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Greater Gods

    Arthas Menethil 

Warriors of the frozen wastes... rise!

King Arthas Menethil, God of Embracing One's Inner Darkness (Crown Prince of Lordaeron, King of the fallen Lordaeron, Slaughterer/Butcher, First of the Lich King's Death Knights, Champion of The Scourge, The Lich King)
Arthas as a Paladin 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Crest of the Scourge
  • Theme Song: Arthas, My Son (O, Thanagor) and Invincible
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Chaotic Good
  • Weapon of Choice: Frostmourne
  • Portfolios: From The Wise Prince To Evil Overlord, Cool Sword, Evil Ice, Thinking That "Light Is For Fools", Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, One-Man Army, Values his soldiers even after his descent into evil, Death Knight
  • Domains: Evil, Undead, Villainy.
  • Followers: Dagoth Ur, Fiona Fox
  • Allies: Kel'thuzad, Anub'arak (albeit unwillingly for the latter), Diablo, Sindragosa, Adria, Arcturus Mengsk, Luca Blight, Dio Brando, Dracula, Lucifer the Doom, Deathwing, Ostarion, Napoleon, Zhaitan, Sektor, Esdeath, Kaldr, Nagash, and a good amount of the Undead-oriented Gods of the Pantheon, Sauron
  • Enemies:
  • Interested in: The Wendigo
  • Evil Counterpart to: Zuko
  • Once the prince and future King of the Human Kingdom of Lordaeron, Prince Arthas Menethil was a Paladin who wanted to avenge his people, to the point of doing whatever it took to protect them. This proved to be Arthas's downfall, because after taking his troops to Northrend to enact vengeance on the Dreadlord known as Mal'ganis, and on the way claiming the cursed sword Frostmourne, Arthas unwillingly ended up becoming the very thing he was fighting against.
    • This was cemented when he "succeeded" his father, and after slaughtering countless victims in his path, Arthas ended up becoming the Lich King. The world of Azeroth may have Bolvar Fordragon as the Lich King right now, but in the Pantheon, that seat belongs to Arthas, and he is far less benevolent than Bolvar is.
    • How nice Arthas was before becoming the Lich King is debatable, but some sources state that he wasn't the All-Loving Hero he pretended to be (nor is it looking like he is going to be anytime soon).
  • Though he is not a member of the Houses of Death and Postmortem or Undead and Phasmata, he has a massive amount of undead creatures at his disposal, making him one of the few gods in the Pantheon with his own personal army, better known as The Scourge.
  • Insists that the being that was seen crying like a baby in the tortures of the underworld by Sylvanas Windrunner was not him. To enforce that insistence, he registered himself in the battlefield of the Blizzard heroes, as the dark, evil glory of the Lich King. Side by side with him is a fellow demonic ally, The Lord of Terror Diablo.
    • However, the organizers had only one condition for Arthas. He had to be the sparring partner of every new hero that entered the nexus. While it sounded good on paper, Arthas later found out that the job was much more painful than that.
    • To his surprise, his old love Jaina has ascended and will be participating in said battle. However, Arthas brushed off any attempts to rekindle the old flame, claiming that he will still crush her without mercy.
  • Elsa despises him for his evil use of ice, and for reminding her too much of Prince Hans.
  • Nobody actually expected that Arthas would instead make his move to influence the Mortal Kombat universe in Timeline X. He approached Liu Kang and managed to convince him to embrace his inner demons. He convinced him that deep down, he's tired of having to play up the goody two-shoes Mortal Kombat Champion persona, and he truly is fitting for conquest and rule...and that he shouldn't be bogged down by any "mentors", be it Raiden or Rachel, he should "make his own destiny", just like how Arthas broke away from the light. In this endeavor... Arthas succeeded, Liu Kang started to embrace his lust for power as the new ruler of the Netherrealm, and broke away even from Rachel, and in one fell swoop, not only had Arthas made it clear what he does best, he also started a chain reaction smearing Rachel's reputation as the 'new, better Kombatant mentor' to dirt, if she couldn't even keep the main Kombatants in line.
  • Arthas's story heavily mirrors that of the fabled King Arthur, except that Arthas took a darker path in contrast to Arthur, and the latter hates him for daring to betray the people that he so desperately tried to protect. Arthas dismisses the King and is only interested in making Arthur his greatest champion. The fact that both Excalibur and Frostmourne might be evenly matched could potentially make for a fantastic battle if they ever decide to trade blows...
  • He helped Diablo to ascend Arcturus Mengsk, proving himself as an example that death is not the end of everything. With that, along with Sarah Kerrigan's swing towards Anti-Heroism, the 'Blizzard Big 3 Evils' are reunited (Amon still needs time to establish himself). However, Arthas usually gets annoyed whenever Mengsk compares him with his 'pretty boy son' Valerian.
  • He was not happy to hear that his old rival, Illidan Stormrage, ascended along with his ally Kael'thas Sunstrider. This was made even worse when Sylvanas Windrunner also ascended. Because of his presence, all three of them decided to join the GUAG Token Evil Teammates with one goal: destroy the Lich King permanently.
  • Clashed with the paladin Yrel upon her ascension; while he won the fight, the good Blizzard deities stopped him before he could kill her. For the moment, Arthas was glad he kept himself in shape by fighting in the Nexus, and gladly challenged Yrel, telling her she was welcome to go apply herself there. "Next time," he claimed, "I'll turn you into one of my many Death Knights. Draenei Death Knights sound like a good experiment..."
  • He was bemused when he learned that in an alternate timeline, he was known as Count Arthas du Menethíl, a vampire who was one of the potential suitors of Sarah Von Kerrigan.
  • Once was confronted by Ashley Williams, given that the latter was killing a lot of his Undead Scourge. Ash barely escaped his encounter with the Lich King, and since that day, Arthas likes to taunt him for his failure.
    • But it was Ash who had the last laugh; he directed Arthas to his good friend and undead-slaying partner, Artix von Krieger. Arthas thought Artix was a weakling—until he saw how Artix's special ability to collect the souls of every undead he slays to empower him, his axe being so shiny gold because he slayed so many undead, the fact that getting rid of the axe does not weaken Artix because Artix's power comes from souls, the fact that Artix has a shadow of a giant darkness dragon —, oh and Artix is the Champion of Darkness — his world's equivalent to a god, and Arthas immediately found himself utterly decimated. Arthas thought he had the last laugh after he tricked Artix with "Your shoe's untied"note ... and then got mauled by Artix's undead-slaying Pomeranian, Daimyo. Arthas avoids him like the plague.
  • He is tired of people mispronouncing his title as "The Lick King". The two are very different jobs, you know?
  • Was once enemies with Esdeath, but he eventually got on her good side by convincing her to give in to her inner demons. Esdeath admits that he was right all along.
  • He is interested in recruiting The Wendigo to The Scourge, but the creature would prefer not serving under the Lich King. Arthas himself is not afraid of it or even the spirit that possesses it, as Frostmourne can make short work of that nuisance.
  • Even though they share similar titles, he has nothing to do with The Lich.
  • As if Arthas's days couldn't get any worse, when he heard of Uther's ascension, he lost his shit. He personally went to meet Uther and taunt him about his failure back in Lordaeron, and tell him that he won't hesitate to kill him again. Uther isn't afraid of Arthas, but instead of feeling utter hatred for his old protégé Uther felt disappointed in himself
    • It got worse when his old combat instructor and formerly very close friend, Muradin Bronzebeard, managed to also get in. Reports say that Arthas was throwing a temper tantrum so high that no one in his house could calm him down.
    • Even more so, with the return of Turalyon and Alleria, the two has been vowing vengeance for his betrayal and ravaging of both Quel'Thalas and his own home, Lordaeron, as well as the fates of both Uther and Sylvanas. In response, Arthas just sighed on his throne. "It's not easy being the Lich King. I still like it, though."
  • Arthas once lent his Frostmourne to Abaddon. However, as time went on, Abaddon started to gain some nobility as he felt more content about supporting and protecting his allies. Before Frostmourne could claim him, he returned it right at Arthas' gates and adopted his own 'Curse of Avernus' to make up for that. Arthas just sighed, "Some people just don't appreciate power when they are offered a chance." Though he swore that one day, he might stage an assault on Avernus and show him the extent of what his Frostmourne can do.
  • Arthas was also the one responsible for capturing and brainwashing Tryndamere, and he sent him to wreck his home in Freljord, only to be stopped by his love for his wife Ashe, which, in turn, drove him away with his Undying Rage. However, Arthas still counted it as a victory... The real purpose of this was actually to steal information from Tryndamere about a friend he made with a certain Guan Yu. Arthas used the information to create his own 'Mystical Warrior' set. Needless to say, Guan Yu is pissed that Arthas would dare to use his image for evil.
  • If you ever wanted a quick summary for Arthas' fall into darkness, don't worry, Ben Brode has you covered (as long as you don't mind rap, that is).
  • "Frostmourne Hungers"

    Hal Stewart/Tighten 
Hal Stewart, God of Non-Evil Characters Becoming the Villain (Tighten, Titan)
Before his transformation 
  • Greater God as Tighten, Quasideity as Hal
  • Symbol: The letter "T" wrapped in flames as well as a camera
  • Theme Song: Tightenville
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, closer to Chaotic Stupid
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, In love with Roxanne but was rejected and decided become a villain, Believes Being Good Sucks, Evil expy of Jimmy Olsen, Drunk with Power, Dirty Coward, Evil Is Petty, Flying Brick, From Nobody to Nightmare, It's All About Me, Psychopathic Manchild, Red Is Violent, Stalker with a Crush, Took a Level in Badass, Would Hit a Girl
  • Domains: Evil, Love, Rejection, Superpowers, Destruction
  • Followers: Getaway, Douche, Wheatley
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, Regime Superman, The Plutonian, Syndrome, Gideon Graves, Vlad Masters
  • Enemies: Megamind, Metro Man, The House of Heroism (Superman especially), Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, The Green Lantern Corps, Bunnymund, Toothiana, Elizabeth I, Gru
  • Opposed by: Heroic deities from the House of Love and Affection
  • Hal Stewart used to be a regular citizen of Metro City working as the cameraman of news reporter Roxanne Ritchie. He also had a strong crush on her but she wouldn't reciprocate and he secretly despised Metro Man for the belief that he and Roxanne were in love. Following the former's alleged death and the subsequent victory of Megamind, Hal's life took a rather drastic turn when he was given Metro Man's power accidentally and then convinced by the mysterious "Space Dad" to become a hero in order to win over Roxanne, he became the superhero Titan. That wouldn't last, as Hal's entitlement towards the affection of Roxanne and the following rejection made it clear that she would never love him back and made him realize that being a superhero was not worth it, so he decided to become a villain instead. As Tighten, he was able to subdue Metro City and kidnap Roxanne but was ultimately stopped by Megamind and reverted back to his original form. This goes to show that appearances can deceive and anyone can become a dangerous villain if given too much power, the very reason why Hal managed to ascend into the pantheon.
  • Neither Megamind nor Metro Man were happy to see Hal back and with his power to boot. The first thing Tighten wanted to was to settle the score with Megamind but quickly found out that, while he is powerful in his own right, he isn't the big man on campus anymore and so he was quickly intercepted by several heroes, Superman in particular who was disappointed that Hal would use his powers so recklessly and for petty reasons. Tighten was later forced to retreat, promising that he would end all the heroes that oppose him.
  • You may be wondering, how did Hal regain his powers? Well, he initially ascended as his regular human form but after the reviewing process, Lex Luthor came to Hal and offered him a deal: join him and he would grant him the powers of Metro Man once more and Hal with no hesitation agreed, becoming Tighten once more. Luthor thinks he is a bit too unruly to control but considering that they share foes, he thinks Tighten will serve well for now.
  • Hal is not the sharpest tool in the shed and this often gets him into situation where otherwise other people would be fine. He constantly butts heads with heroes that are either smarter or stronger than him and that's when he was approached by Syndrome. Given their similarities, the two decided to work together to get back at their enemies and Tighten started to take Megamind's advice in becoming a supervillain by working on his PRESENTATION!
  • Not all versions of the Man of Steel are against Tighten as some of them saw potential in allying with Hal even if they found him quite a petulant person. Regime Superman fist approached him with the intent of teaching him how to properly harness his powers and the Plutonian shares the same disregard for others. The latter especially has encouraged Hal to murder both Megamind and Roxanne, something that Tighten has considered for a while.
  • Megamind wasn't the only one of the Evil Genius type that managed to best Hal. One time he came into conflict with Gru, who is said to be equally cunning as Megamind or even more and given that he is friends with the blue alien, it was a matter of time before the two met. Having known about Tighten, Gru prepared himself with a few gadgets that could restrain him and after both coincidentally tried to steal the same treasure, the two came to blows and Gru was able to subdue Hal with an enhanced Freeze Ray.
  • Ever since gaining his powers and being rejected, Hal has become all the more cynic and believes that idealism doesn't exist, comparing it to the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and the Queen of England. However, said fantastical creatures do exist in the Pantheon and they felt pretty insulted by Tighten's claims. Bunnymund and Toothiana alongside the other guardians especially want to stop Hal not only for insulting them but because he is a dangerous person in general.
    • Queen Elizabeth I was also not amused to hear that Tighten believes she isn't real, questioning the man's intelligence.
  • He is supposed to resemble Jimmy Olsen but his nasty traits show that Hal and Jimmy have nothing in common. Tighten also has a grudge against Lois Lane for reminding him of Roxanne but he knows better than to kidnap her as it would quickly put him in hot water.
    • His name also seems to be a reference to two members of the Green Lantern Corps and both Hal Jordan and John Stewart felt insulted when they were both confused for Tighten. To counter this, Hal tried to become a lantern and he became interested in the Red Lantern Corps given that his constant rage towards everyone that thinks he is a joke would make him a good fit for the group. When he approached Atrocitus about it, he laughed at his face and promptly told him to piss off.
  • The House of Love and Affection seem to despise Tighten, not because of his looks but because of his awful behavior and his motivation being based on his obsession and entitlement towards Roxanne. Hal just brushes them off as a waste of time and only ever gets along with certain evil deities, like Gideon Graves who seems to be someone even more despised than Hal in the love department, only because he is a huge asshole. Even Hal finds him obnoxious sometimes and that's saying something.
    • He found more common ground with Vlad Masters, who too became evil after being rejected by the woman she loved. The two together would be a recipe for disaster but considering how Tighten can be a bit on the clumsy and dumb side, Vlad has given some time to develop Tighten as a more competent supervillain.
  • Decided to join the Grand United Alliance of Evil in order to avoid getting captured by the good guys and depowered again. Given his lack of intelligence, he tends to act as Dumb Muscle and even then he is quite scary for regular deities, females especially since they fear Hal would target them like he did with Roxanne. However, some of the Evil Genius type have complained that Hal tends to harass them unprovoked, probably given his disdain for Megamind and being reminded of him.
  • Often called an incel, a term which Hal is NOT happy to be referred at. Not many people say it to his face, considering he could melt their face in seconds if he is nearby. Some people however like to make ginger jokes about Hal all the time, another thing he is not exactly thrilled to hear about.
  • He can also be found in Villainous Attitude.
  • You see the good in everyone, even when it's not there. You're living a fantasy. There is no Easter Bunny, there is no Tooth Fairy, and there is no Queen of England! This is the real world, and you need to wake up!

Intermediate Gods

Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur,

Natromo faan tornek wot ur,

Ter lantern ker lo Abin Sur,

Taan lek lek nok—formorrow Sur!

