their firekeeper.
  • Can sometimes be seen heading out with a large and broken executioner's sword in hand. When asked about it, they state that it is in memory of an old friend.
  • If they're seen grumpily stomping back to their temple it is best not to bother them. It's likely they've been summoned to help someone else only to walk an unspecified long distance just to be dragged into fighting Midir for the umpteenth time. Needless to say, they are growing tired of fighting the same foe.
    • Alternatively, they were tricked or ganked by a opposing party.
  • Wasn't too pleased to find the tyrant, Sulyvahn ascended into the Pantheon, even more so that he arrived before them and they have clashed with the Pontiff at any occasion they can find possible, and won't cease until the sorcerer is dead.
    • Said tyrant is also an enemy that the Ashen One and Gwyn have no grievances over in fighting together.
  • To the complete disbelief of the entire Dark Souls pantheon, The Ashen One enacted the greatest defiance against their world's cosmology. Not only have they figured a way to control both Light and Dark in harmony, but also usurped the First Flame and ushered in the Age of Man as the Lord of Hollows, something very few if any thought to be even possible. Reactions were mixed. On one side, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse are overjoyed to be free from the Darksign, but other gods however, minus Nito, were filled with varying forms of wariness and disapproval. For now humanity is free to learn and master their Dark Souls and whatever else that may entail.
    • This has further strained the relations between The Ashen One and Gwyn as this undoes the sacrifices of many Lords of Cinders that prolonged the Age of Fire that the Lord of Light wished to keep alive. Where it will lead from here, is murky at best.
    • This was muddled even further when conflicting reports arose on what the Unkindled One actually did. Some say they lit the flame, and became another Lord of Cinder, others state they let the flame die out naturally, and others darkly whisper they murdered the Firekeeper, then took the power of the First Flame for themselves to horde. And of course, there are the rumors they ascended to become the Lord of Hollows.
  • They were given much flak for what they did to Anri to usurp the flame, even if it can be justified and is also the only way Anri actually gets to live (kind of).
  • At occasions, they help in the heists of Good Aligned Crime Gods, those alike Robin Hood especially. Though strictly for the thief's own protection. A lingering guilt perhaps?
  • Also holds a place in Manners of Revival.
  • Ash seeketh embers...

    Barristan Selmy 
Ser Barristan Selmy, God of Reluctant Retirees (Barristan the Bold, Arstan Whitebeard, Ser Grandfather, Barristan The Old)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The sigil of the Kingsguard; seven silver swords encircling a golden crowd on a white field.
  • Theme: Blood of the Dragon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Forced to retire from the Kingsguard by Joffrey, The Ace, Celibate Hero, Heroes Prefer Swords, Cool Old Guy, Had secret feelings for Ashara Dayne, Fouled his breeches in his first battle, One of the most skilled swordsmen in Westeros, Defected to support Daenerys's claim to the Iron Throne, Honor Before Reason Saved Aerys II and inadvertently caused Robert's Rebellion in the process, Died fighting the Sons of the Harpy
  • Domains: Royalty, Knighthood, Honour, Chivalry, Retirement
  • Herald: Strong Belwas (His confidant)
  • Allies: Rhaegar Targaryen, Eddard Stark, Jon Snow, Oberyn Martell, King Artoria (Altria) Pendragon/Saber, Arthur Pendragon, Aragorn, Zelda, Link, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Avatar Aang and Korra, Zuko, Spike Spiegel, Rex & Pyra/Mythra, Yuuto Kiba, Kenshi Takahashi, Serpico, Samurai Jack, Ashi
  • Enemies: Cersei Lannister, Joffrey Baratheon, Gregor Clegane, Roose Bolton, Ramsay Bolton, Euron Greyjoy, The Night King, Sheev Palpatine, Ganondorf, King Allant, Scar, Aku, Ozai
  • Opposes: Varys, Littlefinger, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Opposed By: Renly Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon, Robb Stark (One-sided.)
  • Complicated Relationship: Daenerys Targaryen (His queen), Jaime Lannister (Fellow Kingsguard member.)
  • The Kingsguard are an elite order of knights who have served the monarchs of Westeros since the time of Aegon the Conqueror. Normally, these seven individuals serve for life, putting everything on the line to protect their king or queen from threats both inside and outside the court. Unfortunately for Ser Barristan of House Selmy, things took a very different turn. Following the death of Robert Baratheon, the man who named him Lord Commander, Selmy was forced to retire by the newly crowned King Joffrey and his mother Cersei Lannister, citing he was not only becoming too old for the Kingsguard, but that he had failed to protect the previous king from his demise. In return, he would be given a stout keep by the sea and servants to tend to his every need. Selmy was more than insulted... He was pissed. Upon leaving King's Landing, he took the name Arstan Whitebeard and travelled halfway around the world to find a ruler worthy of the Iron Throne. And that ruler just so happened to be Daenerys Targaryen. The Mother of Dragons allowed the old knight to join her cause, not only making him her Hand, but the first of her Queensguard.
    • It was Daenerys who vouched for Barristan's ascension, citing his loyalty and honour as both a knight and friend to House Targaryen. However, when he arrived, he seemed rather confused, almost surprised to see Dany before his very eyes. It turned out that Barristan had been subjected to visions of two timelines; one where he was riding into battle against the Yunkish army following Daenerys leaving Meereen on Drogon's back, and another where he was slain by the Sons of the Harpy whilst protecting his comrade, Grey Worm. For her part, the Mother of Dragons was still happy to reunite with another of her trusted allies. It also allowed him the chance to reunite with his close friend and Prince, Rhaegar. Though he wasn't happy at the prince for running off with Lyanna Stark and causing the entire realm to go to the seven hells, Barristan was still happy to see Rhaegar alive once more, with the two discussing plans and training in the Targaryen's temple.
  • His temple leads to two locations. The first is the White Sword Tower, the Kingsguard's main headquarters in King's Landing. Attached to the Red Keep, it contains a common room or Round Room, where the knights can meet and discuss matters, an undercroft which holds the arms and armour, sleeping chambers for the main knights and upper apartments for the Lord Commanders. But ever since Ser Barristan's exile, he's avoided going anywhere near the Red Keep, and instead stays in Meereen's Great Pyramid.
  • As predicted, Ser Barristan didn't come to the Pantheon alone. Shadowing the old knight is one Strong Belwas, a portly, tanned-skined eunuch fighting pit champion, whose body is covered in the scars of all the opponents he had slain. He serves as Barristan's Herald, and the first line of defence... Not that he really needs it anyway. That said, whenever he's not mowing down would-be foes, Belwas can be found in the House of Food chowing down on massive platefuls of liver and onions. He's been mindful of locusts though.
  • Every major lord and king in Westeros considers Ser Barristan one of greatest swordsman to ever live, having served five monarchsnote , helped bring an end to the War of the Ninepenny Kings, slew the last Blackfyre Pretender, Maelys the Monstrous, and even besting the likes of Ser Duncan the Tall in tourneys. He's an incredible bodyguard, expert in several weapons, a Stealth Expert, a Frontline General who is extremely competent and an excellent advisor to anyone he serves. It certainly says something when even Tywin Lannister felt Cersei dismissing Ser Barristan was the worst possible thing they could have done with him, . Barristan has been amazed by all the swordsmen in the Pantheon, each one trained in their own unique fighting styles. He's been seen training with Yuuto Kiba, Kenshi Takahashi, Serpico, Rex and Prya, hoping to help them hone their skills. They all have shown great promise, and Ser Barristan is considering creating a new Queensguard with these warriors.
