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Greater Gods

    Zet the Arc Warden 
Zet, God of Unfair Exploits That Got Fixed (Arc Warden, The Self)
  • Rank: Greater God (Originally an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: Two Divine Rapiers Surging with electricity.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (With Lawful Good intentions)
  • Portfolio: Badass Cape, Expendable Clone, Glass Cannon, Dark Is Not Evil, Item Caddy, Magikarp Power, Magnetism Manipulation, Humanoid Abomination, Eldritch Abomination, Time Abyss, Shock and Awe, Wants to end Radiants and Dire's Conflict.
  • Domains: Nerfs, Electricity, Magnetism, Clones, Unfairness
  • Allies: Ezalor, Phoenix, Enigma, Zeus,Garen and Yurnero
  • Enemies: Anyone who causes disunity. Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Melkor.
  • Conflicting Opinon on: Chaos-Knight, Lucifer
  • Disgusted by: All of the Alliances (Slightly less with the GUAG but the contempt is there.)
  • Rivals: Thresh and Harry Dresden (Harry Is a FriendlyRival.)
  • One while practicing their spinning techniques, Yurnero and Garen heard a rumor about a deity who could destroy a base without actually leaving from his own. Garen was confused to hear about such a deity, but Yurnero knew that if it was who he thought it was, then something is wrong. Sure enough, when The Champions of Runeterra were practicing on Summoners Rift, a dark blue figure who had two golden swords was destroying their inhibitors and soon the nexus. Nasus after watching some battles from the Defenders of the Ancients, realized that the figure had 2 divine rapiers in its hands. The team who fought against the figure destroyed the odd humanoid but the rapiers didn't drop. Yurnero came to see the figure and identified it as Zet the Arc Warden. Soon, Arc Warden came to explain it was practicing and did not mean to ruin the practice of the champions. Garen put that fact behind him and welcomed him to the pantheon.
  • Apparently does not understand how gender pronouns work. Always refers to itself as "The Self" or when referring to others he says "Your self". Some females in the pantheon find this to be cute, but Zet doesnt understand why.
  • Made a deal with Zeus and gave him a fraction of his power that he had in exchange to aiding Zet with dealing with the Dire and Radiant.
  • He is acquaintances with the 4 fundamentals and the star known as Phoenix. However, out of all them he seems to feel discomfort around Chaos Knight due to the fundamental spreading chaos around the universe. Zet understands that this is the job of Chaos Knight but it still irks him.
  • Absolutely despises Amatsu-Mikaboshi due to his spread of disunity and his petty reason for trying to end life as we know it. The Primordial Chaos plans on dealing with Zet later on.
  • Also dislikes those who meddle with powers they cannot comprehend. such as Carl the Invoker. However Invoker being Invoker, he ignores the wardens warning.
  • Respects Chronos due to him being a responsible keeper of time unlike a certain insect in his world.
  • Thresh is a rival of his due to them both being wardens.
  • Some say that Zet was originally a gnoll warden, a hyena like creature from Azeroth. Zet has yet to comment on this.
  • He dislikes the alliances, though if he were to align with one it would be the GUAG. The GUAD, GUAE and GUAC cause too much disunity, though Lucifer does not seem to irk him as much as Melkor and Nekron do. The GUAL absolutely disgusts him due to The Great Will causing disunity by spreading lies. These alliances remind him of Diruulth and Radianthul's conflict.
  • When people see him with divine rapiers the grow fearful as, Zet originally could destroy anyone or anything that stood in his way. Later on this was Nerfed yet Zet is still considered strong by mortals.
  • Harry Dresden and him are rivals but there is no malice in between the 2 wardens. The two of them compete to see who can hold their positions longer while guarding foes.
  • He heard of a being named Harbinger and went to go visit his old ally from the Dire. However, this Harbinger caused much trouble for someone named Shepard and Zet has avoided the reaper.

