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    Anos Voldigoad 
What is the Demon King? Power? Degree? Authority? Not! The Demon King is the figure itself.

Anos Voldigoad, Divine Monarch Representative of Demonic Rulers (Demon King of Tyranny, Demon King Anos, Arnos, Anoth, Founder, Misfit, Self-Proclaimed Demon King, Boy Genius, Hero of the Unitary, The True Demon King, Anosh Portikoro, Bad Wizard, Head of State, Anos Voldigoat)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Misfit Symbol of Demon King Academy and the Source of Perdition
  • Theme Song: "Seikai Fuseikai" "Featuring Anos Voldigoad", Dear Descendants, His Various Fan Union Songs
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly something between Lawful Evil and Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: THE Demon King, AWESOME EGO, Excels In Just About Everything, Noticing Important Things About Various Things, Starts With Only 1/10 Of His Full Power, Comically Invincible Hero, Extremely Protective Child, Dark Is Not Evil, Is Able To Bring Back Anyone Within Three Seconds, Snaps His Fingers To Showoff His Magical Power, Mr. Exposition, Having An Outdated Sense Of Humor, ,"Did you really think X would Y?" or "Did you really think I couldn't X just because you Y?", Eats Mushroom gratin Almost Every Day
  • Domain(s): Demons, Magic, Bonds, Peace, Ancestry
  • Heralds: Misha Necron, Sasha Necron, Lay Glanzdulli, Misa Ilioroagu, Eleonore Bianca, and the Anos Fan Union
  • High Priests: Demon Queen, Shibuya Yuri, Sheila, and Forbesii
  • Allies: Saitama, Lena Oxton/Tracer, Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O, The Four Horsemen, Nero, Bayonetta, Jeanne, Amara, Sparda, the Seven Mortal Sins, Morrigan and Lilith Aensland, Trish, Lady, Kat, Akko, Diana Cavendish, Professor Ursula Callistis/"Shiny" Chariot du Nord, Satan Jacob, Alucard, Rachel Alucard, Seras Victoria, Raven, Valvatorez
  • Rivals: Dante Sparda, The Dovahkiin, Vergil, Claire Stanfield
  • Enemies: Equinox, YHVH, Melkor and his Representing Horsemen, The Homunculi, Lucemon, the Violator, Lucifer (Supernatural), Griffith and the Godhand, Malebolgia, The Idea of Evil, Apocalypse, Goetia, Tiamat (Fate/Grand Order), Mundus, Eredin Bréacc Glas, Voldemort, Mithra, Zamasu, Yuuki Terumi, Dio Brando, Trigon
  • Opposed By: The Seven Heavenly Virtues, Emilia Justina, Gilgamesh, The Doom Slayer
  • 2,000 Years ago, in an era known as the Mythical Age, there lived a legendary demon with unmatched and unrivaled power who was feared by every being in the world; from humans to demons to spirits to even the gods, there was none who did not know the name of Anos Voldigoad, the Demon King of Tyranny. However, Anos himself became more than wary of the countless battles and suffering he and every side of every race faced from this Forever War, so, with the help of the champion of humanity and his companions, the Demon King preformed an Heroic Sacrifice to separate the realms of the four races for 1,000 years so their grudges from the war could die out in that time. However, it takes more than death to fully kill off Anos Voldigoad as through his source magic, he was able to reincarnate into the present day and enroll into Delsgade, the Demon King Academy, where he journeys to retake his throne, making new allies and enemies alike, showing the world that the Demon King of Tyranny has returned.
  • Originally, Anos was the High Priest of Saitama for the God of Comically Invincible Hero, so the Court of the Gods were already familiar with Anos and his feats. Due to this familiarity, Anos has already been in consideration for other positions in the Pantheon due it being HIGHLY unlikely anything serious would happen to Satiama anytime soon. Soon enough, the Court was able to find a place in the Pantheon for him due to the events of his world allowing Anos to fully reclaim his status in front of the entire world and prevent the genocide of his race and subjects. Having taken back his title and throne as the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos has achieved full ascension into the Pantheon.
  • His temple is a perfect replica of his Demon King Castle, Delzogade, which in his world has been turned into the Demon King Academy.
  • Anos is already good friends with Saitama, who greeted him when he first ascended into the Pantheon do to being his former High Priest as stated above, and thus Saitama was more than willing to show him around the Pantheon after congratulating him, but Anos declined, wanting to experience this kind of thing himself, but promised to come back to Saitama to show him a fight worthy of someone of his caliber.
  • Despite being recognized as the Demon King of the Pantheon, many deities are surprised to find Anos as quite the social butterfly who is more man than willing to make friends and support them in whatever endeavor they involve themselves in. It is even more surprising when one finds out about the fact that, in his previous life, Anos killed all of the humans, spirits, and even gods during his reign.
  • Made his first post-ascension friend in Lena Oxton/Tracer when he first introduced himself to the wider known Pantheon with one of his "jokes".
    Anos: Good day my future subjects! Today shall be known as the day that I, Anos Voldigoad, will wipe out all who shall stand in the way of my reign!
    (appearing next to him) Tracer: Oi mate, you hit in the head or something? You do know where you are, right?
    Anos: Why of course. Just thought it'd a good way to introduce myself with a good joke.
    Tracer: You were joking? With that line here?
    Anos: Well, it worked everytime I said it 2,000 years ago.
    Tracer: ...Okay, someone seriously needs to get you a good joke book or else your going to get yourself killed sooner than later.
    Anos: Oh please, as if killing me is enough to make me die.
    Tracer: Just don't tell that to Shirou mate.
  • When he first heard of the Demon King position in the Pantheon has been filled, Sougo Tokiwa immediately assumed it was his evil future self who has ascended into the Pantheon and went to the temple to confront him...only to find a bemused Anos relaxing on his throne. After a moment of clearing up the misunderstanding at hand, Sougo was more than excited to meet a fellow deity who was also "the kindest and greatest Demon King" of his world. On his end, Anos was more than amused and impressed to see Sougo so determined to achieve his dream and decided to stick around Sougo to see how far he'll be able to go as a Demon King.
  • Has actually encountered DIO, and due to their clashing egos, a fight broke out between the two. However, when DIO used his signature ZA WARDUDO, he quickly discovered that Anos can easily move just fine while asking "Did you really think that stopping time would stop me from moving?" Too shocked to counter or come up with a next move, DIO found himself waking up in his temple one heart rip later, swearing vengeance on Anos Voldigoad.
  • As the representative of Demon Rulers, it was inevitable that he would encounter the various demons and hybrids and demon hunters though out the Pantheon:
    • His first meeting with the Sparda brothers went well enough, with Anos fully recognizing their capabilities as demon hunters, but made they it clear to both of them that if they think he's the same as any other demon they've dealt with before then he's be more than happy to prove then wrong at any time they wish. Both Dante and Vergil accepted this blatant challenge, more than willing to test the power of Anos.
    • Anos was very much impressed with the fact that Nero managed to break through the deadly sibling rivalry between his uncle and father before they actually killed each other. Nero, while surprised to find a demon like Anos so relaxed and affable, was more than willing to strike up a good friendship with him.
    • First met Trish when she crashed her motorcycle into his temple to she what's kind of person the Demon King is , with Anos finding this action pretty funny and decided right there and then she's be more than worth to have around in his life, which Trish finding this reaction equally amusing and thinking the same about Anos, both becoming good friends afterwards.
    • Mundus was furious to discover that someone other than him has been acknowledged as the King of Demons in the Pantheon, refusing to see Anos as nothing but an pretender to the throne. Anos's response to his attitude was simply Munndas is more than welcome to come over to his temple at anytime to see if why he's known as the Demon King of Tyranny.
    • Morrigan and Lilith Aensland actually found it hilarious to learn that despite being a demon, Anos only understands love in familial terms and has never been in an intimate relationship in either of his lives. They can be seen frequently at his temple trying to teach him the difference loves that exists, as the Aensland sisters find it improper for the Demon King not to know.
    • Anos was utterly unimpressed with the Godhand and their genuine belief that one's destiny cannot be defied no matter what, holding the assurance that if doesn't like whatever fate has in store for him, he'll change it. When they laughed at such declaration, Anos reminded them that they themselves were human once upon a time, so they don't get to decide what a naturally born demon like him can or cannot do.
    • Anos - while having a friendly rivalry with Lucifer due to them being equal when it comes to being a Smug Super - feels right at home when hanging around the Seven Mortal Sins, reminding him of the demon kin he had in his previous life. The Sins are very welcoming to Anos and respect his position as the rightful Demon King of the Pantheon, knowing they can count on his help when the times comes for their version of God tries to wipe out Earth and humanity.
    • Both Malebolgia and The Violator are disgusted that the Demon King Anos (or any other demon for that matter) would be affable and even supportive to humankind while being a mostly benevolent figure and sees Anos's enthronement as nothing but a farce that needs to be desposed of as soon as possible. Given Malebolgia's deceptive nature and Violator's sadistic tendencies, Anos's couldn't give a less of a damn about his opinons on him and is more than ready to sent them back to Hell. Permanently.
    • Anos's made it known that he finds Trigon, the demon lord who seeks to create a worthy demonic heir via sexually violating as many women as he can and disposing of any offsprings who does give him good results, nothing less than deplorable. Anos is currently working with his antagonistic and heroic daughter, Raven, to find a way to destroy Trigon permanently.
  • Is frequently on the end of Lord Voldemort's annoying and demanding prodding as a result of not being able to die even when killed. The Dark Lord sees this a a true form of immortality yet to be discovered and wishes to capture Anos to test and see how he has managed.
  • Emilia cannot properly reconcile the fact that Anos, with so much history of death and blood on his hands, actually wants to have peace with humans despite his crimes against them, being wary of his true intentions for sacrificing his life. Anos honestly just pities the girl for having such limited thinking.
  • Anos is seen be the Seven Heavenly Virtues as just as dangerous as Lucifer to humanity due to his past, acknowledging that while his desire for true peace is more than admirable and relatable, his actions leave a lot to be desired to get them fully on board with him.
  • Anos is one of the few deities in the whole Pantheon who can actually match Gilgamish in BOTH power and ego. Unfortunately, due Anos's position into the Pantheon, Gilgamish views him as an direct challenge to his claim on the one true king and thus someone who needs to learn his place beneath him. To his credit, Anos has made it very clear that he isn't afraid of throwing down anywhere at anytime.
  • Called Fused Zamasu an complete idiot in his face after learning what his deal was. Zamasu, after Anos somehow escaped his grasp, swore he would pay for his petty arrogance.
  • Akko can be seen hanging around in Anos's temple, learning and taking in his advice on how to approach using magic in new and different ways. Given how he invented most of the magic back in his world, Anos was more than happy to take Akko under his wing, helping and aiding his friend despite her low capacity for the field.
    • Anos was also very impressed to see how progressive Luna Nova Academy when it comes to teaching magic, hoping for the Demon King Academy back at his world can take a few ques from the witches there so his descendants can go expand their minds and view on certain things.
  • The Doom Slayer, having learned of the Demon King's existence and ascension into the Pantheon, doesn't trust Anos's intentions given his bloody past, as, given his own history, someone like that doesn't suddenly gain a conscious without having hidden intentions. Anos, directly in the face of Doomslayer, he can rip and tear at him at any time if he feels that Anos is truly a threat, but will easily respond in kind if things truly reaches that point.
  • Anos also gets along quite well with some of the Nippon Ichi demons, especially Valvatorez. He’s especially looking forward to when Valzy returns to his tyrant form so that he can challenge him to a fight, because he knows that the Tyrant would definitely be able to give him one hell of a fight.
  • Can also be found in the House of Demons.
  • "Whether it is providence, fate, or miracle, before my eyes, it simply prostrates and vanishes."

