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Mentalism and Trickery

The House of Mentalism is a very very dark place. No, not figuratively, but literally. Nobody really knows what the House of Mentalism looks like because there's no lighting to speak of. Most people would think that that's because the House of Mentalism is predominantly occupied with villains, and that they are just trying to hide their identities. However, the truth of the matter is far more mundane. The deities within are so busy plotting, conspiring, backstabbing, and manipulating each other that they forgot to install adequate lighting. As a result, there's only one lightbulb for every square mile.

As Alice is a Princess of Heart, any attempts to kidnap her or use her to recreate the χ-Blade will result in the person-in-question being temporarily banned from this House.


(The Council of Shadows' meeting chamber is down below the main Mentalism council chamber. Somehow, it's even darker than the rest of the House.)

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The Overseers of Scheming

    Lord Recluse 
Stefan Richter, God of Superhuman Intelligence (Lord Recluse, The Master of Evil, The Count of Cruel, The Archvillain of Anarchy)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Arachnos Logo and the Motto - Strength Through Undying Loyalty
  • Theme Song: City of Villains Title Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Great Usurper and Leader of Arachnos, Inhuman Intelligence Combined With Superhuman Physique, Excellent Tactician, Superhuman Awareness, Cannot be Mind Controlled, Prefers a Pragmatic Approach, Combat Pragmatist, Open About His Villainy, Tyrannical Scientist, Statesman's Former Friend turned Arch-Enemy, Can Display Honour and Discipline, Spider-Motif, Taking No Chances Against his Enemies, Had a Rather really close Relationship with Statesman, Authority Equals Asskicking, Had a Lover under Red Widow, Actually Rewarding and Complimentary To His Followers
  • Domains: Villainy, Intelligence, Tyranny, Anarchy, Science, Leadership
  • Heralds: The Arachnos Organization as a Whole.
  • High Priest: The Leader
  • Superior: Darkseid
  • Direct Lieutenants: The Arachnos Patrons
  • Allies: Sauron, Bernkastel, Vanitas, Diavolo, Shao Kahn, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, M. Bison, Cell, Deathstroke, Alduin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Archaon the Everchosen
  • Amicable Relationship: Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Friendly Rival: Lex Luthor, Doctor Octopus
  • Rivals: Xehanort's Incarnations, Regime Superman, Madara Uchiha, Malekith, Lord Brevon
  • Enemies: Clark Kent/Superman, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Saitama, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Red Skull, Izuku Midoriya and All Might, The Justice League, The Avengers, Good Aligned Kamen Riders, Super Sentais and Power Rangers, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Son Goku, Vegeta, Mario, Link, Lucas, Roxas, Xion, Lea, Akame, Night Raid, Team RWBY and Team JNPR, Zamasu
    • (NOTE: Aside from Red Skull and Zamasu, he regards all of them as Respected Nemeses to some extent or another.)
  • Opposes: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, Hydra and Anyone Associated with Nazis, Generally Anyone who would stand against his Greatest Enemies
  • Opposed By: The House of Heroism, All Superheroes, Good-Aligned My Hero Academia Deities, The Hero Association, Deities of Greek Mythology, Light Yagami
  • Special Relationship: Statesman (Former Friend, Arch-Enemy and Worthy Opponent)
  • Source of Interest For: Tzeentch, Tartarus
  • The ultimate leader of the Arachnos Organization, the supervillain known as Lord Recluse is one of the greatest threats the world has ever known, always pitting himself against Statesman and his force of good during their battles in Paragon City. An incredibly powerful superhuman in his own right, what truly makes Lord Recluse stand out is his godly intelligence, which allows him to effectively react, plan out and think far faster than anybody ever would. These traits have allowed Lord Recluse to endure and continue fighting on against Statesman for many years with seemingly no end. However, there is more to the two greatest enemies than meets the eye...
