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Greater Gods

    Oberon Vortigern 
Oberon Vortigern, Calamity of Bottomless Pits (King of the Moss/Mors, Storm King, Insect of the Abyss, Abyssal Worm, The White Dragon of Faerie Britain, The Hollow Worm, Ancient Fairy King Oberon, King of the Fairies, Pretender, “Ruler”, “Caster”, “Archer”, “Rider”, The Winter Prince, Robin Goodfellow, Prince of Darkness, Insect on the Desk, “Merlin”, Great Liar, King of Debts, Refreshing Summer Prince, Grumpy Summer Oberon, Sus Mothman, Howl, Sus-Man, Sus-moth, Obe-sus, Sus-beron, The 30-billion Yen Man, Mr. Popular, Smolberon, Chibiberon, Obebe, Vorti, Vort)
Ancient Fairy King Oberon 
"Robin Goodfellow" 
The Abyssal Worm 

"A bottomless sky. Empty lives. Joy shall lose its meaning tomorrow, while suffering will be lost in yesterday. What is beautiful is ugly in its premise; what is ugly is beautiful in its premise...hah, what a farce. Do you really believe that life has substance to it?"

    The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah 
"We are the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah."

"Prepare for the cleansing."

The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah, Divine Harbingers of Dreaded Time Limits (The Black Ur-Quan)
  • Greater Deities
  • Symbol: A Kohr-Ah Marauder
  • Theme Song: The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah theme
  • Alignment: A blend of Neutral Evil and Omnicidal Neutral (View themselves as Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Will Stop to Explain Their Backstory Upon Hearing 'The Words', Genetic Memory leading to their Freudian Excuse, Being Tortured Makes You Evil, Enemy Civil War, Evil Versus Oblivion, Evil Sounds Deep, Higher-Tech Species, Protected Themselves From Mind Control By Using Technology to Torture Themselves, Scary Dogmatic Aliens, Well-Intentioned Extremists, Will Not Tell a Lie, Destroying All Sentient Life Except Themselves, Cannot Feel Safe Until Everything Else Dies, Being More Morbid and Threatening Than The Kzer-Za, No-Nonsense Nemesis, Villains Covered In Red And Black, Using Rings of Fire to Incinerate Projectiles and Ships, Believing That Killed Lifeforms Will Eventually Reincarnate Into More Ur-Quan For Everyone's Good, World Destroying Woobies
  • Domains: Aliens, Trauma, Space Battles, Genocide, Starships
  • Heralds: Their Talking Pets
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Malos, Cyborg Superman
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Starmen
  • Odd Friendship with: The Rock of Ages
  • Rivals: The Dalek Empire, The White, Majin Buu, Frieza, Zamasu, Thanos
  • Interested in: Sinistar, Unicron
  • Pity: Odio, SCP-1440
  • Opposes: ANY deity capable of Mind Manipulation, though their relationship with Death Phantom is a very rocky Teeth-Clenched Teamwork which borders on Enemy Mine
  • Fears: Giygas
  • Feared by: The House of Torture and Mutilation
  • Enemies: Especially among all those who don't want all sentient life destroyed, the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za and their allies & subordinates, HYPNOTOAD, and all non-victims of the House of Mind Control, Emperor Palpatine, Darkseid, The Grox, Mogo, The Spore Player Race, YHVH, Lucifer, Hob Gadling, The Combine, The God-Emperor of Mankind, Space Power Rangers, Moro, The Flood/Gravemind, Korra, Lord Fuse, Commander Shepard, Harbinger, Sans, Star Fox, The Vex
  • The Ur-Quan, once a species that overcame their environment and their instincts to fight one another, then exploring space and becoming a well-adapted member of the Sentient Milie despite their xenophobic nature, they became their sincere allies and scouts. It would all come to naught when they brought in one of the Dnyarri intto the Sentient Milieu, enabling the Dynarri to enslave the entire alliance, with the Ur-Quan becoming their favorite Slave Mooks due to their vulnerability to mind control. Once they manipulated their genetics to split the Ur-Quan into two separate sub-races, the green and black Ur-Quan would eventually break free of their mind control and put an end to the Dnyarri rule themselves. The suffering inflicted on them by both the Dnyarri and themselves, however, would drive the Kohr-Ah to kill anything that could ever enslave them again, and so they chose to split from the Kzer-Za after losing their first Doctrinal War with them.
  • As anticipated by the Kzer-Za who ascended earlier, an enormous fleet of large, black starships warped in and simply annihilated every sentient lifeform they encountered. Unlike the Kzer-Za's initial assaults, the Pantheon was ready and stopped the Ur-Quan early before many deaths could occur. Learning from their encounter with their green counterparts, James T. Kirk intentionally spoke The Wordsnote  in order to pacify them for a while, and they proceeded to discuss their half of the horrors the Ur-Quan went through as former slaves, including the killing of other rebellious or no longer useful slaves that they were forced to commit, and their eventual rebellion, as the Kzer-Za had. However, members of the House of Prophecy reported grim news regarding an alternate timeline of the universe they originated in, where they defeated the Kzer-Za in their Second Doctrinal War and claimed the Sa-Matra for themselves, but not before killing off every nearby sentient race that wasn't an Ur-Quan in a horrific event known as the Death March, where the Kohr-Ah fleet would gradually approach the fleets and planets of a spacefaring race, and once their spheres of influence overlapped, the opposed race would be met with immediate extinction, with Earth and all of humanity being one of the victims. Finding great interest in the Kohr-Ah's potential, Nekron had sent representatives to justify ascending the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah with the trope of Timed Mission, given that the Kohr-Ah's presence alone would cause every nearby race's days to be numbered with the protagonist of their world having to race against their advance to stop their genocide.
    • In response to the Kohr-Ah's ascension, members of the Houses of Science and Technology collaborated to create a new device for the Pantheon known as the Kohr-Ah Death Halter which tracks Kohr-Ah fleets and ships and their distance from other deities or important locations, and the time it will take for the Kohr-Ah to reach and destroy whatever sentient lifeform is there. This would let deities capable of fighting back against the Kohr-Ah be able to track and intervene in Kohr-Ah advances before time runs out for their target.
  • The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah had a fateful encounter with Nekron, who gave them an offer they simply couldn't refuse. Nekron had claimed that the Grand United Alliance of Destruction was not only far more capable of destroying their enemies, but would accept the rather strict conditions for an alliance with the Kohr-Ah: Being willing to destroy all sentient lifeform that was not Ur-Quan, including themselves once they were finished. The Kohr-Ah were far too excited by the offer to doubt the claim, and many trembled upon learning that the Kohr-Ah had joined the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, becoming one of their deadliest and most efficient armies, having a reputation for successfully wiping out about half of the galaxy they originated from. Even though the Kohr-Ah will inevitably turn against the GUAD should they become successful in eliminating the other factions, Nekron considers their addition into the Scar Corps as valuable enough to be worth reigning them in.
  • When it comes to other deities obsessed with destroying all other lifeforms but not in the GUAD, their interactions with the Kohr-Ah are more tense since the Kohr-Ah intend to the only sentient lifeforms to remain, which Majin Buu doesn't like too much but he'll let them be unless a Marauder crosses paths with him.
  • Like with the Kzer-Za, the Kohr-Ah see the goal of ending the Grand United Alliance of Chaos as a priority. While Lucifer also respects the struggle of the Ur-Quan to regain their free will from the Dnyarri, he's not so talkative with the Kohr-Ah as he is with the Kzer-Za despite the fact that the Kohr-Ah are also decent aliens to talk to. This is since their conversations always end with the Kohr-Ah deciding to kill his forces, and plenty of death. Same goes with the Grand United Alliance of Law, which they do not seek to usurp like their Kzer-Za rivals but to simply destroy it as they have with pretty much everything else. Like with their archnemesis, the Kzer-Za, they think YHVH's goal of ruling over all is unnecessary, formerly unaware of YHVH's need for believers.
    YHVH: Your drive to end all life is a waste! No army or god can continue to kill every sentient being forever! I bet that eventually you will all destroy yourselves once you are convinced that you are all threats to each others' pointless free will, if you do not eventually perish against our order or by my enemy's hand!
    Death 777: On the contrary, for you who refers to itself as The Great Will. Your very dependence on people's belief alone, it means that if such people do not exist, you will die with them as well. We need no belief to sustain ourselves, and we have already overcome our desire to kill each other long, long ago, where your human followers have failed. Where you and your slaves will eventually die out, we will remain, free of beings like you to enslave us. Our cause has greater justification by default.
  • The Kohr-Ah are more often seen wandering the outer space areas of the Pantheon than the House of Gaming for a very good reason. When the Kzer-Za found out that Hypnotoad, who to them was a remnant or successor of their horrible Dnyarri slave masters, the Kzer-Za alone obliterated the Hall of Mind Control and some. And the Kohr-Ah, given their penchant for destruction, would do even worse damage should they find out that Hypnotoad still exists in the Pantheon. While the Kohr-Ah have been given the same lie that the Hall of Mind Control is gone for good, the Kohr-Ah are still somewhat suspicious of the claim and they keep an unblinking eye out for any signs of Hypnotoad. And it's only a matter of time before Nekron will decide to eventually spill the beans to the Kohr-Ah when he decides that it's time for the Kohr-Ah to have their greatest uproar.
  • They do pursue and eliminate any deities that are known to have mind-control abilities should they encounter the likes of them, though with not as much hatred as they would with one with the resemblance of the Dnyarri or Hypnotoad. Angelise and her allies had decided to deal with their nemesis Embryo having learned that he was recently planning an infiltration on the House of Magic, but they instead found the charred remains of his temple, along with four Kohr-Ah Marauders ominously floating above it. Before they could properly react to the situation, they were contacted by one of the four Kohr-Ah captains requesting them to fulfill whatever pre-death rituals were necessary for them. Luckily, they fled from the Kohr-Ah and avoided sharing in Embryo's fate.
    • While Death Phantom claims to have the exact same end goal as them, the Kohr-Ah cannot help but be extremely suspicious of whether Death Phantom will become a major threat to them or not, especially given his Mind Manipulation powers. They will pursue their same goals of destroying all other sentient life, but like with the Kzer-Za, Death Phantom doesn't try to bother with the Kohr-Ah too much, since the Kzer-Za have already become a very threatening force for Death Phantom to deal with, and getting their sworn enemy, known for rivaling them in power, to hunt him down as well would prevent his schemes from making any meaningful progress.
  • The Kohr-Ah seek to obtain the moon-sized Sa-Matra from the Kzer-Za, in order to speed up the destruction of all potential spacecraft to oppose the Kohr-Ah, though currently the Kzer-Za have not brought the vessel into the Pantheon. Given the unfamiliarity with the fantastical and over-the-top forces in the Pantheon, the two Ur-Quan sub-species had decided to split away from each other to opposite sides of the Pantheon to explore and understand the place, and to gain more power in the process. When they feel it is time, they will engage in what others refer to as an upcoming Pantheonic Doctrinal War, with the winning Ur-Quan fleet ascending the Sa-Matra under their ownership. The Grand United Alliance of Destruction seek to help the Kohr-Ah win their war once it does occur, regardless of whether they want the assistance or not, since in their hands it could make quick work out of almost anyone that isn't an Overdeity.
  • Not wanting to be enslavers like the Kzer-Za, they do agree with Zamasu for his desire to end all mortals for the sake for they see as the greater good. However, the reason they aren't friendly with each other is their disagreement on who should remain alive. Zamasu obviously would want them dead as well, and the Kohr-Ah believe he is not so different from the mortals he seeks to destroy, and being a threat to Kohr-Ah free will regardless.
    • They also have similar agreements and disagreements with the White, who also believe that the end of all other sentient life would only be good for everyone in the long run, and they both seek to end the Law versus Chaos conflict in the Pantheon in the process. However, the Kohr-Ah believe that the Kohr-Ah do not have to end themselves to ease their trauma-heavy Genetic Memory, only everyone else. All of the White's attempts to make the Kohr-Ah bring themselves to snuff out their own lives has ended with plenty of mutual destruction.
  • The Kohr-Ah are named after a charismatic black Ur-Quan who convinced his warrior brethren, who were all not fond of becoming enslavers like their green intellectual brethren, and in the process, founded their own Path of Now and Forever (referred to as the Eternal Doctrine to avoid confusion with the Kzer-Za's Path of Now and Forever) and starting the Kohr-Ah's destructive path.
  • Commander Shepard has been one of their most consistent enemies, with him keeping all of their allies ready to deal with them at any moment, being one of the main figures behind the overall resistance against the Kohr-Ah and their Eternal Doctrine. They're also disturbed by how the Kohr-Ah remind them of the Reapers in their universe a little more than they should.
  • Like with the Kzer-Za, the Kohr-Ah are intrigued by the extreme prevalence of humans in the Pantheon, as well as the amount of power they hold, especially since humanity was hardly one of the biggest threats to them in their universe, not to mention that the Kohr-Ah could easily wipe out Earth with one or two Kohr-Ah Marauders should it lack superhumans or divine powers protecting it. The Kohr-Ah see them as another name among the thousands of species and worlds they have cleansed. Like with the Kzer-Za, the God-Emperor of Mankind is not amused by their perspective on humanity.