Greater Gods

    King Allant 
Allant XII, The Once Mighty King (King of Boletaria, Old King Allant, False King Allant, King Allant XII, The Arch Demon, The Fallen King, Fallen King Allant)
Click here  to see Fallen King Allant.
  • Theme Song: Old King Allant, The Old One when encountering his true form.
  • Greater God. Quasideity in his true form.
  • Symbol: Soulbrandt, his original sword.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Royalty (formerly), Truth, Nihilism, Madness, Fallen Kings, Souls
  • Heralds: The Tower Knight Alfred, Phalanx Oolan, and Penetrator Metas
  • Allies:
  • Additional Relationships: Manus, Father of the Abyss
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Sister Friede, Sargeras
  • Interested in: Slave Knight Gael
  • Rivals: The Fabrication Machine, Malthael
  • Commonality Connection with: Arthas Menethil
  • Nihilistic Counterpart to: Emperor Calus
  • Enemies: GWYN, The Maiden in Black, Artorias the Abysswalker, Great Grey Wolf Sif, Ornstein and Smough, Gravelord Nito, Solaire of Astora, The Chosen Undead and Bearer of the Curse, The Ashen One, The Abyss Watchers, The Nameless King, Guts, Count Bleck, Sakura Matou, Rider, The Doom Slayer, Dante Sparda, Illidan Stormrage, Spawn, Zamasu
  • Heavily Opposed by: Aldia, Cosmos, Dr. Stephen Strange, Albus Dumbledore
  • The lands where once a victim to the demons of old, released by The Old One. An ancient fog would cover the landscape and hordes of demons would gather the souls of the living, culminating to the near extinction of mankind. Had it not been for the Monumentals, the lands would have been desolate of anything human. All caused by the usage and abuse of the Soul Arts. When the Old One slumbered, the lands recovered and so did mankind, allowing the lands to slowly grow. Among those that grew was the kindgom of Boletaria, lead by the bloodline of the Boletaria Royal Family, whose achievements allowed prosperity among the people. The kingdom peaked when Allant XII rose to the throne, bringing life and mankind's peak to its magnanimous grandeur.
    • Or so it would be. While ruling the kingdom, Allant was not satisfied with the wealth the kingdom has gathered, coupled with his slowly growing age and a melancholic attitude. In an attempt to gain more than what he has, he discovered the Nexus and with it the Soul Arts, seeing it as an opportunity to bolster the riches he gained. After learning the Soul Arts, Boletaria took an unprecedented turn of wealth, becoming more powerful, however it was not enough and his lust for power only grew further. Realizing elementary knowledge of the Soul Arts is not enough as well as a slow growing depressive state, he discovered and awakened God, the Old One, from its slumber, giving Allant unfathomable power at the cost of his corporeal form, so much that a demonic replica of him was formed to reap more souls. His actions reawakened the Deep Fog and Boletaria was soon in chaos. The riches, power and royalty of his kingdom soon fell and in a sudden nihilistic turn, believed that the Fog and its God where the key to end all pain, suffering and eventually existence as a whole.
  • In the past days of the Pantheon, Boletaria was a myth, when people never believed of such kingdom to be ever in discovery due to its obscurity. However, several knights and soldiers with inscriptions believing to be of unknown origin fought against Lord Gwyn and the soldiers of Anor Londo. These were once the highlight of these lands with some believing that these were the soldiers of Boletaria, turned into demons. Since then, the kingdom and the fights against Gwyn slowed to a crawl and suddenly, any reports of such conflict disappeared for years, with new wars raging across the Pantheon and the oldest members remembering what used to be a royal war against two kings. The rediscovery of the Nexus however showed that the kingdom was in fact real, with the cavern being the entrance to the once proud kingdom. Unfortunately, this released Boletaria from obscurity and unleashed it once more, the fog and its corrupted knights all waging war against its neighbors and standing from the top of the Boletarian Palace, was the fallen king himself, Allant XII.
  • The sight of new life in the Pantheon disgusted Allant, seeing that his nihilistic mindset has convinced him life has become synonymous with suffering and only wishes to purge it all with the Deep Fog and the corrupted version of Boletaria. The rise of new kings and queens as well as armies of different kinds has only brought him further hatred but at the same time, more souls to reap as he now has various threats to face following his reawakening. But first he will need some demonic fiends to side with.
    • Across the various subhouses, he found the perfect place to command a new army of demons: the House of Demons itself hosts various demonic fiends he can muster up for his new nihilistic crusade to end all life. Some saw Allant's demonic replica and gained a staunch following, with the Godhand supporting his cause. Other demons also followed the king's path in an attempt to gain strength from the Fog, such as when the Godhand's own Apostle, Nosferatu Zodd tried it for himself and gained mighty unprecedented power, and Satan able to believe that the king's own perspective of God aligns with him somewhat, unless that counts trying to tear reality to pieces.
    • More demonic deities started taking interest in Allant's crusade all with the same intent but some with personal purposes. Azmodan is willing to lend some of his armies to the Boletarian Palace, but at the same time believes Allant may be the key to overthrow Diablo. Then technology came into the mix when the Cyberdemon and Tyrants made an appearance, alongside the Cacodemons sided with him. At some point, more demons may start taking interest siding with the king and once they do become a unified force, he may get his wish to end all suffering through death.
    • Not all demons however are willing to side with him. Sargeras for instance denied any distribution of his Burning Legion to Allant's side, seeing that a puny human will not be enough for a Legion Invasion and he already leveraged some of his forces to Gul'dan, which may be enough for him to not trust someone else. However, the Lord of the Burning Legion has other plans for the king and his own crusade, perhaps treating them as an initial force to weaken resistance, enough for him to use them as a distraction for his own forces.
    • The Slayer of Demons may not be around the Pantheon, but that doesn't mean the place itself can't fend off against hordes of demons. If anything, the Pantheon is rife with demon slayers of different kinds and his recruitment efforts have been noticed by many. Guts saw his dealings with the Godhand, the Doom Slayer noticed Cacodemons and Tyrants under his force, and Illidan got dragged into the mess when he heard rumors of Sargeras around him. Even Dante Sparda and Spawn, not willing to miss out on a party, chimed in and ready to slay more demons. That said, Allant will not go down without a fight and will go tooth and nail to end all suffering by any means necessary.
  • With the new state of the Pantheon, Allant may not be able to rely on his own armies, but may instead seek new allies who share his nihilism, or even seek those related to the Deep Fog, which he found under Manus, the dreaded Father of the Abyss. The moment he met the creature, he remembered his past fights with Gwyn and his kingdom, wanting to destroy the First Flame and its existence. With his memories returning back, he now beckons the Abyss and with the aid of Manus, wishes death to everything in the Pantheon as he now spreads both the Deep Fog and the Abyss. One of Manus' own soul fragments, Alsanna remarked how his fighting style is incredibly similar to her late husband, the Ivory King, albeit with his right hand instead of his left. The other sisters, especially Nashandra have grown fond with the king.
    • His discovery of a wielder of the Dark Soul of man also sparked danger now that he has the Abyss and the Deep Fog under his control. Having it may end up turning the tide on him versus Gwyn now that one of the First Flame's potentially dangerous threat count has three (four if you count the Deep). The problem is that said element is underneath a human host that being Slave Knight Gael, who Gwyn wishes also to be dead to make sure the Dark Soul does not go to anyone's hands.
  • As kings require warriors to fight in the frontlines, he saw an opportunity recruiting warriors of different origins, some of the most supernatural type, even considering wraiths and revenants. It came under fruition when Mordekaiser saw his soul-sucking capabilities and the fact that his demonic replica can reap souls, putting both under consideration. Some have seen that he is only planning to be with Allant for the sake of reaching the Old One and the souls it holds, finally having something that will satiate their appetite of souls.
    • Griffith saw the deal he had made with the Godhand and decided to ally with him under the idea that he is might end up becoming a potential Apostle. While it may seem plausible, there was a crux in this idea, that being Allant's wish to die, which makes the idea of a potential Apostle neutered. That hasn't stopped him from using the king as a powerful asset for the Godhand. Then another person, or say clown, saw his downfall to be quite similar to his, this clown being Kefka. This comparison can be drawn from Allant's lust for power maddening him akin to how Kefka also wanted to become or gain the powers of a god as well as their will to destroy the world alongside with them. With the three together, some fear their powers combined are a force to be reckoned with. Then more forces came under his tutelage when Zant agreed to join his force under the pretense of more power and the Witch-King of Angmar arrived and also asked for his allegiance under orders from Sauron.
    • Much like Sargeras' response on him, Zamasu did not fare well for his interest with the King of Boletaria. While it is true that the two want to rid humanity off, he still considers him human and too dangerous to be left alive (not like Zamasu was already too dangerous to be left alive in the first place), and that whereas Allant wants everyone dead, Zamasu wants a world for Gods only and the king does not fit his specifications of being a god.
  • Kings, Queens and royalties of any kind have the right to fear Allant and for good reason. One, his tale of madness and power is a sign of kingdoms that are doomed to fall due to their leader's own mistakes and two, the Fog he released is spreading to the Pantheon, and among the heavily damaged was the House of Royalty upon his kingdom's return. The main leaders from Aragorn, Arthur, to even Zelda have tried planning on how to stop the Fog from damaging more deities but little could be done towards an anomaly controlled by an Eldritch Abomination underneath the Nexus, which was their second plan to send warriors within the cavern to clear Boletaria and keep the being under sleep.
  • Those that have come to fight him must go through his Temple, the fog-shrouded Boletarian Palace, wading across its many resident monsters, demons and his three greatest Knights, all once former humans of the Boletarian Round Table, as well. The castle is filled to the brim of demons that one may wonder if any hope can be found to restore Boletaria to its former glory, which may seem impossible. It does not help that the Boletarian Palace is not the only place that covers Allant's temple, instead it covers the entirety of his kingdom, Stonefang Mine, the Northern Lands, Shrine of Storms, Valley of Defilement and even neighboring areas such as the Tower of Latria. To many, this is a perilous task to defeat the legion of demons under his command.
    • There is a discovery however that the true form of Allant may be in the Nexus, and those that descend in it are pitied by his appearance, a blob-like creature that clings to the Soulbrandt, a weapon that increases its strength the more demonic the user has become. This is the end result of Allant's meddling with the Old One and is unable to kill anyone. Those who see it are bound to Mercy Kill him for good measure but even killing him will not stop the Fog. With the new set of rules bounded by the Pantheon's status quo, not only is Allant's blob version underneath the Nexus but now has the ability to control his demonic incarnation, only either fulfilling his role to spread the Fog further or worsening his willingness to die by being in another "body".
  • As a King, or well a fallen one at that, many other kings outside of those who fear his presence have taken arms to defeat him and stop the Fog. Those who visit the top of the Palace are bound to meet Old King Allant with sword drawn with merciless intent. Chrom was one of the first to call arms against him while the God-Emperor of Mankind was hugely disappointed by his reign, seeing that kings in general no longer work as a format, hence why he implemented the idea of Emperor over king, though the people who see the Imperium are bound to say that being Emperor and being King is no different.
    • A warrior took interest with him, but this person is not like the aforementioned good ones, if anything he is equally as bad or worse than Allant, that being Archaon the Everchosen who saw his fall from grace to be similar to his, alongside his nihilism to life in general though his was because he believed Sigmar ignored him and rebelled against him. Whereas Allant failed to succeed on his belief and relied on convincing the Slayer of Demons to killing the maiden, Archaon was more than successful on his terms and was responsible for The End Times.
    • Suddenly, Boletaria received a blizzard on its doorstep, with it was another king who saw his story to be similar to his downfall as well. Allant saw this king, Arthas Menethil to be alike, how the two slowly grew power-hungry (or in the case of Arthas, determined to kill Mal'Ganis), and how they replaced their kingdoms into their own vision of it, becoming husks of their own former selves. However, what was meant to be a simple meeting turned into a slaughter as the Scourge suddenly attacked in an attempt to rid Boletaria down. Both forces equal in strength, the two kings clashed and Old King Allant was defeated, until another one rose up. In a sudden call, the rest of the Scourge retreated with Boletaria suffering moderate damage. As for why they attacked, well, let's just say having Sargeras' name doesn't bode well for him.
  • Some magicians have started studying what made Allant snap, and research by Dumbledore and Dr. Strange revealed as to why the Soul Arts corrupted him further. Made from the potentials of mankind, it was once the source of the First Scourge that nearly wiped humanity into oblivion. The studies also revealed the mechanics of the Soul Arts, seeing how any human can muster said power and easily fall to lust for power. The two have made it their best that Allant's advances does not persuade others to discover the Soul Arts as some things are meant to be forgotten.
  • An interesting comparison came about when Emperor Calus overheard that a nihilistic king ascended into Pantheon proper, prompting him to intervene to hear more information on Allant. When the rumors were true of his presence, he contemplated on how the two are remarkably similar from their replicas, Old King Allant and his own Automatrons, to their discovery on meaningless. But there is a key difference to their reaction on the latter, whereas Allant released the Old One in an attempt to bring everyone's suffering to an end, Calus made a decision to enjoy life at its fullest splendor, even if it means being lazy and absurdly fattened the moment what he had witnessed. And seeing that Allant is making moves to regain is reign, Calus will not forsake life and will do whatever it takes to make sure that nihilism will not rule on one of his last bastions of hedonistic life.
  • On the topic of souls, some deities have noticed Allant's ability to suck people's souls with the Soulbrandt, well, for the demonic counterpart that is. Thus becoming a source of rivalry towards him and Malthael as the latter has no remorse towards humans and demons, and Allant is no exception. It got worse when the Fabrication Machine got involved as the machine is soulless and much like him wants everything dead as well as having the ability to take souls via the talisman it wields. The two believe that him and the Fog will just taint the souls they plan on reaping and are not willing to let him take the advantage to do so.
  • Cosmos pities the king, as for all the riches he has accumulated, he only delved further to his own misery as opposed to making a new life on his time as a king, instead giving in to his melancholic attitude and bringing his once splendorous kingdom to ruin. As for her statement towards him in his new state, she has nothing but utter opposition against his new form as well as his newfound intentions.
  • As it turns out, not all dark-based people are evil, if anything some are nicer than others, which was shared between Count Beck and Sakura Matou who have experienced how it feels like gaining such. Beck fears him for reminding him of that time of nearly expunging his world into darkness the moment his lover disappeared, though he has repented for that. As for Sakura, her virtue of allying with Artorias has lead her under Allant's crosshairs and alongside her is her servant Rider, to which he proclaimed that everyone's suffering will be gone through death.
  • It may seem that for all the years of hatred both Gwyn and Allant have saved against for each other, the latter may have won by time as the world Gwyn hails from is slowly coming to an end, with the First Flame dying and his kingdoms now turned to ash or worse. In his eyes it was the proof he needed to show the Pantheon that the will to live leads only to suffering in the long run and a testament that everyone will follow the same fate as the Lord of Cinder himself. He has been lauding this over Gwyn in his temple showing what his "sacrifice" lead to, as well as boasting it to numerous kings and queens, showcasing their eventual fate to the Deep Fog.
    • Unfortunately for him, Gwyn has proved more resilient than he could have expected. Instead of giving into despair and accepting oblivion, Gwyn persisted even more doggedly than ever and created a new system of Lords of Cinders as well as discovering a way to protect the First Flame more effectively than he ever could in the past by becoming the "Soul of Cinder." Methodology wise, this may have brought permanent strain to some of Gwyn's allies for him, yet it shows that he is not ready to give in to the Fog. To say that Allant was furious to discover this would be a massive understatement, though more discoveries have led him to see that the Abyss has snuffed the Witch of Izalith's Chaos Flame, further highlighting the fact that the Abyss will start encroaching towards the First Flame, and once it does, the Pantheon is more than doomed, potentially even destroying it forever.
    • And that was not the end of it. Overtime, Gwyn has his own fair share of opposition and has grown when more was revealed about the King's hidden history. Capitalizing on this, he has met the defiant subjects in an attempt to forge a new alliance to overthrow Gwyn and his rule. Unfortunately for him, his demonic form, coupled with his insanity and nihilism has further strained some of the subjects against him, and so far only two have agreed to aid him in battle while the other has refused to side with him and has vehemently spoken out his pathetic rule as a king.
      • His role as a king was a source of mockery and pathetic comparison by the Scholar of the First Sin, Aldia, who was disgusted by his acceptance to misery and succumbing to the demonic Fog. While the two may have equally massive hatred against Gwyn, the latter has constantly mocked Allant as a king, unable to continue his rule and only made it worse for his form being a demon doppelganger which he made himself. For his fall from grace equal to his brother Vendrick, he has considered him one of the most inept kings he has ever met, even tied towards Artoria as among those who he despises for their royal status.
      Aldia: “As ages come and go, the monarchs of this very house has dwindled into swindling cocoons of degeneracy and loss. One bathes himself into a realm of demonhood, another revels into the forbidden romance of two worlds. Its as if the term ‘monarch’ would be thrown, trampled into a state of loss of meaning to such a word of grandeur, such as their lies.”
      • Progress towards the other subjects were rough as well, with only Pontiff Sulyvahn willing to aid Allant in an attempt to bring the Deep and the Abyss together to rid Gwyn's rule, though there was an issue the king saw in the Pontiff's forces, most notably his own Lord of Cinder, Aldrich, Devourer of the Gods as the king has hatred to anyone related to the First Flame, and the blob fiend qualifies. Sister Friede was willing to join him, until she saw his demonic presence as a threat to the Painted World of Ariandel, and as a result, created a truce that she will aid him when she wants to, but there is a condition that if he threatens her world by any means, the truce is immediately off. Then he met the Nameless King but meetings on that were sparse as the latter ended up striking lightning bolts to him the moment he appeared, wanting no deal whatsoever towards his own.
    • Outside of Gwyn however, numerous of his own subjects have also opposed Allant's push, lead by the Chosen Undead and his undead brethren. The Four Knights of Gwyn also have unfinished business with him as they remember the past battles they had against the Fallen King. He does remember how Artorias fell to insanity and also remembered one of Ornstein's own set of dragonslayer knights fell to the abyss, meaning the Knights are not safe from corruption. Even the Abyss Watchers have vehemently opposed him, though he laughed, as while they did pledge themselves to the flame, they also ended up being corrupted by the very same Abyss they were meant to fight against. Even the other gods such as Nito have not forgotten him alongside newer subjects such as the Ashen One and Bearer of the Curse. With this in mind, it won't take long till the King of Boletaria further pushes more demons from any side to bring them all to the brink of misery.
  • Among those who he has fierce hatred for outside of Gwyn, he has his eyes set on the Maiden in Black following the Nexus and by extension, Boletaria's resurgence. He believes that she is the bane for the Old One as she has the ability for it to remain in slumber. However, unlike before where he can convince the Slayer of Demons to kill the Maiden and release the Old One, this time there is no one he can persuade into doing such and has prioritized her on his attacks. With her importance to the status quo of the Pantheon and her immortality, he may not kill her but he can sure distract her from bringing the Old One back to slumber.
  • The King's rule has expanded on the House of Pride and Egotism, under Prideful Attitude.
  • "Surely you have seen for yourself… the pain and suffering that fills this world! But fight poison with poison. God is merciful, and so, created the Old One. The Old One will feed upon our souls, and put an end to our tragic realm of existence!"