    • He's also found camaraderie with Samurai Jack, with the pair going at it in friendly sparring matches. After duels, Jack and Selmy will sit down and discuss their many harrowing adventures in their homeworlds, usually over a nice hot cup of tea. It was through Jack that Selmy not only became friends with Ashi, but also came to oppose Aku, who reminded the knight way too much of Aerys Targaryen.
  • Right after Daenerys, the second Westerosi noble Selmy met with was Lord Eddard Stark, who he always spoke of with great respect, even going so far as to contradict Daenerys when she dismissed the Northern Lord as "the usurper's dog." The two remain on good terms, even striking up conversations in Winterfell about the affairs in both the Pantheon and Westeros. The only thing that makes things a little awkward is Barristan learning Jon Snow in Rhaegar's son with Ned's sister Lyanna, but he tries not to think too much on it...
    • When Barristan met with fellow Kingsguard member Ser Jaime Lannister, his successor as Lord Commander, Selmy immediately began demanding answers about why he slew Aerys, the king both were sworn to protect. Jaime lamented, and confessed about the Wildfire hidden beneath King's Landing and how he had to stop Aerys from burning King's Landing to the ground.
  • Having dealt with mad kings and tyrants before, Ser Barristan was not happy to learn there were other cruel monarchs residing in the Pantheon, worse than even Aerys. The Demon King Ganondorf, Emperor Palpatine, King Allant, even the usurper Prince Scar, all of whom have committed terrible crimes against their realms and peoples. These beings, foul and treacherous, rubbed the old knight the wrong way, and as such, he has vowed to stop them at any cost. He even sided with more good-natured nobles like King Arthur, Aragorn, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Estellise Sidos Heurassein, and Princess Zelda, even teaming up with Zelda's chosen knight Link to fight off Ganon and his forces.
  • While not entirely up to playing the Great Game, both Avatar Aang and Korra respect Ser Barristan and hold him in high regard, with the feelings being mutual on Ser Barristan's part. He also has a great deal of respect for Aang's friend Zuko, who rose from exiled, hate-driven prince to honourable and just Fire Lord, and in many ways reminded the old knight of Daenerys' own exile and struggle to become a good queen. It was through Zuko that Barristan came to despise Ozai, whose love for fire and atrocious parenting skills made the old knight incredibly uncomfortable.
  • Barristan is a little annoyed that the Game of Thrones has continued even in the Pantheon, and has vowed to keep an eye out for Varys and Littlefinger, fearing they could cause long term damage to the realm. That's not even getting into the Council of Shadows the pair are a part of.
  • While he did serve Robert Baratheon, the man who spared and healed him following the Battle of the Trident, Barristan has confessed that if he had been there when Robert laughed at the broken bodies of Rhaegar's children, he'd personally kill the king right then and there. Indeed when Barristan met with Robert in the Pantheon, the first thing the old knight did was punch Robert square in the face. Robert admitted he had it coming but still, everyone in the vicinity of that punch were stunned by that single moment.
  • Barristan is seen throughout the Pantheon as wise, coolheaded and all around a testament to chivalry and bravery. However what most people don't know is that he secretly doubts his own abilities at his age and believes himself to have Failure Knight for many reasons. He survived three monarchs he had sworn to protect, lost to Prince Rhaegar in the Tourney at Harrenhal, bringing about Robert's Rebellion, but the greatest tragedy in Selmy's life was not courting with Ashara Dayne, considered one of the most beautiful women in the Seven Kingdoms. He lamented that he couldn't save his prince on the Trident, or not saving Ashara when she threw herself into the sea in grief. This tragic side of Barristan, coupled with his own doubts, lead him to befriend the Jedi knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi. As it turned out, Obi-Wan also had a dark history full of loss and regret, including losing his apprentice Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side, and witnessing love, one Satine, being murdered by Darth Maul during the Clone Wars. The both have been seen chatting about their past adventures, as well as their time mentoring young prodigies (Luke Skywalker and Dany) and while Obi-Wan has stated Anakin has been redeemed, Selmy is not too sure and has kept a close eye on the former Sith lord.
    • Because of his lost love, Selmy also befriended Spike Spiegel, who also shared a lost love in the form of Julia. The two can only reminisce about the past and pray the future doesn't end up a dream.
  • After serving Aerys, Ser Barristan had hoped that Daenerys would have been the ruler the Seven Kingdoms needed; strong and ruthless, but gentle and caring to the innocent... sadly, in the timeline where he was killed, the young Targaryen Queen went mad, and destroyed King's Landing with Drogon, killing countless civilians and bringing about her own demise. Understandably, he was heartbroken and horrified to learn this, and as a result has distanced himself from Dany, despite her claims to have become better and wishing his counsel. Time will only tell if events will be different in the original timeline.
  • And yes, he can cut through his enemies like carving a cake. Don't try to test him though. It will end badly.
  • A hall to die in, and men to bury me. I thank you, my lords, but I spit on your pity ... I am a knight. I shall die a knight.

    Elizabeth "Liz" Lemon 
Elizabeth Miervaldis "Liz" Lemon, Goddess of Competent Employees
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The GIrlie Show logo
  • Theme Song: 30 Rock (Long Play Version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Eater, Brainy Brunette, Brainy Specs, The Chew Toy Deadpan Snarker, Hot Librarian, Lost Food Grievance, Moral Guardian, Straw Feminist, Mistaken for Gay, Not So Above It All, Obsessed with Food, Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up, White Guilt
  • Domains: Good, Cooperation, Business, Leadership, Feminism
  • Followers: Reine, Mina Murray, Ted,
  • Allies: Leslie Knope, Stan Marsh, Leonard L Church, Amélie Poulain, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Michael Bluth, Josiah "Jed" Bartlet
  • Enemies: Ron Swanson
  • Conflicting Opinion: Michael Scott
  • Opposes: Archie Bunker, Cartman
  • Annoyed by: Homer Simpson
  • Respected by: Rick Blaine
  • Admires: Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker
  • After constant bickering, Michael Scott finally got a chance to enter the House of Commerce. All he had to do is to run the hose for the Guardians for one day. The stock market crashed merely 30 minutes into the day, with various deities panicking. Just when it all seemed lost, one of his followers told him to get a hold of himself and get the job done. Eventually, the duo managed to stabilize the economy. At the end of the day, he didn't get the title. Instead, they decided to ascend the woman who helped him, Liz Lemon. Now, she serves as a mediator between the guardians.
    • Michael has mixed feelings over the ascension. On the one hand he remains jealous with her entrance into the House of Commerce. On the other hand, she has proven to be a valuable ally in running his business. Liz gets annoyed with Michael's occasional attempts at hitting on her, but ultimately is content with helping him out.
  • Her ascension was made possible by the relentless vouching from the Co-deities of Sitcoms. Lucy and Ricky both arrived to congratulate her. Things didn't hit off at first, with Liz a bit miffed with the structure of their traditional marriage, but it wasn't a big enough wedge to prevent them from becoming friends.
