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Western Animation / Watch My Chops

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"A talking dog! How absurd."note 

"I am a dog. A dog that's incredibly bright
I can talk, read, and write...
And surf the net all of the day and all of the night!"

Watch My Chops (also known as Corneil et Bernie and Corneil & Bernie in France and the USA respectively) is an animated television series about Corneil, a highly intelligent dog who can talk, and Bernie, his dimwitted pet-sitter.

Corneil downplays his intelligence in front of his owners, John and Beth, so he can continue living as their spoilt and pampered pet, but his plans go awry when Bernie discovers that he can talk. Bernie agrees to keep Corneil's secret, but often takes advantage of knowing about his true nature. Despite this, they become close friends, and Corneil often helps Bernie out with his superior intelligence.

Watch My Chops was produced, written and animated by Millimages, a French animation and production studio. The English dub was done at The Sound Company Studios in London. It aired on France 3 in France, on CBBC in the UK, and on Nicktoons in the USA. Only two seasons were initially produced (they were merged as one season in the UK run) with twenty-six episodes each.


The show was Uncanceled in 2014, with the new episodes being created by using Flash animation. While they were dubbed into English, the new episodes have only been shown in France and Australia.

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