  • While they claim to not need anything or assistance from other races before, it was since that the Ur-Quan in their universe were the species with the most advanced technology active in their universe, with all met civilizations inferior in technology and lacking in supernatural protection having little to benefit to Kohr-Ah aside from being. In the Pantheon, they may have to reconsider this, especially know that they know that there are many universes out there with sentient life that could eventually develop to be a threat to their free will in the far future, if they don't have such threats already. Currently, they're looking into Unicron who has been known to devour a few universes himself.
    • On top of having great pity for Odio and what he went through as Oersted, the Kohr-Ah also have some interest in Odio's Armageddon ability, and wonder if it can be used to instantly destroy all other life except themselves. Though currently they haven't made the risk to try, which the Pantheon hopes they never will.
  • The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah want to see Palpatine and his Empire destroyed, since it does have non-negligible potential to enslave them. Palpatine on the other hand, has been interested in the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah more than their green counterpart since their Genetic Memory, their desire to destroy all obstacles in their path or to gain the strength to do so, their fear of being enslaved by others, and their lack of restraint in comparison to the Kzer-Za would make them ideal for bringing into the Dark Side, if they can be made to utilize The Force. In particular, he wants to try capturing some of them and out of one of them create a powerful Kohr-Ah that has been experienced enough in The Force to create a replacement for Darth Vader, for the sake of being able to dispose of the latter, though controlling such Kohr-Ah will prove to be an immense challenge for the Emperor.
  • The Kohr-Ah are fascinated by the existence of Sinistar, and decide it would be best to let it unleash its wrath on the Pantheon until the Kohr-Ah decide that it is time for it to be cleansed as well. The Kzer-Za seem to have realized this newfound interest of theirs and have begun to work towards preventing the Kohr-Ah from reawakening Sinistar.
  • A few deities had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing an Ur-Quan being completely peaceful, with a docked Marauder and a Kohr-Ah captain being unusually relaxed near the resting Rock of Ages. Deciding not to disturb them, they quietly left to inform the House of Knowledge about the event. They all learned about how entities with similar biological structure to the Rock of Ages never triggered their aggressive territoriality, and their former relationship with the Taalo, having similar rock-like biology. They were a kind and patient race that had befriended the original brown Ur-Quan and guided them to become more benevolent and friendly aliens, until the Dnyarri came and forced their Ur-Quan slaves to kill them off due to their natural immunity to mind control, much to the grief of their former friends. No other golem or rock monster seems to trigger this calmness within the Ur-Quan, and even near the Rock of Ages the Ur-Quan will still greet other deities with great fury.
  • Moro definitely does not want the Kohr-Ah to extinguish the life of the planets they destroy, let alone destroy the planets themselves since they would then deprive him of his main source of power, and will destroy any Kohr-Ah Marauders on sight. Such hostility is mutual for the Kohr-Ah.
  • Frieza does find the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah to be interesting competitors, but he doesn't take kindly to the idea of them killing off humanity or even the Saiyans, since he wants to be the one who kills off such primates. Since the Kohr-Ah attack Frieza on sight, he'll usually respond by flinging Kohr-Ah Marauders into each other for fun.
    • Like how Beerus manipulated Frieza before, he had considered using the Kohr-Ah to destroy worlds that Beerus was tasked to clean up, but he was unsure of how to push them around without gaining their attention. Being the lazy god he is, he eventually gave up on the idea.
  • Both Ur-Quan species have made it their duty to make the lives of anyone who would seek to enslave them miserable, and Darkseid did not appreciate the occasional assaults by both Kzer-Za and Kohr-Ah forces. Although Ur-Quan ships do self-destruct should they get damaged beyond repair, or if their captain dies, Darkseid's armies somehow managed to capture both a Kzer-Za and Kohr-Ah captain and imprison them. Darkseid would have Desaad endlessly torture them until they broke and begged for his mercy primarily to send the other Ur-Quan an unforgettable message. However, given that the Ur-Quan had been willing to torture themselves to avoid being mind-controlled, even creating their own Excruciators to constantly give themselves near-lethal pain to the point that it would make AM jealous, the Ur-Quan shrugged off the pain, and one of the prisoners spoke up to mock the ruler of Apokalips.
    Ur-Quan Death 59: The pain you deliver is but a mere grain of sand compared to what we have inflicted on ourselves to be free from dictators like you. You stand no chance in making us bend to your will. Whether your fate ends up in the hands of our green brethren, or by our own, your empire shall be lost to obscurity as many of our enemies have fallen the same.
    • The Kohr-Ah's words had shaken Desaad enough to make him lose control of his torture devices, killing the two Ur-Quan prisoners, and Darkseid's chance to get the last laugh on them. Disappointed, Darkseid vaporized Desaad for his failure with his Omega Beams and left to continue on his normal business. And like with the rest of the Hall he resides in, they tremble even more at a genocidal race they can't deter by torture.
  • Some deities are confused by how the Kohr-Ah Marauders can hold just as many crew as the Kzer-Za do. It's explainable for the Kzer-Za since they have many, many slaves but the Kohr-Ah kill every sentient race they come across and no one has seen how they can populate themselves faster than the Kohr-Ah, assuming aggressive territoriality isn't an obstacle for them. There are few who speculate that Kohr-Ah may take those willing to lose their sentience in exchange for being spared, and those people become crew by being reduced to sub-sentience, only knowing how to do basic crew functions and nothing else. It's just speculation on their part, but if such a hypothesis is true, they may benefit from having a Black Lantern ring for more crew to fill in their Marauders.
  • Once in a while, a few Ur-Quan Kzer-Za and Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah will visit the House of Philosophy to debate on whether enslaving or killing every sentient lifeform except themselves is morally superior. No one bothers to listen to their arguments when they're around given how no one wants to be either enslaved nor destroyed. But that's not a problem for them as they debate to each other with hardly any agreements to be found except in the idea of eliminating whatever could enslave either of them.
  • Due to their genetics being manipulated by the Dnyarri to be effective warriors and armies for the Dnyarri, the Kohr-Ah can tolerate each other's presence to an extent, letting them deal with their territoriality towards other Ur-Quan to an extent, a bit better than their Kzer-Za brethren. Since the Ur-Quan did have to overcome their territoriality and desire to kill each other in order to become a spacefaring civilization, Malos became interested in the Kohr-Ah due to such facts, their similar goals of destroying others, and being appealed by the idea of reincarnating into an Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah on death, believing it to be better than his current existence which he despises. The Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah accepted Malos' request for cooperation given his willingness to be killed by the Kohr-Ah when all is said and done.
  • They felt sad in their own twisted kind of way for Cyborg Superman as well as SCP-1440 who wished to die but simply could not if they wanted to. For Cyborg Superman, since destroying Superman is a given since he counts as sentient life, obviously, they have become allies with both hoping to find a way to end Cyborg Superman's life for good. SCP-1440 dislikes the Kohr-Ah for their genocidal ways and given how stubborn they are about their Eternal Doctrine, he may wander towards them given that no one else is endangered, since it would either end with Kohr-Ah being slain or himself. They're not happy about Hob Gadling being completely immortal and enbracing it, and they seek to end his life, even if he himself claims to not want to enslave the Kohr-Ah ever.
    • While Giygas is under the GUAD's watch, the Kohr-Ah are worried of how it should be terminated, since Giygas cannot be cleansed by their conventional means, and Giygas may be a continual threat to the Kohr-Ah eventually. The Kohr-Ah find it difficult to keep calm when thinking about Giygas knowing that for all they know, Giygas may be something far beyond their control. The only thing they can do to amend their worry is to go and bombard the Starmen that serve Giygas, even though they also ally with the GUAD. Due to this, the Kohr-Ah can be a massive pain for the Starmen to deal with from time to time, although they normally tolerate each other well when the Kohr-Ah do not have Giygas on their mind.
  • Both subspecies of Ur-Quan are very adept in starship battles, in spite of their overall lack of normal agility, and aside from using their "Gravity Whip" maneuvers to avoid attacks or get ahead of a target, they may fly right past a target to unleash either a barrage of fast metal disks that can suddenly home in on targets at any time, or a Fiery Ring of Inevitable and Eternal Destruction to incinerate masses of smaller ships or even a bigger battleship, which is difficult to counter since most projectiles are also destroyed by the ring too. Both the Star Fox team and the Space Power Rangers have been their most common enemies that have been gaining experience in battling the Kohr-Ah and stopping them, which disappoints the Kohr-Ah but they have hardly deterred their willingness to continue their genocide either.
  • The Kohr-Ah believe in Reincarnation and the idea that every lifeform they killed may reincarnate into an Ur-Quan in the future, and have concluded that if they kill everyone else enough, eventually everyone else will reincarnate into an Ur-Quan, making everyone happy. The inability to truly die in the Pantheon has done nothing to change their minds on this either.
    • However, the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah did attempt to appeal to the death entities of the Pantheon to rig things in their favor. Obviously, it didn't go well, and they continue to collaborate with the rest of the GUAD to find a way to circumvent such an obstacle.
    • The Vex, who seek to convert organisms into more of themselves as they end all other life but themselves do appropriately horrify the Ur-Quan, and consider the cleansing of all Vex as a priority above all else. They're also pretty ignorant of the fact that the Vex's end goals are for the most part the same as the Eternal Doctrine, even if motivations and the ultimate survivor differ.
  • The Kohr-Ah have shown pride in ending all sentient life in half of the galaxy they've travelled through in their own universe, and their words have reached Thanos, who took their boasts as a challenge, and as such he's gone out of his way to bring down any Kohr-Ah Marauder he encounters, seeing himself as the superior harbinger of death.
  • The Daleks don't find either Ur-Quan subspecies amicable, but the Kohr-Ah recognize the Daleks' mentality to be similar enough to theirs that they often stop to have brief and calm conversations. They talk about their desire to destroy each other just as often as they actually destroy each other, which has been quite an amusing sight to watch from a distance should they not get spotted and destroyed by either faction.
  • The Combine do want to conquer the Kohr-Ah as well, but given their losses against the Kzer-Za, the fact that the Kohr-Ah fleet is slightly bigger than the Kzer-Za fleet in the Pantheon, and their overall lack of mercy, the Combine will have to avoid going on an direct offensive toward them for the time being. They do occasionally work together to deal with the Flood since they both consider the Gravemind to be an immense threat to their well being, though when things are cleared, battle between the two forces are inevitable.
  • The Grox have found the planets that the Kohr-Ah render sterile as perfect environments for the likes of them to inhabit. Since the Kohr-Ah want ALL life but themselves dead, learning that the Grox were taking advantage of their destruction had earned the Grox their ire, and have even created their own specialized fleet dedicated to Grox extinction, through complete planetary destruction and direct attacks on the Grox from time to time. The Grox have managed to hold back the Kohr-Ah for a while, though their assaults have prevented them from making larger offensives on other enemies of theirs, and to the benefit and amusement of the Spore Player Race, although they still acknowledge that the Kohr-Ah are a worse threat since the Kohr-Ah are far more active and unable to be persuaded to show mercy.
    • Rosalina has been extra concerned about this development since Lumas are known to be able to become planets themselves, and obviously the Kohr-Ah would show no mercy to them regardless. To her great reluctance, she has made a negotiation with the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za to let them occupy the space near her temple in exchange for the Kzer-Za keeping an eye out for incoming Kohr-Ah Marauders.
    • While neither have had a positive opinion on the Kohr-Ah, both Mogo and Lord Fuse were justifiably worried to know that the Kohr-Ah would want them completely gone, and not just simply being razed into the ground.
  • Every Kohr-Ah Marauder has a trophy bone pit filled with a skeleton from each species their captain has personally driven to extinction, for every unfortunate deity running into them to see. Papyrus somehow mistook one of their bone pits as a wild skeleton party, and has been eager to meet one of the Kohr-Ah to join in. Concerned about this development, Sans has been closely watching to make sure Papyrus never runs into one of those ships given the Kohr-Ah's desire to destroy all that are not Ur-Quan, and has attempted to convince his brother out of trying to get into their bone pits. As of now, Papyrus simply thinks that his brother doesn't deem him to be ready for wild teen parties.