    King Artoria (Altria) Pendragon/Saber 
Artoria Pendragon, Goddess of Changing Historical People's Gender and Female Kings (Altria, Arturia, Saber, Saber Lily, King Arthur, The King of Knights, Saber Alter, Elise Watoson, The Once and Forever King, Proud Knight-King, The Mighty Bug Queen, The Cash Cow of Type-Moon, Devouring Dragon)
Saber Lily 
As a Summer Archer 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Excalibur with an Ahoge in the background
  • Theme Songs: The Sword of Promised Victory (Fate/Zero Ver.); when she's feeling particularly in the mood though, The Sword of Promised Victory (Fate/stay Night Realta nua), as well as The Sword of Promised Victory (Nitro+ Blasterz Ver.), Warming up Disaster (Tomorrow's Collapse)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Good as Heroine X
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Knight in Shining Armor, Gender Flip, Gigantic Appetite To The Point Of Obsession, Magic Resistance, Battle Ballgown, Wave Motion Sword, Adorkable, Cute Cowlick, Lion Motifs, Broken-Hearted King, Dragon-Blooded, They Called Her "Saber"
  • Domain: Gender, Monarchy, Protection, Honor, Swords
  • Heralds: Her alternate counterparts (Lancer, Mysterious Heroine X and Mysterious Heroine XX).
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Enemy: Cú Chulainn on his part only
  • Rivals: Nero Claudius/Red Saber, Alexander the Great, Homura of the Crimson Squad
  • Enemies: Gilgamesh, Kirei Kotomine, Gilles de Rais & Ryuunosuke Uryuu, Goetia, Tiamat (FGO), Aldia, Soul Edge, Nightmare, Grima, The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, Ostarion, Saya, Shiro Tagachi, SHOCKER, Megatron, Unicron, Lord Fuse, Arthas Menethil, Yaldabaoth
  • Special Relationship with: Mordred/Saber of Red (her illegitimate "son")
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Rider
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Kiritsugu Emiya, Saber Alter, Tavish DeGroot/The Demoman, Cu Chulainn/Lancer (one-sided on her part), Lord Gwyn
  • Feared by: Altera
  • Commonality Connection with: The Emperor of Mankind
  • A Servant who rescued Shirou Emiya while the latter was attacked by Lancer, and later making a contract with each other but Shirou is not an experienced mage which severely limits Saber's combat prowess. It was only until later that Shirou had her sheath, Avalon inside of him that Saber truly gained back her powers. Eventually, they have won the war but since she finally got the Grail, she finally passed on to Avalon rather than going back to her time of death. Shirou promises to find a way to reunite with her once more and sure enough, they finally reunited in Avalon.
    • How did she came here, you ask? Well, due to that timeline she got recorded into the Throne of Heroes, becoming a proper Heroic Spirit able to be summoned by the Master of Chaldea. She ascended to the Trope Pantheons with full memories of all continuities she's in for simplicity's sake and was bestowed upon the title of Goddess of Changing Historical People's Gender and Female Kings, due to being the first example of the first trope in her home series which became widespread and she is a famous and an obvious example for the second one. Shirou was there when she first ascended and they warmfully hugged which thawed the hearts of those around them since reuniting back at Avalon.
      Shirou: I told I will come for you.
      Saber: *giggles* Of course you would.
    • Was finally reunited with both the true Excalibur and Avalon. With these two items now in her possession, she has become a Greater Goddess.
  • Although her domain is primarily within the House of Gender, Artoria was designated for double duty in the House of Royalty. Allegedly, it was to even out the ratio of kings/princes to queens/princesses in the House... something that everyone finds a bit ironic.
    • However, she currently spends most of her time in the Sub-House of Weapon Creation in which Shirou Emiya resides. Her stated reason is that despite the two no longer having a contract, she vowed to always protect him. Plus, he is an amazing cook. Others, however, would think there's more to it.
  • Her relationships with the other girls are actually fine in spite of their competition for Shirou's affection. Rin and Saber may find each other disagreeing a lot in various topics, but they ultimately have Shirou in the best of their interests; most people like to tease them over being too close with each other, which was almost always met with insistent denial and furious blushing. Despite holding Shirou close, Sakura got along fine with Saber and they're able to relate over having guilty consciences. Rider has a little rivalry with Saber, with the latter being secretly jealous of the former's shapely body and Rider's biggest criticism being that Saber freeloads in Shirou's temple a lot but they're usually cool with each other otherwise. At first, Saber didn't want to think Illyasviel is truly Irisviel's daughter because she assumes Illya is another Einzbern homunculus entirely and she forgot to ask Irisviel her daughter's name; later as she interacts with her under normal circumstances, Saber is able to see Illya in a better light after the initial mistrust.
    • Initially, Taiga was apprehensive at Saber but then she gradually warms up to her, more so when they spar at kendo once and Saber appreciates Taiga's carefree yet honest attitude and knows she's worthy of being Shirou's guardian. Taiga also rivals her in the freeloading department though they are not looking to compete with each other on that.
    • Her reunion with Kiritsugu and Irisviel is both conflicting and heartwarming. On one hand, Saber gets along well with Iri, even having fitting dynamics with her. On the other, Kiritsugu got along the least with Saber because back then, their philosophies clash greatly with Saber harboring disgust over his dishonorable actions and lack of decency despite no longer caring about him forcing her to destroy the grail while Kiritsugu considers her someone who is too bound by a romanticized view of war and chivalry to amount to much good in the world. Of course, Kiritsugu has long since been inactive in his assassination business and he has entrusted his hidden ideals to Shirou entirely, so their hostilities has since reduced quite fairly; he and Irisviel are surprised that Saber and Shirou are romantically close, but they are not complaining since the two have been through a lot and they deserve some happiness after all that. Since their bitter opinions of each other crops up every now and again, their teamwork will be a last resort should everything go down the drain fast enough.
    • She and Archer at first antagonized each other, with their philosophies clashing greatly though later on, she learned about his true identity and began to reduce her hostilities towards him once realizing that they both have similar previous lives. Nowadays, they are pretty civil towards each other especially when working around Chaldea, and Saber couldn't help but fondly see his younger self in him. Due to her previous experiences with them, Saber is still wary of Lancer, despite him being legitimately friendly with her and Caster is still chasing after her hoping to dress her up in pretty little dresses; Saber often wonders if things will ever change for them for better or worse.
    • Saber also had a reunion with Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, ever since the Fourth Holy Grail War. She's relieved that he doesn't remember much of him cursing her, The Holy Grail, his former Master and said Master's fiancee while dying due to Trauma-Induced Amnesia and Diarmuid is still looking to truly finish their duel for once; they decided to remain confidants during their downtimes. The same can't be said for the Rider Servant Alexander the Great/Iskandar who berated her for her rather selfish wish, which weighs her down with her already guilty conscience. Iskandar notices that Saber is growing to be a better person and was proud that she heeded his words... well, it was Shirou who did fully convinced her to let go of it anyway, Saber thought. It seems they still don't like each other enough that it takes the Master of Chaldea to bring them together without them fighting.
    • Of course she's not pleased with Gilgamesh in the Pantheons, given that he thinks he deserves to own Saber all for himself; he seems to have gotten over that though the attraction remains clear and Saber is NEVER looking to entertain him. She was also warned by Iri that Kirei Kotomine is an evil man, and Saber decides to take her word for it; it doesn't help that it's true that he started the Fuyuki Fire which took away Shirou's past though Kotomine have nothing more to settle with her yet will still hold his ground against her if she foil his plans. Avenger is an enemy she shares with everyone no matter they stand with her, since he corrupted the Grail and caused everything wrong with the Grail Wars; Avenger himself couldn't care less about her much but he wished that she would still go after it one more time since he likes seeing people wanting their wishes to come true.
    • And of course, Saber had clashed swords with Saber Alter who was initially her Superpowered Evil Side but slowly started to manifest on her own. Saber doesn't like the fact that she has become the worst parts of Kiritsugu and Archer combined in one timeline and resolves to never let herself be swallowed by the Black Grail's mud EVER while Saber Alter still sees her as a foolish idealist of a past self.
      • Be careful if you remove Saber's ahoge while she and Saber Alter are fused. It will not end well for you. Fortunately, when they are separate Saber will just be plain angry insteadnote .
    • Artoria is glad that the Master of Chaldea has finally ascended, since she has full faith in him ever since their contract started. On top of serving him once more, she also introduced him to Shirou so that he can understand why she hold him so dearly in her heart.
    • The Saberface phenomenon is already getting on her nerves a lot, so much so that an alternate version of her "Mysterious Heroine X" persona manifested on her own to embody that frustration. Despite this, with the Pantheons' unusual nature with the space-time continuum she is able to summon her alternate versions from different continuities (including said MHX) and also assumes their form/Class by wielding their weaponsnote  which adds to her already powerful abilities.
    • She was said to be a descendant of Nero Claudius, a theory which Nero would be completely proud of if it was true though Saber doesn't really share her feelings back due to taking away her popularity by sharing her face. She feels that if they ever want to get along, Nero must bring her dessert everytime they meet, a challenge that Nero is ready accept. Altera however stays away from her due to being slain by Excalibur as the alien weapon Sefar, though Saber holds no grudge but is surprised that she is no longer that same Sefar, only a duplicate who kept the memories.
    • Artoria would never thought she would share the same face and one of her voices with a Frenchwoman, but once she has gotten to know Saint Jeanne d'Arc, she realized that it's the common ground they have in addition to living somewhat identical lives and becoming more open-hearted by a boy who they swore to protect. They often meet over tea discussing about various matters, which some say is far better than their Alters having a rivalry. Jeanne then introduces her to Sieg who she treasures dearly and Siegfried the hero who saved his life; Artoria finds Sieg to be budding like Shirou and is amused with both of them getting along while also appreciating and respecting Siegfried's ideals of becoming a "Hero of Justice", finding him being more pleasant than Archer.
    • She met Astolfo and was baffled at how he dresses to the point that he is mistaken for a girl very often, which Astolfo refutes that if she can crossdress, why can't he? She did provide a justification that Britain back then had outdated values and she was force to comply to prevent such an outrage, which earn a sad frown from the paladin of Charlemagne. Nevertheless, she still recognizes him as a knight of Charlemagne worthy of his respect while he knows she's still did a great job as a king through and through.
    • Artoria had a sad reunion with Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain. Lancelot stayed away from her previously because he sees himself as a failure of a knight from his affair with Guinevere and his actions in the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War as a Berserker while Gawain feels terrible over not seeing her true pain of her governing as king; Artoria forgives both of them, stating that she does not blame them for what happened and she would give blessings to Lancelot and Guinevere should they wish to be happy and gives Gawain an opportunity to be better. Since then, they have pledged to serve their king right this time though Gawain needs to make better food for once. She also finally found Merlin again since Avalon, and he did his usual distancing by fooling around but they both know that he's happy to see her again even if said distancing facade is annoying.
    • Saber recognizes Goetia, Tiamat and Kiara Sesshouin as enemies of humanity after Ritsuka summons her to take them down from fulfilling their destructive plans and likewise they don't care much for her except for Kiara who's expects her to join her world-destroying orgy. B.B. too after attacking SE.RA.PH. for a second time though she's less irked that she shares Sakura's face and more irked that she chooses to toy with everyone For the Evulz and B.B. herself is strangely iffy with seeing someone sharing Nero's face being righteous against her.
    • Reunites with Shiki Ryougi and Arcueid Brunestud since their antics at Ahnenerbe, which is currently not ascended to give Saber a part time job. Nevertheless, they still join together be it for taking down a larger threat, protecting their men or just screw around after a mundane discussion. Due to events causing Arcueid to distrusts Shiki, Saber often serve as their mediator in case their outings turn violent.
    • She is disgusted of seeing Gilles de Rais and Ryuunosuke Uryuu again since the Fourth Holy Grail War because of them murdering children. She made it her priority to not show her face to Gilles so that he doesn't harass her anymore, though it may not be necessary because Gilles pesters Jeanne and Jeanne Alter at a daily basis.
  • Had mixed feelings when Mordred ascended. On one hand, there's the whole rebellion of the kingdom, her bratty and unladylike behaviour and killing each other at Camlann which caused almost all her problems in the first place, not to mention her threatening to unleash Excalibur or Rhongomyniad should Mordred did something slight which others find concerning. On the other hand, Artoria does recognize that she did have some role in it all and so is perfectly willing to try and patch up their relationship. Mordred has yet to respond to these efforts.
    • And then the day finally comes. The Master of Chaldea and Jeanne arrange this meeting at Artoria's behest, and Mordred was nervous to even look at her in the eyes. They started by lashing out at each other, expressing each other's dark opinions on the other in a swordfight and ended with Mordred defeated by her "father's" hands, causing Mordred to spurt out her true reason for her rebellion: all she wanted was to not only prove herself to her "father" that she's worthy, but to lessen her burden that was clearly weighing down on her and that became twisted by her mother, their world's Morgan le Fay. After this shocking revelation Artoria dropped Excalibur to the ground and hugged her "son", sobbing uncontrollably, apologizing and self-deprecating for not seeing it sooner with Mordred doing the same and admitting that she too is in the wrong herself.
      Artoria: *sobbing* I was a fool to be very horrible to you...
      Mordred: *sniff* T-That's okay, father. Mother got to me too easily...
      Artoria: *sniff* I... I will make sure your mother will never, ever touch you, nor me nor any of the other knights when she comes around, okay?
      Mordred: O-Okay. C-Can I join you, father?
      Artoria: ...Very well, my son.
    • That said, despite largely being on good terms with Mordred now, Artoria is still critical of her reckless behaviour and unnecessarily fanatic obsession of her. Some people think she's like a disappointed parent wanting the best for her child, a comment the former king gets flustered by.
    • By the way, if you wonder how Artoria can be Mordred's "father", well it's a funny story...note 
  • Saber was strolling through the House of Royalty one day when she finally stumbled upon Arthur Pendragon, her Distaff Counterpart and to his surprise, she also exists in the Nasuverse. The two of them share stories about their time as a Servant and Arthur offers her words of encouragement to congratulate her as a leader who overcome sexism and they usually end their evening with a friendly non-magical sword fight to see which King Arthur is better. They, along with Saber of Red will team up against the treacherous Sir Mordred who is insulted that he and Arthur were female in another world. On a more mundane note, Saber and Arthur noted that they sounded like each other's Merlins which causes occasional confusions.