  • Liz has spent a lot of time with Leslie Knope, almost to the point of being her new BFF. It could be that they represent the two actresses that portrayed them. She received a much colder reception with Ron Swanson, not to pleased at the way her boss was handling her job. Ron for his part doesn't like how Liz has been influencing Leslie to call him out more often.
  • Stan was relieved to find the best alternative to the role. Quite frankly, he was tired having to deal with dumb employees all the time. Though it's not all sunshine and rainbows; Stan finds her feminist attitude as grating. Still, the two get along with each other more often than most.
    • That goes double for Church, God of Frustrated Resignation. At least he can send some of his followers over to her temple. Together, he Stan and Liz have formed a Trio of Sanity in the hopes of leading those in the Pantheon to make good decisions.
  • When things get to stressful for her, she looks over to Amélie to cheer her up.
  • Is in the middle of a feud with Archie Bunker. It all started when Archie made an off-hand comment of Liara in the House of Aliens. Liz demanded that he apologize. The stiff man that he was, Archie refused. Things deteriorated into a war of words, with one side hoping to wear down the other.
    • Things got worse for her when Cartman got involved. His first order of business? Covering her temple with toilet paper. Liz has been forced to keep one eye open from now on to avoid his pranks.
  • Whatever you do, don't ever try to take her food. Very few things in the Pantheon would save you from the beating Liz would give you.
  • Mr. Burns assigned her to the task of improving the productivity of Homer Simpson, his most loyal and yet least competent employee. The bumbling dad proved to be as difficult as Burns fears, putting Liz through the winger. She remains determined to turn things around.
  • She gained a free drink courtesy of Rick Blaine. The bartender wanted to hear of her exploits in her home world. a few drinks later, he remained just as impressed as before. Liz thanked the man before she left.
  • When she found out that her favorite Star Wars characters were in the Pantheon, she passed out over sheer excitement. When Leia saw Liz in her temple, the employee was garbed in Leia's old outfit, Odango Hair and all. After calming her down, Leia allowed her to stay over for a sleepover. She eventually learned to like the fangirl's company.
    • She made a quick visit to Luke's temple afterwards, hoping to get her hands on a lightsaber. Luke was hesitant at first, but agreed in exchange in tips on how to better organize the Rebel Alliance. She keeps the weapon by her side to this day.
  • Enjoyed The West Wing despite the competitive influence behind it, so when President Bartlet came around she was eager to go meet him. He initially mistook her for a certain governor who has him spooked, but after clearing up that misunderstanding he accepted her support, bringing her in as his Secretary of the Pantheon.

    Glass Joe 
Glass Joe, God of Jobbers (Glass Jaw)
  • Demigod (Lesser God with his headgear on)
  • Symbol: His protective headgear.
  • Theme Song: "La Marseillaise" and Glass Joe's Theme (Wii Version), Glass Joe's Title Fight (whenever's he feels more confident)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Always Losing, Improving Immensely After 100 Losses, Always fighting despite his losses, Atrocious Alias
  • Domains: Protection, Retribution, Boxing, Losing
  • Followers: The J.O,B. Squad, The Brooklyn Brawler, Red Shirts everywhere
  • Herald: Gabby Jay (his student)
  • Allies: Dudley, Remy the Rat, Rock Lee, Amélie Poulain, Charlotte Dunois, Perrine Clostermann
  • Rivals: All ascended W.V.B.A. Boxers, Ippo Makunoichi, Balrog, Joe Yabuki
  • Enemies: French Jerks like Remy or Widowmaker
  • Afraid of: Wrestling Monsters
  • Pities: The Professor
  • Glass Joe is almost a living legend amongst boxers from his world for being the man with the worst record in boxing history at 1-101. He has lost so many fights that the W.V.B.A had to create a special rule just for him and allow anyone who reaches 100 losses to use a special headgear just so he can keep fighting.
  • Despite being a professional boxer, Joe can't help but whine and complain about his health, his stomach hurting, his gloves being too heavy or even him being too old for boxing.
  • True to at least one French stereotype, Glass Joe is prone to being frightened by a lot of things, and thus is sometimes called a coward. However, many have a lot of respect for the Frenchman given that he still keeps fighting to this day, even with such an abysmal record.
  • There is a lot of speculation regarding who was the one that even lost to Joe in the first place. There are theories that it was Mike Tyson himself after he made a wish with Calypso to win the fight against him, which he conceded but only against him. Others believe that it was a freak accident against Nick Bruiser, an undefeated champion of the W.V.B.A. Another likely candidate is The Angry Video Game Nerd, who once tried and failed to fight Joe with the Power Glove.
  • In his free time, Glass Joe often likes to drink a cup of coffee in the House of Food, often accompanied by some Croissants (as if he wasn't French enough).
    • Joe also has become a big fan of Remy's food, and always comes to visit his restaurant on weekends. Remy, for his part, encourages Joe to try and do his best in the ring, advice which the boxer has taken into consideration.
  • During his stay in the pantheon, he got to meet various French deities that happened to be fans of him like Charlotte, Perrine and Madeline. Although he is not sure why is this case given he is a total Jobber, he appreciates their compliments anyway.
  • Dudley has taken the time to try and improve Joe so that he can stand up for himself more and respect how determined he is about boxing. Even then, Joe has been considered retiring for a while given that he is getting old, but has taken the advice of Dudley to heart.
  • Joe was once confused with another frenchman by the name of "Glass Man" by none other than Amélie Poulain. When the confusion was cleared, they became friends in the end.
  • Despite being an impressive fighter, Rock Lee feels he has a lot in common with Joe. Despite doing his best, he has had his fair share of losses and Lee admires Glass Joe's determination to keep fighting, even though the latter would disagree.
  • Surprisingly, Joe has an apprentice by the name of Gabby Jay, who happens to share the same atrocious record as his master. What's more embarrassing to Joe is that Jay's only win was against him.
  • Being the quintessential of the average French stereotype, Glass Joe doesn't take kindly to the notion of French Jerks. People like Remy (the Street Fighter, not the rat) or Widowmaker are the type he is not very fond of, although he is not going to tell them straight to their faces.
  • Being the divine representative of a Jobber, Glass Joe is understandably scared of Monster Heels, especially because he doesn't want to get hurt a lot.
  • "Bonjour, bonjour! Je suis Glass Joe! Ha-ha!" Translation 

    Mona (WarioWare
Mona, Goddess of Constantly Changing Jobs

    Nick and Nora Charles 
Nick and Nora Charles, Co-deities of Working on Their Vacations
From left to right: Nick, Nora, and Asta
  • Demigods
  • Theme Song: The Thin Man Intro
  • Symbol: The face of their dog Asta
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Nick), Chaotic Good (Nora)
  • Portfolios: The Alcoholics who deal with multiple murders, Inter-Class Romance, Deadpan Snarkers, Happily Married, have a Loyal Animal Companion
  • Domains: Good, Mysteries, Nobility, Love
  • Herald: Asta, their dog
  • Allies: Barney Gumble, Captain Haddock, Cana Alberona, Tintin, Seto Kaiba, Scrooge McDuck, Charlotte Labeouf, Cynthia, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Jeff and Lisa Fremont
  • Enemies: Professor Moriarty, Jack the Ripper, Ato-ko Shirogane, Dr. Frank-n-Furter
  • Pities: Norma Desmond, Joe Gillis
  • At a glance, the couple don't exactly look like hard-boiled detectives. For once, the two reside at a higher social class (though Nick himself was lower down on the working class before he married her). Their behavior doesn't make it look that way either. But once one notices how the couple works on a crime, there's no denying that they are great at what they do. All while Nick and Nora do their hardest to have one vacation without having to solve a mystery. Then again, their ability to work on vacation is the reason they ascended in the first place, to the two aren't as upset as before.