    Zet the Arc Warden 
Zet, God of Unfair Exploits That Got Fixed (Arc Warden, The Self)
  • Rank: Greater God (originally an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: Two divine rapiers surging with electricity.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (With Lawful Good intentions)
  • Portfolio: Badass Cape, Expendable Clone, Glass Cannon, Dark Is Not Evil, Item Caddy, Magikarp Power, Magnetism Manipulation, Humanoid Abomination, Eldritch Abomination, Time Abyss, Shock and Awe, Wants to end Radiants and Dire's Conflict.
  • Domains: Nerfs, Electricity, Magnetism, Clones, Unfairness
  • Allies: Ezalor, Phoenix, Enigma, Zeus,Garen and Yurnero
  • Enemies: Anyone who causes disunity. Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Melkor.
  • Conflicting Opinon on: Chaos-Knight, Lucifer
  • Disgusted by: All of the Alliances (Slightly less with the GUAG but the contempt is there.)
  • Rivals: Thresh and Harry Dresden (Harry Is a FriendlyRival.)
  • One while practicing their spinning techniques, Yurnero and Garen heard a rumor about a deity who could destroy a base without actually leaving from his own. Garen was confused to hear about such a deity, but Yurnero knew that if it was who he thought it was, then something is wrong. Sure enough, when The Champions of Runeterra were practicing on Summoners Rift, a dark blue figure who had two golden swords was destroying their inhibitors and soon the nexus. Nasus after watching some battles from the Defenders of the Ancients, realized that the figure had 2 divine rapiers in its hands. The team who fought against the figure destroyed the odd humanoid but the rapiers didn't drop. Yurnero came to see the figure and identified it as Zet the Arc Warden. Soon, Arc Warden came to explain it was practicing and did not mean to ruin the practice of the champions. Garen put that fact behind him and welcomed him to the pantheon.
  • Apparently does not understand how gender pronouns work. Always refers to itself as "The Self" or when referring to others he says "Your self". Some females in the pantheon find this to be cute, but Zet doesnt understand why.
  • Made a deal with Zeus and gave him a fraction of his power that he had in exchange to aiding Zet with dealing with the Dire and Radiant.
  • He is acquaintances with the 4 fundamentals and the star known as Phoenix. However, out of all them he seems to feel discomfort around Chaos Knight due to the fundamental spreading chaos around the universe. Zet understands that this is the job of Chaos Knight but it still irks him.
  • Absolutely despises Amatsu-Mikaboshi due to his spread of disunity and his petty reason for trying to end life as we know it. The Primordial Chaos plans on dealing with Zet later on.
  • Also dislikes those who meddle with powers they cannot comprehend. such as Carl the Invoker. However Invoker being Invoker, he ignores the wardens warning.
  • Respects Chronos due to him being a responsible keeper of time unlike a certain insect in his world.
  • Thresh is a rival of his due to them both being wardens.
  • Some say that Zet was originally a gnoll warden, a hyena like creature from Azeroth. Zet has yet to comment on this.
  • He dislikes the alliances, though if he were to align with one it would be the GUAG. The GUAD, GUAE and GUAC cause too much disunity, though Lucifer does not seem to irk him as much as Melkor and Nekron do. He's still friendly with the GUAL, though. That said, he despises YHVH, who absolutely disgusts him due to The Great Will causing disunity by spreading lies. These alliances remind him of Diruulth and Radianthul's conflict overall.
  • When people see him with divine rapiers the grow fearful as, Zet originally could destroy anyone or anything that stood in his way. Later on this was Nerfed yet Zet is still considered strong by mortals.
  • Harry Dresden and him are rivals but there is no malice in between the 2 wardens. The two of them compete to see who can hold their positions longer while guarding foes.
  • He heard of a being named Harbinger and went to go visit his old ally from the Dire. However, this Harbinger caused much trouble for someone named Shepard and Zet has avoided the reaper.

Intermediate Gods

    The Kid 
The Kid, Divine Survivor of Platform Hell (The New Guy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Butt-Monkey, Death Is Cheap, Kid Hero, One H Itpoint Wonder, Perpetual Smiler, To Be a Master,
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Luck, Toil, Glory
  • Followers: The Boy, Boshy
  • Herald: The Lad
  • Allies: Mario, Samus, House of Childhood and Adolescence, Arthur, Ratchet
  • Rivals: Zangief, Sans
  • Enemies: Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Dracula, Mother Brain, Andrew Hussie
  • Opposes: Relius Clover, Tyrande Whisperwind
  • Respected by: Little Mac
  • It was the day the Kid had dreamed of. The Kid always dreamed of standing side-by-side with his inspiration. He had beaten all sorts of dangerous enemies to get to this point. When he finally made it to the Guy's temple, he hoped it would be enough to put him in the Pantheon. Turns out there was more to it than meets the eye. The Guy wasn't even the man the Kid aspired to be. He referred to be called the Father; he's only called the Guy because he killed the previous owner. The Kid attacked the imposter with immense rage. Thus, a battle of epic proportions commenced. After several hours of battling, the Kid had slain The Guy, banishing him from the Pantheon. When faced with his followers, he declared that he would build a new temple to wash away the memory of this battle. He also refused to take up the freed-up title, instead calling himself the Divine Survivor of Platform Hell. Who he will give the old title to will be revealed in due time.
    • He also had to sidestep a bit to avoid a tasty delicious fruit to smash him to death while delivering his declaration.
  • The amount of bosses he had to defeat to get this far is an impressive list. To date he had defeated gods such as Bowser, Dracula, Dr. Eggman and Mother Brain as well as an assortment of other non-ascended enemies. They were all paid by the Guy to prevent this day from happening. They all have a bone to pick with the Kid, hoping to avenge their losses.
    • The one exception seems to be Zangief. Although he wasn't one of the bosses the Kid defeated, he did lose a valuable follower that day. Still, this only drove the Russian to demand a match against the Kid to prove his strength.
  • Among those who aided him in his quest to defeat the Guy was Mario. The God of Mascots has searched vigorously to find a replacement, seeing the Guy as unfit for the role. Mario himself has been subject to similar abuse in various games. He serves as a mentor role for the Kid in the Pantheon.
    • The same can be said for Samus. The bounty hunter may well be the second biggest platform victim in Nintendo.
    • Another character familiar with difficult games, Arthur was intrigued to discover that the Kid also had to fight zombies in a level similar to his own. Even more impressive as the Kid always had one hit-point to work with.
  • Little Mac greeted the Kid after his ascension. Anyone who manages to beat Mike Tyson in a match would earn the Boxing Battler's respect.
  • There is a tale of a being called The Lad who is on his own quest to find the Kid. Although he has no knowledge of the Pantheon, the Lad has the blessings of the Kid to complete his mission. Whether he can find a way to enter the Pantheon remains to be seen.
  • The House of Childhood and Adolescence has taken a liking to The Kid. Even the most unlikable children in the house admit that his body count is impressive.
  • It's no surprise that he shares a hatred with Rellius, given the man was one of the Guy's biggest benefactors. The Puppeteer couldn't care less, barely even spending much time fighting in their encounters.
  • At first, the Kid wasn't that impressed with Sans's boss fight, depicting it as too easy. That is until he found out what the skeleton did to the Fallen Child. The Kid has been bugging him to challenge him ever since, with Sans nonchalantly teasing him with boss fights… but none that were that tough. In fact, he barely exerts any effort into it. If such a thing were to happen…expect a battle that could destroy the Pantheon itself.
  • NEVER MENTION FRUITS TO THE KID. Just… don't. Especially cherries. The House of Food has been careful not to show him any fruit.
  • Vehemently blames Leona and Tyrande for all the times the moon dropped on his head. Indeed, it has be the greatest source of all of his deaths. And it's still out to kill him, even after he had successfully ascended.
  • He holds the giant gun the Guy previously held as his main weapon as a reminder of all the toil he had to endure to earn it. Ratchet paid a visit to examine the weapon. He found it rather impressive someone if his size being capable of holding such a huge weapon. That's coming from a god who is well known for carrying such guns.
  • Much to his surprise, his creator Kayin has a sponsor in the name of Andrew Hussie. Together, they relished in pitting the Kid in increasingly absurd levels and traps. They even give tips to his other enemies on how to further troll the Kid.
  • While he was roaming through the House of Power, he received a kick from behind, courtesy of Might Guy. The God of Dynamic Entries didn't know that any hit can kill him. Once the Kid respawned, he challenged Guy to a duel at a later date.