Intermediate Gods

    The Kid 
The Kid, Divine Survivor of Platform Hell (The New Guy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Butt-Monkey, Death Is Cheap, Kid Hero, One H Itpoint Wonder, Perpetual Smiler, To Be a Master,
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Luck, Toil, Glory
  • Followers: The Boy, Boshy
  • Herald: The Lad
  • Allies: Mario, Samus, House of Children, Arthur, Ratchet
  • Rivals: Zangief, Sans
  • Enemies: Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Dracula, Mother Brain, Andrew Hussie
  • Opposes: Relius Clover, Leona, Tyrande Whisperwind
  • Respected by: Little Mac
  • It was the day the Kid had dreamed of. The Kid always dreamed of standing side-by-side with his inspiration. He had beaten all sorts of dangerous enemies to get to this point. When he finally made it to the Guy's temple, he hoped it would be enough to put him in the Pantheon. Turns out there was more to it than meets the eye. The Guy wasn't even the man the Kid aspired to be. He referred to be called the Father; he's only called the Guy because he killed the previous owner. The Kid attacked the imposter with immense rage. Thus, a battle of epic proportions commenced. After several hours of battling, the Kid had slain The Guy, banishing him from the Pantheon. When faced with his followers, he declared that he would build a new temple to wash away the memory of this battle. He also refused to take up the freed-up title, instead calling himself the Divine Survivor of Platform Hell. Who he will give the old title to will be revealed in due time.
    • He also had to sidestep a bit to avoid a tasty delicious fruit to smash him to death while delivering his declaration.
  • The amount of bosses he had to defeat to get this far is an impressive list. To date he had defeated gods such as Bowser, Dracula, Dr. Eggman and Mother Brain as well as an assortment of other non-ascended enemies. They were all paid by the Guy to prevent this day from happening. They all have a bone to pick with the Kid, hoping to avenge their losses.
    • The one exception seems to be Zangief. Although he wasn't one of the bosses the Kid defeated, he did lose a valuable follower that day. Still, this only drove the Russian to demand a match against the Kid to prove his strength.
  • Among those who aided him in his quest to defeat the Guy was Mario. The God of Mascots has searched vigorously to find a replacement, seeing the Guy as unfit for the role. Mario himself has been subject to similar abuse in various games. He serves as a mentor role for the Kid in the Pantheon.
    • The same can be said for Samus. The bounty hunter may well be the second biggest platform victim in Nintendo.
    • Another character familiar with difficult games, Arthur was intrigued to discover that the Kid also had to fight zombies in a level similar to his own. Even more impressive as the Kid always had one hit-point to work with.
  • Little Mac greeted the Kid after his ascension. Anyone who manages to beat Mike Tyson in a match would earn the Boxing Battler's respect.
  • There is a tale of a being called The Lad who is on his own quest to find the Kid. Although he has no knowledge of the Pantheon, the Lad has the blessings of the Kid to complete his mission. Whether he can find a way to enter the Pantheon remains to be seen.
  • The House of Children has taken a liking to The Kid. Even the most unlikable children in the house admit that his body count is impressive.
  • It's no surprise that he shares a hatred with Rellius, given the man was one of the Guy's biggest benefactors. The Puppeteer couldn't care less, barely even spending much time fighting in their encounters.
  • At first, the Kid wasn't that impressed with Sans's boss fight, depicting it as too easy. That is until he found out what the skeleton did to the Fallen Child. The Kid has been bugging him to challenge him ever since, with Sans nonchalantly teasing him with boss fights… but none that were that tough. In fact, he barely exerts any effort into it. If such a thing were to happen…expect a battle that could destroy the Pantheon itself.
  • NEVER MENTION FRUITS TO THE KID. Just… don't. Especially cherries. The House of Food has been careful not to show him any fruit.
  • Vehemently blames Leona and Tyrande for all the times the moon dropped on his head. Indeed, it has be the greatest source of all of his deaths. And it's still out to kill him, even after he had successfully ascended.
  • He holds the giant gun the Guy previously held as his main weapon as a reminder of all the toil he had to endure to earn it. Ratchet paid a visit to examine the weapon. He found it rather impressive someone if his size being capable of holding such a huge weapon. That's coming from a god who is well known for carrying such guns.
  • Much to his surprise, his creator Kayin has a sponsor in the name of Andrew Hussie. Together, they relished in pitting the Kid in increasingly absurd levels and traps. They even give tips to his other enemies on how to further troll the Kid.
  • While he was roaming through the House of Power, he received a kick from behind, courtesy of Might Guy. The God of Dynamic Entries didn't know that any hit can kill him. Once the Kid respawned, he challenged Guy to a duel at a later date.

