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Lesser Gods

    The Chaotix 
The Chaotixmembers , Gods of the Comic Trio (In general: Team Chaotix, Chaotix Crew, Chaotix Detective Agency; Espio: Chameleon; Vector: Croc, Mr. Vector)

    Maxie and Archie 
Maxie and Archie, Gods of Sensitive Guys and Manly Men (Matsubusa and Aogiri)
Maxie (left), Archie (right)
Their original appearances 

    Naofumi's Party 
Naofumi Iwatani, Raphtalia, and Filo, Triumvirate Deities of Rude Heroes and Nice Sidekicks (Naofumi: Hero of the Shield, Devil of the Shield, Master Naofumi, Savior of the Heavenly Fowl, Shieldbro, Loli Magnet || Raphtalia: Raph, Raftalia, Hero of the Hammernote /Hero of the Katananote  || Filo: Big Fat Bird (Call her that at your own risk), Firo, Hero of the Claw)
Left to right: Raphtalia, Naofumi, and Filo
  • Lesser Gods (Naofumi and Raphtalia's fragments are this, while their divine selves are Overdeities)
  • Symbol: Their respective weapons (Naofumi's Legendary Shield, Raphtalia's Vassal Hammer or Katana, and Filo's Vassal Claws)
  • Theme Music: RISE (official English version)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Heroes
    • Naofumi: Shield, Protection
    • Raphtalia: Swords, Slaves, Loyalty
    • Filo: Birds, Claws, Strength
  • Herald: Rishia Ivyread, Atlas, Fohl, Melty Melromarc, Every villager in Naofumi's village
  • Allies: Rias Gremory, Kirito and Asuna, Tusk, Shovel Knight, Shield Knight, Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato
  • Enemies: Any deity that wants to mess with the worlds (like GUAD), Embryo, wicked women who screw over others (like Raynare), corrupted royals in general, Stain, Dolores Umbridge, Atrocitus, Parallax, Issac Westcott
  • Odd Friendship with: Morgiana
  • Complicated Relationships: Mordred (Filo), Rocket Raccoon (Raphtalia)
  • Opposes: Cornelius Fudge
  • Exclusive to the party:
    • Naofumi was originally a regular college student and otaku who found a book titled "Four Heavenly Weapon's Manual" which told the story of four Heroes summoned to defend another world. In an instant this became his reality as he was summoned to a new world and declared one of the Legendary Heroes. Becoming the Hero of the Shield, Naofumi briefly fantasized about the adventures he would lead, but is treated as a joke for having a shield. Naofumi met a woman named Myne who seemed to want to help him, only for her to stab him the back by robbing him of his equipment and falsely accusing him of attempting to rape her. His reputation ruined and now full of hate, Naofumi turns his back on the world and tries to find a way to get back to his world.
      • Naofumi would eventually come across a slave trader who can magically bind slaves to prevent from betraying or disobeying their masters. Seeing this as the only way to get an ally, Naofumi would buy a tanuki demi-human girl named Raphtalia, who was dying from an illness and devoid of hope after losing her parents and childhood friend, as well as going through several abusive masters. Although afraid of Naofumi at first, Naofumi treating her like a person, feeding her healthy food, and providing medicine to cure her illness allowed Raphtalia to see Naofumi as a good person and becomes all too willing to become the sword to his shield, becoming his first loyal party member and falling in love with him. She would also age quickly into an adult after leveling up from slaying so many monsters, due to her people's natural ability to physically age as they level up, though Naofumi's trauma from Myne's betrayal distorted his perception and prevented him from noticing. It wasn't until Raphtalia fully proved her loyalty to him despite being forcibly freed that Naofumi finally saw the physical changes she went through. Since then, Naofumi and Raphtalia have become inseparable.
      • Filo was originally a newly hatched filorial that Naofumi bought from the slave trader. Filo grew up from a small chick to a big queen filorial in just few days, and because of that, she was allowed to pull the carriage Naofumi got as a thank you gift from the villagers. To Naofumi and Raphtalia's shock, Filo turned into a young girl with wings, and is able to switch between that and her filorial form at will.
    • Both Naofumi and Raphtalia would befriend Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, both of whom would dream of becoming fantasy heroes just like Naofumi and Raphtalia, but fel victim to bullying, forcing Ichiro to endure a small period of depression and Ryoko even attempting to commit suicide. Naofumi and Raphtalia saw much of themselves in the young lovers and promised to do whatever they can to help them.
    • Stain once attempted to kill Naofumi, seeing him as a false hero too because of his methods and the fact that he has slaves. Naofumi's party managed to repel Stain, all the while calling him out on his views and how they cause more harm than good, especially when he's targeting heroes whose reasons aren't altruistic, but not bad at the same time. Stain has made Naofumi a target ever since.
