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Feel the wrath of the wicked Wedgie Woman!

The Wedgie is a classic prank, in which some poor sap gets their underpants forcibly yanked up and wedged between their butt by another person. A staple of schoolyard bullies in fiction, it is sometimes also incorporated into the arsenal of tricksters and similar comedic fighters. Wedgies are used primarily in comedy works as a form of comedic underwear exposure, and have been included for fanservice at times. In more dramatic works, though, they're often used as an example of serious bullying or harassment instead.

Alongside the regular version that simply involves yanking the undies from the back, there are several variations. These include:

  • The Melvin, in which the undies are yanked up from the front.
  • The Atomic Wedgie, in which the undies are pulled over the victim's head.
  • The Hanging Wedgie, in which the character is suspended from an object by their underwear. This variant is more frequently caused by an accident from the character or someone else's mishaps rather than another character deliberately doing it to them.

A Sub-Trope of Groin Attack and Amusing Injuries. Not to be confused with Negative Space Wedgie, which is about unexplained space phenomena that serve as plot points for the work. They're more likely to happen if you're wearing Uncool Undies.

While wedgies are indeed possible in real life, they can lead to accusations of harassment and even have the chance to cause serious injuries or death to the person on the receiving end, as detailed further in the examples' "Real Life" folder below, so refrain from doing this as a rule of thumb.