    The Legendary Titans 
Regice, Registeel and Regirock, Triumvirate Deities of Necessary Guides and Absurdly Obtuse Puzzles (Legendary Titans, Legendary Golems, The Regi Trio | Regice: The Iceberg Pokémon | Registeel: The Iron Pokémon | Regirock: The Rock Peak Pokémon)


Lesser Gods

Diogenes, God of Checkpoint Starvation (The Man in the Cauldron, The Man in The Pot, Baldy, Mr. Clean, Muscles)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His cauldron and sledgehammer
  • Themesong: A soft piano jazz
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Having Big Muscles That Actually Mean Something, Scaling the Summit with Zero Checkpoints Whatsoever, Climbing Using a Sledgehammer, Commuicating Only in Grunts, Having the Heroic Willpower to Climb an Impssible Mountain, Never Giving Up, Being Manipulated by Terrible Controls, Painfully Continuing With His Climb
  • Domains: Game Mechanics, Mountains, Rage.
  • Allies: Madeline, The Kid, The Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, Chrom, Rico Rodriguez, Stanley, Frisk, Rosalina
  • Enemies: The Narrator, The GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Opposes: Snakes and Snake-like beings
  • Everyone has undergone a journey at some point, either to discover themselves or just for the sake of adventuring and that brings us to the story of these unusual person. The Man in the Cauldron, real name Diogenes, is someone who by some unexplained reason got himself stuck in a cauldron and found himself in a remote area in the middle nowhere, with the only goal to reach the top of the mountain, with only a sledgehammer, his strenght and edurance and his sheer determination. Those who have witnessed his adventure had said to have suffered from rage outbursts, immense sadness and a desire to break everything but those who got to the end said that they felt accomplished. There wasn't a safe stop for our hero but he overcame all obstacles and for that he was awarded the title of Checkpoint Starvation.
    • During his ascension, Diogenes emerged from his cauldron. Except that instead of having a regular ascension like many other deities had in the past, someone in the Court of Gods had the bright idea to place him in the bottom of a mountain to see if he was willing to climb it just to become a deity. The journey was harsh and unforgiving but he triumphed and in the end he was received by a thunderous applause to all the witnessing deities that saw the shirtless men ascend to godhood. When questioned afterwards, the man simply decided to wander off to some quiet place, saying nothing about what has transpired.
  • For a deity, he is considered homeless. That's because the Court of Gods decided to make the cauldron he is stuck in his residence, mostly because he rarely stays in one place and wanders around a lot. His predicament isn't as bad as most think, he is perfectly content to be stuck in the cauldron as his temple but for the sake of regulations, he does have an specific blank spot in the House of Gaming that acts as his spot. Neighbouring deities were surprised that a random empty spot was created just for someone who rarely is even there.
  • Usually whenever the Cauldron Man goes, a british narrator can be heard. That would be Benneth Foddy, the creator of the game of origin Diogenes comes from as well as the one who watches and narrates his progress. Many have come to despise his quotes and mocking tone but Diogenes is just used to it. However, he isn't very fond of that other british narrator after one incident where he continously tried to force him to climb through an specific part of the pantheon just for his own amusement and because the Cauldron Man wouldn't obey him, he kept putting him in more and more difficult situations.
    • While the dangers of choice are not an issue for him, Diogenes is good friends with Stanley. Partly because both are average looking people with little noticeable traits and partly because the former pities him because of his ties with the Narrator. Both are also quite persistent when they want to do something, although Stanley more often than not has been punished for disobeying and the Cauldron Man can sympathize with being constantly punished.
  • Because he has trouble travelling around the pantheon, he has become a popular target for trolls. Trollkaiger like to always push him back and halt his progress just for the fun of it, but given his sheer determination, they tend to give up after a while.
  • Tends to frequent places where mountains are found, mostly out of habit than actually wanting to scale them. He met Madeline after hearing about her story and the hardships she had to go through, a sentiment she herself returned. She is impressed that Diogenes managed to scale to the top of the mountain with just a sledgehammer to propel him.
  • After hearing of his adventure, some had tried to emulate him. Chrom got in a cauldron and tried to scale a mountain using Falchion as his propeller but quit halfway through because it was harder than he anticipated. Rico Rodriguez once found a random cauldron lying nearby in one of his later adventures, where he proceed to go through a series of obstacles stuck in the same cauldron while Benneth Foddy himself provided commentary.
  • Many of the deities from very hard titles respect him a lot. Of those, he is good friends with the protagonist from the Dark Souls franchise as well as the Kid, all three of them perfectly understand what is to suffer Checkpoint Starvation and had tried to give him some tips so he could easily conquer the more dangerous parts of the pantheon.
  • Was approached by Frisk because they felt a similar source of determination coming from the man in the cauldron. Both have had ventures related to mountains, although the Child's adventure didn't have to do much with scaling and more with dealing with underground denizens, but they have invited Diogenes to go and meet their friends from the Underworld anytime they are available.
  • Diogenes is not fond of snakes. Mostly having to do with the infamous snake that can take him back to the beginning of his adventure. Most don't really have a strong opinion of them but stay away in fear he might smack them with his sledgehammer. The bigger and more evil ones like to mess with him though.
  • He likes to frequent the House of Time and Space. Diogenes finds the place relaxing and fullfilling and he has been often found floating in the middle of space with an unusual smile on his face. Rosalina, being a Guardian of the Space part of the realm is usually the one that brings him back to land. But she eventually grew fond of the Cauldron Man, who is a lot more pleasant and friendly when he is in space for some reason and has invited him over to the Comet Observatory to play with the Lumas.