    • They later decided to join Artix von Krieger into the GUAG Sacred Knights division with Gawain, Lancelot and Astolfo following suit. Artix has proven to be a great leader which makes the three mutually respect each other and he likewise assures them that they did everything for Camelot and its glory.
    • Having experience with "Artie", Shrek befriended Artoria who felt bad that he was shunned due to being an ogre and not as another living being not unlike her who was accused of not caring for her people. Ash Williams was also introduced to her; she does not approve of his current behaviour and previous mistakes but that has not stop her from being impressed at his feats of defeating threats stronger than him.
  • She's recently started to form a bond with Sonic, due to him having at one point taken the title of King Arthur in an alternate universe. They get along rather well, and sometimes the two spar in order for Sonic to keep up his swordsmanship. She also looked at Shadow in confusion when she learned that he was Lancelot in that universe, but after learning more about him she actually admitted it was a fitting match.
    • And then there's Arthur and Sonic's uneasy alliance because Arthur's alternate self became the Black Knight and Sonic is too wary of Arthur being the same as him. Saber does try to mediate between the two, but it only works momentarily until they both have another reason to fight, much to her annoyance.
  • Prefers if her Excalibur is the quiet one. When it turns out there's another that has the same power, but instead is way more loony… (ﺧ益ﺨ) This Excalibur is SLIGHTLY more respectful to her than he is to most, as she is King Arthur, who was the only Meister he respected. He's willing to not interrupt her when she talks, and is actually willing to let her use him in combat. Regardless, he still wants her to attend his five-hour story time and listen to his "exploits." So, he still annoys her.
    • If neither Excalibur is available, she will use her other legendary weapon, Caliburn. Though more often than not since it's linked to when she pulled the Sword of Selection, she is often required to drink the Lily potion to wield it (also not to be confused with Chaldea's copy of her with memories plucked from her youthful days) but since Gilgamesh made it, she considers this method a last resort. Also, when she wields Caliburn her opponents could be seen taking extra care with their crotches out of fear from getting blasted in the nuts, in which she said the following.
      Saber: You should worry about your whole body, not just that one... part. Excalibur's beam is too big for that.
  • Jeanne introduced Saber to Optimus Prime, the Cybertronian leader of Autobots who commends Saber's sense of duty to her Master. He was saddened that Saber had great regrets for not being there so much for her kingdom to the point of wanting to undo her rule and assures her that she does not need to be burdened by her kingly duties and start being human again. By virtue of allying with Prime, Megatron has come to antagonize her and tried to insult her past to rub in some salt to her which worked too well as Saber hates him back for causing too much trouble for the Autobots. Unicron also poses a very dire threat on par with Goetia, and is working closely with the Master of Chaldea to combat the Planet Eater.
  • On a stroll one day, Saber stumbled upon a rabbit that seems harmless. Approaching to pet its head, the rabbit ended up ambushing her instead and forces the King of Knights to draw out Excalibur. After Arthur intervenes and both of them escaped, Saber facepalmed upon being told that the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog is no fluffy bunny and proceeds to abscond the moment she sees it again.
  • Has affiliated herself with a few Kamen Riders; most notably Brave, Gaim and Blade for being fellow blue swordsmen who praised her own swordsmanship and heroic actions in the Fifth Holy Grail War and OOO for being a fellow selfless hero with a broken past once introduced to him by Shirou. She also has given them support against their greatest enemy SHOCKER for which they are ever grateful for.
  • Few know this, but Artoria actually has dragon's blood running in her veins which gives her a massive mana reserve that lets her perform her most powerful attack. Crossbreed Priscilla approached her in one rare outing for her out of curiosity of said blood and Artoria replied that Merlin uses his magic to infuse her with it and not hereditary; Priscilla is sad that she's not a true half-dragon offspring, but finds Artoria a good companion. She won't mention that mana transfer dragon thing around her.
  • Don't be mistaken: even though Artoria is a Big Eater, she will only eat the most delicious of foods. Many have asked her if there was any good food in Camelot. Her only response is to stare into the distance in despair and blame Gawain for his bad mash potatoes. Though, the only food she will never eat no matter how good they are would be anything made out of octopus. The reason being that they remind her of Gilles de Rais' monsters.
    • This is why she's forever grateful towards the House of Food for providing her more options to eat... except for the Mafia of Cooks and Mystery Food X. She wouldn't want to eat anything from the former and she knows the Investigation Team didn't mean for the latter to happen, but bad luck has dictated its existence due to three members' inexperience with cooking.
  • As a (former) ruler of Camelot, it would make sense for her to visit other rulers of kingdoms to see if they did the job better than her. When she first met Simba and Mufasa, she couldn't hold in her excitement as she can't help but cuddled up next to the two, justifying it by her adoration of lions that came from taking care of a lion cub when she was younger. They were saddened that she didn't give herself the opportunity to be more open and let her people empathize with her, but Saber assures them that this time she'll make it right. She also gained a fondness for Sora's cub form because of the aforementioned took-care-of-lion-cub thing but that is just one reason why she has good faith in Sora; the other is because he's a better hero than her and Shirou that they both can't help but respect and admire his journey.
    • Gaius gets along well with Saber, as she was once a kind ruler to her people in her former life much like himself but he is sad that it was not enough to convince them that she cared enough. Kitana also allied with her for more than just a shared voice because both shared the same desire for justice and a just rule for their people, while bonding over their shared affection over another person. While Artoria thinks she wasn't the best ruler of Camelot, Kitana and Gaius believes she has done her best.
    • Surprised several among the Pantheon when she developed a rapport with the 16th Monster Lord Alice. For like her, she once believed she was unworthy of her title and sought to die to try and make things right, only to change her mind thanks to someone she loved. That said, Artoria does not come to her for any romance advice, which Alice took as fair enough.
    • Aldia considers her the worst king he ever known, finding her to be lesser than Arthur and pathetic for relying on sex for more mana; the feeling is mutual since she agrees with Shirou that Aldia does not deserve to be considered another living being anymore, because he died the moment he became immortal which stripped away his last shred of humanity. Saber's enmity with Aldia did open her eyes to evil kings like Ostarion and Arthas Menethil seeking to spread their respective influences who she finds to be just as, if not worse than Saber Alter; both Ostarion and Arthas scoff at her though they do recognize her abilities as a powerful king in her own right.
    • Relates a lot to Gwyn, as both her and him have strived for perfection for their kingdoms but they each had flaws, like Saber begetting her humanity because she thinks a king must not openly feel and Gwyn's extreme paranoia that resulted in the creation of the Darksign. Gwyn is a little irked that she had Merlin give her dragon bloodnote  but he knows that Saber is absolutely fighting for good while Saber can't fully agree on most of Gwyn's opinions and methods but she knows he has good intentions in mind even if they are questionable at best.
    • The moment Saber's tale of Camelot's fate was revealed, a large senesation was felt throughout her body, starting from her spine up to her mind. It turns out that the God-Emperor of Man felt some similarities between them both, especially on one thing: their attempts to be the perfect rulers. In a sense, both removed their emotions, especially apathy, and did all they could to be perfect to their people, but resulted in both being extremely arrogant and cold-blooded, which resulted to their downfalls. Her presence has led the Emperor on massive rants about his decision to remove his personal sentiments, believing that in a grim time, he needs it more than ever. Saber's reaction towards this was half and half, being both sympathetic on Emps for sacrificing and much like her, forced to face consequences of their inhuman statures (from Mordred's rebellion up to Primarch's lack of personal care from him resulting to their loss of faith, and eventually, the Horus Heresy). Yet on one side, she could not understand that for all his issues, he has not tried moving on from his arrogance which was a source of his grim necessity. The discovery has made her sure to reevaluate her life and implores her to be better now that she decided to live her life again with Shirou and be a better parent to Mordred for once.
  • Occasionally has a Mêlée à Trois with both Erza Scarlet and Satellizer el Bridget when she's in a particularly good mood, due to the fact that all three find some surprising similarities between each other like being good swordswomen and having close male partners. Artoria, for her part, considers them both Worthy Opponents and true knights.
  • Having empowered swords like her, Shana, Kisuke Uzuki and Artorias have befriended her on separate occasions. Shana gains Saber's respect when she helped to stop the apocalypse happening in her world with Yuji as well as saving him from himself at the end; Saber can't help but be reminded of Rin from her Tsundere behaviour, a comparison Shana oh-so denies while being flustered. Her voice brings Kisuke back some memories but he refuses to press on the matter except to ask if she wielded a bow, which she replied that she didn't do it often; some gods at House of Love have tried matching them together, something that baffles Saber who is already going out with Shirou. She felt bad for Artorias, who is currently containing the Abyss which may cause him to go on a rampage again, not unlike Lancelot becoming a Berserker; Artorias himself often treats Artoria as well as Gwyn, his king, often commenting he'd like to be a knight for both.
  • As Servants are basically guardian entities, Gardevoir & Gallade have acquainted with the Proud Knight-King hoping to keep on learning how to protect their Trainers better which Saber is more than happy to teach them. They do agree that Shiro Tagachi put a bad name to bodyguards of all as he is like any selfish Servant in a Holy Grail War who will defy their Master for their own goals; Tagachi knows Saber is dangerous to fight against, so he's staying away from her for the time being.
  • Despises both Nightmare and Soul Edge, seeing them as no better than monsters (and in the latter's case, of the Holy Grail of her world) in how they desire to absorb souls and spread chaos throughout the Pantheon as well as distrusting Soul Calibur because her facade of light does not mask her extremist goals; the three barely care for her as long as she does not intervene. They had to be on guard as she's often one of the first to offer her services in combating them, something fellow Sacred Knight Siegfried Schtauffen gladly accepts.
  • Has befriended Lucina over how they both pretended to be men at one point in their lives, watched their respective kingdoms fall into destruction and despair (albeit for different reasons), and traveled through time to prevent those futures from happening (though Artoria is glad that Lucina was at least able to succeed). They often spend time either sparring together or talking about their worlds or their respective friends (and maybe something more?) in Shirou and Robin.
    • It was during this time that she learned of the existence of the Fell Dragon Grima, and she has since offered her assistance to Lucina and Robin in order to confront him if they should ever require the aid.
  • As she is a genderbent King Arthur, Toyosatomimi no Miko and Tresdin approached her for her opinion on being the opposite gender and if it brings benefits; she expressed to them that it ultimately depends how the person takes it but for herself while having no problems pretending to be male, she never want to be biologically male again after her world's Morgan le Fay used her fluids to create Mordred who caused the rebellion that brought Camelot down which Miko and Tresdin were horrified to hear. Since then, the two kept in touch with her for later with Tresdin appreciating future friendly spars. She felt bad for Chihiro Fujisaki and Naoto Shirogane because their respective societies' expectations of gender roles caused them to crossdress under their pressure in order to not get bullied again and be taken seriously, not unlike her pressure to crossdress due to Britain's outdated sexism against female rulers. She vows to protect Chihiro in his time of need and partner with Naoto in hers which they are gladly grateful for.
    • Estonia was very surprised to see a female King Arthur, since he's too used to Arthur being male. Nevertheless, they got along for some tea once the initial shock was over.
  • Has told tales about some strange encounters she has come across. While she still wonders what connects her to them, she notes that she is surprised that she has not seen any of those fighters in the Pantheon... until she was reunited with Saya, probably the last person she would have wanted to be reunited with.
    • Luckily for her, Saya is not the only familiar face she have to reunite with. She's also formed a friendship with Heart Aino and a rivalry with Homura of the Crimson Squad due to their encounters there, with their feelings here being mutual.
  • Fuse's attack and arrival has put her on high alert whenever he is brought up as she recognizes his large scale threat and agrees with Ritsuka that he must be stopped. Fuse himself shouldn't worry about the former king that much while biding his time, but he knows she will be even more dangerous once she and Ritsuka team up with the Cartoon Network deities to bring him down with a Nano based off of her.
  • Once had a short falling out with some of the female deities when they found out about this. Luckily, the air got cleared when the GUAG White Hats clarified that it's just a meme floating around and said female deities apologized for the outrage.
    Artoria: I'm... serious. I really don't remember saying that.
  • Chiyoko Shiraishi hired Saber into her cafe after hearing about her previous waiting stint at Ahnenerbe, hoping to both give her work experience and emulate said stint's earnings without the disaster. Unfortunately for Saber, it had to be on the day that many of its costumers were a bit wacky. Despite that, she was able to convince many of those customers to order more then they wanted and scold them for any mishaps they inflicted. Chiyoko was so impressed with tripling her previous sales record that she asked Saber to work full time which the latter at first reprimanded her for even suggesting that from a king; she later gave in once Rider and Caster bullied her again for constantly the freeloading and wanting to stick in their faces for once.
  • Saber and Rika may not have a good start to their relationship when Rika introduces herself as 'cute' to give Saber a good impression which she shrugs off with her cold expression but Rika reveals her true nature and confides in her that they are not so different as they both went through tragic experiences; Rika having to die many times and rewind time backward in an attempt to save her friends and everyone from the Great Hinamizawa Disaster and Saber, as the king of England, Arthur or Artoria who had to bottle up her emotions to rule effectively unintentionally ended up turning her own people against her and mortally wounded by her 'son', Mordred and as she lay dying, she becomes a Heroic Spirit to have a second chance at saving her own country. Saber understands Rika and immediately shows her tender side and bonds with her, making them close friends hoping together they will fulfill their main goal.
  • If there is one other thing Saber and Rider can agree on, it's the fact that "eco mode" has its benefits. They hope the other Servants in Chaldea haven't caught on yet...
  • "The weight of my sword is the weight of my pride."
  • Also resides in Male and Female Traits.