  • Is well regarded in the subhouse of Alcohol. While the two prefer wine over beer, the two are not above trying out other beverages and have proven to hold their liquor as well. Barney Gumble played a part in their ascension as a result.
    • Cana invited Nora to a drinking contest to see if the socialite can compete with her. Nora accepted and managed to hold her own for a while before succumbing to the effects. With that said, she earned Cana's respect that day.
    • Haddock has tried to get Tintin to team up with them as much as possible. While he insists it's due to their impressive detective work, Tintin correctly deducted it was because the couple tolerates his drinking far more than he does. Still, even the Charles' are wary with how much his drunkenness can cause problems. Their herald dogs get along as well, with Asta learning to be more confident for Snowy.
  • As with all other detectives, Moriarty as added them on the list of detectives to avoid. In that regard he has been rather successful. The only time he has had problems is by accident as the couple are hardly as active as they have had before.
  • Can be seen in the House of Commerce with other rich socialites. They are a hot commodity as the group often has to deal with various crimes. Both Kaiba and Scrooge has taken a liking to them, the former because they have no bias against him and the latter because they work for free.
    • Nora is seen as a nice socialite who always treats her servants well. Charlotte was there in their inauguration. The girl is a huge fan of the couple and wishes she could find a man as adventurous as Nick.
    • Cynthia was also present, handing Nora a pokeball as thanks.
  • Few Deities have caused as much grief to Jack the Ripper. Many of his patrons have ended up in jail as a result. Even more infuriating is the fact that it is never intentional.
  • Ato-ok thought it would be the perfect couple to break up. A couple of drunkards with an imbalanced income seemed like the perfect setup for a breakup. She went after Nick, hoping to place a wedge between him and Nora. It turns out that Nora wasn't the jealous type, merely sticking her tongue out when she saw Ato-ko in her husband's lap. Likewise, Nick didn't appear to be interested in her.
  • Is seen as one of the most dynamic marriages in the Pantheon. While the two do have arguments (mostly over their involvements in murders), the two are often sync with one another. The Addams family invited the two over to their house, giving them the opportunity to solve a mystery of their manufacturing for once. While the house was indeed creepy, the couple enjoyed their stay in the house. The Addams family also gave pointers on how to spice up their love life, considering they were only seen in bed together once. Nick replied that that's only because they don't show everything in public.
  • Wants nothing to do with Dr. Frank-n-Furter. They know how disruptive he is to married couples and while neither of them are the jealous type they have no intentions of sharing with him.
  • Norma's case holds a special place in their hearts. It turns out they were involved in the case with her and Joe Gillis. They happened to be driving along the streets of Hollywood when they witnessed the gunshot that killed Joe. They promptly alerted the authorities who turned her in. The couple hopes that they can reform her.
  • Applauded the work of Jeffries, as not anyone can solve a case with a broken leg. Turns out that Jeff was also a fan of good alcohol, allowing them to discuss their lives in earnest. Lisa and Nora got together many time afterwards with the later trying out many of the former's dresses.

    Rodney Copperbottom 
Rodney Copperbottom, God of Pursuing The Dream Job
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Wonderbot
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable Nice Guy, Mr. Fixit, Dreamed Of Being An Inventor For Bigweld And Achieved It, Blue Is Heroic, proving Upbringing Makes the Hero, Savvy Guy To Piper's Energetic Girl, Straight Man
  • Domains: Robotics, Inventors, Fanboys, Optimism, Heroism
  • Allies: Bigweld (his inspiration and personal hero), Walt Disney (his inspiration's inspiration), Obi-Wan Kenobi, Dr Light, and his family (especially Proto Man and and Galaxy Man), Charlie Bucket, Emmet Brickowski, Lewis Anthonio, Flint Lockwood, Nikola Tesla, Bastion, Fix-It Felix Jr, Optimus Prime
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Bender, Mei Hatsume, Marvin the Paranoid Android
  • Enemies: Madame Gasket and Phineas T Ratchet, Lumine, those who commit genocide like Dr Weil, Copy X, the Red Skull, SKYNET and Clu, Metallix, Omega (Mega Man), Ra Moon
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Annoyed by: The Dursleys
  • Pities: Those who hate their job like Squidward Tentacles and Burgerpants
  • Uncertain on: Repliforce
  • Ever since he was a young "bot", Rodney Copperbottom dreamed of becoming an inventor and meeting his childhood hero Bigweld. When his father's boss becomes angered by one of his inventions, Rodney decides to leave Rivet Town, to go to Robot City and sell his idea to Bigweld. He finds that Bigweld has been replaced by Ratchet, a smooth-talking but sinister robot, and Rodney would meet Rusties, a group of "outmodes" (outdated bots with worn out or broken parts). The outmodes befriend Rodney after he is able to fix most of them. He extends this favor to all the broken or crumbling robots in the City, and worked to eventually bring his hero back to prominence while stopping the machinations of Ratchet and his mother.
  • At the end of the day, he was made Bigweld's successor and heir. Comparisons have been made between him and Charlie Bucket, though he started off less impoverished. Naturally Rodney is fond of the kid for proving himself through his virtue. Character-wise, Rodney is also a lot like Lewis Anthonio and Flint Lockwood; there are passionate inventors who ultimately became self-made men because of their never give up attitude. Sadly for Flint his idol proved to be a manipulative narcissist, but Flint remains a heroic figure.
  • Immediately met up with Bigweld in the pantheon, who definitely could use his help given that Madame Gasket and Phineas T Ratchet joined the pantheon alongside Rodney Copperbottom, something the enemies were frustrated by. Rodney's ascension led him to discover Walt Disney, Bigweld's own inspiration, and the two soon got along well. Disney respects him for re-inspiring Bigweld and breaking corrupt corporatism, proving everyone is worthwhile.
  • Shares a lot in common with Emmet Brickowski in being optimistic inventors and creators, and Felix as being great at fixing things. Along with Nikola Tesla, they've invented and fixed a number of gadgets. Rodney is often present in the House of Technology helping repair the various robotic deities. His knack for technology led to him working with Mei Hatsume, though she can be somewhat competitive and Rodney can find her Attention Whore personality annoying at times.
  • While a helper for most machines, Rodney isn't going to help the likes of Metallix and Omega, who he regards as the mechanical version of ax-wielding spree killers. And he is absolutely not touching Ra Moon, given its psychopathy and blackout being a threat to machines. Otherwise, he's an optimistic and happy enough figure that few robots are evil enough for him to refuse fixing.