    Doctor Boom 
WARNING: Bots may explode.

Doctor Boom, God of Power Creep (Sparky Uberthruster, The Mad Genius, Blastmaster Boom, Dr. Balanced, Dr. Value, Dr. 7)
Blastmaster Boom 

    Emperor Velo XXVII 
Emperor Velo, God of Double Unlock Requirements (Emperor Velo XXVII, Velo the 27th)
Velo's True Form 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A gold chain with the letter "V" and the Velo Mask.
  • Theme Song: Hyper Spaceway
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Aliens Are Bastards, Aliens Speaking English, Astral Finale, Bad Boss, Big Bad, Card-Carrying Villain, Actually a tiny alien in a robot suit, The Napoleon, Flunky Boss, Final Boss, Sore Loser
  • Domains: Aliens, Racing, Evil, Competition, Unlocking, Size
  • Heralds: Krunk, Nash, The Norms, Geary
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Brainiac
  • Enemies: The rest of the Crash Bandicoot deities, deities from the Super Mario Bros. universe, Captain Falcon, Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Conner, Maximus Decimus Meridius
  • Commonality Connection: Mosco
  • An alien overlord who kidnaps the best racers on the galaxy and challenges them to a series of races, Emperor Velo the 27th is an Evil Overlord who believes himself to be the greatest racer of all. But his hubris would crumble once he got defeated by the racers he kidnapped from Earth, either being Team Bandicoot or Team Cortex. His defeat would eventually reveal to the world that his appearance was not truly the imposing alien every saw him as but merely another tiny green alien like the rest of his race with a huge Napoleon complex. Velo would get a second chance at racing after he was selected to be the representative of the Double Unlock title, since he has to be beaten not only twice, but by both the Bandicoots and Cortex's team to be given a chance to play as him.
  • He was invited by Nitros Oxide after the former felt that too many people hated him and he needed a powerful ally at his side. Hence why Emperor Velo decided to show up and he's been observing the racers of the pantheon in order to prove he is the fastest racer in the pantheon. He has grown a begrudging respect for Team Bandicoot as well as Cortex and his lackeys for beating him that one time but he assured that this time he wouldn't lose again.
  • His temple is modeled after his citadel which is modeled after his image. There racers tend to race for the entertainment of a few goblin-like aliens that love racing with Velo being their leader. Besides Team Bandicoot and Team Cortex, other people from the pantheon have also tested their driving skills in several of Velo's challenges like Captain Falcon or the Super Mario deities who are very used to driving karts. To challenge Velo you have to beat four of his best drivers (who happen to be his heralds) and then given the opportunity to race him.
    • He has challenged those even outside kart racing, setting his sights on Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner after hearing of their feats on planet Earth, wanting to see if they would have been able to drive as well as they do in space. To the emperor's surprise, they were able to breeze through most of the challenges and even beat Velo in record time. He didn't take well to that accomplishment.
  • Looks can be deceiving as this isn't actually the true form of the emperor and even if said form has been common knowledge ever since his ascension, Velo has done everything in his power to pretend he is NOT a small little alien like the rest of his people. In a way, Velo can be considered the Evil Counterpart to Mosco, except even Velo knows not to oppose a being that functions as a god of Destruction. The destroyer on his part just finds Velo to be mildly amusing and fairly harmless all things considered.
  • Similar to Oxide before him, Velo isn't that beloved among deities from his home universe and even the bad guys don't seem to really like him. Only exception would be N. Trance, who in the past brainwashed a couple of the earthling racers to compete for Velo and sometimes is willing to work with the emperor. Oxide also invited Velo to race in Gasmoxia as part of the final Grand Pix in order to finally prove who is the fastest racer in the universe.
  • His citadel acts as a coliseum of sorts for racers and given it's somewhat related to that sort of games, Velo quickly found himself becoming an enemy of Maximus, whose life as a slave and gladiator made him feel angry that someone like Velo would kidnap people from outer worlds just for his own amusements.
  • He later realized that alone he couldn't do much for his efforts to prove that he is the fastest of the galaxy so he went around the pantheon recruiting a few racers that were willing to team up. Given the fact that he isn't on Captain Falcon's good graces, it was natural that Black Shadow would want to know more about Emperor Velo and he was glad to participate on his behalf if he benefited in some way. He also ended up recruiting Dick Dastardly and Muttley because he felt that his entourage needed more racers who played dirty. Although he is a bit dissapointed with Dastardly's track record of his cheating always backfiring on his face.
  • Surprisingly enough, there were people that were willing to sponsor his racing tournaments. Turns out that Gleeman Vox, seeing as the races held in Velo's Citadel could potentially turn in quite a profit decided to partner with the alien emperor in hopes on making lots of money, as well as finding new participants for DreadZone.
  • His habit of kidnapping racers has been compared with Brainiac habit of shrinking and bottling entire civilizations. The latter ended up scoffing at the comparison as he wouldn't waste time in such frivolous activities like the Emperor does. Velo on his part isn't fond of Brainiac either but doesn't see the need to antagonize him any further and prefers to focus on challenging the best of the best.
  • He is actually not affiliated with either Aku Aku nor Uka Uka and has a mask of his own, amptly named Velo Mask. Not many now where it comes from and if its even sentient to begin with but some deities wonder if Velo has some magical powers that lets him power up masks.
  • "Do you accept my challenge?"