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  • In an old AOL commercial a teenage girl gives her younger brother a bouncing wedgie for not getting an A on her homework (that she made him do).
  • In an advertisement for Fruit Roll Ups, a kid gets a wedgie from two elves after failing to read the Fruit Roll Ups fortune that would have warned him.
  • In a Christmas Honda commercial, several kids give a Honda employee a wedgie in order to get him to tell them where the presents are hidden.
  • All throughout a Safe Auto commercial, a guy gets wedgies by strangers for not having car insurance. He even winds up in a hanging wedgie at the end.
  • In a commercial for Sling TV that compared cable companies to school yard bullies, a bully gives a customer a wedgie.
  • In a commercial for Del Taco, an employee allows a customer to give him a wedgie to vent his frustrations about other restaurants ripping him off.
  • A commercial for Stainmaster Carpet has a fly beating up a man and giving him a wedgie.
  • A Superbowl commercial for Kia Forte has a fembot give a man an atomic wedgie before beating him up for smudging the windows of the car on display.
  • One of the commercials advertising Spider-Man: Friend or Foe has Spider-Man giving Sandman a wedgie to convince him to fight for good.
  • In a commercial for Sprint Unlimited, while two families are left hanging by the backs of their shirts, a poor kid somehow winds up hanging by his underwear.
  • In a Dairy Queen commercial, a teenager steals his younger brother's Kit Kat Blizzard and leaves him hanging by his underwear while he eats it. When their dad finds out, he does the same thing to the teenager.
  • A commercial for Klondike Bars features a man willing to let two of his co-workers give him a wedgie from both sides for one.
  • A Yahoo! ad has a girl warning her friend that a bully's looking for him, only for the bully to appear shortly afterwards to give the kid a hanging wedgie from his locker.
    • In the same commercial's alternate scenario, he's read the e-mail with the warning and the bully still tries to give the kid a wedgie before he reveals his briefs and mocking him afterwards for touching his butt.
  • In a commercial advertising the Sega Sports Pack, a football player gets a wedgie from a player from the rival team.
  • In an advertisement for the AFL, three guys give someone a hanging wedgie for accidentally spilling one of their drinks.
  • In a commercial for Tracfone, a mom casually gets her son down from a hanging wedgie.
  • In a commercial for Career Builder, a man gives his employee a wedgie as a form of feedback, while another employee is in a hanging wedgie in the background.
  • As apart of an ad campaign for Undershare Inc, there were three ads released of a woman giving a man a wedgie in an attempt to get his underwear.
  • In a commercial for KAYAK, a man laments being banned from for giving its founder atomic wedgies back in high school.
  • In one of the "Messing with Bigfoot" commercials for Jack Links, Bigfoot gives a guy a wedgie before throwing him into the air after he and his friends offered to let him kick a football, only to pull it away at the last second.
  • A commercial for the Maria Casino has a woman giving another woman a thong wedgie while she's bending over to play pool.
  • In a commercial for Diet Irn-Bru, an arrogant man tries (and fails) to show-off to a couple of women at a pool while on a diving board. In response, one of them shines a light in his eyes, causing him to fall and get left dangling from the diving board by his speedo until it rips off.
  • In a commercial for Leisure Beer, four bar goers (three male, one female) willingly let a worker give them wedgies.
  • A commercial featuring the Cavs Moondog has the mascot giving several unsuspecting people wedgies after his bosses told him to give out snuggies (snuggie being another word for wedgie), not realizing that they meant the product. They later let him give wedgies to basketball players that are apart of a rival team.
  • In one of the many risque, only tangentially related to real estate, banned Tough Spot commercials for the site, one girl gives another a wedgie in her bikini as they fight over a guy at the beach.
  • In an advertisement for Mix 99.9 FM, a woman in a bad mood does things to ruin the days of her co-workers, including giving a man a wedgie.
  • As apart of Burger King's "Kingon Defense Academy" campaign, one commercial has the King demonstrate a "Warp-Five Wedgie" on a random customer. He tries the same on a more Star Trek savvy customer, only for it to fail due to him not wearing underwear.
  • A magazine ad for the Lemon Wedgie flavor of Altoids features a nerdy boy holding a container of Altoids hanging by his underwear.
  • An online ad featuring Brooklyn Decker has her give a wedgie to one of the guys that she's playing poker against after she loses to him; demanding the rest of the guys give her their chips as she wedgies him.
  • In an online ad for RibbedTee G3 boxer briefs, four men in nothing but their tighty-whitey briefs receive wedgies from four women, with one guy getting his underwear ripped off.
  • In an ad for the VR release of Borderlands 2, a player uses telekinesis to give a random Mook a wedgie.
  • In a commercial for T-mobile, two parents decide to reduce the available minutes on their daughter's phone as they watch her giving her brother a wedgie while spraying a hose down his pants.
  • The New Zealand news company Stuff Limited ran a campaign known as "consequences" that depicted employees being humiliated for not breaking stories first, one of which included giving a male employees a hanging wedgie with a crane and leaving him to dangle over a group of runners.
  • An ad made for Revista Oficial Nintendo to advertise Mario Kart: Super Circuit depicts an old man giving another one a wedgie while they're playing the game.
  • An ad for Sons of Tuscon sees Ron in a hanging wedgie, courtesy of Gunderson brothers.
  • An advertisement for Yin Yang Yo! has Yang giving Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard a wedgie.
  • A commercial for Interac has a man getting a wedgie from a larger man who represents his massive credit card bill.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Bikini Warriors:
    • In episode 8, "Every Journey Finds New Friends", while the two fight over who gets to join the Bikini Warriors, Valkyrie stretches Hunter's thong from both sides.
    • In episode 10, "You Don't Always Get What You Want or Need", Fighter grabs a falling Paladin by her thong after she triggers a trap (much to her pleasure).
  • In Dirty Pair: Project Eden, in an attempt to save the Kai and Yuri from falling, Carson grabs Yuri by her bikini bottoms while she's carrying Kai; which results in her getting a hanging wedgie, as they were beginning to slowly rip, until all three of them fall off.
  • GUN×SWORD: In episode 17, "Follow the X Spot", when Wendy gets knocked into the water by Marainne while racing against her in an obstacle course, her pet turtle, Kameo (already attached to a sinking Wendy) grabs onto Marainne's stretchy bikini bottom as she runs past them. This results in Marainne's bikini bottom getting stretched beyond belief, giving her a huge wedgie.
  • Keijo!!!!!!!!: Sayaka Miyata's signature technique, "W-Acceleration", involves her giving herself a wedgie in her swimsuit to increase her speed.
  • The Legendary Hero Is Dead!: In chapter 55, a booby trap ends up giving Margaret a hanging wedgie.
  • Otome no Teikoku: In Chapter 4, Miyoshi gives Ayane a wedgie in her swimsuit.
  • Prison School: In episode 8, "Diary of Andre", while using the top of a door frame to do pull-ups, Meiko falls off and gets her thong caught on the doorknob.
  • Sakura Diaries: In chapter 96, Urara receives a wedgie from her new boss, claiming that employees' underwear should be more revealing.
  • Shinobi Life: In Chapter 1, shortly after meeting Present!Beni, Kagetora, mistaking her for her ancestor, Princess Beni, stretches both sides of her thong in an attempt to rip it off; claiming that it was inappropriate wear for a princess. He does this again in Chapter 2, only this time, he succeeds in ripping Beni's thong off.
  • In episode 12 of To Love Ru Darkness 2nd, Ren accidentally gives Darkness!Yami a frontal wedgie while they're in a pool.
  • Tokimeki ★ Mononoke Jogakkou: In the chapter 5 Beach Episode, after Arare realizes that Mononoke don't have belly buttons, she gives herself a frontal wedgie in an attempt to hide hers, only for her to rip her bikini bottom off. After Kirie loans her another bikini bottom, she ends up doing the same thing, ripping that one off as well.
  • Yokai Girls: In chapter 28, Rokka gets her shorts pulled down and gets both a wedgie from the front and the back. The front wedgie digs into her lady parts and most of her privates are shown, and she seems to like it more than dislike it.