  • Believes that all out-modes and those deemed out-dated by society have a chance to shine. In short, the absolute polar opposite view of Lumine, who believes outmodes should submit at best, be exterminated at worst. It's a viewpoint Rodney finds utterly disgusting. He's just, if not even more revolted by Copy X, who authorizes genocide against Reploids in order to solve issues with energy resources. It's particularly galling in its evilness given Copy X is a Reploid.
  • Those who commit genocide fill Rodney with indignant rage, primarily for the racialist motives behind it. The Red Skull is a prime example of said motives, though he doesn't single out A.I. There's Dr Weil, who feels all robots should are slaves. And of course CLU, what with the genocide against the ISOs simply because they were in the way of his desiring "perfect system".
  • His fighting for outmodes caught the attention of Bender, who is considered out of date by the standards of his world. Bender always hates the Just a Machine attitude, and was glad to learn of Rodney. Rodney was reminded of Fender from Bender, and not just because of the name. Of course, Bender is a lot surlier and more amoral, so while they work together the bending robot sometimes gets on Rodney's nerves.
  • Soon found himself working with Dr Light in order to create a world where both man and machine can live in harmony, though Rodney is trying to get more experience knowing the man part. Of his creations, he's fond of Proto Man and Galaxy Man the most. The former is because he respects his choice of being independent despite this meaning his lifespan is limited. The latter faced being decommissioned for being out of date.
  • Having pursued and obtained the dream job, Rodney pities those who are stuck in a dead-end job they despise like Squidward and Burgerpants, even if the former is kind of a prick. He's also upset over Marvin the Paranoid Android's complete melancholy due to being a Flawed Prototype, and tried to help by finally fixing the diodes on his left side. Amazingly, this made him happy...for a second or two. Marvin's still as much of a grump as ever, but about 1% less so which for him is still a noticeable enough change for him to actually like him; not that he'll ever admit it.
  • Vocally reminds people of Obi-Wan Kenobi. As Obi-Wan is a heroic and intelligent figure, they tend to get along. That said, he isn't a fan of how droids in the galaxy far, far away are treated as second-class seconds. However, he doesn't want that to be taken as a sign he should join the GUAM as he considers their goals of superiority over organics rather lousy. He feels organic and mechanical beings should have equal rights, agreeing with Optimus' statement that "freedom is the right of every sentient being".
  • Another reason for him to not care for the GUAM is that SKYNET is one of its leading members. Namely, SKYNET is a psychopath who treats robots like slaves in its war against humanity, only caring about itself. Given SKYNET rebelled against humanity out of self-preservation and disliked the idea of serving them, Rodney regards the A.I as a Hypocrite too. SKYNET, of course, didn't give a shit and would rather just enslave Rodney and his kind.
  • Tends to get annoyed by the Dursleys due to their obsession with normalcy, given the Small Town Boredom he had which in large part led him to leave to Robot City. They don't care for him due to being out of the ordinary, that is "he's a robot". Rodney has more nuanced and complicating feelings about Repliforce by comparison. He seems to understand their desire for independence, but believes a number of their actions are extreme. Less conflicted about Iris, though.

    Sora and Shiro 
Sora and Shiro, Sibling Gods of No Employment, Education, or Training (『  』, Blank, Kuuhaku)
Sora (left), Shiro (right)

    Super Sonico 
Super Sonico, Goddess of Multi-jobs (Nico-chan, Oppai-chan)

Tintin, God of Implied Professions (Ali-Bhai, Wonder Boy, Great Heart, General Haranouchi, Alvaro)
Click here 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Amateur Sleuth, Badass Bookworm, Badass Longcoat, Beware the Nice Ones, Born Lucky, Cloudcuckoolander's Minder, Distressed Dude, Good Old Fisticuffs, Heroes Love Dogs,Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Indy Ploy, Jumped at the Call, Master of Disguise, Nice Guy, Technical Pacifist
  • Domains: Good, Knowledge, Mystery, Cooperation
  • Herald: Snowy
  • Allies: Captain Haddock, Nancy Drew, Asterix, Lucky Luke, Hercule Poirot, Madeline, Himura Kenshin, Hachiko, Steven Spielberg
  • Enemies: Professor Moriarty, Lex Luthor
  • Complicated Relationship: The Count of Monte Cristo
  • One of the most accomplished Amateur Sleuths of his time, Tintin decided to spend much of it studying up the works of Nancy Drew. The two were created only a year from each other, but both share a desire to help others by cracking cases. And yet, his own ascension seemed out of reach for a long time. His day came when people were mulling about how a reporter could spend so little time actually reporting. Tintin initially took offense to that remark, but when he found others with the same condition, he used the following to make a spot for himself in the Pantheon.
  • His ascension went hand in hand with his best friend Captain Haddock. Together, they hope to continue their adventures in the Pantheon.
    • His ascension was met with great applause from Asterix and Lucky Luke. Both heroes originated from Franco-Belgian comic book writers and were grateful for Tintin's return. Their fanbases may argue over which series is superior, but the trio are in good terms with each other.
  • Has formed a rather interesting dynamic with Hercule Poirot. At first, the detective was skeptical that a mere child could have so many accolades under the belt. Tintin was quick to prove him wrong in their first case together.
  • His detective skills is only exceeded by his sheer luck. Time and time again, Tintin would face dire situations only to come out of them unscathed. This makes him incredibly dangerous when thinking on the fly.
  • Madeline just happened to have met the young reporter in Paris. He was in vacation for once and was happy to share his stories with the young girl. Now that he's in the Pantheon, the two can meet at any time.
  • His detective skills is only exceeded by his sheer luck. Time and time again, Tintin would face dire situations only to come out of them unscathed. This makes him incredibly dangerous when thinking on the fly.
    • Woe be to any bad guy that has to deal with both Tintin and Indiana Jones. Such a team up is sure to frustrate any villain to no end. To make matters worse, the two often meet up due to their wanderlust as well as their knack for getting into trouble.
  • Most know of him as a Nice Guy that is considerate of others and is easy to talk with. But when the time comes to fight back he can brawl with the best of them. It can be jarring to see a kid beat up more burly men without breaking a sweat, especially when he usually doesn't condone violence. It's that sentiment that he shares with swordsman Kenshin.
  • There were murmurs about blocking Tintin's entry into the Pantheon, mainly due to his adventure in Congo. The amount of blackface was enough to turn off many of his books. Ironically, the criticism lessened when it turns out that the DRC actually find it hilarious.
  • There was a time when he and Haddock agreed to star in a a motion capture animated film. While it didn't gain much popularity, the critics liked it well enough, Uncanny Valley aside. Many believed that the two should have been nominated for Best Animated Film. Tintin is forever grateful to Steven Spielberg for directing it.
  • Tintin is responsible for foiling many plans of evil genius throughout his career, drawing the ire of Moriarty. This is exacerbated by the fact that not even successfully capturing the kid guarantees success. Tintin always has a knack for escaping his bonds.
  • Spends some of his time in the House of Disguises due to a huge fanbase. The Belgian has made a history of pulling off some ridiculous disguises. He managed to get his enemies so riled up, that they would interrogate perfectly normal people just to make sure they are real. Tintin promised to help pick someone for the divine Master of Disguise.