    Quote and Curly Brace 
Quote and Curly Brace, Conquerors of the Bonus Level From Hell (Quote: Mister Traveler, Soldier From the Surface | Curly: Mimiga Ally, Ally of the Mimigas)
Curly (left), Quote (right)

    Reimu Hakurei 
Reimu Hakurei, Patron Deity of Bullet Hells (Shrine Maiden of Paradise, "Armpit Miko", Carl from "Super Force Japan Squad 3: The Sequel")
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A red-and-white Yin Yang Orb
  • Theme Music: Maiden's Capriccio
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Shrine Maidens, Barrier, Danmaku, Extreme Talent and Laziness, Hyperspace Arsenal, Inviting Those She Defeats Into Tea Parties, Doing Her Duty Out of Duty, Non-Discriminating Rudeness and Niceness
  • Domains: Barrier, Philosophy, 'Religion'
  • High Priest: The Pilot
  • Allies: Nanoha Takamachi, Marisa Kirisame, Yukari Yakumo, Rika Furude, Rinnosuke Morichika, Himeko and Chikane, Rei Hino, Nagisa Furukawa and the majority of other Touhou deities to various extents
  • The Shrine Maiden of the Paradise, she used to be the Goddess of Mikos until she stepped out of the position.
  • Reimu was once a follower of the Friendship side of Nanoha Takamachi, thus they often hang out together and drink tea together.
  • She keeps a donation box near her Shrine, but nobody from the House of Commerce ever wants to donate any money to her.
  • Possesses an impressive lists of feats, which include having beaten every other character from her series in the Pantheon besides ZUN note . Considering that this includes Eiki Shiki, an Overdeity, this says a lot.
    • Some argue that her feats are just thanks to the Spellcard Rules. However, Marisa is quick to point out that if there were no Spellcard Rules, Reimu would use her power of flight to make herself invincible as long as she wants and win that way. This usually shuts most people up.
  • Formerly located in the House of Philosophy until the House of Faith opened. Reimu moved and hoped that at least it'll get her donation box filled. There... was no success.
    • Her position in House of Faith gave her some unwanted attention. Where most gods complain for her being fine with demons and such visiting her temple, some critique her for not doing a good job as a miko and makings plans to get more donations. Reimu shrugs most of the complains.
    • One of few things where they gave some slack to Reimu concerning her role was with Akeno Himejima, as most gods in the House of Faith are baffled on how a fallen angel with sadomasochistic kinks can be even considered a miko. Reimu doesn't like that comparison. The only two goddesses that don't question Akeno's status as miko in that house are, unsurprisingly, Xenovia and Irina; Akeno would also like to point out that she inherited it from her dead mother... But that only confuses the gods even more.
  • Funnily enough, her shrine was probably the most welcoming of every one from the House of Faith, as she doesn't care who you are as long as you don't plan on destroying her shrine or mess with her purposefully. The only reason why demons aren't quite as welcome as some other people is that she is forced to drive evil spirits away as a miko. Sure, this doesn't mean she cannot be a jerk to everybody, but at least she is fairly neutral around most people.
  • After some time, Reimu got sick of being constantly lectured by the behalf of House of Faith, she decided that she had enough of her position, and moved out, becoming the Patron Deity of Bullet Hells instead. To her surprise, she finally managed to gain donations… out of the wasted arcade tokens and coins which mortals use to continue playing bullet hell games. She does find the occasional yen coin among them, though.
  • She has allowed Gilgamesh to join in her party with barrels of wine to drink. She wish for him to stop courting any of her female guest and herself though, there're only so much Fantasy Seal you could use at self-defense before it being an assault.
  • For a while, Reimu had an influx of prayers of success for the sake of a certain three individuals coming her way. The next day, 2B ascended to the Pantheon. She's sure that's just a coincidence.