    Qin Shi Huang (Fate/Grand Order
Qin Shi Huang, Divine Monarch of Immortal Rulers (Ruler, Qin Shi Huangdi, Shi Huangdi, Ying Zheng, The First Emperor, The Son of Heaven, Emperor Lelouch, Ultimate Life Form, Mothman, Mothra, Mercury Man)
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: Their phoenix wings surrounded by mercury
  • Theme Song: True Human; alternatively, Their Noble Phantasm theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good according to the Holy Grail alignment system; actual alignment is more like Lawful Neutral with Neutral Evil tendencies
  • Portfolio: The Lostbelt King version of the actual Qin Shi Huang, Loves Their own immortality, Rank Scales with Asskicking, Has no actual gender due to achieving immortality, Their own people have no understanding of the basic concepts of survival despite Their good intentions, the floating castle above the capital is actually Their own body and Their current form is just a backup humanoid body, Uses old literal Japanese and the Royal "We", Impossibly Cool Clothes
  • Domains: Rulers, Immortality, Reigns, Progression, Paradise
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea/Ritsuka Fujimaru, Hob Gadling
  • Rivals: The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: Vandal Savage, Aldia, Alexia Wesker, Kars, Lord Voldemort, Alcor
  • Interests: Toyosatomimi no Miko, Goetia, Arcueid Brunestud, The Doctor's TARDIS,
  • Opposes: Charles zi Britannia
  • Opposed by: Lelouch vi Britannia, the House of Knowledge, The Doctor
  • After the destruction of the Singularities, a being called the Foreign God saved the lives of former Chaldean Masters originally known as the A-Team, now named as the Crypters to rule over the Lostbelts, timelines that completely diverged from the Proper Human History and has no way of progressing. The goals of the Crypters is to destroy each other's Lostbelt until only one remains and became it's own divergent timeline. Chaldea's new goal is to eradicate these Lostbelts to protect their own timeline and by destroying the Lostbelts' Fantasy Trees, they will be erased from existence. The Lostbelt King of the 3rd Lostbelt is Qin Shi Huang, a version of Them where They are able to achieved immortality thanks to using Zhenren technology. They are able to rule the entire world for several centuries that it actually lasts until A.D. 2018, achieving eternal peace with no war happening ever again to the point Heroic Spirits and the Counter Force never existed, and technology so advanced They made a backup humanoid body for themselves and Their actual body is a floating castle above the capital of Their China. Despite this, Their people are more like farm animals, having no basic education, not knowing the true suffering of humanity, being stuck in one place, the advanced technology only reserving for the emperor, and short lifespans as They believed that gaining knowledge would made Their people so selfish that it would lead to conflict and humanity's downfall, nevertheless, Their people have access to medicine that could cure every disease, crops that could grow on their own, and having a sense of purpose thanks to their undeveloped nature. Before the destruction of his Lostbelt, he made a deal with one of the Crypters, Hinako Akuta revealed to be Yu Mei-ren, that she could see the Lostbelt version of Xiang Yu in exchange of analyzing her body due to her origin as a True Ancestor and considers her as an equal as a result. When Chaldea arrived, who are there to received a cure for the Master and Gordorf's poison and hopefully to destroy the Lostbelt's Fantasy Tree to collapse, he made a deal with them due to being interested in the Shadow Border's Imaginary Numbers Dive Engine, but the moment they taught Their villagers poetry, They started to deem them a threat that needs to be eliminated. In the end, They decided to help Chaldea after they win by having Their last battle with them by defeating Their Lostbelt's Fantasy Tree and destroy Their own Lostbelt. In Their last moments before being summoned in Chaldea, They are seen with the villagers that Chaldea protected, who were staying in a cave, as a young boy recited a poem about the moon that Jing Ke taught him, with the emperor realizing just how hearing a poem that isn't about Them feels refreshing as all of them await of the destruction of the Lostbelt.
  • When the Master of Chaldea is lurking around the Pantheon, he saw a number of people complaing about why the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty ascended. Curious, he decided to see what the complaints are all about, that is, until he saw it is actually the Qin Shi Huang he knew and summoned in Chaldea. Seeing the rage of various people, he decided to interrupt them by telling that They are not the real Qin Shi Huang they knew and narrating them about his adventures of the 3rd Lostbelt, hoping that their anger would lessen. While they are in relief, some of them still didn't like Them as They and Their historical counterpart are not that different based on the story they were given, but since the emperor only desires to be in the Master of Chaldea's side for the time being, a lot of people decided to leave Them be.
  • A lot of people pointed out They and Lelouch have similar voices, to the point they actually called the former by the latter's name. Lelouch opposes him as They made Their own people illiterate and not giving them the life they deserce, reminding him of why he rebelled against the Britannia Empire, although voicing out that opinion would make him a hyporcrite as he did some similar things during his reign as the emperor, despite having a good reason to do so. For Qin's part, They became intrigued upon hearing that Lelouch did evil things to make the whole world hate him so that they could achieved eternal peace, a solution that actually worked and wants to know more about it, but it's unlikely for Lelouch to tell Them about it anytime soon.
    • Though They do recognized the goodness of Charles zi Britannia's plan on creating a world without lies, something that They respected, They won't deny that he is pretty much a hypocrite as what he did to Nunally to hide the truth behind her blindness is pretty much a lie and that his Geass power is creating lies, which means that he created a lot of lies everytime he uses his Geass.
  • They didn't gain the respect of the House of Knowledge as They isolated Their people from education, causing them to become mindless slaves who don't know the true suffering of humanity and having the concept of freedom. Even if They have good reasons to do so, they still didn't like what They did to Their citizens and pointed out how this reason causes Their empire to become a Lostbelt in the first place.
  • They are intrigued that a Beast of Calamity, an enemy of Chaldea in fact, share the same ideals as him. They are both frustrated by the sufferings that humanity suffered and so they guided humanity in their own way, only that humanity wouldn't truly progress and their solution on ending their suffering is to shorten their lifespans. They are even intrigued by his plan on going back in time to eradicate the entire human race and replace it with a perfect species that he could guide to rule the planet.
  • They are interested to hear an another True Ancestor named Arcueid Brunestud, and since They gained immortality through the Zhenren and is not completely different to that of a True Ancestor in terms of mechanism, They considers her an equal, after all, They did consider Yu Mei-ren as one after discovering her true origins.
  • The Doctor became interested in Them after hearing about the existence of the Lostbelts and how they are able to exist completely diverging from Proper Human History, having no way of progress, and how destroying their Fantasy Trees would simply erase them from existence. But he makes it clear that he outright hates Them for isolating Their people from the rest of the world and how it failed as a society as there is no way for Their empire to progress further as Lostbelts are always destined to be destroy due to how it fails to continue it's progression for the human. Qin Shi Huang is interested in him due to being an immortal alien time traveller that can reincarnate multiple times and his TARDIS interests him as it reminds him of the Proper Human History technology that clearly intrigues him due to being bigger on the inside, for having the ability to time travel through time and space, and having it's own consciousness.
  • They consider elite rulers (specifically those who are immortal) as Their rivals as They believed They should be the only ruler that should exist, making it clear that if They don't like the state the Proper Human History currently is, They will turn it into a replica of Their own Lostbelt, and only accepts the Master of Chaldea to share with Them the title that of a ruler, which caused Them to grumble in disappoint as the latter clearly has no interest on becoming one. Being considered as the order and strongest and oldest being of the universe that the Chaos Gods even feared him and wanting to lead humanity to what it should be, They want to usurp The Emperor of Mankind and challenges him to see who is the greater emperor. They consider Vandal Sage to be an enemy, as They see him as exactly like the side of humanity that They are disgusted to see and that he only wants to conquer the world in his own ways and not for the betterment of their future.
  • Aldia hates and considers Them to be an unworthy ruler who don't deserve Their immortality as They stripped away the freedom, the mentality, and the intelligence of humans and not giving them the needs that they deserved that pretty much is only owned by the Themselves. Qin also hates him in return as he experimented on innocent people, removing the souls of a species and turning them into slaves, and other horrible actions he committed.
  • Can easily relate to Hob Gadling as they both enjoy their immortality, even if the latter doesn't like Their ideals. Still, the two are drinking buddies and usually tell each other's stories during their lives.
  • Hates Alexia Wesker for being seeker of immortality who wants to conquer the world through bioweapons, which They really hated as the reason why They banned the development of weapons and military technology is to stop wars and conflict from happening in Their Lostbelt.
  • They can easily compete with Kars in terms of how they never to themselves with their biological gender and wanting to be above their own species, but while Qin really cares about humanity not just as a whole but also individually and has good intentions despite the atrocities he committed, Kars wants to rule the world and does things selflessly and Qin is reallly not having someone like him to do that.
  • Doesn't like Lord Voldemort for the atrocities he committed in the name of a "perfect wizarding world", by allowing children to work despite not allowed to do so, willing to kill a baby Harry Potter, attempting to corrupt him by forcing him to kill one of his followers, murdering powerful wizards to advanced his goal, among other things. Also, They don't like the fact that Voldemort insists he should be the only immortal in existence and wants to destroy him for saying something like that to those that deserve immortality.
  • Became highly interested in Toyosatomimi no Miko thanks to her encounter on immortality. Worried about her life as a mortal, she encounter a sage named Seiga who told her Taoism is the only way of her to gain immortality, the same philosophy where the Zhenren technology Qin got came from. She started ejecting herself with all kinds of substances which damages her health, one of which is cinnabar, what's more interesting to Them is that it's a toxic ore of mercury, a substance that They had a love-hate relationship with. To solve her issue, she uses a method on transferring souls and plans to fake her own death to become a King in the Mountain, only for Buddhist monks to cast a seal on her mausoleum, which prevented her resurrection. Her mausoleum was sent to Gensokyo, a land where everything nobody believes in will go, which is enough for her for her resurrection to take place. They are waiting for the day if she will become a ruler as she is now a recluse loner waiting for the day that people will need her. While They don't want to have a rivalry to those who are immortal rulers (even those who want to become one) as They want to be the only ruler in the entire world, They do see her as a challenging ruler oponent if she ever wants to become one.
  • Learns of an alternate universe where They became a mummy and attempts to conquer the world using unlimited power but failed to do so, They are humiliated because They would have done the same. Regardless, Imhotep finds him to be a worthy advessary on who should conquer the world, and Qin doesn't want to because while They wants to have some competition, They completely regard Imhotep as a threat to humanity and since They want to cooperate and guide the Master of Chaldea on saving the world, They see him as an obstacle for that.
  • Hates it when otherwordly threats are able to bypass the Great Wall that is meant to protect it from them in Their Lostbelt. Whether it's the Foreign God bypassing it's defences and placing it in Proper Human History or the Priestess of the Foreign God being able to enter to visit Koyanskaya and Them not being alterted by her presence. They're frustrated that the Administrators have access to the compendium of all knowledge and being able to rewrite or destroy Their world easily. The fact Their completely immortal overseer Canopus makes it a challenge, since Alcor refuses to cooperate with Them so that They'll receive the technology to enter the Admins' temple.
  • Also resides in Forms of Immortality.
  • "We are indeed the first and final emperor. The absolute and immortal ruler who pacifies the Heavens and the Earth for all eternity, Shi Huangdi."