Iroque, Goddess of Reformation Through Brainwashing (Indigo-1)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Symbol of the Indigo Tribe
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with some True Neutral leanings (formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Forcing Compassion On Those Lacking It, Former Sociopath, Fictionary, Good Feels Good so She Genuinely Reforms, Good Is Not Soft, You Are Number 6
  • Domains: Light, Compassion, Redemption (Unwilling, then Willing), Brainwashing
  • Allies
  • Headbutting Heroes with: The Care Bears
  • Aloof Ally to: Atrocitus, Dex-Starr, Larfleeze
  • Rivals: Zelenin
  • Enemies
  • Opposes: The Immortal Emperor of Mankind
  • Opposed by: Bruce Wayne, Lucifer
  • On poor terms with: Thaal Sinestro (also an occasional ally)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Philemon, Whis, Nerose Satanel, The Love That Moves The Stars
  • Abin Sur predicted a time where the Guardians of the Universe's lack of emotions would drive them mad. On the planet of Nok, he noticed indigo material which inspired a sense of guilt and compassion. Eventually he got the idea of the Indigo Tribe, which would use the light of compassion to force it on those lacking empathy. The leader of the tribe is Iroque, better known as Indigo-I. She was once Abin Sur's greatest enemy and murdered his daughter, but now is filled with compassion and dedicated to his ideals. Though the Guardians were taken down by other means, she remains dedicated to spreading compassion across the universe.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon upon the discovery of the Indigo Light's properties, and the revelation that she ordered it done to Black Hand as well as all the members of the Indigo Tribe and briefly Sinestro. While many of the GUAG's members were initially leary about letting a brainwasher and sociopath join them, she was accepted in upon the discovery that she now felt guilt even without the Indigo Ring's influence. Some of the more pragmatic members of the GUAG accept her use. As a member of the Indigo Tribe she can borrow and use the power of other lanterns.
  • Surprising some of the more critical and moral members of the GUAG, Ahura Mazda was wholly accepting of Iroque's methods so long as she is The Fettered in doing so. He is hoping to not fall into Black-and-White Insanity but he has seen true evil and knows that sometimes Heel–Face Brainwashing is the only option. He believes that if he may somehow force Angra Mainyu to become an Indigo Tribesman it would critically injure the efforts of evil, and seriously aid in his goals to remove all evil from existence; it is slightly more moral than outright destroying his brother. Iroque was glad to see his support, and has vowed only to brainwash those truly unable to feel compassion. Some argue this was more cynical than he's known for due to considering Nerose Satanel's opinons; he has vested interest in the Indigo Tribe, as he believes it's not enough to enforce empathy on those lacking it, but remove any deviation from it. Iroque went "thanks but no thanks" as while she finds his goal of omnibenevolence and omni-happiness noble, she fears the idea of becoming a Knight Templar; she has seen it with Zamasu. She has requested he aid in her converting Hajun, but he has stated regardless of power levels he could never be reformed as it is against his very Nature to not be a complete egotist.
  • Zamasu himself refuses to believe her indigo light is real as he can't imagine mortals have compassion. She replied that He is projecting his own issues onto all mortal kind, and is a sinner. Though his Overdeity status combined with Pure Is Not Good nature makes him immune to the Indigo light, Iroque does believe one day she may ignite the compassion once present from the Goku half of his body. He would regard it as unncessary since as far as he's concerned, he's a compassionate figure.
  • Upon her ascension, she went to see Hal Jordan in the House of Heroism, due to him being the other (good) representative of the Lantern Corps. The two had a discussion on the Pantheon and, it is rumored, have made plans to ascend more of the good Lanterns to aid them...which she got with the Earth Green Lanterns joining up. Iroque is generally on good terms with the other colored corps, though Atrocitus and Larfleeze are kind of "meh" about her and Sinestro would prefer not to work with her if he could because he's still mad about the time the Indigo Tribe pulled a Heel–Face Brainwashing on him. Still, she was important in the conflict against Nekron, Krona and later the defecting old Guardians of the Universe.
  • When left to their own devices the Indigo Tribe rings search for those with great compassion. Iroque has been organizing recruits who's compassion is complimented with the rings instead of being installed. She is considering the following for recruits, though how they feel about the ethics affects the likeliness of their recruiting. Leonard McCoy was already considered as he was temporarily recruited in a crossover outside the Trope Pantheon.
    • Ash Ketchum, because of his great care for all Pokémon and empathy for others. He is hesitant but admits that people as vile as Hunter J could only become better brainwashed. Another kid hero picked for their great compassion was Steven Universe, who has a good track record of legitimately reforming his foes. Most impressive in Iroque's eyes was playing an important part in the Great Diamond Authority seeing the error in their ways.
    • Fluttershy, due to her ability to bring out the best in others. Discord is curious what a Discorded Indigo Tribe would be like. The ones chosen by great compassion would probably become sociopaths who lose control of the ring, but if has a brainwashing back-up it might be able to undo his Discording. But for those brainwashed would it Discord their compassion-controlled personality and thus free them from the ring's control, or Discord their true personality and they would no longer need the ring?
    • Ultraman Cosmos and Musashi Haruno are considered for being compassionate warriors that are more likely to calm and pacify enemy kaiju than most are to kill them. Providing their enemy isn't too evil, they'll show compassion to villains. Other potential candidates are Wander and Kipo. Wander wants to bring happiness to everyone, though he's critical of Iroque forcing people to be good even if they're total sociopaths. And Kipo is an All-Loving Hero.
  • Zelenin shares a similar belief in Brainwashing for the Greater Good, but Iroque is The Fettered as she doesn't believe in The Evils of Free Will; it is the very thing Abin Sur feared the old Guardians would become and founded the Indigo Tribe for (btw he was proven right). The Indigo Tribe will only brainwash sociopaths and those with a Lack of Empathy; villains with a sense of shame and compassion will get off with a temporary boost of their empathy and left to think about what they're done. Lucifer doesn't care for Iroque as while her intentions are a lot more noble, she is still brainwashing people and he's squarely on free will about everything else. For some of her converts, though, it might be better to leave her to her own devices.
  • Has become The Dreaded to the GUAE's more sociopathic and amoral members, due to the Heel–Face Brainwashing powers of the Indigo Light. Her brainwashing effect depends on the deity: those of a lower rank are easily ensnared, those of equal rank to her can resist with enough willpower or are exceptionally evil, Greater Deities require multiple Indigo Tribe members/rings and to even have a chance of changing an Overdeity she would need the Proselyte, the Emotional Entity of compassion backing her up.
  • Melkor opposes the Indigo Light on principle in that it is a threat to corrupting and turning people. Along with Nyarlathotep they have declared eliminating her as among top priority. However they do not wish to destroy the Indigo light immediately as they want to study it, in order to create a "Vile Lantern Corps"; make an inverted indigo light that would remove compassion from its wielders. Interestingly out of the two she has more antipathy towards Melkor. This comes from a great dislike for all Fallen Heroes (which Melkor technically is), viewing them as willfully turning away from the light despite being born to it, unlike the Indigo Tribe, who were, in a sense "born in the dark."
  • There is a question on who is and is not immune to the Indigo light. The Indigo Tribe has been testing their limits among the more evil members of the pantheon.
    • Though they are not immune, those with no redeeming qualities whatsoever take that extra amount of effort to forcibly reform. Iroque regards any Complete Monster as top priority for Heel–Face Brainwashing, since as by their very nature they are 100% unwilling and/or incapable of becoming good. The Love That Moves The Stars is conflicted; He wants all to be good and see a happy ending, and admits such a trope should make those with it unable to have one without being at the expense of others, but it still violates free will. Indigo-1 considers Him flawed; she argues He could've not created Dis as His omniscience means He should've expected the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous would become irredeemably evil and create evil in His world. He responded to this, and while she has yet to fully agree she has given more thought about it.
    The Love That Moves The Stars: "Though it is to be abhorred, Dis's fall was permitted as the flaw of evil shall enhance good in its struggle against it. Compassion is all the more meaningful when it is required in its absence. Perhaps you regard the idea of those without redemption as a flaw, but I believe such a thing only exist; they are only as such so long as they accept it, or in the case of Zamasu do not believe they require atonement. I Am What I Am, I am eternal, and though you may consider it overly optimistic I believe they shall eventually realize it."
    • Those who are the embodiment of evil, such as Nyarlathotep, are weakened but otherwise immune to the Indigo Light. Gods of evil are more complex; if they started as/are stuck as evil they have the "it's in my nature immunity", but if they were once good the Indigo light could theoretically force them to be compassionate. Melkor, for instance, may be able to be forcibly brainwashed if he was reduced to a Lesser God rank or less. But that's about it and he has sworn to never live it happen.
    • The Undead are naturally immune. She could only have William Hand converted to a member of the Indigo Tribe after he was revived by the White Light. Even if they have emotions as the Indigo light is tied to the White light of life, those who are technically dead cannot be touched by it. For uber-sociopaths like Nagash this is a great reprieve. On the flipside heroic undead are currently unable to wield the Indigo Ring in its natural state, since it can't recognize any life signs.
      • This logic prevents her from converting the truly mechanical members of the GUAM, much to their relief.
    • If someone has Blue-and-Orange Morality or is Obliviously Evil, then the ring will only target those who lack empathy. However it doesn't effect said morality. She has denied the SCP Foundation's request for brainwashing SCP-682 as it would still consider Earth life as nightmarish abominations; its mindset would just move from "they are disgusting" to "they must be put out of their misery". She has asked them if she may try to pull a Heel–Face Brainwashing on SCP-953 and other psychopathic anomalies, but bureaucracy has seriously delayed a response.
    • Always Chaotic Evil groups can theoretically be influenced, provided that they either can still grow or have empathy in their race, or were modified from a race that can. Eldritch Abominations such as the Weeping Angels have a potential immunity to the Indigo light as well, depending on how different they are from the baseline.
    • Those with a sociopathic Split Personality or evil other side will more than likely simply be suppressed so long as the ring is on their counterpart's body. She tested this by helping out Ryou Baura. The Spirit of the Millennium ring took control right before the ring was put on, which had the effect of Zorc's influence being removed. The Spirit became a repentant version of Thief King Bakura who was terrified of what he'd become. He willingly let Ryou take control as it was the right thing to do...but he reverted to a disgusted Spirit of the Millennium Ring. Sadly subconscious influence by the Spirit led to Ryou absentmindedly taking off and losing the Indigo ring while sleeping.
  • She was successfully able to convert a Dalek, as while genetically engineered to be violent they require strict control of their memories and experiences so they don't led them to question. A captive Dalek had it's self-destruct blocked and memory banks modified so it would not try to destroy itself for being impure, and after enough time with the memory dial removed and the ring on it the Dalek not only came to be compassionate, but no longer need the ring (though it still thinks it's better than non-Daleks). "Dalek Indigo" was aided in its development by none other than Dalek Sec; having come to realize Dalek ruthelessness and xenophobia will doom them, he is working with Iroque. Having been a former sociopath(though more open-minded than your standard Dalek), he relates to Iroque even if he is somewhat of a Wild Card.
  • The success of Dalek Indigo sparked an outrage and the Dalek Empire has added the Indigo Tribe to their "Extermination Priority" for threatening to "taint" the race. Iroque only plans to expediate their outrage by locating Davros and forcing compassion onto him, in order to redeem the Dalek race. Being a Lesser God he wouldn't be too hard to brainwash, and that scares the Daleks. Another target for forced conversion to the Indigo Tribe is the Master, with the exception of Missy who's about the only version to make an effort to concern. Iroque speculates that putting the ring on the "O" Master would give him the positive attributes of Missy, and putting the ring on the War Master would combine his knowledge and cunning with Professor Yana's compassion and resourcefulness.
  • Unless a sociopath is capable of being truly moral, they can expect to be a target of Indigo ring-based brainwashing by the Indigo Tribe. Seeing Fat Buu and learning about Uub, Iroque is hoping that once she has enough firepower she can make the genuine Majin Buu forcibly reformed. Her main priority is Johan Liebert. Johan is actually concerned as his Mind Rape abilities are weakened against someone already under the influence like Iroque, and he is still probably a normal human and thus subject to the ring's influence.
  • As if to make a statement against Melkor, Iroque wants to give Griffith the Heel–Face Brainwashing effect as part of her effort to dismantle Melkor's Horsemen. As the effect of becoming an Apostle hardens one's heart, especially in Griffith's case, she believes despite his Greater God status she may have found a weak spot. Guts and Casca, upon thinking about this, actually approved of this idea. While not all Apostles have a Lack of Empathy, seeing the likes of Wyald and Griffith be so consumed by newfound compassion they would welcome Guts and Casca killing them tickles them pink. The Idea of Evil regards this as completely unacceptable.
  • Iroque considers Cell and Frieza to be big challenges for her. She has seen the latter grow capable of some ethics, albeit out of necessity. Frieza boasts even if he was a Quasideity he is too evil to ever reform even by force; Earth's hell tried. With Cell she believes that she can bring out the positive qualities of Goku and Piccolo in his DNA while suppressing Frieza, Cold and Vegeta's negative qualities. Cell finds this laughable, but Indigo-1 has been convinced it's a possibility ever since she discovered a timeline where his larval form was engineered and raised to be a good person. Moro is also on her list of those to convert given he's a Planet Eater with no concern for anyone. This has given him more reason to take Larfleeze's orange ring for himself; among other things, its ability to increase one's avarice likely makes it a counter to the brainwashing effects of the Indigo ring.
  • Anton Chigurh once ended up with an Indigo ring latching onto him. Having been so profoundly lacking in humanity he spent the entire time baffled; he felt guilty but didn't know how to express it and was paralyzed in indecision. He still kept his fatalism but that's because it's irrelevant to good or evil. Yuuki Terumi came to take the ring off and destroy it with extreme prejudice. Not that he cares about Chigurh of coruse, but because he's salty about the time he was brainwashed to be a hero and was more amused by the idea of deriving Iroque of an ideal target for brainwashing. He didn't say what he intends to do to Iroque, but it's better that way.
  • King Piccolo absolutely loathes everything that the Indigo Tribe stands for. His core belief is that cruelty, crime and corruption should be free to flourish and consume the world. The worst part for him is that he may be the exception to the "Made of Evil beings are immune to the Indigo light" since he could be reincarnated into a being capable of good and he has one empathic trait. Whether he is an exception or not, he never wants to find out. Iroque naturally opposes him, but he opposes corrupters more. SCP-993 is high on her shitlist as Bobble the Clown lives to bring out the absolute worst in his audience.
  • Has a rivalry with Batman, despite both being heroes, as he heavily frowns upon those who use brainwashing due to Identity Crisis. Iroque, in turn, is surprised by his willingness to prepare to backstab his own allies but being unwilling to use other unethical means. She has bonded somewhat with Zatanna over this, though. Though he is otherwise neutral-positive about her, Gowasu disagrees with her methods as well since he believes it won't be good for mortal development in the long run. And the Emperor of Mankind, disliking xenos, regards her actions as a bit too close to the Tau's more insidious actions "for the Greater Good". Iroque admits he has the best intentions for humanity but dislikes his Fantastic Racism to aliens and he could do with an improvement in the empathy department.
  • She was pleasantly surprised that the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Philemon's latest clients by proxy, take similar methods as she does to the fight against evil. It is thought by a combination of heart stealing and the Indigo light, they may be able to change even stronger deities to the side of good. SCP-2578-D finds this all acceptable; though it normally terminates tyrants, having them reformed will work just as much for it. Their first test of this combo method is believed to be Emperor Palpatine. He personally regards being brainwashed into an unambitious and genuine version of his Chancellor persona a Fate Worse than Death. Voldemort, another target, can neither comprehend a Fate Worse than Death nor what being compassionate would be like. Whether or not his un-brainwashed horcruxes would interfere is a matter of debate. Her alliance with the Phantom Thieves has made her an enemy of Blight as well, as she wants to forcibly induct him into the Indigo Tribe. He dreads the thought of suddenly feeling guilt about the countless lives he's ruined.
  • Besides Zelenin there are those that believe in mind control to advance their goals, but for all the wrong reasons. Death Phantom regards Mind Manipulation as a means to an empty cosmos where he can have peace. Iroque, knowing he is immune to her power, asks him "would it really be worth it?" He simply said "yes". That said he knows why Iroque would disagreee and points out that in spite of his Lack of Empathy he knows goodness enough to prey on its insecurities and weakneses; just see what he did to Chibi-Usa. She is capable of mind-controlling Yuri, which he finds offensive. She again asked "how would you be satisfied as the only mind with free will?" Yuri knows this is basically a warning but humored her along with trying to tick her off.
    Yuri: "Heh; you would never understand. And yes, I know I don't get your desires. But consider that we're both brainwashing others for our agenda and wonder how moral or empathic you really are."
    • Iroque made her own reply;
    Iroque: "And making those who can't feel compassion compassionate is nearly as bad as robbing them of free will because Despotism Justifies the Means how? What you say means nothing to me, and you have only proven compassion must be forced on you".
  • Respects the likes of Philemon and Whis, who don't allow their beliefs and job parameters to preclude them from guiding mortal heroes and warriors to do extraordinary things with their powers, but still finds all these noninterference clauses to be utterly annoying. She also got along well with Madoka Kaname, who sees Iroque's actions and repentance as proof that there is hope for even the worst sinners to be redeemed. Iroque also holds some respect for the Care Bears, as their Care-Bear Stare encourages people to be nicer. They aren't all that comfortable with this as while they do attack with niceness and have some Emotion Control, they don't outright force people to be nice. The Care Bears are uncomfortable with her methods, however they do encourage a more passive spread of the indigo light. Iroque had no problems making them willing members of the Indigo Tribe, even programming an Indigo ring and battery for them to use on their own accord.
  • Dream of the Endless gave Iroque a dream where her ring had no limits to who it could affect. She had a wonderful dream of Dis and Melkor repenting towards their creators and working to undo the evil they created, forces of nothingness neutralized and those Made of Evil being convertible through the Indigo tribe to being Made of Good. Sadly for her, it was all a dream. She later had a nightmare of Melkor inverting the Indigo Light and turning all gods in the pantheon into sociopaths. Fortunately, that was also a dream. Freddy Krueger was behind that nightmare, but Iroque recognized it was a nightmare and used her powers to enforce compassion on his on the dream. Krueger was horrified and traumatized by having guilt for the first time and fled her dreamscape to return to normal, never returning.
  • With the exception of the most optimistic and benevolent deities, many agree with her belief that the only way Malty can become a better person is to be forcibly converted to a member of the Indigo Tribe. Surprisingly Iroque genuinely sympathizes her upon learning the true reason why she's so terrible; she has a fragment of Medea within her. As such it wouldn't matter what background she had; she would've always been awful with that inside of her. She believes that if Malty is made part of the Indigo Tribe, it would actually allow her to demonstrate a real personality and not one imposed by Medea. That or start influencing the malevolent deity. This sympathy only goes towards her original light novel incarnation; as Medea is Adapted Out of other versions those Malty are evil by their own free will.