    Card Games 
  • Garbage Pail Kids has several wedgie themed cards; including "Atomic Reggie", "Wedgie Winston", and "High-Flying Wedgie".

    Comic Books 
  • Astonishing X-Men: Colossus accidentally gives Kitty Pryde a wedgie in issue #12 while performing a Fastball Special with her.
  • Batgirl (Rebirth): In the Escape from the Phantom Zone crossover, Supergirl accidentally gives Batgirl a wedgie by grabbing her by her pants when she's about to fall.
  • Bully Wars: The cover of the second issue features Big Bad Hock giving both Rufus and Spencer wedgies.
  • Deadpool: In the prelude to Deadpool Corps, Kidpool gives a young Cyclops a wedgie.
  • Deadpool vs. The Punisher: In issue #2, Don of the Dead complains about the time Deadpool gave him a wedgie. Later in the comic, the Punisher would give him a wedgie while distracted by Deadpool.
  • Gold Digger:
    • There's a Running Gag where Gina gets wedgies at the hands of Penny as apart of their "wedgie war".
    • In Gold Digger Annual #8, Gina manages to give a Laura Croft Expy an atomic wedgie.
    • Brittany gives Gina an atomic wedgie in issue #95 for calling her a wookie. She does the same to Gina again when she calls her Chewie.
    • In issue #215, Penny manages to defeat Trixie Rabinowitz via her newest "nerd-wrassling" technique: the "Justice Wedgie Choke-Slam".
  • Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: Hulk: She-Hulk gives a Hulked out Gus a "Gamma Wedgie".
  • Robin: In the Robins miniseries, when the group are facing against imitations of Gotham Rogues, the fakes utilise data stolen from Batman to give themselves an advantage against anything Batman might expect/have taught the Robins, so they resort to using tactics and moves they've learnt from "literally anyone but him". Stephanie Brown chooses to give the Poison Ivy imitator a huge wedgie (calling it a "minerva"), citing she learnt it from receiving them herself from school bullies.
  • Rocket Raccoon and Groot: In issue #3, Rocket incapacitates Pockets by giving him an atomic wedgie.
  • The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis: Walt, Larry, and Igner are all given one by Jimbo, Dolf, and Kearney at the end of the first miniseries.
  • Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane: In issue #2, Flash Thompson gives Peter Parker a wedgie.
  • SpyBoy: In Issue #5, a disguised Bombshell gives Schweitzer a normal wedgie.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Spidey gives Doctor Octopus a wedgie at one point, then immediately feels bad for using a classic bully maneuver.