Lesser Gods

Diogenes, God of Checkpoint Starvation (The Man in the Cauldron, The Man in The Pot, Baldy, Mr. Clean, Muscles)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His cauldron and sledgehammer
  • Themesong: A soft piano jazz
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Having Big Muscles That Actually Mean Something, Scaling the Summit with Zero Checkpoints Whatsoever, Climbing Using a Sledgehammer, Commuicating Only in Grunts, Having the Heroic Willpower to Climb an Impssible Mountain, Never Giving Up, Being Manipulated by Terrible Controls, Painfully Continuing With His Climb
  • Domains: Game Mechanics, Mountains, Rage.
  • Allies: Madeline, The Kid, The Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, Chrom, Rico Rodriguez, Stanley, Frisk, Rosalina
  • Enemies: The Narrator, The GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Opposes: Snakes and Snake-like beings
  • Everyone has undergone a journey at some point, either to discover themselves or just for the sake of adventuring and that brings us to the story of these unusual person. The Man in the Cauldron, real name Diogenes, is someone who by some unexplained reason got himself stuck in a cauldron and found himself in a remote area in the middle nowhere, with the only goal to reach the top of the mountain, with only a sledgehammer, his strenght and edurance and his sheer determination. Those who have witnessed his adventure had said to have suffered from rage outbursts, immense sadness and a desire to break everything but those who got to the end said that they felt accomplished. There wasn't a safe stop for our hero but he overcame all obstacles and for that he was awarded the title of Checkpoint Starvation.
    • During his ascension, Diogenes emerged from his cauldron. Except that instead of having a regular ascension like many other deities had in the past, someone in the Court of Gods had the bright idea to place him in the bottom of a mountain to see if he was willing to climb it just to become a deity. The journey was harsh and unforgiving but he triumphed and in the end he was received by a thunderous applause to all the witnessing deities that saw the shirtless men ascend to godhood. When questioned afterwards, the man simply decided to wander off to some quiet place, saying nothing about what has transpired.
  • For a deity, he is considered homeless. That's because the Court of Gods decided to make the cauldron he is stuck in his residence, mostly because he rarely stays in one place and wanders around a lot. His predicament isn't as bad as most think, he is perfectly content to be stuck in the cauldron as his temple but for the sake of regulations, he does have an specific blank spot in the House of Gaming that acts as his spot. Neighbouring deities were surprised that a random empty spot was created just for someone who rarely is even there.
  • Usually whenever the Cauldron Man goes, a british narrator can be heard. That would be Benneth Foddy, the creator of the game of origin Diogenes comes from as well as the one who watches and narrates his progress. Many have come to despise his quotes and mocking tone but Diogenes is just used to it. However, he isn't very fond of that other british narrator after one incident where he continously tried to force him to climb through an specific part of the pantheon just for his own amusement and because the Cauldron Man wouldn't obey him, he kept putting him in more and more difficult situations.
    • While the dangers of choice are not an issue for him, Diogenes is good friends with Stanley. Partly because both are average looking people with little noticeable traits and partly because the former pities him because of his ties with the Narrator. Both are also quite persistent when they want to do something, although Stanley more often than not has been punished for disobeying and the Cauldron Man can sympathize with being constantly punished.
  • Because he has trouble travelling around the pantheon, he has become a popular target for trolls. Trollkaiger like to always push him back and halt his progress just for the fun of it, but given his sheer determination, they tend to give up after a while.
  • Tends to frequent places where mountains are found, mostly out of habit than actually wanting to scale them. He met Madeline after hearing about her story and the hardships she had to go through, a sentiment she herself returned. She is impressed that Diogenes managed to scale to the top of the mountain with just a sledgehammer to propel him.
  • After hearing of his adventure, some had tried to emulate him. Chrom got in a cauldron and tried to scale a mountain using Falchion as his propeller but quit halfway through because it was harder than he anticipated. Rico Rodriguez once found a random cauldron lying nearby in one of his later adventures, where he proceed to go through a series of obstacles stuck in the same cauldron while Benneth Foddy himself provided commentary.
  • Many of the deities from very hard titles respect him a lot. Of those, he is good friends with the protagonist from the Dark Souls franchise as well as the Kid, all three of them perfectly understand what is to suffer Checkpoint Starvation and had tried to give him some tips so he could easily conquer the more dangerous parts of the pantheon.
  • Was approached by Frisk because they felt a similar source of determination coming from the man in the cauldron. Both have had ventures related to mountains, although the Child's adventure didn't have to do much with scaling and more with dealing with underground denizens, but they have invited Diogenes to go and meet their friends from the Underworld anytime they are available.
  • Diogenes is not fond of snakes. Mostly having to do with the infamous snake that can take him back to the beginning of his adventure. Most don't really have a strong opinion of them but stay away in fear he might smack them with his sledgehammer. The bigger and more evil ones like to mess with him though.
  • He likes to frequent the House of Space and Cosmos. Diogenes finds the place relaxing and fullfilling and he has been often found floating in the middle of space with an unusual smile on his face. Rosalina, being a Guardian of the Space part of the realm is usually the one that brings him back to land. But she eventually grew fond of the Cauldron Man, who is a lot more pleasant and friendly when he is in space for some reason and has invited him over to the Comet Observatory to play with the Lumas.

    Doctor Boom 
WARNING: Bots may explode.

Doctor Boom, God of Power Creep (Sparky Uberthruster, The Mad Genius, Blastmaster Boom, Dr. Balanced, Dr. Value, Dr. 7)
Blastmaster Boom 

    Emperor Velo XXVII 
Emperor Velo, God of Double Unlock Requirements (Emperor Velo XXVII, Velo the 27th)
Velo's True Form 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A gold chain with the letter "V" and the Velo Mask
  • Theme Songs: Hyper Spaceway (Nitro Fueled remix), Drive-Thru Danger (shared with Oxide), Doctor Podium / Evil Scientists (Nitro Fueled Remix)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Aliens Are Bastards, Aliens Speaking English, Astral Finale, Bad Boss, Big Bad, Card-Carrying Villain, Actually a tiny alien in a robot suit, The Napoleon, Flunky Boss, Final Boss, Sore Loser
  • Domains: Aliens, Racing, Evil, Competition, Unlocking, Size
  • Heralds: Krunk, Nash, The Norms, Geary
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Brainiac
  • Enemies: The rest of the Crash Bandicoot deities, deities from the Super Mario Bros. universe, Captain Falcon, Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Conner, Maximus Decimus Meridius
  • Commonality Connection: Mosco
  • An alien overlord who kidnaps the best racers on the galaxy and challenges them to a series of races, Emperor Velo the 27th is an Evil Overlord who believes himself to be the greatest racer of all. But his hubris would crumble once he got defeated by the racers he kidnapped from Earth, either being Team Bandicoot or Team Cortex. His defeat would eventually reveal to the world that his appearance was not truly the imposing alien every saw him as but merely another tiny green alien like the rest of his race with a huge Napoleon complex. Velo would get a second chance at racing after he was selected to be the representative of the Double Unlock title, since he has to be beaten not only twice, but by both the Bandicoots and Cortex's team to be given a chance to play as him.
  • He was invited by Nitros Oxide after the former felt that too many people hated him and he needed a powerful ally at his side. Hence why Emperor Velo decided to show up and he's been observing the racers of the pantheon in order to prove he is the fastest racer in the pantheon. He has grown a begrudging respect for Team Bandicoot as well as Cortex and his lackeys for beating him that one time but he assured that this time he wouldn't lose again.
  • His temple is modeled after his citadel which is modeled after his image. There racers tend to race for the entertainment of a few goblin-like aliens that love racing with Velo being their leader. Besides Team Bandicoot and Team Cortex, other people from the pantheon have also tested their driving skills in several of Velo's challenges like Captain Falcon or the Super Mario deities who are very used to driving karts. To challenge Velo you have to beat four of his best drivers (who happen to be his heralds) and then given the opportunity to race him.
    • He has challenged those even outside kart racing, setting his sights on Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner after hearing of their feats on planet Earth, wanting to see if they would have been able to drive as well as they do in space. To the emperor's surprise, they were able to breeze through most of the challenges and even beat Velo in record time. He didn't take well to that accomplishment.
  • Looks can be deceiving as this isn't actually the true form of the emperor and even if said form has been common knowledge ever since his ascension, Velo has done everything in his power to pretend he is NOT a small little alien like the rest of his people. In a way, Velo can be considered the Evil Counterpart to Mosco, except even Velo knows not to oppose a being that functions as a god of Destruction. The destroyer on his part just finds Velo to be mildly amusing and fairly harmless all things considered.
  • Similar to Oxide before him, Velo isn't that beloved among deities from his home universe and even the bad guys don't seem to really like him. Only exception would be N. Trance, who in the past brainwashed a couple of the earthling racers to compete for Velo and sometimes is willing to work with the emperor. Oxide also invited Velo to race in Gasmoxia as part of the final Grand Pix in order to finally prove who is the fastest racer in the universe.
  • His citadel acts as a coliseum of sorts for racers and given it's somewhat related to that sort of games, Velo quickly found himself becoming an enemy of Maximus, whose life as a slave and gladiator made him feel angry that someone like Velo would kidnap people from outer worlds just for his own amusements.
  • He later realized that alone he couldn't do much for his efforts to prove that he is the fastest of the galaxy so he went around the pantheon recruiting a few racers that were willing to team up. Given the fact that he isn't on Captain Falcon's good graces, it was natural that Black Shadow would want to know more about Emperor Velo and he was glad to participate on his behalf if he benefited in some way. He also ended up recruiting Dick Dastardly and Muttley because he felt that his entourage needed more racers who played dirty. Although he is a bit dissapointed with Dastardly's track record of his cheating always backfiring on his face.
  • Surprisingly enough, there were people that were willing to sponsor his racing tournaments. Turns out that Gleeman Vox, seeing as the races held in Velo's Citadel could potentially turn in quite a profit decided to partner with the alien emperor in hopes on making lots of money, as well as finding new participants for DreadZone.
  • His habit of kidnapping racers has been compared with Brainiac habit of shrinking and bottling entire civilizations. The latter ended up scoffing at the comparison as he wouldn't waste time in such frivolous activities like the Emperor does. Velo on his part isn't fond of Brainiac either but doesn't see the need to antagonize him any further and prefers to focus on challenging the best of the best.
  • He is actually not affiliated with either Aku Aku nor Uka Uka and has a mask of his own, amptly named Velo Mask. Not many now where it comes from and if its even sentient to begin with but some deities wonder if Velo has some magical powers that lets him power up masks.
  • "Do you accept my challenge?"

    Meat Boy 
Meat Boy, God of Having Only One Hitpoint (Super Meat Boy)