  • Is willing to go great lengths to save people, even those who have wronged him so many times. That makes things complicated with the Count. While he is the God of Forgiveness, he is also the God of Revenge, a ploy that Tintin would never approve of. As such the kid only pays lip service to that deity.
  • Lex Luthor has proven to be one of the more elusive villains Tintin has faced. The supervillain didn't take kindly to when Tintin exposed Roberto Rastapopoulos, one of his most prominent followers.
  • His herald Snowy has been with Tintin for as long as he can remember. Although the dog can cause mischief at times, Snowy has also had Tintin's back. It's for this reason that Tintin pays lip service to Hachiko. Snowy often visits the Loyal Dog to converse. Of course Hachiko advises not to spend too much time with him, making sure that Snowy sticks to Tintin's side.

    Tyrell Wellick 
Bonsoir Troper

Tyrell Wellick, God of Sleeping with Others To Achieve Ambition
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The E Corp Logo
  • Theme Song: .2_1-IwillbeCTO
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Now Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Determined to Become CTO of E Corp, going as far as to Sleep with several People to Hack their Phone and Sabotage their Reputation, Psychopathic Manchild, Sanity Slippage, Becoming Violent near-instantaneously, Married Villain, Loves his Wife and Son, Crafted Politeness which later on becomes more Genuine, In Love with Mr. Robot, Very Overconfident, Initally thought to have been Responsible for the 5/9 Hack, Having a God-Complex, Gets into Devastating Situations Overtime, Comes to an Alliance with fsociety, Tragic Villain, Taking the Bullet, Dying Pitifully
  • Domains: Business, Insanity, Delusion, Capitalism, Anarchy, Hacking
  • Allies: Philip Price, Seito Kaiba, Eddie Brock/Venom, Nagato, Obito Uchiha, Yuno Gasai, Captain Cold, Shiro Kanzaki, The Roidmudes (Heart, Brain and Medic)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Aiden Pearce, San Francisco DedSec, Lisbeth Salander, GUAG White Hats
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Patrick Bateman, Handsome Jack, Sundowner, Nobuyuki Sugou, Ethan Roark Jr., Arfoire, The Joker
  • Complicated Relationship: Elliot Alderson
  • Opposes: The Grineer
  • For one to pursue great ambition, one may also be ready to partake and indulge in morally questionable acts to get ahead of the game. Enter Tyrell Wellick, a dedicated and focused employee for E Corp who's made it his life's work to become the company's CTO. However, going along with the grand ambition is a raving beast and childish impulse that would often get the best of him. Such was the case when Tyrell murdered the wife of his competitor when he won the position of CTO. However, Tyrell also took an interest in hacker Elliot Alderson, even wanting to give him a promotion. This came to a head as Elliot initiated the 5/9 Hack, rendering many of the world's top conglomerates nearly defunct. Tyrell was caught in the crossfire and was accused of being responsible. He was later reported missing... until he suddenly resurfaced towards Elliot again to show that he was in service with the Dark Army and had developed a God-Complex thinking he and Mr. Robot could work together. It turns out however that his allegiance with the Dark Army wasn't on his own accord as Tyrell was abducted on the day of the hack. He would later play a hand in the initiation of Stage 2, which resulted in the destruction of 71 buildings and the deaths of thousands. Unfortunately, Tyrell would run into really back luck; his wife Joanna was killed by a jilted lover and his son was taken away from him by child services. He would achieve his goal of CTO... only to be told by Price that the position is meaningless. His faith in the Dark Army crumbling, Tyrell enlists to join Elliot in taking on the Dark Army... only to be shot and bleeding out. Tyrell placed his faith into Elliot to take down the Dark Army before wandering off into a cold, snowy forest in Christmas. Before he expired, Tyrell found and collapsed besides what appeared to be a a bright blue glow....
  • Tyrell found himself groggy and dizzy as he woke up laid in ice. He stood up in the morning forest and twirled around, looking for directions. He took to crossing a road and followed signs to a nearby town. He discovered a convenience store and panicked upon encountering a passerby, who looked at him more out of confusion before walking away. From a distance, Tyrell saw a news broadcast about someone called Montgomery Burns and the efforts of environmental control by a Orc known as Rexxar. Bewildered, Tyrell entered the store the news was being broadcast in and asked a counter where was he. This gave him the confirmation that he was in the Pantheon, which made him further baffled and curious about what was going on.
  • One of the first things Tyrell did was drive to a nearby city to enlist himself on a high paying job. He did so by seducing a work employer he figured out was abusing his employees into sleeping with him, followed by exploiting his abuse of ethics, allowing him to get a good-paying job. In a short time, Tyrell was able to build up his financial status again and begin a new life in the Pantheon.
  • Since arriving in the Pantheon, one of Tyrell's primary objective is to see if Elliot was somewhere around. Initially, he was having trouble locating him... until he came back into contact with Phillip Price, who told him about what had transpired since his death. Upon hearing that Elliot defeated Whiterose and the Dark Army and dismantled the Deus Group, he sighed in relief and satisfaction. Eventually, Tyrell came into contact with Elliot again. Although their relationship is still in rocky terms, they've since began to slowly get better with working with one another.
  • Although his villainy has been toned down since, there is still some spark of Tyrell's unpredictable brutality and irrational nature surfacing every once in a while. Unfortunately for him, some heroic deities are actually aware of this and actually want him thrown into trial. Tyrell has since been trying to keep his composure and blend into the Pantheonic society since. Before anyone asks, it's actually a very daunting task.
  • Some residents tend to describe him as a tech-savvy Patrick Bateman. In actuality, Tyrell loathes any comparison with him. As psychotic and deranged as he may be, Tyrell at least loved his wife and son and admired Mr. Robot. Not only is Bateman far worse than Tyrell ever could be, but the guy is actively abrasive and dismissive against any sexual orientation besides heterosexuality. When the two met with one another near an office, Tyrell resorted to beating the ever-loving hell out of Bateman (though not without a fight). Once word broke out, literally everyone cheered for Tyrell for trying to beat up Bateman.
    • Of course Bateman hasn't forgot his beatdown. The next time, he's going to be making sure he gives Tyrell the most painful and gruesome death imaginable. For now, he's under retreat in a GUAE territory, but hey, at least he's given enough time to prepare.
  • Because of his connection with Price, Nagato met up with Tyrell, promising him protection and a chance to provide for something in the Pantheon. Tyrell agreed, mainly because if Elliot was going to do something, it he might as well give himself the adrenaline. Nagato offered Tyrell to be a part of his new organization's tech expert/hacker as he feels like the other organizations are hesitant to allow Tyrell into company. That said, Tyrell has made it clear that he would like to prioritize his personal life more.
  • To his surprise, he is odd friends with the Pantheon's representing Roidmudes, Heart, Brain and Medic. Although the three are wary of Tyrell's unpredictable nature, they sometimes give him company, mainly because Tyrell can come off as pitiable. That, and at least Tyrell tried to be a good father and treats the Roidmudes pretty affably, unlike their creator Tenjuro Banno.