    • While everyone was concerned about how Morgiana would react to Naofumi having slaves, considering how she hates slavery, it surprisingly turned out well. Morgiana noticed how Naofumi treated his slaves like equals, and thus earned Undying Loyalty, all the while opposing slavers who are not like him. Because of this, Naofumi is one exception to her hatred of slavers.
  • Exclusive to Naofumi:
    • He and his company come to the pantheon from time to time (time is relative to whatever dimension he's in) to take vacations. (sometimes by leaving fragments at the Pantheon.)
      • That's the official reason. In reality, he came to the Pantheon in order to monitor the many world-destroying deities that live there.
    • His legendary shield has the special ability to adapt the properties of other shields it encounters into itself. For this reason, Naofumi has visited the House of Weapons in order to get the most out of said ability, which has drawn the ire of some people, given the means by which the Legendary Shield gains new abilities.
    • While visiting the House of Food (diguised as a bird), he was invited to a drinking competition. In the end, all of them were kicked out for emptying the House's alcohol reserves without determining a winner, so Naofumi took out the Lukor fruit for everybody. It's said that only the most hardcore alcoholics managed to avoid passing out that day.
      • Incidentally, that fruit has been planted for alcohol and future challenges.
    • Naofumi sees a lot of himself in Ange, someone who was mistreated and looked down on by society and Took a Level in Cynic, before finding people who helped her to regain some of her faith. Unlike Naofumi, Ange actually turns her back on her former world when its society lost its ability to use Mana, though considering how the people didn't change for the better and had the nerve to beg for her help after everything they did, Naofumi can't really fault her for that, though he also points out that there may have been some people who were different from the other Mana users, with Ange's loyal maid Momoka being an example.
    • He's also stopped by various Blood Knights fairly often, as they want to test their strength against the strongest shield of all. He refused them each time, saying it was a bother, so some of them decided to just randomly attack him. There has yet to be anybody who has succeeded in damaging him.
    • He's allied himself with Captain America, for obvious reasons. Although Steve has repeatedly spoken about his notably less-than-heroic acts. Naofumi's response is typically that he did what he had to in order to survive, since the king took refused to give him any money or support out of a misplaced and petty grudge. All the same, Naofumi still respects the Captain for trying to hold on to his ideals and prinicples.
    • Although Issei Hyoudou reminds him of the moronic Hero of the Spear Motoyasu (With whom his relationship is strained), the two are on good terms, as, unlike Motoyasu, Issei isn't an idiot, despite his Harem Seeker tendencies. This has resulted in Naofumi being invited to to the Chick Magnet Quintet, although, due to his trust issues regarding women, he declined.
      • Incidentally, Atlas, his shield's spirit, has shown interest in joining the Special Lovers Squad. Due to not being an official god, though, she can only be there as an Honorary Member.
    • Upon learning about the way Raynare tried to take advantage of Issei and noting the similarities between that and what he suffered at the hands of Malty (whose nickname 'Bitch' is very well-deserved), Naofumi has offered his assistance in dealing with Raynare.
    • Naofumi became curious about Overskills, so he has been seen talking to Shiroe about it. In turn, Shiroe asks about Naofumi's fighting style, and how he gets by with only defensive and supportive skills and his shield.
    • Naofumi is naturally liked by animals, so sometimes, when he's seen in the House of Beasts, many of the animals there would gather around him and show their affection (much to his dismay).
    • On the rare occasion that he comes across hostile monsters, after slaying them, he would often cook them. This naturally attracts the attention of many hungry deities, causing these cooking sessions to turn into full-blown feasts, often with Naofumi as the only chef.
    • Naofumi in his exploration of the Pantheon found other people that sounded similar to him such as the Cyborg Genos who he gets along with fine, and Tenya Ida who at first irritated Naofumi for his prattle on proper heroics reminding him of Itsuki but later found that Ida was willing to change and learn but Naofumi got a bad reputation at U.A. not that Naofumi cares.
      • Related, Naofumi once mistakenly believed that he had seen and heard Ren, Hero of the Sword, in the Pantheon, and tried to greet him (as the only one of the Cardinal Heroes whom he had respect for), but was instead greeted by a very confused Kirito. This wasn't helped by the fact that they sound VERY similar when speaking Japanese, though the mistaken identity was eventually cleared up. The two are on fairly amicable terms, although Naofumi isn't exactly comfortable with the large number of females Kirito is often seen with. He's also made this comment in regards to Kirito's story, at one point:
    • Naofumi gets along very well with Harry Potter, especially after hearing he was subject to a smear campaign by Cornelius Fudge after trying to warn everyone of Voldemort's return. Naofumi doesn't take too kindly to Fudge's actions, since they remind him of how he was treated like a pariah by the king of Melromarc. He also detests Dolores Umbridge, seeing her as no better than Malty. Naofumi's also sympathizes with Harry being forced to endured an abusive childhood just because he has magic, yet still understood the importance of love and kindness throughout the years. Harry in turn also sympathizes with Naofumi's methods, remembering the time he used dark magic both within and outside of Hogwarts.