  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His red squarish body
  • Theme Songs: Super Meat Boy! or Super Meat Boy Forever - Title Screen
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Determinator, Fragile Speedster, Glass Cannon, Resurrective Immortality, Not Having Any Skin, Dying From Any Harmful Object, Being Platforming Partners With Bandage Girl In The Sequel, Nice Guy, Leaving A Trail Of Blood Wherever He Goes, Red Is Heroic, Suffering Repeatedly To Save The Girl, Then Their Child, Getting Killed By Salt
  • Domains: Constant Dying, 1-HP Wonders, Meat, Platformers, Endurance, Challenge, Blood
  • Heralds: Bandage Girl (his lover/wife), Nugget (his infant daughter)
  • High Priest: The Alien Hominid
  • Allies: Fancy Pants Man, The Knight, Mario, Kirby, Isaac, The Blue Elephant, Diogenes, Steve and Alex, The Wolf and The Prince, Crash Bandicoot
  • Odd Friendship with: The Headcrabs
  • Annoyed by: Zote
  • Avoids: The Hall of Vampires
  • Fears: All users of Buzzsaws and salt, including Saira and Kaira as well as The Nameless God
  • Enemies: Dr. Fetus, Eliza, Dr. Cortex
  • While many deities in the House of Gaming fear sources of the One-Hit Kill, there are those who already have so little HP that such things hardly hold meaning for them. And for those with only one singular hitpoint, EVERYTHING is a One-Hit Kill, and as such, they treat everything as equally threatening, knowing that the smallest threat can end their life just as quickly as the biggest forms of overkill. Among those who live and breathe this trope, Meat Boy was renowned for surviving grueling and unfair challenges and obstacles in order to save his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the maniacal Dr. Fetus, responsible for pretty much all of his torment.
    • Not long after, Dr. Fetus had been ascended into the Pantheon in response to his own ascension, much to his frustration. While Dr. Fetus isn't going to be kidnapping either of his heralds anytime soon, it seems that their feuds will still inevitably continue in the Pantheon.
  • After he and Bandage Girl saved their daughter, Nugget, from the clutches of Dr. Fetus, both The Kid and Fancy Pants Man, who Meat Boy used to be a follower of, decided to work to have Meat Boy ascend under One-Hit-Point Wonder, and as such Meat Boy and his family were brought into the Pantheon, now free to explore the Pantheon to their will. That said, the Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon is hardly relevant to Meat Boy since he practically dies all the time in his adventures, to the point where he had to fight off a monstrosity made of dead copies of himself known as Little Horn. At least he won't have to deal with him here.
  • Given that his game was made originally as a tribute to Super Mario Bros. and their similar plots of saving the damsel from their evil nemesis, Mario and Meat Boy would quickly become friendly with each other and on occasion would help each other in their own quests when they deemed it appropriate.
  • Aside from genuinely loving Bandage Girl, he also has a great relationship with her since Meat Boy lacks any skin, which is why he resembles a red walking cube of meat. Otherwise, he is not actually a boy made of meat.
    • Due to this fact, he stays away from salt in general, including deities from Salt and Sanctuary, especially Saira and Kaira for actively using salt in their magic, and The Nameless God practically being made of it, to his horror. He also avoids areas of saltwater by default.
  • Along his initial adventures, he had met a few other characters that would also be able to go through the same deadly stages as he did, including Viridian, Steve, as well as one of the Headcrabs, who for some reason don't target or attack Meat Boy or his family, to the confusion of the other Half Life deities.
  • Made a friend out of Born not only for being 1-HP Wonders and coloring the terrain wherever they go, but he holds much sympathy with Born for the fact that Born obliviously caused destruction through being pursued by the Void, and it has made him think about how his pursuits of Dr. Fetus have led to Dr. Fetus destroying the lands he goes through in the process as well, although unlike with Born, Dr. Fetus would have no problem laying waste to things without Meat Boy.
  • Meat Boy has decided to make a little hang-out club for other One HP Wonder protagonists walking the risky road along with The Kid, which was immediately populated by Viridian, Madeline, and Eryi, who all very often dealt with nasty and deadly obstacles in their struggles. They usually talk about their latest few mishaps in the Pantheon and their attitudes toward death, with Eryi finding herself to nearly masochistic about it, and Meat Boy having grown rather insensitive to it. Sans would also join after he and Meat Boy befriended each other, sympathizing over their concern for their own family members. Later, Reimu and Zee-Tee decided to join in on their club, although the former has been known to have more than one HP as a boss, but Super Meat Boy considers her a qualifying member nonetheless. While Zee-Tee hasn't tried to antagonize anyone in the club yet, Meat Boy can't help but feel suspicious about his alternate form.
    • While the Blue Elephant sometimes has more than 1 HP depending on the game he's in, the Blue Elephant is a welcome friend of them all, and often they take Nugget to play with the Blue Elephant, although Meat Boy does prefer Fancy Pants Man and his sister Cutie Pants as babysitters for Nugget.
    • While not many know this at all, but The Knight used to be the main character of a Newgrounds game called Hungry Knight, which was how Meat Boy managed to recognize the former as an old friend, and they too get along for having to traverse through areas with nasty spikes, saws, and other deadly obstacles.
  • Dr. Cortex finds Meat Boy's existence to be baffling, and decided to send some of his minions to capture him and Bandage Girl, only for Crash Bandicoot to ruin his plan again along with Meat Boy managing to deal with everything thrown at him. Meat Boy himself has noted that Crash is usually a One HP Wonder himself whenever Aku Aku's there to protect him.
  • Had met with Zote, who claimed to be more than his match with his Life Ender, and while Meat Boy initially took Zote seriously, a little slip that led to him being directly hit by Zote would surprise Meat Boy, who found himself still very much alive after being hit by Zote. Not much later, Meat Boy completely brushed off Zote's attempts to fight, only to get tired and punch him back into his own temple.
  • The intense struggling and repeated deaths of Meat Boy in the name of saving Bandage Girl and later their daughter Nugget has made him popular among the House of Family and the House of Love, who welcome them all whenever they're not in the mood to be platforming in the House of Gaming.
  • Gets along well with Kirby, being a general Friend to All Living Things like Nugget, and they often can be found running around in the House of Food, much to the dismay of the rest of the House of Food since Meat Boy tends to leave behind a lot of blood wherever he walks, although the Hall of Flesh Eaters doesn't mind in particular.
  • Eliza has also pursued Meat Boy in order to obtain the blood he leaves behind when platforming everywhere, and seeks to capture him for this purpose, though Meat Boy has been a very tough catch for her, and is willing to punch her lights out given the opportunity. As with her, Meat Boy keeps away from the Hall of Vampires to avoid becoming a juice box for any evil vampire within, though he's ok with the less malicious ones.
  • Meat Boy has taken pity upon Diogenes' struggles to get around the place, finding his trials just as grueling as Meat Boy's even if death is hardly involved. Sometimes, Meat Boy comes by to help out Diogenes whenever the latter gets in a pretty bad spot. He similarly high respect for The Wolf's endeavours to protect the frail Prince, and has hoped the best for their friendship.
  • Being of the same creator, him and Isaac do get along, and hold sympathy for all the pain and suffering they've both gone through, and as such, the two do look out for each other. As for Isaac himself, he always appreciates the company of Meat Boy's family, who treat him far more affectionately than his own.

    Quote and Curly Brace 
Quote and Curly Brace, Conquerors of the Bonus Level From Hell (Quote: Mister Traveler, Soldier From the Surface | Curly: Mimiga Ally, Ally of the Mimigas)
Curly (left), Quote (right)

    Reimu Hakurei 
Reimu Hakurei, Patron Deity of Bullet Hells (Shrine Maiden of Paradise, "Armpit Miko", "Raymoo Hackery", Carl from "Super Force Japan Squad 3: The Sequel")
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A red-and-white Yin Yang Orb
  • Theme Music: Maiden's Capriccio, Mystic Oriental Love Consultation (and the End of Century version when she uses Fantasy Heaven)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Shrine Maidens, Barrier, Danmaku, Extreme Talent and Laziness, Hyperspace Arsenal, Inviting Those She Defeats Into Tea Parties, Doing Her Duty Out of Duty, Non-Discriminating Rudeness and Niceness
  • Domains: Barrier, Philosophy, 'Religion'
  • High Priest: The Pilot
  • Allies: Nanoha Takamachi, Marisa Kirisame, Yukari Yakumo, Rika Furude, Rinnosuke Morichika, Rei Hino, Nagisa Furukawa and the majority of other Touhou deities to various extents
  • The Shrine Maiden of the Paradise, she used to be the Goddess of Mikos until she stepped out of the position.
  • Reimu was once a follower of the Friendship side of Nanoha Takamachi, thus they often hang out together and drink tea together.
  • She keeps a donation box near her Shrine, but nobody from the House of Commerce ever wants to donate any money to her.
  • Possesses an impressive lists of feats, which include having beaten every other character from her series in the Pantheon besides ZUN note . Considering that this includes Eiki Shiki, an Overdeity, this says a lot.
    • Some argue that her feats are just thanks to the Spellcard Rules. However, Marisa is quick to point out that if there were no Spellcard Rules, Reimu would use her power of flight to make herself invincible as long as she wants and win that way. This usually shuts most people up.
  • Formerly located in the House of Philosophy until the House of Faith opened. Reimu moved and hoped that at least it'll get her donation box filled. There... was no success.
    • Her position in House of Faith gave her some unwanted attention. Where most gods complain for her being fine with demons and such visiting her temple, some critique her for not doing a good job as a miko and makings plans to get more donations. Reimu shrugs most of the complains.
    • One of few things where they gave some slack to Reimu concerning her role was with Akeno Himejima, as most gods in the House of Faith are baffled on how a fallen angel with sadomasochistic kinks can be even considered a miko. Reimu doesn't like that comparison. The only two goddesses that don't question Akeno's status as miko in that house are, unsurprisingly, Xenovia and Irina; Akeno would also like to point out that she inherited it from her dead mother... But that only confuses the gods even more.
  • Funnily enough, her shrine was probably the most welcoming of every one from the House of Faith, as she doesn't care who you are as long as you don't plan on destroying her shrine or mess with her purposefully. The only reason why demons aren't quite as welcome as some other people is that she is forced to drive evil spirits away as a miko. Sure, this doesn't mean she cannot be a jerk to everybody, but at least she is fairly neutral around most people.
  • After some time, Reimu got sick of being constantly lectured by the behalf of House of Faith, she decided that she had enough of her position, and moved out, becoming the Patron Deity of Bullet Hells instead. To her surprise, she finally managed to gain donations… out of the wasted arcade tokens and coins which mortals use to continue playing bullet hell games. She does find the occasional yen coin among them, though.
  • She has allowed Gilgamesh to join in her party with barrels of wine to drink. She wish for him to stop courting any of her female guest and herself though, there're only so much Fantasy Seal you could use at self-defense before it being an assault.
  • For a while, Reimu had an influx of prayers of success for the sake of a certain three individuals coming her way. The next day, 2B ascended to the Pantheon. She's sure that's just a coincidence.