    • Lord Recluse was originally Stefan Richter, an Austrian-American aristocrat who quickly became adopted brothers and best friend of Marcus Cole, eventually fighting together in World War I. During the war, Marcus contacted mustard gas, becoming terminally ill. Dedicated to saving his brother/friend's life, Stefan and Marcus became mercenaries in search of the fabled Fountain of Zeus, starting with stealing an early version of the Herotodus. This led them to Praxidae, which housed the Well of the Furies. Upon drinking the waters of the well, not only was Marcus cured of his illness, but him and Stefan developed superhuman powers. Soon enough they would stumble across what was thought to be Pandora's Box. The two opened it, an incredible power was released, setting up a new age for superheroes.
      • The box's powers destroyed the cave and island Stefan and Marcus were in, leaving the former washed ashore. Upon reawakening, he decided to use his newfound powers to accelerate the progress of science, eventually beginning his journey to villainy. He would join the Italian mafia organization, Arachnos via its American Branch in Paragon City, Rhode Island, led overall by The Weaver. There, Stefan took the moniker of Recluse and built up his villain cred, alongside undergoing physical changes, such as creating and encasing himself in armor, bright red eyes and an arachnid hump possessing eight spider-like legs, which Stefan would later coat in proto-steel. Eventually staging the assassination of the Weaver with his lover Red Widow, Stefan took over leadership of Arachnos, rechristened himself as Lord Recluse and established his base of operations in the archipelago islands of the Rogue Isles. He would soon establish a massive superhero army to combat himself against the Freedom Phalanx, led by Marcus Cole, now known as the Statesman.
  • After finding out about the Pantheon, Lord Recluse quickly devised a plan to integrate himself into it, alongside gathering as much information about the Pantheon and its inhabitants as much as he could. Immediately setting his sights of Superman due to his strong resemblance to Statesman, Lord Recluse made his ascension by calculating a series of attacks on several buildings which Superman reacted in an effort to save any innocent lives caught during the event. Although successful, the Man of Steel caught a glimpse of an engraved spider-esque logo on the ground before a telecast revealed Lord Recluse addressing Superman as a worthwhile replacement for Statesman. This broadcast signalled Lord Recluse's ascension into the Pantheon and a new looming threat for heroes to come.
  • He quickly learned about several different villainous fractions in a very short amount of time. He was impressed by Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, but did not like the Grand United Alliance of Destruction because their goals were not something that Lord Recluse would follow. Darkseid was the Evil Overlord that most piqued Lord Recluse as his brand of Tyranny was something the Arachnos leader would align him rather well. He accepted the Lord of Tyranny's invitation to join the Harbingers of Repression, setting himself up as Darkseid's Evil Genius, in addition to bringing in a legion of Supervillains into service.
    • Despite Darkseid's stance on Melkor and the GUAE, Lord Recluse has met with the God of Evil on a few occasions and expressed praise and respect. Some of the GUAE have since grown to admire Lord Recluse, who has since stated to them to be proud about their villainy. That said, he was less than impressed to hear about Melkor's cowering upon defeat during his attempted destructions on Middle-earth, but has decided to let it slide once he lectured him to start becoming fearless. Melkor has since been prepping himself to become more brave on the face of defeat and death, expressing a sort of gratitude to the Arachnos leader.
  • While several villains are open about their villainy, Lord Recluse is a lot more lenient about it than most. He expects his troops and lieutenants to also express their villainy proudly and that it is a sign of individuality. As for himself, he takes it really seriously to the extent that he doesn't bother to try to craft a false politeness. He doesn't really seem to care about being Obviously Evil either.
  • One of the most mentally capable beings in the entire Pantheon, Lord Recluse is a subject of interest for Tzeentch who would most certainly want him to be his representing herald. Lord Recluse respects the gesture, though he doesn't seem to be interested in what the Chaos God plans, not to mention total destruction isn't his cup of tea.