    • Initially, Naofumi thought Shido Itsuka was just like Motoyasu when he found out about his harem, but they put in a good word for Shido and told Naofumi everything Shido has done for them, such as walking through a snowstorm and jumping straight through a laser beam. This earns Shido Naofumi's respect, and the two have become good friends since. Shido warns Naofumi to be careful around Isaac Westcott, who is just as evil as Malty (if not more so), but is far more intelligent and competent.
    • Naofumi shows great respect for Lux Arcadia for remaining on a nobler path than him, despite becoming a indentured servant since childhood. Lux in turn sympathizes with Naofumi for having been mistreated by corrupt royalty, having had to deal with a corrupt emperor before in the past.
    • At first, Naofumi was jealous Touya Mochizuki for having an easier, comfortable life while Naofumi had to endure bitterness and discrimination. Touya admits that yes, compared to Naofumi, he got lucky, and every day, he must remind himself of how lucky he is.
    • Sympathizes with Elliot Alderson, seeing the abuse he had to endure at the hands of Angela being similar to how he had to endure the mistreatment from Malty. That said, Naofumi would rather be on his guard around Mr. Robot.
    • Naofumi doesn't see himself as a hero, but no matter how many times he objects, many gods are quick to point out that, at least out of the Cardinal Heroes, Naofumi was the most heroic, despite the way he goes about it.
    • Naofumi typically tries to avoid the House of Anger, for fear that it may cause his Shield of Rage to act up. Given that the Curse Series shield runs the risk of consuming Naofumi in pure unfiltered anger when used (Which can result in him lashing out at those around him, including his closest friends- only Raphtalia can snap him out of it), this is probably for the best.
    • Because he is a Pragmatic Hero, Naofumi gets along swimmingly with Batman, who often functions a barometer on what is considered morally acceptable for A-list superheroes and Hal Jordan, who worked really hard to earn his redemption after he was possessed by Parallax. Batman and Hal would tell Naofumi to be careful around Atrocitus, who thinks Naofumi would be worthy of a Red Lantern ring thanks to the Wrath Shield.
    • Naofumi would meet the Shield Knight and notice that her relationship with Shovel Knight contrasts that with his relationship with Raphtalia. While he and Raphtalia were able to stay together through their journey in Raphtalia's world, Shovel Knight and Shield Knight got separated, with the latter becoming the Enchantress up until her lover was able to free her from her curse. This reminds Naofumi of the time when Ren and Itsuki were corrupted by their curses and had to be saved by their future wives, so he does at least congratulate the Shovel Knight for saving the one he love.

  • Exclusive to Raphtalia:
    • Immediately after ascending, the first thing Raphtalia would do is to greet Master Naofumi. She is proud to officially stand by Naofumi's side, vowing to remain his sword no matter where he goes. Naofumi is also glad to see Raphtalia in the Pantheon, since she is his most trusted and loyal companion, as well as his first bride in the historical documents.
    • Raphtalia admires Samurai Jack, a fellow katana wielder, after hearing of his many accomplishments during his quest to return to his time. The famous warrior is also legitimately impressed by all the good deeds Raphtalia manage to do alongside Naofumi. Though he does express concern when he learns Raphtalia was originally Naofumi's slave, he's far more willing to listen to reason, hearing the full story out and accepting that Raphtalia is genuinely loyal to Naofumi and that the latter treats the former as an equal. Naofumi and Raphtalia are glad he didn't react the same way as Motoyasu did when he heard about Raphtalia being a slave.
    • Raphtalia gets along with Blake Belladonna and Makoto Nanaya, all of whom are Little Bit Beastly who have been on the receiving end of Fantastic Racism. Although Blake and Makoto were shocked to learn that Raphtalia was originally a slave, Raphtalia assured that Naofumi treated as an equal despite buying as a slave. The two appropriately turned their anger to the right people when Raphtalia explained how her people were given the same social standing as monsters, and being a slave is the only thing that gives her legal protection against anyone who kills Demihumans for sport. Blake and Makoto actually lampshade how really bad her world is if being a slave is preferable to being free.
    • Raphtalia once crossed paths with Eveline, who also underwent Rapid Aging, albeit through genetic modification. Though she acknowledges her desire to have a family, she points out it does not excuse her actions, since she basically brainwashed and killed people to get such a family. She's always ready put a stop to Eveline if she tries something funny.