    Jack Krauser 
Jack Krauser, God of Rivals That Turned Evil
Mutated Form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His combat knife and red beret
  • Theme Songs: Krauser Battle (and the remake version, titled Witness the Power), Mercenaries Theme (Remake ver.)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Blade Below the Shoulder, Blood Knight, Got injured in an arm during Operation Javier and prompting him to join Wesker, Foil and Evil Counterpart to Leon, Empowered Badass Normal, Face–Heel Turn, Covered in Scars, Jealous of Leon, Made of Iron, Mirror Boss, Sociopathic Soldier, Psycho Supporter, Warrior Poet
  • Domains: Soldiers, Mutations, Infiltration, Betrayal, Fighting
  • High Priest: Seifer Almasy
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Kano, Gray Fox, Rambo, Archers
  • Enemies:
  • Jack Krauser used to be an experienced soldier of the U.S. Army, having lead many successful operations in the past. That all changed when he got assigned for Operation Javier alongside Leon S. Kennedy, where both were tasked with investigating Javier Hidalgo and his connections with Umbrella Corporation. During the mission, Leon and Krauser came across a mysterious young girl that turned out to be Javier's daughter, Manuela Hidalgo, and with her help they were able to put down a mutated Javier, not before Krauser got heavily injured in one of his arms, prompting the U.S. Army to honorably discharge him. Being unable to fit in normal society, having acquired a curiosity over biological weaponry and having grown increasingly jealous of his then-partner Leon, Krauser willingly joined Albert Wesker, who cured his arm and then Krauser was tasked to infiltrate the Los Iluminados cult in order to acquire a sample of Las Plagas, having kidnapped the President's daughter Ashley Graham to earn the trust of Osmund Saddler. After having reunited with Leon, Krauser challenged to one last fight where he ultimately lost but he wasn't done yet, having come back one last time to fight Ada Wong. Ultimately, Ada was able to best Krauser and he finally met his demise at the hands of her.
  • Ascended under the role of Evil Rivals given his history with Leon S. Kennedy. The one behind his ascension was Wesker, as the latter has been struggling for a while given the sheer number of enemies he has made over the years and valuable minions like Krauser would be helpful. Krauser still in the possession of the Master Las Plagas he got injected back during his tenure as a member of Los Iluminados and can mutate his arm at will.
  • The first he did was ambush Leon to, in his words, catch up with an old partner and she how he's been doing since their last encounter. Both engaged in a knife fight while discussing about their pasts and the fight was left unfinished when Krauser decided to wander off, telling his old rival that this isn't the last time they will clash. Leon is still dissapointed that Krauser turned out this way and willingly joined Wesker.
    • Concerning Ada Wong, he still hasn't forgotten that she is the reason he died in the first place, not to mention her attachment to Leon. To this day, he still calls her "The bitch in the red dress" which amuses Ada and she has retorted that she will take Krauser down no problem if he dares confronting her.
  • His hatred for Leon also extends towards those he has worked with in the past, meaning has also after the ascended B.S.S.A. agents and others like Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller. He also has an interesting rivalry with Chris Redfield considering that he is also a knife enthusiast and he was the one that managed to defeat Wesker for good so he at least wants to battle him.
  • Most the good-aligned members of the House of War consider him a disgrace for choosing the path of Bio-terrorism. Krauser has just brushed of his opposers, since they would never understand what he did for the U.S. Army and got promptly discharged because of a minor injury. Other more warmongering members, particularly Apollyon, praise him for continuing to fight and she has offered to join her Blackstone Legion. He considered the offer but decided to remain with Wesker, even then he is on speaking terms with her at least.
  • Even with all his skill and mutant powers, he hardly can put a dent on the likes of the Doomslayer and Brock Samson, who promtly kicked his ass even when he used his most powerful attacks. He does respect how they tear down the opposition with sheer brutality thought.
  • He also engages in mercenary work outside of his duties with Wesker, specializing on capture, infiltration and assassination. There he met other two notable Psycho for Hire, Barracuda and Gauron, and he did get along with both of them. Cuda because both are ex-soldiers turned criminals who are very ruthless and with Gauron after having gone in a mission with him, plus Wesker has been in talks with both in the past. He is aware that they aren't the most trustworthy of fellows so he constantly watches his back when he is with them.
    • His partnership with Barracuda has made him another target from the Punisher, another person with a similar background as him. Krauser tried to pull the not-so-different card on Castle considering that he too enjoys conflict and cannot adapt to a normal society but it did little to deter Frank's desire to end Krauser.
  • He is very fond of knives, being his preferred weapon when it comes to melee combat. This also made him rivals with both Kano and Cody Travers, two notorious knife users but unfortunately to the former, Krauser has found Cody to be the more capable fighter and has engaged the mayor a few times in combat. He does still work with Kano from time to time.
    • Speaking of Cody, one of his long-time rivals, who would seem like he would take a liking to Krauser, actually stated that wants nothing to with him. He even said that Krauser uses his claw as a crutch instead of being naturally skilled, something that made Krauser angry and promptly tried to kill Rolento, but failed after authorities caught wind of this.
  • Also an accomplished archer, he does partake on archery competitions in the pantheon where he became fierce rivals with the likes of Green Arrow, Hawkeye Artemis, Hanzo Shimada, Aloy and Atreus.
  • The prime reason he became a bio-terrorist is because he cannot adapt to a normal society and only feels useless outside of combat. This made him sympathize with Gray Fox, even if the latter doesn't return the sentiment and the two have engaged in combat numerous times, enjoying every single time of it.
  • Relates a lot with Senator Armstrong, another darwinist figure like his boss Wesker but Armstrong aims for a society where the strong thrives without anyone holding them back, which caught Krauser's attention. The Senator sensed a lot of potential in Krauser and recruited him into his ranks, also keeping contact with Krauser's superior to propose an alliance. The mercenary also gets along with the Winds of Destruction given he shares the love of conflict and is quite philosophical and poetic for a warrior
  • Seeing potential in his brand of bio-terrorism, some branches of the Corpus decided to establish an alliance with Krauser's boss, Albert Wesker after he created a Technocyte B.O.W. and they hired Krauser for a few jobs. They took an intrerest in the mercenary's plagas infested mutation and wonder how they could weaponize it, helped by the fact that Krauser's love for conflict could easily bring a lot of profit for them.
  • Krauser sees Rambo as a fellow soldier who, like himself, cannot find a purpose in life outside war and understands how callous and hypocritical governments can be when dealing with the ugliness of war. He also feels that Rambo is wasting his true potential by continually trying to live a peaceful life despite it being unfulfilling to him and hopes to someday challenge the Vietnam veteran, having heard that he was trained to be the ultimate soldier of his time. In turn, Rambo is disgusted by Krauser's willingness to destroy countless lives for the selfish sake of power and purpose. In Rambo's eyes, Krauser is defined by, and revels in, the worst aspects of war.

    Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal 
Katsumi Daido, God of the Fallen Ones (Kamen Rider Eternal)
Kamen Rider Eternal 
  • Intermediate God (borders on Greater God in his Strengthening Armament mode)
  • Symbol: The T2 Eternal Memory and the NEVER logo
  • Theme Song: COD-E ~E No Ango~
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Chaotic Neutral leaning towards Good
  • Portfolio: The Main Antagonist of the Movie, Transforming Villains, Being an Undead Mercenary, Came Back Wrong, Eternal Robe, Card-Carrying Villain, "Now, enjoy your Hell!", Fallen Heroes, Driven to Madness, Honorable Villains, The Leader of NEVER
  • Domains: Combat, Chaos, Misantrope, Domination, Life and Death, Evil, Madness, Villainy, Vengeance, Terrorism
  • High Priestess: Nerissa
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Villains, the GUAE Trollkaiger, Albert Wesker, Monokuma and his Mastermind.
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Kamen Rider Double (Shotaro Hidari and Philip)), every deity that turned to the side of good
  • Opposed By: Tomoko Nozama
  • Originally an Intermediate Demon rank member of the Demonic Legion, Katsumi Ascended into the proper Pantheon with a thirst for vengeance against the Toku Base due to being killed off by Kamen Rider Double during NEVER's raid over the city of Futo.
    • Later on, Daido had successfully kicked Nerissa out of the throne for the Fallen Hero trope before he took the title and put her under his wing as his High Priestess, much to Nerissa's annoyance.
  • Katsumi has an array of T2 Gaia Memories in his set, including his own Eternal Memory which has the power to nullify his opponent's Gaia Memory, the Unicorn Memory which he executes a powerful punch attack, and the Zone Memory which gathers all of his T2 Memories in his Maximum Slots to unlock his full potential.
  • In the past, Katsumi was one of the most finest Toku Base members until he suddenly jumped the slippery slope by defeating Dr. Prospect, at the cost of losing his sanity. Now antagonizes every Good-aligned Gods with passion.
  • Ryoma Sengoku had found interest with his abilities of neutralizing every Gaia Memory users, as the mad scientist wants to upgrade the T2 Eternal Memory using the data gathered from every ascended Toku Heroes to ensure their victory against them. Also, Basco of the Trollkaiger was intrigued of his actions as he expects to work with him someday.
  • Had made an alliance with Tanya because she was impressed with his act of attacking his own hometown, Futo, just get his revenge on both Museum and Foundation X.
  • Became allies with Albert Wesker, a fellow undead, due to Wesker became interest in Daido's status as a Necro-Over as he want to add it to his research to improve Daido's strength.
  • He had crossed paths with Monokuma as the bear was intrigued of his atrocities that he commit back in his own world. The Mastermind Junko Enoshima had found him interesting due to his mercenary status reminding her a lot of her twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba before she proposed an alliance with him as they work together in their schemes.
  • In the wake of his Ascension, he proceeds to attack every single redeemed Gods within the pantheon with his full intention to turn them back into the dark side while calling their previous villainous names as a mockery for them. Because of this, notable redeemed Gods such as Mitsuzane Kureshima, Sayaka Miki, Setsuna Higashi, and Chase, gained an ire on his actions and they warned the others to stay alert against this dangerous threat.
    • This made him enemies with Roberta as well as she despised him with a passion because of his extreme revenge towards the Sonozaki's Museum organization and Foundation X reminding her of her act of revenge on the ones who killed her master Diego Lovelace. This statement had made Daido laugh as he told her that she is no different to him when it comes to extreme revenge.
    • Judai Yuki also hates his guts as Daido's fell from grace reminding him of his descent into the Supreme King. Not to mention that he also considered him a false Kamen Rider due to him committing alot of atrocities in his days as a terrorist.
  • Due him being a evil Rider, he was opposed by Tomoko Nozama due to the research she found in an article about his actions (and his former allies) attacked the city of Futo, which she deemed him a disgrace of what a true Kamen Rider stands for.

Lesser Gods

Berkut, God of Gradual Fall Into Evil (Prideful Prince, Purgatorial Prince)
Major spoilers for Echoes 
  • Lesser God normally, Intermediate God after accepting Duma's power
  • Symbol: The Rigelian flag with a purple eye on it
  • Theme Music: Prince of Darkness when not in battle, Pride and Arrogance during battle, The Scions Dance in Purgatory when wielding Duma's power
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil by Default, Chaotic Evil under Duma's power
  • Portfolio: Having a troubled childhood, Desiring approval by his uncle, Losing pride, The Social Darwinist, Wearing dark themed armor, Being insecure about his fiance, Fueled by hatred, Having standards in spite of his flaws, at least at first, Losing his sanity when the truth is unveiled, Sacrificing the woman he loved for power, Denying the chance to change, Redeeming himself upon death
  • Domains: War, Emotions, Combat, Villain
  • Allies: Ainz Ooal Gown, Arthas Menethil, Griffith, Ren Hakuryuu, Charles zi Britannia, Vergil, Gabriel Belmont, Goro Akechi, Anakin Skywalker, Faust
  • Enemies: Alm, Most good-aligned Fire Emblem deities, Naruto, Most deities in the House of Royalty due to his own shortcomings, Grima, Ragna the Bloodedge, Zen'o
  • Opposed by: Alm and Celica, though Alm merely wishes to save him and get to know him better, Hal Jordan
  • Pitied By: Piccolo, Tenzin
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Tiki and Corrin, The Black Knight
  • Berkut hails from the continent of Valentia, a continent divided into the two kingdoms of Zofia and Rigel. As the nephew to the king of Rigel Rudolf, Berkut grew up as the crown prince of the nation, though doing so caused him to grow a massive Inferiority Superiority Complex. After successfully helping overthrow the king of Zofia, Berkut would run into the Deliverance and its leader, Alm. Gradually losing to the Deliverance, Berkut grew more and more unstable, eventually breaking when he learned Alm was his cousin and heir to the throne of Riegl. Broken and betrayed, Berkut sacrificed his fiance to the fallen Divine Dragon Duma for power.
  • Never mention the name Alm to him. Depending on his mood, Berkut might simply get angry and be hostile towards whoever mentions him, or he may outright try to kill you for it. Various Gods have done their best to ensure that Berkut does not run into him.
  • He does not like to be reminded of when he screamed out for his uncle or when he had a Madness Mantra and shouted about lies.
    • Speaking of his uncle, Tenzin tried to speak to Berkut about his relationship with him, hoping that since they both sought approval from someone in their family that he could help guide Berkut to a better life. Berkut responded by angrily yelling at him for meddling in his affairs and demanded he never bring up that topic to him again.
  • Gets along decently with Tiki and Corrin despite his hostile personality. According to some, this is because he saw them while suffering from Power Incontinence and gave some choice words about their powers that helped them come to terms with it. Corrin, in particular, wants to help Berkut, but recognizes that he has possibly gone too far. For his part, Berkut sees them as possible tools but he does have some amount of fondness for them, even if he wouldn't admit it.
  • Has thrown his lot in with the Grand Alliance of Evil under the belief he will finally obtain the power he desperately wants. He was offered the chance to join the Grand Alliance of Destruction, but refused because he wants to gain power and rule, not see the world ruined. His pact with Duma has given some interest in using him as more or less The Brute for their side, though depending on when he is talked to, Berkut can be less inclined to help some of them.
  • Gets along fairly well with Griffith, since the two men both held ambitions that were stolen from them and were forced to sacrifice those under them for power. Griffith, seeing Berkut's fragile mental state, hopes to use him as a pawn in his own quest for power but Berkut is unaware of this.
  • On occasion, he can be seen visiting the House of Love in the hopes of seeing his beloved fiance Rinea. Of course several people associated with said House refuse to let him in for sacrificing Rinea for power.
  • Ran into Noctis during one trip to the House of Royalty and was surprised to learn he sounded like his friend Fernand. Hearing him talk managed to knock him out of his state for a moment, but once he realized it was not Fernand, Berkut stormed off in an angry tone. Noctis was very confused by this encounter but has taken some interest in stopping him if he can.
    • Similarly he ran into 9S once and as soon as he heard him speak, nearly flew into a rage as he swore they sounded the same. 9S managed to avoid a fight thanks to 2B but made sure to add him to a list of people not to encounter again.
  • In spite of his flaws, he absolutely hates Joffrey Baratheon due to how poor of a ruler he is. Not only does Joffrey have power, but he uses it to make incredibly stupid mistakes that undermine his rule.
    • Speaking of Joffrey, Berkut briefly thought he had found someone not unlike himself in Stannis Baratheon and even attempted to negotiate with him aid to claim Rigel back from Alm. However, nothing came of it because Stannis made it clear that Alm was the rightful king of Valentia.
  • Parallax was very interested in Berkut when he ascended, taking note of the man's mental instability makes him an interesting choice for possession. Hal Jordan upon hearing this acted swiftly to prevent it, not wanting Parallax to acquire whatever powers Parallax would gain from Duma. Berkut was not pleased to be involved in their conflict and has declared his intent to kill Parallax and Hal should they try to approach him again.
  • On rare occasions, he can be encountered being more somber and mellow then he normally is. These rare moments have given some gods, especially Alm, hope that Berkut will move on from his power-driven state, but alas these moments are quite rare to see.