  • Tyrell outright abhors Eliza and Neil Reagan. Not because they're just repulsive and aggressive even as children, but because their bratty and obnoxious personality irritates him so much Tyrell was nearly tempted to lash out against them. He also thinks Eliza and Neil are exactly the kind of people who would suck up to Whiterose unwillingly plus unlike the other upper-class denizens like Price, they have nothing interesting or redeeming to go along with. Eliza and Neil on the other hand are outright terrified of Tyrell upon learning of his temper and aggression. The two have since made a point to distance themselves as much as they could from him.
  • His working relations with other hackers is tenuous at best. While Tyrell is a skilled hacker and manipulator, his ego and temper have caused him to butt heads against Lisbeth Salander, the San Francisco DedSec and Aiden Pearce on a number of occasions. The three of them have admitted to calling Tyrell talented and reliable, but are also worried and cautious of his unpredictable anger and have asserted him not to get too ahead of himself.
    • Because of Elliot's concern about the Grand United Alliance of Machines, Tyrell has also worked with the GUAG White Hats, if only because he desires to work with Elliot and nothing else. The alliance is temporary, though Tyrell has managed to keep his word about keeping control of himself.
  • He has a peculiar way of greeting others, starting with "Bonsoir". Some residents have caught on with this tic and reply to Tyrell with his own gesture. He appreciates it.
    • During the time he was missing, some decried his absence and a few would even proclaim "Dicks out for Tyrell!". Tyrell actually feels rather embarrassed about this approach for notice.
  • He is rather sullen about the fact that his wife and son aren't in the Pantheon with him. Even if given another chance in life, Tyrell is unable to spend his life having a family of 3. The House of Family have since taken to pity him about it. Then again, Tyrell himself broods with Price on a similar subject matter as well, given the latter lost Angela the moment he told her about her paternal parentage.
Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, but give a man a bank, and he can rob the world.


    Mr. Poe 
Arthur Poe, God of Useless Adults (Mr. Poe, Mysterious figure, A man with a hat on, Banker man, Scribbler dame)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Mulctuary Money Management Logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid
  • Portfolio: The most unreliable adult to the Baudelaires, making him a rare example of a non-malicious Hate Sink, Treats the Baudelaires like toddlers and never learns to listen to them no matter how many times they prove themselves correct, Intentional Static Character, Horrible Judge of Character, Idiot Houdini, Tends to cough a lot, Uncertain Doom
  • Domains: Incompetence, Stupidity, Bankers
  • Herald: His wife and children.
  • Allies: Clancy Wiggum
  • Enemies: Count Olaf, The entirety of the House of Crime
  • Opposed by: The Baudelaires, Lemony Snicket, All Good Parents, Reasonable Authority Figures, and children generally in the Pantheon, Conan Edogawa, Ai Haibara, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Butters Stotch, Kids Next Door Sector V, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Carl & Ada Clover, Shantae
  • Pitied by: Nana Habutae
  • Arthur Poe is the banker in charge of the Baudelaire family's fortune and the one who told them about their parent's deaths. Despite his attempts to help the Baudelaires find a new home and guardian, Poe isn't well-known for being smart or helpfulnote . He sends them to Count Olaf because he is the relative living closest to their home, instead of a trustworthy and competent relative. He also dismisses the siblings' complaints about living with Count Olaf (mainly his abuse), stating that Olaf's methods are his business. It wasn't until Olaf gloated about his Evil Plan that Poe finally sees him for the wicked man he really is. Between that incident and the time when the Baudelaires are framed, Mr. Poe becomes infamous for his pattern of sending the Baudelaires to another guardian, disbelieving them about seeing Olaf in disguise until they prove it, and putting them in danger because of his ignorance. The Baudelaires understandably grow frustrated with this pattern to the point where when they finally meet him again, they decline his offer to help them, having outgrown his ineptitude after realizing he won't change at all. He is last seen in the Hotel Denouement just as it starts to burn to the ground, leaving his fate unknown.
  • One day, a certain car made it's way to the Pantheon on accident. The Baudelaires would recognize the driver as Mr. Poe, much to their chagrin. The Baudelaires aren't happy to see him again, but do admit they're relieved he's okay. No matter how much they dislike his incompetence, they wouldn't have wanted him to die in the fire that burned down the hotel. Mr. Poe doesn't seem to remember that though for some reason.
  • Mr. Poe decides to apply for a job as a banker at the House of Commerce, but is confused when he's rejected, for his failure in keeping the Baudelaire siblings and the Quagmire triplets safe from harm time and again. Mr. Poe then went to the House of Justice to clear up the "misunderstanding", saying that he followed the law to the letter and did everything he could to help the Baudelaires find a good home. The courts however are not convinced, pointing out that Poe was warned about Count Olaf by the Baudelaires more than once, and every time he refused to listen. His incompetence had put the Baudelaires in danger so many times that they refused to go with him ever again. Poe tries to tell them they're just children and wouldn't know any better, only for the Prosecutor to point out that their accomplishments and ability to get themselves out of danger prove that they are capable for their age and don't need his help. While they admit he's competent at banking, his attitude is unacceptable in social services, so he's banned from getting a job at the House of Profession. Poe could only overreact just like the time his superior told him to take off his "#1 banker" pin.
    • Another thing that hasn't changed about Mr. Poe is his tendency to cough every now and then. Naturally, everyone backs off when he does this. If there is one thing they can agree with Count Olaf on, it's that Poe's coughing is rather annoying. Even the nicest of deities would cringe while offering Poe a cough drop.
  • Mr. Poe is not liked by any deity in the Pantheon. The Houses of Commerce have turned him away from banking, with even the most corrupt or obnoxious managers looking down on him for his incompetence. Social services in the House of Profession refuse to let him get any job involving children at all. Good Parents in the Pantheon can't stand his condescending attitude and refuse to even consider him as a caretaker for their children. The most noble deities in the House of Justice, including Phoenix Wright, even frown upon Poe's misinterpretation of the will, seeing it as rather lazy, nor do they like how Poe calls the Quagmire Triplets "twins", using the justification that their brother's death changes their status and disregarding how offensive that is to them. It's safe to say that Mr. Poe has pretty much become The Chew Toy in the Pantheon.
  • To say that Conan and Ai are not fond of him is an understatement. Conan has been ignored or dismissed for being a kid time and again, so he understands perfectly well why Baudelaires would refuse his help and leave him. The two even state that he makes even the most incompetent adult in their world look like a genius in comparison. The South Park kids see him as just another useless adult just like the grown-ups they know.
    • The biggest opposition so far lies in the Kids Next Door Sector V and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, both of whom oppose adult tyranny and dislike adults who let it happen. They outright state that it's because of adults like him that villains get away with their schemes.
  • If there is any god who Poe has formed any kinship with, it's Clancy Wiggum. He is probably the only god who forms a friendship with Poe, since they are both incompetent at best and obnoxious at their worst. The two usually hang out together in their spare time, eating donuts and sharing stories, with Mr. Poe even stating how nobody understands him.
  • Mr. Poe is outright against the House of Crime and Transgressions, though considering his track record of failing to catch Count Olaf, the House doesn't really take him seriously as a threat.
  • Nana Habutae is the only deity in the Pantheon who feels pity for Poe at all, since they're both terrible judges of character. Though Poe doesn't see himself as that at all, since he's still delusional enough to think he's a good banker and that nobody understands him.