    • Raphtalia tends to speak with fellow tanuki Mamizou, Tom Nook, and the Tama Hill Tanuki every now and then whenever she isn't speaking with her comrades. Raphtalia is happy to speak with other tanuki (even if the ones from Tanuki Hill tend to gross her out with their... size-altering testes). The other tanuki welcome Raphtalia as one of their own.
      • Raphtalia would also cross paths with Rocket Racoon, who she initially thought was a tanuki in beast form, only to be disappointed to find out he is really a talking, bipedal raccoon. Raphtalia would work alongside Rocket against a common enemy, but she disapproves of his kleptomaniac tendencies.
    • Thanks to Shido, Raphtalia becomes great friends with Tohka Yatogami. Not only are they great swordswomen, they become stronger and better people thanks to the men in her life (Shido and Naofumi). The two have promised each other to help the other win the heart of the man they love.

  • Exclusive to Filo:
    • Filo is downright happy to ascend to the Pantheon, since she now gets to be alongside her beloved master and fellow slave Raphtalia. The feeling is mutual on Naofumi and Raphtalia's end.
    • As a Filorial, Filo is natural enemies with dragons, so every evil dragon in the Pantheon becomes her enemy.
      • Despite being a natural enemy of dragons, if a dragon has proven themselves good, she can overcome that hatred and befriend them. Some of these include Yoshi, (a dinosaur with dragonic traits), Charizard (whom Ash and Harry would put a good word in), and Paarhunrnax (whom Filo is impressed by how he overcame the evil nature inherent in all dragons of Skyrim through great effort).
      • Filo also dislikes pedophiles or lolicons, since they remind her of her Abhorrent Admirer, Motoyasu Kitamura, who had first made fun of her as a filorial before she took on a human form. She has bad memories of the much older Spear Guy trying to get her affections, before and after his Sanity Slippage. If any pedophiles try to make a move on her, she will not hesitate to kick them in the crotch, or if that is not possible, punch them in her human form with a magical strength-enhancing glove.
      • Because of the above incident, Filo befriends Rom and Ram due to their shared hatred of pedophiles, and forms a kinship with Chris Hansen for the same reasons. They all form a group of pedophile hunters to prevent any pedophiles from making a move on children.
    • Filo would soon befriend Yoshino, someone who is capable of Flight and controlling ice and water to support Filo in air combat, and Kirin Toudou, who is a great swordswoman the same as Raphtalia.
    • Filo gets along with Medli, since she is also a bird person like she is. They both note the contrast between their elements (Filo with her Wind-Affinity magic and Medli being the Sage of the Earth) and show great interest in the differences.
    • Filo would soon meet Flonne, someone who Motoyasu had compared to Filo (a version of Flonne from Motoyasu's world anyway). Filo and Flonne do see the resemblance between each other, but they acknowledge that they are different people with different interests. The two still get along swimmingly, with Filo even seeing her as a Cool Big Sis just as Sicily did before her.
    • Filo would meet Sara Crewe, someone who reminded her of her Best Friend, Melty Melromarc back in her world due to being kind-hearted royalty. Filo treats Sara as a Cool Big Sis, with Sara acting like a parental figure to Filo.
    • Filo became fast friends with the Chocobos, who are a lot like Filorians back in her world. She tends to race them during their spare time. She in particular showed great interest in a fat chocobo that served as an inventory storage, which reminds her of how Melty once slept on her feathers. Filo also met Totoro, who like her, could also be a makeshift bed, allowing others to sleep on them comfortably. The two actually like each other a lot.
    • Filo would meet Mordred, who the former thought looked like a female version of Motoyasu. Filo learns that while Mordred is nothing like the Spear Guy, she is still someone to be cautious of, especially after she called him a girl.
    • Gods tend to be interested in Filo's cowlick, whether it's because it's cute or something to joke about, much to Filo's chagrin. The cowlick represents Filo as a Filorial Queen, and she will get more as she gets stronger and older.


    Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde 
Judith Laverne Hopps and Nicholas Piberius Wilde, The Holy Female Police Officer & Snarky Guy Duo (Judy: Carrots, Dumb/Sly Bunny, Hot Fuzz, The Fastest Fuzz | Nick: Sly/Dumb Fox, Officer Nick Wilde)
Nick(left) and Judy (right)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Judy: Her ZPD Badge and carrot pen/recorder; Nick: A red ice pop and his reflector sunglasses
  • Theme Song: Try Everything by Shakira
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Judy); True Neutral at first, Neutral Good in the end (Nick)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Judy: Rabbits, Bravery, Justice, Cuteness
    • Nick: Foxes, Craftiness, Conmen, Traumatic Childhoods
  • Allies:
  • Pities: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog (at first), Keiichi Maebara, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Rena Ryuguu, Satako Houjou, Rika Furude
  • Enemies: Dawn Bellwether, Napoleon, all ascended Disney Villains (with special emphasis on Cruella De Vil) the Houses of Hatred and Rancor, Slaughter, and Villainy, Flowey, evil gods in the House of Crime and Transgressions (especially Moriarty)
  • Respected by: D.W. Read
  • Odd Friendship: Don Vito Corleone
  • Uneasy Relations with: Remy the Rat, Carmelita Fox, Bigby Wolf
  • At first, Officer Judy Hopps was brought to the Pantheon for the spot of Righteous Rabbit deity. Coming from a world of anthropomorphic mammals, Judy found herself confused and hesitant upon discovering the Pantheon with not only other kinds of anthropomorphic beings such as birds and reptiles, but also the large abundance of humans. Things took a horrible turn when she was taken away before her welcoming party by none other than Napoleon who welcomed her as a "fellow mammal" and started indoctrinating her to fear and hate humans as they were worse than predators (it didn't help matters that he showed her the Houses of Hatred and Slaughter in full detail which sickened her into believing humans really were that nasty). Before she could be fully brainwashed, she was saved by Bugs Bunny who managed to bring Nick into the Pantheon and the two of them helped her escape the clutches of the unscrupulous porcine. She was then shown her the real good side of the Pantheon, much to her relief, and was glad to hear Bugs put in a good word to the Judge to allow Nick into the Pantheon and ascend the two of them to a different temple.
  • Being original Disney characters, they naturally get along with all good deities from the same company (which also means alliances with side-companies such as Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars and Marvel).
  • It would seem strange seeing two characters, completely different in form, personality and outlook, become the best of friends/partners/co-workers, but the bonds between the two of them are strong (even when their relation took a turn for the worst). Ieyasu considers the two one of the greatest examples of the power of bonds.
  • Due to being both part of Zootopia's police force, Judy and Nick (much to his lack of interest) immediately went to report at the House of Justice. Vimes was quick to hire her and him and assigned the rabbit and fox to patrol the different Houses. She naturally finds herself getting along with the Rescue Rangers and Basil of Baker Street. They also met the paladin Uther Lightbribger and fellow heroines of justice Mami Tomoe and Sayaka Miki on the way.
    • With Judy on patrol, Nick spends most of his time in the House of Crime, using his street-smarts to procure alliances with several of the more good-aligned members, as he was assigned undercover work by Vimes. Naturally, he gets along well with Sly and his gang, Aladdin, Lupin, Isaac and Miria, Flynn Rider, and, strangely enough, Fujiko Mine. As much as he is impressed with her skills as a con artist, he rejects any offers of going with her, as a) he already has Judy as a partner, b) she prefers Lupin, and c) it would go against the assigned work Vimes gave him.
    • For some reason, he and Robin Hood get along spectacularly whenever Robin is in his fox persona, as they share many similar traits. In this form, Robin admits Nick to be his Spiritual Successor.
  • Even with Nick's help breaking the ice with several deities in the House of Crime, Judy is not welcomed by many, who see her as an obstacle. None more so than Professor Moriarty, who through his animal counterpart Ratigan, has had many dealing with the rabbit cop. Word has spread that Moriarty has put a bounty on her head and plans to make her a future main course. Of course, Nick is not going to let that happen.
  • Perhaps one of the duo's most unique allies in the House of Crime is none other than Don Vito Corleone. Don Vito has received word of the two through his Zootopian follower and counterpart, Mr. Big, of their feats. Vito welcomed them with open arms as he does with any of his "godchildren" and told them that if they ever needed help to let him know. Of course, Judy and Nick know all too well that dealing with Corleone is a double-edged sword and just maintain a civil relation with the mafia kingpin.
  • Their biggest ally in the House of Justice, however, is none other than Steve Rogers. After reading Judy's bio back when she was in the police academy, he saw in her the same motivation and determination he had back when he was still frail and weak, which led him to be accepted in the Super-Soldier program. Anyone that small but with a never give up attitude is one he respects and stands beside.
    • As one filled with enormous determination that would rival even humans and greater gods, Judy is highly respected among the deities hailing from the Underground. Naturally, she wonders if Flowey, with his lack of empathy and megalomaniacal attitude is a distant cousin to the night howlers.
    • One particular Justice deity that both have a bad standing with is Inspector Carmelita. Her Black-and-White Morality leanings make her unwilling to accept Judy (for getting assistance and alliance with criminals, ie Mr. Big in Zootopia) and Nick (as a former crminal himself even if he is now an undercover police officer and for allying himself with Sly's gang and other House of Crime denizens) as part of the same House. Judy, however, hopes talking with Aqua (who is more accepting of the two being of the same company) will get her to talk sense into Carmelita.