    Sekiro/The Wolf 
Wolf, Practitioner of Costly Continues (Sekiro/Seikiro)
  • Lesser God, Intermediate while wielding the Mortal Blade, or should he succumb to Shura he becomes a borderline Greater God
  • Symbol: His katana over his prosthetic arm
  • Theme: Sekiro, the One-Armed Wolf
  • Alignment: True Neutral, steeps into Chaotic Good if he stays loyal to Lord Kuro and Chaotic Evil should he choose to succumb to his bloodlust
  • Portfolio: A shinobi with characteristics of a samurai while having the ability to revive with a cost, can utilize various skills to devastating effects, has a prosthetic arm, enjoys killing to the point of becoming a Shura, unwavering loyalty to Lord Kuro, uses his sword and tools against larger-than-life foes while keeping a curse, either uses stealth to his advantage or whittle his opponents with attacks until he breaks their guard and lands a Shinobi Deathblow becomes a Shura if he forsakes his master
  • Domains: Samurai and Ninjas, Swords, Loyalty, Stealth, Bloodlust
  • Herald: Lord Kuro, his master.
  • Wielder of: The Mortal Blade
  • Allies: None. While Wolf does help some in need, he mostly keeps silent and when spoken, he will most certainly speak in concise sentences. Although others such as Ragna the Bloodedge, Velvet Crowe, Naruto Uzumaki and members of the Joestar bloodline and Belmont Clan have tried to converse with him with little success. Edward Elric, Guts and the Seven Samurai have spoken to him with better progress.
  • Commonality Connection with: The Slayer of Demons, Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse and Ashen One, The Hunter, Jin Sakai
  • Potential Interactions with: Fujiwara no Mokou, Meat Boy, The Kid, William Adams
  • Source of Interest to: The subhouse of Dragons, Orochimaru, Lord Aldia, Moro-no-kimi
  • Enemies: Alex Wesker, Tenebrae, Voldemort, Kars, Abhorash, Kiara Sessyoin, Chakravartin
  • Opposed by: Lady Eboshi
  • In the midst of last few years of the Sengoku period, war has ravaged the land and many clans have lived and died due to the lawlessness of the time. As time has passed, the resurgence of a new power of the Tokugawa Shogunate (or the Interior Ministry) slowly came to be and went through a march to unite the country under a single banner. On the province of Ashina, the eponymous Ashina Clan went to war with the Interior Ministry and succeeded driving them back but the wounds the clan suffered through made them considerably weaker. As 20 years has passed, the clan is at a weakened state and is fighting against an unwinnable war to an old foe. In their heritage however, lies a Lord who is the Divine Heir to the Dragon's Heritage, granting immortality to those who share the same lineage, and in every Lord lies a protector who is at an oath to their master.
    • The tale of the shinobi known as the Wolf (or Sekiro) is limited but what is known is that in his childhood beginnings, he was a simple boy who wandered in the battlefield, able to hold through his composure. Then he crossed paths with the Great Shinobi, known as Owl, took him in to teach him in his ways. 20 years has passed and the Wolf's duty was then relegated to protecting Lord Kuro which was at an unfortunate time when the Ashina Clan's rogue general, Genichiro Ashina, was at a desperate need for a solution against the war. Despite Sekiro's attempts to take him down, he was defeated, with his left arm cut off, his master taken away and his honor. Waking up, he founds out that his left arm was given a "ninja prosthetic" and that his master still lives. Bound by the Iron Code of the Shinobi, he will do whatever it takes to bring back Kuro and with the Dragon's Heritage in him, death is only a minor issue.
  • This ninja is quite an adept warrior, able to take through several samurai and guardsmen with an arsenal of various tools and stealth to assist him. This was thanks to his mentor, Owl, who taught him when he was young. The skills he gained from him would aid him in his journey to rescue his master, Lord Kuro from Genichiro Ashina in the hopes of using the Dragon's Heritage to win against the Interior Ministry. Said journey would not be an easy one, as while death lurks in every corner, his skills would be put to test by the war-torn ruins of the province, from trained warriors of the Ashina Clan, to the mythical creatures of the farthest regions of the land. Regardless, he is experienced and can handle even the mightiest of beast with sword at hand.
    • However, there is one roadblock that can alter Sekiro's path. His mentor, Great Shinobi Owl, has trained him back when he was small and returned, seeing the ancestral heritage of his master would gain him incredible power. Plotting his own foster son on a false mission, he would manipulate the events surrounding the province to capture the Dragon's Heritage while also being prepared for his student's rescue as per the Iron Code. Seeing what the Dragon's blood is capable of, he would attempt to coerce Sekiro to his side as their power would become absolute. Depending on the shinobi's choice, he can disobey the Iron Code and engage Owl, resulting to his death, or join him and turn into a complete Shura in the process, also killing his own father and slaughtering the people of the land for years to come.
  • Wolf was not among those who was welcomed with high praise. If anything, he is rather silent and talks rarely towards the surrounding populace. His deadly skills did not help him in the slightest when it came to first impressions as many were scared of him and rightfully so since he can become a Shura if his bloodlust takes control. As a result, he lurks in the shadows and if he is not fighitng in combat, he is guarding his Heir from harm. Should anyone take him, the Iron Code of the Shinobi has taught him "if he is taken, bring him back at any cost".
    • Those who have "slayed" Sekiro will realize he has the ability to resurrect from the dead. An ability granted to him thanks to the Dragon's Heritage, a bloodline that renders the inheritor immortal. Lord Kuro is the Divine Heir of the bloodline and his protector shares the same. This, combined with some of the side effects of having the Dragon's Heritage, is what lead to him being compared to the Souls protagonists as all four have some sort of ability that renders them used to death, even adding the Hunter to the list as he and the Hunter use aggressive movesets. Perhaps there is more to their connection past their immortal self-being.
  • As mentioned above, Sekiro's immorality grants him the ability to resurrect, given to him by the Dragon's Heritage. He can resurrect at the exact location to where he was slain, continuing the fight where he left off. He can die "for good" but doing so drains the life energy from those around him and causes Dragonrot, a disease that surrounds him and affects anyone he encounters. Thankfully it can be cured but requires the Dragon's Blood Droplet, which are rare to find. As to why the Dragonrot exists, it turns out that his blood is stagnating. The disease manifests this by stealing the life force of others to make up for it. The only way to directly stop this disease is by severing his immortality from both him or the Heir, removing them from the bloodline which either one lives depends on Wolf's decision.
  • Initial reception towards Wolf has been cold though not at the deities at fault as Wolf rarely speaks to anyone. His lack of social skills and his duty as a protector has strained his ability to talk to others, even moreso if him taking pleasure killing his foes makes others put off by him. The first thing people will see before talking to him would be Shinobi Prosthetic on his left arm, which wields various tools for certain situations, including a grapple hook which allows him to hook to walls and other higher areas. It may look old but the arm remains maintained for a very long time.
    • His mechanical arm gave rise to interest by certain gods who also have a prosthetic arm of sorts, so far Ragna, Velvet and Edward Elric have attempted to communicate with him with limited success. The former two were not able to talk to him in extended periods, not to mention Sekiro having some sense of caution upon being approached by Velvet, likely because her empowerment through hatred is similar to him succumbing to his bloodlust and transforming him into a shura. Meanwhile, Edward has done some reading on his portfolio and has made some good talks to his herald Lord Kuro, allowing him to understand portions of Wolf's past and his trials that lead to the dangerous shinobi he is. He is understandable of this and has accepted Ed's interactions with Lord Kuro.
  • The price of immortality has been questioned by certain deities, wondering what use is it living forever and has been the source of all the conflicts for those who wants a taste of its power, something that Genichiro Ashina desired following the discovery of the Immortal Oath in order to win against the Interior Ministry as well as his foster father Great Shinobi Owl and his teacher Lady Butterfly. While the Pantheons does have its fair share of immortals, some of the mortal beings here have an unquenchable thirst for the everlasting gift the Dragon's Heritage has. Even without Genichiro's arrival, the samurai has endured many assaults from various deities, be it from those who came from eugenics like Alex Wesker who has a lack of knowledge on the cost of his power, Tenebrae who's immoral actions reminds him very greatly of Genichiro and various others such as the Senpou Monks who have kidnapped children to replicate the Dragon's Heritage all in the name of a taste of the immortal power and Voldemort who also has gotten a taste of what it feels like but at the same time also felt the flaws of such concept like how he ended up being stuck in limbo.
    • His immortality has also attracted various others who are not only attracted by immortality (regardless of their actions) but as well as others who have been in a bloodline that has lasted for years. Both the Joestar family and Belmont Clan have seen Sekiro's skills as well as his bloodline link to the Divine Dragon to warrant them interacting with him, though as mentioned above, very few have tried to gain anything as the shinobi is not a very social person. What they can gather from their attempts to talk to him have given them some form of understanding as to how the Dragon's Heritage works. That understanding is also what attracted Orochimaru to Sekiro's premises and has commented throughout his engagements that he is a very skilled shinobi even beyond the great villages have. As for Sekiro's opinion on him, he can definitely sense some evil in him and his snake-like attitude reminds quite well about the centipedes that infest the land, a representation of kegare.
      • Eventually, the other immortal-based deities started to take interest when the former deities had their attempts. There was Fujiwara no Mokou who detested her immortality until she was given a purpose, with some saying she grew envious that Sekiro had a chance to remove his immortal well-being, then there was also Kars who saw his bloodline as a strong one and even discovered areas in his world that can grant the same although not similar effect with his Stone Mask and Red Stone of Aja combination such as the Fountainhead Palace which allowed him and the remaining Pillar Men to invade, and finally there was Lord Aldia, who has seen his Immortal Severance to be pitiable although in fairness he was able to see that immortality was not without its own flaws, something he has come to accept upon the discovery of his own by gutting himself out of the Darksign and its cycle.
    • Following Orochimaru's attacks on him, Naruto decided to give the shinobi a visit hearing the implications of his powers and seeing the source of it very much reminded him of his power of the nine-tails that has been sealed inside him. Talking to him was not an easy task as he had a hard time trying to start a conversation with him, although Lord Kuro has told him some of Wolf's stories and the story that lead to Wolf getting the Dragon's Heritage bloodline in him. He also mentions that the shinobi is slowly trying to adapt when it comes to socializing to others and has shown that he can handle Orochimaru on his own without assistance, which shows his fighting capability to be enough to handle him.
  • To say that his lives system is unconventional to many gaming-related gods would be an understatement. The House of Gaming has many deities that have unlimited lives as shown with Meat Boy and the Kid, yet Sekiro has a system that punishes him for death and would greatly benefit if he would have chosen an unlimited lives system, not to mention it makes his journey harder than it needs to be for some of those leaning to the casual side. He declined as he was already content with what he has (a resurrection system that allows him a second chance in the middle of the battlefield), though some of the snarky deities think this is his way of telling the others to "git gud".
  • Beyond the attempts made by others to converse with him, those who do get to talk to him were successful out of similarity beyond physical appearances. The Seven Samurai nearly mistook Sekiro as one of their own, or more specifically Kikuchiyo. Even their own member was confused with the scene but ran with it as the Samurai saw similarities such as the two of them saving innocents from bandits (for Sekiro this is more of an occassion) and in the case of him and Kikuchiyo, the fact that their are both heavily invested in fighting and do not have real names themselves. Guts has also talked with him on numerous occassions and past the similar prosthetic arms they have, they do have quite a lot in common. Driven by vengeance, check. Capable of fighting armies and surviving, check. Tends to be harsh to others yet kind at times, check. Having animal-like motifs and known only by their nicknames, check and check.
    • There is one samurai that has taken Sekiro to interest and that would be the Ghost himself, Jin Sakai. Jin has heard many stories of the Wolf and seeing how the two operate, they find great kinship though the latter is sometimes put off by Sekiro's insistence on the Iron Code and has suggested him to leave the code. To his surprise, leaving the code (or more specifically, the first rule of the code to follow the father) proved to be a far better fate than directly following it since it leads him to becoming a bloodthirsty demon by the end, proving Jin right that a code is very unecessary, although Sekiro's defense also showed that the same code saved his master so there is still place for the Iron Code. Another samurai also took interest with him, that being the the western samurai William Adams, although that is because of the Ashina Clan's war against the Tokugawa forces, otherwise, William will only draw his sword against him if his bloodlust takes over.
  • The House of Dragons have taken him as a special guest of sorts if events in the Fountainhead Palace are of any indication as well as his link to the Dragon's Heritage. The links are numerous, ranging from the name and the side effects of the Dragonrot, to both the plague and heritage being linked to a large Divine Dragon that he also has to fight to save Kuro with. Granted, he did not kill the dragon even with a Mortal Bladenote  but he needed its tears as an ingredient to help sever the bloodline. Some of the dragons in the subhouse accept him but others, particularly Grima are not pleased by his presence.
  • At one point, Iron Town was placed under tight security and many of its members were preparing its weapons. No one knows what the town is doing outside of self-defense but Lady Eboshi personally went to Sekiro's temple and placed a cease-and-desist on him to the town and its inhabitants, a move that confused those in connection with her. Several information digging can reveal that she received news of a similar location that taken some strategies from the town and was invaded by Sekiro namely the Sunken Valley Clan, which may spell bad news that Iron Town would receive the same attack from the shinobi. Since then, she has taken him with personal disdain.
    • On the other hand, San and Moro have seen the shinobi and the former has most especially gained respect towards him as he managed to piss off Eboshi on his presence alone. Reading through his journey, they saw why she despised him very much, outside of being a samurai, of which she does not have a liking upon, he was able to handle his way into the Sunken Valley, a place that has adopted Iron Town's method of combat via gunpowder and cannons. If he is able to repel their attacks against him, surely Iron Town would not survive against him. Moro was more interested in Sekiro's journey as some aspects of his world bore similarity to theirs, be it the centipedes that infest others to achieve immortality through dirtier methods similar to a certain demon corruption to even the Demon of Hatred, which is the Sculptor who gave him his prosthetic arm akin to Okkotonushi and his eventual transformation to a demon born of hatred. The very last thing to conclude her interest was the gigantic Shimenawa effigy that brought him to the Fountainhead Palace which she nearly mistook for the Great Forest Spirit. These observations believe that Sekiro may be one with nature and has welcomed him alongside San.
  • There is one thing that some deities really need to watch out for towards Sekiro and that is with bloodlust. It should be noted that he enjoys his killing and has become feared to some by his presence. There is a reason why he was chosen as Lord Kuro's protector, all thanks to the training given to him by Great Shinobi Owl who also introduced him the Iron Code. It goes without saying that by him being cruel and selfish at certain times and engulfing himself in his bloodlust that he will become a shura, a demon that enriches itself through killing. This was the discovery Abhorash saw when he challenged Sekiro at one point and nearly made it an equal fight between the two. The shinobi woke up in the House of Life and Vitality, seeing many of the good deities scared the moment he woke up hinting that the shura is rightly feared.
    • Speaking about the shura itself, the meaning of the term comes in two ways, Japanese descriptions call it as someone who is stuck in an endless war with something, likely made by their own actions, while Buddhist terminology points to a shortened version of Asura, a demigod of war. It is because of this that bloodlust is a sensitive topic when Wolf is nearby, even moreso when the religions of both Shinto and Buddhist influence are in the mix as his transformation as a shura was mostly likely influenced by karma, as him being selfish and abandoning his senses is what transformed him to a demon. The religious nature of Sekiro's homeland is what made him a prime icon for those linked with it, Kiara and Chakravartin especially.
  • "Do what must be done. I will live by these words, as my master does."