    Comic Strips 
  • AJ & Magnus: One strip ends with Luca giving AJ an atomic wedgie after a failed attempt at giving her advice.
  • Baby Blues: One comic strip ends with Zoe giving Hammie an atomic wedgie for annoying her. His dad, Darryl, does the same to him in another.
  • Big Nate: Some strips have the characters give each other wedgies.
  • Crabgrass:
    • In one strip, Kevin gets an atomic wedgie from his older brother for mimicking him. Kevin thought it was Worth It.
    • A Halloween strip Sees Kevin get an atomic wedgie from a trio of bullies while trick-or-treating.
  • Dilbert
    • There are several strips where Bob the Dinosaur gives people different wedgies, usually under the request of Dogbert.
    • One strip has the Pointy Haired Boss receives a wedgie from Dilbert's cubicle security system.
    • In another strip, the Pointy Haired Boss discovers that his schedule calls for him to "give a vigorous wedgie to myself." In the next panel, Dilbert and Wally are peeking into the Boss's office and commenting that he really will do anything that's on his schedule.
    • There's a strip where an aggressive co-worker of Dilbert's, Floyd, gives him an atomic wedgie for coming to ask him a question. Floyd's secretary, who also has an atomic wedgie, has little sympathy for him.
    • One strip has Dilbert invite a man over to his house who turns out to be a wanted criminal on "America's Most Wanted" for giving wedgies to an entire town of people. Dilbert then ends up being his next victim.
    • A sales speaker describes a sale like a good wedgie, which he demonstates on a gulible employee.
  • Heathcliff: In one strip, Heathcliff gives Iggy a wedgie after trying to teach him tricks.
  • My Cage: One strip has Violet give Rex an atomic wedgie after he mockingly suggests she and Norman were friends.
  • 9 Chickweed Lane: Edda gives Amos a wedgie shortly after they get engaged.
  • Non Sequitur: In one strip, Lucy looks through a pamphlet meant for her Danae's father that contained a photo of her giving a student, Jeffrey, an atomic wedgie; which Danae claims to be photoshopped, despite bragging about it on Facebook and posting a video of it on YouTube.
  • Patty-Cake: In "Pranks", Sandy gives the titular Patty an atomic wedgie in retaliation for the various pranks she pulled on her.