    Xan Kriegor 
Xan Kriegor, God of Rubberband Difficulty
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Symbol of the Corrupt
  • Theme Song: Hyperblast Redux
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: 9-times Tournament Champion, Using Badass Boasts As Taunts, Cyber Cyclops, Final Boss of the first Unreal Tournament, Killer Robot, Led a Robot Uprising, DM-Hyperblast, Leader of the Corrupt
  • Domains: Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Combat, Weaponry
  • Followers: Most AIs in Racing Games
  • Allies: Ultron, The Sentinels
  • Rivals: HK-47
  • Enemies: Astro Boy, The Terminator
  • Odd Friendship: Bender
  • Opposed By: The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Conflicting Opinions: JC Denton, Adam Jensen
  • Among dynamic AIs, Xan Kriegor stands out as an example. Though he would initially be at the same level as the player, his difficulty level increases as the player gets ahead in the match. Eventually, he'd reach a level of aggression and skill that only the best of players would have a chance against, only becoming more manageable once his opponent loses the lead. And at that point, he'd have an arsenal of weapons while his opponent would just have their basic weapon...
  • Within the pantheon, Xan seeks to construct a team out of other robots as a celestial substitute for the Corrupt. So far, he has been successful in getting some Sentinels to join the team. He attempted to recruit HK-47, but was rejected.
  • In addition to leading a robot uprising, Xan Kriegor has continuously expressed his beliefs that robots are superior to humans, and will not miss an opportunity to taunt his human enemies about it whenever he gets the upperhand. This made him friends with Ultron and surprisingly enough Bender, but earned him the ire of Astro Boy and the Terminator.
    • He is however also opposed by the God-Emperor of Mankind, who feels that Xan reminds him too much of the Men of Iron. Xan Kriegor's condescending attitude toward humans doesn't help.
    • While the GUAM was quietly being built, Ultron invited Xan Kriegor to join him in this upcoming alliance. Pleased that there's an alliance that panders to Xan Kriegor's feelings of robot supremacy, he did not hesitate to join the Machine Alliance.
  • At one point, Xan Kriegor was invited to join the (now disbanded) Robotic Ravagers. However, Xan declined, stating that for all his superiority over humans, he's not exactly the kind of Killer Robot who goes around killing people for the sake of it. He's more into organized matches. He did join the GUAM though, so no hard feelings.
  • Is lamenting that there isn't a proper battle stadium. First blooding, double killing, multi-killing, ultra-killing, dominating, headshotting, M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILLING and getting godlike killing sprees on disgraced scum gets boring after the eighteenth time.
  • Feels that JC Denton and Adam Jensen are taking some good steps toward being superior over humankind with their augmentations. However, Xan Kriegor feels that they could go so much further that it seems like a wasted opportunity for the two to still be somewhat human.
  • Spectated a battle in the Field of the Ancients to see what the fuss was all about, and was immensely surprised to hear that one of the announcers sounded eeriely similar to the most known announcer from his home universe.
  • "I am the Alpha and the Omega."