    The Blue Elephant 
Achievement unlocked! In the Fold: Clicked folder in TV Tropes Pantheon

The Blue Elephant, God of Achievement Mockery
Achievement unlocked! Say Cheese!: Took a picture
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Itself (bowler hat optional)
  • Theme Music: Four Beers’ Polka; Manic Polka
    • Achievement unlocked! Melody Time: Listen to music
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Deconstruction Game, A Winner Is You, Acrofatic
  • Domains: Elephants, Achievements, Adventure
  • Allies: Kevin MacLeod, Gnome Chompski, Ganesha, Dumbo, Horton, The Herd (especially Manfred, Ellie, & Buck), Eryi, The EBF Team
  • Enemies: Guinea Creatures, Mammoth Mogul, The Great Mighty Poo, Dr. Hamsterviel
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Daffy Duck
  • Foil to: The Goat
  • Life is but an inevitability for everyone and they can either be content with what they have or believe that they don’t have enough and strive to do more. The latter mindset is what this little blue elephant seemingly has and he is looking to accomplish things in ways never thought possible, let alone conceivable or sane. Inside a strangely designed set filled with traps and items the elephant can interact with, achievements await the elephant and are earned through various means, ranging from performing simple actions, performing obtuse actions, or even dying in overly specific circumstances. That elephant has done many more besides those things and while it may come off as strange to some to earn an achievement for awkward reasons, to that elephant, it’s a sense of accomplishment to be able to fulfill those actions.
  • The elephant found itself in a room different from all the other rooms it had been in. While it had the usual tricks and settings the elephant was familiar with such as spikes and arrows, there was a lion dressed up like a cat that was wearing an obviously fake crown who claimed that it would unlock a door on the ceiling leading to a great place if the elephant could appease it. Given that this is an elephant who has done weird things, the elephant managed to, among other things, repeatedly fly into spikes, send some corpses into the flimsy ceiling door, run across a wheel, and input some strange specific codes. Once all was said and done, the lion-cat false king told the elephant that “the people up there were waiting” and the elephant went up and up until it reached the destination. A portal high in the sky greeted the elephant and stepping forth led the elephant to what was known as the Pantheon and considering what awaits at that place, the elephant considered getting to that place an achievement on its own.
    • Achievement unlocked! Godsend: Gain Pantheon godhood.
  • Having encountered some other elephants throughout its journey, it wouldn’t take long for this tiny blue one to encounter others of its kind. Upon encountering Ganesha, the tiny elephant believed that this figure was the literal god of all elephants, though it was corrected in that regard by the elephant-headed deity. As it turned out, Ganesha was a god of success, remover of obstacles, and revered figure of fortune. While some believe that Ganesha seemingly blessed that tiny elephant a while back for good luck given how much the small animal has accomplished, Ganesha was quiet on the rumors, but he is still friendly towards the tiny elephant otherwise. There were other elephants that this tiny figure was able to befriend through strange methods, including trying to take flying lessons with Dumbo and taking care of strange creatures with Horton.
    • Achievement unlocked! Faithful elephants: Befriend other elephants.
    • The little blue elephant had to go up against a mammoth named Wooly that stole its bowler hat and while the two were able to be friends with each other at the end via borrowing each other’s hats, no such friendship exists with Mammoth Mogul. A power-hungry mammoth known for his planning and immortality, Mammoth Mogul was someone who was willing to take his time to achieve his goals and while a tiny elephant may seem insignificant to someone like him, the fact that said tiny elephant has been able to achieve a lot, be it through sheer willpower or with access to a lot of weapons, did give Mammoth Mogul a reason to modify his plans in case that elephant ends up getting involved with him somehow. That said, the tiny elephant did have an easier time hanging out with a herd of prehistoric animals led by two mammoths: Manfred and Ellie. In particular, the tiny elephant sometimes gets involved in adventures related to Buck, who has used the tiny elephant as a mount on occasion.
  • Music always plays a role in a story and that rule is no exception to this tiny elephant. Some perceptive Pantheon patrons noticed that some of the music that played during that elephant’s adventures were made by Kevin Macleod and upon finding out about this, sought a visit to that composer. After some trials, tribulations, and terror in a room filled with air vents and spikes, the elephant eventually met up with Kevin, who was a bit surprised to see a much smaller-than-normal elephant meet up with him, but such strange things have become expected in a place as wacky as the Pantheon. The composer maintains a good relation with this elephant and a handful of his music pieces have since been associated with that elephant. Speaking of music, the elephant has made some rudimentary pieces of music in its spare time, though it has a ways to go before making something much more complex.
    • Achievement unlocked! Autograph?: Meet someone related to the production of Achievement Unlocked.
  • One character that the elephant met in its quest to gain as many achievements as possible was The Hamster King which, despite its name, was actually a guinea pig disguised as a hamster. That wouldn’t be the only time the elephant encountered a guinea pig disguising itself as another animal as there were giant guinea pigs that wore silly costumes present in the Pantheon. While The Hamster King was something of a hassle, these Guinea Creatures were much more dangerous and it wasn’t helped by the fact that an army of them wearing elephant costumes went on a rampage one day, stepping on that tiny elephant that was trying to escape the commotion several times until things settled down and the Guinea Creatures were put in captivity again. While there was an achievement for getting stepped on by these giant monsters, these Guinea Creatures aren’t really the kinds of characters the tiny elephant would want to meet again, especially if they’re wearing elephant costumes.
    • Achievement unlocked! Step on it: Get squashed by someone wearing an elephant costume.
    • Those Guinea Creatures weren’t the only gerbil that gave the tiny elephant problems. Dr. Hamsterviel was another gerbil-like entity that ended up giving the little elephant a hard time, though that likely started with the elephant somehow thinking that Hamsterviel was a mutated guinea pig dressed up like a rabbit. Not only did Hamsterviel take it poorly, but he was enraged after learning that the tiny elephant ransacked his laboratory thinking that a so-called “achievement” would be attained by making an alien out of messed up science experiments. He vowed to get payback at that tiny elephant by not only making an experiment that would surpass that thing in terms of achievements, but making sure that the same mistakes that Jumba made in designing 627 would not be repeated there (and to prove Hamsterviel is better than Jumba on top of that).
  • In some ways, the blue elephant can be seen as a counterpart to The Goat. Both are animals that explore certain areas, perform odd actions, and gain a bunch of strange achievements doing so, but The Goat has a much more chaotic and destructive streak compared to the well-meaning, if rather eccentric, elephant. The elephant ended up getting caught in The Goat’s path more than once, often being sent flying to unusual places including outer space thanks to The Goat’s unpredictability. These particular encounters tend to be much more volatile if the elephant is somehow pulling around a cart full of weapons during those times.
    • Achievement unlocked! Life Simulator version 2.0.3: Get caught up in The Goat’s mayhem.
  • Gnome Chompski was something that the elephant became enamored with after hearing about it was possible to attain difficult achievements with that garden gnome. For a while, the elephant decided to take Gnome Chompski with it on adventures over the course of a month and not only treated it as a companion cube, but took the gnome in a rocket, went inside the rocket itself, piloted said rocket for it to go across the galaxies of the Pantheon, got lost in another dimension, fought in a massive war that was widespread and ongoing in that dimension that ultimately proved pointless, and returned back home with Gnome Chompski and a miniature replica of said rocket. It is said that Gnome Chompski enjoys the company of that elephant and that there are many more achievements related to that gnome that the elephant hasn’t acquired just yet.
    • Achievement unlocked! Travelocity: Go on a world tour with Gnome Chompsky and not lose him.
  • Eryi managed to learn of another deity that took on platforming challenges and died several times doing so and was a bit surprised to learn of what that tiny elephant was really after. While it has indeed died quite a bit in its quest to find as many achievements as possible, some of those deaths were deliberate on the elephant’s part. Nevertheless, Eryi found a tiny elephant to be rather adorable and attempted to get it, but not before somehow dying by touching it (followed by the elephant dying at her hands). Still, the two managed to share the same sense of tenacity and determination in trying to get what they want and they’ve become friends since their first meeting with each other.
    • Achievement unlocked! Days of our Lives: Get killed by Eryi while being killed by her.
  • Being able to effortlessly earn achievements, no matter how meaningless some of them may be, was bound to make the elephant a target of jealousy from some in the Pantheon. Daffy Duck, who has been known to try and upstage others, was irritated by the tiny elephant as not only did it earn achievements through odd means, but Daffy was reminded of a time that a tiny elephant made him a laughingstock on live television when trying to deny it and that costed him whatever was left of a fortune he was given. Not wanting to be disgraced by another tiny elephant, Daffy set up a very elaborate competition featuring himself and that elephant and whoever would get the most achievements would win. Unfortunately for Daffy, not only did that elephant easily win the contest, but the whole thing was televised, showcasing viewers that Daffy wasn’t able to get any reaction from the live audience, which was crucial to getting achievements of some sort (and to add insult to injury, the elephant managed to get an achievement for making the audience fall asleep). Despite the elephant not holding anything against Daffy, the duck saw that tiny elephant as not unlike Bugs Bunny when it comes to easily taking the spotlight from him, but without whatever traits Bugs had for Daffy to tolerate him.
  • One of the more disconcerting elements of this elephant is the fact that it is able to poop pastries (fittingly referred to as “poop-pastries”) and eat them. Allegedly, some of the big eaters who tried it didn’t taste anything wrong with these pastries, but considering that these are words coming from the mouths of big eaters, it’s hard to say if it’s really true or not. One deity who had a particular interest in these poop-pastries was The Great Mighty Poo, a repulsive living piece of excrement with a beautiful singing voice and an appearance that drove away those that encountered him. While the tiny elephant did stick around for a while at whatever location The Great Mighty Poo was at, even that elephant didn’t feel like sticking around permanently and with the help of oddly placed buttons in The Great Mighty Poo’s lair, sent the singing poo down the drain, along with a good amount of poop-pastries, both separately and those somehow eaten by that operatic excrement.
    • Achievement unlocked! Bad Taste: Sit through an entire performance of The Great Mighty Poo.
  • The blue elephant has ventured into other games' worlds, which the likes of the Epic Battle Fantasy protagonists can attest to. Natalie and Anna in particular have actually wore the blue elephant as a hat, and thankfully not the kind of hat that would raise eyebrows. The blue elephant simply stands on their head, and it actually affects their abilities in battle, granting several elemental resistances and increasing their ability to inflict status effects. On occasion, the blue elephant is able to drop entire mammoths on the enemy, an unpleasant experience for those who don't appreciate getting squished by large animals. Of course, this has led to other protagonists of similar genres to see if they can get the blue elephant on their heads to see if it does anything to them.
    • Achievement unlocked! Dressed as Success: Become equipment for a Level 30+ character.
  • Achievement unlocked! Editor's Choice: Edit an existing profile.
  • Achievement unlocked! Underachiever: Find 10 achievements in this profile.
  • Achievement unlocked! Beep Beep!: Annoy someone with constant achievements.
  • If it weren’t obvious enough, the Pantheon has so many things going on that performing certain stuff there would warrant an achievement of some sort. While certain denizens of the Pantheon wouldn’t bother with such menial tasks, to the elephant, it’s just the beginning and has continued to make plenty of achievements of its own, including some that many wouldn’t even think of doing. Among them include infiltrating the the entirety of tightly secure Pantheon spots without getting caught (though achievements exist for getting caught in specific ways), accidentally destroying the entire Pantheon, getting involved with subsequent rebuildings of the Pantheon, and just utter randomness that’s up to everyone to find out.
    • Achievement unlocked! Profiled: Read TV Tropes Pantheon profile

Achievement unlocked! Get a Life!: Went through the entirety of the TV Tropes Pantheon and clicked every possible link found there.