  • Opposed by numerous superheroes, something that Lord Recluse wants and proudly acknowledges. While Superman and Supergirl outright dislike him, Lord Recluse sees them as worthwhile opponents and replacements of Statesman (That is, until he ascends himself). He's also praised Batman for being smart for someone who has no powers of his own. And he has taken the time to praise the valour of Izuku Midoriya and praise the mentoring of All Might. It is because of these praises that has Lord Recluse brand them as notable opponents. He is amused by Spider-Man and his spider-like abilities have Lord Recluse often battling the web-slinger out of morbid curiosity and the aspect of a battle between two spider-themed superhumans
  • His tyranny and demeanour was met with disgust and fear from Roxas, Xion and Lea, as Lord Recluse reminds the Sea-Salt Trio of Xemnas and understandably haven't gotten over them. They have combated against the Anachros leader every now and then. Lord Recluse doesn't really have much to say about them, aside from their companionship, which tends to remind him of his time as Stefan and his relationship with Marcus.
  • Due to hosting a legion of supervillains, he has made himself an enemy for the House of Heroism. Members of the Justice League and the Avengers are vehemently against Lord Recluse and his tyranny, especially after his alliance with Darkseid, as are the Kamen Riders, Super Sentais and the Power Rangers. Not helping matters is how Lord Recluse somewhat looks like something that would fit into a tokusatsu world.
  • Gets along with fellow tyrants such as Sauron and Shao Kahn. The two of them express respect for Lord Recluse's command and reputation, and are trying to see what they're doing wrong, in which the Arachnos leader succeeds in. Has earned respect from Bernkastel after she found out that Lord Recluse built up his reputation to catch Statesman's attention, which she felt would be something the GUAE Trollkaiger would be proud of.
    • Has a harder time trying to cooperate with Archaon. While the Everchosen acknowledges Lord Recluse's intellect and powers, he thinks that he's too focused on his infamy and pride, something which Archaon simply shrugs off. Lord Recluse thinks that Archaon isn't giving himself the time to relieve and enjoy himself and should try to be more open about what to do outside of villainy aside from cursing and ranting about Sigmar. That said, the two are capable of working well together, with most deities dreading the aspect of Archaon's blessed powers and enchantments, Lord Recluse's godly intelligence and their leadership forming a duo that can challenge even Overdeities.
  • His interactions with Superman naturally led him to meet with Lex Luthor. The two of them get along well, with Lex hoping to modify Lord Recluse's armor to include Kryptonite and New God technology for the Arachnos Leader to harness. That said, they consider themselves rivals, though they'd occasionally hang out. A similar sentiment is given to Doctor Octopus, who is fascinated with Lord Recluse's physiology and powers. The Arachnos leader will occasionally provide him with resources to help out in combating against Spider-Man.
  • Has a deep-seeded hatred with anything associated with Nazism. Considering he was a soldier during World War I, he feels justified in opposing Red Skull and Hydra. He's thinking about convincing Darkseid to disregard Nazism in every way, and in case he left the Lord of Tyranny to join Melkor and the GUAE, it is under the conditions that Melkor revoke any members with Nazi connections.
  • He has gained rivals under Master Xehanort who have considered Lord Recluse one of the best intellectual minds that they have encountered. While there is mutual respect, Lord Recluse doesn't have much to talk with them. A more physical rivalry exists towards Regime Superman, Madara Uchiha and Malekith who have noted his mental capabilities to be of threat and his physical strength to also be a challenge. Lord Recluse likes Malekith for his affinity towards villainy, though he is somewhat irritated by how Regime Superman and Madara preach about establishing peace, which he finds rather funny as both are villains. Lord Brevon sees Lord Recluse as a worthy pawn to use, but the Arachnos leader is willing to go violent against Brevon, knowing full well about what he plans on doing to him.
  • A lot of people, heroes and villains have fashioned Lord Recluse to be a second coming of the titan, Tartarus, which Lord Recluse embraces. On the other spectrum, Zamasu loathes him because of said proclamation and the fact that Lord Recluse was a Deity of Human Origin. Considering this is Zamasu, the Arachnos leader simply took Zamasu's disdain as a compliment as well as finding his reaction amusing on his part, given how Zamasu himself is a villain, a fact which the fallen Kai takes very poorly.
  • Due to his mind and intelligence, extreme precautions have been taken to prevent Lord Recluse from The Great Treasury. This has only increased the Arachnos leader's interest and is preparing for an attack to collect any sort of treasure that he could implement for world domination.