  • Being a rabbit, she gets along well with others of her kin. She considers Cream like one of her younger sisters and promises to keep her safe when she can. Her relation with Peppy Hare is heartwarming as he sees him as a cool grandpa figure and enjoys listening to his tales and advice. With Rabbit, she could not hold her laughter meeting him as his fussiness reminds her of her dad. Still, he is her go-to guy for carrots as he's always happy to share his garden's bounty with her.
  • As Nick was around Judy when she met Cream and Peppy, he got a chance to see both Tails and Fox, respectively. Nick was amazed at the young kit's ingenuity at such a young age and tells him to keep at it. With Fox, they often go out to have a drink at Moe's whenever they can and share stories. Nick sympathizes with Fox over losing his dad at a young age as he also faced anguish over the scout incident, which Fox feels bad about. Even though their childhoods were both rotten, they managed to grow up to become better in life.
    • On certain days, Nick has been wandering into the House of Profession to see the Bean Scouts. When asked why he goes missing, all Judy says is that he's reliving his youth. In fact, Nick has his own Bean Scout uniform, tailor-made for him, which he keeps hidden from everyone else and which he only wears underneath his usual Hawaiian shirt and slacks when he goes to visit Lazlo's group.
  • As he was the one who saved her from Napoleon's brainwashing influence, Judy and Nick trust Bugs completely. Their friendship with the WB toon is not lost amongst the rest of the Disney faction and mutually agree they're a good liason between the two groups.
  • Of course, Judy doesn't get along with all rabbits. After encountering the Rabbit of Caerbannog who tried to kill her, she avoids him whenever she can. Deep down, however, she is concerned if he is simply under the effect of night howler sickness as she already had a history with the vile flower and wished to cure him, only to be told he was always that evil to begin with and decided to drop it.
  • Some are confused as to how a natural predator like Nick can be around a natural prey species like Judy without ever feeling hunger pains for her. Nick merely replies that despite being a predator, he's a vegetarian by choice. Naturally, the two of them are always seen eating at Tiger's place in the House of Food.
    • They were shocked, however, to see Remy the Rat in the Pantheon, considering the last time he opened a restaurant in Zootopia. Remy pleaded that he was wrong in using the same ingredients he is accustomed to in other worlds and swears to never set foot in Zootopia again as part of his plea bargain. Still, the two remain wary of him.
  • Since her biggest asset is her natural rabbit agility in her legs, Judy wants to further improve her offensive capabilities with them. That's when she asked Chun-Li to train her. Many immediately thought the rabbit would be run ragged by Chun-Li's strict training, but she found her niche and was able to improve her leg power a hundred times. She also has taken Lopunny as both a trainer and sparring partner and hopes to learn several new moves with her.
  • Aside from making allies with his gang, Nick visits Tommy Vercetti as a fellow Hawaiian shirt aficionado. Tommy admits Nick's green shirt looks good and the fox returns the remark by advising the gangster should add a tie to compliment his shirt same as he does.
  • Judy and Nick were startled/intrigued (respectively) after they managed to see various interpretations of themselves on the internet. Judy was embarassed at how some depict her with a far more humanoid body structure with breasts and hips (and even some showing her naked or ''the unspeakable''). Nick's reaction was more demure towards these (although he himself was not fond of the same naked/"unspeakable" vein). Other artwork that actually depict them as either a full human or half-human, however, makes Judy blush as she looks good as a human/half-human and Nick claims he looks great in any way.
  • One of their biggest fears since arriving to the Pantheon is the discovery of the existence of Night Howlers native to their world. With different animal gods, they have every right to be worried and they REALLY doesn't want to think what the effects of the plant would be on regular humans. They have informed only trusted allies about the flower as they're worried any evil god would use the plant for nefarious means as former Assistant Mayor Bellwether did.
    • Another sensitive topic between them is Fantastic Racism, as they were both in the middle of a controversy involving this in part of Bellwether's scheme using Night Howlers to foment a species war between predators and prey back in their world. As such, they firmly stand against anyone who upholds this and help out anyone who is a victime of such.
    • As part of this, the two ran into Sereph Lamington, who's grand objective is to combat Fantastic Racism.
      • Said encounter proved useful after another run in with Springtrap, this time when he tried to attack Usalia. They leapt in front, ready to protect the rabbit child. What they didn't expect was for said child's finger nails to turn into butcher knife sized talons and brutally maul the zombie robot. The two were shaken to their core, being reminded of the stories of what happened to Judy's mother at the hands of her brother. Lamington dispelled any fears they had regarding the Toto Bunny Overlord, explaining that Usalia was using her "trump card", called Murmur of Rage, and she is in perfect control when doing so. He also explained that as unintuitive as it sounds, the safest place to be when she transforms is right next to her, for Usalia has defensive wards that protect people close to her.