    Fan Works 
  • Boldores And Boomsticks: In chapter 32, Yang's gives a beatdown to the Team Skull trio that involves her giving Rapp a painful wedgie.
  • Creepy Explorations: In episode 9, "The Sawyer Slaughterhouse", the Gender Flip version of Leather Face gives Noah a painful hanging wedgie.
  • The Dragon and the Butterfly: Camilo saves Snotlout from a fatal fall into the ocean — catching him by his underwear.
  • Escape from the Moon: In chapter 19.5 of the sequel The Mare From the Moon, Pharynx says he's going to give one to Chrysalis once they catch her. When Thorax points out that she doesn't wear clothes, Pharynx says that clothes or no clothes, he's still capable of doing it to her, and Thorax is both intrigued and terrified by the idea.
  • Hostage Situation: Glory Girl promises that if she finds out who interrupted Amy's call with her dad, she'll give them a "Behemoth style" wedgie.
    Glory Girl: It's where I take off straight up, holding on to their underwear. Only their underwear.
  • J-WITCH Series: Uriah and his friends give Martin one while robbing him of his money in "Return of the Queen". Jade (who's on the verge of becoming the Queen of the Shadowkhan again) wishes that someone would give the bullies a taste of their own medicine, and sure enough, the Shadowkhan appear to give them wedgies.
  • In Chapter 20 of the The Loud House fanfic Life of Pets, "A Boy and His Dog", Lincoln gets caught in a hanging wedgie after his underwear gets snagged on the cupboard door as he was falling, similar to what once happened to him in the past as shown in the canon episode "The Whole Picture".
  • In Chapter 52 of Loud Heroes, "Power Swap", the Loud siblings accidentally get the superpowers they acquired at the beginning of the fic swapped between each other, and remain like that until the end of the chapter. From the swap's results, Lincoln's standard fire powers were replaced with Luan's invisibility, and he briefly approaches this to sneak up on Lynn and give her a wedgie while he's invisible.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: In chapter 14, "A Date With DISASTER!", Danny witnesses Vicky giving Timmy an atomic wedgie right after stealing a rare Crimson Chin comic from him.
  • Marvel Infinites: In chapter 1, Alex admits that someone gave him a wedgie at school. Apparently, it happens so often that his siblings barely care.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: In chapter 7, "Kathleen for the Win", Lyle gives Chandler a flagpole wedgie.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: In chapter 29 of the sequel Picking Up the Pieces, Discord mentions to Gentle Step that he needs to drop in on Tirek and give him an atomic wedgie. Gentle responds rather dryly (and to Discord's great amusement) that that'll be quite a feat, since Tirek wasn't wearing pants or anything else the last time she saw him.
  • Snek is a Good Boy: In chapter 5, Mouse Protector gives Ravager a hanging wedgie from a lamppost.
  • Super RWBY Sisters: In chapter 10 of "Super RWBY Galaxy", Hiyoko distracts Dark Ruby during her fight with Ruby by giving her an atomic wedgie. Ruby immediately takes the time to tease her about it.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Ant Bully: Main character Lucas is a victim of one at the hands of the neighborhood bully, to the extent that he complains he's running out of unstretched drawers.
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Flint and Chester V suspend themselves by their stretchy "wedgie-proof underwear" in order to get a device surrounded by electrified water. Later, in the film's climax, Chester gives Flint an atomic wedgie.
  • Eight Crazy Nights: When going to apologize to Whitey and running into Whitey's dear friends, Davey gives himself a wedgie to prove to them he's really sorry.
  • An Extremely Goofy Movie: In the scene introducing the Gammas, Tank gives PJ a wedgie from both sides.
  • The Haunted World of El Superbeasto: El Superbeasto gave Steve Wachowski a hanging wedgie back in high school. Near the end of the movie, El Superbeasto dangles Steve, now Dr. Satan, by his underwear before beating his face to a pulp.
  • Home on the Range: The Willie Brothers briefly give Slim a wedgie during his Villain Song.
  • Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil: Early in the film, Red gives a rampaging troll a wedgie while beating him up.
  • The Jungle Book (1967): Mowgli is given a Wedgie twice, once accidentally by the comically serious Bagheera and once deliberately by King Louie’s mooks.
  • Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama: Ron gives a downed sumo-wrestler ninja a wedgie.
  • Megamind: At one point, a newly super-powered Hal Stewart/Titan gives himself a wedgie to show off his invulnerability, commenting that he doesn't feel anything.
  • Minions: Scarlet Overkill effortlessly gives a wedgie to one of the many villains trying to take her ruby from her.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens: General W.R. Monger gives a guy at a conference a wedgie for speaking out against his plan to use the monsters to combat the alien invasion.
  • Rugrats Go Wild!: Donnie gives Chuckie a wedgie during the scene where they first meet.
  • Shrek 2: When Shrek's friends go to rescue him, Donkey, and Puss, Gingy exposes and pulls on Pinocchio's thong to prove he's wearing women's underwear.
  • Trolls: This is how Bergens greet each other, along with kicking one in the butt.
  • The Wild Thornberrys Movie: Donnie gives Darwin, Nigel, and his grandparents wedgies while they're dancing.

  • Captain Underpants: The Wedgie Woman, the titular villain of the fifth book, accomplishes this through Prehensile Hair. Shown in the Trope Image.
  • Pontius Feeb of Mike Nelson's Death Rat! relied on these in high school to defeat bullies, he put one on the antagonist in the backstory, and he uses one to defend himself against Tiffinst attacking Danes in the story proper.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: In the eleventh book, "Double Down" Greg mentions how he saw an unsuspecting sixth-grader get a wedgie from an eight-grader bully.
  • In the Franny K. Stein book Frantastic Voyage, one of Franny's concerns about the world being endangered by her ideas falling into the wrong hands is that an evil scientist could discover her plans for remote control underwear and use it to give everyone on the planet a wedgie.
  • Hidden Talents: Trash accidentally gives Cheater a wedgie when his telekinesis misfires.
  • Lets Get Lost: At one point, Isabel gives Felix a wedgie when he answers a phone call from Smith before she can get to it.
  • In the book No Relation by Terry Fallis, the narrator gives a fictional In-Universe history of how wedgies were popularized by his family’s underwear company.