  • Not really interested in the Anti-Life Equation, unlike Darkseid. This may have something to do with the fact that Lord Recluse is a social darwinist and is willing to apply the rule to himself. He would be most pleased to fight something who would prove a challenge and with this mindset, he tries to encourage his followers to toughen themselves up and become stronger. He doesn't mind being killed, despite his immortality, so long as his killer can be a worthy successor for the leadership of Arachnos.
  • Golden rule: DON'T GET ANYWHERE BETWEEN LORD RECLUSE AND HIS ARCH-ENEMIES. The last time that had happened, Lord Recluse shifted his enmity to another villain who killed Statesman. To him, if he can't kill his greatest enemies, he'll at least try to avenge them as a way to show his respect. It's pretty rare for this quality to come from someone like him.
  • "You shall merely be the first sacrifices on this, the altar of my victory!"

Teridax, God of Subjugating Beings of Immense Power (Makuta Teridax, Master of Shadows, Makuta, the Makuta, the Makuta of Metru Nui, Terry)
Possessing the Great Spirit Robot 

Tzeentch, God of Planning (Changer of Ways, the Architect of Fate, the Weaver of Destiny, the Grand Schemer, the Great Conspirator, the Indecisive Mollusk)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Number 9. The Mark of Tzeentch
  • Alignment: Chaotic Something
  • Portfolio: Manipulative Bastards, Gambit Roulettes and Other Kinds of Plans, More Than Mind Control, God of Evil, Hope Is Scary, Ambition Is Evil Failure Is the Only Option, giving you extra limbs if he damn feels like you should have them, Status Quo Is God.
  • Domains: Change, Chaos, Evil, Hope, Ambition, Manipulation, Scheming, and Sorcery.
  • Heralds: The Lords of Change
  • Opposed by: Kefka Palazzo, who is rumored to be planning on usurping him.
  • Allies: Bernkastel, Yuuki Terumi, Lambdadelta, Lelouch Lamperouge, Suzaku Kururugi, Slaanesh, Doc Scratch, Magnus the Red (though certain events have changed that), Yog-Sothoth (as Tawil at-'Umr)
  • Rivals: Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Enemies: The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Sigmar Heldenhammer and all their servants, Shu Shirakawa, Charles zi Britannia, Rika Furude, Ryukishi 07, The Puella Magi... ALL OF THEM, The Incubators, Lord Kroak; Yuji Sakai, The Crimson Denizens and Flame Hazes (post-season 3); , Nurgle and Khorne
  • Battle Cry: JUST! AS! PLANNED!
  • The Four Chaos Gods are beings of utter madness, unfathomable in their ways. But even among their rank, Tzeentch stands out in just how out of his mind he is. This enigmatic being is the Chaos God of change, evolution, intrigue and sorcery. The antithesis of the entropic Nurgle, he weaves the threads in every action, plot and subtle intrigue. Master of manipulation on the highest level, all things serve as part of The Plan for him.
  • Perhaps the most powerful and influential being in all the House of Mentalism. Everything is said to go just as planned, even the plans that contradict the other plans. As the god of scheming, any manipulative and magnificent schemer is in some ways related to him. And unfortunately for his enemies, almost all his machinations are far too bizarre to unravel. The Grand United Alliances are wondering what exact hand that he had in The Great Upheaval and the rise of the GUAD.
  • Mention Squirrel Girl, the Doom Marine, Jurgen, or the Angry Marines around him, and he just starts twitching in fear. Try it. It's fun!
    • The following warning from Victor von Doom caused Tzeentch to flee to whatever beings of primordial Chaos call a "bathroom".
      Doom: Doom was assaulted by a squirrel girl scandalously clad in orange and black. She was assisted by another, this one clad in the traditional garb and colors of Doreen Green. Horrifying as it may sound, there are two of her now. Doom is bracing for a new assault... as should you.
    • Also mention Umineko around him for added lulz, as this reminds him of how he got trolled by Ryukishi 07 because he was messing with Rika. Even Bernkastel laughs about it behind his back.
      • There have been rumors about an incident involving Dorothy and Toto. They have been fully denied.