    Dalek Sec and Caan 
Dalek Sec and Caan, Co-Gods of Realizing the Error of Their Ways (Sec: Commander Sec, The Final Experiment, a Human-Dalek, "Your Future", Caan: Attack Squad Leader of the Thirteenth Assault Group, The Abomination)
Sec's hybrid formClick here  for Sec when he was a pure Dalek
Caan during his time on the CrucibleClick here  for Caan before going back into the Time War

Gharnef, God of Pupils Turned Evil (Dark Pontifex, Garnef)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Darksphere and the tome Imhullu
  • Theme Songs: Gharnef, Lord of Shadow (cutscene), Bellowing Darkness (battle)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Bad, Evil Sorcerer, Obviously Evil, a former ally of good without a caring heart, Evil Makes You Ugly, change from ally to enemy through the corruption of the Darksphere, Uses brainwashing, resurrected once with some problems, cannot be harmed with Imhullu in hand, planned to kill Medeus with no obstacles in the way, resurrecting Medeus again and awakening the Earth Dragons to destroy Archanea, all of the tragedy and crisis because he was denied a single tome
  • Domains: Pupil, Evil, Corruption
  • Allies: Gul'dan, Ragyo Kiryuin, Johan Liebert, Loki, Yuri, M. Bison
  • Enemies: Marth, Lyndis, Caeda, Tiki, Lucina, Chrom, Darth Vader, Arvis, Sunset Shimmer, Alex Mason
  • Opposes: Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Gharnef was once a student to the White Sage, Gotoh. He was denied the inheritance of Aura because of his uncaring heart, which went to Gotoh's other student, Miloah, instead. Out of jealousy, he stole The Darksphere and created the dark spell Imhullu. After killing Miloah and taking over the magic kingdom Khadein, he resurrected Medeus and the Dolhr Empire and worked with him in taking over Archanea (though he planned on removing Medeus once the war was over with, using Imhullu and the stolen Falchion). However, he was defeated by Marth and his comrades, and he cursed Marth and his lineage, swearing to destroy them all. He was later resurrected by his heretical followers, and offered the Darksphere to King Hardin of Archanea which twisted his soul into a tyrant and made him declare war on Archanea, while he and his followers kidnapped four noble ladies as sacrifices for the resurrected Medeus and awakening the Earth Dragons to destroy Archanea, only to be defeated by Marth again.
    • Of course, even in death, he managed to ascend into the Pantheon, and currently plans to conquer it. First, however, he must gather allies.
  • Gharnef is practically invincible with Imhullu in his hand. The only thing that can harm him then is the spell Starlight, which his former master created from the Starsphere and the Lightsphere. The Starlight hasn't been forged within the Pantheon, therefore nothing can harm him yet.
  • Historians have noted that the sorcerer Gharnef is the first among evil dark-wielding Sinister Ministers, at least in the Fire Emblem universe. Arvis is very wary of him due to how similar he is to Manfroy and Nergal, and, in fact, may have inspired them both.
  • He uses brainwashing as his M.O.; he had used it on several people like Tiki, Hardin, Eremiya, and (to a lesser extent) Arlen, though it has been questioned whether he is himself brainwashed by the corrupting influence of the Darksphere.
    • Even without it, he could still manipulate others like he manipulated Michalis to murder his father and become his ally; he accomplished this by tricking Michalis into believing that he would be denied his supposed birthright in favor of his sister, Minerva.
    • When he learned that there are others much like him in terms of mind control and manipulation in the pantheon, he found them to be valuable allies. The only one he shows no interest in is Lelouch, whose morality is all over the place; Gharnef can't trust someone he can't predict.
  • He sided with another evil sorcerer named Gul'dan, the Orc Warlock. When he found that he betrayed his own master for more power, he found not only kinship in the old orc, but also a reliable ally, and Gul'dan, in turn, thinks that Gharnef is a perfect Warlock, given his backstory and motivation.
  • The Dark Pontifex became an enemy of Darth Vader, who, despite turning to the Dark side of the Force and leaving Obi-Wan's mentorship for Palpatine's, had a change of heart to save his son. Gharnef was disappointed; such power, wasted (in the wizard's eyes).
    • His title once belonged to Sunset Shimmer, but when they found Gharnef to be a much worse pupil-turned-evil — not to mention Sunset's Heel–Face Turn — he claimed the title for himself. Sunset Shimmer agrees that Gharnef turned out even worse than herself; he twisted his own soul to conquer the world.
  • Gharnef has killed so many people with his dark magic that no doubt they left several orphaned children, much like Miloah left the sorceress called Linde who's currently not seen in the Pantheon. Some females for that learned magic and tried to exact vengeance upon their father, upon which Gharnef took pages from his friend M. Bison and quotes "Yes, yes, I killed your father. What is it with you young female magic-slinging runts anyway?" He just didn't continue about killing his own father because he wants to keep it ambiguous, but if it's the truth, you won't hear him whining about it.

Felonious Gru, God of Reformed, but Not Tamed Villains

    Kevin Levin 
Kevin Ethan Levin, God of Offscreen Face Turns (Kevin 11, Kev, Muscles)
Younger Kevin 
  • Lesser God in his normal state. Depending on how much energy he absorbs, it jumps to Intermediate or Greater God.
  • Symbol: The lock chain he wears around his neck.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good, although he has been all over the place. Many in the Pantheon are wary of him due to his tendency to switch sides.
  • Portfolio: Distressed Dudes, The Worf Effect, Always Having His Car Blow Up ("MY RIDE!"), Sacrificing Himself to Save The World, Going Crazy from Energy Absorption.
  • Domains: Revenge, Atonement, Energy, Power, Good/Evil.
  • Followers: Rufus Shinra, Alpha, Barbossa, Pintel and Ragetti
  • Allies: Ben and Gwen Tennyson (He also dates Gwen), Batman, Cyborg, Nightwing, Guts, Kain Highwind, Inigo Montoya, Andre the Giant, Charmcaster.
  • Enemies: Izaya Orihara, Deathstroke, Kyubey, Joker, Deadpool,
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after discovering the position of God of the Face Heel Revolving Door would be given to Raven (Teen Titans), stole it from her and tried to sneak in, only to be caught by Batman. Gwen vouched for him, and he was allowed to stay in the House of Ambiguity.
  • He eventually gave up the title upon discovering that his friend Kain already had the title of Heel–Face Revolving Door but Kain found a position that allowed him to join the House of Heroes: Heel–Face Return, because of his becoming good offscreen.
  • Has become irritated by Deadpool after he is informed that he will become evil, again.
  • Stomped Edward Cullen’s face, blaming him for the Darkfall Books that were the equivalent to Twilight in his universe.
  • Has been trolled by Izaya Orihara after Izaya pinned the words “Distressed Dude” on the back of Kevin’s shirt. Kevin has since tried to run over him with his car on sight. He's still looking for Izaya Orihara with help from Shizuo Heiwajima.
  • Makes fun of Sasuke Uchiha for sounding like Ben and calling him the “Emoest of them all.”
  • Looks up to Guts for being such a major badass, and sympathizes with his quest for revenge. Wants to hear Kevin's when there's some downtime.
  • Empathizes with Gwen's rival Charmcaster, who is second only to him in his own universe when it comes to the Heel–Face Revolving Door.
  • Has a mechanics shop in the House of Technology, but his car has constantly been crushed again...and again. It's become such a betting game in the House of Commerce as to when he'll start screaming out, "MY RIDE!!"
  • Gets along well with Cyborg, often asks him to upgrade his ride but wonders why he laughs whenever Kevin calls him “Dude”.
    • And there's even more confusion since he sounds similar to one version of Michaelangelo.
  • Has visited Nightwing in the House of Love for relationship advice, won't give specifics when Gwen asks him about it.
  • Has been seen in the House of Food eating Flean cake with Mulder and Scully.
  • Upon learning that Kyubey offered Gwen a contract to become a Magical Girl, he ran over him with his car. Homura approved of this.
  • Often visits the House of Travel to look at the Cool Cars. Once again, his car can usually been seen smashed into smithereens.
  • Has been approached by Deathstroke with an apprenticeship offer. Flat out refused and was able to hold him off until Gwen shot a shard of mana through Slade’s empty eyesocket. Deathstroke has sworn revenge on them for reminding him of those two brats.
  • Was interested to say the least when he saw Inigo Montoya in the Pantheon. He doesn't admit it, but he actually grew up reading The Princess Bride and even got to say Inigo's most famous phrase. It helps that they've both defeated the men who killed their fathers. Speaking of which, he nearly had a fanboy moment when he learned that André the Giant was in the House of Combat, as André played Fezzik in the movie. He completely denies that he wanted Andre's autograph.
  • His Energy Absorption powers make him super dangerous. One, he can absorb powers of Greater Gods and bring them back. Two, he himself can become downright insane with the absorption, and if not taken down quickly, he'll start going on more and more of a rampage.
  • After his dealings with the Rooters, Kevin has begrudgingly admitted he might just empathize somewhat with The Joker, as he now has no idea just what the heck his own origin story truly is.

    Rin Tohsaka 
Rin Tohsaka, Goddess of Face Realizations (Sorceress, She of the S-Grade Zettai Ryouiki, Elegant Apprentice Mage from a Noble Family, Kaleido Ruby, Ishtar, Archer, Red Devil of Venus, Summer Rider, Venusian Rainbow, Ereshkigal, Goddess of the Dead, Lancer)
While possessed by Ishtar 
Ishtar in a swimsuit 
While possessed by Ereshkigal 
  • Lesser Goddess (possibly Greater Goddess when summoned as either Ishtar or Ereshkigal)
  • Symbol: Her Command Seal and her Precious Stone
  • Theme Music: Kirari by Kana Ueda, Venus Goddess
  • Alignment: Lawful Good by herself. Ishtar is labelled as Lawful Good, though her behaviour says otherwise while Ereshkigal is labelled as Chaotic Evil who displays actions that are considered Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: The OG Tsundere, Girlish Pigtails, Short Skirts, Ridiculously High Socks and Thighs of Varying Exposure, Cute and Badass, Combat Mages, Jewel Magic, Gandr, Realizes she's compassionate all along, Go-Getter Girl, The Gadfly, Hopeless with Tech, Aggressive Submissive, Not-So-Perfect
  • Domains: Charm, Magic, Passion, War, Fire, Costume
  • Allies:
  • Mentor: Archmage Khadgar
  • Rivals: Karin Kanzuki, Emilie de Rochefort
  • Enemies: Kirei Kotomine, Gilgamesh, Avenger, Shinji Matou, Zouken Matou, Tiamat (FGO), Dante (Full Metal Alchemist), Alex DeLarge, Isaac Westcott, Dormammu, Zobek, Sou Fueki/Kamen Rider Wiseman, Gul'dan
  • Special Relationship: Sakura Matou (her sister)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ishtar, Queen Elsa, Medea Kuzuki/Caster, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, Arcueid Brunestud
  • Opposes: Souji Mitsuka/Tail Red, Homura Akemi
  • Opposed by: Hazel Levesque
  • A honors student at Homurahara Academy and the heir to the Tohsaka magus family, Rin enters the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War in order to win both because she wants to and does so in her family name. She tries to summon a Saber-class servant, but got Archer due to minor mistakes in her ritual; she did warm up to him later on. Despite coming off the wrong foot, she and Shirou became steadfast allies and is his main companion in three different timelines. Later events reveal that underneath her perfect girl exterior lies a teasing girl and a kind-hearted simpleton who is too good to become a mage.
  • Much to her dismay, Rin was chosen to host the two Mesopotamian goddesses, Ishtar, the Mesopotamian Goddess of love, war, fertility, and power and Ereshkigal, the Mesopotamian Goddess of the dead due to her compatibility with them in personalities in an alternate reality. She finds them to be a hassle to work with, since Ishtar is spoiled and selfish and Ereshkigal can be hopelessly swayed by kindness, both to the point that it's like looking into a mirror at times. The sisters themselves likewise understand why she was chosen to host them, with Ishtar relating to Rin on their shared hatred against Gilgamesh. Rin had no choice but to let them take over whenever they come up, but not before subduing Ishtar's impulses first.
  • Saber & Shirou were among the first to greet her after her ascension. Rin may not admit it, but she is very giddy to see Shirou once again and he likewise the same, seeing her as an equal that he can stand by. She and Saber initially got off on the wrong foot, but through Shirou they are able to become steadfast allies although they deny that their feelings are more than that with furious blushes. On a related note, she'll correct anyone who claims that she and Artoria are part of Shirou Emiya's harem. If anything, it's not his harem; it's hers (as she "jokingly" claims...).
    • Sakura and Rin have been patching up their relationship once they heard each other's awful lives while growing up. Nowadays, their relationship is mostly positive with some arguments here and there and Shirou is a little afraid that Sakura might be becoming just like Rin now that she's more confident now.
    • Archer visits her regularly, stating that she'd be hopeless without someone to forcefully inject a little common sense into her life, which he loathes trusting Shirou Emiya to do so. While she claims to detest these visits and the snark that they entail, perceptive deities have noticed a faint hint of anticipation in her voice every time she speaks of them.
    • While one would expect her servant Archer to be her foremost protector, it is actually Lancer who jumps in most often. Rin has no problem teaming up with him, but his remarks get on her nerves quite often and he likes it that way.
    • She and Illya has a little rivalry with each other, mostly about who gets to hang out with Shirou next; the whole "sleeping next to Shirou" incident and the fact that Illya doesn't let Rin date him doesn't help either. Otherwise, they get along just fine and even defend Shirou together.
    • She had a little heart attack when she saw Kaleid Ruby, a talking magic wand yet again, who was wondering where did Rin go after shoving her inside Zelretch's chest after her embarrassing concert when she was eleven. Before she fires a barrage of Gandr, an innocent-looking girl who looks like Illya and her blue-haired friend stepped in to save Ruby. Once the situation clears up after some minor confusions, the other Illya and Miyu were able to convince Rin that Kaleid Ruby won't cause any problems for her anymore, and she accepts while silently hoping it doesn't come back to her again.
    • Rin and Sakura have finally met the adoptive father of Shirou and... were surprised to see him subdued in spite of his "Magus Killer" reputation. He's fine with them being with Shirou as long as Shirou makes them happy, but he's stopping himself from telling them everything about their family because he feels they don't have the mental fortitude to take it all in.
    • Keeps a very large distance between herself and Kirei Kotomine. She now knows the truth about her father's death and her mother's madness, but while she hungers for revenge, she isn't foolish enough to challenge such a dangerous person head on. Especially when said person is often accompanied by Gilgamesh. That doesn't mean she's letting them go, it just means the planning stage is taking a little longer than anticipated.
    • She HATES Zouken & Shinji Matou for ruining Sakura's life while she was unaware of it, as well as Shinji not handling her rejection very well to the point of attempting to violating her body while she was captured once; Rin will make sure they will suffer forever for their crimes, scaring them and causes them to tread lightly. She doesn't like Avenger as well since he did screw up everything that happened in the Grail Wars and he himself in turn brushes her aside like she's nothing.
    • Through Shirou, Rin meets Ritsuka Fujimaru, the Master of Chaldea who has corrected the flow of time into its proper place, a heroic action Rin can't help but admire; Ritsuka did noted that she somewhat resembles him in some way, even joking that he might be her child which Rin denies with a blush and agrees with her that Ishtar is a piece of work. The Master then introduced her to Li Shuwen who is a master of Bajiquan, the martial art Rin learned from Kotomine. A sparring session later and Li took a liking to Rin, taking her in as a student to hone her moves.
    • Having faced a Master with the same name and appearance, B.B. quickly opposed her as the Rin she faced had a hand in stopping her. Rin herself is irked that a havoc-wreaking AI happens to look like Sakura, which she admits it reminds her of her failures as a big sister.
    • Ritsuka also warned her of the Beasts' threats that can cause The End of the World as We Know It, something she will definitely keep in mind; the Beasts themselves think a mage like her can't match up to the Master of Chaldea's level, but wait until she pulls out the Jeweled Sword Zelretch...
    • Rin had a run-in with Touko Aozaki one time and lights up once she realized she made Shirou's new body in one timeline. After Rin thanked her profusely, Touko tried to be on her merry way but Rin stopped her so that she can be her student. She adamantly refuses but once she heard that even Sakura needs more magic training than Rin and she has been through a lot of hell, she reconsiders and asked Rin to introduce Sakura to her next time they meet to which she agrees. Touko's associate, Shiki Ryougi was less than hospitable every time she sees the Tohsaka mage; it's something about reminding her of annoying younger sisters...
  • As she has bad memories of it, she opposes the Star Wand or anything that remotely reminds Rin of the Kaleidostick. This initially put her into conflict with Sakura Kinomoto as well as Star Butterfly, who were open to hear Rin's reasons; once they did, they finally assured her that their wands are nothing like the Kaleidostick though Kinomoto finds Rin's protests against being a magical girl endearing, further embarrassing Rin. Rin's less significant problem with Star involves them sharing the same voice, but they both disregard it very often.
    • Unlike her, Arcueid takes her magical girl act very seriously and Rin gets stuck with seeing her embarrassing herself in front of everyone (at least in her eyes) whenever they hang out, which is why their friendship is shaky. With that topic out of the way, they get along just fine with Arcueid remarking that she's a little like Akiha.
    • Still, she also disagrees on Homura Akemi's actions even though they do remind her of Shirou saving Sakura in a really dark and twisted way. Homura sees her as a non-threat at first, but became wary once she heard that Rin can wield the Jeweled Sword Zelretch that can potentially hurt her.
  • She has set a precedent for the Tsundere archetype with her harsh facade hiding her kind heart especially towards her love interest, which got her acquainted with Shana, her Great Herald Kotori Itsuka, Asuka Langley Souryu (and Shikinami), Kyou Fujibayashi, Nagi Sanzen'in and Kallen Kouzuki. Shana finds a lot more kinship with Rin than with the other tsunderes, a fact she takes a while to openly admit and through the Shinji they know, both Asukas got along with Rin after initially getting over some friction; Rin even did helped her before the latter's big fight against Gendo Ikari. The three decided to form a social circle with the other tsunderes called, "the Great Tsundere Alliance" which Rin says it's overdue; they'll be talking about how their love interests are big dummies and other certain events.
    • There's also Nagi's friend, Hinagiku Katsura as well as Yuzu Hiiragi and her Synchro counterpart, the similarly named Rin with all of them relating over usual tsundere problems and Hinagiku relates to Rin on keeping up their respective "perfect girl" images. The Tohsaka mage is mortified that the Dimensional War broke out in Yuzu and the duelist Rin's universe, stating that even someone like her can change drastically into a very different person had she been there though the bracelet-wearing duelists assures her that everything turned out fine for them in the end.
  • Rias Gremory relates to Rin not just on being a top student who must keep up their images to others, but also her cosplaying as a magical girl once is not unlike Rin's impromptu concert caused by Kaleido Ruby and Rin is glad (and maybe a bit jealous) that Rias is moving on from that. Noel Vermillion did invite Rin to the League of Flat Chests after hearing about her angst of her chest being smaller than her sister's; she declined, finding it petty despite wallowing in it but nonetheless, still befriended Noel because she feels that Noel needs the emotional support she can get.
  • The Zettai Ryouiki style is commonplace no thanks to Rin popularizing it and her influence shows up a lot in other Japanese media during the following years, with an example being the students of Infinite Stratos Academy. Rin knows claiming that it's her style and they stole it is too reaching, so she conceded.
    • Another part of her appearance that she popularized is the Girlish Pigtails, which earns her an Abhorrent Admirer in Souji Mitsuka AKA Tail Red. Rin is aware he's a valuable hero, but finds his twintail worship to be both tiring and annoying.
  • Rin specializes in gem magecraft and is really obsessed and knowledgeable on them; this is why she's fascinated by Hazel Levesque's curse, as she sees Hazel as her chance to gain an infinite supply of gems for her Jewel magic. Because of this, Hazel has made it a point to make sure that her gems do not end up in Rin's hands. After all, she already has to deal with gemstones that cause misfortune to fall upon anyone that takes them and she doesn't want to start dealing with gemstones that explode. The Crystal Gems are a lot more forgiving of Rin; sure, they themselves don't want to be used for magic firepower but Steven reasoned with them that he knows Rin does mean well in spite of it. Rin herself is fascinated to be able to meet manifestations of actual gems and is intrigued by their abilities and use of fusion.
  • She is completely hopeless when it comes to technology. Rin barely knows what a VCR is, let alone DVD or Blu-Ray. She hates technology with a passion since she can't understand it, although she is learning from Shirou. Usagi Tsukino AKA Sailor Moon relates to her on that front and they both agree to keep each other away from disc players until either of them can get the hang of it.
  • Not a lot has known this, but the Tohsakas are actually Japanese Christians which explains the cross on Rin's sweater and why her family accepted Kotomine. This gotten her in touch with Fuu Kasumi and Amakusa Shirou Tokisada; Fuu confided in her and Kyoko Sakura regarding her father, who abandoned her and her mother when she was young. Rin felt sorry that she also had to shoulder the burden of growing up without a father and Kyoko just told her that she was lucky that he didn't resort to killing them. As for Amakusa, Rin got some bad vibes from him and it's not just the fact he resembles Kotomine in some way while Amakusa himself doesn't blame her for the distrust.
  • Haruto Soma AKA Kamen Rider Wizard was very impressed with Rin for her ability to mix magic with actual martial arts; jokes have been made that maybe she is his female counterpart since she wears red and was a Magical Girl. Rin was a little disappointed she can't use his rings for her magecraft, but she knows they're necessary for his own combat prowess. Haruto then warned her of Sou Fueki's danger, because he is the White Wizard who plans to start another Black Sabbath to bring back his daughter Koyomi which she accepted with precaution; what unsettles her more is that he could have been very dangerous had he been in a Holy Grail War.
  • Rin may not get a tutelage under Touko, but she was redirected to Archmage Khadgar by her so she sets out to the House of Magic to see him. He has piqued her interest in the wizard's techniques, primarily on Mana Conservation and more powerful spells outside her knowledge. At the same time, he sees great potential on her magical skills, combined with her ability to summon Servants of her choice, though he sees her magical abilities alone to be sub-par. However, he is dedicated to helping on her Mana control more efficiently, just that he expects Rin to be rather pushy everytime he keeps criticizing on her magic.
    Rin: "Ugh, this magical teaching is hard! Do I really need to do this?"
    Khadgar: *laughs* "I mean, you signed up for my class, and for being my first apprentice, I should credit you, but if you wish to be a better mage, you have to try harder."
    Rin: "I am! I just don't like this. Its too hard!"
    Khadgar: "Well if you wish, would you like to try another spell that is easier? Easier than your spells?"
    Rin: "Hey don't humiliate my skills! I swear I did better last time."
    Khadgar: "Then keep up."
    • Through Khadgar, Rin met Akko who was also taken under his wing and they both have encouraged each other in doing their respective bests while exchanging stories that happened in their own worlds. Also from the House of Magic is Doctor Strange who Rin often compared to her mentor Kishur Zelretch Schweinorg, also an all-powerful mage capable of traversing the multiverse; Strange himself thinks Rin needs some more training to bring out her true potential but he is interested in meeting this Zelretch fellow.
    • She heeded warnings of the dangers of evil mages such as Sir Isaac Westcott, Dormammu, Zobek and Gul'dan from Khadgar, Strange and Kiritsugu which she agrees wholeheartedly; she also recognizes that they may be just as, if not more than the magi of the Mage's Association in her world.
  • Rin does befriend Meliodas and Shinji Ikari aside from the former sounding like Shirou; she is not exactly fond of Meliodas' attempts to look up her skirt, but she does admit he has a good heart with a little blush on her cheeks and Shirou introduced her to Shinji who in turn introduces Asuka to her. Rin was sad when she heard about everything Shinji has been through in the continuities he was in and hopes he gets enough help in the Pantheons while Shinji himself finds Rin easy to befriend as well as not judgmental to him.
  • The Dante who serves Father Homunculus gives Rin and Sakura some bad memories of Zouken, and they resolve to stop her when the opportunity rises; Dante herself sees them as potential vessels and considers possessing them to obtain their powers though their allies prove tough for her as of now. Alex DeLarge's crimes of violent chaos and rape reminds them of Shinji, only even more worse and the sisters prepare themselves should they cross his path; DeLarge himself thinks they're harmless enough to be his victims, not realizing they are more than what they seem yet.
  • The Tohsaka mage has a legendary rival by the name of Luviagelita Edelfelt, an Ojou who was wealthier than her and possibly related to her as second cousins; essentially, she's a Foil to Rin. Their rivalry is so great that Karin Kanzuki reminds Rin greatly of Luvia, not helped by the fact that Karin taunts Rin much like Luvia. Lili de Rochefort is more friendlier towards Rin and was baffled by Kotomine's incompetence in maintaining the Tohsaka wealth; that aside, Lili hopes to spar with Rin to see her Bajiquan soon enough.
  • Back then, Rin was apathetic to Sakura and her bad situation causing Queen Elsa to distrust and reprimand her for that, and it's until she heard from Sakura herself that Rin tries to reconnect with her after realizing it does more harm than good. Nowadays, Elsa is glad Rin learns her lesson and wants her to keep being there for her sister, not wanting her mistakes to be repeated with Rin, who does understands her concern but Elsa's requests often sound like royal orders, causing the two's tensions to maintain.
  • Stop talking about her anus, and/or insinuating that she pleases old men for money. She'll keep blasting you with barrages of Gandr if it keeps up.
  • Can also be found in Introvert Characterization.
  • "The world is just another word for the things you value around you, right? That's something I've had since I was born. If you tell me to rule such a world, I already rule it."