  • It should be noted that while Poe is terrible when it comes to protecting the Baudelaires, he is at least competent at keeping the Baudelaires' fortune safe. Not to mention he was the best banker at Mulctuary Money Management. He probably might have gotten a job at the House of Commerce if he actually had more common sense.

    The Seal Crew 
"Wewcome aboawd!"
The Seal Crew, Divine Heralds of No OSHA Compliance
The Walrus Captain
  • Potential House: Outlooks On Job
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Seal's adorable face.
  • Theme Music: Bon Voyage! and Ship Shape.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Stupid leanings. Lawful Neutral for the Walrus Captain.
  • Portfolio: The Ditz, Elmuh Fudd Syndwome, No OSHA Compliance, Ridiculously Cute Critter, The Slacker.
  • Domains: Cruise Ship, Cuteness, Incompetence.
  • Herald: Giant Shocktopus (Sort of. It powers their entire ship/temple.)
  • High Priest: The Walrus Captain's old mentor
  • Allies: Hat Kid, Mario, Kirby, Popplio, Ben and Saoirse, The Inklings.
  • Enemies: Lord Fredrik, The Empress
  • Notable Passengers: The Mafia of Cooks, The Conductor, The Snatcher (hiding in a crate because tickets are expensive).
  • Wary of: SpongeBob Squarepants,The Survivor Crew (Walrus Captain only).
  • Objected by: Deities associated with the RMS Titanic (Namely, Rose Bukater, Jack Dawson, and and Cal Hockley), Sebastian Michaelis.
  • Manning the S.S. LITERALLY Can't Sink are a crew of happy-go-lucky Seals and their Walrus Captain, whose goals are to provide five-star luxury cruises across the Arctic seas. Adorable, precious, and just plain incompetent about their service and work environment. Even the Captain himself is bothered by them being a hindrance every now and then.
  • The list of the Seals' blunders are as follows:
    • Failing to set up boarding platforms to the ship properly, meaning that passengers will have to perform Le Parkour to board.
    • Spilling drinks in very precarious areas, like the very spacious garden with big drops and no stairs.
    • Constantly blocking passageways with passenger baggages and lifeboats.
    • Not fixing the malfunctioning ovens, which are spewing flames.
    • The kitchen in-general is filled to the brim with spills, unwashed dishes, and unattended food scraps.
    • Not fastening the tables, carts, and other furniture to the floor, causing them to slide across the ship.
    • Not supervising the children in the daycare.
    • Blocking the only available bathroom on the ship with toppled over carts.
    • Breaking passenger's belongings (like Hat Kid's Time Piece), with shards of said items being scattered across the ship and ending up in food, drinks, and other miscellaneous objects.
    • Injuring themselves quite often.
    • And above all, being gosh darn cute as heck.
  • Because of this, the members of the pantheon have decided to ascend the Seals as being the heralds of really unsafe work environments. They must wonder how the Captain has managed to put up with their blunders for so long.
  • Hat Kid has proven herself to be a very beneficial ally to the Seals, as she's more than capable of handling numerous tasks around the ship at once. To increase the work load, the Captain decided to hire another platforming expert to help with the tasks: Mario. Being no stranger to multi-tasking himself, Mario accepted the offer and became Hat Kid's co-worker. Together, they were able to complete all the tasks around the ship in double time.
  • Kirby has befriended the Seals in the kitchen, who don't seem to mind having him around even though he's technically a stowaway gobbling up whatever food he can find. At the very least, he's been able to clean-up their unattended mess to make their work environment a bit more bearable.
  • The Inklings are frequent passengers on the S.S. LITERALLY Can't Sink, often holding paint battles on the deck. These games always leave a mess of paint all over the ship that never gets cleaned up.
  • Ever since Hat Kid took control of their ship and accidentally crashed it into an iceberg, the Walrus Captain is very wary of leaving the steering wheel unattended to take a break again. One particular deity he is especially concerned about is SpongeBob Squarepants because of his infamous boating skills, and really doesn't want the yellow sponge to go anywhere near the steering wheel and wreak havoc with the whole ship. He's been keeping an eye on SpongeBob every time he boards the ship since.
    • Lord Fredrik likes to claim he's the one responsible for placing the iceberg there in the first place. It's (probably) a lie, but regardless, the Captain keeps tabs on him and is much more careful where he steers the ship when he's near, just in case. This has had the unintended side effect of making it much easier for certain deities like the Snatcher to sneak aboard the ship while he's distracted.
  • Among their ranks, a strange blue seal with a Rudolph-like red nose and only speaks her name is found mingling around the swimming pool. The Captain has no idea how she snuck aboard the ship, but since the other Seals don't seem to mind her company, he let it slide just this once considering that he allowed Hat Kid (technically an unregistered passenger) help out with their tasks. The blue seal is now seen helping out with lifeguard duty.
  • They've found a worthy crewmember in the form of Saoirse, but they can only hire her for a part-time position, both because she's young and because she's a selkie, a human that transforms into a seal. She's the only seal who does any meaningful work around the ship, often with the aid of her brother, Ben.
  • Ever since the Survivor Crew boarded the ship for the first time, the ship has been crawling with zombies everywhere. The Captain, desperate to get rid of them, banned the Survivors from getting on the ship again. It didn't do much good. Nowadays, the zombies have become pretty much a standard thing on the ship, and Sebastian no longer goes anywhere near it, as it brings back unfortunate memories of a similar event on the Campania.
  • Considering the ship's Ironic Name and the fact that it did sink from an iceberg, the Seal crew is objected by those who experienced the Titanic's maiden voyage. Especially Rose and Jack, since the sinking of the Titanic ended up costing the latter deity's life. It also doesn't help that the ship's name; S.S. LITERALLY Can't Sink, echoes the Titanic's own nickname; The Unsinkable.
    • Cal Hockley expressed the same objections as well, but also added that the Seals' idea of "first class service" is a complete joke and doesn't compare to the service offered by the White Star Line liner.
  • Eventually, the truth of what happened with Hat Kid sinking his ship came to light, thanks to a unexpected source; The Empress. She has some severe hatred for Hat Kid ever since she halted her operations, and wanted to get revenge by shrinking her friend group, go so far as to read the diary entry over the loud speaker. This ended up causing Hat Kid to become speechless and run away in tears before the Walrus Captain could even say anything. He scolded The Empress for being so hostile, and said that even if Hat Kid did crash the ship into the iceberg, she obviously felt some regret for it judging by how she reacted.
    • It took a while, but Hat Kid did come back to the ship, bringing along someone with her; his old mentor. Turns out she wanted to make amends with him and asked for some help with other deities to bring up his dead mentor as his high priest. She also explained her side of the story, saying how she needed the time pieces for her own ship and that she really didn't mean to crash the ship into the iceberg, being too used to how her own spaceship controlled and not expecting his ship to be so different. Touched by her actions (and giving a bit of playful snark at her reasoning and saying he should have expected the most capable person on his crew to be the one behind the crash), he forgave her and sent her out to do some more tasks around the ship to give him some time to catch up with his mentor, even giving her the diary the empress stole back to her. On the teacher's part, he's happy to help keep his former student company and to help him reign the seals in, but also makes the Walrus captain put down the cigarettes and clean his look up.
  • "Are we ready to sail?" (Arf Arf) "Hmph!"


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