    The Zoombinis 
The Zoombinis, Co-Deities of Logic Puzzle Roadblocks

  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Themselves, with varying legs, hair, eyes, and nose color
  • Theme Song: Zoombiniville
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Waddling Heads, Mix-and-Match Critters, Searching For A New Home After Theirs Gets Taken Over by the Bloats, Must Solve Logic Puzzles At Every Turn To Progress, Can Survive Various Life-Threatening Falls Without Suffering A Scratch
  • Domains: Puzzles, Logic, Migration
  • Hearlds: The Boolies
  • Allies: Professor Layton, The Smurfs, Robin, Abe, The ChuChus, Link, Kosmo & Nova
  • Enemies: Corrupt Corporate Executive Deities, Amanda Young and Mark David Hoffman, The Coachman, The Aryan Brotherhood, GLaDOS
  • Fear: The Glukkons
  • The Zoombinis once lived peaceful, happy lives on their home of Zoombini Isle. Each differed in some manner, be it a different-colored nose, quantity/style of eyes, hairstyle, or feet. However, these differences mattered not to these industrious, determined creatures. All this changed one day when the Bloats arrived. They promised that their changes would ultimately bring further joy to the Zoombinis. Instead, they almost ended up a Slave Race to them. This was when the Zoombinis began their escape plan: they would flee the island they once called home and journey to a new land to settle down. This journey proved successful and from there, they founded their new home: Zoombiniville.
  • A group of sixteen Zoombinis were exploring the area near Zoombiniville one day when they found a door. Said door could only be opened if they lined each other up based on their feet. They passed the test with flying colors and discovered, on the other side, lied the Trope Pantheon before their very eyes (or "eye", in some cases). Professor Layton, impressed by these being's ability to overcome seemingly-randomly-placed logic puzzles, vouched for their ascension into the Pantheon, which they would earn their title: "Co-Deities of Logic Puzzle Roadblocks".
  • One of the first groups to greet the Zoombinis were The Smurfs. The latter shares the strife of adventuring and avoiding the clutches of those who wish to abuse them, and thus became fast friends. Abe also has the respect for the Zoombinis. He empathizes with their need to escape from an oppressive regime, which he had to do on multiple occasions already. Similarly, the ChuChus also had to flee their homeworld in search of new ones at the hands of an enemy. These common allies have helped the Zoombinis not feel alone in this new location. Kosmo is also in a similar boat to the Zoombinis, having to solve all manner of puzzle to put his love, Nova, back together.
  • Professor Layton quickly grew an interest in the Zoombinis upon hearing about their escapades. A solver of often-arbitrary puzzles himself, he decided to assist them in whatever trials the Pantheon would offer. For example, when one path gave way into a mysterious light grid, it was Layton who was able to solve what needed to be done. He helped the Zoombinis cross the chasm using unusually strong bubbles, being careful as to not guide them the wrong way. An unusual experience, but one that strengthened the bond between the two.
  • Robin happened upon the Zoombinis upon observing them in a peculiar pickle. They were trying to find a way to activate a water pump so they could being cultivating a garden but said pumps could only be activated based on matches of their varying anatomy. Using his cunning intellect, Robin strategized a way that each in the group could organize themselves and make their way through the system without losing anyone. Nobody knows why this pump had such a convoluted system of operation, but this interaction revealed yet another ally for the Zoombinis to lean on.
  • Link also finds himself enjoying the company of the Zoombinis. His quests have seen him, and his many incarnations, solving all manner of unusual puzzle. Some of the Toon variants recall their quests and having to solve some peculiar puzzles, some of which involved the varying anatomy of the Anouki. Other variations are reminded of the fairies which aided them on their journeys. Regardless, Link has offered up his arsenal of weapons and equipment to assist these new allies however necessary.
  • Sherlock Holmes is sometimes seen observing the Zoombinis' actions. While not actively involved in assisting them like others, he is curious about how their everyday lives seem to resemble a bunch of puzzles. His current theory is that it is some sort of game, a game won by guiding all the Zoombinis to their destination. He appreciates their escapades and means of teaching others the way of logical thinking.
  • When Crazy Dave caught news that the Zoombinis ascended, he immediately went over to see if it was true, with plants in hand. To his relief, he saw a bunch of blue WaddlingHeads, as opposed to the undead on ice-cleaning machinery. It turns out he accidentally blocked one of the "o"s on the welcome pamphlet with a finger, hence the confusion. He quickly apologized for this blunder and went back to his usual business.
  • Papyrus, upon seeing the Zoombinis, enjoyed the opportunity to meet some new monsters in the Pantheon. As part of their started relationship, he decided to make some puzzles for them to solve. They were supposed to be incredibly challenging and brain-wracking, but instead they ended up being incredibly easy to solve. One of them involved a path that could only be taken by those with orange noses, which he revealed while walking back, needing to wear one to avoid the failure condition. The Zoombinis themselves don't seem to mind his silly escapades.
  • A few Zoombinis have taken up jobs in the House of Food. Specifically, they act as waiters, providing people with what they ordered. Given their experience serving pizza to some hungry trolls, their skills transferred over well, and made them popular among some of the pizza-loving deities as well. It certainly helps that, unlike the trolls, people here tend to say exactly what they want the first time, so no trial-and-error is needed here.
  • Given their previous history, Zoombinis are not fond of those who mistreat their subordinates, let alone enslave them. They are leary of The Coachman who, despite his promises of fun on his Pleasure Island, is known for turning his patrons into donkeys before selling them off to work in salt mines. They are especially bothered by the fact that, like the Bloats and their takeover, he got off completely scott-free. Similarly, The Aryan Brotherhood, infamous for their own slavery and policing of culture, hits far too close to home for the Zoombinis, given their own holidays were slowly cancelled at the hands of their own oppressors.
    • Though, compared to those two, The Glukkons seem far worse an entity to deal with. The concept of having to work under a tyrannical industry, selling off your own workforce as foodstuff, such actions for the Zoombinis made the Bloats look like saints in comparison. They dare not be near them out of fear of how they might abuse them.
  • Amanda Young and Mark David Hoffman decided to test this personally by setting up a death trap for them. Each room was specifically designed in such a manner that at least one Zoombini will be forced to take the blow. It took some outside intervention by some of the smartest minds in the Pantheon to get them out of this predicament. Angered by this result, the two now plots their revenge, a new death trap without any sort of all-survival loophole.
  • Upon hearing about their arrival and puzzling escapades, GLaDOS got the ideas of many tests she could perform on the Zoombinis. These range from seeing how Zoombinis can handle Aperture Science Weighted Cubes, going through portals, problem solving their way to a button, whether their noses allow them to be affected by deadly neurotoxins, et cetera. Needless to say, she is not allowed near the Zoombinis for the sake of their life. This especially held true after the Young and Hoffman incident.
  • Sometime after their discovery of Zoombiniville, some scouts were sent to check on their previous home of Zoombini Isle. During their time away, the Bloats had ransacked the island, leaving it in a state of ecological dismay. The source of its degrade was tracked down to a lack of moths to pollinate the flowers, thus depriving the local fauna of food. While some Zoombinis have already left to restore the island to its natural state, some have asked the Pantheon's denizens to assist in the cause as well. They are also recruiting some of the insect deities to come over and move the process along. So far, Team Snakemouth and Barry B. Benson have agreed to assist in this project, the latter knowing what a lack of pollinating insects can do to the world already. Captain Planet and his Planeteers have also joined the cause for restoring the island to its former glory.


    Gnome Chompski 
Gnome Chompski, Patron Saint of Hard Achievements (Garden Gnome, Travelling Gnome, Little Rocket Man, Guardin' Gnome)
  • Quasideity (Intermediate God if pissed off)
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Escort Mission, That One Achievement, Doom Magnet, Garden Gnome, Has travelled to space.
  • Domains: Gnomes, Inanimate Objects, Hard Achievements
  • Allies: Gordon Freeman, Chell, The Green Flu Survivors, David, The Mann's co Mercenaries, All the gods in the House of Plants, The Farmer, Youmu Konpaku, Hong Meiling, The Blue Elephant
  • Rival: The Companion Cube
  • Enemies: Lord Jaraxxus, The Weeping Angels, Evil undead and Dinosaur gods
  • Good Luck Charm for: Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Scott Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Frank West, Lee Everett and Clementine, Tallahassee, Saeko Busujima
  • A simple garden Gnome just showed up one day and nobody knew who he was, what he wanted or simply why he was here. Later he was recognized as Gnome Chompski and apparently the SCP Foundation tried to do some research but found nothing wrong with him.
    • However, Gordon Freeman picked up the Gnome and left him in the House of Gaming. According to some gods, he had to carry the Gnome throughout all his journey back in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 because of an achievement. It was decided that until further notice, he will retain the title of Hard Achievements.
  • David the Gnome was surprised to see a fellow gnome in here and invited Chompski to his temple. He stated that Chompski actually talked about his adventures in space where he befriended two strange robotic talking Spheres before crashing on here.
  • Rumors said that he once travelled to space. Nobody knows what adventures the gnome have gone into but apparently this would explain how he ended up here in the first place.
  • Chompski has been confused for another Garden Gnome who appears to have teleporting powers. It has been stated that this particular Gnome is actually Chompski's Cousin and he may be the one responsible for getting him out of space. There is a reason they are called the Travelling Gnomes.
  • Because he is a garden Gnome, Chompski is commonly found hanging around in the Subhouse of Plants every now and then. The gods living there say he is pretty good watcher and is actually one of the few gods who can freely explore the entire house without being attacked by the Tree defenders. However, many do wonder how he even manages to explore that house in the first place.
    • He has also be found hanging around with the likes of The farmer, Hong Meiling and Youmu Konpaku. They enjoy his presence when he stands in their respective gardens and have nicknamed him "Guardin' Gnome", since the number of accidents in their gardens have decreased since Chompski's arrival.
  • One particular day, Gnome Chompski found himself in the Doorsteps of the Temple of Lord Jaraxxus. The demon wasn't particularly happy that, in his view, defying his authority and inmediately confronted him:
    Chompski: "..."
    • Later reports stated that the entire House of Gaming was found in Ruins Hours ago but the Garden Gnome latter appeared to be Unharmed. Annoyed, Jaraxxus went to the House of Demons to calm himself a little. Rumor say that the Trollkaiger is actually behind all this commotion.
  • Some gods actually found a really good job for the little garden Gnome. Because by any normal means he can't move, he was actually put in front of the Weeping Angels to see what happenned. The gnome has been proven as the perfect counter for the Statues should they get out of control, which didn't sit well with them.
  • SCP foundation has deemed him as a really dangerous god to be around, as anyone who does get close to him will expirience all sort of Misfortune. A group of survivors had actually picked him once in a Carnival, and almost ended on the brink of death because of the Gnome's Mysterious curse.
  • Many Zombie apocalypse's survivors had grown fond of the Garden Gnome and consider him some sort of Lucky Charm compared to what happenned back in Suetopia.
  • While he is pretty docile and harmless, if you do happenn to piss him off, be prepared to face his wrath. There was one time where he single-handedly ended a Zombie and dinosaur invasion, so be careful.
  • Crazy Dave has claimed that Chompski is actually the herald of a race of gnomes from beyond time itself. And that he owns a bookstore in Suburbia. Chompski, for his part, has not commented.
  • Being someone that was more than willing to earn achievements no matter how stupid they are, The Blue Elephant took an interest in Gnome Chompski and how that gnome became associated with hard-to-earn achievements and has taken him on a bunch of wild adventures. On his end, the gnome enjoys the elephant's company and even if the elephant has managed to earn some achievements related to Gnome Chompski, The Blue Elephant hasn't managed to achieve all of them so far.
  • For the record, he is in no way related to Noam Chomsky.