    Spike (Buffy
William "Spike" Pratt, God of Embracing One's Goodness (Your Friendly Neighborhood Vampire, William the Bloody)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His leather trench coat
  • Theme Music: The Spark
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Started off as an Evil Brit Breakout Villain as the new Big Bad before Failing at Repeating the Magic when he became a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire and Always Second Best to Angel, Combat Sadomasochist, Bare Fisted Vampire, Strong and Skilled, Loves Trenchcoats, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Amazon Chaser, became an Anti-Hero but was Rejected before finally sided with the Scoobies and became an Ascended Demon as well as a Love Martyr and Admitting It
  • Domains: Good, Death, Fist, Vampirism
  • Followers: Mr. Gold and Killian Jones, Ogremon, Blackarachnia, Knock Out.
  • Allies: Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Eric Brooks/Blade, Alucard (Castlevania) and Alucard (Hellsing), Simon Belmont, Guts, Gaara, Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Setsuna Higashi/Cure Passion, Rio,
  • Enemies: Dracula, Richard Wilkins, Voldemort, The Crimson Court, Millennium, the Grand United Alliance of Evil in general
  • Rivals: Angel
  • Opposes: Gideon Graves
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Xander Harris, Arcueid Brunestud
  • Admires: Demitri Maximoff
  • Annoyed by: Loki
  • Evil Counterpart: Arthas Menethil
  • Spike was at the top of the world at one time. Establishing himself as a Breakout Villain and a Hero Killer, the vampire thought his spot in the GUAE would be all but assured. That is until Angelus appeared. After that, he could only watch helplessly as he was rendered Always Second Best. He did briefly appear in the Pantheon... but as as lesson for villains who continue past their prime. Not willing to let that define him, he quit. Yet there was always a large enough number of fan who wished for him to return. That day came from an unexpected source. Zuko saw the plight of the vampire and offered his own temple to complete Spike's comeback, citing his redemption story to be as epic as his own. Thus Spike made his return with his trademark smirk and Quizzical Tilt. The Brit was officially back.
    • The ascension was a welcome addition for the Scoobies... or at least a complicated one. Buffy surmised their relationship as tumultuous, recalling Spike initially wanting to killer her before becoming obsessed with her to rejecting even his attempt of redemption to even falling in love with her. The two broke up as well as anyone could though it was still awkward. The two thought it would be better if they stayed friends.
    • One member who wasn't happy with the ascension? Xander. The Badass Normal was never a fan of Spike's inclusion in the group, even after Buffy accepted him into the fold. Xander was happy to let Spike wallow in his own pity. Now, Spike gets to torment Xander like old times.
    • What was truly annoying was seeing Angel properly ascend into the Pantheon before hecould. While Angel also redeemed himself, he never had to suffer from Villain Decay the same way Spike did. It is for this reason and the fact that the two pined for Buffy's love is the reason that the two hardly ever work with each other.
    • Spike was seen as a contrast to the previous villain, former Mayor Richard Wilkins. Richard promoted wholesome family values in the face of subtle villainy while Spike prefers to get to the point in his goals. As such, the two have never seen eye-to-eye even when the two were villains. On opposite sides of the axis of good and evil, Spike took things further by publicly slandering Richard's good nature as a sham. The villain responded by pointing to his failures to maintain a stable relationship with anyone.
  • As the new good of evil men going good, he took over the responsibilities of such... including dealing with good man breaking bad. Arthas Menethil is less impressed with the vampire than his former arch-nemesis Zuko, stating he doesn't deserve such a prestigious title. Spike responded by stating they weren't that all different. The two sought greater power all while losing their morality in the process. He admits it while The Lich King falls behind the lie that he is doing his deeds for the best interests of the world. Needless to say, Spike has taken a more proactive role in preventing others from faltering.
  • Is thankful every day that he did not become the God of Friendly Vampires, even though he coined the term. That title belongs to Arcueid Brunestud, a much friendlier vampire than he will ever be. Even with his exile, he refused to join her following. After his ascension, he remains reluctant to side with her as that could hurt his reputation. With that said, he wouldn't dare take her on in a fight.
  • Feels more at home when siding with Vampire Hunter Blade, despite the latter's aversion to vampires in general. Blade tolerates him as long as his former leader Buffy believes he can do some good for hunters everywhere. Still, he won't be as hesitant to strike Spike down if there is a need to.
  • As expect, the King of the Vampires swiftly denounced Spike upon his ascension. Dracula had a long derision of the Brit. Even when he was evil, the God of Vampires was wary of his lack of class among his victims. The fact that he was a nobody on the road to being the formidable vampire he is now proved to him that Spike will never achieve greatness.
  • At least that animosity is enough for Dracula's son to like him. In fact, Spike took a liking to both Alucards, though he prefers the gun-wielding variant due to having similar love of violence. The one from Castlevania many be a bit posh to his tastes, but he accepts any help that comes his way.
  • While disappointed that Spike fully committed himself on the side of good, he still invites the vampire over to slay some demons. Spike appreciated the God of Antiheroism for being one of the few people who stood by him during his dark times.
  • The House of Love finds Spike to be an intriguing case, especially with his Love Triangle with Buffy and Angel. Despite his past misgivings, there are still some who are fans of his hookup with Buffy and with for them to get back together. There are others that hope that his quickie with Angel was more than just due to boredom. They also sympathized with his utter lack of luck with his other relations.
    • Part of the reason his relationship with Buffy didn't work out was due to his obsession over in the past... not to mention one particular scene that was not liked by anyone in the fanbase. Still, there is one person who hopes to push him over the edge. Gideon Graves has been stalking Spike at his failure, trying to convince him to try and win her back. That is a bridge the vampire refuses to cross.
  • Used to have admired Voldemort in the past. The two reminiscence on how they used different aliases to hide their embarrassing names. The bond soured when Spike began to fall in love with Buffy. Any love for muggles is more than the Dark Lord could bear, and he cut off ties with Spike soon afterwards. Nowadays, the two are more than happy to tear each other apart.
  • Has gotten frustrated with Loki on several occasions. The God of Mischief just can't stop switching sides between good and evil. Every time Spike thinks he turned a new leaf, Loki betrays him with a trap... only to reveal it was his plan all along to double-cross both sides.
  • Was able to connect with Gaara better than Zuko did in the past. Gaara had no questions about being evil and initially thought that the fire bender was too soft for the role. Even after his full redemption, he never really got to talk to him. Nowadays he feels embarrassed about those misgivings, especially since the new holder of the temple is still rough on the edges. Spike wishes him the best and hopes that he can continue his road of redemption.
  • Thanks to first-hand experience back in England, Spike has never taken a liking to aristocracy and the Crimson Court is no exception. Members of the court tried to entice him to indulge in his deepest urges, but the vampire rejected them. He went further, saying that the group consisted of parasites far before they became the embodiment of the term due to the curse with the way their lavish lifestyle. He may enjoy life as much but not at the expense of the area around him.
  • It goes without saying; Spike is always up for punching Nazis in the face. He's perplexed at the very concept of vampire Nazis since they are able to live forever anyway.
  • As so many Monsters of the Week are a result of corrupted beings, Spike employs the help of the Sailor Scouts when there's a chance that their purifying magic could cure someone of corruption. Spike is bemused that she and Tuxedo Mask has a similar relationship to that of Buffy and the non-ascended Giles.
  • Took over the monitoring of Setsuna after his reascension. He saw an interesting case in Setsuna as she proved to be redeemed by Cure Peach, aptly named Love. The two discussed what it is now like to work with the good guys for a change as well as the struggles of transitioning.
  • Mele and Rio holds a special place amongst his followers. The trio knows that the House of Love played a role in both of their redemptions despite under certain circumstances. In the duo's case, it was due to falling in love with each other, deciding to change their ways afterwards. The deities love to spar among each other to pass the time. In the meantime, Rio has tried to play matchmaker with Spike in the hopes of finding someone in his life.
  • "I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it."


Chirin, God of Failed Redemptions
Chirin as a lamb
Chirin as an adult 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His bell
  • Theme Music: Chirin no Suzu
  • Alignment: True Neutral (started and ended as such; made a failed attempt at Chaotic Good that caused him to be Chaotic Evil temporarily)
  • Portfolio: Chibi, Started Out As A Sweet Sheep, Meaningful Name, Broken And Corrrupted Cutie, Determinator, Disappeared Dad And Murdered Mom, Failure Hero, Japanese Spirit, The Woobie, Failure Hero, Training from Hell, Protagonist Journey to Villain
  • Domains: Sheep, Growth, Emotion, Tragedy, Vengeance, Wolf
  • Foil to: Bambi
  • On Good Terms with: Ampharos, Hamlet, Guthix
  • Hates: Dag, The Worms, Wolf O'Donnell, Zinogre
  • Unsure of: Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog
  • Sympathy from: Fluttershy
  • Once upon a time, there was a little lamb named Chirin. Life was peaceful for him until a wolf attacked his home and his mother died protecting him. Consumed by grief and revenge, Chirin set out to confront the wolf, but the wolf didn't take him seriously at first. Eventually, the wolf trained Chirin to become as vicious as him and as an adult, Chirin has grown to become a fearsome ram going about killing other animals with the wolf. Chirin and the wolf returned to the farm and after Chirin hesitated, the two end up fighting each other, culminating in Chirin killing the wolf. Unfortunately, the sheep are too terrified to believe that the very same ram was Chirin, prompting them to shut the door on him trying to be accepted back into the farm. With no one left to turn to, Chirin was left to wander alone on the mountains, living (and most likely dying) unhappily ever after.
  • A group of deities traversed an icy mountain one day, hoping to find something valuable to take to the Pantheon. Some of them found an animal frozen in ice and were allowed to take that animal with them after convincing some of the other deities that were part of the group. After the expedition was over, the animal was still frozen solid, prompting some to thaw it out. The animal turned out to be a ram, which prompted some concerns that it might attack, but it turned out not only was the ram able to talk, but he was very lonely and despondent about what he had done previously. The ram explained his story to him and the reaction was generally that of sympathy, with some of the group members opting to get Chirin as he was called into the Pantheon and hope that his life there will be better than what he had gone through before.
  • Bambi has seen Chirin and how he attempted to handle the loss of his mother as a sort of dark reflection of what his life could end up being like. Whereas Bambi had his friends and the Great Prince of the Forest to help him through his life, Chirin didn't have many friends and ended up turning to the wolf that killed his mother to become stronger, resulting in Chirin giving up his innocence entirely in an attempt to become something he wasn't supposed to be. During his time in the Pantheon, Bambi knew that some humans weren't entirely bad and most of his animosity is directed towards the truly vile ones, whereas Chirin apparently never had any human contact prior and Chirin is mostly distrustful towards the species that killed his mother despite some wolves not being malicious. While a bit unnerved by Chirin's appearance as an adult at first, Bambi is hoping to at least have Chirin open up more to try and move on from the grief the ram has suffered.
  • He isn't what one would call a bad animal in the long run, but it's more than clear that he's heavily affected from his experiences. There's more than a handful of animal-lovers that have expressed interest in getting Chirin to recover even if he has the fearsome appearance of a ram. Fluttershy, having had experience in getting unruly animals to calm down, is among those who have taken up on said job and get Chirin to understand that even if he sees himself as a monster, he's not alone and that there's always someone that will understand his pain.
    • Rubeus Hagrid finds him a curiosity and, given his nature as a giant, sees no problem with him at all.
    • Eliza Thornberry however needed a bit of work to get her to come around due to how much Chirin frightened her at first given his... unnatural upbringing, but the above two eventually convinced her to give him a chance.
  • Chirin spent some of his time wandering around the Pantheon hoping to find additional sheep that he can meet without having any problems happen. Such an opportunity would happen through Ampharos and although it wasn't apparent at first, the Pokemon was considered a sheep. Ampharos wasn't sure what to make of Chirin at first, but Chirin took the time to talk about his ordeal and how he tried and failed to return to the home and sheep he once knew. Thankfully for Chirin, Ampharos was understanding of his predicament, even if Chirin found the Pokemon's electrical powers to be a bit dangerous. Both have left each other on amicable terms, with Chirin seeing Ampharos as sort of a big brother to him and hoping to continue his friendship with it.
  • Having witnessed his mother die, Chirin has become rather apprehensive of seeing other deities that have killed sheep in the past. This ended up turning into anger after learning about the Worms' various skirmishes and how they use exploding sheep as a weapon. Seeing them trivialize a bunch of dead sheep just for meaningless battles set off Chirin and he ended up attacking their place in a rage before he got driven out by some of the Worms' various weapons (which included the aforementioned exploding sheep). Chirin remains distraught at seeing his mother die in the past and as much as he would prefer to stay away from the Worms' and their chaos, them using exploding sheep for fun was something he couldn't accept at all.
  • Wolves have been a significant sore spot for him given that it's the creature that killed his mother and caused a lot of his misery afterwards. The fact that there were a number of wolves in the Pantheon unnerved Chirin greatly and while some of them are nowhere near as brutal as the one he had encountered prior, he still has issues with certain ones. Wolf O'Donnell is one wolf that Chirin detests as despite the former having some standards, it doesn't change the fact that he's a bounty hunter that has done some dirty work in the past and is likely more dangerous in terms of skill than the wolf Chirin dealt with. Chirin is far more afraid of Zinogre as that wolf's size and powers meant that Chirin couldn't do anything but flee from the monster when it was on a rampage and targeting him.
    • In a more general sense, predators overall are a group of animals that Chirin just doesn't want to associate himself with in any way. While trying to get himself accustomed back to farm life one night, Dag was outside that property looking to eat some animals there. Chirin heard some screams and when he found the source, he saw a coyote preparing to eat some yellow ducklings, which fled as Dag took notice of the ram in front of him. What Chirin saw with his eyes was a potentially more psychotic version of Wor, but Dag simply saw more food waiting to be eaten and a fight ensued. Chirin endured some claw marks and Dag was thrown around a few times before retreating upon hearing some people coming and wondering what was happening. Chirin was more than upset to see someone like Dag and the coyote was more than willing to head to wherever Chirin is at and finish what he started.
  • Seeing Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog during one of their daily routines was something that affected Chirin greatly. He had been highly accustomed to seeing wolves as vicious predators that attack sheep without remorse, but Ralph really only went after sheep as a job, with Sam following his orders to thwart Ralph's schemes as a job as well. While witnessing one of the pair's daily routines, Chirin couldn't believe that he was seeing someone who goes after sheep and someone who defends said animals get along well whenever they're off the job. While Chirin came dangerously close to getting himself involved in the pair's routine to try and attack Ralph, Chirin decided against it as seeing sworn enemies get along with each other was something new to him and friendship might have been something that would have made his life less miserable. That said, he's still ambivalent about the duo's occupation and how it involves sheep being at risk.
  • Revenge was the primary motivator for Chirin's adventures and one that would damage him greatly afterwards despite being able to successfully enact it. Deities who have experienced revenge (e.g. Ken Amada) as a prominent part of their adventures or held it in their heart for a long time definitely had something to say about Chirin, but it was those that had revenge irrevocably shatter their lives for worse that had something significant to say. Chirin could relate himself to Hamlet given how they wanted vengeance after their family members were murdered in cold blood, though Chirin was a lot more upfront about getting it achieved compared to Hamlet who had plenty of internal struggles about it. Hamlet is relatively sympathetic to what Chirin had gone through, though he felt that even if he was more decisive about what he wanted to do akin to Chirin, things still wouldn't end well for Hamlet.
  • Can also be found in Character Actions.