    • Unbeknownst to all, through all the defeats he incurs, the spanners in his plans, and the humiliation he endures, he smirks internally in satisfaction. As always, Just as Planned.
  • Has been found to be the driving force behind the Incubators' system for staving off Entropy. The system, having earned the ire of Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi, has since been changed. The Incubators, while failing to show anger/annoyance, have since been keeping an eye out for more trickery, especially since witches continue to pop up every now and then.
  • Aside from being the driving force behind the creation of witches from Magical Girls and the Incubators' system for staving off Entropy, he has also been found responsible for the millennia-long fighting between the Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens. The system has since changed even further, while earning the ire of Yuji Sakai and Shana. The former, during his atonement, has since been keeping an eye out for Flame Haze-Crimson Denizen fights, especially since they're not completely at peace with each other.
  • Despite listing the Status Quo as one of his enemies, he's actually one of its greatest enforcers; the way things are, in a world in which people get to choose for themselves to act for good or evil purposes, is a system in which things are always changing, and it's all thanks to the free will of every sapient being. Tzeentch cares not for conquering the universe, because it's so much more fun to throw a monkey wrench into everyone's plans and watch the chaos that unfolds from it, Just as Planned.
  • He lost Magnus the Red when the Emperor stole his soul back from him. Still, he's not too concerned about it.
    • The reason for this became very clear later, when he attempted to reclaim Magnus' soul when he was far enough away from the Emperor. However, the Custodian Captain-General, who was with Magnus at the time, challenged Tzeentch to a game of Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette Fourth Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker for ownership of Magnus' soul. The Captain-General proceeded to WIN said battle, and even mouthed off to him with ZERO CONSEQUENCES. Tzeentch was MUCH less happy about this defeat, but some can only wonder if even suffering a defeat of this magnitude is all part of his plan.
  • He sought to impress his rival gods by finally revealed his gambit for the fate of the Old World as part of the End Times, but in a shocking twist an elven wizard knocked Tzeentch out of the fight extremely early by draining a tonne of magic into the material world from the Realm of Chaos where Tzeentch resides, weakening the God of Magic to the point where he was effectively knocked out of the war, humiliating the god. Because of this temporary weakness, many of his enemies are rumoured to have begun making moves to bring him down while he's vulnerable.
  • God and manipulator of fate, he holds a position of power within the House of Prophecy. It and Destiny of the Endless seem to know each other, but it's unknown what the full extent of their relationship is and who's manipulating who. Rumor has it that he's read everything in his book.
  • As twisted as he seems, Tzeentch represents a positive attribute of the galaxy's collective psyche-hope. Even in the nightmarish hellscape of the 41st millennium, hope still exists-hope for a better world, hope for success and happiness. And such hope can be terrifying. The other hope bringers in the pantheon consider him a complete perversion of hope. Saint Walker, champion of the blue light of hope, SNAPPED at Tzeentch and screamed at him that he was no being of hope, but a cosmic parasite and monster that parades itself as hope.
  • He has no end goal in sight with his plans-scheming, planning and trolling are literally what he lives for. Indeed, if his plans were ever completed he would cease to exist. This is considered a very thin silver lining, since if he was focused there'd be absolutely nothing stopping him.

Ambiguous Rank

    The Fortress Dwarves 
The Fortress Dwarfs, Gods and Goddesses of Dangerous Stupidity (Dorf, Urist, Urist Mc[InsertAnythingHere])
  • Any of the ranks, except Overdeity.
  • Symbol: A mug of beer
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, but they can be any alignment.
  • Portfolio: The Alcoholic, Amusingly Stupid, Identical Dwarves, Tunnel Kings, Lunatics capable of amazing feats
  • Domains: Alcohol, Dorfs, Stupidity, Beards
  • Superior: Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Allies: Anyone
  • Rivals: Anyone
  • Enemies: Anyone
  • Pities: Arche Klein
  • Opposes: Douchebag Elves
  • One-Sided Relationship: Jibril
  • The dwarves ascended after accidentally digging through a dimension and fell into the pantheon. None of them died though.