    Settra the Imperishable 
Settra, The God Who United Kings (Settra the Imperishable, King of Nehekhara, Lord of the Earth, He who Holds the Sceptre, Ruler of the Four Horizons, Mighty Lion of the Infinite Desert, Great Hawk of the Heavens, Majestic Emperor of the Shifting Sands, and many, many more...)
"There are great deeds that remain undone, enemies yet to conquer and raptures yet to rejoice in. So as it is written, so shall it be done. I, Settra, have proclaimed it - let none dare oppose my will."

    Sigmar Heldenhammer 
"When the sun rests, and the world is dark, and the great fires are lit, and the ale is poured into flagons, then it is time to sing sagas as the Dwarfs do. And the greatest saga is the saga of Sigmar, mightiest warrior. Harken now, hear these words, and live in hope."

Sigmar Unberogen, The Divine God-Emperor (Sigmar Heldenhammer, Hammer of the Goblins, Hammer of Orcs, Sigmar Bjornsson, God King, Child of Thunder, The Chosen of Ulric, Incarnate of the Wind of Heaven)
Sigmar in Age of Sigmar 
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: His Warhammer, Ghal Maraz, the Shield of The Empire and the Symbol of the Grand Alliance: Order
  • Alignment: Lawful Good personified
  • Portfolio: God-Emperor of Human Origin, Founder and Establisher of The Empire, Big Good, Wielding the Legendary Hammer Ghal Maraz, God of Thunder, Was Universally Beloved by his People, Hope Bringer, Reasonable Authority Figure, Inhumanly Powerful and Influential, Is Not Hesitant in Defending his Home
  • Domains: Rulers, Godhood, Empires, Humanity, Saviors
  • Allies: Karl Franz, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Tyrion, Gandalf, Aragorn, King Arthur Pendragon, Princess Zelda, Link, Madoka Kaname, Cosmos, Superman, Orion, Statesman, Arturia Pendragon, Ultraman King, Optimus Prime, Thor Odinson, Raiden, Uriel Septim VII, Thrall, Liu Kang, Shulk, Shirou Emiya, Kitana, Artix Von Krieger
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Lord Kroak, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq, Teclis, Orion, Vlad von Carstein, Settra
  • Rival: Zeus
  • Friendly Rivals: The God-Emperor of Mankind, Izaya/Highfather
  • Arch-Enemy: Archaon the Everchosen
  • Enemies: Nagash, Grimgor Ironhide, Khazrak, Gorthor, Mannfred von Carstein, Konrad von Carstein, Ezekyle Abbadon, Warboss Ghazghkull, Asdrubael Vect, Melkor, Darkseid, Nekron, Sauron, Megatron, Thanos, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Zamasu, Bowser, Ganondorf, Maleficent, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, Griffith, Chakravartin, Zanza, Arthas Menethil
  • Friendly Enemy: Gilgamesh
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Malekith (Enemies for the most part, though they are willing to work together if need be), Shegorath
  • Respected By: Lucifer (one-sided, and only on the latter's end)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • On Speaking Terms With: Emperor Calus, Dracula (Hotel Transylvania), Guts
  • Opposes: The Four Chaos Gods (and by extension, all of their followers), Molag Bal, The Anti-Monitor, Chaos (Sailor Moon)
  • Sigmar Unberogen was once a man of the Unberogen tribe, one of the mightiest tribes of men in the early days and a devout believer of Ulric, the Warrior God of Winter and Wolves. He was born in a day when a twin-tailed comet passed through the world, a sign that he was destined for greatness. Indeed, Sigmar took to finding a way to unite Humanity, whom had become too indulged in fighting against one another and were under the threat of the increasing might of the Greenskins and Beastmen, Taking the helm of a Warhammer named Ghal Maraz, Sigmar unified the 12 tribes and rallied them against the Greenskins and Beastmen separately, ultimately winning and becoming their leader. He created a civilized, orderly empire and was anointed Emperor by the Ar-Ulrich of the Church of Ulric, whereafter he ruled his empire for 50 years and personally took to defending his home and people from various enemies such as the Morkar the Uniter, the first of the Everchosen, the Norscan Tribes and the return of Nagash, the Great Necromancer. In the last documented moments of his life, Sigmar took one last glance at the people and land that he dearly loved and departed to the direction of the Worlds Edge Mountains. He was never seen again. In his legacy, a religion was created that revered him as a messianic figure and a ruling establishment was formed under the Elector Counts, different rulers of different lands who still swore fealty to their leader, the Emperor.
    • It was believed that Sigmar died while travelling to the Worlds Edge Mountains, though because he was never found, this was debatable. Some speculated that he ascended to Godhood, but chose to not return. However, what actually happened was that the Chaos God, Tzeentch had captured and subjected him to the Winds of Heaven. To Tzeentch's surprise, Sigmar became stronger over time and was freed from his prison due to the machinations of the Elf Wizard, Teclis, during the advent of the End Times. During these events, Sigmar embedded a part of his power to Valten and his soul to the corpse of Karl Franz, effectively resurrecting him.
  • In the final moments of the Warhammer World, Sigmar reclaimed his hammer, restoring his full power and presence and confronted the fifth and final Everchosen, Archaon, to determine the fate of the world. Archaon, embittered by his former god not being there during his crisis of faith back in his early days, challenged the God-Emperor in a brutal and vicious battle as the world around them was crumbling and disintegrating and everyone around them panicking and dying. In their last moments, Sigmar and Archaon gripped onto the handle of Ghal Maraz, wrestling for control after which both tumbled down into a Chaos Warp Rift.
    • Even after everything was destroyed and no one was left around, Sigmar and Archaon continued to brawl in the rift for countless years, a seemingly endless battle where neither seemed to be having a particular advantage. Then, it happened; the God-Emperor and the Everchosen were not in the rift anymore, but rather a brand new world where nothing looked familiar. This didn't deter their focus in any way, with Sigmar and Archaon still fighting, their epic duel witnessed by bypassers from the forces of good, evil and many others. Finally, the battle came to a sudden and abrupt end with an unknown cosmic force blowing both forces away from one another and knocking them unconscious.
    • Upon regaining consciousness, Sigmar looked around to realize that he was in a whole new world. Composing his will to fight and honour his homeland, he travelled around, stumbling across Cosmos. The Goddess of Good expressed curiosity on who he was, to which Sigmar replied that his homeworld was now gone and that he is in the mood of rebuilding it. To his surprise, he was delighted when Cosmos told Sigmar about the Warhammer having surfaced somewhere, albeit in a fractured and incomplete state. He visited the rebuilding Empire and gave his graces to Karl Franz, who reciprocated by thanking him for doing the best possible to try defending their home. From there, Sigmar decided to leave the ruling duties to Karl and returned to Cosmos, telling her what he knew about his world, all of his allies and enemies, especially the Chaos Gods and Archaon and how their influence is still being projected in the Pantheon. He pleaded for an alliance, citing that he will do whatever is necessary to unite and strengthen the morale of her collective forces. Seeing his words as just and humble, Cosmos accepted, appointing Sigmar into the GUAG Command, for Sigmar had every intention of wanting to keep forces of good united and in control. This time, he will not let the Chaos Gods triumph again.
  • Regarding Karl Franz, there was a debate as to whom would take over the possession of Ghal Maraz in the Pantheon. Out of respect, Karl handed it over to its original wielder, whereupon Sigmar decided to bestow Karl with a replica to fight with. While not as strong, the replica is still a formidable weapon, though with Godhood now embedded within him, Sigmar's control over the original Ghal Maraz not only makes the Warhammer stronger, but it also allows him to manipulate electrokinesis whenever he wills it.
  • Sigmar makes it pretty clear that despite his reputation, he still allows himself to listen to Cosmos in regards to her wisdom and influence. That said, Sigmar does assert that in a battlefield, he feels as if he should take top leadership as he believes that his influence towards mankind would allow him to assert control and discipline to the forces of Good. Cosmos understands him but tells the God-Emperor to be wary of succumbing to becoming far more militant than he should be, which he does worry about.
    • Regarding the GUAG's leadership, Sigmar has a mostly positive reception, though his failure to save the Warhammer World has underscored him with some form of criticism, a fact that Sigmar is forced to accept without hesitation. Batman once asked him about ever employing a strategy to his final fight against the Forces of Chaos, which Sigmar replied that by the time he reemerged, the world was already coming to an end and that he was the only remaining force left to fight against Archaon. Being a lone survivor hasn't done him favours either, with Sigmar proclaiming that one of his major goals is to re-establish his influence from scratch, even if it takes a millennia.
  • As a former mortal who ascended to Godhood, Sigmar doesn't know how to think of or communicate with Shegorath. He's not evil, but he's certainly ambiguous, plus Shegorath's main shtick is joking around and having fun, though not in a sense that would entice people. That said, Shegorath does find Sigmar rather interesting and often attends his presence to entertain him, much to the God-Emperor's chagrin.
  • Zamasu hates Sigmar, utterly baffled and disgusted that a human being transcended into godhood and represents a race as corrupted and destructive (in his point of view) as mankind. Having heard of the Kai's tales and the eventual destruction of his timeline's multiverse, Sigmar directed much of his contempt to him, giving Zamasu his own statement about what he really thinks of him;
    Sigmar: You refer to yourself as a saviour, eh? Because if you certainly seem to think so, then you seem to be in denial of the damage you've done, even dragging your own kind to oblivion and for what? You clearly haven't any idea about standing up for what is true and just, only looking at the benefits and view's of oneself. You, Zamasu, are a scourge. A scourge who spreads chaos and misery because you cannot fathom anyone and anything but yourself. But it doesn't matter either way because there's no hope for salvation and your pride all but renders you blind.
  • Having wandered around the Pantheon for a long time, it didn't take long for Sigmar to realize that there were threats just as grand and devious as the Chaos Gods. Among them was the Daedric Prince, Molag Bal, who took delight into how Sigmar was tortured by Tzeentch upon imprisonment, though he was disappointed by how he was able to break free and resume his crusade against the Forces of Chaos. Regardless, Val's creation of Vampirism in his universe didn't sit well with Sigmar, given how the vampires of the Warhammer World were relentless in their aim to plunder the world into darkness.
    • By extension, Sigmar has a rather difficult time regarding the many vampires in the Pantheon. To his credit, many of them are feral, bloodhungry or even morally depraved beasts who may sometimes kill for the hell of it. However, Sigmar realized that there were good-natured vampires around as well and is eager to at least try helping them out, despite his powers being a repelling force to them. It helps in that one particular vampire, Genevieve Dieudonné, happens to be a renowned figure for the Empire.
    • Of course, he was not happy to learn of the presence of the Von Carstein Counts, Mannfred and Konrad in the Pantheon, especially given that the former was responsible for allowing the Warhammer World to be destroyed. Even worse was that both of them were under the allegiance of Nagash and that both of them pitted themselves in a Cold War of sorts, partly to determine who's the better (or in this case, worse) of the brothers and partly to increase the influence of the GUAD. Their father, Vlad is also contemptuous of the situation, prompting him to establish a ceasefire against the God-Emperor in dealing with them.
  • He comes to see Madoka Kaname in very high regard. They can both relate in the sense that they decided to ascend to Godhood in an attempt to stop humankind from suffering and are incredibly dedicated to their causes and to those that they love, especially provided that they represent hope. However, Madoka is a pacifist who prefers to nurture and look after others whereas Sigmar is more proactive in stepping into the battlefield and leading humankind to victory.
    • When Sigmar caught news of the Pantheonic Rebellion that sapped away Madoka's influence and powers, the God-Emperor became furious over the events that transpired and the rising powers of Law and Chaos weren't helping matters either. He backed Madoka's decision to be more proactive in the future and was in support of her getting her powers back, even if it meant going against Homura Akemi.
    • Regarding Homura herself, Sigmar sincerely hopes to bring her back to the side of good, knowing that most of Homura's actions were out of love and affection. At the same time, however, Sigmar disagrees with the way she went through with protecting Madoka and feels that if left unchecked, Homura would be dooming the Pantheon out of an obsessive desire which Madoka wouldn't appreciate either. Sigmar aims to reason with Homura, though given her pact with Lucifer, things don't seem to be too bright on either side.
  • In time, Sigmar realized that there were many threats that were just as big and destructive as the Chaos Gods themselves. Chief among them were Melkor, Darkseid, Thanos, Chakravartin and Chaos, all of whom have threatened to destroy entire galaxies and realms to satiate their desires. Sigmar sees some of them differently in a sense, but always with contempt; Melkor for his petty excuse of not being able to create anything, Darkseid for wanting to prolong suffering and entropy as long as he can, Thanos for his obsession towards Death and destruction, Chakravartin for not taking any responsibility in his destruction and looking down on anyone and anything and Chaos for her malicious manipulation of her servants and towards the Sailor Guardians, and not to mention Chaos reminding Sigmar of the Chaos Gods themselves, especially Tzeentch.
  • While normally considered a God-Emperor, Sigmar is also a God of Thunder in all but name, given that with the help of Ghal Maraz, he is able to manipulate electricity and thunderstorms. He, Thor and Raiden all share their ability of electrokinesis and are sworn defenders of what means a lot to them, so it's not surprising that they quickly became close allies and a Power Trio. By extension, this also meant that Sigmar came to learn a lot more about different realms and cultures and asserts that he will use the powers granted to him by the GUAG to further understand, preserve and respect them.
    • And then there's Zeus. Sigmar has made it very clear that he doesn't see the Greek God of Lightning in high regard, unlike Thor and Raiden, primarily because Zeus was heavily opposed to granting humankind (and by extension, mortals) wisdom and further understanding, which led to him chaining Prometheus when he dared to provide humans with fire and damning him to eternal torment. Zeus sees Sigmar as an imitation and just because he's now a god doesn't brighten his opinions on him either way. While the fact that Sigmar and Zeus aren't on good terms is public knowledge, they are forced to work together as they seem to have a lot of mutual enemies in the Pantheon.
  • His reputation caught the interest of the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh. When the two met, Gilgamesh expressed disappointment towards Sigmar failing to save his world, but at the same time, complimented and respected his resolve and determination to lead his people and help his empire preserve, noting that his commitment is not unlike that of Arturia Pendragon. Sigmar, in response, urged Gilgamesh to work together to no avail, as the King of Heroes stated that he has his own business to attend to, but quipped that he will be looking forward to fighting against the God-Emperor one day and seeing him as a "worthy member of a large pack of mongrels". Despite the disappointment, Sigmar accepted that he's better off working with Arturia for the moment, but is preparing for a time when Gilgamesh will approach him for battle.
  • The story of Liu Kang was a tragedy according to Sigmar and regretted to be an enemy to him, given his fall to darkness. This changed when after Kronika's attempts to alter the timeline to her liking bought forth a younger Liu Kang and was pitted against his evil older self, the God-Emperor was happy to see that he may come back to being a hero after all. His words were proven correct when Raiden infused all of his power and influence into his protege, turning Liu Kang into a Fire God who successfully stopped Kronika and Shang Tsung from distorting time further to their liking. As for Liu Kang himself, he sympathizes with Sigmar in losing his homeworld, given that Raiden went through a similar crisis regarding his chosen warriors. The God-Emperor has asserted that he will not falter this time, extending his protection to the Pantheon as a whole as well and establishing a working partnership with the current Fire God.
    • He also became good friends with Kitana as Sigmar found her experiences and turmoil to be one of character and growth and was impressed to see her uniting the several races of Outworld into her services and loyalty. Sigmar himself took this as a sign that he should begin to work on bettering his relationship between the Dwarfs, Elves and Lizardmen if they truly must win against the Forces of Chaos. And of course, he's got nothing complimentary to say to Shao Kahn, seeing how his leadership made him hated by nearly everyone who worked for him and only working for his own benefits. Shao Kahn, on the other hand, scoffs Sigmar's mindset and considers him weak for trying to unite his services under respect when that should be done by fear.
  • Inevitably, he would learn of a setting where the Forces and Daemons of Chaos had a dominant control over a universe. This, too, had an emperor like Sigmar, except that he was crippled and kept barely functional by a life-support system. Luckily, this God-Emperor of Mankind resided in the Pantheon in a fully healthy condition, and Sigmar decided to visit him. The two of them greeted each other formally and, despite some arguments regarding the treatment towards other races like elves, dwarfs and aliens, they found themselves in an agreement. The Emperor of Mankind, thinking he would make an excellent second-in-command, offered Sigmar a high position in the Imperium, but because of his new status as a GUAG council leader, he respectfully declined. Still, he did state that he will have a working relationship to aid and compete against each other in civil terms, to which the Emperor of Mankind nodded in approval.
  • The Elves are a difficult topic for him. This stems from the fact that the residential Elves of his world tend to be either prejudiced, aloof and more concerned about themselves. He does get along with Tyrion and sympathizes with his struggles, though Teclis is a lot more difficult, given that reviving Nagash as a way to engineer the End Times was not a welcoming signal, though he'll cut him some slack as Teclis aims to atone himself. Orion is best left to defend Athel Loren and obviously has the least personal relationship with him. Malekith of the Dark Elves normally sees Sigmar as an opponent, which is not helped by the fact that his race has been an enemy to humankind for a long time. However, they do have a common enemy in the Chaos Gods and the GUAE and hence, they will set aside their differences for this occasion. For once, Sigmar does compliment the Witch-King for trying to work with other races, though Malekith makes it clear he's going to have to prepare for himself.
    • He was surprised to learn of Orcs that were willing to pursue a more civilized society and learn to coexist with other races. Chief among them was Thrall, who himself wasn't exactly fond of Grimgor himself. Sigmar was initially wary, but once Thrall spoke out his reasoning, he presented himself his allies, which intrigued Sigmar into consideration for the Orc. Soon, the God-Emperor decided to establish a partnership, which worked on Thrall's favour as well, leading to the two becoming warrior friends and Thrall being a welcomed visitor to the Empire.
  • Despite his reputation of maintaining his celibacy, Sigmar actually fathered twin sons with Queen Freya of the Asoborns. This is information that not many know about, save for a select few, but Sigmar has made it pretty clear that he would have instead preferred if the ruling system of the Empire was more based on votes and the peoples' choices as a way to determine who would be most fit to govern. That said, he does solemnly admit that the Empire did undergo its fair share of corruption and fraud, something that he and Karl would like to remedy. As for Queen Freya and their sons, Sigmar has yet to make a comment about it.
  • Also in the Divine Roles Sub-House due to Sigmar's current position as a mortal being who ascended into godhood, having a kingdom he founded and having a religion based on him.
"Aye, the Empire needs heirs. And you are all my heirs. Everyone who lives in this land is my heir. Everyone who fights and bleeds to protect the Empire... They will all be Sigmar’s heirs"