    Finn (Star Wars
Finn, God of Mooks Turning Good (FN-2187, Big Deal, TRAITOR!, The Finn, Big F, Rebel Scum)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Stormtrooper helmet with a bloody handprint, and his jacket.
  • Theme Music: Finn's Confession
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral as a Stormtrooper, Neutral Good after his Mook–Face Turn
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Almighty Janitor, The Atoner, Mook–Face Turn, Badass Normal, The Confidant, Chronic Hero Syndrome
  • Domains: Soldiers, Good
  • Heralds: Poe Dameron, BB-8, Rose Tico, Jannah, D-O.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Count Dooku, Ben Solo
  • Opposed by: SCP-516
  • Finn was originally a Stormtrooper known only as "FN-2187" who fought for the First Order. After seeing the brutality of First Order in action when Kylo Ren orders the massacre of innocent civilians, FN-2187 betrays the First Order by helping their prisoner, Poe Dameron, escape to Jakku, receiving his name Finn in the process. After Poe seemingly perishes in a explosion, Finn teams up with Rey to escape the First Order so they can bring BB-8 and the map to Luke Skywalker to the Resistance. While initially wanting to get as far away from the First Order as possible, Finn eventually becomes a member of the Resistance fully after helping them and Rey destroy the Starkiller Base, becoming an Unlikely Hero in the process.
  • After helping Rey and the Resistance stop the Final Order and Palpatine, Finn was invited to become a god in the Pantheon, which he accepted after hearing Rey had ascended, alongside General Leia, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO, Han Solo, and countless other allies. While Finn is disappointed that Poe and BB-8 couldn't come with him, he is nevertheless happy to see Rey, Solo, and Leia in the Pantheon after so long. Of course, Finn is on guard immediately after finding out Ben Solo, aka Kylo Ren, was also in the Pantheon, considering that he did to his own father and also put him in a coma. He only tolerates Ben due to his parent's and Rey's support, though he makes it clear he's not forgetting any time soon.
  • One particular enemy Finn is extremely angry to see is Phasma, his former captain from the First Order. Their last battle ended in Phasma's death, Finn managing to overcome her while proudly declaring himself "Rebel Scum". The feeling is mutual on Phasma's end, who hates him for betraying the First Order (despite lowering the shields of the Starkiller base for him, Han, and Chewbacca) and potentially compromising her position.
    • One alternate timeline had Finn call her out on her hypocrisy, calling him a traitor when she sold out the First Order to save herself, in front of her own troops. Considering how the Stormtroopers actually find this believable despite this coming from Finn's mouth, it's clear they don't trust Phasma either. Phasma is currently head of the First Order now in the Pantheon, with Palpatine as her benefactor, though she still wants to kill Finn to prevent her from exposing her treachery.
  • Finn is willing to work alongside Lelouch vi Britannia since they both rebel against corrupt empires, though Finn is uncomfortable with Lelouch's Geass and was also shocked by how ruthless he became when he lost several loved ones. That said, he does feel sorry when he learned about the events of the Zero Requiem, wishing there had been a better way to end the conflict.
    • Hearing about Emperor Charles and Schneizel's actions towards Lelouch disgusts Finn for different reasons. The Emperor's abuse of Lelouch and using his Geass on him and Nunally reminds Finn of how the First Order conditioned their troops, while Schneizel's plan reminds Finn of the planet-destroying superweapons used by the First and Final Order. Finn notes that while their plan is limited to their world/universe, he still intends to help Lelouch put a stop to them should they try to carry out their plans.
  • Sosuke Sagara is very respectful of Finn after learning he was indoctrinated as a child to be an obedient soldier, but manage to escape and fight for what's right. Finn in turn is honored by Sosuke's words, showing respect for his deeds and accomplishments as a soldier, though he was understandably shocked to learn how Sosuke started fighting at the age of 2 or 3. While Sosuke assures him that child soldiers can have a positive impact, it still leaves Finn conflicted due to what happened to him.
  • Having fought against the First and Final Orders (led by Snoke, Kylo Ren, and Palpatine), Finn really doesn't like galactic tyrants. Frieza, Darkseid, Thanos, and Horde Prime's tyranny and ruthlessness bring up bad memories, especially in the latter's case since his various methods of controlling his minions remind him of how he was indoctrinated as a young child. Finn admits however that he doesn't have a chance against the two of them however due to how powerful they are, but he is willing to help his allies to the best of his abilities.
    • Finn had also crossed paths with the likes of Sauron and Voldemort, who despite their Evil Plans being limited to their world, are no less dangerous and terrifying. Seeing their power in person reminds him of Palpatine after he used Force Lighting to nearly wipe out the entire Resistance, and just like the above tyrannical figures, Finn admits he would never be able to face them alone at all. However, he will still help his friends fight them no matter what.
  • Though Finn did betray the First Order, he at least did it for a non-malicious reason. However, Finn shows distaste for those who backstab their allies for the most selfish of reasons, having been sold out along with allies by DJ. Because of this, Finn has absolute disgust for the likes Peter Pettigrew and Penelope Mouse, both of whom betrayed their friends. Peter for selling out his friends to Voldemort out of cowardice and a desire for power, and Penelope for backstabbing her boyfriend and his friends for the sake of cash and power, as well as petty hatred towards Sly and Murray.
  • Zuko and Jake Sulley had also betrayed the faction (the Fire Nation and the human race) in order to do the right thing, so they do sympathize with Finn after hearing his tale. Though unlike Finn, they still made horrid mistakes that costed them dearly, so they needed to prove they had sincerely changed. Finn notes that he initially didn't want to get involved in the conflict and wanted to run away from it all, but journeying with Rey helped him understand he needed to fight for what's right as well as the for the sake of his new friends.
  • SCP-516 is one of the few who doesn't like Finn, since regardless of his reasons or whether or not he changed for the better, he still committed an act of treason. The only reason it doesn't try to go after Finn is because all of the latter's friends, especially Rey, Han, Chewbacca, and Leia, speak in his defense and are willing to protect him. Finn has made it a point to stay away from the sentient tank from now on.
  • Finn and Adora share a lot in common with each other, having been trained from a young age to serve an evil empire before defecting after seeing how evil they are. This allowed them to become friends quite easily, with the two of them glad the other has found friends to depend on and trust dearly. Shadow Weaver in turn reminds Finn of Captain Phasma, having trained her faction's soldiers while treating them with disdain and cruelty. Finn sees her to be just as bad as Phasma, even after helping Adora and Catra stop Horde Prime, considering she really doesn't true loyalty to anyone but herself and is still trying to manipulate Adora and Catra's feelings regarding her.
  • Being a heroic soldier, Finn was welcomed by many good soldiers in the Pantheon (with the exception of SCP-516, as explained above). Some of the most notable examples include:
    • Master Chief saw Finn as an honorable soldier after he not only refused to carry out an order to fire on civilians, but also helped the right people fight against the tyranny of the First and Final Orders. Finn in turn is honored by the Master Chief's respect and approval, seeing him as a mighty war hero after hearing of his deeds. He's also heard of how Master Chief was made into a scapegoat, something that outrages him, since even though he's proven innocent in the Pantheon, he's still a wanted man in his world.
    • Squad 7 were utterly loyal to their country and to each other, and their kindness reminds Finn of his companions and how the Resistance accepted him despite being a former Stormtrooper. Welkin talking down Alicia from making a suicide attack on the enemy reminds Finn of the time his fellow soldier, Rose, stopped him from a making a suicide attack on the First Order for the exact same reason (believing that victory comes from unity and teamwork rather than destroying the enemy). Welkin and Rose also kissed the person the saved, but unlike Alicia, who reciprocates Welkin's feelings, Finn looked confused when Rose kissed him and the two of them never became a couple.
    • Captain America, being a noble soldier who believes in doing the right thing even if it means going against the rules if they're corrupt, praises Finn for refusing to gun down civilians and growing to become a courageous and capable leader. Finn in turn is honored by Captain America's words, respecting him as a superhero and a soldier who fights to save people's lives, even more so when he's willing to go against the rules to help innocent people. The Captain's relationship with Bucky reminds Finn of how Leia, Han, and Rey's relationship with Ben, though Bucky has the excuse of being brainwashed, something that Finn knows from experience due to the First Order's policies, so he does sympathize with the Captain.

    Harry Osborn/Lyman 
Harry Lyman, God of Constantly Shifting Alignments (Green Goblin II, New Goblin, American Son, Cornrow. Born Harold Theopolis Osborn before legally changing it)

    Isoroku Yamamoto 
Marshal Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, God of Inadvertently Provoking Previously Neutral Parties Into Taking a Side
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Admiral's cap and uniform, as well as a copy of a book on the history of the United States Navy
  • Theme Song: Nobody Wants A War
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, with Lawful Evil actions
  • Portfolio: Commander of the IJN Forces and main threat faced by the United States during the Battle of Midway, Was ignored by his fellow officers and superiors despite his detailed knowledge of how the United States worked, Dies after the events of his story, getting assassinated by the United States Army Air Forces, His forces getting lured into a trap by the US Navy, Non-Action Big Bad
  • Domains: War, Commanders, Actions
  • Heralds: Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, Captain Minoru Genda
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Johann Schmidt, Wilhelm Strasse
  • Opposed By: Seita and Setsuko, Suzu Houjou
  • Opposes: Shocker, HYDRA
  • Conflicting Opinion: The 501st JFW
  • Under observation by: General Heinz Bohm
  • The Commander of the Japanese Combined Fleet from August 1939 to April 1943, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was most well known for being the man behind the Attack on Pearl Harbor, which caused the United States to finally become involved in World War II on the side of the Allied Powers. Initially, the Combined Fleet under his command wreaked havoc on the Allies for the first six months of the war, helping the Japanese Empire not only capture all of the Allied colonies in Southeast Asia, but even sinking a signifcant number of Allied warships, among them a number of aircraft carriers and battleships.
    • Unlike most of his peers, Yamamoto personally knew how the American government and military functioned, no thanks to having actually been to and studying in the United States back in the early 1920s. It was thanks to this knowledge that, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, he had predicted that, give or take, the Japanese military would be able to achieve victory within six months of their campaign in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, with anything after that likely to end in inevitable defeat. And indeed, he was proven right. With the Japanese defeat at Midway, the Americans regrouped and began launching a series of offensives, with Japanese forces slowly being dwindled into submission.
    • One of his other most famous deeds was a particular quote relating to all of this. While it was ambiguous if he actually said it, he was said to have at least thought to himself at the time that he and his forces had just "awakened a sleeping giant, and fill him with terrible resolve."
  • His first appearance in his respective story is four years before the outbreak of the Pacific War, in December 1937. It was here that he made an ominous warning to his then-friend and US Naval Attache to Japan, one Commander Edwin Layton, specifically that the higher-ups in the Imperial Japanese High Command see the United States as a potential threat to their ongoing war in China, to the point that Yamamoto makes a not-so-subtle threat to Layton in the process just to emphasize the seriousness of the whole situation. Cut to four years later, Yamamoto would be seen again, just following the Attack in Pearl Harbor, at his house in Japan. Listening to Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" speech and turning it off not long after, Yamamoto told his wife that he wasn't optimistic like the rest of his peers and superiors, stating that the Americans will be out for blood.
    • And indeed, he was proven right in the following months, when, in a daring surprise attack, the Americans launched an air raid on Tokyo, which shook the Japanese government and military psychologically. This was to the point that Yamamoto himself had felt the need for immediate and drastic action, specifically the sinking of the American aircraft carriers.
    • Yamamoto would then propose a battle plan that would eventually result in the Battle of Midway, when the Combined Fleet would send an invasion force to Midway Island, in the hope that this would lure the remaining American aircraft carriers and result in their sinking at the hands of Japanese carrier air wings. Unfortunately for the Japanese, it was they who would ultimately be Lured into a Trap, when the Americans had not only managed to intercept their communications network, but also prepared an ambush ahead of the impending Japanese attack force. In the end, the Japanese would end up losing four of their fleet aircraft carriers, as well as hundreds of experienced aircrew, seaman, and even officers, including Rear Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi, one of Yamamoto's most trusted subordinates.
  • Ultimately, all of Yamamoto's predictions would be proven to be right, with the Japanese forces following the Battle of Midway forced onto the defensive, while the US would begin going on the offensive, slowly dwindling Japan of irreplacable men, aircraft, and ships. The Japanese Admiral himself would not live to see the final defeat of Japan in 1945, being targeted and successfully assassinated by USAAF aircraft on April 18, 1943.
  • The Yamamoto that would eventually ascend into the Pantheon comes from the exact same story as Admiral Chester Nimitz and Lt. Commander Dick Best who had ascended before the Japanese Admiral. While he's technically from the ending of this story, specifically just mere hours following the Battle of Midway, he, like Nimitz who had ascended before him, had somehow ascended with the rank of Marshal Admiral, the highest attainable rank he had ever gotten in his life.
  • As it turns out, Yamamoto's ascension into the Pantheon was arranged by none other than Commander Masataka Shima, who realized that he was currently icapable of competently leading the Imperial Japanese Forces scattered throughout the Pantheon, particularly the ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Having made arrangements with his contacts in the Nazi German Forces in exchange for a sum of Yamashita's Gold, Yamamoto was successfully brought into the Pantheon. With his high rank of Marshal Admiral, he was immediately made the de facto leader of the Imperial Japanese Forces in the Pantheon, and a vital, albeit reluctant, ally of the German Forces.
  • Unlike his Nazi and Fascist Italian allies, who are explicitly out to conquer other territories for their own ambitions or simply cause as much mayhem for their own personal gain, Yamamoto is, in fact, reluctant to actually be in his position of power. It's for this reasons he's often viewed with suspicion by his own allies, both inside and outside Japan. This isn't helped by the fact that his reason for ascension, the "Sleeping Giant" quote, is interpreted by many to be a defeatist statement. Yamamoto himself secretly despises both HYDRA and Shocker, two organizations spun off from the Nazi regime, and revealed to be in many worses just as bad. Worse still, many of his own allies in Nazi Germany, including Johann Schmidt, are either members of one of these organizations or are sympathetic to their actions.
    • Despite this tension, the Nazis still keep their side of the alliance, providing the Japanese with numerous advanced weapon blueprints, prototypes, and foreign advisors in order to aid their war against the Allies in the Far East. Yamamoto in return provides Japanese shipbuilding designs and technology to his German allies, due to the latter's desire to expand and improve the existing Kriegsmarine surface and submarine fleets.
    • Meanwhile, on the German side, General Heinz Bohm, who had been helping develop revolutionary anti-ship missile technology, keeps watch on Yamamoto and the rest of the Imperial Japanese for the rest of the Nazi regime. Bohm himself secretly distrusts the Japanese, and plans on testing the Ms 300 "Razor" against the Japanese Combined Fleet in the event that they prove to be a threat to the Reich and its future plans.
  • The 501st JFW, particularly its members from the Fuso Empire, vehemently oppose their opposition to Yamamoto becoming commander of the Imperial Japanese Forces, no thanks to his association with Commander Masataka Shima. This isn't helped by the fact that the squadron comes from a WWII where the belligerent nations fought together as an alliance, rather than against one another.
  • Japanese civilians who had lived during the Pacific War, such as Seita, Setsuko, and Suzu Houjou, have come to massively dislike, if not oppose, the actions of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy following their ascensions into the Pantheon. Despite Yamamoto's status as a moderate amongst the IJN's cadre of flag officers, this hasn't stopped them from voicing out their open dislike of their military's plans to continue fighting the Pacific War. This isn't helped either that some like Suzu herself have already met a number of American servicemen, who have turned out to be rather decent individuals who aren't the cold-blooded killers the Japanese military made them out to be back then.
  • Within days of the Japanese Admiral's ascension, his presence was soon found out by US Forces, both through intercepted communications networks as well as the discovery of the presence of the Japanese Battleship Yamato in the Pantheon, which is later revealed to be none other than the Admiral's own Temple. Unsurprisingly, President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, Yamamoto's old foe and the Commander of all US Forces in the Pacific, to do whatever it takes to either kill or capture the Japanese Admiral. When these orders reach the likes of Lt. Commander Dick Best, he becomes excited at the prospect of bombing the Yamato firsthand. To accomplish this mission, the US Navy aviator requests his superior Nimitz about the prospect of ascending additional men from his squadron into the Pantheon as Gods, something Nimitz ultimately agress with.
"We have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled him with terrible resolve."