  • As a small bunny, Judy is naturally a Cuteness Proximity magnet. She was recently a target of Rena Ryuguu and was naturally taken to her temple with her before Nick could figure out where she went. However, the annoyance at being hugged and called cute quickly made her lose patience and severely scolded Rena for taking her like some pet. Unfortunately, things quickly turned ugly as Rena suddenly began to act... off. Judy only managed to get away with her after trying first to reason with her to no avail and then give her one good kick to knock her out once she started to attack her with the billhook. Nick and Bugs arrived and found Judy huddled in a ball, scared out her mind. After getting patched at the House of Health & Diseases, she said seeing Rena's crazed expression gave her flashbacks to seeing the night howler-infected savage mammals she and Nick faced. Nick comforted his partner with a reassuring hug that everything will be better.
    • Only later did they learn about Hinamizawa Syndrome and how Rena and others from the same town are infected with it. After learning this, the duo are extremely sorry for them and hope for the best.
  • Judy, for some reason, gets along well with Snow White. However, she tends to steer clear when Snow is with her husband, Bigby Wolf. That goes double when he turns into a werewolf or goes into his final form, as the resemblance to a night howler-infected savage predator is similar. He doesn't have anything against him, but she simply feel nervous near him if he transforms.
  • Through Captain America, Nick met Tony Stark. At first, Judy and Steve were a little nervous as the pair threw quip after quip at one another, but before too long, their often long and very entertaining battles of wits became something of a spectator sport, especially when other similarly snarky dieties got involved.
  • Judy Hopps has crossed paths with The Doom Marine. The latter expresses interests in taking the former as his new pet, and despite protests of both Nick and Judy herself, the Doom Slayer took in Judy temporarily. After learning about the fate of his last pet bunny, Judy warmed up towards the demon-killing machine, and she's been trying to find new ways of stress relief for the Doom Marine that doesn't involve ripping and tearing through demon hordes. So far she tried to make him listen to Gazelle's "Try Everything", thought she isn't sure if it's working, as the Hell Walker wears a face-obscuring helmet and hardly speaks. She also may have dabbed into his older outfits for a photo or two.
    • After Judy found out that he kept Daisy's left hind foot around note  she has understandably been rather horrified by it. But thankfully she managed to calm herself down, before doing anything stupid she already had one Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure with Nick, she didn't need one on The Doom Slayer either. Although she does always feel rather queasy when she sees it.
  • Nick Wilde has been quite wary of a certain Hand-Loving Sociopath due to the fact that they sound alike. He very well knows he's completely outmatched, but when he crosses paths with him, Nick usually just panickedly complements his suit, green shirt and purple tie. note 
  • Reports regarding the night howlers caught the attention of Ike, as it was a lot similar to the Feral Ones that laguz drugged with an elixir which drives them insane and bestial by instinct. Since he befriended the laguz, who were also discriminated in his world, he would help the two in preventing both racial conflict and any similar crisis regarding night howlers.
  • Due to the fact that he treats the JumboPop he carries around as a BFS, he once decided to cosplay as Guts. So far the Black Swordsman was amused at best.
  • In all actuality, Nick actually takes his new job extremely seriously, even beating Judy in a bet against how many (proper) arrests he could get. His lack of caring is just a act to keep criminals from suspecting him before reporting back to Judy about everything he's learned. This has gained the attention of Sans, who also utilized such tactics to keep his foes off their guards, swapping information with him in exchange for status updates on anyone that Sans has his eyes on, namely just people that Sans knows want to use Frisk's determination for evil or have tried to kill Papyrus.
  • The two once visited the House of Siblings and met D.W. Their careers as police officers seem to have left quite an impression on the young cub, who decided she wants to be like them when she grows up...
  • "It's called a hustle, sweetheart."

    Mr. Peabody & Sherman 
Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Divine Smart Animal, Average Human Duo
Mr. Peabody (left) & Sherman (right)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The WABAC Machine
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Nerd Glasses, Proud to Be a Geek
  • Domains: Time-Travel, Adventure, Family
  • Followers: Corneil and Bernie, Vic and Blood
  • Herald: Penny Peterson
  • Deities They've Met Previously: King Arthur, Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Allies: The Doctor, TARDIS, Doc Brown, Wallace & Gromit, Mario, Toriel, Pongo & Perdita, Jimmy Neutron, Lewis Anthonio
  • Enemies: Eobard Thawne, Randall Ross, Porky Minch, Mephiles the Dark, Napoleon
  • A highly successful man takes his adopted pet across time to visit significant historical events and even meet up with important figures along the way. That "highly successful man" is actually a dog named Mr. Peabody and his "adopted pet" is a young boy named Sherman. The two are essentially a surrogate family and Peabody cares quite a bit about Sherman's well-being.