  • Bowling for Soup: In the music video for "High School Never Ends" in which a group of guys show up to their high school reunion for revenge, one of them gives his former tormenter an atomic wedgie for giving him a hanging wedgie from a flagpole.
  • Eminem in the song Kamikaze includes the line “I’ve been going for your jugular since Craig G. Duck alert. Wedgie in my underwear the whole bedsheet and the comforter.”
  • Weird Al is given a Wedgie revealing his uncool undies in his music video "White and Nerdy".

    Pro Wrestling 

  • It is 'illegal' in professional wrestling to use articles of clothing for extra leverage, so naturally you will see someone trying to keep their pinned opponent folded over by yanking on their tights about once a month.
  • Quite a common move to see among women's wrestlers, either accidental during grapples and Irish whips when using their trunks/tights for leverage, or more deliberate as a humiliation move. The former is more common in the WWE, with Charlotte Flair being infamous for giving them and Alexa Bliss being infamous for getting them.
  • The standing wedgie is known as "The Polly Star special" in reference to a certain luchadora fond of the insult to injury.
  • The Undertaker's last ride is distinguished by from a regular power bomb by giving the other wrestler a Melvin before dropping them. He does not have to grab underwear per se, but most professional wrestlers wear some variant of Underwear of Power.
  • Chyna used to regularly give them to Michael Cole while she was in D-Generation X.
  • Christina Von Eerie received a wedgie, along with various other forms of abuse by ODB in Pro Wrestling Bushido. Derek Drexl also gave her one prior to a spiked pile driver at a North Western Wrestling Alliance show. In that case, Von Eerie would get a measure of revenge by yanking him off the top turnbuckle with what must have been a particularly painful wedgie.
  • At the 2015 WWC Euphoria, Angel Fashion used a wedgie the way most wrestlers would use "short arms" and "Irish whips", to pull Mike Mendoza toward him as he attempted to create distance and then whipped him into the ropes by his trunks.
  • While Radiant Rain didn't celebrate her loss to Angelus Layne at the 2018 NOVA Rip Her To Shreds, she agreed the wedgie she got was Actually Pretty Funny when looking back on it.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Mr. Meaty: In the episode "Wedgelor", Josh receives a hanging wedgie from the Tater Tots gang. He later unleashes a demon, the titular Wedgelor, that gives wedgies to Parker and several mall goers. Parker later defeats Wedgelor by giving him a massive wedgie that stretches all across the mall.

    Tabletop Games 


    Video Games 
  • In Brain Dead 13, a few of the possible game overs that can occur during the fight with Moose involve him giving Lance a wedgie that splits him in half and rips out his spine.
  • Bully allows you to do these, natch. They're not useful in a fight, but damn if they're not funny to pull off, especially on Prefects.
  • In Day of the Tentacle, Laverne, one of the protagonists, is stuck hanging by her underwear from a tree at the start of the game and needs to be rescued.
  • Deponia: One puzzle ends with Rufus giving Cletus a hanging wedgie up a flagpole.
  • DragonFable: In the ArchKnight epilogue, the Princess of Light gives Ash a wedgie after he tries to kiss her.
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: In the "Supply Lines" mission, Zero is left hanging by his underwear by Berkley during a cutscene.
  • In Marvel Superhero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet, Hercules ends up in a hanging wedgie after he's defeated in his boss fight.
  • One of the Nickelodeon Clickamajigs, "Bully the bully" ends with the player finishing the titular bully off by giving him a wedgie.
  • In Nightmare Ned, there's an enemy called a Wedgie Wall that will give Ned an atomic wedgie if he doesn't jump past it.
  • In some The Sims games, if your Relationship Values are low enough, you can give or receive a wedgie. Getting one is likely to surface as a fear when your Sim has an enemy.
  • Several SpongeBob SquarePants games feature a mini-game called "Underwear Bungee Jumping" in which SpongeBob deliberately hooks his undies on a hook and bounces up and down.
  • Two Point Campus: The game's trailer features a nerd giving a jock a wedgie.