  • Out of all the temples in the Pantheon, theirs is probably the most unique, due to digging into EVERY SINGLE HOUSE, except The Great Treasury. They also dug into Hell, the Ocean, other dimensions, and built into the skies.
    • Unfortunately, ever since Lord Brevon's ascension, most of their digging territory has been greatly reduced to prevent a siege just like his (on the Main House, no less) from ever happening again.
  • If they aren't in their temple, they can be anywhere, but they haul out booze and food from the House of Food, but they also export their creations to the other houses. How nice of them.
  • Thorgrim Grudgebearer was overjoyed to see so many Dwarves living in great cities. However, the Fortress Dwarves' stupidity and their tendency of getting themselves killed make them more frustrating to deal with than the most stubborn dwarf trying to avenge an unworthy grudge, much to Thorgrim's frustration.
  • Despite hating those tree-hugging elves who scold them, they pity Arche Klein, due to her being persecuted by the elves, due to being a half-elf. They can also tolerate Drizzt Do'Urden for the same reason.
  • Some of the dwarves are vampires, werewolves, necromancers or vampiric necromancers.
  • There have been times where dwarves had gotten stark raving mad, escaped their temple, and started streaking throughout the Pantheon.
  • Despite their feats, they aren't really the smartest. The Pantheon has been flooded at least five times due to them trying to expand their temple.
  • The Dwarves have a one-sided relationship with Jibril, due to her having a bad case of Fantastic Racism. At least they agree on hating elves.
  • The House of Craft is utterly baffled at Planepacked, due to it being a statue having 73 pictures of itself.
  • Once, they got an entire shipment of Pikmins sent to their fortress. Needless to say, they were used as weapons.
  • Another time, they snuck into the Minion's temple and left them a box filled with elf eyeballs.
  • They were showing great surprise when they ascended.
    Urist McStupidleader: We finally managed to get into the pantheon.
    Urist McSmartass: It was inevitable.
  • They are under control of Ragnaros the firelord, because they accidently summoned him here. Instead of being slaved like some previous dwarves before them, they actually follow him willingly, calling him the "fun master". Many gods are worried of what they will be capable of under the care of the firelord but one thing is sure, There will be an increase on the number of scorched elves.
  • Some of these dwarves seem to learn to be good after several times that they were saved by Gillius Thunderhead when they did something stupid. Of course, they tend to go back to berating him when he was being away when trouble hit in, he can't be everywhere at once after all.
  • This is a pantheon profile. All craftsmanship is of the highest quality. It is encrusted with bands of text, decorated with tropes and is encircled with asterisks. This object menaces with formatting. On the item is a dwarf. The dwarf is smiling. This image relating to the ascension of the dwarves on July 24th, 2015.

The Illuminati, The Conspiracy Behind The Pantheon
  • Unknown but have the influence of Overdeities
  • Symbol: Eye of Providence
  • Theme Song: Heavily associated with The X-Files
  • Alignment: Lawful or Neutral... something.
  • Portfolio: Ancient Conspiracy, Omniscient Council of Vagueness, The Ones Controlling Society, Represented by a pyramid with an eye on the top, TONS of theories surrounding them
  • Domains: Conspiracies, Manipulation, Brainwashing
  • Followers: The Templars, Court of Owls
  • Allies: The Council of Shadows, SCP Foundation, Tzeentch, Petyr Baelish, Revolver Ocelot, Ozymandias, Varys
  • Illumination Associates: Gill, Urien, Kolin, Vandal Savage
  • Enemies: Anybody who poses a threat to them for all we know but the Imperium seems to oppose them as well as all six Grand United Alliance Leaders but most of all THE QUESTION! And supposedly as Lord Fuse as well.
  • Unknown Relationship: Bill Cipher
  • Unwitting Pawn: Potentially EVERYONE
  • Opposed by: Every Conspiracy Theorist out there.