  • Seeing that they were told that the Pantheon is a place where many beings across time and space meet each other, both Peabody and Sherman believed that many significant historical figures would be around. While they were correct in that regard, they definitely didn't expect to learn about how some of those historical figures have a "Servant" version that gives them superpowers, among other alternate counterparts that are more capable than the original figures. It took a while for them to process that revelation, and even Peabody is still wondering how it's possible for those historical figures to change their appearance (or even gender in some cases) entirely as "Servants".
  • They sometimes go to the House of Theater and work on a variety show where they have historical figures show up as guests. While the show itself is decently successful for them, Space Ghost, a resident of that house that's in charge of his own talk show, thinks that particular show is encroaching on his own talk show and that he wants to talk to these historical figures on his program when given the chance. Peabody & Sherman don't really pay him much mind since they're already busy with visiting historical events as is.
  • Of the various deities that have traveled across time, they were surprised to learn that Mario went back in time for a couple adventures. More precisely, it was to learn about history and recover historical artifacts that were stolen by Bowser. While Mario hasn't really delved into the educational field (or time travel in general) a whole lot since then, both Peabody and Sherman found him to be very affable and hang out with him on occassion. The two have made it a point as well to make sure no one steals historical artifacts across time. A museum dedicated to history is fine; just not one with stuff literally taken from the past.
  • Wallace & Gromit are another human-dog duo that got Peabody and Sherman's attention since they shared a similarity via a dog that's more intelligent than the human. Wallace was actually surprised to learn that Peabody was a talking dog taking care of Sherman the human child. Since Wallace & Gromit are inventors and have spent a bit of time discussing that field with others, Peabody offered the two to travel across time to meet up with other famous inventors. Wallace declined the offer citing that he and Gromit are fairly busy with their work, but both duos talk to each other every now and then.
  • The two decided to visit the House of Family one day to see how things are over there and that the duo are essentially a surrogate family. They came across Toriel, who had experience taking care of a human child (which happened to be sometimes known as The Human Child) and was proud of how well Mr. Peabody was raising Sherman. Peabody asked how well this Human Child of Toriel's was doing and was told that the Child shouldn't be too much trouble and that Peabody and Sherman traveling through time to visit history might be something the Human Child could be interested in if the Child wasn't too busy.
  • Emmet Brown is someone whom Peabody & Sherman visit often, with the dog finding the eccentric inventor to be a good conversation buddy. Peabody finds it very peculiar that a car is able to travel through time when it reaches the specific speed of 88 miles per hour, along with what is required in order to get the car to actually work.
  • One of Peabody & Sherman's favorite friends to hang out with is The Doctor. The two are surprised to learn that The Doctor has many different iterations and that The Doctor's adventures are much more intense than some of the pair's time-travel adventures. What got Peabody's attention the most was The Doctor's TARDIS and how not only was it very effective in traveling across time and space, but the fact that TARDIS could actually transform into a human every now and then.
  • Sherman has found the time to hang out with Jimmy Neutron and Lewis Anthonio, all of whom have quite a bit in common with each other as kids who know quite a bit about technology (though Sherman's level of intelligence is at the very least not on the same level as that of Neutron's). Jimmy was surprised to learn that Sherman's "dog" was actually a very successful parent and Sherman was equally surprised that Lewis would become a successful inventor as an adult.
  • Being a dog all things considered, Peabody decided to visit a number of his kind alongside Sherman. While they got along pretty well with most of the other dogs, it was Pongo & Perdita that the pair found a good friendship with. The dalmatians are part of a family of a different sorts, being the pets to a couple of humans and having a large number of puppies to look after. It helps that Pongo & Perdita are protective of their puppies in way that's similar to how protective Peabody is towards Sherman.
    • It was through these canine friends that Peabody & Sherman learned about Napoleon, a pig who hates humans and was an enemy towards dogs over what he did to some puppies. Napoleon was furious when he learned that not only is there a dog much more intelligent than what he had been used to, but the dog in question is friendly towards a human in a familial way. Peabody & Sherman saw the pig as a potential problem and have made sure he doesn't interfere with them or other dogs.
  • Peabody & Sherman were very dismayed to learn that there are some who are willing to use time-travel not just to mess up the past, but to ruin other people's lives. The fact that there are some deities who are willing to flat-out destroy the timestream made the duo even more offended. It doesn't help that many of these threats are much stronger than the duo and that a potential encounter with one of those villains will likely end very badly for the duo.
  • For all of the successes that Peabody has had in the past including apparently inventing multiple things and being a wealthy businessman, much of his time is spent caring for Sherman's well-being. Since Sherman has school to attend (via visiting the Pantheon's own School) and how much more the Pantheon has to offer, Peabody certainly has a lot more time to fill his paws with when it comes to success.