Intermediate Gods

    Lord Elrond 
Lord Elrond, God of Philosopher Kings (The Half-Elven, Master of Rivendell)

    Queen Sectonia 
Queen Sectonia, Goddess of Insect Queens (Soul of Sectonia)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess if fused with the Dreamstalk)
  • Symbol: Her upper body and wands, imprinted into a red flag
  • Theme Music: Sullied Grace, Moonstruck Blossom, Soul of Sectonia
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Insect Queens, Showing the Evil of Beauty and Light, Fighting Ruler, Magic and Melee Fighter, Dual Wielding Wands and Rapiers, Not Giving Up
  • Domains: Rulers, Insects
  • Followers: Queen Diva
  • Allies: The Dark Matter Horde, Vega, The Evil Queen, Kuja, Trakeena
  • Rivals: Q-Bee, The Shadow Queen
  • Enemies: Kirby, King Dedede, Sho Minamimoto, Nicolas Cage, Crow, Banjo and Kazooie
  • A wasp-like queen who leads an army of insect-like creatures called Sectras and who were tyrannizing the citizens of Floralia. Ascended into the Pantheon after fusing herself with the Dreamstalk which was sent to help Kirby to take her down, almost destroying Dreamland, almost killing Kirby if it wasn't for King Dedede and her, now good, servant Taranza and only going down after being defeated by Kirby five times.
  • She, Vega, The Evil Queen and Kuja have formed a group known as "The Rule of Beauty". Where they would argue who of them is the prettiest of all, they are willing to ally together to kill anyone who thinks they are better than them.
    • At one point, Sho Minamimoto once appeared before their group, shouting into a bullhorn that he has more beauty than all of them, using his unique standards of beauty. This led to a fight between the group and Minamimoto, but it was cut short when Minamimoto decided he had better things to do. But now he's on the Rule of Beauty's blacklist.
  • Refuses to be with anyone who she considers ugly. Queen Slug-for-a-Butt tried to be one of her followers, but just hearing her full name caused Sectoria to zap her with lightning and drove her away.
  • Those who know better know that she wasn't always like this. In the past, she was a kind ruler, but her obsession with beauty eventually corrupted her to turn evil. Further research into her past suggests that the Dimension Mirror was the thing what ultimately caused her corruption.
  • Is currently unknown if her position makes her the ruler of the Insect sub-house of House of Beast.
    • It has been pointed out that, whether she leads the sub-house or not, she is a part of it, being an INSECT queen.
  • Is currently getting rather wary of the Evil Queen due to her plan to usurp Maleficent as the top Disney Villain, fearing that she would become The Starscream. She is currently looking for a potential member to replace her if needed.
  • Was more amused than anything else of the news that Q-Bee managed to ascend. Though this lead to an eternal rivalry between Sectas and Soul Bees. Sectas are currently winning.
    • However, the tide seemingly turned once Crow found out about Sectonia, making a snide comment about how she looks like Princess Apodia, another fellow bee of royalty if she was uglier with an outfit too flashy for his taste. She didn't take too kindly to it, and has Crow up on her hit-list since, with it growing even bigger now that Crow decided to side with the kinder bee queen, Q-Bee.