  • It was a normal morning in the Main House, all deities within going about their business until someone discovered a wall had been vandalized. When other deities came and saw the vandalism, they asked if someone was pulling a prank, be it Haruhi, Lucifer, or even Beerus. All suspects denied this and those investigating became very nervous at the implication that an outside force made its way into one of the most secure places in the entire Pantheon just to leave their mark there. Those who are aware the symbol on the wall know what organization wants their presence to be known and establish themselves as new players in the Pantheon or even worse, they have been for a long time and are only letting themselves be known now. The Illuminati have finally confirmed their existence and they will stay, watching from the shadows.
  • The origins of the Illuminati commonly date back to a group from Bavaria in the 1770s that was eventually disbanded by the government (though many theorize they date even farther than that). It is said they went underground afterward and began amassing influence across the world, orchestrating historical events and basically having all of humanity under their thumb unknowingly. Politicians, businessmen and celebrities are said to join their ranks and influential figures are being brainwashed by them to suit their agenda. They seem to be the most popular conspiracy organization, despite their secrecy and even have their own counterparts in the Marvel Universe and many other groups seem to follow their example.
  • Their existence seems to conflict with another Illuminati-based group led by Bill Cipher. This made them highly suspected to be the ones behind the incident but they have denied it. During interrogations, the members were put through every lie detector imaginable but the results said what they told was true. While it is obvious the group has some sort of connection with this Illuminati — considering they speak highly of them — they likely don’t even have any vital information about them either. Gill and Vandal Savage have been trying to say that they're the new leaders or at least high-ranking members of this Illuminati and that they should be in charge of the Main House from now on. Once the lie detectors caught their bluff, they merely shrugged and said it was a worth a shot before being released.
    • Of all of Cipher's associates, Urien is said to be the least trusted by this version of the Illuminati. They know that he would destroy the organization himself if allowed to take control.
    • After those suspects were acquitted, it was suspected that the Illuminati was connected to the Council of Shadows, either having members from it, being spun off from it or the Council even being a front or public identity for them. Some members have admitted to their association with the group through their brainwashed agents, only stating that they were only told if things are starting to go to shit, the Illuminati welcome them. It is not known if they have become agents for them but nobody really wishes to pry for more info.
  • Some have even as far to go to Tzeentch for some answers. The Chaos God stated that the Illuminati's sudden appearance was all according to his will and is aware of the true nature of the group. Nobody is sure is Tzeentch is screwing around with them or not, but that’s a normal thing for those aware of the being.
  • The SCP Foundation has been open to be allied with the organization, citing that with their influence, they would be able to help them contain every captured SCP. While this wasn’t the most popular of announcements coming from them, some agreed that such an alliance is beneficial for the entire Pantheon if the Illuminati were ever to reply.
  • Relatively unknown why Bill Cipher has the appearance of their symbol. Either the Eye of Providence was inspired by Bill or that the being just took the appearance for shits and giggles. None of these questions are being answered.
  • Every Alliance Leader seems to oppose the Illuminati’s presence, having different views on them. Cosmos is rather cautious of the group, believing no group should have such power overall. Melkor refuses to allow such a group to rival his influence. Lucifer's ideals won't allow such a group to exist, seeing them as no better than YHVH's oppression. YHVH is enraged the Illuminati challenge his authority and has degreed they should be wiped out. The GUAM Council have put hundreds of more firewalls in their systems in case the Illuminati ever try to take control of them. Nekron isn't too worried about them considering his aims for absolute destruction but has checked for any potential conspirers in the GUAD. All leaders had to check in with their high commands for any potential Illuminati agents lurking in their ranks. None have been found but it’s highly probable that there is at least one in each of them, brainwashed or not.
  • The Imperium wiped out their versions of the Illuminati for humanity to be free of their rule. The Immortal God-Emperor was peeved that the Illuminati has appeared once more and is waiting for the moment they slip up so that he and his armies can wipe them out.
  • Conspiracy theorists went on a frenzy once the Illuminati revealed itself, no more than The Question who was said to have ranted about them for three days straight and someone published a novel based on his rants alone. A trilogy is planned for The Great Conspiracy: Day One.