    Web Animation 
  • Camp Camp: Nerf can sometimes be seen giving some of the campers wedgies.
  • The Cyanide & Happiness Show: The Narc Knight's origins in "The Narc Knight: Tattman Begins" involve his mother giving him an atomic wedgie for snitching on her and his dad about sneaking into a movie; which he continues to wear as a symbol of how uncool he is.
  • The Guava Juice Show: In "I Spent 24 Hours as a Superhero" Hero Girl", Villain Girl gave her twin sister, Hero Girl, a wedgie.
  • Wedgies are frequently featured in Lady Lumps VS Boy Bumps.
    • Sally rips off Amy's Sonic-themed underwear in "Sonik Kombat: Amy Rose vs. Sally Akorn".
    • Hinata and Rukia compete to see who can give the other an atomic wedgie first in "Wedgie Fight: Rukia vs. Hinata".
    • Princess Peach gives Daisy a wedgie in "Nintendo Princess Smackdown".
    • Juri defeats C.Viper via an atomic wedgie in "Twisted Love".
    • Ibuki gives several girls wedgies that rip off their panties.
    • In "Wedgie Train", several characters take turns giving the other wedgies; with the following getting a wedgie from the next character, Usagi, Akabon, Chun-Li, Mai Shiranui, Smurfette, Ms Pacman. Near the end of the sequence, Felicia tries to wedgie Ms. Pacman, only for her to realize she's nude, leading Ms. Pacman to give her a frontal fur wedgie.
    • In S2E9 of "Who is Queen", Chun-Li finishes off a humanized Amy Rose by giving her a wicked frontal wedgie.
    • In S2E11 of "Who is Queen", Li-Fen gets caught in a hanging wedgie by a branch after Yuki the Typhoon Gal threw her off a cliff.
    • "Seung Mina's Treasure Hunt" ends with Seung Mina giving Sakura a wedgie.
    • In "A Tribute to Video Game Mommies", Mileena gives Kitana a dragging wedgie after kneeing her in the groin for wearing a thong.
    • The Season 2 Recap of "Who is Queen" has Jacqui Briggs give Cassie Cage a frontal wedgie from for joking about having a three-way with her boyfriend.
  • Mario & Luigi: The Mask: Just like in the show the series is based off of, Green Thunder regularly gives both friends and foes atomic wedgies.
  • Ollie & Scoops: In "Student of the Month", Julia Goldburger gives Carl and Miss Bivvins atomic wedgies while disguised as Ollie.
  • While best known for its nut shots, Porkchop 'n Flatscreen! sometimes features the main characters getting wedgies.
    • In episode 5, the Bangers give a girl their bullying a bouncing wedgie as they take her money.
    • In episode 21, Mina manages to give Ayane a wedgie during their second fight.
    • In episode 24, in order to get past Ayane, Mai gives her a frontal atomic wedgie while she's distracted.
    • In episode 25, Queen gives several female students wedgies before trying to determine if any of them are Ayane via their bust size.
  • Planet Dolan:
    • In their third "Worst Thing Bullies Did To Us" video, the crew reenact a story about a girl who given a hanging wedgie by a group of bullies in school, with Spincess playing the role of the victim.
    • In their "Worst Babysitters" video, the crew are given a (likely fake) story about a girl who was given a hanging wedgie by her mean babysitter and was left there for several hours until her parents came back. The victim is again played by Spincess.
    • In their second "Embarrassing Parents" video, they reenact a story in which a guy's step-mom gives him a major wedgie while they're out underwear shopping in order find a tag with his underwear size. The victim this time is portrayed by Hellbent.
  • Supermarioglitchy4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers: In "Stupid Mario Party", after Toad is revealed to have tricked everyone, the group hangs him by his underpants from the castle spire and then runs off to burn his money.

