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"Catch Me."

ABC Me (formerly ABC3) is a digital channel, and the only free-to-air channel in Australia aimed mostly at children (specifically primary and upwards). Perhaps unsurprisingly, more Australian kids watch ABC Me than any other channel.

Me has a quota of 50% Australian content. Since Australian television is not a thriving industry, the channel tends to air Aussie oldies like Round the Twist, Ocean Girl and Ship to Shore, but there's also been very successful new local programming. Dance Academy, produced specially for the channel, was the most popular drama series to hit its airwaves since its launch.note  Other particularly popular shows include Prank Patrol and Nowhere Boys. The channel has a tendency to create a lot of educational game show and/or audience participation-type programs. The non-Australian 50% are mostly Canadian or British series, but there are also a lot of shows from the US (often featuring Marvel's popular heroes) and miscellaneous content from all over the world. It is prepared to air dark and violent anime like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, along with the more lighthearted fare such as Ouran High School Host Club.

ABC Me is an initiative of Australia's state-funded broadcaster, The ABC. It launched on 4 December 2009 at 6pm. It also has the unusual distinction (for a TV channel) of being launched by the Prime Minister of the day, Kevin Rudd. In September 2016, it changed its name from ABC3 to ABC Me.

Compare SBS Viceland, an Australian youth channel (for the 16-39 audience).

Shows created for or by ABC Me include:

Shows that have aired on ABC Me include:

Alternative Title(s): ABC 3