    Meepo the Geomancer 
Meepo, God of Playable Character Difficulty (Geomancer, Meepwn, Meeseeks of Dota 2)
  • Demigod normally, effectively on the same level as an Intermediate God when there's four or five of him.
  • Symbol: Four shovels. note 
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Beware the Silly Ones, Difficult, but Awesome, Geostrike, Doppelgänger Attack, Four/Five Man Elite Army, Exponential Potential, Fighting Clown, Honest John's Dealership, Lethal Joke Character, Just Wants Riches, More Than One, Weaponized Teleportation, Looks Like a Rat
  • Domains: Clones, Earth, War, Combat
  • Allies: Shovel Knight, Deadpool, Voldo, Plastic Man, Toph Bei Fong
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, The Starcraft Deities
  • Enemies: Dan Hibiki
  • Friendly Enemy: Rubick
  • Odd Friendship: Jar Jar Binks
  • It was a strange day in the Pantheon when several gods reported seeing the same strange individual in completely different locations at the same time, causing some panic and thinking that they might have gone crazy. Investigations has discovered that this individual was in fact the dire hero Meepo... or shall we say, Meepo, Meepo, Meepo, Meepo and the sometimes late to the party Meepo, who had to split up to visit dire heroes within the Pantheon. Meepo himself complained that his micro skills was stressed that day.
    • Thinking it would be funny, Meepo dared some unhandy gods to play ten matches as Meepo himself in a row, promising them riches if they won at least four matches. They failed the challenge because of the difficulty in handling multiple Meepos at once (and as an insult to injury, a few of them broke fingers trying to manage them note ), which caught the attention of the court of the gods. To the surprise of many including Meepo himself, they decided that Meepo would have a throne. Not that Meepo minds it, since he sees it as an opportunity to get stinkingly rich.
    • Despite being generally on opposite sides, Meepo is quite friendly with Rubick to the point they've made trades for gems and jewels in the past.
    • Contrary to the beliefs of many, Meepo and Teemo are not Friendly Rivals. They might be shitrats, but that is all they have in common. Champions who presumed Meepo to be the Defender counterpart to Teemo was proven wrong when the clones came into play.
  • Many people liken Meepo's intense micromanagement to the likes of what Starcraft players when they command either the Zerg, Terrans or Protoss. Many arguments have started over who is the more difficult groups to handle.
  • While considered for the title of Lethal Joke Character, Meepo declined the offer. He would rather be known for his difficulty than the possibly of being associated with Joke Character Dan Hibiki. The Saikyo fighter took offense to this and immediately challenged him to a fight. A fight he was forced to run away when he was suddenly surrounded by a dozen Meepos.
    • With that said, he oddly loves the company of Voldo who proved to be a capable fighter due to his unpredictable fighting style. He also respects the Italian for staying loyal to his master.
  • Likes Shovel Knight's style, and sometimes goes spelunkering with the shovel wielding knight in search for riches and gems. However, Meepo frequently tries to cheat the knight out of some of these gems.
  • He was also drawn towards the Boisterous Bruiser attitude of Toph, incidentally the Goddess of Earth. One of his sponsors calling for his ascension, the earthbender always knew of the hero's potential. All she needed was to show what Meepo was capable of to convince others to ascend him.
  • Has become quite friendly with Deadpool, since they're both Lethal Joke Characters and comical relief. Although Meepo thinks that there's something familiar about Deadpool's voice.
    • Has also befriended Eel O'Brien, also known as Plastic Man. The superhero is notorious for being one of the most powerful in the DC Universe despite having a rather silly personality. Both see the other as hilarious and fun to hang out with.
  • Many in the Pantheon maintain a disdain for Jar Jar even when he was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap. Meepo on the other hand just couldn't understand why he was hated in the first place. He was glad the alien was able to receive redemption much later.
  • "All these fancy knights and scary monsters. Pff! What do they got that I ain't got? Nothing, that's what."


    Gnome Chompski 
Gnome Chompski, Patron Saint of Hard Achievements (Garden Gnome, Travelling Gnome, Little Rocket Man, Guardin' Gnome)


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