  • Ask Kira #96 has Kira giving Viola a wedgie, due to it being "Wedgie Time".
  • Brat-Halla: In #104, Thor receives a wedgie from a giant dwarf he's fighting.
  • In Coming Up Violet, Violet gives Darrin a wedgie, ushering in a frenzy of girls giving boys wedgies, with Violet being declared the "Wedgie Messiah".
  • Dominic Deegan: Nimmel gives two bullies a variant on the hanging wedgie here by hanging them from giant hands made of snow and stuffing snow down their wedgies. He calls it a "Snowgie".
  • Ennui GO!: In "Lunchbox", Jericho and Cyrus give a student a wedgie up a flagpole for carrying a lunchbox.
  • Forestdale: Kyle gives one to a younger bully named Tommy who was picking on his little sister Rachel, yanking the underwear straight over the poor lizard's head.
  • Freefall: In one strip, Florence gives Varroa an atomic wedgie after remembering the psychological tests he put her through.
  • Furry Fight Chronicles: In chapter 1 "Fenny vs. Roora", Roora givs Fenny a wedgie as part of her No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • Girls with Slingshots: In a guest strip made by Lucy Bell, Hazel mentions that her underwear is giving her a wedgie, much to the disgust of Jamie.
  • In Grrl Power Maxima gives Harem a ripping wedgie as "military discipline" after a poorly-received prank, leading to a painful chain reaction where all five versions of Harem keep injuring each other, to Maxima's amusement.
    • Then in issue #482, Krona turns Gunnhildr's underwear into a thong, giving her an "insane wedgie".
  • In It Sucks to Be Weegie!, Waluigi gives Luigi a wedgie after pretending to be hurt by his "Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Krakow: In Chapter 21, Yuji gives gym teacher Ms. Kati a wedgie for giving Guinness a hard time.
  • Lusty Argonian Maid'd: In Part 38, a nerdified Pussywillow is given a wedgie by Crushabelle.
  • Namir Deiter
    • In #2034, "Leonard is Done", Leonard receives an atomic wedgie shortly after winning the "Battle to the Death II" at the hands of one of the competitors.
    • In #3420, "Charles is Always the Wedgie of Reason", Gabby gives Charles an atomic wedgie after he berates her for still being upset about getting fired.
  • Ozy and Millie: Millie somehow manages to give Avery a wedgie after he kisses her during the school play.
  • Peanzles: There are several strips that end with Chuck getting an atomic wedgie from either bullies or Grace. There are also a few where Chuck gives Succotash an atomic wedgie.
    • One strip parodying Diary of a Wimpy Kid sees Greg Heffley getting a hanging wedgie while stating what a wimp he is.
  • Schlock Mercenary: During Book 7: Part V, Elf gives one of the hosts of "Glamour Assault" a wedgie for making fun of her outfit while recording her.
  • Theater Hopper:
    • In "Their Relationship is Complicated", a jock gleefully gives Goth Jared an atomic wedgie.
    • In "Tough Talker vs. Nascar Dad", a large guy gives Tom an atomic wedgie for badmouthing Larry the Cable Guy. The follow up comic, "The Cycle of Atomic Wedgies", has Tom gives Jared an atomic wedgie for expressing distaste in Will Ferrell films.
  • In the Twice The Triplets comic, "Kiley Makes a Comic Book", Kiley is given a hanging wedgie by Summer.
  • Wayrift: In chapter 32, Fang gives Kip a wedgie right before escaping him.
  • In The Whiteboard, Doc uses his new Power-Up Food-based powers to give Swampy a wedgie.
    • After one of Roger's new robot clones malfunctions, it defaults to its fail safe protocol, which for some reason includes giving everyone wedgies.

    Web Videos 
  • In one segment of episode 185 of The Attack, Alex gets his underwear attached to an engine hoist while playing Overwatch; with the hoist raising his underwear (and worsening his wedgie) every time he died in the game.
  • CollegeHumor: In the skit "Kid Torture", in the middle of a game of Capture the Flag, a kid is given a wedgie by the opposing team in order to get him to reveal the location of his team's flag.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: There's a montage of Captain Hammer's humiliating Dr. Horrible in various ways, including giving him a wedgie.
  • In the Ghost Ghirls episode "School Spirit", the ghost of a bully gives a kid a wedgie while he's presenting a report.
  • Good Mythical Morning: In a video titled "Wedgie Machine Challenge", Rhett and Link play a game similar to hangman called "Wedgieman", with the main difference being that they received wedgies via a hook and crank that get worse each time they get a letter wrong.
  • Key of Awesome: In their "Hello" parody, Adele gives her now ex-boyfriend a wedgie for only ever cooking spaghetti for their meals.
  • Smosh: In their video "We're Stuck In Slow Motion", Ian gives Anthony a shoulder wedgie in his favorite thong.
  • Watch Mojo: Watch Mojo made a video titled "Top 10 Movie Wedgies".

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