  • One entity that seems to elude their influence is Lord Fuse. His chaotic ascension threw one over them by how sudden it was and with Planet Fusion gone to who knows where they can’t truly anticipate Fuse's plans even with all the information given about him. They are however aware of where Fuse’s physical avatar frequents and are sending spies there to learn his plans. This info came from Revolver Ocelot who had a bullet he possesses stolen by Fuse during the invasion, so it may be an unreliable source.

    The Mob 
The Mob, The Many Inside of One Being (The Voices, The Twitch, KKKKKAPPPKK)
  • Unknown Rank of Deities. Speculated being mass of Quasideities with near Eldritch levels of power.
  • Symbol: The Twitch logo, coloured red and white.
  • Alignment: Utterly Chaotic.
  • Portfolio: The Spirits Inside of Mind Hive, Anarchy Is Chaos AND Democracy Is Flawed, Godly Powers Used Stupidly Unless Having a Clear Task, The Cult in Cargo Cult, Arguing with Each Other, Being Addicted to Gambling, Finishing the Game NO, MATTER, WHAT
  • Domains: Possession, Legion
  • Allies:
  • Respects: The Puella Magi Holy Quintet
  • Unwitting Pawns: Anyone who gets possessed by them.
  • Enemies: Anyone who present themselves as obstacle, like Giovanni, Mewtwo, Ghetsis, Oda Nobunaga, Lysandre and Master Hand, The House of Technology (not the Gods inside the House, the House itself)
  • Opposed by: Red, Ermac
  • It's hard to really call The Mob a God. It is more like a collective form of thousands of mortals, who have the power to take control of anyone unfortunate enough to come across them to do their bidding. Hilarity Ensues.
  • When discussing whether or not give them Pseudo-deity status, this is what they replied with:
    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ GODHOOD OR RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  • No one is sure what The Mob would really be. The closest physical form it has is a swarm of Unown, the closest thing they have given as a name is when they were directly addressed when possessing Lucas (KKKKKAPPPKK), and their only way of communication is by a chat.
  • Unlike Legion, which can operate just fine by having multiple entities inside him, The Mob cannot operate with their given host at all. One of the most notable things are with their inconsistent luck and whenever or not use something really powerful, which generally results in them losing the said thing, or something else in exchange of it.
  • Don't think that just because they are a bunch of chaotic morons, they cannot be seen as a threat. If they need to do something, They will do their best to do it. And because they could possess anyone in the Pantheon, their threat level raises even further. They once hijacked Ganondorf and beat Master Hand with him (after several tries that is).
  • Avoids the House of Technology like the plague, saying that it is the Grand PC. Not like they would enter it because of ReCAPTCHAs
  • The only thing in "control" of them is "The Streamer", who can set up different things to rail them in some direction. However, they'd rather sit back and watch the chaos, only intervening when it is needed. No one knows what they look like, although The Mob have made suggestions that they look like Arceus wearing glasses.
  • Some gods honestly ponder what would happen if The Narrator, who tries to make a person follow a certain path, and The Mob, who is known to pretty much deny any sense of progress, would try to lead the same body.
    • Others want to see who would win in a battle: them or Chuggaaconroy. Others want to know what would happen if The Mob possessed Chuggaaconroy. All that's known is that epic hilarity would ensue.
  • During their free time, they like to do Pokémon battles with two herald trainers and betting which side will win. They also take parts in other betting circles, though their bets are self-centric.
  • Nitori absolutely hates them due to them abusing the Kappa Twitch emote, which she hates. The Mob simply spams it further.
    ┌༼ Kappa ༽┘ ♪ Kappappa Kappappa Nitori! ♪ └༼ Kappa ༽┐ ♫
  • When a massive canvas appeared, the Mob decided to immortalize its beloved Chatot on it. It struggled to fight back, but a group of artists dedicated to painting on a group of five magical girls helped them in their efforts. The Mob never found out who they were, but they now respect the Magical Girl Quintet as a result.
  • Seeing Red ascended made the Mob interested in repossessing him for old times sake. The Trainer has somehow successfully evaded them so far.
  • Mewtwo is by far one of the Mob's biggest enemies due to their repeated attempts to reach and capture him in his temple only to fail much to Mewtwo's amusement.
  • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


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