Lesser Gods

    King K. Rool 
King K. Rool, God of Corpulent Monarchs (Kaptain K. Rool, Baron K. Roolenstein, King Krusha K. Rool, The Kremling Commander, The Supreme Ruler of All Evil)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A crocodile head with bloodshot eyes and a crown
  • Theme Music: Gangplank Galleon (Brawl remix, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Remix), Crocodile Cacophony (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Remix), Big Boss Blues, Boss Boogie, K. Rool's Finest Hour
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Themed Names for Mooks, Evil Overlord, Large Ham, Punny Name, Evil Reptiles (Specifically Crocodiles), Evil Fat King, Assuming Multiple Alises And Titles, The Letter "K" To Sound Scary
  • Domains: Reptiles, Genocide, Names, Profession
  • Heralds: The Kremlings; notable members include General Klump, Krusha, Klaptrap, Kerozene, Klubba, KAOS, and dozens more (though some have defected from the Kremlings and aren't associated with them)
  • High Priest: Dragaux
  • Allies: Ridley, Lord Hater, Pete, Renekton, Yosemite Sam, Neo Cortex, Risky Boots
  • Rivals: Bowser, Lord Fredrik, Bashmaster, Cervantes de Leon
  • Enemies: Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, & Cranky Kong (and by extension other monkeys), Mario, Steve Irwin, Team Chaotix (especially Vector the Crocodile), Little Mac, King Gator, Jorgen Von Strangle, King Dedede, May (Guilty Gear).
  • Respected by: Frieza
  • The primary threat to the Kong Krew, King K. Rool leads an army of crocodiles (and some other animals, but mostly crocs) to attack the Kongs in attempts to take over their island. He is the king of the Kremlins (or Kritters as they're sometimes called) and is quite cruel as well, even to his own cronies. In other words, a cruel king. Named Rool. And his rule is cruel. And that's not cool.
  • K. Rool is constantly scheming to eradicate all primates from existence, starting with gorillas and monkeys. Obviously, eliminating the Kong Krew is his main priority and he plans on targeting the other primates after that. He spends his off-time thinking of puns to inspire new breeds of Kremlings.
  • Although he's in a somewhat steady alliance with Bowser (mostly to discuss plans on how to defeat their respective arch-enemies), there has been a few tensions between the two. Most notably, K. Rool believes that Bowser is not as evil as the Koopa King claims to be, given that Bowser has sided with Mario a few times. For his part, Bowser doesn't really care much about that. Also, the two somehow don't get along well when playing baseball together.
    • It was through the Koopa King (somehow) that K. Rool got to know about Lord Hater, another aggressive conqueror. Both Hater and K. Rool were noted to treat their mooks less than well and often have to put up with their plans constantly being foiled. The three have formed an alliance to help the GUAE get closer to taking over the Pantheon. It remains to be seen as to how K. Rool will react to the fact that Lord Hater used to be an ape.
  • Even though his primary occupation is that of a king, it's not uncommon for visitors to his seat to see him in a different outfit quite frequently as he tries changing up his plans. Among others he's been a pirate, a Mad Scientist, and a boxer. He also claims to be a pilot, but no one has seen a costume for that yet.
    • Due to his tendency to change jobs to see if it can help him defeat his primary foes, he has gotten along with Yosemite Sam and Pete, both fellow bad guys that share such a tendency. They talk about what jobs one member of that trio has done and how the others that haven't tackled that job yet can use that job as a way to be successful in defeating their primary enemies.
  • Generally speaking, K. Rool is very much cold-blooded, ruthless, and determined to achieve his goals no matter what it takes. He can get really hammy at times despite that. And sometimes on a bad day, he has to put up with the incompetency of his own mooks. Then again, K. Rool isn't exactly giving his subordinates the best treatment to begin with.
  • Having heard of Donkey Kong being able to box against Little Mac quite well, K. Rool decided to take his boxing skills against Mac. It didn't go well for the croc and he's still trying to get rematches against Mac arranged.
  • While Frieza has a level of admiration towards K. Rool over the latter's determination in eliminating primates altogether, the former believes that the croc's ways of going about it are rather small-time and thinks K. Rool should do something grander instead. K. Rool doesn't have the resources to do what Frieza is suggesting, and even then the croc would prefer if things are still around to take over once that job is done.
  • There has been a heated rivalry going on between the Kremlings and the Snowmads, often over who should be the one to defeat the Kong Krew. K. Rool is very frustrated that someone was able to take over Kong Island much quicker than he could and Fredrik simply considers the Kremlings to be a nuisance entirely. There are often battles between the two factions going on if neither are going about in planning their primary goals separately.
  • K. Rool has made a number of claims that he is a viable candidate for being another possible participant in the Smash Tournament. Although there are a few things going for him in that case, he just hasn't been able to get a proper invite, much to his infuriation. He got even more pissed off at the fact that there was a costume made in his likeness to be used by others for the tournament, though he is still determined to be a proper fighter in that tournament.
    • One day, K. Rool walked up to Donkey Kong's temple, and, after swatting away King Dedede (who had already heard the news and disguised himself as K. Rool to prank DK), engaged in a battle with DK and Diddy. After the Kongs arose from the battle victorious, K. Rool rose and revealed the reason for his sudden drop-in, by pulling out an envelope with a picture of a Smash Ball on it. K. Rool had made it to the fifth Smash Tournament. Bowser, Ridley, Ganondorf, and the other villains that made it to Smash congratulated the Kremling King, though Dedede was still a bit sore from K. Rool ruining his prank.
  • He has taken quite a liking towards Renekton's insanity and has considered making him part of his army. Although Renekton hasn't said a whole lot about the offer, he does consider K. Rool a worthy ally and the two tend to be seen quite often in causing chaos.
    • Very rarely does one see K. Rool holding a conversation with Sobek. While the interactions between them aren't hostile, Sobek does believe that K. Rool could be a little less crazy in doing whatever it is he wants to do, though K. Rool hasn't taken the advice seriously.
    • In contrast, K. Rool completely detests Vector the Crocodile for not being a real crocodile in K. Rool's opinion. K. Rool has been antagonizing Team Chaotix a number of times just to get rid of Vector.
  • One day, K. Rool decided take on his pirate persona and meet up with the other villainous pirates to see if they would help him with his goals. Whatever evil pirates K. Rool could find felt that eliminating primates was small-time and since then, K. Rool has gotten himself into fights against these pirates (though pirate Sam is willing to help K. Rool in these battles).
  • K. Rool took up his Mad Scientist gig on a different day and ended up meeting Neo Cortex by chance. Upon seeing Cortex's army of genetically modified animals, K. Rool has considered the possibility of using enhanced versions of his Kremlings to defeat the Kong Krew and has consulted Cortex for advice, but only when the croc is taking up the Baron K. Roolenstein role.
  • An artifact that lets whoever is in possession of it make a wish has been part of K. Rool's plans for a while. Even if K. Rool has been in possession of that item every so often, he's never really put it to use and loses that item anyways. Regardless of if he's going to bother using a wishing artifact or not, those who have knowledge in the field of wishes such as Jorgen Von Strangle have offered to put a stop to that plan of K. Rool's.
  • Notably, he's the only crocodile that cannot tolerate Steve Irwin at all. There is often fights going on between the two, mostly out of Steve trying to keep K. Rool in check.


    Padme Amidala 
Padmé Amidala, Goddess of Elective Monarchy and Ridiculously Large Wardrobes
Padme in just one of her many outfits.
Click here  for a wider range of her wardrobe

    Queen of Hearts 
Queen of Hearts, Goddess of Tyrannical Queens (The Red Queen, Cora, Iracebeth)
The Queen's regular form
The Queen's monstrous form 
Her Red Queen form 

    Rameses (The Prince of Egypt
Rameses II, God of Evil Pharaohs ("The morning and the evening star")
  • Demigod, but believes himself to be higher
  • Symbol: His ring
  • Theme: Goodbye Brother
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Tragic Villain, being bald and evil, the Cain to Moses's Abel, Evil Former Friend, initally good person turned evil, the blue to Moses's red, Pride as his flaw, No sympathy to the slaves, cared about Moses (initially) and loved his son, lost his son to the Plague of the Firstborn, allowing the Hebrew to suffer, A God Am I, "Well Done, Son" Guy, does not want to be "the weak link" even though he did through his stubbornness and pride
  • Domains: Pharaoh, Arrogance, Sympathy
  • Followers: Ahmet Abdol/Living Monolith, Pharaoh Man
  • Allies: Eric Cartman, Darkseid, Lex Luthor, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse
  • Rivals: House of Pride and Egotism
  • Enemies: All Jewish deities, especially Moses, Azir, Yugi Moto/Yami Yugi, Anakaris, Ned Flanders, Courage, Minions, Superman, Zeus, Thor, Amaterasu, Raiden, Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos), the other Ramses
  • Opposed by: The Egyptian Pantheon
  • Among Egyptian royal family, there was one Pharaoh that nearly destroyed his own kingdom: Ramses. Taking his father's lesson too well, he cruelly enslaved the Hebrew and refused to free them when his adopted brother Moses demanded their freedom. As the result, God brought forth the Plagues of Egypt which will continue until the Hebrew are freed, in which his proudly refused and lost everything: his kingdom, his slaves, and his son.
  • There are two things he HATES. One, Moses. And two, whoever the hell is returning the slab that he has no possession of. And if he hears this song again, he will kill whoever was playing it. Once the Ramses that caused this confusion was brought into the Pantheon, Ramses has made pretty clear he absolutely loathes this ghost who he deems a mockery of himself.
  • His relation with Moses is rather complicated. The two became brothers when his mother found him in a river and was taken in into his family. He was responsible and cold compare to Moses and he got him a lot of trouble from his pranks, yet Moses is also there to get him out of trouble. However, years after Moses went to exile and return from the desert, he demanded him to release the Hebrew from slavery. Everything went downhill as their brotherhood was broken by his stubbornness and pride, especially after the Ten Plagues and the death of his son.
  • Because he let his kingdom be destroyed by the plagues because he refuse to let Moses' people go, many pharaohs before or after him lost much respect for him as he let their people suffer.
    • Azir doesn't show respect to him either, despite having slaves of his own. This is because Azir at least was planning to release his slaves while Ramses not only doesn't want to release them but also was abusing them, even worse than his own father.
    • The only Pharaoh that shown to have no contempt to him and may even ally with him is En Sabah Nur, once known as the Eternal Pharaoh, and that in spite of preferring mutants, has a very similar mindset to Ramses.
  • Despite his evil deeds, he truly loves his son and his death was what driven his hatred into vengeance toward Moses. He actually show some sympathy towards those who loved their children and lost them because of the action of another.
  • The Egyptian Pantheon were thinking that by Ramses' time, it was the End of an Era. However, Ramses insisted on getting their boon and has his priests make their prayers, even when they were thinking "Dude, our time is over, stop being so stubborn." They only gave him a half-hearted help which only made Moses much more appealing, and they thought that Ramses could have prevented much tragedy if he just knew when to stop.
    • Although some believe that the Egyptian Pantheon disagreed with many of the actions that Ramses have committed and decided not to aid him even if they dislike YHVH because of standards.
    • Since he believes that he's the god incarnate in Earth, he shows contempt towards the deities of various Pantheons, especially the Abrahamic who destroyed his kingdom.
  • Cartman managed to appeal to him as he shows to hate Jews, the descendants of the Hebrew, and had a hallucination (or dream according to Ramses) of himself being the son of the Pharaoh during the Passover.
  • Since he found another ruler who use slaves, he manage to make some sort of alliance with Darkseid. This makes him an enemy of Superman for affiliating with the tyrant, though Ramses would have been an enemy to the Caped Crusader anyways since he found his origins to be like Moses. Interestingly enough, like him and Moses, both he and Lex Luthor were once friends before becoming enemies in the future.
  • Having learn his lesson from him, he views his father as great leader and continued the tradition he carry, even showing little sympathy toward the Hebrews. Considering how Picard and Professor Xavier were against his decisions of doing evil and he thought that they both sound like his father, he thought they were trying to manipulate him with the voice of his father.
  • Despite being named after one of the revered Pharaohs in all of Egypt, questions whether he is that king is debatable. There is a group that are not pleased that Ramses II was considered the "evil" pharaoh and they say that it was a completely different Ramses.
  • He made a law that prevented the Minions from entering his kingdom because apparently the Minions once served the Egyptian only to accidentally crushed them by a pyramid.
  • For the record, he's also not using the name "Ozymandias", that one was an alternate version of him who ends up becoming a Rider-class Servant with tons of super powers. At first, Ramses dismissed him as a fool because Ozymandias let his Moses go after the parting of Red Sea, but when he realized that such action would have saved many of his Egyptians, he retreated to the corner of his chamber and wept for that failure of his.

    Tommen Baratheon 
Tommen Baratheon, The First of His Name, God of Kings In Name Only (King Tommen I, Tommen Lannister, Tommen Waters, The Boy King, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms)


    Sonia Nevermind 
Sonia Nevermind, Goddess of Micro-Monarchies and Micronations (Ultimate Princess, Super High-School Level Princess, Princess Nirvana, Super Duper High School Eurotrash)
  • Fan of: every single serial killer, magical girl, and Japanese TV drama character.
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Johan Liebert, SHOCKER, and every single dictator.
  • Complicated Relations With: Nagito Komaeda
  • The third rehabilitated member of SHSL Despair to ascend into the Pantheon. Her rehabilitation went much more smoothly than Komaeda's and Tsumiki's, and both Naegi and Nanami noted that there was a very low chance of her relapsing, despite her enjoyment of serial killers.
    • She tends to spend a lot of time outside of her official house in order to meet said serial killers, as well as most of the magical girls and Japanese TV drama characters.
  • Upon first meeting Usagi Tsukino she thought that Usagi was either "Magical Girl Sparkling Justice" or "Serial Killer Sparkling Justice". After the mix-up was cleared up, the two of them get along quite well, although Usagi is a bit disturbed by Sonia's love of serial killers and Sonia finds it odd that Usagi sounds so much like Peko Pekoyama.
  • At first, she was a bit wary of the Nostalgia Critic after hearing of his attempt at taking over a much less militaristic nation but the two of them eventually bonded over Japanese TV Dramas.
  • Once overheard Kyon and thought he was Gundam. She began a conversation about the occult before realizing that she was talking to someone else.
    • The same thing's happened with Ragna the Bloodedge, Joseph Joestar, and Gintoki Sataka. She's quite sorry about the mix-ups.
    • The only mix-up she is not sorry about is when she mistook Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th for Gundam. She began another conversation about the occult, only for Raidou to turn around and summon one of his demons, which Sonia promptly cooed at.
  • Due to how much they remind her of who she was in SHSL Despair, she either actively avoids or hates every single dictator, world dominating warmongers like SHOCKER, and Johan Liebert.