    John Wick 
Johnathan "John" Wick, Divine Former Hitman (Baba Yaga/The Boogeyman, Jonathan Wick, John Wick, John, Mr. Wick, Wick, The Ghost, Jardani Jovonovich. The Legendary Hitman Who Did The Impossible)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A photo of Helen Wick, his wife. Also Daisy, his deceased pet.
  • Theme Song: "Reckoning", "Deconsecrated"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Highly Experienced, A legend, professional and bane to the criminal underworld, and everyone else, Badass in a Nice Suit, Brutal, and efficient in close quarters combat, A man of focus, commitment, sheer will, Hitman with standards and attachment to dogs, Silent hitman (sometimes), Expedient, Dangerous and a One-Man Army, Master of the Center Axis Relock, Was an orphan who was trained under the Director, His biggest flaw: Wrath
  • Domains: Guns, Cars, Hitmen (formerly), Anti-Heroes, Vengeance, Dogs, Excommunicado
  • Herald: His second dog (a black pug, No Name Given as of late)
  • High Priest: Arthur Bishop
  • Allies:
  • Adores: The Subhouse of Canines, especially Hachiko, Isabelle
  • Respected by: Revy, Boba Fett, Mr. Mundy/The Sniper, Jason Todd, Batman
  • Worthy Opponents/Rivals: Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva, The Spy, most of the House of Vengeance, but more specifically Afro Samurai, Bill "D-FENS" Foster
  • Commonality Connection: Neo (who is also his rival), John Constantine, Ted "Theodore" Logan
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed By: Baba Yaga, most of the deities from the Houses of Heroism and Justice
  • "John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will... something you know very little about. I once saw him kill three men in a bar... with a pencil, with a fucking pencil. Then suddenly one day he asked to leave. It's over a woman, of course. So I made a deal with him. I gave him an impossible task. A job no one could have pulled off. The bodies he buried that day laid the foundation of what we are now. And then my son, a few days after his wife died, you steal his car and kill his fucking dog." And thus, the tale of the infamous Baba Yaga began. The story of John Wick.
  • The criminal underworld is a harsh place. People come back either in bodybags, or return as renowned killers. Among those who have kept that tradition is the underworld's own Baba Yaga: John Wick. Focused, brutal and feared throughout the criminal world, he is a legendary figure to the point that anyone who hears his name knows exactly who they are dealing with, whether it be those who recognize him, his targets or even his employers and former ones. At one point, he planned to retire from his position, but not before a Russian mob boss gave him an impossible task, one that would officially allow his retirement from the mob. After retiring, he married his now deceased wife Helena and lived a calm life until her death from cancer. Before she died, she gifted him Daisy, his dog and his car, a 1969 Mustang (which, according to Helena, doesn't count) for him to remain happy until the Russian mob boss' pathetic excuse of a son decided to steal his car and literally kill his puppy, the latter of which finally broke him and prompted him to massacre the entirety of the mob he once worked for, including the boss that gave him his start as a hitman. John Wick returned to life as a hitman and left the criminal world cautious, as no one is safe from his wrath.
  • The moment his ascension was announced by the Court of the Gods, many crime-related deities, especially the House of Crime and Transgressions placed him on their blip radars, knowing full well the extent of John's capabilities. Some have even begun increasing security around their temples with extra bodyguards, walls and droids to keep him out, as well as preparing hundreds of bounties on him, but as a certain Winston puts it, it only amounts to having a fair fight.
  • He was welcomed by another notorious assassin the moment he established his own spot, Beatrix Kiddo. Finally hearing that her former high priest had joined the ranks, she welcomed him into her own clique of assassins who can help him whenever needed. Ezio and the Assassin Order, Jackie Estacado, Yoh Hinomura and his wife Emu Hino, former assassins Gen and Cammy White, notorious motherfucker Jules Winnfield, and Elektra. Unfortunately, with a reputation akin to the Russian Boogeyman, these assassins have only a few words to say:
    • Ezio and the Assassin Order have no plans to recruit him since their long-time conflict with the Templar Order doesn't match well with John's agenda. If anything, his presence would not work well with most missions. Despite this, the Order is willing to help him whenever he calls for assistance, which is rarely.
    • Meanwhile, Yoh Hinomura decided to bring John to his homeworld in Japan to formally welcome him, though he questioned the presence of the Yakuza and the 108 Dragons' overall influence. The silence only prompted the latter to bring more guns to stockpile himself in case the Yakuza would try to assassinate him.
    • For being a mob boss, Jackie recognized him and even asked if he would be glad to join his mob and promise protection from any assassin. He declined saying that he can handle it but will be very in touch in case he needs to. For now, they remain at a mutual stance.
    • Gen was surprised to hear that another well-known assassin stepped foot into his presence and welcomed him into his abode, claiming that he can give more advice into the tough arithmetic of assassinations. He pointed to meet Cammy White to start but the moment he met her, she gave him a head-start through hand-to-hand combat. Excited to see a potential modern successor to Gen, she promises him more practice with a few dose of promised protection.
    • On the other hand, Elektra was rather neutral on this since she expected less assassins to be on her side. Nonetheless, she accepted him into her side especially seeing his ridiculous kill count, in which she knew he can be a tough challenge.
    • Jules was the happiest bunch amongst the Bride's allies. Finally seeing some assassin action after a whole long of nothing, he can finally spread the Word on his behalf and at the same time be a better partner over his former one, Vincent Vega. He was however rather disappointed when John enforced that no civilians be killed while on the job so he was displeased and partially walked off, until he came back again just to be on his side.
    Jules: "How can I share the Gospel without some vengeance on our side?"
    • At one point, the Bride suggested that John could use someone to be his high priest, given his reputation. While he couldn't pick one, the Bride suggested Arthur Bishop to be his chosen priest. He silently nodded his head, giving it a go. On the other hand, he has refused to take his wife and Daisy, his dog, as heralds, claiming that he's come too far to wipe out his enemies to justify a return to that life, but hopes that things change in the future. After all, with them around, the crime lords of the Pantheon would only use them as bait to force John out of the business any maybe even the Pantheon.
  • While he may be an assassin, there's more to his personality than simply that. Defined by the rage he carries due to the loss of his wife and dog, whenever he doesn't have contracts or assassination to do, he will either drink at a bar in the House of Alcohol (usually at Moe's Tavern) or prepare his weapons for the next person he vows revenge against. For all the people who have seen him at his most vengeful, some have wondered if John will ever return to his peaceful life.
  • Known as "The Ghost" for doing infiltrations without the need of a disguise, his skill brought interest with Sandra Wu-San, aka Lady Shiva, who saw his skills to be impressive enough to be compared to her. The Spy has also remarked that he should consider using disguises more often to improve his stealth capabilities, though he declined his offer. Considering that the Spy could easily betray him mid-mentoring, this is understandable.
  • John's refusal to ever abandon his retribution against the criminal underworld has gotten him some allies from far and wide, some that he never thought would see him as a friend. From the modern setting, Niko Bellic, Huang Lee and El Mariachi welcomed him with open arms while on the medieval setting, Arya Stark would see reason in him and on the post-war setting, Viktor Reznov sees in him the same rage he would do to others.
    • Out of all of them, Niko sees the most similarities, since both of them once had people who they valued the most, but lost everything (by betrayal on Niko's part and lack of mercy on John's part) and were forced back into the criminal lifestyle they chose to stay away from, defined by their revenge throughout their stories and even have similar European origins more so for John, as his former life states that he was an immigrant from Belarus before being taken by the Director.
    Niko: Want to have a drink? Never hurts to see someone so similar.
    John: Yeah, I'll take a drink.
    • For Arya, she wonders how many people John is willing to kill without hesitation, though this is further compounded on a personality trait she and John share: Wrath, which may have caused John's return to the life he chose to back away from and at the same time, left him a fugitive. She can only pity him since Arya already managed to avenge her family's death, whereas John's killing spree may grow until he has to be put down for good.
    • El Mariachi would also congratulate John on his revenge spree, admitting that it even outnumbers his kill count but also pities his unwillingness to let go even after avenging the Daisy's death. Huang has some respect for him and knows his pain since he had also been backstabbed, by his uncle no less. Meanwhile in Viktor's case, he could only ask him a few tricks on the act of revenge, primarily direct revenge while asking John on a few errands.
  • A few days after his establishment into the Pantheon proper, the PAYDAY Crew decided to give John a visit alongside Jacket with a cake to celebrate another member of the Crew even after the Crew's dissolution following the White House raid. One wonders what connection ties between them but it turns out John does have a past history with the Crew robbing banks before he became the ruthless assassin he is now.
  • You'd think that even after maintaining a straight face would attract similar looking ones, instead he found three people, Neo, John Constantine and even Ted Logan, who look almost exactly like each other (except for Ted, though that may be because he is young compared to the other three). No one knows why but some would guess that they may be the same person due to a certain someone. Neo in particular sees him as a worthy challenger on his Gun Fu skills.
  • His legendary status brought him the attention of a few respected assassins who see him as a figure not worth killing. Revy sees his gun skills as extremely efficient, even more than her skills can attest, Boba Fett would thank him for inspiring other bounty hunters (and terrifying them at the same time), and Mundy could not think of other words other than a good phrase to describe his ecstatic feelings the moment he shook his hands with him.
    Mr. Mundy: Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
    John: Yeah, I get that.
    Mr. Mundy: Hehe, all in a day's work!
    • The respect he earned from other assassins is shared by both Jason Todd and Batman. Todd's respect for him comes from the complete annihilation of the Tarasov Crime Family out of pure retaliation for the boss's son's actions, while Batman sees his reputation to be almost similar to his, except mostly for criminals. The latter has spoken out that maybe it would be better to stick to a non-lethal stance when it comes to criminals but John disagrees.
  • While it is true that he is tenacious and brutal as an assassin, he still has mercy towards civilians and more so those people who are reluctant to kill him whenever he is under a contract. His biggest mercy comes from dogs, since Helena gave him Daisy as his pet to cherish even after her death. God have mercy on you the moment you try to hurt his dog, as shown to his rampage when his pet Daisy died at the hands of the son of the Russian mob.
    • Because of this, he often goes to Hachiko's temple, looking at the statue whenever he is free, mourning over Daisy's death. While other dogs may not replace the former, he has been fond of the House of Canines subhouse, often petting other dogs for comfort. That was until Isabelle introduced herself and saw pity on him and decided to help comfort him on his mourning time. Since then, he has been visiting her temple, often just trying his best to feel comfortable towards his new friend.
    • On the subject of dog lovers, Roy Mustang, Xion and Elliot Alderson all enjoyed his company and are surprised to see a powerful assassin easily be heartwarmed by the presence of dogs. While he may have a new pet that may never replace his heart over Daisy, the three will often accompany him with his new dog to help him ease accept it.
    • That positive sentiment reached its short fuse once news of Cruella's mistreatment towards dogs came to light. The first thing he did was to free the dogs as well as shoot her head with an entire pistol clip. To this day, he'll come for her whenever more news of her operations continue, in which she will no doubt.
  • Known for his usage of the Central Axis Relock, Leon Kennedy, who also uses this technique decided to ask for a few tips from him but was denied, while Morpheus approached him with consideration to accept his request, so far only two sessions have been made between him and Leon. Morpheus on the other hand sees some similarities between him and Neo for some reason.
  • After hearing all his reputation and skills, Kazuma Kiryu welcomed John into the Yakuza, in which he declined numerous times before finally accepting his invitation. He was surprised to see that Kazuma has the same tenacity and yet also has the calm and coolness possibly even surpassing his own. At the end of the day, both were seen drinking lots of Sake before going off.
  • Theon's day couldn't get any worse the moment he appeared on his doorstep. After being tortured by the Boltons, John's presence made his life much worse now that a well-known assassin is gunning him down at any opportunity. At one point, before being shot by John again, he kept asking what he wanted, only to receive the response by a bullet. He has no clues as to why he's so intent in killing him over and over but some people know exactly why.
    Theon: Please spare me! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WH- *gets shot*
    John: Shut up.
  • Revenge may be his motif, but many others do not share the same value towards other vengeful deities. The House of Vengeance may welcome him, but the deities inside do not want to share the spoils of their revenge. Afro Samurai in particular is willing to prove his worth especially if he wants to prove his status is true.
    • Bill "D-FENS" Foster ponders whether or not John's rage felt like it was toddler's play considering that a dog was all it took to put him into a revenge spree. That comment only angered him and proceeded to give him a visit with multiple carbine bullets, in which Foster retaliated with a load of submachine gun fire. In Foster's defense, he had all problems that felt albeit justified (in his own place anyway) which included a divorce, massive traffic, a lost job and a broken air conditioner on the hottest day of the year. Not to mention Foster has killed crooks like him with no remorse, though John is no ordinary crook, far from it even.
    Foster: Get some shooting lessons, asshole!
    John's shot hit Foster's arm
    Foster: Well that surprised me, I'll tell you that.
  • With all those bounties placed on his head, many and we mean many bounty hunters took good notice on John's bounty, with lots of cash, rewards and prestige at stake. The rewards may sound promising but considering they're facing the criminal Baba Yaga, this bounty may be one of the biggest yet, at least at a small-medium criminal scale.
    • When the stakes were announced, Agent 47 and Duke Togo took the first slice, with 47's implacability evenly matched with John's strength, while Togo's strength, durability and preparedness made him one of the hardest threats he have come across. Other bounty hunters that tried to take the slice of the pie included Gondar, Deadshot, Gauron and even Deathstroke all in an attempt to get those sweet rewards. And yet after all those attempts, John still remained standing against all odds. Even Duke took a small step and a dash of his glasses to realize that he has met a true bounty.
  • When the House of Crime and Transgressions announced John Wick's presence, the many criminal lords shook in complete panic, desperately protecting against themselves against a threat they know and all heard of. The Corleones took first notice the moment their assets were slowly killed off and Raymond Reddington's calls kept being called off with gunshot fire as his organizations are in complete blackout on John's spree. Meanwhile, Tony Montana and Dimitri Rascalov hauled off as many of their funds and corralled as much of both their men in an attempt to combat him, and as for the latter? Well, let's just say that he got the Baba Yaga's first visit the moment Niko told him of Dimitri's misdeeds.
    • Other members of the House of Crime took their guns and went ablaze towards him but most have instead woken up inside the House of Health and Diseases after much fighting. The Son retreated in a bid to escape but was eventually caught and Jabba, Hoyt and Vic Vega's jobs were trashed. The panic did dissolve when Diavolo and Polpo took him out as a warning of who he's up against, but that did not stop him from his rampage throughout the House of Crime. As for the House of Justice looking at the situation, they ended up putting him on their watchlist as well as spectating the entire chain of events.
    • This news also reached towards the Punisher, who saw the killing of the House of Crime his duty, now that Wick started the fires, he'll either personally deal with him or they can make a truce, though that all changed when the entirety of the criminal underworld has proclaimed a full-on war against him for excommunicado, now he can safely remain allies with him.
  • While the name Baba Yaga is his moniker, the actual Baba Yaga flatout hated him for misuse of her name, not even following through her footsteps of eating children. Plans for her to kill him permanently are underway, but that doesn't faze him at the slightest.
  • Unfortunately, the House of Crime and all bounty hunters took notice when light of events had shown following John's status to Excommunicado and even saw what happened when John was almost killed by the Continental, putting him into a vulnerable situation and all bounty hunters into an all-out war against him. While this may be bad news for him, the moment he arrived back at the Pantheon, he not only grabbed a truckload full of dead bodies but a slow response of "Yeah", showing that he'll be ready for whatever appears right in front of his doorstep.
  • Despite everything he's survived, he's still a mortal man, and so he has actually died a few times in the Pantheon. However, none of them have been in sight of any bounty hunters or by their hand, so no one has been able to definitively claim in having killed him before he's revived in the House of Life and Death. And should someone actually get the bounty kill on him, this would likely earn them Wick's eternal enmity and he would probably kill them over and over just like he's been doing with Theon.
  • For being in the House of Villains, he is one of the few who has started backing off in light of the events that has happened, that being the entire war on excommunicado thing. As a result, he changes houses from time to time. But still, whenever he's in touch on contact, his old temple will suffice.
  • "People keep asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer. But now, yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm back."

    Rick Blaine 
Richard Blaine, God of Neutrality Abandonment (Rick)

    Skull Kid 
Skull Kid, God of Forgotten Friends Turned Evil
Clickhere  to see Skull Kid corrupted by Majora's Mask
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His flute
  • Theme Song: Lost Woods/Saria's Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Old Friend of Link and the Giants, Possessed by the Mask, Creepy Child, The Imp of the Woods, Lonely Person who wants friends, Immortal Immaturity, Trickster, Pawn to Majora, From Nobody to Nightmare
  • Domains: Friend, Evil, Corruption, Music, Loneliness
  • Heralds: Tatl and Tael
  • Allies: Link, Navi, Zelda, Saria, Midna, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Toothiana, Klefki, Cosmo & Wanda, The Spring Sprite, Carl Clover, Alice Margatroid, Evangeline McDowell, King
  • Enemies: Majora's Mask, Ganondorf, Zant, SCP-035, Maleficent, Captain Hook, Denzel Crocker, Head Pixie, Galeem and Dharkon, Relius Clover, The Other Mother
  • Opposes: The Fairy Godmother, The Firebird
  • The Skull Kid, a strange imp-like creature found deep in the Lost Woods, was a lone creature. In the strange alternate world of Termina, Skull Kid was friends with the Four Giants, guardians of the land, until they lay dormant as part of their duties. The Skull Kid grew sorrowful of them leaving him, pent his frustration to the people of Termina until the Giants intervened and threatened him until he leaves. He found himself in Hyrule where he sang song, learning a song from a boy in green. He soon comes back to Termina where he befriended two fairies, Tatl and Tael, until they ambushed a man holding a strange mask... Majora's Mask.
  • Upon arrival, the Skull Kid is happy to see the fairy boy again (at least, one of the incarnation of him, anyways). The same, however, cannot be said of Majora's Mask, who used his loneliness to make him its pawn and caused suffering in Termina. The Skull Kid made a mistake of putting on the malevolent mask, and pledged never to make the same mistake again.
  • He is shown to be friendly to fairies due to his friendship with Tatl and Tael as well as calling Link "fairy boy." The Skull Kid wanted more fairy friends to play with him, except for the Fairy Godmother, who is not a good fairy friend.
    • He nearly confuse Navi for one of his fairy friends since they are a ball of light with wings from his eyes.
  • He sneers at SCP-035 when he heard that it is a Murderous Mask much like Majora's Mask. As the mask can deteriorate the wearer, the Skull Kid avoids this mask with extreme prejudice.
  • He dislikes adults as he can be seen shooting darts and playing pranks on them, preferring the company of children due to his impish nature. He made a special case for Link, and only Link, like a game of "hide-and-seek" for one adult incarnation of Link.
  • He often seen playing music in the middle of the House of Nature is it reminded him of the Lost Woods. He likes to play Saria's Song because it was the song that he learned from Link and has continue to play it as a token of his friendship.
  • He get along well with Peter Pan, since they are youthful pranksters who doesn't enjoy the company of adults, with Tinker Bell, Tatl and Tael all interacting with one another and sharing their own stories of their homeworlds. All five have been seen menacing Captain Hook, with the pirate captain becoming even more infuriated that there's another fairy kid in the Pantheon.
  • Like so many other gods, Skull Kid got caught up in the World of Light event, transformed into a Spirit by Galeem before being captured by Dharkon. He took possession of a Mii Brawler before Link, and several other survivors, defeated him and set his spirit freed once more. Once everything was cleared up, Skull Kid simply stays away from the two beings of light and darkness, not wanting to get entangled in their war once more.
    • He has made appearances in the fourth and fifth Smash tournaments though, turning opponents invisible just to mess them up.
  • Skull Kid find the sentient masks, Aku Aku and Uka Uka, to be funny looking but are very suspicious of the two due to bad experience with Majora's Mask. He seems a bit less suspicious of Aku Aku since he's a good mask while Uka Uka is a bad mask. Though both do not enjoy the existence of Majora's Mask.
  • Legend tells that children that are lost in the Lost Woods will become Skull Kids. None knows if this is true or if it is just tales to scare children to not venture into the dangerous forests, especially since this Skull Kid is a resident in Termina.
  • Some time in the future, the Skull Kid grew interested in puppetmaking and puppetry so that he is never truly alone. He even used them to test Link and fight alongside him. It was this that gravitated him to meeting Carl Clover and Alice Margatroid, while wanting to pull a terrible prank against Relius and the Other Mother.


    Marika Myougi 
Marika Myougi, Goddess of Quests of Forgiveness (Grande Fleur, La Toute Souer)
In her casual wear and disguise 
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her hat and glasses used for disguise, or, alternatively, a bento she prepared herself
  • Theme: Unrivaled Student Council President
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Her own route doubling as a way for her to forgive herself and earn redemption for her past actions, Owning up to her actions immediately after siding with the protagonist, and continuing to do so in her route, Initially acting pleasant in public and antagonistic in private before reforming, Her route's ending ending with her love interest out of Vincennes, but them enjoying their lives together, Learning to find her purpose in life, forgive herself for her past actions, and fall in love, Conflicted between her code of honor and her loyalty to her family, Ends up being easily forgiven by her peers, Draws the line at framing someone up, Forced into faking a rape accusation at Masaya, Ultimately turning a new leaf and choosing to help the protagonists, Revealed to be quite fond of singing at Karaoke bars, Falling in love with a man she could never hope to truly influence or manipulate, Saved by Masaya and Mitsuki from a suicide attempt, Her insecurities preventing her from confessing her feelings to Masaya in most scenarios, Considered as the "Big Sister" of the entire school, Both her parents dying when she was still young leaving her grandmother to raise her, Her hooking up with Masaya initially being a secret between the two of them, Being the Vincennes Student Council President at the start of the story
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Malty S. Melromarc, Grandfather, Professor Venomous
  • Opposed by: Naofumi Iwatani, Kenji Setou
  • The Student Council President of Vincennes Private Girls' Academy, Marika Myougi is an incredibly popular figure amongst the Filles de la Vincennes (the all-female students of this prestigious school). Publicly, she is a shining beacon of good influence and hope with a mysterious aura to her. Privately, however, she is Lonely at the Top, with only one Mitsuki Mekata of the Red Rose Society as her sole confidant. What's more, she's actually a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, having been raised and heavily influenced by her very conservative grandmother, who, among other things, Does Not Like Men, having been a Vincennes alumnus herself.
  • Thus, when one Masaya Okonogi ends up in Vincennes as part of an "experiment" to get the school to become coed, Marika, while ostensibly a neutral party with regards to the gender integration issue, is secretly sympathetic to the Red Rose Society, the conservative and anti-integration faction headed by the Headmistress and backed by Marika's own grandmother. At first, Marika followed her grandmother's words to the letter, observing and lowkey sabotaging Masaya's and the White Lily Society's attempts to gain favor amongst the student populace. As the months went by, however, and Marika observed that Masaya was nothing like what her grandmother told her, the Student Council President began to have serious doubts about both herself and her stance on the whole gender integration issue. Unfortunately for Marika, things were to take a turn From Bad to Worse, when, following the latest failed attempt to sabotage the White Lily Society's efforts, Marika's grandmother forced her to enact an Evil Plan to get the White Lily Society to fail, and get Masaya out of Vincennes for good. Ultimately, Marika, despite her now Conflicting Loyalty, was able to push through with one such plan: a False Rape Accusation concocted by both herself and her associate Mistuki.
  • And so, the plan initially went off without a hitch, with Masaya detained by the Gardiane and under close investigation to prove his guilt. However, both Mitsuki and especially Marika felt immensely guilty for framing an innocent man. It got so bad for the latter that she was Driven to Suicide, and decided to jump off the Vincennes church tower in order to atone for her actions. Fortunately for her, this suicide attempt was interruped thanks to Masaya, Rise, and Mitsuki, who were able to convince her to undo and atone for her actions without the need for suicide. What's more, when Marika almost ended up slipping to her death, she was saved by none other than Masaya, who managed to hold Marika long enough to be pulled back to safety.
  • Grateful for his rescue and seeing that he's actually a good person at heart, Marika made a Heel–Face Turn and immediately made efforts to undo the damage she had caused, namely by providing the support needed for Masaya to win the Premier Judgment that would allow him to stay in Vincennes for a full year. However, these actions also ended up with Marika losing respect for her grandmother in the process, when she revealed her true colors to not only her own granddaughter, but to her own political allies as well. Ultimately, she ended up being her own person from then on, albeit one now Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life and still trying to forgive herself.
  • In most scenarios following this, Marika would end up not acting in on her growing feelings for Masaya, relegating herself to the background and remaining a neutral party on the gender integration issue. This was no thanks to her immense guilt for her earlier actions, as well as her reluctance to reveal her true self and risk her now-shaken reputation. In one scenario, with help from Mitsuki, she began growing closer to Masaya, first by catering to every single request he had made to her (including washing his back in the bath). According to Marika, she was doing this in order to start a "blank slate", and begin anew now that she was free of her grandmother's bad influence. During the summer vacation, Masaya had also ended up finding out about Marika's Dark and Troubled Past: how her parents died when she was young, how how her grandmother raised her alone and served as her sole guardian and influence, how she was expected by both every other student in school and her grandmother to be perfection incarnate, and how her grandmother wanted her to be amongst the school's future administration and possibly the next Headmistress.
  • One thing led to another, and both teens ended up falling for one another completely, culminating in Masaya confessing to Marika in the school's rose garden during one summer night, and Marika formally apologizing to Masaya for what she had done to him months prior. Marika ended up accepting Masaya's Love Confession on one condition: that both of them maintain it as a Secret Relationship, no thanks to the amount of controversy and drama that would take place should they be found out. Masaya agreed, citing the wellbeing of the White Lily Society's standing for the rest of the school year.
  • At first, things went smoothly for the young couple. They never interacted with one another in school, and went on dates with one another where most Vincennes students wouldn't go, and Marika herself wore a disguise while out in public for good measure. While almost getting discovered during a summer festival in a nearby town by members of the White Lily Society, the couple's secret finally got compromised during the Christmas of that same year, when both of them were seen by an unnamed Vincennes student at a hotel they were spending the night in. Sure enough, thanks to Vincennes tight community, rumors about the two of them soon spread across the school. Knowing that the jig was up, and that denying the relationship any further would worsen their already declining reputations, both Masaya and Marika admitted to dating one another. Sure enough, feelings were mixed. While some actually congratulated the two, others were envious of Masaya "stealing" Marika from their grasp. Sure enough, this latter issue was what ultimately cost the White Lily Society their chances in the Grande Vote, just as both of them had feared and expected.
  • This wasn't the end of their story in Vincennes, however. Prior to the Christmas incident, thanks to their Secret Relationship, neither Masaya nor Marika could participate in the Temps de Confession, a ceremony involving an exchange of rosaries between two people who loved one another. Doing so, according to the tradition, would ensure that the couple would be together for the rest of their lives. And so, both Rise and Ritsuko, out of respect for Marika and their friendship with Masaya, with the support of other Vincennes student, decided to help their friends one last time by hosting an informal version of the event in the cathedral on Graduation Night. And so it was, with Masaya and Marika exchanging their rosaries surrounded by friends and fellow students for one last time. One more surprise was in store for them, however. As it turns out, Marika's grandmother, following the incident, had actually reconsidered her stance on both Masaya and Marika, and in fact welcomed and congratulated both of them while also apologizing for her earlier actions. In essence, Marika had finally earned the redemption she had sought after this whole time, in addition to finally finding her purpose in life: as Masaya's lifelong partner.
  • And so, Marika's story in this scenario ended with both her and Masaya out of Vincennes (her having graduated, him having been forced to leave following the White Lily Society's loss regarding gender integration), but both of them together for the forseeable future, and with the approval and blessing of her grandmother. Ultimately, like with the ascended versions of Rise Rousenin, Konomi Yanase, and Tamie Nogi, it would be this scenario's Marika Myougi that would be chosen to ascend into the Pantheon, no thanks in part to actually having successfully achieved forgiveness and redemption.
  • Not long after seeing Masaya off in the ending of her scenario route, the young lady somehow ended up right in front of the Vincennes Private Girls' Academy's front gate, now in her Vincennes winter uniform. As if expecting her (which, given past experience, likely were), Masaya Okonogi, along with Rise Rousenin, Tamie Nogi, and Konomi Yanase, emerged from the school's gate to welcome her. Not wanting a repeat of the last incident that resulted in a three-way Lover Tug of War, they carefully explain to her where she currently is, who exactly they all currently are, and what the Pantheon exactly is. While initially disappointed in Masaya at first for "cheating" on her, she soon realizes that her boyfriend and all of her peers are telling the truth, given the numerous contrasts in each version of their stories, such as Rise herself claiming to be her successor as Student Council President, while in her own scenario she was succeeded by Ritsuko, not to mention both Konomi and Tamie truthfully telling her that they ended up with Masaya and not her in theirs. Ultimately, she settles on sharing Masaya with the other three girls, knowing it would be out of character for all of them to conspire against her or even lie with malicious intent.
  • With any potential conflict between them resolved, Marika is offered by Rise to becomes the Student Council President, or "La Toute Souer", once more, to which Marika declines the offer, having already given up the position during her scenario's graduation ceremony. That said, she's more than willing to assist her kouhai in running Vincennes' student council, having been groomed by her grandmother into becoming a potential member of the Vincennes Board of Directors at one point. With that settled, Marika decides to continue living in Vincennes, with the school serving as a shared Temple between her and her old peers.
  • Through Masaya and Rise, Marika is introduced to some of the other deities from outside Vincennes, living in other parts of the Pantheon, but also taking an interest in Vincennes. Among these include Hisao Nakai and various associates of his, Meimi Haneoka, and the Phantom Thieves of the Hearts, all of whom either: visit the school often, now study and live there, or use the school as a base-of-operations. Of these deities, Marika ends up getting along the most with Shizune Hakamichi and Makoto Nijima, who were themselves a Student Council President in their respective stories. Marika herself also ends up supporting the cause of the Phantom Thieves, as she herself had been used by a similar though no less sinister conspiracy, and Marika herself had managed to have her grandmother reconsider her position and turn a new leaf. The only deity she has issues with, and for good reason, is Kenji Setou, who loathes her under his crazy assumption that she's a "feminist conspiracy ringleader". Unlike with Rise, whose reaction is anger and disgust, Marika ends up feeling guilty at this accusation, no thanks to actually having been a pawn in the aforementioned conspiracy she was forced to take part in.
  • Eventually, Marika finds out about the existence of other deities that have shared similar experiences with her's. Hoping to find advice on what to do with her "blank slate" in life, she begins making friends with several of them. Among these deities include Arnold Shortman and Yugi Muto, who, like her were also Raised by Grandparents, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Naoto Nandaba, who also looked for their purpose in life and decided to be their true self, respectively, K.O., who like her ended up finding out her parent/guardian wasn't who they thought they were, and finally, Erik, who, like her, ended up going on a Redemption Quest to undo the damage they had done. To say that Marika was overwhelmed with the diverse lot of people in the Pantheon would be an understatement, to say the least. She ends up putting her interactions and shared experiences with her new friends to good use, helping her to develop further in a positive way.
  • Not all of her interactions are smooth, however. While having made a lot of new friends thus far, she ends up coming across deities that she finds out are even more despicable than anyone she's encountered thus far, either in her universe or in the Pantheon. The worst of these is undoubtedly Malty S. Melromarc, who, like her, had done a False Rape Accusation against her story's protagonist. Unlike Marika, who immensely regretted being forced into doing such an action to the point of contemplating suicide, Malty did this willingly, which disgusts the Vincennes student to the point she's dumbfounded by why she would do such a thing. Consequently, while a heroic figure, Naofumi Iwatani wants nothing to do with Marika, especially after finding out she did something similar to what Malty did to him. A few other deities that Marika comes to either dislike or hate entirely include Grandfather, who not only reminds her of her grandmother before the latter's Heel–Face Return, but also turns out to be much, much worse than she could ever imagine, as well as Professor Venomous, who, like her own grandmother, was a supposedly benevolent figure who turned out to be a bad person. This was bad enough, but the fact that they were villains with capabilities far beyond anything she could comprehend made it worse. Ultimately, she chooses not to fight them head-on, lacking even the basic fighting abilities of Masaya and Konomi.
"We promised before, didn't we? That you would help me search for what I would do in the future. Lately I have been thinking...and thanks to you, I believe I have found it."